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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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david: i don't think he got it right. you don't run for president if you're not a narcissist. mitt romney endorsing cruz, i wonder if that is positive or negative tore cruz. melissa: cruz is like, thanks a lot. just the guy i need. david: have a wonderful weekend. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: senator ted cruz expected to hold a press conference shortly. former presidential candidate mitt romney says he will vote for ted cruz. we'll bring you live event with the senator as soon as it starts. former attorney general cruz supporter ken cuccinelli will join me. on democratic side, senator bernie sanders calls well-known, well-respected arizona sheriff joe arpaio a bully on his stance on illegal immigration. the sheriff will be with me to respond to that. important development in "world news." a chief suspect in deadly attacks in paris has been captured alive after a police raid in brussels.
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he was tracked down there. the police asked him to come it. he refused. he was caught alive, slightly wounded in knee. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. this is more on the developing story from belgium. [gunfire] [speaking foreign language ] deirdre: suspect salah abdeslam and two others were captured. he was one of the most wanted suspect, one of 10 essentially carried out 130 murders in paris on november 13th. fox news military analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters is with me now. colonel, thank you so much for the time. what happens now? we assume that abdeslam will be extradited no france. it goes from there. but what happens next? >> well, it is great news. what happens next, is an
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interrogation. deirdre, i'll tell you getting this guy is great on multiple counts. we, western civilization got him. it will give further closure for families towards the victims. but the big thing he could be a treasure trove of information. intear gators will tell you, this guy exactly had profile you want to be person you want to be interrogating. he is a terrorist who quit, ran away. supposedly the mastermind. send his brother into die. at last minute he chickens out, dumps his suicide vest and ran. intelligence source, intelligence chatter says he had this emotional break down. so he is a guy who is not stable. those are the kind of guys you can break. he certainly knows a lot about islamic state operations. terrorism in europe, molenbeek, belgium, paris, france.
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this is real triumph for belgians and france. they were working together on intelligence level. this is really good news. deirdre: colonel, to your point, between belgium and france this seems to right a wrong. you and i spoke about it as it was happening but on november 14th, just hours after the attack, salah abdeslam was able to cross the border, this is to say get it of france, get into belgium. the belgian authorities didn't even have his name. he was able to pass through at 9:00 a.m. in the morning there was a lot of finger pointing between the two governments. how could the guy get away and essentially hide in molenbeek which people know is part of the brussels area. he does seem to be weak link for isis side. terrorist side. there is even chatter that he perhaps he frequented certain bars known to be gay bars. that he is not somebody who is let's call it a true, a pure
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rift when it came to islam. oldest brother involved and childhood friend. seems that is how he got sucked in for lack of a better term. >> big thing, european analysts, some of them actually believe islamic state, isis is hunting him too. because he did blow it. he did run away. they wanted him. if that is the case he is really scared. more likely to -- deirdre: colonel, i'm sure that isis is looking for him because they don't want him to give over information. >> right. deirdre: but when the police, when the belgian police, s.w.a.t. team went in to get him and two others, the police weren't receiving fire. they didn't expect but i guess some of the people in those buildings in molenbeek, they had kalashnikov rifles. >> yeah. the belgians are making up for lost time because frankly they did neglect the threat for very long time. but the key suspect, salah abdeslam was taken alive.
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he probably got shot in the knee or hurt in the knee. that is interesting thing. commandos went in on the raid earlier this week and this one were clearly trying to take these guys out culling them, onewounding them, capture them. they know intelligence value of them. despite all the gunfire this raid today was really professional operation. so i just say, hey, the belgians are back, the french are back. and it is a really -- deirdre: at very least it shows, as you say, they are working together, which is great news for all of us. so colonel we'll check in with you in a little bit. meantime we are looking at a live shot monitoring the situation for you in brussels. we will bring you any updates as they develop. we are also waiting here stateside for press conference to begin. senator ted cruz will be speaking shortly. not exactly sure what he is going to announce we heard mitt romney, he tweeted out
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earlier today, this week in the utah nominating caucus i will vote for senator ted cruz. not an endorsement but very close. trump just respond ad few moments ago, saying failed presidential candidate mitt romney campaigning with john kasich, marco rubio, now is endorsing ted cruz. mitt romney is a mixed up man who doesn't have a clue. no wonder he lost. cruz supporter, former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli is with me now. ken, thank you for the time. what do you make of donald trump's comment? is mitt romney actually hurting ted cruz at this point? >> no, not at this point. ted is coalescing much of the party and people outside the republican party, who you saw recently, lindsey graham is headlining a fund-raiser at aipac that we expect that to be a raving success because of ted's strong stance on israel where donald trump said he will be neutral between israel and hamas and its neighbors.
