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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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ohio. deirdre: thank you both. ebony williams, a reminder to you all. we have congress all night starting now with charles payne. [♪] charles: the race to the white house intensifies as voters head to the polls in four states. in mississippi. we have a lot at stake. there are 150 delegates up for grabs. michigan is the big prize. 59 delegates. mississippi 40 delegates. idaho 32 and hawaii 19. we have breaking news for you out just moments ago. a brand-new nbc-"wall street journal" poll shows it's a tight republican race. trump only 3 percentage point
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ahead of ted cruz. marco rubio has dropped to fourth place. this is the same poll that shows ted cruz fleegd february. remember that. nevertheless a lot of polls sowing the same kind of things. most of them are saying rubio is in a lot of trouble. rubio hitting back saying cruz is using dirty tricks in hawaii. there was an email from cruz's campaign saying rubio advisors are telling him to drop out of the race. >> the nature of politic is when a campaign is flailing, they attack. this particular email apparently came from a volunteer in hawaii, not affiliated with the campaign. not working for the campaign. not under authorization for the
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campaign. we have 200,000 volunteers across the country. i do not control and don't want to control what our volunteers do. our legal counsel sent them an email telling them, take that email down. charles: more dan o all the polf suggesting these races particularly in michigan could be tight. how do you seean and was a snort was the same thing. at some point you will see a tightening of the polls and the race. i said this may not be over until the convention. i think it will be. but with everything that's happening who knows. listening to ted, he said i should say when people are flailing they attack.
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when they see an opening from somebody who is going down, they also attack. this is like deja vu with carson and now with rubio. it's a real problem for senator cruz. charles: i thought he explained it pretty well. he has 200,000 people, volunteers and someone goes out of their way to try and help him. a report on drunk was reporting on inaccurate information from cnn. but i don't think that will be the story tonight. i think the story could be michigan and a possible upset. >> i think the story will be michigan. there is 59 delegates in michigan. but that's the big prize. i think the big question tonight, is donald trump slowing down. he has a double digit lead in michigan so we'll have to see. he had a bad night saturday.
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ted cruz had some momentum. so it will be interesting to see if he has that momentum leading into next week. march 15 is the real prize. if donald trump sweeps those two states, then it's over. if he does not, then this could be drawn out to convention. so we'll learn a lot between now and march 15. but march 15 is the real prize where we'll learn a lot about this republican primary. charles: reports out today, neil bush's brother has joined the cruz team. it looks like anyone but trump team is circling the wagons. >> it's starting to look that way when he had a great night, outperforms expectations. not only am i looking at michigan, i'm looking at mississippi. i would say the state is more populist than conservative. so it should be going to trump
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tonight. cruz has tightened the race there and nationally. and i do think that the republican party is looking hard at do we want trump or do we want cruz. people like lyndsey graham and others are saying we want cruz. charles: many would argue the national review has been in attack mode for a long time. >> we started it. charles: now you are getting cocky. >> no, michigan as a lot of working class reagan-style democrats. i would be shocked if kasich could beat him there. i imagine trump's economic message anti-china, anti-trade, will have a lot of resonance. i think it will be like super saturday where trump wins the biggest states.
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does cruz sweep iowa. charles: rich lowry made the argument to the trump votes. he can draw in those reagan republicans. 33% of households have someone in the union. and and lot of those folks will flock to donald trump. >> if we keep going further thee process, i think we'll still have an opportunity to win. charles: last time around, you
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do the math and you see the conservatives who did not support mitt romney. if they stay home this time again, will the democrats and independents be enough to get trump over the finish line? >> you need the base. march 15 is the we'll find out what the trajectory of this race will be for republicans. it's donald trump sweeps ohio and florida then he will be our nominee. mathematically he will take the nomination there. march 15 is the big day of re congress and we'll learn a heck of a lot about this race. otherwise this will be drawn out to a convention where the scenario you laid out will get dicey. it will put republicans into a tough spot heading into a general election. >> march 15 is a big test case.
