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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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evacuation at the denver international airport, and you can see that is a live feed there from the airport. my colleague, charles payne, is going to have more on that, "making money" starts now. ♪ ♪ charles: breaking news tonight, terror takes belgium by storm, and isis claims responsibility. more than 30 are dead and hundreds injured after brussels' airport and metro station are bombed. race is underway to hunt down surviving terrorists. first, breaking news here in the united states, a section of denver's airport, the main terminal, is being evacuated as officials look into a suspicious package found near an american airlines ticket counter. fox is told the fbi is on the scene. the closure impacts american, air canada, lufthansa and british airways. flights are still active, but there are many delays. we'll bring you the latest as we know more. adam shapiro is in the newsroom
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with the latest on the belgium attacks. >> reporter: that's right, charles. american airlines put out a statement, they are not going to have any flights from brussels to the united states or the united states to brussels on wednesday or thursday. there are plans to operate a flight from philadelphia to brussels on friday and a return flight on saturday. of course, one of the bombs went off near the american airlines' counter in brussels. nine americans were among the injured following the attacks at airport and a subway station in brussels. the defense department tells fox among the injured, an american service member, five members of his family and three members of a mormon missionary group. a defense department official tells fox some of the injuries of the people in the service member's family are critical. investigators are looking for the man dressed in white in this photograph. he's also wearing a hat. it's believed that the two men dressed in darker clothes were the suicide bombers at the airport. the first bomb exploding around eight this morning followed by a second explosion which caused the roof to collapse.
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about an hour later, another bomb detonated, this one during rush hour at a subway station near the european union headquarters. the combined terror attacks killed at least 31 people and injured around 200. the terror group, isis, claimed responsibility. they posted a statement on the islamic state's web site saying extremists opened fire in the airport and several detonated suicide belts. security officers found a third bomb at the airport, and in their own words, neutralized the device before it could cause any more mayhem. now, this was just last friday when police in busses else arrested wanted terrorist saleh abdeslam for his role in the attacks in paris killing 130 people. investigators say abdeslam told them he had created a new network and was planning new attacks. no word yet if these attacks today are part of what he says he helped create. and then about three hours ago
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investigators in brussels had been combing through different apartments, and they found an explosive device which contained nails, chemicals. this was on an apartment in a neighborhood in brussels. they also found an islamic state flag. charles? charles: all right, thank you very much, adam. brussels, of course, under siege in coordinated attacks, reminiscent, of course, of our own september 11th attacks. isis threatening there are, quote, dark days ahead if we retaliate. i'd like to bring in ambassador james woolsey. ambassador, belgium obviously a hotbed for islamic terrorism, particularly that one neighborhood, however you pronounce it, where a huge density, this is where, of course, the paris terror suspect hid out for a long time. first, your assessment of how this happened so quickly. was it the arrest that might have actually hastened this attack? and even nobel judgement was on high alert -- know belgium was
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on high alert, it still was successful. >> i imagine they've been setting people up to do logistics and bring tough that they need, store things, keep things ready, do some training. i imagine they've been doing that for months to years. charles: but because the word was here's a guy who didn't blow himlf up during the actual pari attacks even though he knew police were inpursuit of him, in oth words, here's seone who actuallyted to live, he was singing like a bird. so di that actually f whoever's in charge of these saying, hey,ll the t these, and could that mean even moreta are imm >> it's a good question. it's hard to say. some of these terrorists once they're arrested and theyt to talk whether it's a long eikh mohammedde, biash khalid chief of or others that decide sooner to cooperate to, once they decide to cooperate, they sing like
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canaries, is the expression. i, and i'm not sure why. i don't know what psychologically is going on there, but we have a situation where we're learning a great deal. and what we're learning is that anybody when thought that this war -- who thought that this war against islamist terrorism is going to stay overseas or is going to stay in the middle east, we can opt out of it if we want, it's not our problem, the europeans ought to deal with it, etc., etc., they are wrong. we have to be engaged, and we have to win. charles: right. on that note, however, what should europe do? because, obviously, we know that the migrant problems have been a huge issue with them. we know the inability for these groups, the islamic groups to assimilate, the refusal to assimilate has been a problem for more than a decade. we hear about these neighborhoods wheth france her parts of norern europe, how are they handling thng x do you think they'll get it right?