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that is not a tenable stance to protect american security or to maintain american alliances. and so, when you see donald whining like this, call it what it is, it is sour grapes. while ted is continuing to coalesce and bring more and more people to his banner, that's strength and that's unity. that is what ted cruz is doing right now. deirdre: ken there is reporter buzz level, marco rubio may be close to endorsing ted cruz which is believable. we know donald trump was very tough on marco rubio in the campaign. but a cruz advisor said earlier, obviously there are a lot of conversations with a lot of people. that includes rubio's people. if lindsey graham is endorsing ted, that should tell you something. so if senator rubio endorsed senator cruz, do you see that as significant for the cruz campaign? >> sure. everyone of these folks who have been through the fire, i mean
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when carly fiorina came on board with our campaign, she started really ginning up a lot of positive attention. she was a great deliverer of ted's message and she continues to be. she has been a real team player and a absolutely spectacular advocate. you know, you see somebody like mitt romney, who has been through this fire and donald trump says, he lost. well that's true but he has done something donald trump has never done. and frankly that ted cruz has never done. run all the way through a presidential election. to have marco rubio's kind comments the last couple of days has been very helpful to the unity of the republican base. and the conservative base. and that would continue. we hope that it will. it is a target for the senator. and it is something that he is achieving. fairly steadily across the country. deirdre: all right. 10, thank you very much for lending us your ideas, your thoughts. ken cuccinelli with me there. >> good to be with.
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>> he is supporter of senator ted cruz. speaking of cruz, he will be holding a press conference in arizona, scheduled to begin 20 minutes time. we're not expecting any kind of announcement about endorsements. you just did hear mitt romney plans to vote for senator cruz in the utah primary. speaking of which, do not forget to tune in this tuesday. more fox business coverage of the primaries. i will join neil can view to, lou dobbs. we'll -- cavuto, lou dobbs and we'll bring you latest results from utah, arizona and idaho. most wanted man in all of europe is in custody. he was on the run in hiding for months. this is the live shot in brussels. we're monitoring the situation for you there. we will bring you updates as they develop. secret service investigating a letter here containing suspicious white powder that was sent to one of donald trump's sons. my next guest says that if it happened to chelsea clinton, the media's reaction would have been
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completely dip. fox news "mediabuzz" host howard kurtz is with me next. senator bernie sanders calling the thunder on sheriff joe arpaio. he says he is a bully how he is handling illegal immigration on his home turf in the state of the arizona. >> it is easy for bullies like sheriff arpaio, to pick on people who have no power. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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says the government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack mr. trump's accounts and telephone information. the host of "mediabuzz" on fox news, with me now, howard kurtz. howard, great to see you. so donald trump and his family are coming under all kinds of attacks. is the media covering these events as you would expect it to? >> i am really surprised that the fbi investigation of this threatening note to the son of the leading republican presidential candidate, and probable or possible nominee hasn't gotten more media attention. this is a terror tactic, whether the white powder turns out to be anything or not. i don't know if it was a family member after democratic presidential candidate would it be different? certainly if it was chelsea clinton getting threatening note in white powder there would be 10 times as much coverage. deirdre: 10 times as much coverage.
