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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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david: can't wait for this. some dangerous terrorists could be relocating to u.s. soil. south carolina senator tim scott is fighting to keep gitmo inmates out of his state. he will be here to defend himself. melissa: apple's ceo says unlocks iphone used by one of the san bernanadino killers is bad for america? more on that battle heating up between washington and silicon valley. that is coming up. [closing bell rings] david: first let's look at stocks. a big what lash going on here but positive at end of the day. the dow was down close to 200 points at one point. it ended up 52 points on the dow. all indices were up. we're once again following oil which was down early on because of saudis continuation of their production quota for oil. they're keeping it going. gold getting a pop. that was up much more. ending the day up seven. melissa. melissa: here is a look at the dow's big climb today. adam shapiro from the floor of
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the new york stock exchange. adam, give as you break down on the huge breakdown from your perspective. reporter: wouldn't until 2:30 the nasdaq went positive. dow went positive. had a lot to do with reading on oil inventories. oil started the day down as you said but turned around despite the news we got on oil stockpiles. liz said 20 minutes ago we're drowning in oil in the united states. according to the latest inventory reports absolutely. what, 507 million barrels stockpiled right now? all-time high for the united states. we have 3.5 million barrels more than the last reading. so that was not to be unexpected. we got gasoline inventory reading, jeff flock pointed out, gasoline usage was greater than expected in the united states. perhaps investors seeing oil gasoline picture is tightening in favor of the oil companies and gasoline companies an investors.
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that is one thing driving stocks. the other that was helpful to stocks was homebuilders number. they shrugged that off. we talked about it with liz. home biller stocks were up despite fact we're at levels for new homes, inventory levels we haven't seen since 2009. melissa? melissa: adam, thank you so much for that report. david. >> if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much. now we're winning, winning, winning. >> i believe things are starting to happen here. >> bottom line i performed stronger than anyone else in this race in terms of being able to coalesce and bring people together. i'm the person that can unite this party. >> we're one step closer to turning the pages on the failures of the obama-clinton disaster. >> you're going to be proud of your president and you're going to be even prouder of your country, okay? [cheers and applause] david: that was vegas and donald trump hitting the jackpot in nevada, easily pulling off the third straight victory ahead of senators marco rubio and ted
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cruz who came in second and third place respectively. "the donald" securing 81 delegates so far, 30 last night. cruz, rubio each have 17. bottom of the pack, john kasich six, ben carson with four. takes 123delegates to win the republican nomination for president. 12:30 seven. we have -- 1237. super use will be key. here with more, melissa. melissa: all right. record turnout in nevada. i said it yesterday! the pundits were saying they were going to have low turnout. no. more than 75,000 voters participating in the state's caucuses. absolutely demolishing the participation record for 2012. when only about 33,000 voters showed up for the contest. 75,000 this time. 33,000 last time. look at that. even more staggering, donald trump alone captured more than 34,000 votes in the silver state, surpassing the total
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voters cast in nevada four years ago. we knew it, david. but only we knew it. no one else knew it. it was so obvious this was going to happen. anyway, go ahead. david: one thing that is obvious the economy topping list of most important issues for voters according to fox news entrance polls. economy and jobs followed by government spending, immigration and of course terrorism. polls showing donald trump winning with almost all distinct groups but with two very important demographic groups, evangelical christians, trump got 41% of that vote. with hispanic voters trumped pulled in a lot, 45% despite conventional wisdom with his tough stance against illegal immigration would hurt him against hispanic. two hispanic candidates rubio and cruz received 28% and 18% respectively. majority of late deciders ended up voting for marco rubio. bring in ed rollins, former reagan political director and fox news political analyst.
