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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> think i just the beginning. we are lax and we are worse. >> this is a war with islamic terrorism. isis declared jihad on europe and the united states of america. deirdre: the city of brussels is on its highest alert after isis claims responsibility for a deadly coordinated attack on the belgium capital. the attack started during rush hour.
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bombs exploded at the airport in brussels and the city's subway station. the one closest to european institutions and nato headquarters. 31 people killed, 187 wounded. my colleague adam shapiro is with me. at least one of the terrorists is at large, right? reporter: they found an explosive device which contained nails, chemicals, an an islamic state flag in the apartment. following the attacks on the airport and the subway in brussels within the defense department told fox news among the injured are an american air force service member and five members of his family. some of the injuries are critical. investigators are looking for the man you see dressed here in white wearing the hat. the two men dressed in darker
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clothing, it's believed they are the suicide bombers at the airport. the first bomb exploding at the airport. the witnesses say it caused part of the ceiling to collapse. then another bomb detonated. the combined terror attacks killed at least 31 people, and originally thought injured 230. but that number has been changed to 187. the terror group isis claimed responsibility posting on their website. security officers found a third bomb at the airport and in their own word they neutralized the device before it could cause more chaos. since last friday the police arrested wanted terrorist salah abdeslam for his role in the deadly terror attacks that killed 130.
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investigators say salah abdeslam told them he created a new network after the paris attacks. deirdre: a very sad event. we want to let you know, denver international airport is experiencing a partial evacuation. there is an area that includes the west side of the main terminal, so levels 5 and 6 from doors 600 to 610. airports have been on high alert. flights are continuing to denver, international but we'll continue to keep you up to speed on what's going on with that partial evacuation. earlier this morning on fox business, someone who fought and survived as a prils anywhere of war in vietnam blames president obama's leadership for the failure in world security. here is senator john mccain. >> these attacks were
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predictable and predicted as we see a failure of obama's policy which has aloud the birth and spread of isis. a geographic capital in raqqa, and with no strategy to defeat isis, and they have been able to cause -- ex floyd bashar al-assad's bombing and destruction of their people which led to unprecedented flow of refugees since the end of world war ii and amongst those refugees it's clearly they have sent young men to commit acts of suicide bombing. deirdre: with me now, former armory vials chief of staff general jack -- vice chee -- vif staff general jack keane. what do you think of senator mccain's comments?
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>> he's right on the mark. what has take place is radical islamists declared war on europe and the west. this is a political ideology. we don't defiant, try to explain it and we have not put together a proper alliance in europe, in the region, to deal with this spreading cancer. isis is a part of the overall problem, and they have a safe haven, bona fide safe haven in syria similar to the safe haven al qaeda had in afghanistan that we haven't dealt with either. deirdre: there are some people saying clearly that isis claimed responsibility. but some people are saying this actually looks pattern-wise a
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lot like al qaeda. they would have goth gone into the main square and started shooting. but this idea of coordination and wanting to hit near important symbols. it's temperature near the heart of the eu. that this reminds some terror analysts more of al qaeda. >> i think it's a difference not worth a distinction. the harsh reality is isis claimed this and it's operating out of what we know is a relatively large brussels network that was responsible for the isis attacks in paris. the same network despite four months of screw the any inside belgium have been able to conduct another successful coordinated attack. this organization's operational security is truly remarkable
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given the scrutiny they are under. when you add that. >> belgium was already at high alert. the interior minister says tuesday i'm worried about attacks. since salah abdeslam had been brought into city and put into a high security prison. >> this is the isis pattern. isis has conducted suicide bombing attacks in turkey multiple times, in lebanon as well dwb and they obviously inspired an attack in the united states, a combination of weapons and pipe bombing that never got executed. so this attack in europe is going to continue because the reality is europe is very different than the united states. they have bona fide sanctuary
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neighborhoods where isis or networks can operate in pollen bike alone, belgium officials declared that there are 800 sympathizers in that neighborhood they are trying to track. that's way beyond capacity of any police department dealing with one particular neighborhood. this is a problem for them. there are many of these sanctuary neighborhoods in europe. dee will be it shows where belgium for capita has the most fighters in the past 15 years that have left the country to go and fight in iraq, in syria, and then presumably come home to reekp.reek terror.
