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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: it is saying that one of the brussels attackers was not deported to brussels, but few ported to the netherlands. trish regan will have more on that and so much more. hey, trish. trish: new details emerging. launching a massive manhunt for him and they'll jump. the president of turkey is clarifying things. caught in turkey in june and deported to the netherlands. all of this coming as secretary of state john kerry saying he is there. it is time for the terrorist attacks. part of a much larger cell
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coming up here at donald trump and ted cruz. moving from the polls to twitter. threatening ted cruz and his wife heidi. this picture of wife trump. be careful or i will spill the beans on your wife. if you try to attack, you are more of a coward than i thought. we will talk about that. can trumpet the magic number? he needs to win 53% of the vote from here on out here at making or breaking him. his decision to attend a baseball game in cuba. you can see him they are on video. injured in a terror attack overseas.
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>> you are not strong. you are weak. >> still. don't optics matter? twenty-four hours. we will address all of that. authorities still searching for one of the terrorists on the run. escape from the airport after his bomb failed to go off. authorities believe that it is 25-year-old pictured right here on the right side of your screen. he is the one in white. pushing a 35-pound bomb. he trained in syria. he had a direct connection to the terrorist massacre did police also identifying the other two suicide offers. here are those pictures. they are brothers.
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they had a criminal past. taken to their hideout iaa taxidriver. finding is suspicious. the cab driver brought authorities straight to the pickup location. they discovered a bomb making fact three. males to use shrapnel did breaking analysis. manny gomez and former cia covert operator mike eaker. we know that the bomber is still at-large. likely connected to these terrorist attacks. do you think that these guys are part of a larger terror cell? >> well, yes. it would be naïve to think that this is some small element.
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the people that actually go out and carry these operations. it is a sizable group did nobody really has hard numbers on it. somewhere in the high dozens. they are really of concern. the problem is, you are talking about a community that has an example in brussels. it is very tight. the logistics guy from the terrorist attacks had been hiding out. how could you not have picked them up? he had a network of family and friends working very hard to keep him hidden for the last few months. it is a growing problem. >> we get this terrorist. this suspected terrorist.
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would you imagine he is still hiding out with family and friends? belgium is a small country. the section that they were from is a small neighborhood. how do you walk around in the streets of russell's right now and not get this covered? >> i have been through areas that are considered hot heads of the extremist element. it is not a mystery to anyone that is involved. somebody can get off the grid for a period of time. that is what is key here. what has happened is you have the support network being built up over years. now, with the added from isis, out in syria and iraq, people coming out to serious and iraq,
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the problem is tilting for some time. trish: four-month, e sent julie, to find the paris attackers who had been hiding out there. they knew he was in the general vicinity. what took so long? do you believe that his capture is related to this attack that we saw? >> i believe that it is totally related. paris to brussels to anything else going on. this is just the beginning of what we are seeing. they have been embedded there four years, not months. this did not just happen overnight. they'll jump, france. they thought that u.s. was the main target and they would not be hit. >> there is some concern here.
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one of the terrorists. he may have this. causing them to act more quickly. these are isis members. >> as soon as they picked them up. repeatedly. are you aware of any eminent attacks? the lawyer has been saying he has been cooperating fully. developing. other operations that may be in the pipeline. surveying all those targets. starting to do analysis.
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suitcases, perhaps. that is ratcheting this up. this is not just a suicide vest ora suicide belt that we are talking about right now. the suitcases full of explosives. that is a real concern. no one should believe that this is a small group. this is a broader network. trish: we will have to leave it right there. good to have you guys here. the senior foreign affairs. the very latest. bring us up to speed. >> let me set the scene for you. 200 yards pushed away by the police. metro station.
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the most deadly. it is dark now. this is basically that european. up and down the streets. there are european headquarters. as well as of the street. the u.s. embassy. a very strategic hit. now let's talk about the manhunt. it is intensifying. we heard from the police today. though white jacket.ey did not . a lot of intelligent supports are saying he is the man. it is believed that will all the bombs for the paris attack last november. also the bombs for these attacks yesterday at. he got away from the airport.
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he is certainly on the run. it was detailed by police today. two brothers were involved in the bombings. one is the metro. the other hit the airport. they were bad people. not terrorism. robberies and others. they definitely were on the police radar. we looked at the sea of yesterday. believing to be where all the bombs were made today. police detail that. highly explosive material. gallons of chemicals. a suitcase full of nails. impeccable of making bomb after bomb after bomb. discussing these were serious bombs. just a few more words about the move here. trying to get back to normal.