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y needommit more rsources to the security. one of the that people have about nato is that we're doing almost all of the funding, but europe is not poor. and one thing that we really need to do is to convince them to join those in the united states who want to keep nato going, want to build it up, want to make it capable of dealing with situations such as the islamists and to convince americans who are dragging their feet and saying, well, maybe we don't need to do anything, or maybe we can get out of nato, convince them to get together. we did a pretty good job during the cold war with our european allies on the soviets, and this is a very different kind of threat, but it's one we need to stick together with our allies. charles: for america's part, should we declare war on isis? make it an official war, this way we could enlist some of the tools that we used in cold war and put greater pressure for unity from our european parties?
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>> we haven't declared war with since december 8th of 1941. we've passed -- charles: why wouldn't we declare war on isis? >> well, it's a good question. it might well be something we should think seriously about. people have moved to using congressional resolutions that grant authority to the president to use force. that was done, for example, right after 9/11. but it might get people's attention if we did that, and i must say i think that it deserves it. we are in a third war. you may not want to call it a world war the way we did world war i and world war ii eventually, but i is -- chit. >> we've gotto convince american people and our allies, a together realize this is a big fight -- charles: and it a global fight. whetr nto use theer world i or it involves the ent planet. ttake a closer look at
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the political response to this tragedy. republican congressman marsha blackburn and captain chuck nash, and the ambassador's going to stay with us as well. president obama, of course, he spoke about the tragedy today ahead of his planned speech in cuba. by the way, the speech -- he addressed us 51 seconds long. he says the u.s. will do whatever it can later on in the day, he kept to his schedule, caught the game with the tampa bay rays and the cuban national -- look at this, guys. president obama doing the wave. that's a tough, tough scene to swallow juxtaposed to what we see coming out of brussels. congresswoman blackburn, the country is torn on this, and there a sort of notion th, hey, it' not our problem, we shouldn't fiddle around with it, ope deal with it, but is that misguided? >> well, i don't think the country is that torn on this, charles. i think that as you look at the
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political season and the presidential, national security is the top issue. and people want us to address this issue with isis. they are sick of this. whether it's chattanooga or san bernardino, they want to see this issue addressed. they don't want the terrorist cells here. what happened today is very frightening. you should be reading the e-mails that are coming in to me. people are incredibly concerned about this. it doesn't matter if they're republican, democrat, independent, whatever. they want to see some action. and the president's conduct today was absolutely despicable. the fact that he stayed in cuba, he went to the ball game, he did the wave, he spent 51 seconds talking about what took place? you have nine americans that are injured in this attack, and the commander in chief is in the here with our intelligence and security assets and working with
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our allies on how we deal with this? i mean, come on. charles: right. >> he ought to be here. he should have -- first of all, he shouldn't have gone to cuba in the first place. but he should have come home and addressed this. charles: absolutely no doubt about that. captain nash, there's no doubt terrorism ranks high for everyone in this country, but i guess what i mean is that there are, the argument is how do we deal with it. i saw a poll recently where millennials are saying, hey, let's send in the troops, and 70% of them said but i won't be one with of the troops, you know? how do we effectively deal with this problem? >> well, i think the first thing is we have to from a defensive posture, we have to take a look at who we're letting into this country. and we can't say that we're, that gun checks, gun background checks don't work as the president says, yet we're going to be able to screen everybody adequately who's coming in. the germans took in 1.2 million
