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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember, you can't take it with you. we love it when you watch at home, now, lou dobbs. lou: i'm lou dobbs, scary moment on capitol hill this afternoon, a gunman taken into custody after he drew his weapon and pointed at police officers on u.s. capitol complex, officers responded by shooting and wounding the suspect. he was hospitalized. capitol hill police chief said he believes it was a straight forward criminal act by a single person who was known to authorities and has a prior record. we'll have the latest developments for you here. also tonight, donald trump threatening a lawsuit over dirty politics in louisiana. trump won about 3% more votes
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than ted cruz in louisiana primary. but cruz may walk away with as many as 10 more delegates from the state, tharnls t -- thanks to air cain delegation rules. >> i have a guy trying to steal people's delegates, this is supposed to be america. a free america, this is supposed to be a system of votes, have you elections, not elections where i won, i won louisiana. and now i hear he is trying to sale delegates, welcome to the republican party. >> we'll take that up with some folks who know something about the republican party, former reagan white house political director ed rollins. michael goodwin, and town hall's guy benson.
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we're getting closer to knowing whether hillary clinton's e-mail scandal will bring an end to her presidential ambitions issue new blockbuster reports saying that fbi investigation now entering its final stage, clinton herself may be interviewed soon. soon is a relative term. i'm have a few thoughts about that later. our top story is, republican race for the white house, all eyes on wisconsin, trump is set to do battle with cruz in just over a week, cruz hopes to diminish trum's lead by winning states's 42 delegates. carl cameron with our report. reporter: donald trump brings his antiestablishment campaign to janesville, wisconsin tomorrow, hometown of house
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speaker paul ryan. governor scott walker has hinted he will endorse ted cruz, and wisconsin's home, preparing for an open convention. >> concerned about being out maneuvered trump said that rnc rule requiring a majority of delegates should not apply to him. >> what is going on in republican party is a disgrace, i have so many more votes and delegates whoever at the end above has the most votes and most delegates should be the nominee. reporter: on eve of his first wisconsin campaign even, trump got a cool reception from talk show radio host, for his personal and petty battle with ted cruz. >> i expect that from a 12-year-old boy on a bray ground. reporter: trump got schooled. >> maybe -- you will have a lot more jobs. >> it's okay to pay more? >> yeah because you get more jobs.
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reporter: in wake of brussels attack trump has been more assistance that u.s. can no longer afford to be the world's policeman. >> i don't mind nato but it what to be reconstituted we need to modernize nato, we should not be paying for the -- we're paying this so much, we're a nation thatos 19 trillion. reporter: cruz pounds trump as an ir isolationist, what does not know what he is talking about. >> that a catastrophically foolish proposition, aban bonds europe. that makes mo sense. no sense. reporter: cruz is playing for a big win in wisconsin, trump took last week off the trail, there is a two week break before they move east. lou: carl thank you. >> trump and cruz exchanging
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fire over attacks on their wives, trump they'd cruz campaign bought rights to gq photo shoot of melania trump. here it is. >> he is the one that started it. from when i hear, he and his campaign bought the cover shoot, his campaign bought the rights and gave it to the super pac, they are very friendly to ted cruz he knew about it 100%. lou: with apologies to melania, despite cruz's denial, his serogates have been trying to tear down mrs. trump for weeks, listen to cruz operative. >> if donald trump is elected, mrs. trump will be the first, first lady that has ever posed nude. the first, first lady that third wife.
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and the first, foreign-born first lady in a country -- century. in contrast, heidi cruz will be first pro life first lady. >> what difference does it make? if donald trump has been married before, or what his wife is or was? >> i think it is critically important. lou: that was the view of the cruz campaign, thato march 8, before super tuesday and 15th all important 15th primary elections, cruz also said trump behind a national inquiry story that alleged that cruz had 5 mistresses, but former marco rubio out lies have been involved in spreading that smear for 6 months now. late to the game. moving on to terrorist attack overseas, numbers of americans killed in brussels has now reached 4. >> police seeking help from
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the public to identify the suspected accomplice of the two airport suicide bombers. fox news correspondent mike tobin is in brussels with our report. reporter: whoever the third airport bomber is, he is still at large, belgian media reporting that security forces had him, but that man, identified once facing stiffest dhample of anyone picked up yet, has been released. prosecutors office releasing a statement that reads, indication that would have led to arrest of faisal sea could not be confirmed by the investigation, the person had to be liberated. >> we're letting him go, that a huge gap, there is an opportunity tony ter view him. -- to interview him. reporter: police dragnet broad. a take down in rotterdam last
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night, yielded weapons, cash, cell phones and sim cards. cricket was described as a high level operative in advance stages of planning an ash tax, in brussels po eswell -- hit more than a dozen locations. meanwhile u.s. confirmed that american agents are now assisting with the investigation, as investigators are widely criticized and overwhelms. >> the president of u.s. talking directly of need of european officials doing a better job to share up teligent information, not just among themselve but also with the united states, there has been some progress made but there is more that can and must be done. reporter: death poll climbed to 35 people from 9 different countries, 96 victims remain hospitalized 32 in burn units.