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hillary clinton criticizing donald trump for questioning how muslims come into the u.s. >> we are having problems with muslims coming into the countries. you need surveillance and you need to deal with the mosques. they aren't done by swedish people, that i can tell you. derrl i'll tell you what hillary clinton said. donald trump's senior campaign advisor is with me next. >> it was -- it was a shock. ♪
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we are having problems with muslims coming into the country. we are seeing it whether it's california where they killed 14 people. we need surveillance. we need to deal with the mosques. these attacks aren't done by swedish people, that i can tell you. we have to be smart, we have to be vigilant. we have to watch very closely what's going on. deirdre: the attacks in brussels putting all candidates' stance on foreign policy in focus. steven miller, welcome back. what do you make of whether it's donald trump's comments or other candidates' comment on how we should handle this increasing threat of terrorism. >> as mr. trump laid out today, this is first and foremost a problem of immigration. we can't keep this country safe and europe can't keep itself
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safe as long as we continue to allow large numbers of people to enter the country who have hostile intentions. this is just common sense. the 9/11 terrorists here here on temporary visas. just like the recent terror attack in san bernardino. we are seeing again and again our immigration system is being used to carry out terror attack. these radical organizations don't occur in isolation. you need broader net works of extremism. whether it ohs in a mosque. or elsewhere. the question we have to ask ourselves as a country. how is it in our interest to bring large numbers of people into the country if they are going to engage in open hostility against us. deirdre: i take your point on that. i just want to ask you to respond.
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democratic frontrunner hillary clinton clashing with trump. here is her comment. >> even if we were to build a tall wall around the entire continental youth, the internet would still get over it. deirdre: the limitations about the visiting visa program and the other one you noted. we have seen where technology and social media are playing a huge role in terrorismand counter-terrorism efforts. >> once again hillary displays a profound ignorance about america's security and how terrorism works and demonstrates she is an extremist. she is saying as long as there is an internet we can't control immigration into the united states. that's insane. the individual being radicalized don't appear out of nowhere. look at saed farook in
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california. he' the chiementd of pakistani migrants. his jihadi bride was born in saudi arabia. there was a case in connecticut of a moroccan foreign national who tried to blow up a school and courthouse. he arrived in the youth through our visa program. the internet is a tool to radicalize populations at risk for being radicalized. that's where immigration comes into play. in minnesota, we have seen dozen of youth through the refugee program from somalia radical eyed after their entry into the united states. maybe they are getting radicalized on the internet. but how do they get to be in the united states in the first place. it's still a refugee program. it's not just a syrian program. we have seen terrorist refugees from iraq, somalia, kuwait.
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the alcohol nothinga shooter was a kuwaiti migrant in tennessee. and donald trump is the on the candidate with a clear position on this. deirdre: i take your point, maybe it should be two pronged. we survey with a finer toothed comb who is coming in. but hillary clinton is not only one criticizing donald trump. gop rivals are as well. >> it's striking that the day after donald trump calls for america weakening nato, withdrawing from nato, we see brussels where nato is headquartered the subject of a radical islamic terrorist attack. donald trump is wrong that
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america should withdraw from the world and abandon our allies. >> mr. trump also said he thought we should be downplaying our involvement in nato and i don't think that make any sense at all. we need to keep even stronger as an alliance. deirdre: stephen, with his peers and come get tores weigh weigh d his competitors weighing in, how does that change it. >> the comment from snore cruz are baffling. deirdre: i think he meant the subway attacked. >> i understand what he's saying gee graiskally. but the idea that donald trump's comments that the united states shouldn't have to bear an undue cost of nato has nothing to do with the brussels attack.