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refugees from muslim countries. they've lost track of 600,000 of them as of october. so if one-thousandth of 1% are missing and are really bad guys, that's six. if it's only a hundredth of a percent, that's 60 bad guys running around. and we know isis is plugging people into these refugee flows. not only that, but most of the home growns are second generation, their parents or grandparents came in as guest workers after world war ii. charles: sure. >> they ran a family reunification program, they stayed, and now they've grown up, and they have got passports. they can just hop on an airplane and come into the united states. charles: and, of course, morgan, here at home, every time something happens in the west, it certainly impacts us in a presidential campaign and everywhere else. >> well, it certainly affects us. maybe it feels more close to home because it happened in belgium. but the bottom line is this civil war has been going on in
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syria for five years now. there's no way to defeat radical islam and to defeat isis without addressing the root cause of it. you have to address the next -- this president's not going to do anything, let's just all be honest. charles: right. >> the next president is going to have to address syria -- chaster chaster is address a euphemism for invade, attack? do we annihilate raqqa? because we hear all the buzzwords, but what does it really mean? do we have to go in there? we know where the headquarters is, we know where the orders are emanating from, but we're not doing anything about it. >> i think it's time to have a come to jesus moment with our allies in europe, saudi arabia and the rest of the middle east, and we have to have a comprehensive strategy. the senators i respect most on the subject, mccain, lindsey graham, are advocating troops on the ground, and even mr. trump has said recently that we're going to need troops on the ground. there is no serious way to solve the syria situation without troops on the ground. you can't do it on air power
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alone. charles: we'll come back and discuss it more and, of course, more on this breaking news. and what could we have done to have prevented the attack? we're talking about how we address it here at home next and then later, how we address it abroad. and we bring in america's toughest sheriff. sheriff joe joins me next. ogo ia little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. mountains, and conquered highways, and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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when it comes to the fithings you love,. you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. >> this is a war with radical islamic terrorism. isis has declaired jihad -- declared jihad on europe and on the united states of america. >> a coalition ought to be assembled of both our friends in the arab world and, of course, our friends at nato with the united states playing a leadership role in the a air and on the ground, and isis must be destroyed. >> in my opinion, this is just
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the beginning. it will get worse and worse because we are lax and we are foolish. we can't allow these people -- at this point, we cannot allow people to come into the country, i'm sorry. charles: those were the gop candidates reacting to the terror attacks in belgium today. so what can we do to avoid repeating europe's mistakes here at home? want to bring in sheriff joe arpaio and bo dietl. sheriff joe, i know you've endorsed donald trump. he's the first candidate to talk about restricting at least a temporary ban on all muslims and to some point, you know, figuring out a better way to vet 'em, ted cruz echoing very similar sentiments. would that be enough alone to avoid what we're see anything europe? >> well, you have to get tough over these foreign countries. i have 23 people in the jails that i run from the middle east countries, terrorist states, and they've been turned over to i.c.e., some of them, so what's
6:18 pm
going on? how come they're in our country? i presume some are illegally here, charged with many types of crimes. i'll tell you one thing on donald trump, he was way ahead of the game. you know, he mentioned waterboarding, and everybody's going after him for that. you don't surrender, you don't negotiate with these people, you destroy 'em. so he's ahead of the game on the border with that fence that he's talking about. do you think that that border is not receiving across into our country some of these people from the middle east? this is very complex. you know, i did serve over in turkey, the middle east as a top federal guy and mexico. sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and take away their foreign aid if these countries don't cooperate. hit 'em with the money. that's what's going to hurt too. charles: bo dietl, today ted cruz said we need to have intense surveillance in neighborhoods with high muslim populations where we know people are being radicalized.
