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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 26, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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dagen: whew, 1%. maria: forecasting, 1% something to celebrate? i guess. great to see you, dagen, and david webb, please come back soon. i'll see you sunday morning for sunday morning futures on fox news channel. have a great weekend. "varney & company" is next. stuart: thank you. i heard him say it, by the way. moving on. the debate last night, it's do or die. they call d-day for candidates, too little too late? down to the wire. any more cliches, only time will tell. good morning, everyone, the republicans held the debate and it was raucous. rubio and cruz attacked. trump is a con artist, trump attacked, cruz is a liar. you heard it all night long. yes, it was entertaining and it completely overshadowed the democrat primary in south carolina tomorrow. more on that in a moment. almost the end of the month. check your 401(k), do it,
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please, february's rebound is real and we're looking at another strong open today. despite, or maybe because of bad news on the economy. we've got it all for you. free speech, oh, took another hit. black lives matter showed up at cal state, los angeles last night to disrupt a speech by conservative who wanted to address diversity. on a brighter note. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> you have many different plans, you have competition. you'll have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, no, no. i don't repeat myself. >> repeat yourself. >> here is the guy who repeats himse himself. >> talking about repeating, i
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watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> now you repeated yourself five seconds ago. >> i watched him meltdown on the stage, like came out of the swimming pool. >> let's talk about your plan. >> and every night, five things, everyone's dumb, going to make america great again, win, win, win, in the polls and-- >> senator rubio, please. stuart: the debates are fascinating and that was only a very, very small part of the sparks that flew in the debate last night. tammy bruce is here. after these debates, everybody asked the same question, who won? who won? >> the american people, because suddenly thing-- >> that's a cop out. >> things became more competitive and that's one of the differences, this is supposed to be moving right on through. i don't think it will have a tremendous impact on what trump does and accomplishes on tuesday, but suddenly the american people, those who are watching also realize that they
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can maybe relate to some of the republicans candidates that marco rubio is not afraid of everyone. he was afraid of chris christie, not afraid, apparently of donald trump and the mocking was funny, as we've just saw, and it took -- it took trump off of his grounding which i found fascinating. stuart: i'm not so sure that matters. just look at this poll. this is a poll of the southern states which will be voting on tuesday. southern question mark. 37% trump, 20 rubio, 20 cruz, and so on down the line. trump dominates. >> the reason that people-- what we've seen, what they're responding to, of course, is the desire for complete change, not the usual minutia we're talking about, or somebody tells a truth. this is about a wholesale rejection that has been government for for 20 years and
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this is why he's doing well and the usual attacks won't work. cruz and rubio still have a chance and they've still got to make that argument, but trump will still, i think, have the edge. stuart: fast, would you agree that cruz and rubio's chances are diminishing? >> with rubio and his position in florida, yes, which is untenable. cruz after that good performance i think will take texas, but when you're focusing on trying to win your home states, you've already lost in a way. stuart: would you like to stay the half hour? >> i'd like to. [laughter] >> still on serious subjects here, look at the video, the protest at the college in california last night. black lives matter and other liberal groups blocking people to get into a speech bye a conservative commentary shapiro. someone pulled a fire alarm to disrupt the speech and here is someone trying to get in to watch. >> there was no way i was able to get in. there was a lot of pushing,
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shoving, screaming, yelling racism from the left and bigotry from the left and neo fascist tactics. >> do you think your right was denied. >> absolutely, that's what the left does. university is normally think somebody would want to learn a different point of view, even if they disagree, here, they won't allow disagreement. stuart: look at the banner, poe tests block free speech. i think it sums it up entirely. liz, i'm inclined to think that maybe that kind of thing drives people to trump. >> yeah, because he's -- ben shapiro is trying to break through the barriers at college universities. he's trying to deliver a message where free speech is supposed to be, you know, a principle and a right there, but it's not. so speaking directly to people in their language, that's what ben was trying to do and his message, actually was this, the diversity of race, of values and also of ideas and those
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ideas get squashed on college campuses. those very ideas lead to a prosperous society and he went after them after he pulled the alarm. you do that in class you'd be off campus. you special magical children of the left protected by my tax dollars, you get to behave this way, you'll not basically survive in the real world if you continue to act like this. stuart: from last night, go at it. to the markets, please, because we've got news there. stocks will move up at the opening bell today. by next week, we could be on 17,000 watch maybe. crude oil is at $34 a barrel, that helps stocks. futures up about 90 points. and look at that. fourth quarter economic growth just 1% growth at an annualized rate. liz, again, that's a week performance liz: we're teetering on potential recession, three straight quarters of declining global profits. the global economy is contracting and markets are resting right now.
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stuart: what is hillary or bernie going to do, with the economies sliding in recession. stop laughing. >> i'll keep them to myself. stuart: listen to this, the new york times editorial board demanding that hillary release the transcripts of her paid talks with wall street first. here is the headline. mrs. clinton, show voters those transcripts. and here is a quote from the article, everybody does it, is an excuse, expected from a mischievous child not a presidential candidate. and ambassador john bolten joins us interest morning, with the american enterprise institute. mr. ambassador, we often ask you about syria, russia, china, and now i'm asking you about the new york times and hillary clinton. what's your reaction when you saw that headline this morning? >> well, i was speechless for a few seconds because the new york times has taken the correct view on that. he ought to release the transcripts. i don't think there's any question that she's worried
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about what she said to some of these groups that were paying her speech fees and she's the one who, at least according to reporting, that insist they be transcribed in their contracts. i think her failure to disclose is a sign of gutlessness. stuart: for a long time, i thought that maybe the new york times and other parts of the establishment media would pull back from their endless left ward drift, but i don't think that's the case. i just don't think that's happening. i think if anything, the new york times is pretty much gung-ho for bernie sanders at this point. >> well, honestly, my view is that philosophically bernie and hillary are undistinguishable as i mentioned to you before. hillary was a year ahead of me in law school. she was a radical back then, she hasn't changed. she's not moving to the left to try and wrap up this nomination, she's very happy over there and this is what she really thinks. i think that competition is just going on.
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i think that's the one reason despite the turmoil on the republican side that we should have every expectation of a republican president come november. stuart: i've got 45 seconds left and determined to get a foreign policy question. president obama describes isis as a crime ring. comment, please? >> look, he doesn't live in reality. he simply will not acknowledge that the international threat of terrorism is an another form of ideology and isis is its most recent manifestation, he called them the jv and now the crime ring. they are an international terrorist, and his director of national intelligence testified in open congress that threat for terrorism has greater than it's been since before 9/11 and our policy in syria and across north africa is doing next to nothing to stop it. the president can use whatever rhetoric he wants, sadly the evidence is entirely contrary to the view he's trying to promulgate.
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stuart: that, mr. ambassador, was a tour deforce, to use the french. tim cook will not budge. apple will not open the san bernardino killer's iphone. one congressman says that cook has blood on his hands. a big name, you know it, j.c. penney, we put them on death watch. that's a mistake, they've arisen, and they'll open big, well above nine bucks a share. we're covering everybody from the debate last night. including this, did you notice one person screaming every time marco rubio made a point last night? just watch. >> people can look it up, i'm sure people are googling it now. trump, fined for hiring illegal workers on one of his projects. . [cheers] >> that happened. a guy that hired $200 million. if he had inherited $200 million, do you know where he would have been right now --
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[cheer [cheers].
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>> i think apple leadership risks having blood on their hand and i think that tim cook is going to have a very hard time explaining why he stood in the way of justice on this issue. stuart: risks having blood on his hand, very strong words, he's talking about this fight between the fbi and apple about cracking the iphone of the san bernardino terrorists. now, tell me, that was strong language, may have blood on his hands. >> he risks it because we know that san bernardino terrorists had help and we know that people were moving into the garage and helping with things, that those people well in fact may do additional crimes. this is the kind of thing that our regular system is prepared to deal with in the warrant system, a dynamic there's an immediate danger potentially where we can find a middle ground.
