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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 10, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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we won. maria: from finished with 35% of the vote, john kasich coming in second, his time in new hampshire, it was a fight for third place, the margin too close to call between ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio, marco rubio acknowledged his performance in saturday's debate. >> our disappointment is not on you. it is not on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night but listen to this. that would never happen again. maria: and the democratic side bernie sanders got 60% of the vote to hillary clinton's 38%. bernie sanders with a boost from women and young voters turning to markets. investors waiting on comments from janet yellen later this morning, she is headed to capitol hill testifying on the house financial services committee where she will get grillled on the health of the u.s. economy, markets and monetary policy.
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we are watching to see if she says anything about the global markets and its impact on global stories. another upset in japan, the nikkei tumbled in 2% closing at the lowest level since 2014. in europe let's check markets, gains across the board snapping seven days of declines, the s&p 100 up 1-3%, in the u.s. we expect some strength at the opening of trading, at futures indicate higher open for the broader averages, dow industrials expect to open 150 points, disney one of the companies to watch, reporting its highest quarterly earnings ever last night after the close. the success of star wars not enough to offset concerns over slowing business at espn, stock is down 3% on disney, that will limit gains. victories in new hampshire for donald trump and bernie sanders.
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and more of the night's activities. >> reporter: what is difference a week make. last week we were talking about razor tight races in iowa. the decision last night could not have been more definitive, could not have been more decisive. we start with the republicans side, donald trump won this with support of 1 in three voters on his side, he got more than second and third place complaints. john kasich is the one we know finishing in second. the battle for third appears to still be up in the air. still some precincts reporting, jeb bush holds the mantle for third followed by ted cruz in fourth and marco rubio in fifth. at his victory speech last night, donald trump suggested that the battle in south carolina will just begin. >> i wanted to congratulate the other candidates, okay? now that i got that out of the
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way. it is always tough and then tomorrow boom boom but that is the way it is. >> reporter: you can have the argument what was incredible to watch, trump's victory or bernie sanders. bernie sanders getting support from 60% of democrats and independents who voted in the race, he beat hillary clinton by 22 points around that number, some precinctss still reporting, clinton depending on the polls, and 40 to 50 points. with sanders's night, like trump, he said the battle is brewing. >> they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink and i have the feeling the kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> reporter: hillary clinton, some work to do with younger voters, they overwhelmingly went
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to sanders last night. and on chris christie, and would take a decision that point in d. a. going forward. maria: we will see what happens as chris christie goes home to watch things. and out of new hampshire, and reagan political director at rollins. and the clinton campaign. >> how important is new hampshire. and a calling factor, the voters get very involved. and in iowa, still running a campaign, and organization. the third of the vote, an overwhelming victory in south
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carolina. and jump on board. maria: what about john kasich? >> he is a strong candidate. this is a unique state again tracking democrats and independentss, john has no money. it is a tough state. he goes in as a candidate, the establishment candidate as opposed to marco rubio and knock him out of the box and we will get down quick. dagen: can donald trump build an organization quickly at this point? >> i don't know. if he wants to. there is no question if trump wanted realism money or get involved he could do that. maria: does he need to? >> sooner or later he does. south carolina you need more than you have today but when you get to march 1st and ten states and two caucuses on the same day is not a question of doing performances by i think donald trump has to be taken seriously.
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maria: are you surprise a little bit with ted cruz that stronger showing in new hampshire? >> when iowa took place, all the comments about stealing cars and's move, he stole them from carson, at the bottom of the day, some of the best operatives to south carolina, he went to iowa, and to new hampshire, he has a strong organization, he is a conservative choice by far and away today and my sense is it will be a good place to him, good fertile ground. >> trump has been able to build this campaign and groundswell with. on the ground operation. it team needs to build this, he talks in his victory speech, he talked to everyone on stage with 50 different people and talk about expanding that. can he be the anti-establishment candidate? >> he is the anti-establishment
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candidate and the most amazing part of this is the promises that from may and bernie sanders made like christmas -- maria: it will never happen, free college. >> only if you lemonade congress and don't have fiscal restraint. that will be amazing to watch, normally candidates they here is my wish list, which this year is just unbelievable and to a certain extent bernie sanders -- the key thing is he is a viable candidate and creating a revolution on their side and the only group hillary carey was over 65, not enough to get you to the presidency. maria: maybe it is not shocking but to the clinton campaign, supporters have denied this, 91% of the voters said that honesty and trust worthy were more important to them, 91% of them voted for bernie sanders, she got 5%, people do not trust her. maria: we know trust matters.
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>> as it should matter and it is very hard for someone who has been around 30 years to change the image of you in the long run. the advantage african-american voters, she will do much better if there. a real problem with young voters and young women voters and hard to get back. maria: you said south carolina is a tough state. >> there are no rules there. three elements of the state, you have a strong conservative party, they find john kasich acceptable. a strong military element which trump could make his appeals there. anything goes, my former partner came out of there, and games dropped to your knees and fire from the girl in every morning. and there were -- matting dresses, and welcome you to
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south carolina, and -- maria: what is next? >> ted cruz is building a structure, it is not a full-scale organization. we are in the all white republican turf of ireland and new hampshire. it turns on in record numbers. hillary's campaign is wounded and she is not the inevitable nominee any more. dagen: what about marco rubio? the next gop debate is saturday night and marco rubio should humility, and saying i fouled up in the debate but does he need the debate? >> he needs the the big time and needs to fight back, to a certain extent you can't give the same robotic dancer, he is a great debate -- he doesn't go in
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now as a front runner or the establishment candidate. he will fight for his life and has to win something, nothing is easy to win ahead. his waterloo is florida. that is march 15th, the winner-take-all, if he can't win florida march 15th he is done. and he is marco rubio on his way. maria: in terms of sanders, we expect him to win. that is the big surprise. >> gigantic margin. you beat hillary clinton by 50,000 votes that is substantial. maria: we will leave it there. thanks so much less still to come top intelligence officials expect a new attacks from isis in 2016. the cause for concern next. the polls may be close but the votes are being counted. y marco rubio's saturday night debate performance may have cost to the second place finish.
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new cases of the zika virus, the first infection yesterday saying the patient recently traveled to south america. in delaware, pennsylvania, one in indiana, two more in ohio. marco rubio addresses supporters after a disappointing finish in new hampshire, the young senator says the weak showing was directly related to saturday night's debate. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it is on me. it is on me. i did not do well on saturday night. listen to this. this will never happen again. maria: in the washington post, marco rubio undid in a few minutes when he spent a year building and that seems to be why his supporters went to john kasich. dagen: almost like howard dean
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moment that still haunts him to this day. one thing about marco rubio, the bully didn't benefit. chris christie kurt marco rubio, kind of had an on the ropes but chris christie got nothing from that in new hampshire. >> marco rubio's performance was not just that he said something out of line or did something out of line, they call him out, can't everything -- couldn't do anything except deliver the same can line so it showed that there wasn't a lot of substance behind what he was doing. dagen: with so much of the right up after the debate saturday called him canned responses, irrelevant phrases, he just wasn't in the game. he immediately came out on twitter and said this will never happen again. but he can't recover. he is using every tool in his playbook to try to get people back to him. didn't happen last night. dagen: with iowa and new hampshire republicans and voters are watching these debates a
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don't think you can foul up big-time or not show up and get away with it. let that be a lesson. they all better be preparing in the next several days and saturday night. >> the stakes rise as we get people dropping out of the race. if it is more concentrated you need to be on your a game. anyone who comes with just some sort of canned response and not really prepared will get shellacked and that will show up in the primaries. cheryl: john kasich needs money, he needs funding for south carolina and he and donald trump, to your point earlier, flying over the state, big parties, lots of excitement, got to get your ground game on. john kasich needs to have it. dagen: in terms of trump and the insult when he repeated the word about ted cruz in the rally, i
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want the tv networks to not added that and played that so voters particularly down south need to hear the words out of the candidate's mouth. if you are going to vote for somebody for president of the united states and that is the language he is going to use, when you utter it verbally is not read tweet, sounds different. voters down south -- maria: people were upset by it and look down on it and it was too much vulgarity. dagen: let it all hang out. let us not at it that. maria: the force was with disney pretty strong, latest quarter, espn numbers weighing on disney's star wars success. will in this is cross to the dark side? we expect stock to open lower today, we check markets when we come back, stay with us.
