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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 15, 2016 6:00am-6:50am EDT

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the s&p 500 up six. today the key obviously if the afternoon when we hear from gina galan. that will be this afternoon. we are going to talk to pride over to "mornings with maria." good morning, maria bartiromo. maria: hi, everybody. good to see you. it is wednesday, june 15. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. we've got breaking news overnight at disney world. authorities searching for a child attacked and dragged into a lake by an alligator. the incident taking place at the grand floridian result to officials of the city theme park holding a news conference about what happened, how this happened in the attempt to save the toddler. >> father entered the water and tried to grab the child, was not successful in doing so.
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at some point the mother may have entered the water. >> everyone at the walt disney world resort is devastated by this. our thoughts are with the family. we are helping the family and doing everything we can to assist law forces. maria: search efforts will not end until the child is recovered at the latest in a string of tragedies. new details this morning in the investigation into the terror attack that the pulse nightclub. two cell phones have been recovered. and now, someone's wife may face charges. developments ahead this morning. the latest on the campaign trail. hillary clinton a decisive win in the washington d.c. primary met with rival bernie sanders last night. vendors will address reporters tomorrow. russian hackers breached the dnc from the sealed files on donald trump. overstaying their welcome.
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immigrants to stay in the u.s. pass their visas almost never get caught. the average on capitol hill coming out. a message from the fda to the fda to whole foods. clean up your act. the agency fined and serious violations of a plant that makes it's ready to be products. flight and style. one airline with business class flight. the cost coming up this hour. all waiting on the federal reserve and the news conference later today. stocks mostly higher as you can see the cost be in korea up a little fraction. a lady with the next provider said it will not add chinese stocks to the emerging market index. gains across the board take a look with the best performer in paris. futures in the u.s. pointed to a higher opening this morning. expecting money to move in with the dow jones industrial average to open up 60 points this morning and the nasdaq up 15. joining me this morning,
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transfixed. julie baginski and national cochair market are taking us. great to see you girls. dagen: it was like dancing. stay with us. the republican congressman peter king after an snl regular darrell hammond joining us. former german economic minister k. t. gartenberg ahead of the u.k. vote. eric trump coming up in the program. you don't want to miss a moment. this hour, a search is underway after a boy who was snatched by an alligator at a disney world resort late last night. jeff flock is standing by right now at the scene. what an unbelievable story. >> good morning. tragedy the manly stock and in a
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handful of reasons. a 2-year-old boy, a family from nebraska vacation at the grand floridian hotel. the details of an outbreak now. he was waiting this 2-year-old boy into something called the seven seas lagoon at which point an alligator emerged from the water and dragged the boy had. the boy's father attempted to save his son but was unable to do so. this is a hotel, one of the big hotels that disney can the grand floridian and stop away from the magic kingdom. the alligator described between four and seven feet long. this is a lagoon that had posted no survey and signs all over it, but the boy was apparently waiting not expected to be a good outcome. the share of his jerry dennings. >> we have an excess of 50 law-enforcement personnel who
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are to researching the lake. we have two marine units on the lake searching for the child to recover at this point. maria: sheriff dennings said unfortunately they are not likely to recover the child's body. as i sat, just the latest of three tragedies. on friday, singer christina grimm a shot and killed by a suicide assassin and of course the pulse nightclub. the latest as we make it charges as early as today in connection with that shooting. the wife of omar mateen apparently according to reuters has evidence presented to a grand jury and she could be charged as early as today. a lot going on in the town of
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orlando. maria: apparently she said he had spoken about jihads quite a bit, the husband. thank you, jeff flock in orlando. the latest on the investigation into the terror attack that left 49 people dead, 53 wounded as they examine two cell phones in a computer belonging to the terrorist hoping to learn more in the days leading up to the attack. federal prosecutors said two convened to investigate the gunman's wife. she had knowledge of the attack in hilla to notify law enforcement of her husband's plan. meanwhile, presumptive nominee philip clinton and donald trump trading shots yesterday to choice in their opinion on terror policy. >> donald trump has been very clear about what he won't do. he won't stand up to the gun lobby. the terrorists who killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in our land to did it with two guns.
