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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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liz: there you are. listen, we'll put your stock picks which are citi, devon, general motors up on and our facebook page. [closing bell rings] patrick, thank you. s&p just slightly below. over to david asman and melissa francis who pick it up right here for "after the bell." david: the dow is on track to end the day positive for the year. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." new at this hour -- david: looks good to see everything green on st. patrick's day. right now senate minority leader harry reid is appearing with merrick garland, they're actually due to appear any minute. they're meeting now on the hill. key republicans are adamant that his nomination will not be considered in an election year and now questions about whether he is really as moderate as we were told yesterday. melissa: hmmm. first it is back to the campaign
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trail where the gop candidates are looking west. ted cruz hitting arizona and utah with backing of lindsey graham. meanwhile donald trump is gaining another rival. fox business's peter barnes joins us with the latest on this one. peter, who is it? reporter: hey, melissa, it is none other than than harry reid, that democratic leader you were just talking about there. he is blaming the rise of trump on republican leaders in congress their strategy of blocking president obama now with this supreme court nominee. reid said their tactics have created an angry electorate. >> this is exactly the kind of mindless behavior that hollowed out our political debate and created conditions for trump to rise. republican leaders created drought conditions. donald trump has simply struck the match. reporter: as for republican candidates there are 98 delegates up for grabs in
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arizona and utah on tuesday in the republican primary and caucuses out there. the arizona primary is winner-take-all. the "real clear politics" average of polls in arizona shows trump leading with 36% of republican support. cruise is at 21 1/2. kasich at 11 1/2 but there are no recent polls for utah for us to report to you. meantime, south carolina senator, lindsey graham, former republican candidate who dropped out is now supporting cruz. house speaker paul ryan says today a contested convention is looking more like a reality. >> there is more likely to be more of an open convention than we thought before. we're getting our minds it could become reality. those of us involved in the convention need to respect that. reporter: in an old poll in utah, melissa, marco rubio was in the lead. now that he has dropped out it
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is not clear where his supporters will go, to cruz or to trump or kasich? melissa: all right. i guess we'll see. peter, thank you so much for that report president's supreme court nominee merrick garland is meeting with senate minority leader harry reid as we speak in his final capitol hill meeting of the day. judge garland did not meet with any republican senators but that might soon change. fox business's blake burman has the details. blake. reporter: merrick garland is beginning to make his case in washington but thus far just with democrats. he visited with harry reid and patrick leahy. democrats are calling for full and fair confirmation process. chuck schumer believes things are meeting in the right direction. some republicans will at least meet with garland. >> we're seeing cracks on the republican side. five or six members have agreed already to meet with the nominee. and i think what happened is they saw how stellar the nominee was.
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reporter: republicans in the senate maintain the confirmation process should and will be left to the next president, which they hope will be the republican nominee. >> let the people decide whoever wins the election in 2016 for the presidency. i believe it will be a republican, but whoever wins that election, that person should make the nomination to the supreme court. reporter: however one possibility being floated is confirming garland after the election but before congress leaves for the year. contingency for republicans in case hillary clinton emerges victorious in november. back to you in new york. melissa: blake, thank you so much. david? david: republican senators are keen on preserving the balance on the supreme court with a conservative voice to fill justice scalia's shoes. is this nominee the man? here to weigh in whether judge merrick garland does fit the bill. lis wiehl, fox news legal analyst. lis, your opinion, is he a liberal or isn't moderate? >> i don't think you can predict until you get person on the
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court. you've seen before you see people on the court they will be one way or other. elena kagan. david: elena kagan score up and down gay marriage, but found gay marriage in the constitution. >> general did i was another one. we can go down the road of history. david: is there single issue that divided this court, nation, gun control, obamacare, unions, regulations, abortion. a single issue divided court on which judge garland would vote against the liberals? >> i don't -- we can point to the second amendment being number one, if you look so quickly at opinions right now. but again, i think we have to give the man a chance. olive branch what we're hearing today. some of the more moderate republicans are saying we're not saying we would actually vote yea or nay for him but we will at least meet with him. we'll have a conversation with him. david: we heard yesterday about him being a moderate, i don't