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i know you said in the past speaking of the campaign that media's job to take down all the candidates, trump included, but is he too easy of a target. >> i don't think it is their job to take them down but it is to vet them, be aggressive in their reporting. the big trump story is stop trump movement. can ted cruz catch him. can somebody else be the nominee and i get that. but with the threatening note to eric trump, who has been a television presence on his father's behalf in his own right in recent months and hack by a anonymous should scare anybody because it could happen to any one of us even though nothing particularly sexy has been revealed, his phone number, social security number. you know this is not end of it. deirdre: that is social security risk for him? >> absolutely. seems to me, even though there is a lot of negativity toward donald trump in the coverage. gets more coverage than anyone else. gets a lot more negative
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coverage than anyone else. conservative commentators speaking out against donald trump, we have to stop him from being nominee. seems there is little less sympathy in the press when these kinds of things happen than it might be for somebody else. deirdre: a lot of people say, listen, donald trump is on tv and radio a lot because he makes himself available. most candidates have shows call, most candidates don't say yes. >> i had that experience myself. he was on donald trump. a lot of people wrote in why you give trump so much airtime. i asked senator cruz every week. he done the show twice. i asked marco rubio every week. he been on the show once. he also gets a lot of free airtime for rallies, disproportionate i would say, a bit up fair to the other candidates but much of the airtime as i say is also negative. we're reporting things about his career. when he says yes to interviews he is doing something most candidates don't seem to have the gumption to do. hillary clinton by the way
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hasn't held a press conference in more than 100 days. deirdre: yes, howard. great point. howard kurtz with me there. catch howard's show, "mediabuzz," sundays 11:00 a.m., 5:00 p.m. eastern time. as we've been letting you know senator ted cruz holding a press conference shortly. he is in douglas, arizona. it is scheduled to begin in 2010 minutes time. reminder that mitt romney says he will vote for senator cruz this tuesday in utah. so senator cruz may make a comment about that. he may be making a comment about something else. maybe both things. but whatever it is we'll bring you there live. quick reminder as well on an important piece of nice on world scene. the most wanted man in all of europe is now in custody. we're going to show you a live shot of what is going on in brussels. salah abdeslam is one of 10 people responsible for the 130 murders in paris on november 13th. he is one of the people and key
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people seen driving away from the scene in paris after the attack on the bataclan, the theater where most of those 130 people were killed. that is a shot right now of brussels. we will let you know if there are any additional developments. ben bernanke is saying that sheriff joe arpaio is un-american. he said that at one of his arizona rallies. the sheriff himself is with me next to respond. >> he can not have an answer because what he is doing is un-american and uncivil advised. [cheering] thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals.
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>> it is easy for bullies like sheriff arpaio to pick on people who have no power. if i'm elected president, the president of the united states does have the power. watch out, joe. [cheering]
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deirdre: that was democratic candidate bernie sanders, slamming maricopa county, arizona, sheriff joe arpaio over the sheriff's stance on illegal immigration. the sheriff with me now, in the flesh. sheriff, thank you and welcome back. we're glad to have you. >> thank you. deirdre: so what is your reaction to senator sanders calling you a bully and just to remind everybody? senator sanders of course represent vermont. you as we all know are on the front lines in arizona. >> well, i don't know when he says watch out, joe, is that a veiled threat? is he threatening this sheriff in john what that means but i'm not worried about it. he will never get elected anyway. i'm a trump guy. and so, let him sigh what he wants but i don't think it is very professional to go after me just because i took his wife on a tour of the tents so she could see how we really run the tent city jail. deirdre: okay. so you mentioned the tent city.
5:23 pm
we have a clip of him describing his conversation with your wife. we want to play that. obviously i would like to get your reaction. >> in that brief meeting that he forced upon her, which she probably regrets now, is, she asked him about racial profiling. [cheering] and he didn't have an answer. she asked him about the conditions in tent city and the other abuses that he has perpetuated and he didn't have an answer. [booing] you know what? he can not have an answer because what he is doing is un-american, and uncivillized. [cheering] deirdre: so, sheriff he says, maybe you regret your conversation with bernie sanders's wife, his own wife jane sanders. what is your thought on that?
