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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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a victory in three out of four states. a surprise win for senator sanders on the democratic side. charles payne, my colleague will have more on all of last night's results. we'll spin forward to next tuesday. making money tarts now. -- starts now. charles: brand-new fox news gop polls from florida and ohio. john kasich ahead of donald trump in ohio. kasich leading at 34%, trump, 29%, cruz 19% and rubio 7%. in florida trump is 43 point and rubio 20. 63% of republican voters there say they feel betrayed by their party.
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does this sound familiar? maybe this explains trump's powerful lead. 39% of the voters who feel betrayed say donald trump is their man. there are raise of hope for marco rubio in florida. 8% of voters list trump will be as their second choice. marco rubio is at 20%. look at this. 56% believe illegals should be legalized and allowed to work in the united states. so maybe that gaining of 8 could help him in the 8 of florida. kasich in ohio is the top choice and second choice. that means, you know what? people who aren't thinking about him, who haven't chosen him yet web many near the top of their list. i have got an amazing panel to help me start it out.
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monica crowley, tammy bruce. monica, i'm glad you came in. you know, the polls are interesting. i know some people become somewhat sceptical and cynical. but they tell a story. i think the story, ohio is competitive. florida not so much. >> polls give you a snapshot of where the voting electorate is at any given point. this poll is particularly striking to me because the gap is so huge between donald trump and marco rubio. we have known at trump has had a substantial lead for a very long time, so this is nothing new. the fact that marco rubio has essentially collapsed over the last week is reinforced in his poll in his home state. it's not on over for him in this race. but it might be over for his political career going forward.
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>> i think especially after michigan and the democrats when you talk about poms and how wrong they can be, that's the problem. when it comes to kasich and mr. rubio you are looking at numbers that aren't necessarily even assimilating what's happened in the next couple days. plus anything that will happen over this weekend leading up to tuesday. every day will be watched. you have got the debate, the other ads hitting. you have got things like carly fiorina's endorsement of ted cruz. you have got a bunch of of other things leading into this. late deciders break in a particular way not for mr. trump. the issue becomes ohio. mr. kasich tend to be underestimated sometimes. charles: early voting has substantially gone to donald trump. so that might prove to be the difference here. let's go to the men himself who
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put this poll together. darren, i want to start with florida. on the surface, 43-20. as i dig through this and i see adifferent sort of mindset with respect to how to treat illegals and allowing them to work, also a second choice. is there just a sliver of a chance marco rubio can make up the continues between now and next tuesday? >> man, if there is a sliver of a chance, you have got to combine some of the things you are talking about. the issue content of the poll that suggests immigration isn't an issue, you have to combine 1/5 of the electorate that says they might change their minds. and you have to hope that the margin of error is favorable to him.
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but that's a lot of ifs. charles: i guess that was the upset sanders pulled off in michigan last night, if you are hoping for something to happen, you saw it happen. let's switch to ohio. what i find interesting is that kasich's job approval is at 79%. that's absolutely huge. should that reflect a higher number over his rivals? >> i think it's an interesting point. my sense is that this ohio race is sliding towards kasich. i don't want to interpret a single poll. but you look at kasich's approval numberses a governor ohio versus rubio's numbers as a senator snr in florida. we are only talking about republicans. but they love number ohio which at least gives him a basis for assaulting trump and getting in
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race. rubio doesn't have that in florida. >> you have got the floridans have known rubio for years and years. he's a known quantity. but with governor kasich everyone those he won't be the nominee, not through this normal process. it's not just about the fun of voting for your governor. this is about the presidency and where is the momentum. charles: we have seen in some exit polls where people are saying i'm voting for the person i think can win in november. should that impact florida and ohio? >> the polls have been inconsistent with respect to trump's standing against hillary or marco rubio or john kasich. he tends to poll worse than the other candidat you their over the field down to
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four and shrinking even first after next tuesday. i think it's reasonable for republicans to ask themselves, what are we doing here? what's the end game? i think the obligation of the second, third and fourth place finishers to make that case and make it cogently. trump has been most aggressive on the polls so far. charles: mark, it looks like this ohio thing will go down to the wire. could there be an upset in your minds? >> that approval rating for rubio at 49% is among republicans. that's a terrible number for a sitting senator in his own state. i don't believe there is enough time. the thing trump has against them is tens of millions of dollars being spent in negative ads against him. but on the other hands, ted cruz actually needs donald trump to win in florida for him to get rubio out of this race.
