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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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melissa: we'll fake you live to new hampshire. for candidates are neck-and-neck going into the event. connell: [closing bell rings] closing bell rings on wall street. earlier today we were down more than 400 points. we closed down 175ish. bigger declines percentage wise coming when the nasdaq composite. still under a 2% decline when all said and done at end of the day. gold up by almost 3%. melissa: the dow dropping almost 400 points at low earlier. 21 out of 30 dow stocks remain in the red. ashley webster watching action from the new york stock exchange. ashley, what is driving today's selloff? >> you know this is really interesting. melissa and connell, a lot of traders are saying what exactly is going on?
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these wild swings have become normal since beginning of the year. big triple digit swings. down as much as 400 points earlier this afternoon, coming back a little bit. down 176. most major sectors getting hit hard especially financials. there are concerns, growing concerns about the viability of european banks. deutsche bank falling 10% today. european banking sector as a whole is under a lot of pressure. does it have enough capital buffers to survive in a topsy-turvy market. that is adding to fears. we can't blame china. they were closed for the new year, lunar new year in china. we're concerned about the capital outflow of china as this country tries to support its own currency. put it all together, throw in a selloff on big tech names. amazons and googles and facebooks. that is why we've seen a lot of these markets head low. oil today also slipping back, under 30 bucks a barrel, to close around 29.69.
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only bright spot in all this, this tells a story, gold up 30, $40, close to $1200 per troy ounce. also take a look at the yield on 10-year treasury, down around 1.75. those treasury yields across europe hit record lows today. there is a flight to safety. a concern about the global economy. concerns about banks in europe and concerns about the economy here and how it can with stand all of that going on around us in the world, guys. melissa: that is a lot, ashley. connell, over to you. connell: we have quite a panel was a bit of a crazy day on wall street. adam johnson is also with us. bold global media markets editor. "wall street journal" is also here. good to see all of you. i don't know if anybody take as stab at last hour phenomenon before we talk big picture. adam. what do you think, as liz claman's last guest seems to suggest. we would like the to see the
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market get it out of it is system be down 600 points. >> by the way, wishful thinking. one day take it down, now it is cheap to buy. the problem we've been wrestling frankly this year so far, sorry guys, emperor has no clothes. can't have%market trade 11 1/2 times earnings when earnings are falling four or 5%. china led us on to the issue. it is percolating with the world here at home. >> do you agree with that, steve? a china story more than any other story. a bunch of other themes circulating. >> tough to label one thing. a mix of many different factors. whether china, oil going down finishing below $0 a barrel. there is a -- $30 a barrel. seems like when things get below 30, things get pretty tough. this market incredibly volatile. this happens for a lot longer. connell: that is the question.
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what is really happening, jack? >> show me growth i will show you gains. the problem with 4% declines in earnings. that is just energy. take energy out, what are you left with, 1% growth? how much are you paying for 1% growth? 16 times earnings? that is expensive. looking for 4% growth. that number -- connell: comes to the old question, reminds me of the question we used to ask every day going through it back in '08, what inning are we in? getting tired of this. >> green shoots. connell: where are we? what phase of this, whatever phase this is? you want to take that first, adam? >> i would say arguably we're sadly at beginning of it. we're down 10, 11%, more than that year-to-date. look at previous selloffs, going back to '87, '91, '98, 2001, on and on, there have been a number of them. they do happen. typically 20 to 50%, all right? we're down about 10%. we're down half of what is
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frankly the low end for a correction. again, earnings 4%, contraction are you really going to pay 11 1/2 times or 22 times in europe? that's a lot. >> there were years we were saying there is not a lot of revenue growth. earnings are fine. margins are boeing up. not a lot of core growth. we're looking kind of peeking on margins. same story on revenue. we're not getting margin gains. >> one thing we haven't talked about right now is the fed. federal reserve obviously raised rates first time in december. now is it not going to raise rates not own in march. not be rest of next year. we could get a rate cut. connell: negative rates in japan. >> i will say the fed has actually blown it twice. they did something booed in 2008. they create ad bid when no one else would buy. kudos to the fed. the problem the fed overstayed its welcome. by the way, richard fisher dallas fed said effective.