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maria: star wars bringing of a force to disney earnings surging to the best corps earlier earnings ever, studious sales jumped 46% ear over year in the fiscal first quarter, luke sky walker, to stop stock from the pre-market. we expect weaker earning for disney shares, concerns over cable networks like espn weighing on the results with operating income declining 5%. mike murphy is looking at the market, disney. what do you think? >> i think it was a great quarter. star wars franchise pedigree numbers and the thing i'm is
6:23 am
looking at was the last week to quarters, bob eiger told people espn, he was seeing declines in the espn segment but last night he said the prediction that there would be massive unbundling, cord cutters, is not coming true. that is a real positive. i surprise disney stock is reacting this way. you will see a bees around $90 level and the stock can go maybe not back to 120 but this is a name you want to own on a 30% drawdown, best quarter in history. maria: court cutting is what we want to look at in this price, that is the last three months of wary of record heading. dagen: how much of this is a general fear around the market? how much can you point to people
6:24 am
taking rest of? >> disney had that nice run -- if you look at this, looking for money to work today and you see a company put up earning that disney put up and it is a quality franchise theme park of 9%, all other parts of the business are working and you have 30% pullback in stock and is a name you want to buy. maria: you have janet yellen on the hill, expecting anything out of janet yellen? dagen: you could go further. i don't see any upside to her speaking at this point. maria: got to give an assessment of the economy. the weakness of the stock market, what have we lost, $2 trillion in market value in 2016, that has to dictate some behavior on the part of consumers. >> janet yellen has been on point with her message that left it is dated depending, they talk about shine at data, international data, u.s. data, she will say something along the
6:25 am
lines that the u.s. economy is good, not great but still going the same 1% to 2% growth but she needs to say looking at the global environment there's not a shock we will raise rates. if you look at it futures, the track when the fed will hike rates next, no longer looking at 2016 but late 2017. when traders price the next rate hike, she needs to get that point across to the markets that we are not raising rates in march. we are oversold, we have been down, lost a big percentage in the last seven trading days. dagen: down 10% on the s&p. people are talking about wanting stimulus from the federal reserve because of what you have seen talking about negative rates. that is frightening and i think more than anything if you hear a federal reserve really concerned about the economy that will be
6:26 am
horribly negative. maria: let's talk about that. bank of japan was negative on interest rates. there was speculation should the federal reserve start reversing course and lower interest rates? it was criticized but we are talking about it, how is it possible with that doesn't do anything and everyone else is lowering rates? >> in hindsight the december rate hike always in favor of, what was that? dagen: fell off a cliff literally. >> jpmorgan has a note yesterday that the fed in the u.s. has plenty of arrows in their quiver. they can go negative. it would not necessarily be a negative thing. the big question would that crush the banks? look at the performance of bank of america? we came into the year thinking as rates go higher net interest margins expand for the banks, we want to own the bank, banks have
6:27 am
gotten hit hard, 30% drawdown so when janet yellen explains what is going on people realize lower rates don't necessarily hurt the banks, look at their book value versus stock price, there is upside. maria: we will take a short break and head to manchester, new hampshire for a recap of winners and losers from the big primary, candidates are preparing to head to south carolina. we will preview it next, back in a minute. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪
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maria: welcome back and i am maria bartiromo. it is when they come as they pretend. with me this morning trend died and rose cliff c. e. l. mike murphy. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast at the results are in from new hampshire. donald trump and bernie sanders winning big in the granite state. finishing 35% of the vote. john kasich came in second on the republican side showing his
6:31 am
time in new hampshire was wild then. they fight for third place that the margin to close to call between ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio. chris christie finished in sixth place instead of heading to south carolina, he said he was headed home to new jersey and will evaluate his future in the race. we are waiting on that. on the democratic side, bernie sanders getting 60% of the vote to hillary clinton's 38%, much bigger than expectations in sanders getting a boost from young voters and women voters as well. market this morning looking higher. investors waiting on comments from federal reserve chairwoman janet yellen appeared she testifies where she will get grilled on the health of the global economy, markets and monetary policy. that may well move markets ahead of that. another bad session in japan. the nikkei average down 2%. now the lowest level since 2014. in the u.s. we expect a rally or
6:32 am
stocks take a look at features indicating a gain of 135 points on the dow jones industrial average. nasdaq jumping 60 points this morning. huge celebrations in denver. the city holding a stick or a rally for denver broncos. fans filled the streets with denver's mayor more than a million people turned out for that parade. big big tourist this morning in new hampshire for donald trump in bernie sanders. now on to south carolina. more details thomas guide and a look ahead to south carolina. >> at morning as well. life on the campus here in may. hillary clinton had a 44-point edge over bernie sanders. what a difference eight months or so makes because last night sanders hit the 60% mark in new hampshire, winning big with the lead of 20 points or so over clinton. sanders scored really well with independent voters and younger voters.
6:33 am
on the last point, hillary clinton said she had some work to do. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. i will repeat again what i said this week. [cheers and applause] even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. >> donald trump had a major win as well. he got as many votes as second and third place combined in new hampshire. john kasich finish second. the battle is still on it for those trickle in for third. this will go to jeb bush. he spent a lot of time, money and resource. >> this campaign is not dead. he made me the chance to go to south carolina where we are going to do really well. training review came in at documents of this of this morning he is fit. many are pointing as they did in
6:34 am
the lead up to his debate performance saturday night. rubio in a speech last night suggested much and essentially said to supporters and followers about saturday night's debate, i am sorry. >> i want you to wonders and something. i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not a new. it is on me. i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this. apple never have and again. >> maria, we await the decision from chris chris a pair last night he set up a decision if he will continue on to south carolina or not. >> that is interesting is going to evaluate. how about the clinton camp was not to last nights results? a former speechwriter for bill clinton with us once again. good to see you. thank you for joining us.
6:35 am
what is your reaction? most people expected bernie sanders to beat hillary. what a margin. this is the lovers than expected. >> after the pullback from the horserace, this campaign is very clear on the republican side of democratic side. this is about very big things. this is about our economy and the fact that while we avoided disaster in 2008 and 2009 catastrophe, we have not returned to growth. we don't have an economy that people believe it's moving forward and helping them. many people have been left behind. maria: that is part of it. there's also a really big trust factor. they don't trust hillary. they trust bernie. >> i think they are resonating to his message. this is really unfortunate because the message is not about the future. as messages about the passing casting blame about the people he wants people to blame for
6:36 am
what they think happened in the economy in the last 10 to 15 years. to me that is not progressive. that is going backwards. that's about retribution, not pollution. you heard hillary clinton last night gave in my view the best speech of her campaign so far. she talked again about how we have to have it wrote than fairness economy and she tied that to all kinds of issues related to social and economic just is. once she gets back to talking about this economy and how we will move it forward, she will be on stronger footing against bernie sanders. dagen: how do you fix the trust problem? exit polls for the people who wanted honest trustworthy candidate, 91% went for bernie sanders. when you talk to hillary supporters and people who know her, they don't need this. that is becoming a problem for you guys. >> with them, you do it by
6:37 am
telling them and showing them what you are going to do and how what you are going to do is help solve their problems. that is really what this is about. in the absence of that, all kinds of room for people to cast -- bernie sanders it turns out has been going to all kinds of high roller that on martha's vineyard with big donors for years but it senatorial campaign that he doesn't talk about that. everyone has their moment and they don't really matter in the last of the people in this country who are crying now. iowa and new hampshire this election is this dream for help from the american people. >> it seemed like hillary had a hard time with younger voters. people in the millennialist if you will. they gravitated towards bernie sanders. can she reversed that? maria: that is the strategy, right? >> younger voters are assigned certain if anyone you know.
6:38 am
they don't know where their futures are going. they don't ha ha they will pay the bills. they don't know how they'll have their lives. someone needs to be is seeking to them. donald trump talks about making america great again. i actually think that it's a critique of the american people. there are people across the country doing great things every single day. america has to grow again. hillary clinton talked about a growth than fairness. maria: i'm glad you mentioned growth. we are all about growth on the rio grande. what is hillary's growth plan? >> her growth plan for the economy is to invest in people, to invest in infrastructure and the things that will unleash potential in this country. it is also to work in terms of what our tax policies are so we have the right balance. it is investing back in america is that of having capital flee
6:39 am
america. maria: but she wants to raise taxes. >> i could talk about hillary clinton raising taxes or not bernie sanders. maria: you're absolutely right. if you are going to say hillary has a growth plan, you need to have the facts in terms of what the growth plan is. other gop candidates candidates are talking about a growth plan as a result of tax reform, creating an environment where business that encourages them to create jobs. how does raising taxes from hillary create growth? that's one of the most important things of this campaign. >> i agree with you. i ask you to go back and look at her speech from july 13th. she's one of the first people to put out a comprehensive growth plan. it is all they are. by the way comment except for the emphasis on helping people at the lower end, it similar to jeb bush's land. i do not hear a single
6:40 am
republican talking about a growth plan for the country. that is why all of those establishment candidates are losing fast to donald trump. maria: one of their key measures in terms of growth is coming up with tax reform. many have flat tax plans. many have plans to roll back regulation again to create an environment for business to create jobs. that is the growth plan. they all have a plan in different ways, but specifically those colors. they are lowering taxes. >> they are not driving the conversation. train to hillary wants to expand regulation. she went to add to it. she wants to rein in wall street and make sure the rules are there, what we see in terms of.frank. i want to point out when you talk about growth, let's go for it. >> she wants to invest in training and education.