6:19 pm
do you agree with that? >> i totally agree with that. and, you know, to get back to donald trump, donald trump mentioned nato, and everyone got panicky when he says we've got to drop out of nato. what he means is if they don't start working together, there's no leadership there. we have a leader right now in cuba doing the wave when eight americans were blown up, some of them in very critical condition. he should be in europe dealing with this right now. and when he's talking about nato, nato has no leader, and nato's doing nothing as far as to take out the islamic state. they should take that capital and blow from here to -- charles: you think we drop out of it, it would help nato? it would be a wake-up call? >> donald says something and if you know donald, which i know him, he means they better get their act together, otherwise he'll threaten to leave nato unless they start a leadership movement and work together. these countries -- charles: i hate to say, but i just don't think nato, i have zero confidence when it comes to
6:20 pm
this kind of stuff. here at home, steve rogers, what measures should we be taking? we're in a politically correct culture. we've got a lot of rules of engagement, but, you know, should we be enhancing our more vigorous surveillance in these neighborhoods where we know people are being radicalized? >> first, we must face the reality, charles, that we are living in world war iii. this is a world war. that's number one. number two, what we saw in brussels is a prelude to what's going to happen here. we've said it time and again that it's coming. so to answer your point directly is we need to fight this not as a law enforcement type of problem, we need to fight it as a military problem. we've got to get the military directly involved, do the bombing overseas, strengthen our police forces, strengthen our homeland. it's going to take a major, multi-prong attack. as the sheriff said, we gotta get tough, strong and play by their rules, not by ours. >> you know, there's one thing
6:21 pm
here that in israel before you go to an airport, they searching your baggage. that is one thing. you can imagine how hectic that would be, to search people's bags -- charles: yeah, but we saw photos today of these suspects, and it was pretty obviously they would have never made it anywhere near a counter in israel at all. just real quick, sheriff joe, should we also get some military help with respect to protecting the borders? or would a wall in and of itself be enough? >> no, you don't need the military. just increase our border patrol. bo, great -- i can't see you, but talking -- >> hi. congratulations to you, sheriff. >> let me say this. everybody, the cops are afraid to do anything. as always, if they stop somebody, it's racial profiling, and people are afraid to the call in, because they'll be accused of racial profiling. that's all you hear around the country right now. even's afraid to do anything. they're just worried about being politically correct, and that's a sad issue. charles: yeah. we've got to stop being afraid.
6:22 pm
that's the first step to getting back -- >> charles? charles: all right, guys, you are the best law enforcement panel any guest, any host could ask for. thanks a lot. also coming up, following the latest in brussels, want to talk about europe. what are they going to do with these migration policies? they're in a serious pickle. we're talking about a time bomb. tweet me your thoughts, i'm @cbpayne. we'll be right back.
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charles: those are the sounds of chaos in the city of brussels today. we're continuing our coverage of terror in belgium. europe's migration policies and europe's politically-correct nature has really set them up bigtime. we see it more and more. the big question now is, can they turn back? joining me now, commander david sears as well as dr. herb
6:26 pm
london. dr. london, you just participated in the book, "the encyclopedia of militant islam." has europe backed itself into a position where it can't even save itself anywhere? >> -- anymore? >> i think the president of hungary said that as the migrants were coming across europe trying to gain entry into germany, he said keep marching, you're not going to stay in hungary. right now he's the most popular man in eastern europe. there is an understanding at the migration that we have seen is causing enormous problem -- charles: that would make the most unpopular woman, angela merkel. >> she lost in the local elections in large part because the germans have come to the realization that there are limits to compassion. and one of the limbs is, of course, national security. if you cannot provide for the national security of germans, you have created a great political problem. charles: commander sears, the problem is often when we have
6:27 pm
