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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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trump appears to be trying to calm troubled waters. he says he doesn't want to see anybody hurt at his rallies. by the way, no interruption yet to the rally that's taking place right there. neil, it's yours. neil: all right. thank you very much, stuart, we're watching that rally too because these days almost any event encourages some protesters. there was one earlier on the day. he or she i don't know which was not ushered out of that room. we're watching it closely. happening in hickory, north carolina. one of the big states up for grabs tomorrow. it's not a winner take allstate, but it will be proportionally handed out. donald trump is favored to win that state. the latest count has 40 to 60 delegates, ted cruz 370, marco rubio 163, john kasich at 63. flipping over to the democratic side where we have hillary clinton thanks to this super delegates way up front
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with 1231, 576 for bernie sanders. so everything up for grabs tomorrow, including about 367 republican delegates. 792 democratic ones. obviously florida and ohio are getting attention. you can understand why. the winner take all states. ohio where the polls are just about even. and florida where marco rubio is in the fight of his life. blake burman in miami with the very latest and now the sunshine state is faring. sir. >> hi, neil, yeah, that's a good way to put it. marco rubio is indeed fighting for his political future. it was in 2010 that he carried the state and his senate race with 50% of the vote and a three-person race. now it is a four-person race and the numbers show that rubio is nowhere near there and not really even approaching donald trump in this winner take allstate. 99 delegates. the latest polling came out just a little while ago from university. let me show you the numbers real quick.
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it has trump all the way up at 44%. rubio trailing by 17 points at 27. there have been a slew of polls here. and about the last 24 to 48 hours or so in florida. and this kind of fits with the theme. rubio trailing in the high teens, either low 20s. the real clear polling average has rubio down 18 this poll 17. today rubio is going to be all up and down the state of florida. he is starting in the northern part of the state. will be driving down, making four stops. ending his day here in the miami area, which is his hometown. and he is trying to tell just about anybody who is willing to listen despite this numbers, he feels he's got a real chance to win this thing tomorrow. >> tomorrow's a day where we're going to shock the country. and we're going to do what needs to be done. we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. and it's going to give us the momentum we need to go into arizona and utah. and beyond.
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>> neil, just a couple of numbers to throw at you real can quick. here in florida there's both early voting and absentee voting. 2million people have voted in this state. on the republican side, it's 1.1 million. on the democratic side about 805,000. that is potentially significant because more republicans have cast their ballots so far as an early absentee as democrats. however, in florida there are more democrats than republicans. 4.5million to 4.2 million. so that potentially suggests that trump enthusiasm that we've been seeing all over the country, the rubio people might want to see it's enthusiasm for their candidate. but like we've seen so far, more voters coming in on the republican side than democratic. neil,. neil: all right. thank you very, very much. i just want to alert you. and speaking of florida, sarah palen has canceled the plan. we have no idea why. but back to this event with
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chris christie before we get into the deal here, this is chris christie on the new jersey papers expressing frustration that he is spending still so much time out of state. so what is in it for chris christie as he sort of plays the talk show host roll here asking donald trump questions as a moderator with an audience. a large trump audience as to why he would be a good president. donald trump that is. the there. what do you think of chris christie's role as of has been a commonplace. he travels a great deal with donald trump. has already raised the eye of the newspapers he should leave office if he's going to spend so much time away from the state. cynically, you wonder what he's after. maybe he genuinely does support donald trump and campaigns -- what do you think's going on here? >> oh, i think he's looking for for his next job.
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he's not looking like he's going to finish up strong as a second term governor of new jersey. he spent a lot of time running for president himself. and now he's spending a lot of time helping donald trump. and most people believe that he's looking for a position as attorney general or something in a trump administration. neil: well, that would be a given. with any candidate, i mean he would be a default choice whether you like him or not. it's prosecutorial skills are pretty legion there. >> right. neil: but do you think he's hanging on simple higher than the running may the spot? >> maybe. you know, neil, i actually think he's a better surrogate for donald trump. particularly in light of what happened this weekend than someone like sarah palin. someone like donald trump who has really doubled down on what happened as his rallies ilitynterviews yesterday, he for his rhetoric, which you heard jake tapper at that debate on thursday night list quote after quote after quote from donald trump. i think in this time where he's seen as increasingly divisive even more so than he
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was five days ago, he would be much smarter campaigning with someone like chris christie or ben carson or even jeff sessions, the people who've endorsed him who were more sort of governing figures than someone like sarah palin. and, again, i don't know why -- just like you, that event was canceled. neil: yeah. >> but he needs -- if he's a unifier, he needs to say he is. and i think chris christie is more helpful to him than some other surrogates. neil: yeah, i focus on this too much. but something i raised with chris christie when we were in new hampshire hours before he got the bad news that he didn't perform so well there. he was open to that idea even then. but if you argue the traditional role of a running mate is to be that attack dog or carry the in your face mission of the campaign, he would be good at that. but i'm wondering the dangers. if you look at donald trump as a front-runner, which he is for now. and you listen to donald trump saying that he needs an established politician to sort
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of ease people's angst about this being a renegade ticket, christie could fit that bill. >> absolutely. and we know he's very good at attacking hillary clinton and that is the role of the vp candidate. to really take that on. even though i don't think that -- it would be entirely delegated to the vp if donald trump were the top of the ticket. neil: that's true. >> but, yes, chris christie is very articulate and very effective attacker. that was the appeal that he would be one of the best people to take on hillary clinton. and i think that, you know, he could be -- he's a good fit for the vp job for donald trump who's going to look for someone who has governed and who has had executive experience in government. and i think chris christie would be happy to take the job. everyone says they don't want vp, neil. but a heartbeat away from the president. neil: you're right. so many have become presidents that route. let me ask you something what has happened with the violence at some of the trump events, and it's obviously focusing more attention on the
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candidates tone. candidate goes out and says you don't get this with other campaigns because their numbers are so much smaller. and i'm not the one galvanizing these protesters. media matters and some of these other left wing sites. the ones forming this avengers of liberal causes to target him and to embarrass him. what do you make of that? >> you know, that might be true. but i think once it becomes a sort of narrative about your campaign. and i go back to this quotes that were read to him as a debate. none of which he denied and none of which he promised to say ever again. he did not indicate that he was going to reverse course. either at the debate thursday night or what happened in chicago. and friday night or any of his interviews of his many interviews yesterday. so what -- what i think is if he's trying to tell the rest of the party to unite behind him, particularly voters in the general electorate unite behind him, and he's trying to be president of the united states, which is a job had a
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requires more than a fighting attitude of the leader of an insurgency, he's going to have to respond even it organized protests with a more unifying and calming voice and not sort of double down and encourage people to fight back like ben carson was saying in an interview this morning. trump supporters that rallies might have to. it's just not going to help. earlier needing to position himself now as someone who can unite and actually be president which in and of itself is more than just a job. you really are the leader of the free world and eventually he's going to have to show the decency and dignity and calm and measure that that job requires in order to win over republicans who is they'll never vote for him. democrats and independents alike. neil: we shall see. thank you very much. good seeing you. >> thanks. neil: well, john kasich has been saying and was telling me again this past weekend that the problem isn't so much donald trump insight crowds as much as providing the environment that does.
