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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 3, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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maria: and tune into our special, jobs, the american special beginning at 8 a.m. eastern on "mornings with maria", the announcements for jobs. and that will do it for us. "varney & company" is up now and my friend stuart. stuart: good morning, have any of you ever seen anything like this, the election on both sides is in turmoil. the republican party is split, donald trump running away with the race and many of the party are dead set against him. this morning, mitt romney tries to rally anti-trump republicans and call trump a fraud and a phony. the republican establishment is in panic. for the democrats, hillary's troubles escalate big time. brian pagliano set up her private e-mail server and he's being granted immunity. a grand jury has been convened, that gives investigators a window into what and who started the whole e-mail scandal in the first place. a criminal indictment looks
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more likely. republicans split. damaging in-fighting. democrats terrified, a damaged candidate. i repeat, have you ever seen anything like that? "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the american people. he understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad. he's one of the few people who stood up and said, you know what, china has been cheating. thank you, donald. stuart: well, well, oh, what a difference four years makes. that was, as you saw, that was mitt romney after receiving donald trump's endorsement for the presidency. today, he will say the exact opposite. he's launching a vigorous attack, trying to rally the anti-trump wing of the republican party. ashley has seen his speech.
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what is he saying. ashley: donald trump is going to be upset to hear the speech. here is probably the crux of what mr. romney is going to say. an excerpt. here is what i know mr. romney says, donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and what we get is a lousy hat. stuart: that spells it out, does it not. ashley: in a nutshell. from the trump campaign, that's an attack and and a half, what is mr. trump's response? >> i think that the american people certainly prefer the 2012 version of mitt romney much more than they do this version, the one that was praising donald trump as a great leader, somebody that understood how to grow our economy and fix it. and frankly, if the republican establishment had worked as
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hard as they are defenagainst dd trump and worked that hard against barack obama and his policy and administration we wouldn't be in this position in the first place. stuart: the debate tonight, you know that, is donald trump going to come out fighting like he used to? >> you know, i think that's something we'll have to wait and see. stuart: do you have any input-- look, you know what's been said by mr. romney. you know what donald trump's coming from, tell us what is he going to do? >> you know, i can't imagine that he's going to lay down and take it. we haven't seen that yet on the campaign trail. but at the same time, i think that you know, these attacks just keep getting more and more desperate and more and more intense and i think hopefully at some point we'll see not only donald trump and the rest of the field kind of move away from that so we can turn our sights and focus on hillary clinton where it should be. stuart: just briefly, in your campaign conversations, if the republicans dump your
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candidate, donald trump, does he go for a third party? >> you know, he's made a commitment to stay with the republican party and i think right now, it's the republican party to follow back and reciprocate that same commitment and behind donald trump-- >> if they're not going to, if they don't, is he going to do a third party run? >> i don't anticipate that happening, but here is why, i think at the end of the day, the republican establishment will get behind donald trump because they're going to have to because the rest of america is and they need to get on board. stuart: okay, we hear you, thank you for coming on board today. it's a big day for your candidate and everybody else in this election, that's a fact. so, thank you very much. >> absolutely. thank you. stuart: here is my point of view, let me offer this for a moment. if trump, donald trump is not a candidate for the g.o.p., then the g.o.p. is going to lose. that's my point of view. my opinion. liz peak, where have i gone wrong. >> i think you're totally right. i think this attack is not only purposeless, it's stupid.
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because he's basically disenfranchising millions of americans who poured out with enthusiasm to vote republican. so let's embrace that group. let us enlarge the tent, which is what the gray beards in the party wanted to do after 2012 and that is exactly what trump is doing. so, is he a perfect candidate? by no means. but he has months ahead of him to reach out to different portions of the republican establishment and make his peace. remember in 2008, clinton and obama were at swords point and she ends up in his white house, these things can happen. honestly, i don't know what mitt romney is hoping to achieve today. without a doubt he will achieve exactly the opposite, he's going to fire up trumpites. ashley: maybe higher ups in the g.o.p. has gotten him to do this, let's not get the candidates. stuart: it's two hours from now that mitt romney will launch
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the attack on trump. we'll bring you that live, 11:30 this morning. you've got to watch this. i hope you do. i will. i don't believe that the election turmoil has had affect on the financial market, the stock prices, i think they're dancing to a different drummer, a the least for now. almost 6900, we're one good rally from 17,000. oil, not much movement, stock in the mid 30's. a troubling story for me, look at that, the price of gasoline up two cents, 1.80. we've gone up nine straight days, up a nickel in the past two days, we're told it's switching over to summer gasoline. i'm not having. a huge political story breaking this morning, listen to this,
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the justice department grants immunity to the staffer who set up hillary clinton's e-mail server at home. judge napolitano is here. judge, the guy gets immunity. there is a grand jury has been empaneled and hearing evidence, hillary should be worried about this. >> hillary should be terrified. our colleagues, katherine herridge and pamela brown have a piece coming up on fox as we speak explaining what the justice department lawyers will ask mr. pagliano to explain to the grand jury. how he was able to migrate a state department secure system on to her private server. question, mr. pagliano, did mrs. clinton give you her personal secretary of state password to enable you to do that? if the answer is yes, we have an indictment for misconduct in office as well as espionage. she should be terrified of the
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fact that he's been granted immunity. now, what does granted immunity mean? only a federal judge can grant immunity. the federal judge will only grant immunity if a sitting jury is ready to hear testimony from the immunized person. we know a couple of things, the recommendation we were waiting for from the fbi to the justice department has already made its way from the fbi to the justice department. we know fbi agents at justice department prosecutors are working in tandem. we know that they went through this lengthy process of interviewing mr. pagliano and finding out what he knows and deciding it's no valuable they need him to say it to a grand jury and the only way he can say it to a grand jury is they not prosecute and hence he gets immunity and we know they're going to seek indictment because they would not be immunizing him and spill his guts, unless they want to indict someone. we don't know who it is. there's four or five people in between pagliano and hillary clinton. >> they've put out a statement. >> this is from hillary
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clinton's press secretary. it goes on to say, she has encouraged everyone to cooperate, talking about hillary clinton, because we want to make every good faith effort to be transparent and answer any questions the people have, goes on to say, with mr. pagliano we encouraged him as well because we don't think he has any reason to not be transparent. >> they're out of their minds. that is a response written by their political people and not by their legal people. mr. pagliano is their nightmare. stuart: what intrigues me is you're telling us that a grand jury has been empanelled and hearing testimony. >> yes. stuart: the prosecutors know what mr. pagliano is going to say. >> yes. stuart: and they gave him immunity. >> they went to a federal judge and persuaded a federal judge he should get immunity, meaning he cannot be prosecuted with his own words being used against him unless he lies before the grand jury, which is a different story altogether.
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stuart: quickly, time frame. when does this really shake out in public? >> i don't know the answer to that. but if you were a democrat, a big "if", wouldn't you want to know if mrs. clinton was going to be exposed to criminal prosecution before. stuart: yes. >> that's between now and july. stuart: it's not so much whether she had be indicted, whether or not the prosecutors recommend indictment to the justice department and the recommendation is the key. >> and what is revealed officially or what is leaked unofficially as a consequence of that recommendation. stuart: you know, judge, you have been the point man of the legal frame of things for this entire e-mail scandal and told us exactly how things are unfolding. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. stuart: good stuff. we will see you again later. turmoil on both sides of the aisle. we've spelled it out for you. you can watch the republicans go at it, and they will, the republican debate is tonight
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live from detroit, fox news channel, 9:00 eastern, that's another must-view. stuart: and when i say different, completely different. that's astronaut scott kelly carried off his spacecraft after returning to earth after a year of weightlessness. in houston, what's this about growing two inches? >> he has. i've got to do this. [laughter] >> because on earth, compression on the spinal discs, because of gravity, occurs. you go into space, there is no compression, the discs expand and the spinal column becomes longer, he gained two inches in height. what is fascinating he has an identical brother on earth, what is so great, they can study every difference in his biological makeup, identical twin. >> is he going to get short again?
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>> no, because the spinal column has grown and fused. >> when do i sign up for this? [laughter] >> thank you, everybody. president obama's spending plan, another good one for next year, the spending plan for next year includes 300 fewer agents at the u.s.-mexico border. >> we're going to build a wall. we have a trade deficit with mexico, this'll pay for the wall, be very happy about it. by the way, who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support.
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>> this is a bizarre and tragic story, too. former chesapeake energy ceo aubrey mcclendon dies in a car crash in oklahoma after being indicted.
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reports are that it's a suicide probe. he's one of the ones that made energy-- >> he was one of the pioneers of shale oil and fracking in order to extract that oil. he had a remarkable life, a lot of wins and losses, but he was truly a pioneerment of he-- pioneer. he was indicted on charges of rigging bids to purchase land. he was supposed to turn himself in this morning at 11 a.m. and responded to that the indictment, this is totally untrue, i will fight it, but we know that the car rode at a high rate of speed through the underpass there. they don't know what happened, he may have had a heart attack before it happened, but they're investigating. stuart: it's a suicide probe. ashley: right. stuart: got it. and the proposed budget, the way that president obama wants to spend the money. it has the department of homeland security cutting 300 border patrol agents.