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what war was senator cruz going to start new nato that could have prevented the attack. i want to say this about senator cruz. senator cruz introduced an amendment to the gang of 8 bill in 2013 to double muslim migration into the united states. keep in mind. 83% of the american electorate thick projected immigration growth is too high and senator ted cruz wants to double immigration overall and muslim migration specifically. he's dramatically out of touch with americans. deirdre: that's why you think donald trump will win arizona tonight? >> i think the campaigns confident about arizona. but on the general, hillary clinton will lose in part because she is wall street's senator and her support of these
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mass immigration policies is going to destroy our middle class, bring down wages, not just putting our physical security at risk. but our financial security at risk. working people, working moms, working dad deserve a better pay raise. and senator cruz is bad for working families. deirdre: i thank you, stephen miller. the presidential primaries could be affected by what happened earlier in brussels. tune in tonight to find out. arizona, utah, arizona. neil cavuto and lou dobbs and i will bring you analysis as it starts coming in at 8:00 p.m. denver is experiencing a partial evacuation. if you are traveling levels 5 and 6 from doors 600-610,
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deirdre: the senator ted cruz speak in new york city it's a press conference. we'll listen in. >> a poor record on human rights but a stellar record standing with america, standing with israel against terrorism.
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the obama administration condemneddaed el-sisi. i wrote a book where i quoted a speech el-sisi gave at cairo university. the same university and said iran has aright to nuclear technology. profoundly foolish and fool harded political correctness. yef it jeopardizes the safety and security americans. el-sisi gave a brave speech where he called out radical islamic terrorism. el-sisi is a muslim, a muslim leader of a muslim county country. that was an acts of courage.
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he was literally putting a bounty on his own head. the terrorists wants to murder el-sisi and he knew that. and he did that with courage and northerly clarity. it's tragic the president of egypt shows more courage in confronting radical terrorism than the president of the united states. today president obama is happily at a baseball game yucking it up with the castros, communist dictators rather than being in america and direct the effort to defeat isis and rather than traveling to brussels. and yesterday the president stood beside raul castro as castro attacked america and president obama agreed with castro's attacks opening america. it's not -- on america.
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it's not too much to ask the president to defend the united states of america. not side with dictators who spread terrorism throughout latin america. we need a president whose priorities are keeping america safe. and the attacks today judge scores the need for a strong commander-in-chief. >> american never engage in torture and we are not going to. but we'll utilize interrogation techniques that are effective to keep this country safe. and we'll utilize law enforcement and fashion stall security. we'll out lights military force. when it comes to isil right now what we are doing is woefully ineffective. we drop a bomb here, missile
5:28 pm
here, it's photo-op foreign policy. but it doesn't defeat the enemy. if i'm elected president we'll use overwhelming air power to carpet bomb isis into oblivion. we'll destroy their infrastructure and the oil fields, we'll destroy the refineries. we'll destroy their trooches andman power. and we'll farm the kurds, our friends and allies fighting isis. yet the obama administration for political reasons will not arm them. we'll use our troops as needed to utterly destroy isis. not with the rules of engagement that the obama administration send our troops into battle with, rules of engagement that make it impossible for them to defend themselves. instead if and when u.s.