these epiphanies in life, it's after the fact, you know? i've already burnt my hand even though my mother told me not to play with the stove, so now what? >> right. i don't think they've reached the threshold yet. they're getting there. we're going to get it in the u.s. as well. it's not when, it's not if, it's going to be how big and, again, when. so what's going to happen is like 9/11. that was our threshold. we went to war over that. that's what we're waiting for. europe's going to hit their breaking point. charles: you know, i've got to tell you, can captain nash, the combination of events we've seen just in the last year and a half in europe haven't been a breaking point, i don't know what is. i do know a lot of these nations like denmark are having second thoughts in these open arm policies, but the big question is beyond them knowing that they've hit their brick wall, how do they clean this up? >> they've already imported the seeds of their own destruction, charles. that's the problem. if you take a look at the land
6:28 pm
mass of europe, you could fit it in the land mass from east of the mississippi to the atlantic ocean. and they have 15 million muslims in that area. we have three million in all of the united states. some of these countries like germ and france -- germany and france are 6-10% of the population, and they have not assimilated. charles: right. >> so what you've got is now the other things the europeans did to increase their destruction was get rid of their national borders. now you can move freely all throughout europe, and it's just a mess. that car's headed over the cliff. it's a little late to start saying turn left, turn right. charles: right. >> it's too late to hit the brakes. they're going to have to hope the air bags work. charles: europe had to have people come in, they needed the birthrate thing to go up, they created the european union to be competitive with asia and america, they created the euro,
6:29 pm
it's all falling apart. could this actually break the back? already the u.k.'s thinking about getting out of this whole deal. >> well, you're starting to see the economic stress in europe, and there's no question what's happened, and i think a very important point has been made about all of these migrants that have come into europe in large part to deal with the them graphic issue. the birthrate in europe is well under replacement level, and the birthrate among miss limbs is higher than replacement level. so are we going to see europe, arabia in the future? so that is one of the great problems and one of the interesting scenarios. the things europeans have to do at the moment is say, one, we're going to return to westphalia, national borders. number two, we're not going to allow for these sanctuaries like brussels. charles: right. >> we're going to create an environment where you're not going to have these centers which, of course, are centers of radicalization. charles: right. >> that, i think, has got to be the beginning.
6:30 pm
charles: i think a lot of people agree and a lot in europe agree. it's great seeing you. it's been too long. remember tonight, of course, we're in the middle of two big races, arizona, utah. the question is how will these terror attacks impact the race to the white house? we know it will, but to what degree? we'll discuss it next. ♪ ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness.
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♪ charles: well, the race for the
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white house continues out west. 58 gop delegates up for grabs in arizona, 40 in utah. joining me now, tammy bruce, gina lowden and charlie kirk. i'll start with you, gina. how do you see this shaking out tonight, the results? >> well, my prediction is that with trump needing only about 50% of the remaining votes and ted cruz needing about 80% of the remaining votes, after tonight i think arizona goes to trump, that means he'll have 58 of those delegates and about 40 of those will go to ted cruz, the more man vote from utah, of course, going to ted cruz. i think ted cruz had a chance this morning in his press answer for after the terrorist attacks to win some of those arizona votes, but the blame needs to go squarely in the camp of hillary and obama, not onto your opponent. i think that's where he misstepped. charles: ted cruz focuses a lot on donald trump. just to alert the audience, he
6:35 pm
brought up the fact that donald trump yesterday suggested we were doing too much or maybe should get out of nato. i don't think he was blaming donald trump for the events that happened overseas, mika, but, of course, some people are up in arms about it, others aren't. how do you think it's going to impact the race? >> well, it definitely is. first of all, with rubio out of the race, it's thrown the gop into the grand old panic party. the old line establishment are trying to figure out which lane to merge into, do they merge into the trump populist lane or the cruz conservative lane? cruz gave an outstanding, substantive speech yesterday at aipac. i think that he is clearly the smartest person in the room when it comes to policy, and that should help him going into utah where the voters are more educated. there's fierce defenders of religious liberty, and romney has had an epiphany and is actually campaigning for cruz. i think it will hit the ball out of the park in utah.