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a sheriff with us from arizona, i seem to remember reports recently that more people are coming across the border, especially children, unaccompanied, more illegals and a lot more drugs coming across the border as well. is that accurate? >> that is accurate. those are the actual facts from october through the beginning of this year. we've seen not just a minor increase. 100% increase of unaccompanied juveniles. for adults, we've seen 150,000 apprehended in just five months and that's a 25% increase. so, a lot of people are speculating, wow, this could be the message is being sent because of the rise of donald trump and his message to actually build the wall to enforce the laws, that that is having an effect, that people are trying to get here quicker before this is done. >> and that's speculation, that this is being done because of donald trump and the wall. >> you know what? the fact that there's focus here, i think that's very real. we've seen this happen before
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when there's a lot of discussion and focus on. these are exact time frames from this year to last year, so what's the difference? and so, yes, it could be speculation, but you don't have to be a border patrol agent to wonder why this is happening. stuart: earlier this morning, former arizona governor jan brewer says she supports trump, trump would be good for arizona. are you in that camp, too? >> i'm neutral at this time. i love what he's saying and doing, know the just about the border. i appreciate the fact that we have leaders in our country who want to put america first. and this is where not just on the border, but with the trade disparity that's going on and the fact that we have leaders in our country who would apologize to world leaders both in europe. last week we saw joe biden in mexico apologizing, they need to apologize to us, the american people, for their failures to do their jobs. i'm glad to see we have leaders in donald trump and others that
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are willing to stand up and say, instead of criminal illegals and everybody else who has problems in the world, why don't we put america and our families and our national security first for just once. stuart: okay, we hear you, paul b babeiu. and at the bottom of the screen, we've been telling you about the romney speech vigorously attacking donald trump coming up. and minutes away from the opening bell. down a fraction, we're one good rally away from 17,000. i've got some good-- i suppose this is good news for the greenies. look. facetious of me, but, they have a new ali on climate change, they had one, usama bin laden. can you believe this? details in a moment. ♪
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> well, how about this? usama bin laden was an environmentalist. in letters discovered in his compound in pakistan, bin laden worried about the dangers of quote, catastrophic climate change. what else did he have to say. ashley: who knew that president obama had such an infamous ally in the-- >> careful, i'm picking up on your--
9:24 am
e there needs to be a great revolution, a rational decision to save humanity from the harmful gases that threaten its destiny. a struggle between two of the largest cultures on earth and it's in catastrophic climate condition. that was taken among other documents in the raid on his compound in pakistan in 2011 in which he was killed, of course. i find it remarkable that among all the things that usama bin laden was discussing was climate change of all things. stuart: he jumped on that band wagon, didn't he, so to speak? what was this? i seem to remember there were reports that he was worried that some kind of implant in his wife's teeth would allow people to follow him or-- >> his wife had goen to a dentist and they were worried that they implanted some sort
9:25 am
of chip in her tooth. i don't think that happened. this is sort after ridiculous story, all the things we're worried about today. americans are worried about defeating al qaeda and off shoot isis and they are worried about climate change, but these two worlds do collide as usama bin laden nicely put it, and thank heavens he's no longer around to talk about it. stuart: we've got it. better move on. >> bizarre. stuart: we are on dow 17,000 watch, you know, we could hit dow 17,000 today and not that far away. and we're going to ask, when will politics start to affect and move the market? i don't think it has so far. plus, the big story of the day is mitt romney launching, he is going to launch a vigorous, i might add, a vicious attack on donald trump. he's going to do it about two hours from now, you can watch it right here on "varney & company." he says trump's promises are worthless. . >> i'm a unifier, i know people
9:26 am
are going to find it hard to believe, but i am a unifier.
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>> they are out of their minds. that is a response written by the political people and not their legal people. he is their nightmare.
9:30 am
"cavuto coast to coast" when you heard it from the judge. brian pagliano set of hillary's e-mail server and has in unity, trouble for hillary clinton. we start at 9:00 every day. "the opening bell" has stopped ringing, we are open for trading. we are down fraction, no big move on "the opening bell". you can prove me wrong but i don't think so. ashley webster, liz macdonald, larry levin and david dietz. not larry david. one good rally away from 17,000, we're 16 edt, 120 points away. we will do it today, tomorrow, next week.
9:31 am
>> if oil stays up i see 17,000 varies in. stuart: the dow, 17,000 today and tomorrow and next week. what do you say? >> today or tomorrow, will price is lower today and what help do it today and if we don't get it today we will tomorrow. exceeded everyone's expectations. stuart: you make money with the ops and downs and swings of various markets. have we gotten rid of that on the stock market? there is more stability? >>
9:32 am
>> they would like it from candidacy a lot better. it is better for traders. if we get an indictment that
9:33 am
will keep the rally going that. i think the markets want clarity. david is right. clarity is the key. stuart: it seems to me the political turmoil we are seeing is divorced from the financial markets. liz: absolutely right. we will get the service number coming out at 10:00. that is a big deal, showing whether we are in contraction mode. nothing to do with politics and a strong jobs report. the fed does raise rates, that would mark the market. stuart: we will see all kinds of things tomorrow morning. herbal life says the database error that botched growth numbers, that stock has been all over the place today down 6%, lower profit at costco, apparently hurt by fewer customers in january and a strong dollar, costco is down 3%, disappointing profits at barnes and noble, sales of the
9:34 am
milk e. reeder are down, stock is up. all right. we are going to hack into that. burlington stores profit grows, different from the railroad. it is down $0.20, not much movement, intel is moving in little higher. 1.7%, investment firm gave an upgrade putting in tel to 31. seems like for ten years i have seen that stock between 20, and 3233. let's make some money, shall we? it is thursday morning. when a guy came on the show in the olden days, they would always say technology stocks, going to the amazon or apple.
9:35 am
here comes david in march of 2016 recommending prudential. >> week like to take advantage of the opportunity, the financials at one of the worst start in the last decade, they are down big time. what financials said as brand names, along this track record and huge discount value. that is prudential. stuart: you will be 100 years old before you touch it. >> for the next hundred years, a 3% dividend cuts, 12% pay. stuart: is that a railroad? when we less recommended a railroad. >> it has been hit hard because of the weakness in the global economy, weakness but just last week we heard renewed interest in terms of takeover speculation out of canadian pacific, stock is down by a third, you have 3%
9:36 am
dividend and that increased 25% 3-year over the last ten years. stuart: nestle, candy bars and food and all that, they are 100 years old. >> they are celebrating their 150 year anniversary this year. the ultimate defensive back hurt by this, they have been hurt by the emerging market weakness but they are number one or number 2 in so many categories the we will by no matter what. stuart: where are they now? alphabet, $740 a share. amazon 579, netflix at 98 and facebook at 109.
9:37 am
okay. do you like facebook? that is a new company, only 9 years old. springer chicken. >> we love the business although my kids tell me they don't use facebook anymore. there is softening in demand, the fact of the matter is we want to see cash coming back to the owners. there is no dividend, huge multiple sales, we don't like the stock. stuart: come on in. huge trade oil and cattle futures and all that kind of stuff but you got to tell me about facebook, amazon, apple and alphabet. a guy like you buys them, does he? >> i like the good ones. you got to watch out and buy companies that are making money. is an expensive stock. i like amazon but i play with options and not so much to get in it. google, alphabet, sears tower,
9:38 am
google, same thing, making a lot of money but it is expensive to buy. maybe you are better off buying something 100 years old. stuart: not bad point. those solar company, edison suspended their dividend. liz: look at the stock down 14%, $1.56, the market cap has shrunk exponentially, less than 600 million market cap. the preferred stock comes just two days after they delayed filing of their annual report internally, their finances and the big guys, goldman sachs and ubs and others are tepid about giving loans in the solar power company. stuart: tepid about giving them
9:39 am
loans. to target, they are investing a bunch of money, billions of dollars in online. how much are they putting him? ashley: putting in a lot of money, $1.6 billion this year and every year from 2017 onwards. online sales were up 34%. a couple high-profile crashes, never good but overall is, quote, clunky says they're working to improve upon that. they spend more on tech than brick and mortar. stuart: that fits the narrative, a brick and mortar, exploding. is that sports authority yesterday, that was a function of brick and mortar contracting, etc.. don't forget gunstocks, an area we follow very closely.
9:40 am
we call president obama the best gun salesman in the world because been sales of gone through the roof since he started to say knock it off, less guns. february was the third highest month ever for background checks, that is a precursor to buying a gun. ashley: it is indication, 2.6 million background checks in the month of february alone. that is the third highest. the center of 2015, two months before that, he was 3.3 million. stuart: each month -- ashley: in december of 2015. liz: there have been 8 million background checks since december according to the fbi. stuart: in a two month, three month period, 8 million guns may have been sold. ashley: this spike after mass shooting incidents and talk by politicians of gun laws, we see
9:41 am
a spike. stuart: just fascinating. i want to look at natural gas, the price, wait for it, at a 17 year low. people say -- saving a ton of money because natural gas used for heating homes in many parts of the country and utilities, a great deal of money because i got natural-gas in my house, should we -- fracking and the mild winter for this or a massive supply of natural gas? a 17 year low on prices? >> i think fracking is a big deal, the biggest reason we have seen oil prices and energy across the board come down because we figured out new ways to do it. chesapeake was a good example in the news yesterday. that is a big part of it. you like to use the term swimming in oil. it is over our heads and that is
9:42 am
affecting all the energy. stuart: it is fascinating what is happening to basic commodity prices. natural gas at the 17 year low. check the big board thursday morning, we are down 40 points, not any future move, 16850, we are 143 points away from 17 k. fresh video of the migrant crisis on the border between greece and macedonia. i say europe is about to explode and we are talking throughout the program today. let's see what is going on, mitt romney is going to attack donald trump been two hours calling him a phony and a fraud. it will happen live during his show and you are going to watch it. more varney in a moment.
