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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 9, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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time. marcus is one of the click futures point to hire opening this morning. markets to open the double digits at 60-point. marks the seven year anniversary the market or the dow jones industrial average bottomed out march 9, 2009. attend down astros were up 159%. in europe, stocks rising ahead of the ecb meeting tomorrow in europe. president mario trotsky to an asthma stimulus to moderate the meeting. in a show market mostly lower. the shanghai composite worst performer of the day down one and 1%. joining me this morning, fox business network dagen mcdowell, brien wesbury and lee carter. our top story right now.
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donald trump dominating three of four primaries last night with ted cruz coming up with a late game-winning idaho. next week florida is a winner take all state that 99 republican delegates up for grabs. theater burns with last night's highlights and a look ahead. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. this doctrine people did not stop last night. mississippi, hawaii and michigan at a conference last night in palm beach. they pitch their republican holdouts urging them to join the movement ahead of a critical primaries in ohio and florida next tuesday. basically repeated the soundbite that you had at the opening, maria, has not been attracting a lot of democrats, independent and republican should embrace them rather than fighting to try to help rebuild and unify the republican party. arena.
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thank you so much. we have been covering on the program recently the constant odds lot of credit and his bid for the white house may actually help them in the polls and primaries. take a look at this list. former presidential candidate mitt romney. the national review. the ceo of apple tim cook and karl rove to bow out of the race. the dallas pastor was one of the first people on the show to identify the trend almost a month ago. >> you have to hand it to the pope. he's been able to pull off what nobody on earth to do and that is churned donald trump into a martyr. this is only going to help term. i believe the pope is sincere. he's just sincerely wrong on this issue. maria: aside again but trump wanted three out of four states. good to see you, sir.
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thank you for joining us. why do you think any attempt to take him down is actually helping him? >> you know, it is interesting what you are seeing another story getting ready to get told it's not just the political establishment. it is the religious establishment. last week your two major religious publications and christianity today but not with the attacking donald trump. the more they rail against him, but more he rises in the polls. people in the pew are just like voters everywhere. they don't want the establishment whether it be the political is that bush made the religious establishment telling them for whom to vote. people want an outsider. maria: that is absolutely bottom-line. dagen mcdowell, lee carter, what are your thoughts? dagen: a lot of people were looking at results from saturday saying donald trump outlasting.
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he hurt himself in the debate. you saw how would the louisiana other day of voters went for ted cruz and everybody was trying to use that to show cracks in the trump candidacy. lo and behold the pretty pulled off last night. i want to ask the pastor because you do see evangelicals. he sat in michigan going for donald trump if you think that's a change when they might've voted for a more overtly religious candidate and is this different you think? >> yes, it is. there has been a seismic shift in what a lot of evangelicals are looking for. there is a minimum threshold of conservatives and you have to have to get the evangelical vote. a couple weeks ago when trump was here in fort worth, he asked me to come on stage and address a group. i talked about the fact that trump is pro-life. he is for religious liberty. that is enough for most social
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conservatives right now. but they are looking for is a leader. people feel like they are tired of the status quo which ronald reagan set is latin for the mess we are in. most evangelicals filigree or numbness and waiting for a leader. >> i do question about this. i've been talking to voters out there and i tag to send evangelicals to correct me and said you can say that trump is anti-christian. but he claims to be a christian. so who am i to judge whether or not he is a christian? what would be said about? >> what i would say to that when trump holds up his bible, most evangelicals get it. he is sending a message, saying the way may not be exactly like you in every way, and they say like you and don't hate you. whenever barack obama talks about conservative christians, he cannot hide his contempt,
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telling them to get off their high horses and clinging to their guns and bibles. people are tired of that in looking for somebody that donald trump who will show summers right for evangelicals. maria: so much so that they don't want substance in terms of what he may do on the policy front. they want to know somebody will be in the white house who is going to be tough and protecting fight for america. >> let me say this, maria. i said at the rally a couple weeks ago, but, a lot of people make out donald trump's pro-life conversion, but nobody is suggesting hillary clinton attended pro-life conversion. she doesn't claim it. there may be doubt about donald jones follows is. there are no doubts about hillary clinton policies. she will be the most pro-abortion president in history if elected or not is what is motivating evangelicals to go for donald trump. they want somebody who can beat hillary clinton and i think he may be the best option.
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maria: that is a fair point. what do you think about florida? dagen: the big loser last night was marco rubio. and a major way if you look at super tuesday, he got at a minimum cleared 80% of the vote and all the super tuesday contests. he hasn't reached the numbers in them. he had his two were showing for mississippi and michigan. maria: wouldn't drop out before florida? >> i don't think he will. if you really want someone besides trump to win, he probably should. but i don't think he will appear beside him drop like a lead balloon. people are saying he just wasn't true to himself. he lost his way. his authenticity was totally unquestioned. dagen: as soon as he started cracking jokes and making fun of donald trump's web mustache. even if that is him, we haven't seen that marco rubio until then and people don't trust it.
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they don't believe it. >> what we know right now is voters want someone authentic, who is who they say they are because they've been so disappointed over and over again. dagen: trump calling him little rubio and why you tdd. but she challenges.accusing people of lying. not very becoming, is that? >> look, i have said who would like to give it ice? you have $10 million at the top of the polls. what he's doing seems to be working. but don't lose sight of the bigger story. the bigger story is ted cruz should've won the south. with a few exceptions a few exceptions i was trying to marched through the south like general sherman and now that we are out of this outcome of map will do that better for trump and worse for cruz. maria: good to see you, sir. thank you so much.
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that said: which is very cal thomas said. jo ling kent with a closer look at the breakdown there. >> good morning. donald trump dominated in michigan and mississippi with the help of the said voter. plus those angry take a look at exit polls show 57% of those people voted for donald trump. 32% went with senator ted cruz. also looking at how trump did with the evangelical and conservative base. we see among evangelical christians in the gop primary, 48% went for donald trump for 38% went for cruz. certainly taken core support as well. let's look at the mississippi democratic race. big race for hillary clinton. 90% of blood voters than for hillary clinton. they made up 64% of the total vote to african-americans carried her to victory. they also say her policies are more realistic.
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it is a very surprising tirade in michigan for the democrats. look out young voters 18 to 29 euros going for senator sanders. hillary clinton for those who want to beat republicans in november, she says they dominated. 73% went for clinton so a tight race at michigan and dramatic night overall. that you cared maria: thank you so much. one top-level american states and visit the region. the man suspect that shooting a pastor who led a campaign rally has been caught. you'll never believe where he was caught. it is all coming up. stay with us.
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maria: welcome back. an american student died yesterday. the call, good morning. >> good morning, maria. a palestinian man leaving one dead and 10 wounded. the man killed was americans didn't end u.s. army veteran taylor for his.
6:14 am
force was studying for his master's degree in business at vanderbilt university. the violent surgeon as vice president joe biden arrived in israel for a two-day visit. addressing the attack and a tweet. tragic attack taken the life of an american. there is no justification for such acts of terror. the suspect accused of shooting at idaho pastor earlier this week has been arrested by the secret service in washington d.c. after allegedly throwing several items over the white house fence. reports say some of those items for flash drive and various papers. check this out. this video of an armed robber pulling a gun on a taxi driver in pennsylvania. the incident was caught on the dash can show would end taking the drivers many, not knowing that a police officer had pulled up right behind them.
6:15 am
>> is a copy of it. >> officials later determined the weapon used in the robbery with a pellet gun. maria. >> so much, nicole. i'm very fortunate timing for that. tranter in the world are people feel that their privacy is invaded, i love the fact that there are cameras everywhere now so they can catch this on camera like that -- can have police officers use. we get a very good sense. even in this case of how alert our law enforcement is, how they put their lives at risk and how tough a shot fired. >> more and more they want police to where go pro cameras. dagen: and that really protects everybody. this is a sense that the city or town and also police officers said they are not accused of
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doing something they didn't do. maria: brien wesbury, chief economist. good to see you. your thoughts last night an impact on markets. >> i think he is becoming good for markets. nobody rea expect that last night. we need something different in washington. we have the pastor on. god put republicans on earth to cut taxes, cut and made them defend free-market. george bush cut taxes but only for 10 years and that went away. they have raised spending and they haven't defended free markets. here they are six years after tar. a violation of free-market principles and people are sick of the double talk in washington d.c. they don't trust politicians and i don't. i think they'll say whatever they want to get elected and when they get to washington,
6:17 am
they become like everybody else. maria: that is why his resonating. >> ask him exactly. dagen: do you think trump is free-market? maria: 45% tariffs on chinese imports. >> you really have to say that is not saying what he really feels. >> the demagoguery and trade against china. terrorists -- i'm an economist. i blame smoot-hawley tariff act on the great depression. the house and the senate has to start trade bill. the president can't do it so it won't happen. maria: more to come this morning. thank you for that. donald trump used in its victory news conference to peddle some trump branded products including those trump steaks. details next. more and more americans siding with aisle in the present that the federal government. the district attorney will ask them to make the case against apple next.
