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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 25, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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this weekend. maria: a blessed good friday to you. dagen: i am dagan mcdowell, maria bartiroma has the morning off, it is march 25th, good friday to everyone. top stories at 6 am eastern. 6 arrests in the wake of the brussels terror attack, police carrying out more raids as they search for at least one other man in the bombing. john kerry arriving in brussels, he will meet with belgian's prime minister and we will bring you many developments as they coming. war of words between donald trump and ted cruz getting hotter, the two going back and forth over comments about their wives. ted cruz got downright angry. >> i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife or my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you are a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. dagen: democratic front-runner hillary clinton using celebrities to raise money for the campaign. you will not believe how much she wants for a sitdown dinner
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with george clooney. your favorite tv shows and movies look blurry when you are streaming? netflix is doing that on purpose. find out why straightahead. a big weekend at the box office, batman versus superman hits theaters today. michael and maria have seen it. their reviews coming up. this video celebrating easter with an egg hunt. all that and more coming up this morning. with me, lee carter and jack carter is welcome to you both. the markets closed but we are not. we are open for business. a can't miss lineup. master pastry chef and chocolatier jock torres. watch and see how much weight i can gain in that time. allen west and father jonathan morris, you don't want to miss
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any of those gentle blue -- gentleman. belgian, six arrests as authorities race to arrest the terrorist network behind this week's attacks. officials are seeking two suspects and airport bombings that left 31 people dead, 250 wounded. the brussels arrest comes shortly after raids in paris foiled another attack that was in, quote, advanced stage of planning. the belgian government admitting more could have been done to prevent tuesday's bombings as two high rate ministers offered to resign over failure to act. one at the airport and the other suicide bomber at the metro station were both on us counterterrorism watch lists prior to the bombing. covert operations officer and diligent president mike baker, are you stunned by the general lapse in failure to prevent
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these attacks? >> we need to step back and understand the inefficiencies driven in large part by the legal system that is heavily weighted. heavily weighted in favor of terrorists, and creaking layered complex legal system fully on the side of privacy and civil liberties and intelligence services can only act in terms of what government allows. dagen: can they change? with these two brothers on the us terrorism watchlist, one of them deported by turkey. the authorities knew that these guys were potential terrorists and plotting an attack. what can they change to prevent
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another one? you have 5000 citizens or residents have been to syria and trained by isis. >> you expect an attack like this would cause them to adjust and change but after the paris attacks belgian authorities came up with a list of a couple dozen changes to the counterterrorism protocols and processes to create some efficiencies and get the pendulum to swing, somewhat appropriately, fully waited on privacy and civil liberties to somewhere on the pendulum where it was a balance and nothing has been done the paris attacks. it has got to go through a slew of government organizations and agencies and privacy authority has to weigh in. the justice minister and interior minister can offer to resign but it won't mean a thing unless they make significant changes and allow for things
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like communication surveillance and more aggressive raids that don't require the permission of the homeowner before they go in that allow better access to detainees. >> what else can we do in terms of going where they live in the middle east to try to get these guys? i was looking at that dinner with retired general john allen, he talked about how we are going after their money, literally blowing up depots where they have stolen cash, going after oil trucks and the oil wellheads, the sex slave trade but what other steps do we need to take to get those guys to stop them from recruiting? >> going after the revenue stream is important but no more important than all the other steps that were taken. what can we be doing?
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we have to do well, make it more aggressively and find ways to do it more efficiently. going after the revenue streams, taking away the territories, incredibly important part of this. as we talked about in the past, having the visible territory has given them a great deal of recruiting success but we have to continue to improve human sources in the organization and our liaison and information sharing, do better at exploiting the social media that they use. all these various things, there is no new magic bullet for destroying this organization, taking away their capability. dagen: other than acknowledging it is a dire threat to our way of life and it is an existential threat. this is the same week president obama was at a baseball game doing the tango in argentina. what message does that send the american people and the rest of
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the dog on world? >> it is an unusual optic. i know what the president is thinking and don't disagree with the notion that you don't want it to change your life and you wanted to continue on but the american people want to see that their leader is demonstrably understanding their concern and fear by his actions so there is somewhat of a disconnect. it is an interesting situation. over the past few years when you ask military leaders, what are the top national security threats making the us? terrorism was never up there with china, russia, iraq. it was not an existential threat, national security threat. with the building up of the caliphate, russia and he ran going on with syria, the past two years we have built up a mass of trained personnel who have moved from the e.u. to syria and iraq and the e.u..
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it is no longer a handful of people but hundreds of individuals who are well trained and capable and are burrowed into communities in brussels and france and germany and elsewhere where you have elements clearly supporting and sympathizing with isis. this has become a national security threat. dagen: this is related to that. intelligence agents cannot telephones, look into computers despite recent terror attacks in brussels and on bill o'reilly's show on the fox news channel on the factor, rules in the golden state say no raids are allowed during certain hours of the night. >> police are restrained from raiding private homes from 9:00 pm to 5 am. no matter what you do they can't come in and get you. dagen: it seems insane. it seems belgian again based --
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they allow parallel islamic universe and society to develop within belgium and it is not just belgium but across europe, even england. and they allow this. will this change? >> if it changes it is going to be a long time in coming. there has been an increasing drumbeat and there always is after an attack. one of the knee-jerk default positions is it is an intelligence failure. sometimes it is. sometimes it is inefficiency in sharing of information and human endeavor. it won't be perfect. my point is you got to step back and say maybe the intelligence failures are because of the protocols in place by the government, by the legal system. it is clear we have been talking about in the us, in the direction of what is going on in the e.u.. we are trailing the e.u. by 20 years or so. this is what happens when the pendulum swings wildly and
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settles on the side of privacy and civil liberties. that is important, you got to find a balance. in brussels and other parts of the e.u. the pendulum sits on privacy and civil liberties and is a self-inflicted wound and they have to deal with it. dagen: we will reverse it with the fight between apple and the justice department? it is on ice at the moment but everyone is running scared because of ed snowden and risking security because of it. >> typically what happens is the pendulum dead horse analogy, it is always swinging. in the us in particular it is more sensitive than it is in the e.u.. things move slowly in the e.u. because of layers of bureaucracy that exists. when there is an attack as there has been in brussels the general public focuses on security and
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they go wait a minute, what do you mean we can't do the following? we have to to keep ourselves safe and when there is no attack, we are like raccoons after the next shiny object, it swings to privacy and we forget. in the e.u. what will happen, the interior justice ministers are going to resign, but if there is not a pragmatic step back and say we got to change our system or knockdown these firewalls, once prosecutors take a case they can't even share information, investigators have information they found during the course of the investigation they can't handed over to the prosecutors. it is so heavily weighted, extremists are taking advantage of that. >> ted cruz suggested we increase police patrols in muslim neighborhoods in the us. what is your opinion? >> anything that will create additional animosity within the
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communities that we need to work with. i am not claiming some moral high ground or be touchy-feely but it is operationally effective. what we have to do is continue to create more dialogue and trust with the muslim community and aggressively patrolling them won't do it. dagen: always great to see you. happy easter. have a great weekend. goodbye. coming up, can the dark knight -- happy easter and thanks for being here. the dark knight and the man of steel, can they live up to the hype? batman versus superman, don of a franchise ahead. it takes two to tango. as if the dance with not enough president obama is feeling the heat over his partner. the woman at the center of his attention.
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you. senator ted cruz uping the anti-in his war of words with donald trump. >> reporter: this happens when you go after the wives. sending notice to donald trump after his latest attack on his wife, he didn't mince words. >> i don't get angry often. you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. you are a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. dagen: hillary clinton not having a good friday. conservatives legal watchdogs uncovered new emails previously thought of as, quote, lost. clinton's presidential campaign claimed the former secretary of state did not use her personal clinton email account, weeks after she was sworn in, one email from february 2009
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shows clinton communicating with cheryl mills about the nsa's efforts to produce a secure blackberry. president barack obama may have some explaining to do about his tango partner. the ballroom dancer did a spread for playboy in 2006. there is the cover at the bottom, she says this gave her a little more popularity. the president had quite the week. dagen: i heard on the news last night that one of the producers on the ground in argentina said the president was trying to resist this dance partner's attempt to make him dance but he finally gave in which i think is so ridiculous. i know there is a new government in argentina, but what do you think this looks like to the american people, a nato ally has been attacked in two deadly
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bombings? cheryl: that goes to your point. and following all the press reports. he should be in belgium. dagen: the president doesn't believe isis and islamic terrorism is a threat. he constantly says more people die slipping in the bathtub. he doesn't think it is a threat we need to worry about. cheryl: he has a philosophy that he needs to reassure the american people we are all safe, to go on living. what we are hearing from the american people is that is not the way to feel safe. we want to see that our leader is doing everything he can to
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protect us. dagen: 911 is not a distant memory. not here. john kerry speaking in brussels, belgium, four days after the attacks the claimed the lives of 34 people including tween 9 americans. he is with the prime minister of belgium. listen. >> in the center of brussels. this morning -- it is possible to do better. it is possible to be more efficient. it is also important to look at this issue. turning to belgium, to do our best efforts to place a positive role and a stronger europe in
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the fact that terrorism -- [speaking french] [speaking french] [speaking french]
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[speaking french] dagen: the prime minister is speaking in french at the moment with no translation, we will wait until john kerry starts speaking. after four days showing some solidarity with the belgian people. i will bring you back into this. this is a photo op. the optics of this, does it go far enough to offset what we saw from the leader of the country, president obama, in the last week, on his tour of cuba, being interviewed by espn reporters and doing the wave and dancing with a tango dancer in argentina? >> is it enough? i am not sure. we need to show solidarity, we need to be there.