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it's bizarre that apple is not assisting and trying to make an even more difficult phone to crack. it will become the phone for terrorists and criminals worldwide. i have an iphone and i'm switching out of it. stuart: okay. wow, that's strong stuff. come on in, congressman michael burgess. republican from texas, your committee is holding the next apple hearing and it's tuesday. i hope you heard the dialog that proceeded you where congressman jolly said apple may have blood on its hands. do you take that position? >> no, sir, i'm on the energy and commercial. stuart: my apologies. >> we have invited apple and the fbi to come and talk to us, explain their positions, i'm just like so many meshes, i've got real questions, i value my privacy at the same time i want us to be safe, so-- >> are you looking at middle ground like some kind of legislation that would open up
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those iphones without ruining everybody else's privacy, is that what you're looking for, legislation here? >> well, of course in my mind there's a question if legislation is necessary. there are questions answered in the courts and i do wonder if all of the questions can be answered in the courts and if legislation won't ultimately be necessary. i know chairman mccall, a fellow texan on homeland security committee suggested that a commission be created to oversee this type of activity. obviously, we've got the fisa courts, no one is advocating that any of this information be transferred without a proper warrant. so we're respecting the fourth amendment. in reality there's more information i need what is technically involved with the encryption on the phone as well as from the fbi standpoint, on a county-owned phone why was there a problem getting into it. stuart: and are you hearing a lot from your constituents on this?
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this has fired up the media. has it fired up your electorate? are you getting feedback? >> we are, and i will just tell you that, stuart, anytime that congress touches the internet, things get a little heated. stuart: yes, they do. [laughter] >> the other thing that i've learned in congress, if you fight the internet, the internet always wins. stuart: congressman, we hear you and we thank you very much for being on the show this morning. >> thank you. stuart: in case you missed it, former president of mexico vicente fox dropped the f-bomb again while talking to maria, you better watch this. >> i have to say we're not, i am not going to pay for that (bleep) wall. i am not. he should know doubt. know the going to apologize, on the contrary. a real public servant, joe biden, vice-president of the united states, he said in mexico, i have to apologize for this guy and-- >> oh, oh, there the former
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president of mexico uses the f-word and then invokes joe biden in the same sentence. >> maria bartiromo has a very expressive face. >> italian woman, yes, she has an expressive face. the absurdity, he doesn't like donald trump because donald trump is crude. what is that? what is he doing? >> well said and he's the former president. trump is a presidential wannabe liz: he's said it twice, the second time he's said it and said it probably on purpose. stuart: you can tell that-- >> that's exactly it. stuart: listen to this, a professor who has accurately predicted every presidential election since 1996 and he says, i'll tell you know, trump's going to win, it's a statistical certainty. >> this guy is a joke artist, and this guy is a liar. >> can somebody attack me, please? . [cheers] . you both have a
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything.
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against hillary, he has a 97% chance to win against bernie sanders and goes up to 99%. i call that a near certainty. who is here? professor helmet. >> glad to be on the show and good to be with you. stuart: what is with yo methodology that trump over hillary and-- ments i look at the strongest opponent and donald trump has beaten the opponents soundly in new hampshire and south carolina. stuart: when you say his opponents, other republicans? >> other republicans. just look at him and the strongest next guy. so, that's the measure. how well you do against the-- because it's all that changes, a few changes, sometimes it's one-on-one, hillary against bernie, but sometimes it's against several. only look how you do against your next strongest opponent. stuart: that's your methodology. that's what i do for the elections going back to 1912.
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stuart: let's not go too far. you correctly predicted bill clinton, followed by president bush, followed by president obama twice. let's say i predicted president gore, the popular vote, the popular vote, okay. stuart: did you predict on those occasions with the same degree of certainty that you're predicting now? >> no, not-- i don't remember exactly, but 97% i think is one of the highest i've ever had. >> you're not working for the trump campaign. no, no. stuart: any connection to it whatsoever. >> no. stuart: do you pass judgment on donald trump, do you like him or hate him? >> i feel like a weather caster, i like good weather, but it doesn't make me predict that it's always good weather. if there's a storm, i predict a storm. stuart: you're a professor at a university. >> yes. stuart: have you got tenure? >> yes, i've had tenure for most of my life.
9:25 am
stuart: if you did not have tenure, predicting a near certain win with donald trump, you'd be out on your ear? >> you can't imagine how many comments from colleagues, right on, right on. stuart: they're academics in your institution who are for trump? >> yes, that's incredible, incredible. stuart: you come back on the show. >> okay. stuart: thank you, professor. i've been saying it for weeks, the rebound in stocks, it's real. look at this, today, oil up, stocks up. you know, we could reach 17,000 next week, i mean, that's a stretch, but we'd like to see it and this is a stock to watch at opening bell. weight watchers you'll see it plummet roughly 25%. remember, oprah winfrey has a stake in the company and that stock plummeted overnight. >> it's losing weight. stuart: what?
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>> it's losing weight. okay, i missed that one. what a gem. back in a moment. ♪ thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes .. get.. flonase changes everything.
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>> i am not going to pay for that wall and he should know that. i am not going to apologize. the real public servant, joe biden, vice president of the united states, apologize for this -- is not terrible. stuart: the former presidents of mexico invoking joe biden. 9:30, here we go up and running and we are on the upside expecting a gain of 100 points, up 36 as we speak. we are 250 points away from b-17,000. jo lin kent is here, liz macdonald and scott shellady and kevin kelly. i say by the looks of it this rebound is for real. you are going to pour cold water on it. >> one of the most unhealthy markets we have which is predicated upon oil.
9:31 am
how unhealthy is that? look at the three largest economies in the world, have anemic growth or slowing. the big take away is consumption. stuart: what a party cooper you are. a ray of hope from chicago. scott shellady. is this a solid rebound which will last. sorry to be the debbie downer here but at the end of the day, going to applaud 1% gdp, 1.4%. i have said this before, welcome to america where mediocre is the new excelling. what is happening around the world, it is all about the growth, we are not seeing it come through. we don't have any good news. stuart: let me get to the base line.
9:32 am
this is surely the price of oil, opec's president says the output freeze would work and it could drive prices back to $50 a barrel. what is the latest on this? jo lin: this is the president of opec, saying it will work, in an exclusive interview with cnn he says the 50,000 barrels of the market but remember the real context of this interview. iran called it a total joke, saudi arabia making it known they are not ready to do any cuts and with the market reliant on where oil prices are is this something that can be possible? stuart: talking got his own book. >> the opposite? stuart: how could he say the opposite? throwing cold water on that. jo lin: important to be skeptical because the others are not necessarily joining it. stuart: after three minutes of business we are up 100 points and for a price of oil reach $34
9:33 am
a barrel. attention california drivers, gas expected despite overnight. you want to talk about that? liz: more thing--nothing drives people telling can sanity more than price at the pump. average for the state $2.31, national average $1.70. they are switching to that summer blend, less polluting and more environmentally friendly. california drivers feeling it in southern california higher than the state average. stuart: it is 6:30 in the morning in california. you brought it on your selves, the greenies did this to you, sorry about that. walmart not losing much but walmart will cut one hundred jobs at the arkansas headquarters this week. that is the best performing dow stocks, a 11% in 2016. >> rightfully so. it got beaten down so bad last year they are trying to turn around the stock implementing
9:34 am
new initiatives. they are starting to pay a lot of employees more, trying to revamp the store so is doing well because they can survive in this type of economy and that is where a lot of sales are going so it is a turnaround story. last year was a terrible year. they are doing well. stuart: let me bring in another walmart shopper named scott shellady. i don't know if you shop at walmart or not but this is a giant of the past and struggling to get back anywhere near where it used to be. >> let's look at recent history. they close a lot of stores. obamacare taking flight and they also had everybody starting at $10 an hour and moving up from there. i think stock will trade heavy even if it does rally a little bit. i don't think it is something you want to get behind and it is a dinosaur but all the news headlines we had not including what is happening in their sector bodes well. stuart: we have a surprise from j.c. penney. they produced strong holiday
9:35 am
numbers. what retailers did not, they are up 14% rate now. >> at one point this stock was joked on wall street as being the seat penny-stock, nearing insolvency, had to bring back its former ceo at one point, like bringing back a plumber into the house of plumbing. what did they do it? 8 brought back their own catalog. people love the catalog, they got rid of the fancy stuff, went back to their discounts, quality, clothes, people are liking it and they are looking t j max, 20 years of profit. this is the name of retail, high-quality retail goods at a low price. you don't need to look like donna -- stuart: polls closing stores. >> interesting part about j.c. penney they are bringing back home appliances they have not had since 1983 because merchandise sales are slowing so they are looking for another wave of growth contrary to other
9:36 am
models. stuart: kohl's is closing stores. we call that china's google, sales up 33%. we are up 11%. that is not a bad game. higher sales and herbal life in the news recently, stock is up 21%, same story at kraft, don't know if they have the same game, it is up 4% at 77. palo alto network, the same online security of be forecast at 8%. disappointing numbers from monster average, the editing people down 2%. back to gdp gross domestic product revised to show 1% annualized rate for the economy. that is not good enough. liz: we have fallen through the looking glass when they say it is better than expected. this should not be the normal.