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idaho. fox's dan springer on the ground in boise with the latest. good morning. reporter: yeah, good morning. a donald trump did after rows printed to force its voted, but here in idaho it was very much a tad cruz day. let's go. let's go to the board and show you at 97% reporting ted cruz at order 5% of the vote, nearly enough to get all 32 delegates here. 50% plus one would've got them all 32 delegates. marco rubio 16% and john kasich it 7.5%. it was a gross primary so that meant on the registered republicans could vote anonymous proven to be an answer to cruz. six of the seven states he has one, all the taxpayers were close republican primaries. no formal exit polling. we found a lot of people doing strategic voting and that they came out to vote for cruz because they felt he was the
6:23 am
best person -- person with the best chance to stop the trump train. donald trump led in every pre-election poll. a couple one back in january, one of february that had it not a double-digit. he was at 37%. he underperformed as last volt. he lost a lot of momentum last week. he was hurt by the romney speech and also the negative publicity that was heaped on him last week. as for rubio, he got no delegates here. he was doing well. he campaigned before the idaho primary. he had been rallies in the idaho falls and also in boise. but he did not do well. a 16% he takes no delegates. you have to get 20% of the threshold to get at least some delegates. marco rubio got shut out. 32 delegates will be split between ted cruz and trump with
6:24 am
ted cruz getting the lion's share. a big night in idaho for senator cruz. maria: sure was. dan springer. donald's big win last night might've been overshadowed on social media. on the heels of that commerce attacks, front runner failed business last week, trump wanted his water, magazines, wind during his election night press conference. >> he said there's company and by the way, you want to take one, we'll charge you 50 bucks at stake. maria: some ended up on the floor. showing one of the steaks fine on the ground and somebody picking it up and putting it back on the tray seemingly oblivious. upon closer inspection, it turns out the steaks weren't even trump. you can see in the photo they are displaying a bush brothers label. how weird is that?
6:25 am
i can understand him coming out and trying to explain here are my businesses. they are real businesses all around the village day. the water as well. do you think that was the point of bringing office products? >> absolutely. that point. he's getting criticized left and right is a businessman. he's not a politician. look at all the successful things that done saying i've got this champagne. >> what is wrong with that? he's trying to say what is right without. he's bringing it back once the lawsuit will essentially revive that. >> what is the government going to do? bring flood water out and va
6:26 am
hospitals? if you are a businessperson, you actually meet a payroll, and they can produce as the customers either buy or don't buy it. if you are government, you can fail and keep taking money from other people and keep going. people are sick of it. maria: it did look like an infomercial. if the welfare tv, you are like okay i'm watching tv to you. >> he was standing there and on sunday walks up to get the mag. what on earth is he doing? and then you got it. he was also like look at this big party and throwing. irony planned it. maria: and you know what? they were eating it up. dagen: and that winery. at the virginia and we take great pride in that. i think he thought that winery at a read. as john fluky spikes on it and he bought it out of bankruptcy. he employs people in the state
6:27 am
of virginia. maria: up next, the san bernardino terrorist investigation. our guest has nearly 200 iphones is looking to unlock. cyrus vance makes his case against apple macs. so-called insurgent campaign coming out on top in michigan. bernie sanders and donald trump had turned the campaign season upside down. ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright
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>> maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday march ninth. donald trump putting the rest of republican field on notice last night. front runner taking three of four states for the evening, even though he's lagging, john kasich remains optimistic going to ohio next week. >> you know, we are ar familiar with march madness and the home court advantage is coming north. next week we will win the at a time of ohio. >> maria: yeah, i will say it's march madness. trump with a commanding lead. we are looking at what the results mean to marco rubio's future. cruz with 374. on the democratic side, major
6:31 am
upset. he won very strongly. will it help him going into tonight's debate. the company is winning over the american public it seems. straight ahead i will talk to new york district attorney as to why he needs to get access to iphones sooner than later. revealing new details while bringing people to space. he thinks he can start passenger trips in just two years. the dow jones expected to open better today. s&p also positive. today marks the one-year average. it bottomed out march ninth, 2009. it's up 159%. markets are rising and tomorrow we will have a decision as well
6:32 am
as interest rates and mario drogi to announce more stimulus. get his take on that, bus outlook of global economy. the chief economic adviser coming up. vermont bern say sanders winning michigan in a stunning upset. peter in detroit with the highlights, good morning to you. >> peter: , good morning, maria, before the michigan primaries there had been talking about maybe cruz or kasich to give donald trump a run for his money. he won easily with 36 and a half% of the vote ahead of cruz. also he thinks a lot of democratic voters as well. >> on average you're talking
6:33 am
about millions and millions of people whereas the democrats are down 30, 35%. i actually think it's the biggest story in politics today and i hope that the republicans will embrace it. we have -- don't forget we have democrats coming over. >> peter: trump also won in hawaii with 46% of the vote, cruz was second there as well, in mississippi 47%, ted cruz with 36%. ted cruz did come in first in i/dd, he got 45.4%. that's the only one he did not win. on the democratic side, michigan went to bernie sanders, he squeaked it out with just a half under half, 49.9%. here is sanders. >> so we started this campaign
6:34 am
as many will remember ten months ago, we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls and yet what we have seen is poll after poll, state after state, what we have done is created a kind of momentum that we need to win. so once again, this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> peter: and for trump here in mimp gain it was specially important for him to w because he's been targeting blue-collar voters in industrial states, it wasn't clear that the strategy was going to win. >> maria: pretty unbelievable. justice department issuing an appeal to overturn a federal judge's ruling which protects apple from unlocking an iphone in the new york drug case. apple squares off with the fbi over encryption as it relates to the san bernardino terrorists.
6:35 am
nbc polls americans are divided on this debate between privacy and national security. 47% they are worried that the government won't go far enough in monitoring terrorists communications while 44% say they're worried the government will go too far. joining me right now cyrus, thank you so much for being with us. make the case that you have many phones to get into to complete cases to get to drug peddlers. >> we have now 205 cases, just in cyber alone, doesn't take nypd for which we have gotten search warrants but we cannot
6:36 am
acquire. >> maria: how unusual getting the information you need? >> it's not unusual. it will issue subpoenas or search warrants to get information relevant to the case. so apple decided, however, to change its practices that it have used prior to 2014 and actually open the devices in response to search warrant by the court. now they can't, so they cannot. maria, you've been speaking about this as a national security issue and i don't debate that at all but i'm really here as the manhattan district attorney and speak on behalf of local and state law enforcement around the country, rape, robbery, murder, child abuse, as well as in my jurisdiction terrorism, the inability of state and local law enforcement to be able to access the information in these devices, which we know criminals are using to communicate and know that the criminals know we
6:37 am
can't get in is going -- is having an impact on our ability to do our job. apple speaks on behalf of its customers. i want apple to speak on behalf of the customers that are victim of crime that may not have a path toward justice because we cannot get access to the information necessary to do our job. >> bill gates weighing on the case yesterday showing sympathy but a balance also must be kept between the two sides. how do we get the balance, he writes in that letter to customers f the government can use the all act to make it easier to unlock the iphone it would have the power to reach into anyone's device, it could expand breach of privacy, access your health records, financial data, track your location and even access your phone, microphone or camera without your knowledge. >> two responses, the court is issue it is search warrants.
6:38 am
prosecutor doesn't write it and send it to apple by him or herself. we have to convince court and the court makes the decision and the court agrees that device should be opened and we -- this process has been used to gain access to homes, bank faults, to cars, to any area where crime -- criminal evidence is believed by the court to exist. apple engineering the device in history and i think it's an attempt to have a device that will sell well, but first and foremost is the court not the prosecutor. the second point is that apple up until ios7 proceeding the introduction of the default encryption device software, apple was promoting ios7 as secure and also was promoting its ability and responsibility to work with law enforcement to
6:39 am
gain access to criminal investigations, what changed? i don't know whether it was a security issue or public relations problem, but we need to solve this and what i believe we need to do, maria, have the u.s. senate and the u.s. congress exercise their responsibility. apple has decided on its own and google that it's going to draw the line way over here where it happens to coincide with economic self-interest. i believe that the decision of how government can access devices is only going to be decided by independent legislators, having a debate on this, making a decision, we have to move forward. >> maria: you want congress to move. we had general this week and he had important comments about it as well. i will say he was siding, he was siding with apple. listen to general hayden. >> i think apple is technologically correct when they say doing what the fbi
6:40 am
wants them to do in the case, will make the technology, encryption weaker than it would otherwise be. so i get why the fbi wants to get into the phone but we make trade-offs like this all of the time and this may be a case where we've got to give up something in law enforcement and even counterterrorism in order to preserve this aspect, our cybersecurity. >> maria: is there a broader trade-off here that we are giving something up if apple allows the government to force them to create this new software? >> well, maria, again, the government through the independent analysis of courts has been gaining access to evidence over the last 200 years guided by the fourth amendment, there's really nothing new about this. what is new that apple has created a technology, device encryption and created a right to privacy around the technology they created. at the end of the day, whatever
6:41 am
the general says and what i would say is let me understand what to tell victims of crime, mothers whose children have been murdered, victims of sexual assault. we have to look at it through national lens, it's one problem, in tens of thousands of cases a year in this country access to devices is going to be made impossible because of this -- of this default, encripg that's -- encryption. i'm looking to the senate and also to the house to play a role here. my only view is that prosecutors and crime victims can't do nothing, they have to do something. it's really an important case. >> maria: manhattan da is doing
6:42 am
a great job and when i see first responders, it gets me upset. >> we are very lucky to have the best police force. >> maria: i know it. we will see you soon. coming up, a big announcement, nfl star walking away from the game early on his own terms. is this the new trend? return of hbo's game of thrones as the trailer is released.