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>> donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the american people. stuart: ma i am oh my, that is mitt romney in 2012 praising dona trump bactria endorsed him. he is going to say his promises are as worthless as a degree from from the university, he is playing the american people for suckers. i want to know from the get go, where do you stand on this? are you with the republican establishment and mitt romney going after donald trump? >> it might be a little late for mitt romney to way into this field and have this kind of
9:47 am
conversation with voters. the reality is donald trump -- stuart: are you on that side of offense that says we got to get rid of donald trump? >> i am on the side the we should let voters figure things out. we have a process in place for a reason that allows republican primary voters to decide who their nominee is going to be. that is not for me to decide on a personal basis, that is for republican primary voters to decide and in a couple weeks after march 15th we will know who the republican voters have decided to be the nominee and is up to the republican party to back that nominee and unify behind that nominee against hillary clinton. stuart: if the nominee is donald trump, how does the republican party unite behind him when mitt romney is out there saying he is a fraud, he is a phony, promises are totally worthless, considerable attack, can't unified around trump if he is
9:48 am
the candidate. >> in 2012, a lot of those attacks against mitt romney and bain capital and people rallied behind him. stuart: hold on a second. this is a fundamental question here. if the republicans go into this election, note from, somehow you jump from i say republicans flat out lose. you say? >> that is to be seen. stuart: is that opinion or what? >> primaries serve a purpose. we seat this time and again whether it is a presidential primary or a senate primary or a primary for the house of representatives. stuart: the republicans are trying to get a brokered convention in cleveland, they want to take the nomination away from donald trump. if they do that i say they lose flat out because trump voters will not support marco rubio or ted cruz or anybody else.
9:49 am
>> it would depend on what donald trump's numbers look like after march 15th. you have to get to that 51% threshold, 1,000 to 37 delegates to the convention to be the republican nominee so you are right. if we head into a brokered convention this will be the first time in 68 years this has happened and the first time in 40 years that a nominee wouldn't have the 51% threshold. the reality is you have to hit that number to have a republican party behind you and if you look at the aggregated number donald trump has been around 34%. if you walk away -- stuart: tv ratings for the debate and convention will be fantastic. thank you very much. this is a big deal, thanks. we do have this. the oil industry in shock. an executive, a visionary with in the energy industry died in a fiery car crash the day after
9:50 am
being indicted. there are reports the police are treating this as a suicide. more varney in a moment. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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stuart: we are following the hillary clinton e-mail scandal.
9:54 am
this is a picture of hillary with an aide, brian pagliano who has been granted immunity by the fed's. he is the guy who set up hillary's personal private e-mail sir and a grand jury has been empaneled, and is hearing evidence. that is the new development and it is big. look at oil. how cheap is this? exxon mobile cutting spending on projects by $20 billion, that is a drop of 50% in the last three years. a sign of the times. let's bring in the former president of shell oil. this is not going to stop. capital spending budgets are cut across the board everywhere in the world. mining projects, drilling projects, basic commodities, a huge amount of capital investment. >> we should all remind ourselves this is an entirely contrived situation because of the overproduction that is
9:55 am
taking place in saudi arabia and russia. two men got together and they could, the crown prince of saudi arabia and president vladimir putin, this could be solved very quickly as it has been for the last 60 years. the contrived nature of the market is causing all kinds of human damage, economic damage and it is harming russia probably the most. is harming the future of the king of saudi arabia and all because of pride in overproduction and this has to come to an end and we get to a reasonable level of production so people can spend properly with sanity, people can hold jobs that could be secure and until we come to grips with this we will face what you said, a continued pushed out of capital investment because don't forget the other side of the equations. everyday we need 94 to 95 million barrels of oil to get
9:56 am
through the day, we have 96 or 97 being produced. stuart: i want to bring you into the discussion about mcclendon, the energy executive. he died yesterday in a car crash. i want you to put him in perspective for us. i think he was an extraordinary visionary, one of the fathers of fracking and one of the great heroes of people who may america energy independence. your comment? >> i agree with you. he was a transformational figure in his time. his fault with respect to his business model is i don't think he took into account adequately the probability of lower prices for natural gas and that led to financial disaster. unfortunately for him and his family and we are sad about it. for the industry as a whole he will stand out over time as a remarkable individual. stuart: thank you for joining us as always.
9:57 am
look at this. 30,000 migrants trapped in greece and a top nato generals says russia and syria are using these migrants as a weapon against europe and the west. we have that story for you. a former cleveland insider on the latest bombshell in the hillary e-mail scandal. her indeed, the gentleman there given immunity. second hour of "varney and company" two minutes away. >> opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> e-mails about planning chelsea's wedding or my mother's funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines, a family vacation. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> the server contains personal communication from my husband and me and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities. unit.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
stuart: all what a day in politics. both parties in turmoil. mitt romney will attack donald trump 90 minutes from now and you will see it. publicly flashed by a former bout lost. robbie will call trump a phony and a fraud. on the democratic side, hillary clinton's e-mail scandals escalating big time. setting up a private server being granted immunity. that second hour starts now. ♪
10:01 am
>> showing an extraordinary ability. blasting him with a speech at 11:30 a.m. eastern this morning. a degree from trump university. playing the american public for suckers. >> trump did not take this lying down. ashley, he has been treating. he goes on to say just another desperate move by the man that should have beaten barack obama.
10:02 am
stuart: tonight, trump will be in the debate. great stuff. our next guest served as a romney advisor in 2012. >> going for a broken convention in cleveland. my position is that trump, the republicans lose. what say you, sir? >> a possible trump candidacy. single-payer healthcare. funding planned parenthood. those folks, by the way, care about the decency.
10:03 am
it was at 35%. motivated with his remarks with the kkk. come on, two days before. >> i will not get into that argument. do you think that they just go to rubio? ted cruz? marco rubio? >> donald trump. hillary clinton is a failed candidate. high negatives. across the board. we are worried about the president who will picture people as nominees. a dangerous world rebuilding america's strength.
10:04 am
donald trump is not that guy. you have donald trump being awarded i put in. >> would you back him? >> no. you know, john marie, the more i see him refuse. he said that he knew david duke. all of a sudden playing a game. no, i would not support donald trump. i'm not supporting hillary clinton. i am not supporting bernie sanders. it is asked her for this country. >> by not supporting trump, you elect hillary clinton. >> we are a long way from this process.
10:05 am
68% of the delegates have been chosen as of april 19. that is a step in the process. every day after the primary, the debate changes. let's see what happens in ohio. in the end, he is not the candidate. i think that it is a little premature. i do not expect him to be a standardbearer. >> if he is, you will not support him. >> supporting a conservative. i would hope that we would have somebody in there. >> there is no conservative. there is nobody else to back. >> let's see how this process plans out, but i will not support donald trump. stuart: you still will not support donald trump?
10:06 am
>> a long way. >> would you vote for him? >> i would also vote republican. >> thank you very much for joining us. a very big day. i am glad you followed it. the markets are paying no attention what so ever to the political turmoil. 16860. 120 points away from 7000. $34 a barrel. how about natural gas. i do not know what the measurement is. that price is a 17 year low. let's get to the latest on hillary clinton scandals. former state department staffer. he is a guy that set up
10:07 am
hillary's private e-mail server in her home. i asked judge napolitano about this last hour. roll tape. >> did mrs. clinton give you her personal secretary of state password to enable her to do that. >> the answer is, yes. she should be terrified of the fact that he has been granted immunity. >> with us now, former clinton advisor, doug shoen here. either she will not be indicted or she can get over it. what say you. >> michael bloomberg. i certainly would like him to run. a former democrat himself. people do change their world views over time.
10:08 am
both suggested that a grand jury has not been in panel. a lesser one man david trias pleading guilty. i got the sense from those articles, the judge certainly may be right. >> a grand jury has been convened. is hearing testimony in the case. he knows that because of what happened with the community. he knows something. the fed knows what he knows. look. come on. this is an escalation in the level of trouble. >> i do not for a second denied that there is an escalation. involving justice department
10:09 am
officials. also, i would say something else. i know the clintons. the chance that he spoke directly to the secretary about what was to be done is about zero. >> he can reveal. >> oh, absolutely. >> that is what they are doing. >> that is certainly likely. >> okay. this is very speculative. if an indictment is recommended, what happens to the candidacy? >> i give you a third. >> if it happens, let me give you a third option. if she were to acknowledge that there was a recordkeeping violation, i suspect that her candidacy would survive.
10:10 am
>> thank you. >> backing away from the nasty criminality. i am not advising her. do not expect it. [laughter] >> thank you very much, indeed. russian, russia and syria presidents, you know what i mean. russia and syria there are presidents are using migrants as a weapon. a little explanation in a moment. ♪
10:11 am
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10:14 am
stuart: whenever we have a big-name stock that really moves, we praying it to you. over 7% on kruger. to greece please. tens of thousands of migrants trapped. we have developments here. ashley: this group right on the border. it continues to grow. they fight to run through the fence earlier this week. those fights with police. they have now staged a sitdown. screening the macedonian. let us through. wait a minute, this has become a giant detention center. sending greece money to create a huge holding center. 158,000 people.
10:15 am
donald, put out a message to these migrants. the economic migrants. do not come to hear up. >> economic migrants. trying to lead them out. the situation, not only here, but elsewhere, is incomplete chaos. >> foreign fighters. he is warning that they will overwhelm european structures. talking about a commander. >> all right. i have to move on. that is a crisis and a half. russia is helping turn the refugee crisis into a weapon against the west. it is deliberate. jack keane is with us now. is it the liver it, general?
10:16 am
>> most of the refugees are coming out of the states where there is major civil war. conduct in a campaign that he popularized his country for four plus years. his involvement has a much more strategic view. they are conduct in a campaign against the population in syria. not just the opposition groups. by the way, a very highly respected military commander. when he speaks, we should pay attention. strategically, russia probably wants to add to the dilemmas. nato is your rough. they are trying to destabilize europe with this problem.
