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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 5, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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they came up as part of the debate last night. after "the des moines register" called for a full audit of monday's caucus results. on republican side, former president george w. bush finally appearing in a campaign ad for his brother jeb, calling him a leader who will keep our country safe. more on that plus the latest polls ahead of the new hampshire primary. that is all coming up in just a minute. first a big day on tap for the markets and economy. wall street. the january jobs report is out at 8:30 a.m. eastern time this morning with the expectation right now is for 190,000 jobs added during the month. that key headline unemployment rate is expected to hold steady again at 5%. checking in on the futures, it has been a wild ride in the markets indicating a possible higher open on wall street a few hours from now. heading into today's session the major averages are on track for a weekly drop. oil has been a key driver of
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market action. prices this morning are little-changed slightly to the upside by 24 cents. more on that there. president obama's proposal for a $10 per barrel tax on oil. coming up. taking a look at overseas market action in europe investor on edge ahead of the jobs report but we're seeing modest gains. overnight in asia markets mostly lower going into the jobs report and lunar new year. nikkei seeing sharpest decline as the yen hit highest level against the u.s. dollar in over a year. the big game, super bowl l is almost here. denver broncos an caroline panthers will hit field for the final time today, before the game of course. we'll take you live to san francisco for a look at action surrounding the nfl championships. turning back to the campaign trail now presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off in their first one-on-one debate
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just days before the new hampshire primary. that is where we find our own blake burman. blake, feels like, i see you, got to be at a debate. i'm not there this time, but what is the latest coming out of new hampshire? reporter: we wish we had you here. beautiful, finally snowing here. we've had a lot of fun in new hampshire. sandra, no surprise whatsoever after the iowa caucuses essentially came to draw between hillary clinton and bernie sanders that theirs first debate since then is most contentious in the election cycle especially since they were one-on-one for first time. basically the first hour of the debate bernie sanders tried to pit hillary clinton as one who was accepting money for paid speeches, one who was accepting money from wall street donors. that is when hillary clinton pushed back and said, sanders was pretty much giving a artfuller. >> the, that is the way she put it. here was a little bit of that exchange. >> i think it's time to end the
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very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. >> oh. >> let's talk about the issues. >> let's talk about issues. all right, let's talk about why in the 1990s wall street got deregulated. did it have anything to do with the fact that wall street provided to spend billions of dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions? some people might think that had some influence. reporter: one could read that as reference to president bill clinton. the "real clear politics" average polling shows bernie sanders way out in front here in new hampshire, up some 20 points, in latest poll from wmur/cnn had sanders up by 31 here in the granite state. sandra? >> blake burman, thank you. let's bring in "weekly standard" michael warren. love your reaction to the debates last night.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders really going at it. who is further to the left was a key argument last night. who do you think won? >> i don't know. i mean it is kind of a draw if you look what happened in iowa. i still think you're seeing that kind of dynamic play out. do democrats want to go far, far to the left? do they really want to be sort of championed by a socialist? or are they sort of settling down with hillary clinton? i've talked with people on the ground. i'm headed to ham whom on saturday. i'm kind of interested to see what the dynamic is there. the fact that bernie sanders is so far ahead -- >> in new hampshire. >> got 50% in iowa. right, far ahead in new hampshire, tells me has got the momentum. last night's debate sort of put that decision more starkly in the mind of democratic primary voters. >> talk about gop side of the equation for a second because you believe that donald trump was seriously damaged, those are
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your words, in the iowa, in iowa election. can he turn things around? >> well, absolutely. i mean he's ahead in new hampshire by double digits, depending which polls you're looking at. but i do think trump, this idea that trump was unstoppable force within the republican primary, that's over now because he lost iowa. that doesn't mean that he has lost the nomination. >> mike, i think other side of argument, people say you put a lot of weight on iowa there, right in iowa has not been a great predictor who wins the general election. that being said, you believe that marco rubio, got to get him in here, you believe marco rubio has most upside potential? >> no, absolutely. he has got all momentum coming from third place, almost second place finish. this was donald trump putting the all the emphasis, all the eggs in iowa basket saying he was going to win
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he is like the ted cruz of new hampshire where ted cruz had a lot of focus where he has to come in strong in new hampshire but donald trump is not done. sandra: had a chance to talk with governor chris christie. i'm not even looking at iowa. i don't know why you guys are looking at iowa. he is looking forward to new hampshire. he is picking a fight with marco rubio. you could see kasich, jeb bush, they see rubio as target on his back. that is where they're focusing. >> i understand why. rubio is the guy who hillary clinton does not want to face. i had dinner with greg valliere, washington pundit, he said rubio kasich ticket is one strikes fear into democrats hearts. ohio covered. rubio with crossover appeal. i think christie could make a very strong candidate but zoo
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far he hasn't really jelled. i'm not sure why. sandra: you wonder hillary clinton will have to answer for a lot of things. but we will have to answer for the economy that president obama is handing off right now because, most recently she has been giving president obama a lot of kudos. >> she has really hitched her wagon to president obama. if we get more weakness in the economy, i think that really plays into bernie sanders's hands. people will look as hillary as extension of that. what are you getting when you go with bernie sanders. i'm hoping -- sandra: socialism. >> divided vote, seems like half democratic side is on hillary's side and half squarely in bernie's camp. sandra: it is amazing. >> hopefully gives general public, undecided voter ability to get behind someone pro-economy. sandra: female vote so huge in new hampshire. >> yes. sandra: more women undecided on who they will vote for than men. >> yes. i think you even see all eyes
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are even on carly what will happen with her. the female vote is undecided. i think there is opportunity. the economy will become much more of a big issue with jobs. they you talk a little bit about jobs but digging into actually jobs picture who has actual track record creating jobs, that will be front and center items. sandra: what will donald trump say, michael you remember. donald trump said when he launched his campaign he will be the greatest jobs president every. >> he said that. >> we'll win so much that we'll get sick of winning. i do love that line. look, i do think that the economy is going to play a bigger role, particularly, i'm interested in what happened with this proposal from the president to add $10 tax on oil. sandra: thank you, michael. that is a great tease. we'll talk about that in a
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little bit. i think this will take a lot of people by surprise. you have to prepare for this. oil will not be at 30, $40 forever. that is a tax that will be around a long time. mike, thanks for joining us. michael warren. >> thanks. sandra: two other top stories, wall street gearing up for january jobs report due out at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. could be a big market mover. we'll be all over it. estimates call for 190,000 jobs added last month. that would be a sharp drop from december's 292,000 jobs added. what will you look for joni in this report. what is key for you? >> there are a few things which have to look at. wages will be very important. we talked about it for over a year. we have seen they haven't moved. even though 200,000 has become good normal, we had a great surprise last month, 292,000 jobs.
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there is so much more than the headline number. we need to see where the job growth is. will there be any growth in manufacturing or construction? are people really entering back into the workforce? do they feel they have the opportunity to participate in the workforce. lots of things to dig into. sandra: now that we're in rising interest, should i call it a rising interest rate environment. >> i don't think we can call that yet. sandra: now can good news be interpreted good news bad news. >> is good news good news? does that mean the fed has a clear runway to raise rates again which appeared to spook the market? or are we back to where we've been last few years, a negative report means the economy is not strong. the economy will not. >> janet yellen has to be a little worried. if she gets 292 number today, i do not expect, they say oh, my
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god, do we have to raise in march? they don't want to raise in march, not in face what is going on around the globe. especially in markets right now. they want to stand pat. what the market expects right now. make one and done this year. i think that is it in terms of what wall street is looking for. if they want 210, 220 number. sandra: appears market is in wait and see mode for jobs report. not doing too much with dow futures up 30 points. all that coming up. first up next a top democrat claims former secretaries of state colin powell and cond common with hillary clinton than just their job history. we'll have that story next. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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sandra: potentially damaging emails have now been released in the case of contaminated water in flint, michigan. jo ling kent has details on this story and other top headlines this morning. good morning, jo. reporter: good morning, sandra. this is on going controversy in flint. a group progress michigan releasing emails that governor rick snider es principal aide was given information about the possible legionnaires' disease in march. snyder said he first learned about the legionnaires' cases in january. concerns about zika virus. brazil insists carnival will go on as millions arrive from around the word. brazilian health work earls spraying up and down the streets after the government confirmed
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zika transmission from donors who who had been inflecked. former secretary of state coal an lynn powell and staffers from secretary of state con rise received. powell challenged it nothing went to his personal account was secret. rice said the emails were about diplomatic communications. sandra: similar to hillary clinton story, colin powell is making, none of the messages were marked classified when originally sent. none were determined to include information from the intelligence community. jack what do you make of all this. >> same thing happened to hillary. powell said look they were not classified at time. subsequently deemed classify. i disagreed with that declaration. that is their call. i'm out of government. she is making same case. this always has been about judgment. more monitoring secretary of state more obvious you use your
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work email. moment in the kitchen we heard this story, thinking who does that. you use your new office email. sandra: you know. >> but that said, i don't think this is quite as dastardly as her biggest critics. i don't think she was trying to share state secrets with terrorists. i think she had really bad judgment. >> as this story comes out, seems to me like third grade. well i did something wrong, i will find you did something wrong too. so it is clinton side saying find someone else. find someone on republican side we can pin this on also. we don't look as bad. what hillary did sitting in office, i mean it seems to me the evidence is kind of indisputable, if colin powell, i don't know enough about it, if colin powell did it too that was wrong but doesn't change the degree of what hillary did was 100% wrong. >> totally different situation, having server at your home, right, using personal email for work is completely different
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situation then a couple of emails might have gotten forwarded for one reason or another. sandra: to reiterate colin powell, he is strongly disputing all of this in this interview in nbc news. characterized the contents of emails that were actually sent, they weren't classified or marked classified. he said the contents were fairly minor. and he said, i wish they would release them. >> normal air breathing mammal would look at them saying what is the issue. >> that is what secretary clinton's camp is saying. we agree with colin powell, release all emails. unfortunately it is not that simple. sandra: none of this is that simple. would have been simpler using government email. >> exactly. would have shown better judgment. clearly what is going on with clintons -- sandra: linkedin, a big story, may want to leave the fourth quarter off its resume'. we'll break down numbers as shares are plummeting in the premarket this morning. holy cow. you're looking at a $60 drop in
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those shares. we'll have the story next. ♪
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sandra: we've got earnings alert for you this morning. look at shares of linkedin right now. plummeting 30% in the premarket after the company post ad sharp fourth quarter loss coming in way below wall street expectations. also forecasting weak growth for 2016. but i guess it wasn't all bad news for linkedin. they did have some positive numbers. user growth did accelerate during the quarter hitting 414 million for first time ever. i guess, mike, my questioned would be why isn't that translating to stronger earnings? but in general what have you been seeing from tech earnings? >> if you're facebook or you're google things are great.
