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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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sounds on wall street for the day, the week but all the major averages are up a full percentage point for the entire week. here is a look at where we are ending the day. it was that just barely within nasdaq again, the stock market was tracking oil, at first it was doing okay, and oil went down and so did the markets those so goes the markets this week but it wasn't up for a change. >> markets wait for monday, everything you need to know right now. a day after a heated gop debate donald trump out with a major announcement. blake dermott has the details. >> reporter: donald trump who said he could care less about endorsements picked up what many see as a potentially huge endorsement earlier this afternoon. the new yorker getting the backing of the governor from new jersey, chris christie called from a strong leader who can get things done. much of chris christie's campaign centered on attacking
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marco rubio who trump called today at choker. >> once the joker always a joker. it never changes and that was one of the epic meltdowns. didn't know where he was. i thought he was going to die. >> reporter: marco rubio continued his game plan calling from a con artist. and campaign rally marco rubio made fun of trump's misspelled tweets that were directed at marco rubio trying to major laps. >> how the misspell words so badly? i only reached two conclusions. number one, that is how they spelled those words at the wharton school of business where he went for number 2, just like trump tower he must have hired a foreign worker to do is an tweets. >> reporter: if you had any doubt about last night it is game on between donald trump and marco rubio. >> that is mudslinging like i have never seen. dave: an election like we have
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never seen. marco rubio responding to the donald's heart attacks and a surprise endorsement from chris christie. >> he is trying to take over the conservative movement even though he is not a conservative. donald needs a lifeline. i have more than my fair share. dave: that heat used since last night, marco rubio is having got his campaign with four days until supertuesday. >> chris christie endorsement month after the new jersey governor singing a different tune about donald trump. >> i don't think he is suited to be president of the united states. i don't think his temperament is suited for that. he is not experienced. >> james freeman from the wall street journal. not the first time we have heard people brutalize each other on the campaign trail and then they
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come together later but does it diminish the endorsement at all that chris christie said these things before? >> sure and not just a comment you just played least and a lot of time on the campaign trail talking about the importance of the governor's experience, spent time talking about how you dad make a substantive case against hillary clinton. all of that leads to the conclusion that it is hard to believe this endorsement of donald trump is anything but self-serving calculation by chris christie. obviously a fallout with marco rubio. doesn't think ted cruz can go the distance. he has decided donald trump is the lead horse and maybe he can be the attorney general if trump win is. >> a lot of speculation about this. it is hard to believe it gets donald trump the lot of votes but it did allow him to recapture the narrative. you had a debate performance last night, marco rubio strong red and he was before. a lot of people talking about that. trump turned the page with this today.
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does that help him? >> chris christie does not bring a lot of votes. the first drop out to go for trump so if he wants to say the republicans are beginning to line up behind him which they haven't been it is helpful but you nailed it. from when he was talking in texas today claimed he won the debate and immediately shifted topics because it was a bad night for him and marco rubio exposed new vulnerabilities. liz: a lot of people say trump had a terrible debate. a lot of online polls that reaction, they think trump won. >> he has a stake, very popular and effective and he is representing a real concern among americans, fed up with professional politicians and that is why they don't -- any attacks on him about how he doesn't know the details of policy they don't go anywhere because his crowd likes that.
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where marco rubio made the beginning of a new potentially devastating attack on donald trump is on hypocrisy. saying to from you make your suits and ties overseas, employ immigrants, basically saying he is a fraud. >> marco rubio hired some fantastic joke writers. trump got out there with the water bottle which we will show you later on the show where he is making fun of him with a water bottle, quite a day to watch television on full volume in my office. it has been fantastic, we will see you later on. dave: someone who will not be endorsing donald trump anytime soon is mexican president fox doubling down with maria bartiroma on his opposition to donald trump's plan to get mexico to pay for a wall on the border but donald trump is standing firm. >> i am not going to pay for that [bleep wall. he should note that. >> we will build the wall. it will be a great wall.