10:17 am
that is russia's contribution to this. certainly, the scale of it got started. you go back to the beginning. supporting aside. feeling assured that they would go after isis. in fact, they go after opponents of aside. they are forcing millions of people out. creating this chaos in europe. we accepted a russia's word. all we were going to do was go after isis. we made a terrible mistake. the president, as usual, took a step back and said that this will be russia's quagmire. it has given russia a strategic foothold in the middle east. they are influencing countries that they had very little
10:18 am
influence over before. it began in september of last year. >> i am trying to go back. a russian air force general presenting an official with a notification. get out. we are coming in. i think we did. is that accurate? >> yes. they walked into a u.s. military command center in iraq. stay out of our way. that is actually what we should have told them from the beginning. unless you want confrontation, stay away from us. we never should have cooperated
10:19 am
with them at all. the russians have a strategic objection. they have taken advantage of that in their own regional and strategic objectives. they are well on their way to accomplishing that. >> precisely what really is going on. appreciate it, sir. thank you. a big announcement from one of america's most recognizable athletes. she will donate her brain to science. we will be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun.
10:20 am
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10:22 am
stuart: a luggage company. samsonite nearing a deal to buy
10:23 am
for about $2 billion. soccer star announcing he will donate to science. >> winning the world cup. she says not enough studies. we know the nfl is starting to take concussions serious. nothing is being done with soccer. safer rules for soccer. now, does not know who you are. a professional soccer player.
10:24 am
a professional soccer player. what do you think of this american idea. ashley: talking about rugby and certain ages. do you remember when america hosted the world cup. [laughter] stuart: oh, stop it. do not go there. listen to this. political correctness. it will make you mad. we are an hour and five minutes away from that romney very anti-trump speech. playing the american people as
10:25 am
suckers. the governor of utah will be at that speech. we will talk to him right after this. ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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10:28 am
>> not much movement in stock prices today. the dow is down a mere 39 points. the price of oil is down $0.25. in about an hour, minute romney. launching a very strong attack. the governor of utah. welcome to the program. >> good morning to you. i want to pull all of this through. non-trump people in the republican party ganging up on trump. they don't want him to be the
10:29 am
nominee. if he is not the nominee, whatever republican that they put up there, they will lose. >> i do not know if that is the case. some great suppose and values. we just need to make sure that we have a substantial discourse on substantial issues. this debate has kind of evolved into looking more like a junior high school lunchroom food fight. this is a serious issue. we have to have serious discussion. >> minute romney will call donald trump a phony and a fraud. if we accept this guy, we are suckers. donald trump is carrying the american people. it sounds like a food fight to me. >> concerns on all accounts.
10:30 am
i think we need to call upon all of our republican candidates. these are serious issues. there need to be serious answers to the questions. we expect to have a president that will get things done. i think donald trump will tap that frustration. we need to improve the tone. i think that that is what the frustration sounds like. we will see what governor romney has to say. would you support donald trump? >> i believe the republican party is the best hope to get the country turned around. we have to make sure that we can reach out to the minority group.
10:31 am
having someone that can bring us together is really important. mr. trump, i think, can do that. i think tone down some of the tweeting and the rhetoric. the reality tv show approach. he, in fact, warrants being a nominee for the party. millions of them that came out in the primaries. do you think that those voters will go to rubio or cruz or kasich? trump supporters will not support someone else if he is not the guy. >> i am smiling. asking a question about something that is hard to know. let me show you the way.
10:32 am
this is how we can solve america's problems. >> trump is the guy who emerged as the guy that i can get it done. trump is the guy. i guess we will wait and see. i would like to see a little bit more solution. i think we just see soundbites. it little more substance to the discussion. an hour from now, may romney will call it a phony. triggering the american people like suckers. your guy will say that you'd can we not raise the rhetoric? are we not being sincere? again, i know there is some
10:33 am
appeal out there. why are we tolerating this? why are we not elevating the rhetoric. you know this as much as anyone, stuart. whatever the rules were, whatever they have been, has been thrown out in this election cycle. we appreciate it. >> how about this. outrage throughout college campuses. bowden. bowden. the tequila party. some students so offended. providing them with safe spaces. next up the university of candidate.
10:34 am
discussing her own wife privilege. she is no longer teaching. allegedly defending a professor whose facebook post blame israel and jews for everything. she is still looking. >> call me down. call me down. ashley: brunswick. a private college. one student complained at a birthday party that it was tequila themes. drinking tequila at the same time of wearing a sombrero. stuart: anti-hispanic. >> they are stereotyping. they were these little sombreros. what happened was hispanic movements got mad. the deans of the president got mad.
10:35 am
by the way, mexico is not and ethnicity. it is a nationality. it boggles my mind that this is happening. stuart: i am with you on that. [laughter] what really incentives me is that young lady blamed jews for 9/11. what the devil is going on here? >> it is okay. you can defend jewish people all you like. >> interesting. dear, god. >> chesapeake ceo dies in a car crash in oklahoma after being indicted.
10:36 am
a suicide investigation did i think he was one of the great visionaries. the potential of shale oil. helping america become independent with energy. not being so tied to saudi arabia. he was supposed to turn himself in at 11:00 o'clock this morning. he will be remembered as the man who really lead this charge into fracking. stuart: what he did was he went out and bought up leases to drill and frack all over the country. millions and millions. did not take account of the sharp drop in energy prices. we have natural gas at a 17 year low as of right now. he did not see that coming.
10:37 am
>> he produce this kind of thing. he was a visionary. what he did created or helped to create this 17 year low in natural gas prices. visionaries often push the boundaries. he certainly was a pioneer in bringing this technology. that is one of the reasons that you just said that the prices are so low, supply is so high. we keep sucking it out of the ground so very well. demand is really down right now. you manage money. you pick stocks.
10:38 am
are you now picking some natural gas stocks or energy stocks in general. they have been beaten down to such a low point. we were really talking more about oil. natural gas, still a little too soon to pick a bottom. in exxon mobil. we talked about this before. chesapeake. the big producers may be a little bit early. i do not think we have yet seen the bottom in natural gas. demand numbers yesterday. helping demand prices down. not ready to pick a bottom yet in the national race.
10:39 am
>> i do not remember hearing that america has quadrille gens of cubic feet, 1 quadrillion, i believe. quadrille gens. just so much supply. that is the problem here. >> so much supply. we are getting better and better. finding new ways. doing amazing jobs that getting more and more of this out. if we can find a way to replace gas, there are a bothered take fleet's, it just is not as energy dense. if we could get more and more dependent on natural gas, less and less on any internal. stuart: thank you for coming in on an important event and story.
10:40 am
donald trump will be dangerous for our country. that is a quote. more on that in just a moment. ♪
10:41 am
♪ your fox business brief. dow jones industrial average. down three. the nasdaq down nine. a monthly report tomorrow. the worst expected.
10:42 am
chelsea, number one. though former ceo actually dead now after crashing on an overpass. facebook. raising it to 135. linkedin, the ceo saying he is expected to give office stock competition. revenue missed this expectation. lauren simonetti. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
speed to the largest evangelical news in the country, for the first time in history, it has taken a presidential position in the race. donald trump does not represent the interest of evangelicals. he will be a dangerous leader for our country. joining us now, john brunner. welcome to the show. hq. >> the last week or so. robert jeffries has been with
10:45 am
us. a tv and radio evangelical. he says, yes, trump is the right guy. where is he going wrong? >> robert jeffries to explain himself. making one point. before we talk about the position of the christian post. where we came out on the christian post. the thing that donald trump is speaking to, the issue of disenfranchised americans, the poverty level on up to wherever you want to go. right in raising and responding to people speaking to donald to speaking to him about these issues.
10:46 am
these are disenfranchised people. what is wrong with it? who is donald trump. >> you must have scrutinized it. i personally feel, well, i would argue all the media are behind them. oddity to scrutiny to decision. we are switching. things are happening way too fast. >> what is it that you found in donald trump that makes you say
10:47 am
that he is a dangerous leader? >> i just noticed the news story yesterday. i just noticed an economic professor. had donald trump taken his $2 million that he inherited and put it into a real estate investment trust. just partied for the next four years. he would be worth $23 billion. fortune 500 worth $4.5 million. he starts with five. >> i do not see why they evangelicals should the so upset. you have 30 seconds. >> this election is about the economy. this election is about the economy. these folks from the poverty line up are working.
10:48 am
these people are falling behind. they do not have enough money. they are working two jobs. i want to help you. who is donald trump. thank you very much for joining us. i have been interested in your point of view later in the afternoon. >> i heard you asking this question. who are we going to vote for. who do i vote for? i said, can i say one more thing. the other candidates need to speak. >> john, i think they have. i really think they have. i think that it is time.
10:49 am
we are learning new details. joining the raid on his hideout. ashley, we have ran out of time. >> osama bin laden. calling on americans to help president obama. battle cyber change. rational decision to save humanity from harmful gases. this is a struggle between two of the largest cultures on earth. i do not know whether to laughed or cried. >> thank you. eight months to go before the presidential election. my take on that is next. we have a debate and we will tell you about it. detroit. catch that action. it is on the fox news channel. ♪ but i only had a salad.