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listen to this. neil: what did you think of what happened last night? >> well, i didn't see it until i got back to my hotel room. and, you know, frankly donald has created a very toxic environment. and it's really dividing people. neil: well, turns out the kasich match communications advisor, and i always think that you guys are giving donald trump a bad name on this. he gets tens of thousands who go to his events. surely just a fraction of those given the numbers will act up and rant and rave and we've already gotten indications these are coordinated attacks in many situations. so can it all be pegged to donald trump? >> no. it certainly can't. the people are responsible for the protest at these events and disruption are the protesters themselves. donald trump and his supporters have a right to go to rallies and to hear their candidate. but when they do turn ugly as they have, and as the rhetoric
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gets amped up as it has, it is creating what governor kasich called a toxic environment. that is not going to be good for uniting the party come november. this is interesting because of course last week we heard donald trump talk about how he's shifting to become a uniter. and then we have this kind of divisive and really frankly ugly scene on friday. and we're not going to referee who's mostly responsible but at some point the candidate needs to step up and talk about what they're for. and that's why john kasich is rising in national polls and poll out last week shows him coming up fast on donald trump. we're going to win ohio tomorrow. we're up six points in two polls. and we're looking good. mitt romney's campaigning with governor kasich today. so -- neil: do you think that happens? >> yes. neil: in that state whatever you think of mitt romney, he's seen as such an establishment guy, has it out for donald trump. so it might be divisive in the eyes of many. he's got the support right now of former speaker john boehner. and i'm wondering if that's the kind of support you need
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or want even at this stage in a campaign. now, i know there are some polls that show, you know, your candidate leading. others show that it's a virtual tie. but do you think this sort of stuff -- these sort of endorsements in a weird way hurt him? >> no. i think all endorsements help john kasich because that's the part of the campaign where we are, neil. we're starting to bring the party together. and john kasich is the one that people are looking to as the one that can actually do that versus ted cruz or donald trump who are divisive figure. neil: yeah. >> and not going to unite the country and the party. so absolutely we welcome endorsements from mitt romney, although that wasn't an endorsement. just campaigning with him. but we had senator rubio saying that people should vote for john kasich in ohio. and we're going to see more and more -- neil: yeah, that was a little weird. it was almost like a concerted effort on anyone but trump to slow trump's momentum. that was the idea; right? >> well, look, this isn't so much about stopping trump as it's starting a new renewal of
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the american economy. of leadership in washington and john kasich is best position to do that. you look at the wall street journal editorial today, it talks about john kasich's path forward. and it's very realistic. we're going to win tomorrow in ohio, and then we're going to be in pennsylvania, which john kasich's home state. neil: no, the math -- i don't know why people exclude anyone at this stage of the game. having said that real quickly with chris christie sitting next to donald trump again, do you think he's angling for the vp slot? >> well, we don't know what he's angling for. john kasich is focused on his campaign and winning. but he's going to go from pennsylvania to utah and having mr. romney today helps him in utah. neil: what do you think of chris christie? angling for more than just attorney general. a lot of republicans when they asked -- i hope your candidate goes all the way. but he seems to be everyone's number one choice or number two. in other words, everyone's number one choice given how important ohio is to the party, given the fact that he leads hillary clinton by 20
12:14 pm
points in ohio that he would be the guy to be a number two. should it come to that. not chris christie. what do you say? >> i'm not sure if you're saying john kasich should be the vp. neil: if he doesn't get it. >> he's going to get it, we're marching forward and things are looking very good. neil: thank you very much for indulging my silly political questions. always good to see you. >> thank you. neil: we just heard another disrupter i guess they're called now. no one was shown the door or pushed out. but this is the kind of stuff that will happen at these events. gets a lot more scrutiny than it did let's say last week at this time. and i stress violence is overstating it. the volatile nature of a campaign event in chicago that was ultimately shelfed. and then you had donald trump
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pulling literally secret service agents surrounding him. so let's just say in that kind of environment people are pins and needles. we're there. more after this [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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neil: whether it's coordinating as donald trump folks see it or whether there is something to it. but a lot of left leaning groups plan these coordinated showups as trump events. and with so many allowed in, it doesn't take many to disrupt an affair. even when he has tens of thousands who go to them. niger says this is all the proof that you need that these are not necessarily trump-inspired events. niger is supporting donald trump. i hasten to add; right? you still like donald trump. >> i absolutely still like donald trump.