9:37 am
the u.s. economy teetering on the brink of recession. according to water cooler talk on wall street. stuart: what is the white house going to say? is a spin everything positive as the economy has grown 1%. i am waiting for the statement. liz: how will be candidates respond? stuart: hillary, what are you going to do? >> we have disfunction when all of a sudden lying on the central bank supervised growth when fiscal policy is going to drive it for the future and that is it. central banks have no more and no. they have done everything they could. quantitative easing. stuart: democrats are going into this election with a declining economy and polity of tax-and-spend. >> beating about president's policy which joe biden does not like. >> they spend money better than we do so let's go back on it. stuart: back on my good side. the stock please?
9:38 am
nicole: the gap can't be cool. here is the problem. stocks down 30% in the last 52 weeks. today is down 4%. weak sales at the banana republic and the gap, a strong dollar problematic and old navy has some style and less traffic in the store and intense competition for stores like a canned ham and forever 21. meantime the ceo has this nice happy picture saying they are extremely pleased with the line coming out in spring and summer and the ceo sounded so chipper so there is a disconnect here but there you go stocks down 3.5%. stuart: look at weight watchers, surprise loss. remember oprah winfrey has i think it is a 10% stake in the company. how much money did she lose over night?
9:39 am
>> it was $197 million. it has fallen by $55.5 million. that is how much he lost but remember, to give some context she is up overall because her initial investment was 43.2. stuart: she put in $42 million and that investment is worth $55 million. jo lin: that investment was yesterday $170 million, sit shot. stuart: her investment has gone from $43 million, that is what she put in to $190 million? jo lin: according to calculations per initial investment was $43.2 million. she lost all this money and according to calculations from our team. >> if you want real numbers about that i don't know about taking a big payment from them, she got $8.3 million last quarter was affected shares, $0.13, shouldn't have done that. should have put some of the stock and not taken a halibut.
9:40 am
jo lin: has fallen by $22 million, definitely calculated a 20%, she has a 10% stake in the company. she lost $25 million. stuart: from the date she put the money in to today she has lost $25 million or did she lose $25 million -- jo lin: last night to today. stuart: she lost a lot of money. >> relative to net worth not a lot. stuart: facebook's mark zuckerberg lectors employees after someone crosses out black lives matter and replaces it with all lives matter on a message board facebook headquarters. jo lin: something mark zuckerberg had to address at companywide town hall meetings, reprimanded employees for repeatedly crossing out black lives matter, right in all lives matter. he had something to sat on the matter in an internal memo, it is deeply hurtful and tiresome experience that everyone is going through together at this book.
9:41 am
stuart: are you kidding me? deeply hurtful to say all lives matter? liz: what was malicious was crossing at out and not adding to the quote. >> have to pay more for gas too at the pump. more californians than facebook employees. stuart: check the big board, we're 71 points, andy points. like we do at 11:00 eastern. all the big stories affecting your money. we got them. apple fighting the fed's. they want a crack at a terrorist iphone. sheriff david clark, which side of the debate is the on? al sharpton says if from wins he is leaving the country. okay, we will be that that. back in a moment.
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stuart: we have a gain of 56 points largely on the back of stronger oil prices. economy is only growing at a 1% annual growth rate. j.c. penney strong holiday numbers, most of the other retailers were weeks at christmas up 10%. look at weight watchers, surprise loss. oprah winfrey lost a ton of money overnight. now this. al sharpton says he will leave the country of donald trump is elected president. liz: he jokingly said reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins only because he probably would have meet the imported anyway. that on the heels of al sharpton telling politico he doesn't dislike donald trump, he does not think he is bigoted and the
9:46 am
kind of person who admitted he took a helicopter ride in -- to atlantic city with don king and called him the white don king. of likable guy. stuart: a mixed bag. apple fighting the fed's. they are not going to crack with san bernardino terrorist's iphone. of valuable guest on the program, let's get right at this. which side are you on? on the law enforcement side, what is going on or the privacy side. apple. >> i don't think these things are mutually exclusive. a sweet spot could be obtained here. this is a situation of the law kept pace with technology. it is a matter of trust that apple does not trust the government with its secrets. you look at bill clinton.
9:47 am
and an unprotected server. law enforcement officer like everything available to me. it is too much to ask the american people. >> you don't want privacy cracked, it is a difficult position. and nathan major terrorist threat. david jolly, apple may have blood on its hands. they get inside the phone. >> l.a. and any other city in america faces terrorism
9:48 am
regardless whether they have an ongoing threat. there could be happy medium reached here. if i were fbi director comey, i would visit apple's ceo tim cook, not for that but go see him, establish a relationship. after a meeting of the mind apple would understand and some way to assist the government but to add apple to provide back doors that will make all the product vulnerable to hackers. they will not keep these things secret. they will reach this short of shoving a court order, director it comey said i would like to reach a day where people comply with the law. i would have thought that when eric holder withheld documents by congress ponder fast and furious and bill clinton--mrs. bill clinton did the same thing holding back document and
9:49 am
e-mails from benghazi. the issue on the other foot in terms of the government and the government is finding out what it is like. difficult. a tough situation but in the end both of these things can be achieved. we need a sweet spot. it can be achieved. stuart: i didn't know you had written a thesis on it. would you comment on al sharpton saying if from is elected president he might leave the country? >> if al sharpton said that put me down for donald trump. i will vote for donald trump. he doesn't have to worry about being deported. he should be in federal prison for income-tax evasion and i hope donald trump will do that. stuart: when you kept it to 15 seconds. we appreciate you being with us, thank you very much. we have football news. the washington redskins scheduled to play a game in london but guess what, the brits don't want them unless they king chair name. can you believe that?
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stuart: a regional airline, republic airways, bankruptcy protection, that is why the stock is down to literally nothing. washington redskins scheduled to play in london in october but we to members of britain's parliament say if they don't get rid of the name redskins they are not welcome. jerrod max brought us the story. give us some background on this. >> we to members of parliament write a letter to roger goodell five days before the super bowl eight months before the redskins and bagels at wembley stadium and essentially say if you don't change the name redskins sent another team over here. there are three games in london every season. it spread its seed globally. what does it do when two members of british parliament say reduce the name or you are not welcome here. there are couple issues, the bbc is taxpayer funded and the street to members of british parliament telling the nfl
9:55 am
basically the nfl does not want a good number of was putting pressure on the bbc to tell them how to air it. the nfl is not used to -- stuart: rules about racial slur in a broadcast. >> wembley stadium has its own anti racism charter plus all the work that has been done to fight against this. stuart: the argument hangs on whether or not the name of the team, the washington redskins is a racist name. if you miss a it is a racist name they can't go to britain. >> these folks have determined it is a racist name and they are not welcome here. the nfl is not used to being pushed around by anybody or told how to operate its business and we don't know if this is too far too want to see or bring change. stuart: 652 members of the british house of commons, two members stand up, very small minority but i wonder how nfl will react to this. >> one of the more intriguing
9:56 am
stories we have seen because this is how you do it but i am sure there are already t-shirts printed for that game for october so -- stuart: they can afford that but if they do scrap it, send another team. stuart: that is the beginning of the downfall. i would say the name redskins won't be around much longer. i don't think that will be the case. i don't think the nfl has 2 out of 200 members of congress--parliament. stuart: who is in the super bowl next year? >> i don't think it will be the carolina panthers. stuart: the giants? it do you follow soccer? >> i enjoyed a good soccer match and people tell me there are certain team names in the u.k. that might make some eyebrows raised over the origin of those names. stuart: in american football the fighting irish, there is a slur.
9:57 am
keeping my distance. >> there are several names. vikings, warriors, brave, indians, cleveland indians. stuart: is that a slur? >> how could it be? they want to change the name redskins, he says i am not changing it. it will cost $30 million to read brand the team but who pays for that? stuart: we shall see. you are pretty good and you are welcome, thank you very much. free-speech under attack again on college campus in los angeles. black lives matter shows up to block a speech by a conservative. we are following the markets, the dow is off its highs which it reached at "the opening bell" but we are on 47 even though the economy is only growing at 1% per year. not good. hour two two minutes away.