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can you only imagine nor axe president of mexico the center fox, that is the way other countries are used to talking to the united states. no more. >> donald trump has never heard that word before, doesn't even know what it means. >> it was fantastic, great day turning to the democratic race, the latest batch of hillary clinton's e-mails will be released over the next couple hours, peter barnes has the latest on the e-mail dump happening one day before the south carolina primary. >> reporter: under pressure from a court order the state department will make its thirteenth release of hillary clinton's personal e-mails from when she was secretary of state. with a deadline to release its final batch of e-mails monday
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and monday's dump will come on the eve of super ittuesday. cheese releases will complete the release of 55,000 pages of e-mails that were ordered released last may under freedom of information act request. we will be reviewing these last two badges for any information of voters and clinton's rivals might find interesting or damaging. so far the state department has retroactively determined that 1,750 of her personal e-mails contained classified information of some form including top-secret information the secretary and her campaign continue to say she did nothing wrong as the contents of the messages were not marked classified at the time they were sent. the fbi is investigating. earlier this month at a democratic debate clinton said she is, quote, 100% confident that nothing will come of the fbi probe. melissa: peter barnes, thank you for that. hillary clinton goes far to head
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with bernie sanders tomorrow for the south carolina democratic primary. catch fox business's special coverage and analysis starting at 5:00 p.m. eastern. right now we have breaking news. the irs now reporting the cyberattack on its database is worse than previously thought. gerri willis is standing by in the newsroom with details. gerri: you have to see these numbers. it is unbelievable. people getting their personal identity stolen from the irs web site. original be the irs, 114,000 people, this number comes up later but over generally they said 1,000 people at their personal identity six months ago. 8 revised it to 390,000. now they are saying it is 700,000 people had their personal identities:plus another 500,000, 575,000 were attempted to have their id stolen so here is what is going on.
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this happened through the irs's web site, they get transcript function. this is where you go to see your previous filings and it is a gold mine for the bad guys with stolen social security numbers you get in and steal all the information from, your irs filing, address, social security number, where you live, how much you get the, your kids's social security numbers, on and on it goes. on monday the irs will send letters to people saying you are one of those acts a you got to keep your eye out on your mail box, get this information. my advice is critical, you got to ask the irs for up in number, personal information number you can use to file your taxes so the bad guys can't do it again. melissa: thank you for that advice. dave: we have not heard about getting rid of the irs. that was all the rage a couple months ago. we got to get back to that particularly in light of this. marco rubio hitting the campaign
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trail and donald trump trying to keep his momentum going after last night's raucous debate. >> i will never stop until we keep a con man from taking over the party. [cheers and applause] melissa: ted cruz speaking in national track to go into action after what some call a lackluster performance last night. we will talk campaign crisis management with brewster and coming up. dave: we are about to head into the busiest season of the year for home buyers. this guy knows everything about how to do it, he joins us with the secrets real-estate agents won't tell you, we are about to. stay tuned. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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there is a lot at stakey here, you know? we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> reporter: fighting to keep people from taking our jobs? what is he talking about? you ever bought a trump tight? you are not getting a tie, you are buying the tie made in china or mexico. melissa: the food fight continues. marco rubio continuing his attack on donald trump after pulling out all the stops last night. manning of the independent women's forum and o'connell, a former campaign director john mccain break this down. they came out swinging last night and it kept going today. feels like the campaign has taken on a whole new demeanor and tenor. what do you think? >> there has been some shifting in the terrain especially after last night's debate. not only did marco rubio come
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out stronger on the attack against donald trump but shed misperceptions left over from his bad debate performance in new hampshire where he was called a robot. he is more authentic and that changed the team in terms of who was the front-running alternative to donald trump. melissa: you wonder if it is too little too late. marco rubio was on it last night, not the same guy who was in new hampshire. he was out today. feels like he hired three comedy writers to punch up his dialogue and give him some good jokes. the use them today but lot of time has gone by. it would be different if it had been this guy early on. >> where was this marco rubio ten months ago and why with a not attacking trump before that? the voting window is closing and he has varied little time. he will -- he won the debate and donald trump walked into a tag
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team. melissa: even though a lot of the critics and people looking at the substance of the debate did not think trump would pick -- won. trump does not have less support today and would not be the first time pundits that he had a terrible debate. he said he won and voters seem to agree. >> a lot of voters who support from it doesn't matter if he had the debate performance, they will say he won. trump has proven even when he skips out on a debate is not consequential for his campaign. being on the defensive as he was last night doesn't matter. >> online snap polls are meant for those who made up their mind. marco rubio is not trying to dislodge trump supporters. 65% of the republican electorate is going to conceivably vote for marco rubio. that is who he is trying to sway. the reason he is not going after
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donald trump on specific issues is donald trump is selling division and a feeling. you don't stop from by saying he is weak on this issue or not a conservative, you stop him by undermining his vision which is is he going to protect the little guy or is he a con artist? is the successful businessman or the byproduct of a silver spoon birth? that got under him. melissa: never has it been more true that if someone will stop donald trump they have to get everyone else in to the same boat and eliminate the other competition out there. we have not heard a lot from ted cruz today. do you think marco rubio has pulled ahead as the no to trump guy? >> we have seen a pulling apart of the field in terms of trump, marco rubio and ted cruz being the front runners and the question of course for many conservative voters who believe donald trump is not a conservative, he may be a republican but not a conservative. the question is which candidate should we support? marco rubio or ted cruz?