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we have rates so low for so long. that is the problem. connell: good discussion to start us off today. earnings from 21st century fox which would be our parent company. second quarter results are out. ashley back with that. what do numbers look like? >> indeed the parent company. connell, twenty-first-century-fox. earnings coming in at 44 cents a share on eps. estimate was 44. right in line on earnings. but revenue coming in a little light. at 7.38 billion. estimate was 7.51 billion. so under on revenue. in fact it is lower than revenue a year ago. so earnings meeting. revenue just missing. connell. connell: ashley, thank you, sir. >> sure. melissa: new hampshire a state that could change the entire game. first primary contest in the country is one he day away. by the end of the week, the still crowded gop field might look a lot different. fox business's blake burman is in the granite state with latest on campaign trail. blake, it is getting close to voting time finally up there.
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>> yeah. just hours away here in new hampshire. and certainly what happens tomorrow could definitely have a say on how the field looks come wednesday and thursday and weeks following that. we're in the beantown coffee shop here in ham stead, southeastern part of the state by the massachusetts border this is one of four planned stops, town halls that chris christie made earlier today. he was relentless going after marco rubio, especially after rubio's debate performance on saturday night. it was just brought up time and time again by christie. it is a play he is trying to make as polls show rubio is in the second, third, potentially maybe even forth spot here in new hampshire. rubio is trying to eye light some of the accomplishments that he sees he has had, not only as lawmaker in washington, d.c. but also in florida. here is a little bit of that. >> i'm the guy who took out senator rubio, guy everyone in the media was anointing next republican nominee.
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they're not talking that way this morning. i'm ready. he is not. >> when i was going into speakership, we published a book, 100 ideas for florida's future. over half the ideas became law or policy in state of florida including curriculum reform. reporter: chris christie is trying to break through here in new hampshire. jeb bush is of course another. he is going after donald trump once again here in the granite state today. and trump, as you might imagine, fired right back saying that he believes that jeb bush is not smart enough to win this race. it was a back and forth here in new hampshire. here's just some of that. >> it's not strong to insult women. it's not strong to castigate hispanics. it's not strong to ridicule the disabled. >> jeb's not going anywhere. this guy is not a guy that can go anywhere. total stiff. reporter: meantime word that
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matters is undecideds. there are most likely tens of thousands of them connell and melissa. look from a poll from monmouth university. democrats, 17% of them have a slight preference or are undecided. republicans, that number is 21% that doesn't even include independents who are allowed to go one way or the other. polls show donald trump leading. you have the second-tier back, anything here could happen tomorrow and really what a lot of folks are looking at twofold. if trump indeed comes out on top like polls show. 2 through 5 slot, who finishes second, third of, fourth and fifth and how they shake out. back to you in new york. melissa: blake, thank you. connell: never a dull moment. we see the phrase marco-mentum as blake was talking about he is getting hammered by rivals in new hampshire. what are voters saying there? we'll take you back to the granite state.
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melissa: rubio has company for fight in the second place. polls show four-way tie between him and jeb bush and john kasich. chris christie says don't count him out. >> all the governors didn't take on any fights saturday night. i'm the guy taking on the fight. i will do what needs to be done. connell: speaking of doing what needs to be done, there he is, the amazing kreskin. is back to tell us if his super bowl predictions sealed in this box that we have -- melissa: did you keep an eye on that? connell: are you kidding me? it was locked in my office. all weekend long. all super bowl predictions on friday correct? melissa: we'll find out. we'll crack it open. connell: coming up. ♪ you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs...
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>> palm obama is trying to redefine the roll of government in our country. evidence is we raised more money in first hour of the debate than any other debate. >> the rub rob fighting back against his -- marco rubio fighting back against his gop rivals. fighting back that his talking points are repetitive. putting his momentum into question now. here to weigh in from the grounds of granite state, tony sayegh, jamestown associates, vp and fox news contributor. tony, i wonder in these things, national media talking about it, that doesn't mean all important people on the ground going in to vote are talking about.