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a goal to reopen brussels airport tomorrow, however drills to test the operations of a temporary security desk will not start until tomorrow, wednesday at the earliest with brussels airline resuming operations thursday, it be months before they return to full capacity. back to you. lou: all right. thank you. >> a new report outside, revealing nation's immigration population has exploded. his ep to 15% and a record 16 states be 6 of those states, including california and new york. percentage of immigrant prop trading rising to -- population rising to 25%, we're coming right back, much more stay with us. we'll be right back. >> trump and cruz escalate their hostility. >> it is inappropriate, wrong and disgusting to see a candidate attacking the spouse of another.
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lou: a new poll shows donald trump running closely with ted cruz inifornia. usc los angeles times survey shows trump leading 36%. to cruz a 35%. john kasich trailing 14%. california primary will take place june 7, 172 delegates at stake. >> joining us former reagan white house political director, ed rollins. michael goodwin, they are fox news contributors, michael, i took away your pulitzer for a moment. >> he did complaint about it on the thing. you came right back. he was the very pleased with that. lou: getting excited about
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this race, we go to california. june 7, that is a lot of delegates, who knows. >> critical thing, you have to organization, trump did you not today -- does not, there are 53 congressional districts. for nanc pelfrey's district -- nancy pelosi district. lou: you can have more delegates than voters. >> you can. lou: interesting too look at numbers there. we had 4.7 million republicans. 7.4 million democrats, 4.1 million unafilliated. this is going to take some up hill work for somebody a republican to get much done in the general election. what does it look like for trump? how concerned should he be right now, ed said he has no organization.
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>> well, i think he should be concerned. before you get to california have you wisconsin. then new york, then series of 5 states before, and then a couple other smaller states. lou: nowhere is organization more important, that is the big one. i don't understand how he gets it done in california without a ground game. >> you can't without a ground game. california has not had a ground game in a long time. we lost by 3 million votes in the last election, the party has been very weakened. my sense you have to fill up from scratch. lou: does he have time. >> not much, you can't do it on tv, you have to go district by district, and big volunteer effort. lou: wisconsin, to your point, the latest polls show a tight battle between cruz and trump, and now kasich is having some influence looking not quite at
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parody with him but a tight race among three. >> and pepsico kasich is pulling close to trump that should be fertile group for trump. so i think it is tightening in all of states now. and looks to me as though trump lost a little bit of is time or maybe cruz picked it up. perhaps antitrust effort, big spending all of stopping trump may be having some impact. >> critical thing, where is the governor? you have governor, and ripe, party chairman, all wisconsin's. lou: reince priebus, the wisconsin mafia, they are not going to be there boosting donald trump. >> i think critical thing, governor said i don't want to endorse yet, it is april 5 it is not far, i don't think that ryan will end up endorsing, but structure will go from -- where walker goes.
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lou: you know that structure of the state, considering paul ryan, reince priebus and scott walker from wisconsin, and who knows how many other functionaries that whole state app rat i apparatus is going to be behind ted cruz. >> i think cruz could win that state, it gives him added momentum, we still have a donny brook, i would still bet on trump having most delegates into the convention. they could get one-on-one, if they get kasich out of there. it could be closer race, but with kasich it is harder. lou: final phase for hillary clinton, fbi set to think about, questioning her. this is somewhat, seems to be protracted investigation when they are only now reaching out to the person who is the
11:19 pm
subject of your investigation. >> they are taking a deliberate approach. lou: fbi has gone slowly in every investigation, whether it after shows terrorist attack in benghazi or a domestic terrorism or an investigation of what is on its face of violation, as rudy guliani said,. >> server itself to me it the smoking gun, she admits and knowingly, mishandles classified information. puts them at risk. lou: expee has also misrepresented the truth for a full year. >> she will speak to the fbi, she will have to get her story straight once and for all, and that i-t guy from the state department, he got ir immunity. lou: final thoughts on outcome in wisconsin?
