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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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he's an american success, we're talking about a company focusing on helping people sell assets of one's estate. happy mother's day. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs can. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump and house speaker paul ryan battling it out for the soul of the republican party. trump today escalated his attacks against the speaker after ryan said he isn't ready to back trump. trump tweeted this. quote: paul ryan said that i inherited something very special, the republican party. wrong. i didn't inherit it, i won it. with millions of voters. nearly 11 million votes so far, and this morning on fox trump
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reminded ryan he isn't one to lecture on how to win elections. >> well, they lost, you know, a race that should have been won last time and i, you know, have been very open about it. that was a race that should have easily been won. that was an easier race than this year, but i'll win. lou: and i'll be taking out thet trump with the weekly standard's fred barnes and pastor robert jeffers. jeffers says there will be dire consequences for the republican party if it does not unite behind trump. i'll also be taking up the lighter side of politics -- there is such a thing, you know -- with andy levy here tonight. president obama's policies now responsible for a disappointing april jobs report, a disappointing gdp report and a disappointing economy, certainly. but mr. obama isn't focused on finding ways to turn it all around. no, he's focused on insuring voters elect obama 2.0 this
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november. listen to president obama trying to bash donald trump. >> i think folks who historically have been concerned about making sure that budgets add up and that we are responsible stewards of government finances have to ask does mr. trump's budgets work? lou: folks, that from a president who is responsible for adding nearly $9 trillion to our national debt, and he had to express himself deliberatively as he thought about the words he was uttering. my gosh. well, our top story tonight, republican elites at war with republican voters. a growing list of establishment republicans refusing to support donald trump.
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jeb bush, speaker paul ryan, senator lindsey graham among them. but it's a war they are very likely to lose. trump has proved himself to be immensely popular, having won 27 primaries and more popular votes than mitt romney with a handful of primaries to go. fox news' senior national correspondent john roberts with trump in omaha, nebraska. he has our report. >> reporter: lou, another big endorsement for donald trump today when former vice president dick cheney said he would be voting for trump in november. but there is still a lot of questions as to exactly how broad support for donald trump really is. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: as donald trump was winging his way west for his second rally since becoming the presumptive nominee, president obama was weighing in on the implications of trump as the republican standard-bearer. >> there is no doubt that there is a debate that's taken place inside the republican party about who they are and what they
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represent. not just republican officials, but more importantly, republican voters are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. >> reporter: the president was referring to speaker paul ryan's declaration that he was not ready to endorse trump. while trump has responded that he is not ready to embrace ryan's agenda, he seems genuinely perplexed that ryan isn't yet backing him. >> i was surprised by it. and by the way, many other people were surprised by it, and some were really surprised by it and not happy about it. i will tell you i have many endorsements from yesterday. they're coming in left and right. he's one of the only ones that really was surprising. >> reporter: bringing the republican party together may prove trump's biggest challenge. >> hello, nebraska! [cheers and applause] >> reporter: today pete rick debts endorsed trump, despite the fact his wealthy family had spent millions bankrolling an anti-trump super pac.
