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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 24, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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dagen: a quote out from kasich, i don't know if my purpose is to be president. maria: have a great day, everybody, "varney & company" now, over to you. >> i'll take it, are you ready for a trump nomination? that's what we're asking today because he won last night, oh, he won big. good morning, everyone. three straight wins for the donald and in nevada he won nearly half the vote. he won youngsters, seniors, well-educated, less educated, and he won among hispanics, wall or no. who is going to stop him now? we're hearing a lot of that. when is oil going to stop falling? we're hearing a lot of that, too. down again today, almost below $30 bucks a barrel and stocks will sell off 30 minutes from now. that's politics, that's markets, next, here they come, this one facts shows purposely,
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every single time. you're not listening, you don't like that, it doesn't have a name, i don't think, but gets right back up again. it's not knocked down yet. it's stacking and it can do some jobs that humans do now. there you go. watch it get up, hold it, hold it, please get up. >> yeah. >> it's asking for disability right now. [laughter] >> oh, and there you go. that's it, all right. enough of that. this is a big day for politics and money and we are raring to go. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> you know, we weren't expected a couple of months ago, we weren't expected to win this one, you know that, right? we weren't. of course, if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much and now we're
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winning, winning, winning the count country. stuart: trump basking in the glow of victory. a statistic vote for you, the total vote for trump last night was higher than the entire vote in the republican caucus in nevada a year ago, it was a record turnout and trump won big. final numbers for you, trump, 45, almost 46%, rubio about 24% and ted cruz at 21. rubio won by just 2000 votes, he took second place by a couple of thousand votes there. carson and kasich way back there. let me give you more of trump's victory speech. >> we won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated, i love the poorly educated. stuart: all right. liz peak is here. still loving. >> he loves poorly educated.
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ashley: oh, boy, i love the poorly educated. >> he loves everybody. everybody loves him now. stuart: would you agree with this proposition, he is unstoppable so are you ready for a trump nomination? >> we are still-- i am getting my head around a trump nomination and really trying to weigh, what is a trump versus hillary clinton debate look like? i have no idea. ashley: entertaining, yeah. >> the statistic that you mentioned, the huge turnout, that's what's so exciting about this race. the g.o.p. has talked for a long time about broadening the tent, bigger tent. this is a bigger tent. we have a lot of would-be democrats, but also people who have never engaged in the political process streaming in to the trump campaign. can he win? i actually think he could win. i think he could win not only the nomination, i think he could win a general election. stuart: he leads in ten of the next 14 primary states, including-- >> some of them and not even close in many states, it's true.
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stuart: 600 delegates to come up for grabs next tuesday. and he's looking strong for that's more than half of the delegates you need. >> everybody wanted bush to drop out and so guess what happened? a lot of voters went from bush to trump. they didn't-- >> financial lady liz peak is wrapping her head around a trump nomination. we have a financial guy with him, jeff seeker, you've seen him before, he's a bear. i've got to ask him the question, are the markets ready for a trump nomination? >> what's interesting is that on your show, donald trump said he owns stocks once, sold them at sort of the top of the market, you know, which apparently he has this insight into the stock market that a lot of people don't have, what i find very interesting is here is a man who's made his fortunate and his brand on real estate. real estate investors are very different than stock investors in a lot of ways. stuart: that's true. >> they like real estate, they like things they can touch.
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but as far as the markets are concerned, what i see that's going to be interesting is the trade agreements that we have in place now that trump has criticized, have hurt u.s. corporations, and so what i see is that these renegotiations of trade agreements, that could ultimately help manufacturing, is going to be positive for the market, so i think if this becomes a greater reality, i think it's going to become more relevant that it's going to be good for the market. stuart: that was originally a-- that was good, seeker. [laughter] >> the original and wall street's got to like that. stuart: wait a minute, wait a minute. >> he's all over the place in terms of policy. stuart: kenny is behind that, wrote in the national review, anybody, but trump, you're not a trump fan, and you were part of the national review bash at trump. so, are you used to, are you getting used to the idea of a trump nomination this morning? >> yeah, i mean, the idea
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wasn't behind the national review piece wasn't that donald trump couldn't win, it was pointing out his record and pointing out that he isn't a conservative. based on momentum that he's getting in terms of the political arena that we're in, donald trump looks like he's about to wrap up the nomination unless the republicans decide to narrow it down to one on one race. we have john kasich and ben carson in the race, unless marco rubio and ted cruz drops out to run against him, donald trump will run away with this in a landslide without a real challenge. stuart: if one of the republicans drops out, the assumption is that those votes that used to support that person will go to another republican, not to trump, but i don't think that you can make that assumption. if, for example, john kasich dropped out, some of his support, i would probably-- some of it would probably go to trump. wouldn't automatically go to one single establishment republican candidate. >> well, and i think also if ted cruz were to drop out, that a lot of his votes would
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actually go to donald trump rather than to marco rubio, just based on the fact that ted cruz is seen in the outsider category, just as donald trump is, but of course, donald trump is the ultimate outsider so he's winning. and so, i don't think that you can bank on the idea that if other candidates decide to drop out, that all of the votes are going to donald trump, but i think it will get more competitive in a one on one race between trump and whoever else would be the last man standing. we're talking momentum. someone who doesn't have experience in political office has won three primaries in a row and he's, you know, momentum in politics is everything and he's got it. stuart: katie, thank you for joining us this morning on a very big day. we appreciate it, thank you very much. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: look at dow futures, let's get to the markets, where are we going? we're down 140 odd points when the market starts up in 22 minutes. why is it down so much?
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because of oil. oil is down touching $30.75 this morning, the saudis, the saudi oil ministers say that oil production cut, oh, absolutely not going to happen. down goes oil, down goes stocks. we're quoting chesapeake energy this morning, it's been cut in half, its stock price, this calendar year, but now it's going the other way in an overall down market because it's cutting spending, it's selling assets, it's going to be up big time at the opening bell this morning. >> back to the broader markets for a second, jeff, seems you're always here when there's a selloff. have you jinxed the markets. >> i show up, futures drop, that's the bottom line. i mean, here is where-- what it comes down to with oil. oil has been in this. there's been this intensive focus on oil. and they're counting on the saudies to cut production, to help us, i think it's a colassel waste of time and i think that an overfocus on oil
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at this point, it's also a waste of time. what we're going to see is saudi arabia, iran, they're going to continue to try to annihilate the u.s. shale companies and we're going to continue to see this glut. we are swimming in oil and nobody's going to do anything about it. stuart: what the stock market's worried about is a series of bankruptcies amongst energy companies in america and around the world. >> yeah, i think that j.p. morgan came out with news yesterday or one of the big banks that they were upping reserves, their bank loans to oil companies were beginning to look wobbly. stuart: later in the program we're going to introduce the ashley webster index. if oil goes down $1, the dow goes down 100 points, direct correlation. ashley: direct correlation, and oil up $1.10, i reckon that's 140 points. what are we down now. stuart: 130 points-- hold on, i'll get you all later. a lot of stuff to cover here, there's a development in the
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fbi versus apple story and it's a big deal. lauren simonetti in case we missed it, you've got it. >> let's keep you up to speed. it wasn't just one iphone that they wanted to unlock, it was 12 others. to unlock not just the iphone used by san bernardino terrorists, others used by criminals in five states. in other words, the government's request for this back door into the iphone is not isolated to the san bernardino shooting. and health authorities now investigating 14 new reports of the zika virus transmitted by sex, including to pregnant women, that brings the total number of zika cases in the u.s. to about 90 and it brings new complexities to this mosquito-borne device, if women are at risk having sex with men who traveled to the affected countries. stuart: that complicates things. thanks very much indeed, lauren. look at this, i'm going to show you severe weather which you can actually see. the effects thereof. tornados slammed the gulf coast
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and rolled across six states and we believe about 6 million people were affected, damage in louisiana and florida, mostly. and next, the senate judiciary committee says there will be know he vote on the supreme court nominee before the election, period, it's over. our judge, napolitano, is next.