5:29 pm
military force is required we should use overwhelming force. kill the enemy, then get the heck out. deirdre: there you see senator cruz speaking there at an event in new york city. you heard him say the president of egypt, president el-sisi called out radical islam which in his part of the world is tantamount to putting a target on his head. you heard senator cruz say president obama has done less for the cause than the president of a egypt. you heard him comment on the actions he thinks are needed to combat terrorism. tonight arizona, idaho, utah. we'll have instant analysis for you. victoria is with me on the phone. what prompted senator cruz to
5:30 pm
make those additional comments here in new york city? >> i think this is a very dramatic day for our country and for this broader fight that we have against radical islamic terrorism. i think the senator wanted to make sure his message got out loud and clear, this is a fight we have to engage in and we have to win. and -- derequire's a simple proposition, we have to fi obviously through technology, and also monitoring -- he made some comments earlier the visa waiver program. >> indeed. the way we are structured under our scurnlt visa waiver -- our current visa waiver. if you had citizenship you would be able to come directly to the united states. we are doing everything we can to defend ourselves from this
5:31 pm
danger. deirdre: we just heard senator cruz say president obama is clearly not doing enough. earlier he highlighted that the president went to a baseball game in cuba. we are going to play a quick sound bite here. >> while our friend and allies are attacked by radical islamic terrorists. president obama is spending his time going to baseball game with the castros. >> many are suggesting president obama get on a plane and come back. is this what a president cruz would do? >> president cruz would never have gone to cuba to payer to the to castro and sit beside him and wave at a baseball game. i think it's outrageous. president cruz would have been in the white house where he belonged. it would have been appropriate for the leader of the free world
5:32 pm
to return to warn and not go to a game and talk to espn on the day of a major terrorist attack against a close ally. it's really shocking. deirdre: there are a lot of business people, and i'm not speak being today in particular. but in the general sense, that cuba is important for the u.s. to have relationships with, hotels are looking to be there, and to protect the caribbean if you like from what many people see as a chinese footprint appearing. $300 million between china and jamaica. $200 million between china and other small island. there is a cabbage strategy that people feel the united states need to protect itself from. >> i agree we need to protect ourselves from that. but i don't see how funneling additional fund to the castro
5:33 pm
brothers will achieve that aim. i think this relaxation of economic ties that would allow these funds to go to the cuban people who desperately need them is a fantasy. when you hear trump say he will build a trump hotel in havana, he's going to give the money to fidel. deirdre: you have a big night ahead. thank you very much. victoria coates is ted cruz's senior foreign policy advisor. the dems have the additional state of idaho. neil cavuto, lou dobbs, the entire team will be bringing you instant result and analysis. donald trump announced part of his foreign policy team and poke
5:34 pm
to fox business about it this morning. >> i have not spoken to them. but whatever they tell me, they will be advisers and they are highly respected. some of them have been on your show many times. whatimes. walid * is an example. and former defense department inspector general joseph sch hurricane --schmitz. have you spoken to donald trump today about the terror attacks in belgium? >> not today. we exchanged with the trump advisors of the campaign. and he and i were almost on the same show in the morning on "fox
5:35 pm
and friends." what happened this morning brussels is basically a message to us that this could happen here again. of course, a message to the international community that there is a major problem generating when that happens, and that problem is called isis in iraq and libya. deirdre: ways the best way to handle the terrorist threat going forward? as we have seen from the images and as we heard from reporting, the airport's pre-check-in have been identified as soft targets. anyone can walk into an airport. >> we are discovering little by little all the areas not secured by our law enforcement are insecure and jihadists will try to get there. any terror jihadist can get to the ticket counter. all that area from the taxi parking.
5:36 pm
think the arrival area if it' also open and people can go in and do something so we have a lot of areas to take care of. but it's how to be precept tough and find these terrorists before they act. deirdre: let's just say the elect comes and donald trump wins and you are on this team as we know that you are. what i the number one first move that you would put in place so that the u.s. and the rest of the west becomes preemptive? >> we want to understand from the administration what do we have? there are many thing from the nemesis of law enforcement, national security we don't know much about, and the next administration will have to be briefed. but one area i would recommend if i have a chance to have my
5:37 pm
say would be to identify that idea on injure. once you do that you -- identify that ideology. once you do that you will have won 60% of the war. the early stages, the genomes of the jihadists, where will we meet them? in the trenches? the administration the last 7 years didn't accept it. deirdre: we thank you as always. walid phares joining us there. terrorism expert and on donald trump's cabinet team. actor turned trump backer, scott baio reacts to the attacks. the dow closing slightly lower.