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but senator ben sass reasserted his opposition, again proposing the party find a third option. even as trump pivots to the general election, he still has some primaries to pay attention to. in west virginia last night, he appeared to pivot a little too soon, telling supporters they didn't have to vote in next tuesday's contest. >> and now what i want you to do is save your vote, you know, you don't have to vote anymore. save your vote for the general election, okay? forget this one, the primary's gone. save your vote for the general election in november. >> reporter: later, he seemed to say never mind in a tweet encouraging supporters to, quote, go out and vote on tuesday. we will win big. the big campaign rallies here in omaha and two tomorrow in washington state aside, the next big event for trump will come on thursday morn being. that's when he's set to meet with speaker of the house paul ryan and other members of the republican caucus. if ryan were to throw his support behind trump after that meeting, it would go a long way
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to achieving party unity. lou? lou: john, thanks very much. john roberts. we should point out the trump rally extending to the west coast and eugene, oregon. my wife would never forgive me if i didn't mention that, being from the university of michigan. donald trump has -- university of oregon. donald trump has pivoted, but the race is more complicated for hillary clinton. she still has to contend with bernie sanders. the senator from vermont committed to staying in until the last primary, he says, that would be june 7th in california. fox news' senior political correspondent mike emanuel is with the clinton camp in oakland with our report. >> reporter: hillary clinton is campaigning and fundraising for the second day in california. today up north in the bay area. even though there are primaries still remaining, much of clinton's focus is on attacking the presumptive gop nominee. >> well, donald trump fails all three of those tests. [cheers and applause]
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with all the challenges we face in america and in the world, we can't have a loose cannon in the oval office. >> reporter: meanwhile, the lead super pac backing clinton, priorities usa, is expected to start metropolitan $90 million in tv advertising next month through the november election and has already started releasing online videos attacking trump. clinton has continued hinting it is time for bernie sanders to get out of the race, making reference to her battle with then-senator obama when she dropped out. >> i knew then that whatever differences we might have had in the campaign, they were nothing compared to the differences between us and the republicans. now, if that was true in '08, that is true on steroids today. [laughter] right? >> reporter: and today president obama suggested clinton and sanders will work it out. >> there's going to be a conversation between secretary clinton and bernie sanders about how we move towards the
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convention. the good news is that despite the fact that during the course of primaries everybody starts getting a little chippy -- >> reporter: yet sanders shows no signs of dropping out, today he sent this letter to the dnc warning against stacking the deck at the philadelphia convention. quote: if the process is set up to produce an unfair, one-sided result, we are prepared to mobilize our delegates to force as many votes as necessary to amend the platform and rules on the floor of the convention. sanders has also campaigned aggressively in recent days in west virginia. one way that green energy sanders is connecting in coal country is noting that in his proposed climate change legislation, there's $41 billion to help workers. >> it means creating jobs for those workers who lost their jobs, extended unemployment, education. all that those workers need to regain their livelihoods. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: here in california clinton is performing
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well with older democrats, african-american and latino voters. sanders is connecting with young voters and is likely to try to catch up after tuesday's west virginia primaries. lou? lou: mike, thank you very much. mike emanuel. senator sanders isn't the only obstacle on clinton's road to the white house. gucifer, the romanian hacker, says he's already talked with the fbi. fox news' chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge talked with gucifer and has more on what this may mean for clinton's ongoing e-mail fbi investigation. >> reporter: lou, clinton aide huma abedin and others have now been interviewed by the fbi as part of its ongoing criminal investigation. the source saeed abedini was questioned about clinton's use and whether classified information was transmitted on an unsecure network. the gross negligence statute,
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intent is not required for a criminal violation. this week mrs. clinton addressed these issues. >> i've got to just ask you whether in since you last mentioned this to my colleague, chuck todd, in april, have you been contacted or your representatives been contacted by the fbi to set up an interview? >> no. >> no contacts there. any indication that your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: the romanian hacker says he easily breached mrs. clinton's e-mail server also claimed in a series of jailhouse phone interviews with fox news that he spoke with the fbi on the plane for 80 minutes when he was extradited to virginia last month to face separate charges. so you have talked to the fbi on the plane, you said? >> yeah, right. because they came after me.