12:19 pm
i should state for the record, though, my group tea party forward have endorsed ted cruz. but we know it's going to take supporters of donald trump, supporters of ted cruz to unite this party and to win in the general election. neil: but, niger, ted cruz, he was among those who would say, well, he certainly h elicits the tone. that is donald trump what do you think of that. >> yeah. i'm not supportive of that actually. i think kasich has said similar things, marco rubio have said similar things, and they're to the media narrative which is donald trump is responsible for it. that's not true. the reality is you have a lot of these left wing groups, many of whom are sponsored by george and his monies. post 9/11 antiwar groups like answer. they're black lives matter. they're the leftovers from occupy wall street. and you just contract the narrative of the dominant establishment media about
12:20 pm
occupy wall street and how this is such a wonderful thing, people exercising their first amendment rights. and then donald trump the has these disruptions at his rallies and somehow gets blamed for it. neil: well, he has said a lot of -- >> tens of thousands of peopl. neil: come on. he has said things -- now, obviously he's not telling those in the audience go after the protesters, but he has made the remarks that you could easily interpret is he egging the crowd on? and now what i'm asking for is as he moves forward and looks more and more like the nominee, should he change his tactic, his tone? >> i think he is going to make a pivot regardless of these protesters and these agent prospectivers that are there to disruptive. i think he already decided that should he win the nomination, he was definitely going to make a pivot and be much more calming.
12:21 pm
neil: but should he do that now? so the media is going to jump on him anyway. this provides a rare opportunity to do just that. so i definitely see where you're coming from that. but if you are going to want to be president, should you start at least sounding more presidential? you're right. we might have seen signs of that with this chat he's doing with chris christie. he is -- at least by the two counts i've seen allowing protesters to stay in the room. he hasn't kicked them out to my knowledge. but you think he should do more of that? less of that? well? >> well, he's got to be careful. he's got to walk a tightrope. he should pivot and be a little bit more of a unifier and have a unifying message. at the same time he does not want to be in a situation like bernie sanders was in where he was making a speech and literally the microphone was snatched from him by two black lives matters protesters. you do not want donald trump doing that. his supporters would not like it. the base of the republican party would not like it.
12:22 pm
and quite frankly, neil, there are a lot of independents and democrats quite frankly that are angry at the left wing and how they have dominated the airwaves and the narrative and are looking for a little push back. neil: yeah, you're right about that, niger. thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> good seeing you. neil: it didn't get nearly as much coverage but black live matters protesters actually stormed the stage he was on. talking about being a physical threat to a candidate. and they've also disrupted a number of hillary clinton rallies. so why is it that trump protests are getting so much attention? all i'm advocating. if you want to go into protests, cover them all. believe me. they're out there. all of them. moan while oil prices are sliding away today. are they sliding because they've gotten so high? this 45% run-ups from the lows we saw more than six weeks ago. is that what's doing it? risen too far too fast? and now we're going to pay for it. well, if we're going to pay for it, a funny way of showing up in the dow.
12:23 pm
because normally stocks tumble when did that happening. it's not happening today. weird.
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neil: i want you to look at something because let's say it's weird and doesn't follow the pattern. the dow is up; right? and you must be, say, oh, it's oil. no, oil is down. and down actually quite a bit. so what's going on here? phil flynn breaking it all down. you could argue i guess, phil, oil had run-up so far so fast 45, 46% from its lows. so maybe it come up in order here. but what? what's going on? >> well, i think some people are saying that. in fact, there was a story in the journal this morning, neil, about the, quote, unquote, frack log. what is a frack log? those are wells that are drilled but shut off right now because prices are too low. and there's a spot in the industry right lane whereas if prices go to a certain level, all of these are going to come back on magically.
12:27 pm
but i tell you what. so far we have seen devastation in the fracking industry right now. if you look at what's happened, we got a report from baker hues lac week that said the oil gas rigs are at the lowest level since the civil war. that's how far back it goes. that's how much reat the same time we've seen. now, if you look at oil pressure today. part of that is because there's a concern about this production talk that we're talking between opec and non-opec countries that maybe that might not happen. there was supposed to be this big, historic meeting to seal the deal so to speak. hasn't happened yet. there is some concern that it won't happen. the other thing is concerned about this gasoline demand that that may slow because prices have gone -- so high. you know, we just saw report from aaa that show the gasoline prices spike 12 cents last week. that is the biggest jump in over a year. and there is some concern that that spike in price may cool
12:28 pm
down what are has red hot gasoline demand in the. neil: all right. phil flynn thank you very much, my friend. in the meantime the coal streak is not new. the pace of those problems is compounding, well, that is new. adam shapiro with the very latest. hey, adam. >> industry taking a hit. but now the finance jp morgan chase put this out last week. this is a statement going forward why they will not lend to coal companies with new coal projects in the united states. but they will lend to coal companies building coal projects in poor or developing countries. this is not the only bank to be doing this. you've got bank of america has put the same kind of statement. wells fargo. so major banks in the united states will not fund new coal projects here. and that's led -- i want to show you a statistic. 28,700 jobs in the united states lost since 2009. coal mining jobs. a lot of that has to do with
12:29 pm
the switch to natural gas but remember we peeked with coal production in 20,081.8 billion tons and has been a downward since then, and of course there's the harsh and very difficult new emissions standards from the environmental protection agency. keep in mind that coal still generates. i'm going to show you this statistic. 39% of our electricity. natural gas? generates 27% nuclear power 19%. now, hillary clinton as you know made comments about coal. i want you to listen to something very specific about what she says. she talks about putting people in the coal industry out of work. but she also targets other industries. pay attention. >> we're going to put a lot of coal minors and coal companies out of business; right? tim? and we're going to make it clear that we don't want to forget those people. those people labored in those mines for generations. losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our life and power our factories. now we've got to move away
12:30 pm
from coal. and all the other fossil fuels. >> did you catch that, neil? and all the other fossil fuels. we didn't pay too much attention on this when we were covering coal in kentucky. but the epa announced that they were going to cover analogous wells. and that's a much more natural gas and opponent than carbon dioxide. all those other fossil fuels that hillary clinton wants to do. . neil: what happened to all in energy? >> look, i found that speech from president carter in 1977. it's there. he says we've got to switch to renewable sources. but coal. and we had to increase our coal production by two-thirds. he said it in 1977. neil: thank you very much, adam. well, we told you about all the major primaries at stake tomorrow. you know, it could make or break a lot of campaigns. but ted cruz is in it just to keep proportionally gaining on
12:31 pm
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>> the people to not want a candidate that has been enmeshed in the corruption of washington for 40 years. like the cook county democratic party. like robbie many well. like hillary clinton. a president that will stand with the hard-working taxpayers. >> one of the states up for grabs. a senator 92. ron with us right now. of all those states, ron, what do you think where the senator is the most winnable? >> we are competitive in all of those states. when we take a look back just a week ago.