9:58 am
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stuart: eight at 10:00 almost on the east coast. southern california where free speech is under attack. liberal groups blocking people from a speech by conservative commentator ann cal state los angeles. someone pulled the fire alarm during a speech to disrupt it. more on that in a moment. first, you better listen to this. >> i have to say we are mad. i am not going to pay for that wall. and he should know that. i'm not going to apologize. on the contrary, a real public service, joe biden, vice president of the united states. it's terrible. sure into as you saw it may be heard as the presidential asp bomb. first of all to you. would you say to that? presidente fox drops and in the
10:01 am
same scent invokes joe biden who also used the word in a very whispered conversation with president obama a couple years ago. what do you make of this? >> you know what i make of mr. fox? maybe you should keep his mexicans in this country so we'd have to pay for them illegally hopping over the wall here in the united states in refusing to leave. it costs us a lot of money, a lot of jobs, mr. fox did i would have a few choice words for him. it is funny because no conservative could get away, but it's okay for mr. biden and mr. fox. he is going to build the wall really high. we are going to reduce the trade deficit did $60 billion. >> i'm kind of laughing. i don't think i should.
10:02 am
but coarseness in public life these days. donald trump did it. >> there's a certain amount of decorum he should have as a leader for a set of people. i said this last night in my show. vincente fox always brought me the wrong way. he is an arrogant sop. when he was president mexico, i remember him riding around on his white horse and how we america with a problem because we were buying the drugs they were smuggling into this century, the somehow we were the reason for the massive drug cartels and the terrible economy that somehow he was a real problem. biden and obama still get away with it. they never challenge them on it. >> jumped in when 44%. in nevada he also apologized. watch this. mr. fox apologize for saying
10:03 am
mexican illegals take the jobs that blacks won't do and later apologize for the comment in the middle of the last decade. the mac we have a leader speaking out against donald trump so much that people hate trump here that is bad for america. sure do he would rather support trump you're going to foreign dignitary on our air, grossly insulted presidential candidate, that drives support more towards trump than it does towards hillary or bernie. am i so wrong on this? >> if donald trump or president and he has so much anger against him by other politicians around the world, that affects america appears something else to contend with. stuart: i'm going to move on from the subject. here is a promo. this is for you, charles. on the fox business network. i want to get back to the video. we showed it to you at the top of the hour.
10:04 am
protesters led by black lies matter blocking conservative speech at cal state los angeles. what do you make of that because they tried to stop people getting in. there was a lot of pushing and shoving right there. then somebody pulled the fire alarm so the speech is really disrupted. >> when the very first started while they were eating and intimidate them. they take a tremendous amount of heat. these bullying tactics are really crazy. on a college setting, i'll be honest with you. then shapiro gets it wrong when he says no racism since 1984 since he was born and i don't have to explain it to them. there's no perfect setting, no better setting than a college campus to have discussions. while we see right now is despicable as. stuart: well said, young man. this is black lies matter
10:05 am
largely leaving the protest last night. two weeks ago, black lies matter young men chanting black lies matter a decorated marine corps veteran. and after they host did black lies matter leadership and he singled out one guy for praise. would you make make of all this? this is nothing new. president obama has always taken the side of black america overweight america. his is possible for the racial division we haven't seen in this country since before the civil rights movement. i am speechless. >> you say president obama has a lot of responsibility for the racial division in america. i want your comments are not. >> unfortunately, president obama is trying to rewrite the ranks of yesteryear. things that americans got nowhere, and his election was the culmination of the more
10:06 am
perfect color blind union, but his power base has always been the victimization. he had a chance to extend where we were going as a nation. he was keeping division amongst people, whether racial or economic. >> to charles point, is to lock down his point among black voters while delivering black people nothing. nothing on unemployment, nothing on wealth prosperity. it is really very much about locking down power. stuart: we should not forget black lives matter disrupted marc o'malley sometime ago and i blew disrupted a speech by hillary clinton the other night. and bernie sanders. they have gone after democrats to make the point. i've got to get this one in. al sharpton is ready to leave the country if donald trump becomes president. watch this. >> donald trump is the nominee. i'm hoping to support anyone
10:07 am
lime also reserving my ticket to get out of here and win. only because he'd probably have me deported anyway. stuart: joke in there about leaving the country. what you make of that? >> i don't know where else i'll sharpton is going to go to make money off his three shtick. he would have to leave the country, that he would leave the country to evade taxes. donald trump would make al sharpton pay the million of that taxes to the federal government and the new york state government. charles: at risk of getting more flak -- charles: al sharpton a going nowhere. he's going to make so much my. were in some $2000 to appear wait until later.
10:08 am
stuart: the markets are due to clear. a lovely game gain for the dow and the opening way back. only up 20 points as we speak. that's got something to do with the price of oil up early in the day, not so much now. he still at 33.91. we have a slight gain in consumer spending -- consumer sentiment up a little, but the headline is a weak reading on the economy earlier this morning. growing an annual rate of 1%. not good. look at the price of oil. let me show you that one again. still at 33.88 and the stock market is now. ms. gaines with a 13-point gain for the dow industrials to a question the day. a terrific rebound in the month of february compared to january. is it going to hold? >> with government to 17,100 on the dow. i can't say volatility is gone. it's a beautiful thing. i know it's jargon in, but it works.
10:09 am
in the last week we have seen finally signed that consumers are spending the cheap gas money. was i the cracker barrel, target, t.j. maxx. we see it even a jcpenney today. we are starting to see it over and over. by the way, one of the things that propel gasoline higher, if gas is cheap how come we are using it? a drawdown in gasoline bigger than expected. small signs, but i see it across the board in several areas. restoration hardware, expensive stuff crashed. i'm a lover and people are starting to spend the money. stuart: what are we going to do the democrats go into the election with the policy is tax the rich can spend my money and heading towards what could be a recession. liz: we are teetering on recession. it recently said it has been for
10:10 am
the first time since the great recession. that's about half of gdp, two thirds of household spending. >> is that the number that came out at 10:00? that is a big thing. stuart: that's why the market sold off. >> it came out not just recently. seven states already in recession due to the problem. >> i want to point out quickly. this is expensive furniture. they blame rich people because stock portfolios are taking ahead. they're not going to buy a $10,000 so far. perfect it by the energy crisis. stuart: return negative as you can see, down three points at this moment. jcpenney, a strong christmas season. we put this thing on death watch. that's making a comeback. charles: and is making a comeback at their top pitcher in the sector. that is amazing. free upgrades. two from sales.
10:11 am
here's a company not saying this is the one you want to buy. for what it's worth, they are expanding the michael strahan suit line, stuart to 500 stores. just in case you want a mix of the wardrobe a little bit. stuart: my mom told me if you've got a gap in your two front treats come you are going to be very rich. charles: he is beyond rich. liz: i don't see any gaps in the teeth here. stuart: that is costing the oprah winfrey a whole lot of money. liz: the stock doubled and while it is down now, trading to a year ago. this thing as not budging despite oprah winfrey stake in the company. charles: this is a cultural story we are looking up right now. when oprah launched her first commercial, there is the line is that inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be.
10:12 am
massive pushback against that. we are in a body shame in society where the woman on the cover of the current "sports illustrated" is a plus size model who happens to be beautiful. if you are overweight, don't feel ashamed about it. the irony here is oprah winfrey or this movement if you will and actually came back to bite her. her first commercial was a major, major failure. liz: that's a great point. it also didn't budge the stock either. oprah winfrey said she lost weight eating bread. that is heaven for me if i could do that. stuart: to politics. marco rubio, ted cruz, they go out with donald trump in the big debate. up next, one or two congressmen have endorsed trump. >> you have many different plans.
10:13 am
competition, so many different plans. >> now he is repeating himself. [cheers and applause] >> i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> he repeated yourself five times for a second ago. >> let's talk about your plan. >> he says five things. everyone is done. make america great again. we are going to win, win, win. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number.