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all this anti-trump funds advertising is true but it's not being thrown at him if you mississippi and michigan. it's being thrown in a big way in march 15 states. charles: let me ask morgan if there is enough said and he pulls off an upset, how does that change the landscape. does he become the establishment guy? >> i don't think there is an establishment guy. i think people in washington have realized that people are sick of business as usual. i think -- i don't think it's a race to 1,237 delegates. the narrative last week when i was on the show with you is trump would have the majority and the assistant would try to take it away from the convention. charles: sat saturday changes a
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lot of things. our primary coverage starts right after this show, 7:00 p.m. we have the best guys hooking you up. we are talking michigan, idaho, mississippi and hawaii. it starts at 7:00 p.m. right here on fbn. the first polls closing at 8:00 p.m. ted cruz holding a rally in north carolina. we are after he waiting his comments. he's also -- we hope he may also address this new allegations of so-called dirty tricks. we are also going to talk about the establishment, ted versus trump. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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charles: when silicon valley gop get together. it's interesting odds and very serious. we are talking top tech supervisors off the coast of georgia. reportedly they went there to discuss how to stop donald trump. we are talking big wigs. those are just some of the names. joining me to discuss. were yo you at the meeting? >> i was. the player can enterprise institute hold these meetings annually. they get together and talk about policy. that's what it was -- that's
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what was discussed. why would tim cook be interested in republican policy. charles: he would be worried about immigration visas. >> this meeting was off the record. the sessions weren't about how to bring down donald trump. i didn't go to the tim cook thing, i guarantee he was not talking about donald trump. so this reporting about this meeting is grossly distorted. charles: i don't know, gina. you know a lot of the silicon valley folks. there is no doubt there is some anxiety if there is a cap put on this. i'm not sure where donald trump stands on it. but we know immigration is a big deal for this election. >> it is. and it's a big deal for those people that he says weren't there to discuss trump. main that wasn't it. but you don't go into any
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political circle and not discuss trump. my question for you would be, was anyone there supporting trump? and my guess is no. organizations like this one are formed by the establishment for the establishment and so it doesn't surprise me at all that they would come together and talk about how they can maintain their appointments they are going to get. whether hillary is elected or donald trump or anyone besides elected. they don't care if it's hillary. >> why would they hold meeting every year to stop donald trump. charles: it's a think tank. >> it's a non-profit. it's not political. charles: . to gina's point there are a lot of vested interests here.
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republicans and some of these business leaders, including the publisher of "new york times." it does look suspicious from the outside. >> the reporting is completely wrong and the suspicions are wrong. i love bill kristol web's a friend of mine. i don't agree with that sentiment. we need to stop trump. but we also have to address his voters' concerns. i don't get to vote except for once in new york. what we do as an opinion magazine we try to convince people of our points of view. otherwise we just muzzle ourselves and not talk. charles: we'll come back and talk more about this. donald trump vowed to get immigration in general under control. immigration is a serious issue that will play a big role in november. we'll be right back. you totaled your brand new car.
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>> i want to shut it off and make sure we have the right system. we let in a lot of people, there is tremendous crime with the people coming into this country, and that includes when some come in legally. we have to bring in the right people. it shouldn't be like a lottery system. when we let people come into the country we should want to have great people come into the country. charles: that was donald trump calling for legal immigration reform for our country to help individuals out there and of course he's talking about illegal immigration. this in a recent report for immigration studies shows a shocking increase in immigration. of the top 10, donald trump has won a majority of them and the ones he hasn't one, ted cruz has
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won. trump also released a campaign statement vowing to get immigration numbers under control and voters have demanded. adam, i'll go to you first. you look at the three ways of -- the three waves of immigration. northern europeans, southern europeans, then the modern wave from 1965 on. 58 million people mostly from latin america and say shah. i don't know that america can than that incoming flow anymore. >> i think what donald trump has effectively done, whether he succeeds in the race for president or not, he put immigration discussions on the table. what immigration has become is a metaphor for america losing its way and losing control which is why it has had such incredible impact in this campaign. now with the illegal immigration
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side, you cited the numbers. you are up to almost 15 million illegal immigrants which is 15 million reasons why donald trump has an audience and people are listening. charles: also the notion that legal immigration is a serious problem to our economy. >> sure. i have never seen in my lif nominee regardless. but i'm a little bit to the right of donald trump on this. i think we should hold off on all immigration until we get the president, mitch mcconnell and all the interested parties in a room and come up with a plan that works. -- and pen and phone,e 4
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but the ones following the rules and being put on the back burner because of the president. we should process these fee thought any. charles: in the first part, the answer is no. all the people on twitter, if their guy is not picked, will not support the other person. as far as immigration is concerned, we know one of the reasons eli musk might have meant is the anxiety of not getting enough workers. it says something about our education system and it says something about america losing out on great jobs. >> first of all -- charles: is it xenophobe yeah?