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let's start, ed, if you don't mind, getting your head around this fact trump got more votes from hispanics who voted last night than rubio and cruz, two hispanic candidates put together. >> he has become a phenomenon. thank your partner, put her on the stage to predict all of this in the future. david: bingo. >> tell roger ailes, it is okay to vote for trump. he is driving this great turnout. every single one of these, from iowa to new hampshire to south carolina, to yesterday, larger crowds than ever before are participating in the process. an for our side it's a real phenomenon. obviously his message is about strong leadership, economic recovery, make america proud again is cutting across all segments. david: the thing about hispanics, the immigration issue in particular, trump has been consistent throughout. rubio and cruz have both waffled on immigration because they had experience inside of the beltway where people waffle for a living. >> equally important two of them spent a lot of time energy
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debating over points that are pretty much minutia as far as most people are concerned. trump is very clear. build a wall. not let people in. those here illegally going back home. whether he can do all that or not i can't speak to. at end of the stay that is his message. message is very clear. to certain extent he is acceptable. you don't have to hide in the closet say i'm rooting for donald trump. david: right. >> stand up front and center. david: the thing a lot of republicans say we'll vote for anybody that can defeat hillary. rubio consistently polled the strongest among the top three candidates against hillary. the "real clear politics" average for rubio versus hillary is about 4.7% higher for rubio, but when it's trump versus hillary he is behind hillary by about 2.8%. might that change during a general election where donald trump really puts her in the cross-hairs? >> sure it will change. truth of matter trump has ability to draw democrats, independent voters which make a
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big difference in general election. what the polls say today are not relevant. they're relevant only sense head-to-head with other candidates. right now getting delegates for our side. in the fall it will be a full totally different game. david: words of wisdom. ed rollins, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: president obama as plan to relocate guantanamo bay inmates to the united states coming under fire. south carolina senator tim scott fighting to keep them out of his state. he is going to join us. david: apple is fighting the government over access to the phone used by one of the san bernardino killers. the battle is heating up. just listen, if you didn't hear it already, worth hearing for first time if not a second. neil cavuto's interview with apple attorney ted olson. >> you just decided that the need is sufficient that will throw out the judiciary, we'll throw out congress -- >> you're sachsly right. you're exactly right. the need is sufficient. the need is real.
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over a dozen people is real. that is your need, that is your urgency. that is what is sufficient. >> to hell with the constitution. that is basically your position. >> no, the hell, no, no. the hell with more people dying. david: this was a gripping interview. we'll show you more from that exchange. mirrors a lot of the arguments we've been hearing taking place all over the country coming up. melissa. melissa: ted cruz is the only one who can take down donald trump in the race for the white house. that is what he says. our panel is going to weigh in. pet moments are beautiful,
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detainees to prisons on u.s. soil. you can guess why that's a problem for them. republican senator from south carolina tim scott has his own opinions on the matter. senator, thanks so much for joining us. >> absolutely. david: first of all it is currently illegal for the president to transfer the prisoners from gitmo to the u.s. soil. do you think the president is actually prepared to break the law in order to close gitmo? >> it appears he may be indeed. we understand the president sent over a plan. i looked over the plan for last 24 hours. the plan says nothing how he wants to accomplish it. one thing that is absolutely certain, the law is very clear today. it simply says you can not transfer enemy combatant to domestic locations. president said yesterday he is looking for the opportunity to do just that. david: if he does that -- >> we don't know the basis he has. david: if he does that willy-nilly, he has done that kind of thing before, okay, sue me, send it to the supreme court, the supreme court as you well know is not a full supreme
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court. by the time they get to full supreme court he may be gone and gitmo may be closed? >> well good news is this is not republican or conservative issue. this is bipartisan issue in congress. overwhelming majorities in the senate and house maintain the law as it has been. we've been able to do that year after year after year. we all know no place in america needs another target on the back of american citizens where thousands could lose their lives if we move those enemy combatants to locations near us. we're thankful for bipartisan coalition of folks who understand and appreciate the necessity of keeping the law very clear. david: interesting. one of the things bothered a lot of people watching the president talk about his plans yesterday his belittling of those who were afraid of closings down gitmo. let's just play a little sound bite from that. get your reaction. >> public was scared into thinking that well, if we close it somehow we'll be less safe.
