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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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. >> good evening, everybody, i'm lou daub dobbs. donald trump meeting with lawmakers. by all account, he clearly one them over. he has a message and mandate for millions of voters and members of congress hearing that message loud and clear. trump would receive praise from fellow republican, including speaker paul ryan. >> he has gotten more votes than any republican primary from nominee in the history of our country and this isn't even over
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yes. he hasn't even gone to california yet, so it's really a remarkable achievement. >> joining us here tonight, donald trump's son eric, he is with us on how the responders will unite the republican party and bring victory in november and more endorsements for trump, including from former house speaker john boehner, who said, quote, anyone who thinks donald trump can't win, just watch. we'll take up trump's path to the presidency, with ebony williams, chris plant and the chairman of the rnc, reince priebus. he says i think donald trump gets it. i think he understands about being presidential and tone and tenor. i'm confident of that. so i'm looking forward to, you know, moving forward next week and beginning this unification process. >> the real question is, does the republican establishment get it? lee carter, rich lowrie, join us
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to talk about that and more, will the national reviews, lowrie get it and finally support trump? you will find out right here tonight and bernie sanders says he's no candidate as the two drive kth candidates further apartment we will:what that division means for the general election. the top story the art of the deal and how to get the job done. that's what we saw with donald trump highly anticipated meeting with speaker ryan, top republican lawmakers in both the house and senate the two men met and afterward, speaker ryan says, they agreed on the big issues. >> i was very encouraged from what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and ditchss. >> and in an interview tonight with sean hannity, trump says ryan is a pan he can do business
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with. >> i think he's doing a good job. he's not not an easy job. i don't mind going through a bit of a slow process. it's a big subject. i think for the post-part we agree on a lot of different items and we're getting there him i feel very strongly ab border security. i feel very strongly about trade. i feel very strongly about building up the military, to a larger extent paul is there also. >> joining us is executive vice president of acquisition for the trump organization, eric trump, eric, great to have you. >> great to be here. great to be here. >> let's start with all the hassle today in washington. mr. trump goes to washington. how does he feel he did and are you pleads with the results? >> yes, the top man is there today. he's going oget to know these people, right. he's never walked the streets of washington, d.c.
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he's never walk capitol hill. this isn't his thing. this is a guy that built an amazing real estate empire. he had a great conversation he told me with paul ryan and a lot of other people. in time, tame get to know these people. they'll get to like him. what he's done for the republican party is amazing. the amount of votes he has amazing. i hope they all jump on that band wagon, because he is a winner and he can win the thing. >> he is a winner and i like very much and respect very much said, donald trump walks into a dark alley with 16 others and is the only one to emerge. so what is the secret of your father's success in an area in which he's never contested an election run for an office. >> probably be a person and not a robot. i say that sincerely. i say this all the time, how many times do you see these candidates on the stage, it's rehearsed over and over. you can tell they rehearsed it in front of the mirror. he talks the later.