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>> i think hillary is in real trouble, i think that sanders could'sly -- easily beat her in wisconsin and california. lou: bernie is going to have fun but she will have the nomination. >> i think bernie will win. lou: i am talking about republican vote. >> cruz. lou: all right, michael goodwin? >> i think that governor going on with it. >> thank you. >> justice department tonight said it has successfully unlocked iphone used by the one of the san bernardino terrorists. issue prompted a high stake standoff between app expel federal gust, iapple and federal gift government will be a public relations battle, as a result of being able to break into the phone, ocials
11:21 pm
wilofficials drop will well be case against apple. it appears they have broken in without apple's help. >> therefore it is laws done but battle is -- >> vote in our poll, do you about there is any reasonable -- caseic treason -- caseic to continue. >> follow -- kasich to continue. >> 11s to everyone on, surveillance from a car dealership in florida shows this. two of them, there were ten. there they are. not afraid to gang up. band of thieves, located a
11:22 pm
boxer key, and made off with cars, 8 of them in a matter of minutes two cars have been recovered. police would like the appy is help, i not help you, up next, hillary clinton, lost to bernie sanders in hawaii. washington, and alaska. lost by whopping margins, her week this week is not off to a better starts, fbi to start interviewing her and her aids concerning e-mail scandal, that is the subject of my commentary and much more as we didn't, stay with us, we'll be you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck,
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. lou: a few thoughts on the fib fib investigation into hillary clinton e-mail scandal. it has been more than a year since she had to deal with the scandal for the first time, and speak out about her use of
11:27 pm
the personal e-mail and private surfer for -- server for official state department business. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail there no classified material, so, i am well aware of the classification. requirements and did not send classified material. lou: well, the intelligence community would of course disagree. in year since those comments state department has released more than thirst,000 of her e-mail -- 30,000 of her e-mails more than 2,000 of those e-mail contain classified in, 22 were deemed top-secret. fbi opened its investigation into her e-mail, in august. and "l.a. times" today reporting that federal prosecutors have started to consider interviews with clinton aides. they are particularred to --
11:28 pm
expected to seek an interview with mrs. clinton herself but no word on when they might asker to to sit and talk on the record. this is running a little slower than the same slow course as fbi investigation of david petraeus. the fbi launched its investigation of petraeus in late spring 2012, they interviewed former cia director about 6 months later. petraeus, announced his resignation 3 weeks after that interview. the washington post reports that 1 47 agents have been assigned to the clinton investigation, that indicates how serious the matter is. the case, investigation, accelerated to avoid possible action close to the election we're told, but the fbi has to pick up the pace to avoid running into the peak of
11:29 pm
presidential primary season, or in to the democratic convention itself that is now just under 3 months away. er in circ, the fbi faces a dilemma, if it recommends prosecution in midst of the primary, conspiracy theorists will complain about disruption. and if they recommend prosecution after the primaries, the conspiracy theorists complain that fbi waited until the votes were counted, if fbi recommends prosecution, and justice deputy refuses, let's not consider that ugly but real possibility. it has been the kind of presidential campaign season where nothing is unthinkable, and very few political i is a vans have -- our quotation of the evening from paul bowery on law, and justice. our judgments judge us.
11:30 pm
and nothing reveals us, exposes our weaknesses than the attitude of pronouncing upon our fellows. this time, they are called upon to pronounces their judgment, on mrs. clinton. >> we're coming right back stay with us. >> radical islam terrorists strike less than a week after the brussels bombings, massacres christians on easter in pakistan. >> wanted criminal to the run, about to pick a fight, he has chosen the wrong motorcyclist, when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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lou: u.s. capitol briefly locked down after a man drew a gun then pointed it at officers at capitol visitor center,. suspect identified larry dawson, shot by police officers, taken into custody, fox news obtained court document show this october last year, dawson was charged with assaulting a police officer on capitol grounds and failed to show up for a enough court appear an, he wrote a letter saying he is exempt from the law because he and i prophet from god. lou: congressman tom moreno is joining us now.
