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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 19, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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of our and trumps faith. >> a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be in that building bridges is not christian. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked in weekend unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> taking a look at whether this will affect the vote in south carolina. the latest brouhaha with the pope. in terms encryption, other technologies rallied behind tim cook and apple. congress looking to step in. details on the developing story. features spotlight as you can see a little weakness this morning. very much an unchanged story. major average on track for the best weekly performance. later this morning to read on inflation via the cpi report
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added 2.5 hours to european market with gain some losses on certain. ft 100, cacm dax image down about a third to half of a percent on the average is. relatively quiet session. the shanghai composite, hang seng posted modest losses overnight. nikkei average in japan down 1.4%. the cost be each in a slight gain on the third of a percent higher. a new fox poll shows donald trump remaining in the leg. blake burman and washing in d.c. with the details now. reporter: good morning to you as well. republicans up to donald trump of the latest fox news poll. the survey of voters nationwide shows 36% favored the billionaire businessman. more than ted cruz and marco rubio combined to run at second and third. jeb bush, all approaching the
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fallen short of reaching double digits. the focus remains on tomorrow's south carolina primaries or polls showed trump is the favorite to win two in a road. one of us in battle in the pope, trump instead focused his attention on ted cruz. but ted cruz continues to punch upwards. >> uis. he was badly. that does not tell the truth. he holds up his bible in the new lies. that guy is a liar. >> who has the knowledge, who has the judgment, who has the temperament. temperament was on display saturday night. reporter: in the meantime, first on the democratic side. the fox news poll shows bernie sanders on top of hillary clinton and does so by three points. that is within the margin of error, but this also numerous other national polls this month
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showing support having sanders way. democrats caucus in nevada tomorrow. back to you. maria: we want to bring into the beast to bring into the beast that people do a lot with washington at dinner reporter sarah westward. good to see you both. thanks for joining us. then they kick it off with you. focus your reaction to the town hall last night? let's start with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> what really stood out to me about last night town hall is bernie sanders and her which i thought preston on health care rationing. that is one of the central issues that opponent bring out. it will be harder to access health care. there will be waiting months and bernie sanders is totally better for the question. and honestly seemed a tiny bit hostile thing just having any price on health care, the fact health care is expensive is it felt rationing. something very close to his heart.
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she was really excited to answer that. that is part of why bernie sanders is doing so well. on these issues of the far left base really cares about, he is right there with them. he's very passionate about clearly thought about it and is articulate. true to what struck me as the weakness that hillary clinton is facing right now and the fact that she got booed last night. you make a good point about bernie sanders. does it surprise you his dominating hillary clinton in reading her? >> and the cycle i don't think i'm capable of being surprised anymore. in iowa and went to the config locations. talking to students is overwhelming how much they preferred him to her. maria: what about the town hall? trump as well as kasich and bush. and he thought there? >> this is a format that fork is his donald trump better than any other candidate. in a debate you have candidates
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that press back on policies and exposes some of his weaknesses in a town hall that is not so he's able to talk directly to voters. that was on display last night. maria: that is true. you are in a town hall in an audience member asked a question and there's no pushback could say whatever you want. you will not get a follow-up. dagen: he still struggles to it age. what i've seen him recently earlier in the week, he struggles to connect to. he's better in front of a big group of people where he's talking to the crowd following at his feet. i thought last night he had a softer side of donald trump. i don't want to jump on the follow-up question. he seemed to back up the rhetoric you heard earlier about the pope. he was reading a statement earlier, which we show a clip of.
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what he was talking about the pope, he said i think he was being misinterpreted. he really is that to his advantage. >> if you type at the pope, this is a big deal that will anger a lot of people. >> i looked at a lot of numbers in the gop and republican party. it matters less down in the south in the primary contest on there. as a catholic sheriff a catholic share of the gop electorate in the northeast it does matter. it might not matter the primary contest, but new jersey, massachusetts, new york, connecticut, was on and are heavily catholic states. true to her what her take on the tensions between the pope in donald trump. the pope left in the republican front runner for his stance on immigration to get your reaction afterwards. >> a person who thinks about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. this is not in the gospel.
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that's what you said about whether i would advise to vote or not vote, i will not get involved in that. i feel that this man is not christian if he says things like that. >> at the commissary, reaction? >> what is interesting that this is very pope francis thing to say. if a gun policy particulars. if all. if followed by saying he hasn't got the plan. he didn't even name churn. he made clear he sees immigration as a moral issue with any issue. it's important to bear in mind this could benefit trump. south carolina has the smallest percentage of catholics. it is dominated by evangelical christian. they are very influential. it helps that is squaring off against the pope. >> interesting take. we see sanders came in on hillary. hillary was getting booed at some point are going after bernie.
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even left-leaning economists say he is unrealistic. how does hillary get that across to voters? do she have a chance of getting through to primary voters? >> it's interesting the intrigue of the republican side drive attention away from the fact democrat are whistling past the graveyard that bernie sanders. he is overtaking her in polls. the southern firewall promise from defeat might not be that strong. you look in nevada come to see that it has a high hispanic population and is not as wide as iowa and new hampshire and now the hillary clinton campaign is trying to downplay expectations by playing at the demographics of nevada as the more homogenous than they really are. that is dangerous as she lowers it nation and the state once promised to be her firewall and that is really spell it travel. maria: but she has got the
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superdelegates. dagen: at the superdelegates will be embarrassed and wind up changing their vote. it happened the way. if bernie really takes off. by the way, if the pope is going to back a candidate, it would most definitely be bernie sanders. feel the bern. is burn baby burn. maria: thank you, ladies. we will see you soon. keep it here for your 2016 election coverage. fox business will be life on this tomorrow for the primary and caucus. coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern. be here or be square. more will pay respects to the supreme court justice antonin scalia. cheryl casone without another headlines. >> good morning, maria. the body now lives in repose at the great hall of new york while debate surrounding the successor
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to kidneys in washington. the president and first lady will pay respects today. president obama does not plan to attend tomorrow's funeral service. apple given an additional three days to decide if the count new hope the fbi with a terror attack case. terror attack case. a terror attack a spirit of federal judges voted to terror attack case. a federal judge has ordered the judge to unlock an iphone. attorney general john crashed -- john ashcroft yesterday with his take of the policy debate. >> government cannot defend national security because someone might abuse of permission is absurd. everything susceptible to abuse. >> earlier this week, tim cook said the request is chilling. finally out of d.c., washington police releasing this video shows several people attacking a decorated marine corp. veteran outside a local tamils.
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identified as christopher mark has come a soldier who earn a bronze star. according to the police report, the suspect took the ball took the wallet which have three credit cards and $400 in cash and died. he was badly beaten. he was on fox and friends said he told them he thinks it was a hate crime. he was attacked because he was white and they attacked him because of that. police are investigating. maria: cheryl, thank you very much. after a month of zero ipos, february 9th. much better. why the ipo story is important rest of the year. in light of donald trump responded to the pope's criticism of his faith, don't want to miss that. be right back. stay with us. ♪ i think it landed last tuesday.
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is a
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maria: welcome back. as the crude oil and gasoline rose to record levels last week putting pressure on oil prices this morning. phil flynn at the cma are. still hanging out around $30 a barrel. >> it is, maria. read his supplies were near record high of united take data type in the 4 million barrels. we haven't had that much in storage and 88 years. there is still a lot of talk about potential opec emergency meeting in march. high-stakes negotiations going on between opec members and non-opec members to come to some type of an agreement to freeze production or cut production. that was a story that got the market going earlier in the week but the supplies took away the momentum.
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we will be watching the story as it develops. maria: thank you so much. phil flynn. this is the top story. ipo market right now. nearly 70% of the 175 come to a similar public that their stock market debut in 2015 now trading below their public offering prices. online editor jack otter join the conversation. interesting story today. i understand what ipos are doing badly because markets are doing so badly. this is for you? >> had the prize. everybody is excited and happy. and when people are depressed they do even worse. investors understand the general they are not a good thing. they tend to go down a bit after the initial public offering. in the first six months quite often as a general rule. there is a buying opportunity in the first six.