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the airport is still shut down. the people are shocked. talking to them at the center of brussels. right in front of the old stock market. they told us they cannot believe that it happened here. they are sorry about it happening. the most they can do is come together in the way of solidarity. covering once again this kind of incident. asking the question why. there is a sign over here. trish: thank you very much. it is a good question. you know, the reality is, we have some people out there that really need us. just for being who we are.
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found in a trashcan nearby. i do not know. not being safe. again, authorities at this moment, trying to piece together as many clues as they possibly can. that manhunt is underway for the third terrorist. san bernardino. also, of course, our own safety. isis militants. refugees flooding throughout europe. knocking on our own doorstep. our president is blasting the idea of giving more scrutiny to
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the muslim community saying it is un-american. here he was just moments ago. >> any approach that would single them out or target them for discrimination is not only wrong and un-american, but it also would be this. trish: the house committee is trying to shore up some of the security. republican congressman joins me now with the details of his new plan. good to have you here. let me first back up. you heard the president there speaking in argentina saying it is un-american of us to profile people or look at people more intently just because of their religion. has this gone beyond religion at this point.
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it is a political ideology and we need to recognize that. >> healing with administration. radical islamic terrorist. i think that this is a concern that we have. it is not about targeting religions or braces. how it can protect the united states. we have to put our homeland first. >> let's talk about this. we have been doing a lot of reporting. bringing in 10,000 refugees from syria to this country. i have been doing a lot of reporting. how this refugee program has gone in europe. you will know that it has been a huge culture clash. 8000 women being attacked. sexually assaulted by migrants there. amid all of this, whether it is a culture clash that is
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happening because they do not recognize western women the way the rest of us do or whether it is actual terrorism. what is it that we need to do? he proposes bringing 10,000 then. >> one, we have to look at the way the system is being used. they want to use the system to infiltrate the country. congress back in it control of the numbers. the president is consistently abusing the number. bringing in more refugees. that is one of the things that happened here. bringing in our state and local officials. input on what may or may not happen. we have a vetting process. it is not being used to the fullest extent. we can protect our homeland.
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use all of the resources available to us. >> heart of that vetting process. finding out what someone's religion is before giving them the ability to calm here. >> and ethiopian prison guard who tortured and murdered those in ethiopia. committing fraud on his application. to iraq used to applied for refugee process. part of the problem we got here is lack of communication. we need to use all sources. questions and ideas. we need to do a fair row vetting ross says. that is what this legislation does. i do not understand how people can say we do not need to get that her control over this.
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congressman, thank you very much for joining me. we will be right back with more intel and more on this developing story coming out of brussels. ♪ i know what i can expect from usaa
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trish: breaking right now. officials are on their way to brussels to join the manhunt for those responsible for just her days terror attack. meanwhile here at home, the country's largest cities remain on high alert. elizabeth macdonald joins me with the latest. starting with what is happening here at home.
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>> it is the airport also in times square. grand central and penn station. it will have its own permanent control in there. what came out of homeland security, it is aimed at the united states. tens of thousands of foreign fighters traveled to serious and iraq. there is a fear anywhere from three dozen 248 of them. planning for attacks. there is back concerned they are. >> nearly 400 people. this is according to a report that doctor sebastian gorka was revealing to us yesterday. a concern because there are suspected links. they chose the american counter
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for the airline. targeting americans. >> that is the issue, too. members of congress and the intelligence community are concerned that they may have focused on americans in the brussels attack. the word is that the subway bombings happened near the u.s. embassy. happening near, you know, american airline carriers. attacking the citizens. there is always concern in the intelligence community about copycats. sick during those that are not secure now. going through security.
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securing the areas before you go. >> it makes sense. this is exactly what a lot of people were thinking. starting way before you even get to the counter. elizabeth macdonald did thank you very much. president obama trying to defend himself for doing the wave there in cuba. hours after the deadly attacks and brussels. isis and the rest of the world right now. is this the picture that will be seen? we will have more after this. double logo
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>> all right, everyone breaking. just hours after the deadly
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attack in brussels. here he is speaking to reporters in argentina. >> it is very important for us to not respond with fear. as i said, that is hard to do. we see the impact on the intimate play that they make. we defeat them in part by saying you are not strong. you are weak. >> but does that really send the right message to isis and the rest of the world. nearly 300 people have been injured and 31 people killed in the terror attack by isis. i am sure you did not like seeing that yesterday.