6:41 am
maria: more spending. before you go, we are now running through the freedom of information act request that a former state department aide undersecretary clinton engaged in transactional journalism. i'll give you scoops to journalists. i gave you scoops to you journalists, but you also have been the editorial demands. but this is a story. >> berea, really? this country is facing huge challenges here at home and around the world. fox business news, really this is the moment for you to talk about the economy and a focus on it. i really find not -- maria: i'm talking about the growth plan. you can't ignore deals under the table. >> i think it's a ridiculous story. i don't know anything about it.
6:42 am
somebody sent it to my e-mail from your network at 5:30 this morning and federal talk about this. i think it is a joke. that's not what the american people care about. maria: phillip raines said to journalists, these are the words to use and that will make sure to give you scoops that what can i tell you? i don't know anything about that story. it doesn't really matter to people in this country. maria: john, thank you so much. markets looking higher this morning. federal reserve chair janet yellen on the health of the global economy. an economic collapse is right around the corner. we want to get into that when we come right back. stay with us. ♪ the microsoft cloud allows us to
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mac. market and higher. dow industrials to open up the 120 points. then ask a miss at the beginning of the end and is projecting the dow industrials to hit 5500. you are texting thousand. it's going to 5500 or 6000 by late 21612017. sounds absolutely unbelievable. economists and best-selling author harry dent will join us from miami. areas. could be you.
6:47 am
also joining us on that is brad leominster. he predicted the market dropped this year and continues to believe the market has a ways to go in terms of lower. he has a superior way of hedging with his ranch or equity bear at etf. nice to have you on the program. i look at you in a second because your prediction is so mind out when you have to rein it to us. let me start with you. one of the stocks you are shorting is deutsche banc. it is looking higher, isn't it? >> outcome at deutsche banc has a major selloff. good call on the sure. you see major liquidity concerns? the ceo saying that his auntie been on the table. >> test if you look at this talk trading below its close. it's almost been leading the entire market down. they never corrected leverage. there blown out unit left and right. they never would have to do it if they went on the road. >> has an actively managed
6:48 am
etf -- etf, do you cover some? >> it's very interesting. has it gotten inflows in people have appreciated common it keeps becoming a smaller percentage of the portfolio so it almost takes care of itself. we were at 3% to 4% throughout the last year and a half and it dwindled down to two. >> an interesting strategy to pull out companies ensure it is specific stocks. let me turn it to you. you're expecting the dow jones industrial average to go from 16 cents expense and by the end of 20 eckstein. >> early to mid-2017. maria: it is outrageous. you expect in a meltdown of the world? >> maria, well. preferred he had two crashes of this magnitude recently.
6:49 am
we had a bubble in 2000. people say this is not a bubble. i laid the s&p 500 for 94 to 2000. this has extended a year longer. we've had two crashes after two bubbles and now we are in a third of all. each new hire taken us to a bigger bubble and each crashes taken a slightly lower. i'm only projecting a stock markets lately lowered in the early 2009. this is not outrageous at all. maria: but if you supermarket fall out of bed to that extent of those 10,000-point in the next 10 months, then you have to be expecting a complete collapse in earnings in real estate. these things don't happen in isolation. >> it's just temporary. we are rebalancing a massive bubble and this time created totally artificial stimulus and not even fundamental strong baby boom and innotech allergy like
6:50 am
we saw the past two bubbles. we are correcting an imbalance in central banks are trying to stop this from happening. it would be the best way to turn around and grow again if young people could afford a house ever again. if somebody could afford to put their money in the stock market. the best valuation indicators have been the past if you put your money and you would make minus 2% over the next 10 years average return. that is a good investment. dagen: yuletide two funds based on your process if they don't exist anymore. they once had a think a couple billion dollars senate last 80% of its assets. there was an etf based on your process at one point the spanish by your firm and doesn't exist anymore. >> at first fund was built up in the bubble in when it crashed they canceled the fund. i predicted the boom would continue and most people thought it was over. i was somebody else's fund that
6:51 am
was surprising. maria: people have money on this prediction. i think you're in big trouble. >> i am willing to bet anybody that markets will be down. maybe it doesn't get it by ear but this is not a regis when we have seen two crashes of this magnitude, followed two bubbles of this magnitude and this is a bubble. >> i'm not arguing with the idea that it's a bubble. >> show me a bubble in history that is corrected. show me one. >> and i think the market is going lower. are you in this camp? >> i don't know how far is going to go. i would expect a balance, but i do think this summer will be a much more significant decline in what we saw here. maria: what kind of decline are you looking at? >> routine to 1600 would be
6:52 am
excellent. maria: we are already down 10%. harry come anywhere to hide? long-term bonds are the only thing that did well in a deflationary season like this. long-term high-quality corporate government bonds. >> thank you, gentlemen.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
maria: welcome back to the supreme court halting prison upon this power plant regulation. cheryl casone at the headlines. reporter: the supreme court the supreme court freezing the placement of the president plan until after legal challenges i raised all. the ruling is a victory for the coalition of 27 mostly republican went state. despite the course decision, the obama administration will press ahead with efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. former drug company ceo hedge
6:56 am
fund manager march to rally is a of another lawsuit. the $2 million wu-tang clan album and trained allegations from a new york artist. they now want shkreli to pay for them. the fox business exclusive hopes he gets what's coming to him. >> i want to suggest this piece aired. i want congress to really campaign. i want the courts to get in because people are dying and he's laughing matter. >> obviously, all of us tuning in to your interview at 8:30 stubbs takes's lawyer. they should be another great interview given all of the story. back to you. maria: it is interesting because he keeps time at this client, subs x, two steps became, they teach we then speaks out. i don't know. we will see.
6:57 am
dagen: he doesn't need to speak. it's that they shall ask russians. maria: it's true. former presidential candidate steve forbes on who needs to call it a day following the result last night in new hampshire. back in a minute. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. lots of vitamins a&c,
6:58 am
and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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7:00 am
maria: good wednesday morning, everybody. i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, february 10th with me, trans diet and mike murphy. top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast results in from new hampshire. donald trump and bernie sanders crushed it from the winning big in the granite state. >> we are going to start winning again and we are going to win so much you are going to be so happy. we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. i love you all. thank you, new hampshire. >> tonight, what appears to be a record-breaking voter turnout.
7:01 am
[cheers and applause] because of a huge voter turnout. and i say huge. maria: it was huge. trump finished at 35% of the vote. john of 19 economic republican side. his time in new hampshire was well spent. the margin too close to call between ted cruz, jeb bush and mark are revealed. rubio acknowledged his performance at saturday's debate. >> or disappointment tonight is not on you. it is on me. i did not do well on saturday night. listen to this. that will never happen again. maria: name on the democratic side, bernie sanders getting 60% of the vote to hillary clinton's 38%. a lot worse than the clinton camp expect a comic reading a boost from women and young voters. and to market this morning.