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6:46 am
higher opening. 75 points this morning. investors around the world are looking to tomorrow's european central bank meeting. joining us right now mohamed, good to see you. >> wonderful to be here. >> maria: tomorrow will probably be the big event for markets, yes? >> i think so, yes. >> maria: what are you thinking? >> they will expand more and even push interest rates more negative and that's a really risky move but most importantly how close are they from being effective, we see japan cros that line and the global system to have another big central bank cross that line. >> maria: if they cross that line do you think it'll be a big negative for markets? >> yeah, if they cross that line f we get the same reaction when the bank of japan went negative,
6:47 am
if we get a provers reaction because people say, i don't think central bank can do it anymore, it will add volatility at the time when the global economy continues to weaken. >> when you drive interest rates negative, you actually hold people to hold more cash, in japan you can't get a safe because they are sold out. >> maria: wow, that's so interesting. >> what's fascinating and you and i understand this monetary policy stuff, it makes the money supply contract whereas in the united states when we are raising rates we accelerate them. we are raising rates make the dollar strengthen but it can actually be the opposite. we have seen it in japan. >> if you rely on an imperfect
6:48 am
interest and you go too far, that's what's happened. we relied on central banks for too long and markets have thought central banks are the best friends forever. we are finding out it's pretty hard to be friends forever. >> dagen: mohamed, what about the crazy idea that the central banks do nothing and back off and particularly with the signs that they are trying to do? >> central bank it's like a doctor, it will never aband on his or her patient. the notion that the central bank will say, i don't have the perfect medications, i'm walking away, they don't do that. they will continue to try and do something. critical thing is the handoff, hand tiewf policy approach that unleashes growth. >> maria: sentiments had begun to change, do you think the macro story is getting better? >> i think in the united states
6:49 am
is getting better gradually, the problem is you cannot be a good house in a bad neighborhood. >> maria: down 24%. >> chinese authorities haven't figured out yet what they need to do. we are a good house but we cannot be decoupled from the neighborhood. >> i would partly agree with that but, you know, china is a communist country. doesn't have the rule of law, doesn't have democracy, no communist country has ever been successful at long-term growth and i think china is getting close to the end. >> maria: why are we so focused on china? >> well, we shouldn't be. i would change it the opposite way. if your neighbor wants to drink himself to death, unless your daughter sees it happen all in the front lawn, your house is fine, so the bottom line is i've
6:50 am
never believed -- japan collapsed, they were the number two economy in the world and the u.s. had a great 1990, the idea that they can take us down and the world -- >> maria: but they have been. >> they've caused fear. we needed all the pipeline, railroads, pumps, everything we needed. and all of that stopped and now we are growing again. last year was a story of collapsing, oil drilling, this year is a story where that no longer puts them down. >> maria: would you put money in equities today? >> right now, no. the hardest thing for investors is to be tactical when you want to be strategic. if you want to make money this combrear, you will have a tactical element as well as
6:51 am
strategical. >> maria: do you think the presidential election become it is catalyst for market? >> i think it becomes a contributor. my sense is markets don't know how to price it. there's been so many potential outcomes. markets don't know how to price it. what do you price? markets are waiting for clarity. we are going to have more clarity as primaries continue. >> maria: mohamed, great to have your insight. congratulations on your book. mohamed el-erian. >> thank you. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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>> maria: welcome back, a new
6:55 am
threat from north korean leader, nicole petallides with the morning headlines next. >> nicole: here is a picture of kim standing what may or may not be a nuclear bomb. nation has produced miniature nuclear war heads that can be mounted on ballistic missiles, kim has ordered improvements in the power and precision of its arsenal, this comes after u.s. and south korean troops began harnlg-scale military drill this is week n. sports, detroit lions calvin johnson walking away from the nfl. the receiver announced yesterday , 11600 yards and 83 touchdowns. he's a real football star. it's finally here, hobo -- hbo releasing a new game of thrones trailer.
6:56 am
>> the great games are terrifying. >> your man step aside, there will be violence. >> nicole: sixth season game of thrones premiers on april 24th, maria, it is my husband's birthday. it's his favorite show. >> maria: you put money to work in equity? >> absolutely. the economy -- it's not going to boom this year but faster than last year but the drop in price of oil stops affecting drilling, just shut it down and it affect it had whole country and that's going to win. consumers are winning with the price in oil prices so i'm
6:57 am
bullish. >> maria: basically sell it. >> dagen: seven-year boom market as of today, it's a boom market with the walker. [laughter] >> what's fascinating is that the heart is really strong, the entrepreneurial companies are really strong. they are making record profits outside of energy and that's why i buy them, specially financials. >> maria: 15% year to date or something like that. >> yeah. >> maria: we will be right back. lots to come ♪
6:58 am
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>> maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday march ninth. top stories right now, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump putting the rest of the republican field on notice. front runner taking three of four states. >> i can get along with people. look, the bottom line is we have something going that's so good, we should grab each other and we should unify the party. >> maria: and there was angry voters pushing trump over the edge. we are looking tat exit poll data and the delegate count coming up. on democratic side a major upset with bernie sanders taking michigan. all coming up. key development in the war against isis.
7:01 am
government officials believe that a leader of the terrorist group was killed in air strike. we have the details coming up. higher opening this morning, we are expecting stocks to move up. today marks a seventh year anniversary of the bull market, the dow jones industrial bottomed out on march ninth, 2009, it's been pretty much straight up with the exception of some tough days t dow industrial are up since 2009. mohamed el-erian, to announce more stimulus and perhaps cut interest rates further into negative territory. in asia, concerns over china's economy, change high composite, below 3%. nikkei closing at lowest level in a week.
7:02 am
joining us dagen mcdowell and lee carter, good to see you, everybody. a lot to talk about this morning. ted cruz coming with a late-night win in idaho. next week florida is a winner-take-all state. peter burns with the highlights. >> peter: it is time for republicans to come together around his campaign. the establishment republicans, the stop trump republicans, the republicans who have not been voting for him. he said he has something special going on in his campaign that's exciting voting that can help the republican party and made his pitch going into primaries in ohio and florida. >> it started pretty much with new hampshire and it really -- iowa, no matter where you go, it's records. on average you're talking about
7:03 am
more than 50. you're talking about millions and millions of people whereas the democrats are down 30-35%. they are down from what they were. we are up by 50% at even more than that. you are talking about millions of people, i actually think it's the biggest story in politics today. i hope that the republicans will embrace it. >> peter: trump hopes to deliver a knockout blow to john kasich and hopes to deliver a knockout blow to senator marco rubio. trump leading in polls here. >> maria: amazing night. trump highlighting up the primary wins despite outbursts and insults. hillary clinton continuing to pile up delegates on the democratic side.
7:04 am
some of trump's success is the fact that he's keeping things simple, giving the electorate basic policy proposals. >> he is, trump has a very clear narrative, make america clear again. you go to his website, immigration, china, guns, jobs, i mean, it could not be more simple. each one has a two sentence decryption of it and every time he goes on stage you can hear it over and over again. it's exactly what people want to hear. it's a story people want to hear. >> it's how he says it and unpredictability. clearly he wasn't and that's the gift that he has. look, maria, just for open disclosure, i was on television the day he announced candidacy
7:05 am
in july or august, i was the first one who was like n two weeks -- in two weeks we won't know who donald trump is. >> maria: wow. >> i couldn't turn the tv off because you don't know what's going to come out of his mouth. credit must be given. >> maria: yeah. >> dagen: when you start the press conference -- [laughter] >> dagen: i did the same thing, what is he going to do with the steaks and water. >> and the vodka. >> dagen: you had recent polls that his likability is a problem for him. it's about as much of a problem for him than hillary clinton's probability. it could be -- i mean, it's a choice of -- >> maria: what about the numbers ?
7:06 am
he's not going to be to win in the general election because he's not going to get the hispanic vote? >> fends on who he picks as vice presidential candidate. you wake up and hear trump anywhere. he was trying to make it nice with rubio a little bit. you don't know if he picks somebody to lure the hispanic, first hispanic vice president. >> the hispanic vote is probably going to go democrat. >> maria: what do you mean by that? >> republican hispanic has gone to trump. 47% went to trump. >> maria: that's true. >> he is able to get some of those votes. the other thing that i think is telling, record-number turnouts. he's getting democrats and
7:07 am
independents. >> maria: what about evangelical vote? he took it away from cruz. are you fascinating by that? >> i'm fascinating by that. they are looking for an ni establishment. we are tired of hearing over and over again. >> dagen: two things he needs to work on in the coming contest, the late deciders cannot go for him, they went for cruz and kasich last night. you saw that never the weekend. these are two clear important victories for trump. no offense to hawaii, but if you continue to see that more than four out of ten republican primary voters would not be satisfied with him as the nominee. you saw that again -- >> we have been hearing that since september, october, and november. >> dagen: if he gets the nomination, they will have a choice and increasingly you hear
7:08 am
people talk about the choice not voting and he has to figure out a way to bring these people into the -- >> maria: not voting means giving it to hillary clinton. >> i can see him saying, he's a totally different kind of candidate. he's going to pick a cabinet. this is how it's going to come together and that's going to give people trust and the issue -- >> i think that's huge. >> dagen: several weeks ago and he hasn't done it yet. he did name jeff, senator sessions. >> what he said last night, this is a movement. if you look at the numbers, he could say without blushing. >> maria: i don't disagree. what about sanders. hillary clinton was expected easy victory there and here comes bernie sanders and takes it away.
