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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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bankers have gone to jail over the crisis? >> no, if everybody is guilty, no one is. charles: major averages seeing the biggest drops in local history. there is bernie sanders hot on hillary's heels in the empire state. but they won't seem to be out of touch when it comes to the iron horse. hillary, i thought were a new yorker. brussesels police releasing imas of. >> man in the hat. the suspect is europe's most wanted man. bill clinton in a heateted argument with black lives ma mar
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protesters. >> i like protesters. but the ones who won't let you answer -- i don't know how you wowould characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the streets to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. you were defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. tell the truth. charles: that was former president bill clinton arguing for over 15 minutes with black lives matter protesters. the exchange has gone e viral. but is it doing more harm than good? joining me now, i happen to
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love -- it's rare when i love something bill clinton had to say. i grew up in harlem. the scourge of the hood is when you can't get rid of crime and the crime lords are looked up to heroically. i love bill clinton. >> i tnk this year there is over 130 young african-american kids that have been killed just in the city of chicago alone. if these kids think black lives matter, what about their lives. black and black crime and what's happening with the gangs. they would be protesting anything that is not in the way of their thinking. chars: how did this so-called vement becomso powerful and wield so much influence with democrats?
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>> i think t minority and black vote is an essential prong of democrac support. charles: i see a george soros supported the entity.. when i see the protests i don't see that's black kids. it's a lot of college-level kids who seem to be extra ordinarily misguided. >> i love billll clinton all the time so i'm in complete agreement with you guys. what i would say is what bill clinton says not on shows he meant it when he said he would be out defending his wife and comments she made presently and in the past. bow is correct. black and black ime is a tremendous element of this. it's not just about police brutality and this murders.
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that's what hehe's drawing atntion to. >> thistarted in new york when we had thehe demonstrations, and that led up to those two officers getting shot. closing the lives down with the same black lives matte george soros is mind a lot of these groups. they stop traffic and they killed two officers. you don't condemn every policeman. charles: i think -- lisa? >> i say amen to bill clinton's comments. the black lives matter groups don't want to hear the truth. this will hurt hillary clinton because she has been pandering the african-american group. the problem with the black lives
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matter movement is because it's not road in fact. they are not talking about the children killed every day on the streets of c chicago. they are exploiting incidents like michaelel brown who chargea police officer, was trying to rereach for his ground, committd a crime before that. charles: a lot of people are saying hillary has gone out of her way top appease the black lives matter movement. political dama here? what do you make of the whwhole thing? >> we are exposing finally the issues that need to be highlighted not just for black lives matter and minorities in general. access to educatioion, healthca, oprtunities for minority-owned
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businesses. what i see is an opportunity for even on the other siden the republican side, what a great chance to wave that flag of free enterprise and access to opportunities that minorities are looking for it's a black issue, an hispanic issue and american issue. >> this is where particularly, you know -- i tell if the gop all the time, you never adequately whatted the black vote. -- you never adequately wooed the black vote. but the democratic leaders always exploit the victimization thing. >> we never seem to have an honest debate about concerns in the african-american community. isn't it nice there is some heat
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on the democratic side of the fence in terms of words that are being spoken. bill clinton has a sense of when to fight things. though hillary is probably check. i do believe that this is finally moving maybe hillary clinton'n's campaign out of what has been something very careful and calculating. there is somethihing a bit more honest and open. charles: i'm told by the control room all of this is trending like crazy. bill c clinton, some of that stf having angered people in the black community. but welfare reform which i thought was an amazing thing. that was brought up today as well. take a listen. >> that's not true! they say the welfare reform bill increases [inaudible]. what do we have?