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>> china has deployed fighter jets to a contested island in the south china sea, the same island where they put surface to air missiles, woody island, they claimed it since the 1950's and otheit's now militarized. t they'll not consider any nominees for the supreme court. they'll wait for the new
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president. judge napolitano is here. am i right, is it done or could there be a recess appointment. >> if the president made a recess appointment he could only make it when there's a genuine bona fide recess. and under a recent supreme court decision, what is a genuine bona fide recess, the senate decides when it is in recess. it's totally unlikely that they would do that. he had an opportunity because of the time of justice scalia's death, the senate was legitimately in its own words, in a recess. he could have appointed, and made a recess appointment at the time. a recess appointment is not a lifetime appointment, it exists until the end of the senate term following the present one. stuart: okay. >> meaning a recess appointment if he made it, say there's a recess tomorrow, would last until january 1919. stuart: i didn't know, i didn't need to know the a to z of recess appointments. >> by your silence, i thought you wanted me to keep talking. [laughter] >> is it over? the senate says we're not going
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to-- >> yes or no, yesterday they went through the following dilemma. would we have more intellectual credibility if we say no, now, before we know who the nominee is or would we have more intellectual credibility if we say no next week after we know who the nominee is? and they decided they'd have more credibility now. but he could trap them because there's an unwritten senate rule which they will not transgress, which says if the president nominates a sitting senator. stuart: oh. >> the senate shall take up that nomination in due course. stuart: okay, is there any sitting senator who would be in line for the supreme court? >>en om -- on many of the short lists, is amy shobshor. a former lawyer and legal scholar whose attitude of the
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supreme court would fit the president likely and the refusal to take up her nomination would be unprecedented even for republicans who want to stymie president obama. stuart: she's on the short list, do you know that? >> no, i have seen her name on a short list, but candidly, short lists come from the media, from the media. they don't come from the white house. stuart: he's right. ashley is right and now-- . it's a serious question, who would want to be nominated? >> a sitting judge would not want to be nominated in an environment of near certain rejection. stuart: exactly. and your life's going to be turned upsidedown for at least a year, and you're not your own person any longer. >> some people survived this, judge doug ginsburg went through this and he had a stellar career. and marijuana when he was a ledge student, but for a year his life was turned upsidedown.
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he obviously overcame it and he's a brilliant scholar, respected on both sides of the aisle, and a lot of people wouldn't want to go through that year or six months period. stuart: you wouldn't? >> no comment. don't expect my phone to be ringing from the west wing, on anybody's short list. [laughter] >> in the unlikely event with the president. >> natural born citizen. stuart: ted cruz? i won't go further than that. and judge napolitano. speeches on wall street or very big money, it's big in the election campaign. and markets open in about ten minutes. you can blame oil again, yeah, a big day for your money and a big day in politics, just listen to this. >> you're going to be proud of your president and you're going to be even prouder of your
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country, okay? choose world.
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>> it's not a problem-- look, i have not had a paid speech, it's against the law to get paid speeches. i have given some speeches and money was donated to charity
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way, way back, i got a few dollars, but when secretary clinton said i will do it if other people are doing it. i am happy to release my paid speeches to wall street. here it is, chris, they are not any. stuart: that was after he was asked to release his paid speeches. hillary clinton on this. >> the argument seems to be if you took money from business of any kind then you can't fulfill your public responsibilities, well, that's just not the case. president obama took an enormous amount of money, more than anybody had from wall street in 2008 when he was successful in his election and then he turned around and pushed through the toughest regulations that we've seen since the great depression. so, the argument just doesn't hold up. stuart: the argument just doesn't hold up. to me, liz, that the democrats, and bernie sanders in
9:24 am
particular, they're saying it's all wall street's fault, the crash, all wall street's fault and they can pay to fix it all. that's what he's running on. >> of course, he's fastened on it because people hate the bank and like anybody who bashes the banks. hillary clinton is vulnerable her, she's not only taken from bank and bankers, but taken for speeches and foundation, from barclays, citigroup, tens of millions of dollars have thrown to the clinton enterprise, inc. and when she's talking about not releasing her speeches, that's her trustworthiness issues and honesty-- >> trump comes on and says nobody pays me. i self-finance my campaign, why won't she give up the tran
9:25 am
scripts, the fact that she won't give them up again-- >> it makes it a bigger issue. makes her a bigger issue and here is what's probably in the speeches, probably said things like we're going to work together to make your, you know, to make the economy stronger, you're going to play a vital role, which the banks do play a vital role, the whole anti-bank-- >> a somewhat childish response to the question, well, president obama did it, so what's wrong. >> it's weak, don't you think? >> isn't it fun covering the election. >> oh, my. stuart: and so much fun in your life. >> true. stuart: where are we? we're coming up towards the opening bell, which we will have for you. we're going to open up in about what, four and a half minutes' time and we will be lower, down about 150 points. and by the way, we have our resident bear, the guy who says the market's going to keep going down. he's on the show at 9:30, here he comes and you can't look away from the new video of
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google's robots. they look kind of human, don't they? they're actually ever more human than ever before and here they come. ashley: oh, my gosh. ♪
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>> it's not going to be real good when trading starts in five seconds. we're expecting a loss of 100 points plus, the price of oil is down. and the day has begun and we are down. 48 points, very, very quickly, we're expecting to be down well over 100 points by the time we really get moving, that should be about 30 seconds. >> ashley webster is here and elizabeth mcdonald is here and daniel is here and jeff sika is here. are' the perennial bear. looking for places to go down and we're down now, are we going to go down more? >> i think there's disappointment obviously from last week and they were singing kumbayah that the bear market was over and the reality, yeah, everybody's celebrating, but the reality was, that was a fake rally. that was a short covering rally
9:31 am
and people should have seen exactly what anatomy that rally was showing us. now, we're starting to face the reality that the oil market, we are swimming in oil. the stocks have been merged with this oil trade, and we're going to see continued, continued decline. stuart: but the danger is that oil really keeps on falling and there are bankruptcies in the oil patch around america, the biggest danger, right. >> the problem is that the banks are holding a massive amount of debt in energy companies, now, of this debt, probably 60% of this debt could be considered high quality or investment grade, but you have about 40 to 50% of this debt that is-- could be considered junk and what we're seeing is a lot of these-- a lot of these companies and these loans are being sold at pennies on the dollar. stuart: okay. >> when that starts to happen you've got to be really concerned about it. stuart: dan stechich come in,
9:32 am
the commodities and stocks, are we in for a leg down? >> there's a possibility we could be in for a leg down. barron's did a very good article on oil-related loans and estimated even if you had a 50% default, it's not going to take the banking system down with us. the banking system is way more capitalized. it will do harm, but not as much harm as some things. i'm going to pay attention to what we have coming up this week and next week and then a judgment as to whether or not the economy is going to continue to rally and the stock market go along with it. >> downside oil puts a lot of fear into the market. and i want to move on to what i'm going to call the educational portion of the program. we don't want to get technical, but ashley webster has a ratio. it's oil for stocks ratio, what have you got? >> i do, we need to patent this. for every dollar drop, this is
9:33 am
just recently, but it's holding true, for every dollar drop in oil, has equalled about 100 points on the market. that's the correlation, it's been amazing dow today. we have oil down 1.20, 1.30, so at least 130 points we're on the dow and that's the webster ratio. stuart: you don't patent that, you trademark that. ashley: it's mine. stuart: so anybody else uses it, they pay you. ashley: yep. stuart: forget it, son. the reason why oil is down aside from the huge glut world-wide, iran calls the oil production freeze a joke. and down we go and as ashley pointed out. down goes stock. now down 170 points for the dow industrials. i want to point out chesapeake, this is a stock cut in half just this year, 2016. but it's up 13% today. let me go to the exchange. nicole, why is chesapeake up?
9:34 am
>> up 30% for the week and 30% for the week and 12% today as you just noted and the reason why we're seeing chesapeake up and it's bucking the trend. energy is the worst performer today and has been recently. the reason why chesapeake is doing well is because they continue to sell off assets and they're going to cut their capital expenditures, their spending in half and paying down some debt. they've had to now, redo, restructure their company to accommodate what we've seen as oil is hovering around $30 a barrel. make no mistake, this is still getting hit hard. it's down 85, 90% in the last year, but a winner this week. stuart: it's a standout today in an otherwise down market. nicole, thank you. i want to get back to politics, you know how we are. i'm going to go around the block. are the markets ready for a trump vehicle. i've asked you before, jeff, i'll ask you again? >> yes, i think they're ready.
9:35 am
the bottom line, trump being-- >> would you say that you're ready, the markets are ready for a trump victory, does that mean that the markets would respond favorably? >> i think they will temporarily. i think the biggest issue obviously, the one issue that trump has been making, which i think is important for the markets is that our trade agreements are a disaster, they're an absolute disaster, trump, it has been one of his core themes has been talking about renegotiating these trade agreements. if we do get the trade agreements renegotiated it's ultimately going to help the u.s. companies. >> bearish. stuart: the same question to you, are the markets ready for a trump nomination? how will the markets react to a trump nomination? >> overall look at his policies, bullish. what jeff is talking about could ignite a trade war and we sell products into china and overseas, stay with me, defense spending would go up to fight isis, bringing corporate cash back home is bullish for the market. stuart: tax cuts?
9:36 am
>> tax cuts, but sarah palin wants to be energy secretary, that's bearish for the oil pit. she wants to basically saying, put the control of energy back to the states. wants cuomo in charge of our oil supplies? that's bearish. ashley: when you consider the alternatives out there, who could be in the oval office? i think the markets would be happy with mr. trump. stuart: that's interesting. dan, come into this please, how would the markets a react for a donald trump presidency? >> i think that ashley nailed it, saying they're going to react better with a trump presidency than the alternative and we don't know what that alternative's going to be. in more-- i think more importantly, he does have good business sense. his ability to negotiate in a political arena, i think, is going to be limited, but his business sense should help out the overall corporate mood of america. stuart: i never take donald trump at face value, what he says today will change because he's in a constant flux of negotiation and he will move his position as he gets closer to an agreement of some sort.