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david: scared into thinking. isn't it possible we are more safe with gitmo? >> no doubt that we were absolutely more safekeeping those enemy combatants in gitmo for one very specific reason. we're not afraid he will close it. we're afraid those terrorists will bring their friends to our neighborhoods. one of the locations they're looking at is in south carolina, hanahan, south carolina, medium risk facility on the navy base. we're talking about bringing the world's worst terrorists to a neighborhood, residential communities, a dozen schools within five miles. david: wow. >> what is his plan? fulfilling a campaign promise and it is not national security. there is no reason for to us have this conversation whatsoever. david: i did not know about that minimum security place where they may go. >> yes. david: before we go, i have to ask you about politics. you're a big supporter of marco rubio. >> oh, yeah. david: we have super tuesday coming up, let me ask you about florida in particular. that is his home state. jeb bush is now in his favor. he hasn't announced it publicly but we pretty well know that.
4:15 pm
if he loses florida, can he go on? >> absolutely. here's what we know. we're not looking at any specific state. we're looking at sec primary as opportunity to continue to gain delegates. marco will continue to get more delegates as we move on. the good news is this is a cross-country run. it is not a sprint. marco rubio is positioned effectively to be successful in the long run. key for us to continue to garner support, gain momentum and collect delegates so we have a serious conversation as we head towards the convention. david: do you think if ted cruz pulls back after all of the animosity between cruz and marco, that he could ever support marco? >> well you know, presidential politics is an interesting game. i think you can not ever say what will never happen, but all things are possible. some things are more unlikely than other things but all things are possible. david: all right. well, who knows you may find that out on personal basis.
4:16 pm
senator, thank you very much. my son is living in buford, south carolina. you're his senator. thank you for your service to him. >> in other words he is my boss. hello. david: he is gunnery sergeant in the marine corps. he is everybody's boss. >> yes, sir. david: thank you very much. appreciate you being here, senator. melissa: well-played. fast on his feet. that was good answer. i like that. david: he is a good guy. melissa: path to collision course as donald trump rides a wave of momentum. some conservatives are cringing at the thought of him as the nominee. howard kurtz gives us his thoughts on what looks like it's a very rocky road ahead next. plus tornado watches in effect from south carolina up to new jersey, including d.c. and philadelphia. what you need to know. that's coming up. >> tornado come right behind our house. you could hear it ripping the trees apart t was terrible. you owned your car for four years,
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melissa: the tale of three
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victories. donald trump taking nevada and sweeping virtually every category of gop electorate. but one group remains heavily opposed to him, conservative voices won't stump for trump. my next guest says it's a collision course in the making. joining me howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of "mediabuzz." howard, thanks for joining us. we're in a very strange place, when you turn on the conservative pundits they're lying to themselves about the math. i only care how the numbers are stacking up and they're constantly talking about how he is not going to be the nominee. and it is tough to reconcile these. how does this whole thing play out in your mind? what if he is the nominee? how do they kiss and make up? >> i don't think there will be a lot of kissing and making up, melissa. some are still in denial and coming up with these scenarios, if this happens and this person drops out and sun comes up over here maybe trump can be defeated.
