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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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we'll kick thing off at 7:00 p.m. in the meantime my colleague charles payne is here and "making money" start now. [♪] charles: blue chips, oil, all higher today. voting under way in new york states. the polls will close in just under 3 thundershowers. donald trump is expected to. -- will close in just three hours. donald trump is expected to take his home state. state.she is hoping she can clam
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victory in the new york primary. we have video of her voting. she was in chappaqua where she lives. she voted this morning. it's north of here by 30 minutes. then she went to washington, d.c. she was speaking at a union conference. that's wrapped up and she will be back in new york for the 9:00 p.m. rally at the sheraton. she is turning her sites to donald trump. >> the republican frontrunner for president says wages are too high in america. i said before, i don't know who he's talking to. because americans deserve a raise. reporter: not so fast says bernie sanders.
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yes, americans deserve a raise, but hillary clinton should not be the president to give it to him. he walked time as square, then headed off to pennsylvania. i said don't give up on the political revolution. here is what sanders had to say to them..york voting for mr. sanders as well. charles: what's the vibe like at
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the trump headquarters, donald? >> it is sort of a carnival-like atmosphere outside of trump towers. trying to take a look at the building and wondering if there trump is coming outside. he will be making a statement inside. it will be interesting to see. maybe we'll get a response to what adam talked about. this is the week he unveiled his nickname for her. crooked hillary. inside tonight it will be mostly some friend and family as mr. trump will take questions about miss campaign. this evening it's all about delegates. we have been looking at our overall delegate count that shows trump comfortably ahead.
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you have to remember the way the delegates are allocated here. not only will donald trump win new york, but by how much? over 50%, it then comes down to the individual congressional districts. therare 27 of them. this is a big state. that's still an open question and one we may have to wait a little bit after * to get the answer to. to that end, the campaign manager corey lewandowski has been upstaged by this new manager, paul manafort. we are told paul manafort was on capitol hill outlining his plan to get donald trump to the magic number of 1,237 before the july convention in cleveland. that's the backdrop. we'll head in there in about an hour. at some point we'll hear from mr. trump himself.
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the campaign and i'm sure the candidate himself expects it to be a victory party. charles: we are hours away from the polls closing in the new york primary. will he take all 95 of the delegates? i want to go to you first, ed. you are the new york gop chairman. as we are sitting here, it doesn't feel like to is any drama. >> the drama is donald trump, will he do very well or extremely well. if he doesn't get 80 out of the 95 delegates he will have hard time winning. charles: is there a possible bit of a combination of donald trump winning 54% of the vote in line with the polls and still only getting 80 delegates? >> it's also a congressional
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district. let's say he goes beneath 50% that's a drop of 6% from the most recent polls. he would probably lose 20 to 25 of those delegates. kasich will be the one to fix it, not cruz. it could give kasich some real momentum going into the remainder of the states. >> your guy didn't spend a lot of time in new york. they say his best chance might be the jewish vote on staten island. >> women voted for the first time in america in new york in 1917. he resonates well with woman voters all ages, all faiths. in look at new york i think he will be able to cherry pick a few delegates out of bronx, queens and possibly brooklyn and going up into rochester and the
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northern part of the state. he is not here tonight because he's in pennsylvania so he's looking forward and beyond. charles: reports of shenanigans going on in pennsylvania. amy, i want to stick with new york. it looks like a sleeper, your guy case, his national polling has been edging you have. he may come in second place. ed is saying if he gets enough delegates this will give him momentum. >> now you have the coming states, especially april 26 such as connecticut, delaware and rhode island where he's expected to do well. behind the scenes as far as the delegate count goes in a number of states. on that second round ballot. kasich is going to be a thorn in their side.
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charles: maybe in the third or fourth or fifth round. senator brown talks about things being large and huge in this case. is anything less than 5 delegates, can we say to a certain degree that's failure for donald trump? >> of course not. if you win your home state which is the first state ted and marco said if you can't win your own state you shouldn't be in the race. it would be wonderful to get the 95 delegates. we can city here and pontificate forever. i have a lot of relatives who live in new york. if you go up in the syracuse be ithaca area, that block, there is a so-called conservative party, one of the only ones in the country. kasich or cruz may pick up a couple there. but i think it donald's to lose.