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think holds up when you look at his positions on any of these contentious issues. he votes with the liberal minority. >> not even getting there at this point. what i'm getting to here the politics, barrage at least of politics. at least sit down with him to have a meeting. i'm looking at it, if i'm out there in the country going wait a second, i'm just, i'm out there and i'm applying for a job, and i have all the credentials for that job on paper and you mean, wait a second, i'm going to a boss and they're not even going to give me, they're not even going to -- david: this supreme court -- >> a look at? they're not -- david: this supreme court is dealing with many issues which the supreme court has essentially taken the place of legislation in terms of deciding things. >> understood. david: legislators used to decide upon. shouldn't the president, new president be one -- >> under thurman rule, everybody cites, you don't elect somebody
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or don't put someone in the last year. thurman rule only been -- david: "biden rule"? >> no the thurman rule. david: biden is the one that suggested do don't do it in election year. >> the "biden rule" is the democrats and or be republicans last go round. it is thurman rule which is the historical rule. david: joe bide inch who is now the vice president who said in front of congress within 18 months of an election we shouldn't appoint a supreme court justice. >> historically it has been the thurman rule. but it is "biden rule." from political standpoint i think republicans would be smart to hold out this olive branch, look, we will speak to the man at least look at his record. david: by the way one of the things about which he has a mixed record is regulations that affects business channel. we'll put up very quickly on the screen. judge garland, according to national federation of independent business, judge garland would be a strong ally of regulatory bureaucracy, big labor and trial lawyers. with judge garland on supreme court epa and regulators would
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have freer hand to impose costs on small businesses. that according to the federation of independent business. >> but republicans -- my only small point i'm trying to make here is be came what you wish for because if you doesn't even at least meet with him, then go ahead and say, we're not going to -- absolutely not having this vote but i think for how it looks, at least meet with him. then if you say we're not going to vote with him, per the thurman rule, or "biden rule," whatever you want to call it, go ahead but at least we looked at him. we're not going ahead with it. david: lis wiehl. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: new documents less than a month into her tenure secretary of state hillary clinton attempted to change state department rules to use her blackberry for classified information. catherine herridge with latest on developing story. reporter: thank you, melissa. these new documents obtained by judicial watch through their federal lawsuit, show within weeks of becoming secretary of
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state and registering domain for email account she uses exclusively for government business, mrs. clinton tried to bypass longstanding rules for handling classified information. she wanted to use her blackberry which was not government issued or secured by the government secure for use anywhere in the state department's executive floor known as a mahogany row. february 17th, 2009, email marked secret cleared through nsa reads in part, quote, miss mills, then clinton's chief of staff, described the requirement as chiefly driven by secretary clinton who does not use standard computer equipment but relies on exclusive on her blackberry for emailing remaining in contact on her schedule et cetera. ideally all members of the suite will be allowed to use blackberryies for communication, the scif. sensitive compartment facility for information. this was rejected by the state department office for diplomatic security responsible for
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safeguarding information. wireless devices such as blackberry can be used to eavesdrop. cybersecurity experts say at that time clinton and her inner circle were prime targets for any foreign intelligence service or criminal hackers. >> the accounts being targeted either official or unofficial are focused primarily on the person at the center, whoever the official is. in this case we're talking about the official being hillary clinton. anybody in the sphere of her relationships would have been targeting by foreign hackers for purposes of situational awareness and gain additional access to the inner circle, to the real information that she had. reporter: not a hypothetical. the romanian hacker goes by the handle goosefer, used very strategy to compromise email account of confidante sidney blumenthal, by doing that was able to obtain four lengthy memos sent to clinton's private email account. state department said no waiver
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was provided allowing clinton to use the blackberry in the secure facilities. they confirmed they create ad special work space outside of her office to check her personal email account. that is more than a bit iron rick. that was the only account she was using for government business at that time. melissa: right. exactly. that's the punch line for the whole thing. catherine herridge, thank you so much. great reporting as always. we appreciate it. david. david: goosifer. don't want to mess around with him. he is a tough one. marco rubio first time back since suspending campaign for the white house. rubio refusing to back any current gop left in the field. he reiterated he will not run for re-election in the senate. melissa: it is about time. u.s. finally declaring isis is in fact carrying out genocide against christians in the middle east. new details why it took the white house so long to call these atrocities genocide. david: plus a donald trump presidency is a big threat to
4:12 pm
the world? melissa: as big. david: as big a threat to the world as isis terrorism. we'll break down shocking new report for you once i learn how to read the prompter. melissa: you got it. rain keeps on coming for the south. >> never seen nothing like it here. neighbors helping neighbors. >> all you can do is pray nobody gets hurt or anything.