4:21 pm
increasingly likely donald trump will be republican nominee. where does that leave people like "national review" editor rich lowery, bill krystal, jonah goldberg attacking trump as a person and fang conserve in their view, they're in a -- fake conservative, they are in a box. melissa: they? everybody is hating on each other. then when the nomination happens, somehow kumbayah they come together to beat the other side? if you look, for example, hillary clinton and obamas, that was one of those things that was, you know so visceral you didn't even think they could pretend to be friendly but they at least pretended to be friendly. you don't think that will happen this time? >> among politicians it may happen. they're practiced in the heart making yesterday's enemy today's friend or alliance of convenience. we've seenly seen it with commentators in the past. mitt romney was not favorite at
4:22 pm
all the of most conservative commentators but they came around to the view he would certainly be better than a second president obama term. in this case the things these folks have said and written about donald trump, the way in which they have attacked him i think will be very, very hard for them to climb back from that. nor, do i see them saying, trump is so terrible that i'm going to support hillary clinton if she is the nominee. then so do they support some sort of third party movement to save face for the conservative movement? i don't have the answer. i don't think they know what they will do. it will be hard to do the usual, well, some words were said in haste but i really think he is good guy. melissa: even when i say to a lot of folks you mention, isn't anyone on the republican side on that stage now to you better than anyone the democrats would put forward? they're like, no. they won't even concede that they say we don't even know what trump believes. maybe he is further left than hillary clinton. maybe he is further left than bernie sanders. we have no idea. i wonder, so if there is scenario where they are still really angry, he wins, maybe
4:23 pm
wins the whole thing, what happens then? i mean, do you, conservatives sit on the sidelines and throw tomatoes and does trump care? >> well, trump i think actually thrives on any media opposition and he thrives on conservative media opposition. he pushes back very hard, calling out pundits by name as you know, anybody who crossed him knows this. look, i will say this, i don't think these people are doing it out of anger. i think they are fighting for what they believe. national magazine like "national review" and "weekly standard," you stand up for what you see aspirins pill. trump is not that guy. they have said no way i will vote for donald trump. they have said it. very hard to walk that back. melissa: howard kurtz, this is most interesting political season in a long, long time. we've had a front row seat. thank you. david: history in the making. meanwhile the gop establishment isn't donald trump's only problem heading into tuesday. our panel breaks down some other challenges for "the donald." melissa: if you need more than a
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that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. melissa: republican candidates back on campaign trail after donald trump pulled off the third straight victory. fox news's carl cameron with las vegas.
4:28 pm
racking them up, carl. reporter: as we say yesterday, nevada caucuses don't have history of shaping trajectory of a race. they didn't yesterday. donald trump was frontrunner yesterday and he is today. he has another win under his belt. the numbers were astonishing. he had 35,000 votes which gives you idea what the turnout was but that was literally double what marco rubio and ted cruz got combined, a big, huge blow out. donald trump is looking to expand lead in upcoming super tuesday states. one of the things his campaign is putting together unbelievably busy 25-city stop in the next three weeks. which will get us to super tuesday. then two weeks beyond when winner-take-all states begin. he is trying to close this thing out. it really has three major showdowns for his three major rivals. first, ted cruz, that comes up on super tuesday, week from yesterday. so-called sec states.
4:29 pm
texas his home state of the texas junior senator. if ted cruz can not win there, will be hard to see how he considerably go forward and not face tremendous pressure to get out of the race. marco rubio and john kasich, governor from ohio, senator from florida, both face a similar faceoff against donald trump on the 15th when those two states and others are winner-take-all for the delegates. and in all of those states, trump has at one time or another has the lead. in couple of polls, cruz has a little bit after lead. frankly all the polls were taken before trump's win last night. and in ohio, and in florida, donald trump is leading the homeboy favorites, john kasich and marco rubio in those two states. send it back to you in new york. melissa: campaign carl cameron, you're tireless. thank you so much for that report. david: he is indeed. trump taking a victory lap after big win in the silt very state. that doesn't mean he will stop taking hits at his rivals. take a listen.