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>> reporter: separately, a government source confirmed that the hacker had a lot to say on the plane but provided no other details. fox news understands that a meeting between the fbi, the hacker and the u.s. attorney as well as his public defender was expected as early as this week. lou? lou: catherine, thank you. catherine herridge. and voters in london have elected their first muslim mayor. the labour party elected a 45-year-old attorney, member of parliament, born to pakistani parents in london, a city where just about an eighth of the population is muslim. the historic election scrutinized all around the world considering many european countries are struggling with terrorist concerns, integrating muslim communities and an
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illegal immigrant and refugee crisis that they have yet to contain. with other coming -- we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. donald trump and house speaker paul ryan set to meet next week and have a serious talk. >> you know, you're supposed to be coming together. paul ryan, i don't know what happened. lou: will the gop elites come to their senses, or do the rino tos really want to help hillary? executive ed door of "the weekly standard" fred barnes joins us next. it's a dream come true for harry potter fans, or at least this group of skydivers. they took out their brooms for a ride of a lifetime. we have the video for you right after these very brief messages. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪
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shoah, ha ha.ew artist. show me top male artist. my whole belieber fan group. it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. lou: senator john mccain is publicly supporting donald trump, but at a fundraiser behind closed doors mccain was, well, recently recorded saying trump may hurt his chances of re-election. lou: but it seems voters may have a bigger problem with mccain than trump. trump won 47% of the vote during
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the arizona primary in march, and mccain has been in a virtual tie with his democratic opponent, congresswoman anne kirkpatrick, since january. that, despite the fact that mccain has raised more than $10 million for his campaign compared to kirkpatrick's less than $3 million. voters may be, well, they may be having a little problem with the republican establishment right now, certainly mccain representative of such as an insider for the past 33 years. joining us now executive editor for "the weekly standard," fox news contributor, fred barnes. fred, great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: this is becoming a spectacle. let me start out with the good news. governor ricketts of nebraska endorsing donald trump as did governor perry. as did dick cheney, governor mike pence, sheldon edelson -- i mean, the list goes on. huge numbers of supporters.
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paul ryan looks to be a man near, near isolation in his petulance and rather shocking breach of his word and public pledge. >> look, i'm afraid i don't agree with you. i think he's doing donald trump a favor. lou: okay. >> donald trump had won a chunk of the republican party. he didn't win all of it, you know? there's a presidential wing, and donald trump commands that now, but there's also a congressional wing, and donald to trump has gotten a little of that but not as much as he can get. and all paul ryan's asking for let's get together, our agendas are different, but we can reconcile them. i think trump ought to be happy to do that, and it will only improve his chances of winning in november. lou: so rather than having broken his word, broken his pledge, look absolutely absurd in calling for unity as he is
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the focal point of disunity, he is being magnanimous in offering donald trump an opportunity to exchange views, is that what you're saying? >> well, i -- no, no. i wouldn't use the word "magnanimous." i would say wise, and he's someone who wants to protect the agenda of house republicans that they have -- lou: what is that agenda? help me out here. >> okay. lou: what is that agenda? they have vote today ore peel obama -- to repeal obamacare more than 60 times. that is inadequate to the goal. >> well, part of the agenda is to have an alternative -- lou: well, they've been there for years. >> i know, but now they have a chance if trump's elected president where they could actually get rid of obamacare -- lou: so they're going to create a -- >> they'll have a tax reform plan. lou: -- and the petty resistance to trump as the nominee in order to further the trump agenda? is that what you're saying? >> this is not -- no.