7:02 am
investors wait on comments from federal reserve chair janice of two. she had to capitol hill testifying before the services committee this morning. she will get grilled on markets and monetary policy. mike murphy said he thinks we will get them is that of the conference. checking global market action. another rant session overnight. the nikkei average now at the lowest level since 2014 with it the nikkei down 2.3%. good dance across the board for seven days of declines. the european bank leading the action this morning. deutsche bank is up after plummeting recently. two and one quarter% higher. u.s. expecting a rally for staff races are the futures market indicating again of 126 points on the dow jones industrial average. disney not expected to be out. a company to watch after reporting the highest quarterly earnings last night. the success of "star wars" was
7:03 am
not enough to offset turns over tea at the end, cord cutting and the recent concerns in the media business or the stock is down 3% on disney. big victories in new hampshire. donald trump and bernie sanders on to south carolina. blake birmingham with more from last night. also look ahead for us to south carolina and what these campaigns are doing to get a handle before the big day. >> certainly on to south carolina. a lot of candidates are already very taking place and translates overnight after the voting ended in new hampshire. what a night it was for a couple candidates, specifically on the republican side. donald trump got 35% of the vote here in the republican primary, essentially in the field. it was john kasich who finished in second. he spent time, money and resources here. the battle is still on as not all of the precincts have
7:04 am
officially reported that it appears that bush would be the one to finish in third. trump is one of those heading to south carolina and in his speech last night, he basically said the fight is on there. >> i wanted to congratulate the other candidates, okay? now that i got that over with. that is the way it is. reporter: the democratic side bernie sanders got support from 60% of the democrats in the primary, beating hillary clinton by 20 plus i'm not bad. not all precincts reporting. it is a monster win for sanders. trump last night said the battle is just beginning. >> they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink and i have the feeling that kitchen inc. is coming pretty soon as well. reporter: in her concession
7:05 am
speech, hillary clinton admitted she needs to do much better with younger voters. that is one of the bloc's bernie sanders won last night. he scored very well with independents and those who seek an honest and trustworthy candidate. maria, talk about south carolina. one thing we are watching today is what might happen in new jersey. governor chris christie while making decisions around whether or not to continue his campaign in the palmetto state. maria: blay, we could see chris christie dropping out. >> potentially. one of the issues this the debate over the weekend on saturday in south carolina as it stands now according to the criteria, chris christie might not make it. that might be part of a rescinded his decision. maria: blake, we'll be watching. thanks so much. blake irvin in manchester. bush cheney of mr. terry holt about someone said democratic strategist in part or p. good to see you both get thanks very
7:06 am
much. first, your reaction to last night. >> i don't want to burst anybody's bubble, but i'm not that surprised. you have an open primary but democrats and independents are allowed to participate in the new hampshire primary. donald trump wins and we all kind of expect that. the real question was who was going to demonstrate that's what the voters and he set out to do that and did exactly that last night. he enjoys the momentum coming out of new hampshire. let me throw a number at you. we are going after 37 delegates in the process and so far the front runner is in a commanding with 17 of them. quite a lot of work to be done yet in this long season. maria: richard commentary is right. we would expect and bernie sanders to win, but not by the margin he won. now as a surprise.
7:07 am
much worse than expect it for clinton. >> well, the polls were all over the lot. there were polls a few weeks ago. a cnn poll a few days ago that had about 26. they had eight or 12. who knows what we should've expected. the fact is let's give bernie sanders is due. in my personal opinion, both parties voted for candidates who are unelectable. donald trump's core message is an appeal to racism and bigotry and xenophobia is not somebody who's the best cookbook and about four. bernie sanders a socialist is not somebody who's message is going to resonate across section of moderate but a lot of democrats, many of whom don't the redistribution of power these is the appropriate ones to whatever is ailing the u.s. right now. >> which is wide don't you think trump wins?
7:08 am
>> i think that might be the case because trump's messages opaque and so a more faith and bernie has real policies to pick apart. if you are donald trump and you got 35% of the vote in a totally open primary in a very isolated and forgive me, but sorted different kind of place in new hampshire as opposed to south carolina where the midwest, you have to be concerned. one in three voters come in many whom are republican voters, the rest of the contest really are public titles under provided that it would go a long, the specificity of his policy position in the crazy stuff is bad might be brought more to life. what donald trump has lacked up to this point somebody willing to punch him in the nose and
7:09 am
taken non-and has also demonstrated an electoral strength. kasich is no wilting flower. he came on strong at the end. he has the ability to mix it up without talking points and must pay. so you have a new player on the scene who could really play a different role. maria: mike murphy, jump in here. >> seems to me in saint bernie sanders is not of the globe is a lot like déjà vu from when she ran against upstart senator barack obama. is her camp thinking she came into the race again as she did in 08 as the eventual crimes candidate and now someone is capturing the younger vote and momentum and really putting pressure on her. is she focusing on not and does she have a plan to be able to stop that? >> i don't think hillary clinton never said barack obama was unelectable. she just thought she had a
7:10 am
better chance because of the racism that has bedeviled barack obama in the seven years he's been president. the problem with bernie sanders is the things he has said -- forget business about paying for college in health care and policies that frankly we're going to have ridiculous amounts of debt and were unworkable, but what he said overtime about nationalized the oil industry in tanks and otherwise to be the kind of thing that would be thrown at democrats if you were at the top of the ticket and would reinforce that this theory of type so many people have laid the democrats for decades and that would be -- it is not an accident that all the super delegate have come out for hillary. their names are on the ballot and there's a reason there's deeper delegates in the democratic process 712, hillary has half of them already. you need 23 and 82 to win.
7:11 am
if they come out of the woodwork to get behind her, it is a delicate contest and that may well be the margin that takes it for her at the end of the day. maria: from a distance, you hear hillary clinton supporters talk negatively about bernie sanders. we don't never hear you acknowledging clear problems for her. in the exit polling, people don't trust her. 91% of people want to trustworthy honest candidate went for bernie sanders. you have to start acknowledging that maybe do privately, certainly not publicly. >> i cannot argue with the fact that if you've been on the receiving end of income and not just in this campaign, but for decades, it does have a residual effect. that said, when bill clinton won his election campaign in 1996, it he too was under water on the whole trustworthiness factor and he beat bob dole pretty handily.
7:12 am
is it something that hillary is going to have to address or deal with? absolutely. is it something she can overcome? no. if i were a betting person, i would put my money on hillary. absolutely. >> before you go, you said earlier that trump vote is about the racism. >> 's campaign ends. maria: but he's at 41%. 41% of the country is enough votes? be not look, we saw the exit polls. two thirds of the voters in new hampshire are great but this notion to ban muslims. every policy asked her battalion that is totally did in addition to be ridiculously unenforceable. how is he going to enforce it? it really taps into the anger out there towards muslims and that the people that voted for him. do i think they are racist? no. they dearly want somebody to
7:13 am
kind of show them the way. they do. if there is a vote, but that's it's happening. maria: good to see you both. they don't match. what an election. the fallout from new hampshire continues. one is to throw when the towel following last night's results? how cam newton is defending his post or verbal antics. people are not happy macs. you ♪ every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
it they were grossly negligent in breaching that duty. meanwhile, the mayor lays out a plan to replace the water pipes in the city. take a listen. >> we are going to restore safe drinking water one house at a time, one child at a time until the lead pipes are gone. reporter: the project to cost $55 million. google's driverless cars passing major hurdle. the artificial artificial intelligence system pilot made a google car could be considered the driver under federal law. that is seen as a major step towards winning approval for getting vehicles on the road. finally, the force is with disney reporting its highest quarterly earnings in history. success of the "star wars" movie coming to continue concerns with espn any disney shares down 3% right now in the premarket. also, take a look at this.
7:18 am
twitter reported revenue expected to jump sharply to $710 million. attention focused on twitters user growth. we'll go back to disney. on the call last night finding himself completely having to defend espn. a lot of franchises coming out. crows and coming out, finding nemo, toy story. they are all sequels but it didn't help that my maria: the crown jewel has been espn pick up adult the focus of the conversation. >> it is. where disney is to get the benefit of the doubt because it's a strong franchise, now it's more of a showbiz story. they need to put numbers up. >> i agree with you. he's done an unbelievable job. twitter has fallen so much, down 70% in the last year. a lot of people think it's a
7:19 am
takeout. dagen: doesn't have to be at this point? is it going to go it alone? is it so undesirable you don't have one of the tech companies with cash ready to step up? if they can show user growth i think that is crucial. so many questions about the platform change. they've been trying to do and where they are things you missed or here's what you miss when you're on twitter. those kinds of changes have a routing users. this could be what we see, also at revenue. who's your new board members going to be? >> ad revenue good. people are on it, they use it, but her new people come in on that? maria: time warner reported in raising dividends. they've got to do something to keep investors happy because they are in the whole media
7:20 am
circle where people are worried about cord cutting. same thing to disney. we were talking about that last hour. just to go back to back, this was the highest quarterly earnings for disney. i have to say if they can't come up with some team to combat the loss of espn is going to be a tough quarter. maria: thank you. nfl mvp cam newton walking out onto press following the devastating super bowl loss. fans call the quarterback a sore loser. back in a minute. ♪ defending his
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
post-super bowl antics. your mac's back from the super bowl joins us with sports. >> good morning, maria. i am wondering if this is like a new hampshire thing new hampshire thing where cam newton's numbers would have been last night. it was a twofer tuesday for the quarterback of super bowl 50. while peyton manning celebrated his second super bowl but jury, thousands of fans in denver, colorado, quarterback cam newton -- cam newton was so sure with reporters after lose in the super bowl. and abandon his media session shortly after it had begun. >> who are you to say that your way is right? that's what i don't understand. all these people condemning and saying he should done this. but what makes your way right? i mean, i've been on record to say i am a sore loser.
7:25 am
who likes to lose. show me a good loser and i will show you what it does there. so this means grace in the face of the defeat that person is a loser according to cam newton. what makes your way right. respectable? while waiting for newton to come to the podium, i snapped this photo. i knew i would get close for a few minutes so i walked across the room to interview receiver emanuel sanders. when i came back, he was long gone. i had would have been an immediately treated, and is to face the music industry. cam newton lost the super bowl, but did he expose himself to a degree -- juniors to repair? dagen: what if he had or did he really regretted? he was a sore loser and a lake every carolina panthers fans number one i know that if you feel about cam newton. number two, it is not his job to smooch the of the media.