9:37 am
>> yes, and he probably won't nominate sarah palin as energy secretary. stuart: i've got a whole list of individual stocks that we'll watch today and they are moving. first off, dreamworks, more money coming across the tr transome, they're up 5%. higher sales at etsy, this is coming back a little bit. move on to avis, okay? down 16%. they came up with a disappointing outlook. ouch. down 16%. it's the same story at popeye's louisiana kitchen. you issue a down beat outlook and down goes your stock, 5% in this case. how about mcdonald's? riding high on the success of all day breakfast, senior small coffee to go, 50 cents i might add, i get that regularly. now look at this, nook pick, where you get two items for two bucks and now gone to $5 for two items. >> in some places and people
9:38 am
are not happy about it. the mcpick two for two replaced the popular dollar menu. it was a limited item, buy two items for two bucks. hamburgers, cheese sticks, the mozzarella, there were complaints they were hollow inside, a lawsuit on it. only in america, right. but now five-- didn't get enough cheese. big mac, quarter pounder, this is bad let me say that burger king has five items for four bucks and wendy's four for four liz: mcdonald's has gone rogue and where is the investigation. stuart: stop it, sarcasm is a low form of wit. that robot is going to take your job. it's made by boston dynamics, google owns that company or alphabet if you wish. that's going to take some jobs
9:39 am
liz: even the white house said you make 20 bucks or less, a chance a robot will take your job. it weighs 180 pounds, 5-9, it can squat, it can pick up things, knocked down, it can stand back up again, it can work indoors and outdoors. watch out. robot revolution is coming, estimates half of the workers we're talking about could be replaced by robots, it's a big deal. stuart: it looks so humhu -- so humanoid liz: maybe pick up your coffee. stuart: amazon, it's not going to affect the stock price, believe me, it's selling suits. give me the story liz: three piece suits for some for under $100. perry elliss suits for under $200, ralph loren suits, action tuxedos and wedding dresses and dress kilts if you and ashley
9:40 am
want to dress in a kilt. say you're going to a wedding and you don't have a tuxedo in time. stuart: not on a windy day liz: we don't see tuxedos prime delivery, but make more than electronics. stuart: you're trying to sell me, you are liz: did you imagine getting a wedding dress or tuxedo from amazon. stuart: would you buy an amazon suit. you're so well-dress. >> i would consider that blasphemy from amazon. you can't buy something you're going to wear that often to make an impression that you don't get-- >> i'm going to buy one, i'm going to wear it and see if you can tell liz: love it, let's do it. stuart: some day liz: you, too, ashley. stuart: higher sales at target. they are making money and the stock market is up 1%, 75 on target. higher sales at the parent of the discounter, tj maxx, that
9:41 am
stock is flat, dead flat. profits down at lowe's, unlike home depot which was up the other day on good profits. lowe's a similar kind of company, and down 3% today. how about gas, where are we? the national average for regular is $1.70. we stopped covering that on a daily basis when it stopped going down. it's 1.70. still pretty cheap. bad news bear jeff is still here. what are people spending their gas-- >> another lie that people believe what bulls were telling, when gas prices are going down, they're spending money. they're not spending much money, the reason is saving rates are down, you look at wages are down, there is not the opportunity. i think if you really look at how people are doing financially, the money they're saving on gas, they're using to just support their daily needs, so, you know, to me, anyone who is focused on this, the
9:42 am
consumer is the foundation of our economy, lower gas prices are good for the the consumer. they're not helping. so what does that say liz: tough. stuart: it tells you that-- very original thinking, we appreciate that. check the big board, we're down. i think this is the low of the day. wednesday morning, down 191 points in the first 12 minutes, got it. that's how we open. bernie sanders, he wants to bring european socialism to america. we got a candidate like bernie sanders because of hippies in the 1960's, a favorite guest of this program. illegal immigrant children pouring across the border. their numbers are on the rise. trump's wall sounding more sensible to some people. we'll deal with that in about three minutes. ♪
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>> all right. 16 minutes in and we are now down at the low of the day. oil keeps falling. chesapeake a bright spot, it's an energy company bouncing back after a terrible loss this year, about the best performer in the s&p 500. all right, i've got two stories for you. one, the flow of illegal immigrant children coming into america is expect today rise to record levels this year. deportations, by the way, are down. add that to the federal government releasing nearly 90,000 illegals who are considered to be, quote, serious threats. what a situation. joining us now, is the sheriff,
9:47 am
i want to go at it, this makes trump look better, are you with him? >> well, it does, it almost looks like barack obama is making the case for everything that donald trump is saying because you can't ask for a bett better scenario compromising the laws and security of our nation. you know, 90,000 criminals to be released into our communities, criminal illegals. not regular criminals, these are people from foreign countries who broke the law to get here and committing additional crimes and you don't have to be the sheriff to figure out, bad things are going to happen when you release violent criminals who are not from this country, back into our communities. stuart: i want to go back to trump for a second and what he said last night during his nevada victory speech, about mexico being thrilled, thrilled, he used the word thrilled to pay for the wall. roll that tape. >> i have a lot of respect for mexico, and you just heard, we
9:48 am
won hispanics, but let me tell you, mexico is going to pay for the wall, right? going to have to. going to happen. they know it, i know it, we all know it. we have a tremendous deficit, we have a trade deficit with mexico, they'll be very, very happy to pay for it, very, very thrilled, going to be thrilled to be paying for wall. stuart: okay, all right, sheriff. you're laughing along with a lot of people. do you believe him? >> i believe the fact that he wants the wall. it's in our interest to get a wall, not-- you're talking to a retired army officer, a combat engineer who actually built this double barrier fencing souths of san diego north of tijuana, so i know something about it and mexico's not looking to pay for a wall. they don't really want any type of wall and many of those people want an open border. it's in our interest to secure this border not just for illegal immigrants and drug cartels that me and my deputies are fighting, but how about isis?
9:49 am
how about terrorists that, it stands to reason, if 82,000, 123,000 illegals every year, just here in my part of arizona can make it into this country, that terrorists, that isis, this is the likely avenue approach for the enemies of our country. that's why we should secure this border. stuart: sheriff, thanks very much for coming on board with us this morning. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: it's a very important day, especially for the wall and mexico and the territory. thank you, sheriff. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: we've got a headache brewing for hillary clinton. new polls show her trailing all of the republican candidates in ohio. and ivy league students, they say they're too busy to protest -- to, wait a minute, which way around it liz: to do their homework because they're doing social activism. stuart: we've got more on that coming up, i promise you: ♪ what's going on, oh, what's going on ♪ choose world.
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he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> by the way, with the low of the day, the dow is down 230. look at this, this is the
9:54 am
quinnipiac poll. beating them by 17 points. >> yeah. >> and ashley, didn't they do a matchup with every republican. >> they did, all of them beat hillary. and by narrow margins. and bernie sanders up 35% so easily beating a son of ohio and easily beating bernie. stuart: with donald trump looking like he's probably going to be the nominee, yeah. stuart: his margin over hillary is small. i'm waiting for the primary because kasich is banking on a win. he's got to have it, it's a swing state and he needs the delegates. at the moment, i think that
9:55 am
trump leads among republicans in ohio, not kasich. >> a nail in the coffin, i think. stuart: this is the low of the day and now we're down 236 points and the price of oil is down over a buck and there is a correlation betwe correlation again. and students at brown university say they don't have time to do their homework, they are too busy with social activism. stuart: edward is with us, a student at brown. tell us how many students are actually out there saying too much homework, not enough time for social activism. are we talking about one or two? or a lot more than that? >> it's a lot more. there's just a group of students who are really into activism and they're saying that it's taking a hit on their grades so they're asking deans to give exceptions on their school work, which i find ridiculous, honestly, i'm
9:56 am
involved in a lot of stuff outside. it's because-- >> go ahead. >> the fact is they're acting like children, asking the administrators, the grown-ups to hold their hand and manage their time for them and manage their lives and as college students, we're adults and we should be able to manage our own lives. stuart: that's right. we've got $62,000 per year all in, full board, the rest of it at brown university. $62,000 and you're telling me that some of these youngsters regard it as basically a school for social activism. that, sir, is incredible. >> yeah, it really is. it's really astounding, i mean, the fact is that i'm in college to get an education so when i graduate from college i'll be prepared for the real world. i mean, i'm involved in a lot of stuff outside from school and volunteer for marco rubio think tank, but i know my school work comes first. stuart: now, you volunteered to work for rubio. how do you feel about donald trump? because he looks like he is
9:57 am
going to be the nominee. >> well, you know, nevada was a big victory for donald trump and, you know, the thing in nevada, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, they're early states. we still have super tuesday coming up and still support marco rubio through and through and this weekend i'm going to massachusetts to help campaign for him. good luck with that. we appreciate you being with us, edward. we like your point of view. >> thank you very much. stuart: okay, trump's plan to build that wall on the mexico border not slowing him down with latino voters. 45% of hispanic republicans backed him last night in nevada, 45%. geraldo rivera on that next. we've got a lot of political news for you this morning. you're waking up to the real possibility of a trump nomination for the republicans. the second hour of "varney & company" two minutes away.