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it could be a totally different conversation. are people on the ground really feeling like marco rubio had a tough night this weekend or no? >> they're definitely talking about it, melissa. you make a very good point. they're receiving information and drawing conclusions very different than the media. even those who acknowledge it was definitely a bad moment not his overall strongest performance, i don't know it changes their minds. in reality anecdotes, you know new hampshire well, the state is full of them. everyone has political opinion, political thought this time of year. these are only nuggets we have the to gain intelligence because there is no polling coming out between saturday night and now that will be meaningful enough to really show us how this shifted. i also say i don't think a lot of people saw it although this was highly watched debate, they didn't necessarily see it at debate. most people i talk to refer to the rubio situation heard it about through obsessive news coverage over the fact he repeated himself so often.
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he seemed to be stuck in this glitch mode on this one talking point. you talk to the rubio folks and you heard it from the senator himself. they say yeah it was kind of awkward and weird but he said something we all believe and made a lot of sense. melissa: i heard that, tony. are you wondering say the people in new hampshire didn't watch the debate on saturday night? >> they're not necessarily reacting the same way with the same fervor that the coverage over the situation has been. melissa: they watched it but saying something different about it. let me ask you about the trump thing. once again this idea, who are these people who seem to be you know, in the polls saying they will come out and vote for trump because our operatives here on the ground are not talking to them or seeing them. what's the truth on the in your opinion about the support for trump there? >> there definitely seems to be two schools of thought. win is there is a lot of political turism up here. people who aren't even going to vote in new hampshire primaries are coming up to see trump and enjoy the obvious theater around his candidacy but there's also
4:17 pm
people who you and i both know, melissa, who understand new hampshire politics donald trump is going to win here tomorrow. who actually think that rubio slipping helps trump as much as anybody else because rubio was actually only one gaining on him for the first slot leaving momentum from iowa. trump is actually going to be the beneficiary if there is indeed some sort of movement away from rubio as a result of what happened in the debate. melissa: tony, hold still. stick around we have breaking news we want you to react to. connell. connell: this is coming in to us moments ago on mike bloomberg and all the rumors whether he is considering a run for the white house. straight from the horse's mouth, he did an interview with financial times, he said he indeed is at least thinking about a run for president as an independent. your take on bloomberg and scenario which he would be a viable candidate. is there one? >> start cracking because you
4:18 pm
have to get on each state ballot individually. that process begins now, in texas deadline is february. tons of administrative hurdles to be crossed. this is clearly indictment of the strength of hillary clinton's candidacy. mike bloomberg would not be running if he was confident hillary clinton would be the nominee of the democratic party. connell: right. >> so clearly he is seeing what everybody else is, seeing flaws and poe potential fatality of her candidacy based on all the controversies she is not getting ahead of. viewed largely not honest and trustworthy by american people. he sees on republican side, candidate like donald trump, ted cruz viable chances to be nominee. melissa: tony, not billionaire envy? you say it is about hillary. it is not about trump? >> it is significantly more whether or not hillary clinton will win the nomination. i think trump is certainly an interesting character he is a billionaire populist. donald trump's support by the way as much there are people across the spectrum largely does
4:19 pm
come from the silent majority of americans who don't believe the republican party certainly has been standing up for them, grass root voters of this country. connell: i would think bloomberg would only run if he thinks he could win. cruz-sanders race i think hes would have a chance. >> nearly impossible. nearly i'm possible. he was a great mayor of new york city. i have absolutely nothing to gain by talking him out of the race. i think it helps republicans if he runs as third party person. connell: we have to run, tone i in. thanks. >> you got it. connell: selloff on wall street obviously other big story of the day. it was a big comeback in final hour of trading being down 400 points. we closed down 118. what it means for your -- 178. what it means for your money. donald trump down playing importance of winning new hampshire. trump campaign here to respond to that next. >> i watched this stiff, jeb bush, he is a total stiff. jeb bush. like a child.