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i do not see enough changing, enough of the under lying dynamics, particularly the terrible approval rating. we see very high numbers in exit polls for the primaries of people angry at government. look, the people on the ballot. donald trump is the one who is not in government. i think that plays a very big factor. charles: far and away that will play a role and it's already playing a role. the strategy of cruz in florida. what happens here? what -- if i'm in cruz's cam i'm not as concerned about florida, but maybe these other states where riewb yoach gets enough votes, where if he was out maybe i could have won. >> it only involves florida. that's the on place that matters.
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that's why ted cruz opened 10 offices in florida. not that he expects to win there, but he needs to side shine marco rubio and finish him off so he can have that two-man race with donald trump. i don't know, if i'm cruz or kasich and i get that phone call, i will say, sends me a postcard. does anyone want to meet with him? >> he has to look at the impact of the romney tirade. i think any action by mr. bush, he will have to consider the impact. charles: can he give someone scene extra 5-10 points? >> he was polling at 2% to 3% in his home state before he dropped out. any time someone that's establishment attacks donald trump it drives trump's support up. they have not learned the lesson yet.
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>> for ted cruz looking at next week. of the five states coming up next week. ted cruz is polling at number 3 in 3 of those states, and a close first in missouri and a close second in north carolina. so what will happen is, he's not competitive in florida or ohio. donald trump has a double-digit lead in illinois. trump is looking to pick up at least 200 delegates next week and could possibly have a 250 to 300-delegate gap ahead of ted cruz. it's not looking good in this next week. that's a big gap ted cruz will have to pick up later in winter take all states. charles: the magic number is 1,237. donald trump has one a fraction under 40% of the delegates. i know winner-take-all helps a lot. but do you see that happening?
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>> no. i don't see -- you have got a handful of winner take all states. ted cruz's strategy was built around amassing a large lead after the sec primaries. what he managed to do was stay alive. he didn't get knocked out and he has done a nice job of keeping the campaign afloat and emerging as the main challenger. it's not clear if his conservative evangelical base will be sufficient to get him near the top in the states he has to win to close the gap. >> you think donald trump will get the amount of delegates he needs before the convention? >> if he wins florida and ohio, the delegates will be irrelevant. if he wins both of them, it's done at that point. charles: if he loses either one we could go all the way? >> probably to a contested convention which is what the establishment wants and what
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senator cruz wants. he wants to be able to splinter votes and get into a two-man race and deny him the requisite number of delegates. charles: thanks a lot. donald trump claiming he would be the unifier of the republican party. do you agree? tweet me your thoughts. we'll hash that out when we come back.,
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>> i say let's come together, folks, we are going to win. believe it or not, i'm a unifier. you look at all the things i built all over the world. i'm a unifier. i get along with people. i think it's time to unify. we have something special going on in the republican party.
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and unfortunately the people of the party, those are the people that don't respect it yet. charles: that was donald trump claiming he is a unifier and he will be the unifier of the republican party. but a brand-new fox news poll said 20% of ohio voters say they won't vote for donald trump if he's the nominee. he has his work cut out if he's going to be the unifier. let me start with you, steve. i know donald trump has been your guy from day one. you always tell me everyone loves donald trump. we know that's not necessarily true. what does he have to do to get the people who haven't bought into him yet. >> there is a biblical scripture that says a house divide cannot stand. the gop doesn't get. the gop is causing the division.
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look at what they are throwing at donald trump. he has been trying to unite the party an has been reaching out to people. he united the american people. a little rest stop with that train this weekend but he's going all the way. charles: well-known conservatives on the conservative side say they will never get on the trump train. if you are going to be a uniter sooner or later you have to start working that magic. if you are elected to the white house you have got to get things done. >> trump will have to extend the olive branch. we can't beat hillary clinton if everyone is not on board. but it's not a done deal yet. trump is not yet the nominee. for him to change his tactics if i were advising him would be political malpractice.