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who can be the alternative to donald trump? wes saw a lot less from ted cruz, seemed like a bystander last night rather than the number one attack dog on donald trump. melissa: we will see you later in the show. dave: donald trump and chris christie joining forces days ahead of supertuesday. we will take a closer look at the chris christie curve ball, we are calling it. another threat to free speech after a degree protesters tried to kill a conservative speech at a public university in california. what ever happened to the first amendment? ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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someone who has demonstrated he will stand up against the bipartisan corruption of washington against the washington cartel and will fight instead for the working men and women. the working men and women have been forgotten in these washington fight. when you have the washington dealmakers getting together, the rich get taken care of, big business gets taken care of and working men and women get left behind. last night we saw some clear distinctions and one reason
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conservatives are uniting behind our campaign is i am the only candidate in this race with a proven record of fighting over and over again, leading the fight for the working men and women of the country, leading the fight for the constitution and the bill of rights and i hope and believe tuesday will be a good day. melissa: chris christie endorsed donald trump today. i have not seen the speech. are you concerned chris christie's support for donald trump could give him momentum to roll on supertuesday? >> the endorsement was troubling news for the marco rubio campaign. i like chris christie. i don't think it was a big surprise to many observers. our focus is simple, united conservatives in the supertuesday states and i don't think the endorsement has any significant impact on that. what we are focused on doing is bringing together the old reagan coalition, bringing to conservative and evangelicals and libertarians and young people and reagan democrats.
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we are seeing that happen more and more each and every day and i am confident there will be a very good day. >> could you expand on that? >> supertuesday's critical. the historical role of the first four states has been to narrow the field and it has done that, narrowing from 17 republican candidates to the much smaller field. supertuesday will do more of that. to dates only to candidates have won a state. donald trump and me. we are the only candidates have been donald trump and the only candidate that can be donald trump. >> it doesn't go to a two person race that they are afterwards? >> we will see what the results are but we will come out of supertuesday seeing a meaningful difference in the delegate allegation and look at republican primary voters, 65% of primary voters nationwide don't believe donald trump is
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the best candidate to go head to head with hillary. we saw why last night. donald trump and hillary's policy views on issue after issue are in distinguishable on foreign policy. donald trump agreed with hillary on the catastrophic libya policy that led to ben dr. oz, handing that country to radical islamic terrorists. donald trump agreed with hillary supporting john kerry, and the disastrous foreign policy of john kerry has dramatically undermined the nation of israel. donald trump on foreign policy agreed with hillary clinton that america should be neutral between israel and the palestinians. i think that is wrong. if i am president america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel on economic policy. donald trump agreed with hillary and barack obama in support of the wall street t.a.r.p. bailout. it was wrong to bailout the big banks in new york. donald trump supported it. donald trump agrees with every
4:27 pm
and bernie sanders that obamacare doesn't go far enough and should be expanded to be socialized medicine, the government in charge of your health care. most strikingly on the question of ethics, donald trump says he would not hand over his tax returns because he has been auditing, doesn't know how many years he has been audited, tedious, three, five years and he is unwilling to hand over any year's tax return. it is not complicated. if donald trump hands over his tax returns later in the year in the general election, the good folks in the media have a heyday ripping them apart if there's anything in those tax returns and if there is the republican primary voters deserve to know. his justification for not handing over his tax returns, that he is being audited several years apparently doesn't know how many years he has been audited for makes it all the more important for him to hand over his tax returns because if there is something in their the