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senator brown said we should put a hold on immigration until we kk get the president d until we can get the congressional leaders and the president in a room. how can he get in a room and make a deal with anybody? he said he's going to deport 15 million and build a wall and have mexico pay for it. he either does that or he loses all credibility with his base. chabase. charles: the gop race tightening. trump with only a 9-point lead. are we headed to a brokered convention in that may be the case.
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charles: welcome back to the show. let's get right to jo ling content on the latest with the exit polls. jo. >> yeah. taking a look at the democratic primary and what the top issues for the voters who want experience who think that's the most important quality. you see here hillary clinton winning that no surprise. 83%. to sanders 14%. but then if you're looking as a michigan voter and the democratic primary for honesty, if that's your top quality here. sanders here in the wake of the e-mail issue and benghazi and all different kinds of issues. sanders coming in 80%. and then clinton coming in at 20%. we also want to show you about early voters.
6:29 pm
there have been, you know, quite a good showing of good voters right now. and among the early voters we can tell you that clinton does have an edge in the early exit polling for 52% of those who have decided early who went into the polls and voted today. sanders meanwhile has 46% of the vote. and if you're wondering, you know, what are people voting on? you know, unemployment very high in the city of detroit. along with broader michigan, higher than the national average. the top issues are the economy, income inequality, health care, followed by terrorism. charles. charles: jo ling kent, thank you very much. >> sure. charles: well, you know there's the new poll showing the whole gop getting tight, donald trump 30% and marco rubio dropping to third place. this is the first poll that shows ted cruz leading with ted at 28 and ted cruz at 26%. it shows that trump number one
6:30 pm
at 34% but he's down. and he's only nine points ahead of second place ted cruz. and i want you to take a look at this. republican voters are split on trump becoming the nominee. as a% said they would be satisfied but 48% said she would be dissatisfied. and in a hypothetically two-way match trump would lose to both cruz and rubio. so is this more broader for a brokered convention? scott brown, morgan, and meka, meka let me go to you first. inyou're a cruz supporter. super tuesday and last saturday he outpaced the polls big time. and it may looks like he may be able to give trump a legitimate run now. >> i think he can. first of all, nothing's more exhilarating than to be shot at without result. and cruz being attacked on all sides and holding his own. he won two states last saturday. he raised $1.5 million as a result on the internet. charles: why is this happening? why is he doing better now? >> well, there's two reasons.
6:31 pm
first of all, i think the establishment is finally realizing that they've been in denial. and that the establishment candidate cannot win. i've suggested that maybe they try a 12-step program and recite the serenity prayer. they need to insight the fact that it's an insurgent win. lord give me -- charles: we gotcha. morgan, again, we always point you the you're a jeb supporter. >> going to keep putting on i. charles: are you a cruz supporter now? >> urim -- charles: you're leaning cruz. >> no. i'm just a fox news analyst. charles: let me ask you about this. 48% saying dissatisfied with donald trump and i think that's a larger number saying vetted temperament. is that starting to weigh on his campaign a little bit? >> i think we're seeing a culmination with trump. one we've had several debates both cruz and rubio have been very aggressive and made trump lose his cool. in addition to that, you're seeing the media is now
6:32 pm
finally covering some of his failed business dealings and some of the stuff that is just not flattering that he's done, you know, as it relates to poor working people. and i think finally you've got antitrump pacs out there that are spending money in these early states as we talked about. so i see these three that we're playing into. but the biggest thing on all of this is where i have to give you credit. cruz's campaign has been brilliantly run. charles: really? >> i'm so impressed by the organization. charles: even from the tweets in hawaii? >> i'm not on the -- >> i have a comment about that. charles: senator brown -- let me go to you because i know these numbers come out all the time and it frustrates the trump camp. and, you know, the bottom line trump still leading in delegates, won the most states, and favored big time in states that are looking ohio head. but is there
6:33 pm
vice presidential candidate to bring the people together. it's simple. >> i think somebody'. charles: you are, morgan. meka -- but real quick when you say donald trump and temperament. if marco rubio can get under his skin at a debate. what does that mean in terms of a president trump negotiating with these really tough folks out there in china, russia, and on?