9:58 am
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9:59 am
>> we're a half hour to the trading session and there are an awful lot of red arrows,
10:00 am
down 220 and that's because oil is down as we speak. we've got a win, a big win for donald trump in the caucuses in nevada last night and strong showing with hispanic voters. geraldo is here, is he ready for a trump nomination? more than 100,000 migrants crossing into europe the first weeks this year, and europe appears to be lost liz: new home sales fell sharply. stuart: hold on. google's latest humanoid robots could take jobs from humans. hour two of "varney & company" starts now. ♪ >> okay, i cut liz off.
10:01 am
get rid of that for a second. liz, what do you want to say liz: new home sales fell sharply so that is bad. this is a real-time look at the housing market. these are when the contracts are signed and versus existing, which has a lag. so, not good. new home sales fell sharply in the month of january. stuart: that news just out literally a minute ago. and it's already had a small impact on the market, i think. as of right now the dow is down nearly 250 points. there you go, it adds to the misery, quite right, ash. we have a sea of red if you look at all 30 of the dow stocks, there are 30 up there, 29 are red, that means one of them united technologies the only winner in the dow. why is this happening? because oil is selling off again, down a buck and change in the price of oil. energy, there fore, the worst performing sector. you're looking at big named oil stocks and they are down.
10:02 am
drillers down, chesapeake is taking special action and that's the only one that's up. all right, liz, overall, the end of the market rebound that we've seen in recent days? >> yes, a relief rally from oil going up slightly. when the markets go down, which they could, this is a bear market relief rally, that's when you get better prices on stocks, may not want to buy now. stuart: ashley, you've got the webster ratio, oil down. ashley: with economists and clairvoyant, basically, look, when the price of oil drops a dollar, it's about equated to 100 points on the dow. but with the data, housing data, dow down 240 points. stuart: both of you, what impact if donald trump is the nominee for the republicans, what impact on the market, liz. net bullish policies. ashley: given wall street, i think they'll like it.
10:03 am
stuart: and geraldo, wait, wait for it, geraldo. look at this, donald trump pulled in 45% of the republican latino vote in nevada last night. geraldo is here. i'm shocked. 45% of hispanics with the wall? >> i'm not shocked. first of all, trump is the nominee, i think, he is the defacto nominee in the republican party. hispanics are like everyone else, we like a winner. trump has charisma, optimistic person, like most hispanics who know the guy over time, we don't believe that literally he's going to make this creation on the southern border or go around door-to-door deporting citizens who happen to be the children of undocumented immigrants, i don't believe any of that. also, trump ties rubio and-- cruvio-- rubio and cruz together, part of that not all hispanics are created equal. rubio and cruz are cubans, most
10:04 am
of the hispanics in nevada are mexican. mexican they are at the children of cuban not put in detention or deported. once they are reaching their shores, they aren't deported, a legacy of that. and i don't think that mexicans and cubans have much in common politicalically, but the to the tomorrow line, the economy is a bigger issue in nevada bigger than immigration. and i want to stress it, this goes to his electability. i believe that once he gets the nomination, he will moderate these onerous policies. stuart: i agree with you entirely. i think donald trump, you can't take what he says, and i've said this of about, you can't take it at face value. his position now will change as the negotiation proceeds. i think he moves his position. >> think of him as a card player.
10:05 am
he's very, very tactical and now he's playing the tactic is the wall or the deportation, he plays the cards and when it's a different hand, shuffle the deck he'll play a different card, strong enough to challenge hillary clinton in what will be one of the most exciting presidential campaigns with one of the largest turnouts in our history. stuart: you are right, you're absolutely right. have you ever seen an election like this one? i haven't. >> all i can say is that come on your program on short notice and to be said by you that i am right is quite-- . [laughter] >> i appreciate it. stuart: it was an honor to have you on the show. >> stu, my pleasure. stuart: all right. ebony k williams, the all-star parade rolls on. are you ready for a trump candidacy for the republicans? are you ready for this? >> of course i am. of course. stuart: is this going to happen? >> i agree with geraldo and
10:06 am
right in his analysis. maybe it's the lawyer in me, it's forseeable. all the evidence points to the likelihood of this happening, anybody who's not ready, i suggest they get ready. stuart: the path is straight forward and relatively clear. >> and relatively, unforeseen, i don't know how it's interrupted at this point. stuart: well, some republicans say if they all amalgamated around one candidate, the collective votes of that person acquires will be greater than trump's votes. i disagree. >> i don't forsee this. stuart: if kasich were to drop out. they would say that they would go to a moderate. >> i don't see that at all. it may go all to trump. stuart: if ted cruz were to drop out in the unlikely event that he drops out. i don't think that his voters would go to rubio-- >> trump is winning among evangelicals, cruz is a total burnout.
10:07 am
once he was exposed as mr. nasty, trump is brilliant at exploiting weaknesses of the candidates. and he went after bill clinton and undermined her war on women kind of stuff. she's with this philandering, she total le undermines his power as a charismatic draw as a nice guy. when he was leaving office he was 55% approval now i would venture to say he's lower than that. stuart: we're shocked that geraldo rivera is in such agreement. >> i did not say that trump will beat hillary. stuart: there. [laughter] next one and this is for you. >> sure. ben carson, double down on what he said about president obama's upbringing, look at this. >> the way that he was brought up is not typical of the black experience in america. he was raised in hawaii by two white grandparents, spent his formative years with his white
10:08 am
mother in indonesia, went to private schools. i mean, it really is not a typical black experience. stuart: what do you say to that, is he right? >>'s he not right. i have much respect for dr. carson, i was sad to hear that comment. look, we're not a monolithic community, much like with the cubans and hispanics, not one type of person. blacks are not either. my best friend, black woman, her parents were physicians and k through 12, and she's no less black than i am. to say that, i'm disappointed by dr. carson. stuart: you wouldn't vote for him. for other reasons. looking at the results, dr. carson use-- needs to be concerned with far more than the barack obama. >> did you see blackish, the star said he doesn't know any negro who is voting for dr. carson. stuart: one last quick question.
10:09 am
in the last two presidential elections, with president obama standing of course, blacks voted 90, 92% with democrats. >> overwhelmingly. >> yes. stuart: what proportion of the black vote do you think that trump could get? >> i think he could get up to 20%. stuart: 20%, geraldo. >> that's a little on the high side. i think the black vote in south carolina will redeem hillary clinton big time. >> but lots of questions are being asked by the black community around hillary. >> i just think that trump is a very, very personable guy and read in him what you want to read, you see in him the guy that you want to see and do surprisingly well. >> the blacks are also into the economy, too, we want to win and it's not different,s narrative applies to multi-faceted groups. >> it's almost like a spaghetti western, they speak and english comes out. and i think with trump you see what you want to see here.
10:10 am
stuart: he's soft-- not really. i want to get to move on to another story, the fight with the fbi, apple and the fbi. it's going to capitol hill. all right, liz, what's the story about liz: what the story is about, essentially the fight continues and whether or not there will be a quick legislative fix to the fbi law enforcement getting into encrypted iphones,apple continues to say that it is basically against a back door into its devices. we have now, since october, 13 times, 13 devices apple has said we're going to defer complying with court orders to get into them. so they want a legislative finfix. one bill, which is leading the way from mr. mccall and mr. warner in congress could possibly entomb this controversy in a commission for further study meaning we won't see legislation, it would just be studied further, to the far right of the screen. stuart: close it down. close it down, that's the concern. stuart: some of us want to get
10:11 am
the information to stop the other plots going forward, we'd like that fairly quickly. that's just me. a huge increase in migrants entering europe this year, more than 100,000 in the first six weeks of this calendar year. europe in deep trouble here and plays right into trump's hands, does it not? more varney after this. >> i have a lot of respect for mexico, we won hispanics, you just heard, but let me tell you, mexico is going to pay for the wall, right? going to have to. going to happen. i know it, they know it, we all know it. we have a tremendous deficit. we have a trade deficit with mexico, they'll be happy about it, they will be thrilled to be paying for the wall.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
>> not quite the low for the day, but way down off 224 points. and talk about a loser, look at this one. this is the ford motor company,
10:15 am
down 5%. all it got was a downgrade from credit suisse and it was down $11 a share, and down 5% for the ford motor company. donald trump rolls to victory in nevada. listen to what tony blair, former britain prime minister, here is what he said about this on "mornings with maria" today. >> how do the british feel about donald trump? >> i don't know how they feel, but they're probably like most people and like most of you here, somewhat surprised, let's put it in a diplomatic and neutral way. stuart: a diplomatic and neutral way. ashley: typical tony blair right there, that he actually take a stand on something. trying in an underhanded snidy way we think he's a joke just like you do here. >> elitist. ashley: it's very elitist. stuart: you can't take him as a joke here, after new hampshire and-- can't do that. ashley: he's resonating with people in this country whether you like it or not. stuart: and he's probably going to get the republican nomination for the presidency.