7:09 am
>> dagen: very close with women, 81% of young voters went to him. young people do not go to her. >> there's a part of that, maria, if you had mickey mouse on the ballot -- >> maria: peter is in detroit with the highlights, peter good morning, to you. >> peter: donald trump the big winner with support of half of voters that are angry with the federal government and with 45% of michigan voters that think trade is taking jobs away from the united states and that goes to show that trump's strategy for gaining support, building support in an industrial state can work. >> on average you're talking about probably more than 50, you're talking about millions and millions of people whereas
7:10 am
the democrats are down 30, 35%. i actually think it's the biggest story in politics and i hope that the republicans will embrace it. we have, don't forget, we have democrats coming over. >> peter: in the democratic party primary, surprise of the night here in michigan, sanders over clinton. the senator picked overwhelming young people that they want most in a president is honesty and trust worthiness. sanders sees last night's results as part of big trend line that he thinks looks good. >> so we started this campaign as many will remember ten months ago, we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls and yet what we have seen is in poll after poll state after state what we have done is created the kind o. so once again, this has been a
7:11 am
fantastic night in michigan. >> peter: and in the days before this michigan primary, there were so much talk about john kasich coming from next door in ohio to surprise some folks once the results started rolling in. that did not happen, he finished in third behind ted cruz. >> maria: next big one for kasich ohio, peter, thank you. another key isis leader reportedly taking out in a syrian bombing raid. more on isis coming up. president obama decides to skip nancy reagan's funeral to attend southwest by southwest festival in texas instead. we will have those details.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
>> maria: report that is u.s. air strike may have killed isis leader, nicole petallides with the key highlights next. >> nicole: omar was likely killed in an attack, air strike attack in syria last week. he was a close military adviser to the leader of isis, he also held numerous senior positions within the terror group including minister of war.
7:15 am
president obama is having a hard time finding a candidate for the vacant supreme court position. attorney general loretta lynch has asked not to be nominated. the attorney general determined that the nomination process would limit her effectiveness in her current job. lynch is the second person to asked not to be considered for the vacancy created by the death of scalia. last month sandoval denied for position. president obama will not, the white house says the president will be speaking that day at the south by southwest conference in austin. mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband, president ronald reagan at the presidential library in california. >> maria: second funeral in a row that president obama
7:16 am
skipped. h time is attending south by southwest festival. what do you make of this? >> i think that overall president obama has a different view of the presidency regarding the protocol and the respect. everyone knew that ronald reagan refused to be in the oval office on without his jacket because he had so much respect. i feel that way in the courtroom. i tried a huge case a number ago and it was 150-degrees, i will allow you to remove your jacket, my answer is as soon as you remove your robes i will remove my jacket. he laughed because that's the way i was raised. everyone knew i was very close with the justice scalia and when president obama came out and gave a small press conference about justice scalia's death and not wearing a tie, so many of my friends -- he's the president.
7:17 am
he's in the white house. it's not like he's on vacation, he's not in hawaii, the tie is right there. it took me a minute. 40 seconds with the tie on today, it's just his mo, i'm going to be the first president not to attend a sitting justice's funeral in recorded history and now nancy reagan who was this iconic figure, it's even worse than scalia, with scalia he just stayed home. and here i'm going to a party instead of a funeral. >> maria: south by southwest. >> i just think it's disrespectful. >> dagen: this woman does not represent bipartisanship. where i grew up, going to a funeral is important in terms of paying your respects who had a impact on the nation. this is not distant history,
7:18 am
this is recent history. >> michelle obama came and said that she was mentor to her, important figure and role model to her, if that's true, how can you say it's more important to go to a conference down in texas where you are learning about social media than it is to say let's take a pause and pay respects. >> there's got to be some sort of compromise. there has to be some way to pay respects and obligated to do something else. he's the president. they will move his schedule. >> maria: he has nine months in office, maybe he doesn't clear. >> that's clearly -- i think that's clearly the case that he doesn't care. people were appalled that he did not go to justice scalia's funeral. >> maria: yeah. >> it's the protocol of it all. you're correct. he should appreciate this more than anybody.
7:19 am
>> exactly right. disagree with him or not, you have to respect him. >> i thanked him, thank you mayor de blasio. i don't believe in everything he did but i believe his public service deserved that. >> dagen: i think she's the daughter of queens. i'm pretty sure she was a daughter of queens. >> maria: nfl makes a tribute to the emergency personnel that saved his life. jared max with that. ted cruz makes observations about the possibility of a broken convention. coming back in a moment
7:20 am
when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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7:23 am
>> maria: welcome back, seattle seahawks wide receiver posting a tribute after devastating hit back in new hampshire. jared max with the details. >> jared: last week at the fire house in washington, gratitude was served for actions that occurred on the football field last november. at a game between seattle seahawks and dallas cowboys, ricardo crumpled to the floor, motionless, untouched by teammates, trainers ran to the field and carefully lift him from the cart.
7:24 am
he suffered devastating neck injuries and he later realized that if he shifted head another direction, he could have been killed. he visited firefighters and paramedics and shared the story. doctor told me all the muscles and ligaments and cartilage between, cartilage is out, ligaments are torn, he said, if i would have stood up then, the weight of my head, left, right, back, i would have died. if one of my teammates would have pulled my arms just barely, i might have died. honored first responders, thank you if the work that you do. if there's anything i can do to save another life, me, my family, we are your trainers, they did it perfectly by the book. the importance of saying thank you. >> maria: really nice. >> that's a nice story.
7:25 am
[applause] >> maria: we like that. >> dagen: how is he doing now? >> jared: he's still on a neck brace. no timetable on when he returns to the nfl. the discussion today, holds virtually record in detroit lions, he should still be playing but another sign of folks looking at the dangerous of football and being grateful for lives that they have. >> when tiki retired at the top of the game for new york giants, he was highly criticized. i was friendly with him through fox. he would play on sunday. he's the target. he played for ten years, he said, it would take him until thursday to actually like be himself and he had two little sons. i'm 35 year's old. it takes me four days to be able
7:26 am
to lift my kids. i did it for ten years, enough. the injuries were overwhelming. he never had a mega injury like that. >> dagen: what about this? this is about the respect. >> god bless him for saying thank you. >> jared: this occurred in dallas and said to the first responders, thank you. >> maria: nice, ricardo, really nice. fighting more allocations of dirty tricks while taking home one of the four big prizes last night. donald trump blasting his republican rival. >> lying ted. he toaldz -- holds the bible and then he lies. lying ted. ♪
7:27 am
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maria: welcome back good morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday you march 9 your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on east coast, donald trump putting the rest of the republican feel on notice front-runner taking three of four states last night, even though lagging john kasich remains mofkt into hero next week. >> you know -- we are all familiar with march madness, and now the home court advantage north next week going to win state of ohio. [cheers and applause] maria: here is where we stand look at delegate count right now trump with a commanding lead 446 also looking at what
7:30 am
last night's results mean for marco rubio's future in the race another tough night last night on democratic side major upset with bernie sanders taking michigan last night going into the primaries, polls had him down in double digits, being being has him into the debate we will break it down coming up university of missouri professor fired for participating in a race related protest appealing the decision, details coming up. rapper 50 compensatories headed back to bankruptcy court he says, he is not hidingsets despite pictures of him with piles of cash. >> [laughter] >> coming up. >> futures point to go higher opening dow jones industrial average up 90 points we are now at highs of the morning,ing, nasdaq s&p 500 also a higher this morning, today marks the seven-year anniversary of the bull market the dow jones industrial average bottomed out a manipulative 9, 2009 now in that time frame, the dow is up, 159%, in europe this morning, stocks are higher, ahead of tomorrow's o ecb
7:31 am
meeting we are expecting the european central bank president mario draghi to announce more stimulus and lower interest rates further back to election action senator ted cruz shreddedfied position as donald trump alternative propelled by major win in state offid ho fox news live on the ground in boise with the latest. good morning to you. reporter: yeah, good morning, maria great night for senator ted cruz here, in idaho he made a lot of ground late and ended up winning the state easily, they are still counting votes this hour but with 97% of the precincts reporting i can tell you ted cruz won 45% of the vote, donald trump 28%, marco rubio 16%, and john kasich 7.5%, in the last poll taken in late february, cruz trailed trump by double digits, he was 19%, but surged as trump came under attack from mitt romney prominent republicans we spoke with many voters yesterday at
7:32 am
the polls motivated to derail trump nomination. >> at first i didn't have an issue with trump, as i did you go in deeper and kind of got to know him, i thought this is not somebody i am ready to back. >> it was -- for me dividing between him and marco rubio, and in the end came down to who who i thought probably emotion ebb will tlefbla about he electable. >> big loser was marco rubio failed to hit the 20% threshold, so he got no votes no delegates last night, 32 are up for grabs, we do know that cruz will come away with lion's share probably around 20, and the remainder go to donald trump this was a close primary so republicans, only, on people registered as republicans could vote yesterday. and that again proved to be a good night for good strategy for cruz, he has won 6 states now that were republican primaries 6 of 7 victories in
7:33 am
closed republican primaries. maria: thanks so much the latest there, cruz facing fresh allegations of engaging in dirty trix this time in hawaii donald trump was able to secure a victory. the cruz campaign accused of disseminating a falls cnn report that claimed senator rubio was thinking of dropping out cruz explained away allegations to fox news megyn kelly last night. >> the nature of politics, is that when a campaign is flailing, they attack. and they -- they attack other candidates and they attack their integrity, this e-mail apparently came from volunteer in hawaii not necessarily with the campaign not working for campaign not under authorization fort sxain. >> bring in fox news contract contribute good to see. >> you how are you -- >> good reactions to last night? >> listen it was dominate night for donna don zam what he needed after a very mediocre, saturday when he
7:34 am
lost many a states to ted cruz under performed if louisiana kentucky winning much less though than expected, was he in double-digit leeds won by four, cruz though, merging from last night with a very important development which is the near fatal plo to marco rubio's campaign, if rubio ends up dropping out, prior to florida, as a result of the poor showings last night it becomes a very pivotal moment cruz merges as true unite trump candidate you have to see who backs him up if establishment goes behind the guy very reluctant to align themselves with thus far. >> doesn't it feel that is happening already, though, i mean, you know, even if marco rubio goes into florida, and perhaps losses florida? >> well, then i want to is over for marco rubio, i think there is a active conversation whether or not rubio stays into this race even prior to march 15, that being said, i think donald trump is making real gains with what we call the establishment, they see are mainly traditional
7:35 am