6:34 pm
r candidates could do a better job against the guys out there in the real world. so. charles: baptism by fire. remember, folks, polls are closing at 8:00 p.m. in a lot of places. including where cruz is holding a live rally. once again cruz campaign being accused of dirty tricks. they said it was a supporter. will that hamper or hurt them tonight? we'll discuss that in the race when we come back pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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charles: well, we've got a lot of things going on. ted cruz had those two big wins over the weekend. that gave him momentum.
6:37 pm
that gave him momentum. cake going at it like crazy in michigan. some think he's doing well but trump has been on top.ngore we'll be right back is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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charles: well, today's a big day of course. everyone trying to get -- trying to make a name for themselves. of course ted cruz has a lot of momentum coming in to today's primaries. marco rubio's camp, though, just earlier today accusing cruz of dirty tricks. let's go to blake burman who joins us live with all the details. blake. >> hi, there, charles, yeah, this is a distraction here on election day that the cruz campaign probably would rather not deal with. let me show you the e-mail in question. it was sent out yesterday from the group ted cruz and you can see on the top there it says wasted vote, big trouble for marco rubio. advisors tell him to drop out at cites that the cnn report pushed back hard saying it is a lie and fabrication. well, the cruz campaign today said they had nothing to do with that group out in hawaii and the lawyers told that group to essentially back off. here is how ted cruz himself
6:39 pm
defended himself when he spoke with megyn kelly earlier. >> this particular e-mail apparently came from a volunteer in hawaii, not necessarily aided with the campaign. not working for the campaign. not under aughtization for the campaign. we have over 200,000 volunteers across the country. i cannot control nor do i want to control what 200,000 volunteers do. now, the rubio campaign saying this is very similar here is rubio's top spokesperson. >> this is what we've seen from the ted cruz campaign over and over again. i mean and ben carson. it was a dirty trick by ted cruz, and they've been caught again. >> cruz just wrapped up an event here in north carolina. where about half an hour north a little bit east of downtown charlotte. cruz will not have a big rally or big event tonight on election night. this is it for him today.
6:40 pm
rubio down in his home state in florida. donald trump in florida today. john kasich has his event in ohio tonight. charles, i'll send it back to you. charles: all right. thanks a lot. let's head over to our panel, meka, betsy, mark joining us now. mark, you're a strategist, you understand this better than anyone. what do you make of the momentum and the story line starting to change just a little bit here? can we call this perhaps an inflection point for donald trump? >> not yet. trump is -- got a win probably two out of the four states tonight. likely to beat michigan and mississippi. fluked trump, what he needs to do from this point on if i were strategizing there, charles, is what's worked for him before. he's going with these big rallies almost every day. he's commanding the news cycle, stoking controversy where he can, he needs to stick with that plan because it has worked so far. what he needs to do more of is
6:41 pm
tv adds, particularly in florida because now he's under attack, in the bulls eye. taking a look at ted cruz and scruff with rubio today, i think ted cruz is making a mistake to take the bait. rubio's smart for trying to portray ted cruz as the dirty trickster. ted cruz shouldn't take the bait at this point. got to push back saying, no, it's the media trying to tell a story against me. charles: you know, betsy, i hear what mark is saying. we know how donald trump was plane language no political correctness. but some have argued that it's starting to change a little bit because he's changing his focus due to general election. is that premature? >> that certainly seems to be the case. we're seeing tweets get a little bit more professional. we're seeing his -- him there act like he's a bit more policy than in the previous months and hinted that he has to start going after hillary. that said, he has to be careful here. polling has been wrong for much of the cycle, and he
6:42 pm
can't take ohio or florida for granted if he wins both of those states, obviously it would be fantastic for him but also conceivable. not likely but conceivable that he could lose both states and then have to make another massive change message of approach. so it's going to be interesting to see how he talks about this going forwar. charles: if he lost both, don't worry -- mark wouldn't have to worry about him getting back to those original tweets. i can tell you right now. if somebody were to lose a bet on the swearing. but having said that, what do you make of this thing ted cruz taking the bait, the lying ted tag has stuck a little bit to ted cruz. is he overreacting? >> a little bit. he is a man of high integrity. governor gregg davit endorsed him and ted cruz as solicitor general worked for greg abbott. he worked for him he knows him well. he has a great respect for him. unfortunately, there will be blood when did when it comes to politics. charles: here's the man himself. let's listen in.