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to reconcile it with the house congressional agenda. and, look, i don't -- look, meeting with paul ryan is not going to hurt the nominee for president. i mean, i think they can get together, and what they ought to do come out, get together, have a press conference and say, you know, we have decided on a tax reform plan that we agree on. and i will push it as president, and i will expect paul ryan to pass it as the house speaker. lou: you know, that's really exciting except for one thing -- [laughter] nothing in the trump agenda represents the ryan agenda. so the question becomes just exactly who the hell is paul ryan to be setting an agenda for the republican party with the presidential, the presumptive presidential nominee about to walk into cleveland? >> well, there is a house agenda -- lou: well, that's lovely. that's fine. >> it's different from -- well, look, look, you want trump to be elected. now, the best chance he's going
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to have is if he not only has his agenda and all the people who voted for him, but gets all these members of congress who look to paul ryan. that can happen -- lou: look, if they look to paul ryan for the agenda, there's already a problem. number two, if paul ryan's idea of the way to gain anyone's attention before a meeting about serious issues is to club them with a 2x4 rhetorically by saying he can't quite bring his little shiny self to support donald trump despite the votes of nearly 11 million americans, i repeat the question: who the hell does he think he is? what does he think he's doing? >> he thinks he recognizes that trump has done extraordinarily well, but he's not fully in control of republicans. lou: he's already gotten more votes than romney and ryan, i mean, it just -- >> of course he does. of course he does. lou: so why doesn't, why doesn't -- how about this? he's only been speaker for six months. >> yep. lou: why is it this fella
7:22 pm
suddenly thinks it's his job to set the agenda, suddenly has decided he's better than the previous speaker who put him in the job, thank you very much, john boehner -- i'm being facetious in expressing gratitude. >> i understand that. lou: why in the world this animosity? >> there's no animosity. donald trumpas been, donald trump has been the presumptive nominee of the republican party for only three days. so he's been, he's a newcomer, and paul ryan's a guy that's been around there. lou: i think that's the whole point of this election, isn't it, fred? >> no, no -- lou: ryan's been around for a very long time. he's part of the establishment, and donald trump scares the living hell out of him. >> you know, paul ryan is trying to come to agreement with donald trump. i'm trying to come to agreement with you -- lou: okay. >> neither one of us is succeeding at the moment. lou: well, i'm going to defer to you, and take me to the promised land here. >> okay. we'll see it next thursday -- lou: no!
7:23 pm
>> i'll bet they come together. i'll bet donald trump and paul ryan come out after that and have agreement on some things which will improve trump's chances of winning the election, and that's what you want. lou: without equivocation, you are correct as always. fred barnes -- >> very good. lou: -- great to see you. have a great weekend. >> you too. always enjoy coming to your show. lou: thank you, fred. breaking news tonight, a federal judge in san diego delaying a civil trial against trump university until after the general election. the plaintiff's attorney wanted the case to go to trial this summer. they actually wented it to go to trial on the -- wanted it to go to trial on the very first day of the gop convention. trump's attorney argued the case in the middle of the election might create something of a media zoo, as he put it. the judge, who had initially set the date -- he was a democrat, appointed by obama, did i mention that? -- on the very first day of the gop convention decided perhaps discretion would
7:24 pm
be more appropriate here. it will be held after the election in late november now. people are beginning to make sense, aren't they? they're beginning to use judgment. this is very encouraging. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. does the future of the republican party belong to, a, the bushes, romney and ryan or, b, trump and republican voters? cast your vote on twitter at lou bobs, we'd like to hear from you -- lou dobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. links to everything, if you like extreme sports, this is the place for you. this is the night for you, and you are going to be blown away. these skydivers taking to the aim for a game of quiddich, the fictional game made famous by harry potter. 10,000 above the ground trying to put a ball through a floating ring on broomsticks. whoa! i think he had a little help there.
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up next -- i love that. up next, trump at war with those gop elites, and he's not too concerned about it, apparently. >> i'm not surprised with the bush family, in all fairness, because i've been very critical of what happened during the term, so i'm not surprised. and jeb we hit hard, do we agree? but here's the way i look at it: i won, so i don't care anymore, right? lou: and that is the subject of my commentary next. much more straight ahead. please stay with us, we'll be right back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. lou: a few thoughts now on ryan, romney, the bush brothers, senators graham and mccain and their fellow travelers in the senate who aren't standing up for the presumptive nominee of the republican party. not for their party, they're not standing up for their country. let me say this at the outset, shame on them. shame on all of them. shame on every one of them. the bushs disappoint most of all.