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he doesn't speak around issues. some issues might be controversial. some people mightlike. some won't like. there are a lot of issues people have dodged historically over time. al also, they're the issues that cost this country. he is in this to win it for the american people. he doesn't need it. he's self funding. that resonates with a lot of people. >> the reason he's winning is he's addressed those issues head on. he talk about conservatism. he said something today, i thought it was important, i don't know if it surprised you or not. he says it's not the conservative party. it's the republican party. i think that needed to be articulate. your father has this inherent ability to communicate what is required at the moment, whether it be with illegal border security, free and fair international trade. 2015 turned out to be the all time record for deficits with china. so, where does he get this
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knack? >> listen, he has been saying it forever him he has been saying you bad nanta was for the country. if you look at jobs since 2000, it's a straight line downwards, we don't make anything i don't remember him we don't produce anything anymore. i hear leaders saying you got to come into my party. i look atpy father he has ten, 11, 12 'million viewers behind him, more than any candidate, unprecedented enthusiasm maybe the strongest republican field ever, maybe it's your party at this point. it's kind of the people's party at this point. it's really interesting to see that dichotomy. >> it's interesting, eric, to see the republican party now with more voters showing up than they know what to do with, playing it back. the national apparatus. i'm talking primarily the national committee, some of the capital leadertial it's as if they don't know what to do with people coming into the party, growing the tent and to see this
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resistance on the part, particularly paul ryan, i know everybody's happy and macingifies, but as i watch paul ryan, i have to tell you, i'm incredulous. i have been covering presidents and national politics for, this will shock you, longer than you have been around. i have been here 40 years and i've never seen anything like it. motives that are inexplicable. the decisions, the choices being made that have nothing to do with the good of the party. nothing to do. it's bizarre. >> to me as a non-politician is a little shocking, too, you look at pennsylvania, right especially the when half of the state. 180,000 democrats and independents switched over in the primary just to vote for my father. you look at what happened in west virginia, 40% of all bernie sanders supporters said they won't vote for hillary clinton, rather in the general election they will vote for donald trump, have you hoards and hoards of people coming in, in the primaries, you should embrace
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that, grab these people. it's time for the republican party to grow. the republican party has been shrinking. here is somebody grabbing on to a massive amount of people. i wish the party would get behind that. he's a winner, he knows how to win and by the way, he will work tirelessly to win, harder than anybody to win. >> that's one of the things i seen people address. the fact is, your dad is a pretty smart fella, there is no doubt about that. he's an innovative fellow and a great communicator. but he works like health care in this field of what was once 17 candidates, those other 16 didn't come close to working as hard as he did. >> lou, i'm on the road with him. we go to four events to thousands of people. hop on the plane, go to the next one. another event, you do it four times. i can't believe. i said this before, i can't believe you still have a voice, on the plane, he's talking to reporters, this, he's always
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going, we're having fun towing. he's got the energy level of a 30-year-old it's amazing the man does not stop. >> does he organize by battle? >> he is certainly energized by the battle. he is a guy that works tirelessly, he's amazing. i call him the energizer bunny him the man doesn't stop. that's what we need as a commander in chief, a person that will work tirelessly for the american people. he doesn't know any other different way. that's what he will do. >> eric trump, great to have you with us. >> thank you very much. >> i will take your recommendation there as an objective voice, because i've often said, you know, you can be objective, it doesn't mean have you to be newt tram. and it's great to have you here. >> i absolutely will. >> and good luck. >> thank you. >> eric trump. we are coming right back. much more straight ahead, stay with us. donald trump and house speaker paul ryan coming
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together. >> it's very important that we don't fake unifying, we don't pre vend eun physician, we truly unify so we are sful u full strength in the fall. >> when does ryan come to his senses and officially endorse trump? what's his deal? ebony williams and chris plant join us here next. a bald eagle swoops in with his eyes on ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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with xfinity x1. donald trump today picking up a number of endorsements. john boehner backing the presidential nominee saying, quote, anyone who thinks drufr can't win, just watch, president george h.w. bush won't endorse trump, but his vice president did, dan quayle and future gingrich, the former speaker endorsing trump. he also asked if he'd be trump's vice president? >> well, i can certainly talk about it. i wouldn't turn it down automatically. we are aware of the importance of being citizens. i have to say, it keeps coming up, you keep bringing it up. >> darn media. joining us the host of the chris
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plant show, chris plant and radio talk show host and contributor, ebony, first, it appears that donald trump and speaker ryan have some form of reproach and are ready to move forward in a positive manner. that doesn't sound like an ad vansment. >> certainly the art of the deal, i have no doubt, going into this meeting today, donald had a very spec goal to get what they have in common down. i think from there you grow it. that's what i think. >> really? >> well, paul ryan is if a kind of unique position as speaker of the house, he has to play possum a bit or he loses all leverage a, if he pushing donald trump on one issue or another, we know he is. then he can't very well exercise that leverage if he comes out now and endorses him.