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david: there is uniting going on behind "the donald." florida governor rick scott telling our own neil cavuto it is gop's only choice. listen. >> we have to win in november. we have to win in november. if we want a president that will focus on jobs, defending the second amendment, having a somebody in the supreme court that believes in the constitution, rebuild the military, we've got to start focusing on winning november.
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the only way to do that is get behind donald trump. david: been talking nice about the donald before but the governor had refused to make a formal endorsement prior to the state's primary earlier this week. melissa. melissa: donald trump topping another list but this one is not really one to brag about. a trump presidency is listed among the top 10 global threats for the month. this is according to the economist. intelligence unit. the front-runner is tied with jihadi terrorism when it comes to the threat rank. here to weigh in, scott martin united advisors. he is fox news contributor. thanks so much for joining us. i mean, kind of ridiculous list. what do you think about this? he is tied with the rising threat of jihad terror in terms of being a threat to global economies to the world's money. do you agree with that? >> yeah. and i think alien attacks were somewhere close as well. melissa: lower. lower on the list. >> maybe a little lower but still somewhere in there. i guess it goes to show you, melissa, when you get on top.
4:17 pm
you get all these crazy slings and arrows towards you. one of the comments on the list or reason behind it because the rhetoric will be used for jihadists as more recruitment. yeah, right. jihadists do what they want to do anyway. if anything some of trump's policies may help prevent attacks which is what the united states needs to begin with. melissa: they say he might start a trade war and hurt trade with mexico and god send to terrorist recruiters. they say things that would be smaller threat, a greek exit from the euro. like he is more after threat than a "brexit." >> unbelievable. one of the problems we have with politics today, you have all these folks that are making decisions for businesses, for the economy, for main street that have never been on main street. they have never been in business. i think to donald trump's credit he actually has been in business. he made companies big. he made workers profitable. that is the whole thing too, melissa.
4:18 pm
you have a particular viewpoint here where somebody who has been out there on the ground creating business, creating capitalism, that is what advantage is here. i don't see how the economic impact so so bad. melissa: meanwhile this ad is out on instagram. let me show it to you. i'll tell you why vladmir putin doesn't like it. watch. ♪ [barking] [laughter] melissa: okay, so, in the list of complaints about that ad online, vladmir putin wants to weigh in. and he says that this is demonizing russia. that's his complaint about this ad. what is your reaction to that, my friend? >> russia can demonize itself all it wants. melissa: i would think. >> he has done a lot on his own. doesn't need an ad telling him we're demonizing him.
4:19 pm
donald trump claims he is vladmir putin's friend. on and off the hockey rink. potentially alliance there. maybe we finally get through to those guys. melissa: i would think vlad would like the ad. features him doing all things he likes, being buff and strong, throwing someone to the floor, laughing at america. i feel like vlad was part of the production team of this one. i'm shocked he doesn't like it anyway. >> that is all the stuff he has done in his private time, melissa. i agree with you. melissa: scott martin, thank you very much. >> see ya. david: i didn't think putinked . it was a good ad i thought. good ad. trump says to hess naysayers he doesn't plan to slow down one bit until he becomes president. >> i want to finish this off. i'm dealing with two, smart tough guys. i want to end up winning. i want to get to the finish line. i'm pretty good getting to the finish line.
4:20 pm
it certainly would. i think that is what you're going to see. david: all his wins are not stopping attacks from folks in his own party. we have david macintosh, club for growth, telling about his group's next move against trump. major change for seaworld. we'll tell you what it means for family trips to the theme park. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion.