6:36 pm
i think going into arizona, i agree with gina, he has an uphill battle. those are frustrated, everyday working americans who are very much for trump. charles: so let me go to you, charlie -- >> i think it's going to be more difficult for cruz there. charles: i think everyone agrees with how the outcome could be, although there was some scuttlebutt of perhaps a cruz upset in ads. we know donald trump has won a ton of early voting. we'll see what happens there. but what some are saying now though, if ted cruz does well in arizona, it could bode well for him going down the road. is that sort of, i don't know, rational sawtion, or is there something to it? >> no, that's definitely correct. and cruz has an uphill climb. a lot of his more friendly states have already had caucuses and primaries. it's important to note, and i think the parties should take a firm stance on this, whether early voting should continue in primaries. if you look at a lot of the early votes were cast two weeks ago when marco rubio was till a caidate. i'm guessing those voters would
6:37 pm
li their ballot back. not to mention states that are coming up, wisconsin has an april 5th primary, then you have pennsylvania, delaware and maryland. those states look to be a lot more friendly territory for donald trump. i think ted cruz has to do very well tonight. if he can finish within seven points in arizona and prove that he had the late surge and then win the majority in utah which would then give him all the delegates in utah, he can make a case that this is truly a two-man race -- charles: john kasich is hanging in there, he's something of a spoiler some say for the vp spot, but he's not going away either. >> well, he's not, and in any other normal circumstance, someone like this would be out. obviously. as rubio is out. so clearly there's a strategic reason here. it's not really about the voters or what's best for america. we've learned recently that marco rubio turned down a unity ticket with mr. cruz, also clearly indicating he's in it for himself, that he wasn't thinking about what would be best for the nation, that
6:38 pm
there's ego involved. but the voters or today, look, i don't know when it comes to the terrorism if it would affect the way people are voting. i think there's already or a sense of wanting the outsider, we're aware of the terrorist dynamic. the lack of security in this country, and i think that's where both mr. cruz and mr. trump are, why they're leading. another obvious ticket that would be unbeatable would be trump and cruz at this point, and that is something they have to seriously consider. charles: who knows, maybe it can still happen. thanks a lot. and, of course, you don't want to miss our primary and caucus coverage tonight. neil cavuto and the team -- i'll be paroft t -- we're going to have the latest minute-to-minute details, and it all begins at 8 p.m. eastern right here on fox business. with isis striking at the heart of europe today, should the obama administration look into, i don't know, doing manager about our borders? and -- something about our borders? now you're looking at the white house where the american flag is at half staff for the victims of today's terror attack in belgium.
6:39 pm
we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ charles: a lot of people say immigrants are taking our jobs. according to a new study out from harvard, it's true. illegal immigrants, men, far more employed at this point. we'll be right back. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow!
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it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right charles: breaking news, bad news, sad news. the death toll now in today's terror attack has risen to 34. weaver going to continue -- we're going to continue to update you live as the numbers come in. right now we want to talk about immigration because it's a hot topic in the 2016 election cycle. there's a new study out of harvard that say men in the u.s. illegally, take a look at this chart, are more likely to be employed than their native-born counterparts. of course, a lot of this has to do with their ability or willingness to take jobs regardless of how much they get paid, but startling numbers. joining me now, tammy bruce and dr. herb london.