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if you're not, look ad linkedin, people are taking money away from you. people are selling stock. wall street downgrading stock across the board. seeing downgrades and price target cuts. look at quarter, wasn't a terrible quarter. more about the guidance. one thing to look at, sandra, we hear a lot about unicorns and private company valuations, you look right now, if linkedin was private company this wouldn't cause a massive write-down in value of stock. company is losing 30% of its value what was for all intents and purposes a good quarter. i think there is some support here. you never want to jump in and buy this on massive selloff. if you look for longer term hold, looking for value, i think linkedin at some point will come in and create value. >> do you think facebook is kind of making a play now? they talked about that they're really wanting to get into the professional space and really do more in professional networking and jobs. sandra: because they're already used in that capacity a lot.
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>> they are. from, it is more obviously facebook has been more that social piece but hearing a lot, they're not there yet but still good networking site. do you think that kind of factors into this equation? >> it does for sure. i think it is more people are looking at quarter that facebook put out and quarter google put out and i will invest, for instance, facebook is trading 18 times sales. linkedin is trading eight or nine times sales. they're doing everything right. they're unstoppable. linked in was there in the past. people are starting to question them. that leads to 30% drawdown. sandra: jack, you watch these companies. have twitter coming out next week as well? you like anything in the space? >> facebook, value proposition for the user is incredibly powerful. you see that the numbers. people spend half an hour a day on facebook. whether it is your family, friend, what your high school girlfriend looks like. sandra: your work.
6:25 am
>> but twitter and linked in are a little more work or remember ended. some people use twitter as tool. a lot of people in this country never looked at twitter. that is not true. my mom and dad are not -- are on facebook. neither know what linkedin is. they love networking. a lot of people don't care less about networking. they're not using it. people gravitate towards that they find interesting. advertisers will put their money in but that is not happening at linkedin. sandra: president obama rye veals a plan for 20 first century clean transportation system which hopes to fund on new tax of barrel of oil. why wasn't it topic on last night's democratic debate. it is completely ignored. we have complete details on how of this. how it will affect you and your bottom line next. ♪
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sandra: good morning, everyone. welcome back and xander smith. maria bartiromo has a morning off. it inspired a competitor he is. jody courtney is here, mike murphy and barron's online editor, jack otter. your story at 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. sparks fly at the democratic debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing over the more progressive candidate and clinton is back on the defensive over her paid speeches on wall street. >> i think i may not have done the job in explaining the record when i left the secretary of state like so many military
6:30 am
leaders. i did go on the speaking circuit good i spoke to heart doctors spirit i spoke to the american campaign is a nation. and firms on wall street. they wanted me to talk about the world, what my experience has been a secretary of state. sandra: polling shows senator marco rubio gaining steam after his third-place finish. the top 30% voter support repealing the template reading iowa frontrunner ted cruz.
6:31 am
big game, super bowl l is almost here. carolina panthers and denver broncos will hit the field. we'll look at action surrounding the nfl chip. baron's calling for oil prices to drop to $20 a barrel. prices could rise as high as $55 by end of the year. phil flynn at cme group with
6:32 am
more on this. phil. good morning, sir, been a while. >> it has been, great to see you. sandra: fill me in. where are we with the wild ride in the oil market? >> well if you believe baron's there will be another leg down. that is what they're predicting. they stuck with their bearish call even when oil prices rallied $20 in middle of summer. they say there will be another leg down. i agree what they're saying. whether we get another leg down or find a bottom where we're at right now, we're getting close to the point where these prices are unsustainable. capital spending cut, rate cuts will take their toll. we could surprise how the market will tighten later in the year. if demand hangs in where it is right now, with cuts in production, prices should rebound. where are we at? energy companies are struggling. why don't we you put on a $10 a
6:33 am
barrel tax and put them out of business? sandra, back to you. sandra: wow, phil, great story. wish someone from "barron's" could be here to talk about the $20 call on oil. >> we think this is capitulation low. we don't think it will be there a long time. all forces you know about, iran coming online. it was such a warm winter in europe they're out of storage. in u.s. we're getting close to capacity. if we should hit capacity that would force oil to go on the bidding block and the best price would get it. also, refineries tend to go down for maintenance in april. that is going to further reduce demand, increase supply. finally we looked at short interest, excuse me, short interest in the futures market. that bodied about 150,000 contracts in 2008. we're 250,000 short contracts now, which is low but not at capitulation low.
6:34 am
we think will hit that and go up from there. sandra: quick summly, go as low as 20 but "barron's" say could see 55. >> for reasons phil pointed out. sandra: i want to get to the oil tax, the president proposing $10 per barrel a new oil tax on companies, not mentioned last night at presidential debate but marco rubio, obviously currently running for the presidency, he had a little something to say about this, listen. >> who will pay that? you are. you're going to pay it. sure a barrel of oil is down to $35. it ain't going to be there forever but the tax will be all to fund this pipe-dream he has of high speed this and clean cars that and, we don't need a tax for these things. everything is about a tax. they're obsessed with taxes. sandra: very passionate response there. maybe we'll get one from the north dakota senator john hoeven who is joining us live this morning. good to have you, senator. you sit on the senate energy committee. >> right.
6:35 am
sandra: what do you make of this new proposal for an oil tax? >> well i think senator rubio had it about right. it is a bad idea. certainly not boeing anywhere in congress -- going anywhere. sandra: any point talking about it? we're talking about a proposal for a new oil tax while looking at oil at $30 a barrel, historically low. are we looking at the administration trying to take advantage of that low oil price environment by proposing this tax right now? >> i think both marco and your analysts had it right. makes no sense to put $10 tax per barrel on oil at a time when our companies are fighting in a global competition to just stay in business. and, so i mean you're talking, not only loss of jobs, not only hurting economic growth, you're talking about impact to consumers at the pump. they're going to pay more and what happens of course if our companies are put out of business, we go back to relying on opec and russia and venezuela. again from a national security standpoint, that makes no sense.