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it is a first step. it can't make up for this week but we also as the american people need to hear from our leaders what are we doing at home? the american voters, the american public is still scared. what does this mean for friends and family that are abroad? what are we doing to help keep us safe? we haven't heard that from our leaders and we need to know that. this is nice, this is important, it doesn't make up for what happened this week but we need to hear that we are doing everything we can to keep people safe abroad and here at home. >> absolutely true. on the one hand, the key is isis has a caliphate. i hope it is just territory we can get them out of real soon. once we knock them out of land and they don't have a base of operations anymore it will be harder for them to do stuff like this. cheryl: belgian has lowered the
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terror threat. you had all these arrests overnight. white -- what kind of message does that send? maybe this is reverse psychology. dagen: the brussels terror attacks were planning an attack on a nuclear power plant and recorded 12 hours of reconnaissance footage that had been reported. something may be we don't worry about enough in the united states in terms of potential threats on the homeland. cheryl: arrests in belgium and paris overnight. we have an open border policy with europe. you still have americans debating do i take that trip to europe? are you going to be safe? i am not sure what he thinks he is going to do today to aid them. how are we supposed to help belgium? dagen: apple got lucky that was put on ice, on the back burner
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ahead of the brussels terror attacks. since this is a business show markets are closed today but the hardest hit stocks were your travel stocks. american airlines down 6%, united airlines was hard-hit. there is some fear factored into the markets. travel will get hurt. >> america is selling 3.7 times earnings. people have overdone it. i don't think travel is going to stop. it becomes more global every day. dagen: secretary of state john kerry is speaking in brussels. >> especially for his leadership in this challenging moment. i am pleased to be here with my friend and counterpart, the foreign minister of belgium. on behalf of president obama and all of the american people, i offer our deepest condolences to
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the people of belgium, and all of the families, all those individuals who have suffered this inconceivable loss in the last few days. the united states, i want you to know is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of those who have been cruelly taken from us including americans. and for the many who were injured in these despicable attacks. as i told the foreign minister tuesday when we talked by telephone, the united states stands firmly behind belgium and with the nations of europe in the face of this tragedy. we join you in thanking the brave first responders who rushed to the scene on a moment's noticed in order to care for the wounded and save lives. we will continue to provide any
6:26 am
assistance necessary in investigating these heinous acts of terrorism and bringing those responsible to justice. in america, we remember very clearly how in the days after 9/11, belgians and other europeans came together around in this city, around the events of the world trade center. and you showed your solidarity with us, with the victims in new york and washington and pennsylvania and voices all across europe declared je suis american. now we declare. those whose lives were torn apart this week were not combatants in any conflict. they pose no threat. they wished no one any harm.
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they were simply going about their lives. airport and subway workers, a peruvian mother of twins who was training to be a chef. and american personal trainer flying home for easter. and indian employee of a high-tech firm. mormon missionaries. public servants, teachers, tourists. contrast these good people, innocent people, with the twisted killers who planted the bombs. terrorists whose sole aim was to kill and maim and so fear. in the sharpest relief possible, we see in that the difference between life and death. between decency and evil.
6:28 am
between civilization and those who revel in destruction. we, all of us, representing countless nationalities, have a message for those who inspired or carried out the attacks here or in paris or in an cara, san bernardino or elsewhere. we will not be intimidated. we will not be deterred. we will come back with greater resolved, greater strength, and we will not rest until we have a limited your nihilistic beliefs and cowardice from the face of the earth. daesch has claimed responsibility for these attacks, but there is not a government on earth who supports the terrorists.
6:29 am
a coalition of 66 nations, including belgium, stand united against them. the reason daesch is resorting to actions outside the middle east is its fantasy of a caliphate is collapsing before their eyes. its territory is shrinking every day. its leaders are being decimated. its revenue sources are dwindling. and its fighters are fleeing. as we have said many times, president obama, myself and others, our mission to defeat and destroy daesch will not be accomplished overnight. it will take some time and patience and persistence. it will require resources, commitment and cooperation across many cultures and beliefs and the recognition that this is in fact truly a global challenge. but i am absolutely confident that we will be successful and
6:30 am
there are so many measurable ways in which we have been rising to meet this particular challenge. it is also important that we respond to the killers's inhumanity by underscoring our own basic decency and humanity ourselves. we should learn from the example of an american doctor who had just left the airport in brussels. when she and a friend heard the bombs go off. she ran to a nearby police station and started to triage victims. she tended to any victims who came through the door. doing what she could to treat shrapnel wounds, burns and other injuries that she had never seen before. she had a few supplies, very few. but that didn't matter to her. there are people hurt, she said, and i am going to help these
6:31 am
people. i am going to help these people. no statement could be simpler, and yet no statement could be more powerful. no commitment could be more directly opposite to what daesch and similar groups represent. your nation has suffered a cruel and unfair tragedy this week. people are hurt. but we are, all of us, going to help. no act of terror can undermine the foundation of our friendship or the values that define our alliance with our fundamental openness, tolerance and diversity, pursuit of justice, dedication to preserving the blessings of freedom for ourselves, our children and generations to come. on tuesday, lives were viciously
6:32 am
cut short, and hundreds were injured. it is with irreplaceable loss in mind that we will renew our vow to come together against a common enemy to keep our people safe and it is with their memory in our hearts that we must always stand in solidarity as friends, allies and partners. [speaking french] dagen: secretary of state john kerry and brussels standing alongside the prime minister delivering a statement in a week that has seen the president of the united states on a tour in cuba attending a baseball game and doing the wave and doing a tango in argentina. finally the us showing solidarity with the people of belgium after the horrific terror attack in brussels. to quote the wall street journal editorial page brussels has
6:33 am
become ground zero for g hard in the european g hard. it is very clear john kerry, the secretary of state pointing out, the coalition is united against territory is ate. shrinking, collapsing, leaders being decimated. the intelligence community, law enforcement could not stop these additional terror attacks. as mike baker pointed out success is a critical recruiting tool to the islamic state particularly in places like belgium, brussels. a separate islamic society, these terrorists have been developing over a period of years, they tried to crack down on the terror network in brussels, intelligence forces the last two years, they cannot stop it. let's hope that changes in the days and weeks to come. to the campaign trail a new head
6:34 am
to head poll pitting remaining candidates against hillary clinton. john kasich is the only candidate who beats clinton in a hypothetical matchup 45-39%. you can see her advantage over donald trump, 10 percentage point advantage. my next guest says one reason could be john casey's willingness to talk about issues that -- and this backs up at fox news full. . >> you can count on donald trump at this point. he made up a lot of ground no one expected before. it is interesting to see john kasich beating clinton and it
6:35 am
has to do with a candidate who can get things done, has been in office, has run the government and made positive fiscal changes at a time we are looking at growing deficits, an incredible message and that is why he is ahead in that poll. you can't count on a guy like donald trump. dagen: john kasich has won one state. does he want to stay in this contest until they get to cleveland? does he think because he looks more reasonable at times that he will get the nomination somehow in a contested convention? >> there are a lot of theories why he is doing it, he might be trump's running mate, could that possibly be so if he stays in and ted cruz has a chance to get the votes to be donald trump? the second theory is he thinks
6:36 am
there is a path for him to go and be the candidate who would win an open, brokered, contested convention, and number 3, he might really believe when he sees polls like this that he is the candidate who can win. when you see a poll like this is he a candidate, this is of all voters, he has an appeal to democrats, independents, doesn't necessarily mean he could win in a republican primary. he has been in the back seat. he hasn't been out there, scrutinized, tested, he would be the front runner, he would be out there, warts and all, would he be able to sustain that lead? point dagen: after paris, donald trump in clear politics polling average went up 17 percentage points, economics, terrorism on
6:37 am
supertuesday back to terrorism. he is able to portray himself as economic choice if you want stability and alluding to terrorism. john kasich is in the background and donald trump has center stage. this favors donald trump. dagen: this is something bernie sanders would be outraged about. they are throwing a fundraiser for the primary on april 15th starring george clooney and his wife. i don't know if bill will be there. it will cost 3 $53,000. the event is one of only two being hosted.