republican leaders, party hierarchy donors right. >> right. >> the kkk controversy happened and you saw them all stop and do about-face away from trump those beginning to warm up to him, now the only place they have to go is ted cruz as a mark of that maria gus show signed onboard ted cruz campaign. >> neil bush george w. bush and jeb bush's brother, so cereal, you are going to see a lot of people who want to stop trump, finding that cruz is real only alternative to do so -- >> can cruz win general election? >> well look if you believe in national polls i don't believe this early to be very candid with you he is well positioned certainly could, on flip of that is hillary clinton, you know you see what happened last might to her, in michigan, blue collar state, where she lost working class whites, she lost people who cared about the economy, cared about trade, and jobs. maria: yeah. >> she lost people cared about empathy honesty problem not in primary but well beyond when you look at general election
7:36 am
matchup against anyone on right with hillary you have to a see total of her character weak he isses possibly fluffing out youcom. >> if you put logs in front of the trump train to have you stop him from winning florida kasich didn't have past showing in michigan to have you stop him from winning ohio. what do you think of odds that rubio gets out of the way before florida? >> would that even matter? >> yeah, it does matter, dagen to some directing i think you are pickup trucking finger on the conversation everybody is having this morning, which is how much longer does marco rubio last, and, florida is now his last stand. if he even lasts that long. i think trump right now is in a dominate as i said earlier, position, because if you look at the maps going forward, even if kasich won ohio, let's pretend that happens where does he go after that where does he take that message? you haveer northeasterly states in april very trump pennsylvania new york new jersey donald trump has been able to do something, many other republican candidates
7:37 am
have not which is have wins all over country not just regionalizeed, so unless ted cruz galvanizes the establishment behind him he meaningful way very hard to foresee how you stop donald trump at this point. >> don't you see the, i mean we just sue interviews from voters coming out, saying, you know, i am not sure if it was rubio if it was cruz seemed maybe i should vote for cruz so it wasn't trump support for cruz seems to be soft, there is very -- very few people that i have spoken with like i am all in for cruz. and that makes it really hard to think that he is going to be the candidate because when you talk to trump supporters they are all in. and it is hard to break that kind of momentum, so what do you think? >> look when you with a look at intense enthusiasm you come up with a million theories or state obviously it is donald trump, really galvanizing people in some cases galvanizing voters to come out in republican primaries and vote against him we are now going into many closed contests, trump is not the
7:38 am
going to be able to appeal to the independent voter in to some of these upcoming primaries so cruz tends to have slight advantage there but look there is an argument to be made it is kind of too little too late to stop if this was o going to happen had to happen early cruz should have done better on super tuesday if you are taking delegate map away from donald trump, and at this point, barring a major sea change still can happen wife seen crazier things happen it is hard to imagine, how donald trump does get the real by the log on rail cruz smart savvy beginning to really i think make some smart hires moves adding, field offices if florida focusing refocusing a lot of attention down there. if he is able look, one or two upsets in big winner takall states could change this race but as of today looks like a very good path forward for donald trump. maria: it does feel like trump beat down the establishment, i mean they threw everything at him romney last week.
7:39 am
dagen: this is a -- tony can rack a stack in that "the wall street journal" first week of february 9% of all gop adsing targeted trump start of march half, bottom barred withed half advertisements against him gop ads have we seen dent in the campaign because of it. >> listen, i i mean most of us grew up in new york in 90s era of john goty remember headlines teflon don i think could be reaplied here. >> [laughter] >> it certain could be reaplied in political context and the reason is because people like his authenticity amazing how much donald trump is able to get away with that traditional structural candidate could not being inconsistency in record ode temperament heckling a press journalist at his own press conference, but people have at this point concluded that basically everybody is rotten in establishment system on both sides hillary clinton,
7:40 am
democratic establishment interests and the jeb bush republican establishment strz they see donald trump refreshing it is very hard to be you convinced by mitt romney and others should a somehow he is disqualified to be president because establishment doesn't like him you see him surging ahead of the apple being. >> thinks we will see you soon check out this video, the ktvu reporter covering a xhoourt train declaratory judgment in northern california yesterday morning, are nearly hit by a car, the car crashed careened toward him and his photographer. they sit in a 7-eleven parking lot on admission boulevard fremont that was scary! . >> retroactively pictures of rapper 50 cents on social media laying around piles of cash despite filing bankruptcy he says the picture does not tell the whole story. twist in "el chapo" hollywood legend reportedly involved
7:41 am
with drug king pin's meeting with actor sean penn. ♪ ♪ ♪ you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: welcome back a university of missouri professor fired for trying to block a journalist from recording a campus protest fighting back right now -- the story the headlines now. >> good morning, melissa is now getting support from the american association for university professors, the association says it will be investigating the case, click saying she was fired without due process, and the university board of curators oversteps authority incident occurred in a student protest last year, she was recorded
7:45 am
confronting a video journalist and blocking his way. >> a bankruptcy court judge wants rapper 50 cents, to explain where he got those piles of cash, in his picture that he posted on instagram, in the picture, as he calls himself seen the with stacks of cash spelling out broke he fired for bankruptcy protection, last year, after a new york injure verdict awarded seven pllsdz to a woman said rapper blushed their sex tape a bankruptcy court judge ordered 50 cent to appear at hearing day, by the way, the stacks of cash, fake money fake. >> new documentary reveals director oliver stone orchestrated meeting between penn and with a fooen "el chapo" guzman the documentary -- says meeting was to discuss a movie deal, in a "rolling stone" article penn claims he procured meeting procurable for journalistic purposes.
7:46 am
maria: thank you so much what do you think be revelations. >> i love the one with -- the money all over the place, i i mean obviously to be to have to say fake, but that is probably -- >> sticking a pin in eyes. >> exactly in refrigerator cold cash kind of thing, i mean, that is when a lawyer has to like sit down with this is you client what have heck weren't thinking then you have to hope that he says tells the truth says well they were blocks of monopoly money with real 100 dollar bill on top like goods your goose at the professor fired for what she did kind of i ronnache journalism school trying to trounce journalism. maria: that is right. >> and i got to tell you usually would i be on side of the teacher but here, may be time for her to work somewhere else, it is like teaching like a -- prefer doing something unethical in the legal community you know you are supposed to be setting an
7:47 am
example, if you can't set that example, under heat in the heat of battle maybe you don't deserve -- >> this is one of the more probable stories universities trying to kill free speech. >>. dagen: parents -- people taking out loans to tune of a quarter of a million dollars, to go to universities, and basically they get taught to be left winning liberals teaching free speech is only free if when you say i agree with there is no voice for people on college campuses what are people learning not learning -- -- >> i thought university suppose to be differs lots of different ideas that is what universities supposed to be. >> free speech is putting up with what you find uncomfortable, even repugnant that iss free speech. >> the presidential election, professor dershowitz speak
7:48 am
being ted cruz said i remember him very clearly sat in the third row had hands up from day one, and ep was a star student, but maria, dershowitz said i had to protect him from his classmates at harvard because what he was saying, sim to what he is saying now, is so was so different from what his classmates were saying that he was getting it constantly your point about free exchange of idzetsets. >> ted cruz -- received like that student as well. >> recently we have university in california where the conservative speaker was trying to block anyone from even coming in and listening, i mean, arbitrary we allowed to -- to -- >> that was kelly police commissioner brown university something like that? i'm not sure brownt but like that college campus prevented him from speaking. dagen: eventual spoiled
7:49 am
people have to life in the real world people don't always agree tell you you are wonderfully. maria: new reports say workers at one bonn restaurant have fallen ill the latest potential outbreak hit the stock back in a minute. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card
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maria: welcome back, sad news this morning, as man known as the fifth beetle former manager martin has died, at the age of 90. drummer ringo starr broke news on twitter this morning writing quote god bless george martin peace and love to judy and his family, of love ringo and barbara. george will be missed. >> martin pictures stayed on beatles in 1962 produced over 700 records during his career. >> chip leigh stock rocked again after reports four store
7:53 am
employees in the boston area have fallen ill, stock tumbled nearly 4% after-hours trading yesterday the store closed to be sanitized the store manager still unsure if all four employees are sick with neurovirus, of course, this comes after hundreds of customers fell ill last year with e. coli or neurovirus after eating the denver based chain, wow shg, chip leigh i dot know what in means what do you think getting investors back in the stock now this. >> i think that they are learning to react quickly, because that was part of the problem, is that management and ceo did not respond with force, particularly during the e. coli outbreak nora virus makes you sick in a normally health person goes away after 24 hours, put people get on cruise ships all the time people still go on cruises despite outbreaks. e. coli different, is a
7:54 am
problem they never pinpointed the -- >> exactly. >> so i think that this is going to hang over to chip is in a head what is the issue here that the issue keeps coming up. >> i think it may have to do with their -- it maybe. >> the way they -- >> the benefit. >> preparation. >> why people go there, because it seems so fresh and like hands-on, it you can see what is going on. that may be the actual issue. as to what is causing all this, i think a lot of people not comfortable with their reaction can when there is a problem there needs to be immediate reaction admission uh-oh we made a mistake going to put wall higher preliminary examinationi first class he prevents any foreign subs from getting into food i think everyone is really troubled by their reaction, that is why we got new pr firm, too. >> at the got a new pr firm, this is a big symbol problem they have another you know, another illness another
7:55 am
problem, and now -- closed down stores right to say we're going to get this right, and just -- already, they are getting it wrong, they are going to have challenges for a while now. >> lots to talk about we have gone through what happened last night in terms of big win tor trump saurdz we have gone through obviously the economy, and markets, arthur aidala final thoughts from you the president of the brooklyn bar association. >> i am the president i can speak about being president -- presidential, i thought what donald trump said about acting presidential asked about that he raised it himself, he said look i could be as presidential you want me to be but on stage 16 people attacking you you know you have to you have to attack them back i think -- i think that -- does cut to the point where you know jeb bush stood there tried act presidential he got is the butt kicked, trumpster fought back huge part america wants that in
7:56 am
their president they want you to kick butt for them. >> what a season if you ever seen anything like this. >> nothing like it ever i remember in 2008, why you know we are on the road, in it seemed like so much energy so much momentum behind obama but nothing like this, i mean energy, vitriol excitement people can't stop watching on both sides of the aisle but you just don't know what is going to happen it is a roller coaster. >> and coming out through tyrannyout record numbers certainly for republicans. >> last night wasn't even for donald trump brand, the more i was watching at a wine the water i was thinking he actually makes stuff, in united states he makes wine. >> drink wine. >> -- that is the point go ahead -- he here they are. >> and he was using really examples i've got it whatdown mit here is this issue of the magazine.