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the largest drop in african-american poverty in history when i was president. >> this is great. when the white house recognizes black lives matter, this anarchist group set up by george soros. what bill clinton said -- i wish he was running for president. you have got my vote, bill clinton. >> i accept all the points that have been made on ththe panel. but to completely discount black livematter. they have a 10-point plan. they want more responsibility policing tactics. they want an end to broken windows suppliesing. they want an end to stop and frisk. charles: when you say black
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lives matter and i don't hear a people from you after 25 blacks killed 25 blacks in chicago. when i don't hear from them. wharen't they going after the number one killer of black lives. >> i don't know. >> bernie sanders is jumping up saying every cop shohooting shod be investigated by the united states attorney general. >> that's why they lose the argument because they make it about michael brown. there is no doubt e black community faces obstacles people like me don't. there are legitimacy to somef the argumented they are trying to make. but you lose the argument when they exploit a handful of these cases such as michael brown. when they say "pigs in a blanket, fry them like bay upon."
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[all tking at once] charles: just moment ago when bill clinton was talking about this welfare reform, you talked about the economic angle of this. i find it aultimately if you look to the economy, it should help everyone. that's what we should be focused on. >> exactly. what a missed opportunity when we keep focusing on the issues of the police and the black lives issue when there is a much bigger opportunity to advance the matters of the economy and jobs and access to opportunity that all minorities and americans want access to. kudos to bill clinton for saying what he said. chars: the problem is bill is
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not running. hillary is running. if you talk about pandering. i think bernie sanders took it to another level. bernie sanders said any death associated with the police should automatically investigated by the feds. >> in new york city you have a federal monitor, a cb run by norman siegel with a law firm he refers the cases to. and a city councilor.r. these poor cops trying to do their jobs. every y time they make one move, they are being microscopically looked at. i talk to cops every day. they don w want to do anything because they don't want to lose their jobs. that's ridiculous.s. they are professionals and that's the way she should be treated. charles: we know they will be painted as racist. someone who hates black people
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and brown people because it comes straight out of the democratic playbook every election season. >> that's true. but here is what we'll look at by the time we hit the end of the line. i agree with the last comment. i did a lot of work with rudy giuliani when he was mayor of new york. i understand how new yorkers feel about security. when you have an issue like this going into the chief of the new york primary. the bottom line is what's going to keep us safe. i think this issueoday both bernie sanders and even bill clton has brought to the fore. the one thing we all want which is to be safafe. >> you mentioned rudy giuliani said he's voting for donald trump. bill clinton get into a fiery and lengthy exchange with black lives matter protesters. here is some more of that
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> i l like protesters. but the ones who won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. that's a simplple truth. they are very, very afraid. i don't know howow you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kid hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other african-american children, maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you were defending the people who killeded the lives you say matter. tell the truth.
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charles: that was president bill clinton getting extraordinarily fired up with black lives matter activists. he got into a tussle with them. i want to say getting a ton of twitter action asking why no black lives matter people on the panel. that's a good question. the news just broke moments ago. the closest we have in the meantime is jessica tarloff. it's a democrat rt of movement. >> i think it's an american movement. that's what they are saying. charles: george soros put the money behind it to help control the mess and of f the democratic party.
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>> no, that's not what it's about. this is not just about getting campaign support owhatever. itit really is about an issue in the black community. it's not being addressed at all on the right. i know black and black crime is a tremendous issue. i would encourage everyone t watch this video. peggy hub barred talk about the black and black crime. she says why aren't we talking about that or the-year-old little girl -- the 9-year-old little girl. but to discount their platform outright is irresponsible. charles: i don't think people discount the platform. they would send kid into restaurants to stand over people while they were eating. shutting down malls whe people
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were shoing for christmas. >> everyone saw the video with the officer with his gun out and the guy is walking over trying to statab him. the cop ju held back, held back. the cop some could have been killed. the majority of the officers out there put tir lives for your life. it kills me inside when you blanket about police officerin this country who do up a great job and use it for a political issue which is being used right now. charles: are the republicans tone deaf when it comes to issues in the black and hispanic community? >> i think thas the way democrats like to play it. i think it's totally urue. can you imagine if donald trump had said what bill clinton said today?
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this would not just be a problem the debat it would be a national story. wee have host debates and conversations about thin that aren't worki right. bill clinton to his credit p it othe line today. >> wknow these conversations need to be had in this country. but i think we start to rank some of the issues within particular community. but i have got to ll you something. i wod love to see education. but the black and blacmurder to me are the number one issue i would love to see resolved. you don't want to miss fox news sunday this weekend. chris wallace is sitting down with president obama. this is the president's first time on the show since he took office. you can see that interview sunday.