7:30 pm
they embrace obama and most of his policies, but out of animus can't bring themselves to support donald trump? can't respect the republican voters who have chosen him? and in their petty spite will, in effect, support the candidate i of hillary clinton who they know -- of hillary clinton who they know would be utterly disastrous for this country that they have served. george w. bush, who served the nation in a hotly-contested and disputed election should of all people in this great country understand his duty right now to trump, to the gop and to the nation he served. the disloyalty of the elites to the republican party, their egoistic elitism, is precisely why in this election millions of voters are rejecting career politicians and our failed class of political elites. it is why, in my opinion, donald trump will not only win the election in november, he will usher in a new era in american history and restore principle
7:31 pm
and integrity to government. restore prosperity to all americans and restore pride and confidence to a people who are finally rising up with their votes to claim the nation's future. that is because they finally have a candidate worthy of their votes. millions upon millions of americans are moving to the public arena where the debate raging, where new voters will be making their choices, and they are frightening the establishment. that's why in large measure the bushs are withdrawing from the arena, preferring to watch as the clinton campaign reportedly courts donors to jeb bush's failed campaign to finance another losing candidate. this time the democratic nominee , another clinton, presumably. bushs and clintons, there's a reason why 7 in 10 voters in this country are opposed to political dynasties in america. trump has already dispatched the bush family's representative in
7:32 pm
this election, and now he has only one more candidate to defeat, to broaden the leadership of the nation and to restore representation of the american people in their government that for too long has been in the hands of the entitled elites and an establishment that has dismissed the very thought that ours is still a government of the people and for the people. the bushs, romney, ryan and others will either honor the people's will, or they won't be missed in the least as the rest of us work to make america great again. now our quotation of the evening. and i turn to thriller writer tom clancy. he said this about entitled folks who just know they're better than everybody else. he said, quote: show me an elitist, and i'll show you a loser. we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ lou: donald trump is working to make america great again, but
7:33 pm
some gop elites are trying to bring down the party to their level. >> frankly, we've got to team up together. you know, the republican party has to come together, folks. and if it doesn't come together, it's going to be hard. lou: the pastor of first baptist dallas and fox news contributor, pastor robert jeffers, joins us next. and spacex doing it again, launching its falcon ix rocket for an important mission. the return to earth, however, the measure of success. we'll have the video for you right after these very short but important messages. stay with us, a lot ahead. we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ flush the pursuit of healthier.
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lou: joining us tonight, dr. robert jeffers, pastor at first baptist church in dallas, one of the most influential evangelical churches in america, also fox news contributor: pastor, great to have you with us. we're watching, we're watching guys like paul ryan and george w. bush line up and try to -- and mitt romney, lest i forget mitt romney -- [laughter] you know, i don't know what they're playing at, i really do not. they have a responsibility to the offices they've held, to the people they represent, to the pledges they're made -- >> yep. lou: -- and they just have seemingly no trouble at all i'm speaking specifically of paul ryan in trying to dress it up as something other than a violation of trust. >> well, absolutely, lou. and, look, i think people like
7:38 pm
the bush family or romney, they think they're acting out of some great principle and not supporting trump, but they're really acting out of pride. they cannot get over the fact that trump won a soaring victory in spite of their staunch opposition. [laughter] and by winning like he did, trump has proven how totall irrelevant the republican establishment is to the american electoral process x these establishment types, they cannot forgive him for that. that is the unpardonable sin. that's what's going on here. lou: we just had on the air as you were speaking there, pastor, donald trump and governor ricketts of nebraska shaking hands, sharing a few words this on stage. despite the fact the ricketts family spent enormously to block his victory in the primaries. you know, handling it with class. i want to just say, to the ricketts. i mean, they are classy in their approach and to the governor
7:39 pm