10:50 am
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10:54 am
the one stealing the headlines this morning is the 2012 republican nominee. that romney will soon ridicule trump. romney will say, donald trump is a phony. a fraud. as worthless as a degree from trump university. playing the public as suckers. failed candidate mitt romney. you ran one of the worst races in presidential history. a big win. at that speech in about one half hour from now, romney is not expected to endorse anyone. the 2016 presidential election is in a state of turmoil. that is not an exaggeration. hillary clinton looks ever more
10:55 am
likely to face a criminal indictment. granted immunity. a giant window into the e-mail mass has been opened. think about this. one of the two people that may be the next president is tangled up in the biggest security scandal in decades. they understand that that is an indicted statement. on the other side, the republicans. they are split. they are split over donald trump. the rest of the party is ganging up against it. half an hour from now, they romney will launch a vigorous attack. some republicans are saying that they will not support a trump candidacy. some say that they will not vote for hillary. now trying to rally republicans against the man that has brought in more votes and won more states than any other
10:56 am
republican. eight months to the election. here is the state of play. democrats, hillary clinton. criminal indictment. this morning, looks very likely. republicans split. if they drop trump, they will surely lose. in a half-hour, watch ron these attacks speech. crews going at it in the fox news ebay. always stay tuned for the next installment. here is the candidacy. never seen anything like this before. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: it is almost 11:00 eastern time, yet it is in nine in salt lake city where a half hour from now mitt romney will give a blistering speech attacking donald trump. the former republican standard bearer to call the current
11:00 am
republican front-runner a fraud and a pony. wait, there's more. quote: his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the american public for suckers. romney's expected to take the stage about 30 minutes from now. of course, you will see it when he takes the podium. that one. and look who's here for the hour. elizabeth macdonald, ashley webster, monica crowley and "the wall street journal"'s dan henninger, plus jeff dewitt, the head of the trump campaign in arizona. monica, you first. the republican party flat out split. you agree? >> there is a very deep split, but it's between the republican establishment, the ruling class as embodied and symbolized by mitt romney, and everybody else, the voters. the establishment still doesn't understand what is going on, the depth of emotion and betrayal that the grassroots feels toward the republican establishment who has let them down time and again. and every time the establishment piles on donald trump, as
11:01 am
governor romney is going to do here, it only does one thing, and that helps donald trump. stuart: jeff, you are the trump guy in arizona. you've heard what governor romney is going to say. how will donald trump respond? >> well, i'm not sure how exactly he's going to respond. it really depends at the depth at which mitt romney is willing to go. but i agree with monica that what the republican establishment is doing is trying to disenfranchise all these people. what donald trump is doing is bringing people off their couch, people that haven't voted in years and decades, but the republican establishment always wants to pick our candidate for us. stuart: okay. >> they picked mitt romney, they picked john mccain. it hasn't worked out, and we now -- the people -- are taking our country back and taking matters in our own hands. quite frankly, the republican party is going to become a third party if this comets. stuart: jeff, one second, because elizabeth macdonald has been following what trump has been saying this morning.
11:02 am
trump has seen what governor romney is going to say. trump is responding via twitter. what he's he saying, liz? >> teaching the gop how to use four years ago is not enough, now mitt romney wants to do it again. romney is saying, basically, a trump presidency would destabilize foreign policy and make us less safe. stuart: okay. i call that a rather mild response. jeff, i'm expecting more fireworks tonight when donald trump's in the debate on fox at 9:00 eastern. you expect a bit more fire than that? >> well, obviously, the response is going to be forceful. as you've noticed, donald trump has been very presidential and very measured in a lot of his responses lately. and the american people are responding very positively to that. i think what we're going to see is a forceful response because mitt romney is completely off the mark, and he's absolutely destroying his own brand. i think what we're seeing here is the complete destruction of any chance that mitt romney will
11:03 am
do anything in politics ever again as a result of his comments. but i think what you're going to see from donald trump is, actually, a more measured and presidential response even though i have no doubt that at the debate tonight every other candidate is going to be in full attack mode. stuart: okay. let me tell you this. at about 1:30 eastern time this afternoon, donald trump is holding an event in portland, maine. and at that point i have no doubt that he will be responding to what governor romney is going to say about 25, 30 minutes from now. monica, i ask you this question: if donald trump is not the republican candidate, i say the republican candidate, whomsoever it is, loses. and you say? >> well, i would agree with that. we'll have to see how this plays out. but if we go to a contested convention, if donald trump doesn't have the requisite number of delegates because of the fragmented field and they decide in some sort of brokered fashion to go with somebody else, you will see a rebellion
11:04 am
among the rankings of not just republican voters, but moderates, independents, crossover democrats who have voted for him of the likes you've never enseen, stuart. stuart: dan henninger writes about, quote, the speech, the big speech that changes politics around. ronald reagan in the early 1960s, he made the speech in defense of conservativism, and dan lays out various other big speeches which have changed politics. dan, how about the speech from governor romney 25 minutes from now? is that the same kind of thing, the big speech? >> no. as it's been described to us, stewart, i do not think it is the speech. the speech is the speech that ronald reagan gave in 1964 on behalf of barry goldwater, defining conservativism for a generation. similar speeches begin to rescue campaigns, nixon's checkers speech, jfk's speech defending his catholicism in 1962, and even barack obama's speech in
11:05 am
2008 on race and the reverend wright. what all of those did was talk about what was going on in the country in general and especially reagan. and i think especially now you have to talk to the country's anxieties. reagan's speech was much more expansive, much more inclusive than mitt romney is going to be this amp. this afternoon. that's the kind of speech i'm talking about because this election so far has been a dog fight. and people are very angry, they're full of anxiety. there are larger things at stake, and so far those larger things are being swept over the falls in the primary season. stuart: would i be right, dan, if i were to say that the establishment -- that is, non-trump republicans, for better label i'm saying the establishment -- they're terrified of trump, they're terrified that if trump is the leader of the republican party in the election that hillary wins in a land slide. that's the fear, dan? >> i think that's the fear. you know, if i may just take a second to to respectfully disagree with my friend, monica
11:06 am
crowley, about the republican elite. republicans currently control 34 state governorships. if you're lucky enough to live in texas, ohio, indiana, north carolina, michigan, you are living under republican governor. you're living with conservative republican legislatures which have been built over the last ten years. then in 2014 the republicans did take control of the senate. the moment was right in 2016 for the republicans to not only control state and local governments, but the senate and the house and the presidency. i think all of that at the moment is being put at risk by what is going on right now. the idea that donald trump is going to save a generation of republican gains, i think, is slim. >> well, i don't disagree with you, dan, because what you just described is happening at the state and local levels, and that's 100% true, and that's where most of voters' interaction is, with their local government, their state government. the fury that you're seeing and the reaction in terms of the support for donald trump is the fury at washington d.c.
11:07 am
the washington cartel, as ted cruz aptly calls it, and they are expressing the fury toward washington by taking their votes and giving it to donald trump. stuart: i want to point this out. the koch brothers have announced this morning that they will not give money to bash donald trump. do we make anything of this, ash? >> what does that mean? are they going to give money to trump or just not give to people who want to bash trump? that's kind of a backward way of saying it. stuart: they're out of the fight. >> good for them. >> and remember, also, that the koch brothers design most of their targeted campaigning toward issues. they're issues-oriented. so they've put most of their money in supporting free markets and trying to make the moral case for capitalism rather p than supporting one or another candidate. stuart: dan, i have to ask you this. the turnout among republicans in these primaries and caucuses has been astronomical. will those people who turn out for trump still vote for another republican candidate if the candidate is not trump? >> well, i think that's a
11:08 am
legitimate question and probably a big problem, as both you and monica have described. some of those trump supporters may stay home if you go to a brokered convention and they lose. the question has to be to asked on the other side where you've got 54% of republicans saying they would not be happy with a trump candidacy, how many of those republicans -- and including independents, now 40% of the vote -- ultimately would decide either they cannot vote for mr. trump or they have to vote for hillary clinton? unless mr. trump raises his game and as he is suggesting, becomes more presidential. so there are two sides to that coin. we just don't know the answer to that yet. stuart: i just want to sum up where i think we are in this election, 11:00 eastern time this morning of thursday, march the 3rd. there has been a development on the democrat side. hillary clinton, her principal aide or one of her aides, has been granted immunity. this is the gentleman who actually installed the private server. he's got immunity.
11:09 am
a grand jury has been convened. clearly, the democrats have a significant problem here. on the other side of the coin, we have the establishment -- and, again, that's to not the greatest word, but it's non-trump republicans -- ganging up on donald trump to try to take the nomination away from him. both sides are in turmoil to some degree. both sides are damaged. where am i going wrong? >> so with the clinton story, the question is why put a private e-mail server system in your home? there's also questions about clinton foundation, potential corruption, state department giving out contracts, whether or not that benefited the clinton foundation. we know as of 2013413 they were getting $2013 they were getting $144 million in grants in the clinton talk aboutation. going back to mitt romney's speech and donald trump, what could happen going forward? do the candidates stay in to ruin the delegate count? in other words, if you see cruz, rubio and kasich staying in the fight up through cleveland, the convention in july, does that
11:10 am
mean the rnc is behind spoiling it for the delegate count for todd trump? stuart: that's a very good question. jeff dewit, come in, please. the knock on donald trump is he would lose flat out, hands down to hillary clinton. and you say? >> i say that donald trump will absolutely demolish hundt in a general election -- hillary clinton in a general election. and one of the best pieces of evidence about that and about mitt romney is, you know, a week ago i was in nevada, and i was working the election there. and we saw more people turn out to vote for donald trump. he received more votes than was the entire republican turnout in 2012. that shows you where the country is at. stuart: okay. >>ing and that shows you that donald trump is becoming the standard bearer for the party. stuart: dan henninger, respond to that, please. >> bernie sanders did the same thing for democrats on the democratic side. we wondered where the obama coalition, college students, were going to go. they went to bernie sanders. he has brought more people into
11:11 am
the democratic fold. again, the question is the same here, will they show up for hillary in november as they showed up for bernie sanders? it's a long way to november, and she's going to try to recruit those people. and i think that could have some offsetting effect on what trump is doing for white voters on the other side. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, what you see on the left-hand side of your screen is a podium, a podium being set up for a very big and very important speech from mitt romney. he is going to blast donald trump. he is trying to organize non-trump republicans around some kind of coalition that will run him out of up to. that's going -- out of town. that's going to happen in about 15, 16 minutes from now. we know what he's going to say. ashley, give us a rundown, please. some of the highlights that -- of the speech that's coming up. >> a whole litany, the biggest one, of course, is calling him a fraud, a phony, as real as a diploma from trump university.