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the republican party would be suicidal if they didn't rally around donald trump. charles: i have no doubt if he gets the delegates he wouldn't get the mom nation. they wouldn't dare. it sounds like donald trump was trying to lower expectations. but rubio, he may cop out swinging, and it won't take long for to us hear about little marco and lyin' ted. >> donald trump is pivoting to a general elect posture. he's talking about unifying the party. he spent time on the phone with paul ryan, the speaker of the house. he's trying to get different element of the party to get i to the acceptance moved his nomination. this race has some life tonight, especially if you ask nor ted cruz who want to go one-on-one with donald trump. a lot of the one-on-one polls
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shows ted cruz trounces him. he wants to force trump into a one-on-one race. trump has amassed enough delegates where he will likely remain the leader. >> trump i a unique political animal. he has he self general election positions where he will need to change his tone and rhetoric. he has the media i.q. of einstein. >> i think he's beginning to do that by talking unity. they have to come on board. >> in terms of style, we are talking about his brash demeanor. that carried him very far. i wrote my column about this in the times.
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the democrats always put up street fighters for decade and they have won. we love gentlemen, but they don't necessarily win the presidency. trump is going against the clinton machine. >> i do keep saying, though, sort of like these old school republicans fighting with the old rules of boxing. he came in with that mma street fighter style. a record number of gop voters have been casting their ballots in the primary states. what does it mean in a general election. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. >> one of the things i'm most happy about is the turnout has been massive for every week. whether it's south carolina. any place. it started with new hampshire
6:24 pm
and it really -- iowa, no matter where you go, it's records. i think it' the single biggest story in politics today. what's happening at the booth it's a tremendous number of people coming out to vote. charles: that was donald trump speaking of the droafts of republican voters who have come out to the primaries. 17.3% of eligible gop voters have cast ballots in primary states. how much credit does donald trump get. joining me now, tammy bruce and stacy washington. welcome to the show. this thus am gap the republicans are thrilled about, does this give them edge or does it mean
6:25 pm
anything between now and a general election? >> the enthusiasm is part there are fights going on between rubio and cruz supporters. people are unfriending each other on facebook. some of my exchanges on facebook and social media, i wonder, are these the same people i knew three, four, five months ago before we started pick our candidates? the primary is a temporary condition man the end we have to stand shoulder to shoulder if we want to vanquish hillary clinton. charles: people who were best friends. they would go through each other's backyards. they picked up rifles and started shooting. we know a lot of people are
6:26 pm
voting. can the gop find a way to turn it around and foirnlgt into something concrete come november? >> the coalition is already there. if you take a look at the exit polls. trump has a general election coalition. he's taking votes across the board from moderate to conservatives to evangelicals. in the 2012 race, that winnable election was lost by marco rubio because 4.5 million voters stayed home. those voters were largely conservative and evangelical. guess who's showing up in the primaries? 80% of them were evangelical voters. what trump has been doing from the beginning is building a coalition. i spoke to the reporters who cover these races. you know what is telling? they can't stand it when they get assigned to a hillary
6:27 pm
clinton campaign. they love bernie sanders. charles: those conservatives that mark talked about, a lot of them, well-known conservatives said they would never vote for donald trump and perhaps they won't come out in november. >> that's 5 compared to 7 million more. that's fine. i think that's to send a signal. but mark is correct. the numbers are enormous. when a party is coming in, the democrats have to try to even get to the 2008 level. they are nowhere near that. charles: that is a record level for them. >> even past that. they have got to get to that and more. this will -- i always said the gop nominee will be the president despite what you hear about not being able to beat hillary. charles: right now from 2012 even the democrats are up. but they are so far behind with
6:28 pm
