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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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battle for the vacant supreme court seat is heating up. president obama taking questions from the press this hour about his timetable for putting forth a nominee. a move that will spark a firestorm of criticism from republicans who say they should, that we should wait and that should be the next president's job. david: speaking of the next president, attacks continuing on campaign trail. [closing bell rings] four days away from south carolina primary r ed rollins, dan henninger. we have it covered. first look at markets. s&p is up more percentwise. up 2.25%. oil is down. that usually means that the stocks are down too but it
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didn't happen today, particularly after there was some question about whether iran was going to be joining with russia and saudi arabia. cheryl: iran is not part of it. that is the problem. there you go. david: if iran is not part of it we're not going do do it. cheryl: let's go straight to adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange right now. adam, what is driving today's rally, oil below 30 right now? reporter: couple of things. a lot of traders say we were oversold going into today's trading session. some believe we're seeing decoupling. markets moved in tandem with oil. not so much today. s&p 500, up almost 1.7%. whereas oil was down almost 1.1%. they have believed there might be end to craziness of oil dragging down markets. take a look at the dow. as you said, david, we were up almost at today's high. close of today's high, 221 points. dow is up again. doreen mogavero says she believes the market was oversold and investors came back in.
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nasdaq is really important, no one is talking about this but the big performer today was the russell 2000, biggest of indices gainers up 2.4%. the reason that was important, we had the dollar strong today, yet investor were still buying small caps. they see that as good sign for stocks. finally gold, gold down $38, fear we saw couple days ago, not so much today. back to you. cheryl: a little higher for the year. adam thank you so much from the floor of the stock exchange. david: we're a few minutes away from president obama's news conference as he wraps up two-day summit with southeast asia leaders. this is in rancho mirage, california. blake burman with look at questions he might field. blake? reporter: china looming large even though it is not represented at summit of 10 southeast asian countries. they discussed the evolving south china sea with seven artificial chinese islands along with airstrip.
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china made claim to the waterways but so like other nations like vietnam and philippines. we'll see if he addresses the news conference coming up. the obama administration spoke out against the chinese build-up in recent months. president also yesterday called for the dispute there to be resolved peacefully. >> here ad the shared summit we establish a international rules and norms including freedom of navigation are upheld and where disputes are resolved through peaceful, legal means. reporter: this is news conference. the president is likely to take a handful of questions from reporters. among them is likely to include the nomination process surrounding the late justice antonin scalia. the president very briefly addressed scalia's passing while in california leading up to the summit on saturday night. the president could touch upon the 12-nation trans-pacific trade deal which was a topic at that gathering.
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so many possibilities, david. we expect to hear from president obama, 30 minutes from now. david: we'll bring you the president's news conference live from california when it begins. we don't know exactly when it begins was as you know this president is not always a watch keeper when it comes to these things. we'll let you know and bring it to you as soon as it happens. cheryl: republican candidates stepping up their attacks with four days to go before the crucial south carolina primary. fox business's peter barnes in d.c. with the latest. reporter: well ahead of the south carolina primary donald trump and jeb bush continued to escalate their political battle right here on fox business this morning. talking to maria bartiromo, trump says, bush is attacking him because he is losing. >> jeb is, you know, he is a lightweight kind of a guy. it will not happen for him. he is ashamed to use his last name. now he is losing so badly he is bringing in his mother and
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brother. reporter: he trump a bully and is not qualified to be president. >> donald trump is not conservative. he doesn't have steadiness to be a president. he comes unhinged and loses it. sound like michael moore last saturday than a republican for a nomination. reporter: trump called cruz a disaddress grace and cruz has a mental problem. he plans to sue cruz because of is eligibility to run and because he is born in canada. cruz says trump is rattled and you upset by his poll numbers after the saturday's gop debate although polls show trump maintaining double-digit lead over cruz. back to you. david: thank you. marco rubio pummeling ted cruz over his attacks in south carolina. take a listen. >> bows to the character of his campaign, no doubt about it. what they're willing to do in their campaign.
