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  Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 12, 2016 5:01pm-5:18pm EDT

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but you know, i did some, i did a little work in the area, and i'll tell you what. not good but it is going to be good. don't leave. don't leave. don't leave for warmer climates. you know i won florida by a lot, and i love florida. [cheering] but don't leave for florida. we're going to bring it back, don't leave, okay? but listen to this. your county has lost 60% of it is manufacturing jobs since 1980, 60%. [booing] according to the bureau of labor statistics the utica-rome region lost more than half of it is manufacturing jobs since 1990! more than half. folks, factors, nafta which as you know, voted on by a certain person that is running. we won't mention names. voted on by somebody. the asian currency manipulation
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which i've been talking about for a long time but and nobody understands it by me, it is called devaluation. and china entrance into the world trade organization has been a total disaster for you and for this region. so listen to this. according to labor of bureau statistics utica-rome region lost nearly 40% of the its manufacturing jobs since 2001. what is going on? is anybody working up here? we got to change this. huh? it's terrible! [shouting] total private employment has shrunk nearly 10% in a short period of time. medium household -- this is something. median household income in new york state today is $3700 less per year than it was in 1989! inflation adjusted. [booing]
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folks, what the hell is going on? [shouting] we're going to bring it back. we're going to bring it back. new york state has lost three out of four, think of that, three out of every four manufacturing jobs that existed in 1960 is gone. that is right. i agree with you. but i'm not allowed, i'm not allowed to use that term. if i used that term, dishonest press give big numbers. i can't do that. [booing] sh i will just say i agree, all right? [cheering] cruz and kasich support it. pp. and they support giving obama more trading authority. this tpp, by the way, and fast track trading is title disaster
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for this -- total disaster for this area and our country and they're in favor of it and i'm against it. boy, am i right, it will make nafta look like a baby. it is worse than 1/2 taft you better make sure your politicians better not approve it. when i get in office i will get real trade deals that bring our jobs back. rely on it. rely on it. [cheering] rely on it. so, but isn't that amazing? i said give me a little information on the area. i know the area well. i thought you were doing better than that! so here's a story. i was just talking to some of the very talented reporters backstage and, you know the system, folks, is rigged. it is a rigged system. now you have to understand, i'm not complaining about the states that i won. those are okay. of which i won i think 22 and cruz won 10. did you ever hear him say, i'm
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the only one, lyin' ted cruz, lyin' ted, has bible up here, puts it down. he is a liar! [shouting] oh, boy, does he lie. but the system's rigged. and i'll tell you what. when you look at colorado, people can say, well that is the way the game played. look, they should have had an election. they didn't have election. that system is set up so the crooked politicians can make sure they get somebody in that is not part of what we're doing. this is movement, folks. i'm self-funding my campaign. they hate it. they hate it. [cheering] they don't want me to self-fund my campaign. they don't want it because you know what? they're all controlled by their special interests there all controlled by their lobbyists 100%. when it comes time to make trade
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deals, military deals, all deals, the lobbiest sees them, you can't do this, this guy gave awe million dollars. this guy gave you $10 million. this group or this country gave you five million dollars. okay, i won't do it. with me, they don't give me anything, folks, okay? i'm working for you. i'm working for you. [applause] so our republican system, our republican system, is absolutely rigged. it is a phony deal. now what do i know? i started running like nine month ago. who would have thought i would have been in first place? what do i know? , right? what do i know! [cheering] but i'm in first place by a lot. millions and millions of votes. that doesn't count. you notice? nobody even talks about votes. i have millions of votes more but i also have hundreds of delegates more but that is not the same thing to me. i think the vote is the thing
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that you count. right? [cheering] the vote. you look at some of these systems where people that devised them this had to do with ron paul. this had to do with a whole -- they wanted to keep people out. this was a dirty trick. these are dirty tricksters. this is a dirty trick. i'll tell you what, the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. i can tell you that. they should be ashamed of themselves. [cheering] because it has nothing to do with the democracy. they took the votes away from the people in colorado. people are burning up their republican cards because they want to vote. and you got to see what is happening out there. it is actually a thing of beauty, if you want to know the truth because they're not going to take it. and they may, it may be shoved down their face and who knows. but you know what?
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they're fighting. they're all over the place and they're angry. their votes have been taken away. we've already been disenfranchised because you look what is going on, because if you think about it, the economy is rigged, the banking system is rigged, there is a lot of things that are rigged in this world of ours. that's why a lot of you haven't had an effective wage increase in 20 years, folks. and we're going to change it. we're going to change it. [cheering] we're going to change it fast. so, i'm no fan of bernie sanders, right? believe me. [booing] we do have one thing in common. what is the one thing. we actually do, trade. he knows what being ripped off and i know we're being ripped off. we're being ripped off big league. the difference is, i will make unbelievable deals that he doesn't know what to do. he just knows we're being ripped off. but bernie sanders i will say
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this, for the last five weeks, you turn on your television. sanders wins. sanders wins, again, sanders wins, like seven or eight or nine. he keeps winning. then you listen to the people and pundits they say he has no chance of winning. i say what is going on? because they have superdelegates, by the way i think republicans have a worse system than democrats. they have superdelegates, makes it impossible for a guy that wins to win. it's a crooked system, folks. it's a crooked system, it really is a crooked system. [cheering] again, i don't care who wins over there. i will take on either one of them. i sort of had my heart set on hillary to be honest with you. [cheering] and her whole life, remember this, her whole life has been one big lie! been one big lie!