the republicans. more than half the voters in both parties described trade as a job killer. international trade, no one likes it. 6 in 10 democrats supported bernie sanders and trump out polling all his republican candidates when it comes to the same thing. we'll talk about the issue of trade and does it help or hurt americans. be careful what you ask for. we'll be right back. edict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> the only thing i can say that some people would say i could not serve is trade but that's because i want fair trade. i want free trade but free trade you have to have smart people on both sides and we don't have smart people our sides. it's got to be fair tried or as you would say fair and balanced trade. okay? charles: well, that was donald trump making his pitch if you will for more balanced trade. he calls it fair trade. countries part of the proposed transpacific partnership taken away 1,200 jobs in ohio last year alone. but i'm not sure how they arrived at the number. i looked it he report, and i've got to tell you something. to a certain degree it flies in the face of conventional are wisdom. but we know this is a major issue on both sides of the island. mississippi -- take a look at this. large portions of voters there felt trade was an economic job
6:33 pm
killer. now, according to the roundtable, the benefits in ohio, they're missed. created 1.5 million jobs, more over if we do end into a trade deal, consumers will have to pay a lot more for stuff like tvs and computers. it's going to hit poor people and middle class really hard. so there's no doubt we have to figure out a way to get better trade, maybe fair trade but will a fair trade be it? do we unravel? i've got the best. because it can't be protectionism or socialism. joining me now george and stacy washington. let me start with you, steve. fair treed, free trade, help us how here. >> it has got to be free trade, charles. and you pointed to ohio. ohio's been a great job creator. why? because john kasich as governor has reduced taxes, gotten spending under control. that's how you turn this country around. charles: so if i live in ohio, and i'm wopping this right now, that's what i'm saying
6:34 pm
this guy steve forbes is nuts. 100,000 manufacturing jobs down to 600. and nasa took it, currency manipulation and so-called free trade took my job. >> ohio lost jobs from the 2000 to 2008 when john kasich took over precisely because of that lousy economic policies. they've been on a tax raising binge, other binges. you look at manufacturing in this country. go to auto plants in the south where they didn't do silly things like detroit in terms of management. they are now thriving. manufacturing jobs are actually going up in this country. gets absolutely no publicity. so if you want to turn the country around, i wrote a book on it called reviving america. you do the flat tax, cut taxes, and you have to control health care. charles: let me ask you about it in a moment. but you're a very successful businesswoman, you've been all around the world. you understand how this works. people on both sides whether it's bernie sanders saying he'll take a socialistic approach or protectionism and high tariffs.
6:35 pm
just ohio alone, ohio has 16,000 businesses that export. 89% of them are small businesses. it's 16 -- it's $64 billion a year. how do you change everything without jeopardizing that? >> well, you can't. i mean the fact is that the -- these trade deals actually work. this is what our politicians haven't said is this is driven by technology and productivity. that's where the job losses came. not because of the trade. but none of that matters because it's about perception. and the perception is if these trade deals cause job loss. and perception in politics is reality. so we've got to get someone who can win and make those people feel that are disenfranchised because they feel they've lost their jobs because they've gone overseas bring them in and explain to them. that doesn't mean that these
6:36 pm
deals can't be better. charles: right. >> but the reality is it's really about other things that they don't understand. . charles: well, stacy, you know, everyone's seen this video. these carrier employees two or three weeks ago been told to our faces that these jobs going through mexico. that's what echoing throughout this country right now. >> absolutely, charles, and i think one thing we have to look at is the impact that unionization having on these work places. some of these manufacturing jobs have left nonright to work states to go to right to work states. and some of the issues we're seeing are related to -- it's a number of factors that are playing a role in whether or not states and cities and towns are business friendly. the high taxation is a huge issue. and any republican on our side, any of our nominees is going to be addressing that with their policy. on the other hand, we have hillary clinton who announced a couple of days ago, charles, that she's planning on destroying. charles: right. >> the fracking industry. charles: yeah. >> people in ohio and
6:37 pm
pennsylvania should pay close attention to that because that's that will impact their jobs in a negative way. charles: no doubt about it, guys. but this thing is so much more complicated than i think a lot of folks know. and we're going to make some serious decisions here in the next few days and months. thank you very much. seven years ago there was a withering bear market and then it hit the bottom. nasdaq a probable rebound began and i can tell you right now the bears are still angry and still upside down. but we're not. we'll talk about the market next
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charles: well, the bull market turned seven years today. can you imagine seven years ago when people were selling billions and billions of dollars of socks at huge losses? we can make it back. it's not too late. we'll talk about it next
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is >> we know the challenges we have. >> i'm going to do what's right for you.