6:43 pm
dr. london, what do -- we know part of donald trump's appeal is to a certain segment of white men who feel like the economy is passing them by, maybe they had jobs where the new economy is taking over, but certainly people also look around and say, hey, you've got a lot of people that are doing jobs that americans should be doing for higher wages. this kind of study sort ofrscor? >> i think it does. and i think by and large what you want is to recognize the distinction between the illegal and the legal immigrant. you also have to recognize the fact that if the economy is growing at, let's say, a 3 or 4% rate, then we would be able to accommodate immigrants of all kind. but the argument that you would reward an immigrant with a job, an illegal immigrant with a job because he has violated the sovereignty of this country is absurd on its face. the united states should be a country that allows for immigration. but legal immigration. charles: tammy, i always argue, though, that i think i don't
6:44 pm
care how big the wall is or whatever, if we pay americans not to work, i've seen so many able-bodied 27-year-old men not working while they're this program, that program, whatever it is, how can we stop it? it's a void, and voids are filled. >> well, yeah, look, the percentage actually is extraordinarily, that the illegal alien men are 12 points higher likely of having a job than their native counterparts. but let's also remember it's not just white men who are displaced. you're looking at jobs that women would be taking, that women of color would be taking, single heads of households, they don't have those jobs either. so you're looking at a 50 plus percent unemployment rate in that community. overall, where you see the political dynamic is moving this cycle, this is why. so, yes, there's a security component, but we're looking at also effectively the creation of a slave class. you're looking at people who will work for not a lot of money at all, a willingness for certain business to take advantage of that, and it's
6:45 pm
against the american ideal, american principles, and this is why america's saying, wait, this is not about, you know -- really it's learned helplessness when it come toss the nature of what we're doing to americans. and a condemnation of the future for this country if it continues. charles: but i am also worried, for instance, for entrepreneurship. it has changed so dramatically where native born, only 71% of these new businesses down from 87%, immigrants are almost 30%. it's okay. we like that, but what's happening to the native born, herb? be what happened to us? >> what happened, what happened, of course, is the obamacare. what happened are regulations. what happened are mandates. young people today do not want to go into business in large part because there are so many constraints on starting a business. you want a entrepreneurial spirit in america? introduce the free market again. give people the opportunity to get ahead. charles: right. >> stop all of these economic constraints. >> and where are the immigrant
6:46 pm
withs able to overcome that? within their communities. you have the korean community, money set aside specifically for members of their community. it's a great idea but, certainly, the federal government's not doing that for others who are not within those kinds of networks. charles: it's amazing stuff, and i think it explains a lot what's going on in the presidential election cycle. hey, when we return, the latest out of belgium. mourners are gathering around the world to pay their respects as officials scramble to catch these terrorists who remain on the loose. we'll be back in two minutes. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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charles: all right, guys. let's check out the latest in belgium. fox news channel's greg talcott is live on the ground in brussels. greg, what's the latest? >> reporter: the brussels airport behind me is now under guard by belgian troops after
6:50 pm
the terrible terror there and at a subway stop inside the city. this as the focus of the police now zeros in on one of the key suspects which was identified in a surveillance picture also with this man in white, we saw two men in black believed to be two suicide bombers from that terror spree. the misare going door to door -- police are going door to door, house to house. they believe they have found the bomb factory for all the explosives that were used during this day of horror. they also found in that apartment one bomb with nails in it and also chemicals to the size as well as an isis flag. again, the death toll from the terror both here and at that subway stop, the several blasts resulting in over 30 people dead. more than 200 people injured. and among the injured we now know nine americans, an active
6:51 pm
service member, a u.s. air force officer and his wife and four children as well as three mormon missionaries. just some of the horrors happening here in brussels. it is a city on edge, a city on high alert for any more trouble. pack to you, charles. charles: thanks very much, greg talcott. back with me, steve rogers and morgan ortega. steve, we keep talking about this, and we know how europe got themselves into this particular pickle. one of the big problems is particularly in brussels, it's such a hotbed. they've allowed these neighborhoods where they're so densely populated where someone who can help be a mastermind of the paris attacks hides out almostpln ain sight for four months and only really caught from someone dropping a dime. who knows what that was all about. they knew something was going to happen, and they could not stop it. that's horrifying. >> charles, they need our help -- charles: well, they accept our help because belgium and france,
6:52 pm
they don't even talk. >> yeah, but i'm talking about real help. while the president is doing the wave at the baseball game tonight, he's got to be worried with about the wave of bombings that might come here. he needs to be in that situation room, he needs to bring the allies in, and he has to lead. look, this is not a law enforcement problem, this is a military problem. these are military operations against the security of the european states as well as the united states of america. charles: you know, it's so funny because i remember being appalled when, you know, president obama, of course, golfing after people died serving his cup. i thought -- his country. i thought his address ahead of ferguson was stupid. the man just has his priorities incorrect. morgan, what would be the first thing the next president should do? >> well, i think one of first things we need to do is strengenhe relationship with our allies that we have cast aside to -- charles: what does that mean though? give them more money, more troops? how do we strengthen that? >> absolutely.