12:36 pm
the state of maine. we know, in particular, the state of illinois today. they are very, very competitive. so on and so forth. >> you do need to narrow the gap. you have done very well. you are continuing to gain some delegates. we will see what happens on tuesday. that is why we are engaged everywhere. that is what we will see you wednesday morning. when we take a look at the numbers, this is clearly a two-person race going forward.
12:37 pm
>> and may not be a one-on-one race. hypothetically. i guess that they are is the argument that rubio would drove out. let's say he does drop out and you still have governor case again this race. play that scenario. >> what you are seeing in the past, for example, when an iowa. then they go nowhere else. we saw that with mike huckabee. john kasich and marco rubio have no place to go after tuesday. there is no state that shows that they will win it. he says, the map going forward looks much better for us. marco rubio walked away with
12:38 pm
zero. dropping it 10 times. it narrows. we will continue to do well. we will beat them. ultimately in the best position. constantly being hit up for cash. a lot of folks think you need cash. do you? >> they do not drop out because of the polls, they drop dropped out because they run out of resources. we are in good financial shape. we have raised more money. the average contribution. it is just about $62. 1.1 million.
12:39 pm
>> you are not hurting. you are not the only campaign. it would give you pause. maybe ted cruz is in some financial trouble. >> it produces net revenue. not contributions from a washington lobbyist. the campaign is powered i these folks. that is why the strong performance directly contributes to our ability to raise funds. they go to their computer. they go to ted cruz .board. that has really been h mendes source of power for this campaign. >> north carolina with donald trump. do you think that he is angle english right campaigning in new
12:40 pm
hampshire. this is a mystery. we're we are very proud to have carly fiorina on our team. in terms of the surrogates out there. neil: he does not go all the way with the nomination. >> we we're running for president of the united states. that is clear. we will continue to do very, very well. >> don't you hate reporters only ask that question. >> thank you very, very much. angela merkel is in a world of hurt this morning. maybe she should have listened to donald trump.
12:41 pm
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neil: we are giving more details on why sarah palin had to cancel. her husband was in a bad snow machine accident last night. we do not know his condition. governor palin returning to alaska to be with him. >> angela merkel is not doing too well.
12:45 pm
regional elections across the country that were not good. very good for a super conservative hardy that has suddenly emerged. doing on all of these refugees coming into the country. she has been open to expanding upwards of a million. angela merkel has created states on the political rights. a bit conservative as far as europe goes. she has created the space on the right. she is part of the establishment they are. watching what happened in the
12:46 pm
u.s. on immigrations. it is clearly a touchstone in the u.s. and i think in europe. even on friday night a case of the migrant that allegedly raped a six-year-old leah in sweden. neil: the refugees and even she had to dial back a plan to get a million or so in the refugees. we have all of these refugees that are sort of in no man land. >> they accepted a million
12:47 pm
people. we look at the syrian refugees. you have to support them on their own territories. i think that that is where it has to go. donald trump is portrayed as this right wing zealot on immigration policy. he has a lot of common sense solutions that he is recommending. neil: representing a global trends. >> you cannot be too conservative on this issue. what does it mean if we have open borders and we have lax standards and migrants. you take a look at european situation.
12:48 pm
their problem really stands in turkey. the vulnerable part. merkel will be negotiating this with the turkish leadership. how they can tend this tribe. now they have to back all of this. proven that she was not conservative enough in her positions. >> mark, thank you very, very much. the husband of sarah palin. now we know why. a bad snow machine accident last night. we have more details and pass them along. stick around
12:49 pm
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>> this conference is getting cooler and cooler. sxsw. going on in austin texas. >> virtual reality and drones really dominating the conversation here. it is pretty easy to move around. you have sensors. it cost about $1400. they help idiots like me prevent crashes. >> they do. they avoid obstacles, basically. go down the trails. it will avoid trees. structures.