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>> no, ma'am. powerful political night. on the road getting voters answers from every gop candidate. >> america has a choice. >> we're in this together. >> it all starts with john kasich. at 9:00 megan sits down with cruz and 10:00 donald trump sits down with kennedy and 11:00 marco rubio in florida. tonight only on fox news channel. charles: we do have breaking news for you. marco rubio just now saying to megyn kelly moments ago he is not dropping out of the race. take a listen. >> is to just follow up, the reports because now from cnn and then one from cbs and been one from fox business that you have had discussions with people on your team about dropping out of this race before florida. >> no. >> and possibly even -- >> that is 100% categoryically false. i have never discussed dropping out with anyone on my
6:42 pm
team or anyone on planet earth or anyone with any planet for that matter. i am not dropping out of this race. we're going to fight this thing through tuesday and win florida and go on. [airs tonight 11:00 p.m. eastern time on fox news. you should be happy about that. we're actually going to talk more about it in this show too. in the meantime happy 7th birthday to the bull market born in the midst worst investment armageddon in 1929. this rally has been dismissed, hated through the masses through the whole run and yet found ways to resolute, go higher. i know a lot of it has to do with the federal reserve. but they are stepping back, and i know that the skeptics have been calling for a large bull run. we are down for the year but in the middle right now of a pretty impressive rebound and i think we're on the cusp of a leg higher. now, the week was the increase
6:43 pm
of gasoline and that put a floor on stocks and the management picking up cheap gas, which it should, it will be perceived positively. meanwhile sessions have been taking on a more positive tone on those blue chip names, in fact, that will explain today why there were 86 new highs versus 6 new lows on the new york stock exchange. you cannot take that dream vacation or have this golden years if you're not going to get involved in this market. so keep that in mind at 17150, 17,150 breaking out through there the dow that will be the next launching pad. speaking of which, i offered you guys for you are free names on the show as my watch list three weeks ago. coming up this week they're up an average 7.4% versus 3% for the dow. that ain't too bad. in my daily commentary and go to my website ww.w also tonight you don't want to miss kennedy. speaking with eagles of death
6:44 pm
medal singer jessie how do you see. remember those guys? they were the guys who were playing the concert doing a terrorist attack in paris last fall. the major get. now bombshells here. he alleges that security guards at the concert hall may have been involved in helping the attackers. in fact, here's a sneak peek. >> was there anything about that night that was strange or off? other than seeing these people and their expressions looking at a place. >> when i first got to the venue and walked in, i walked past the dude who was supposed to be the security guard for backstage, he didn't even look at me. i said who is that guy? i want to put another dude on. and he said, well, some of the other guards aren't here yet. and eventually i found out that six or so wouldn't show up at all. >> why is that? >> you know, out of respect for the police still investigating, i won't make a definite statement, but i'll say it seems rather obvious that they had a reason not to show up.
6:45 pm
charles: this is really amazing stuff. in fact, an exclusive two-part interview starts tonight on kennedy and that's 8:00 p.m. right here on fox business. so who was more hard line on immigration? ted cruz or donald trump? who's going to protect those borders best? tweet me @cvpayne. we'll be right back and we'll discuss it i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes
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>> tremendous crime with people that are coming into this country. and that includes -- when some come in legally. we have to bring in the right people. it shouldn't just be by a lottery system. >> donald trump funded five of those eight members of the gang of eight. >> unstable in all of his ways.
6:49 pm
>> now, you don't get to pretend to be opposed to amnesty when you are funding the people. charles: well, that was donald trump and ted cruz discussing immigration. trump propelled to the forefront of this gop race after advocating for stronger immigration policies. we all know it. building the wall and so forth. but according to numbers usa, it's an immigration restriction group. they say donald trump's immigration policies are good, but they only gave them a b plus. on the other hand they gave ted cruz an a. meanwhile a brand-new fox news poll shows gop primary voters in florida are support setting up a system for illegal immigrants who actually become legal. but only 33%, in fact, favored deportation. back with me steve forbes, gorget. gorget, who is going to be strong on this? we know the rhetoric, but how do you think have the right ideas that will work? >> well, both of them are nuanced on their policies,. charles: like, a 50-foot wall
6:50 pm
versus a 60-foot wall? >> exactly. i think because donald has really made this the centerpiece of his campaign, he will build that wall. i don't doubt that for one moment. and i have to believe -- but both of them, this is a really visceral issue for both of them. it would be really difficult. i really can't answer the question who would be stronger? because there's not much different. there are two views on it, and i do believe both of them are very serious. charles: yeah. steve, some people say cruz has got somewhat of a mixed track record if you will on immigration. i know he attempted to do certain things. maybe go look to get along kind of stuff. how do you think really -- and are you in favor of this sort of strong immigration policy? >> well, for national security, you should know who's coming into the country. and we've turned a blind eye on this for 30 years.