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>> brother and sister that may have been killed. talking to their parents. we have americans that were injured and possibly killed at that attack. doesn't he realize that america is watching right now? he went out to finish his golf game. this is not a good message. it shows weakness to people. stop getting plans together. in syria affair with isis. >> you think about the entire legacy that he is leaving behind. you will not go after someone just because or profile someone just because of their religion. you think back to 9/11. ruling out any terrorist who had.
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getting the intelligence. >> world trade center attack. that came out of the mosques over there. ray kelly who i spoke to this morning, he said two cases he had, through their under covers that they had in the muslim community. >> say it does not affect you. you have this mayor here saying you cannot do that. i see all of my little friends changing their tune. i do not want to be the scaredy-cat guy. to say that it doesn't make any difference, i will infiltrate that gang. if i am looking for muslim terrorists, i am not going to the bar and hanging out over there looking for a muslim
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terrorist. >> we are just ignoring what is right in front of us. >> donald trump's resignation. political correctness. he says a lot of things. you know what he was talking about with nato, here is what we have to do. i will not be in nato anymore. that would be something that donald trump would do. he just has to calm down a little bit. political correctness. all i looked out were those people. it affected them to watch the president. americans, i am sure. really tone deaf. not a good message.
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>> that is what they are saying about several people linked to yesterday's terror attacks. hillary clinton insights fear. he is calling her incompetence. fighting each other as they inch closer to the nomination. when we come back. ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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to suspect still have not been identified. the man in the middle was a suicide bomber board and brussels. in unidentified second suicide bomber. he is the focus of a global manhunt. a busy easter weekend. passengers have been canceled. live pictures coming in to us from belgium right now. they are morning the 34 people that have been killed. more than 200 wounded there.
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meanwhile, this scene takes place at the center of town. conducting raids again today. the country remains on the highest terrace level. taking center stage. voters have more delegates. focusing on each other. how to best protect the u.s. the mac and siding more sierra. we do not turn our backs on our allies. we get everything we know about what works and what does not hear it. >> on twitter, donald trump use his new nick name. despite the horrible attack in brussels today.
2:37 pm
wanting borders to be weekend open. no way. last night's victory. he now needs only 53% of the remaining delegates at stake. joining me right now, the executive error. a former advisor to the huckabee campaign. our right, let's talk about the math here. 1237 at this point. >> it will be very difficult. they are not going anywhere. they want to take this to the floor and they want to see this thing shakeout. he will do really well. i think you will be very successful in those states. miles above. >> so then what happens?
2:38 pm
what do you think will happen if he does not get to that magic number? a lot bracing for this contested convention. i think that that is the wrong way to go. donald trump looks like he will be your nominee. coalesced behind him. i am saying that unselfishly. >> group that romney out there saying do not vote for this guy no matter what. we talk about this. 1237. you have to get to the 1237. it seems like the party is destroying from within. >> here is the problem with the establishment right now. they are mocking the american people. to this point, he has been the largest go-getter. if this were anybody other than
2:39 pm
donald trump, everyone would be saying let's go. it is time to coalesce. they are trying to stop it. i think that they are trying to do a good job did stand up for the establishment. it is not working. we know what is best for you. this is the problem with the establishment. >> let me get you another news item. donald trump tweeting out against ted cruz last night in response to something that one of the super packs for cruz put out. and add that shows no lonnie a trump. very little clothing going on. meatball lonnie a trump. your next first lady. great. i will take her. [laughter]
2:40 pm
>> i mean really. >> do they really have to go after her? >> i do not think that that meets the level. the pictures are public. so what. the issues really matter. why alienate the voters right now. you have this incredibly captive audience. they are doing it on the democratic side. >> a lot of people go after donald trump. you should not have threatened heidi. somebody takes a strike at him and he welcome back. >> you, me, i welcome back twice as hard. >> it was not ted cruz. it was his super packs.