5:38 pm
this is after of course those attacks were digested by investors. travel stocks not surprisingly among the hardest hit. charlie gasparino is with me now. is is it the fear showing up in the market? >> what's interesting about the market's reaction to terror wind' --it's industry-specific. go back to the london stock exchange bombing in 990. it took the dow 200 days, almost a year to recover from that. 9/11, it took a couple weeks recover from the losses of what 9/11 did to the markets. you look at what's going on with the paris attacks. is that a zero?
5:39 pm
when you look at what happened when the dow opened on the 17th of september, it was -- it wasn't catastrophic by the was down 600 point. the markets have been adapting to terror as a way of life. they believe unless it happens on our soil and happens repetitively, that traders brush it off. is that a good thing going forward? the ipo markets are recovering. the stock exchange, they are still despite all this, they are planning to do their ipo in april. i would just say one thing. here is the word of caution. george soros writes about her mentalities in his -- about the herd mentality in his book. if this is competitive like weekly or monthly, that's where you as an investor have to think
5:40 pm
how do i protect my portfolio and that's where you start going to the defensive stocks or high dividend stocks or treasuries. but we are not there yet. the markets have increasingly -- i don't want to say blown off. but they have taken it in stride. deirdre: they have stabilized in the last few weeks. people say as we get closer to the general election, there is less uncertainty. >> janet yellen said terrorism is one of the x factors of the market. if we get more of these things and there are herd changes, it will be less of a market story tailts is a market story. a national security story. but when that herd changes, that's wet u.s. investors have to watch out.
5:41 pm
deirdre: we are considering the signs. charlie gasparino, thank you. hollywood may be turning more and more to trump. donald trump's tough stance on terror may be the reason why. scott baio is my guest next. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this.
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deirdre: denver international airport as we have been letting you know experiencing a partial evacuation. fox confirming denver p.d. evacuated part of the main terminal due to a possible security threat. per the spokesperson, air traffic on the west side of the terminal has been stopped. affected airlines include american, air mexico, air canada, lufthansa and british airways. the tsa is assisting locals in this investigation. no word on what the threat
5:45 pm
pertains to or hoist was transmitted. major airports have been on high alert after today's attack in brussels. in the meantime, gop presidential candidate donald trump slamming president obama, calling for a stop to the president's plan to allow tens of thousands of syrian refugees into the u.s. >> president obama is taking in thousands of people, distributing all over the united states. we don't even know how many and nobody even knows where they are going, and these are people that have no documentation. they have no anything. nobody knows anything about many of the people that we are privileging into our country. and it is going to lead to just catastrophic problems. deirdre: joining me on the phone sack tore and trump supporters scott baio. scott, thank you for your time. we didn't get to speak earlier, but trump's response to the
5:46 pm
brussels attacks, is this one of the reasons that you plan to voted for him? >> yes. the thing is this. if we don't name these people, if we don't go after them and start attack them and eliminating them, it's just going to keep happening. this government doesn't want to do anything about it. if we just close a blinds eye to it and we don't want to go after them. the constitution is not a suicide pact. we have immigration laws. we have rules that we all have to abide by. should we at least know who is in our country? they will people are coming west and we seem to be playing footy with it. i have an 8-year-old daughter. i cannot understand this. trump to me is the only guy and ted cruz to a certain extents who say we have to eliminate them. there is no negotiating with someone who wants to cut your head off. deirdre: well said. i want to ask you about how you
5:47 pm
are fitting in with you're peers in hollywood. -- with your pierce in hollywood. many of them have said they will sleeve the country if donald trump is elected presidents. the list is long. what else your take on that? >> i will charter a plane for them. they are more than happy to leave. i don't a care. my country is everything to me. i have an 8-year-old daughter who is going to inherit this country and i don't care. i genuinely in my heart don't care. i have done enough in my life, everybody has done it, not just conservatives, my entire life and i always worked. deirdre: a lot of people say if you are in hollywood and you are a conservative you are out of the club. you get left out of projects or it's harder to work with certain groups of people even if you want to. have you found that to be the case? >> i have never been in the club.