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melissa: secretary of state john kerry declaring this morning the terror group known as islamic state is committing genocide against christians and other groups in the middle east. shannon bream has latest. give us the details. reporter: lawmakers and groups pushing hard for the designation they're trying to celebrate and leave behind frustrations why it took the administration so long to use the word genocide. that includes gop congressman
4:24 pm
jeff fortenberry who authored the house resolution unanimously passed monday night which they chose to label the isis violence against religious minorities as genocide. >> this is an assault on human dignity and attack on principles of civilization itself. secretary kerry used full authority of united states government and spoken with moral clarity and i'm very grateful. reporter: that house vote, massive report by two groups who have been tracking scores of witness survivor accounts of rapes, kidnappings, tortures and killing may be final push for the state department. kerry also doesn't have a perfect window to exactly what is happening to the region he has seen enough. it is time to call it genocide. >> it is entire world view is based on eliminating those who do not subscribe to its perverse ideology? there is no question in my mind, that if daesh succeeded in establishing its zoo called
4:25 pm
caliphate, it would seek to destroy what remains of ethnic, religious mosaic once thriving in the region. reporter: the authors of the report on the violence are commending secretary kerry for his courage today. but they say there is a still a whole lot of work to be done. they and others are concerned about state department officials statements that appear to suggest that the genocide designation may not actually elevate u.s. efforts to help the victims. here is mark toner at the state department yesterday. >> so acknowledging that the genocide or crimes against humanity have taken place in another country, would not necessarily result in any particular legal obligation for the united states. >> the white house says it has already been acting against isis and doing what it can to help the victims long before today's decision to use that label of genocide. melissa? melissa: that's the whole point of the label is supposed to bring with it more consequences. that is why we were going through this. it is so frustrating. shannon, thanks for the report. david.
4:26 pm
david: let's take another look what the markets did today. they essentially erased all the losses in earlier months of this year. we're back to a slight gain from where we started the year on january first. by the way, janet yellen talking down the dollar and of course when the dollar goes down gold and oil way up. oil is up, back up over $40 a barrel. eventually probably that will mean price of gas at pump will go up as well. melissa: this is big development today, something to keep an eye on. candidates gaze to the west, next week to the gop fight night that could determine a path to the nomination. david: texans forced to evacuate because of. we will have details. >> rising waters are not over yet. people need to remember the possibility that water could continue to rise for another dao or two. ming a better professor by being a more adventurous student?
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and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road. the all-new glc. the suv the world has been waiting for. starting at $38,950. melissa: the race for the white house is heading out west. the pressure is on for the remaining gop candidates as the.
4:31 pm
jan brewer endorsed trump for president. do you have any doubt what will happen here? >> you always have doubts but trump is ahead in polls of double digits. latest one shows him ahead by a dozen points. so he looks pretty good. so, and trump would win all 58 delegates, you know. if, ted cruz is going to have any sort of a shot to slow down donald trump he is going to have to do it in arizona and looks like he will not do it in
4:32 pm
as soon as you get arizona and utah, wisconsin is state which this point there is still not a ton of polling, but trump in the pest position that i say.
4:33 pm
what advice would you give him? >> he does have a ground game. of course, trump doesn't have a ground game. he relies on free media. and. melissa: earned media. >> people talking about i am. earned media what you want to call it. he doesn't pay for it.hing it hs to be utah. melissa: thanks, guys. appreciate it. >> thank you. david: meanwhile the conservative stop trump movement is not discouraged by "the donald's" dominance in primary races. the club for growth is going forward with its push to stop trump with a new ad campaign in utah. take a look. >> we'll have quality,
4:34 pm
affordable health care for every american. >> universal health care. >> i am going to take care of everybody. >> who pays for it. >> the government will pay for it. >> ask you donald trump why he sides with hillary clinton and why he wants more government health care. david: here to weigh in, the man responsible for the ad, david macintosh. club for growth president. david, good to see you i think that ad is dishonest. you really think donald trump sides with hillary clinton on health care? i don't. >> even today he will say, yes, the government should pay for health care. that is the rubicon when it comes to health care. david: but the ad specifically, we know he has called for the elimination of obamacare. hillary is not for the elimination of obamacare. he does not side with hillary on health care. >> so, replacing obama care with trump care, where the government is running it and telling you you're going to pay more for health insurance isn't a good
4:35 pm
deal for american people. david: david, come on, look who is advising donald trump right now. larry kudlow, art laffer, people who don't believe in government takeover of health care. if anything, he is going to pull back according to his details, whatever details, i admit they're very sketchy right now but bottom line is people advising him and it looks like government out of health care. not get government more into health care. >> well, david, what we're saying, telling people is what his own words are, which is, yes the government needs to pay for it. david: his own words say that he does not side with hillary clinton on health care. he says he is for eliminating obamacare. she's for keeping it. so you're wrong on that point. >> i guess the key point in this one is, what they both want is a health care system that isn't free market, isn't based on the patient getting to choose their doctor. they want the government running the health care system. that's the problem with it. david: all right. david, you are a big free marketfy.