11:35 pm
a member of several key committees. he also endorses donald trump for president. i want to -- my pleasure. lou: i want to turn to first brussels terrorist attacks, your relationship with nato, and involvement in foreign affairs. ted cruz said that donald trump of the calling for disillusion of nato, i never heard donald trump say, that have you? >> no, i have not, his statement we should rethink nato. but he said we should not stop being a part of nato. i'm vice president of nato parliamently assembly, i go to brussels several time a year to talk with thor country, i do agree with donald, 4 countries, u.s., being the lead, we're the one that must most of the money into nato, other country haveo step up
11:36 pm
to the plates, pay their fair share, and also, make sure that they have personnel available and equipment available. lou: we could stipulate that, u.s. puts up about 2/3 of money for nato, it is outrageous, i believe that donald trump is right in this, others have been saying it, like he has done through out his campaign, sometimes you have to wonder at it, he is setting the agenda, byproaching these issues that other hesitate to talk about. the real question, is in correspondent right now, will in congress as best you understand it, and europe an partners in nato to say, this does not make sense, have you a fizzal threat -- physical threat to part of russian military on your eastern
11:37 pm
border, it time to take action. or it isn't. it is not the role of united states to drag these people screaming to their own preservation of their own states and national security. >> i look at it, i agree with you to a certain extent, donald is sends message to other nato countries, they better take him seriously issue they are closer to the terrorists, than we are. but also, nato has a -- last meeting about 6 weeks ago, i was in brussels, i raised the issue of nato, has to rethinks if position, and reposition itself to go afternoon the terrorists -- to go after the terrorists. >> most americans right now, i think, you as well, i would expect. are stunned that th the belgian authorizes took no act to run down the terrorists they identified and they could
11:38 pm
have taken into custody before the acts they carried out. this is outrageous and level of effort to preserve their own lives of their citizens is appalling. >> this goes back to i have been preaching to nato since i have been 3 years ago you have to tighten your security tighten your borders, this will come back to haupt you, unfortunately, belgium, brussels learned hard way. and i think they will change. it is too late for some, but, i think they will change. lou: an agent of change fellow you have endorsed for president, that is donald trump. he is doing well in the polls, as everyone knows, the races are tightening in california, in next important primary, which is wisconsin, next tuesday. his ground game, people are screaming about the fact his organization, his campaign
11:39 pm
does not have an adequate ground game despite everything he is doing, so successfully in media, your thoughts, how do you feel about that? >> well, that is the some of media who do not want to see him as president. and let's look at how has it been working over past half year, he is ahead, in delegates. lou: no, no, we're short on time, i have to interrupt you, i understand that, a lot of people who want him to be president are concerned about absence of grand game. looking forward. to wisconsin and california and new york, and the states including pennsylvania. new jersey. where is that ground game do you think it will be there? >> it will be there. i had a meeting with him, a luncheon that was one of the issues we discussed, i am going to new jersey for him on wednesday be you will see ground game pick up quickly. >> all right. congressman always good to
11:40 pm
talk with you, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. lou: tom moreno. >> you bet. lou: turning to arizona, incredible video out of arizona. watch as this suspect in the middle of a high-speed chase gets out of hid truck, tries to steal a man's motorcycle. there he is, biker is seen fighting off the attacker to keep his bike after a fail attempt to hijack the bank, the suspect -- the bike, the suspect jumps back in the truck to continue his run, good news is he got caught by police. >> donald trump does not think that americans are save in their own country. >> neither is united states, a safe place, we're allowing thousands of people to come in here, nobody knows where they are from, nobody knows who they're, and they are taming in here by thousands. lou: former pentagon official
11:41 pm
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lou: an easter sunday suicide bombing in pakistan, the death toll up to 7 b 70, 300 people
11:45 pm
wounded in the attack, a taliban afilliate, claims responsibility, claiming they were specifically targeting christians, a detail left out by the bong i obama administrati in its initial response to the attack. >> i did not mention in my statement that you know that was specifically targeted against christians on easter sunday. that was as much of a fact that eye justification -- or a much indication that just happen we didn't know that much about the attack. at outset. lou: well, joining us now, former pentagon official, kt mcfarland. admiral kirby there trying to explain what is going on. >> your reaction.
11:46 pm
>> it was awkward, what taliban says we're targets christians, and christians are dying, on easter and park where christian children are playing for this administration to say, we'll twist ourselves around, who do in a not to want to insult, the taliban? lou: it was 10 days to that point they acknowledged it was a genocide against christians. >> it is a phony thing, they said a genocide. lou: but for first time they acknowledge what everyone has known for years. >> what are they going to do about it, it is not what you say, it is what you do. lou: we can agree, nothing. >> they want to feel good about it, acknowledging that this is genocide, so what do you do about it in they do nothing, hoping it gets other nations motivated but we're not doing anything.