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>> lyin' ted cruz cameme today d he couldn't draw 100 people. remember during the debate when he starteded lecturing me on new york values, like we are no good. like we are no g good. he is lyin' ted. i came up with the idea. but you have to spell it right. lyin' ted. he puts it down and then he lies. the candidate all eager for a
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piece of that 95 delegate pie. ted cruz's reception in new york icy in part due to the new york values sentiments. >> when i talked about new york values. st a minute ago i was meetin with a significant number of hispanic pastors and african-american pastors here in the bronx. one of those pass towards who wawas a mocratic state senator who sted a gathering. he said i know what you mean by new york values. we fight them everday in our community. they are the values of liberal democratic politicians. charles: donald trump enjoying every minute of ted cruz's lack of a welcome. but could kasich be the dark more? >> lillian, you are a kasich
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supporter. he wants to be the spoiler, and he's starting to poll in the northeast. >> he is. he was warning everyone, wait until i get up north and the numbers will change. >> with a strong second i hope he can garnish in new york. definitely there is a big gap. a big positive sentime for mr. trump of 55%. so kasich is rig there in the middle. mathematically the number of delegates don't add up. but it could be a dark horse. a trojan horse that we'll see what that looks like once we get to cleveland. >> i can tell you, a strong
6:27 pm
second place is almost oxymoronic. >> he's not there in the polling right now. trump is 52, kasich 25. he needs 125% of the remaining delegates. the last time i checked the math that doesn't work. kasich is a spoiler trying to get the coconvention and take it away from the leader, donald trump. charles: people are sayiying its not even about the rules. someone like a kasich should bow out. >> i love competition. i think anyone who wants to run should run. what's interesting about new york and trump. look at his body language. he relaxed. he was back on his home urt. he looked like a different player. he looks like he was back where
6:28 pm
he feels loved and supported. people in new york love the bravado of leadership as opposed to checking the boxes of conservatism which cruz is trying to sell. he can try to sell it in the bronx or upstate, it won't work. i think kasich is secondary to this. this an over-under contest. under-over 50. trump is back on the bullet train getting ose to the 1,237 and this is the place he wanted to go. charles: if you can do it in new york, you can do it anywhere. in the midwe, the dutch-german sensibility, not so much. you don't want to miss fox business new hit show, ""wall street week." that's friday night 8:00 p.m.
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charles: ted cruz in brooklyn, w york. thus far it's been a lukewarm reception in thehe empire state. while we are awaiting his remarks want to talk about the role of libility. does likabilit automatically equal votes? ad, you are the political pro here. on the cover of th noontime magazinehey have ted cruz and say maybhe's likeable. are we over porting the importance olikability? >> all vote can is emotional when you get to the bottom line. so you can say likability should mean something. but this year viability are
6:34 pm
trumping it. so when yolook the other night, tuesday night i wionsin at the victory speech delivered by cruz, i found it be very self cgratulatory and he dan particular. he's a tough guy to like. the picture on "ti" seemed more forced than natural. charles:s: i don't know how photogenic he is, , but there ia lot of self-congratulatory stuff goes on when running for president. everyone said the reason george bush ultimately won is he's the kind of guy you could have a beer with. >> and donald trump is the kind of guy you could sit down, have
6:35 pm
a beer and get straighght talk from. done * is a liable guy. charles: the exit poll out of wisconsin, it was 6 out of 10 said they were scared if he was president. two said t they would be concerned. the 40% that love him, love him. but everybody else seems to be -- >> i think that's media driven more than anybody else. the media is trying to paint him as something he isn't. and they are trying to demonize him and they failed. >> because of the fear and anger driving so many people in this election cycle. because of the deflated economy. you have a huge section of the population that felt disenfranchised. that will drive people to vote for those who weren't as
6:36 pm
likeable ithe past. i disagree the unfavorability ratings are media driven. they don't like what come out of the man's mouth. what thesee at his rallies. that's just donald trump speaking for himself. there is a real ar. people said they were cared if he would be president. so likability does matter to a certain extent. people are so afraid of donald trump. >> the fear is not donald trump, it's theear of what he's saying. they are afraid of the truth and he's telling the truth.charles:k next about the brussels police. this is kind of eerie. they released images of the man in the hat.