6:36 am
it's a bad idea, would hurt consumers, hurt job creation. congress knows that. it will be interesting to see if the democrat candidates certainly, secretary clinton, if she embraces this in the campaign because i think it's very problematic. sandra: senator, by the looks of it she is not embracing it, considering neither she or bernie sanders brought it up once last night on democratic debate, on a day proposed by the democratic president. senator, i want to ask you generally speaking as we were just flashing oil prices still hovering around $30 a barrel, what is the situation in your state right now as we do continue to see the economy getting hit by this low energy price environment? >> well it's challenging no question about it. look our companies, whether in new york dach or throughout the united states -- north dakota or united states are fighting to stay in business. they're locked in global competition against opec and
6:37 am
other energy suppliers. americans want energy here at home. they don't want to go back to dependence on opec. we built strong reserves and built a good business blame chat. we can compete as long as the federal government doesn't keep adding taxes. with agreements like president's iran agreement helping our adversaries compete overseas. makes no sense. sandra: you're obviously very critical of the president right now. looking at gop side. you're republican senator from north dakota sitting on energy side of the equation. what, have you, by the way decided who you're endorsing for president? >> you know i haven't endorsed anyone at this point. i will support our nominee. i think we have good candidates. you mentioned one this morning. there are others. i'm excited about our chances to win to get back -- sandra: by mentioning that were you talking about marco rubio? >> yeah, marco and others too are doing a great job. but we've got to get back to growing this economy and empowering investment, not more regulation and higher taxes that
6:38 am
are hurting an already soft economy. sandra: senator, great to get your reaction to this. $10 a barrel oil tax proposed by the president. no mention in the democratic debate last night. it will be interesting. all happening in election year. any forecasts by the way? >> as far as the price of oil or elections? sandra: sure, we'll take that, senator? what will happen with the price of oil do you think? >> department of the energy says we'll be back in the 40 plus range end of year. 50s next year. we can compete at those levels and on the election side, i think we're going to get behind our nominee and i believe the republicans will win this election because it is too many for a change in direction. get our economy going and growing to empower that investment and create jobs and grow the economy. sandra: good stuff, senator. great to have you this morning. thank you. >> thanks, sandra. sandra: coming up, martin skelly refusing to testify on capitol hill yesterday but he was busy
6:39 am
on social media. just minutes after leaving the chambers. what's the deal with all of that? we're going to talk about it. ♪
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sandra: a nightmare for the irs while those trying to pay their taxes ended yesterday. trent ipads that story and more. you'd have to see it to believe it. they can't get their website working. jo: exactly. 24 hours for the iris to recover from the hardware and software. officials haven't said what caused the outage that systems are backed up and running one day after several tools went down. here is some super bowl fun for you. snoop dogg stopped by the denver broncos media ability as a temporary correspondent for a show come asking players some very interesting questions. >> first of all, can i get a discount on papa john's pizza
6:44 am
when i'm in the state of colorado? >> absolutely, absolutely. or peyton manning owns several franchises. super bowl kicks off at 6:30 p.m. eastern. a major volcano or action in southern japan. look at this video. the eruption burst into sky with lava rolling down the mountain slope in japan. no immediate reports of injuries, but we do know the volcano is only 30 miles from a nuclear plant and is one of the most active in japan. sandra. sandra: thank you. after telling maria bartiromo he is innocent in an exclusive interview that aired earlier this week on "mornings with maria," and martin shkreli pleaded the fifth in a hearing before congress yesterday. the images for something. he smirked, grinned smirked, grand instead of answering questions and then took his mark to twitter print "wall street journal" reporter rob copeland
6:45 am
spent time with it and even outside of those interviews. good to have you here this morning. first of all, your personal taken perspective on this man. >> what we saw yesterday is what we've seen for martin for six months on the nationals age. he really truly believes he did nothing wrong and he's been completely picked on and he does it every other reciprocal company does. he has a bit of a point. the rise the price of dairy print more than most of his peers would have. more importantly he did it in a flamboyant fashion. he took to twitter. yesterday he did a video streaming, multihour -- sandra: why is he acting like this? we are watching him smirking. he got up, left, took this american personality to twitter. why is he behaving like that? >> because he truly believes. he said seven that congress were in the cells. that is what he believes. he has no filter.
6:46 am
sandra: and the respect or congress. it is one of those things that is hard to believe. it is hard to accept. if you want to put that up we will read that appeared hard to accept that these and missiles represent the people in our government. that is in a sign absolute no respect. >> he looks to me like a bad guy in the batman movie. sort of this exaggerated sense of facial expressions that nobody does in real life. the people who dislike this man the most man the most are chief executive officers of pharmaceutical companies. he has put a spotlight on what they've been managing to do quietly, little more subtly and not quite as romantically. now while congress is looking at their industry. i have lunch with an investor in the health care space. i said you know, other companies are raising drug races. they said yes they are mpeg up a bunch of investments where
6:47 am
companies have been going in double digits every single year. insurance companies have been paying what we have with rates going up in the sky suddenly calls attention to it. >> he has become a larger-than-life character. if you want to call it nervous energy. he has befriended a lot of people, but it's not criminal what he's doing. to kind of act as if you have no respect for the entire system is one thing to judge him on and that is fine. the fact it is not permanently doing anything wrong. sandra: where does the story go now? >> he really has two issues. he is no longer chief executive and has problems with other pharmaceutical companies. plus now he has this entire other legal trouble with his former hedge fund where he is accused of defrauding investors. that could cloud up for years. sandra: wow. >> is a very serious
6:48 am
sandra: very serious story, but he doesn't seem to be taken at all that seriously. thank you for joining us, rob copeland. we get the details on how levi cdm is going high-tech. from the big stage of the main event, a woman completing her bucket list of a bruce springsteen concert in newark last weekend. the final item is to have been rock ledge and not cajun lucky matter do it up right now. how he hopped on churn happily helped her fulfill. ♪ i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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sandra: game day match now. the cookoff contest with pepsi frito-lay and the culinary institute of america have a young chefs create the ultimate super bowl snack paid cheryl casone is there and has that. reporter: we are here at the grub match. it is game day time, all about the food and the students. jodi, i want to start with you. to do kids have to use a pepsi product? >> they have to use as many as they could. reporter: did they impress you? >> i started serving as a mentor, but also to nudge them along to you that many of the pepsi ingredient from the pantry, a myriad of things available to them. mostly they didn't want to impress me. they just wanted to go to the super bowl. reporter: speaking at the super bowl come you go from coaching a super bowl team to judging super bowl food. what did you think you're getting into? >> it's pretty amazing go into
6:53 am
the culinary institute and see began kid that come out. we always talk about passion and sports. they've got passion and food. they have the opportunity to be involved in a contest like this where judges years creativity. let's dig in. one, two, three. and just using my hands. >> i am all about the potstickers. they really are sweet and sticky. >> eggrolls are amazing. sandra: she was having way too much fun. peyton manning and cam newton maybe the stars at sunday's big game, then anything is possible without the stadium. the first time in history levi cdm is giving fans a one-of-a-kind experience and it all starts with the cloud. let's bring in senior vice president mike webster. what are you guys doing to make this an improvement on fans. >> we are excited to be part of
6:54 am
the behind-the-scenes experience really engaging. typically, fans sit and watch and if we get bored we do the wave. now we are engaged in posting and taking celsius. technology and the cloud plays a huge role to deliver the experience. we do that by providing services with about 700 -- sandra: can you order concessions to your seat? >> you actually can. stadiums today have to be state-of-the-art. fans want that convenience because the ticket prices are at historic highs. i don't want to miss a minute of the game as they wait in line. sandra: the average super bowl prices at $5000. you are saying they are connected. they will post to facebook and they won't have any issues. that is part of the experience you are providing. >> it is. and that requires a lot of behind the scenes magic that is
6:55 am
on the oracle cloud. we have to get a mentor at the right place for concessions. we are allowed consumers to pay dues in the technology and in seat experience that can have products delivered is something we are all excited about. sandra: how are you benefit may miss? you are investing to companies like the super bowl. what is this doing for you guys? >> it's obviously a fantastic stage in the quality of our solutions. our commitment to innovation and r&d is quite significant. we think trying to make the fan experience -- sandra: are you going to be there? >> i will not be there actually. we've got a lot of work to do behind the scenes. sandra: it sounds great. it is obviously a big moment for a lot of people to be there. my one concern is people are watching the game anymore. everyone is on their phone taking pictures, following other games. i have to bring in the other side of this equation.
6:56 am
>> it is so true. people miss things all the time because they are looking on their phone or sending a tweeted out. meanwhile, some -underscore and a touchdown. it has really changed. >> or maybe they are going to their phone to watch the replay. sandra: mike webster committed mike webster coming thank you for providing information. it is good to hear there is a safety concern as well. >> we want to make sure there is a secure transaction for people purchasing concessions. that is a big role and we are excited to participate and get ready for kickoff. sandra: good stuff. next hour, oversight committee member mike walker on yesterday's contentious martin shkreli hearing. what does he have to say about his smirks and smiles. he will be with us next.
6:57 am
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sandra: good morning. i am sandra smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. it is frantic and it is friday, said thursday. with me this hour, jonah courtney, mike murphy and barron's online editor jack otter. first your top stories. sparks flying at last night's democratic debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing over who was the more progressive candidate. >> we are going to get into labels. i don't think it was progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. [cheers and applause] i don't think it was progressive to vote against ted kennedy's immigration reform. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent i hope ordinary americans. and by the way, who are not all that and knotted with the establishment. sandra: the controversial coin tosses in iowa coming off as part of the debate after "the
7:01 am
des moines register" calls for a full audit of monday's caucus results. on the republican side, former president george w. bush finally. in a campaign ad for his brother jeb, calling him a leader who will keep our country safe. more on that ahead of the new hampshire primary coming up. a big day on the market, the big government jobs report out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. the expectations right now calling for 190,000 jobs added during the month in the unemployment rate is expected to hold steady again at 5%. checking in on dow futures this morning breakout indicating a slight gain of 14 points. for to much flat as we await the jobs report. in today's session, the major averages are on track for a weekly decline. the jobs report could change all of that. we'll see how that looks and how markets react. overseas action in european investors on edge ahead of our government jobs report. we see some positive action, fairly positive in germany.
7:02 am
the cac in france higher. in asian markets were mostly lower going into the jobs report. the nikkei in japan seen the sharpest drop as began with its highest level against the u.s. dollar in over a year. a lot of people watching the currency play out. the big-game super bowl 50 is almost here. the carolina panthers will hit the field for the final time ahead of the big game. we will take you live to san francisco for a look at the action surrounding the nfl championship. turning back to the campaign trail. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off for their first one-on-one debate just days before the new hampshire primary and that is where we find blake burman. bernie sanders taking a quite decisive lead as far as pulling would be a concern in new hampshire.