6:38 am
it is okay to take money from celebrities but not okay to take money from wall street which she has done. >> don't know how you get the reputation as champion of the small guy when you take donations like this. the democratic party is reversing from special-interest lobbies. these special access get special breaks. that is not where you want to be going. from economist perspective dagen: is this money well spent? >> i want to know where the 3 comes from? why not just and even 300? back to the john kasich point, it says as much about the primary system as it does about donald trump, ted cruz or john kasich. the most extreme voters are the excited one so donald trump and ted cruz are the choice of the most extreme republicans but
6:39 am
john kasich is the choice of independents. in november the far left will vote for hillary, the far right will vote for whoever the republicans put out. the fight will be in the middle. you go to the voting booth, hold your nose and vote for one of these people because all of them have high negatives. more people will hold their nose and vote for hillary than donald trump or ted cruz, more will vote for john kasich than hillary. a wall street editorial said it, the point of politics is to win the election and john kasich can do that. dagen: another john mccain, mitt romney, likable but can't win. we will leave it right there. follow-up later on that. i want to bring you breaking news, us official confirming two americans were killed in the brussels bombings. a race to investigate the terrorist network behind the attacks. fox news's john huddy is live with the latest. >> reporter: still waiting for the identities of those two
6:40 am
americans, that is the case with the rest of those, the other 31 people that were killed, 270 that were injured. and their identities have not been released. we are hoping to get more information in the coming minutes. and a number of raids in the brussels suburb, two people, along with four others were arrested in raids yesterday evening. the the suspects tied to tuesday's bombing, we don't have ids on those suspects but police hunt down anybody involved. we are getting reports once again about a possible second
6:41 am
bombing suspects. yesterday we were getting information there may have been a second bombing suspect in the metro bombing, subway bombing. now we are hearing investigators looking for a syrian national who may have been a second attacker. the hunt continues for a third airport bomber. we know two suicide bombers killed themselves in the airport but the third suspect still remains at large and the concern is he may carry something else out before he is captured by police. dagen: john huddy reporting for fox news in brussels. it is billed as the ultimate superhero battle and finally in theaters.
6:42 am
batman versus superman, don of justice. will it live up to the hype? we are following that money straightahead. whoever said easter egg hunts were just for children? guerrillas on the phone. with their own easter egg hunt. why is that so adorable? we need more animal videos was wall street we getting new life on the fox news network. anthony scaramucci airing fridays at 8:00 pm eastern time and saturday and sunday, our very own anthony scaramucci, they have a great guest this weekend. catch it right here on the foxbusiness network.
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>> r. dagen: he's an amazing man. cheryl casone has the latest in the headlines. cheryl: $500,000 bail, the alleged drug smaller and jet blue flight attendant dropping 70 pounds of cocaine after being selected for random screening. if convicted she could face ten years to life in prison. netflix has been lowering the quality of the video of customers watching on a,,t&t. reason to protect consumers from exceeding mobile data caps which says may discourage future viewing of content. finally this, easter-egg hunts
6:47 am
aren't just for kids. painted hard-boiled eggs and some treats. keepers at the cincinnati zoo, it's a traditional, dagen, not just the gorillas, the tigers, lions are getting more on the easter action. dagen: they eat the eggs rather than hunt for them. thank you. in case you missed, these are top moments from the show. >> superdelegates don't vote until the convention, so they're in no one's pockets. many times particularly in 2008 where they changed time. >> to favor hillary and i didn't think it was a very strong performance. >> i have no idea what you've
6:48 am
had encouragement whatsoever. it's about as bad as it could possibly get. >> we are coming home now, we are coming back here to new york and after a little, you know, new york-value statement i don't think he's going to do very well here. >> i'm walking here. >> 65 to 70% of republicans recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head against hillary clinton. donald loses to hillary and i beat hillary. >> it's all there black and white, clear as cristal. you get nothing. you lose, good day, sir. >> and they see barack obama, president obama at baseball game with castros. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:49 am
maria: high five for you. >> what's the significance of the monkey? >> it would be something light to have -- >> that's my spirit animal. >> is that right? >> you're going deeper into your cave and you're going to find your power animal. >> no other place to be in the morning than mornings with maria. thank you. dagen: i love all of those people. remember, mornings with maria every day at 6:00 a.m. right here on fox business network and we work even with the markets close. that's what they're running on that station and we have a great week coming up. check out this, new york times best seller author tony robin is
6:50 am
incredible inspiration. former republican candidates, mike huckabee, look at those gentlemen. it's the dawn of a franchise, batman versus superman, predicted to make 150 million bucks at the box office this weekend. >> the women in this were fantastic. >> absolutely. batman versus superman. everything you need to know ahead of this big show this weekend. [alarm beeps]
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dagen: weight finally over.
6:54 am
batman versus superman, dawn of justice hits theaters today. our own maria bartiromo and michael tamaro got a sneak peak. >> the imaging is showing 2,000 hostiles on the third floor. why don't i drop you off on the second. maria: thank you so much. i'm coming from the screening room at fox because we are talking about another big blockbuster, batman versus superman. more than $150 million this weekend in the united states. joining us right now to talk more about it, michael tamaro with all the numbers. >> good to see you. not a bad setup. maria: we both saw the movie? >> we did.
6:55 am
maria: tell me about the projection of the numbers? >> projection is going to come out at $150 million. i think it's going to come a little less than that. this movie has to be big for warner brothers. it cost about $500 million and has to crack a billion dollars to make any kind of money on it. it has to do really well, there's ten other movies based on this movie coming out in 2020, this is the franchise that's supposed to launch the universe movies that goes up disney's avengers. maria: when you're watching the movie you notice that you have lots of other characters there in addition to batman and superman. >> wonder woman makes debut. maria: my favorite part in the movie. >> what's that about, hollywood?
6:56 am
maria: what's that about? >> is she with you? >> i thought she was with you. >> and there were a few other surprise that is we can't get into but there are some other characters that were introduced. this sits up the dc universe. it's all about franchise in hollywood. so i think the tough thing for this movie is that the critics have been pinning it. it's two and a half hours which is kind of a tough sale. at once hard-core fans go at it thursday and friday, word of mouth is not really going to carry it. 100million and 120 million. maria: it cost 500 million. how do you go wrong with batman and superman and popcorn? >> why are they fighting?
6:57 am
maria: why were they fighting? we will do that next. dagen: more with maria and michael coming up later in the show. keep it right here on fox business. we are here, we are live
6:58 am
6:59 am
dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is march 25th, good friday, your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time.
7:00 am
breaking moments ago, u.s. officials confirming two americans were killed in the brussels terror attacks. secretary john kerry in brussels speaking on the attacks offering condolences. >> we will continue to provide any assistance necessary in investigating the heinous acts of terrorism and bringing those responsible to justice. in america, we remember very clearly how in the days after 9/11 belgiums and other europeans came together -- dagen: six arrests in the wake of terror attacks. police carrying out more raids as they search for another man involved in the bombings. the war of words with ted cruz and donald trump, ted cruz got angry. >> let me be absolutely clear,
7:01 am
our spouses and our children are off bounds. it is not acceptable. for a big loud new york bully to attack my wife. dagen: democrats gearing up for three caucuses and looks like bernie sappedders could sweep alaska, washington and hawaii. new e-mail's from hillary clinton's private server, they were once ban from cuba but the rolling stones will play for an unexpected audience in havana tonight. i wonder if they'll be sitting on tools during performance. all of that coming up. lee is here. jack otter, we want to bring you the latest breaking news. u.s. officials confirming that two americans were killed in brussels bombings.
7:02 am
secretary of state john kerry and brussels speaking last hour on those attacks offering condolences and remembering the 9/11 attacks in the u.s. >> in america we remember very clearly how in the days after 9/11 belgiums and other europeanss came together around -- in this city around the event offense the world trade center and you showed your solidarity with us, with the victims in new york and washington and pennsylvania. and then voices all across europe declared, so now we declare. dagen: overnight terror raids resulting in six arrests as they
7:03 am
race to investigate terrorist network. officials are seek twog suspects in subway and airport bombings, more than 250 wounded. lee, i want to point -- you have john kerry standing almost shoulder-to-shoulder with the prime minister of belgium. the president of the united states should have done less in terms of not going to baseball games and answering with tango dance as the week goes on. lee: i agree. that was an important symbolic gesture but pull visit on argentina and come back home and reassure the american people that he was going to do anything and everything that he could to keep us safe and also, you know, take a moment, be somber and reflect on the people.
7:04 am
now, i also think when we are looking at john kerry's speech this morning. it was a really important moment that we show solidarity and as you listened to that, i think he was defensive, look, everything is shrinking, everything is going on here that they don't have as much power and it's interesting because of the truth of everybody that's listening to this is things are getting worse. look at what just happened here. what we want to hear is what are we doing now to prevent this, not look how much better things are because are things really better? >> i have to say, i mentioned earlier that i had steak dinner with john alan and he did tell us, yes, that he's retired. he can say what he wants. that things are actually getting better. we are making much harder for isis to recruit people. they want the section slaves and they want money, the money has been cut in half, the section trade has been clamped down.
7:05 am
dagen: hinders on success. these are success in the minds of terrorists. one of the things that found utterly discussing, one of the terrorists killed in the airport bombing, he was one of the master-minds before terrorist attacks. ablad who was killed afterwards, they were going to syria back in february of 2013 taking photographs in syria in some posh home posing them on facebook to recruit. why was that happening? why was facebook allowing that? this goes to the point, that has been going on for years and europe has done nothing about it or they're incapable of doing anything about it? >> maria, is not here to defend apple but you and are on the
7:06 am
same side of this thinking that we just can't create internet, hardware, software tools that are going to make it easier to be a terrorist. dagen: right. iphone is certainly a safe haven for terrorists and criminals, that's what the point apple is making at least on my side. moving onto politician. donald trump and ted cruz, the fight is escalating. bashing the republican front runner for making his wife heidi the target for social media jabs. >> you know, i have to say seeing him go deeper and deeper to the gutter, it's not easy, i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife and my kids will do it every time. donald, you're a cow word and leave heidi the hell alone.