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a good company with real cash flow to move higher. another thing to keep in mind is in a market that is this bad for ipos, it is actually worth looking for good companies. unless you are solid company, you will not get money anymore. by which you pour more money into something that's a losing investment. for someone willing to do the research. maria: do you think they were priced too high? the ipo 15 for just about market? >> there's some aggressive pricing that went off, maria. you look over the cliff and realize you're not getting your grounded anymore. let's go back and look at these deals from the past. they spoke in public and would down $20, was left for dead. but then burkett company figured out how to monetize mobile apps. it is showing growth.
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the interesting point about a focus kayak was going to ride the coattails and become a millionaire. they actually canceled the ipo and the company ended up being bought by another company. let's look at what's going on now. real companies have business models that can make money. some like goober that even though they abuse money in china, they actually have a brand. they have this ability to have this dominant architecture that people are going to pay for come this year city in rows. some of the stuff not as high quality with ridiculous valuation, not on a taxable to the wayside. i see it as a natural selection. dagen: this is not a market investor discussion. in private equity, particularly venture capital, you have private companies wildly overvalued.
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the valuation started getting reduced last year. that will eventually hurt additional investment, company creation of jobs which has been the engine of the country. it gets down to the core of candy industry continued to grow like it has in the last several years. >> these things have to calm down and know that the good ideas one that could fund it in too well. trained to look for they are starting from. you mentioned goober. these violations are so high. nowhere to go but down one to go public. >> with growth slowing in the state of the economy, you point out the jobs lost. i agree with that. the companies that show growth will have a scarcity premium. that's only going to become more so. maria: will take a short break. offering passengers an apartment in the sky. the only thing you won't be
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luxurious is your wallet. keep it right here on the fox is not work. -- fox business network. ♪
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to welcome back. everybody can agree her purse can be a hassle but you should check. wish her a travel could be more like a night at a luxury hotel. the dream becoming a reality. recently opened a glamorous new logic new york city's jfk airport terminal, fine dining,
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first class you. cheryl casone took a trip to the airport to see how the other half live. >> martin, what do you act? tell me about it. >> welcome to the lounge. >> how are you? very excited to be here. can't wait to check it out. >> let me tell you about the layout because it's special. first of all you see in front of you the bar area. the centerpiece for the lounge. what we aimed for here was we didn't want this to feel like an airport lounge. we wanted to feel like a trendy new york are and i we've achieved it. we don't benchmark ourselves against other airlines. it is very much comparing ourselves to the finest hotels of the world in the finest restaurants in the world. this is a selection of what we have on the menu. there's multiple other dishes.
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the entrées and of course we don't have a vegetarian option here now, but there are vegetarian option as well. >> things are about to get better. you've got to be kidding me. this is like a home. it looks like an apartment. >> it feels like that. this is a dedicated area for president. >> show me around. this looks better than a new york apartment. i can sit down and have my dinner served in here before my flight. >> this is the china. it is actually, you see that charge blake, that 24 karat goldplated. >> this is 24 karat gold plated. no one is going to notice if i take this with me. see you later. i appeared maria: what a fun experience, cheryl casone. >> you send me on the worst
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assignments, maria. they spent millions of dollars on this lounge in jfk. it literally lives at this point the nicest airport lounge at that airport, probably in the united states. this is the new york abu dhabi route they just announced in the fall. so popular, so much that meant they had to launch in early. coming up at the 8:00 hour we will take you on the plane. the private residence i take you into has a prayer room. you are served during their period you are only allowed to people in them that one person can go to the apartment. it's amazing what they said up there. strange isn't it unbelievable that middle eastern hearts are so much more luxurious than the american? i might as well. unbelievable. so much better than the american airlines. it really has. my first question was who was
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hired these tickets. it is business travelers 110%. they why you'd be comfortable, rested because you are going to get in new york and landed abu dhabi 12 hours later and you have meaning to this is to combat. they really are stepping up their game as his jfk. i have to give jfk props were starting to redo the terminals. it's gotten better than it used to be. maria: they are invested in. we were excited to see you in the plane. cheryl take us into the plane he had on board. we look forward to that. still to come, the pope calling out donald trump or wanted to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico save his not a christian or a trump response. will it be enough to change the opinion of pastor robert jeffreys? more after the break.
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>> maria: ted cruz only five points behind. trump in a world war of words with pope francis. take a look and see if it will change tomorrow. futures the last line this morning. we are looking at some weakness. it's still early in terms of the major averages, still, though the mayor averages are on track since november. later this morning we will get a read on cpi, to the campaign trail in war of words between pope francis and donald trump. a person who only thinks about building walls is not a religious leader. >> if a religious leader it's
6:33 am
disgraceful. ii would not let christianity happen unlike is what is happening now with our current president. >> maria: i want to bring pastor roger, fox news contributor. pastor, good to see you, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, maria. >> maria: what's your reaction to the pope's comments and trump's response. >> you have to hand it to the pope, he has been able to pull off what everybody has done. this is going to help trump. i believe, maria, the pope is sincere, but sincerely wrong or issue, he knows it's not view or immigration or laws but state in christ for salvation. i remind our viewers that it was exactly one year a week that isis chopped off the heads of
6:34 am
christians and turned to the camera and said, we are coming to roam next. >> maria: you're right. >> the pope would understand the need for security. i think the pope is confusing the role of the church to show compassion and the role of government to uphold laws and secure the border. >> maria: wow. thoughts? >> pastor, we have donald trump still in the lead of south carolina, the narrowing. it almost sounds like, trump is being here for being defender of the faith, if you will, as oppose to a guy showing compassion, is that a fair assessment rand you think it's going to help him among conservative crowd. >> i really do. i think people have great
6:35 am
respect for the pope. most americans do not want to see the pope inserting in the american election and they don't want to take national security advise from the pope. and to me it's amazing that 65% evangelicals and by the way the most conservative brand of evangelicals will be going for trump. he's up almost two to one in south carolina overall and the latest fox poll has him up eight points even among conservatives. this is truly a phenomena. >> dagen: the pope has voters, 48% obama-romney. catholics don't make up a large percentage of the voters but matters in a general election when you look at the major
6:36 am
states like new jersey, for example. >> if evangelicals are any clue of what catholics may do, bloomberg showed in south carolina that when it comes to identifying what their values, votest said trump was at the bottom of the least, yet he's best to protect people's security and challenge the establishment. catholics around america are concerned about american security and people flooding border that are potentially drug dealers and isis. that's the desire to keep america safe. >> maria: by the way, have we heard the pope react what's going onto christians around the world? >> i think the pontiff has been outspoken about the need to protect christians and the outrage against christians being persecuted. i'm not sure where the disconnect is between what the
6:37 am
pope had to say. i think his very much desire to keep american safe. >> maria: jack. >> do you think this might be an argument for maybe not -- where do -- whether you build a wall between united states and méxico, maybe build a wall between politics and religion. >> people of faith ought to be involved in politics, the word politics means to influence and if it had not been for pastors in politics there would have been no abolition of slavery, no civil rights movement, no american revolution. pastors were at the forefront of the efforts. yes, try to influence the world that we are in. i don't think we ought to engage in partisan politics and that is certainly if we're not an american calling out a presidential candidate by name and suggesting he's not a
6:38 am
christian, i think that's going too far. >> maria: all right, pastor, talk about separation of church and state, jack. good to see you, sir. reportedly getting three extra days to to decrypt farook's phone. >> jo ling: on original proposal to impose companies that opt not to comply with court orders to break inencrypted communications. that's according to wall street journal. here in new york city, manhattan district attorney called out apple saying his office alone now has 175 devices from apple that it cannot access because of encryption. but apple ceo tim cook is standing firm receiving support from the ceo's of google and
6:39 am
microsoft along with facebook zuckerberg. these demands will create unchilling precedent and obstruct secured products. we stand with tim cook and apple and thank him for his leadership. and maria, apple is now telling me it does formally plan to challenge this warrant in the coming days. >> maria: you know, this story keeps getting more interesting. i don't know where you guys are on this. >> all the libertarians cover your ears. >> dagen: no, because they need to listen. >> michael: listen, who else is watching the show. here is how we beat them, these guys are so busy -- this is how
6:40 am
we escape. >> maria: this is about china and russia and everybody else around the world. apple does not want international companies that they are so married to the u.s. government. >> dagen: a lot of the iphone, apple customers oversees even more oppose to the government being able to get into the funds. they have a much, much more harder stand on security, like we in the u.s. think that -- you know, what, apple has fouled up. like i said -- >> maria: i don't know. >> dagen: it was one phone, it was one terrorist, it was one sager warrant and it was in the -- it was not a request for an overall -- >> maria: a lot of people saying it's a slippery slope. you stay away from my civil liberties. >> jo ling: this is very much a big argument. if you look at the biggest
6:41 am
supporters of iphone products after edward snowden is people that want privacy. that very much is, you also have to look at it as a business proposition. this is a product that's being sold, it will hurt business no matter what. >> dagen: not if it applies to everybody. >> maria: that's what he is saying. it does. >> dagen: if they had quietly dealt with the fbi in this request, they wouldn't now be facing legislation. >> maria: it would have never been quiet. it would have leaked, you gave my information away. >> jo ling: if you look at the legislators accurate this has been in play for the house and nat, this debate is super intense and i would be interest
6:42 am
to go see how the house actually respond because now we have a tangible issue at hand. it's no longer able social media and recruit meant and isis, it's way beyond that. >> maria: good point. >> dagen: fbi and legal authorities and the police could get into these phones until then, so we -- so everybody who is standing on a personal, you know, personal privacy, they are standing on it. it wasn't like that until a year and a half ago. >> this is just crazy, i don't think you can side with apple on this case unless -- >> maria: i know plenty of people who have sided with apple, you guys. >> maria: do not impact my civil liberties, you push back on government. >> jo ling: according to privacy lawyers i have talked about this issue who have advised apple in the past they plan to invoke first amendment, free speech
6:43 am
protections when it comes to legal argument as they go back to the court. >> dagen: what about fourth amendment, you strip the law enforcement of a very powerful tool in fighting crime in this country. >> apple wants to go get a warrant. it's not apple. they want to get a warrant and look in my safe. >> maria: we will keep talking about this. let me tell you this, john ashcoft said there shouldn't be a safe place. >> dagen: child molesters are using this device as a hiding place. >> maria: i don't know about this. we have to keep talking about this. we will take a short break, i spoke ahead of the company, just a couple of clicks, really fun, back in a minute ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, let's check markets. continuing this morning with dow industrial, under selling pressure this morning. still hanging around $30 a barrel, around 2%. we will be right back.