11:47 pm
lou: you know, i wonder, where do these people go when it is long last over for the obama administration? my gosh. >> where do you think they are going to college campuses and keep going. lou: it is a little better than what we have. let's turn to the taliban. and the idea they are have said since 2012 they want to negotiate with taliban same find team who killed 70 innocence yesterday, when are they thinking? what could they be thinking? >> the taliban thinks it is clear. lou: i am talking about this administration. our enemies think as clear to the point. they have a strategy, their national interest. >> what are we thinking? i think a lot is just trying to look good, all about legacy, all about showing we're doing something. lou: does this president have any idea what his legacy is
11:48 pm
going to look like? >> he thinks he does. it is going to be cuba or north korea. at the same time, these are all -- faux legacies. lou: faux legacies, can we make it through january of next year. >> and the world is waiting. lou: we need that reassurance. >> the world is looking to american leadership, and world is going to wait, and everyone even air enemies say, where are you? start leading from the front again. i think this is a huge opportunity for the next president to lead from the front there are a lot of nations in world that know we're the one indepenceible essential nation. lou: i want to leave it there, i want to believe every word you said. thank you so much, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: turning to weekend box
11:49 pm
office, warner brothers, "batman versus superman: the dawn of justice." the critics hated this movie. disney's "zootopia" fell to second place, "my big fat greek wedding 2", i thought this movie would never arrive, it debuted in third. up next, ted cruz-donald trump war. well, it is nasty. and perhaps getting nastier. >> i am saying that ted cruz has made this up, he needs to politically because he is losing so badly, he is doing badly, and he is choking and making things up, i had nothing to do with the nation allen quirer story -- national en fireenquirer story, and
11:50 pm
highway patrol it i hope it's not true, because when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. lou: carly fiorina campaigning with ted cruz got into a heated exchange about the "national
11:54 pm
enquirer" story. >> we are talking about a scurrilous piece in the "national enquirer"? why do you dance to donald trump's tune. >> it's a serious question about his character. >> i recognize you love going into the gutter. sir, i'm going to answer your question. don't interrupt. >> what is your paper? >> the daily news. the world's most read publication. >> i will give and brief answer to your question. the national enquirer story is total lies if it was planted by donald trump's henchmen and i don't think the people of america have any interest in
11:55 pm
tabloid trash. guy been responsible joins me. eboni williams. carly forgot who the candidate was. >> ted cruz had quite a pit bull in carly fiorina. i would say she does ted cruz an enormous favor. she has been at the receiving end of donald trump's not so flattering comments about her looks. lou: what do you think of that? >> it's what we expect of carly fiorina. >> the bigger scoop is that the cia hired a hooker to murder antonin scalia. if we are taking national enquirerrer stories seriously we
11:56 pm
should be talking about that and hillary clinton being on death's door. lou: where would you like to go. >> something beyond tabloid garbage. lou: how about nato and the degree that you agree or disagree pant rebalancing of nato to meet a large array of potential enemies is probably well-remembered anremember d isd and he's leading the agenda. >> he says the americans contribute too much disproportionately. lou: do you disagree with this? this is a serious matter. >> i think that's a good question and i would say i don't think we should withdraw from nato. lou: did donald trump suggest we
11:57 pm
do? >> i'm answering your question and i'm glad we are talking about a real issue. lou: partner, i could talk about what you want to talk about. >> it's your show, i'm glad you are letting me take it over. lou: i felt your pain and i wanted to make sure we address it. >> you are very kind and welcoming as always. trump -- i think what trump is saying about nato resonates with a lot of americans. we understand western alliances are very important especially in the face of russia. but are we getting the best bang for our buck and are we giving an umbrella of protection to countries not pulling their fair share in nato? these are the things we ought to be talking about. i think that fist while. >> i think this, i think to guy'
11:58 pm
point, and the broader scope, this is where trump can resonate for people, the [applause] ability of some of what he's hes discussing we be digest with a tine toothed comb. lou: he's done it again. he branded it. he's calling his foreign policy, the trump doctrine is america first. that's brilliant. >> it's smart and consistent. we know donald trump sees everything through the art of the deal. i don't mean it negative. i think it many kind of cool in the way he is the businessman in this race. i don't think it's a bad thing. he's not a politician. he's a business guy. so why not make your campaign sing the deal in getting mire cat better part of the deal, and the plowsability and the nuance.
11:59 pm
i think it's good politic. lou: the idea donald trump is putting america first. if america isn't first and it doesn't inform every public policy choice and decision and initiative taken by the leaders of this country, which obviously it is not for decade, what are we doing? >> i think ronald reagan fan george w. bush and others did craft their foreign policy with america first concept. lou: the consequences don't support that. but i think their intent was right. >> we can agree to disagree on that. i would say on the whole america first thing i have seen some criticism of trump because it harkens back to a previous slogan. john mccain's slogan was country first.
12:00 am
lou: he should have said america first, he might have won. a little power and spark, definitively, like you, guy. and you eboni. thank you for being with us. good night from new york. been * welcome to the week and the best hour of your day. the noose around hillary clinton's neck appears to be tightening. all this while she got trounced by bernie sanders in three western states over the weekend. will hillary get called in by the g-men? buit


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