12:53 pm
other people. >> 44 miles per hour. that brings us up to 44 miles per hour. the federal government. a $5 fee. they want to do cool stuff and make cool videos with their kids. follow something throughout the wilderness. >> it has sensors on the front. it knows to follow you. it will go left and right. company right here at southwest by southwest. i will bring one of these back
12:54 pm
for you. maybe we can fly around the studio. >> i just want to fly around with stuart varney. a lot of people vote ours. a lot of them were using the equivalent of subprime loans. >> easy money always leads to easy lending. the businesses try to prop up and keep strong sales going. you basically see the lowering of the bar. that was a big one. this one right now was not a big one. it can grow. it is also going on in housing right now. all we need to see if housing prices come down. >> in other words, one out of 10
12:55 pm
of these is a 10 days or so. does that mean what could happen on the homefront? they call them more flexible loans. >> i itself, it does not mean it needs to happen in housing. you have to remember, businesses are so strong. the highest ever. last month leasing was that the highest month ever. trying to keep the numbers up. that is where trouble happens. all of these loans, unfortunately. a lot of these folks have very
12:56 pm
low fica scores. then you begin to wonder what that means. >> being dropped off at the auto dealerships. people bought homes and did not have the second mortgage payment. same thing happens with certain extent in autos. going to far to get people in that probably should not be getting the product that they are buying right now. not many are talking about it. >> thank you. looking at what has been a pickup in the language is him. those that carry auto loans. the in the fear is that it
12:57 pm
could. the fear for john kasich is he cannot pull it out on all ohio tomorrow. using mitt romney today to make sure he can. is that the deal closer for them? or that closing the opportunity? you decide. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
12:58 pm
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neil: new details to share with you. the husband of sarah palin. he was injured in a machine accident. governor palin on route two florida. turning around and is with us right now. we do not know what happens. we do not know if he was severely injured.
1:01 pm
florida is appealing. it is a huge crowd. predisposed to liking donald trump. i have no idea. a few minutes ago. we will keep track of it. a poll on the state of ohio. this is one pull. jeff flock, the latest. youngstown ohio. setting up going on as we speak. just about to start a security sweep. you see folks that look like secret service agents, in fact,
1:02 pm
they are. they are about to sweep this. a john case they keep them. we have metal detect errors. secret service sweeps. you pretty much walk up. bring your dog. not a problem. kind of going on the defensive. listen to what he said this morning. >> it is not dividing people. it is not encouraging an environment. the failure of another. >> this country is about coming together. a campaign rally.
1:03 pm
>> you are getting attacked. donald trump has began running some pretty strong attack ads against governor kasich. calling him out for being an absentee governor. his position on immigration. governor kasich has said it is just not humane to deport 11 million people. it will not happen anyway. a lot call meyer. >> todd palin. intensive care in alaska hospitals after a very serious
1:04 pm
snowmachine crash sunday night. already in florida this morning. canceling her appearance. returning to alaska. we do not know much more than that. the couple very, very famous after the 2008 convention. the female running mate. pope telling the poll numbers at the time. ever so briefly. that he party movement. and evangelical movement. a big backer of donald trump. we will keep track of this and let you know how things are going for her husband. tomorrow, the establishment last stand. you see what they are pitching in ohio. what do you think?
1:05 pm
these are the establishment candidate. >> the last days of the establishment. here is what we are looking at. if for example kasich was to win all ohio, a shocking victory in florida on tuesday, donald trump will most likely fall short. guess what, it becomes a convention spike. what many wanted. many do not want it. it is a tricky situation for the establishment. i think that they are betting on marco rubio to win florida. the establishment is a bit divided between rubio and kasich in this case. >> it was not too long ago. bob dole on with me. the former candidate. i have real problems with ted
1:06 pm
cruz. he does not get along with anyone. >> kind of a bit of a conundrum here. >> absolutely. the establishment will need to choose between cruise and trump. there is that division. if we have to accept cruz, we will accept cruz. the soul of the party, the hearts of the party is just being divided into many pieces. at this point, neil, we could all end up in the convention. after that first, there are three quarters of those delegates. many of those are picked by the state party officials. then, you will really see the big fight on the convention
1:07 pm
floor. you will see that on the outside of the political class. >> thank you. very, very much. >> you seem to be hedging how do you feel about that? it makes it harder every day. no matter what i do. a significant percentage of republicans are not going to vote for them. we lose, we lose hillary clinton. >> communications director. >> that was certainly the message i got from the senator.
1:08 pm
is it your view that even if he was to lose florida tomorrow he will continue to move on? >> i know that the polls are all over the place. marco is always it feeding expectations. the day of the iowa caucuses said that donald trump would beat marco rubio by 14 points in iowa. respectively tying them. marco is consistently over performing in the polls. we know that the early voting and absentee ballots are very much in our favor. we had a great debate last thursday. i expect a lot of pollsters will look at the results from florida tuesday night. neil: what if they don't? marco said that he will get in his pickup truck and campaign in all 50 states. it would be a disaster for our
1:09 pm
party if donald trump emerges as our nominee. we will lose the white house in the fall. down ticket races. we cannot allow for all of that to happen. that is why we are 100% focused on florida. >> reading numbers. the pathway to getting the 1237 delegates you need would be very different for mister trump. splitting the states tomorrow. there in lies this sort of fascination with a contested convention. three quarters of the delegates are obligated. then, it could be crazy. do you expect it to be crazy? >> i think that it has been crazy already.
1:10 pm
>> a current project or read. winning the nomination on the first ballot. an underdog. i do still believe that marco will win florida. it is a very unpredictable year. a lot of twists in the campaign. i expect we will have a lot more before we get to cleveland. >> you think the pressure of being the clear establishment favorite -- >> he was not. jeb bush was the establishment they are. >> you just set my argument.
1:11 pm
only if the republican party is united can we defeat hillary clinton this fall. marco was the only candidate that has the potential to still unite the republican party. that is why we will continue to do very well as we get closer to the convention in cleveland. when marco entered this race, people were saying that you should not get into the race. scott walker was the campaign, the media darling for several weeks, several months. they effectively tied donald trump and i love. we beat ted cruz and south carolina. we beat ted cruz in nevada.