10:16 am
it's a straight, clear shot that he's got right now. ashley: yep. let's not forget that the u.k. debated in parliament whether they should ban him from the u.k., pretty good one. stuart: put him on the spot. here is next, more than 110,000 migrants reached europe this year, look, we're only six weeks into 2016. 110,000 in already. then we have the region's dire financial situation and some of those countries in europe are bankrupt and britain will vote in june of maybe leaving the entire shebang, the european union, getting out. it's looking more and more like europe is finished and that's my word and it's very strong stuff, but that's the way i feel. with me now is the former u.s. ambassador to turkey, james jeffrey, a frequent guest on this program. mr. ambassador, i know i'm coming on strong here, but when i add it all up, it looks to me like europe is flat-out falling apart.
10:17 am
and you're a diplomate. i know you can't use harsh words, but tell us what you really think. >> i would put it that europe is in intensive care right now and the prognosis is very questionable. i'm trying to sound like tony blair here. you're absolutely right. it's very, very problematic, in a nutshell for your viewers, here is the problem. the eu has a very weak constitution. think of our articles of confederation during and after the revolutionary war. but its elites in brussels and paris and elsewhere want a much more centralized state than we have here in the united states with a federalist system. this produces the following crisis. the centralizing drive has produced a common currency, the euro, weak constitution means every country has its own taxes, budget deficits and such. that doesn't work, that's the economic crisis.
10:18 am
meanwhile, britain, which has a very american federalistic, classic, county liberal view of the world doesn't want to see a state ala france dominating every country and that's the push on them. and the refugees, a liberal view anybody who wants to come to our shores we will embrace. that's not sustainable. chancellor angela merkel in germany made a huge mistake and. we've got a huge piling up at the border and the greeks are saying you've got to let them through, a mass pileup there. tell me, any idea what the end-game might be this this migrant crisis? what is it? >> there are two end-games. countries all over europe are taking their own decisions, violating eu law and violating agreed policies, but doing what they can to stop the flow.
10:19 am
that's what you see in greece, in macedonia, bulgaria and other places and that's a terrible solution for refugees themselves for human beings in for europe. the real solution would be for merkel to decide we cannot take everybody. she's created a huge vacuum, a huge pull that reinforces the push from these war zones in any case and until she changes her mind and they start working on supporting refugee camps in turkey and in afghanistan, and elsewhere, this is going to continue. stuart: mr. ambassador, you've nailed it yet again and we appreciate that. the james jeffrey, thank you so much for joining us, sir. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. stuart: google's latest robot, it looks kind of human liz: yes, it does. stuart: doing that kind of stuff, it can replace a lot of jobs liz: including fast food workers. stuart: well said. the story in a moment. the robots are coming.
10:20 am
♪ mr. roboto, domo ♪ ♪
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> how about this for video, a rhino in south africa charging. ashley: whoa, get out of here. stuart: you've got it. the suv was parked on the road. not for long. the passengers no doubt with kind of-- >> holy toledo, why parked? get out of there. stuart: no human was hurt. and again. ashley: kaboom! . stuart: time out, i used to live in east africa, kenya for some time.
10:24 am
i remember once seeing a beetle, a bug, volkswagen, and charged by a large rhino full tilt liz: did it roll over. stuart: over and over, the rhino won. >> you weren't in it. stuart: no, i'm still here. all right. we've got more video? yes, we do. this is the new google robot. i think it's coming to take your job. look at this for a while. as we're watching this, what's new about that robot? . jo: this is a more agile, high drawlics working better in the joints and also, 5-9, about 189 pounds and this robot is able to respond to different things. and what-- one part of the video, the robot was trying to pick up a box from the floor and a human had a hockey stick and hitting the box away and the robot was able to respond and follow the box.
10:25 am
so what you see is a much more evolved robot. there it is, watch this liz: knocks it over. jo: he comes back very slowly, intentionally, using new sensors on his body liz: it's going to pick box up. ashley: he's going to hit the guy in a minute. stuart: deck the guy, come on liz: grab the hockey stick. jo: not quite liz: that's stunning this development. stuart: robot cruelty. jo: and the robot escaped and go outdoors and walk around. the only thing we're seeing isn't as impressive, it doesn't seem to have the artificial intelligence it needs to figure out where it needs to go outdoors liz: now it's going to get up. stuart: watch it come up. >> this robot does next, it continues to walk and it's kind
10:26 am
of given up and goes out the door and says see you later. yeah. but boston dynamics, the reason you care about it, it's owned by google and this company has a lot of cash to do incredible innovative things and we expect that from an investor standpoint this will have a serious impact in the future. stuart: it's fantastic. great video. jo, good report. jo: no problem. stuart: back to the markets. oil, $30 a barrel and how much we have in storage when we get the numbers it could move at that market. and one of the country's top conservative right is with us, we'll ask him more about trump and all that, but his latest column, it's jonah goldberg's comment, it's about the walking dead. what is he doing with the walking dead? you'll find out in a moment. trust me.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
... ...
10:30 am
>> here we go, the latest numbers on oil in storage, what have we got? jeff flock in chicago, give me the number, please. >> i want to take you to the board, it's right on what the survey said, stuart in contravention. we expected 3.4 barrels, dead on the survey, we've got a bigger draw than we thought. we thought 700,000 barrels and we got 1.6 million drawdown and gasoline, we thought there was going to be a draw of 1.-- or a million barrels, instead a draw of 2 million barrels, that's got to be a gain in gas prices, my indication, and you know, oil, we'll see what it does. right now, oil has gained about
10:31 am
30 cents in the last 15 seconds or so. stuart: okay, jeff. >> clearly, bullish for oil. stuart: excellent, jeff. i'm going to repeat that. there is more oil in storage, an extra 3.5 million barrels extra in storage, not that much change to the price of oil with that news. shah galani, you cover that relationship with the oil and stocks. do you agree with the ashley webster ratio, $1 drop in oil equals 100 in the dow. >> i do, i think below $25, call it 200. for every dollar below-- >> wait a minute, for every dollar below $20 that oil goes, that takes 500 off the dow. >> yes. stuart: it's that big a deal.
10:32 am
>> the correlation is that tight. oil is the leading edge of what he is going on in terms of the borrows, not making debt service, the banks at risk and fallout effect across markets liz: and the oil majors in the dow. >> there are huge companies that bring oil down every time it gets hit. stuart: the correlation between oil and stocks continues. we're at the low of the day, 260 points as we speak and oil is at 30.87 a barrel. all right, shah, stay there for a second. excellent coverage of the oil market, appreciate that. after last night's win in nevada looking more and more like donald trump will be the republican nominee. jonah goldberg is with us, are you ready for trump as a candidate for the presidency? are you ready for this? >> i'm not quite ready for it. stuart: would you agree with the proposition, he's got a straight shot?
10:33 am
it's his for the losing, isn't it? >> yes, no, absolutely. i think anybody who wants to argue otherwise is condemned by wishful thinking or denial and it doesn't mean it's a lock. there is a path, but it's a very difficult and narrow one for rubio and cruz. this is trump's to lose and basically last night should be by the anti-trump faction of the g.o.p., the battle of dunkirk. stuart: well, look if some of the republican candidates start to drop out, the assumption is if they all amalgamate, say, around that candidate. they would have enough votes to beat trump. i disagree with that, as some of them drop out, the assumption is that all the votes would go to another
10:34 am
candidate. if cruz drops out, unlikely, a lot of votes would go to trump not rubio. >> and it looks like a lot of jeb's guys went to trump which is kind of astounding. >> you have to go with the only path that's plausible. the reason that why the g.o.p. primaries have been a garbage fire for the last six months, historically, the guy whose turn it was, there's a cliche, republicans nominate the guy whose tuit was, mccain after losing to bush, and the reason that is, next four, eight years cultivating the conservative base of the party. and reagan's case, he spent years cultivating. no one got out of this lane this time around. so now, there's still something different about this year in
10:35 am
that the non-trump voters still make up a majority of the party and his negatives are higher than any other political figure in either party. and so, it is possible to galvanize all of those people, but as far as the leadership and boldness and not seeing any of that from anybody besides trump. stuart: you're obviously not real happy about this. is that why you're writing in your latest article about the walking dead? you're saying the walking dead are not being all-- not doing all they can to keep the zombies out of town. what on earth are you doing this for, jonah? >> well, look, for the record i've been writing about the walking dead and zombies for a very, very long time. and frankly, it's something i am quite passionate about. zombie preparedness is hugely important issue and doesn't get nearly the attention inside the beltway that it should. stuart: okay. [laughter] we're going to leave it at that. we're done with it. we are done with it. >> i'm glad i made you laugh.