11:12 am
he really does kind of hit on everything. but he goes on to say, look, he's a huckster. he's taking the public's trust and playing with it. he's hitting on issues that, you know, trump -- he's not really tapping into the anger that donald trump is getting his support from at all. he's just saying this guy is a joke, this guy is a reality tv star that does not have your best interests at heart, and you need to stop paying attention to that. of course, as we've seen, donald trump has been fairly measured for him in his twitter responses, although he does ask the question, then why were you, quote, begging me, mitt romney, to endorse you back when you made your failed run for the presidency? stuart: all right. monica, all i hear is that hillary can rally people, rubio can bring us all together. your comment on trump bringing us all together? >> well, i'd like to see evidence of that. and why not donald trump? i mean, donald trump can certainly take credit for bringing new people into the republican party, for creating this enthusiasm gap in large
11:13 am
part. it does belong to him. he deserves credit for that. with the democrats, i mean, the democrats in terms of turnout have been way down this year compared to the republicans. the enthusiasm that donald trump is engendering -- as well as the anti-trump movement, there's a lot of passion to try to take him out here, as we see. but all of that is generating a lot of attention and a lot of activity on the republican side. to me, that is all to the good. stuart: okay. i want to run down the rundown of the day in politics. about 15 minutes from now, mitt romney speaks at that podium attacking donald trump. at 1:30 eastern time this afternoon in portland, maine, donald trump is attending an event. i dare say he will have something to say about what mitt romney is about to say in salt lake city. at 9:00 tonight watch the fox news channel, please, because there is the next gop debate. donald trump will be, i guess, duking it out with all of them, okay? [laughter]
11:14 am
it's a very big deal. our thanks to everyone around me here, dan henninger, monica crowley, jeff out there in arizona, and everybody. >> thank you. stuart: what a performance in the first block of hour a block of "varney & company." knock 'em flat. thanks, everybody. [laughter] check that big board. it's almost as if the stock market is on pause waiting for the speech from mitt romney. it's gone nowhere in the last 30-odd minutes. and wait for it, coming up next, congressman louie gohmert is with us. what does he say about the split in the party, and whose side is he on? louie's up next. ♪ ♪ everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company
11:15 am
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11:17 am
stuart: we are minutes from hearing mitt romney's vigorous attack on donald trump. the podium there is in salt lake city. he will be speaking roughly 11:30 eastern time, about 13, 14 minutes from now. look who's here now, congressman louie gohmert, republican,
11:18 am
texas. [laughter] sir, you've got a smile on your face. i've got a serious question here. we're about to see the loser in the last presidential election campaign bash the leader in this current republican campaign. are you happy with that? >> well, i'm not happy at all. and, of course, you know, the full disclosure, i endorsed ted early last year, ted cruz. and having been in the trenches with him during the amnesty fight against the rubio gang of eight bill, i knew he was the most truthful and honest guy in the race. and then, of course, we know romney and trump were friends. romney got trump to come out and enforce him four years ago. so i've got to tell you, stuart, getting mitt romney to go out and trash trump and say nice things about ted cruz is about the lowest thing donald trump's ever done. i mean, i know he wants to win, but that's really low. getting romney to go out and
11:19 am
bash him and say nice things about cruz, that's as low -- stuart: wait, wait, i don't think trump suggested this. i don't think trump -- >> oh, come on. come on. stuart: you really? >> they were friends -- oh, everybody knows taking advice from mitt romney on how to win the presidency is like having marv levy tell you how to win the super bowl. stuart: the i new angle. >> everybody knows that's not where you go for advice. so it's got to be a low-life political effort by trump. i mean, why else would mitt romney go out and bash trump? he knows it's got to help him. stuart: congressman, that is a conspiracy theory. you know it is. [laughter] okay, change subject before i get carried away here. >> well, surely the establishment is not so stupid that they would think mitt romney going out and trashing trump was going to hurt him. i mean, come on. that -- stuart: well, it's interesting, i've got to say. >> holy cow, that's
11:20 am
incredibly -- >> that helps trump. stuart: i've got a serious question. if donald trump is not the republican candidate, i say the republicans cannot win, and you say? >> i say they could win with ted cruz and, in fact, you know, cruz has got people crossing over to vote for him as well. and -- stuart: but it was -- sir -- >> i don't think we can win with rubio. but if you look at the head-to-head hillary versus ted, ted's far better off than trump is. stuart: all those people who turned out by the millions, literally by the millions who had not been a part of the republican party before, they turned out for trump. >> yeah. stuart: if he's not the candidate, they don't vote. >> stuart, in texas we turned out in the record numbers, and it was for ted cruz. they turned out in record numbers in oklahoma, and that was ted cruz. i mean, there are a lot of people that, i mean, record numbers are coming out for
11:21 am
everybody, and i think that just, that goes to the credit of barack obama. people are so concerned about this country's demise that they're coming out like they've never come out. and it isn't just for trump. it's because they see their country right on the precipice, and they know they've got to get involved now. so i don't think it's just trump. i think it's people genuinely concerned about our country making it. stuart: okay. sir, would you just stay there for a second? i've got larry sabato with us. >> okay. stuart: the guru of political analysis. he is with us -- >> ask larry if he would take advice from mitt romney on how to win the presidency. stuart: congressman, i'm not going to brung larry sabato into a conspiracy theory. [laughter] larry, same question to you as i posed to congressman gohmert. if donald trump is not the republican candidate, i say the republicans can't win. how far wrong am i? >> well, it's early march, and
11:22 am
i'm not going to project a november election in early march, and i'm not going to rule candidates in and out in early march. the polls will change many times, the world will turn over many times between now and november. and i just want the congressman to know i would take investment advice from mitt romney. [laughter] stuart: but are you -- [laughter] i don't know whether to develop this conspiracy theory or not. i really don't know whether to touch it with a 10-foot pole. larry, i've got another question for you. the knock on trump has long been that he's the guy who will lose to hillary clinton. that's what the polls say now. got that. polls change though, don't they? and hillary's -- >> well, that's my point. that's why i'm saying you don't rule people in or out based on polls in early march for a november election. look how the polls have changed since trump got in in june. he was originally in single digits, and you couldn't find anybody anywhere who was in
11:23 am
political analysis who thought trump would be even in the running to be the nominee, much less the favorite for the nomination. so i'd say the way in this year has shaped up ought to encourage some humility all the way around. stuart: yes, sir. especially by the pundits who got it totally wrong. >> yes. i'm one. stuart: are you a pundit? no, you're not a pundit, you're a professor. >> i'm a professor, a pundit, call me anything you want as long as it isn't obscene. stuart: no. you're a professor with tenure, big day. congressman gohmert, i'm going to give you the last 20 seconds. do you wish to refute that crazed conspiracy theory which you've come up with? [laughter] >> well, i just can't believe the establishment would be so stupid as to think mitt romney is going -- who couldn't win the president's race when it was basically a laydown for republican, is -- america's not going to be listening to his choice on who should be president. stuart: okay.
11:24 am
>> and i'd just leave you with the advice marv levy left after he lost four super bowls, and that was when you lose, you're in a no-win situation. [laughter] stuart: thank you fur joining us -- for joining us, everybody. back in a moment.
11:25 am
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11:28 am
gentlemen, your will see the podium where mom, moments from now -- mitt romney is going to try to knock trump off the podium, certainly out of sight. now, i've got news for you. nancy pelosi declines to endorse hillary clinton at this point. monica, what do you make of that? >> well, it might mean nothing. on the other hand, it's quite a tell. it sort of plays into my theory that hillary clinton is in serious legal jeopardy with the fbi -- stuart: do you think pelosi knows something about that? >> mrs. pelosi knows something most of us don't and, in fact, hillary clinton may not ultimately be the democratic nominee. also keep in mind another very prominent democratic woman has also declined to endorse mrs. clipton, and that's senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. stuart: okay. if it's not hillary, who on earth is it, bernie sanders? >> did you notice who was
11:29 am
presenting at the academy awards on sunday night the vice president of the united states. stuart: no, no, no. he looks -- he's an elderly guy, and he -- >> i disagree with you. i disagree. stuart: i don't believe he's got the energy or the verve that is required for a presidential campaign. i don't believe he's got it. >> remember, he has not yet been attacked because he hasn't been running. he hasn't been in any of the debates. i'm just saying this is a theory that if mrs. clinton goes down, they are prepared. stuart: we hear you, monica crowley. senator rob portman, republican of ohio, joins us now. senator, this is a big day, is it not? and i believe you support kasich. therefore, are you in support of governor romney who's about to blast donald trump? >> well, i'm strongly in support of john kasich. stuart, you and i have talked about this in the past, but we need someone who can fix this economic mess we're in. one thing people will think when they see mitt romney take the stage, gosh, wouldn't it have
11:30 am
been great if he'd been president the last four years? yeah, i'm strongly in support of kasich. he's the right guy to actually begin to solve the problems we've got. stuart: okay. i'm going to ask you the same question i've asked many this morning: if donald trump is not the republican candidate, will voters turn out to vote for the ore republican -- other republican who is the nominee? surely, that republican loses. >> well, you know what i think is kind of what you said earlier about hillary clinton not being a strong candidate. i agree that she's got an issue with regard to the current fbi investigation, but it's p beyond that. and so, yes, i think republicans do not want to see another four years of barack obama -- stuart: senator, i'm terribly sorry to interrupt you, but i've got mitt romney at the podium. let's listen. >> thanks, stewart. >> director of the hinkley -- stuart: oh, it's not. i'm so sorry. senator portman, come back, please? >> i'm still with you. stuart: i'm very glad. i'm so sorry, sir. my eyesight's not that good, and
11:31 am
i couldn't actually see who was at that podium. i promise you, i'll interrupt you when mitt romney finally appears, but there you go. >> no problem. [laughter] stuart: so there is no path to victory for john kasich. >> well, the path to victory is to win my home state of ohio. and i talked to john last night. he's very optimistic. you know john, he's an optimistic and he's a guy who can actually bring people together should he be president, which is part of the reason that we need him. he's got that reagan optimism. but he has to win ohio, i agree with that. and if he wins ohio, it's a big state, then you get some momentum to win some other states. we'll see what happens in michigan in the meantime. john will do well there, i believe. so there's still, as you know, stuart, the vast majority of delegates yet to be counted. and it's true that donald trump is ahead, but not by much. stuart: how do you feel about mitt romney? he lost the last presidential election. he lost to a vulnerable president obama.