7:07 am
dagen: i didn't start the fight, he did. he knew the pack was putting it out. lying ted. joining me mike berlin. it did start. it was an ad with melania in utah saying, something to the effect of can you imagine this is your first lady? but the thing that escalated and i don't know we have the tweet side by side he retweeted donald trump of heidi cruz and melania and it was an unflattering photo of heidi cruz and that's what set ted off. >> we have to call it the way we see it. melania is off limits for this campaign. they took -- they shot the first shot, i think trump responded back, but they're both right. dagen: that's a retweet that
7:08 am
donald put out. >> i'm not going to talk about this that both of the women should be part of the campaign. dagen: that's what i said. >> what's going on here that the republican party is at war with itself. not even at the candidate level, at the voter level. when i'm looking at the social media, we have been talking for six months that this is social media election. brokered conventions, full endorsements, at least george bush admitted that he didn't like broccoli and now can admit that he didn't like ted cruz. they're going to spend money to push john kasich out. this is really inauthentic to republican voters and with what we are seeing in the data is that each and every time this happens, there's a surge and trump supporters coming to his rescue stop trying to
7:09 am
disenfranchise us. vote for trump, trump 2016, trump for president, trump trend all start to surge whenever one of these happens. that's what's going on in the election. dagen: i want to focus on this because in the general election trump has not been able to win 50% of any of these primary and caucus contests so far, and in the general election he's still way ahead in terms of the delegates to get the nomination, but how he has talk today women and after going after womenn tw. >> , when you retweet something like that, people who want a republican to twin white house go, you're not helping yourself and you're not helping us. >> i want to go back to the social media election where
7:10 am
authencity is going to rule. you can't put him into a box. only mistake i think he made was like what was he doing in washington. he has not earn it had right to go to washington and he went to washington this week -- dagen: prepared speech with apac. lee: who is paying to that, he is talking about wives. he covers it. dagen: i want to point out that ted cruz -- this was an antitrump pack. it's been a back and forth. >> i spoke to someone who was there at the speech, his take away, trump said nobody has studied this iran deal more closely than i have. the audience literally burst out laughing. when it comes to the issues he is not going to win. >> mike: i'm using dash bored
7:11 am
which i was been using throughout the whole campaign. dagen: you've been more right than anybody. >> so far everyone of these hits are a one-day hit. if we look at the data and put the chart up, we see jeb bush, a little negative spike in the sentiments of social media and drops away. they have not been able to board a credible, if anybody is going to take donald trump down you have to show him being inauthentic. maybe -- dagen: making fun of the way women look is authentic, i guess. he needs to win over women and it doesn't help him. maybe it goes away. >> i'm going just based on the
7:12 am
data but people understand what donald trump is about. this is an emotional, making american great. lee: totally. the voters that i talked to, look, he's 30% crazy and 70% right and i would rather have that than the people that i don't trust. dagen: we want to move on the hillary clinton and i want to get your take on new emails that were on private server thought of as lost. shows clinton communicating about efforts to produce a secure blackberry. mike, is it -- does it hurt her? >> it has been hurting her the whole time. hillary is clearly not telling the truth. we will find out if any president other than obama that we know she's cut a deal with, she would be in more serious trouble with. dagen: you don't think she gets
7:13 am
indicted? >> no, i don't think she will get indicted. she has try today tell the truth and now the truth isn't even believable. low -- lee: i think she knows what the truth is. they think that she's 9% trust worthy. >> private server totally unacceptable. it boggles my mind that she would do that, but this particular thing that she started a new job, can i get a secured blackberry, that seems like a reasonable question? maybe i'm missing something. dagen: she wanted to use blackberry in a secure building where all electronic communications are off limits. again, she doesn't play by the rules. >> they will do anything to have
7:14 am
people not go through emails to protect herself and has backfired. dagen: thank you, michael. again, you have been so right about trump. >> i like you in that chair. >> thank you, for one day. [laughter] dagen: thank you, michael. illegal immigrant are taking a toll on the healthcare system, what it means for your bottom line. plus, we get transformed, snapchat's latest acquisition. what it did to us? you have to wait and see that. we will be right back. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs.
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7:17 am
dagen: let's check out the weather for the easter weekend. fox meteorologist maria molina. maria: we are continue to go track the storm, winter weather across parts of the great lakes. now bringing in the winter weather across new england, showers and rain across east coast and storms across florida and later on today, some of the storms could be producing severe weather. watch out for damaging winds with the storms and even the possibility for some isolated tornadoes, meanwhile across new england because of the winter weather, we have advisories in effect. that could be occurring on
7:18 am
roadways, we do have freezing rain advisories out there. new watch across florida and new mexico. the concern out here that coming up this weekend a new storm system will be rolling through parts of the rockies and bringing in some additional accumulating snowfall, but the temperatures behind our storm system along the east coast are bringing -- cooling down. you could see in chicago 30-degrees right now. only in the 20's, minneapolis, it's going to stay pleasant in the plains and over the weekend. a little cooler today and it's going to get cooler coming up for this weekend across the northeast. dagen: thank you, maria, maria molina in fox news weather center. cheryl casone has details in this morning's headlines? cheryl: out of 25 counties in the u.s. with large illegal immigrant populations, 20 counties provide inexpensive or
7:19 am
free health care to low-income people, the participants don't have to prove their immigration status. this comes despite the fact that the affordable care act rules any possibility of extending health care to illegal immigrant. well, microsoft's executive have been meeting with private equity forms winning possible bids for yahoo. microsoft has not made commitments to far. yahoo put itself up for sale. and finally for all emoji fans, it's being bought by snapchat for around $100 million in cash and stocks. create customize avatars and you can put it in text messages, e-mail, post it on facebook, dagen.
7:20 am
you're angry on emoji. dagen: i have an angry face. you want to take a look at it. cheryl: yeah. [laughter] dagen: that's exactly what i look like. cheryl: i had a lot of fun with mine as well. [laughter] cheryl: look, it's just like yours. great minds. dagen: we picked that independently. cheryl: totally. dagen: maria has one as well, she's so upbeat if we have that. [laughter] dagen: big beautiful eyes. still to come this hour, let the busting continue. millions of march madness fans
7:21 am
are looking and saying, there's always next year. somebody lost and wall street week getting new life on the fox business network airing fridays at 8:00 p.m. eastern time airing again saturday and sunday mornings hosted by very own anthony scaramucci and gary, catch it right here on fox business [vet] two yearly physicals down.
7:22 am
martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend.
7:23 am
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tightly contested alarms
7:25 am
points spread last night was 6 1/2 the closest decided by 14 points let's begin anaheim california the west regional semifinal, celebrating as number one seed oregon ducks grabbed a double digital lead into second half against did he having champion duke ducks never looked back brooks scored 22 points, as oregon eliminated duke 82, to 68 that is why you are smiling, dagen. >> dagan: yes everyone hates duke. >> nine years -- number one cede ducks joined in regional finals by number one seed overly number one jayhawks, jayhawks last night scored 17th consecutive voigt 22 points from ellis, sullivan 19. >> jayhawks it was aned win over star pins the run by
7:26 am
aggies to end no such comeback like previous round third-seeded aggied crushed by oklahoma, 77-63 jordan led way with 22 points buddy scored 17 oklahoma, will play oregon tomorrow, villanova to south regional final against kansas by defeating miami of florida, 92-69, over wildcats, they were purring, 63% optimists missed one free throw move to elite 8 so last night's games won by number one seeds also a pare of 2s what is coming up four more games in sweet 16. >> carbon zaga syracuse, at north carolina. >> doesn't matter who i have i would like to forward, my bracket. . >> i will say. >> bracket. >> i know, stage manager has
7:27 am
virginia all the way. >> all the way and my father went to university west virginia, go. >> go virginia. >> okay. >> interesting in sports. >> have a good weekend see you monday no nascar race sunday the weekend off for easter. >> we don't get home. >> i have a bat yesterday amazing come on. >> you catch the will highlights spring training he out in centerfield mets ball hit to centerfield under the warning track the wall, thinks going to play like wrigley field stuck in ivy request it wasn't stuck the guy continued to trot around bases. asleep -- >> met fans have to start ing a games they tend to not do well in regularly season. >> come on they will.