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10:16 am
>> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> can somebody attack me,
10:17 am
please? [applause] stuart: you can say that was kind of comedy hour. the gop debate. joining us now, the first sitting member of congress to endorse donald trump. congressman chris collins republican from europe is with us now. you were indeed the first. you've mentioned by your colleague duncan hunter, republican from california. why did you do that? was it because when you made the endorsement without trump had it sewn up, he is going to win? >> stuart, trump is going to win. i made the endorsement as he is the only chief executive last inning. we need somebody to stand up to vladimir putin. i can tell you in that room i want donald trump who we can tell from last night no one is going to intimidate donald trump. where he says is going to bring jobs back from china, he's going to do it. when he secures our border, he's going to do it. when you stand strong on
10:18 am
national defense, he's going to do it. >> that's the basis of support amongst voters. i don't think voters have that much faith in other candidates for naysaying going to do this come at a sadness. >> donald trump as they get it done guy. they look at the background. the last 40 years in the private sector. he has the reputation. that's why i'm endorsing donald trump. please feel me chief executive. stuart: mitt romney said there's something in his tax returns. it's going to be a bombshell. do you think donald trump for a tax return. other than to point out the obvious. some level of desperation to try to derail the train which is a juggernaut right now, the end of super tuesday. it is going to be our nominee.
10:19 am
a chief executive probably running against hillary clinton. a slugfest, but at the end of the day, president trump will lead our country into a brighter future. stuart: would you like to see donald trump to own anything done? he insults out well. he uses sterile plate which an hand sells farmer george w. bush and his family. would you like to tone any of that down a bit? >> he said last night he is going to tone that down as a minister of being a maverick candidate into the republican nominee, going into the white house. i do think mr. trump will be nominating some of that. stuart: lastly, have you gotten much feedback from your constituents into may the
10:20 am
endorsement? >> has been overwhelmingly positive feedback. there'd designated by nafta. we are belt devastated community and they trust donald trump to bring some of these jobs back. overwhelming positive response from buffalo, new york area. thanks for joining us. we have now turned dead flat. a three-point game on the index is indeed dead flat. how about the price of oil? we are still up just 33.55 is where we are. point out a very big winner. that is herbal life. 22% higher. better profit, better sales. check this out. the pope is that the ceo of mr. graham. what did the holy father want to talk about? we do have an answer for you in a moment.
10:21 am
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stuart: i know this may or this is a beauty products company called revlon. the stock is up 5% because the ceo is stepping down. how about that. send a message. jcpenney strong christmas sales up 10% and now this. pope francis meeting with instant rim ceo. i believe the ceo gave the pontiff a book, a regular boat. >> beautiful images that thing could happen this year. the refugee crisis, migrants coming to greece. also more protest there. the point here was the ceo thinks the ceo of instant grandma on my facebook said fed to the pope, we can tell so many stories for the power of these images.
10:25 am
this is a technological pope that embraces technology. >> is an dear kevin and multibillionaire. i thought the holy father had some problems with killing a man. >> he is the most digital pontiff today. he's taken advantage of social media. stuart: hominy was there? it was a multibillion dollars. he got about of it. liz: i don't think they discussed the evils of capitalism. >> this elevates the power of instant graham. it is about how the pictures tell stories. all the more power to instagram with this. liz: you are not having any of it? stuart: i'm not that enthused about of both given to the pope until you tell me if the
10:26 am
multibillionaire. it was a nice meeting. the fbi fighting with apple. there is some strong language being used in this issue. just listen to this. >> at the leadership risk having blood on their hands and tim cook is going to have a very hard time explaining why he stood in the way of justice on this issue.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> you do not have the endorsement of one senator. you should be ashamed of yourself. when i was leading the fight, where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice.
10:30 am
we cannot risk another four years by nominating someone who loses to hillary clinton. [laughter] stuart: overall, we are told that ted cruz put on a strong showing in last night debate. cruz has a 15-point lead over donald trump in texas. texas, of course, is a month when. congressman brian babbage. okay. >> how are you, stuart? stuart: i agree that it is a must win state. >> i agree 100%. i watched the sparks fly. i saw a number of the candidates do well last night. >> he has to win big in texas. he cannot just creep ahead by a
10:31 am
one or two margin. he really needs a 10-point when in the home state. >> i will agree with that. wednesday morning, it will take place among ted cruz donors. read looking at the campaign. are you aware of that, sir? >> i am not. a lot of worry whether he wins the state i have large margin. >> i will make a prediction. i believe that cruz is going to win. i will tell you one thing, stuart, this is a very, important thing for our nation. we have to do it right. i do not think we have seen a bigger, more contrasting, starkly different than what the two parties are offering us. we wind up with hillary clinton.
10:32 am
a swirling cloud of corruption for 20 years. a valid socialist and bernie sanders. this nation will be in trouble. >> if donald trump does emerge, would you support him? >> absolutely. i certainly, i am a tad crew supporter. i am a texan. he has been a man of his word. i think he would make an excellent resident. i am going to support whoever the nominee is out of this republican process. >> okay. i think that it is important that we get this thing right. stuart: thank you very much for joining us, sir.
10:33 am
always appreciate it. >> we are up a little bit. twenty-one points higher. the economy only growing out 1%. nonetheless, the dow pretty flat. oil up a little. 3361. we call it china's google. higher sales. actually, sharper high sales. looking at apple. filing a motion to dismiss. former microsoft attorney hillary is with us. thank you very much for joining us. >> so happy to be on the show. thank you. >> are you serious? you are happy to be here. >> we do not fight. we get along.
10:34 am
>> okay. you say that computer code is really free speech. apple is exercising its free speech by keeping its computer code secret. is that your argument? >> we egg knowledge that code is a creative expression. it is not surprising at all that apple is using that argument to bolster their appeal. >> you are a former microsoft attorney. >> outside counsel for them, guess. >> would you say, hold the outline. >> absolutely. stuart: we have people on the show this morning that have said because apple is taking this course that they will have blood on their hands.
10:35 am
security. opening the phone. security. the ability to trust that my phone is secure. the ability to know that my e-mail will not be hacked by the government without my knowledge. is security that sense of individual freedom from the government? >> in the age of nuclear terror and we are in that age, you cannot laugh that off, we are, it is not a laughing matter at all. i want them to go into any phone, anywhere, at any time and find out what they need to know. that is what i want.
10:36 am
where my going wrong? >> well, you are assuming that the information that you get out of work wiring apple to hack its own system will be that useful. this phone that we are talking about right now, happily backed up on the cloud. there would be no need to go back and re-create or get information that could have otherwise been available. other sites where they are promoting what they are doing. what happens on an iphone is actually, to my mind at least, very limited in scope or relevancy what true terrorists threat to exist. completely gutting a security system. over 20 years to create.
10:37 am
whether or not that will really provide the results that the government think it well. i want a real problem with the government requiring a company like apple. >> nice. that point of view. we hear it here at thank you for joining us. all right. see you later. to the markets, please. we are now up 40 points. that is see world. what is it about them using spies? >> the animal rights people. they have attacked see world for their treatment of killer whales now they say, guess, we play spies, our own employees joined
10:38 am
to report. >> this is according to the ceo of the company. they thought that they were getting credible threats. customers come into view these killer whales. essentially, these killer whales are being imprisoned. you know, the issue was the right way to go for sea world. >> admitted to you on a conference call. this one is very juicy. back in 2013. the animal rights people. all right. crude oil. it is big.
10:39 am
wait until you hear how much natural gas we have in reserve. jeff flock is in michigan. we have details. where are you and what are you standing on? jeff: we did have a pleasant here this week. you would think, this is a big pile of snow and ice, by the way. you would think we would burn up all kinds of natural gas. talk about how much is in storage compared to crude oil. take a look at the number. 2.5 cubic feet of natural gas. what this has done is force prices way down. we became an exporter of natural gas.
10:40 am
they just were not using them enough. it has been too warm of a winter. >> it was a good visual there. using a huge mound of snow. i know my own bill has gone way down. the left leading "new york times." she needs to release those transcripts. more on that in a moment. and, only 50 calories a serving... [laughter]
10:41 am
10:42 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides. gdp growth 1%. that was better than expected. the dow jones dust real average down. the s&p down seven. the nasdaq up 21. 42% for the week. the russell 2000. taking it a little more rich. that is up to point its% this week. we see the dow movers. leading the way on the dow jones industrial average. they come under pressure. into the retailers. gap and best buy. lagging on the s&p 500. cast down 4%. ralph lauren.
10:43 am
start your day every day on fox business. i will see you there. ♪
10:44 am
>> palo alto networks. they have an upbeat forecast. the stock is up 5%.