5:48 pm
i don't know where the club is. all i know is every show i have ever done has made money for the studio. it's a business. we are in show business. if you can make money for people they don't look at what your political affiliation is. if you can make the money they are fine. if you want to leave, that's okay. i can watch "the view" without whoopi goldberg. if she wants to stay with hillary clinton, i wish the liberals who sort of wants to follow this doctrine of what the liberals are espousing, give their nice homes, nice apartments and nice cars and give it to the government and live in a one-bedroom apartment in the city. but they won't do it. deirdre: a lot of them are what we used to call limousine liberals. >> they are hypocrites. it's everybody but me. i'm a capitalist.
5:49 pm
i don't believe in being punished for success. when i was a kid you admired it. now it's vilified as something bad. deirdre: another co--actor, friend of the show, antonio sabato jr. have much behind trump. >> whether you like him or not, he makes sense. you have got to appreciate the honesty that comes out of donald's mouth every single time. i have been talking to a lot of people in los angeles. they are backing him you have and they like the honesty. deirdre: there is the honesty, but you alluded to senator cruz. before it sounds like the honesty and a willingness to fight for citizens that appeals to you about donald trump's campaign. >> it's the willingness to go after whoever he's going to be facing. i think ted cruz is a good man. i like john kasich. and this is not a shot at them.
5:50 pm
i don't think they have the will other nerve to attack hillary the way that our nominee is going to be attacked. i think donald trump doesn't care. i think he's a street fighter. every time we say as republicans we want to be approve the fray and it's not who we are, we get creamed. so what's the point of fighting that way. they fight to win, but we don't. deirdre: love having you here. we thank you for your time. scott baio joining us on the phone supporting donald trump. breaking news on the brussels terror attack. american airlines putting out an update saying it canceled all flights to and from brussels for wednesday and thursday. at this time there are plans to operate a flight from philadelphia to brussels friday with a return flight saturday. that's subject to change.
5:51 pm
donald trump is speculating on why residents didn't push to turn in the paris attacker salah abdeslam who was captured from brussels a few days ago in a raid. >> he was living there with all these people. they all knew he was there. they didn't turn him in. there is something going on that's wrong. deirdre: the belgium government is asking citizens to stay off the internet to keep it free for communication, avoid streaming music or videos. also asking citizens if they learn about a raid, not to put it on periscope and not to stream it. former cia operative joshua katz is here. what do you have make of the government, belgium's request, please don't jam the internet with recreational stuff, but also if you see a raid going on,
5:52 pm
don't tweet by the and put it up on periscope. >> right will be absolutely. what the belgium government is doing, they are trying to manage their emergency management system. they are trying to insure they have the bandwidth to communicate tannin sure the average person has enough ability to send out emails to loved ones and say i'm okay and things like that. they are in full-blown emergency management mode here. that's exactly what they are doing. not posting raid and not posting information about police operations is just being a good citizen. right? it's asking people to not tip the hand to the enemy and allow them to escape before the police can get to them. deirdre: did the belgium government make a mistake in
5:53 pm
being so public about capturing salah abdeslam, letting people know he was in a high security prison, mooning it gave this extra willingness of retaliation? >> i'm not sure this is retaliation. but by broadcasting so publicly that they picked up salah abdeslam, it really sent this cell, this specific terror cell into a hasty operation. it seems to me by looking at this, the information we have right now, that this veil was looking to conduct a similar pop trying what they conducted this morning, but they were pushed to do it a little bit too soon, which was unfortunately yielded in many deaths. >> they knew they were going to get caught because salah abdeslam is apparently talking.