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things they are willing to do as part of their campaign, whether the ben carson thing in iowa or some of the things going on now i think its very disturbing. >> very remarkable and quite odd both marco rubio and donald trump respond the same way. which is when anyone points to their actual records they get very upset and begin screaming liar, liar, liar. david: here with reaction, ed rollins, former reagan political director and fox news political analyst and former boxer by the way and dan henninger of "wall street journal" the gloves are off, dan. by the way i remember, i'm sure you do too, we were working at same place at journal at same time when ronald reagan plan was referred to as voodoo economics by george bush during the primary season. they got over primaries and got over their battle and bush became vp candidate. might same happen here? might they all come together after the primary battle? >> i don't think that is anywhere in sight, david. they're going at it pretty hot
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and heavy. i'm beginning to get intrigued back and forth. i wonder all the anger and tension, an moss any among the candidates may not be reaching point where it backfires. -- animosity. voters down there reach a tipping point, at the margin at least, i wonder if some of them start migrating towards candidates like john kasich or marco rubio, who is kind of stayed above the fray, rather than getting in bed with the candidate whose campaigns now seem to be built on insulting one another. david: on other hand, ed, we have seen no signs that the chief insulter, donald trump, is slowing down at all in the polls and let's face it, south carolina is one of the open primaries where democrats can vote republican? is that donald trump is doing? setting himself up for democrats to switch over with attacks on bush? >> i don't think there is a trump strategy. i think trump does not have a filter. says whatever is at top of his head. swings for the fences. david: don't think there is any
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strategy in his mine? >> no. i don't think so, if his strategy was to destroy the republican party he is right on path. at end. day south carolina is used to rough-and-tumble fights. we have couple more days to go. after his performance last saturday i would be convinced there would be erosion. absolutely no erosion. point on john kasich, good friend of mine, i like very much, not having much of a campaign. someone has to be the challenger here and so far no one is of significance. david: switch to act dem muck political analyst, guy named stephen colbert, who was on the other night interpretation what happened to hillary on other side of political dimension in new hampshire. take a listen. >> the only group that hillary clinton won was voters over 65. so she may not have won new hampshire but definitely one oldham sure. i can't wait to see they cater
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to youth. netflix to sponsor "murder, she wrote" reunion, where the victim is, the middle class. david: dan, the point here, there is point what colbert was saying, this is not election about ideology. there is something else going on here. it is about the establishment has said many times, about young voters not necessarily -- i've talked to a lot of voters who i say who are you for? well either bernie sanders or donald trump. i mean, there is no ideology there. >> yeah, well at least there hasn't been on the democratic side and i think something is being raised here that suggests that hillary might be in more trouble than we think. i'm inclined to believe that in south carolina in the south once you get black caucus campaigning for her in some of the black precincts bernie would get his head handed to him but bear in mind hillary is running as this residual minority support for the clintons. that was a long time ago. electorates change. you have a much younger
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electorate now. i think bernie sanders with his economic populism, which he seems to do pretty well with in nevada, that is this saturday, may redown to his benefit in south carolina where black unemployment is very high. david: there is a whole new group of young folks out there voting, hopefully voting for the candidates sake, they may not be as impressed by, for example, an al sharpton endorsement as they could be in the past? >> very true. large segment of both parties are very unhappy with the establishment. i think that is what bernie sanders is about and particularly young people supporting him. in our party there is frustration we put two nominees up are substantial people, mccain and romney got clobbered in the general election. there is a lot of people out there saying this guy speaks the truth. let's take a chance on him. david: ed rollins, dan henninger, good stuff. thank you very much. >> it is morning again in america. cheryl: morning again in america.
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that is how one of marco rubio's latest political ads begins only there is a slight problem. this isn't america he is showing in the ad. city skyline and harbor is in fact vancouver, canada. eagle eyed canadians point out harbor center tower in the background. they see a little canadian flag on the back of this tugboat. oops in video editing of his commercial. david: mistakes happen. hitting them where it hurts. isis running out of money. where the terrorist organization is many cutting back. what that means for the fight against terrorism. cheryl: four american journalists arrested in bahrain over the weekend on their way home. the role our military in the region played in securing their freedom. david: hillary clinton has lead four days out from the nevada democratic caucus but why on earth is she barking in las vegas? >> oh, you know the great
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: isis is running out of cash. the terror group taking financial beating thanks to a lot of new airstrikes, forcing to cut salaries across the caliphate according to new ap report. here to weigh in, retired u.s. navy seal, david sears. thanks for coming. this has to be good news, right? >> this is a good news story of sorts, yes. i don't know how you correlate it to the airstrikes. that is one combination as well. oil prices is down. that could be another factor. david: a good point. there are airstrikes and there are airstrikes. the russian airstrikes as far as i understand it are no-holds-barred airstrikes.