10:36 am
stuart: goldberg, you're all right. see you again soon, thank you, sir. we'll get back to the-- i'm staying with the campaign because that's the deal, you know? former governor of mississippi haley barbour is with us. all right, governor, are you ready and willing to accept a trump nomination for the presidency from the republicans? >> you know what? it's an unusual year, stuart, when the question opens with zombies. but, look, it's my intention to support whoever the republicans nominate. and i don't have any doubt that i will. i'm a little like him, i don't think that donald trump is there yet, but certainly ahead of everybody else. well ahead of everybody else. big win for-- big win for him in nevada because instead of winning with 32% or in the low 30's where he would seem catchable, if this 46 sticks, i'm not saying it will, that's the kind of number that's very, very hard to catch up.
10:37 am
stuart: i got nearly half the votes cast last night in nevada. his total of votes, 34,000, was greater than all the votes cast in the nevada republican caucus in 2012. i mean, 32,000 cast in 2012. 34,000 just for trump last night and this is his third victory in a row. when you woke up this morning, i don't know whether you went to bed last night with the results in your head, but when you saw those results, you've got to be surprised, weren't you? were you pleasantly surprised or unhappy? >> well, i was surprised, the numbers, i don't think anybody is surprised that he won, but, again, we had record republican turnout. that is something that pleases me very much. we're seeing big numbers turn out in every state and a lot of those people are being motivated by donald trump. they're people who might vote in the general election for republican and never voted in a primary before. we've got to keep the voters
10:38 am
whether he's a nominee or not. stuart: if trump is not the nominee, trump voters from last night, they're not going to vote for somebody else. they're trump voters, that's it. >> well, i'm not sure that that's right. i think a lot of people in this country are angry and they've got good reason to be angry and angry because of the failed policies of the obama administration which is exactly what we'll get four more years of if we get hillary clinton, 0 are bernie sanders and i believe that's a lot of motivation for people whether they're for donald trump, ben carson, jeb bush or any other republican. stuart: the name of the game is winning. haley barbour of mississippi, thank you for joining us, sir. we always appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: okay, look at price of amazon stock, please. this story does not affect the stock price. amazon's rolling out its own in-house brands and one of the items for sale will be suits, men's suits. do you have any comment whatsoever? you're always pretty well dressed. >> thank you, i think good for them.
10:39 am
i think they might have a hard time. they don't sell a lot of apparel on the site. branding their own is going to be difficult, i don't think it's going to affect the stock. stuart: still love the company? >> the company is great. stuart: i think it's one of the great technology companies of the world. >> it's the force unto itself. stuart: it is. >> i think it's overpriced, but still a force. [laughter] >> it was nearly 700 and now about 520. still overpriced. >> if the market goes down, amazon has a ways to go down. stuart: we hear you, but thank you very much for joining us, shah galani. wait a minute, you've got some farmer picks? >> yes. stuart: i didn't know that, i just read it on the prompter. pet med express. shah galani mikes pet med express. >> it's a great company, a $332 million market cap. it's a small company, got about 4 1/2% dividend yield which i really like, they've got a little bit of cash, 67 million on the books and no debt.
10:40 am
the company, i don't buy companies for the stock because it could be an acquisition target, but this could be an acquisition target. i like the dividend and like it for the fact it's got a strong position in this market. stuart: my daughter's a vet. i must speak to her about pet med. and how about glaxosmithkline? you like that? >> it's a great defensive name and dividend yield, and great pipeline. stuart: what's the dividend. >> 6 1/2%. and cutting the dividend is unlikely, but possible, but still even if they cut it 5, 10%, it's a very high dividend yield. a great defensive name and a huge pipeline of great new drugs, a great stock to be holding in this market. stuart: next time you're on the show, you're going to wear an amazon suit. thank you very much. president obama announcing his plan to shut gitmo, bring the prisoners to america. we'll ask a former gitmo guard how he feels about that one in just one moment. and, only 50 calories a serving...
10:41 am
good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. parnell pharmaceuticals, spotparn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe.
10:42 am
parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online. >> i'm nicole petallides with are fox business brief. we're seeing down arrowarrows. the s&p is down 21 and the nasdaq is down 54. oil came up off the lows earlier today. and that helps bring stocks up off the lows. we're still seeing oil to the down side and that also has weighed on many of the energy agents, off shore, transocean, and all of these under pressure
10:43 am
and oil is down 1 1/2% and those are your s&p energy losers. on the dow jones industrial average, financials and health care and industrials have been under significant pressure and you can see names such as j.p. morgan, that's under pressure, down over 2.3%. goldman sachs, american express, also big laggards. target has been bucking the trend and that company sell higher customer traffic and bucking the trend like macy's and nordstroms, for example.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> look at this, first solar makes the solar panels, they do it very well, of big sales. they are the best of the leading stock of all the s&p 500, they're up about 11 1/2%. now, republicans have legal action against president obama over his plan to close gitmo, legal action. ashley: yeah, that's house speaker paul ryan making that announcement today. basically told reporters, look, we are making legal preparations in case he tries to, quote, break the law by bringing detainees from that prison in cuba to the united states, which he said would violate restrictions that congress has passed, they already passed legislation that would mean that making this move would be illegal. stuart: okay, got it. president obama as you all know because we had it on the program, announced his plan to close gitmo.
10:46 am
a frequent guest on this program is former guard at gitmo. didn't know that, did you? well, he went back and giving us a firsthand look at gitmo. watch this. >> am i surprised to see somebody going back? no. bomb makers, bin laden body guards, with american blood on their hands. some behave, others don't. >> we treat them with dignity and respect, even when they don't deserve it. even when they're throwing feces or urine or spitting on guards or scratching guards. >> nearly 700 detainees have been returned since 2002. those that returned to the battlefield, upwards of 30%. >> do you feel that some pose a threat to americans in the future? >> i have no reason to expect that their commitment is any less than when they first were captured. the wire and fences are fixed in the consciousness of americans and the world when they think of guantanamo bay. the 90 detainees don't live in
10:47 am
a facility like this, they're in maximum security high-tech prison that we went inside. >> bear bones facilities have been replaced with first class accommodations, the health care exactly the same as our troops, plus a library with thousands of dvd's, video games and over 20,000 books. >> by far the most popular items in here has been our religious books. >> this is a cell inside camp six, inside you can see basic clothing items provided for detainees, religious observation items as well as for prayer time. head phones, which are used wirelessly to watch any number of 300 satellite television channels that detainees have access to, basic amenities. also, an arrow pointing it mecca for prayer time. stuart: it looks like a kind of nice hotel to me. pete is with us. i didn't know you were a former gitmo guard, but that is luxury accommodation in many senses of the word.
10:48 am
>> it is, and makes me as a former guard infuriated what the president adds the perception that it's a gulag. it's the opposite. we couldn't be bending backwards more for the detainees, they're treated incredibly well. they were when i was there in 2004 and it's a top-notch facility. eighths better maximum security prison in gitmo than here in the united states. stuart: that's the point. if they were transferred to a super max, those guys would be a couple hundred feet underground 23 hours a day in a cell. >> they get 23 hours a day accommodated in the sunshine. they have it great in the detention status. and the character the president creates is absolutely false. stuart: now, the president says it will be closed this year and
10:49 am
those prisoners will be transferred. do you think it will be. >> i don't think it's going to happen. stuart: why? >> because congress has passed, literally passed legislation barring that from happening. stuart: could he do it by executive action? >> he could, but i think it would be illegal and opposed and the military commanders would be forced to follow an unlawful order. talking to the folks down there, they do an amazing job, committed to holding these guys behind walls, if they get out, a lot of these guys are going to the battlefield. stuart: gitmo guard, who knew? a great report. we woke up today to the very real possibly, actually probability that donald trump will be the republican nominee for president. my take on that is next.
10:50 am
10:51 am
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10:54 am
we're meeting the governor, that's good. always nice to meet the governor. mexico is going to pay for the wall, right? they'll be very, very thrilled, they're going to be thrilled to be paying for the wall. you're going to be proud of your president and you're going to be even prouder of your country, okay? >> who is going to stop him now? that was the rather plaintive gray, the right and left realize the path to the nomination is straight and clear, it will be very difficult for anyone to particular the nomination away from donald trump. it's his to lose. consider this, to challenge trump, ted cruz must win his home state of texas in the primary by a big margin. he needs the delegates, but he only leads by a very narrow margin and that was before nevada. marco rubio must win his home state, florida, but trump leads
10:55 am
in florida. john kasich must win ohio where he's the sitting governor, but trump leads there, too. it's possible if they rally around one challenger, they could rally around one and beat him. it's possible, but unlikely. a, there's no sign that rubio, cruz or kasich will drop out soon and same with dr. carson. b, it's very likely if a candidate did drop out, those who supported them would switch to trump. please remember, this is an election process, it moves from one battle ground to another and as it moves along, momentum becomes very important. trump has that momentum. he's won three states in a row and last night in nevada he broke above the 40% support level. that's momentum and he's got it. march 1st, super tuesday is next week. 12 states vote, 600 delegates
10:56 am
at stake, more than half the number required to lock down the nomination and here comes trump, fired up with the momentum of three straight wins and charging right into largely friendly territory. last june donald trump stood in the trump building in the middle of new york city and declared for the presidency. no one in the political class thought the run would go anywhere, they were all wrong. that's why you hear that plantive cry today. who is going to stop him now?