7:03 am
>> because of that, we saw possibly the most heated debate. this was the first one-on-one debate here in new hampshire between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. it all started off with a debate over who was the more progressive candidate. from there it was bernie sanders trying to pick hillary clinton is the wall street candidate, the establishment candidate on the democratic side. that is when clinton jumped in and said sanders is peddling an artful smear. >> i think it is time to add the artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. let's talk about the issues. >> let's talk about issues. let's talk about why imminent demand is wall street got deregulated. did it have anything to do with the fact that wall street provided the fed williams of
7:04 am
dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions? some people might think they have some influence. reporter: sandra coming imagine those polling numbers are the real average has bernie at 10 points over. however, a poll has the lead up to 31. by the way, on the republican side of the race, a new poll from nbc news in "the wall street journal" has donald trump with a commanding lead that the numbers are peeling back a little bit. marco rubio is second in a poll with jeb bush and john kasich, chris christie still trying to gain some traction in the first in the nation primary. sandra. sandra: blake, thank you for the update. let's bring in new hampshire republican party candidate and former congressional candidate fox news contributor angela mccloughan. great to have you both here. angela, i will start with you. what do you make of the race as
7:05 am
the gop's side change in new hampshire. when you make of all of this? >> i love bernie sanders. he is very entertaining. the tide that could happen between sanders and clinton actually gave legitimacy. i believe he is a true contender and hillary clinton should be worried. in 2008, obama won and now he is president of the united states. hillary is playing catch-up. she is most vulnerable from the standpoint she's losing young adults and millennialist and also our independence are going to trump. i don't think she is going to bode well in this election as well. as for the republicans, i have always thought that rubio was a dark horse. i compared him to the rabbit and the tortoise race. he wouldn't be surprised if he continues this momentum and went
7:06 am
the nomination. >> a lot of people talking about the latest polling in new hampshire. as blake burman pointed out he's moved up into second place but he's got a target on his back. can marco rubio pull this off? >> look, in new new hampshire, any one of those folks can pull this off. a third of voters are still undecided and americans not just in new hampshire across the country people are looking at this primary as making sure hillary clinton does not continue four more years the failures of the last eight years. i was really interested in the conversation about last nights debate. i think what people find so engaging about bernie sanders is that he is so sincere about the things he believes to be right and it just highlights the craven dishonesty and hypocrisy of hillary clinton. sandra: i want to bring in that
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:07 am
spirit jeb bush has attacked his brother for a little help. president george w. bush appearing in this brand-new campaign ad if you haven't seen it. >> the first job of the president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i note his good heart and a strong brand gun. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror and meanness and tough measures must be taken. sandra: does this help or hurt? >> i think jeb has lost it i know this is a political year that hasn't been like any other. early on i think it's too little too late having george w. bush come in. i don't like the fact that jeb is partnering with christie to attack rubio. that is not going to bode well for either one of them. people want to know about the issues. what can he do to create a better america? i'm sorry.
7:08 am
i don't think jeb is going to do it. sandra: we were talking about the female vote in new hampshire. it is key in new hampshire. women were than men are undecided on who they are going to vote for it and the republican party is trying to show their softer side a little bit. do you think arafat is? >> there's so many different dynamics going on. from the women's side, seen such a large number of undecided shows women are looking for something new. sandra: and the real issue, the economy, equality. there's a lot happening there. i find it really interesting that would angela says, speaking to how jeb has now brought in, you know, his brother and his mother and the beginning he really tried to move away from them so much, even just having jeb! as his name. is it too late and he's trying to bring it all end?
7:09 am
sandra: jeb bush is pulling a lot better in new hampshire than he actually performed in iowa. 9% of the polling ahead of the actual primary. >> as much as they cast themselves as texas people, they've got deep roots in new england. they have a house in maine. they are fairly popular there. their conservative is a little more -- sandra: let's talk about kasich. there's a lot of talk about this. marco rubio, john kasich take it. >> that's a very strong ticket. he also has huge appeal for the middle. one thing and the democratic primary, and you saw bernie putting hillary on the defensive trying to make her go left. in the republican primary, all these arguments of who is more conservative than the other guy. in a few months they have to commend the middle of the country. we know the far right volvo four and the far left. kasich appeals to the middle.
7:10 am
sandra: kiersten powers who is on this program on occasion made the point that the democrats here john kasich the most. seemed to be in a marco rubio ticket. >> it is a great ticket. it is also too early to rule anyone out. i think those five people still have a shot in the race. sandra: jennifer and angela, thank you to both of you for joining us this morning. good to see you. coming up, protesters taking to streets of greece in an anti-a sturdy demonstration. we are going to have the pictures in the latest details coming out of that max. ♪ next. ♪
7:11 am
♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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sandra: more trouble for the governor of michigan over the plant water crisis. jo ling kent is following the story and has more this morning. jo: it is all about the e-mails, potentially damaging e-mails have been released in the case of the contaminated water in flint, michigan. they released e-mails that say they can show that governor rick snyder's principles aid was made aware of an outbreak of the disease and a possible link to the use of flint river water last march. i spoke to the rejected report. snyder learned about the rise in the cases in january. meanwhile, despite concerns about the zika virus, brazil insist the carnival logo want is millions arrive from around the world.
7:15 am
brazilian health workers spray up and down the streets across the country to fight off mosquitoes. earlier the government confirmed to cases of zika transmission through blood transfusion from infected donors. in greece, 50,000 people are protesting for an end to austerity in athens. reuters reports the country is crippled by 24 hour general strike as the heads of the european union and the imf me to expect the payment. the strike was the third in three months paralyze transportation and shut down schools in greece. there is tear gas being used with a very dramatic scene right there. sandra: mike, you made the point is we were teasing us before the commercial break. we have seen this before. >> it is been going on for years. the government is to get together behind one plant that is going to include a chance for other people accused of throwing rocks in the streets and get jobs and create better lives for themselves.
7:16 am
sandra: jo ling kent, thank you. weighed in on the jobs report for just over an hour from now. 190,000 jobs growth last month. we've got a big jobs number in december. 292,000 was the number with the unemployment rate. jack otter expected to hold steady at 5%. do you expect that number this morning to be a game changer market mover and build up the excitement for us? >> i am not excited. what is their right not to get excited about in the jobs picture? goldman is not at 190. they are up 170. a disappointment is much more likely. if nothing else, if you're a hiring manager and the market are going us, should china the growth engine of the globe really hitting the brakes hard. are you eager to bring on more people can come up the budget in 2017 the shows you added seven of eight, 12% and labor costs that i don't think so.
7:17 am
sandra: i want to see if there's been a growth in wages. this would be a keen interest to the american people. >> the wages really haven't moved. the report today will be the hourly wages. it is more failover bubble to mid-level skill job. i don't expect that to move as much. but this should be a very interesting report. not only the first report truly at the new year being january, even though we have the first one, for december which was strong. there was lots of uncertainty in the markets in january. large corporations preparing for earnings. so we are not sure if we will see that they give a number today. that is to turn in. yesterday the last report came out and laos were much higher than they had been. in december it had been a 15 year low. they came back up and it was retail. the energy sector in other sectors as well. playoffs are concerned.
7:18 am
>> layoffs when they pass laws that say you have to increase minimum wage and pay your workers more, when wal-mart comes out in late peoplesoft, and that is simple math that they had to do that because they have to pay more. >> absolutely. the minimum wages really impact retailers and mall business, restaurant industry is having a huge impact. they are not going to be able to sustain their business and be able to grow. it is a concern. sandra: we are waiting on the report out in about an hour. we will bring it to you live the committee at alsace. the super bowl is out two days away. cheryl casone is having all the fun on the ground of him at cisco. she is there with one of the unsung heroes of this big event. that is up next. ♪
7:19 am
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sandra: the super bowl is sunday, just days away. for some fans to food is the rails are at the show. cheryl casone is live in. we sigh you hanging out with shaft in her rally and having a good old time. how is that >> you had? reporter: it is all about the food. especially about chicken wings in buffalo wild wings. before i got him the plane yesterday and flew here to beautiful sand is going to new york and not with the owner of the buffalo wild wings in the new york city area. he told me at that moment, but, is not so much about the wings.
7:23 am
paragraph their food groups on super bowl sunday we should all can you dare. >> we have soft pretzels which are excellent, very salty. then we had tacos, grilled chicken cometh the launcher, pico de gallo. reporter: tell me why wings are so popular. what is it about chicken wings? >> they taste great. they have this kid and the hot moist steaming meat inside. you can grab them with one hand and eat them, drink with the other hand. watch the game, have a conversation while you enjoy them. reporter: them a try. hold on. snap it like this? make yeah. and you pulled about now. you've got to get in there. dip it in the habanero sauce. i got the crispy on the salt. i've got everything.
7:24 am
reporter: already. ready? on super bowl sunday super bowl sunday to meet those wings and i have milk afterwards. jared max just what into the doors saying good morning. we were just talking about her thinking about the win on sunday. you are the expert from fox news. >> i think because it's paid men and that they have a legitimate chance to win on sunday. but i i think the carolina panthers have a much greater chance -- reporter: i am telling you carolina panthers had an amazing season. i think cam newton is really on fire. it's going to be a great game either way. food, celebration and all day here a lot more happening all day.