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>> that is the art of the deal paul ryan is playing the cards he is dealt. i expecexpect. to negotiate. i am sure ryan will eventually get on board along with everyone else, i would expect. >> that i would expect. i will join you in the i would expect. i think the optics today were incredible. there's trump with his convoy, a big issue, looking for all the world, you want him to be presidential. he looked presidential. he filled up all the space with a bigger character like him will do. and then you had the almost, i thought very uncomfortable paul ryan, whether he was before the cameras or actually at the podium. he didn't look good in all of this, even as he is talking, he looks, kind of, i don't know -- >> defeated. is that the word?
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>> he looked somehow small by comparison, when you think about it. he is, he is playing obstructionist, rather than partner. that's a bizarre choice for him to have made. >> i was talking to dr. gina louden, a psychologist in the green room, it seems there is a generational split. some of the older statesmen, boehner coming out, they seem to be kind of falling in line with this trump candidacy. we look at paul ryan, reluctant the younger people, rubio, so reluctant. here's what we think, maybe they feel like trump represents an interruption of their expected trajectory in this party. >> he's an interruption, he's a disruption, he is a new man. >> i think you are exactly right. chris, here is the great disruptor. he is anti-establishment. he is talking with a 17 year now congressman who is i think two years from the time he graduated
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from college, he spent in washington, d.c. the personification of the establishment. the fact that they got along this far with me is impressive. >> listen, it's been a big food fight. paul ryan plays tough. paul ryan is in a situation. any other speaker of the house would be in a seemingly tough position. >> what's so tough? if he's the nominee of your party, it should be like that endorsed. >> but he's a bit rogue. he's not a traditional republican. he's not a traditional conservative. >> he's a guy that wants to cut social security, medicare. he is not, you know, he's establishment. he's not even conservative for crying out loud. >> you are talking about paul ryan? >> yes. >> paul ryan, he has that problem, too. he's got problems with the right flank, the conservative wing of the conservative party. he has problems built in without
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donald trump. donald trump comes along, he is in the middle of two great tech on theic forces that are better colliding inside the republican party him paul ryan is the highest roompging setting aside the highest ranking republican in the country. >> is that the problem? is that the prosch? >> it's a power play, of course it is, lou. >> certainly paul ryan understands that -- >> he's not the head guy in charge, absolutely. and we talked. absolutely, i thought he was very gracious of mr. trump to defer to paul ryan as the person in charge of the gop right now. everyone in america knows that's not true. certainly, this is trump's party. i think absolutely that is a tough pill for the gop establishment to swallow. i think reince priebus is having a tough time with it. ultimately, i think the gop will get in line. it will not serve them to stay online with this. >> i agree. in the meantime, you will see a lot of pressure applied to donald trump regarding specific issues and regarding the broad brush and conservative principles and issues. >> what is their leverage?
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what world do they have any leverage to get trump on their agenda? i don't know. >> i get a kick out of reince priebus saying donald trump gets it. that was very impressive, i think. >> which will see a lot of that in the coming weeks. >> he can word things a little better. sorry. a lot of folks, a lot of folks have gotten it. there are a few holdouts in the republican party. i think they'll come around or they can suffer indicate in their expensety. thanks for being with us. tom le me on twitter at lou dobbs. like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. great pictures there. some of them even have me in them. those are not what we call the great pictures. everything. the pictures are everything. a fisherman hears the incredible moment that a bald eagle dive bombed a trout,
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snatching it off fisherman's, off his line. in maple lake, ontario the resident eagle in this area known for stealing fish from unsuspecting fishermen, the clever bird finding an easy way to pitch a lunch. smoorter than the fishermen. where does this leave the fish, down the food chain i believe. up next, bernie sanders fresh off his recent string of primary victories. man, is he creating problems for one hillary clinton and highlighting the deep divisions in the democratic party. in state after state and not just in the states that we win, it turns out that we get far more votes than secretary clinton from people 45 years of age and younger. [ cheers ] . the divided democratic party. the subject of my commentary