5:24 pm
>> well, first of all, i had an answer for everything. when she went into this legal lawsuit against me, naturally i would not talk about it. i talked about the 130 degrees she didn't like in the tents, referring to our dedicated people fighting for our country over in foreign countries. so i answered all of this. this is strictly politics. they're very angry, democratic party. they're angry at themselves because they say they gave me a forum to get more publicity. that is all this is about. so, i have had four presidential candidates before in this the tents. deirdre: i was going to say, sheriff. everybody knows and respects your work. are you surprised to what extent you're getting sucked into this particular race? >> no, i've campaigned and endorsed previous candidates for president. deirdre: but with a different tone maybe? >> no. this tone is, they have been nasty against me for years and years.
5:25 pm
demonstrations on and on. picking on me. now they're picking on donald trump, which is very sad how they're treating him from all different directions. when you're high-profile you speak from the heart, you do what you feel is right, you make enemies. unfortunately he made a lot of enemies on picking on him. i will tell you one thing, he will win anyway. deirdre: he will win anyway. howard kurtz, reminding me our colleague at fox donald trump is on tv alot because he accepts the invitations and willing to come on and speak his mind. some of the other candidates are willing to appear, at least much less frequently. since we're speaking about the campaign, democratic front-runner hillary clinton pushing for arizona votes ahead of tuesday, talking about issue of border security. this is what she said in an interview with an arizona radio station. >> i think we've done a really good job securing the border and i think that those who say we
5:26 pm
haven't are not paying attention to everything that was done for the last 15 years. deirdre: you are doing the work there first-hand. what is your take? >> well if she had done a great job she should have been visiting mexico more than two or three times. secretary of state is critical official. number one. number two, she is doing ads, campaign ads using me and trump on her ads. so evidently trump and i have become some good targets for these people. deirdre: all right. well, sheriff, we're glad you're there. we thank you for your time. sheriff joe arpaio, joining us there from arizona. senator ted cruz will be holding a press conference in douglas, arizona. that is scheduled to begin in about 15 minutes time. we'll bring you there live. mitt romney saying he will vote for the senator in the utah primary. that does not constitute an endorsement but it is a primary vote. also the most wanted man in
5:27 pm
all of europe now in custody. hears been on the run in hiding for months. you are looking at a live shot where he was captured in belgium. we are monitoring the situation for you there on the ground in brussels. we will keep you updated as we go. in the meantime we are back in just a few minutes with more on "risk & reward." we have an update for you on hillary's personal email investigation. new videos showing she is acknowledging her blackberry as a hacking risk. also a new report that apple encryption engineers, might, call it defect from apple, look for other jobs. we'll give you more details on that. my next guest wondering why these engineers are taking a stand on this particular issue but not the suicide nets at apple's foxconn manufacturing center in china? colonel ralph peters rejoining me on those topics yet.
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. deirdre: there's new video that shows hillary clinton acknowledges the risk of using personal devices. >> our country's acting like we're the only people in the world trying to figure out what's going on? i mean every time i went to countries like china or russia, we couldn't take our computers, we couldn't take our personal devices, we couldn't take anything off the plane because they're so good. they would penetrate them in a minute. less, a nanosecond. deirdre: hillary clinton
5:32 pm
admitting the risk of hacking. additionally, there are reports that say she sent dozens of e-mails on blackberry from russia and china, again raising her risk profile. retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters back with me now. colonel, seems on the one hand she understands the risks involved. fact that all of her devices can be hacked, but yet continues to use them? >> deirdre, i think you yearly don't understand that the clintons are above the law. [laughter] >> hillary clinton does not have to obey the constitution, doesn't have to obey federal regulations, doesn't have to live to the documents she had to sign about responsibilities for handling classified information. all flippancy aside, she knew, she knew, she knew. deirdre: i was going to say, i assume when you become secretary of state somebody sits down and said here's protocol, especially in this age of technology and how we all use it, here's what's
5:33 pm
allowed and here's what isn't. >> indeed. and for instance, for those sap programs, the special access programs, well above top secret, i've been part of that world, very limited access. you have to read a legal document and sign a legal document before you get to see anything. by the way, she claims nothing is more classified. wasn't classified at the time. all the special access programs are code word programs, they are instantly classified. there's no human factor somebody says that is classified, that's not. all the sap programs, everything they generate is automatically classified. it's liar, liar, pant suit on fire. deirdre: you made a comparison to hillary clinton and general david petraeus. i'm wondering how you see the similarities and differences between the two cases?