6:53 pm
we're going to have to work together with the europeans and our partners in the middle east to come up with a solution in syria. it's definitely going to mean more troops. i don't know necessarily about more money, but it means we have to as an american president, we have to lead. >> and let them know, charles, that we're not going to withdraw, that we're not going to withdraw from them, but we're ready to engage side by side -- charles: this way maybe we'll get some of the locals to fight alongside. thanks a lot, guys. well, here at home arizona is on its way to a record voter turnout. we're going to head out to the polling station after this short break, and we'll discuss tonight's elections. they're very important. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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charles: in all the terrible news out of europe, we kind of forget there are two big gop contests in utah and arizona. to straight out to fox business's peter barnes live at polling site in arizona.
6:57 pm
peter? reporter: that's right, charles. we're in tempe, arizona, right outside of phoenix. the interest in this primary is huge today, particularly in light of the attacks in brussels which highlighted issue of immigration and legal, and illegal border security, national security and all of the issues related around it is, have our cameraman mike pan for you. this line. we to the here nine hours ago, has been like this all day long goes all the way around the corner of this building. it has been a very, very high level of traffic for voters today, intense interest in the key issues and in this primary highlighted by the attacks in brussels today, charles. charles: thank you very much, peter barnes. brg back the panel. joining me, tammy bruce, gina loudon and kirsten hog land.
6:58 pm
attacks may or may not have impact. i did my informal poll on twitter. 75 say it helps trump, 25% helps cruz. this is overall issue for election and it will hurt hillary in general election. >> it may. we'll see where the polling goes. the polling has been much more favorable towards hillary clinton. charles: on terrorism? >> not terrorism per se. charles: keeping us safe? really? >> 10 points ahead. >> you don't know where american people fall. you have this buttressed up against the aipac speeches. that is very serious issue. even though trump got a few standing ovations he was laughed at people in the audience. people there laughing he had been a long-time friend of israel. charles: but i will say the average american right now, voting at least pub pick side take donald trump very, very seriously. he is a juggernaut. after tonight he will win
6:59 pm
arizona and become more of a jugger.ut >> hillary made a couple comments which are bizarre, closing borders would not help any of this. in addition to the fact that belgium could have been safer, what we need to do is make more secure passenger lists. i mean this is nonsense. she is like a magic 8-ball. all of her answers could fit with any question but are still meaningless. clearly this helps mr. trump like i said earlier. trump hp-cruz ticket are inbeatable. americans reminded this is life and death issue. charles: what will h she toould not deport anyone. that will come back to haunt her. >> it is absolutely go come back to haunt her. charles, i believe she is beatable. i don't say any polls that any of the remaining gop contenders can not be hillary. this is absolute no-brainer, sadly because of events like today. take a candidate like donald trump, one of the big reasons he
7:00 pm
resonates he does this babe ruth, kind of politics. charles: right. >> he says this is what is going to happen and then it happens. charles: absolutely. >> he talked about this before 9/11. charles: our prayers go out to all the people in belgium tonight. now here is lou. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. islamic state today struck at the center of europe, carrying out suicide attacks in brussels. attacks began 8:00 a.m. brussels time. two explosions went off close to the american airlines check-in desk at brussels airport. about an hour later another blast went off on subway station in heart of brussels near the headquarters of the european union. islamic state claimed responsibility for those bombings that claimed lives of 34 people and injured more than 200 others including nine americans.


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