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when you talk about kasich being the nominee at the convention. i like him a lot, but it's never going to happen. the cruz and trump supporters won't support him. he's a spoiler to make sure donald or ted doesn't get the votes. if donald gets the votes tonight it's almost mathematically impossible for cruz to get the magical number. charles: why is kasich hanging around? >> you joked about it going to third, possibly fourth or fifth ballot. we have had 10 contested conventions and out of 10, six or seven of those, the lead nominee ended up being not the actual nominee. >> i just have to ask. if donald trump gets 54% of the vote and 90% of the delegates,
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will we stop hearing about how unfair the gop system is? >> we have had this conversation before. i think he should focus on battling in those states that have caucuses and a different way of doing it. there is a kind of parochialism in each state that allows different ways to win delegates. it possibly could happen in pennsylvania. like really? charles: we know delegates are for ted cruz no matter how many votes he does or doesn't get. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off in new york. there are 270 delegates up for grabs. can hillary win big in that's next. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay
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charles: the gloves are off as the dems fight tore delegates in the empire state. joining me christopher hahn and betsy woodruff. the recent ratcheting up of the rhetoric could have a negative lingering effect going into the general elect? >> certainly. without a doubt. and we are seeing that in this contest in new york. sanders just had a massive rally and their estimates are 28,000 people there. the reality is sanders has been digging clinton. he realized the only way to take her down or be competitive is to
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go after her. to bring out that sarcasm. and that of course does lasting damage. >> you don't agree with that? >> primary happen. then there is a healing period, and then there is an elect. if the democrats are running against donald trump or ted cruz. new york is a closed primary. he will be 15 point behind her. he won't do much better than the race against andrew cuomo. charles: does that sing him from getting the nomination? >> he's one 8 out of 9 caucuses mostly. he won them. more people were at his rally in new york city than there were voting in those elections. charles: do those state count?
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we don't want to be new york snobs. >> here is the thing. he like to say, well, hillary has won in the deep south which i think is code for something i don't like. when he talks about winning 7 out of the last 9. charles: is it the same thing for when she says i carry hot sauce. >> i think it's code for i don't care about the people voting in the primaries. i don't think massachusetts is in the deep south so i don't get from he comes from with that. charles: there has to be a way to get bernie involved, eventually what that so-called healing process. i don't know if there i a cure for it. >> chris is right. hillary is far and away to be
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the democratic nominee. that said, what matters is that bernie is damaging her. he is slowing her down. she is having to spend money in new york when she could spend money on the swing state. instead she is having to campaign in a state that was basically a lock for her in the general. some of his supporters say we'll get on board with hillary, others say no way, no how. of course, that's not a scientific dat sample. he may help her out in the general, but not now. >> it was said about obama in 2008. it's always good for the eventual winner. you get tried by fire. all the warts get shown and you are ready for the general election. charles: the old school is you
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need the fight. at home you don't want to miss the fox business new york primary coverage. neil cavuto will keep you updated here on fox business. we have new exit polls for you. fox business, we'll have all the results for you. it begins next. everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return.
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. charles: we are less than three hours away from polls closing in new york. we are getting exit poll information for you. jo ling kent is in the business center with details. >> i want to see what the democrats and republicans think about wall street and its impact on the economy.
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51% say wall street hurts the economy. 64% of democrats say wall street hurts the u.s. economy. we all he want to talk about new york republicans and who has the best chance to beat hillary clinton if she becomes the nominee in november. 56% say it's donald trump. 21% think it's kasich and 16% think it could be ted cruz. we ask who is the best person to beat trump in november. while 33% are going to bernie sanders. there is an interesting breakdown of the data. charles: let's get a reaction from senator scott brown and ford o'connell. new york is sort of unique.
6:23 pm
56% saying donald trump would be the best candidate against hillary clinton, it seems he has grown momentum in that category. >> it will be a big night tore donald trump, the question is how big? if he gets north of 83 dell gates has had a good night. if he gets 100%, it's a huge night for donald trump. geography in new york with donald trump going forward. charles: senator brown, we have new york, and new jersey, and california. there was a survey taken of delegates from pennsylvania it appears to me that the fix is in. >> i certainly hope not. one thing people have been criticizing for, he only gets
6:24 pm
35% to 40%. if he wins by 50% in a closed primary in new york says a lot. you have rhode island in there and connecticut as well. if he wins away in pennsylvania i would think the delegates would have an affirmative obligation to support that nominee. that's what the democrats are complaining about with the superdelegates. sanders is crushing with the superdelegates. we know it's parochial. but if the guy wins by 40%, 50%, 60%, he should get the most delegates. charles: mueke, how does your guy cruz regain momentum? >> he just won five states
6:25 pm
including wyoming which is a microcosm of voters. charles: as much always don't think new york is a proxy for the country, i would say the same thing about wyoming. >> i would disagree, cruz was able to carry voters of all ages and faiths. charles: how many voters. >> i can't say. but the state combined is 1.3 million. charles: donald trump polling well. he will have a great night tonight. how does ted cruz reignite it particularly with indiana. i think indiana will decide the gop nominee. >> you could be right. though we plan to take it all the way out to california. but i will say going back to ted cruz who is in pennsylvania tonight, his message is resonating well in a depressed coal region among people hobbled
6:26 pm
with the obama regulations. i think he has the opportunity to win -- >> ted has a small problem. in the move april if donald trump gets 18 some delegates, ted cruz will be mathematically eliminated. donald trump get to 1,237 on the first ballot? if it goes to a second balance lot, ted cruz has a shot because he has been outin niewferring trump on the delegate count. charles: the same argument will be used against cruz once he is mathematically eliminated. the stakes are high for republicans. we are talking 95 delegates and a major momentum shift. we'll break it down. how the new york delegates are allocated and where we go from here, next. make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit.