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melissa: one thing all the republican candidates an agree on is the importance of winning the new hampshire primary. well, everyone except donald trump. >> i don't think i need it. i hope that get it. i would say that would like to win but i don't know that it is necessary. melissa: what is strange he is leading the granite state by 16 points and frontrunner is stepping up his ground game. hear to weigh in katrina pierson, trump campaign national spokesperson. why is he playing down the importance of this if he is so far in the lead? by the way i would point out, since 1976 in order to get the nomination you either had to win iowa or new hampshire. so it seems like he does need to do it and he is out in front so
4:24 pm
why is he saying this. >> well, i don't think he is downplaying it. i think he is being realistic, of course mr. trump wants to win. i think we're going to inwith. polls show we're going to win and on the ground sounds like we're going to win. reality he doesn't have to win. yes there is historical trend but i think we can all agree mr. trump's entrance into the race changed dynamics all around. so i think it is great that mr. trump is acknowledging the fact that he doesn't have to win because he doesn't, but at same time, we're looking forward to tomorrow night and it will be really exciting. folks on the ground here are so excited. melissa: i'm glad you mentioned folks on the ground because "the boston globe" reporter james pindel says despite changes in the ground game it may not be so effective. listen what he has to say. you tell me why he is wrong on the other side. >> really a question about his ground game. when you go to his rallies we have to be honest a lot of people are not from new hampshire. a lot of people working in call centers, people who are so
4:25 pm
devoted to him they have moved up here for the last three weeks. melissa: what do you think about that, katrina? >> everyone is critical of the trump campaign since the very beginning. a lot of folks who do go to the rallies are from these areas. all that data is collected. all the data is put into the system. people are called. people are knocking on doors even in the snow here. are is a lot of excitement. they have stepped up number of campaign stops. there is lot of retail politicking. mr. trump's children are making surprise visits at restaurants. they're having a good time. melissa: you would say you guys definitely stepped up your game since iowa? >> yes, absolutely. melissa: can i ask you to react to the news at top of the show michael bloomberg is looking confirming getting into the race, now would that change things for your campaign do you think. >> i don't think it changes much for mr. trump. mr. trump shows he has a broad spectrum of support from across
4:26 pm
republican party factions. mr. bloomberg in the race is far left and very much regulatory environment when it comes to policy mr. trump knows what it takes to be successful in business, knows what it takes to get the economy back on track. so i think there is really not much it is going to do for mr. trump as nominee. but for others it may do a little bit of damage. melissa: i mean our last guest made a point would help you guys. he would take more from hillary clinton than anyone else. it would be interesting to see. >> agree. melissa: thank you for coming on. connell? connell: chipolte as we know is trying to put its best receipt toe forward if i may. because of concerns. closed all the stores but stay tuned for a rain check. melissa: democratic race is heating up. not just hillary and bernie. others are adding fuel to the fire. >> you have to help hillary clinton will always be there for you, and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. [cheers and applause]
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without, naming each other. both candidates call each other out. >> pundits saying.
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mike bloomberg saying to financial times thinking about a run for president. would he take votes from the nominee and elect a republican
4:34 pm
do you think? >> i think so. give you one prime example. he may be a multibillionaire, he is not going to be taking those votes away from donald trump for example who also is a multibillionaire. he will take them away from hillary clinton and democrats looking for alternative to hillary clinton and aren't able to find one. for those may be sympathetic to his views on everything from guns to big gulps. we be someone democrats to look to. connell: would just hurt democrats is your view on that? >> i think so. i have no idea what kind of campaign he would put together. what he is really looking for. i don't think his views are mainstream enough to win. connell: right. >> and so, i just don't think it is something where mike bloomberg is going to come in and swoop in become next president of the united states. he may have a ross perot effect takes 20% of the vote away.