7:26 am
i am channeling my inner donald trump. he might very well win the gop nomination because he doesn't. >> i spoke to several members of panthers. nobody else acted like cam newton did. dagen: he is a team leader. maria: he should've stayed in explained the loss. i also agree. do you want him to stand there all day? he's allowed. >> effort and has a winner and loser. everybody wants to win the game. that doesn't give you the right, in my opinion to get up and walk away. if you want the spotlight on you, then you ought to be superman but things are good, you need to take the heater. >> he couldn't hear anything he was saying. you know why i think it is because he felt defensive because before the super bowl,
7:27 am
we recorded her attention to himself said people don't like me because of this reason. but then he exposed himself after the game. >> defense in carolina still think his number one and he will continue to be. >> all that matters is what you do on the field good when a job at attention to yourself and say look at me, then try to duck out. dagen: a emotional honesty is what it was that we should all get used to it. you think he raised his rating by that? it was taken years to recover. donald trump is going to get her. >> thank you. maria: next time, tell us how you really feel. the result are in birmingham sure. putting this out carolina, do not make the trip down south is steve forbes will join us with predictions.
7:28 am
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good morning. welcome back. it is wednesday. withny fox business network daegen mcdowell. your top stories on the east coast. the results are in from new hampshire. donald trump and bernie sanders won big in the granite state. it's a fight for third place on the republican side. the margin too close to make a call between ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio. on the democratic side of the race bernie sanders getting 60% of the vote to hillary
7:32 am
clinton's 30%. much worse than expected. on the markets this morning investors waiting this morning. testifying before the house financial services today, tomorrow the senate banking committee he will get grilled both days on the the local economy. futures are indicating a higher opening this morning. european banks are rallying in europe. the dow industrials expected to open up at 120 points. those flashes you see is what lightning strikes hook hike from outer space. a british astronaut tweeting this time laps video he took from the international space station showing storms over europe and africa. chris christie saying he may drop out of the presidential race.
7:33 am
>> we will go home to wait. by tomorrow afternoon we should know what the vote count is and it will allow us to make a decision of how we move from here in this race. but there's no reason to go sit in south carolina in a hotel room to hear that. >> steve, good morning the to you. reaction oh to last night. who do you think is next to drop out of the race. >> i think he is going to do it. he run out of money. he thought he was going to get a boost from it. >> it's interesting. >> that happens in a multicandidate field. you can take a candidate down but doesn't mean you inherit that person's vote.
7:34 am
carly has faded. >> does it turn to trump versus cruz u in south carolina. it has been were. is that the real patle we'll watch. >> trump is ahead in south carolina. cruz will try to reduce that. he is much more organized than the nevada caucus and before the super primary. in south carolina you will have cruz and trump battling and this have who will finish a strong third. rubio took a hit in south carolina. if he raises enough money he doesn't have to per tomorrow well. he has to get through the southern primaries. you have the winners take all in the t in ohio. it's been much slower than
7:35 am
people anticipated. >> we heard from mayor bloomburg that if bernie sanders was the democratic nominee that he would be likely to enter the race. can he win? would you support him stp. >> two months ago he said third party candidates cannot win because of the electoral college. he said if trump were the nominees he would get in. if you will get in the pal hots of 50 states you have to start filing in march. especially in the state of texas. he has the to make a decision in the next two weeks. sanders will not do as well in the south. so bloomburg will make a decision, will he jump in and who may emerge with the republican cans and he has oh to make a decision.
7:36 am
>> what do you think of the democratic race haas night. i know every pod expected sanders to win but not ^py as much. >> well the exit poll, who is the most trustworthy. devastating. >> i think what can hurt hillary is where she's going after wall street and it comes out that she's spoken for golden cachs. some people at goldman said it was a raw, raw for goldman. i don't know if her numbers can go lower in the trust the worthiness category. that would be a huge hit to her. >> it would be.
7:37 am
in terms of wall street what hillary clinton is allowed to the happen. bernie sanders has set the terms of debate. you will be on defense no matter what you do. when they restrategize they are now doing after new hampshire. they figure how do you go offense. they will start to tear him down. you can't get him on positive, get him on negatives. >> how close are you to endorsing somebody on the the republican side. >> still not there yet. there are parts that i like but it hasn't versed in one yet. >> so you found things to disliking in each candidate. >> i want them to put it all together. so far it hasn't happened.
7:38 am
ted cruz -- i love his views on ted cruz -- i love his views on he has a good tax plan. if you win primaries. remember, reagan, the democrats back in 1980, the democrats thought that -- papdering, -- pandering, didn't do me any good. cart ter was thought to be the weakness candidate that it would lead bay debacle. reagan won by a landslide. nixon won even though he was an unappealing cap tkat. cruz is organized, very smart. he foes what his shortcomings are and see how he deals with them. he may thought. mr. personality, we will see what he does put no
7:39 am
candidate has it perfect. >> we talking about this landslide for hillary clinton. it was like this much of a margin. >> they are questioned about some of the precincts so it's a moral victory. >> you did have that the coin toss six times in a row. >> yeah, she could go to las vegas. watching oil prices bouncing back today after the worst single day sell off of the month. oil is now at $28.58 a barrel. than is helping equities this morning. >> the talk of a possible protection is back in play. at heist talk about it. the -- at least talk about it. the iranian is willing to talk with russia and saudi arabia to
7:40 am
have a million barrel a day cut. maybe those oil prices are changeing their mind. we also saw a report and the in crude supplies of over 2 million pair rels. we this look at a report today to see if it compares to the rpi. so, thanks so much. coming up next t janet yellen taking off her testimony this morning on capitol hill. stay with us.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
welcome back, the zika virus is spreading. >> the first case of the zika virus has appeared in china. it was attracted bay man who recently traveled to south america. they down played it spreading because of cold weather. tennessee, delaware, indiana, ohio and pennsylvania reported their first virus. the suit filed from shkreli.
7:45 am
wu tang member told you he hopes that shkreli gets what's coming to him. >> we want justice to be served. i want congress to get him. i want the courts to get him because people are dying and he's laughing at it. >> the that was a great interview. we will all tune in for your interview with shkreli's lawyer. we want you to know he's coming up on the show. plus size model ashley graham appearing if her first sports illustrated swim suit feature. -p she was in it last year but only in theed a veer teusment. she has modeled for lane bryant and that is a big deal for sports illustrated.
7:46 am
>> she's beautiful. thanks so much. ahead to capitol thrill today. this will be her first public the appearance in almost two months. i want to bring in todd to the conversation. we will get the testimony from yellin at 8:30 eastern. >> i think she has to pull back. i think the federal reserve board made a big mistake in december it was not nudging up interest rates but how dare do they they they know enough to forecast that they will be raising rates four times. they should be struck down by the gods. they should have nudged up interest rates and explain they are doing it for technical reasons to help money market operations. instead of doing as they did
7:47 am
saying it was a side of strengthening the economy and price pressures, they shouldn't have dem demonstrated that the arrogance. >> some people did get the story right. like keith he knew it. some people did know that there was a real slow down in the economy. >> but not serving in the federal reserve board. >> it seems like they are getting too many now, every person who sits on the board and given contrasting views. i think that adds to uncertainty and the market doesn't like uncertainty. if we hear janet that the fed is watching the data and depend on it globally. >> they are trapped in the sense that they don't want the to sound as if they are so
7:48 am
vulnerable to where the market goes. they can't be driven by the market. yet we know they take that into account and when the market is slapped around as it has been over the last two months. at the point where they raised rates, near hi every shred of evidence that was coming out within 30 days was negative. >> except for the jobs report, except for the unemployment rate. it is going up in january jobs report. it seems like they are saying that the federal reserve knew the economy wasn't great but said that it was and i disagree with that. >> the last jobs report, the wages went up a little pit. the number of jobs were disappointing if you recall. when you look around the world economy, when you look at the individual states within the u.s. map, those withing devastated is not being offset by strength elsewhere in the
7:49 am
economy. >> i do that t think that their backs were up a bit at the end of the year. i do agree but felt they had to raise interest rates because they were going if an election year. there was pressure to raise interest rates so i think it had nor do with them real hi seeing that things were so great. >> they think they are under a lot of pressure. we are in the fall, wait until this campaign continues and you have candidates on the left and right slamming the federal reserve board and tearing up the entire institution. they have not begun to see the pressure that they will be under. >> who has the growth plan in this standpoint. >> the fact that the republicans are fairly similar except for ted cruz who has a flat 10% rate. >> carson does, too. >> carson has a flat pop hairty
7:50 am
rating -- pop popularity rating. far. it from me me to tell a doctor whether his political life is viable. if you to get elected does he have a greater chance get it entacted than steve forbes did. the other candidates all have a pretty good cut plan in terms of individual tax rates. >> good to be with you. >> the price of prosperity comes out in may. >> thank you. >> we will talk more about that coming up. new hampshire voters coming out in numbers. we have the social media buzz around the primary as well. back in a minute.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
welcome back. winners in new hampshire but that's not stopping many to go to social media to show support for their candidates. >> remember that moment i told you about yesterday morning. john spikeing in google searchings. that was something that led to his performance in the polls. he saw more people breaking toward the minute. he was the second lowest search candidate after trump followed by cruz, rubio and on the democratic side, bernie sanders
7:55 am
over hillary clinton on google. you see it reflect what's happening online. >> one of the tweets was rubio's apology saying my disappointment is not on you it's on me. than will never happen again. it was donald trump who was the winning tweet of the night with 14,000 likes. he said thank you to the people of new hampshire, i love you now off to south carolina. saying that 39% of people get this election news and decision makeing from facebook. this is why going forward this will be big online. so, it's important. don't you think you get news like places like twitter and facebook. i will watch baby owls playing in a puddle of water but won't
7:56 am
read what people have to say about political candidates on facebook. >> only 10% get from twitter. but facebook is that conversation center for now. >> thanks. next hour as his crazy antics continue we will talk to martin shkreli's lawyer how he mans to repair his public image. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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7:59 am
good wednesday morning. it is wednesday. with me fox business network daegen mcdowell. your top stories on the east coast. the results are in from new hampshire. donald trump and bernie sanders won big in the granite state.