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a few thoughts now on party divisions in this election. some of those divisions manufactured, some are organic and very real. for the republican, most of the fault lies between fractions are actually manufactured. a failed ticket from four years ago appears in the bitter to petty, tear political ambitions frustrated by the trump fe tom none. in the case of paul ryan, his intransigence is the result of being on the wrong side of history and being an unlucky thinker. while ryan needs more time to do the right thing for his party apparently, trump does the right thing instinctively. he speaks optimistic ally about the future, our nation's future, trump wants to restore prosperity, ryan sounds more like a mournful morose bureaucrat, saying not something
11:27 pm
you do if 45 minutes, not about him, when it is. not the most important event or whatever and on it goes with ryan. but today trump pressed on irrepressably as the natural opt mick leader he is. you may not like what he says, by god he leaves no doubt about himself and what about those other folks? take a look at what's happening with the democrats, hillary clinton can't shake sanders. checkpoint has won 26 contests to sanders 20, including his win in west virginia, clinton lost two-thirds of the support level from 2008 and 43% of sanders supporters say vote for trump in november. only 27% would vote for clinton. and that's not a national snapshot. but it does show you what is happening in at least one state and many more. sanders' campaign manager warning, in fact, democrats that nominating clinton would rick disaster. disaster simply to protect the
11:28 pm
status quo. a disaster, indeed, sanders still won't hit clinton over her e-mail scandal, something the fbi director feels under pressure to complete. i would certainly hope so. the democrats are downright depressing these days. they seem to fear so much. they're such victims. they seem grateful for nothing and their hope seems small. at least as expressed by those who would leave them him former speaker boehner today said because of clinton's e-mail scanned am, he wouldn't be surprised if biden arrived in a parachute provided by obama. they appear to be in a contentious convention, if so they will leave philadelphia in a sour mood, satisfied only in the little that they would do for the nation they'll be no match for donald trump the resurgent optimistic party that he's building and the nation anxious for brighter days and
11:29 pm
much brighter stars to follow. our quotation of the evening on optimism tonight. this from winston churchill who said, quote, a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. an apt mus sees the opportunity in every difficulty. these are times for an optimist. we're coming right back. the gop is warming to donald trump. rnc chairman reince priebus seems to have a message for paul ryan. >> we want to get to a unified party. so let's roll up our sleeves and physical out how to get it done. >> rich lowrie and lee carter join us next. it's a dual between the 21st century and medieval times. we'll show you the video after these modern messages. we're coming right ba if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4,
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s. after nearly a year on wasting their money on losing candidates, california republicans can finally back a winner. donald trump is set to start his fundraising later this month, the fundraiser thomas borack will be the first of as many as 50 events we are told for the presumptive nominee. he aims to raise a billion dollars, t.b. pickens will be
11:34 pm
hosting a fundraiser for a pro trump super pac. when boone pickens raises money, he joins big money. joining us, strategist, lee carter, great to have you here, lee. editor of the national review fox news contributor just in from vienna after a national review cruise. great to have you back with us. >> hi, lou. >> lee, let's begin with you. trump goes to washington. he seems he's had his way down there. i mean the optics, he looked presidential. he's talking presidential. he is above certainly the recalcitrants. i mean, he's very nice, very gracious, magnanimous with paul ryan, but ryan looks small with trump there. >> you know, i think it ended up being a fantastic meeting. the whole thing. not to quote him, but i think the whole thing played out perfectly for donald trump. a, because i think that donald
11:35 pm
trump, it would have been completely inauthentic if paul ryan came out and said, i endorse you and we're going to be best friends. >> how nice that he is being authentic. >> no, i think authenticity is one of the most important things we have right now. >> i was just being, i was just kidding. i was just kidding. >> yes. >> because the you a ten then t authenticity seems to be highly manufactured by ryan. the motives aren't clear. the perceived benefits of his approach, his strategy here are absolutely omake. >> when he said i don't want to endorse trump, that was sincere, when he will eventually endorse trump after a decent interval this will be insign i sin seerm i didn't think it was a sustainable position for paul ryan. i think he should sit down and have any meetings of the mind, you won't because they represent different tendencies on the right.