7:25 am
sandra: hate men in class rodeo. that is reason enough to watch this game. i'm surprised new york is giving it this much attention considering it is a new york east coast seamen of five. the deliveries and you would ever talk about it. >> not at all. cam newton captured the entire country. a lot of people don't like him. a lot are due. he's a very exciting guys to watch. >> i think he is going to win because he wants it bad. sandra: we want to thank cheryl. we don't have her anymore. thank you. all your coverage we will watch all day long. often have you out there. same to you, jared. reporter: i've got eli manning coming up later and we will ask him about his potential. sandra: we will be watching. thanks, cheryl. enjoy fast food out there as well. she will have coverage all day long on the fox business
7:26 am
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good morning. good morning welcome back. i'm sandra smith. it is friday, february 5th. joinny mike murphy and online editor jack oter. sparks flying at last night's democratic debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clark over who is the more progressive candidate. clinton back on the defensive over those paid speeches on wall street. >> i may not done the the job ebg plaining my record. i did like so in military leader
7:30 am
-rgs journalists others, i did go on the the speaking circuit. i spoke to heart doctors, i spoke to the american camping association, i spoke to auto dealers and yes i spoke to firms on wall street. they wanted me to talk about the world. what my experience had been as secretary of state. >> golden sacks,. released on the gop side shows senator marco rubio gaining speed after his third place finish in iowa. while donald trump remains the top choice with the 30% supporter coming in second place beating iowa winner, ted cruz. january jobs report is due out an hour from now. we will have all the breaking news on this for you. a quick analysis. we are expecting 190,000 jobs added and the unemployment rate to hold steady at 5%.
7:31 am
that is the average estimate among economists. dow futures up 31, just slight gains across the board led by nasdaq futures up to 10% ahead of that report. we are looking at oil gaining steam right now at $32.12 a barrel. yesterday telling ma kwraoe maria he's an innocent man. martin shkreli was at the hearing. he is smart an grinned. but five minutes after he got up and left, he took to twitter to voice his experience tweeting, hard oh to accept that these imbicils rep september -- represent the people in our government. joining us is mark
7:32 am
walker. congressman, good morning. >> what good morning. >> what did you think of mr. shkreli's reactions, the smirking and disdismiss al all together. >> they have never seen anything like it. he was facing 14 photographers or more. pose ohing for them. it was amazing. >> what does that tell you, congressman? >> it tells about his attitude and the approach of what's important. i will also go and say, it wasn't just about martin shkreli there it is also about the fda. people are allowed to manipulate the markets when the fda is not pushing through these manufactures. they are pushing close to 3,000 who are waiting three years to
7:33 am
get the markets on the market. he manipulated the market racing from $13 to $750 a piece. >> what was the biggest take away from that hearing in your stph-pb. >> i think charles addressed yesterday pretty well, when kpwo*ft gets involved -rgs it can create more costs. i guess the driving point oh of this is making sure that the regulation agencies are moving in a matter that allows the free markets to move as quickly as possible. >> we have charles payne coming up for next hour. for the full hour we will talk about this and the jobs report coming up. i want to bring in my guest this hour, jack, you have been following this story. the congressman was there reacting to the gestures that he observed from mr. shkreli and the take away from the fda as well. >> there was an interesting in the "journal" two weeks ago.
7:34 am
he said he could make the same compound for 99-cents that mr. shkreli the charging $750. we could change regulations to get this through quicker. people are getting a dam damaging them more than what the drug are supposed to cure. drugs are different from other projects but still there's a way to execellerate them. >> what you make of that? what happens now? can there be changes of regulations? >> yes, i think there can be and part of the house over sight is that it benefits the american public. we don't go back as crude as it is and as greedy as martin shkreli is, he's e allowed to drive up that price.
7:35 am
he's not allowed to manipulate, there are other charges of him defrauding investors. a lot is paid on medicare which is a taxpayer's funding. than puts another dimension as for as what oversight we have on the situation. >> seeing martin shkreli, what i saw yesterday didn't surprise me. so when you called him down to testify there, did you think you were going to get more openness from him or was it expected that he was going to come in and not really -- plead the fifth and not get too much information. >> we didn't know at the last minute that he was going to plead the fifth. >> he showed why e he's one of the most hated guys in the coup try. his mind set in the mind of wu tang klan, "cash rules among
7:36 am
everything." >> his lawyer thinks he's a bit of a hero. this is the ceo of a pharmaceutical company. granted he's only 32 years old but you would expect better behavior. these are drugs that saving people's lives. the fact that he sat there -- he's giving them and the industry a bad name. and, to me, that is something that to see someone who has his authority, has his position an to smirk and sit there and act like that, it to me, sun acceptable behavior and you can't allow that and don't expect that from a ceo. >> the only question he answered before he got up and left was how to correctly pronounce his name. he made that very clearly. >> yes, i did ask the executive there.
7:37 am
i said do you not have a code of conduct come to find out they had only installed one three or four weeks ago. >> congressman, thank you. >> thank you so much, sandra. >> there may not be any nudity in issue but the magazine is attracting new advertisers. we will have that is all coming up and pictures, of course. before we go to break, a major volcano erupting in southern japan. check out this video. it sent an orange burst in the sky with lava rolling down the mountain slopes. unbelievable pictures coming out of japan. we'll be right back. ♪
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you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. new information about an explosion that the tore a hole in the side of the jet as it took off from somalia's capital earlier this week. we cannot forget these images that came out of this plane. a man using a wheelchair may have been responsible for riping a hole in a flying plane
7:42 am
according to the "wall street journal." investigators believe this passenger may have been a suicide bomber. the explosion blasted a hole but did not bring down the plane. it did eject the alleged bomber from the cabin. the state department said colin powell and condaleezza rice did receive e-mails on their personal e-mails account. this comes as use of her personal e-mail had prompted investigation and questions during her on going presidential campaign. t that said both messages were unclassified. there was no reason not to forward them in this manner. and the new march issue of "playboy" is the first one without full nudity but it does feature something different.
7:43 am
car advertising. there's a custom design ad for its issue and it hit news stands yesterday. classy. >> alright. thanks. well the united nations under fire this morning for its ties to syrian president bashar al a saad. the u.n. is raising billions but it is continuing to cooperate with the asaad regime. let's bring in mike the rueben. what do you make of all this? >> this is deja vu all over again. it's reminiscent of the '90s era oil for food program known for its corruption. i was if kurdistan at the time and that was under sanctions too. saddam hussein was starving children and that showed how governments like saddam hussein
7:44 am
could use food as weaponry. that's what bashar al asaad is doing. allowing others to starve under the u.n.'s nose. >> what you hear about reports it's keeping the level of starvation happening for internal use only? >> well, that's talking for example about that town where 40,000 had been starved for several months. this goes back to fact that ever since rowanda in 1994 when the united nations turned a blind eye under kofi annan, they have not learned its lesson. it is putting its own bureaucratic ease over and spending billions which is not doing arm but they are actively doing harm. this is something that he has to stop traveling the world. he has to stop writing these and
7:45 am
he has to start putting his own house in order because the united nations is becoming the problem. >> is it stare to say the u.n. is enabling pwa hair al-asaad. >> it is fair to say this. after the massacres in rwanda in 1994 it took more than a decade but kofi annan finally apologized. we cannot have these apologizes when thousands of r dying and the united nations can prevent this and it is empowering the regime which is doing this. we had a similar situation in somalia and on part of the united states government we learned this lesson in north korea when we were providing food aid back in the 1990s. you not throw food and trust are sundaying going to become atoristic. first, as one group of
7:46 am
anti-al-asaad aide workers put in the humanitarian affairs. for many of us in syria, the u.n. has turned from a symbol of hope into a symbol of complicity. >> wow. i would ask michael, maybe a bigger picture how do you solve this mess? or how do you begin to solve it? that's too big a question. what steps would you take right now? >> i think the lesson of the oil for food program in the 1990 in iraq, if we go back to its inception, the reason -- and it started with the u.n. security council resolution to distribute food throughout the country and basically have the united nations do it. then saddam hussein refused to allow the u.n. to do it unless they did it through him. the u.n. agreed to that compromise and food was used as a weapon. so first step is to the say if united nations you want your billions of donations to dispute food the only people who are not going to have any power to
7:47 am
disbutte are the -- distribute is the asaad regime. >> you look at this and there's really no easy answer for this. we see these pictures of towns in syria and it leads to the refugee crisis and we all know how that is carrying apart of major countries in europe as the refugee crisis keeps growing. i think, what's the near term immediate answer short of going if and over throwing the government. >> no fly zone. the only thing the syrian air sport do ohing is dropping barrel bombs. it's important to remember that before 2014 the syrian airport which has mastered the skies over syria never once bombed the islamic state capitol of raaka. you can air drop food to these
7:48 am
towns that bashar al assad is not allowing food convoys into. >> any suggest that relief efforts are helping and aiding pwa hair -- bashar al asaad in syria. >> the wing expert joins us. there one by the way. he will be with us next. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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7:52 am
>> wow. that was hip-hop icon snoop dog having fun with cam newton. they are known as the wing experts. were making the transition. wing stop getting ready for another super bowl sunday hoping to sell more than 11 million wings on the big day. he joins us now. thanks for making your first stop here. >> great to be here. >> explain to me. i'm not a big wing person. girls think it's messy. sell me on this. why do people love wings so much. >> 5 3% of our customer base includes woman. woman eat more wings than men. >> my husband and my son always want wings. >> what are we looking at here? we are getting a hitle hungry.