2:41 pm
you are attacking donald trump. everyone party knows. you hurt a candidate when you shock a voter. they know he is a billionaire. they know about trump tower. you are not giving them any new information. what this does is, you do not go after spouses. they are not on the ballot. i will give you a southern line for this. trump blasted back. you talking about my wife? i will, after yours. i am not saying it will win over people or votes. >> people are sympathetic to that, i think. there is a certain to coram that is expect it. you do not go after people's families. they are not the one in the
2:42 pm
public eye. >> outrage today over the hundreds of illegal immigrants making claims to avoid deportation. countries linked to terrorism. we will talk about that right after this. ♪ ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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right now. off the lows of the session. the s&p is trading down almost a half of a percent. all a old, always watching oil these days. oil trading down today. down 4%. disappointing results. shares of nike. homebuyers in the west. accounting for all of february's increase. sales are up 2% last month thanks to more than 38%. how do you like that. we will be right back with more intel on illegal immigrants claiming to be refugees. ♪ you owned your car for four years,
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2:47 pm
here are details. william, explain what is going on here. they could be a threat. >> right. they use it because it works. quickly on asylum claims. keeping the applicants in custody. president obama waived that requirement in 2009. house lawmakers there said individuals from arab and gulf countries have gotten them into the u.s. using the credible fear loopholes. women and children it used the asylum claim. getting into and staying free in the u.s. living and working pending the full immigration hearing. the courts are so backlogged.
2:48 pm
okay. do we have another sound bite? you know, you are in. in this age of communication, it spreads very quickly. emigrant so far in 2015 claimed the asylum including hundreds from somalia, pakistan, samaria, iraq and egypt. that has tripled. 800% higher than 07. they used to be jailed. as a deterrent, it was, but the president said do not bother. claiming he has arrived. this is a date that president obama used to establish a sanctuary. the border patrol says they have been told to release those immigrants even without
2:49 pm
residency. >> this administration fails to enforce the immigration laws or turn a blind eye for the fraud and abuse while rubberstamping. credible fears. a rate as high as 92%. the integrity of our system is undermined. the government actually reports that 70% of credible fear claims are fraudulent and yet as the lawmakers say, proving any of them anyways. this back door for illegal immigrants is being abused. the immigration laws are being abused. today, they offer no solution on how to close the back door. trish: more bureaucracy. thank you. interesting report did still to calm. a mother whose son was killed by
2:50 pm
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>> it is completely gone. the state department is saying that a number of u.s. citizens, including u.s. government and state department personnel are still unaccounted for in brussels right now. we do know that there have been a dozen americans injured in those attacks. you heard earlier from elizabeth mcdonald's reporting. this is delivered late targeting u.s. interests. the state department saying a
2:54 pm
number of u.s. citizens. taking arizona by quite a storm. his message on strong borders. particularly for one family. arizona police officer was killed by a drunk illegal immigrant. driving the wrong way down a freeway. the driver had a blood alcohol level are you times the legal limit. he also had a criminal record and he was never deported. something we have heard over and over again now. campaigning for donald trump. joining me now. good to have you here. quite a victory last night. what do you think is the biggest issue?
2:55 pm
>> it is something that we dealt with for years and years and years. they do become secure. south america. coming across our borders. setting up camp in southern arizona. texas and mexico. it is a scary world. trish: do you believe that he will construct a wall? i think the figure is $53 million. going back over the border. going to their home quarters. all politicians.
2:56 pm
we do not have to be afraid. who is she kidding? interested to see what happens and brussels. >> what will you do if he does not secure the nomination. we were just talking about that earlier. it is questionable. >> i think that this is why so many americans are standing behind donald trump. we are so sick of the politics that go on in washington. a brokered convention. the american people voting. this is who they want for their candidate. taking this decision away from us. >> i think that there will be a lot of people feeling that way. we will be right back. stay here.
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that the europeans intend to hold a meeting on march 31 to address security issues. specifically airline security issues in the wake, of course, of these attacks in brussels. we're going to continue updating you throughout the next hour, ashley webster is in for liz claman, and i'm sending you over to him now. >> trish, thank you very much. we appreciate it. and indeed, an international manhunt under way. more than 24 hours after the deadly terrorist attack in belgium as evidence grows that links the islamic state to the brussels attack and the paris attack last year. global authorities searching this hour for the man seen here on the right with the two terrorists who blew themselves up yesterday, killing 34, woungd more than 200. howard gutman is the former ambassador to belgium. he's in brussels as we speak. he'll tell us how isis terrorists were able to go undetected for so long? and general bob scales will tellif


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