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we, as you know, we hesitated to strike some of those oil columns because they had civilian drivers which was nuts in my mind. the russians have no such niceties. they go in hard and they hit hard. is it russian airstrikes that are doing it? >> i think that is certainly having huge effect, right? the russians are going no-holds barred. our combination on cash piece and storage depots is helping along. additionally iraqi government came in stopped paying government workers in areas controlled by isis. isis diversified. they have cash streams coming from everywhere. from extortion to kidnap and ransom, to oil. that is a piece. they're diversified. david: well, they are. and, on other hand, this is a crunch for them. they have had to cut back on how much they pay their fighters. i'm told that in some cases by 50% or more. they're only taking two meals now. not that feel sorry for these idiots. the fact it is hurting in a way.
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i'm just wondering one way they do get more attention and therefore more recruits is through terror strikes. not only terror-inspired strikes but direct command and control terror strikes. does their cash crunch make that more likely? >> it does. they need to go ahead and prove themselves out there. they have to look at external benefactors like al qaeda has to fund them, right? so al qaeda does these high-profile attacks in order to attract people. these crazy idealogues want to go with who they perceive as a winner. isis will need to look like a winner. david: we have this news, the cia chief coming out saying yes, they have the capacity to deliver chemical weapons? >> that is a huge concern. i don't know that it is the capacity. i believe he said they think they have done it, right? so, some of the reports coming out against the kurds they likely used chemical weapons. that's a huge concern for terror event outside of their territory. david: david sears, thank you
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for your service, david. former navy seal. we appreciate you coming on. thanks a million. >> thanks, david. david: cheryl? cheryl: it is being called a cancer breakthrough, a revolutionary new treatment giving patients hope for a possible cure. plus multiple tornadoes reportedly tearing through the south. >> i seen it fall on my car. my car was shaking and my window busted and like i seen it like coming at me. oh, it was scary.
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david: fight for the white house is going to the dogs. hillary clinton recalling old political ad for her husband bill clinton, fee featured a dog barking whenever someone was not telling the truth. take a listen. >> i try to figure out how we do that with republicans. we need to get that dog, follow him around. every time they say these things, like, oh, you know the great recession was caused by
4:22 pm
too much regulation -- [barking] you know? david: fox news i never thought i would see that. ed henry, on campaign trail in las vegas. for candidate who has issues with question of honesty is the right thing to be putting front and center? reporter: i'm not so sure. frankly i have been to a lot of political events, democrats, republicans, independents, i never heard a candidate bark like a dog. you're right to play the clip. it was bizarre, in reno, northern part of nevada obviously. i'm now in las vegas. part of it is she is little punch-drunk now. going through one event after another and dealing with a series of setbacks in this campaign. think about it. hillary clinton had double-digit leads in iowa. became essentially a tie. she eked out very narrow victory but extremely close among the delegates. in new hampshire the double-digit lead disappeared and she lost by double digits to bernie sanders. here in nevada a similar scenario playing out.
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a month ago her campaign was touting they had a 25-point lead. talk to john ralston, one of the best non-partisan political prognosticators here in the state. he says this is very close race. they have not had a recent poll that is very accurate, but on the ground, folks like ralston, myself, are hearing it is getting very tight. the events we're going to for bernie sanders he is getting bigger crowds than hillary clinton, more energy, more enthusiasm. today, clinton as you know in new york city. she was in nevada last night. new york city meeting with al sharpton. what is she doing there? trying to play catch-up, david. right after the new hampshire victory bernie sanders flew right to new york city, met with al sharpton, had breakfasts. he wants to get african-american vote, which a week after the nevada caucus here saturday night, a week later they go to south carolina and the african-american vote will be pivotal. what sanders is trying to do, clinton has an edge with african-american voters but he is trying to get in with young african-americans and like
4:24 pm
getting in with young latinos in las vegas around the state. doing very well with college students, key part of the obama collision. david? david: don't you think somebody told her, somebody on the staff gave her clue about dog barking thing or you think totally off-the-cuff? >> she does practice a lot of her lines. we have seen marco rubio get hit over that. barking sounds spontaneous to me. david: ed henry, take care. get sun stan lotion. it is -- suntan lotion, it is hot out there. cheryl? cheryl: a new treatment that is called unprecedented, using body's own immune system to fight certain forms of lukemia and here today is dr. roshini rajapaksas. they take blood cells from the patient. >> right. cheryl: mix it up, put it back into the patient. 94% of patients in this trial
4:25 pm