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technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. charles: the race for the white house continues. voters head to the polls here in new york. how does this work, districts of delegates and how are they allocated, deirdre bolton will break it down for us. >> 95 delegates for g.o.p., that is what is at stake. for the great state of new york. pull this up. you see a break down, 14 are
6:31 pm
state wide and rest are congressional from 27 different districts. if you speak with analysts, a lot of people think that donald trump could have a clean sweep. that said there are a few counties he is likely to face pressure, one in particular. oh, hnida count -- oneida county. you have syracuse university here, john kasich may have some support here, unless trump gets a 50% majority or more, kasich could take one or two or three of the delegates from this particular country. we take you to the bronx, really tiny, i do. you see there is a large hispanic population. in the bronx that why senator cruz -- that is where senator cruz is expected to do well.
6:32 pm
in manhattan, richmond county, that has staten island, parts of broo brooklyn this is where donald trump has a lot of support. we do think that donald trump will have a pretty good night, we have our own research team here saying maybe 83 out of 95 could go to him, this just some inhouse math. charles: i love that inhouse mag. 83 is our number. we put it out. >> donald trump sounding confident. at a rally in up state, new york he said he would win g.o.p. nomination. it looks like he will have a big number tonight, back to your political panel guests. representative brown, let's start with you, this your state.
6:33 pm
you heard deirdre bolton saying that maybe oneida, make kasich does something there. ted cruz make find a way of winning delegates in the bronx, other than that, it feels like the entire state has been pulling for donald trump. >> that was a pretty good analysis we heard, the question is how close he gets to a clean sweep, i'm getting some feedback there are some parts of the state where his two opponents are able to get some ground, but this looks like a huge night, close to 95. charles: kathy, it is interesting, heading out we know that northeast will be strong for donald trump, i think that indiana will be one that decides it. if cruz wins, i say convention, if not, then no convention. he made changes to his staff, in last week. seems like he is getting ready
6:34 pm
for a brawl. >> he is prepared, just to get to the convention in the right way. new york tonight is the first test of his nouel vated cam -- elevated campaign staff. to see if strategy to make him a little more conventional in his approach, not necessarily his ideas, works. we have 5 states next week in particular pennsylvania, voters vote for delegates in the polls, it is then a name recognition game. this new approach of a little bit more traditional staff, and approach to competing with ted cruz, on the delegate game has to work, this is a first test tonight. charles: senator brown, i know you don't like when i try to lift expectations for donald trump. but this is a guy that has done it for himself. we talk about winning first
6:35 pm
round in first ballot, our confident are you in it does go there? you have been preaching harmony, how confidence are you? >> i am hoping it goes to first ballot. i think your analysis about pennsylvania will move ball forward quite a bit, if it does go past first ballot, i think only way we unite party is a trump-cruz coming together. as president and vice president, and cabinet like kasich or carly or marco or chris christie, bring them back in. i think that contributeyly important, getting back to new york, i don't think that cruz gets any delegates, what he said about new york, new yorkers have a very strong, long memory. kasich may be the spoiler, up where my daughter lives in
6:36 pm
ighithica, he may be a spoiler up there. charles: you know, we'll come back to, i don't think he meant new york values, i think he meant new york elites, we can debate that later, new york polls close in about 2 1/2 hours, donald trump looking for a new york street, we're look live to trump and cruz's headquarters when we come back.
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charles: harley-davidson posted their earnings this morning, they beat the street.