4:30 pm
>> there have been many untruths told. just knowing, knowing. i think what happened to ben carson was terrible, when they said he left the race, he left the race. here come on over, vote for me. that affected me too. i think i would have won iowa you want to know the truth. we're doing okay. we have a second and three firsts. i'm not complaining. david: doing okay. he has been quite successful as the frontrunner rides the wave to super tuesday. is there any roadblock that could stop him? here to weigh in, a former fund raidser, noelle nikpour, gop fund-raiser and tony sayegh, jamestown associates. he is fox news contributor. noelle, i can't think of any roadblock to stop his nomination. can you? >> not at all. i think he is going forward with full steam ahead. you know what's really going to be an embarassment, if he wins the state of texas. that's really going to knock it home for donald trump because donald trump, is going to be entering into territory very
4:31 pm
conservative state. a state with a lot of big donors. that will be a major victory if he manages to take texas. david: adolpho, one of the things impressed melissa and me, was turnout. double the turnout, it was lousy four years ago, doubling it last night. he is bringing people into the party that weren't there, weren't going out to vote four years ago for mitt romney, your guy. >> well yeah. it is amazing. also the statistic out of nevada, not only is it record turnout, we haven't seen this type of enthusiasm really since the democrats nominated barack obama in 2008, which maybe for the general election bodes well for republicans. however one of the things that donald trump did in nevada is he garnered almost 50% of the hispanic vote to not speak to republican hispanics. which means going into souper tuesday, particularly in texas,
4:32 pm
he could do well with hispanic voters. repeatedly said so and momentum is there. what i think hispanic voters in particular are doing, putting aside issue of immigration, putting economic situation of the country, obamacare and all the other things -- david: i disagree with you a little bit. i think a lot of legal immigrants are really bothered illegals jumping ahead of the line. >> true. david: true in my family. true in a lot of immigrant families. >> true. david: tony, let knee turn to you. one of the things people love about donald. he is open about stuff. he expressed some that in his vikes r victory speech. >> hard for me to turn down money. that is not what i love my whole life. i grab. i grab. i get greedy. i get money. i tell you what we're going to do, right? we get greedy, right? we'll get greedy for the united states. we're going to grab and grab and grab. david: tony everybody knows that the clintons are greedy. tough look at their life, but they won't admit it.
4:33 pm
he is right out there saying yeah, i'm greedy. i want that for americans. >> people believe that he actually can help them. the irony of this entire campaign cycle has been that the bombastic billionaire is the populist candidate. is the candidate who is touching a nerve with most middle americans who believe their government is not serving them well, has moved so far beyond representing their core values. you talk about the roadblocks, look, 5% of the delegates have been cast although you can not take away the fact that donald trump won three of the four early contests. that is significant. he has momentum. three areas though, three crosshatches we see he is not performing well, if there is a road to stop him, this is where it comes from, electability issue which rubio is winning, late dieders, people become -- deciders, become more sober to the decision, they're not fixed and breaking to rubio as well. values voters who say which candidate represents my values. cruz winning those. david: evangelicals, he got a big chunk of -- >> that is cruz's biggest problem now.
4:34 pm
trump won the evangelicals. david: noelle, talk about cruz for a second. there are some real problems for him. let's take a listen. >> the undeniable reality that the first four states have shown, the only campaign that has beaten donald trump, the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. david: two consecutive third place finishes in nevada and south carolina, that doesn't look good, noelle. >> no, you know what? it will be make-or-break for ted cruz. one good thing he did receive was endorsement from former attorney general and now current governor greg abbott. that will carry a lot of weight because greg abbott has tremendous respectability all over that state. but i don't, i think if ted cruz, if he stumbles and he does not take his own home state, i think that is going to be a disaster going forward. david: adolpho, electability problem i think with cruz. people talk about it with trump.