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
♪ stuart: the third hour begins right now. the dow is down 192. the price of oil bouncing off a little bit. $31 per barrel. an extra read in the half million barrels in storage. it is still down.
11:00 am
politics. a big story. we are asking all about pundits. are you ready for trump to be the nominee? we have more trouble for hillary clinton. judge napolitano on that one. congressman. the reason why bernie sanders is so far. just because we let the hippies become teachers. i think he has that right. he is on the show. we have a market selloff. we have john layfield coming in from bermuda. john, to you first. a solid rebound until the last couple days. is the rebound over? >> i think so. they had a rebound. oil prices.
11:01 am
mainly because a lot of shortcomings. oil had to cover those for the time being. i think that that is over and you are starting to see them normalize. why don't you explain that ashley webster ratio. >> approximately 100 points on the dow. it was kept that way for a wild. we'll down to $0.76. a couple factors in play. it does point to a trend that we have seen. >> donald trump. are the markets, are the markets ready for gop nominee ready for trump? >> >> talking about the alternative.
11:02 am
i think that bernie sanders is the one. he will punish corporate america. bernie sanders losing the polls is more important to donald trump. we do not know what he can do. he talks about a lot of trade deals. donald trump is the unknown. bernie sanders will make it more important. >> ashley, what do the markets think about a donald trump? >> the markets will be far more donald trump then anything on the democratic side. i think that he is net positive for wall street. >> he is saying tax tariff. turning into shooting wars. you have to be careful about that. bullish for the markets.
11:03 am
tax policies. healthcare policies and other policies as well. >> john, come back in again. you say data is king. is that why you like at&t? >> absolutely. it is because of video owned mobile right now. facebook. who both -- google. data to be is king. verizon, at&t. they have about a 5% yield. you like verizon as well. this is a copper etf. tell us why you like this thing. >> normally, it qc a global
11:04 am
rebound in the economy. what i see is a slowdown in mining. this is a minor copying etf. shutting a lot of their minds down. it is because they are not profitable. you are seeing some mining. you are seeing a short-term spike in copper prices. they should put a floor on copper prices. we have to talk about the google robot. we have been showing this video all morning. up and down. liz, we are showing this because it is an important development. fast worker jobs.
11:05 am
a round the world. that is according to mckinsey. 47% of workers here in the united states. $20 or below. they can see those jobs are placed by robots. watch out. >> sent e-mail saying they feel sorry for the robots. the new innovator. more so than apple. what do you say, john? >> it certainly is not a government anymore. losing the ability. you have a brain train from the government. what they are doing with the self driving cars, you talk about disruption. wait until we have self driving cars. delivery and for drivers. they will become obsolete.
11:06 am
stuart: you do not have to do that in bermuda, do you? >> no, we do not. [laughter] >> to apple. the department of justice wants apple to uncover 13 other devices as well as the san bernardino shooters iphone. this is a new development and i am intrigued. you know what, we will confer complying with court orders. he has devices he needs to get into from apple. now we find out that, in fact, the fbi is a lot more. basically, you are talking about that one apple device in san
11:07 am
bernardino. that is really dangerous. are you siding with apple on privacy or the feds and security? >> i am not riding the fence here. i think apple should turn over the content of the one shooters phone without giving the message for going into that phone. i am with apple on this. trying to shift the blame to a company like apple. it is what politicians typically do. stuart: i want to go to some fast-moving stocks for a second. look at this. facebook, amazon netflix and winter. profits down.
11:08 am
that stock is down nearly 2%. john, back to you. paid speeches towards wall street. just roll that tape. >> i have not had a paid speech. it is against the law to get paid speeches. i got a few dollars. i will do it if other people do with. i am very happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street. stuart: everyone is having a go on wall street. >> it is working. there is really nothing wrong with that.
11:09 am
bernie sanders, to me is on a quick quest of chasing windmills of wall street. it is a very popular notion. i do not think that it is. he is outside like don mulled trump is. go towards these two candidates. people are sick of what they have seen. the old guard is something that america does not want. >> that would hit everyone's 401(k). it would hit the middle class. it would hit everyone hard. >> all right. recap the dow, please. 211 points, to be precise. i also wanted to mention gold. $26. that is what they call a rush to safety. >> now we are back to the
11:10 am
anxiety. looking more on donald trump's huge victory in nevada. he is the front runner. i know how you feel about trump because of what you said about your dad. i understand. are you ready for a trump nomination? >> i do not have any other option. he is the nominee. we will just all have to do with it as republicans. what it means for the republican party. it is changing what it means to be a conservative. it is changing what it means to be a republican. i am trying to get my best. it is a straight shot for donald trump not to roll the table and go straight to the nomination.
11:11 am
he will do one next week. texas. he will do well. >> to many candidates stayed in for too long. and annoyance for john kasich. donald trump led this pathway to go on and win. >> the people that supported basic would go to rubio. not necessarily. they could go to trump. i do not pretend to understand why people are voting for him. i said i feel like an invasion of the body snatchers and i feel like i am one of the people that has not been taken. i just do not get it. i would go for a turkey sandwich over hillary clinton.
11:12 am
stuart: i know a lot of people that are conservatives. i cannot handle trump. when push comes to shove, if he is a candidate, i know a lot of people would swallow whatever they are handling and vote for him. >> i could never go for hillary clinton. donald trump is a very hard sell for me as well. he has come a long way. i know it is the dirty independence. the dirty moderates. young single women, very poorly. they make a certain amount of money and are college-educated. this divisiveness, i feel that it will not work quite as well. stuart: thank you very much. here is a story for you. you only saw it in a few places. including here on the program.
11:13 am
the team confronted him. asked him about black lives matter. called him a racist and beat him up. that story ignored by the mainstream media. we will deal with it more in a moment. we are down 219 on the dow. the price of crude oil is hovering around $31 a barrel. that is down big. a downgrade from credit suisse. the stock is down 5%. we are back in a moment. ♪ we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers.
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11:16 am
stuart: look atthis. caterpillar down 3%. biggest loser on the dow. investors do not like it. down 3%. we showed you forward earlier. down big. so is general motors.
11:17 am
maybe in sympathy with ford that is now down 5%. the decorated marine veteran. they questioned him. do black lives matter. they beat him up. do black lives matter? the video is just awful. i have to know, why does the mainstream media ignored this story almost completely? >> you are right. you think about it big. people that like a video. it is much more than this. a vicious attack against the decorating iraq war hero. it is more than that. an attack against an iraq a golf war hero.
11:18 am
they bring up black lives matter. it is a reverse statement now. let's call it what it is. it is black racism. they are covering black lives matter. making it a national news story. >> hold on a second. two days of that attack on the decorated marine corps weapon, holding a meeting of black leaders against the white house. invited to that meeting was one of the black lives matters leaders. days after this beating of the marine. still no mention in the popular press. none. >> no mention of the fact that he thanked them. do you think that the president of the united states will invite
11:19 am
this decorated war hero to the white house? to thank and praise him. you will love this. just earlier this month. applying for a position at the media resource center. stuart: i know that you do not like trump. i know you opposed him. are you ready for his candidacy. >> he has 5%. he has 5% of the total so far. including texas. many delegates. you have florida coming up on march 15. rubio will lose it. it will be a fascinating campaign. how the media will cover a right
11:20 am
wing conservative versus a left-wing democrat. it will be fascinating. >> we are all shaking our heads. who would have thought that we were all glued to it moment to moment. thank you very much for being with us. who would have thought this. who would have thought this. we love it. thank you very much. good stuff. a new report out. i do not know where it came from. they were banned by women. especially during the crisis. look at the dow 30. twenty-nine of them are down. 233. we are in startup mode. back in a moment. ♪
11:21 am
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11:25 am
crisis. knock this out of the ballpark. >> make that assertion. finland had a very tough banking law. very tough banking regulations. providing the housing that hit the world. yes. women are conservative as ceos. extrapolated for the entire industry. stuart: a finished study of tanks. >> lehman sister, that would have helped. that is building analysis. stuart: thank you. building analysis to a job.
11:26 am
facebook unveiling new like buttons. the only person that can explain this to me is jo ling kent. >> other emotions that are now available on facebook. you can click an emoticon. you can see all of them on the screen right there. >> i am used to that one. it is a laugh. right there on the right is -- see to it that is not such a big deal. >> it is an imo jeep. stuart: i certainly do. you talk added.