6:37 pm
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charles: earlier today belgium police releasing a video of the man in the hat in the brussels subway attacks and airport attackthat left 30 people dead. you have idea how we can be better prepared. you would an article about this. some people say your ideas are racist or mean spirited. >> the most important thing we have. i talk about america. our biggest defense is our muslim americans.
6:41 pm
these are people with familiar this is that are against violence. and we need information from them. so wn you get deblasio saying we'll not put any undercovers there, i talked to ray kelly, the former commissioner. charles: what is controversial about it? >> i said in order for us to effectively gain intelligencwe have to be in community speaking arabic to people in the muslim community. lethem know the cops. >> would you follow ted cruz and have heightened police presee in the community? >> i say have arabic-speaking officers. have them when they see something, say something. brussels, a two-black area. the same guys who bombed paris were there. there was no intelligence
6:42 pm
whatsoever. arles: some people are saying if you begin too monitor mosques. >> he nailed everything. the position is not overall doing what ted cruz wants to do. but what we need to do is have under cover agents in areas where we believe terrorism may be espoused. the federal government has taken fund away from the evident to do this with the cooperation of the muslim community. i believe they want to cooperate. >> i think the word profiling would be the wrong word. i thinthe communication aspect of this isrong. when a lot of people are profiling. you say we want to profile black people. my 19-year-old son e every timee goes outside with a hood on and he's guilty until proven innocent, i'll protestst that. >> we are going to profile gang bangers in chicago.
6:43 pm
we'll profile guys with their pants down and with the hoodie on, with a bullen out of his side. then i'm goingo profile that as having a gun. >> when there are undercover surveillances dodone. there is a totality of information ey put together. but there is a lot of work that goes into it. >> they have got to protect people who come forward. i remember growing up and seeing things, we'll give you you $10,000 if you drop a dime on someonone. you drop a dime on someone -- > did you see what he said, e was looking at 7 years in jail. he would rather get blown up than go to jail for seven years. i would love to have him as informant. >> we have a president not stepping up and protecting us
6:44 pm
the way he should be. it's difficult for muslims to come forward and say i'm going to help you. >> i'm talking about have communication. charles:s: open the lines of communication. >> working together. collar * by the way, our very own peter barnes had an exclusive certain down with san francisco fed president john williams. they disssed the state of the ecomy and rate hikes. >> is it fair to say a couple weeks ago you foresaw two or more rate increases? would you stick with that? >> that's my personal view of what i would expect to be appropriate policy. but we'll see how thdata comes in. charles: it's all about what the fed is going to do. so watch all of peter's
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charles: that was hillary clinton trying and you can see. trying and failing to swipe her metro card. she and bernie sanders in new york battling it out. hillary has a small lead and is rapidly starting to narrow. in less than a month hillaryry s gone from a 48-point lead to just 10 points. how nervous should she be getting?
6:49 pm
betsy, lets me start with you. there is n no doubt bernie is getting on the hlary scan. now mr. nice guy is starting to take the gloves off, too. >> bernie had his own gap. he told the new york daily news the subway takes tokenens when t hasn't taken oak's in a decade. we saw sanders eat up her lead in michigan. she has got some things to worry about. charles: i give bernie a small pass because he midwest brooklyn in the mid-60s. what about hillary clinton, the
6:50 pm
new yorker? she had no clue what it was. weren't you u embarrassed d forr candidate? >> 1,000% no. this is not t like barking likea dog. i take the subway every single day. charles: she is not the people's president. i don't know she has even drive and car in 20 years. >> i wonder how many times it has taken her to swipe. charles: bernie sanders is within striking distance of beatings her in new york. >> i think h how much hidden ant and anxiety, to think it has come this far anhe's getting under her skin.