7:53 am
>> -- we are getting a little hungry. >> we have our favorite flavors from wing stop. both boneless ap bone-in wings, some side -rs house made ranch and blue cheese dressings just to dip those wings in. >> is it okay to eat wings with a fork and a knife stp. >> maybe with a chicken strip. >> somewhere in the studio, sandra. i'm just asking, there's boneless options, that's good. what kind of energy are going to get from your company around the super bowl. >> this is our biggest day of the year. we expect to sell almost 11 million wings oh on the day itself. we started this back in june of last year get caning prepared for super bowl. each year, it's a big time for us. our fans are excited. this is the number one food that's consumed during super sunday so it's a big deal for us every year. >> what impact does it have on
7:54 am
your earnings if you have a good super bowl? where it's more people are tuning in, it's a great game. does that have a material impact on your earnings stp. >> it doesn't really because most of the orders that we have are placed well before the super bowl starts. >> so you know how well. >> we have a pretty good idea pause you have to order ahead. >> you will sell a million wings. >> i think we will be at our target. >> you had a $693 market cap. we know how you this do on super bowl weekend. what is the art to the wing. how do you make the best wing? >> it starts with freshness and quality. our product is brought in fresh, made to order every time. we pay careful attention to the details. we make all our dips and sides from scratch every day in our restaurant. our famous hand cut seasoned fries are made every day by cutting fresh potatoes. it's the quality and the focus we put in the product. >> what's most popular? sit buffalo?
7:55 am
>> the one closest to you is our number flavor which is lennon pepper. >> i night steal the boneless buffalo later. >> eat at your own risk. i want to get your food illness crisis going on at one of your competitors buffalo wild wings. >> we focus carefully on the supply chain to the time it gets to the restaurant with proper coaching and teaching and cleanlyness. it's a challenge that every restaurant company goes through but if you stick to the details and fay careful attention of getting good food you will avoid such situations. >> sit a good economy? >> i think it's great for wings right now. >> good answer. charlie morrison, thanks for bringing the wings ahead of super bowl. you guys are stopping here first. don't forget two-time super bowl
7:56 am
champion eli manning will be joining our known neil cavuto on the fox business network at 12:4 5:00 p.m. >> the all important january jobs number is revealed. charles payne headed to the studio. coming up on fox business as well, the fan editor lynn h hicks. why the. aer is calling for a full audit over those coin tosses. he also will be joining neil cavuto at 12:00 p.m. eastern. ♪
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breaking news, it is jobs day everyone. good morning i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. mike murphy is here. online editor jack otter and there he is making money with charles payne.
8:00 am
he had a congressman give you some props in the last hour. we are 30 minutes away from the january jobs report. 190,000 added, 5% unemployment rate expected to hold steady there. we are paying close attention to wages as well whether north winter weatherer can be a factor. checking futures this morning ahead of those numbers. you are looking at dow futures up 22 points and somewhat of a holding pattern holding on that report. nasdaq futures up on a percentage basis up 7 points. taking a look at oil prices. this continues to be a huge story. you are looking at crude oil at $32 a barrel up a percent in the morning. it could go to $22 before it tof the year. analysts expecting 190 ,000 jobs
8:01 am
added in the january. than is sharp number. that number of 292,000 that everybody got so excited about. >> the last three months of last year we averaged 284,000 which was significantly above the 2015 so it felt like maybe it was there. maybe it is here now and we are looking at 198,000, 185,000, looking at some of this other data this week, the numbers particular particularly in manufacturing, i know there's a loss of the,000 jobs. i wouldn't be surprised if it with us a lot more than that. ironically, i think we will see some wage gains. so, joni is not looking for wage gains. >> we have always been expecting wage gains an we haven't seen them come through. but certain sectors, we do see wages moving. it's information technology,
8:02 am
still nurses, there's certain fields but across the board not a lot. pfessnabusiness, you look at the report. a lot of openings there. you may finally get some people -- people probably lured by better, it's an economy it' one of the economies if you don't have the skills you will got get paid but if you do have the skills in certain areas, we started out the year ceo survey which was released. it was survey of ceos across the globe and heading in to 2016 they were not very optimistic. they were not very confident that we were going to see a good economy in the u.s. or globally. >> next wave avalanche of more regulations, more fees, they are not optimistic of more taxes, yes. >> there's concern over government regulation. >> every year. >> as we wage the government's jobs report you wonder if the mentality of the ceos out there, why would they be doing anymore hireing? >> you are seeing taxes today of
8:03 am
proposed $10 tax on oil. that is not getting better until the election. that's getting worse. i think the question on charles -- when we get this number, are we back to bad news as good news that the fed is not going to raise rates there for the market? >> this has been -- we have four new members of the fed. a couple out this week. last night lester, lister, i got to tell you, she told wall street stock bitching -- >> whoa. >> she did. she said stop your whining. a new counterpart last night. you have new who will pressure another but the same time if if you are bad as a bandit like you said you were it's not about lower rates. somehow articulate that you are not dead set on hiking rates four-times in march.
8:04 am
that's crazy. >> alright. so right now you can see over my right shoulder. the wealth happening in new york city right now. we saw more of this in jonathan we have in any winter months so far over the past several months. is it going to be a factor in this report. that's a live picture of times square now. the snow keeps coming down. >> that's just a 24 hour dish know we get the weather stuff. i don't think that will be. we have a lot of people complaining about warm weather in a business cycle which is really unusual because it's been such warm winters lately. i don't think that will be a major factor. we have a lot of people signature on cash hoping to make it to the 9, 10, 12 points and others buying their own stock. >> what you think is the best job president on the left or right? >> i'm really surprised, in iowa, rubio won on the economy. he had 30% of the vote on economy.
8:05 am
he crossed donald trump on this. i don't think they are talking about it enough. i hope we move away from personal stuff and that dumb stuff, two, because the republicans are going to have to articulate this message to america, why lower taxes work. because you have these guys, bernie sanders, we write him off i think. he sounds amazing when he speaks to his audience. they buy what he's saying. they do feel like it' unfair. someone will have to start articulating this. >> when president obama was running for election the first time, jobs was the number one topic. they were talking about, we are going to create. 3 million energy green jobs. those jobs never came to fruition -- >> it's pause they had the -- it's because theyed that $1 0 tax. >> it was always front and center. it was one of the top topics. you don't hear that.
8:06 am
>> maybe in the general election. we had the debt propel terrorism to the forefront. it is about the pocket book. i think people want to hear how their lives will get better. >> when you put up the price of oil moving higher again this morning up 1% still $30 a barrel. a lot has been deck tateed by the energy we have seen in the energy market. was it mentioned in the democratic debate last night but calling for a $10 per barrel oil tax. thinking of seizing the moment to make a cause for something like that? if he is, it's a huge mistake. we had any number of layoff announcements this week. it's 7,000 here t10,000 there.
8:07 am
harold hamm has the number close to me. this will kill the oil industry as we know it in this country. a lot of parallels knead between president obama and -- made between jimmy carter and president obama. it vanished and when we had to depend on other because he killed the oil industry here. not just in congress but with the idea. >> . jack otter, saying we could see $20 oil pretty soon here but for $55 by the end of the year. so, we think that the lack of money being put in to cap-x is going the to result in less oil being pumped. >> that is supply and demand. i know the saudi oilman will
8:08 am
blink. even some opec and non--opec members meeting venezuela. they had a $900 billion-dollar deficit. it's world wide. >> and are you kidding me? >> when they blink you had so much pressure to the down side on the oil martha the spike you get will be significant. it's how the oil company going to be able to weather. we heard from exxon and conoco cut their dividends. remember these are quarterly earnings coming out now based on last quarter where oil averaged $44 a barrel. these next three months is not going to average $44 a bare srel a safe bet. these companies need to hunker down and tkpw b able to ride out. >> this is cuting in the dividends. >> what is only one company.
8:09 am
i think getting back missing politics with the wall street. i think these oil companies are playing in to bernie sanders fans for instance. bp lost the record amount in this quarter, $5 billion-dollars they will 7,000 jobs and still borrowing money to pay billion dollars in dividends. >> as we talk about this, it's such a big conversation with ceos, hedge fund guy, everybody is having the conversation whether or not we will see a recession in 2016. >> i give it a 35% now. only thing keeping us out of it is the rebound in the jobs side. not a great jobs market but i think slight any higher wages and relatively monday. >> so your expectations were 20 minutes away from this jobs report. >> i will say a number like 160 but higher wages may be up 4 or 5-cents. you want make a call here? >> i think it comes in closer to the 190 number.
8:10 am
so, alright. i'm thinking 190 and hoping to see labor participation november as well. >> i will follow goldman and go up 170. i think what the market was doing and we heard corporations getting a little nervous and i don't think they will boost a higher rate. it's as far as jobs and you are on the higher the end. that's 20 minutes away. our all-star panel is here for you to break that down for you at 8:30 a.m. eastern. we are watching markets for you. they are heading city steady.
8:11 am
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>> welcome back, presidential candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off in their first debate. days before the new hampshire primary and that's where we find our own blake burrman whos that latest from new hampshire. >> the two bernie sanders and hillary clinton were -- there were attacks from both. this all started out with the two trying to figure out who was the more progressive candidate. from there bernie sanders try odd to pit hillary clinton as the establishment, pro-wall street candidate and that is when hillary clinton jumped in and said that sanders is engaging in what she called artful smear. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and
8:15 am
your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about issues. >> let's talk about issues. alright, let's talk about why in the 1990s got wall street got deregulated. did it have the fact that wall street spent billions on lobbying and campaign contribution? es. >> well some people might think yeah. >> according to the real clear polling average sanders holds a substantial lead here in new hamshire. 20-plus points but another poll suggests that clinton might be closeing that a bit. on the republican side nbc news and "wall street journal." showed the donald trump holds a commanding lead here in new hamshire though marco rubio might be closeing that gap as well. the polls are like the snow here. they their flying in all over place near new hamshire.