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[cheering] and you go back and you look at whitewater, and you look at her cattle deal. remember the cattle deal? she made highest percentage practically in the history of cattle-making. i wonder why that happened, folks? but you take a look, look at this horrible scandal with emails where she is probably being protected, probably being protected. because people that did 5% of what she did have had their lives destroyed and her life is just fine. it looks like she will be the candidate. in a way that is the one i want to run against. we'll peter so badly. we'll peter badly. [cheering] you know what, don't forget i have 17 people running against
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me, daddy, please be more presidential. i said wait a minute. i've got 17 people throwing barbs at me. i have to take them out before i become presidential, don't i, right? [cheering] you know, they say be nice. we can't be nice. we have two leftovers right now. we can't be nice, we can't be nice until we win it. when i first started, jeb bush had it made. he was going to win, he was presumptive. in florida you speak about unfair, you speak about what is unfair. in florida you have 99 delegates and jeb bush had it set, jeb bush or rubio both of them, they had it set to that the winner takes everything. because they wanted to make sure that didn't get anything. and so it was all set. it was set in steel. 99 delegates. winner gets all. and then the first poll came out. trump 48, jeb 16, rubio 12.
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and they said, oh! [cheering] right? they said, oh, this is terrible! we got to change it. they made a move to change it to get proportion. it was too late. no way you can do it, we put up a little bit of a raucous. i will say this, in florida it was set so that i wouldn't get it and it was set winner-take-all because the governor was going to get it, the past governor. who was pretty popular. the past governor, or the future of the republican party, which was marco, right? i, no, i want to be nice. marco. only marco. no first name. we don't do that anymore. you know why we don't do it anymore? because we won. we don't do it. it is going to be marco. who is nice guy. marco is actually a nice guy. he went a little don rickles on me but we went heavy don rickles back. but marco's a nice guy. i'm sure jeb is nice guy.
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i was too busy to get to know him well. he was busy doing negative ads. $48 million worth of negative ads. remember they did florida. you remember the outcry when the first poll came out and i was close to 50 and they were in the teens. and they said, wow, what are we going to do? i ended up winning by 20 points, by, we had, it was a landslide! it was island slide! [cheering] -- a landslide. you never know about their phony rules and regulations. hopefully the rnc will get with the people. rnc has not won an important election in a long time. we had obama far too long. the last election should have been one except romney choked like a dog. he choked. i can't breathe, i can't breathe he said. romney choked. i never say anything -- rhett me tell you, jordan spieth choked a little bit, you know what he will recover. he is a great young guy.
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he is going to recover. romney can't recover from a choke. that was an election that should have been won. that was an election that should have been won easily. and for the last month he disappeared. he went into a house and he just disappeared. what the hell happened to him? >> i backed mccain in all fairness had a tough time. i backed romney, you wouldn't believe this but i actually backed him. raised a lot of money for him and other things and he failed. mccain failed, romney failed. i said this time, we're going to do it ourselves, okay? [cheering] we're going to do it this way. so we'll see. but we're doing well. we won the south. in fact i think i may have to move to the south if new york doesn't treat me great. i won alabama. think of this. did you see today, we won missouri today. we won missouri. we love missouri. [cheering]
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and i was a little worried about missouri because lyin' ted cruz, his top guy is from missouri. so when i won, that's right, lyin' ted. so when i won, remember with ted he comes with a bible held high, and he talks about the bible, except the evangelicals like me better than they like ted cruz because they know what they get. we're going to get strong military. we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to get protected second amendment. we're going to have strong borders. we're going to repeal obamacare. and replace it with something great! [cheering] they know. they know. by the way -- >> trump, trump, trump! [cheering]
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they know. they know. they know what's going to happen. they know, we know how to win. we know how to win, folks. you know, i saw a couple of the guys that he defeated soundly and they're saying but, he won't do well in the general election. they said i wouldn't do well in the primaries too. same guys. he won't do well. now i haven't even started on hillary and my numbers are better right now than ronald reagan's numbers with jimmy carter. you know ronald reagan, who was great, he had a 30 favorability. he was behind jimmy carter by so much, everybody said, oh, this is going to be disaster. jimmy carter, i will say this, the last person that hillary wants to run against is me, i will tell you that. i know that is true. [cheering] but jimmy carter wanted to run against ronald reagan. he said please, let reagan win.
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he was so far behind reagan, by the time election took place, it was big victory, he easy victory for reagan. that is what happens. you aim your fire at that person. i have only done it once for hillary. that was two months ago, right? because of that bernie did well. i was best thing that ever happened to bernie because i hit her and bill so hard, when she used that phony little thing she said, that she -- >> donald trump speaking if rome new york, taking yet another swipe at the gop establishment, saying it is a rigged system and railing against what could be a contested gop convention in july. he is speaking to supporters in rome, utica, new york. this is about four hours north of new york city. this is upstate new york. a lot of manufacturing jobs lost. he brought up those numbers to the crowd. he knows the crowd. he knew what to say to get them riled up. he also again after, he calls him lyin' ted cruz.
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mr. trump swinging through new york. now upstate new york as he focuses on the new york primary which is next tuesday. all candidates, john kasich, ted cruz, donald trump, hillary clinton, bernie sanders all focusing on new york. by the way we'll say tomorrow he is going to pennsylvania. he is trending pretty well by some. numbers. this is donald trump moment, comparing mitt romney to jordan spieth when it came to sword when it comes to choking. jordan at the masters sunday and went after marco rubio and jeb bush. he broad up again the issue of trade. he says this country is being ripped off. bernie sanders at least understands that. he also i brought up the fact happened today that he won missouri. he did win missouri. he said, quote, i love missouri. but again, this is donald trump