6:51 pm
we had needs in the economy. charles: would you export all the illegals? >> no. that's not going to happen. trump's not going to be able to make that happen. you're not going to take 11 million people, kids and put them on boxcars and ship them to mexico. that's not going to happen. the question is what do you do about future immigration? and there donald trump is sounding liberal. he's saying we've got to reform the system and that means compromise. ted cruz knows in the senate there are various things that have to be done. in terms of a wall? yes, trump will build a wall, it's going to be a beautiful wall that will probably have a golf course there. charles: a little gold leaf here and there? >> yeah. charles: mark, let me ask you. i know you're a trump guy no doubt about it. but do you see any differences in their plans and who gives you most confidence? >> i do see differences. you know, ted cruz has tried to move to the right on trump on this issue. trump has jumped on h one and talked about flexibility. but, you know, if you take a look at polls from last
6:52 pm
night -- manies 50% of the voters supported deporting illegal aliens. and in michigan it was 40%. but, you know, charles, here's what i think matters the most is what resonates is the simplest message. build the wall. voters remember as steve pointed out from '86 we got snookered by the democrats and the wall was never built. the reality is regardless of what maybe happened and the differences here, people are turning to trump because they believe he will do that. you know, on a parallel basis -- charles: real quick. mark, i'm sorry we're running out of time. will -- and you've got to give me a yes or no. will donald trump deport 11 to 15 million people? >> he will definitely deport people. it won't be 11 million people . charles: all right. guys, let's leave it there. marco's on the brink. cruz gets carly in a battle for the gop just warming up we'll talk about it when we come back next
6:53 pm
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>> you got a little naughty on the campaign trail. >> that is not who i am. i would do it differently, my kids were embarrassed by it, my wife didn't like it, that is not who i am. you regret that. >> i do. charles: well, that marco rubio and megyn kelly, they are taping it, you can watch it tonight 11 p.m., see she will have one with ted cruz at 9 p.m. 5 states still ahead on tuesday. key is two that we're talking about ohio, florida, 99 delegates in florida, 66 in ohio. it is a winner takes all.
6:57 pm
this one in florida, state where many say marco must make a stand. with me now tammy bruce, stacey washington, joined by ford and mercedes, mercedes, your assessment going into soupy tuesday if you will. >> donald trump has been dominating. with that said, we have the debate in miami, marco rubio's home turf. at university of miami, where rubio went to law school. expects a strong debate portfolio by marco rubio. it will take -- a miracle for marco rubio to win in florida. but i am he trying to go back to the positive, policy orient rubio. and take that last chance to
6:58 pm
see if he can take florida. that would make it tougher for trump to get to the number of 1237. charles: he sounded contrite. in that clip, little americ marco did you not want to play the game any more, it did get under donald trump's skin. >> it did, but this not a frat house, the problem with marco rubio. he took someone's advice, it was bad, he went with it, it hurt him, that is the same situation with "gang of 8", that is his story. we don't know what tong -- to think of him, amazing situation to be in. he used senate to get somewhere else, can't show anything for it. people of florida are maybe a a ambivalent at best.
6:59 pm
maybe if he were vice president for 8 years, maybe the republicans could control the white house for 16. charles: stacey, today ted cruz gotten dors am of carly fiorina. -- got the endorsement of carly fiorina, does that make a difference? >> i think it will with some voters, the bigger issue is future as tammy mentioned. someone who is very young. if he looks forward to running for presidency, losing florida this go is a death nel. i would love to see him, she is not going to win, trump is going to win florida. he seems to come in a close second, i don't think it would be cruz. he has to look at exiting the race, throwing his support to someone he can rally for. trying to salvage of what left of hid reputation after a brute at campaign season for him. charles: ford, we ran out of
7:00 pm
time, yes or no, do you think rubio get out before or after. >> after, his career not over. charles: wow thank you. >> we really appreciate it,ure numbers have been through the roof. lou dobbs is next. >> i am lou dobbs, donald trump close ing to securing the republican presidential nomination, with impressive victories in three states last night. michigan, mississippi and hawaii, trump pulled it off despite a barrage of attack ads from all quarters against him. >> it was an amazing evening, i don't think i have ever had so many horribling horrible things said about me in one week. i am what that shows more than anything else, advertising is not as important as competent.


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