5:34 pm
>> well, in criminal terms, dave petraeus shoplifted a pack of cupcakes. hillary clinton robbed fort knox. petraeus did something stupid, it was wrong. i think he should have been punished more severely. i come from the classified world. nonetheless, the guy fell for his young bimbo biographer. he did something stupid and wrong, he's paid a price. hillary clinton jeopardized the security of the united states over and over again, exposing our classified programs, exposing our diplomatic strategies, chitchat with her friends. >> seems different what she did than leave an agenda, a scheduler on a night stand. >> secretary of state, is the equivalent of playing poker with cards facing the other players. what she did was nutty. not just exposing us to enemies but allies spious, too.
5:35 pm
she revealed much -- this is a dream for enemies and allies alike, and crippled our diplomacy. deirdre: colonel peters, you are joining my colleague anthony scaramucci later this evening, 8:00 p.m. we look forward to that conversation. in the meantime, i need to ask you since we're on all things tech that the fbi may win, may not, but it may win the court fight to force apple's help in unlocking the iphone. the one that was owned by the san bernardino county, but, of course, was used by one of the san bernardino killers. but some of the company's engineers are saying you know what? even apple, if forced to comply, we're going to go work somewhere else. how do you see this? i don't know where else they're going to work, all tech companies are facing the same challenges. these engineers are saying apple stands for rebellion, going against the common tide, so to speak. >> yeah, one of the richest corporations in the world stands for rebellion.
5:36 pm
give me a break. apple is establishment as it gets. i'm sick of techies thinking they're special. they may make special amounts of money, they have to obey the law like the rest of us. if there is a court order to unlock that phone and any engineer or person at apple refuses to play along, they should get a citizen's chance to go to a federal prison and make new friends. deirdre, this is about a toxic product, and if a chemical company poisons us, they have liability. apple is providing aid and comfort to our enemies, providing a toxic product for profit. these highly encrypted unbreakable programs. deirdre: at the very least seems they could comply with this case where american citizens were shot in their place of work. retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters, thank you for the clarity. glad to have you here. >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: senator ted cruz holding a press conference in
5:37 pm
douglas, arizona, we will bring there you live, you heard where mitt romney said he will be casting his vote for senator cruz in the primary on tuesday in utah. so not an endorsement but one vote in a primary. in world and national news, the most-wanted man in europe now in custody. salah abdeslam one of ten murderers from the paris attacks on november 13, was captured alive along with two other people earlier in molenbeek. that is tape from when he was brought in. the equivalent of the s.w.a.t. team in brussels going in and getting him. he has reported to have sustained an injury to the knee but been brought in alive, and the idea here that he can connect some of the dots and hopefully thwart other potential attacks. after helping to campaign for governor kasich in ohio,
5:38 pm
mitt romney tweeting out he intends to vote for senator ted cruz this tuesday in utah. former congressman turned kasich supporter pete hoekstra is my guest next. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight...