7:57 am
>> it was compelling. >> as behalf of jury compelling i wanting to watch him. >> guilty. >> [laughter] >> next hour i am sitting down with former new york city rudy giuliani, after the break. ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.)
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maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, march 9 your top stories right now 8:00 am
8:00 am
on east coast, donald trump putting the rest republican field on notice, the front-runner taking three of four states last night. >> i hope that the republicans will embrace it, we have don't forget we have the democrats coming over, very importantly, we have independents coming over and they haven't done that ever, probably ever. maria: angry voters pushing trump over edge exit poll data this morning delegate count coming up on democratic side a major upset with bernie sanders taking michigan, going into the primaries, sanders down in double digests whether this is a wrench into hillary clinton's path to the nomination, iran sending a warning shot, firing two test missiles mable capable of hitting israel, vice president visits i would ask that and more with former senator george mitchell this hour, a until a gas explosion damaging
8:01 am
at least one buildings focusings evacuation of a several others at least nine fire departments injured it take to flames. >> markets anding higher opening for the purposing stock dow jones industrial average highs of the morning gain of 80 points on dow today seven-year anniversary of the bull market dow jones industrial average bottomed out a manipulative 9, 2009 that time frame dow up 159%, quite a move. in europe stocks rising ahead of big ecb meeting tomorrow in europe, the european traditional bank tomorrow expected president draghi will announce more stimulus another rate cut, to top story donald trump denominateing three of for your primary caucuses states ted cruz a late night win in i had how next week florida, a winner take all state 99 republican delegates for grabs in palm beach with a highlights lack to important primary on tuesdaye peter good morning to you. reporter: hey good morning, maria that is right donald trump after victorieslast
8:02 am
night looking to florida, and ohio, where he is predicting victory next tuesday. >> i think we are going to claen slate i think doing we'll well in florida second home i love florida i love florida. >> special place i think we are going to do really well i think going to do really well in ohio. >> and so far he is doing really well in the polls in florida, ohio look at florida first this is real clear average real clear politics average of the polls maria, trump up 16 points, in florida. and in ohio, the average has trump up 4 points, over ohio governor john kasich also want to point out next week, we also have, north carolina illinois missouri, with primaries in caucuses for the republicans, so next tuesday could be a big day, for donald trump, and it would bb hard to
8:03 am
argue he wouldn't be would not be presumptive nominee if a good daytize. >> for sure thank you donald trump not only candidate winning big last night vermont senator bernie sanders off stunning victory in michigan according to new quinnipiac university poll inching closer to hillary clinton in ohio trailing front-runner by only 9%, bernie behind wide margin in florida earning only 32% of the vote compared to hillary's 62%, joining me now are democratic strategies, and bob zimmerman joining me for the hour is former fixed capital outlay city mayor prude rood go -- rudy giuliani. >> talk about bernie sanders first, your take on how close, he is to hillary clinton. >> well, certainly, it was certainly a moral victory and actually victory for bernie sanders campaign deserves credit, will get momentum from it put it in perspective the end of the night hillary clinton in fact gains 20 more delegates moved up to count dramatically, and on her way
8:04 am
to the nomination this is going to be, more primaries now going to be a longer process more primaries caucuses, superdelegate i am getting more mo love attention, this is fine. >> so, you know that whole sooip delegate story has been criticized, i mean hillary has superdelegates even though bernie sanders seems s resonating with particular vote. >> actually, in fact, not only in terms of total buzz hillary clinton got more votes than bernie sanders also in terms of pledge delegates take away delegates she is beating bernie sanders 200 pledge delegates in delegate count doing fine, in if you look at overall picture gnarly, hillary clinton is well on her way. >> she i don't tell be happy cannot be a happy he is resonateing so much with young people. >> absolutely, young people under 50, takeaway the african-american vote she needs to do very well with if she doesn't do very well with african-american vote gets half african-american vote can't win the no mores, i understand superdelegate math not the most democratic
8:05 am
process but the reality is we have been here before what happened, a small difference in delegate count you superdelegates super tuesday was stacking in favor of hillary clinton now northern states, predominantly white more --. >> you have states in electoral process you can't just because voter doesn't go your way against you open. >> both are democrats we know designed in 80s to make more moderate candidate abohe ar a d country now not winnable for democrats. >> won five of seeks last presidential elections i wouldn't want to rock the boat there. >> i think a good point because there are some people who feel that they want a broader range of candidates and they weren't given that opportunity, i mean, there are some democrats, that i know, that of said you know what
8:06 am
that he -- debates on saturdays night said hillary candidate get onboard, this stack comment does -- >> we have a democratic socialist a running hillary clinton broad range on top of which if you look at turnout since this says strongest democratic primary turnout since 1992, exception of 2008 i think you are going to see as primary process moves forward an obviously with senator sanders win in michigan going to have more primaries caucuses being competitive, having he good in terms of momentum and excitement. maria: . >> rudy giuliani let's talk about what we saw last night in michigan, mississippi, hawaii, for dorn dorn. >> i would be worried, about michigan if upper hillary, trump wins big, big, big, sanders takes away, a good deal half the vote half democratic vote, she can't get. you know that rustbelt is very, very important to the democratic party winning. and if a state like michigan
8:07 am
can fall -- minnesota possibility, wisconsin possibility, republican governors in -- wisconsin -- the whole electoral math gets thrown off, if donald is candidate, looks like will dominant south if can against cruz certainly will against hillary and, about donald kind of candidate could may go inroads in a place like i am not going to say new york but new jersey, pennsylvania very strong -- >> we are throwing a curveball at them. >> really are. >> -- how do you think. >> democrats so concerned and frightened against mayor giuliani if republican nominee because mayor giuliani, building broad coalitions bring abouting people he coulding why one of our worst concerns biggest concerns as general election candidate the point with donald trump, i mean, is team may want a face-lift quite frankly he
8:08 am
needs organ transplant he has wun such a demagogic light winning campaign i don't ski how he builds -- >> i don't know if right wing getting democratic votes. >> right wing. >> democrats i am doing testing currently i do dial testing checking out how, republicans democrats, independents are responding in across the board -- trump's message shocks me. >> i can't think of one barack obama voter voted for president obama in 2008 important 2012 that is switching over to don doald trump. >> you would be surprised a democrats voted for barack obama didn't go with hillary clinton people he brought in coalition are voting for bernie sanders guess who is second choice donald trump has to freak hillary clinton out if they doesn't get working white class voters, done. >> brings new voters into i think that is true. >> you've got two million
8:09 am
people that he can potentially bring a in the process haven't voted independents, who are on you know on soft on the fence as republicans or democrats that is where i think he has a lot of strength if upper hillary would not want to a run against curveball i want to run against the straight conservative, i could -- the electoral math i would count on electoral math is going to be very, very hard. >> sounds you think trump can beat hillary but cruz cannot. >> i don't think cruz can beat hillary i think cruz straight -- >> conservative. >> in -- northeast gone entire west is gone, i don't think he is going to do well as you saw last night in rustbelt, i think cruz is -- is you know, unless hillary gets in a real trouble with justice department, then i think, she would be. >> day's "the wall street journal" nbc news poll came out this morning shows that both hillary clinton and bernie sanders in double-digit leads over donald trump. so i think that says something
8:10 am
when you takeaway trump out of the -- out of the echo chamber of the republican primary process a republican party 44% believe the president -- muslims dinacy to think tanks put in perspective you look at you look at donald trump outside of the republican orbit into general election that "the wall street journal" poll interesting indicator. >> do you agree. >> no because what i see is momentum, energy where i see enthusiasm, that is where voters go, the at the end of the day of you got to get voters to the pol no one more excited than trump voter talk with hillary voter like i am kind of you know, lukewarm not that excited, they want to be but just not. likability nibz trustworthy numbers an issue hard to get those numbers out, trump voters are enthusiastic they are excited, and they are contagious. >> can we talk about stakes
8:11 am
for a second last night all his -- steaks -- and [laughter]. >> and you know what he turned it into a positive, because -- they were attacking him, in terms of his business this and that he says okay. so what i have of businesses. >> right. >> he is definitely driver in this election this election is about donald trump not about hillary not about -- bernie some extent because he is surprising people. you the about the election is not is not about just about anybody else but -- they had him on an hour millions of dollars, of -- television you couldn't possibly buy. >> hillary clinton talking nobody watching everybody all the nefshgz were watching donald trump. maria: you are right do you think anybody out of fbi investigation james comey wants this wrapped you mean promptly means next couple months. >> all facts that have come out away from political spin, just confirmed everything
8:12 am
hillary clinton said proving accurate neither sent. >> we know how much will e-mails. >> when version, one, two, three, four, five? >> version? >> i never i never reveal secret material. >> she never -- >> received any documented -- any confidential or top secretly. >> there were -- >> thousands, e-mails -- >> actuality -- >> retroactively remember that that is why -- who changed markings to nonclassified. >> did she is change markings or move to private server. >> excuse me bottom she didn't change mark, that is a republican spin. >> somebody did the bottom line is she what she said so far what you get past all of the rumors, what she said so far is holds up well she no one has in any way disputed her facts ambassador john said the clavgs process of our country for documents arcane, colin powell called it ludicrous system.