7:28 am
>> i know i know. >> after the break thank you after the break, outrage for this terrorist hideouts at night time. >> we discuss that maybe you could be next donald trump coming up four secrets top trump's success in the boardroom and on the campaign trail. vo: sitting at a desk all day can cause neck and back pain,
7:29 am
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and remember every inmovement desk comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free!! call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's welcome back it is you march 25th, good friday to everyone, your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time, breaking news, u.s. officials confirming at least two americans killed in the brussels attack asset john kerry in that city speaking last hour on the trir attack in brussels. six arrests made so far in raids but certainly rules of preventing boel january police from finding the attackers. >> here is what bill o'reilly said last night. >> --
7:32 am
>> police are restrained from regulated private homes, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. no matter what you do they can't come and in get you. >> donald trump leading the polls despite controversial comments, about those why is he resonating with voters looking at the secrets of his success. straight ahead, democrats gearing up for three caucuses tomorrow looks like bernie sanders could sweep alaska washington hawaii. starbucks getting back into the political fray taking out a full page ad railing against the divisiveness in america, what is easter without chocolate master pastry chef is here, with some very sweet treats, for the holidays, he can't wait for that, first, overseas investigators in belgium admit to failing high level counterterrorism units better coordination communication is key to stopping attacks before they
7:33 am
occur, bring in the former deputy assistant director of the fbdivision do you think the raids in europe are conducted effectively? >> well, i do, good morning, i think that i've tried to avoid criticizing the police when involved in an urgent situation like this something breaks very fast. we will know at some point in time, where mistakes were made, and that is very important we have to learn from mistakes but right now i think, that if you look at what happened a couple days ago, they've been moving quickly based on everything they found at crime scene, efforts to identify, and actually know who dealing with, and i think they did that, in a pretty fast fashion, so once they did that, they were able to take names, and then, universe open they can talk to law enforcement agencies
7:34 am
intelligence agencies get the information out they can collect, just infinish int amount of records stopped by creativity that is what you see after a couple days raids, you start to hear about other names, and, you hope that they are may be identified perhaps other groups getting ready to get out and do damage. >>. dagan: we look back at what was known u.s. agencies listed two brothers the el bakraoui brothers one nabbed by turkey sent to europe to. >> netherlands, a terror network developing in these brussels neighborhoods over a period of many years. and it just seems to bogel the mind that they couldn't preventative this attack
7:35 am
particularly after paris. >> well dagen it so i understand reasonable, it is a good point, but -- all of this is kind of in hindsight comes together nicely now, i am not saying that to make an excuse. the problem i think that we are having that we don't talk about enough is that the volume is just reaching such high level like a pot of water on stove boiling over at some point going to boil all over the stove you are not going to stop it. we're going to going to in america look how many terrorist acts prevented last few years since 9/11, by the fbi, local law enforcement, by everybody working together. and yet everyone of those we were a heart bat away from something maybe happening. in europe they face even more difficult problem because of all those neighborhoods, thousands of people, some whom now we realize have one on the
7:36 am
in mind, and that is to take down western civilization. that is why it is almost getting a little bit disheartening to see people working so hard in the front lines to do everything they can as about as they can the volume so great the political will the political decisions have to accompany moves just don't seem to be keeping pace with the reality. dagan: an ideological problem a political one a operational problem financial problem particularly for europe. >> terry you mentioned the neighborhoods in europe this is a great concern in this nation. obviously people are worried and we're seeing in politics right now, about neighborhoods of let's face it you know, populations marginally muslim counter to that these are americans not what we do in this country to go after them because of religion, but the concern exists so how do we handle that balance? >> well, that is a great
7:37 am
question, jack. we've actually been doing this for many years ago, we do it quietly, and certainly under radar, and what happens out in the streets is in ail these neighborhoods a fundamental difference between america and europe we really never had a law enforcement issue where we can't feel we can't go in any community and talk to anyone, i remember in san francisco, here a number years ago, we were helped by former congressman pete mccloskey had major meetings with muslim community and a lot of influential leaders in it, because they were concerned, then this is back in the -- the late 90s, early 2000s, about what the fbi was doing there was a lot of misunderstanding. and misconception so we actually embrace that we went to places, and talked, and had lunch and dinners together. and worked through all that. and that is what is going on now, it goes on every day. we don't hear about those kinds of things, and this
7:38 am
takes us in the circle back to politicians, sometimes, it can actually be damaging for them to stand in washington and make all kinds of noise about quote muslims in general, when quite frankly we all know that the muslim communities helped in a lot of cases we don't publicize that we're not going to have help to identify people unless they are helps us that goes on every day quietly i hope in europe you get the sense police and law enforcement are kind of locked out of some of those communities. >> thank you for being here great to see you as always your insights we thank you for that. coming up, trump out with a new ad. >> what would your me of message be to ted cruz. >> of a bit of self-restraighten ted cruz like any other politician says whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> ted cruz not my favorite by any means.
7:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪. >> the the secrets to donald trump's success, major success, to know other side of this break, and the rolling into cuba rolling stones won classic rock band a better greeting than president obama when they arrived in havana. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pump me up ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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7:42 am
. >> in a good mood easter weekend starbucks,politically charged amount of ds in "new york times" and "the wall street journal," cheryl casone has the morning. cheryl: yes starbucks getting political again, these full
7:43 am
page ads rail against divisiveness in america call for people to remember things that foster unity, ceo is a supporter of antibody in 2008 and the 2012, we've got a trying to show you roman mora, pretty good, soaring over a mesa, arizona police officer, the video, over 300,000 views teen trying for a year to convince officer to let him do this to film it, everybody wants to jump over police officers for fun obviously, pretty good. >> this once band from cuba rolling stones playing before audience of hundreds of thousands in havanaa tonight band led by mick jagger through in last night for the concert.
7:44 am
>> so great to be here i am ur going to be exciting show. >> pretty big deal fans were banned from rock 'n' roll mooufb the cubans hearing o stones in person the first by any big group hitting cuba big nudes. >> thank you i followed mick jagger on instagram looks good. >> he does kind of cute. >> the race for the white house, donald trump first announced he was running for president, many people were very quite to dismiss that, but nine months later trump is republican for reason consistently out per forge what is the secret to success donald trump spror authorize 261 performance secrets of donald trump. clint, good to see you you look good starting with first ones. the one thing that gives you status is having lots of very important -- >> that is like muhammad ali
7:45 am
was a friend. >> michael jackson very good friend. >> to manyh tom brady very good friend. >> belichick great friends of mine. >> can't spla in. >> mentor dan kennedy used to speak in areap as at scenarios with donald trump said that the intrurps number one job to raise status, celebrity attachments are tragedies donald trump uses great famous people's names, our alma matas, the warton business school harvard all the time, a deliberate strategy, of celebrity and place attachment. >> the status putting trump name on builds, jet everything. >> one might have questions how is this different than endorsements, so many are out there, so many celebrity endorsements yet everybody talking about donald trump's friends right now how is it different?
7:46 am
>> it is the same. and difference is that he does it himself, he is using the strategy, and i think that every entrepreneur should use to raise statues in ice of customers and pro spekt we can all take a lesson. >> friends with tom brady rather that happen endorsement from mitt romney, move on to next steekt all about energy, this election tumble lov. >> jeb bush we call him low energy this is what we have as our president. boy o boy that is a o low energy individual, folks. >> tv is all about energy, energy comes off as confidence, and you have to have confidence, if you want to be president of the united states, or if you want to sell
7:47 am
anything. selling of confidence donald trump understands deliberate strategies to use to convey more energy, speaking fast, and speaking allowed. make you seem like you have more energy. >> hand gesture. >> great way to inject energy into television we have phases torsos hands. >> trump has frankly, this is grulg to be on campaign trail he has the energy of a guy 35 years old. unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> also has a speech pattern where he ends all sentences with power words he does like, there is all studies that are so interesting but i think in addition to the energy thing we talked about low energy, ef also has art of the attack, i mean just is able to find that thing, lion's head little marco low energy jeb things that stick. >> succinct. >> very. >> i can't wait to see how he labels hillary clinton. >> before you walk us through
7:48 am
third secrets trump success listen to this. >> we're going to build a wall and we're going to stop it. >> i will build a great, great wall, don't worry folks we are going to be building the wall we are going to build the wall. >> what secret does this -- >> rehearsal donald trump rehere'ses all lines he gets to rehearse every day every time he says the line about wall gets better i heard him in las vegas december huge ovation from crowd i heard him in reno, february even brierg bigger for the big speech in july, at the convention. >> your last one facial expressions i don't think he rehearses. >> gis media what they want k expressions so what if he looks foolish his face instead
7:49 am
of opponents media wants that to make him look interesting we need to be doing that he uses on the he gospressions authentic new york expressions who else by a new yorker is going to talk like that. >> i walk in here i am walking here. >> i think mr. trump can i get a quick selfie he says go ahead. >> i love it thank you good to see you, about client author here a good weekend shout-out to everyone who give a up chocolate for lent struggling is almost over, straight ahead, easter bunny in studio. >>, by the way, there is bunny ears out of paper plates an industrious stage manager,
7:50 am
chocolate next. ♪ ♪ ♪ let's go to the hop you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. mountains, and conquered highways, and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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7:53 am
. >> they were legit fighting over who would get to do that he easter weekend smiling also, because of chocolate, national retail federation expects nearly 90 million chocolate bunnies will be purchased as customers expected to spend more than 5 1/2 billion dollars on food purchases this year, joaning us have an will be part of the 90-million-dollar bunny total master pastry chef jacques. >> you put a smile on our
7:54 am
phases with this -- i am longtime fan highly recommend hot chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, i gave you a chocolate -- wedding guest almost 11 years ago, so tell me how big a part of your overall business is easter. >> -- for chocolate for us for chocolate maker, christmas is because of the incorporate because customer will buy for -- 16, 20 people, family, friends then easter big holiday for chocolates then valentine valentine biggest day of the year, but as a holy day on -- in number. >> how is business in terms of growth, you have two rally retail outlets in manhattan one in brookline. >> we have nine now, you are right we opened last one not
7:55 am
long ago, in the last two years, good, what we see that people will buy a little bit less expensive things, but more people buy so in a way you know -- a little bit up. >> how much do bunnies cost i have one here want to look at it. >> 30 dollar range, the big bunny on 100 dollar range 99 dollar. >> do you sell a lot. >> i sell we make 165 this year less than 100 dollars so they are six pounds of chocolates really good deal. >> do people actually eat them it is so beautiful. >> you can -- actually give that, and when -- when the receiving person can make hot chocolate pastry cookies, and -- >> terrific idea. >> you can do a lot with it, and after breaking it put it on a bag and keep it you will use for whatever you want.