6:43 pm
>> back in the great state of north carolina, and i continue to be encouraged by the energy, the enthusiasm we're seeing. we continue to see republicans really unifying behind this campaign and that began happening powerful on super tuesday, super saturday really accelerated that process. and what we're seeing now is republicans coming together unifying and recognizing that our campaign is the only campaign that has repeatedly beaten donald trump over and over again and our campaign is the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump. and so what we're seeing is republicans colessing. republicans coming together. people who many of whom were supporting other candidates. good, honorable, decent people but coming together saying now it's time to uif we're divided,p ends up the nominee. and if donald trump is the nominee, hillary clinton becomes the president. the way to stop that is to stand united and that is happening
6:44 pm
powerfully more and more each day. i couldn't be more encouraged. >> what appears to be a potentially knock marco rubio out of the race in florida and set up that two-man race you've been asking for. but if donald trump takes that 99, how is that not a risk for you that trump lock up the delegates he needs quicker than you can? >> halle, we are competing in all 50 states. every state across the union. we have a leadership team, over 200,000 volunteers across the country. >> wave behind in florida. >> it's interesting. you guys said that before each of the other states we won. we are competing to win each and we ever state. we have tremendous support on the grassroots, and we are fighting to win delegates and amass 237, which is what it takes to be the nominee. at this point there are only two candidates who have a plausible path to 237. donald trump and me. both of us have over 300 delegation. he has about 80 more than i do. everyone else is way, way, way below us. so we are competing hard in
6:45 pm
every state across the union. and we are seeing support. we have won states from one end of the country to the other. from literally maine to alaska we have had victories. and we will continue competing -- i'm encouraged by the support we had in florida. i'm encouraged by the conservatives there that want a principle conservative who will stand up, who will honor his commitments, who will fight for the working men and women of those country, who will defend the constitution. and i think floridaians are on to the fact that donald trump that donald trump isn't what he's advertising to be. if you're frustrated with washington, it's not to elect somebody who has been involved in the dc mess for 40 years. >> story called the man who would be king where the subject believe that this character this man is a king and god. and until he's cut and then starts to bleed and then they turn on him.
6:46 pm
i wonder if something like that is happening here where trump's support is starting to diminish. so i ask the question should the tactics begin sooner or still time to diminish the support? >> well, let me just say to the traveling press core that mckinney is putting up the questions here. we can throw some literature in. that was a nice one, mark. look, there's no doubt that trump has built this image of being unstoppable and unbeatable. but that image has crashed into reality. at this point our campaign is beaten not once not twice but seven times now. and i think that's one of the things that's accelerating the party unifying behind our campaign because it's becoming abundantly clear. if you want to defeat donald trump, our campaign is the only one to do it. you know, there are a lot of people who like marco rubio, who like
6:47 pm
john kasich, they're both good, honorable men whom i suspect. but neither one of them has a plausible path to the nomination. neither one of them can get to 1237 delegates. so one of the reason we saw such tremendous outcomes in kansas and maine is people who had been supporting those candidates said, listen, we've got to come together. or else donald trump runs away with this. that same phenomenon i believe is happening. it's happening in the states that are voting today. it's happening in the states that are going to vote a week from today. and we are encouraging supporters who have been with other candidates come together, let us stand united for the principles we share. stand uniting bringing back jobs, protecting our freedom, and defending our security. that's what our campaign is for. well, the polls are to the contrary. the polls consistently show that i beat hillary clinton. the polls consistently show that donald trump loses to hillary clinton.
6:48 pm
typically loses badly. and donald trump may well be the only candidate in the country who hillary clinton could beat. this election hillary clinton is running on a failed economic agenda. on a agenda that has produced the lowest percentage of americans since 1977. we've seen wages stagnanting for over a decade. people are hurting and hillary clinton is campaigning on a foreign policy that has been a manifest disaster. every region of the world has gotten worse under hillary's leadership we abandon our friends and allies and hillary presided over the rise of radicalized islam terrorism and barack obama's catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. this is an election i'll tell you this. i cannot wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton because she cannot defend a third term of barack obama, the failures and the suffering that is produced
6:49 pm
and the contrast is simple. if i'm elected president, we're going to repeal obamacare, we're going to pass a simple flat tax, aabolish the irs, reign in the federal regulators, and stop amnesty. and the results of that we will see millions of high paying jobs. we'll see wages going up for people all across this country. we'll see young people coming out of school again with hope, with opportunities, job offers. all of that. that's the basic choice this election is about. >> as a millennial, i'm wondering -- >> you could have a tupac quote if you want. >> for the new generous as you mentioned making choices between marco rubio and yourself and donald trump. you know, they hear you praising the benton brothers as you said, quote, unquote, speak the truth. that doesn't jibe with what a lot of millennials or conservatives feel. what's your issue on gay marriage?