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what donald trump is saying is shameful. it is disrespectful to the people who were killed and wounded and their families. and it is yet more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander-in-chief. >> she talks about the temperament. my temperament is great. it's a tough temperament, but that is what we need to her temperament is wacky. they bought her off. she is paid off, 100% paid off. until we brought this up and i brought it up and then she talks about women, let it tell you, i'm much better for women than hillary clinton will ever be. train to join them in our strand supporter david wall along with author of the best worst president arcana did thank you for joining us. what is your take on these jobs back and forth. donald trump, hillary clinton. he was right in terms of foreign
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policy? >> you have to watch the clip to see what was being exchanged. hillary clinton suggesting policies about gun control and substantive statement and then donald trump is a pattern of behavior. and they show his presidential intellimouse allergan. he treats out i'm getting congratulations for cms. he's responding in a way that egomaniacal and consistent with his past behavior: the president, insinuating the president is guilty of treason and in cahoots with isis. this is clearly a man of independent anytime soon. also coming out and criticizing donald trump and how he has responded does not reflect the republican values. maria: and yet, this keeps happening. this is one of the first things donald trump brought a period
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>> is temperament is outstanding. he's angry and average when americans repeatedly slaughtered by a stomach terrorist. he's dispassionate calm when he's describing his method come as those method of dealing with this. a suspension of immigration of people who come from a hotbed of islamic terror worldwide. if you take a poll from not a week from now and ask people, i would guess an overwhelming majority of people would agree with that. it turns the gun ban goes, which hillary clinton if she were able to would repeal the second amendment. that would ensure the bad guys, the criminals have all of their guns and the law-abiding people do not have any. the idea that it's an assault weapon. assault weapons are fully automatic select fire weapons. this is a semi-pneumatic rifle. they would never be turned in.
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that's not the problem anyway. we are to blame an inanimate object. it's never politically correct to blame a person. maria: you watch all the reporting yesterday and obviously a lot of people suggesting this side would go track way to gun control. triggered the mayor of miami beach. that the only thing he wanted to talk about was gun control. i want to point out something in terms of donald trump's tone and why it resonates with people. some then the president doesn't understand. the president has failed to address the fear americans feel about the threat. he has dismissed it over the last seven and a half -- back into the left-wing liberal logic
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of would bring attacks on ourselves. i thoroughly reject that at every turn. the point being that language does matter in the president referred to as safe as the jv team. maria: wait, what? >> when i was starting out. dagen: this is how people feel how the president has treated this grave threat. he played golf after mark foley was beheaded. >> this is a mentally disturbed person who claimed allegiance to hezbollah. two very different organization. maria: he did seem to be more upset about donald trump. >> we need to know who our enemies are, david. maria: he was much of a donald trump that he was with the shooter. >> maria, maria.
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>> let me ask you, do you think it's okay for people and the fbi watch list to be able to purchase guns illegally in this country? >> now, i don't. our system needs to be amended. hold on the second period when the president of the united states most powerful statement coming out of the administration after san bernardino is anybody who says anything that disparages islam will be prosecuted. his priority is protecting the image of islam over protecting the american people. maria: so what is the answer? why is he so protective of islam? >> is not. his first priority is to protect the american people. the mentally disturbed person decides to shoot people. of course not. the radical jihadist on a
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radical extremist christianity, small government extremism we are not going to prevent shooting up people. the only thing we can do to prevent those people from getting the tools of their dark dream. maria: a strategy against isis. this has a lot to do with it. dagen: david, the republican speaker of the house where it really rejected mr. trump's assertions yesterday about getting all muslims from coming to this country. adam kissinger who was another public instead of his disgraceful, paraphrasing. what do you make of that? >> there is obviously still a rift between paul ryan and donald trump that needs to be solved. donald trump has used the word ban, but he talks about a suspension of immigration while they figure out a way to
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thoroughly and properly that people from that part of the world. that might be looking into the madrassas of the type of islam that is. we can't allow wholesale immigration. maria: we've got a job because we have a hard break. great insight. we appreciate your time. we'll be right back. >> thanks, maria. new bikes aren't selling guys... what are we gonna do? how about we pump more into promotions? ♪ nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else? what if we digitize the whole supply chain? so people can customize their bike before they buy it. that worked better than expected. i'll dial it back. yeah, dial it back. just a little. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple.