4:35 pm
trump has way of reaching trump, yes, rubio polls higher against hillary, but hillary and trump if that is the way it is you can bet trump will become more electable then than he is now against her, right? >> oh, i think so. i have to tell you, i think ted cruz would be the weakest republican candidate we could put up. however let me say something quickly. i don't think it is inevitable that donald trump will win the nomination. question before winner-take-all primaries on march 15th, if enough of other conventional candidates to call them like john kasich drop out before ohio primary which could happen that would shake up the race or cruz would lose significantly or lose by enough of a margin in texas, that then the tide could turn all of sudden we could take about rubio surge or momentum. david: tony, i have to tell you a lot of conservatives i know, look, he is only real conservative standing. you can't trust donald trump
4:36 pm
because he had this liberal past. rubio's played both sides on immigration. so ted cruz is the only one we can stand by as true conservative. >> that will be tested obviously because you will have a situation now where you have a lot of southern states where conservatives are the outsized share of the electorate, where you have a chance to put ted cruz up there. look, marco rubio has done tremendous job coming back since faltering in new hampshire. cruz has somehow found himself stuck in third place. that can change. i'm not suggesting suggesting tc can't change. to the point adolpho made, march 15th, there is strong possibility the field narrows by then. if this become as cruz-trump, or trump rubio contest that could change -- david: adolpho five seconds. >> i think jury is in. ted cruz came in third place in south carolina. if you can't do well in south carolina as right-wing evangelical, good luck in remaining primaries. david: that's it. thank you.
4:37 pm
very much, appreciate it. melissa. melissa: if at first you don't succeed, spacex will make another temptland a rocket on platform in the ocean. the company is trying to manage expectations. fight between apple and the government is heating up. >> on that phone might be very, very identities of those who might be plotting something. >> you were talking about a parade of horribles before. everybody can say that. there will be terrible things happening. >> we have horribles. we already have the horribles. on this phone with this guy
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
melissa: apple ceo tim cook telling abc news unlocking the san bern been iphone will be, bad for america. listen to neil cavuto's interview with apple attorney and former solicitor general ted ol' sown.
4:41 pm
>> on issue, especially given trauma you yourself have gone through, wouldn't you want to make sure something like that never happens again? >> if you can make sure that nothing like that happens again by throwing the constitution in a dustbin in the first place, that probably wouldn't succeed, because there are some ways in which we can potentially be threatened. but the one thing that we ought to stand for, is that the way of life that terrorists wish to take down. they want us to overreact. they want us to disobey the law. they want us to throw away our constitution. they want us to throw away our civil liberties because they don't like what this country stands for and i say it is very, very important for all of us to stand for those principles at the same time we try to root out and prevent terrorism. there's a balance there and we should invoke the judiciary and we should invoke congress to do it the right way. melissa: joining me now with reaction, chad jenkins, former
4:42 pm
fbi counterterrorism agent. chad, you say you agree with neil, that we need to get the information off these iphones now. now here is what is coming at from the other side, let me say. there is a lot of suspicion about what the government is really after here. so maybe you can answer some of the basic questions. a lot of people wondering, can't they already get into the phone? seems like the government has a lot of technical experts, they can do a lot of different things. it is hard to believe they don't already have that information. >> melissa, that's a great point. that is actually one of the vulnerabilities we're seeing right now is that the fbi is needing to go and use a court order to go ahead and get and seek the help from apple to get inside of this phone. yeah, that is showing a gap in our system right now. melissa: you believe it is true, as somebody who used to work for the fbi, you believe it es true they can't really get in? >> yes, i do. it's sad, i will say that.