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>> maria: this is the way we are feeling in anticipation to sunday's night telecast to grease. has there been another election season as exciting as this. how high are they compared to the shoes that yvonne. story telling application has special artificial intelligence technology that pulls the best segment of footage and edits it for you and offers sound track. that's me when i was five. that made a movie oren with me right now. good to see you.
6:52 am
>> hi, maria, thank you very much. >> maria: i was not expecting the highlight, thank you for that. >> i didn't do it, magista did it. >> maria: that was great, i love it. >> an app that does video creation over 75 million users, the app uses sophisticated technology that does selection of the clips and the video production itself automatically and i don't know how the app did it but it did it for you apparently. >> maria: you want to do something in a video and send it to that person just as a surprise. it's gotten so much easier to do that thanks to magisto among others. >> serves a lot of consumers to create keepsake of important experiences in life, we recently
6:53 am
extended to also serve small businesses so they can create video stories of professional lives and this is a significant extension that lets small businesses compete in a world that was reserved for big businesses only with video. >> maria: tell us how you started this. you're a scientist and a father. after the birth of your first child, you started chatting video. >> this is kind of what we all do, we see the first experiences and we want to be able to share those precious experiences as a young family and i think what's the challenge for me is to do in a way that's repeatable and i wanted to be able to tell those stories again and again but i found it just difficult and complicated and time consuming and we ought an automated process uses ai to tell stories
6:54 am
with video. >> maria: i love it. the actual application uses emotion-sense technology which is patented. tell me about that and how you're expanding in the small business right now? >> right, so the technology is able to look very into the pixels and indicate up with an understanding what is going on in photos and videos, magista understands characters and interactions and dialogues like a human would do when they look at the footage and select the right parts to evoke certain emotion, can make your movie dramatic or sentimental the way you want it to be and how it is being used so far. for small businesses we extended the ai so you can interact with it. a business might have a specific idea, wants to be able to tell their story about how they do
6:55 am
business as real estate agents for a specific listing. ai technology using the business user to interact with it, kind of being the director and let it is ai know what changes they want to have in the video so they get exactly what they want. >> maria: love it. how big is this market, oren? what kind of revenue size, potential do you see? >> so if you think about that, now hundreds of millions of businesses are communicating every day with fans and followers on social media and websites and i think what they find is that video is becoming like the most important thing right now when it comes to communicating with fans, they're just finding challenging to use as one of their tools and by completely changing the economic model of video we made it affordable to every small business. >> maria: thanks to oren boiman.
6:56 am
next hour why recession is coming just not this year. hillary clinton makes interesting admission of truthfullness over the years, you will hear it straight from the former first lady's mouth. we will be right back. ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> maria: good friday morning, everybody, it is friday february 19th. one day of voting from the republican primary and the nevada caucus, the latest fox poll shows how much has changed in the democratic race. the national survey has bernie
7:00 am
sanders leading hillary clinton for the first time ever from 44 to 47%. clinton making a strange admission about her truthfullness over the years, listen. >> jimmy carter famously said i will not lie to you. >> well, i have to tell you i have tried in every way i know how literally from my years as a young lawyer all the way through my time in secretary of state to level with the american people. >> you talk about leveling with the american people, have you ever told the truth in. >> i have always tried to always, always. >> maria: more on this coming up. while the latest fox poll shows donald trump dominating in south carolina, there's a wall street journal this morning that was released moments ago and shows the race tightening with cruz five points behind trump. >> a person who only thinks about building walls wherever
7:01 am
they may be and not building bridges is not christian. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> maria: we are taking a closer look whether this will affect tomorrow's vote in south carolina. onto debate, encryption technology ceo, mark suck berg and jack dorsey rallying over apple. we are expecting a lower opening with falling oil prices. the dow industrial has weakened. 74 points. it is going to be likely a solid lower opening for the major averages. european markets pretty much flat on the day. mostly downside.
7:02 am
more than 1% lower for the dax index in germany. in asia, shanghai composite and hang seng modest losses, it was the nikkei that took a real hit in japan. worst performer 1.4%. kospi index in korea up just fractionally. blake berman in washington with all the details. blake, good morning to you. >> blake: the republicans continue to look up to donald trump that is according to latest fox news poll. survey of republican voters nationwide here shows 36% favor the billionaire businessman, that's more than ted cruz and marco rubio combined who round out second and third. jeb bush, dr. ben carson and kasich still short of double
7:03 am
digits. polls show trump is the favorite to win two in a row. when he wasn't battling the pope yesterday, trump focused on cruz. >> he lies, he lies badly. that guy lies. that guy does not tell the truth. he holds up his bible and he lies. you know that guy lies. >> who has the knowledge, who has the judgment, who has the temperament, temperament was on display saturday night. >> blake: take a look at this right here, maria, a first on the democratic side the fox news poll shows bernie sanders on top of hillary clinton by three points. now that is within the margin of error but this also mirrors other national polls this month showing support heading sanders' way. the democratic caucus in nevada.