11:36 pm
ryan took a little comfort in trump coming oust and say tack his iconic message and policy position for the primaries is going ban all muslim travel into the occupation was just a suggestion. >> it was just a suggestion. my god, think about this, rich lowrie, are you so anti-trump, your blood is curling at times. >>. you are pleased to know it was just a suggestion. >> what is being ignored if we may. i'd like to get both of your views here. what is being ignored is paul ryan proposed cutting medicare and he built a 2012 platform around it cutting ped care, cutting social security for people who there is a contract there he wants to break. in favor of whom? the establishment of the status quo rather than the middle class working men and women and tear families that, by the way, you may not have noticed the fact is, donald trump is winning millions and millions of new votes by taking the positions that he has. whether it be the wall, whether
11:37 pm
it be first america first as a foreign policy, or whether it be free and fair trade. >> it's interesting when you mention entitlements, this is another thing the trump campaign came out and said actually he might be if favor of changing entitlements. >> he will look at them. >> after being adamantly opposed. what he told us is every single thing is negotiable. if you think he will stick by the wall or deporting every illegal immigrant, i think you are grieve usually mistaken. >> i actually feel talking to the american voter. >> someone who has been right about the course. >> right. >> you never mentioned the muslim ban was a suggestion him now i know i guess. >> if we get more reflection on what we are doing here. i have no problem with that at all. >> the american voter i think likes the fact that he is willing to negotiate, likes the fact that he says this is a starting point, let's have a conversation. let's go back and forth a. lot of the language he has used is
11:38 pm
the language of a businessman, he said,ly make deals. look i know i have to get to the held house and the senate. we will maybe have to pull back a little bit. it's a starting point. the thing is he is controlling conversations. not only that, it's forcing us to have conversations that we haven't been able to have in a really long time. i think a lot of people like that about him. >> this is one reason he is going to be very tough for hillary to hand him and much harder than some democrats think. he'll attack her from the left when it's 15. he'll attack her from the right when it's convenient. he'll portray himself as the compromiseer and the deal maker and negotiator who can get along with both sides when she is locked in this hostile relationship. >> he is saying he will lead from the center? >> yes. >> oh my god, that is heart breaking and frustrating. >> and this has been the key to trump. >> we never had a conservative. when's the last time you had a conservative in the white house? when is the last time a so-called conservative actually took control from the government from the oval office and behaved
11:39 pm
as a conservative? >> we had a brief period after the republican revolution in 1994. when you had conservatives genuinely interested in cutting and restraining government. at least doing it briefly. >> i guess you are referring to balancing a budget. wouldn't you say that? >> restraining spending. >> okay. restraining. thanks. >> which is unfortunately the best we can do in this universe. you have to be really committed to doing it. and trump, this is the first time in our lifetimes that the size of government won't be an issue in the general election. it's something that just doesn't interest him. >> that's something, don't you think, we seen the government do nothing but expand and grow under alleged conservatives like george w. bush, who was nothing of the sort. h.w. bush, who did have the principle and the character to make an adjustment was punished at the polls for doing so. his son took a lesson i think from that as well.