10:45 am
lower sales, lower profit. down 3%. now, this. the "new york times" editorial board. the paid speeches to wall street firms. mrs. clinton, show voters those transcripts. everybody does it is an excuse expected from a mischievous child, not a presidential candidate. liz: this is bad. this is really bad for hillary clinton. nearly $3 million is what she was paid. she may have been very nice turns to goldman sachs. essentially, managing her, it was sort of a broad ross speech. helping the economy. helping the jobs. helping the entire u.s. stuart: she owns those transcripts. she owns them.
10:46 am
>> people were in the audience listening to the speeches. they said any of the speeches, she said that she may take another look at dood-frank. no criminal prosecution. that is really bad given the amount of bailout money. democratic voters do not like this subject at all. >> okay. thank you. a representative rooted well known and favorite democrat guest here on the show. i was surprised at the "new york times" taking that tone with hillary clinton. >> i think that is great that they gave her the endorsement. it will not make me popular in my communist circle. i do think that she should absolutely believes the transcript. it goes into the gray area of
10:47 am
the clinton mass. it is never a direct link. it does hold her back. people say democrats do not care about the e-mails. where it is spilling over is into the honesty and trustworthiness. 90% of people say he is honest and trustworthy and he is not. i think it would go a long way. the rest of you would have done the same thing. i will put it out there. i understand that it would be great. she said something like, you know, it will be easier. she did not say that. it is not really seeing the e-mails all up front. just get it out there. you are running strong mouth. >> every day. all three hours.
10:48 am
do not tell my boss. [laughter] stuart: as you know, i have had a long-running argument with democrats. spokesman for the democratic party. i asked what should be the top rate? what do you think? what do you think should be the top-rated tax? nobody else has asked me. what should be the top rated tax? >> what we do know is we had great economic growth under bill clinton. he raised it from 31 -- i am not an economist. the reason we are doing that is adjusted in play shin for what work successfully under her husband.
10:49 am
stuart: if you live in new york city on but like i do, added onto the 43.6% rate that you would like to see. you out on. >> 45 million over. >> that takes you to a tax rate of roughly 60%. do you think that that is fair? >> yes, that does matter. >> it does not. i maintain that it is a moral to take more than half of anyone's income. >> 60%. >> using the word moral here. they go to infrastructure. stuart: theft is a moral. confiscation. we do not do that in america, do we?
10:50 am
>> i feel pretty okay with it. it does not matter how much you earned. income of quality is one of the top issues to voters on both sides of the aisle. why are you laughing to me? >> taking it off of those people. >> reinvesting in the country and education and infrastructure -- why are you laughing at me? stuart: i have heard it so many times and it does not work. >> 4% growth. that is your favorite number. i listened to you for three hours a day. >> we achieved about 4%. the latter part of the 1990s. making sure that spending was under control. welfare was being performed. that really helped.
10:51 am
jessica, guess what, we are out of time. [laughter] conservative than schapiro blocks i a group of angry protesters. free speech under attack. a sad part of the obama legacy, if you ask me. ♪
10:52 am
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10:55 am
>> take a look at this video from cal state university. >> there was no way i was able to get in. that is just tactics from the left. someone that was another. you have that. >> here is stewart's take on it. >> here is another snapshot. a conservative is scheduled to address conservatives. that is taking diverse city way too far. an outcry.
10:56 am
black lives matter activists successfully give a lot of people. to disrupt the speech, someone pulls the fire alarm. subsidizing countless liberal speakers. and then allowing the disruption of a speech on diverse city from a conservative. in this election cycle, black lives matter activists forced martin o'malley into an apology because he said all lives matter. this week they disrupted a speech by hillary clinton. beating up a marine corps veteran after harassing him about black lives matter. president obama invites african-americans to the white house. the president singles him out for praise. eight years ago, everyone was hoping for a change of tone.
10:57 am
it did not happen. he then / night, while extreme, reflect a shift in the conversation. we are more divided. that is a sad heart of the obama legacy. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: it is exactly 11:00 o'clock eastern time. our theory of varney. jesse fox doubles down. he drops the f bomb on fox business. see the reaction on maria's face. he goes after hillary. compares her to a child. black lives matter. protest disrupt a speech in california. what happened to free speech? ♪
11:01 am
stuart: the "new york times" coming out with an editorial attacking hillary clinton for not releasing transcript of her speeches. everybody does it, that is an excuse. both here. liz: really bad. they have been floating out there in the atmosphere. it has been a pack her up to wall street. >> the transcript in which he has not thus far released. >> positive on wall street. strengthening the economy. taking another look at dood-frank, for example. that would be bad. no criminal prosecutions.
11:02 am
democrats do not like this topic at all. >> no, they don't. donald trump. roll that tape. >> hiring a significant amount. you are the only person on this stage. >> you build the wall the way you build trump towers. >> marco is exactly right. donald guilty of a conspiracy. an attack on donald trump. late in the game. >> a series of attacks to date. cruise and rubio. trump still leads in the majority. all but one. cruz is leading in texas. the question, why did you not do
11:03 am
this sooner? you should have gone after trump in a big way. >> that is exactly right. >> has a point here. i spoke with some of the attackers. why did kasich say positive for so long? there is a whole reason behind it. who could survive the longest. very much a game of survivor. you look at the way marco rubio has changed his strategy. everything is very strategic. working very well for people who have rocked out. >> now, this. this is a soundbite. former president of mexico. he dropped the f bomb right here on fox business. roll tape. >> i am mad.
11:04 am
i am [bleep] mad. on the contrary. joe biden, half of this kind. it is terrible. stuart: liz, do you want a crack at this one? i do not like the use of those words. he did it again. >> that f bomb comes to close to vice president joe biden who was also caught using the f bomb. having to apologize for saying that the jobs that illegal immigrants are getting, taking them in apologizing for them. donald trump 144% of the hispanic vote in nevada. >> i think that that moves towards trump.
11:05 am
>> all of this rhetoric does have some. you do now have official responses coming from both of those countries. they are very important economic trading. it will only ramp up and get more heated. getting more and more responses about how they really feel. >> i do not a that it hurts us or trump at all. i think that it encourages trump. that is what he wants. >> that is exactly what he wants. only growing at a rate of 1% per year. however, president obama is traveling to florida today. the timing is pretty good. >> here is the problem. after the gdp numbers. only at 1%.
11:06 am
something else is seriously wrong. we could be tipping into recession. people criticize others. look at the service sector index. it has contracted for the first time since the great recession. that is bad. >> i just think that there is a political angle to this. calling for big tax increases and a lot more government spending. that is a real problem. any economist will say that that is a real problem. >> it continues to be very low. remember, as we move closer, the rhetoric behind this campaign shifts. you will see that happen on the republican side. the debate will change. it will be even more dramatic.
11:07 am
>> only time will tell. >> have we been able to predict anything about this race so far? stuart: no. i do not inc. this has anything to do with the economy or the service sector. i think it has to do with the price of oil. the dow is up 50. our market watcher of the day. he is back this friday morning. that looks like a rebound to me. we rebounded nicely from january. >> we are selectively optimistic. a federal reserve. did not seem -- >> if i were to buy an index fund that matches the s&p 500, if i were to buy it now, does it go up or down?
11:08 am
>> in the next two months, almost 1% more than the 10 year treasury. you will do better with more income. five-6% per year. as opposed to 10 year fixed treasury. >> all right, chevron. you liked it. it played a great dividends. >> 14% a year. if oil goes up and we are optimistic, going down. down about 68% over the last 18 months. you have a stress test. completely integrated. chevron is a good that. >> tell me why you like american express. >> here is what people are not focusing on. not what people like come up but how they are spending their money. if they figure out how to
11:09 am
monetize that, they could go. >> a lot of experience. >> down 20% already this year. you are buying at a discounted price. >> i am selectively optimistic. all right. thank you very much indeed. to politics. using last night debate. refuting mitt romney's claims. roll tape. >> for many years, i have been audited every year. twelve years or something like that. i have friends that are very wealthy people. they never get audited. i will absolutely give my returns. two or three years. i cannot do it until the audit is finished. obviously. i think that people will understand that. mitt romney said that there may
11:10 am
be a bombshell within his tax return. we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell. in my opinion, katie, governor romney should come clean. if he has good reason to believe that donald trump has something to hide, he should tell us what that good reason is. >> i think that donald trump is the one that should come clean. >> this is just like harry reid kerry agreed on the floor of the united states senate. he knew it was not true at the time. >> i do not know that it is like harry reid. maybe there is information that he has that we do not have. stuart: he is just making him unsubstantiated allegations. >> i think that it is something that the media should report on.