4:36 pm
i love that about you but at some point you have to look at return on investment. you guys spent millions of dollars on these anti-trump ads and he just keeps winning. where is your return on investment? >> well, you've got a very good question, david. i've been thinking that through since tuesday night. we came close in one state in missouri but we didn't stop him in any of those states. what we're doing now is basically a strategy that says, this is for ted cruz most likely, like an election where you've got to have a runoff. if nobody gets to 50% and seems likely trump won't get to 50% of the delegates, then you have a second ballot. and at that point when it is head-to-head, i think it is possible we can get a real conservative to be the nominee. david: if you don't and this is the final question, quickly, if you don't, and donald trump is the nominee, and you're advising people not to vote for donald trump, even when the choice is hillary or donald do you really think, who is more pro-business,
4:37 pm
businessman or a woman who has been a lawyer/bureaucrat her whole life? >> look, i'm no fan of hillary clinton. i agree with you. i don't think she is pro-business or pro-growth. i'm just very skeptical that trump really is at his heart either. david: fair enough. david macintosh, good to see you, david. thank you very much. >> great to see you, david. david: appreciate it. melissa. melissa: texas under water because of heavy rains. the state has been declared a disaster in several counties as water continues to rise. fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth joins us with the latest on this. what the forecast for this area? real interesting thing, if you look at texas louisiana, we had 12 major flooding events, many cases historic. think of all tropical storms and hurricanes hit across areas here. this system lasted about five
4:38 pm
days last weekend, brought more rain and flooding that we've seen. here is idea of some of the pictures here. the town of deweyville, north of interstate 10, on border of texas and louisiana cut off, the sabine river, the border between the two states, is at highest level it has ever been. that gives you a idea how horrible the flooding has been. there is more rain in the area and a little bit of severe weather we're watching. some thunderstorms going on. nothing like we saw with that brought the flooding. anytime you get downpours and certainly make things a little bit worse. because everything is so saturated water has no place to go. river flooding along the sabine river, because all the smaller tributaries and creations and streams flow into this river and now that flooding doesn't go anywhere very quickly. so it's a very slow flood. that causes all damage, deep damage to a lot of homes.
4:39 pm
show you future radar, watch how it goes. keep showers in the picture all the way through tomorrow, a little bit. >> saturday. by saturday afternoon it is gone out of there. we'll see a drying trend for a few days. melissa. melissa: can't come soon enough, rick. thank you very much. david. david: speaking of water, big changes coming to seaworld. the company announcing today it will end its orca theater shows and stop breeding killer whales. this coming nearly three years after seaworld came under fire for its treatment of orcas and trainers documented into the film "blackfish." okay cars living in the three parks will be apparently the last generation. melissa: we have breaking news. senator harry reid speaks out on the battle for the supreme court the senate minority leader meeting with judge merrick garland. he is confident that garland will get approval from the senate. david: tough to do if they don't coordinate a vote for garland. more on bombshell revelation
4:40 pm
hillary clinton trying to change state department security rules regarding classified info. >> she is being treated fairly and i think that you know, there are people that are critics who will claim otherwise. there are supporters actually who will claim otherwise. both sides are given to fannie maes that call conspiracy -- fantastical conspiracy theories. i think treatment has been fair. we'll see how this plays out. david: catch the rest of general petraeus's interview on wall street week. that is tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern. nike unveiling shoes that do some of the work for you. we'll give you details next on "after the bell."