4:28 pm
auditor will discover from a republican perspective, if you want to stop the nightmare that has in the obama/clinton economy and the obama/clinton assault on constitutional rights, the foreign policy, the last thing we want is to nominate someone who demonstrates tax improprieties or tax fraud, we need to see those so there can be public scrutiny. the voters deserve to know and additionally the general election, we are familiar with hillary's e-mail scandals and those will continue to no doubt grow but a far bigger potential scandal is the clinton foundation. it appears they used this foundation has essentially a corrupt people link where you had foreign countries, foreign heads of state, foreign companies giving six an seven figure checks to the foundation while hillary was the sitting secretary of state making foreign policy decisions the foundation by appearances on the tank from entities that had an
4:29 pm
interest in those government decisions. the republican nominee for president needs to be able to make that case against hillary and donald from is uniquely incapable of doing that because if he tries on the debate stage hillary will laugh out loud and say donald, you gave $100,000 to the clinton foundation. you apparently didn't think it was a problem. i think last night made very clear to the voters that donald trump is not the right candidate to be the republican nominee and for the 65% of republicans who believe that, to recognize that donald trump, there is a very good chance donald loses to hillary in november. i would encourage those republicans to unify behind our campaign because it is abundantly clear there's only one campaign that can be donald on supertuesday and that is our campaign. >> chris christie didn't talk about you at all, he talked about marco rubio. are you worried that people are
4:30 pm
starting to view this as a two man race? >> i don't doubt that the media will do everything they can to frame the race as anybody but the proven conservative with a conservative record. to win the nomination you have to win the state's. you have to win delegates. there are only two candidates who have won states and that is donald trump and the. on tuesday we will have a very good night. double-digit lead in the state of texas, the crown jewel of super tuesday. 155 delegates, nearly 15% of what is required for the nomination. in contrast we saw yesterday poll numbers showing that marco is behind by double digits in his home state of florida. any one who wants to win the nomination has to win a state somewhere and i believe we're going to have very good super tuesday. that in turn will tee up a very clear choice. do you want to go with donald trump and have the general
4:31 pm
election in november be two rich new york liberals, or do we want a real choice after proven constitutional conservative who will fight for working men and women? let me know. one of the things that was abundantly clear last night, donald trump has framed corner piece of his campaign around illegal immigration. and yet the debate last night highlighted that donald trump is the only person running who has had a million dollar court judgment against him for participating in a conspiracy, that is what the federal court found, was a conspiracy to hire illegal aliens. not only that, but it was revealed that donald right now today, this is not even in past practice, this is today what he is doing right now, continues to bring in hundreds of foreign workers at his florida hotel, rather than hiring american workers. it was reported yesterday that roughly 300 americans applied for those jobs and he hired only
4:32 pm
17 americans. he certified to the government he couldn't find any americans to do the job. i got to say it was striking. donald did an interview on cnn after the debate last night, the reason he brings in all of these foreign workers because no american is willing to the job of being a waiter or waitress or being a bellhop. i have to say that is astonishing statement to the millions of americans who have worked as waiters. go down to tgi friday's. by the way this isn't just a waiter anywhere. this is waiter at really chichi hotel in palm beach. donald trump saying there is no americans will be to be waiters and waitresses at fancy hotel in palm beach? what he is really saying, would have foreign workers who can't quit, who are captive and he can pay a lot lower wages and a man with a multidecade history of exploiting immigration laws to
4:33 pm