11:32 am
and now he's leading the charge against the front-running republican candidate. and he's going to use some pretty fired-up language. he's going to call donald trump a phony, a fraud and that he's perpetrating a fraud on the american people, and we're all a bunch of suckers. now, that's pretty strong stuff. how do you feel about mitt romney, of all people, saying that? >> well, mitt is highly respected. if you look at his poll numbers -- again, he's not running. when you're not running, you're more popular. but he's very popular among republicans. again, people say often wouldn't it have been great had mitt romney been president these past few years? stuart: i think you can hear the crowd in the background. >> i don't think that's for me. stuart: and now i'm interrupting you to listen to mitt romney. thank you. >> take care. >> thank you to the hinkley institution. governor herbert, lieutenant governor, president, it's good to be with you today. thank you. [cheers and applause] all right.
11:33 am
now, i'm, i'm not here to announce my candidacy for office, and i'm not going to endorse a candidate today. instead, i'd like to offer my perspective on the nominating process of my party. back in 1964 just days before the presidential election -- which, incidentally, we lost -- ronald reagan went on national television and challenged america saying that it was a time for choosing. he saw two paths for america; one that embraced conservative principles dedicated to lifting people out of poverty and helping create opportunity for all and the other an oppressive government that would lead america down a darker, less free path. i'm no ronald reagan, and this is a different moment in time. but i believe with all my heart and soul that we face another time for choosing, one that'll have profound consequences for
11:34 am
the republican party and, more importantly, for our country. i say this in part because of my conviction that america is poised to lead the world for another century. our technology engines, our innovation dynamic, the ambition and skill of our people are going to propel our economy and raise the standard of living of americans. america will remain as it is today the envy of the world. you may have seen warren buffett. he said, and i think he's 100% right, that the babies being born in america today are the luckiest crop in history. now, that doesn't mean we don't have real problems and serious challenges. we do. at home poverty persists and wages are stagnant. the hour or risk massacres in paris and san bernardino, the nuclear ambitions of the iranian mullahs, the aggressions of putin, the growing assertiveness
11:35 am
of china and the nuclear tests of north korea confirm that we live in troubled and dangerous times. but if we make the right choices, america's future will be even better than our past and better than our present. on the other hand, if we make improvident choices, the bright horizon i've described will not materialize. and let me put it very plainly. if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. let me explain why i say that. first on the economy. if donald trump's plans were ever implemented, the country would sink into prolonged recession. a few examples. his proposed 35% tariff-like penalties would instigate a trade war, and that would raise prices for consumers, kill our export jobs and lead entrepreneurs and businesses of
11:36 am
all stripes to flee america. his tax plan in combinationing with his refusal -- combination with his refusal to reform entitlements and honestly address spending would balloon the deficit and the national debt. so even though donald trump has offered very few specific economic plans, what little he has said is enough to know that he would be very bad for american workers and for american families. but you say, wait, wait, wait. isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't. and no, he doesn't. [laughter] [applause] look, his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work more them. he inherited his business, he didn't create it.
11:37 am
and whatever happened to trump airlines? trump university? and then there's trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius, he is not. now, not every policy that donald trump has floated is bad, of course. he wants to repeal and replace obamacare. he wants to bring jobs home from china and japan. but his prescriptions to do those things are flimsy at best. at the last debate, all he could remember about his health care plan was to remove insurance boundaries between states. successfully bringing jobs home requires serious policy and reforms that make america the place businesses want to come, want to plant and want to grow. you can't punish business into doing what you want. frankly, the only serious policy proposals that deal with a broad range of national challenges we confront today come from ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. one of these men should be our nominee. [cheers and applause]
11:38 am
now, i know that some people want this race to be over. they look at history and say a trend like mr. trump's isn't going to be stopped. perhaps. but the rules of political history have pretty much all been shredded during this campaign. [laughter] if the other candidates can find some common ground, i believe we can nominate a person who can win the general election and who will represent the values and policies of conservative -- conservativism. given the current delegate selection process, that means that i'd vote for marco rubio in florida and for john kasich in ohio and for ted cruz or whichever one of the other two contenders has the best chance of beating mr. trump in a given state. now, let me turn to national security and the safety of our homes and loved ones. mr. trump's bombast is already alarming our allies and fueling the enmity of our enemies.
11:39 am
insulting all muslims will keep many of them from fully engaging in their urgent fight against isis. and for what purpose? muslim terrorists would only have to lie about their religion to enter the country. and then what he said about -- on "60 minutes," did you hear this? it was about syria and isis, and it has to go down as the most ridiculous and dangerous idea of the entire campaign season. let isis take out assad, he said, and then we can pick up the remnants. now think about that. let the most dangerous terror organization the world has ever known take over an entire country? this recklessness is recklessness in the extreme. now, donald trump tells us that he is very, very smart. [laughter] i'm afraid that when it comes to foreign policy, he is very, very not smart. [laughter] [applause]
11:40 am
now, i'm far from the first to conclude that donald trump lacks the temperament to be president. he mocked a disabled reporter, who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle, who mocked a brilliant rival who happened to be a woman due to her appearance, who bragged about his marital affairs and who laces his public speeches with vulgarity. donald trump says he admires vladimir putin, at the same time he's called george w. bush a liar. that is a twisted example of evil trump and good. [applause] there's a dark irony in his boasts of his sexual exploits during the vietnam war while at the same time john mccain,
11:41 am
whom he has mocked, was imprisoned and tortured. dishonesty is donald trump's hallmark. he claimed that he had spoken clearly and boldly against going into iraq. wrong. he spoke this favor of invading iraq. he said he saw thousands of muslims in new jersey celebrating 9/11. wrong. he saw no such thing. he imagined it. he's not of the temperament of the kind of stable, thoughtful person we need as leader. his imagination must not be married to real power. the president of the united states has long been the leader of the free world. the president and, yes, even the nominees of the country's great parties help define america to billions of people around the world. all of them bear the respondent of being -- the responsibility of being an example for our children and our grandchildren.
11:42 am
think of donald trump's personal qualities, the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third grade theatrics. you know, we've long referred to him as "the donald." he's the only person in the entire cup to whom we have -- country to whom we have added an article before his name, and it wasn't because he had attributes we admired. [laughter] now, imagine your children and your grandchildren acting the way he does. would you welcome that? haven't we seen before what happens when people in prominent positions fail the basic responsibility of honorable conduct? we have. and it always injures our families and our country. watch, by the way, how he responds to my speech today. [laughter] [applause]
11:43 am
will he, will he talk about our policy differences or will he attack me with every imaginable low road insult? this may tell you what you need to know about his temperament, his stability and his suitability to be president. now, mr. trump relishes any poll that reflects what he thinks of himself. but polls are also saying that he will lose to hillary clinton. think about that. on hillary clinton's watch, the state department -- when she was guiding it and part of the obama administration -- that state department watched as america's interests were diminished in every corner of the world. he compromised -- she compromised our national secrets. she dissembled to the families of the slain, and she jetty softened her most profound beliefs to gain presidential power. for the last three decades, the clintons have lived at the
11:44 am
intersection of money and politics, trading their political influence to enrich their personal finances. they embody the term "crony capitalism." it disgusts the american people and causes them to lose faith in our political process. a person so untrustworthy and dishonest as hillary clinton must not become president. [cheers and applause] of course, a trump nomination enables her victory. and the audio and video of the infamous tapper/trump exchange on the ku klux klan will play 100,000 times on cable, and who knows how many million times on
11:45 am
social media. >> [inaudible] >> there are a number of people who claim that mr. trump is a con man, a fake -- >> [inaudible] >> thank you. [laughter] [cheers and applause] let me say that again. there's plenty of evidence that mr. trump is a con man, a fake, mr. trump has changed his positions not just over the years, but over the course of the campaign. >> [inaudible] >> and on the ku klux klan, daily for three days in a row. we will only really know if he's a real deal or a phony if he releases his tax returns and the tape of his interview with "the new york times." i predict that there are more bombshells in his tax returns. i predict that he doesn't give much of anything to the disabled and to our veterans. i predict that he told "the new york times" that his immigration talk is just that, talk.