11:40 pm
you know, i just, i love the idea that there is this idea that you will prejudge what will happen. we know what will happen under hillary clinton and every dam conservety in the country does. you will see another four years of barack obama and all of the mad scandals that follow her and the new oneshe will manufacture. >> there is very much a consentment, that hillary is saying things are better, jobs are growing. ity, we are seeing study after study and poll after poll, 91% of americans don't feel better. they don't feel confident in the economy. and so it can really make it hard to trust her. it seems out of touch. trump says, look, it's not okay. we will fix it. a lot of the average american, a lot of people you talk to, our voters say, what he is putting out there may not make sense all of the time. sometimes it makes a lot of common sense. >> that's become a part of the narrative. particularly in point of fact, the person people are judging he is the only one making a lick of
11:41 pm
sense in all of this. >> for sure. >> and confronting the realities that they face. it's great tough here, rip rich. >> lou, thank you. we will bring you to the promised land. rich lowery. the past colliding with the future in a medieval festival in russia. this reenactment did what any one would have done, he threw his javelin, knocked it to the ground. he is told the pay for the damage. watch this. threw the spear that high in the air and hit the drone. i mean, there's got to be a regulation of some sort being violated in all of that. up next, a new poll shows a majority of our troops want trump for president. comments like these clearly having an effect. >> we're going to build our military bigger, better,
11:42 pm
stronger than ever before. >> former u.n. ambassador john bolden joins me here n
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
. >> donald trump today reiterated his call for a temporary ban on
11:46 pm
muslims entering the united states, his comments coming during a radio interview with ryan kilmeade earlier today. >> we have a serious problem. it's a temporary ban. it hasn't been called for yet. nobody's done it. this is just a suggestion, until we find out what's going only. but we have radical islamic terrorism all over the world. >> joining us now, former u.n. ambassador to the united nations, senior fellow john bolden and fox news contributor. john, great to have you here. let's start with the remarks that donald trump made to brian kilmeade and his audience today, your reaction. >> well, it sounds to me like a modification of the position that he expressed earlier and i think that is a positive sign. look the concern that americans have, let's identify the concern before we identify the solution, is that we are vulnerable to terrorists getting into this
11:47 pm
country. and i think an insufficient amount of attention has been paid to that over the past seven-plus years at random. so now is the time to say, what are we going to do to keep america safe from that? >> so, what's the solution? in my opinion trump is right. we have to have an honest discussion with a president who won't mention the words radical islamists. >> i think we've had public testimony by law enforcement and intelligence officials over the past six months that the idea that we can actually screen, for example, a lot of the people seeking refuge in this country, seeking asylum as fleeing from the catastrophe from isis, we have no clue whether they're legitimate refugees, who him we should show compassion for or whether they're jihadis. until we get a basis on which to
11:48 pm
make that judgment, i think the american people are right to be very cautious. >> are you agreeing then with his suggestion of a call for a ban of suggestion of a ban on the entry of pmuslims until som time we can arrive at an approach? >> no, i think that's about the wrong way of going about it. i think what he is doing is looking for a you, sloo. but i don't know -- >> one of the reasons he is talking about a commission to be be headed, he threw this out, to rudy guiliani, which seems to be a sensible approach. let's turn to two other issues the chinese saying their militarization of the scrap land islands and the artificial islands they built in those disputed territories has been a response to u.s. navy ships. the problem is, they sort of building those islanding almost two years ago. >> they have been claiming these islands for decades now,
11:49 pm
steadily trying to increase their ability to put assets on the territory that they claim. and i think what they've seen in the past two or three years in particular is a weak american president with a declining naval capability and they have taken the opportunity to significantly increase their physical presence on the island, building new islands as well and putting air and naval assets there to reenforce their claims. i think it's going to get worse between now and january the 20ing. notice that somehow we provoke them is like alice in wonderland. >> which probably is a suitable ven few for much of the architects of this foreign policy, not only in asia, but the middle east. the iranians now threatening to destroy our ships, sing our ships, if they happen to get into the persian gulf and threaten iran, we're headed somewhere ugly with iran it
11:50 pm
appears, your thoughts? >> absolutely. and why not? since the obama administration has given them a, an open path to deliverable nuclear weapons. they're feeling their oats. they got their assets unfrozen. they got the economic sanctions lifted largely in europe. they got the american secretary of state john kerry say, europe should take advantage and fraid tra id with iran. who is he working for these days? okay, they will get more and more bridge rant. >> ambassador john bolden, always good to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. the folks at red bull showing off a new water toy, a surfboard that can fly without a motor. watch as it glides effortlessly above the water. reaching speeds of up to 20 miles an hour on the hydrofoil surfboard, it requires a few panels, a little wind, a lot of balance and of course hydrofoil and hydrodynamics.