1:12 pm
>> we all see that. you know it is prohibitively against at this time. it is not a matter of winning states. what if i told you it is a matter of them winning five landslides with the remaining states. i will explain after this. ♪
1:13 pm
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comcast business. built for business. >> parents and another race going on right now. bernie sanders is saying he has a very good shot even though he is down substantially. taking them out of the picture and recognizing that fact that superdelegates can change their mind. going to this new up-and-coming senator. lightning could strike twice. why bernie sanders thinks that he can do the same. inheriting that argument is that you cannot always win.
1:17 pm
>> even when you do not take into account the superdelegates, you are favoring clinton, as you notice. wider than obama's lead over clinton was at any point in 2008. it is. it is. it will come up to about 250 delegates. that is a big bully for bernie sanders to make up. when he is beating hillary clinton, he is not beating her very much. >> 20 plus points. they split the delegates. you win a state by 20 points. yikes. is there a way where he could rob her of getting the number delegates. 193 delegates to get there. could you slow that moment him
1:18 pm
down? what we would need to see is larger margins. coming closer to hillary clinton and some of these races. we would need to see superdelegates change their minds. maybe some big regulations. it is actually quite a possibility as well. you cannot rule out these options. he is looking at each of these states as an opportunity to rack up delegates. all the way through the summer. he has the money to do it. more delegates tomorrow. >> are right.
1:19 pm
three of the democrats. could it be possible that he is poised for some big wins. the highest performance in michigan. >> right. absolutely. bernie sanders was 20 points down from hillary clinton on average. actually only pulling a few points down. he could easily make up that margin. we will see that with many of the states on the republican side. having a tail between their legs. i think you'll see the same if
1:20 pm
he wins ohio and illinois. >> the state of ohio. also, pulling. i don't think he has a very good chance. governor kasich voted and devastated all ohio. now pushing the agent trade agreement. more after this. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. an honest opinion
1:21 pm
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1:23 pm
>> polls are all over the map. the latest one that we have going on in the buckeye state. head on his own steve polls here. a five-point edge over tomorrow. we have congressman from the
1:24 pm
fine state of pennsylvania. very good to have you, sir. thank you for coming. >> do you think that he can pull out ohio? >> oh, absolutely. john kasich up over six points over the weekend. i feel very confident about john kasich in ohio. neil: on the ballot there. wasn't there an issue that he did not have enough signatures to be on the ballot? >> this is just a distraction. somebody filed a challenge to the petitions. john kasich is on the ballot in pennsylvania. it was the rubio people that filed the challenge. >> he did not have enough signatures.
1:25 pm
>> he had over 2000 signatures. some of them may not have been valid, that is all. neil: 71 delegates. april 26. it is a winner take all state. >> well, it sure is. john kasich is from pennsylvania. he is going to win ohio. he will take that momentum. we feel very good about it. he is the best alternative to donald trump at this point. john kasich wins ohio. john kasich will be the non-trump alternative. >> what did you think? if you like john kasich, both for him and ohio, if you like the, low for me in florida. slowing donald trumps hitting
1:26 pm
21237. preventing that. >> if john kasich wins ohio, when he wins ohio, that will make it very difficult for anyone to receive the majority of the votes. >> well he would if he just lost. he also picks up florida. your hope is that you can slow that woman dumb down. by the time you get to cleveland, mr. trump is nowhere near that. >> i cannot predict what will happen in cleveland. very popular among all of my colleagues. he may be my second choice right now, but they do like him. he will play well.
1:27 pm
he is doing and in sourcing in ohio. mexico and china and other countries. he has a great message. he was there when he dumped me. he is just a comment you know, longtime member of the armed services community. understands energy just like in pennsylvania. we are doing the same things that they are doing. i am very excited for john kasich. he will do very, very well. john kasich was beating hillary by 20 points and ohio. the most electable candidate. i think that that is one thing that voters really need to focus on. neil: we will watch very, very closely. thank you very much, congressman. appreciate it.
1:28 pm
we have been focusing on a lot of the event that donald trump has. a heightened security risk. sometimes a guy that is leading the event. what is the fear of donald trump's secret service agents.
1:29 pm
. . . .
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
neil: that was a pretty scary moment at a trump event in ohio over the weekend. we were covering that live on special edition of "cost of freedom" when it all went down. reminded you about increasing tenuous nature of these campaigns. view from behind the podium where secret service agents swarmed the guy trying to pull mr. trump down or get up on the stage with him. former secret service agent dan bonn gino says kind of thing you have to worry about. in this environment people are worrying more than normal, aren't they, dan? >> neil, they should be. once protesters breached what we call that inner perimeter in the secret service there. is outer perimeter. stadium entrance. middle perimeter, the stands. the inner perimeter being stage area, very sensitive area where the protectee is you have a very serious security situation. these activists need to understand they're putting themselves in danger, neil, too. neil: dan, you're patient with
1:33 pm
my dumb questions, but i always ask, especially a few months ago when those black lives matters protesters got up on the stage with bernie sanders, you talk about a threat and also acted up at hillary clinton events, of course donald trump events, getting all attention, be that as it may, why don't they cordon off the candidate more from what looked like glorified mosh pits where they could be in danger as well as folks that like the candidate? >> well, listen, neil, i'm not kissing up here. that is not a up did question. i get it from a lot of very smart people. it makes pfectense e reon wcallhe bf everzonethe ea bweenhe podi whe theroteee spks a cro is ly aut eighto 1feets beuse itas a abo secity,hich its no polics invved he tooeavi, it a polical ce, at wwereo, ick m in ste boxith eye holes and microphone let him speak to the crowd. that is not the way it works.