said their symptoms vanished. those with him foe blastic lukemia. >> yeah. cheryl: how ordinary is that. >> this is extraordinary. they had treatments for al as you said, complete vanishing of symptoms and tumors. this is not published study. this is presented at scientific meeting. this is fred hutchinson cancer center which is quite prestigious. 84% for non-hodgkins lymphoma patients. great numbers for immunotherapy. cheryl: this is happening for different cancers. not only for blood cancers. >> correct. this is one of the new types of treatments for cancer. we've had chemotherapy for year. we've had radiation for years. we're talking about targeting your own body immune sells, you remove them, genetically engineer and they specifically target cancer cells not other
4:26 pm
tissues you want to preserve. cheryl: some patients had reaction, their immune system didn't react as well. two patients got sick and died. >> two patients died. seven others ended up in intensive care unit. when you're revving up immune system to attack cancer cells. they can release chemicals that can respond to make you very sick. some patients ended up in icu. it is not risk fee free but terminal patients with five months to live in this study, any option is better than none certainly one that gets rid of tumors all together. cheryl: the question, dr. raj, how long in theory could this be available to cancer patients around the world? >> right now it is only available in clinical trials. it will be a while before more of fda, more standard approved treatment for people but fur suffering from cancer, have loved one important to be in academic medical center to have access to clinical trials.
4:27 pm
cheryl: this clinical trial is only seattle, i want to be clear? >> there are trials for similar type of treatments in austin, boston. there are places to go to look into it. cheryl: if you're interested in this seattle is the place? >> for this particular one. cheryl: dr. raj, incredible story. >> it is. thank you. cheryl: david. david: that is great news. another look at today's big rally and where major markets ended the day. the dow ended the day just about top of trading session. 22 points on the dow. that was actually the least before the of all of the indexes as you can see. s&p was better than that percentagewise on the right and nasdaq really hitting it out of the park today up 2.25%. oil down and gold exactly 1200 bucks an ounce. not a good day for gold bucks. they had a good run past couple weeks. cheryl: gas prices cheap because of oil. breaking news conference from president obama is expected any moment. fox business will bring the
4:28 pm
president's comments to you live when he takes to that stage you see on your screen right now. that's a live picture. david: also taking home the w in south carolina. jeb bush betting on brotherly love in south carolina. >> i've been one to defy expectations. i've been misunderestimated most of my life. [laughter] [applause] there seems to be a lot of name-calling going on but i want to remind you what our good dad told me at one time. labels are for soup cans. [laughter]. speaking of family, i think the voters should vote for the candidate who's got the most opinionated mother. [cheering] i have asthma...
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the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. starting at $38,950. david: president obama is expected to take the stage any minute now in california but all eyes are on the president's plan to nominate a new supreme court justice. no doubt he will be asked about this during the press conference. joining me to talk about this, deroy murdoch, "national review" contributing editor and nomiki konst and alex mckay, constitutional law expert. alex, supreme court now is no question, one of the center points of this election coming up for the race for the presidency. explain for us exactly how it might fit into the whole
4:33 pm
political race going into 2016, the end of november 2016? >> well you know, as everyone is aware at this point justice scalia who we lost was a constitutional conservative justice and we're now looking at a president who is not going to nominate anyone of that caliber as next justice of our supreme court. this has become a central issue who is going to be the next president and who they will nominate because the senate controls the power to stall that nomination and appointment. david: now of course, nomiki, the republicans were out very quickly after the death of scalia on saturday saying there wouldn't be an appointment accepted by the senate, except by the next president. chuck schumer is one of those who is opposed this strategy but back in 2007, chuck schumer said, that was 18 month before the bush administration ended, we should reserve the presumption of confirmation to the supreme court is dangerously out of balance, suggesting that there should not be a senate confirmation of a supreme court
4:34 pm
nominee. now he is saying it is the senate's duty to hold hearings and vote on nominee based on the merits. isn't that a contradiction there. >> sure, absolutely. i have to give you that one, to be fair the constitution is the constitution. this is politics as usual. it is election year. i don't think republicans will win on no matter what happens. fight it out in the supreme court over nominee, they will not look good that way to the american people. that is not what they want to see right now. they want to see congress getting along. or they will block any nominee from being nominated way they are for next president. david: deroy, i'm not sure americans are for congresspeople getting along. we have bernie on one hand telling democrats, we don't want to make any compromises with republicans. donald trump on other hand saying no way i will compromise. i will do what is right. >> this is sad it turned into complete partisan battle the poor man is not buried yet. could we bury him and have the fight next week?