4:35 pm
let's not forget that actually elected a democrat. bill clinton in 1992 was elected without 50% of the vote because of ross perot. connell: could be a replay of that on other way. on other side. good to see you. >> absolutely. thank you. melissa: wild day for stocks, climbing back from 400 points selloff to indthe day only half of that. ashley webster has recap for us. it was a roller coaster ride to be sure. >> really was. needed drama mean, pepto-bismol. crazy ride, some traders what happened, we were down 400 points. a broad-based selloff. the energy sector managed to pull back some losses. we finished down 117 points. the energy sector coming back. chef von finished up 3 1/2%. exxon down 1 1/3%. energy managed to get some of that loss back. very quickly banking sectors, financial hurting. concerns over the capital buffers, european banks have.
4:36 pm
deutsche bank down. that is having a little bit of a spillover into this country. concerns here the banks have exposure to oil companies that continue to struggle in the face of these very low oil prices. also, if the fed doesn't rate hikes, they will not get as much money back on the loans because interest rates going up so hurts their margins and bottom lines. beginning of the year 2016 started like this. it hasn't stopped since. melissa: ashley, thank you so much. reporter: my pleasure. melissa: keep an eye on it. connell: back to politics, one of the storylines in new hampshire is virtual tie on republican side for second place. tucker carlson will weigh in on the tightening race in the four-man fight for second, up next. what is in the box? well i had it locked away all weekend i can assure you. the amazing kreskin is back. he will reveal his predictions about the big game yesterday. see if he is right about the super bowl. melissa: i can't wait. connell: i know.
4:37 pm
this box will go in my office here at fox. i have a key and i am going to lock it. nobody will be able to touch it. but what is in here? >> what is in here my sense of prediction regarding three factors in the super bowl.
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
melissa: one day to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. donald trump still leading in new hampshire, with 30% support. but the race for second is tighter than ever. kasich, rubio, bush cruz are virtually tied according to new poll. we now have report breaking just this hour michael bloomberg is considering entering the fray. he is confirming that. here to react, tucker carlson, "fox & friends weekend" co-host. tucker thank you so much. react to the bloomberg news. what do you think of that? >> i am not surprised by it. here you have a guy who is older, in his 70s but very energic and very rich. he said he wanted to spend all
4:41 pm
his money before he dies. clearly wants to get back into politics n a normal year i think perhaps there is plausible path. in populist year like one we're living in, hard to see someone whose brand is associated closely as his with elitism. i'm not attacking him. impossible to imagine a candidacy like that could catch fire in this environment. i think he would be a terrific mayor of new york for a term. probably be pretty good at it. i don't see that happening. >> could be billionaire envy, like you said. he has nothing to do and money to burn. he could decide he wants to do it anyway, maybe to thwart someone else. just because he can't win, doesn't mean i can't hurt someone else? do you buy this idea -- >> could derail hillary clinton campaign. melissa: would that affect her. >> of course. virtually everybody on the upper east side of manhattan is al paul by bernie sanders and donald trump. i get their arguments for it.