1:34 pm
what makes the what the secret service does so difficult there, is security ballet, a dance back and forth with the staff opening up access and closing it off for security. that balance is why you have a buffer zone of eight to 12 feet which is breachable but gives us enough time to, secret service agents to respond in the event of an idiot like this guy who decides to jump the barricade and try to get, try to addre we live in heated political environment, this year i guess is heated political environment, i don't know if anymore so or less so than other years. donald trump gets a lot of attention if for no other reason the crowds he draws. fewer than 1% act up, 1% in a crowd his size is enough to cause concern. what should the agents do? what should the candidates do? >> listen, neil, these are parallel tracks, just to be clear, i've supported ted cruz, i don't want anyone to be
1:35 pm
confused by my intentions, the trump rhetoric, you can disagree with trump rhetoric that is fine. that is what we do in politics. some people crossed paths somehow causing this. i think responsibility here for violent actions by protesters and trump supporters the responsibility, neil, lies exclusively with the people that did that. this has to be a responsibility on the trump end, to maybe dial it down a little bit but that has nothing -- neil: how so? you say dial it down, done what does that mean? what do you think he should say if anything? >> well, i don't think it is particularly helpful to the secret service specifically that is trying to keep the man secure and alive and healthy to suggest that you know, maybe we should punch someone in the face at a rally. having said that, i want to be crystal clear on this, i'm in no way blaming trump for response of protesters who engage in violence. these are big boys and men and
1:36 pm
women if they can't go to political rally listen to uncomfortable speech without tendency to violence you need to have find a new line of work and stop showing up at political rallies. neil: well-put. dan. good to see you. >> always good seeing you, neil. neil: i don't know why this particular story hasn't gotten more coverage because it puts all these political soap operas into perspective. north korea says, it has a bomb, north korea, has a hydrogen bomb could wipe out new york city. i know you say north korea saying it. remember north korea launch ad rocket into space. now satellite. we laughed at that. no way. until we were getting pings from a satellite, rocket north korea launched. are you still cavalierly dismissing them? so why are we, after this. so what else is new? how's your mother?
1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
♪ >> i'm gerri willis from the floor of the new york stock exchange. with your fox business brief. stocks mixed today. the dow up marginally 29 points, pretty good.
1:39 pm
about, upas well, down pardon me. down about 1.3. of course the nasdaq down just a little bit here. federal reserve starting its meeting tomorrow. a lot of traders keeping their powder dry. companies, headlines, marriott a chinese company, issued a, unsolicited takes over offer for for starwood could scotch the marriott deal. i'm gerri willis with your fox business brief. more "cavuto" after this.
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
neil: all right welcome back, everybody. in the middle of all the political drama back and forth, interesting stat for you, rather troubling one, since 2010 when all these illegals that have been released or deportations were frozen or stopped outright, 124 of them, 124 have committed homicides since 2010. jessica vaughn is with the center for immigration studies spells it all out. since 2010, explain where they were prior to committing these acts? were they in detention centers, jails, what? >> well, usually they were
1:42 pm
arrested by state and local law enforcement agencies and i.c.e. was alerted to that. and took them into i.c.e. custody to start the deportation process but then i.c.e. decided to let them go back to wherever they were living, so that at the could have a hearing before an immigration judge, instead of detaining them and using a prompt deportation process, an accelerated process the law provides. instead the administration says, no, we'll let you have hearing before immigration judge. you can wait, l let out on bond or some other no supervision sometimes. sometimes they have to check in like they're on probation but there is not much supervision that they're getting and they're at large in our communities and have, are responsible for thousands of new crimes including these 124 of them total who have been charged with homicide after i.c.e. let them go while they're awaiting their
1:43 pm
hearing before an immigration judge. so, there really is a public safety problem that is caused when we take too much time to enforce immigration laws, or stretch out the deportation proceedings and it is causing harm in american communities that is unnecessary. neil: do they go back to jail or where they were in the time being, or do just some of them disappear? >> well a lot of them do disappear. some of them do get arrested again by i.c.e. and then we found that there were more than 150 cases where i.c.e. released them again and then the criminal alien went on to commit more crimes. so it's really revolving door for immigration enforcement at this point of time for many of these cases. and you know, i.c.e. seems to be forced to wait until the worst possible thing happens before someone actually gets deported. neil: you would think they would
1:44 pm
put a freeze on all of this until the meantime until they sort out all this happens? >> they could. this is not a question of not having enough resources, you know, not having enough agents or anything like that. they're not, they're letting detention space sit empty that congress has funded. it is just a lack of will and a lack of taking immigration enforcement seriously or being willing to use it, even when we're talking about illegal aliens and non-citizens who have committed serious crimes. neil: crazy, just crazy. jessica, thank you. jessica vaughn, center for immigration studies. amazing stuff. as jessica and i were chatting here, we're getting word from russian president vladmir putin that he ordered his military start withdrawal of main part of russia's forces from syria, saying russian syrian intervention achieved objectives. we argued while he was in that country that he was targeting
1:45 pm
very elements who we favored to take out isis, back and forth went on and on but a kremlin spokesman saying syrian president has been telephoned to inform him of this russian decision they are largely pulling out. what happens after that, is anyone's guess. in the middle of that we're getting word from north korea, as we continue our hat trick of worries beginning with the illegal thing and russian thing and now maybe north korea has a big ol' bomb aimed at manhattan thing. they say that. can we believe that? former navy seal scott taylor says don't be so arrogant to dismiss them. they have always argued, scott, if you think about it, they have these big god awful weapons that can do this, we always poo-poo it, saying they're not anywhere near that. much as i remember few weeks ago they were dismissing talk that north korea launched a satellite into orbit. turns out they had. how seriously do you take this
1:46 pm