5:54 pm
>> absolutely. so the attack today seem to be even thought it was kooshed night. seems to be more hasty and what we swo have expected. deirdre: denver international airport is experiencing a parksa partial evacuation. they are investigating a suspicious package near the terminal for american airlines. fox has been told canines have received positive hit after sniff be the package. the f.b.i. assisting the f.b.i. and tsa. our source pointing out, it's not uncommon for canines to show false hits, but the source add it could be one of those situations. what do you think of this caution? it feel like it's necessary
5:55 pm
after brussels but it brings up the larger point of how do we protect ourselves? >> that's the real core question here. what do we do in order to not become victims? what do we do in order to hear our partners overseas in western europe? they are really at a fragile point right now. what's going on in denver is just cautious. and that's great. we need a heightened level of village lens. but especially in western europe. we have seen a lot of threats and heard a lot of chatter about attacks that are being planned throughout western europe. we all need to do something different because currently our counter-terrorism strategy, we are failing to realize that we have to actually go hunt down
5:56 pm
isis and just kill them. it's unfortunate that everybody is getting bogged down in the boots on the ground argument. we have to destroy isis with all means available. >> i think it's a clear point. after you say see citizens with children blown up, it's not very long cal. josh, thank you. presidential candidate john kasich telling fox business the president should return home from cuba in light of today's attack. >> i think he should come home and begin to coordinate with our friend, head of state around the world and dispatching teams of people to figure out why we have these vulnerabilities and what we can do to fix them. deirdre: former pennsylvania
5:57 pm
congressman is what me, do you agree president obama should have come home right away? >> i do. i think what john is speak is from experience. when you have a crisis of this magnitude, the president need to be where all of his asset are. being in cuba has been a problem in terms of communication. and being in argentina would add even more miles. it seems to me this is exactly the right answer, that the president should be back in washington. the president of france called this an attack on all of europe. all of europe is our ally and we need to be helping at this point. deirdre: earlier today governor kasich spoke about why he will not accept refugees into ohio. here are his comments. >> the governors agreed we'll not take any refugees from syria, it -- it's impossible to vet them. europe opened its doors without
5:58 pm
a proper vetting process. that's something that has to be reviewed moving forward. deirdre: congressman, ways your point of view on that? we know there is a primary in utah tonight. most mormons believe it's wrong to help people in need of help such as refugees. will this hurt governor kasich in utah? >> experience speaks here. if you are going to allow people to come into the country you ought to at least know who they are and know what their background are. with the syrians that be hard to do because of the crisis in syria and the inability to have official government record about any of these folks. i think john kasich is speaking from experience in saying that we have to protect ourselves from people who do us harm. deirdre: which is a fair point indeed. how do you think the governor will do tonight?
5:59 pm
>> i think he will get some delegates in utah. it's a state where he has spent some time and gotten a good response. we are hopeful of pick up some delegates in utah tonight. deirdre: the longer-term governor kasich may be the most experienced in the room, he may, as many people say, be the adult in the room, he says that about himself, but he is still in last place with the delegate count. as a supporter, what do you make of that? >> well, the real long-term strategy beating hillary clinton in the fall, and he's the candidate that shows up time and again as the one who can do that. and i think that's becoming more nd more recognized by the american people. and our states where we're going to do well are yet ahead of us, and and we think we'll do very well, thanks. deirdre: all right, sir, thank you so much for the time. congressman robert walker with me there. we thank you very much. we are just going to recap some of the events that have been happening this hour. we have told you about a partial
6:00 pm
evacuation at the denver international airport, and you can see that is a live feed there from the airport. my colleague, charles payne, is going to have more on that, "making money" starts now. ♪ ♪ charles: breaking news tonight, terror takes belgium by storm, and isis claims responsibility. more than 30 are dead and hundreds injured after brussels' airport and metro station are bombed. race is underway to hunt down surviving terrorists. first, breaking news here in the united states, a section of denver's airport, the main terminal, is being evacuated as officials look into a suspicious package found near an american airlines ticket counter. fox is told the fbi is on the scene. the closure impacts american, air canada, lufthansa and british airways. flights are still active, but there are many delays. we'll bring you the latest as we know more. adam shapiro is in


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