7:04 am
>> maria: joining us right now mark serrano and today, good to see you guys, thanks for joining us. what an election toss. >> oh, my gosh, you have hillary clinton barking like a dog, you have donald trump talking about sweety men and then you have jeb bush bringing his mom on the campaign. it's like the jerry springer show. the only thing they haven't done is start throwing chairs around. and then this pope thing. this is interesting. a lot of folks have talked about how this is going to play in south carolina. well, the good news for donald trump there's not that many catholics in south carolina. everybody is baptist in south carolina. [laughter] >> but, again, that this is going to impact him that much at least in south carolina. >> maria: yeah, what about -- i want to ask you about the democratic side of the race, mark serrano what about hillary
7:05 am
clinton, she's always tried to tell the truth. listen to this. >> jimmy carter famously said i will not lie to you. >> well, i have to tell you, i have tried in every way i know how literally from my years as a young lawyer all the way through my time in secretary of state to level with the american people. >> you talk about leveling leveh the american people, have you always told the truth. >> i've always tried to, always, always. >> reaction, gentlemen. >> try, try, try. that's the key frías here. hillary clinton tries to tell the truth. hillary clinton can't tell the truth. you know, it's really in her dna and that is going to really haunt her. interestingly she actually told me truth there is that she only tries. she's really not successful at telling the truth particularly, i think, that will haunt her the most is benghazi and the way that she lied to the face of families that were suffering and
7:06 am
grieve target loss of loved ones under her leadership. that's really a disastrous interview, we are going to see a lot of it in the general election campaign if she becomes a nominee. >> maria: what a question, dagen? >> dagen: her supporters have dismissed lack of trust worthiness over and over again and it slapped all oaf them in the face in new hampshire and then you have a response like this in a general even if she happens to win the nomination, how does she overcome this? >> look, this is a big issue for, i think, the entire country because you've got bernie sanders, socialist who is pulling big numbers specially among young americans, and i think this is the bigger story here. this is a failure of our public education system. they're teaching our kids this stuff in public schools. that's why they're supporting a
7:07 am
socialist because they're being taught this in public schools. >> maria: well, i mean, what you're saying is will she get -- it's one like drip, drip. will she get over this, maybe. there's the dog barking and other stuff. it's like drip, drip for hillary and bernie sanders is gaining. she's only -- she only beats trump. everybody else beats her. >> dagen: right, i saw that. mark, to that point, if you look at trump in the latest fox news poll in head-to-head matchups, trump was the weakest of all of the candidates. rubio and kasich actually did better against hillary clinton than trump did even cruz and bush did better than trump did. >> that's unusual. it's hard to interpret exactly what is going on in the polling,
7:08 am
particularly because i've said for two years now that this is going to be a unique election in that whereas republicans typically pick a prior runnerup in the nomination, it's democrats are doing that this time. hillary's biggest challenge is timing. this is an election where, you know t antiestablishment is ruining so far and for her to sit there, i try not to lie, i try to tell the truth really reinforces perception about establishment political figures in america and draws people to the other side. these matchups this early in the race i don't think means a lot, frankly, and, you know, i think when we're able to pick a nominee we will have much sharper contrast particularly outsider versus clinton. >> maria: don't forget, she has all the superdelegates, guy. she's all wrapped. >> she doesn't have her secret weapon. they really thought it would make a difference.
7:09 am
>> dagen: why not why? >> maria: he's not as vibrant as he was. >> people have been asking questions about her health. there's just a lot of speculation. >> dagen: bernie sanders looks like he's 102. >> maria: 74. >> he is elderly. >> maria: yeah, good to see you both, gentlemen. we appreciate your time this morning. don't forget we are live tomorrow tonight, join us for a special coverage tomorrow night hosted by lou dobbs and niel cavuto. up next escalating fuel over unlocking the phone used by california shooters, now facebook and google throw their support to apple. we will be right
7:10 am
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
>> maria: welcome back, a tourist helicopter crashing offshore in hawaii waters. >> cheryl: the pictures are incredible. this is so sad. one american critical condition after a tour helicopter, there's the video. it was carrying five people crashing into the water near hawaii's parole harbor. a federal aviation team is on the way to the crash right now to investigate the accident. kasich showing compassionate in town hall when young supporter
7:14 am
talked about depression and father lost his job. >> i found hope and i found in the lord and in my friends and now presidential candidate that i support and i would really appreciate one of the hugs that you have been talking about. [applause] >> kasich after the moment, we don't have enough people that sit down and cry with that young man. and finally this discussed all morning, controversial, apple give ago discussional three days to decide if the company will help the fbi with san bernardino case. federals ordered to encrypt computers. they have 175 iphones.
7:15 am
some are with investigations in police shootings here in new york city and sex trafficking. their point is that they believe that apple is impeding their investigation and the iphones are warrant proof, there's video on the phones, evidence on these phones. they have the phones, they need them unencrypted, they need them open. >> maria: there goes the argument that it's just one phone. >> dagen: in the fbi case it was -- >> maria: i know. >> dagen: only became an issue when apple went to full-disk encryption which was a year and a half ago. people who are upset think, oh, this is going to destroy privacy, i think you have to ask yourself are we willing to live in a society where all of these smartphones are basically off limits of law enforcement in in
7:16 am
i case whether it's a child molester or child pornography. >> cheryl: he goes, you know, they have to answer to their shareholders but we have to answer to crime victims and their families and the families of the people who have been murdered in new york and we need answers. >> maria: this is answering to their customers, their customers' liberty liberties. it's not just shareholders. i fully expect apple and all the technology companies to cooperate. it's obvious, but they have to do so kicking and screaming, i fully believe this is a pr stunt by tim cook and am. they cannot afford china and russia to believe that they are in the pocket of the u.s. government. that's what this is about. >> they have no sense of responsibility. god forbid a terrorist attack, no one is going to blame tim cook or mark zuckerberg.
7:17 am
they are going to blame the government and security here. these guys have a free pass here. they can kick and scream all they want. >> dagen: i don't look to apple for any national defense. >> maria: government gets blamed. >> dagen: ultimately that you have to have a way to get into these devices. >> cheryl: tim cook was on 60 minutes. he said he would take it to the supreme court. >> maria: i think it's pr campaign. >> go ahead. >> the supreme court has ruled on this. not the iphone but search and seizure. at some point the facts do lead that you do go into the phone and get the facts. >> maria: does anybody think apple is not going to cooperate? >> cheryl: they are going to fight it. you said this, maria, it's
7:18 am
silicon valley versus washington. that has been brewing for a long time. this is going to be silicon valley against obama administration. the final straw that broke the camel's back. >> maria: now we know that tim cook sat next to the first lady in the state of the union. remember that? daytona, day's supporting events. [laughter] >> maria: something to tell you about it. the big race coming up. ♪
7:19 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> maria: welcome back, good morning, nascar's season into gear with daytona 500 events. jared with the details. >> good morning, maria, we go from the super bowl to the super bowl of nascar, the first race of the season and it all gets underway sunday afternoon on fox. last night two qualifying races for the daytona 500 and on the 15th anniversary of the death of
7:23 am
dale, senior, junior picked up the two spots. dale heart, jr. pulling up with six lapse to go. gets into the second row but a big wreck with just on the final lap, in that second race last night, so good chance on sunday, a lot of drivers are going to be driving their back up cars, we take a look at sunday's coverage, it all begins at 12:00 eastern time, 1:00 o'clock dagen. >> dagen: 1:30 would be your green flag. i'm looking at my weather report because i have daytona beach in my iphone. it's supposed to be sunny and 75. any nascar fan knows that they don't race in the rain. we should point out that deal hart, sr., he died at that track, he died on an accident,
7:24 am
you put your hand over your heart. it's a huge deal for deal, jr. to win in honor of his dad. i call him the eternal bad-ass. >> dale, jr. is also the favorite. >> dagen: dal, jr. has struggled during his career but he is known for racing extremely well on the superspeedways, they are only two restricter races that they -- that the superspeedways, he's known for raising very well, being the poll winner doesn't really matter that much in these -- >> almost like an opening day picture of a baseball season. it's 500-mile race. >> dagen: they're only two poll winners that have won the daytona 500 and two people who
7:25 am
started second who won the daytona 500. who wins the checkered flag on sunday? >> dagen: it's unpredictable. it's all about speed. all you have to go out there and put the hammer down, race around in a circle. it's less skill and avoid wrecks. that's how you win. >> maria: all right, well, we will watch. nice tie. good choice there. coming up, we talked with markets stalling oil prices, markets down to start the year. is there a recession on the way? we will break it down. as we take a break, take a look at donald trump making light of his war of words with pope francis. >> the vatican has massive walls around, we should build walls like the vatican. if you look at the walls around the vatican, i've been there and
7:26 am
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. first your top stories on the east coast. we are one day away from voting in the the nevada caucus. the fox poll shows how much has changed on the the democratic side of the race it has bernie sanders leading hillary clinton for the first time as ever. sanders has jumped ten points from january. clinton making a strange admission about her truthfulness over the years. >> even jimmy carter said i will not lie to you. >> i have to tell you i have tried in every way i know how
7:30 am
from my years as a young lawyer to level with the american people. >> have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to. always. >> shows donald trump dominating in south carolina. a brand new wall street journal shows the vase tightening with ted cruz behind with five points. a war of words with pope francis. taking a close look whether this will effect in south carolina this morning. markets expect to open lower. look at the futures market, we are looking at a decline of 60 points as equity follow toil prices lower. rising to record levels last week putting pressure on oil prices this morning. oil now at $30.29 a barrel.