threat? >> neil, am i with you? neil: yes, you are. >> no worries. i think it's important that we take the threat very seriously of course look, when you look at nuclear technology, you're looking at decades old technology, so it is not so crazy they would have these things. i think what is more importantly, one of the things they're worried about of course they market these things. our enemies are watching our reaction to north korea and their rhetoric and what they say and how we react and you know, they posture like this fairly often, right? they also try to sell this technology on the black market and they also try to use it for negotiation to be able to get aid or food aid, stuff like that they feed and help a lot of their army as opposed to their own citizens. neil: we've done that in past. we did it in the clinton administration. we did it in the bush administration. how would you advice leaders, western leaders more to the point, how to react and handle this? in the past what they have done
1:47 pm
they have beefed up their military efforts? >> well i think, you know, honestly i think there is a potential, how do you say it, potential good thing coming out of this because you have, you have russia, you have china, they're starting to take note. you have the u.n. passed sanctions, pretty tough sanctions on north korean regime and elites to stop the proliferation and weapons transfers and stuff like that, aimed at not hurting the actual populace. you have russia and china who don't want more american presence there. they don't want to us put missile defense shields in south korea for example. with all this happening and these continuing threats by north korea and the potential for the is to have more folks there and missile defense shield in south korea, that may bring everybody to the table. so you may have an aligning if you will, international community to actually do something about this, everybody on the same page and do something to stop ridiculous accusations and threats from the north korean regime. neil: do you think the north
1:48 pm
koreans are serious about doing that? they would launching any type of nuclear attack, missile they would die as well, right? >> they would absolutely, they would absolutely die. we have, we have the ability to take care of them very quickly in response to that. i don't really think they're very serious about actually attacking. they use this again for negotiation purposes, for marketing purposes if you will, from the black market. but i will say again i think you have the opportunity here, because it looks like the chinese who in the past able to have some sort of sway over the regime have been rebuked in envoys of late, they have gone there, north korea gone ahead to make these threats. with the russians coming out, more of the north koreans, with potential threat to russia and china of more u.s. and allied forces there and missile defense systems and south korea, i think you will have aligning of international community. i think we will see some movement in terms of the north korean regime. neil: scott taylor, thank you
1:49 pm
very, very much. good to see you again. >> always a pleasure, thank you. neil: all right, with this continuation of, gather together some delegates, is it me or at least on the republican side, donors, those who provide the cash for candidates who might be running out of breadth, are they just staying very quiet or are they opening their wallets? i don't know. but my next guests do. after this. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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1:53 pm
>> i think the big donors who will give money to the rnc, the republican national committee for the presidential trust if you will are waiting for reince priebus, paul ryan and even kevin mccarthy step up say okay, we get behind donald trump, assuming this will happen, my prediction once he is secures the 1237 in terms of delegates or he is the official nominee. but they're waiting for the nod of the head from the republican leadership and they can -- neil: not even waiting for votes? >> here's the math somebody walked me through. it only, maximum is $33,400 to the party. that is the maximum you can give. you only need 15,000 donors to get that, half a billion dollar mark. yep. >> big donors after this weekend are going to have a hard time, particularly if they're in business writing a check to donald trump, whether he is the republican nominee or not. neil: but isn't it reset after the convention? now you're in the general election.
1:54 pm
>> yeah, your is still tied to a guy lot of them believed ramped up rhetoric -- blanks lives matter, they groups act despickably but i think donald's behavior makes it difficult to get big money out of the donors. neil: would even want isn't he said he is not bee hoeden. >> he will need 500 million in the general election. neil: wouldn't they automatically give, regardless of this conduct, whatever you want to say, wouldn't they automatically give in that event? >> no. >> republican national committee has to raise that amount. that's what i'm saying. neil: do they raise it through the rich guys? >> you raise it through the $33,400 maximum contribution. >> i heard a lot of people not going to give. neil: they always say, that given the choice don't you think they would? >> i don't know. i'm telling you that when you start attaching violence to a name, whether he deserves all of it or not, obviously doesn't
1:55 pm
deserve all of it. he is actually trolled by these people but he says some outrageodonors, these are not d. neil: they're using that as excuse then, don't you think. >> really? neil: don't you think? >> really? no. neil: you have been dismissing trump. >> i don't like the fact he makes fun of people with epilepsy. neil: make the fun -- >> that is not personal. neil: isn't it automatic you will get, some funding from the party and that does put trump in uncomfortable position in that event saying he would never accept it. >> i don't think it puts him in uncomfortable position because i think the campaign says he has liquid net worth of $600 million. if it is -- neil: would he cash that all in. >> no. >> not, if he is smart he wouldn't. number one. neil: spent the least of any of the candidates gotten the most. >> getting money from -- >> here is the question. >> get it from the party it gives him some wiggle room. >> if he gets $30 million from
1:56 pm
the party, that is nothing. how will he raise 500 million? will there be businessmen want to put their name to donald trump if he wins and i say, based on what i hear, no. one other question needs to be asked more, you know, immediately, is marco rubio. this is the question that the delusion of marco rubio. going forward, does he stay in the race? does he continue to diss his biggest donors and stay in the race? that to me is an -- neil: if he were to lose? >> if he loses florida. neil: real quick. >> here is choice if you don't put trump money, you put hillary in the white house. >> a lot of them would. >> i don't think -- neil: everything is up for grabs. more after this. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
1:57 pm
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>> there was a little bit of a dustup. the protester were able to stay
2:00 pm
in the room. no one was escorted out. another event that we are ready for. the donald hopes to close it all. we shall see trish regan to take you through. trish: we have some breaking news that we want to get to. do not forget, of course, long stood by our side. he is there with his troops. getting out of their beginning tuesday. this is very significant. our battle to try to curtail. we will have more on this developing story coming up later in the


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