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maria: welcome back. two thirds of immigrants overstayed their visas. cheryl casone with the details and other headlines. cheryl: good morning, maria. the "washington times" reported 480,000 people overstayed their visas last year added to a backlog that has reached 5 million total. all of this quoting members of congress who saw this in saw this in a report in and customs enforcement initials say immigrants who overstayed visas are rarely caught because the agency does not demand manpower or information to track them down. immigration agents launch investigations into 10,000 people were 0.2% and arrested fewer than two dozen family others don't rise to the level of priority targets. severe storms disrupting travel
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from chicago to detroit today and heading towards pittsburgh later this week. at least seven tornadoes and several flash floods have been reported in minnesota but downpours soaking the twin cities metro area during rush hour. stern said they expected from ohio to virginia and eastern tennessee as well as in an abbey in louisville, kentucky. whole foods receiving a warning letter from the fda given the grocery to the end of the month to clean up its act, its food production act. federal regulators discover serious violations during an inspection of february at the minnesota plant that supplies ready to meet foods across northeast stores. the fda saying whole foods failed to manufacture, package and store food in ways that produce potential for contamination and microorganism growth. waiting for response from whole foods. maria: thank you so much. investigators awaiting word on
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today. the sluggish economy means for this outcome of the upcoming are dished out what that means for the central bank as well. if cleveland prepared to host the gop convention next month? the city is headed for disaster. more on that. features indicate a higher opening. stocks back in a moment. ♪ cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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maria: welcome back of the federal reserve concluded a two-day meeting one of his decision at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. but watchers do not expect an increase due to weak economic data including the may jobs report and the reddish boat this week. want to bring in mark, chairman and ceo of federal savings amounts. good to see you. thanks for joining us. how would you characterize the broad economy? >> is not that good and that hasn't been for a long time. we are seeing spikes throughout the year positive sign. it's not enough to the interest rate. >> what do you think is behind not, almost 10 years away from the biggest recession in a generation. we still haven't been able to cover strongly. >> the confidence just isn't there. a lot of people got burned with their 401(k)s.
6:24 am
so the confidence just hasn't come back. either have the 401(k)s. small business is not hiring. they will become 49ers or have 49 and please. i will point out in this goes to maybe a rate hike later into gear. retail sales are still pretty doggone strong. last month on top of the 1.3% gain in the month of april. online sales going up 1.3% last month. that's the reason after you get past the british boat whether to leave the e.u., assuming the job market doesn't fall off a cliff. a rate hike later in the year. >> a rate hike would be the worst thing that happened. yanks anticipate that because it helps the spreads. however, it's been very careful
6:25 am
and cautious. maria: what the fed raised this year? >> you know what, whatever race does occur, if one does occur, i don't think of a substance enough to move the needle to change in trend change this trend change systematically. >> consumer confidence, what do businesspeople need to hear from trump and clinton in order to get the confidence back in the economy? >> regulation is a big deal and that's choking the banking industry. if you want to get a whole lot today is much harder. there's more paperwork. that would be a good start, yes. >> would have been? does that affect our economy and lead to questions about whether there's a rate hike at the end of the year? >> fortunately or unfortunately we are a world economy. anything that happens anywhere in the world can affect what's going on in the u.s.
6:26 am
so that's a new normal. >> others in the banking sector? >> not so much for us because we are very much local. we don't have any international business is that we deal with. our business is very simple. it lends money to people who want to buy a home is a primary source. maria: how is the credit? >> accreditors pristine. other than it's ever been. parts of the country are doing very, very well. north carolina is booming. new jersey is one of our stronger market. florida is coming back but it's still a little slow and we see a lot of people paid cash. people from latin america and europe. >> that's one positive in all of this. mark, good to see you. chairman and ceo.