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charles: harley-davidson posted earnings this morning beat street, in the process,
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they may have shown political parties how to win, bad ass harley were most ballistically incorrect -- politically incorrect company, the great example you on policy should go, year ago harley-davidson stock was in freefall, management looked at demographic trends, they knew they had to be proactive. they promoted hogs beyond normal customer base. today's results, under scores how mar smart that move was, for 8 years harley david son has been top seller in all these categories. you could win an election with that blue print in 1980s ronald reagan implemented terrorists to slow the rapid
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growth of japanese motorcycles. harley asked for those tariffs to be removed, today's earnings, under scores why company would say no, we don't want tariffs gain or trade war in motorcycle space, consider this, international sales for 3 months up 5%, they were down here am canada up 16%, europe and middle east 9%, asia, china, 7%, harley, they are bad to the bone but perfect political trail blazer. you don't want to miss fox business, new york primary coverage starts in a few moments, neil cavuto will keep you up-to-date as results come in, it begins 7 p.m. here on fox business. >> ted cruz is in philadelphia . some people say there are some shenanigans going on, we'll be going to the cz headquarters next, when we come back. ♪
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charles: the question in new york, how much the donald trump win in his home state in new york. and more lingering question, will ted cruz and john kasich pick up any delegates. and why is ted cruz watching this in phillie. we go to ted barnes? what is the feeling there. reporter: they conceded that trump is going to have a very good night in new york, one of cruz's top aides telling us just this afternoon, listen,
6:46 pm
ted cruz won texas, john kasich won his home state of ohio, so no surprise that donald trump is probably going to win his home state of new york. remember old rule here rule of thumb, if you don't win your home state, maybe you shouldn't be in the race. john kasich was and ted cruz both moved to pennsylvania, kasic campaigning in pittsburgh, announcing his campaign for delegates of pep pen here itennessee here in -- pennsylvania here in philadelphia. let's look at where delicate count stands right now, if trump picks up most of 95 he wants out of new york that would put him over 800, right now he is 756, ted cruz 543. and john kasich at 144. looking at actual map of states that all candidates
6:47 pm
have won, we have that for you, trump so far won more than 20 contests, ted cruz won about 10. and marco rubio won about 3. john kasich his home state of ohio. but 71 delegates up for grabs here in pennsylvania are key for all candidates issue as they march toward cleveland in july. >> peter barnes thank you very much. >> ted cruz skipping new york tonight. watching in philadelphia, but his wife heidi spoke with our own trish regan today. she claims that ted just loves new york. >> we have new yorkers heading to polls right now, what is it that you would like them to know about your husband. >> i want new yorks to know about ted, he loves new york we both lived here in new york, i believe, ted does too that new yorker are strong, people. charles: rejoining me now.
6:48 pm
pica, there is a report out that even if ted cruz comes in third. his campaign thinks he will get more than half of delegates, before the folk here vote. what do you think that impression is when people hear that. >> i think they see a winner. >> not a cheater in or someone who is bending the rules? >> no. he out maneuvered donald trump, that was kind of a wake-up call for him it took months to get boots on ground in iowa, and months to get boots on ground in philadelphia and pennsylvania and indiana. it something you can't do overnight. so we are for example 23,000 women for cruz volunteers, a daily phone call, we talk about strategy, we have activists and women in the party, who are calling their friends and colleagues in these states and 18 congressional district for example in philadelphia. and pennsylvania. sorry. >> pennsylvania.
6:49 pm
charles: i got you. betsy, it a game, you know donald trump became fame outous. his problem -- famous, his problem he did you not top spend -- he not want to spend too much money. >> to win a presidential race need to understand how the rules work. all evidence indicates that trump's team did not grasp importance of being competitive. at some of the conventions where delegates got elected. it sounds like trump and his team got caught up in the moment perhaps, over past 6 months, and buying their own spin they were inevitable, and missed some of the purpose nuts and bolts that will be a liability ti for trump at the convention no question.
6:50 pm
charles: south carolina, and others, but, on other side, betsy, the voter, a little bit -- the a political person who feels that his or her vote does not count. are they upset with the system. >> those voters will be upset whether when they -- when they find out about electoral college, the election rules are not as simple as you are taught in high school civics class. some voters in some states their votes have more power and more influence on electoral outcomes then others, look at republican votes in the bronxes that is magic fairy dust. charles: a woman in bronx, g.o.p. voters is like most powerful republican voter in the country, i have to tell you, we hear revolt on both sides of the aisle, if you want to make a change, you
6:51 pm
better make it this time. you know how unrepresented the system is. question is, in new york will donald trump get over 50%, and get all of delegates, we go back to trump tower with my man donald mcshane, when we come back. which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding. : pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers,
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6:54 pm
. charles: it's a battle for new york heats up. donald trump going to be the winner. the big question, we keep saying it, will he get over 50%? win 95 delegates? connell mcshane joins us live from trump tower in new york city. connell? >> reporter: you and i talked earlier this hour how many delegates trump can accumulate. for one thing i picked out of the early data that we have that over 70% of new york republicans are saying whoever has the most delegates, not the majority but the most delegates at the convention should be the nominee.