take advantage of the little guy is not someone we can trust to stand with working men and women in this country. just three years ago, 2013 was the epic battle over amnesty. anyone who actually cared about amnesty cared about illegal immigration where you stood in 2013 anticipates everything voters need to know. when i was leading the fight against rubio schumer "gang of eight" am mess citi bill, donald trump was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice." not only that, donald funded the "gang of eight." donald gave over $50,000 to the members of the "gang of eight." five of the eight members about, three democrats and two republicans, donald trump gave over $50,000 too. now, how can a candidate possibly hold hem self out of as opposed to illegal immigration, opposed to amnesty, when he financed the politicians that led the epic effort to push for amnesty? by the way donald's natural
4:34 pm
response is, well, when i gave money to politicians i was doing it to help my business interests, for me to get rich. that says something if donald puts his own financial interests above the national security of this country, above the interests of working men and women of this country. above the interest of all people who are losing their jobs and people whose futures are at stake i want to speak to here in tennessee and aall cross super tuesday, men and women, carpenters, truck drivers, election -- electricians and people being hammered by the obama-clinton economy. driving down their wages. i spent my whole life fighting for you, donald trump's agenda, donald trump's socialized medicine will take away your jobs, will kill even more jobs, hammer more businesses. donald trump's proposal to allow 12 million people here illegal i
4:35 pm
to become u.s. citizens will continue to drive down wages of working men and women. there is only one person on the stage that fought against amnesty at every stage, has beaten amnesty, in the u.s. congress despite donald trump giving $50,000 to the authors of the amnesty bill. and there is only one person i believe the voters can trust will stand consistently with the working men and women against the corrupt career politicians of special interests in washington. donald said i know washington politicians better than you do. he's right. he supported jimmy carter, harry reid, chuck schumer, john kerry and hillary clinton and joe biden. donald trump has supported liberal democrats for 40 years. he supported open border democrats for 40 years. and i think the stakes are too great. the threats to the future of our kids are too great to roll the dice with a donald trump nomination or a donald trump
4:36 pm
presidency. instead, we need a proven, consistent conservative. you know donald has said, the day after he is elected president he could be entirely different person. he can be the most politically correct person on earth. let me tell you the day i am elected president i'm the same person i am today, consistent, steady, standing by my principles. that is -- [all talking at once] david: that is senator ted cruz in nashville, tennessee. that is one of super tuesday states where people are voting next tuesday and one of those states is texas where ted cruz is from. as of yesterday ted cruz was winning in the state against donald trump. comfortable lead of donald trump. after announcement of christie for donald trump do you think his lead will be maintained going into super tuesday?
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>> i would think so. texas is obviously must-win for cruz. i don't think christie thing will move needle like trump. cruz like marco rubio had a good night. took it to trump. attack showing trump's hypocrisy on illegal immigration and hiring immigrants. he is prosecuting that today like he did last night, cruz is. i thought he drew blood on this trump university question, whether dissatisfied student there were really ripped off. david: cruz has been mentioned many times, he argued cases before the supreme court. he is very clever at debating. he proved that right now in five-minute monologue in which he dealt with a whole lot of different subjects but there is likability question. for whatever reason, donald hit upon it but other people talked about it he is not known or perceived to be likeable person. "fox news poll" proved it. most americans don't think he is
4:38 pm
likeable. how does he get around that? >> obviously trump is entertaining guy. you watch his remarks, whether you like him or don't like him it is fun to watch. david: he doesn't have the likability problem cruz does. how does cruz get around that? >> teas to talk to the voters. many of them talk to the voters and are angry and want a fighter. i'm not sure they need someone who is charming or want to have a beer with although -- david: one of the prerequisites for being president. >> that was important. you saw him making case especially at the end, thinking about the conservatives thinking about empty supreme court seat you can count on me. david: james freeman. from "the wall street journal" thanks for staying with us. melissa? >> guys we have a con artist in the frontrunner in the republican party. a guy who has made a career telling people lies, so they come in and buy his product. you ever heard of trump vodka?