4:42 pm
but, if there is ever a person out of step with the zeitgeist of 2016 it is michael bloomberg, i guess nobody around him is making that obvious point. think of this way, donald trump is likely to win by 10 points. this guy hasn't been in new hampshire very much. establishment hates. came out for eminent domain and big issue, still going to win. still going to win. what does that tell you? populist forces at work are way bigger than individual candidates and don't suit michael bloomberg. melissa: before i ask you, you're a seasoned veteran on the trail. what is surprising to you on the ground, what do you like wow, i never would be bet that is happening right now? >> i shouldn't be surprised how many doughnuts i could eat but i learn that every time i come here. that is sad fact. second most surprising thing is the bernie sanders campaign. i thought i imagined from washington and new york where i lived, full of starbucks baristas and people face piercings. what i didn't expect to see
4:43 pm
rally full of middle class older people, middle classed, middle-aged people sincerely buying into the program. not because they're socialists but they're so upset with the state of rural economy in america. i should have guessed that. i shouldn't. bernie sanders movement is more potent than i imagined. probably much more potent. melissa: tucker, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. melissa: connell. connell: today was not the day to have lunch at chipolte. i don't know if yesterday was either but they closed today for all the right reasons. mexican food chain taking a big step in the right direction. welcome change. we'll tell you how coming up. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud,
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. connell: holding this companywide meet about food safety and recently ended e.coli
4:47 pm
outbreak. adam shapiro joins with us the latest. adam? reporter: stores started reopening 3:00 p.m. where you live in the country. three local time. there were 50,000 chipolte employees who took part in this food safety seminar. shut down all the stores nationwide. listened cofounder and co-ceo, talk about the food safety procedures they have in place to protect people from e.coli and nor row vie us are. never found out what caused e.coli contamination. people couldn't go into the stores. couldn't get in for lunch until 3:00 p.m. we spoke to one person, okay this is good thing to do but this is he is still concerned. >> i think became concerned finding more than this out. this kind of thing is contained. this is something else. but i understand they're probably being cautious which i
4:48 pm
appreciate. reporter: one thing chipolte is trying to do to get your business back offering everybody a free burrito. text them and put rain check in the text message, they will send you a coupon for free burrito. none of this stuff that got them in trouble obviously. there is competitor named mow's southwestern grill. they took advantage of chipolte's bad luck and ran a pull page ad in "usa today," they're ready for business. there is a video ad which you see a burrito doing push-ups because they're not closed on february 8th. connell? connell: got to do it. melissa: i love it. connell: mow's, low energy chipolte. big moment is almost here. melissa: that's right. it is about to be revealed. the amazing kreskin's super bowl predictions have been locked away in connell's office all weekend. find out if kreskin correctly called football's biggest night. i can not wait. it is coming up next.
4:49 pm
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connell: all right. here we go. you know about it. legendary mentalist, get out of my shot. amazing kreskin. reveal his predictions for this year's super bowl are correct. put them in the box. get out of my shot. we have quite a relationship. i took this on friday. are these rosary beads these are the keys. >> my priest would be very upset. connell: ahead of the show, safekeeping. on up and up. melissa: here we go. >> can hear us. ♪ >> this is it. ♪ connell: this has to be on the up and up.
4:53 pm
locked. locked. connell's pick, panthers 24-broncos 10. my key. not been touched since friday. here it is. all right. ♪ we wanted to show everybody how this was done. it was done the right way. melissa: so dedicated. connell: so let -- i want plenty of time. >> melissa, beginning of my last book, celebrity interviews, roger ailes, wrote a chapter about all the predictions he had known me do through the years doing television. hear rage gist in my new book real time -- regis, done the same thing a chapter about predictions. open it up. i want to you unlock this the camera crew. this is very important moment. connell: aim afraid something
4:54 pm
will happen to me. >> pull it up all the way forward. connell: oh. >> this is not the prediction. melissa: trust me. i'm watching every minute. connell: melissa, you do it. >> take it off slowly. look what is in there. look what is in the box. can you folks see what is in the box? melissa: yeah. >> i will give you -- take this out of here. melissa: am i done with this? >> yeah. i want you to take, there is envelope opener here. i rather you break the seals here along the side. don't touch the wallet. break the seals. medical list saw see there is wallet there, is that not clear? connell: yeah. >> now. i got to tell you something, is that enough. >> that's fine if you will. i will dot envelope opener. listen, folks, look, there is more to this than you realize. connell: all right. >> i'm going to ask you, i want you to do this, i don't want to do this. would you take out that note that is there. just take the note out. with your fingers or what have
4:55 pm
you, reach in, take it out. connell: got it. >> can you see what it says on it? connell: winning team it says. >> now melissa, watch, folks, nobody knows about this there is not human being -- take this check out of here. this check. melissa: me? >> all right. now, what i want you to do, just hold it for now. i decided to bet on this. i have never bet on anything i've done in my life. the bet is, hopefully correct. by the way when this all took place, who was the favorite team? the panthers were favored on friday. melissa: i'm watching very closely. >> the panthers were favored on friday. connell: i picked them. >> attempted to do something to name the four 15 minute sections -- connell: quarter. >> would be definitive one. in most of the 50 games through the year, it was fourth quarter, sometimessed third. this year as you know the team made three points in the first.