7:56 am
>> you made joke bun yee irritable in the morning. >> after that, look -- start smiling we are o. >> how do you continue to grow is a lot of business commercial, to restaurants. >> okay, no -- my business is -- but growing the west side want to go outside manhattan maybe boston chicago maybe philadelphia this the way i think company is going to grow. >> because everybody but, on the web site everybody can enjoy your chocolates you don't have to live in new york city. >> you are right but something like that no problem we can ship. >> it happy easter you made a joke on twitter see mom, i can gain in three hours because i can ask consume all of this you want to wish everybody happy easter. >> yes he happy easter thank you very much. >> matt get that.
7:57 am
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seize it! (applause) . . >> good morning, i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is friday, march 25th, your top stories on this good friday 8:00 a.m. eastern time, new developments, out of brussels u.s. officials confirming at least two americans killed in that terror attack secretary of
8:00 am
state john kerry in brussels speaking earlier this morning, on the terror attack offering his condolences. >> we will continue to provide any assistance necessary in investigating the heinous acts of torism. >> america we remember clearly o how in days after 9/11 belgians other europeans came together. >> 6 arrests so far a manhunt for at least one other man involved in comings the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz getting hotter,cruz taking trump to task over foreign policy ideas in the wake of a brussels attack. >> that weakness in unilateral surrender is indicative of someone doesn't have a basic understanding of foreign policy that is why donald is afraid of debates. >> democrats gearing up for three caucuses tomorrow looks
8:01 am
like bernie sanders could sweep alaska washington, hawaii. heeding into key races coming up wisconsin looking at roll of faith and religion on good friday all that and more coming up this morning, here with me, lee carter, "barrons" on line editor i want you to make you don't have chocolate in your teeth. >> yep. >> very happy. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. >> want to bring breaking news u.s. official confirj two americans killed in boejz on tuesday they race to investigate the network behind attacks efficiently seeking two suspects in the subway airport bombings left 31 dead more than 250 pound, brussels arrest shortly after raids in paris reportedly foiled another attack, that was in a quote advanced stage every planning accord to
8:02 am
authorities, government admitting more could have could have been done as two high ranking ministers offered to resign over law enforcement failure to act reports say that two brothers carrying out attacks both on u.s. counterterrorism watchlifts prior to bombings, former congressman retired u.s. army lieutenant kel alan west your reaction to the bombings. >> good morning blessed good friday to you everyone there, once again we find, that the enemy or as they say the barbarians are not at the gate they are within gates we are not scrubbing elizabeth we know some individuals in belgian had a criminal background as you said on watch list no different from warnings about the brothers here before boston marathon i think one of the things that
8:03 am
you see happening, in europe, especially, is this uber political correctness, and multiculturalism they know where hotbed of this islamic jihadist activity is in that neighborhood they need to go in and continue to conduct those raids, to get those individuals out and find more safe houses. >> the "the wall street journal" editorial page, refers to belgian, and brussels, and ground zero, for the european jihad these neighborhoods that you speak of, the police either can't or won't go into them. and this is a terror network within brussels that has been developing years at least more than three yours recruiting people online, and within the city, and underground mosques this brussels. >> yeah you are absolutely right, and one of the things that is concerned me that you just said that the police can't or won't go into these neighborhoods. that means that we have made our own western civilization law enforcement and rule of
8:04 am
the law subservient to something else should not be the case, let's take, you know, a lesson learned from what happened in brussels, we have a problem here, in if minneapolis/st. paul area with soma somali refugees peifer or six f indictment. >> there is no centralized counterterrorism agency in europe it is willingness of the political leadership to acknowledge the threat of radical islamic terrorism call it that given what we have seen congressman the last week how the president behaved, are we fully as a nation noonldz t acknowledging allocate to homeland from islamic terrorism. >> of course, not first and foremost we can't say that if you are say that you are cad gaited as zeen phobia islamo
8:05 am
phobia some name to make you feel reticent. >> look at san bernardino you had neighbors that knew there was something very suspicious going on, in and around the house of syed farook because did not want to be accused of profiling did not say anything this has nothing to do with profiling this is about analysis i was on fox business news, speaking with stuart varney about a month ago when the mass migration happened, and he asked me what would i do i said i cannot have single military aides muslim males infiltrating into countries look what has happened. >> we had terry turchi own former counterterrorism official with fbi said you have to be careful to balance need to keep an eye on communities, with the danger of radicalizing more people he said fbi local police careful to hold meetings work with them some best sources out of communities quietly obviously
8:06 am
how do you balance the need to work with them also make sure nothing bad is going on? >> well, i would tend to believe these communities, would not want to allow be seen as save havens for islamic i jihadists would be willing to work with us because they would believe in fundamental principles of liberty and freedom this thing we cannot do anything or cause more to not like us or hate us guantanamo bay has nothing to do with isis or islamic jihadist recruiting, 1790 jefferson, adams sat in par wisconsin day of al jersey asked why attacked mere choent ships enslaving americans he said we are commanded to do so holy book and prophet, 170. >> i want your take on this store, in republican party scramble to block a possible donald trump nomination there are reports that some so against him being the nominee that they are open to supporting democratic front-runner hillary clinton your thoughts on that, and i
8:07 am
want to ask you too, if you backed anybody endorsed anyone. >> well, i -- am the executive director of 501 c3 think tampering i cannot do endorsements i will support whoever rep nominee is that was as freudian slip to hear people say that they will support hillary clinton means they will support this failed foreign policy. hillary clinton barack obama, destaib lived libya a twist sanctuary past of agenda to withdraw from iraq boca haram to philippines, i think there is a lot of over the top hyperbole to say those things there is a concern, but i am not going to support any party nominee that would not come out strongly against president during the tango while rome is burning. >> what -- what o do you do to get the party together because
8:08 am
it does seem to be, not he broken but certainly fractureing. >> well, you know, in the military we just say this is a time for leadership, and i think that is what you see, not stepping forward, and evidencing itself, you need to have in the the room can stand up talk about what needs to be done as far as policy suggestions get away from back-and-forth like you see what is happening right now, between the trump and cruz campaign. >> who is going to i mean how do you see doing that how does that come together, if not going to be one of these candidacy we don't see that is there someone outside can really bring us together. >> i think that is what is going to be do have to happen you need to find an individual, that can you know, speak to the quote up "g.o.p. elite establishment that can also speak to the grassroots, and be focused on you know, the -- the union, and can be focused on how do we save this constitutional republic not get down into the gut of politics.
8:09 am
and i believe that america is a great nation always proud great leaders somehow some way they will be able to find someone can step in do that. >> blessed good friday to you i am very a very happy easter congressman thank you so much in case you missed worldwide manhunt for brussels terror suspects president obama tangoing through latin america with ballroom dancer also was playboy model. >> streaming on netflix eating up data the features have your back. details ahead. ♪
8:10 am
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8:12 am
. >> we are getting more details, following the southland death of garry shandling that and other headlines. cheryl: a spokesman for shandling says doctors believe he did die of a sudden heart attack he was famous for work, the garry shandling show larry sanders show in addition to stand-ups. >> -- when he sleeps, okay, my friends that means your dogs having a nightmare what is a nightmare for a dog did you
8:13 am
ever stop to think about it drinking out of toilet the lid falls? [laughter] >> shandling was nominated for 19 awards and two golden globe awards, garry shandling died yesterday at 66. >> headlines -- chelsea clinton criticizing president obama's health care law says the cost of obamacare is out of reach for americans, and she suggests her mother can fix the problem. >> this is part might have mom's original plan in 93, 94 as well as premium costs, we can either do that directly or tax credits, and kind of figuring out whether she could do that through executive action. >> well, hillary clinton has said the affordable care act turns full-time jobs into part time jobs as embers try to keep costs down. >> two planes cost more than one president obama brought an
8:14 am
extra gas-guzzling air force one with him on trip to argentina smaller plane for side trip obamas made family remember it costs 206,000 dollars per hour to fly bigger plane, the president will use for the flight back to washington, the excursion on smaller 57 they use -- 757 it is normal to bring it but not normal for families the first family to use it for an excursion he is getting criticism tor that. >> thank you. >> not just air force one the double take the president also having some explaining to do about his tango part turns booultroom dancer did a spread for playboy in 2006, she said it gave her, a little more popularity you go back to the baseball game he went to in cuba, the day of the terror attacks, in doing the wave interview with espn you watched this, the message is
8:15 am
-- you need to keep cool be cool about jihadists terror attacks mass murder, like there is nothing to worry about, it is just -- absurd. >> what i do, we say not what you say it is what people hear his actions are speaking loudly, and i know that his belief is life has to go on the message the american people are the message the world is hearing, is that maybe it is not that important to him. and if he wanted to continue his trip to cuba that is one thing but to continue on to argentina do the tango to do things i think sending a very clear message that it just wasn't that important to him. >> there is a lengthy profile on the president national security thinking in atlantic more people are pointing to because he repeatedly tell people in when did you say more people die falling in bathtubs than from terrorist attacks geohjihadists not comin to chop heads off i think that shows a complete lack of
8:16 am
understanding what radical islamic terrorists want to do to our society. >> i it comes as down a somewhere in pendulum we talked about between you and president obama, statistical, he is correct. 464 people died in bathtubs last year fewer -- killed by retrospectively wh terrorism it is important to understands we make a mental error in terms of understanding risk we fly airplanes a lot of us concerned airplane might crash the cab tried airport statistically far more dangerous. >> 2014 number of terrorirelate diets up from prior year. >> a dramatic increase in the number of terrorist attacks deaths related to those if you prevent it a war on a way of life a war on christianity, it is a war on you.