8:00 am
were going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. i love you all. thank you new hampshire. >> tonight what appears to be a record-breaking voter turn out -- [ applause ] >> a huge voter turn out and i say huge. we won. >> oh, wow. trump finished with 35% of the vote. john came in second showing his time in new hampshire was well spent. it was too tkhroes make a call between jeb bush, ted cruz and marco rubio. sanders burn. investors waiting on comments from the fed chair janet this morning. she will be grilled on the
8:01 am
health of the u.s. economy, markets and monetary policy. deutsch banc up 2%. here's is your games across the board snapping 7 days of decline. banks among the big winners this the morning mar hi deutsch banc and it is considering buying back some of its bonds. the stock is down better than 30% this year but it is up this morning. questions can continue around the health of the financial sector. up 41 points. -- 141 points. we will get the testimony out in 30 minutes so we know what she's
8:02 am
about to say. now it's on to south carolina, blake burrman on the ground in manchester with the rateest from last night. >> what a the difference a week makes in this the case. last week we were talking about razor thin mar margins out of iowa. last night the victories could not is been more decisive on both sides. donald trump took the trump. there is a battle brewing for third but appears it will be bush, cruz and rubio. trump would get more votes than second and third combined. bernie sanders picks up 60% of the vote. he would be beating hillary clinton by 20 plus if that
8:03 am
margin ends upholding as well. both of the victory speeches, last night both trump and sanders said the battle is just beginning. >> i wanted to congratulate the other candidates, okay? now that i got that over with. it's office tough then tomorrow boom, boom. >> they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> now that new hampshire is about in the rearview mirror, we look forward to what will happen next at least on the republican side. john and jeb bush put a lot of money in this state and say their second third finish is a validation of this campaigns going forward. >> you have given me the chance to go to south carolina where we are going to do really well. >> tonight we head to south
8:04 am
carolina and we will move across this country and will end up in the midwest and you just wait, there's so much will that will happen. if you don't have a seatbelt, go get one. >> many of them are already there. the democrats move on to nevada then south carolina. >> thank you so much. former house majority leader vice chairman -- good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> what is your reaction. i know you are a jeb bush guy and he's been fighting back and doing better. is he going to break out stp. >> no question. we set the race. new hampshire voters demonstrated this race is still open. there's been an indication that the republican nominee will beat donald trump then go on to beat the hillary clinton and clearly
8:05 am
i see jeb coming out of new hampshire in a strong position heading in to south carolina as the one candidate who is ready to assume the office of being the commander and chief of our country from day one. in south carolina very strong state in terms of national security with lindsay graha on board. jeb said he's in this for the long haul. there's a clear opening and a path to seeing him twin nomination. >> jeb had struggled to the land blows on trump and it hasn't helped him so far. even as he fought back if his debates he seems to stumble a little bit. >> clear hi jeb has been the only one to take on donald trump. i think the campaign and he said everyone else is sitting in the witness protection program and hadn't said anything about the anger, the fear mongering that is coming out of donald trump.
8:06 am
at the end of the day i think what the voters want and our country needs is a proven leader. somebody who can point to a track record of success. someone who said i can solve problems and jeb bush in the eight years he was governor of florida has done that and done some in a challengeing period of time for that state. >> you hear the word reset about new hampshire. trump won by 19%. it doesn't look like much of a reset. >> taeug a look at where where -- take a look at where the other candidates are. no longer is anyone saying that the leader lane if terms of the nomination is a done-deal. i think when it comes down to it. our party is a party that will look at somebody with a proven track record. somebody who says i had the experience of making tough decision in the heat of t of the moment that can solve people and help people and produce results.
8:07 am
>> what about mike bloomburg? >> i hear a lot of rumors about -- >> he said he is considering running. >> i think he was a great mayor of new york city not surehe's a candidate for national office. >> i agree with you as far as jeb's national appeal in what he did in florida but it seems are his lowest points are his worst points when he tries to get up over donald trump. it seems that trump controls those back and forth battles. it is possible he goes around and focuses more on the issue eurs and lets trump be trump? >> i think if you saw the debates the other night in manchester, jeb did take on donald trump on the the question of eminent domain. something that is a very serious
8:08 am
issue in my party. i think they did a pretty good job at executing that argument against donald trump. when you compare donald trump and jeb bush there is oh no comparison. he has no position on any policy. he has been all over the map. he said i'll have a plan. ty will be the jobs president. what are those plans? his track record -- there is no track record in terms of creating can jobs. where you look where jeb has been for eight years he was governor of florida. trump has so much to rely on in terms of a track record of success, policy, plan to solve problems. let's move on to the democratic side. were you surprised him over
8:09 am
hillary clinton? what's your reaction to whatened last night? >> hillary clinton are this not earn this nomination and i think most are saying the margin of sander's victory was just under expected. i'm hearing the surprising aspect turning against hillary. i think the younger vote and the woman's vote. i dothink that spells trouble. our nominee as republicans will have to take on the clinton machine and no one better to do that than jeb bush. >> good to see you. thank you so much. >> coming up, oil after the worst sell off if months. we are looking at markets this morning which are expected to open higher.
8:10 am
european banks are rallying this morning. it's all about race for white house but cannot forget it's the premier of fashion week and zoo lander -- it is in true blue steal form. it was the most ridiculously good looking fashion trend ever that brought out the model elite . in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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welcome back. welcome back, the zika virus is spreading. >> the first case of the zika virus has appeared in china. it was attracted by a man who recently traveled to south
8:14 am
america. they down played it spreading because of cold weather. tennessee, delaware, indiana, ohio and pennsylvania reported their first virus. >> martin shkreli is a target of another lawsuit. the suit says that his $2 million-dollar wu tang album contain illustrations that were ripped off by a new york artist. they want shkreli to pay for the illustrations. wu tang leader said he hopes that shkreli gets what's coming to him. >> we want justice to be served. i want congress to get him. i want the courts to get him because people are dying and he's laughing at it. >> we will all be watching. you have your interview with shkreli's lawyer. ashley graham plus size model ashley graham appearing if her first
8:15 am
sports illustrated swim suit feature. she was in it last year but only in an advertisement. >> in a funny day shows johnny depp as donald trump. watch this. >> this is called the art of the deal. it takes a style from trump's best selling business advice book. they kept this quiet but it hits the site today an all over the place. >> thank you. we are watching markets this morning oil bouncing back after the worst single day sell off of the month. oil is now at $28.58 a barrel. than is helping equities this morning.
8:16 am
>> we have seen that volatility day in and day out. the international energy energy said there will be no hope for this market. we will see well into next year all throughout 2016 and 2017 in that hammered market. don't look for any hope of a opec protection cut. the iranian oil minister said they are willing tony -- to negotiate with russia and saudi arabia. the other thing that oil tradeers have to look at is this oh oil inventory report. the american petroleum institute saw it grow but that was less than anticipated. the market did get some support.