4:56 pm
then had a touchdown. so it was 10-0. connell: yeah. >> agreed. unusual. first one is defining one. connell: okay. >> melissa, give them that check. melissa: okay. hold on to it, because i'm watching very closely here. would. >> would you take this out. i don't want you to say out loud what it says. hold it like this. i decided to put up some money. this is my prediction. open the check. connell: open the check. >> anyone here could have. connell: this is in my office. what am i doing. >> take thumbs off the bottom. don't use the code i use. if i failed in any prediction i would turn $10,000 over to the charity named. i want it to be animal charity. melissa: charity of melissa francis? >> i signed it, all had to be filled was the charity picked. if either my prediction on the -- melissa: how about my children? >> on the quarter or prediction the team. connell: i want to get to this. >> read first statement at the
4:57 pm
top please. melissa: okay. >> this sunday -- i wrote that on friday. melissa: friday. friday february 5th, 2016, this sunday's super bowl game the defining quarter will be number one. >> number one. so far i am correct. connell: one for one. >> melissa, before you read this, read final statement down here. melissa: i fail either of two predictions i will forfeit the check to charity or melissa's children is what it says. >> the other thing i attempted to do predict winning team. connell: winning team. >> not been up toed since put here and popular team was panthers. show what i predicted. connell: look at this. melissa: broncos. >> that that was not the team. i want to tell you something folks, i have to tell this, only mill e melissa sees this now. i did not try to put my money up for the score because that is too crazy, too way out, couldn't be done. if you know the score, broncos
4:58 pm
won 24-10. connell: i had the score but reversed. >> winning score was 24. i had a hunch friday morning. i wrote it in soft pencil because i wasn't going to talk about it. read my statement here. melissa: this one? i have a hunch, what is that word, that. >> key number in the game will be. >> 24. melissa: 24. connell: wow. that's what it says. are you kidding me. >> that was a hunch, before i came in. you know how, i whited it out and put another number in mind at first. melissa: what was the other number you had in mind first, do you remember? >> yes. melissa: you see connell had 24-10, wrong team. connell: wrong team. melissa: did you guys see that in the video when i went into connell's office. 24-10. connell: i'm half a mentalist. melissa: you're just mental. >> what connell did was basically read my thoughts. i have to tell you something. melissa: you read his. >> i was nervous wreck because i never tried, they're going to ask me -- melissa: can i have the check
4:59 pm
anyway. is that okay? >> i had a blank check for $10,000. can i quietly keep the money? it would have gone to animal charity, i love animal charities. but this to me -- melissa: i'm impressed. >> 24 was a score. melissa: 24, he had wrong team. so i have to say for the audience. >> this is not rigged in any way, shape or form. melissa: you buys know i am skeptical sort of person. smart aleck type person. connell: i know. >> i watched very closely. did everything i could to thwart him at same time i will admit that. worked out by the way. >> 24 -- connell: looking all over for some sort of -- melissa: i was getting on your nerves. >> not going to happen. melissa: i'm a skeptic
5:00 pm
melissa: that check is for me? >> i knew it was safe with a man like roger ailes behind the scenes. melissa: he is not giving me that check, have you noticed that? not happening. >> thank you, folks. connell: that does it for us here. melissa: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> this race is wide open. no one knows what is really going on in this race at all. we sense real momentum on the ground for us. we're looking to run right through the tape on tuesday and really do very, very well. >> i want one thing on tuesday. you have to get out and vote. because, we have a movement going on that is unbelievable. >> this is the first primary in the country that will get to answer the question what happens next to america? what happens next to america after seven years of a president that is trying to take from us all the things that made us different and special. >> there you have it. we're less than seven hours away from the new hampshire primary. this is "risk & reward." i'm jo ling kent in for deirdre bolton.


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