7:31 am
>> it has the been volatile this morning. there's 500 reasons why oil is having a hard time staying higher it' because all that supply in inventory now. it's nothing we've seen before. the big answer to that question is what's going to happen with opec now. the big talk now is whether opec can get some type of agreement put together. there's a lot of talks going on behind the scenes. the market has had a good week. there's a lot of speculation they are past their point of pain. they have to do something to pass the price from falling.
7:32 am
they will cut back because the margins are bad. >> it has been a bumpy ride for markets. i asked investigating legend the question on many investors minds in terms of investing with negative yields. >> do you think the u.s. economy enters recession this year? >> i think perhaps next year. >> joining us, bank of america deputy michelle meyer. you say there's a 50/50 chance that we head in recession this year. >> we say 25% but there's even odds that the fed would have to abort the cycle or reverse course. we think there is a potential for a policy response that can avoid a recession. so, what can they possibly do? >> this is a conversation that
7:33 am
we are having every morning that the fed is out of bullets. >> it's true that their bullets are limited but don't think they are out of bullets. they can do a lot through the communication. they can reverse their rate hike. they can do another reinvestment program where they change the direction of their portfolio. they could go negative although i think they would like to avoid that. they don't have as much in terms of their ammunition but don't think they are out entirely. >> i think we would agree. we think the possibility is we will not go in to recession and see on balance the da a a suggests we could enter a circle where more people are getting
7:34 am
jobs, salaries go up a little bit and a little bit more in cap-x spending and get to a 3% growth rate by the end of the year which historical is not so great. >> i'm not looking for a recession as my consensus view. i am near michelle in terms of the odds. the feds going in an easy bias as you put it nap game is over. that might send the wrong message. it could spook markets or business owners from increasing their cap-x that will talk tomorrow, currently in the paper. how does the fed manage that? >> that made a good point. it's because they come out at the next meeting or in june and they talk about the significant
7:35 am
risk and talk about moving and looks like they have lost their credibility and appears that they are that much more concerned about the outlook. it is possible in the sense that if you have enough in the markets, if you start to see the real economy weaken, the fed were to come out of that point. once the negative news in the economy in the market and they have the ability to provide some support. they have to time it very well. >> what about this the election season, though? it is unorthodox every way and i hear more and i read more this what you are hearing on the the campaign trail. the two front runners, bernie sanders and donald trump have whack ideas in some ways about how to deal with it whether it's a 45% tariff on china on
7:36 am
imported goods. how much are clients talking about that at this point? >> it's uncertainty. >> it's a conversation the right now. a lot of people are concerned on either side. it is clear what the policies are. at this point it's hard to have a clear view on how to trade it and what the implication is for the markets. >> i think that while i agree that nobody knows what the spoils would be. than is scary. we know what they would do for the most part and the market knows it. that is built in to current prices. >> they put cash to work. get your money out of the bank and put it to work.
7:37 am
earnings down 4% year over year. >> i think there's a lot in the market. earnings, there's a number of things to be concerned about in terms of what the markets are sending or what companies are reporting. that's why we have an elevated recession risk and that's why we have taken down our growth. i think you should take a step back and look at the macro variables we are seeing quite robust job creation. so, yes, i think you are in the environment where the corporate sector is weakening. the household sectors still seems to be pretty robust. >> thank you so much. be sure to stay tuned for the rest of my enter sue. we will talk abouting in tiff interest rates. brazil thinks we are facing another epidemic. this involves animals getting
7:38 am
their hands on sharp objects. you may have seen this video of a gangster crab. a drunk monkey also in brazil holding a large kitchen knife. he terrorizes people inside. look at this video. >> there's that. meanwhile john will not be in south carolina for tomorrow's primary. we will speak to supporter and home depot co-founder on the candidate's chances should he not perform well in the the states.
7:39 am
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welcome back, two new york terse suing to keep senator ted cruz off of the state's gop primary ballot. >> two retirees are trying to get ted cruz off the april 19th ballot because of questions about his canadian roots. cruz insisted he's qualified to be president. any child born overseas to an
7:43 am
american parent makes him an automatic citizen. you may want to grab another cup of coffee. nine previously published stories on coffee. they found drinking two additional cups of coffee a day might produce liver damage that comes with food and alcohol. forget chicken and waffles. mcdonalds the continuing to experience with some changings to the menu. trying out a new chicken and pancake with its menu. it is their chicken between two maple flavored pancake buns. they will try this out in ohio at least for march. >> chicken and waffles is a
7:44 am
southern delicacy. >> in central ohio, that is known as a salad. so,ly have my other cup of coffee. thank you so much. federal reserve minutes show officials worrying about a global slow down it could hurt the u.s. economy. with market volatility throwing a wrench of smooth sailing. i asked him about policy makers and do they have reason for this uncertainty and what about negative interest rates at five central banks around the world. >> think think there is. i think that that is well verseded and very happy in terms of consumption and 2% for the u.s. but i think they observed problems in china, observeded problems in emerging markets and
7:45 am
think that those problems might come back to the united states. so they are cautious and will probably move in margin and probably move for the rest of the year depending on those conditions. >> i want to talk about that t there are negative interest rates afternoon the world. five central banks have now gone to negative interest rates. sweden on the heels of bank of japan taking rates in to negative territory. you have been talking about this recently. >> i have. the fed and other central banks have followed a model of lowering interest rates to improve a recession area economy, we are a sthroe growth economy and raising interest rates to cool off. that's been their basic model.
7:46 am
there they had some negative impacts that are not reflective in the historical model. if they are in zero or negative then the returns to banks are lower in terms of their net interest margins. we will see that in bank stocks. they can't earn interest on their money then what happens to that money and what happens to credit and capitols as we know it and as we have known it for the fast hundred years. >> do you think the u.s. economy enters recession this the year? >> i think perhaps next year. this is a good indicator that it was a model and suggesting that this quarter of the first year but they are suggesting that this quarter and the 2.5% real growth range.
7:47 am
i think the critical thing is that the real growth plus inflation. i think ultimately in the united states has to produce nominal gdp of 3% and 4% it' been 2.8% in the last few months. i don't see a recession but i think we should be looking for normalal gdp oh of 2% which to me should be a normalal recession. >> wow. it could be not necessarily officially a recession but it might feel like a recession which i think a number of people might feel that they are feeling right now seeing that they haven't seen wages move. what does it look like today from your standpoint? >> well, it should be -- this is
7:48 am
a marketplace. this is a financial economy. when you have leverage and we heard neil talk about that in recent days in terms of banks too big to fail. it reflects a global economy. we still have a high in-depth that is sensitive to interest rates. i don't like high yield at the moment because sit too volatile. i think that stocks are going to go up 10%. so stick to the safe charge. those are in my own personal portfolio and it's been looking good for the past 12 months. >> that includes equities, bill.