8:16 am
we will see how this all sorts out. >> wow. yes. >> that debate last night very different from the first couple of democratic debates. >> thank you. stay warm out there. >> we are about 15 minutes away from the january jobs report. what the da tka* a says about the health of the u.s. economy. he is swaoegt away. what -- he's tweeting away. what are your expectations? he thinks we will see the number miss. you are watching "mornings with maria on the fox business network." we'll be right back. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained.
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the conference call. the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voice mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. we are a few minutes away from the january jobs report. let's bring in steve moore and seen -- senior.
8:20 am
ly call you moore and you cortez. set this up for us. job reports out in ten minutes. what are your expectations. >> i think it will be low scoring because of that denver defense. i am taking the low on the jobs report, too. i think 150,000. they track layoffs real time. they say we had market increase in lay office and this is in january because a lot of christmas season workers get laid off it was down 42% from last january. that tells me that that's going to be a weak report. >> cortez you fall in line. they have low expectations coming out. steve moore, where do you fall here? >> i'm in general agreement with that. when we did this a month a go we said that will be the high weather mark for a long time to come.
8:21 am
i think we will see a steady decline in jobs. the economy is clearly slowing down, sandra. we are seeing that in reduced corporate profits. we are seeing that in reduced business investment. we are seeing that in consumer spending. things are slowing down much more rapidly than this jobs report is going to indicate. i will bring you in the flip side. you have some of the higher expectations for this jobs report. mike? >> defend yourself. >> i don't think it's going to be a blow away number but i agree with a lot of what they are saying. it's more on thousand number comes out. >> it turned negative now in far as futures is concerned. we are leading up to this number. they now dipping nine minutes ahead of this report. >> . it's coming in trying to get in front of this number. that's ao all you are seeing there and not moving the market much. that the's what caused a lot of the volatility here and
8:22 am
computers going in, getting headline coming in. i don't think the economy is booming by any stretch of the imagination. i do think that is the number that will come out. >> steve cortez, what do you think of the market activity coming out. we have been discussing this morning now that we had the first interest rate hike if this jobs number disappoints, what do the markets do? do they go up or down? >> even though i am down beat on the economy now and i think economy is decelerating in a big way, i think earnings have shown that. i think bad news will be good news for the economy. i think the fed -- i have been told -- >> hold on you think bad news on the economy will be good new st-r the stock market? >> that's correct. the stock market has been hammered to start this new year. i think for people who want to be tactical, i think there's some upside here because the fed
8:23 am
is simply going the to have to concede. >> where are the fact stphors. >> main hi in energy. fy'm right the fed will have to concede and back off its tough talk. they have been playing on all their play list, tom petty, "i won't back down." they are going to have to back down. >> i despise that analogy. this idea that somehow the fed action is going to save off of this, the real slow down and i actually think there's a chance that a quarter or two this year, i don't think -- i think it imp tent in terms of dealing with it now. i don't see steve cortez how that's good news for the market. >> i don't think sit long-term. -- i don't think it is long
8:24 am
term. the fed moved the dollar this the week. the dollar is having its worst week right now. it its worst week in years. the reason is was the president he already did back off. he said i will back down. he indicated that. so, alright. >> steve cortez just nailed it it' all about the dollar. the dollar is up about 22% last year. that knocks 11% earnings. that the s fantastic news for manufactures. i don't like to advocate the u.s. dollar. u.s. goods are more expensive. this could be good. >> i agree 1,000%. the names you are looking at caterpillar, ibm, whirlpool. they say they have been hurt and these have been crushed by a strong dollar. if the doll hair continues to get weeker -- if the dollar continues to get weaker, i think it will, they already saw them
8:25 am
coming in part this week despite some good earnings. oil played, as steve talked about, our steve in chicago, these stocks will have some big bounces. if terms of percentage you will make a 20%, 30%, 40% move on it. >> steve cortez, you mentioned the layoff report, i think the other thing that is going with that is tracking ceo confidence. we have seen that that dipped down for the past couple of months. sanders spoke earlier about a pwc report where it's also projected, not a great 2016. so, if we're not hearing that confidence off the top, our concern is our ceos are really going to start and we will get them hiring them an investing in their company. so, alright, steve core pez we have to leave it there the but steve moore, can you sum up your take on this? you are sick of hearing bad news/good news.
8:26 am
is there anything to that? if this is a jobs report that is perceived as a miss or expectations, does the market go up or down? the stock market? >> i think that the bad economy is there are sort of priced in to this market. my point is, there is this long term psychology that's been there for such a long time that when we get a bad jobs report that's good for the market because the fed is going to lower interest rates. i think that whole model will dispate within a couple days within two days the market goes back where it should be. >> alright, stay right there. we will be right back.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
>> all right. we're just seconds away from that january jobs report. charles payne is on the set. set this up for us, your
8:30 am
expectations. charles: just to back up with cortez said. retail job losses up 6,000 from a year ago. computers, telecommunications, all up substantially year over year, makes you worried going in. sandra: peter barnes is standing by live at the labor department. >> up 151,000 new jobs in january, nonfarm payrolls rose by 151,000 jobs last month, less than expected. the unemployment rate dropped to 4.9% from 5% from december to the lowest level since february 2008, the lowest in eight years, as more people found work than entered the work force so the labor force participation rate actually kicked up 1/10 in january. revisions for november and december resulted in 2000 fewer jobs net-net than previously reported so just a very small
8:31 am
revision to november and december. good news on average hourly earnings up 1/2 of 1%, 29.39 an hour, the biggest jump in a year. looking at sectors now in the economy, manufacturing up 29,000, construction up 18,000, mining and logging which includes the oil sector down 7,000, retailing up 58,000, but that may have been affected by seasonal adjustment factors, transportation and warehousing down 20,000 as the holiday season required less people to move goods. leisure, hospital up 44,000. education and health up 6,000. government down 7,000. back to you. sandra: all right, peter barnes, you're looking to the markets reacting. they were flat when the report came out and went negative and coming back a little bit. 151,000 jobs added during the month that was far less than
8:32 am
expectations, as you called for. charles: and i say wages were better than expected. so i'm telling you we've got a bifurcated economy. we talk about presidential candidates talking long-term, the next 100 years. right now could be the asian economy because we have to be be prepared for these. we talk about the dirty fingernail jobs and getting people out there, too, i'm worried about these great, great jobs, engineering jobs, pay people where you can pay off your college loans, i don't know that we're graduating enough of them, but that's where the wages are growing. sandra: mike murphy, the headline, the unemployment rate was expected to stay, but it ticked lower. >> a lot of jobs were pulled forward last month, but this is indicative of the economy that we're in. sandra: hold on, this is not in line with expectations, expectations were for jobs growth of 191 is --
8:33 am
191 and we got 151. >> this is one jobs report. people put a lot of emphasis on one report, but in the overall picture, this is an economy that's growing, it's not growing at great leaps and bounds, it's an economy that's growing, you're getting jobs created out there. although short of expectations this is kind of what we've been seeing all along. sandra: by the way, i also want to point out the december jobs number, that big number that everybody was reacting to, it was trimmed down from 292 to 262. markets reacting right now pretty negatively. dow futures down 44. >> and i guess they probably revised the previous months up because peter barnes said net 2,000. >> we're seeing unemployment went down, labor participation went up meaning more people are participating in the work force, less people on unemployment. manufacturing adding 29,000
8:34 am
jobs. >> that's a shocker. >> and it speaks to what you were talking about before, are these manufacturers based on maybe, you know, suspecting there could be a weak dollar that could lead to more manufacturing, an increase of manufacturing jobs down the road, but this was a real good sign and a surprise. sandra: the yield on the 10-year is jumping on this report and the dow futures continue to sink even lower. we are less than an hour from the opening bell. the labor participation rate goes up. >> while this goes down. joni is seeing the same thing, the 10-year yield is going up. it's interesting. there's a stronger report than that 151 would lead you to believe. >> sometimes people get confused about that, see the unemployment rate come down and think it's a good thing, but we're seeing labor participation also go down. you're right, it's the first time they both moved in the right direction.
8:35 am
sandra: that basically tells you there's more people actively looking for work right now. >> more people actively looking and participating in the work force. >> i have to be skeptical about the 29,000 manufacturing jobs, it doesn't sound right with anything else we're hearing. ism-- >> we've still got the steves by the way. by the way steve cortez and steve moore by the way. steve cortez, you called for this number. your reaction. i said 150. i'm off by 1,000. my lucky day, i'm going to buy some scratchoffs when i leave the studio. the bounce back, it's early in the session. we talk about this being a good job. that's ridiculous. this job market and economy are not worthy of america. when i started working as an intern on wall street in the late 1980's, we would get job
8:36 am
numbers, 4, 5, 600,000 a month and that is a job recovery and we were a much smaller country then by the way. gdp goat 1% and job numbers 200 and below, that's not real growth. it's unacceptable a. unfortunately, i think it's going to continue for the rest of this year though. sandra: and steve moore, hourly wages, a lot of people are looking at wages as potentially bigger number to watch than the jobs added. wages went up 2.5% in the past 12 months. >> so a couple of things, first of all, give them the state of the world economy, which is just turmoil. you know? 150,000 jobs isn't a great report, but sure is a lot bett better. i'm fousounding like barack oba. there's an admirable resiliency to american companies they're able to weather the storm. >> i'm going to say it again, it's an obvious point and sometimes we get it. the lagging indicator and the
8:37 am
jobs are slowing down. we went from almost 300,000 jobs last month to now we're down 50 and i think we're going to be lower than that in february. this economy is slowing down, there's no question about it, that manufacturing job number is surprising to me. i'll give you an amazing statistic. lking to those in t oil patch and an indication of what charles talked about, how much that's hurting that industry. they're expecting in texas alone as many as 35,000 layoffs in the oil industry as a result of these low oil prices, that's this year. sandra: i'm hearing a lot of skepticism and tweet your thoughts, and charles payne is on there as well. a lot of people saying, they don't really believe that headline unemployment number at 4.9%. >> i don't believe it for one second. sandra: i think a lot of that skepticism, what you talked
8:38 am
about, charles, what good is it? people don't feel good and they're not spending. >> and 62.7% rate rewe always talk this being the lowest since the '70s, the number in the '70s was going up. sandra: that's the labor participation. >> that number was going up and rocketing. i mean, it doesn't really-- it doesn't begin to sort of illustrate what the real pessimism of this nature. i'll tell you one thing that resonates with a lot of americans, how many of these jobs are part-time and how many are full-time. people are upset when we talk about the jobs numbers. we don't break it down. they used to have a full-time job and now they have a part-time job and they see somebody on tv saying it's great. >> one thing about the fed, the fed said they'd be data dependent. if you look at this report and kind of in line with expectations, nothing here tells you that the fed needs to go out and raise rates.