6:50 pm
>> well, you know, it's interesting that you say it doesn't jibe with what millennials believe. because if you look at the results, we have been winning young people over and over and over again. young people are inspired by leaders who know what they believe. by leaders who speak the truth, by leaders who understand and can paint a vision to how we can have a better tomorrow. young people care about their futures. young people are scared. look, i understand student loans. my parents went bankrupt when i was in high school. so when i went to college, i had two jobs to help pay my way through school. i came out of college and grad school with about $100,000 in student loans that that i just paid off six, seven years ago. so i fully get the burden of being a young person with coming out of school with a mortgage but no house. and one of the reasons that i think some of the young people are attracted to my campaign is because mine focuses on expanding jobs and economic
6:51 pm
opportunity for the next generation. the generation right now that is trapped in stagnation. young people also care about freedom. care about the bill of rights. and, you know, the constitution is a great unifier. defending the constitution and the bill of rights means you protect everyone's rights whether you agree with them or not. and that's something that resonates powerful with young people. whether you're talking about religious liberty, whether you're talking about free speech, talking about privacy, whether you're talking about the second amendment. the bill of rights is very much at stake in this election. i think one of the reasons we're seeing so much enthusiasm with young people is because i've spent my whole life fighting to defend the bill of rights, and i think finally part of the reason we're seeing a lot of support among young people -- >> why don't more of your colleagues like you? why don't more -- >> you know, i was giving an answer and interrupting like that is a good example of people may not like. you know, another example of reaching out to young people is how you communicate. having some fun, having a laugh. you know, a meme we
6:52 pm
put out some time ago was reaganomics. you start a business in your parent's garage. obamanomics you move into your parents garage. now, that was something people laughed, liked, forwarded on. you've got to have fun. so i'm very encouraged by the support from young people. and i've got to tell you. barack obama two elections in a i don't even roe got 70% of young people. if i'm going head-to-head with hillary clinton, that ain't happening this time. young people will be standing with us and seeing in elections all over the countries. >> if you repeal obamacare, then you'll have lifetime limits back in order. what do you think about that? >> you know, if you look at obamacare right now, seven years ago when the defendant was being debated. reasonable minds could have differed. reasonable minds could have thought maybe this would make
6:53 pm
sense. now that it has been put in place we would see the consequences of obamacare and obamacare has been an absolute disaster. the biggest job killer in america. millions of americans have lost their jobs, have been forced into part-time work. millions of americans have lost their health care, lost their doctors because of obamacare. millions of americans have seen their health insurance premiums skyrocket. you know, i talked about single moms. working part-time jobs two or three part-time jobs because their hours are forcibly reduced to 28, 29 hours a week. that's because obamacare kicks in at 30 hours a week. you hear the reaction of folks. people are hurting because of this. you know, i would ask folks at home. how many people in north carolina have seen your health insurance premiums skyrocket in the last few years? and at the same time your premiums are going through the roof, your deductible's going up, your copay's going up, and it's covering less and less and less. the reality is obamacare has been a disaster. so what do we need to do? what we need to do is number one repeal it. and as president, i will
6:54 pm
repeal every single word of it. that's going to produce incredible economic growth, going to lift the burdens on small businesses allowing them to hire more people and raise wages. but we're not done once we repeal obamacare. of course we still need health care reform. health care reform ought to expand competition, empower patients, and it ought to disempower government from getting between their patients and doctors. there are three reforms getting in between that. number one allowing people to purchase insurance across the state lines. that will create a 50 state marketplace that will drive down the cost of low cost catastrophic health insurance. number two we ought to have savings accounts. so people can save in a tax advantage way for more routine health care needs and number three we ought to make health insurance portable so that if you lose your job, you don't lose your health insurance but it goes with you from job to job to job, and personal and affordable is much more attractive vision than is the
6:55 pm
one-size-fits-all obamacare that is hurting so many millions of americans. thank you, everyone. . charles: well, that was ted cruz wrapping up a mostly noncontentious discussion here talked about hillary clinton, again, pushing his argument that he's the only one that could compete against her, promoted his position with young people. talked about the bill of rights. was asked a couple of questions based on kipling quotes and even said he could take on a tupac quote if necessary. let's discuss it all. ted cruz obviously feeling a lot better. vince joins the panel, vince, let me start with you. what do you think of ted cruz? he sounded pretty good there. he sounded confident. >> he did sound confident. i love that he said he's connecting with kids by using memes. that's hysterical to me. [laughter] i will say that it's kind of interesting, you know, every politician say they have a 50 state strategy, people running in every state. the question really in florida and ohio specifically as we