6:55 pm
that's essentially been trump's argument, right? going along with that or many of the new york voters. in terms of absolute numbers. 95 is a tall order. some people tell you 75, 85 is a good night for trump. charles palladino, remember you ran against governor cuomo, he thinks he's going to get all 95. obviously, he's the guy working for him. it's quite a scene outside, we're heading in getting in for the trump statement before 9:00 p.m. this evening had. fun checking in with the voters today, get a sense of the voters, boy, going back to high school, the number of people that rejected me. it was hard to find somebody from this country rather than from new york. all the tourists from places like australia and poland. what do you think of the election? many thought we were insane. i think more than one person told me that. maybe it's just me.
6:56 pm
i found it interesting, one new yorker, got a piece of advice this morning who he should vote for. watch this. >> the garbageman told me vote for trump. >> reporter: the garbage guy told you? >> rather amazing. >> reporter: what was his argument? >> he did it as a sense that this is what we're doing. and i was kind of surprised, not that i'm going to vote for him, but we're in a situation where it's brooklyn versus queens on a lot of respects, and as i look out my door in brooklyn, there's a bernie van the neighbor has. so we're seeing all of this which is on an emotional level, but we're not hearing much concrete on policy. >> reporter: the funny thing is, new york matters this time? >> we always matter because we're new york! >> reporter: that's how we roll, charles, we always matter, we're new york, as that guy put it. by the way, he was a kasich supporter and the garbageman is saying vote for trump.
6:57 pm
charles: connell, be glad you are not doing this in the bronx. i'd rather deal with the australian tourists rather than stick a mic in the face in brooklyn. charles: we know the setup, donald trump is going to have a big victory. the question is to what degree and how it changes the contest going forward? potentially a contested convention. rejoining me ford o'donnell and amy, amy, a man interviewed in new york is going to go for kasich. there are kasich supporters, you are not alone. >> seemed like a nice, intelligent man. charles: he was, in the grand scheme of things don't you see where it makes people resent the process more than they already do? >> no, he's doing exactly what's allowed to be done, and has every right to stay in the race. he's supposed to do well in areas of new york and upper parts of new york such as
6:58 pm
rochester, syracuse. let's wait and see what happens, and the only way that donald trump can do well is on this first round, if he doesn't make the first round, the delegates will be divvied up between senator cruz and governor kasich. charles: he's won one state, what's his argument to be the nominee? >> he's won one state, but however you know as well as i do, there is another race that goes on with the delegates, and with the party activists, and he's working diligently on making sure he secures enough delegates when it comes time for the national convention. when the second and third ballot comes around, the trump supporters are moving over. charles: ford, the guy that connell interviewed said not hearingoch policy. i love when he said that, i feel it's been personal, it's been vitriolic, but there hasn't been a lot of policy. will that help determine who the president is, ultimately? will we decide based on
6:59 pm
policies rather than personalities? . >> i'm going to let you in on a nasty little secret on presidential politics since i'm the campaign person on the panel. when emotion meets logic, emotion wins, americans are angry. and to amy's point, if trump winds up winning the nomination, it will be on the first ballot. that's why he had to beef up his campaign because he was running it like a rag tag pickup basketball team on the cheap and now got to move like the golden state warriors. william mcginley who understands delegate credential rules, we'll get into in a couple of months is interesting. smart move. the only question is why didn't he do this sooner? charles: next, senator brown, you wrap up new york, you sweep the northeast, donald trump. what's his game plan beyond here? and only got about 20 seconds. >> sure, after tonight and after the next race, he will have more delegates than cruz, kasich and rubio combined. so at what point do we actually
7:00 pm
move forward and say he's the nominee? obviously when he gets the 1237. i'm hopeful he will have a big night tonight and i think the same in theny. i don't think kasich is going to do well in connecticut and rhode island. charles: all right, we'll see. coverage all night long. new york, keep it here. lou: a big evening. two hours to go until the polls close in new york! good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. a critical night for donald trump who needs to offset recent losses to ted cruz and north dakota, colorado and wyoming states that held conventions instead of primaries. they're actually voting in new york today. if trump wins, 50% of the statewide vote he would very well win all of new york's 95 delegates, that would give him a lot of momentum ahead of five key primaries in the northeast and mid-atlantic next tuesday. senator cruz and governor kasich k


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