8:39 am
>> hike rates in march on this number? no way. >> on labor participation, charles, you're right, so much worse than headlines. for men it's the all-time low. a lot of the industries that are dominated by male workers haven't had recovery from the recession and you're right, it's far more gloomy than a lot of folks and wall street realize. >> the dollar turned higher against the global currencies, including the euro and the yen. i'm wondering, not to get wonky here, is that the currency market, the u.s. dollar predicting this is a solid enough report for another federal reserve-- >> i'm shocked that bond yields and the dollar so far, and the fact that the market is down. i thought we'd be higher on this kind of a miss. >> that's showing that most global currencies are down. >> in this reaction, yes. >> initially. >> and first of all, i cannot believe that's pricing in a march increase? maybe the dollar is strengthening and the 10-year is rising because people are saying, wow, maybe there will
8:40 am
be one rate hike later on in the fall or something like that. i'd push back a little on the labor force participation in the '70s and '80s. huge numbers of women coming to the work force for the first time. and the baby boomers, demographic, the bulk ever of the work force at productive ages. and bubble is late 50's and early 60's. >> and the labor participation has gone up. 55 plus. if you look at labor participation for young americans it's fallen like a rock and that speaks to the optimism or lack of optimism people have in the american dream. >> it also speaks to, charles is right. if you look at labor force participation rate, it goes like this, the older you are, the higher that labor force participation, and the reason that's important, by the way, in terms of our future economy, is that when you are looking at people in their 20's, mid 20's or even late 20's that don't have a job, that's going to
8:41 am
affect the productivity and their wages, you know, charles, not just now, but five, 10, 15 years down the line. >> i agree, steve. and millennials at home aren't participating. women aren't making enough money, saying i'd rather just stay home. it's not just baby boomers, it's across the board. >> that's why bernie sanders got 84% of those millennials-- >> thank you for your live reaction. please stick around. we'll have more as the markets continue to react. less than an hour from the opening bell. jobs out, january 151,000 added. the unemployment rate dropping to 4.9 the percent. the dow futures are down 30. our all-star panel will be back after the break.
8:42 am
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>> all right. welcome back. the january jobs number coming in just a few moments ago. the number 151,000 jobs added in the first month of 2016. that was less than expectations. we're about 40 minutes away, 35 minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. let's go to. nicole: the new york stock exchange. 45 minutes away from the opening bell. all right, nicole, what's happening there. nicole: hi, good morning, sandra. when i was talking to the traders we saw fluctuations in the stocks before the report and they've been up and dropped and higher and we've seen that
8:46 am
volatility continue. we're looking at our first down week in four. we're delving into that. the best since february of '08. when you break it down, someone like steven guilfoyle, who is a regular on our air, looking at the numbers and looking at them closely, they're saying that the u-6 number, the total unemployed number. not seasonally adjusted number is actually worse. while this may be appearing a little bit of good news here, overall, he said it's not really good news at all. so, we'll take that in stride and seeing linkedin under pressure and hess as well. sandra: charles, this is a market that we could see open sharply to the down side and close up at the end of the day. charles: volatility is the name of the game. when the dust settles, we could
8:47 am
look around and say, wow we made a good rebound. the oil if it breaks up. sandra: we'll be right back with more on this jobs report and what it means for the markets. by the way, it's the biggest football week of the year. we're live in san francisco for super bowl 50. cheryl casone is standing by. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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8:51 am
mess as far as expectations, but the unemployment rate kicked out-- >> wages were higher, you know, remember the elementary definition of inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. so you've got to start with higher wages to get to that. we're a long ways away. >> someone tweeted and i didn't get a chance, the household had the higher than last year, that has to be noted as well. sandra: as far as actionable ideas out of this. what do you do you've got to put your money to work, mike murphy. what do you do. >> i'm looking for quality companies that are going to be able to put up good numbers, even if the economy doesn't get better. i believe it will get better. if it doesn't you want to look at quality names out there. i'm looking for energy names that announce they'll keep the dividend, and when oil is back in the high 30's and low 40's. sandra: breaking news.
8:52 am
we've got pictures on a crane collapse that's reported in lower manhattan, a massive crane collapse. as you can see in this picture. this is happening in lower manhattan just moments ago. we're just now learning of this. if you happen to be familiar with manhattan neighborhoods, this is the neighborhood of tribeca. we have the address now, 40 worse street. tribeca, this is home to goldman sachs' new building and a lot of big financial firms and companies there, but we just now got this picture in, a crane collapse reported in lower manhattan. we'll continue to bring you more news on this as it breaks. this is about all we've got right now. and by the way, i should remind you, as you look at that picture, it's snowing in manhattan. the city buses are going by, a couple of inches of snow on tomorrow top. the snow is coming down and it's extremely wet. there's times square.
8:53 am
it's hazardous conditions right now and this crane has gone down. 40 worth, this is leonard and west broadway. we're told, is the intersection. the response is underway, there are were some tweets going out on this right now and the response team is on their way there. we'll continue to update you with anything we have on this, this is another picture coming out of tribeca. we'll continue to update you on this story as it comes out. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> breaking news right now. a massive crane collapse happening in lower manhattan just moments ago. this is the tribeca neighborhood of manhattan. we're getting some frightening pictures in here on your screen right now. the debris everywhere in many cases, it's slowing in manhattan. obviously, this is going to be a question of whether or not this was secured properly or if weather played a factor in this collapse, but this is just in. we're hearing now unconfirmed reports, this is according to
8:57 am
our new york affiliate wnyw, that at least one person has died in this crane collapse and numerous injuries are being reported. there are also reports of at least one person pinned underneath a car. these are reports coming to us, we have not confirmed anything ourselves. in addition to this being the tribeca neighborhood of manhattan, lower manhattan, i happened to have used to live right there. financial buildings and whole foods there. 40 worth street between broadway and church street. i think everyone sitting on this panel is pretty familiar with this neighborhood. this is a busy time of the morning, snow is coming down, the streets are packed, not a good time ever to have this happen, but, charles, the picture coming out of here are alarming. charles: it's not the first time we've seen this. in new york we're building
8:58 am
these towers and setting records, particularly residential buildings. we hope it's safe. it's unnerving. and it's above us and go day by day not-- >> all right, the fdny is reporting two patients are evaluated on the scene. they've got 100 firefighters at the scene now, 33 units have responded, 138 members of the fdny is the actual number. the call on this crane collapse came in at 8:24 a.m. we are still getting more reports out of our affiliate as well. also there's a #cranecollapse. cbs is asking for anybody who saw anything to respond on there, but a lot of new yorkers chiming in, this is your worst nightmare to see something like this in your street, in your neighborhood walking down the sidewalk. this is your biggest fear. charles: and we see if people are following code. usually, often, it's been the case that they weren't. there were shortcuts.
8:59 am
>> it's scary and thank god it looks like it fell down the middle of the street and not down the sidewalk where it could have caused a lot more fatalities. charles:. sandra: we're sending good thoughts and prayers with workers affected on this. the emergency response team is on the way there. 138 firefighters on the scene fdny confirmed that. a lot of people potentially involved here and looking to confirm if there is indeed a death. our new york affiliate is reporting there is one and multiple injuries. as you can see, that's-- that would be worth street right there at broadway. as we continue to get new pictures coming in on this, this is -- this is a sizable industrial crane that you're looking at falling right into the middle of the road there. all right, well, that breaking news will continue this morning on fox business. i want to thank everybody on our all-star panel, it was a big jobs morning for the economy, mike murphy, joni
9:00 am
courtney, charles payne, steve moore, steve cortez. it's now time for "varney & company." stuart varney, it's all yours. ♪ >> our country-- >> i don't think so, the backbone, you know the backbone of our country, people who came here and came here legally. people who came to this country legally and wokked their (bleep) off and made the country break, that's the backbone. stuart: they came here legally and made the country great. legal immigrant, citizen varney. good morning, everyone. now you're talking, a good sanders-clinton debate last night. the gloves came off, hillary was feisty accused. bernie:y -- bernie of a smear: how about this, pay for green transp


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