8:17 am
the other thing can janet save the global oil market? that may help tout oil tradeers. back to you. >> i keep asking the question, can the oil markets decouple from the equity's markets. i don't see oil going back any time soon given the supply, what will it do? >> it's more the equities need to decouple from oil. he got all this negative news out there that hit the market hard and wonder if it's a kitchen sink moment. if this goes down between iran and russia where they talk about cutting supplies, that stabilization on the negative news that we got yesterday on supply and demand numbers.
8:18 am
>> real quick, you said traffic was up, fed on the news and now we have the european banks up. >> that's where the fear came from. yesterday you had real fear in the market. you could have a european bank go under and not have liquiditys to support themselves. that leads to people talk about who could go next. than is fear in the market. it was real. let's see deutsch banc come back. >> a rot of down -- a lot of down side and little upside. she needs the to explain herself. how do you rationalize raising rates. >> up next, disif any getting a boost -- disney getting a boost. frozen this go to broadway.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
disney and twitter are the names to watch. disney was good. >> stock is down because there's some concern about espn and cable. profits of $1 .63 a share. they were sinking by 5.6%. programming rights increase. espn continue to lose subscribers. the ceo said the idea of espn is
8:23 am
cratering is ridiculous. he says sports is too pop pew hair. all of this -- he said this is just too popular. meanwhile they are getting ready for an earnings report. revenue is expected to be $ 710 million-dollars. the stock has posted all-time lows over the last two days so this is a big moment for twitter and its several thousand employees. $320 million, we don't expect to see much growth there. definitely an acquisition target. >> there's a hot of talk about -- there was a rot of talk last week saying twitter was dead.
8:24 am
i think jack dorcey has been criticized a lot and do an good job managing this. i think he's hisening to his board now. -- i think he's listen to his board now. you always cite twitter. i think people are got leaving twitter, whether or not they are signing on new people, that remains to be seen. >> that's the problem for twitter is that people want to come compare it to facebook. if you listen to jack dorcey they are two different products. >> they are put he has a lot to prove. he is redoing these products and there hasn't been a progress update on moments where they are
8:25 am
hoping will catch on for the average user and not journalists like us. have would you characterize them. we are seeing the globalle slow down of a sector. >> a lot talk about a stronger dollar but if you look at how earnings have come out. they put the end of 2015 and they lowered the bar a lot. they are good to grace companies that they have come out with phenomenal earnings that no one thought they would see. if you miss and today we have solar cities. if you miss your earnings and the markets just take it on dramatically. it's down 30% today. >> aren't they coming down anyway? i am talking across the board. >> . like anything that the's the market in my opinion.
8:26 am
the dollar is strong in december. it has come down from there. i think going forward if we talk about earnings guidance which is the trade off. >> we this take a short break. we have the tom tearry coming up. we will take you live to capitol hill set to testify before congress. she has a tough act to follow after martin shkreli made headlines for his odd behavior. i will sit down with shkreli's attorney later on if the program. that's coming up. we getting the testimony verbatim in four minutes. stay with us.
8:27 am
. . . .
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
maria: welcome back. want to look at futures pointing to higher opening for broader average. waiting on janet yellen's testimony on capitol hill. after four straight days of declines let's get to breaking news with sap shape. reporter: if economy to disappoint the lower path to the fed funds rate would be appropriate. janet yellen will send a signal to equity markets when she testifies befores house financial services committee. the key quote, of course monetary policy is by no means on preset course. the actual path of federal funds rate depends on what incoming data tell us about the economic outlook. we'll regularly reassesses what level of the federal funds rate is consist at any time with achieving maximum employment and 2% inflation. if the economy were to disappoint a lower path to the federal funds rate would be
8:31 am
appropriate. yellen worried about the u.s. economy. she said quote, financial conditions in the united states have recently become less supportive of growth with declines in broad measures of equity prices higher borrowing rates for riskier borrowers and further appreciation of the dollar. she goes on in her testimony later this morning to say these developments if they prove persist could weigh on outlook for economic activity and labor market. yellen in regards to monetary policy says it is important to note even after increase in december, the stance of monetary policy remains come mow diet tiff. finally she will say fomc anticipates that economic conditions will evolve in a manner that will warrant only gradual increases in the federal funds rate. she goes out of her way in the testimony later this morning to point out there is limited credit for borrowers, weak growth abroad and significant appreciation ever the dollar.
8:32 am
that all poses headwinds for the u.s. economy. maria. maria: adam, this is breaking news and this is big. what you just told us is she is opening the door to lower interest rates. we know what happened with the bank of japan going negative but she is saying obviously it is data dependent but acknowledging the stock market selloff and acknowledging the strong dollar. reporter: she is acknowledging all of that. she even talks in the testimony we'll hear publicly at 10:00 a.m. about the china and the slowdown in china and drop of commodity prices. last line of that key quote, if the economy were to disappoint a lower path to the federal fun rate would be appropriate. sounds like a signal to wall street. maria: really does. mike, what is your opinion here. this sounds stunning. >> this is big announcement. maria: i agree with you. >> she had a quote monetary policy by no means on preset course. markets selling off on this.
8:33 am
i like that. i think that is her backing up. she will not come out and say we never should have done december but backing away four hikes for 2016. not on preset course, data dependent. recognizes negativity out there. this is pretty much everything we want from janet yellen. maria: the market is still showing gains. you would think that boosts the market because it just basically says, what's the alternative to stocks? >> right. maria: there is no rate anywhere. there is no yield, dagen. >> unless this shakes confidence in what they did. people were upset that the, many people were upset that the federal reserve hiked rates in the first place. you saw complete falling off the cliff of the 10-year yield. maria: yes. >> does this shake confidence? is the fed powerless to do anything? maria: let me bring in the former head of the committee, former senator al d'amato former head of the senate banking committee. >> nice to see you, maria.
8:34 am
maria: lay out what we should expect in the questioning tomorrow and today. tomorrow she speaks to the senate. >> there is questions what the rates will be going forward. i think she did the right thing by saying look, if this weakness continues throughout the world market, et cetera, we'll be prepared to lower rates. that is really what she is saying. i think you can expect that. of course so much of this is tied not only to china but the energy sector. maria, look at big banks and the wall street group that really has some very real problems developing. you're going to be seeing a bankruptcies in the energy area. you're going to beseeing the financial institutions taking major hits, major writeoffs. we're talking about tens of billions of dollars. maria: right. she has to acknowledge that as well. she is acknowledging stock market declines. she is acknowledging strong
8:35 am
dollar, two major issues for markets. you're right. when you see more bankruptcy bringses we were expecting this as oil prices came down, because there were real knock-on effects for oil prices coming down. >> the worst is yet to be. maria: really? >> sure. the restructuring it will take to avoid some of these bankruptcies, but there will be huge writeoffs and financial institutions are beginning to see it. citigroup and some of the other major banks are taking big hits. goldman. morgan stanley. they have got big exposures out there and -- maria: they made the loans. they made the loans to a lot of shale players that now are needing to fire around cut cap-ex. >> we're seeing earnings come out for big energy names and looking at last quarter, oil averaged $44 a barrel. for the current quarter i think it is safe to say oil will average a lot lower than $44 a barrel.
8:36 am
you've seen some dividend cuts already. production cuts across the board. next quarter could be the worse. >> the worst is yet to be. you're absolutely right. 44 down to $30 range. it will go lower. iran coming back on. you will have more oil coming out there. the glut is tremendous. so i think you're going to see that come down and again, tens of billions of dollars in writeoffs. look at the major institutions, the worst is yet to be. maria: it looks like -- >> it looks like her comments don't really help markets because they are sodown beat on the state of the economy. fed chief hiked interest rates a couple months ago acknowledging all the risks in the market. something else she will have to address head on. inflation expectations have come down. they're at 2009 less. how can you have -- that is what the rest of the world is worried
8:37 am
about, deflation. she has to address that. the more she talks about it, the harder i think it will be for markets. >> again, it's serious. what is the futures right now, what do the futures markets say right now? >> dow up 100. >> up 100. i think that will come right down. maria: you think that will come down? >> absolutely. maria: this basically indicate as much weaker economy than the people know. if the federal reserve can't stand by lousy quarter-point move they made at end of last year, egg on your face, huge mistake, you missed it, and now the stock market probably needs to come down. >> it will. it will come down appreciably. what happens the momentum of people getting out, listen, i take my losses and get out now, it is easy to say just stick in there and wait. people are not buying it. they are getting out massively.