8:13 am
>> simply fact is she said the beginning she veefd no confidential secret information, she revealed thousands of pieces of confidential information, and federal statute jails comey should pay attention to make it a crime to handle confidential government information negligently if this isn't. q. negligence there is no definition the woman out rage usly handled information from which you can determine the it's of people doing undercover work documents had not been put out this woman should not be president of united states if -- a bathroom of some -- motel, going to put government public records? >> mr. mayor. >> -- series issues. >> mr. mayor, disqualify her -- >> republicans can understand -- >> not -- not -- >> attorneys -- >> the general petraeus case, general petraeus to justice.
8:14 am
>> has actually said, there is no comparison between petraeus case and this she broke no law. >> why fbi investigation. >> because -- investigating security of the server and absurdity of the e-mails never, never called investigation into hillary clinton. >> thanks so much we will be right back. >> good to be with you. [bassist] two late nights in tucson. blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs,
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legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. maria: in american toughest killed in aing horrific
8:17 am
stabbing mystery spree in israel the headlines. >> good morning, police say that the american toughest was killed when a palestinian man-stabbed seven people in port city jaffa as vice president joe biden visits israel as part of general tour of the middle east, 29-year-old victim in iraq, afghanistan was on school trip to israel. police say that the -- shootinging poor in i had missouri arrested in washington, d.c., officials say kyle odom is suspected of shooti pastor remington in the hospital from minimum gunshot wounds in stable condition police say odom was arrested without incident, new york city police officer was shot in the shoulder, last night, but the bullet may have come from his pattern friendly fire authorities say the plain
8:18 am
clos decr detective may have ben hit. >> nicole joining the conversation dagen mcdowell onset mr. mayor i want to go to you first coming during a time when there have been such animosity toward police we had cyrus vance on i said, cops putting lives on the line every day facing attacks day in, day out. >> this case may not reflect the it the reality is -- all over the can you please police officers come up to me all the time, and say to me -- things are terrible, we feel like we are under attack a target on our back why are we blamed for everything when you look at the -- statistics about murder and police officers shootings are infinitesimal compared to numbers of shootings and murders they have to deal with if you look at numbers of police shootings -- less than
8:19 am
1% of 1%. so what they are dealing with are people often in black community, harming each other they are trying to preventative that trying to save lives they are being shot at. >> resulting in what they are calling ferguson effect cops are afraid to do their jobs, they are not coming out and doing what they normally dwo they areing behaving differently. >> how did this even happen i remember, it was like when a kid you wanting to -- when you are -- you were mayor after september 11 we worshipped policemen. >> and how did we get here. >> are the apple of the problem is leadership -- whether mayor in this city whether it is political leadership throughout the country, they are not standing with police officers law enforcement. >> rhetoric bktsdz reality instead of notifying on facts moum police shootings are there how many shootings take
8:20 am
place within the community pb, we focus on one incident, and that is all we talk about we don't talk about the -- you know 20 to 30 people shot and killed over the weekend, in chicago. we don't talk about the fact that the police are can a business have a mind?
8:21 am
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why trump is going to win, for sure, i think in florida. the only question is ohio, and possibly missouri and, but otherwise, i think he wins every primary next tuesday. maria: wow, we'll see. outsiders no longer. bernie sanders and donald trump taking key states. we're live in detroit next. back in a minute. voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems,
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and for a limited time, get free shipping! and remember, every inmovement desk comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free! voiceover: call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's promo code freeship. stand up for your health. >> welcome back, a pair of huge wins for donald trump and vermont senator bernie sanders yet. peter doocy in detroit. >> michigan is the chance to see how donald trump's main theme, better trade deals and bringing car making back to the u.s. in an industrial state. it worked. trump won 45% of michigan voters who think that trade with other countries is costing americans jobs and he was the top choice of evangelical
8:31 am
christians and voters angry with the government and made clear last night during his victory speech in florida, he doesn't think any of the vicious attacks by candidates or outside groups against him are working. on the democratic side, that's where the surprise was in michigan. bernie sanders, backed by 81% of young voters, 71% of independents, squeeked out a very unexpected win against hillary clinton for the big delegate prize of the week. and a big question in michigan today, what happened to john kasich? he fell to third place after several days of speculation, that he could be from nearby ohio where everybody is familiar with him, possibly pulloff an upset. didn't happen. maria: peter, thank you so much. news alert, iran test firing two ballistic missiles this morning in clear violation of u.n. sanctions. the missiles, according to iran state tv are capable of hitting israel. the reports are that the words
8:32 am
"israel must be wiped out" were on those. and george mitchell served as special envoy of middle east peace under barack obama. a first on fox interview. thank you for joining the conversation. what's your reaction to iran this morning? >> it's serious concern and i think it will be taken up at the united nations security council and will pursue continued sanctions on iran over the violation of the u.n. security resolution. maria: does the u.s. need to do more or communicate that it's doing more, given the fact it's not the first time that iran is violating the rules that we just agreed to with this most recent nuclear agreement? >> well, pursuing action at the united nations, increasing our own sanctions over missile actions, i think, is aggressive action. i think we should continue to do so. i do not believe this in any
8:33 am
way undermines or affects the u.s.-iran agreement with britain, france, germany, china over the iran nuclear program. the fact is, of course, that-- >> why not, senator? you can divorce those two issues? can you really separate, yes? >> of course, of course, if you take the position that you have to solve all the problems before you solve any problem, you'd never solve anything. the fact is since that agreement has reached iran has reduced its operating centrifuges by two-thirds, refused its enriched uranium by 98%, disabled a major reactor and is subject to the most intrusive inspection program any country has ever faced. iran will continue to take actions in the region, adverse to our interests. maria: yeah. >> it's been a factor there for 2,500 years and it's going to continue to be a factor and we have to oppose those actions,
8:34 am
but the reality is that their actions will be less effective without a nuclear weapon than they would have been had they been pursuing a nuclear weapon. maria: mayor guiliani. you're headed to israel and going to israel next week. >> on saturday, correct. maria: a palestinian man went on a stabbing rampage in tel aviv that left one person ted, ten wounded and the man killed was an american student and army veteran. vice-president biden was in the region as well. are we seeing a breakdown of middle east relations? >> you're seeing continuing breakdown of the middle eastern relations. i think it's gotten much, much worse since the arab spring, since president obama participated in the overthrow of mubarak, and participated in the overthrough of gadhafi, which was absurd. gadhafi was completely neutered, no reason to overthrow him and now we have a
8:35 am
terrorist haven there, and i think, even though i hate to disagree with senator mitchell, so much respect for him. iran cannot be trusted, they're spitting in our face and we have an agreement i have no doubt they'll cheat on. i think we're being naive in having an agreement with them. the sanctions should be increased, the agreement should be abrogated and we should say the heck with you and go back to the sanctions that we had before, and put their economy in havoc that it was in before and then maybe we could get a real agreement in which we stop them from not only having nuclear material, but firing missiles. missiles and nuclear material should not be in the hands of homicidal maniacs. and they are homicidal maniacs. they have killed millions of people. the ayatollah is a mass murderer. i wish we would wake up to that. maria: senator, what about that? >> well, of course, the mayor says we should go back to the sanks as they were before. there is no possibility of
8:36 am
that. the agreement was not just between the united states and iran, it was between the united states, china, britain, france, germany and russia. maria: but the u.s. led it. >> the u.s. led it, no doubt about it. but there's absolutely no doubt that universal sanctions are far more effective than unilateral sanctions and that's what brought iran to the table and after the agreement was reached, all five of the other countries, china, russia, britain, france and germany made clear they would not continue the sanctions if the united states rejected the agreement. so, it's a fantasy to say let's go back to the sanctions that exited before. universal sanctions are what brought them to the table and forced them to effectively dismantle their program and that's the reality. maria: which candidate for the 2016 election has the best foreign policy? >> well, i'm a democrat. [laughter] i'm a democrat and i support
8:37 am
secretary clinton so i think she has the best. maria: what about bernie sanders? >> i think that secretary clinton has the best policy. >> i think she was a disaster as secretary of state. maria: secretary of state? >> every single situation she took over in the world got worse by the time she left and i can't think of a single situation that she helped with. the first thing she did was reset the relationship with russia. maria: right the reset. >> which was absurd and gave up the nuclear defense in czech republic and poland which she never should have. here is what i don't understand about the obama administration, they give things up and get nothing in return. we give up the nuclear defense of the czech republic and poland. we reset the relationship with russia and now we've made putin the world power that he wasn't before. we give things away without getting back in return. we open up relationships with cuba. what did we get for it? we didn't even get shezmalt who
8:38 am
murdered a state trooper. we have political prisoners there, this is an administration that doesn't negotiate, selling your house and don't get paid for it. maria: this is what a big portion of what people believe. >> was the policy with cuba working for 50 years. maria: is it working for america? >> of course, it will work for america. it's the best thing to do because it makes sense after 50 years of a policy that failed, you're saying you want to continue that? so my view is, he asked what did secretary clinton do? she was the architect, the beginning of the program that led to the iranian nuclear agreement. you may not think that's a good deal, but the fact is that iran now is not in the position to have a nuclear weapon, will not be, and in my judgment will never have a nuclear weapon and if they do-- >> why not? how do you-- >> let me. >> the agreement to have a
8:39 am
nuclear weapon for 15 years and allows them to have nuclear weapons after 15 years and what you said before, senator, is the reason why it was a bad deal. now, all of these countries have taken their sanctions away and we can't put them back, which means we have to depend on iran keeping its word. which it will not. it's proven, it lies. they lie consistently. they're shooting missiles off as they're trying to implement this agreement, it's almost absurd to think that they're not going to cheat and meanwhile, murdering people in iran in large, large numbers. >> first off, the agreement provides that iran will not nuclear weapon, saying the agreement pro a nuclear-- >> and this is not a case of our trusting them. if they do cheat, the united states is in a very strong position to marshal an international force led by the united states, including
8:40 am
military action, if necessary, to prevent them from getting a weapon. that would not have been the case had the agreement been rejected and we could not have gone back to the international sanctions that existed before because china, russia, britain, france and germany made absolutely clear, they would not consent to continuing sanctions if the united states rejected the treaty. they have part of the treaty. it's a positive step for the united states, it's a positive step for israel, and reduces the likelihood of iran having a nuclear weapon and thereby reduces. maria: aren't they still producing uranium? in iran. >> yes. maria: why wouldn't that lead ultimately to another nuclear weapon? >> we reduced their enriched uranium total capacity, the amount that they hold by 98%. they're enriching it, but not to a level that is capable of producing nuclear weapons.