11:46 am
and i predict that despite his promise to do so first made over a year ago, that he will never, ever release his tax returns. never. not the returns under audit, not even the returns that are no longer being audited. he has too much to hide. nor will he authorize the release of the tapes that he made with "the new york times." if i'm right, you'll have all the proof you need to know that donald trump is, indeed, a phony. attacking me, as he he surely will, won't prove him any less of a phony. it's entirely in his hands to prove me wrong. all he has to do is release his back taxes like he promised he would and let us hear what he said behind closed doors to the new york times. you know, ronald reagan used to quote a scottish philosopher who predicted that democracies and civilizations wouldn't last much longer than a couple hundred
11:47 am
years. and john adams wrote this: remember, democracy never lasts long. it soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. there never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. that's john adams. i believe that america has proven these dire predictions wrong for two reasons. first, we've been blessed with great presidents, with giants among us, men of character, integrity and selflessness have led our nation from the very beginning. none were perfect. each surely made mistakes. but in every case, they acted out of a desire to do what was right for america and for the cause of freedom. the second reason is because we're blessed with a great people. people who at every critical
11:48 am
moment of choosing have put the breasts of the country -- the interests of the country above their own. these two things are related. our presidents time and again have could on us to rise to to -- called on us to rise to the occasion. john f. kennedy asked us to consider what we could do for our country. lincoln drew upon the better angels of our nature to save the union. i understand the anger americans feel today. in the past our presidents have channeled that anger and forged it into resolve, into end end -- endurance and high purpose and into the will to defeat the enemies of freedom. our anger was transformed into energy directed for good. mr. trump is directing our anger for less than noble purposes. he creates scapegoats of muslims and mexican immigrants. he calls for the use of torture. he calls for killing the innocent children and family members of terrorists.
11:49 am
he cheers assaults on protesters. he applauds the prospect of twisting the constitution to limit first amendment freedom of the press. this is the very brand of anger that has led other nations into the abyss. here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. [cheers and applause] he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house, and all we get is a lousy hat. [laughter] his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america and the world less safe. he has neither the temperament, nor the judgment to be
11:50 am
president, and his personal qualities would mean that america would cease to be a shining city on a hill. i'm convinced america has greatness ahead, and this is a time for choosing. god bless us to choose a nominee who will make that vision a reality. thank you and god bless you all. thank you. [cheers and applause] stuart: you heard it. you heard it right here, 20 minutes of venom from mitt romney directed right at donald trump. question of the day, and i've got a lot of people here to discuss it. question number one, did that help or hurt donald trump? liz? >> hurts trump. he highlighted, basically, trump's flip-flopping, the fact that, you know, the way to get -- takes a sad out -- assad out was have isis take out assad. that is bad for foreign policy. you not going -- you're going to see a destable stabilized
11:51 am
foreign policy. stuart: jeff dewitt in arizona, help or hurt donald trump? >> anytime the establishment attacks you and you don't really get more establishment than mitt romney right now, it absolutely helps donald trump. it shows the difference between donald trump and the failed establishment policies from a failed establishment candidate. that is why, again, donald trump is getting more votes himself than the entire amount of people that showed up in the mitt romney race. stuart: all right, jeff, thank you very much -- >> that right there cements it. stuart: stay right there, i've got more. ash, helps or hurt. this is mitt romney, a failed candidate who saves his biggest venom not for president obama in the last presidential race, but for a gop candidate that's leading in the polls. stuart: monica crowley. >> we'll see how trump responds. in the past we know every time the establishment has tried to pile on trump, his numbers have only gone one way, and that's up.
11:52 am
we're now getting to crunch time, so we'll see if that pattern still holds true. stuart: brick in the lawyer -- bring in the lawyers. judge napolitano. >> the defeat and failure of human warfare can be summed up in four words: too little, too late. i don't think governor romney laid a glove on donald trump. stuart: whoa, i wasn't expecting -- >> i agree. >> he pointed out how reckless donald trump has been and how he's been bad for small businesses with all his bankruptcies -- stuart: yeah, yeah, yeah, we were listening, liz. i've got to ask this question. where was the venom that we just saw which was directed against donald trump? where was that venom four years ago? >> well, there was that venom -- stuart: what? >> yes. yes, there was. romney said obama is a liar. he said obama is ruining the middle east. that came in september of 2012. it may not have been to this degree, but the venom was there. stuart: i didn't see much of it. >> we saw it in the first debate against barack obama, and then
11:53 am
governor romney took his foot off the gas, and he refused to take it to obama the way he just did against donald trump. >> if he had spoken about obama four years ago the way he spoke about trump four minutes ago, he'd be president romney today. stuart: he did, he took his foot off the pedals. >> you guys are forgetting the headlines in 2012 that this is a nasty, bitter campaign that romney is launching. he started to do it late in the game. stuart: you're standing out from the pack here, liz. >> getting the fire going. getting the passion going. stuart: that works for me. ashley? >> as i said before, why save your venom for a leader of the gop presidential race right now when you did not do this with president obama? not enough. >> how is it that all the establishment people seem to be coming out in a four-day period culminated by this? who's behind it? >> i don't know if there's sort of -- yeah -- [laughter] i don't, i don't. i don't, actually. i don't know that there's sort
11:54 am
of a wizard of oz behind the curtain -- [laughter] i think the establishment by and large is in a huge panic, and only now are they trying to get serious -- >> i think they're ignoring everything donald trump has been saying. wow. and he has been reckless, according to the analysts. and you watch what he says, and that's what romney just said. stuart: hold on. we're looking at the voters, millions of them, that donald trump has turned out. >> right. and -- stuart: who will not vote for any other candidate but donald trump. >> but 54% of the swing state in virginia, the voters there said they would not be satisfied with a donald trump presidency. donald trump just recently said on tuesday night about paul ryan, if i don't get along with paul ryan, he is going to have to pay a price. how are you going to get things done in this country if you're going to fight with your house leader? stuart: negotiating, he's -- >> he's saying he's going to bully him. paul ryan is going to have to pay a price. stuart yes. he's establishing a negotiating
11:55 am
position. hey, paul ryan, you're going to -- >> punch him right in the nose first. stuart: to start with, yes. that's how you do it. would you rather have obama who retreats -- >> i'm not saying that at all. stuart: monica? >> governor romney also did something very interesting here. he essentially advocated for a contested convention by encouraging voters to strategically vote in states for, say, cruz where cruz is strongest, kasich in ohio where he's strongest, rubio in florida where he's strongest. that is encouraging a further fracturing of the vote and perhaps a brokered convention. stuart: jeff dewitt, you are there, i believe. i think you're listening to all of this. i think most people with the possible exception of liz in the top left-hand little box there -- [laughter] all of us, i'm putting myself in this, most people seem to believe that this helped donald trump. your guy. your comment, please, jeff. >> yeah, absolutely. it's very similar to when former
11:56 am
mexican president vi venn today fox came out and said his comments about the wall. i don't think we could have planned that any better. because it really highlighted the fact that donald trump is by far the strongest on immigration. and this right here just shows that donald trump is the strongest at doing something different, going against the establishment that all the establishment has done for us by picking our candidates is run up $19 trillion in debt and send our financial state into a crisis. stuart: okay. now at 1:30 this afternoon eastern time donald trump appears in portland, maine, at an event. he will speak there. now, mitt romney -- i thought rather cleverly -- preempted what donald trump might say later. he responds, he said watch how trump responds to this. mitt had just released a whole bunch of venom. then he says watch how trump responds to this. will he continue with his insults? he's kind of preempted, monica,
11:57 am
the venom that might come from donald trump earlier. >> yeah. i'm not entirely sure how effective that might be, because donald trump has his own rhetorical machine gun, and i expect to hear trump's response to all of these charges at 1:30 and then again tonight on the fox news debate. stuart: let me roll a quick sound bite from mitt romney on temperament. i think -- obviously, he's referring to donald trump's temperament. roll tape. >> i'm far from the first to conclude that donald trump lacks the temperament to be president. after all, this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter, who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle, who mocked a brilliant rival who happened to be a woman due to her appearance, who bragged about his marital affairs and who laces his public speeches with absolutely darety -- vulgarity. donald trump says he admires vladimir putin. at the same time, he's called
11:58 am
george w. bush a liar. that is a twisted example of evil trump and good. stuart: jeff dewitt, you are donald trump's man in arizona. you heard that. your response, please. >> well, again, he's trying the same failed attacks. everybody that's attacked donald trump really goes south. what mitt romney is doing is guaranteeing that he's not going to be a political force in the future. i think what mitt romney's doing is attacking his own brand -- stuart: jeff, that was strong stuff. hold on a second. when mitt romney just detailed what trump has, in fact, done in a calm voice, that was a pretty strong attack. of you think, jeff? >> no, i don't think so at all. like another person said, i don't think he lammedded a glove at all -- landed a glove at all because we know that donald trump is a strong leader, and he has the courage to say things that other politicians are afraid to say. a lot of us think those things, but we're afraid to see them. stuart: there's been an
11:59 am
explosion around the table. >> i don't think the governor laid a glove on donald trump. i think he probably ginned up supporters to attack the governor for his own failed campaign. >> i think -- >> i'm not mouthing trump's words, but this is my impression. >> for romney to cite what donald trump said, saying that let isis take out assad? seriously? you're going to have isis run a country? and that is recklessness to the extreme. that's the example that mitt romney cited just now in his speech. stuart: monica. >> the donald trump phenomenon is quite unique because what we see is every time he's hit, like governor romney just hit him, his supporters gather around him in almost a protective kind of shield. they rally to him in a very protective kind of way. and so we'll see if once again that holds true. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, thank you one and all. ashley, i wanted to give you the last ten seconds -- >> i can't wait to hear what donald says in portland, maine. [laughter] stuart: jeff, monica, ashley, liz, thank you, one and all, for
12:00 pm
fine coverage of what mitt romney just said. by the way, absolutely no response on the stock market. the two events totally unconnected, ladies and gentlemen. [laughter] our time is up, regrettably, because i was enjoying this. [laughter] neil, it's yours. neil: did mitt romney say anything? [laughter] all right. thanks, my friend. all right, well, the fire has started right now, and if you had any doubt that there is a break or friction between the so-called establishment wing of the republican party and the galvanizing force that is known simply as the donald, mitt romney put that to rest. mitt romney spelling it out very simply this way: >> let me put it very plainly. if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. neil: all right. now, you can and many will ask, as will we in this broadcast and across all broadcasts on all networks, why now, governor romney?


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