4:35 pm
david: not this atmosphere, deroy. >> not these days unfortunately, obama could put republicans in pickle let's say he nominated somebody like susan collins or olympia show. republicans do we have someone with us half the time or not half the time wait till november or get son or daughter of scalia or hillary clinton wins or bernie sanders you have supreme court justice eric holder? david: hillary is meeting with al sharpton today but this is week after bernie did. what is up with that? >> dollar behind a week late, huh. what i find sad about this the notion if you want to show you're reaching out to black people you reach out to al sharpton, president of black america. dispute the symbol and number two the symbol is week old as far as hillary. so she is way behind the curve. david: guys, thank you very much. cheryl? cheryl: david, george w. bush is back on the campaign trail. the former president stumping
4:36 pm
for little brother jeb in south carolina and taking subtle jabs at frontrunner donald trump. >> i understand that americans are angry and frustrated. but we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration. in my experience, the strongest person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. cheryl: destroy and nomiki back with me. lisa boothe from high-end strategies. lisa, does the strategy help jeb bush? is it too late to get out ahead of the train that is donald trump? >> i don't necessarily think it is too late. i don't know this will put him in front of donald trump when donald trump has been up by 20 points if not more for a long time in the polling we've seen. we have not seen any great polling since the debate which was sort of a train wreck for him. it witting interesting to see if
4:37 pm
he if he lost momentum like marco rubio did heading from new hampshire. there is goodwill in the state of south carolina for george w. bush. approval ratings are 84% in the state. this is a state that helped cement his presidential career and same for his dad, president george h.w. bush as well. there is a lot of goodwill for the bush family. it is to be seen. i also think it made jeb bush a better candidate now that he finally said yeah, i'm a bush and owned his last name and sort of embraced it. we've seen a stronger candidate. we saw a stronger candidate on the cbs debate stage and recent rallies with a little more energy than we've seen in the past. cheryl: deroy, the story now is of course is south carolina. what he has to do there george w. did so well and their father was bring in the evangelical vote, but those voters, those republican voters in south carolina a lot of them
4:38 pm
are going over to donald trump. is that a risk being factored in right now? do you think the bush family thought ahead that it is possible they could lose that particular religious voter? >> when jeb bush announced campaign he said i'm my own man and he campaigned with his father and mother earlier. maybe evangelicals will like this. a lot of conservatives are not happy seeing george bush off the ranch, brings back memories of bridge to know where, deficit spending and a lot of us want to forget the bush family or gop kennedy family or windsor family in great britain. bush is nice guy. go back to the drive the truck around and stay pretty much out of the american public eye. cheryl: a lot of folks bring up images of 9/11. donald trump went there on saturday night at debate. he went after jeb bush. that didn't sit well with a lot of voters. the reason i say that if you
4:39 pm
were already on team trump, fine, you support him. but to go after and blame george w. for 9/11? if you're not sure about donald trump maybe at that turns you off a little bit. >> i don't think donald trump is really worried about the swing voters right now. i think that is a game for all moderates in the race. he is clearly winning and winning by far. he needs to hold on to working class white voters, some were democrats and voted for barack obama believe it or not with george w. bush low approval rating in 2008. he is trying to solidify that base. that is carrying him in these states. that is the base that george bush or jeb bush, excuse me won't be able to get and marco rubio and ted cruz. cheryl: that's the thing. we're talking about now three different bush men. that may be something that voters -- >> that's the problem. that's the problem. cheryl: that's a possibility. lisa, deroy, nomiki, let our viewers know we're keeping ice on california. awaiting comments, david from president obama at the u.s.
4:40 pm
asean summit. he will be open to any questions. david: is he late? cheryl: he is a little late. david: wow. cheryl: we're monitoring podium. david: there are a few other stories on our radar as we wait. pope francis continuing his mission in mexico. he held a mass urging thousands of mexicans to hold on to their faith despite cruel hardships of drug violence and corruption in the country. he added resignation is the devil's tool. u.n. mourning the loss of former u.n. secretary-general beauty truss beauty truss ghali. egyptian serve ad five-year -- beauty he led to a accord that led to piece between israel and egypt. those arrested in weekened covering anniversary of the island nation 2011 uprising.