4:39 pm
you have? well, it isn't around anymore. melissa: time for the candidates to go to the mat the tresses. you can hear it. bruce turkel, turkel brands ceo. he is made to manage crisis pr. he brought him in for prescriptions of each one of the candidates. bruce, you can tell by the tone it is hail mary time. what advise would you give to marco rubio? is this con artist thing is good idea? what should he do? >> the con artist thing is good idea as a concept. last chapter of my last book is repeat, repeat, repeat. make a point and say it over and over. ironically doesn't give you a right to say it competitive. you have to say it in compelling ways. here is rubio's problem. how he is perceived? he seems to a robot. he seems to repeat whatever is on teleprompter. seems to repeat whatever handlers say. he has to come up with different ways of saying it. saying same thing over and over, what he does confirms everyone's opinion that he is not ready to
4:40 pm
lead because he can't think on his feet. he doesn't think in crisis. i'm waiting to them to start kuhl each other dad did i heads. he smelt it dealt it. melissa: i think they did that last night. i have feel like i heard that. >> i did too. melissa: you say he has to hammer in this message but has to try to say it in new way every single time? that is the advice you would give rubio? >> exactly right. the message makes sense. you have to come up with new ways to say it. melissa: for himself. let's move on to cruz. he made trust ted, his brand i learned from you. worst thing that can happen if something comes in that undermines your brand. so -- >> right. melissa: what advice would you give to cruz? >> well, cruz has to do what every market hears to do, not just for him, it is for everybody. the strongest thing you can do take a liability, turn it into asset. if you make the transformmation everything changes.
4:41 pm
cruz is not likeable. got to stop with the nonsense how do you make him likeable, how do you get people to support him. instead what he has to do, that lack of likability is because he stands for something greater. his problem, other than the fact that he's not likeable of course, is he doesn't take a stand on anything other than saying same thing over and over but doesn't do it in such a way that people say, oh, i see. what's in it for me? he talks about himself. he needs to stop that. melissa: bruce, that is all we have time for. thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> appreciate it. david: how many millions of dollars could bruce make talking to these guys. melissa: i think he does. oh for them in particular. david: if he moves to politics, he would be a clear winner. he would be winner even more so. more on politics of whole situation. candidates. debate, what happened today. we've also got the answer to your home buying troubles. all starts with a property man, bob massi. he is here to tell you what real
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estate agents won't next.
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. . . .
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david: secrets to real estate. what your agent will not tell you before buying a home. here to tell all of us, bob massi, host of bob massi the property man, begins airing on fox business this sunday. bob, great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> david, it has been a long time, my friend, too long. let's get right to the point. we have a lot of news to cover. a lot of business to cover here. lots of deals out there in real estate right now. how do i avoid getting snookered. what will i not be told by real estate agent that you can tell me right now? >> here's the thing, david. buyers are smarter than they have ever been before. they can't say they don't understand terms you and i talked about for years. you need to understand is the seller being honest in disclosing whatever problems they may have had during the
4:46 pm
course of the ownership. david: of course he is not, bob. we know, we can already take it to the bank. he is going to be covering up the problems that he has had, right? >> well, we hope that, you know, there are still good people out there. the problem is, what you do, to try to help yourself as a buy iris most realtors will bring in competent, generally retired contractor, david, that does the walk-through with the buyer. that does as much due diligence as you can, in order to determine to the best of your ability what could have been wrong with the house or what is wrong at house at the present time. there has to be compromise. you hope most people you're dealing with in fact are honest but of course the way to buffer it, try to bring a professional in to help you do your due diligence wanting to buy a home. david: most honest person in the world trying to sell a house, they will not talk about the leak in the bathroom on third floor, et cetera. i have to ask you about mortgages these days. we're back to the 3% down
4:47 pm
mortgages. i'm just wondering if we're getting in same bad habits that led us into the financial crisis? >> david, i'm concerned as you know. vegas, florida was ground zero. i'm concerned we have a lot of new homes in vegas. a lot of developers have preferred lenders with incentives. i'm concerned the american dream, again people will do whatever they have to,in order to get into a home. so i have the same concern. i hope it never happens as bad as it did. can it happen again? yes. people want to own homes again. david: las vegas was ground zero for the problems the last time. >> yes, sir, let's hope it doesn't happen again. bob massi, great to see you again, bob. we'll get together in vegas before the year's out. be sure to tune in on sunday, 8:00 a.m. eastern time. right here on fox business. bob massi, the "property man."