4:43 pm
i think we get two 14-year-old kids, give them a couple of mac books and monster power distinction will have it cracked in 24 hours. melissa: okay. >> unfortunately for this whole talk of the government wanting to trash the constitution and throw away the bill of rights, i mean they have enacted the law, all-risks act, from 1789, they're going back to the fundamental principles of the constitution in seeking the help from apple to get help on this. melissa: government abuses in the past, it is a slippery slope and look what the irs has done, to go after people that didn't agree with politically, with the administration, that is currently in office, there is a lot of suspicion out there. ask the next question on the list, nsa doesn't already have the information, what's on the phone? >> no, not right now. a domestic terrorism case, obviously it is counterterrorism investigation lead by the fbi. so, it shows that the nsa is not
4:44 pm
involved and is not pulling this information -- melissa: but do they have it and not sharing it with the fbi? they have every phone call, they have ever record and saving it in a warehouse in nevada. don't they have it? >> no, melissa, i don't. i can't speak intelligently on per se 100% but i have a reasonable belief they do not have that information. that is why the fbi seeking it from apple and seeking assistance. melissa: my last question, i know for a fact that in the past tech companies out of silicon valley worked quietly with the government an with the fbi and cia helped them information but they want it kept quiet that they're helping government in specific cases. why didn't that happen this time? it makes people think that what the government is really after is a precedent, to get into other phones. that is where the suspicion comes from. so why wasn't their quiet cooperation first? >> obviously the quiet
4:45 pm
cooperation, we had consent, i'm speaking on behalf of the fbi, the fbi had consent because it was government-owned iphone issued to the terrorist. you already have consent to search from the true owner of it. you're going to apple to ask for assistance in breaking the code to enter that. i mean, here at the end of the day, we forget, we're one nation, one fight. all of us are in this together. everybody has this skewed opinion that fbi is 800-pound gorilla trying to enforce this on apple. you know what? i can speak for agents on the ground because i've been in this situation. they're guys likes you and me, women and men, want nothing more than to support and defend the constitution of the united states and protect its citizens. that is what we lose sight of. we're making divisive issue when all they're trying to do is prevent attack coming. if there is actionable intelligence on the phone to prevent a next attack. melissa: chad, i agree with you and i think we do support and trust the fbi. i think what goes beyond that is what scares a lot of people when
4:46 pm
you've seen what other agencies have done. we don't trust larger government. we don't know where it is going from there. that is where the mistrust comes in. >> melissa? melissa: final point. >> i can appreciate that, fbi tell i'm telling you, director comey all the way down is integrity organization. melissa: thanks for coming on. i appreciate it. david: but it can be used. there are good arguments both sides of the issue. remember this? spacex is hoping timber, that this doesn't happen again. elon musk's company gearing up for another big mission tonight, set to launch the falcon 9 rocket. hopefully a successful landing on floating platform in the atlantic ocean. kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. deirdre bolton joining us. is this third time a charm, fourth time, fifth time, i lost count? >> even spacex says if we don't do this successfully, don't be surprised. that is a pretty clear warning shot across the bow.
4:47 pm
spacex has been able to land, reland, however you want to say it, these kinds of spaceships or shuttles before but on solid ground. never on a floating barge in the atlantic. so this evening 6:46 p.m. eastern time, from cape canaveral, this is the idea that it is going to come back down, land on this barge. if weather blocks it, then they will try again tomorrow. the larger idea is essentially making space travel cheaper, because you don't have to chuck all the equipment after you reland. save it, go again. getting us one step closer to our own spacewalk. david: they have to proof it. proof's in the pudding. deirdre bolton, see you at top of the hour on "risk & reward." melissa. melissa: whether on main street or wall street here who is making money today. beijing trying to overtake new york city as billionaire capital of the world. beijing is home to 100 billionaires, surpassing big
4:48 pm
apple's 95. >> bottoms-up. alcohol coming to starbucks locations in utah. they were grant ad limited service license to serve beer and wine in five locations. david, we're on our way. meet you there. david: utah, extraordinary. president's supreme court nominee might not even get a job interview in unprecedented move by congress. there are tornado watches from south carolina up through washington into new jersey. the storms are moving north as we speak and slamming the south hard. >> our family members calling in that has not made contact with loved ones, that they know were in this area.