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. deirdre: at this moment, there is a statement being released from john weaver who is the chief strategist for the ohio governor john kasich. so the context here, of course, is that mitt romney is saying on tuesday, in the utah primary, that he will be voting for senator ted cruz. as far as the statement goes from the chief strategist for kasich, the fact is the establishment has gotten it wrong this entire primary and it is unfortunate to see mitt romney is getting bad political advice. john kasich is best positioned to stop donald trump in the midwest, the mid-atlantic and the pacific coast states. this is just the old establishment trying again to
5:42 pm
gain the political system but john kasich has defeated the republican establishment his entire career. so that is the very latest coming through from the chief strategist of the ohio governor john kasich. i am bringing a former congressman also kasich supporter pete hoekstra. so congressman, first and foremost, what do you make of mitt romney saying hang on, this isn't an endorsement, but in the primary, i will be voting for senator cruz? >> we've seen mitt go from rubio in florida to kasich in ohio, now in utah going to cruz. i have no doubt that mitt romney politically is more closely aligned with john kasich, and i wish mitt would say based on my experience and knowledge of the candidates, this is the person that is best for america. this moving around and trying to represent the establishment as the most effective strategy to defeat donald trump, you
5:43 pm
know, that's exactly why people are mad at the political process. just tell us who you like and why you like them and why they're qualified to be president, and we'd be much better off than just say, now, we can do anything but donald trump. deirdre: well, i heard what you said, congressman, which is right. he was stumping for rubio, he's essentially stumping for kasich, now pledging very publicly support for senator cruz. i like this line, i'm going back to john weaver's comment, the chief strategist for kasich. it is unfortunate to see mitt romney is getting bad political advice, which seems to underline your point as well. >> well, yeah. i know mitt, i campaigned with him across iowa and across michigan in 2008 and 2012. the mitt romney they always knew was much more decisive and much more straightforward than the mitt romney we've seen in the last especially in the last month. i'm not sure where he's getting this advice. he ought to go back to the real
5:44 pm
mitt romney. one so many of us enjoyed working with, and i think the real mitt romney. deirdre: so quickly here, kasich campaigning in utah, fighting for 40 gop delegates. what chances does he have with the math, even people who support as you do, john kasich, say he's a great guy, the adult in the room. he is certainly the most experienced but doesn't have the delegates. >> well, he doesn't have the delegates right now. there's only one candidate that has a path to getting to the delegates that are necessary for a first -- deirdre: congressman, i have to cut you off. have you my apologies. senator cruz is speaking now. >> all right, thank you. >> we just had a great opportunity to tour the border and to visit and here from ranchers and land owners down here, sheriff danells, thank you for being here, leadership, public service.
5:45 pm
thank you for risking your life, you and the men and women who work with you, thank you for risking your life ever day for keeping us safe. >> thank you. >> we are so grateful for the law enforcement especially along the southern border that face the day-to-day threat of drug cartels coming across, of transnational criminal organizations that are terrorizing communities. speaker galen, thank you for being here, thank you for your leadership. it is important and significant in arizona to have the first speaker of the house from southern arizona in decades and thank you for giving a strong voice for the men and women here in the state legislature. and governor perry, thank you so much for your friendship, for your incredible leadership. for your service. thank you for as a border governor dealing with these problems every day as 14 years as governor of texas, and when the federal government failed to do its job, thank you for your leadership in the state of
5:46 pm
texas deploying man power to help address this problem. you know, today, we just finished having lunch, and i had the opportunity to visit with ranchers from down here in southern arizona, and the bulk of the lunch i spoke very little. i spent most of the time just listening, just hearing their stories. hearing the volume of traffic every day, of drug cartels smuggling across groups, coming across with backpacks filled with drugs, groups that are heavily armed. i heard one rancher told a story of the cartels, at least one of the smugglers apparently monitoring her, find wearing she keeps the key, and then this drug smuggler would with some regulator come into her home, use the key, unlock the
5:47 pm
front door, take a shower, make a meal, wash the dishes, go to bed, sleep, get up and leave and lock the door behind him. want to you think for folks in other parts of the country how you would feel having a drug smuggler monitoring you and entering and leaving your home with impunity. every rancher here described break-ins just a routine matter of living near the border. you know, president obama tells us the border's secure. well, i invite him to move the white house down to the southern border. let's see how secure it is. the ranchers here deal every day with the threats, the threats, that tragically took the life of a well-respected rancher not too far from here. threats that challenge our basic safety and security.