7:49 am
are you expecting a volatile year? what does 2016 look like when you look at the equities market? >> it doesn't mean much. they go up and down a lot i suppose. as reflected by the index which is a measure of equity volatility and afternoon 22%. i think that is where we will be for the rest of the year. than is twice as much as what we've had in prior years. does that mean 1%-1.5% on a daily basis? almost. the market is uncertain as far as the economy and whether the negative interest rates will do any good. apple fighting back against the federal government this morning over consumer privacy laws. we have the latest developments
7:50 am
straight ahead on this important story. new orleans rapper used to teach middle school classes in baton rouge prior to becoming a hip-hop artist.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back. apple getting three extra days to come pwhraoeu the fbi's request to decrypt the iphone of the san bernadino shooter. >> the side changing a little
7:54 am
bit. all this is coming that richards that decided against the proposalle to impose criminal penalties on the companies not to comply with court orders which broadly effect more and other companies. here in new york, yesterday, manhattan district attorney called out apple saying his office alone has 175 apple devices that it cannot access because of encryption but cook is receiving support of google and microsoft along with mark zuckerberg. saying yesterday, these demands would create a chilling precedent and obstruct companies efforts to secure their products. and we stand with tim cook and apple and thank him for his leadership. they plan to former any file their challenge to the warrant in the coming days. >> of course. their businesses would collapse
7:55 am
if they let it be known that they are just complying with government. >> they have been. they did in 70 some odd cases apple opens these phones for the government before 2014. this is an instance that this one case is one terrorist, one valid first warrant and one phone. apple is not being ordered to create a universal back door for this phone. that is a concern. i know that they are worried about the optics and the way they use it but they also ought to be worried about looking at this. they create a product where they stand with terrorists. >> if we hadn't had that is all come out i don't think this would be a big an issue. >> apple cannot allow china and russia to think they are in the pocket of the u.s. government. for me it's a pr stunt. >> if you look at how they are
7:56 am
selling this phone based off privacy. they are paying a premium for an iphone. it's part of their business model. >> they have to comply. they will. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
7:57 am
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so you can try it risk-free! voiceover: call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's promo code freeship. stand up for your health. we are one day away from voting in the republican south carolina primarily and the we are one day away from voting in the the nevada caucus. the fox poll shows how much has changed on the the democratic side of the race it has bernie sanders leading hillary clinton for the first time as ever.
8:00 am
47% -- 44%. sanders has jumped ten points from january. clinton making a strange admission about her truthfulness over the years. >> even jimmy carter said i will not lie to you. >> i have to tell you i have tried in every way i know how from my years as a young lawyer to level with the american people. >> have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to. always. >> shows donald trump dominating in south carolina. a brand new wall street journal shows the vase tightening with ted cruz behind with five points. a war of words with pope francis. >> a person who thinks of building walls and not bridges is not christian. >> for a religious thraoerd question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian as president i will not allow christianity to be attacked and weakened what is happens now with our current president. >> we are taking a closer look
8:01 am
at whether this will effect tomorrow's vote in south carolina. on to the latest in the the heated the debate over encryption. more technology companies rallying behind tim cook and apple. on to markets we go, futures pointing this morning. we are looking at a decline on the dow jones industrial average. one issue, earning, do an deer lowered expectations for growth in 2016. that was one of the companies this morning. >> deer, equipment sales with were seen down 7% now 10%. this is not surprising considering that s&p 500 is a hundred points higher in a short amount of time. there you go on top of all the the other calamitys that we have been dealing with. the latest dealing with cpi coming up. let's check oil still holding
8:02 am
above $30 a barrel. one day ago, democratic candidate bernie sanders and hillary clinton are making their final cases to the people in nevada in a town hall last night. peter is in las vegas with the latest. hillary clinton and bernie sanders making their closing arguments in a town hall meeting last night to nevada voters. the poll shows the race here is in a dead heat but this has been a critical contest for bernie sanders who is trying to show that he has broader appeal to minority voters and in particular to hispanic voters here in nevada so this he can show that he can be a strong general election candidate for democrats. so immigration reform including a failed 2017 reform bill was a major issue last night. >> we both had a chance to vote on immigration reform in 2 007.
8:03 am
i voted for it, sanders voted against it. organizations almost the attend to slavery. workers came if and if they didn't do what their bosses wanted them to do, if they didn't act steplt exploitation and cheating they would be sold out of this country. >> so a win here for sanders tomorrow especially with minority voters and his hispanic voters and union support could be a major setback for clinton and show that he is going to be a tough rival for her to go in and win the democratic nomination. >> really interesting stuff there. joining us now is billionaire investor, good to see you. >> thank you. >> want to get your take on the economy and markets.
8:04 am
what's your take on this election? u i think it's clear any most exciting election and in some ways the most terrifying one. this is the first time i can remember the american public expressing genuine dissatisfaction with everything that's going on. i think that's what explains on both sides some unusual candidates surface. >> that's the truth because bernie sanders and donald trump their both hateing and tapping in to this anger that you talk about. what are people most upset about? i think middle class and lower middle class americans feel correctly that they have been jerked over in the last decade or two. the economy has not performed for those people. they are tired of it. they really want some change. they are not quite sure what form the change should take but they know they don't like things the way they are going.
8:05 am
>> it's true. >> mr. ross, given the uncertain political climate, where are you seeing the best investment opportunities now? private or public? well, we have been buying some of the distressed bonds of the the production companies. even if some go break bankrupt the bonds are over contingency. we think that oil is a very interesting place to be. then related to that, we've been very active in the shipping industry. all that oil sloshing around the world has to go somewhere and it most like i'll gos in a vessel.
8:06 am
it's happy fuel. fuel costs are down an physical volume is up. >> it's interesting that you are favoring mining companies and buying the bonds of oil companies but is there a catalyst that will change the tre projectry on what's going on. . it's declined by over 30% last year. there's a reason for the difference. >> at the beginning of last year, china had about 250 million cars tonight road. they added 24 million cars just last year. that's a 9% increase and there will probably be. another 24 million cars this year.
8:07 am
since transportation is the main use of hydro carbon especially crude oil, that means that cars and air travel which has also been expanding rapidly in china have been driving the growth. >> wilbur, this is something we've been talking about for days, how much do you think of what's going on in the race for the white house, the rhetoric -- in how they commit money right now? >> well, this business people like certainty. businesses can adjust to good new, they can adjust to bad news. they have a tough time dealing with is uncertainty. and ge to* politically and every single country.
8:08 am
you can get out of the eu. spain is having trouble forming a government. italy has created internal controversy. go around the map, it's not just the u.s. but every place is having political unseurpbty and given the extreme the role the government now plays if business is creating problems in and of itself. i think the real cammodity expert. are there any forces that would force prices up? >> -- it is geared up and in the growth rate in china. they are just going to kh*eus. the reported figures their 6.9.
8:09 am
we believe a real growth in china is probably the best 4%. they have to continue cutting back their production. they have geared up for a demand con opponent that simply isn't -- and once it gets back if balance, prices will be okay. >> i want to get your take on the the international story. you are just back -- you have a sense of what's happening on the the real stkpheu. >> economy? >> just coming back from london they are very concerned about the election because obviously they feel as the the u.s. is for the rest of the world and the truth is that they are -- they are leaders and they don't understand these candidates. i had to remind them that they
8:10 am
loved obama and how did that work out for them? with the turmoil and the eu and the cracks they are seeing in the the eu they are really nervous about that. it looks like the whole globalle economy will spill over and if the united states doesn't elect a president that can spaeublize -- stabilize what he was saying, doesn't make them feel secure. hay are concerned. they don't see any path for their growth. they are looking for a strong president who is going to give everyone the confidence that things are going to get better. >> what is your sense right now. we know that you are obviously big investor in greece among other places. give us a status check. >> i think the most seriously
8:11 am
issue is the refugee problem. one of the central theories of the eu was free movement of goods of people within the eu. 2.7 million people a day crossed into our european borders freely and the a couple trillion dollars worth of goods every year moved within those borders. now they are shaken as being weudleleed away. countries are starting to protect their borders. they are going to have a huge economic toll on europe and it's also causing a great deal of the social displacement, social dissatisfaction and tearry problem -- budgetaryry problem for the individual countries. i think that is the single most dangerous problem in europe now.
8:12 am
>> would you invest to europe or asia? >> i am on my way to china. i will tell you. i haven't been there in 7 or 8 months and for me that's a long time. >> so are you a serial in the u.s.? >> we were a very big seller in the earlier part 20 15 and sold what we bought last year. not because we thought the world was coming to an tend but things seemed a bit choppy and we were concerned about this geo-political problem. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> safe trip to china. wilbur ross there. >> republican helpfuls busting out their best jobs to thraour votes. latest on this fiery race to the
8:13 am
white house next. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension,
8:14 am
as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card
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8:16 am
welcome back. a helicopter full of tourists crashed off the hawaiian coast. so, one person in critical condition after. you can see that tour helicopter crash. it was carrying five people and fell in hawaii's pearl harbor. swimmers swam to the site to free passengers from the sinking aircraft. a federaled administration teams
8:17 am
on their way to the site to investigate what happened. >> this video showing several people deck decorating a pa raoepb core veteran -- marine corps veteran outside a mcdonalds. he told our colleagues that they asked him do black lives matter. he believes it was hate crime. he was beaten in that attack. a new thank study from insue company the most ticketed carton road with 33% said they received a fine during the two-year period. watch those speeds. ben bernanke and his wife showing up on last night's episode of the the "big bang theory." he was onset visiting as well and there they are.