6:51 pm
i don't think there is a real threat to her campaign. it comes down to superdelegates. it will appeal to a wide audience. charles: if he gets this momentum i i don't think the can deny -- >> obama won -- hillary won and obama didn't. charles: now bernie is ramping up the game. he hasn't gone through the email thing. >> i don't think he will. polls show it's an incredibly lowish you for democrats. he needed to recoverer first frm the disastrous "new york daily news" interview where ththey asd how he would break up the banks. charles: thanks a lot. club for growth, donald trump's
6:52 pm
nemesis with a million ads in wisconsin and they said it worked big time. we have got their guy. they are coming to new york an wants to stop trump.
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bot what's in your wallet? uz in a round table meeting with brooklyn political leaders, right now in the big ape, he is polling in third, behind donald trump and john kasich. donald trump continues to lead in new york th over 50% of support. the establishment has to be shaking in its boots now. kasich has moved up. they don't like to be called the establishment. one anti-trump group said they
6:56 pm
are ready to spend millions for anti-trump ads, right now joining me, david mcen tosh, and lisa bein booth. >> david, to you first. i know, you are feeling strong, i have been reading millions coming into your covers, you must feel pretty good after wisconsin, can any amount of money negative ads work against donald trump in new york. >> look, the key for donald trump in new york, can he get over 50%, and make it a winner-take-all, if he i is below 50% it a loss for m, momentum wise and also a third of theelegates, it is right on the cusp. we will poinint out to republicans, his not an a then -- authentic conservative, he will lose to hillary clinton in the fall,
6:57 pm
in the end, make sure you vote for either cruz or in new york kasich as you said is coming on. charles: who do you make? >> ridiculous, to nohave a actual nominee you back, v vote for kasich or cruz, these are two different candidates. >> charles. >> we support ted cruz. charles: right back to you. >> kasich is mododerate, cruz is far to right, donald trump supporters support a vision, someone who is not a lifetime politician, someone who stands for somebody, not just defeating another candidate, as far as trump is concerns, new york, new jersey, pennsylvania. talking about memessages everywrere else, look at alabama, kentucky, massachusetts, nevada. all over, that message has failed. maybe did well in wisconsin did you not in new york and anything forward. >> we have supported ted cruz. >> but not kasich.
6:58 pm
>> not kasich, right. >> new york? >> my message to voters, d don't vote for trump he will lose to hillary clinton, he does not stand for something, in one place he says -- >> kasich in new york or cruz in new york? >> against obamacare. it changes daily. charles: lilly to you. some people, marco rubio talked about it. he stayeyed in long enough to lose florida. beni someone else beating trump in north carolina and missouri, but vote for guy closest to trump to stop him, do you buy into that as a kasich supporter? >> i don, at the end of the day i want american democracy to win.. decide who you are sides wor let people choose who they believeve to the right candidate, maybe i'm not supporting m trump today, however he is in his play ground that is new york. i would invest all this money
6:59 pm
instead of negate advertising, put it in positive advertising that tells me why, i need to change and vote for cruz or vote for kasich. instead of playing a game that we have seen he a teflon politici. >> he has lost big, lilly, cruz can't do something here, something interest, that whole wisconsin thing is aoot point. >> in charles here, we're seeing with the individuals who just spoke, interesting dynamic for to election cycle so far, cruz did a good job of making wisconsin appearing to ground zero for the never trump crowd, wisconsin was always a mixed bag for donald trump, now we're going to new york he has been polling above 50%, and northeastern states, what is teresting about this cycle, each candndidate has a different t objective, donald trump is trying to win nomination out right. if it goes to a contested convention.
7:00 pm
charles: he has to do it in new york. >> you are right. charles: i have to -- we'll papass you over to lou dobbs, keep it right here on fox news. lou: good evening i am lou dobb, donald trump unexpeedly clearing his schedule to focus on new york primary in lune -- in less than two weeks, cancels a friday press conference in california, a campaign spokesman confirming he will be campaigning throughout new york. part of reason that trump may be able to do that is because he is leing ted cruz and all of polls, in upcoming primaries states including new york. a brand-new field poll out of california shows trump with a 7 point lead over cruz. washington post poll out of maryland, showing trump with a


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