11:11 am
i do think that there is an obligation for trump to show some transparency. totally unsubstantiated. the tax returns with clear a lot of that up. >> old on a second. what is totally unsubstantiated of donald trump's claims? >> he claims he is worth $10 billion. i think if you are worth a billion dollars, that is impressive. his tax returns showed a lot of slide on that. donald trump goes out and said hangs a lot of times. last night was the first time he was challenged on that. using people that are here illegally to build this building. he gets very comfortable when he gets challenged. i feel like mitt romney is doing the republican party a service. >> if he is doing the republican
11:12 am
party's bidding by going after trump, the front runner, who is disliked by the establishment. >> it is better for the party. >> okay. i am going to break away for a moment. marco rubio is speaking. >> it is probably at the state level. not that the federal level. you will have a president that follows and honors and believes. the people through the state, not the federal government. [applause] you will have a president that believes in the constitution not being a living and breathing document. if it means whatever you want it to mean -- the constitution is supposed to be applied as originally meant. i will appoint people to the supreme court like justice scalia, god rest his soul, who
11:13 am
understood. there is a way to change the constitution. it is called article five. >> that is senator marco rubio. moments ago, he was mocking donald trump. do we have that sound bite? okay. we will get it for you very shortly. he was mocking donald trump. we have asked numerous democrats what they think is a fair top rate of tax. most of them cannot answer. i will see if we can get an answer in a moment. >> two young daughters. i know their cause will be paid for. i am very happy about that. stuart: i am dammed if i will pay any more. ♪
11:14 am
♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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11:17 am
stuart: happening right now. you are looking at it. moments ago, he mocked donald trump. watch this. >> a career out of tell of people live so they come in and buy his products. have you ever heard about trump vodka? it is not around anymore. trump water. those are all businesses. we cannot allow the conservative movement. the stakes are too high. >> marco rubio and using it last night. it is fascinating. the most imitating of all time. your taxes. several debates for democrats over their tax plans.
11:18 am
bernie sanders plan. look at this. >> what do you think the highest rate should be? >> i am not an economist. if you think that that is okay, that is fine with me. i do not. >> i am actually very excited about this tax plan. my health care will be covered. i have two young daughters. i know that their college will be paid for. >> what do you think that there take will be? >> i have no idea. >> tell me what you think should be the top rate. >> i really do not know. >> i struggled, did i not. i wanted to know from a democrat what should be the top rate of income tax. federal income tax.
11:19 am
what should the top rate be? come on in democratic strategist and professor in california. answer the question. in your opinion, what should be the top rate of tax? >> i would say that it is higher than it is now. as high as 83%. stuart: you think it should be 83%? >> i think income inequality is one of the greatest problems of all time. >> there is no correlation between gdp and tax rates. >> $0.83 on the dollar. >> you mean the marginal tax rate. yes, i do think that. i think that that is absolutely more. the amount of money that should be putting back should be
11:20 am
greater than someone that has less income. stuart: yes, i did. of around 315. okay. i get into work at 4:00 o'clock. i put in at least four hours. i do that five or six days a week. i have six children. i have nine grandchildren. you want to take $0.83 on the dollar off me? >> yes. a person who cleans your toilet is probably worth that. stuart: that has nothing to do with this. >> you are making an argument about merit. it has nothing to do with merit. it is about making money off of money. >> working hard and climbing up the food chain. take it off.
11:21 am
>> what i am saying, making over $406,000, i have no problem with your marginal tax rate being higher. we have tax loopholes. i am in a camp that needs to go up around what eisenhower had. we have all sorts of did duct and now. many tax loopholes. coming from a family that takes advantage. >> let's talk about morality for a second. you should know something about morality. [laughter] i do not see it as confiscation. >> my family pays a lot of money. i am happy to pay taxes. i know it is going towards
11:22 am
roads. i wanted to go to the federal government so it can help my fellow americans. if i made $2 million, i would give most of it away because i do not need it. people do not need money after $75,000. it does not make you happier. i have no problem paying high tax rates. >> i am glad for your honesty. i would say that. they told to you wrong. occidental college. >> yes. >> do you have tenure? >> i do. thank you very much. hillary clinton gets the constitution and the declaration of independence mixed up. hear what she said in a moment. ♪
11:23 am
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hurry, ends monday. know better sleep, with sleep number. stuart: hillary clinton confusing the constitution with the declaration of independence. world tape. >> you know, there is a constitutional right for people to own guns. there is also a right to life,
11:27 am
liberty and the pursuit of happiness. stuart: did you recognize the mistake? john stossel is here. he will show us exactly the mistake. >> the declaration of independence. >> i knew that. lots of people get this confused. >> the bill of rights. i think that by raising that, i think we are being a little knit picking. [laughter] wait a minute, there is a double standard here. ben carson made a somewhat similar mistake. >> taken to the cleaners by the media. helping to write the constitution. the declaration of independence.
11:28 am
of course they were more alarmed by this. >> 30,000 words a day. making a mistake. >> you and i have the shortly made the error. >> now, your show tonight, you will present the political oscars. >> we will give out awards to those actors that we call politicians. >> what kind of an award do you have? >> carrying that one years ago. [laughter] all the candidates for the nominees. >> we will give out a dozen awards. >> give us a little preview. >> we have to watch your show.
11:29 am
>> oscars. 8:00 o'clock. whose network? >> fbn. i will watch that. >> good stuff. doubling down. using the f word on fox business. this is live television. playing it again and again. here we go. ♪ ..
11:30 am
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stuart: donald trump said in the $6 million at a charity event in iowa last month for veterans. charlie gasparino is looking at this. charles: he said he would pledge $6 million to veterans at a press conference on january 28th, and veterans' organizations, three said they had not received donations, seven said they got some donations and while we doing this story? met ronny race question with charitable contributions. does he give enough? we should put out a statement do we have that? charles: we have a graphic of. he basically said we have given many millions. stuart: we got it up.
11:34 am
charles: distributed multimillion-dollar the is the money and pledged to these charities. i think this is it. this is what it comes down to. donald trump is worth a lot of money. he could write a check for $6 million rather than raise it. it is not unusual to get a month later but i will tell you this, a lot of people raising questions why isn't this money being given now? does donald live up to the pledge he made at this time on january 28th when he made a big deal out of it? carl icahn said he would give $1 million. we do know, 22 organizations, at least three have not gotten a set. did it have gone now? deep into you talk to. a lot of people at each carries a by now month later they should get it. donald says he is still raising the money but why can't he write the check himself. when donald because the nominee if he becomes the nominee i will say this, this is different from
11:35 am
the facts. if he becomes the nominee his charitable gift will be covered, under tremendous scrutiny. mitt romney raised the other day and it is going forward. i want to make this clear because donald says he has given out of the $6 million multiple millions, he has not said how much. we asked for every dime, complete transparency, who are the organizations? they wouldn't give it to us. we call 22 organizations and seven of them said they received money totaling $650,000, roughly 650 of the $6 million, three said they haven't gotten anything. donald said that is more being given out but he would not give us the break down on how much was given, who got what and when. stuart: when you are doing the charity event, give me money for this charity for the veterans, it does take a while. people make the pledge and say i
11:36 am
am going to get this. it takes awhile for the money to come in. charles: by the way that is donald's commentary. let me point out donald put $1 million of his own, that is what he said, carl icahn release $1 million, another billionaire raise the one billion dollars, that is a lot right there. not only that, let's be clear, we are not talking when ken langone raises for the hospital system, we're talking $6 million for veterans from a guy that purports to be worth $10 billion. let me settle this. why couldn't he write the check for $6 million and let the money come to him as he raised it? stuart: you raise the fair point. charles: this election will come up again and again. stuart: still on politics marco rubio speaking about the diversity of the republican
11:37 am
party in last night's debate. >> it is amazing that on the stage tonight there are two descendants of immigrants and an african-american. we are the party of diversity, not the democratic party. stuart: we were up late nestle tweeting about the debate. look at this. marco rubio's quote, by far the tweet that is most read tweeted. democrat strategists joins us now, marco rubio called out the democrats essentially, that is what he was doing, saying the republicans are diverse, look at our candidates, you the democrats are not. you are a democrat. what is your response? >> the problem is if you turn the camera around to the other side of the stage i am not sure the audience would have been as diverse as the candidate. not to take anything away from marco rubio, having a diverse electorate, divers candidate pool is a good thing.