8:18 am
we will show you in the background in a tiki bar. i guess they are big fans of the show so they got invited onset. >> that is great. apple fighting the government's order to break in the san bernadino's iphone. that's next. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked.
8:19 am
good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t.
8:20 am
8:21 am
welcome back. apple planning to fight against a court order to decrypt an iphone. families of the attack are speaking out. elizabeth mcdonald are here with
8:22 am
that angle. >> we have half a dozen representatives and families and srubg tims of terrorist attacks. five of them in the the san bernadino shooting. this is in the the heart of the apple fight. they are coming out, frustrated t upset saying this iphone used in the terrorist attack. this lady lost her fiance in the tack. here is another one. saying very upset apple is not cooperating. i have spoken to family members of victims. they feel same. sheer a quote that there might be something in the phone that could lead to other terrorists the plots.
8:23 am
the first family member that spoke out was the british soldier who was ma macheteed and murdered. the uncle of that family saying -- -- -- and the wire and drove away on internet and the broad band. also we have one person coming out and saying, messages were
8:24 am
problem in the tkpwar the land, texas -- garland, texas shooting 109 messages isn't to overseas terrorists. they took a shot in the bronx and encrypted messages were a problem in this as well. other crimes in this as well. >> i don't know why apple just can't open that one phone? maybe the government over reached by giving them the impression that they wanted the key or the operating system. just give them the phone and open the phone. one phone. >> there's no consequence -- >> there will be a consequence to apple. people are going to demand that we are safe and that we can't have criminals with these tell phones.
8:25 am
>> apple has done it before. at least 70 times. >> now they got religious. now all of a sudden -- >> this is a moral problem not a technical problem. >> this company has made billions in america and the freedoms of america. they will have to start defending those freedoms. they don't want to -- that's right. that's what i said this morning. >> smoke and -- >> real quickly. >> one of the victim's family members said this hurts customers of apple so they have really taken the fight to tim cook in apple.
8:26 am
>> that's why he has to act this way. >> i agree. that's my take on it. >> oh, thank you. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump known for his attitude and attacks on rival candidates. now he's taking on the pope. more on that next. back in a minute. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin.
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♪ all across the state the economy is growing,arts today. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at >> welcome back. new fox poll showing donald trump with his lead ahead of the primary. >> according to the latest fox
8:30 am
news poll, survey of republican voters nationwide show more than ted cruz and marco rubio combined. jeb bush, dr. ben carson and john kasich are approaching, but falling short of double digits. the focus today and tomorrow remains on south carolina, the primary there. polls show trump leads and rubio has many of the state's top endorsements. bush this morning was pushing back against the poll showing he could finish fourth or even fif fifth. >> south carolinaions are conservative and believe in supporting the troops and making sure that veterans get care, i'm sure the polls will take care of themselves. >> the stakes are high here, maria. 50 delegates in play, as much as new hampshire and iowa
8:31 am
combined. >> that's important to watch, thank you, break. >> and john kasich feeling optimistic about his chances in south carolina this weekend after a strong performance in new hampshire. joining me on the found is home depot founder and john kasich supporter ken langone. how are you. >> chris christie stopped his candidacy so you've gone and thrown your support behind john kasich, why? >> well, i think i've known john a long time and knew him when he ran the budget committee in congress and the good things he's done in ohio. ohio is a state that's shown dramatic recovery, but a lot of it is his leadership. at a point in time when america desperately needs to figure out how to get our economy going, at best it's sputtering. i think that john kasich will approach many of our ills and
8:32 am
the thing on most people's minds today are their financial well-being or financial opportunity or lock thereof. when you look at the numbers on trump and sanders, that indicates to me that the economy is at the forefront of most people's minds, as it well should be. maria: yeah, it's definitely the top issue, if not the one or two top issues. you know, john kasich, it feels like, has the goods because he's done it before. something he says over and over again on the campaign trail and in the debates that he did help balance the budget and he has the leadership that we can see in ohio yet, it's very hard to break out when donald trump seems to be taking all the oxygen. >> look, let's be realistic about what's going on in america today in the political process. there are a lot of americans people who are hurting and they don't see a way out and trump and sanders both represent an
8:33 am
opportunity for them to say loud and clear, who is taking care of us? we're unhappy. we feel left out. and i think there's validity to those. we look, for example, talk about the unemployment rate. the economists say the unemployment rate is a hell of a lot higher and say well, you stop looking for a job you're no longer unemployed. show me the logic of that and how it works, because i can't figure it out. unemployment in america today is at least twice as much as the stated number. maria: right. that's why so many people have not felt this recovery. they haven't seen their wages move or looking at growth. that's sort of at a crawl. >> look, one of the biggest challenges in america, i believe. is income inequality. that's one and the other is generational debt. got to take account that these guys are going to realize that 80-year-old guys like me have
8:34 am
done well by entitlement to their expense or at their expense, and i think those two issues, generational debt and income indequality we've got to get to work on it. to be fair, income inequality reflects the deterioration of education in america, the correlation between the education and ability for people to compete in the marketplace and we've got to get that going and that's not a short-term fix, maria. if we start today. my guess, it will be 20 years before we see the real fruit of an improved educational system in america. maria: that's why you've been such an incredible philanthropist around education and health care and know what you've done at nyu medical, langone medical. let me ask you about the pope, ken. because you're a proud catholic and donated to the restoration of st. patrick's cathedral in new york city.
8:35 am
what's your reaction to donald trump's war of words with pope francis? >> well, i think pope francis' war of words with donald trump. i think it's -- maria, just came from mass. i'm a devout catholic and proud of my religion and the pope is a wonderful man and i think he's got the right focus on a global basis, we've got to consider the downtrodden and those left behind and those that have suffered, and issue how can you be a christian and not feel for people with less than you. where the pope on this one is wrong, he can certainly say if he wanted to that building a wall is not a christian thing to do, but building a wall doesn't mean that donald trump is not a christian and i think there's a play on words right there. remember the old saying, god lovers sinners, he hates sin. i think to say that donald trump is not a christian is
8:36 am
wrong, absolute flat-out wrong and in fact, i was listening to something this morning where there's speculation that the pope may try to clear up or give clarity to what he said yesterday. maria: okay. >> but i happen to believe that the way it was stated yesterday was flat-out wrong. i'm not challenging the pope on spiritual matters, i'm saying in this case, you know, i don't know of anybody in their life who doesn't do un-christian things from time to time, saying an unkind word about somebody else, not giving somebody a helping hand when you can do so. maria: yeah. >> we're all guilty of unchristian-like behavior, hopefully that doesn't impair our ability to be christians. maria: you're expecting a clarification there. it's interesting you'd put your time and your money behind john kasich at this stage. game. we to that donald trump has been leading and bernie sanders is overtaking hillary.