4:41 pm
they were allowed to leave after intervention of the u.s. embassy in. bahrain is home of u.s. navy's fifth fleet and persian gulf and surrounding waterways to the global oil trade. cheryl: david, president obama, as you were talking about expected to speak at any moment now. we have our eyes right there. we'll take his comments this is news conference. anything can be asked of the president, anything. you can bet they will be asking about a certain judge school i can't and his death over the weekened of that judge. also this, tornadoes, thunderstorms wreaking havoc in several southern states. we'll have more on that coming up. >> it just a loud roar. we're just very blessed. the lord has just been good to us tonight, i'll tell you what. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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neil: breaking news. the president is out in california. this is as seian meeting.
4:45 pm
as you asthere is important subs islands in southeast china sea, that people are worried about kind is building. fox business will bring you comments. cheryl. cheryl: a lot of trade with those countries as well. severe weather slamming south. 15 tornadoes reported along with severe thunderstorms across the region, leaving major damage in multiple states. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean with all of the latest. janice. how is it looking? >> unfortunately we had reports of tornadoes in south florida as well as alabama and coastal north carolina over the last 24 hours. this is that big winter storm that brought ice and rain and heavy snow. the warm side of it brought threat of tornadoes. threat diminished. looking where we are, average around 64. today we're on 63. we're right on average in terms
4:46 pm
of tornado count for this time of year. look at storm. big thunderstorms are moving through the northeast within last couple of hours, pushing into new england. still snow on back side of this. we could see heavy snow downwind of the great lakes. record-setting cold over the weekend. and we're 26, 30 degrees above where we were 24 hours ago. so a lot of warm air from the south. why we had severe weather earlier on. the storm continues to move eastward. still getting snow on back side of this but out of the way by wednesday. we're still seeing lake-effect snow showers next couple of days. then on the west side of things we have record warm temperatures look at denver around 46. amarillo, 65. 87 on thursday, dodge city and dallas. it has been cooler than average
4:47 pm
on the east coast. warmer than average for the west coast. i know we're talking about california very close with the president ready ready to speak. back to you. cheryl: record-setting temperatures. janice. david: ladies were talking while a lot of folks in the east talking about deep freeze. folks in the west forgotten what winter is like. record heat wave enveloping southern california. temperatures could reach 90s in some areas. fox news's adam housley standing by in marina del rey, california. adam? reporter: quite a nice day in southern california. similar to august than february 16th. in fact the temperature today in downtown is expected to hit 87 degrees. all across the state of california it has been gorgeous for a number of days. northern california yesterday where i was it was 78. some places above 90. beach was packed. it is not holiday today but not as many people out here. people using bicycles up and down the path. people walking with no shirts on.
4:48 pm
gorgeous day in ply i playa del. a worry about people who want to end the drought and those who had to scramble last couple days get more lifeguards to the beaches because so many more people were enjoying the sun. >> absolutely kept lifeguards busy. last three days are off the charts busy, unseasonably busy due to weather and crowds. brought on additional staff. surf is elevated all three days. on its way down. but still big enough to move rip currents. that's what we're seeing. >> a lot less people out here today not because of the weather but people had to get back to work because of holiday. gorgeous around the beach. rain expected in southern california, temperatures drop from 80s to high 60s. might have couple days of rain. in drought, all seriousness, california was catching up. they think it would take couple years of el nino-like conditions to get us back to november. pretty wet in november, december, january, parts of
4:49 pm
california. northern california is important to get the rain where the water storage and snow pack is. they are expecting more rain than we are here. it can rain until march. southern california people don't have to water their lawns. when it comes down to it we need more rain. hot weather nice enjoyable to be able to be outside in short-sleeve shirt and sunglasses is great but not what we need in california. back to you guys i'm sure balmy new york studio. david: adam housley. he was mocking us cheryl. he was mocking us. cheryl: i used to like you, adam. i don't like you. david: why were you moving here from the south? cheryl: what was i thinking. we're moments away speaking of california. you're looking at live picture from rancho rancho mirage, cali. this is the first since the passing of supreme court justice scalia we'll get a full picture from the president.
4:50 pm
fox business takes you there live. tesla for kids. the new model will have you cruising in style. oh, yeah. david: oh jeez.