11:38 am
we all want to see that but the number of voters that make up republican primary voters these days is very small when it comes to minority voters and part of the problem is you have candidates who talk the talk but don't walk the walk, they don't talk about issues that resonate with minority communities. stuart: which minorities don't necessarily approve of their stand but i want to move on. former president of mexico dropped the f bomb on fox business. roll tape. >> i have to say i am not going to pay for that [bleep] wall. i am not. i am not going to apologize for the country. a real public servant, joe biden, vice president of the united states and i have to apologize for this guy. is not terrible. stuart: that is the former president of mexico.
11:39 am
what do you say? >> funny thing is he mentioned joe biden when the affordable care act passed said this is a big [bleep] deal. what this goes to is the larger frustration people feel in this country and out of this country when we hear a sound bite instead of solutions. no one expects mexico to pay for the wall but it is a good talking point. i don't think trump supporters expect mexico to pay for the ball but they would like to hear it. stuart: should he have used that language? >> probably not. especially not somebody in his position but what he was trying to do with that emphasis to the point he was trying to make but he could have done it in a better way. stuart: thanks for coming on the show. looking ahead to texas, supertuesday is next tuesday.
11:40 am
this poll from monmouth university, ted cruz in the lead, 38% support, from 23, marco rubio 21 and so on down the line. joining us right now we have with us the author of racing forward, a fund-raiser, thanks very much for joining us. you are a ted cruz fund-raiser. am i right in saying the texas vote is do or die for ted cruz? he must win. >> our texas slogan is come and take it and i think ted cruz is leading in the polls with the endorsement of governor rick perry and governor gregg abbott. he has added fuel to the fire. he is back in the saddle after a rough week on the campaign trail with the shake up and firing of his campaign spokesperson but it shows ted cruz is willing to step up to the plate and restore
11:41 am
those principles that he vowed to carry forward in his campaign. stuart: if you look -- don't mean to interrupt but if you look at the race at the moment, donald trump has won three in a row by big margins. he really looks set to take it. he has the story shot and ted cruz has a very hard time catching up. >> that was the strategy last night with marco rubio and ted cruz at the debate which was our rodeo on stage with the bucking broncos and the bull riding, no pun intended but anyway trump is like a runaway cap right now and it is going to take the cavalry to wrote him in. stuart: if ted cruz doesn't do it. if for some reason he doesn't miss it, could use seat yourself and other people who support ted
11:42 am
cruz supporting donald trump? >> i said on the record that my dream team was ted cruz and donald trump meeting donald trump is my number 2 joyce and i will tell you why. i am old guard establishment and there's a revolution going on in our party. i went through a 12 step program so we might sell from the status quo. i am now what i call hybrid republican and donald trump appeals to me because we need to do something different and he is an acquired taste. i don't agree with profanity. i don't want my children watching the debate because i don't know what f bomb might come out but i do think he, like ted cruz, has solution for this country. stuart: i agree with you on this indeed is a pleasure to have someone on this on the program who admits affection of some sort for donald trump. we will see how it goes on tuesday for ted cruz. all right, wrapping up, more
11:43 am
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11:45 am
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stuart: a conservative speaker, bigger schapiro, needed a police escort from the speech at california state univ. los angeles. increase demonstrators protested his speech. you can see it now. >> no way i was able to get in with a lot of pushing and shoving, screaming, yelling. and bigotry from the left. >> absolutely. that is what the left does. university you normally say someone would want to learn a different point of view even if they disagree but here they won't allowed disagreement. stuart: just astonishing. alexandra smith is with us, is this becoming increasingly typical of college campuses across the country? >> absolutely.
11:48 am
this has been ringing for years. campuses the growing increasingly intolerant, and every time something like this happens i think it can't get any worse and the left continues to surprise me with a strong arm tactics people used to shut down debate and diversity on campus. stuart: just incredible. a conservative speaker invited to speak at that university, initially the authorities banned it and said no taxpayer funded university, we don't want you. he was banned. an outcry including on this program, he is reinstated and can barely make his speech and was interrupted constantly. it is a taxpayer funded university. what can we do about this? >> there is an obvious free-speech violation. those students on campus are entitled to first amendment protection by virtue of the fact it is a taxpayer funded university and the fact they pulled the fire alarm, the fact that students who wanted to attend the speech had to be
11:49 am
physically escorted by police, that does not show that people on the campus have the right to exercise their right to free speech and assembly. stuart: it drives people towards donald trump. that would be my opinion. >> young people for a long time have been looking for an alternative to political correctness they are seeing this one thing you can say about this generation is no one ever told what to do. when you add these professors and protestors on campus saying now, you can't hear that speech, we cannot allow this to happen there is a little bit of a rebellion and drive students toward candidates that are speaking the truth and are authentic. stuart: urged them on, alexandra smith. thanks for joining us, appreciate you being with us today. now this. this is just being revealed. donald trump is about to hold any event in texas, fort worth. he tweeted something intriguing. jo lin: he anticipate a very big crowd at the fort worth convention center.
11:50 am
he will be making a very, quote, big announcement that this event. obviously it is his way of drumming up coverage and support but he also goes on to ten in salts against marco rubio calling him a lightweight choker who looks like a little boy on stage, not presidential material so the trend continues. stuart: he knows how to get an audience. it will happen i am sure. president fast to our customers.
11:51 am
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11:54 am
stuart: to the war on terror. first president called lyses the jayvee squatting junior varsity. now he is downplaying isis again calling it a crime ring. listen to this. >> more people are realizing isil is not a caliphate. it is a crime ring. it is the criminal gained pretending to be a state. they turned out to be thieves. stuart: lieutenant colonel scott
11:55 am
mann is with me, former army special forces and author of game changers. welcome to the program. you have been on the front lines, you have been shot at by these people. what do you think? what is your reaction when the president calls these terrorists a crime ring? >> it is a disservice to all the people who have fought them to dismiss their will and capacity. isis represents the greatest threat facing the u.s. today and to dismiss them as a crime ring, if we keep doing that we are going to find ourselves experiencing another cataclysmic attack which will make 9/11 look like a holiday and we have got to stop doing it. stuart: i don't know if you can see this or not but on the side of the screen we had isis fighters parading up and down. you fought them. are they any good?
11:56 am
are they professional if i can use that word? professional good quality soldiers? >> it is like any other military, some of lamar good, some of the are thugs and criminal in nature and that is what the president had it right in many ways. i think we should pay more attention, a talk about this as we travel all over the country doing town halls in albuquerque and youngs town, isis whether they are good or not practice horrific social control of local populations. they killed more muslims than any religion in the world's. we have to demand politicians focus on that instead of dropping bombs on them. stuart: does that mean. underground? people like you in your former life as a special ops guide? >> it does mean that to some degree but what is key is whose boots and what brown? we should be looking at putting
11:57 am
competent advisers in rough places like green berets and marines and others who can connect with locals that are being treated terribly by isis. stuart: are you comfortable with that role of being an adviser on the front lines but essentially an adviser? would you be comfortable with that? >> most special ops guys would tell you they are much more comfortable doing what they were designed to do, going after those rough places and working bottom up and they are sitting right now behind the wire being constrained by rules of engagement that don't lead and do their job. the american people deserve our guys to mix up from the bottom up and they are not being able to do that. stuart: we? thanks for being on the show. in the next hour donald trump holds campaign event in texas at 12:30 eastern time. almost certainly we will take you there. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
11:58 am
martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend.
11:59 am
it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. stuart: 20 minutes ago we
12:00 pm
received a tweet from donald trump. he is teasing the big announcement coming up at 12:3 eastern. we will be at fort worth, texas convention center, 12:3 eastern. big crowd, get there, big announcement to be made. you are going to find out. neil: i have an idea, great show, thank you very much. the big announcement in half an hour after the big debate last night. i suspect more to the point the follow-up from that debate. you note the drill, donald trump tweets and candidates, the victims of tweets or targets. then something went very of ride. marco rubio taking all of those tweets and responding to them in real rapid-fire time.


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