4:48 pm
melissa: rolling out red car before. biggest names getting ready for academy awards. leo is hoping this year he finally will be bringing oscar home. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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4:52 pm
this year's show is sure to be must-see event of the joining me is host of in the fox light out in l.a. for the big event. you're out on carpet. >> that's right. melissa: you're so fabulous. i wish we were all going to be there but just you. we were talk as we went to break, talking about best actor leonardo dicaprio, been nominated four times. hasn't gotten it. everyone says this is his year. what do you think? >> everyone says it is his year. he has become the susan lucci for the oscars. melissa: that's right. >> he has done everything, gracious sure and charming to every reporter on every red carpet. in this movie made it about the environment and indigenous people's rights. even met with pope francis. if pope francis can't bring home the oscar for leo might as well go into the insurance business at this point. melissa: you think he is going to get it? you think that the pope put in special prayer and god's on his
4:53 pm
side? i don't think god cares about the oscars. >> i think he is -- this year. a role which was on his back most of the movie and had very few lines to speak. i don't know what that is about but who knows. melissa: leave the jokes to themselves. i love some of the bets going into this. there is leonardo dicaprio, who cares. you look at serious bets. will sylvester stallone lift his arms like rocky. if he wins. that is big one. that one is going off at better than two to one. another great bet, so what do you think, lift his arms, yes or no? i think yes. >> totally. face it the show can be a bit of a bore. what is fun is the red carpet or preshows or betting. >> one of the other bet, lady gaga's hair color. will it be blonde, white, black, red, pink. i want you to go on the record. i'm going with blue because that is not one of the picks. what are you going with?
4:54 pm
david nodded at blue. david: green. >> kind of shocked orange is not an option. she wore orange to the oscars. why not it was good look. melissa: leonardo dicaprio, clean-shaven, thick beard or stubble? >> clean-shaven. all about the campaign looking right for this thing. melissa: let me ask you, you're going to be on the red carpet, sunday's red carpet. >> that's right. melissa: what will you wear? what can we expect? >> melissa, i'm on carpet all day throughout the day on fox news channel thanks to emerald waterways. winner of best news cruise ships for value. have all the winners. don't ask me who i'm wearing i'm not quite sure. tune into fox news channel on sunday. take as team for this sort of thing. stylist, whole thing. >> haven't even bothered checking it out. i think you've had 12 fittings.
4:55 pm
already to go. >> there are many frocks on table. that's all i will say for options. melissa: michael, i will be watching. have a good time. i'm jealous. >> thanks for having me. david: i'll be watching but i don't care what mike is wearing. i have to be honest, mike. i love the guy. don't care what he is wearing. lady gaga, green hair. very busy day throwing elbows on campaign trail. marco rubio's one of last night's most memorable moments.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
>> this is what we're going to have -- >> this is guy inherited $200 million. you know if he hadn't inherited $200 million where donald trump would be? selling watches on times square. [cheers and applause] >> that is so wrong. david: that was one of marco rubio's hits on donald trump at last night's debate.
4:59 pm
rubio didn't stop there. melissa: capitalizing shot at trump offering broken donald trump watches on website. the website says you won't get a broken donald trump watch but your $10 donation will help marco stop him. david: today was extraordinary day, back and forth between marco and trump. cruz came in at end of the day, literal three-ring circus. by the way rubio gave back to trump on sweating thing. trump gave out with this. play it out from earlier today. melissa: oh, yeah. david: brought out the water bottle. forget about me splitsing. it was marco spritz. ing. -- melissa: should have had a class, talking about state of the union. it was heal marry bloodbath. david: news has to be christie, christie and trump two strongest
5:00 pm
attack dogs on politics on one side, that will be tough one to go against. melissa: interesting stuff, definitely teeing up super tuesday next week. i will be here late. david: i will be here late as well. melissa: huge week next week. we have a lot of work to do. david: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i would like to introduce him because he is going to say something i think you will fine very, very interesting. thank you. okay, chris. >> good morning, everybody, thanks for being here. i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. the best person to beat hillary clinton in november, on that stage last night, is undoubtedly donald trump. deirdre: new jersey governor chris christie making a surprise endorsement for donald trump for president. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. donald trump had a rough debate last night. this victory today, here is chris christie on why he is backing trump.


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