6:27 am
federal savings amount. cap tomorrowland of blood donation centers overwhelmed after a desperate plea for help did the ceo of the biggest hospital joins us next to talk about the massive response as well as how he is preparing for the volatile republican national convention. ceo of cleveland clinic is at best. one airline may have to deal for your offering unlimited business class flights for a price. we've got the details next. back in a moment. ♪
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maria: welcome barks i'm maria bartiromo. happy wednesday. it is wednesday june 15th. top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. authorities are still searching a child attacked and dragged into a lake by an alligator. 50 personnel are searching seas lagoon. still no signs of the 2-year-old boy. this just the latest in the string of tragedies for the city of orlando. no details this morning into the terrorist of the pulse anything like that -- nightclub. now omar mateen's wife may face
6:31 am
charges. >> what donald trump is saying is shameful and yet more evidence that he's temp mentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander in chief. [cheers and applause] >> we have people in this country that's just as bad as him, and worse than him and they are plotting things right now and letting more right now. she's let everybody in, 550% increase over obama. >> hillary clinton scoring decisive win. sanders will address supporters. will he step down? russian hackers reportedly hacked dnc. markets this morning, we are waiting on the federal reserve and fed janet yellen's
6:32 am
conference. in asia overnight, stocks are there mostly higher and gains after a u.s. index provider said it's not going to add chinese stocks to merging index, we have that anyway, one and a half percent. take a look at the numbers. dax index up 1% the ftse up three quarters of 1% n. the u.s. is all carrying to futures. we are expecting higher opening, dow jones about 50 points and nasdaq and s&p also in the green. thousands of good samaritans waited in line to donating line. many returned away due to lack of facilities. in these kinds of events, how can we best prepare and treat the wounded, there's nobody to ask than dr. toby, one of the best hospitals in the world.
6:33 am
good to see you. >> very nice to be here, maria. maria: dr. toby, i want to talk about this blood situation. we are always in need. >> we are always in need. you always need blood for patients with cancer, for surgeries, tragedies like this and one unit of blood donated can help three people. you can separate the cells and plasma and help lots of people who have different needs. maria: what do you think was behind of those people turned away? i guess the facilities weren't up to seed? >> no, they were overwhelmed. maria: that was the issue. >> we always need blood and the supply is never too much. and particularly when you have a tragedy, the u.s. always comes to the floor and people always turn out and we need constant
6:34 am
blood. maria: let's talk about cleveland and the upcoming republican convention july 17th, by all accounts it's going to be incredibly busy, but it will be volatile, will it turn ugly? what do you expect and are you prepared about the convention? >> we are always preparing in any way you can imagine, particularly the hospitals coming together and putting together a plan for dealing with any kind of tragedy that could happen, whether it's going to be violence or any other tragedy. we are looking at ways we can transport people, ways hospital can respond and monitoring and tremendous amount of thought and preparation going into this. we can look out in a difficult situation we can look at up to a thousand surge patients. maria: all the hospitals you said are connected now? >> yes, we are all working
6:35 am
together with the agencies, the fbi, cia, et cetera. maria: that's incredible because people are expecting protestors, by the way we are expecting this in the democratic convention in philadelphia. the question is about whether the area is ready is certainly valid. >> absolute sli. >> we have been thinking about this and planning for this over a year. i think we will be ready regardless. how many people do you expect at the convention or in and around the area. >> we are expecting 50,000 people in cleveland. maria: 50,000 people. >> it's going to be exciting time and very busy and i hope it's going to be very peaceful. >> for sure. let's talk about obamacare, donald trump has vouched to repeal obamacare. how has the legislation changed your business? >> the legislation changed enormously. we have been at it six years. it's been changing the way we are paid and that changes everything.
6:36 am
we are not being paid per the time that we do but bringing around value, that means quality as well as cost. maria: that's good. >> that's good. this is the biggest change in health care in a century, the biggest industry in the united states and affects 100% of the people, so this is a very big deal and now interestingly 50% of the united states support obamacare and we are seeing massive changes in the way we are trying to develop the care. we've seen the quality gradually improve across the country, we have seen more people covered and inflation come down. now, there are probably lots of reasons inflation has come down but contributing has to be this new affordable care act. maria: interesting because the affordable care act is often times mentioned as a barrier for small business to hire: we were talking about earlier if you have more than 49 people you have to offer benefits, and so
6:37 am
some ceos are saying, you know what, i might swallow the cost or cut my employees to below 50. in terms of the cost of the legislation, do you think that that's been sort of an issue for jobs? >> well, what we are seeing -- i don't think we've seen the full impact on jobs, i think we may have see -- see that coming in businesses reducing employees, you have to say that we are under tremendous pressure in health care to reduce the cost of health care because everybody is pushing us in the other direction. there's more things we can do to people, there's more older people and it's a bigger population so you would expect left to its natural course that we would see the total bill for the health care in the united states going up. we have to somewhat control this and it's going to be very difficult for the health care delivery system. maria: it's nice to see all players involved focused on cost.