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>> when aesean speaks with a clear unified voice it can help advance security, opportunity and human dignity, not only for more than 600 mill people across cross as as as asean allowed uso
4:54 pm
make strong on front. encourage entrepreneurship and innovation that are at heart of modern competitive economies. we had discussion among pioneering biz leaders and recipe for attracting trade and investment, rule of law, transparency, protection of intellectual property, customs, modern infrastructure, e-commerce and free flow of information. for for small and medium-sized businesses, and more important investment in people and strong schools and to train the next generation. around the table there was widespread recognition this is the path asean countries need to continue on. as they do, they will create even more opportunities for trade an investment between the u.s. and asean countries.
4:55 pm
i affirmed our strong sport for the asean community and in part to universities to increase economies and decrease bear yes, sir to trade investment. i'm announcing a new initiative, u.s.-asean connect. hubs to better coordinate our economic engage amend and connect more on the ons and businesses with each other. we're doing more to help aspiring innovators in the region learn english. the international language of. business. i reiterated the the trans-pacific partnership which includes four asean members and can increase trade throughout the pacific. with that end we launched a effort to help all countries hep tpp and reforms that could lead to them joining. second, with regard to security,
4:56 pm
the united states and asean are reaffirming stronger-than-expected commitment to regional order where international rules and norms and the rights of all nations large and small are upheld. we discussed need for tangible steps in the south china sea to lower tensions including a halt to further reclamation, new construction and militarization of disputed areas. freedom of navigation must be upheld and lawful commerce should not be impeded i rerate it the united states will continue to flay fly, sail, operate wherever international law allows. we'll support the right of all countries to do the same. we will continue to help our allies and partners strengthen their maritime capabilities. and we discussed how any disputes between claimants in the region must be resolved peacefully through legal means such as the upcoming arbitration ruling under the u.n. convention of the law of the seas which the
4:57 pm
parties are obligated to respect and abide by. third, i made it clear that the united states will continue to stand with those across southeast asia working to advance rule of law, good governance, accountable institutions and the universal human rights of all people. we continue to encourage a return to civilian rule in thailand. we will sustain our engagement with the people of myian march as a -- myanmar as new president is elected and move forward with national reconciliation. across the region we'll stand with citizens and free society to defend freedom of speech and assembly and of the press. no one including those in political opposition should ever be detained or imprisoned simply for speaking their mind that only stymies progress. that makes it hard for countries to truly sheriff and proos per. finally the united states and
4:58 pm
asean are doing more for transnational challenges. i offered our assistance to have better interpol data to stop the flow of foreign terrorist fighters. we implement the paris climate change agreement to help developing countries to help mitigate the impacts of climate change will be critical and will enable them to leap ahead to new and affordable clean energy. as we pursue our sustainable development goals we're launching a new competition, an innovation challenge to encourage students across asean to develop new solutions to boost agriculture. we're moving ahead with our global health security agenda to help prevent future epidemics. i pledge additional u.s. assistance to help asean to combat the horror of human trafficking. so to sum up i believe the summit has put the u.s.-asean partnership on a new new
4:59 pm
trajectory to bring us to the greater heights ahead. we will con to be a foreign policy priority of my presidency. i look forward to visit vietnam for the first time in may and becoming the first u.s. president to visit laos when it hosts the east asia summit in september. i'm confident that whoever the next president may be will build on the foundation we laid because there is strong need for bipartisan support and engagement in the trans-pacific region. through our young southeast asian leaders initiative, our investment in young people in their business success and civil society and grassroots leaders across the region i believe will further behind us together in spirit of partnership and friendship for many years to come. with that, let me take a few questions. i'm going to start with darlene somerville of the associated press. where's darlene? there she is. >> thank you, mr. president. my question is about the supreme court.
5:00 pm
>> i'm shocked. [laughter] >> what recourse do you have in leader mcconnell block as vote on your supreme court nominee? do you think if you choose someone moderate enough republicans might change course and asked all a vote? as you consider that choice who to nominate what qualities are important to you and is diversity among them? >> thank you. >> first of all, i want to reiterate heartfelt condolences to the scalia family. obviously justice scalia and i had different political orientations and probably would have disagreed on the outcome of certain cases but there's no doubt that he was a giant on the supreme court, helped to shape the legal landscape. he was by all accounts a good


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