5:48 pm
i also heard from ranchers the experience of encountering the bodies of dead people, left abandoned by coyotes, who it's worth underscoring that the people smuggling illegal aliens in america are not good-hearted social workers with beards and birkenstocks. they are hardened, vicious, violent criminals, and far too often they abandon women or children. those who are sick, they abandon them in the deserts to die. this is a national security crisis, and it's a crisis that the federal government is refusing to do its job and solve. i'll tell you one individual who's here with me today who's experienced firsthand the consequences of that is steve. steve's son grant was murdered
5:49 pm
here in arizona. grant was 19 years old with a promising future in front of him, was working in a convenience store when an illegal alien came in, put a handful of change on the counter and demanded some cigarettes, and grant began counting out the change when this illegal alien pulled out a gun and put it in his face. grant quickly grabbed the cigarettes and just gave it to him, but for no reason whatsoever other than hatred and malice and evil, this illegal immigrant shot and murdered grant. this illegal immigrant had been in and out of jail. he was a known criminal. he shouldn't have been in america. he should have been deported. he should have been incarcerated. he shouldn't have been in a position where 19-year-old boys --
5:50 pm
>> senator ted cruz, you see him there, speaking from douglas, arizona, joined by more than a few people on his side. one of whom he is speaking about now, a man whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant for no apparent reason, other than he didn't give him cigarettes quick enough, but he is talking of illegal immigration. with me back, former congressman and kasich supporter pete hoekstra. so congressman, thank you, by the way, for your patience with the timing. i do want to talk in a bit about the delegates because we were speaking about that before we went to senator cruz's comments, but i just want to ask you what you make of senator cruz being there in arizona, obviously, ahead of tuesday, but about him tackling illegal immigration? >> well, it brings back some memories when i was in congress. i had a young man from my congressional district who was a park ranger who was brutally murdered in one of our national
5:51 pm
forests in arizona. i went down to the border with his father to go to the exact site. it brings back the horrific memories of a great young american being brutally murdered on the border, outgunned. i think senator cruz, governor kasich, donald trump, they're all highlighting the fact that this is a dangerous area and americans are losing their lives because we're not enforcing our laws and securing the border. deirdre: congressman, i need to ask you a somewhat cynical question, as everyone is campaigning. donald trump has clearly been out ahead of the other candidates, again, whether the views are possible or not possible but a lot of what he has suggested is tackling illegal immigration head on. do you think this is senator cruz just trying to catch up? >> no, i think senator cruz, and again governor kasich and donald trump have all been very firm. this is one of the, they think republicans clearly are on a different page than the
5:52 pm
democrats and president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. they want this issue addressed and fixed. deirdre: they want the issue addressed and fixed. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, the other evening in a town hall event saying they would not deport children to. what extent are the republican candidates going to have to make similar statements? >> well, i think, you know, governor kasich has said i will provide a path to legalization but never provide a path to citizenship, and i think ultimately that's where we're going to go, but secretary clinton also has stated recently that she thinks the administration and the government has gone a great job of securing the border, and i think that's not true. there's a lot of gaps and vulnerabilities along that southern border that need to be addressed. deirdre: congressman, i thank you for your time. we're going to talk about the delegates on wednesday, if not sooner. former congressman from michigan, kasich supporter, pete hoekstra. thank you, sir, glad you are here. oil prices lower today, higher
5:53 pm
overall. if you look at the levels of $39 a barrel as it stands, multiple coal companies warning of major financial troubles. president obama's solar energy project may be up in smoke. steve malloy with me now. thank you very much for the time. how do you see all these piece fitting together, volatility in oil prices, coal really taking a hit, and the continued taxpayer investment for lack of a better term, and green energy. >> well, right, you know the real surprise play here is the success of cheap natural gas. cheap natural gas has really begin legs to the obama war on coal and put coal in an existential crisis. cheap natural gas is preventing solar and wind from taking off. they're relying on subsidies, and the irony is natural gas is so cheap, nobody can make money
5:54 pm
on it. that industry is struggling as well. deirdre: steven, you wrote this book, green hell, can we sustain our energy needs just by wind, solar and other alternative forms, or saying so far no, and we just have to deal with it? >> well, no, solar, wind and other renewables can be a small piece of the puzzle, maybe one day as technology develops they'll mature. that hasn't happened over the last 30, 40 years, we're a wash in fossil fuels. we have so much coal and so much more natural gas. the supply of natural gas is basically limitless. you know, and prices remain low until the obama administration or whoever is the next administration stops slow walking the export of natural gas. that's the only thing that's going to get natural gas prices up any time soon. deirdre: steve, let me ask you why hasn't government investment or commitment to
5:55 pm
green energy been so fraught. president obama said something like 2.2 billion dollars have been given out in clean energy loans. we talked about the scandal with solyndra. why doesn't government presence, taxpayer dollar presence in this space work? >> well, because you can't fight the market. there's no market need for wind or solar. it has some useful applications but on a utility scale it doesn't make sense, and you are trying to fight market, and we have the rock bottom natural gas and coal prices and no way renewables can compete even really with federal subsidies. that stuff is not ready for primetime. never has been. will it ever? i don't know. the good news is we are awash in fossil fuels and that's given us all the energy security we need. deirdre: that is a very bright note to leave the conversation on. steve, thank you. with me there, author of "green hell."