6:38 am
>> you know, we need to take just in the cleveland, we need to take over 5-year period of time out of 5 billion out of our money. that's a lot of money. money. maria: it sure is. where does your partnership stand? >> first of all, you have to understand -- i do not and the clinic does not have a financial interest, what we do see if this technology works, this is a big breakthrough, what we have offered to do is to validate the technology and we have not done that yet, we are wait forking the opportunity to do that and if it turns out that it works, we will tell it does work and if it doesn't work, we will tell the work it doesn't work. maria: were you surprised to see everything come down the way it did? elizabeth holmes have been able
6:39 am
to get leading figures on her board, harry kissinger and wall street opens the story that it doesn't work the way you would think and that the fda is actually having major issues with the way that they're operating? >> well, i don't think we know the final story yet. i don't think we will know the final stories look at the technology. that hasn't happened yet. i think we will remain to be shown what the results are. maria: you're still using all the high-tech at the cleveland? >> we have some reas interesting new technology and embracing it. first of all, we are working with ibm and as you may know watson has gone to medical school, can take patient's history, physical findings and laboratory findings and give you a problem list better than a doctor can do. maria: unbelievable. >> microsoft is a new and you
6:40 am
can put that on and you can actually teach ant my that way. we are not going to use cadavers anymore. maria: wow. >> stick your head in and i stuck my head, i was looking down on the diaphragm. it's amazing. maria: toby, that's fantastic. i was with the ceo of ibm and she is wild about watson. really good stuff. toby crosgrove. thank you so much. does a normal guy come to guy, why suck -- zuckerberg is just line everybody else.
6:41 am
hosted by our very own anthony scaramucci and gary, catch it right here at the fox business network. you're watching mornings with maria, we will be right back nightclub .
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♪ maria: welcome back, futures indicating a higher opening for the broader averages today. take a look at the movers today. tesla, the company teams up can in nordstrom, will show tesla's new model vehicle. you can't purchase the car at that location. we are watching media mogul
6:45 am
appearing publicly as the offices of paramount pictures and cbs, first time we see him in more than a year. more violence in venezuela to report as people are taking to the street to protest food shortages. cheryl casone with that story and the other headlines right now. cheryl, good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria, reports say that a man was shot dead bringing the number of fatalities from this month's wave to at least four, policeman and a soldier had been arrested in the wake of that shooting. another 27 people were injured in an eastern coastal town of venezuela. this country is in the grip of a growing economic and humanitarian crisis due to low oil prices and the opposition called a failed socialist regime. back home deadly bus crash near washington, d.c. a shuttle tour bus overturning killing at least one person and injuring more than a dozen others.
6:46 am
the bus tipped over after clydeing with another vehicle, the bus was carrying 18 passengers, tourists from china that's happened near mt. vernon. one of them did die in the accident. several of the victims in critical condition this morningy business class, airline is offering business class between new york and london for $35,000, the company, it's an all-business class airlines, they're sponsoring the deal to mark anniversary of the airline, you better get on it. only 10 passengers on the first-come, first-serve basis. [laughter] >> finally this, you were talking about mark zuckerberg. held q&a live and seinfeld
6:47 am
showed up. seinfeld asked him what is the first thing he does in the morning when he wakes up. listen. >> i look at facebook to see what's going on in the world. >> right. >> and i check my messages, i look at messenger and whatsapp. cheryl: he actually fell off of the bike and bought a brand new bike, put the clips in and ten minutes into the ride falls over and broke his arm. he's not in a cast he says, but e ruled a lot of personal details and daughter crying, showed the human side of thing and he's going to be doing more of the q&a live chats. maria: maybe he will come in the show. [laughter] maria: a lot of people thing the first thing they do is go to facebook. morgan: a few minutes to get out of bed, facebook, twitter,
6:48 am
that's how i check with twitter. dagen: i try to navigate my way my bed to the bathroom without knocking my two front teeth out 2:00 o'clock in the morning. >> i can relate to that. i try navigate. first thing i do. maria: what a story. we will take a short break and we will tell you what they stole and how you can prevent it in the future, that's next. an amazing story. don't forget to check out mornings with maria on social media. i'm going the send a twitter, search mornings with maria, keep an eye on daily polls and daily guests and i will tell you what's on next. coming up in a minute your car insurance policy is 22 pages long.
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