11:27 am
we speeded up. you are so upset it is a good product. >> the take-home point. facebook can give more of your data. they know more of what you are thinking. that is more information for the advertisers. stuart: moving on. trouble for hillary clinton. we have our own judge on this one next. ♪
11:28 am
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11:31 am
>> down 211 points. why is that? a little cloudy at the moment. a barrel. down 200 on the dow. not quite the strict. stocks down, oil down. the top aides including could be , should be questioned under
11:32 am
oath about the clinton e-mail scandal. all rise, just a volatile know is here. they will be called upon to testify under oath. >> i think it is probable. hillary clinton's nightmare. this case slowly proceeding through the core. two things going on here. what this was a ruling from yesterday. we had the fbi investigation. it is based on the documents that came out of the freedom of information act litigation. the fbi has began to scrutinize. we do not know where the fbi is in their research. i believe, and some of our colleagues have sources in the
11:33 am
government that believe they are ready to make a recommendation. they will be secretly sent to the justice department. the fbi will have to account for itself. the latitude in questioning is far broader than what can happen on the criminal case. they put them under oath in the case. what do they do? evil the fifth amendment. if they do that, they will be doing it on the advice of their lawyers. they may themselves become a defendant. if t dertme tavoithe formion t reqremes, re gef tthe f.
11:34 am
i he tuel vion he. the enueor eape. it iall rrowg dn. jenng uphe f to rk harder. integrity or lack of it. what the fbi and not with this judge. appointed by the husband, by the way. >> i have to ask you about the election. it seems to me that donald trump has a direct straight shots at the nomination. not much in his way. are you okay with it?
11:35 am
are you used to it? you wrap your arms around it. have you accepted it? no. >> this is apparently going to happen whether we want it or not. a choice between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> after nevada last night, this huge victory, a straight shot. locking it up. great respect for his intellect. my judgment is the same as yours. it appears that the republican nomination for donald trump is now inevitable. stuart: all the non-trump candidates unite behind one. that one has enough votes to be trump. that argument supposes that cruz dropout. all of his supporters -- >> i do not think he could do that. even if you wanted to, could
11:36 am
deliver his supporters. >> they just would not want to go. if trump wins in florida or does very, very well in texas -- stuart: you realize that donald trump is a constitutionalist. >> i have a financial relationship. it has to do with real estate in new york city. civil liberties. constitution. the congress. the court. stuart: making america great again. it is always fun. donald trump.
11:37 am
they were not right. it is almost everything, you say. a shade away. you know what, stuart, you are right. thank you very much, sir. my next guest is from a prominent nevada family. you know the relationship. former nevada chair. a kasich supporter. thank you very much for coming on the show. >> they give very much for having me. stuart: are you ready for donald trump as a republican nominee? he looks an awful lot like it. >> it was to be it. my husband is running.
11:38 am
our internal polling showed already that he was going to win. i will support the man that is the most qualified. he is back guy. he has a legislative experience. two first-term senators. governor kasich. i know the guy. like him. a really good man. he is not going to win. >> the primary is a long way over. he is scheduled to do very well. michigan, ohio. very high favorability. marco rubio cannot say that about his home state of florida. he will do it extremely well. >> when it is revealed that he cannot win. >> we agree to disagree. he cannot win. i do like the guy. who will you switch your vote to? will you then go for trump?
11:39 am
>> i was a car leave the arena supporter in the beginning. i am pretty much, i will wait this one out and wait for a nominee. i cannot stomach hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> if push comes to shove and donald trump is a republican candidate, would you vote for him? you do not care for the guy. you do not like his policies. if it was him against bernie or hillary, would you vote for trump? >> yes, i would. >> very unwillingly, i take it? >> it does make it easier. >> a woman that deserves to be behind bars. it makes it a little easier. >> you are from a basketball family. is that correct? >> i am. stuart: i visited america for 40 years.
11:40 am
i do know that name very well. it was a real pleasure having you on that show. >> so mean. somean. okay. thank you very much. we will see you again. why is sanders so popular with millennial's? we let them teach our children. representative is next. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
11:41 am
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11:42 am
>> i have your fox business brief. down arrows again. down about 190 points. 2240. the s&p down. investment banking. exposure to energy loans as well. goldman sachs among the losers on the dow jones industrial average. you can see northern down 6.7%. general motors. credit sweeping. auto stock. u.s. volume has peaked. we are also seeing the budget.
11:43 am
that car rental company is under pressure. they came out with their quarterly numbers. start your day at 5:00 a.m. lauren simonetti. ♪ you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. on the floor! everybody down! hey, do something!e floor! oh, i'm not a security guard. i'm a security monitor. i only notify people if there's a robbery. there's a robbery!
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11:45 am
more money coming into dreamworks. better sales at fc. is that right? >> a smaller loss. up 7%. a disappointing output. they took that name to the cleaners. down nearly 25%. same story of popeye's. popeye's had been 6% lower. i want to recap last night. if you are just joining us, this is what you are joining. trump's huge victory in nevada last night. number one, he got, just himself, 34,000 votes. that is more than the 32,000 that were all of 2012 and a nevada caucus. it was a huge turnout.
11:46 am
donald trump got nearly half the vote. rubio came in second. ted cruz was third. another interesting statistic from last night's result. 45% of them voted for donald trump. he is the guy who said build a wall and make mexico pay for it. hispanics in nevada, nearly half of them went to the guy that said build a wall. am i laying this on thick enough? >> that was a turnaround. that is part of the elect are it. stuart: we won the young. we won the old. we won the educated. what a performance. now, this. my next guest is a favorite on this program. we have a socialist candidate
11:47 am
like bernie sanders. we let hippies from the 60s become teachers. come on in, louis. [laughter] >> you want to explain your theory? >> happening all across the country. whether it is people like bill that are actually terrorist were others out demonstrating causing problems. they figured out, if you go to the professor in the universities and you teach the teachers and the teachers go down and ms. educate the young people, you are wise. you have been around. you know how things work and how things do not. they have a teacher telling them isn't it wonderful. everybody shares. they are very honest. i know socialism is supposed to be bad. it sounds good.
11:48 am
what is wrong with it. teachers say, these greedy people. they just want to have capitalism and keep people poor. it is just the opposite. i have the benefit of being an exchange student when it was the soviet union. when do you work out here in the field? it was the middle of the morning. i make the same number. i am here in the shade and i am out there in the field. that made perfect sense. that is why socialism does not work. they are buying right into it. doesn't it sound good. they can promise us everything. it means that they will not get their promises. never have, never will.
11:49 am
>> let's try something called private property. it is yours. it just flourished. >> let me bring this to your attention. it is from emerson college. ted cruz leading trump by just one point. in texas. this is a poll in texas. i know that you are a crew supporter. the texas primary. he has to win. now, he is neck and neck with donald trump. that is not good for ted cruz? >> sometimes, they are right on. sometimes they are outliers. i have seen this, stuart, as a christian, for years i have heard people growth second
11:50 am
chronicles, if you prefer. calling by night on my name. seeking god's face. i will hear from heaven. that is what people have been saying for years. i find out more and more, some christian leaders are saying, you know what, i think a better translation. someone that is never humbled themselves. never asked for forgiveness. will not turn from what they have been doing. we make them our leaders. god will hear from heaven and bless our land. that is what they are wanting to follow.
11:51 am
they want somebody that will take it back to the other side. they will do extremely well. we have to take a short break so we can play some bills. [laughter] >> i am glad the government is not paying you, stuart. stuart: are you kidding me? [laughter] we will be back in just a moment. promise. ♪ they say you shouldn't spoil your kids. but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®.
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: why, you may ask, is the stock market coming back? the price of oil is coming back. no longer down. it is down $0.13. $32 a barrel. that is when the market started to come back. that to louis. are you still there, sir? yes, you are. we keep creating more and more money when it comes to wall street. some created a bubble.
11:56 am
a meeting some years back. we are not doing it anymore than we have in a long time. so much more money in the system. we could not possibly print all the money we are creating. even worse. right now it seems to be going. >> stock market. real fast. are you prepared? for donald trump. >> the process is not open. they may be on his bandwagon. see how it goes.
11:57 am
i remember back in 2008. there is no way john mccain can be the nominee. i was assured that he will be the nominee. we will wait and see. >> out of time. we want you to come back real soon. republican from texas. we will see you later. there will be more varney after this. ♪
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> i think it will get more competitive in a 1-on-1 race between donald trump and whoever is the last man standing. we are talking about momentum. incredible situation with someone with no political experience in terms of being in public office has won three primary 0 event momentum in politics is everything. stuart: very you have it. referring to this extraordinary election. who would have thought that last
12:00 pm
night donald trump would run away with the entire nevada caucus, 46% of the vote, nearly half of all the votes cast. extraordinary. that is what you have been hearing for three hours but my time is up. neil: it is amazing and there are growing indications that with that run up last night donald trump could get all 30 delegates from the state of nevada. too early to tell, closing in on 100 delegates. before you step up and say what all keep in mind 1200 to become the republican nominee so we are a long way from there. candidates are campaigning bitter beer around at country. the difficulty is selecting where to campaign ahead of supertuesday where you have a dozen states in play, 600 delegates, hard to pick and choose. blake berman on the quest for delegate gold.


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