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that's my explanation in detail. up next, donald trump slams senator elizabeth warren as goofy. goofy. >> really? that's the best can you come up with? come on. i thought donald trump was a guy who was good with words. >> well, we take up the lighter side of politics with red eye's andy levy-and-here next as we cross the absu you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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>> a lot to cover in politics. so let's begin with budweiser. they found a new way to celebrate patriotism now until november those beer cans will be rebranded, america. i think that is a striking handsome in a beer it comes before the olympics and what might be the most exciting candidate season of all time. one particular candidate said he might be responsible for making bud's attempt to make america great again. joining us, the co-host of red eye, former miss new york/usa. thank you both for being here. >> thanks, lou. >> that bottle of beer makes even me want a beer right now. how about you? >> see, i don't drink budweiser.
11:56 pm
i industry bud lite, which i hear they are renaming the northeast corridor. >> oh? >> yeah. they're doing a whole theme, which i love themes. they go great with my theme parties and they're always, my themes are always america. >> excellent. as we salute joanne. >> yes, always. >> your thoughts about that patriotic theme. i want to say, i think it's trick. >> i think, lou, like you, i am shocked donald trump would take try to take credit for something like this it's not in his character to do something like that. i joan you in that. then i was thinking budweiser never changed its name to america in elects that donald trump wasn't involved in, so maybe he's right. he might be right this time. >> it could be, i like the way you arrived at an answer i think will comfort millions of americans who support, okay, donald trump. maple match, if i may turn
11:57 pm
carefully to a different subject. a dating website promising to unite americans fleeing the trump presidency with an ideal canadian partner. 5,000 people so far have signed up. what do you make of it? joanne? >> well, you know i love pancakes and you put pir syrup on pancakes. i love good old aunt jemima. i'm not a fan of the real stuff the real maple. i'm going to eat my pancakes alone in my kitchen. >> extricate us if you will. andy levy. >> people say they will leave the country if someone gets elected.n. i have been clear about this, if trump or hillary becomes president, i will be leaving the country and then after my week's vacation is over, i will be coming back. >> excellent. because that would be a loss too much for the republicans to bear. >> no, i who would not do that to america, lou, i wouldn't.
11:58 pm
>> yeah, we salute also all of that in sabing the country. the country has a lot of saviors. nick nails. donald trump is pretty good at this andy levi's reservations not withstanding, goofy elizabeth warren, crazy bernie sanders, crooked hillary. you know, should warn be worried about this the good senator? >> it's a term of endearment. to get a nickname from trump, it means the news has arrived him i would love one, trump, i know you are watching lou's show, i like i iliteration. i think those are the best nicknames. none of these nicknames, they're not clever. none are clever. but i don't think they're meant to be clever. i don't think they have to be
11:59 pm
clever him they need to be something people will latch on to. trump has a knack for when he makes up a name like this people latch onto it. that's all that matters. >> biden i thought was a little, he didn't resist as much. saying that he would be the best president when bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in the field working hard for the honor, did you think less of him for doing that? >> oh. i mean, i could have, should have, would have. i think i would have been a really great miss usa. you know, a great host of the lou dobbs tonight show. but you know. >> somehow i feel vaguely uncomfortable. >> it's easy to say, obviously, when are you fought tlmt are you not in the thick of it. i do think he made the right decision. it was a stressful time in his family's life. they are getting over grief. it wasn't his time. >> doesn't every politician think they would make the best president. i think he is saying exactly what everyone runs for president.
12:00 am
jeb bush thought he would make the best president. if jeb bush can think that anyone can think that. >> even paul ryan? >> even paul ryan, your hero and mine. mine. >> as we salute for time life's music collection. (soft music) ♪ (narrator) these are songs that can relax and soothe you. (ray conniff) ♪ somewhere my love ♪ there will be songs to sing (narrator) songs that make you feel good. (frankie valli) ♪ you're just too good to be true ♪ ♪ can't take my eyes off of you ♪ ♪ you'd be like heaven to touch ♪ (narrator) songs that take you to wonderful places. (the 5th dimension) ♪ up-up and away ♪ in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon ♪


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