8:38 am
maria: real quick on new hampshire results last night. >> big win for trump. hillary's got problems. bernie's win, 20 plus points? 22 points. maria: pretty unbelievable. >> and you know, when the mo starts it is very hard to stop it. i think the governor of new jersey, huge loser. throws the bomb, gets blown up with it. he attacked rubio. did not help him. he's out. donald's on a roll. watch out, that so-called firewall in south carolina, it may not, it may have some cracks in it. i'm not saying she may not carry it but she is not going to carry it by 30 plus points she was ahead. maria: on top of new hampshire. on top of iowa. let's not forget that, razor thin win she had there. >> she did not look particularly good last night. almost reading my lines, going through it. let me tell you, the old guy, he is tapped into the anger that
8:39 am
people have. maria: by trump. senator, good to see you. thank you so much. senator al d'amato. adam shapiro, thank you for the breaking news that is breaking markets. we're off the highs in terms of futures. "mornings with maria" begins every day at 6:00 p.m. a.m. eastern on fox business network. a look at moments you may have missed on the program. >> he is anti-establishment candidate. i think most amazing parts that trump made, and bernie sanders made is like christmas -- maria: yeah, right. it will never happen. >> if you see a company that put up earnings disney put up and quality franchise, theme parks up 9%. pretty much all other parts of their business are working and 30% pull back in the stock, that is name you want to buy. >> who knows what we should have expected but the fact is, let's give bernie sanders his due. in my personal opinion both parties voted for candidates who are unelectable. maria: he lost.
8:40 am
he is sore. >> every game has a winner and loser. everyone out there competing in the nfl wants to win the game. when you lose the game that doesn't give a right to get up and walk away. if you want spotlight on you when things are going in and superman, and be able to take the heat. >> has to make decision next two weeks when he doesn't know -- sanders will probably do not as well in the south. then he has to make the decision. will he jump in even though he doesn't know who the democratic nominee is and who may eventually emerge from the republicans.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> we have exchanged some words. in all seriousness, this album is one-of-a-kind album that was purchased for two million dollars. it was most expensive piece of music ever purchased in the history of recordings. >> i don't judge no man but for me, being how i came up in the streets and just to see him say that, i fell out laughing in front of the computer. you know what i mean? he can never erase me. i am history. maria: that was martin shkreli and wu-tang clan ghost faced killer over shkreli's move to raise the price of the aids drug 5,000%. they were on our program. legal troubles surround his time as director of pharmaceutical firm retrophin.
8:45 am
he allegedly used money from retrophin coffers to pay off angry investors in his hedge fund. he told me retained reknowned criminal defense attorney benjamin brafman to defend him in the case. benjamin brangelina much man joins us now. >> nye pleasure. maria: there is civil case and criminal case and obviously what this criminal case is alleging is a ponzi scheme. >> i think the criminal case is going to be defended and viably defensible and we agreed to defend it in court and not speak publicly about the criminal case. there is a lot about martin shkreli said in public that can be discussed but we'll stay away from the criminal case itself. maria: all right. i understand that. but the bottom line he did have power over this company. did he use money to pay back investors who were out? >> i think when facts come out at the trial, assuming there is a trial, i think there is
8:46 am
substantially different view what happened than what was alleged. maria: you know when he spoke to congress and he was there on the hot seat, everybody talked about the way he handled it. the smirks and the, you know, kept going to the fifth. and they felt that he just wasn't respectful to them. >> i think he was respectful. i think he is 32 years old. the he has never been in a position. it is hostile environment. i think the committee was not acting in good faith in my judgment. they know he was going to invoke. they brought him there not to get information about turing's increase the price but brought him there to publicly humiliated him. when you are 32 and have 75 cameras staring you in the face, sometimes a smile or smirk is product of nervous energy and i think he was angry. maria: i think that's right. they knew he was going to plead the fifth. >> right. maria: they wanted him to go anyway. how much of this, this theater was about the fact that they
8:47 am
were angry, that he took the price of that aids drug up 5000%? >> my personal opinion is that the members of the committee could care less. i think this was for them a show trial, having martin shkreli take the fifth amendment and nancy, turing pharmaceutical executive was sitting there. she was not under indictment. she was not going to invoke. she could answer every question and did answer every question. they brought shkreli there to humiliate him. that is why he and i are angry. maria: he has not faced that kind of situation before but you have. you know this, you know, playground, if you will. what did you see differently than, than in your past situations in that room? >> well most playgrounds where i work there are rules that allow you to participate in the house chamber, lawyer, you can be there to advise your client but you don't have any standing to speak publicly. if i were permitted to address the committee i think i would have laid bare the hypocrisy and
8:48 am
disingenuous nature of the questions. they won't let me speak. maria: maybe but at end of the day i'm about free markets all the time. i don't want to see caps on drug prices. i think it is wrong. you have to allow free markets to do it. when you're the person overseeing a situation where you have the drug that people need, isn't there a moral responsibility not to make it inaccessible for people. 5000% drug increase? >> i think that is one of the misconceptions to my knowledge. i don't represent turing. maria: right. >> i've only been in the case for 10 days, but to my knowledge no one who tried to get the drug was denied access to it because they couldn't afford it. everyone had the drug who has needed it. only a patient population of 3,000 people use this drug. this drug works perfectly after 40 days, the patient is kurd. there has been a lot written about daraprim which never focused on the fact there is a small patient population and big
8:49 am
pharmaceutical companies ignore the orphan drugs because there is a small patient population. >> i understand, what you're saying but at the same time if it was larger population, what would he do then, if there were more people who needed it he would have taken the drugs up 10,000%. >> here is what i see. benefit of hindsight is always wonderful. in my life knowing a lot about public relations i would advice him if i were in his life at the time to do gradual price increase, not dramatics price increase. maria: right. >> if it is gradual price increase you and i are probably not having this discussion. maria: let me go back to working with martin shkreli. you told him to be quite. let me handle all this. he is tweeting out there still speak. give me a sense who he is. i feel our audience knows and they support him. he has been on my show he has gotten very good feedback after it but how has the experience been for you and what about all this tweeting? >> well, he has agreed not to speak about the criminal case and he has not tweet ad word
8:50 am
about the criminal case. i don't think i have either the power or right to stop him from tweeting period. maria: my favorite tweet, only thing i regret about my congressional appearance not bringing my nintendo. wow. >> martin shkreli has wonderful sense humor but very brilliant young man. i think do be candid with you i think he will end up in my opinion someone we speak glowingly about and once criminal matter is behind him and continues his work on orphan drugs. maria: why do you feel about that? tell me about mart skin shkreli. he also called congress i i am a sills. >> congress has ratings of 11% throughout the united states. the response to martin tweet's were go, man, go. it wasn't as if he were speaking to alienated public. maria: you're right. >> i tell you what i find about him. i find him to be intensely brilliant.
8:51 am
he is focused on clearing his name. i think he grows on you. martin has very likeable qualities when you get to know him on personal level. i want to reiterate the fact he is 32 years. i'm 67. 32 is a different age when you're suddenly thrust into the spotlight. maria: and you've been around the block in terms of various cases. says something that you actually took this case on. >> i represented percent intos a lot more difficult than martin shkreli. maria: who was your most difficult? >> complicated is the word i would use. when i came into the life of p. diddy he was complicated man. he turned into one of the most successful african-american entrepreneurs in history of the world. i represented dominic strauss-kahn who was going to be president of france. maria: right. >> martin shkreli is challenge but not overwhelming challenge. maria: thank you. so much. ben brafman. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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maria: wasn't just voters heading to polls.
8:59 am
one voter station getting a surprise visit. cheryl casone with the story. >> this hit internet big time. pigs are not usually process of voting in new hampshire. this pig apparently didn't get the message. this 600-pound porker wandered in the parking lot of a polling station in pelham. picked up by owner of a nearby farm. made his escape. thought he would go vote. go back home. there you go. one more story, maria, oscars come up with new way this year to keep the acceptance speeches shorter. right down a list of people they want to thank and list of names we'll run along the bottom of the screen. hopefully that happens. the make the speeches more compelling. by the way, oscars, february 28th. here we come. back to you. >> more time for them to lecture us about climate change and police brutality. we're thankful for that. stick to hey, you're good
9:00 am
looking and get to win awards. maria: thanks, cheryl. i looking forward to the oscar. i agree with you. i do not want to hear all of this. we have no time, but are we agreed the fed statement, from the fed is basically taking rate increases off the table? >> agreed. yellen's testimony at 10:30, very important. >> 10:30 the testimony. charles payne is all over it. "varney & company" begins right now. >> thanks a lot. i'm charles payne. stuart will be back tomorrow. you have a lot of big stories. start with the biggest. donald trump is a big winner. he would say huge. doubles up on john kasich who came in second tapping into america's anger but where is the substance? how will you do the things you're promising? we'll ask that question today. same story, different party. bernie sanders absolutely annihilating hillary clinton. now to south carolina. i don't buy the firewall by the way. here is big problem for hillary. honesty. you're not surprised, 91% of voters said sanders is more trustworthy?


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