6:56 pm
get into what i call take all tuesday, maybe he shouldn't be inverting sources like that. because he does, he has a chance of losing the nomination and let's trump win those states by knocking down guys like kasich and rubio. so he has to be really careful in that scenario. charles: i've got to tell you, betsy. it's so weird. i've found this to be so weird. the egos are on you of control. wonder why jeb didn't drop out earlier, kasich didn't drop out unless he does well today and this strategy of trying to take out rubio i don't get it. but it's taken. >> it's kind of understandable because cruz really wants this race as quickly as possible to become a one-on-one man to man death match. cruz knows that as soon as rubio gets out of the way, as soon as kasich gets out of the way, then everyone who doesn't want trump to be president has to get onboard with him. remember the one question he didn't answer in that press conference was why don't more of your colleagues like you? . charles: right? >> the reality for cruz is that he has to get those guys onboard with him and the only way to do it is if they don't
6:57 pm
have marco. charles: the way he answered the question was the answer to the question. i think donald trump would be pretty happy if he wanted to use all of these resources and knock down a peg in florida. >> that is a very tough spot that ted cruz finds himself in. he actually needs to support a win for trump in florida for him to clear the field. look, charles. there are 867 winner take all delegates that start being portioned out next tuesday. this race is going to be won or lost in these big states. and the problem for cruz, the biggest risk he has is that the gap, the delegate gap between him and donald trump is likely to broaden tremendously as you heard in the press conference between now and next wednesday. charles: right. >> when the field is cleared. what's interesting is the establishment, the irony there is they don't have a date to the prom. and they're looking at ted cruz as the ugly date. the -- it's actually the other way around. ted cruz is looking at the
6:58 pm
establishment as the ugly date. they're going to find they have no date to the prom except for trump or cruz. i think we're looking at a trump cruz ticket ultimately. charles: well, listen, that would be the ultimate antiestablishment ticket, gina. i don't know, listen, i've watched these guys go at each other and not necessarily taking donald trump seriously enough and now all playing catchup. >> yeah. i think you're absolutely right. one of the reasons -- as i'm watching this, charles, i think when you look at people like kasich who should be out by now and rubio who should be out by now. i think perhaps they're staying in to keep that delegate count down low enough as it gets to the establishment so that the establishment can look at a brokered convention and put in who they want. but the fascinating here is the only option for ted cruz at this point is to make a deal with the establishment unless he's willing to make a deal with trump. charles: and both of them considered a deal with the devil so to speak. but kasich has admitted that he think so a brokered convention could work for him. is that too farfetched? is he nuts? >> well, i love how you media
6:59 pm
types say the brokered convention when you're salivating for it. charles: are you talking about the ratings now? >> i am talking about the ratings. i don't blame you i guess. i think we made the most important part of the night, charles, which is everything going on now if you don't want trump to be president, cruz, rubio, and all of the antitrump packs did this way too late. they didn't take him seriously in the fall and now everyone scrambling at the last minute and what's going to happen because they waited so long, they're going to permanently alienate his base if this would have been done last fall, it would have been a different scenario. but they played with fire and everybody's getting burned. charles: i don't know how much access you have to ted cruz, you are -- but you had his ear, would you tell him this was a dumb strategy in florida inspect. >> no. not at all because i don't think florida is the endgame. i think kasich could win ohio and then have the opportunity to pick up delegates. additionally, by the way, i wanted to say that just the
7:00 pm
fact that cruz is unpopular and the senate is what attracts a lot of voters. charles: a lot of people are saying, hey, that's why you want him in there. he has gone in there and made new enemies. of course our coverage tonight the big time guys lou, neil, . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. voters in four states tonight casting their ballots, idaho, michigan, mississippi holding primaries, hawaii holding republican caucuses. we expect to have the results soon after. republican front-runner donald trump is expected to do well in several of those states. his goal is to widen his lead, of course, over senator ted cruz and perhaps to deliver a fatal blow to senator marco rubio. political analysts also want to know how trump performs in michigan? the biggest prize tonight, 59


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