8:41 am
they are entitled to enrich uranium for peaceful and other purposes as a signatory to the nuclear nonproliferation regime. they are not enriching to the level needed to produce nuclear weapons. >> why would iran need the peaceful use of nuclear power? it's an energy rich country, that's always been an absurdity. it's absurd that secretary clinton and secretary kerry and barack obama even entertain the thought of that. they said that to me, i'd laugh at them and say, what are you kidding? the peaceful use of nuclear power for iran, an energy rich country? >> the united states-- this is a subterfuge to their becoming a nuclear power. if we don't recognize who and what the ayatollah is, president writing letters to him begging him for this agreement. this man is a mass murderer, it's like making an agreement with hitler. maria: is there a difference
8:42 am
between ayatollah and others try. >> first on nuclear power, the united states is the largest producer of oil and natural gas now, aggregate in the world, we have a nuclear power industry. so, his argument simply makes no sense, many, many countries look to diversify their energy, their energy sources, including nuclear power. secondly, this is not a case of trusting iran. they have the most intrusive inspection regime of any country in history and if they cheat, it will be discovered and we will take action to prevent them from getting weapons. maria: we'll see the u.n.'s reaction to the newest weapons. thank you, senator, along with mayor guiliani. we'll be right back. stay with us. every day you read headlines about businesses
8:43 am
being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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>> welcome back, an interesting mix of titans and leaders had a meeting in georgia. >> this is the aei world forum in georgia, a confab of billionaires and capitol hill. bill crystal was there and it took on a theme of trump this
8:47 am
year, he said the specter of world forum and specter of donald trump, unhappiness about his emergence. a good deal of talks about why he's done so well and many expressions of hope that he would be defeated. we called a bunch of people who attended this meeting and we found out who was there. we heard from elon musk, senator paul ryan, and others, they were meeting there in an off the record secretive meeting talking about the issues of the day. on the agenda, the economy, jobs, wages, inequality, middle east, isis, the threat of russia and putin, and that's when we asked elon musk, what wa onop hismi. kep it fe, he wnly erto ge aalk on innion. he t foxusins h believes in spoin asonle cditeshowing wiom i theactis, no one is perct a eat f all. ts isui meeting to com
8:48 am
out of the world forum. there was discussion of donald trump. although it did not necessarily dominate the conversation. > why can't the people be trump-- why can't they say what they mean? take a shot. he's an outsider, not one of them, they're not sure of his policies, but i go with the ronald reagan theory, my 80% friend is not by 20% enemy. trump is where he is and they should be happy he's gotten so much attention for the republican party because all of them combined weren't able to get that attention. maria: do you think they're going to back off or a brokered convention. >> they're going to support him. maria: they're going to support them. >> you're going to see donald
8:49 am
come more to the middle, i don't mean on issues, but i mean in the way he conducts himself. he doesn't need to be as-- >> rough antrumble. dagen: as trumparian. [laughter] >> do you believe in him saying i can be a uniter? >> absolutely, no question about it. the man would not have had the success he had unless he was a uniter. take building a golf course, to build a golf course you have to unite people, he's built great buildings and great business. you don't do that by fighting with everybody all the time. he fights when he has to time and he negotiates when he has to negotiate. maria: which is why he's getting democratic votes as well. >> he wouldn't do something as stupid as giving up the defense of the czech republic and poland for nothing. when we made that agreement, putin looked at hillary and he looked at obama and he said, boy, they're-- they're suckers. i mean, i can take them for anything.
8:50 am
they're going to give up something that we fought for for 30 years, ronald reagan walked out over, and they gave it up, what did it get in return? i think putin probably had a whole bunch of things willing to offer, you don't want them, okay, thank you. now i know who to take advantage of and how to take advantage of them. maria: thank you very much. we'll be right back. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected.
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♪ ♪ it's just another day ♪ >> oh, yeah, just another day. you're looking at a video of a loose tiger cub causing a major traffic jam in qatar. the tiger believed to be a pet
8:54 am
was found later napping on somebody's car. nicole petallides with the other can't miss clips. nicole: that's pretty cute. another clip to watch. that's adorable, i love it. crazy. i don't know if you'd be nervous or what. and let's talk about the clips that we're seeing. nervous. [laughter] millions of people across indonesia and the pacific were able to see an eclipse, parts of the region fell into complete darkness, in fact. the eclipse began in the morning at 6:19 a.m. local time as the moon started to pass in front of the sun. it was total in indonesia. parts of australia experience add a partial eclipse. this video, a car veers off, did you see the reporter jump of out of the way. veers off the road in california and nearly takes out of a reporter.
8:55 am
the reporter was able to get out of the way just on top and no one was injured in that crash and apparently he said it was the cameraman who said watch out, and he took a chance and got lucky, jumped the correct way and escaped injury. maria: unbelievable. thank you, futures pointing to gains about 30 minutes away from the opening bell. twitter is on fire with commentary about rudy guiliani. go rudy. we'll tell you about it next, tell you about it in a minute.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> welcome back. final thoughts right now, mr. mayor? i'll start with you. >> well, i think it's all, but certain that donald is going to be the nominee. i think he's going to win florida. he wins ohio, it will be over really, really early. otherwise, i just don't see the math for anyone else and i don't see if he goes into the convention a few votes off the majority that you can keep it from him. there would be a revolution. he goes in with 1100 votes and 1231 to 1271 and give it to somebody else, rubio, there would be a revolution, and we'd lose the election. unless something goes wrong-- >> you're not expecting a brokered convention then? >> i think it would be a terrible mistake, you'd give the election to whoever the
8:59 am
democrat is. maria: it would look like that the republicans-- >> we would be disregarding the will of the people. why do we have these primaries, but to find out what republicans want. no one is the republican party. it's a conglomerate of people. so all of a sudden, they would be saying, oh, this guy got most of the votes, but he's not going to be candidate because he fell three short of the majority. maria: based on the following that trump has on twitter, they're going to be mad. jo: really mad. i think it would be the end of the republican party for a generation. it would be so fractured, it would be so-- it would be devastating. >> they would not get the white house back for a long time. >> it would be devastating and i think that people are going to have to get in line and trump putting together his cabinet before. dagen: hurry up and do that. one quick thing, his sweep of the south was astounding to your point. >> it's amazing, from new york and winning in the south. and i think that you'll see donald trump talking and
9:00 am
thinking more like a unifier and saying that to himself to remind himself, i've got to unify and bring things together. he had to shake everything up to get the attention and now i think you'll see him point toward a general election. maria: great insights, mayor guiliani. mcdowell and thank "varney & company," stuart, take it away. stuart: wednesday morning after the primaries, big surprise for the democrats and chaos among the republicans. good morning, everyone, bernie sanders won michigan. the polls got it wrong. his momentum looks like it's been restored. another surprise, bernie took 30% of the african-american vote and the turnout in this democrat promissory, was very strong. the republicans, donald trump won big in michigan, despite the attacks, he won by a double digit margin. the establishment guy, if i can call him that, marco rubio, he faded badly. and top democrat


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