8:37 am
i've got to get your take on that as well. you think these next couple of contests going into super tuesday are going to see a different theme than what the polls show in the last eight months then? >> no, i don't know if it's going to be different, but i think it's fewer in number and more focused on those that are remaining. i'm not going to name names, but i'm sure by monday there will be at least one or two other people dropping out of the republican race and i think, look, i think john kasich has got all the ticket. first of all, he's a good man, a decent man. maria: yeah, integrity. >> but he's got experience to go with it and he's rather -- rather, he's forthright and says it the way it is. and remember, i supported christie in 12 and when he decided know the to run, i joined the romney effort. christie made his mind up this is not the time for him. i've known john a long time and i did indicate that if chris
8:38 am
ever dropped out i would certainly be interested in supporting somebody who-- in my case i think it's an obligation on my part to be involved and i don't need anything from the government, thank god. i am pushing to get better relations, so they have better relations. maria: that's what everybody loves about you, no conflict. i've got to get your take on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. does it surprise you that he's overtaking her in the latest polls? >> no, i think collectively democrat, republican, independent, the american people are not happy. maria: yeah. >> the bigger issue to me is not the election in november, that's going to happen and we're going to have a winner. what are we going to do about all of these people after the election and what are we going to do to help them? what are we going to do? they're loud and clear, they're going to a radical extremist saying i'm going to vote for trump and know the to say
8:39 am
anything is wrong with donald and sanders, but a years ago you wouldn't give them a chance to be where they are today. they haven't changed. the american people, many of them are saying, wait a minute, something is wrong. we need help. who is thinking about us? don: do you think that bloomberg enters the race? >> i don't know. that's a good question. i've heard mike say many times why he couldn't win. and you know, everybody has, as a matter of fact. look, mike did a superb job as a mayor and mike, i think, would do a superb job as a president. every day he waits if he's thinking about it is one less day he has a chance. maria: i've got to ask you about this, the cover of the new york post, eliot spitzer now says that the woman who is saying that he choked her, the russian woman who left the country now he says that she tried to shake him down. eliot spitzer.
8:40 am
you must have a comment on that. >> i have one thought and one thought alone. maria: do it. >> i feel so terribly bad for his former wife, i understand is a wonderful woman engaged in many causes for the downtrodden. i feel bad for her and especially bad for her children. spitzer is over, i leave him to his own devices which he seems to be taking great liberty with and unfortunately there was no detriment my sole take i feel for his family terribly bad for his family and that's my take on that, maria. maria: ken, great to talk with you as always. >> hope to see you soon. >> i'd love to see you as well. thanks so much for the time this morning. >> thank you, bye. maria: ken langone joining us there. tune into sunday morning futures for my interview with presidential candidate john kasich at 10 a.m. eastern on fox news channel. i hope you'll join me for
8:41 am
sunday morning futures. taking with ken langone's support. back in a minute. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause
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8:44 am
>> welcome back. 45 minutes away from the opening bell. adam shapiro at the new york stock exchange. you're watching yahoo! among others. >> we'll be watching it, it's up 3% after the news that the board of directors is exploring strategic alternatives. and some people said, they talked about separating things like yahoo! autos.
8:45 am
just to give you an idea where the stock stands, it closed at 29.42 and change. if you look at 52-week performance, it's down 33, 34%. year to date 11 1/2%. up 8.8% and it's climbing right now. maria: all right. adam, thank you. we will take a short break. some serious monkey business going on in brazil. cheryl casone and other headlines. cheryl: kind of a fun break. this monkey up to no good. firefighters called to a deal with a monkey allegedly drunk and chasing men with a kitchen knife. apparently the only damage was to the bar's roof. i'm sure there's hangover involved. take a look at this. new orleans rapper d-1 used to teach middle school classes in baton rouge prior to being a hip-hop artist and he's finally paying off his student loans. ♪
8:46 am
♪ i finished paying sallie mae back ♪ >> and this was viewed one million times on facebook. and james bond movie specter, one of only two show cars from the ten that were made especially for that film, maria. it wasn't you that bought it? we don't know who bought it. maria: wasn't me. thanks, cheryl. we're taking you aboard the airways flight that costs $32,000 for a one-way ticket. you've got to see this plane. how would you like to smell your way to love? a dating website finds your body scent to find you the perfect mate. $2500 and limited to a hundred participants. you wear a t-shirt for three
8:47 am
days and send it back in a prepaid envelope. voila, you find your perfectly scented match. ♪
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8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ >> welcome back, earlier, cheryl casone showed us the height of luxury travel. now she's ready to take flight.
8:51 am
cheryl: that's right, we went on board the a-380 to check out the company's apartment in the skies dubbed "the residence", roll tape. this looks like any bedroom in a new york apartment. this actually is a residence and can be yours for $32,000 from new york to abu dhabi. i took a nap and want a shower and i have of course my own shower which is amazing for myself and a full bathroom there. and afterwards, maybe as i'm close to narc or abu dhabi, i decide to relax in my own living room. >> what we wanted to achieve here was just really the height of luxury so, again, we're sitting on seats that are up polstered in brown leather, the same leather you'll find in ferraris. >> these are the first apartments behind "the
8:52 am
residence" on top of the aircraft. these are basically first class seats. if you want a snack, a drink, time to go to the lobby and meet people and have fun. it's between the first apartment and business class and this is where people come to have a cocktail and a snack and maybe make a few friends on the flight from new york to abu dhabi. the first things i forgot about a flight attendant. everything is secured. these are the carts in the aisleway, but for takeoff and landing everything has to be secured and i had to do this when i was a flight attendant back in the day. this is business class, costs $10,000 between new york and abu dhabi. and a lot of amenities in first class, your own bed, a television. the difference is the quarters are tighter. if you don't like the person next to you, you don't want to meet them. you don't have to. >> hi. >> okay.
8:53 am
so, i'm not saying i'm anti-social, right? just saying maybe you just want to have a little privacy and quiet time on your 12-hour flight. >> yeah, 12 hour you don't want to have to entertain. were you surprised at the luxury there? >> yes, i was. that residence is beautiful and surfaces, there's gold plated place and vera wang crystal. it's amazing. you don't think you're on a plane. you think you're in an apartment. maria: for $32,000. >> exactly. maria: 37,000. >> 32 grand each way per person. maria: that's one way? >> one way 32 grand. and then the apartment, only two people in the apartment. dagen: i'll row you there for that price. >> someone would pay $32,000 one way?
8:54 am
>> why don't you do business class and pay 10 grand? put the wall up. >> you don't have a shower. >> oh. >> a bathroom. dagen: haven't you heard of a sponge bath? [laughter] >> yes, i have. and have you heard of-- going to pay for that in the plan. >> bernie's got it. maria: someone tweeted the other day, katherine, i love you bernie, i won't stop until every company has zero dollars left. >> opening bell is minutes away.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> welcome back. opening bell about 30 minutes away. let's give our final thoughts here. the cpi came out, and i thought it was higher than people
8:58 am
wanted to see. dagen: and i know that they'll jump all over this, does it change about how we feel about the economy. i have for my southern self a message to the people at apple, bless your heart. everybody from the south knows exactly what i mean. >> oh, boy. [laughter] i'm afraid. maria: michael block? >> cpi looking to tick better on the headline and the core. health care, new and used cars and celebrate that people are paying more rent and health care costs. maria: year over year. >> looking at signs of stress. the problem, michelle mayer whose work is great was out earlier, one of the catalysts for central growth is fed easing. it's hard for the fed to ease when we're in the middle ground when inflation is better. takes away the case for qe 4 and going to an easy bias, whatever it is. this is better, but not good enough.
8:59 am
we're late in the cycle, we're facing a lot of constrictions on growth. we're stuck. maria: you're still expecting weakness from markets and a tough economy? >> yeah, i'm not looking for recession per se, but really slow growth. some 1%. maria: wow. but i think-- >> jack otter has 3% economic growth? >> the cpi number helps confirm that. the biggest fear now is deflation. this is a baby step away from deflation so i'm very happy with this. one key point, in every recession since 2011 you saw at least three straight months leading up to it with a rise in the unemployment rate. right now we've not seen that. i think that's one data point that's possible. maria: georgette, your final thought? >> i think this is going to play into the election and tomorrow is going to be very important. if donald trump wins big, we may be-- we may see what i would say is,
9:00 am
there's no way to stop him. let's see where cruz falls and a bush, this may be the end for bush tomorrow. it's going to be a big deal tomorrow. maria: we'll see about that and kasich, ken langone was supporting earlier in the show. great to see you. thanks so much, have a great weekend and "varney & company" begins now, stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you, maria. if you want election fireworks, we've got them for you. trump and the pope. hillary on telling the truth. the market could care less about politics, at least not now. good morning, it's friday, right before the republican primary in south carolina. donald trump clashes with pope francis. who is next? is there anyone else for him to go after? so far, trump is unscathed. right before the nevada caucus. hillary clinton is asked, have you always told the truth? i've always tried to, always, she replied.


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