8:17 am
>> judar christianity, i don't understand why people on left can't talk more about. >> i think what the president needs to understand, is this is an issue with a facts don't necessarily set you free, you know doesn't matter, that more people if he will in the bathtub doesn't matter that all that because truth of the american people is that they are afraid, the truth of the world is they just saw, this massive attack on brussels they are afraid and we need to be doing everything that we can to keep the people safe, and that is what he needs to be talking about. he needs to be addressing the issues, needs to be making people feel safe doesn't need to minimize it when people are afraid. >> this is kind of of talk attitude that we heard a lot of in late 90s before 9/11 dismissal of the threat you saw written about in "new york times," then what happened when you ignore it it will comes home to roost. >> reason it is calmed terrorism they want to strike fear if hearts it is very
8:18 am
important not to allow them to do it to the extent that it drastically changes. >> a differences between strong, showing a strong face going to be able game if leader of this country and leader of the free wold. >> netflix has a plan to help you save cellular data we tell you about it as we head into easter weekend, the really of religion in politics. we'll be right back. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad.
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. maria: you know why on air weigh love where we are love with a we do care by thug. >> who doesn't ones in tape netflix out with a stung revelation of streaming service provider admits to lot tooling video for at&t verizon customers to jo ling kent. jo ling: good morning netflix admits sending from users lower quality strategic video according to "the wall street journal" lot tooling netflix doing this five years reportedly capping quality at 600 kilobits per second affecting verizon at&t customers. >> the reason here netflix says it wants to prevent use forestry going over their mobile data plan limit, says quote it is about striking a balance, that sthurz a good strategic experience avoiding
8:23 am
unland fines from providers. >> cell phone carriers denied throttling customers for years netflix was doing it all along, by the way, if you are watching two hours of hd video on data plan, on cell phone netflicks tells "the wall street journal" it is 6 gigabytes of data entire month's data plan goes for about 80 bucks a month. dagan: unlimited data. >> you got lucky. >> except it doesn't work, a cell phone carrier not so hot thank you good to see you you know the feeling when you check your bank balance funds are missing from your account, thanks to debit card fraud there is a technology to avoid that misery lauren simonetti checked it out. >> -- use your mobile banking app to get money from atm without having to put a card into the machine. >> so we're talking about the ability to get koosh out of your own account, with smartphone you say should make
8:24 am
me feel safer than using a card. >> vulnerabilities in cards could be compromised in skimming that is when you use your card someone he is gets that number goes and uses it without authorization. >> world of smartphones what happens if -- >> good news is we have to punch id in to use. >> it eager to see how this works. >> press mobile banking app log in way i normally do i see 215 dloorz i am going to order up a 20 dollar withdrawal from the account. press this button says mobile cash, going to generate what is called qr rode scan qr code do you want 20 dollars i say ples. >> how much faster is this because i have to tell you i go to atm take out card seconds later get cash doesn't seem difficult. >> reach in purse tiek out card pin number in the like with this going to scan the screen quickly so seconds. >> i do not believe you can take money out in 10 seksdz i
8:25 am
am ready, set go. >> 20 dollar request is in. processing. >> there it is time up. >> i think that is so seconds that was pretty darn close to 10 seconds. >> mileage may vary, lauren. >> thank you lauren coming up, keeping the faith we are looking at how religion is shaping this presidential race, stay with us.
8:26 am
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broefd good friday to each all your top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern, developments out of brussels, u.s. officials confirj at least two americans killed in the attacks there, secretary of state john kerry in brussels, speaking earlier this morning, on the attack, offering his condolences. >> we will continue to provide any assistance necessary,in investigating the heinous acts of terrorism and bringing those responsible to justice.
8:29 am
in america, we remember very clearly, how in days after 9/11 belgians other europeans came together. >> seven arrests in raids overnight and worldwide manhunt under way for at least one other suspect involved in the attacks. the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz getting hotter, the two going back-and-forth over comments about their wives. and ted cruz, getting angry. >> many he let me be absolutely clear our spours and our children are off bounds. >> it is not acceptable for a big allowed new york bully to attack my wife. >> heading into key races coming up looking at roll of faith and religion on good friday dmaths gearing up for three caucuses tomorrow looks like bernie sanders could sweep alaska washington and
8:30 am
hawaii, ahead of that hillary clinton appears on jimmy kimmel last night her new campaign, slogan, straight ahead, and a very big weekend at the box office coming up with batman facing against super man hits theatres today michael saw it we are more coming up. breaking news this morning, u.s. official conconfirming two americans killed in brussels, authorities race to investigate network behind attacks fox news john huddy live in brussels with the latest, john? . reporter:. >> dagen as i mentioned sad news, officials confirj that two americans were killed, in tuesday's attacks, their names sasha, aale, they were a brother and sister from new york, we are not sure which attacking the metro bombing or airport they were killed in, but, again, now we have their names, we have their
8:31 am
identities as we wait for more information, identities of other victims as well, as we do, yes, the hunt for suspects continues, there were more raids, last night, in brussels, including here, in this area, this is this area suburb is about 15 minutes just outside central brussels downtown brussels a quiet community very nice community. if i had to compare to somewhere would compare maybe brooklyn. when i got here two people arrested here, during the raids, a total of six people throughout brussels, were arrested during the sweeps, last night. again, as the hunt continues not only more connected to the attack, but, also, for those involved in tuesday's attack, particular, the man we talked a lot daying ben that airport as soon as we video showing three men one in middle left
8:32 am
black jacket with suicide bombers, one on white jacket, the other suspect, remains at large, now today, we are getting more information, about a possible second subway bomer syrian national investigators authorities may so again, the hunt very much continues. authorities are concerned that another attack could happen. they call the situation, quote, unquote, grave and certainly as we go into the easter weekend here, that's the concern for everybody here in brussels, dagen. dagen: thank you so much for that. john, thank you for your reporting as well. john huddy live in brussels. and the presidential race, now that the easter holiday weekend is here, let's discuss the role of religion in mr. ics. joining us is father jonathan morris and rabbi k snyder.
8:33 am
good to see you both, father, what is the role of religion in this presidential election, with white evangelical christians favoring trump? >> religion should bring out the best in us, right? and the story of these days and the christian faith is that christ gave us a new commandment of sacraficial love. to love one another as he has loved us. both of these candidates, ted cruz and donald trump say they're christian and they need to, i think, get above the passions that they're feeling and the tensions that they're feeling and say what is religion doing for me personally for me to raise the bar of our discourse in america. in terms of who is voting for who, i think that americans are sayi saying, i'm not going to vote for somebody who is like me, but best able to lead our country. i think that's a very good thing.
8:34 am
dagen: rabbi, do we need to hear who are about the candidates' religion? corresponding you heard them. donald trump certainly doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve, but would you like to hear them talking more about their faith? >> absolutely, dagen. and i think the media is the one that can make that happen. i've been surprised, because i was invited not too long ago to donald trump's boardroom to advise him and pray for him. i do not endorse him or any other candidate, and i thought that more would come of that, because there are so many evangelicals, strong, bible believing christians out there, that really don't have potential candidate in front of them, that they can fully endorse. i think that the challenge for people of strong faith in this election is to recognize that just because there may not be a candidate that shares their particular viewpoint, that does not mean that they can't be involved in the political process. there are many examples in scripture, for example, pharaoh
8:35 am
was advised in egypt and daniel in he be ka ebekneezer. and in the same way, people of faith today can pray and i believe that the media can create opportunities where the candidates can be put on a hot seat to determine where they are. i think it's obvious where some of them, however, at this point. >> right, father, i think what's going on and you can disagree with me is that last year was the worst year on record for the purse constitution of christians around the world and people just look, if they're of deep faith, they look to somebody who thinks, that will fight for that and put a stop to that. even if donald trump isn't wearing his religion outwardly like a suit every day, they look to him to put a-- ments --
8:36 am
i understand it and i agree with it and glad to see that secretary kerry came out and said there's genocide going on not only of christians, but but yazidis and we'll do whatever we can to stop that. the american people are saying, we can't just run around the issue and hope everything goes away and talk about peace when there's genocide going on. i can understand people saying we want the strong man, but we don't want to give away our freedoms either and we don't want a strong man who is not telling the truth just to get elected. and that's the issue. it's a question of trust. do i trust this man? >> and ted cruz has been labeled by donald trump as lying ted. i'm going to ask you both this. why-- ted cruz's father is a prefer, is a minister and evangelical vote throughout the south favored donald trump.