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david: turning back to controversy surrounding hillary clinton's email server, newly-released documents show apparently hillary clinton
4:44 pm
attempted to change state department security protocals in 2009 in an effort to use her blackberry for classified information however that request was denied. here is fox news contributor julie roginsky and fred barnes. julie, first to you, i realize you don't apologize for hillary's emails. you're a democrat doesn't apologize but why isn't a deal breaker for you, as concerning the election? >> well, because we don't operate in vacuum. she will be running against somebody most likely i find to be incredibly troubling, bad for the country and bad for our future. if i had to make a choice between the two i go with hillary clinton. there is a lot of things her presumptive nominee opponent is, has said already i think is much more troubling than what is going on with the emails. david: well, fred, it appears to be a deal breaker for a number of democrats who are crossing over to go for trump. am i right on that or not? >> there are some. i wouldn't overestimate that. there are certainly democrats who show up in the open republican primaries. been a lot of independents, a
4:45 pm
lot more independents than democrats but some democrats and certainly trump brags one of the things he brings to the party this ability to attract democrats. and a lot of them are working-class people for whom the democratic party basically abandoned and done nothing for. so, there is something, i mean there is some substance there to what trump says. david: well, julie, even some die-hard democrats, some who won't go for donald trump are really upset. the email thing is a deal-breaker for them. i don't think they will go for trump. they may not vote for anybody. brian day from george washington university writing in "huffington post." before democrats were united behind her willing to give her a pass. half of us are so fed up with hillary, we're praying she gets indicted. what do you think of that? >> i don't think much of it. imperical data doesn't bear out what he is saying. if you look at poll after poll, if bernie sanders get out vast majority of his supporters,
4:46 pm
entire democratic party will coalesce around hillary. no hashtags sweeping nation, never hillary. they're certainly not as vast as trump once. david: there are a lot of hashtags saying we don't trust hillary clinton the word to that effects. >> we both know you don't operate in vacuum, look at trust deficit versus hillary and trump. david: shoe is excellent point, julie. that is excellent point. fred, leaves me to wonder, last couple elections we had somebody engendered to the polls and a lot of people coming out for donald trump and lot of people likely stay home because of trump and a lot of democrats likely stay home because of hillary. there will be a lot of no shows in this election, right? >> there may be a third party conservative candidate running against trump. david: like who? >> will take votes from trump. i don't know who it would be. there is certainly talk about it. different groups looking into that. david: throw out a couple names, fred. >> i don't have any names.
4:47 pm
i read names. >> fred barnes. david: fred barnes. >> certainly, i'm not one of them. i can, that i know. but we'll see, you know, i think that, unless trump makes an effort to unify the party to makeovertures. david: right. >> to conservatives, particularly foreign policy conservatives -- david: i had on a guy club for growth. goes other way, there are a lot of conservatives making no overtures and running bad ads against trump. >> i don't fault david macintosh who you were very tough on by the way. i don't fault him. trump has got to do it. if he wants to unified party he can't just stand there and think -- david: if donald trump reached out to macintosh, would say, let's forget the ads i'm for you? >> no. but david, you have to reach out with substance. you have to say look, on foreign policy, i've said some things that i shouldn't have and here is what i really believe and make himself more of a
4:48 pm
conventional hawk, reagan foreign policy -- david: julie, so sorry. tried to change subject from trump. always comes back to trump. julie, fred, appreciate it. >> you're welcome. melissa: uber come becoming more family-oriented. unveils a family plan available for 10 people. deirdre bolton joins us now with more details on this one. deirdre. >> they say it is by demand. that is to say families apparently are asking for this extended service. so, melissa, you have your name in but put nine others, you just alluded to and uber said we did it because you asked. people may need help getting to school. getting to work i understand. getting to school, leaves you open to safety concerns for your kids. but at end of the day they are beginning to launch the service. atlanta, dallas and phoenix. those are the launch cities. then you may have also seen uber eats which has been in a test
4:49 pm