himself, and the opposite of that is paul ryan. the opposite of that is mitt romney. >> yeah. well, and let's talk about paul ryan for a moment. he may think this is a negotiating tactic. it's going to backfire very quickly. lou, remember this, that by the time the primaries are over next month, 12 million people will have cast their vote for donald trump for the republican nominee, more than any other nominee in history, not one single american has cast a vote to make paul ryan speaker of the house, much less the leader of the republican party. i think ryan had better get in line quickly, and i predict he will, or he may suffer the same fate as john boehner down the line. lou: yeah. and the truth is he has limited ability to influence the outcome of this election. he does have tremendous opportunity to do so on the positive side; that is, to restore confidence to the members of the house who don't understand that with the millions of votes that donald
7:40 pm
trump is bringing in with the energy -- i mean, this man has -- here's one other secret about donald trump. not only is he smarter than all the people he ran against, he outworked every, any three of them on the campaign trail. i mean, he is an extraordinary dynamo. and that speaks just to the potential for the republican party up and down the ticket. >> absolutely. he is energizing people to vote who haven't voted in years. and, lou, i think we need to say a word at what is at stake here in this election. and i want to say a word especially to my conservative christian friends who are thinking about sitting out this election or writing in some name. by doing that, you are insuring the election of hillary clinton. and if you do that, i believe you have forfeited the right you have in the future to ever speak out about abortion or religious freedom or any other issue that is important to us. if hillary clinton becomes president, there is no doubt
7:41 pm
we're going to have three to four liberal activist judges on the supreme court that will take this country to the left further than you can possibly imagine. that is what is at stake in this election this time. lou: there is no way in which i would want to follow that with any remark of my own. i support yours entirely. pastor robert jeffers, thanks for being with us, and thanks for those words. >> thanks, lou. lou: spacex has more reason to celebrate tonight. for the second time in a row, they have successfully landed the first stage of their falcon rocket on a platform in the atlantic ocean. this is incredible to me. this rocket are flying twice as fast as the one they landed last month. and by reusing the primary rocket stage, spacex is demonstrating that it can slash the price of delivering payloads to space that currently cost nasa about $10,000 per pound.
7:42 pm
it is a big deal, folks. technologically, scientifically and financially. up next, a stunning new report says pakistan may have poisoned a cia chief in the days and weeks after we killed osama bin laden. general jack keane joins me on that issue and more. stay with us. we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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♪ ♪ lou: a lot of uncertainty in the world. global growth is slowing, and that anxiety expressed in the market. but today stocks moved higher on wall street. the dow up 79 points, the s&p up 6, the nasdaq up 19. volume on the big board, 3.8 billion shares as we wrap up the trading week. the economy added a disappointing 160,000 jobs last month. that's the weakest job creation since september. the unemployment rate did hold steady at 5% while the share of americans participating in the labor force fell below 63%. 94 million people in this country are not working, a reminder now to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. a stunning new report claims the cia's top operate toive in pakistan -- operative in pakistan may have been poisoned
7:47 pm
in the weeks after the 2011 bin laden raid. that's according to "the washington post" which says officials suspect mark kelton was poisoned by pakistan's intelligence agency. kelton was pulled out of pakistan after seven months because of his illness and a deteriorating relationship with islamabad. joining us to make some sense of this is general jack keane, retires four-star general, fox news military analyst. general, great to have you with us. the account as you understand it, as reported in "the washington post", does this make sense to you that this would have occurred and that there would not have been retribution on the part of the united states? >> well, it certainly sounds like a chapter out of the well known tv movie "homeland." lou: right. >> but here's some things that we've got to consider that would lead you to at least speculate
7:48 pm
that there may be some truth to this. one, obama -- usama bin laden lived at the place he was killed at for a couple of years in close proximity to a well known military installation in pakistan just down the road from where a number of senior retired officers lived. they had to know that he was there, and they were likely supporting him. and i'm talking about at least the pakistani intelligence services. lou: right. >> two, the pakistani intelligence services and military have supported two safe havens in pakistan that the afghanistan taliban have been operating out of for years and still do it. three, there is two agriculture factories that produce fertilizer that produce 85% of all the ieds that go off against our soldiers and the afghans, and those are produced in pakistan, and it's well known that they are the major implement for those bombs that are killing our people and killing the afghan soldiers.