8:37 am
go ahead, rehaby. >> i think the challenge -- dagen, i think the challenge is that people of faith that are astute are seeing that the candidates are kind of switching their positions based upon popularity, trying to win the election, and i think people of faith are seeing through that and they're seeing a lot of hypocrisy in all the candidates, even if the candidates seem to be strong believers. i think a lot of strong believers really got behind ben carson because they believe that his faith an authentic, unfortunately he didn't have the other talent to win. here is the issue speaking of religion and politics. we know that this country was framed by people who had a strong commitment to the scri scripture. and the first two sentences mention god twice. our country has a right to exist by the creator. today what we're dealing with is this: are the scriptures absolute?
8:38 am
as we're celebrating easter, good friday, the real question is this, is jesus just a man or is he god that died on the cross for us? here is really the question, are the scriptures historically accurate documents? and if the scriptures are historically accurate documents, if they accurately record what jesus said and what he did, then we have to make a decision, is jesus who he said he was? he's either a liar, he's a lunatic, or the lord. on this good friday, we have to ask ourselves did jesus really die on the cross for my sins? and if he did, we have to-- >> i think that's-- the rabbi should come to my church, excellent. dagen: and i love a good preacher. i was raised going to church every sunday, but give you the final word, father on what the rabbi was saying.
8:39 am
>> i love it and that is simplicity and it's truth, but whether we believe that christ was the lord or whether we believe he was a lunatic or a liar as the rabbi said, i think all of us of goodwill can come together and say we are going to respect the human dignity of each and every one of us in our country, whether we happen to share beliefs, or not. dagen: father-- >> i agree with that, thank you. dagen: father and rabbi, gentlemen, have a fantastic weekend. >> god bless you, david. dagen: and a blessed year. i say that to everybody. every cab i take, everybody i encounter, i bless that person and family you know what, it feels good, doesn't it. >> it was a blessing to meet you, i love you. [laughter] >> gentlemen, thank you so much. hillary clinton, a good start to feel the bern. could the vermont senator gain ground in this weekend's primaries? and superman dawn of justice.
8:40 am
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♪ >> we're live today because the news never ends. later, breaking news right now. president obama is back in the united states, landing at andrews air force base moments
8:44 am
ago after his historic trip through latin america this week and moving on to a terrifying plunge from a parking garage. cheryl casone has that story and a whole lot more. cheryl: this is something else, dagen. had a nightmare, a driver in maryland, pulled into the parking space, the suv sped forward and crashed through a concrete barrier, look at this shall the car is on its side-- top, excuse me. it fell four stories and the driver not injured in this crash. jimmy kimmel gave hillary clinton new slogan ideas during a show last night. and hillah like a villain and you be the villain. like this one. >> this one is popular. [applause] >> yeah, kimmel says that he wanted to help her find a catchy phrase to rival bernie sanders "feel the bern" and
8:45 am
finally easter egg hunts aren't just for kids. look at the gorillas searching the enclosure for painted hard boiled eggs and other fun stuff. and a gorilla easter egg hunt is an annual tradition and not just the gorillas. egg hunts for the tigers, the lions and also the polar bears and of course, i'll be pulling that video and bringing it to you. dagen: okay, bring on the videos, we need to keep it going. i would give gorilla a hug. polar bears, cute, cute. cheryl: not so friendly sometimes. dagen: thank you, cheryl. >> you bet. dagen: no rest for the candidates, hawaii, alaska for the democrats and bernie sanders is hoping to dent hillary clinton's lead. peter. >> dagen, i'm trying to do a segue from the gorillas to the
8:46 am
presidential race i'll go straight to it. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off in caucuses in washington state, hawaii and alaska this weekend. washington is the biggest prize with 101 delegates and sanders likely to take most of them. 2,383 delegates to win the democratic nomination. right now clinton has amassed nearly 1700 to sanders more than 900. on the republican side of things, donald trump and ted cruz continue to fight over their would-be first ladies. it started with a tv commercial by a pro ted cruz super pac that ran in utah to target mormon voters, featured an old photograph from gq magazine of trump's wife melania in the nude, she is he an a former model and meet, quote, your next first lady. the two candidates took it to twitter and trump retweeting a supporter's message showing side by side images of heidi
8:47 am
cruz and melania with a caption, no need to spill the beans, the images are worth a thousand world. >> cruz responded, donald, real men don't attack women, heidi is the love of my life. it takes a lot to tick me off, i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife and my children, donald, leave heidi alone. >> and the utah caucus handily on tuesday. dagen: thank you, peter barnes. let's look at top stories you might have missed. mornings with maria every day 6:00 on the east coast. >> the unpledged delegates,
8:48 am
they don't vote until the convention and there are times to change their minds. >> and debates to favor hillary and go back to the congresswoman. >> i've got no idea whether you've gotten couragement whatsoever. it's about as bad as it can get. >> cruz would get 90% of the remaining delegates and we're coming home back to new york and after a little new york value statement, i don't think he's going to do too well around here. >> hey, i'm walking here. i'm walking here! >> and what we're seeing is, you know, 65-70% of republicans nationwide recognize donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head against hillary clinton, that donald loses to hillary and i beat hillary. >> it's all there, black and white, clear as crystal! you get nothing! you lose! good day, sir!
8:49 am
>> he is striking a chord with americans who see donald trump yelling loud about terrorism and they see barack obama, president obama at a baseball game with castro. >> and-- ♪ >> catch it here on the fox business network, high five for you. >> yeah, yeah! >> why the monkey? what's the significance? >> we wanted something recognizable and different, and we thought it would be light and simple as a consumer product to have-- >> that's my spirit animal. >> you're going deeper into your cave and you're going to find your power animal. >> there's no other place to be in the mornings than mornings with maria, would you agree, dagen? >> absolutely. >> you want to take a look at it? >> yeah, i want to see what she made.
8:50 am
>> there, see? that's exactly what i look like. . [laughter] >> that bad, huh? >> i would say. >> your bad, bad bracket, bad! . [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪
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the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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>> the long awaited batman versus superman, dawn of justice. that movie hits theaters today and our maria bartiromo and fox light host attended the red carpet premier of the super hero movie and what they thought. maria: it's a big day for the stars of batman versus superman, the dawn of justice. i'm here now back again with michael from in the light. >> it was a great carpet. every one of the stars, henry
8:54 am
cavel and ben affleck. the company produces. maria: how great was jessie aisenberg? he plays a good character. one of my favorite parts. >> it's a good part. >> got to see the movie, a whole hour worth of stories explains how he gets to this place and just going to have to trust that it makes sense once you see the movie. >> and it's about us coming to terms with the necessity of the other. >> she's darker and she comes from, you know, we're very loyal to her original story. but it's big shoes to fill and i hope you're going to like it. >> so did you like it, maria? what did fox's wonder woman think. maria: my husband is a huge fan
8:55 am
and knows them like the back of their hand. i liked it, i have to say i didn't love it. i have to admit. >> i'm with you on that. i brought my 21-year-old cousin, a big fan and beside himself. and did catch you crying, i saw that. maria: crying? >> i'm not the audience for the movies. maria: maybe that's what it is. >> i think that's what it is and they're always so dark. maria: yeah. >> why is every fight scene raining? >> and you wonder why it was so dark. it was hard to follow the actual movie line, i felt. what did you think about that, the actual story line? >> i was a little confused. i miss the original richard donner films, so charming with christopher reeve. >> i've got you. you've got me? who's got you? don: that's a great line. >> it was a magical night. maria: it was just fun to be there, though. so i'm over there sitting in the audience and taking selfies. >> at radio city music hall.
8:56 am
maria: you can see how happy my husband is with the selfies that i took, all he wanted to do was watch the movie, but we're sitting there in radio city music hall and all the stars coming up the red carpet and even though i was expecting a bigger story line, i still had the best time. >> greatest gladiator in the history of the world. god versus man. maria: it was fun. >> so humor-- the movies are humorless. maria: i mean, we're talking about guys with capes on. fun. >> at the end of the day, the cape. maria: i'm going to enjoy this. >> all right. >> why back to you. i'll be watching larry sanders show this weekend. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities.
8:59 am
we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. >> welcome back, jack. our weekly preview of barron's cover. what have you got? >> pinta, the best locations or second homes, austin, texas was a surprising winner. austin has taken a hit, partly because of the oil and trouble in the rest of the state. austin is high-tech, it's not-- in the hamptons a million bucks will barely get you a shack.
9:00 am
in austin, you can live like a king. dagen: if you like living around liberals. >> keep it real, they say in austin. dagen: five seconds, lee? >> this week, it's time to start coming together. that's what i would say. dagen: well said. thank you, jack as well, stuart varney, it's all yours. stuart: thank you, it's good friday, holy day, special time for christians. we'd love to begin this day with something positive and uplifting. that's going to be toughment more terror arrests in europe, a new cell uncovered and the jihadis have been doing extensive surveillance of belgium's top nuclear scientists. late news, two americans among the dead in the brussels attack and criticism for president obama who went to a ball game and danced the tango in argentina as the terror news unfold un


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