4:49 pm
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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>>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: the debate over filling the vacancy in the nation's highest court is heating up on
4:52 pm
capitol hill. republican members of the senate judiciary committee say in a letter to the senate majority leader they're under no obligation to vote on or even hear the president's nominee to the supreme court. senator david vitter, a member of the senate judiciary committee signed that letter and he joins me now. senator, let me just ask you, isn't this what the american public is frustrated about right now is sort of the just, the no that is going on in washington? do you worry about angering people with this move? >> i don't. i've talked to a lot of folks in louisiana. they think they should be in charge. they should be driving the train in a big election year. we have the opportunity to put them in charge through the presidential election. i think that is empowering them. i think that is what voters want, citizens want, not insider politics in washington but for citizens to be in charge finally. melissa: we were looking at legal language. i'm not a lawyer, it says he
4:53 pm
shall nominate with by and advice and consent of senate, judges in the supreme court. >> sure. melissa: you think that legal language gives you the power to not even have a hearing? >> absolutely, melissa. forget about my opinion. there is no one who argues that somehow we are constitutionally bound to have a hearing or a vote this year. no one argues that. not a single constitutional scholar anywhere. the president nominates, the senate takes that nomination up on its own schedule. advice and consent confirmation, no confirmation, clearly majority of the will of the senate to put the american people in charge in this election year. melissa: if you had to put it into numbers, a percentage, how confident are you that you will be able to stay the course on this and not have a hearing and not go forward? what do you think? >> i'm very, very confident ultimately because i think a clear majority of the american people want to be in charge through the presidential election.
4:54 pm
they understand how important any supreme court vacancy, certainly this say can is. filling this vacancy could have more lasting impact on the country than the next president, who might serve for eight years but this vacancy could have impact for decades to come. melissa: senator, thank you so much for coming on. appreciate your time. good luck to you. david? >> thank you. david: storms moving up north after smashing southeast. jonathan serrie joins us from florida. reporter: the skies are clearing, allowing residents in pensacola to assess damage to the property and neighborhood. a lot of people are shocked with what they have been seeing. some people say in this part of florida we always prepared for hurricanes but not tornadoes. the twister struck in fact while many people were watching weather reports on tv. >> few minutes later i start hearing popping sounds. i hear shingles coming off the roof.
4:55 pm
i went down the hallway to get my dad tell him, we're starting to lose shingles, as i told him that, the pressure in the house dropped, still quiet. i started yelling at everybody to get in the hallway here. get down. that is when we got down. all you could hear, crushing and popping. any moment we would waiting for roof to peel back like a sardine can. reporter: fortunately the tornado spared his roof. you see minor shingle damage. to the right, this rv his parents owned was overturned in the driveway. people are seeing many scenes like this throughout the neighborhood just outside of pensacola, florida. fortunately no fa salts are reported here. however, at near by apartment complex where tornado gutted two dozen individual units, half a dozen people suffered injuries. back to you. david: all coming up north. jonathan, thank you very much. melissa: wow. mama mia, here we go again.
4:56 pm
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melissa: update on a story we brought awe while back, love gone wild. london zoo love triangle might finally be resolved. i know you were worried about that so we're bringing to you the conclusion. former meerkat expert was cleared of assault in a love spat with a monkey handler over a llama keeper. you need a drawing to keep this straight. do you have a vin diagram? david: no, i will have to follow along with me. closely, two judges finding that the monkey handler was not, i repeat, not recklessly injured when the meerkat expert allegedly hit her with a wine glass. melissa: there was alcohol involved. that explains a lot of it. wasn't just zoo animals that
5:00 pm
they were, they weren't fighting over. david: you love this story. you absolutely love this story. melissa: i do. i have to say it doesn't sound real. alas we're sure it is real. i'm sure you're thrilled we brought you update. meantime that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. david: see ya. >> we love nevada! we're winning, winning, winning. the country -- [cheers and applause] and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. you're going to be proud of your president and you're going to be even prouder of your country! deirdre: donald trump makes it three in a row after winning the nevada caucus last night. turnout was amazing. total vote exceeding the total number of votes for every candidate in the same state in 2012. they went to donald trump. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. here is part of donald trump's victory speech. >> we won the evangelicals, we


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