7:49 pm
if you put all that together, you could get to where the author of that article is saying that, yes, there would be severe retribution, and this possibly did happen. lou: let me ask you a couple of things that arise from what you said. one is that we know where the explosive, at least part of the explosive contentsover ieds is being manufactured, stored and from which it was being dispatched, and we didn't destroy those plants? we didn't light them up? why in the world would we not? >> we never have -- lou: anybody who's ever been in any ward in any military hospital in this country has got to be just aghast at the very thought. >> yeah, well, this is never been an insurgency, lou -- here's the denominator. there's never been an insurgency that's been defeated. the taliban are conducting an insurgency against the sitting
7:50 pm
government in afghanistan. when there are safe havens and support from a country that's bordering it. and that has been going on since 2001, 2002. that's the reality of it. and all we have ever done is try to put some of the facts on the table and appeal to the chief of staff of the pakistani military and the president of the country. all of our diplomats in both administrations now, bush as well as obama, and we've put these facts on the table, and they've denied it. they're certainly lying through their teeth to us on it. and i've had the government officials, well known to all the media and our audience who they are, i know the guy is lying. but we've never done anything antibiotic. it's shameful. lou: it is shameful. and at this point, you know, i think about kelton, i think about all of the people in those burn wards and in those amputee wards across the country. i moon, it's -- i mean, it's a crying shame. and i don't know who we should hold responsible, but i do know this, somebody should be
7:51 pm
accountable for it. >> yeah, you got that right, lou. lou: general jack keane, thank you. >> good talking to you tonight. lou: up next, paul ryan sure sounds like he's running for president, doesn't he? >> i'm just a guy giving you my piece of mind. i'm a lifelong conservative who feels passionate about these principles and how they're necessary to save our country and get us on the right track. we are on the wrong track as a country. lou: we didn't need him to tell us that, did we? we'll take up the lighter side of politics with andy levee coming up here --ly i have coming up here next. don't miss a minute of it. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
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and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. >>
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lou: andy levy, and joanne nosuchinsky. let's start with donald trump. he's in a difficult position trying to manage the rinos which con sit of most of the republican leadership in washington. >> i salute ryan who believes in the principles of the republican party, but cop pairing him to the founder this country might be a bit much.
7:56 pm
paul ryan said he inherited something special from the republican party. donald trump said wrong, i didn't inherit it, i won it with votes. >> i think you should take a obviously youer in sat and talked with him. i wish they met fir before ryan said i'm not going to support him. doesn't that seem a little off? lou: think is washington, and this is paul ryan. >> he should have met with him fir because it's not like trump doesn't have any record of public statement ryan could base is his statement on. >> a fulling need to happen. lou: how long will it take for
7:57 pm
him to adapt to circumstance of trump being the nominee in 201. he said he wasn't quite ready. >> i think by mid-november. right around there. lou: is andy hope le on this trump issue? >> i don't know, i think we are slowly wearing him down. slowly. lou: chick-fil-a and bill deblasio said boycott chick-fil-a because their leadership believes in god and they are good christians and he wanted to destroy them apparently. i say x just celebrated with chick-fil-a all around with everybody. but it's so good it disappeared quickly.
7:58 pm
what do you make of a mayor with a city full of rotting infrastructure, giant potholes, worrying about chick-fil-a. >> priority are on track. if you boycott chick-fil-a for this reason, there are so many things you will have to boycott if you want to be a man of your word and integrity. i honestly don't like to chick-fil-a that much. i had it at an airport. that may be why i don't like it. i don't know what all the hubbub is. lou: that's what you say about other people's wonderful person with a delicious chicken sandwich or even -- >> are you an up vestor? lou: no. darn the luck. >> it's a good chicken sandwich.
7:59 pm
lou: when somebody tells you not to do something like a socialist like bill deblasio don't you think you need to support chick-fil-a? >> i thought the "daily news" made a good point which is uncharacteristic of them. they ask will dill deblasio not eat at establishments run by orthodox jews. or muslims? is he not going to a jewish deli. and he need to check any restaurant he goes into and find out what the political views of the owner are before he eats there. lou: i think that's a wonderful idea and just about as productive as everything else he embarked on. great to have you with us andy,
8:00 pm
and joanne, have a great weekend. 95 he * of you say all levels of government should take business a top economic priority. good night from new york. >> announcer: this who has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from fox business headquarter in new york city, the new "wall street week." >> welcome to wall street week, i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. anthony: joining us is a giant


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