bubble in new york city but that has been rolled out in chicago, houston, l.a., san francisco and toronto. they say if it is successful there we're all going to see more of it. melissa: i have to try that. i see seamless on my uber app. have you tried it? >> i have not tried it. they pick certain restaurants. they pick certain chefs to highlight. melissa: we'll do it together. tomorrow, lunch. you and me. >> private still worth $50 billion, uber. melissa: nice. deirdre, thank you so much. see you at top of the hour for "risk & reward." i will see you for uber lunch. david: don't take the subway. new group of racers are in town. they expect to grow bigger than nascar. drones, start your engines pet moments are beautiful,
4:50 pm
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david: nike taking sneaker game to whole new level. the sport apparel company introducing first ever brand of self-tying sneakers. look at that futuristic shoes expected to hit the market around holiday seasons. will only be available to members of nike loyalty plus app. melissa: don't tell my children about that. millions of drones have been sold now. it has become a full-time professional sport? the drone racing league. i can't believe it. fox news's jonathan serrie joins us with all the details. have you joined? are you a racer? are you winning? tell us all about it. >> i am a drone pilot but i do not yet possess the skills to be a professional drone racer but they are really trying to turn this into a major sport. a sport you can conduct in any
4:54 pm
large area, whether it's a sporting arena an abandoned warehouse or abandoned factory. the drones have cameras on board of course that send back lives images to pilots and fans. if you happen to be wearing goggles, it feels like you're flying through the race. >> like out of body experience. reporter: he races his drone to victory while watching a live feed through a pair of goggles. >> you get a full body rush. hands tremble. you have to learn to control your nerves. that is part of racing. like nothing else i have ever done. reporter: he won this race in miami's sun life stadium, organized by the drone racing league or drl. >> there is organized drone racing in almost every country i ever looked at. we're focusing on taking hobby, new sport take it professional for people to watch at home. reporter: competitive videogaming or e-sports generated $750 million in
4:55 pm
revenue last year according to research. analysts say drone racing needs to attract major investment in advertisers to tap into this. >> certainly has potential, it builds on a few things very popular right now. people are buying drones. people love video games. spectacular thing to watch. >> reporter: like nascar, epic crashes add to the excitement of drone races but without risk of injury to the pilot. >> you definitely take more chances if you crash, you change a couple props you're able to go to work the next day. reporter: easy. drl's next race is scheduled for this weekend in los angeles. melissa, they will use an abandoned shopping mall as the venue. melissa: kind of super nerdy and supercool at the same time, jonathan. i can't decide witch. >> reporter: just like me. melissa: i love you. thank you. that was fun. david. david: it is cool. i want to do some of that. melissa: not nerdy cool. david: no, it is cool. how much do the citizens know about the nominee to the supreme court.
4:56 pm
jimmy kimmel took it to the streets. final judgment is not good. melissa: no. >> president obama nominated l. ron hubbard to the supreme court. >> i am. i thought it was a good choice. u still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. ng the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums [engines revving] . needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
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4:59 pm
. >> president obama announced his nominee for supreme court justice. how do you think "whitey" bulger will do as a supreme court justice? >> i hope he can make it. i hope. i know that the republicans are going to attack him. i've seen that this morning. >> do you think whitey's criminal past will have ability to get confirmed by the senate or it will be okay? >> it will be okay. we all do wrong. >> we all do wrong! >> we all do wrong things like "whitey" bulger. "whitey" bulger is the furthest person being nominated from the supreme court. >> i have not seen that. >> we all do something wrong, "whitey" bulger did a few things wrong. jimmy kimmel live news on the street segment most people not knowing who the president
5:00 pm
nominated to the most important court in the land. >> they don't know who l. ron hubbard is or "whitey" bulger. >> yeah, "whitey" bulger was a thief, he was in jail. he could be a justice. what's wrong with that? >> that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i think we'll win before getting to the convention. i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think you would have riots. >> listen, no one should be surprised that donald trump is trying to stir up riots. i wish we had a presidential candidate that was bringing us together instead of encouraging such things. >> i went to school in the 70s. i love a good protest. they're so much fun to see a good protest as long as it's not violent! don't you like the protest? i love it. i don't mine if people jump up and yell where i am. deirdre: donald trump warns that there could be riots if he doesn't get the nomination. so some say it was figurative. some say literal. either way, ther


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