5:56 pm
president obama's nomination for the supreme court sparking backlash from liberals who are disappointed by the choice, merrick garland. in the washington times, president and director council of the naacp legal defense and educational fund saying, quote, there is no question in the black community there is some disappointment particularly because many have speculated this nomination would have historic dimension. kevin jackson with me now. kevin, i am glad you're here, do you think that someone's background should be part of consideration for supreme court judge? >> certainly not their color background, i think the background of their ideology should be, and i would say to black people that are disappointed in barack obama, don't be disappointed in his choice of supreme court justice based on color. be disappointed on the choice because none of the decisions barack obama has made since
5:57 pm
he's been president has been good for blacks. it has no bearing on it. unfortunately we live in a world where that's the way the left thinks. this is his third jump up to the plate, and he's picked two women, one hispanic, obviously, one white, and for all intents and purposes, black people believe he should be dealing with this issue based on color, but i see it as a ridiculous thing for them to be considering. deirdre: yeah, because it's true that the implication seems to be there should be some affirmative action on the supreme court bench. >> i think we've already got affirmative action on the bench with the other two choices. that's my personal opinion. the bigger issue is when blacks do this thing on the ethnocentric and what i consider to be a racist idea, the black person on the court is going to think of people that think of the various issues that we face from a blackcentric perspective.
5:58 pm
that's not the way the country was built. if you really want to destroy something, make it a democrat, in this case, a liberal, and if you want to give it harm, make it a black liberal. look at cities run by the people that the left and particularly the black left want to pick, and you're looking at a recipe for destruction. so for me it's not about a color thing, it's more ideological thing. deirdre: just picking the best person for the job. >> yes, exactly. deirdre: speaking of which, police officers now across the country are buying liability insurance because they're afraid apparently of lawsuits. so between july 2014 and july 2015, the number of members who bought the union's liability insurance is up 15%. does this really change who wants to become a police officer, who doesn't, if they're afraid to do their jobs or afraid of being sued for doing their jobs? >> no doubt. again, going on the color
5:59 pm
lines, you've got black police officers who are typically given assignments in black neighborhoods because that's the way they try to do it that way, and you're talking about high-crime areas and they've gone with the cop cams and everything else but there's no liability on the criminals. it's a one-way street. and we live in a time right now unfortunately where liberalism and barack obama, it's a war on police officers. i was looking at the statistics, more police officers killed by handguns this year. it's 300% up from the same period last year. so the idea that the guys have liability insurance certainly is one thing they should consider but probably ought to be looking at life insurance. deirdre: indeed, kevin jackson, thank you so much for the time. we are grateful that you could join us. kevin jackson with me there. a reminder to follow us on twitter -- a quick recap of one of the major stories that my colleague charles payne is covering,
6:00 pm
salah abdeslam, one of the terrorists allegedly responsible for the 130 murders in paris on november 13th has been apprehended.


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