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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 23, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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and the uk pound 148. we turn it over to "mornings with maria" and say good morning to you. maria: good morning. i am maria bartiroma. it is thursday, june 23rd, top stories 6 am on the east coast. the brits are going to the polls in this historic referendum on whether the uk should leave the european union. prime minister david cameron with his wife samantha will talk about the attacks on us and global markets coming up as we see a rally underway. chaos erupting, a sit in over gun control. republicans tried to restore order. >> radical islam. maria: on to the race for the white house dozens of business executives will throw their support behind hillary clinton for president over donald trump. the two present the presidential nominees got into a war of
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words. >> using a smart phone at night could make you go temporarily blind according to reports. the latest on this scary warning. it really oh -- a big day after a weak performance for ipos. brits head to the polls in asia overnight. we see markets mixed with the nikkei average up over 1%. in europe we have a rally underway, stocks are higher as investors are cautiously optimistic, the s&p up 1.5%, us investors following suit, futures point to a strong open. the tao and the nasdaq and the s&p up 1%, down industrials up 165 points. joining me to break it all down, dagan mcdowell. wall street journal assistant editorial page editor, mike murphy, good to see you guys.
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thank you for joining us. polls are open in the uk, millions of voters set to cast ballots in the historic e.u. referendum to determine whether britain will remain in the european union. let's get to ashley webster on the ground in london with the latest. ashley: good morning. the day has finally arrived, the polls have been open for four hours and will stay open until 10:00 pm local time. plenty of time for people to get to the polls and cast their ballot should the united kingdom stay in or get out, of the european union. i am standing in front of a polling station in westminster, one that many mps use. we were here when british prime minister david cameron and his wife samantha arrived just out of the car, smiled and walked into the polling station. no cameras allowed, large amounts of media, people shouting questions, which way did you vote, he laughed and waved and got in the car and
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left. how big will the turnout be and which way will the vote fall? we spent a lot of time talking to people and getting there opinions, arguments on both sides of the debate. >> i just think we have a huge number of problems. >> out without a doubt. we haven't got -- support businesses that are collapsing. pay the price. that comes across to the consumer and the consumer is up. ashley: there you have it. a common argument for both sides. 46 million people eligible to vote. voter turnout will be critical.
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we had torrential rain overnight, a month of rain falling in two hours, flooding in some parts of britain. will that stop people from going to the polls? it stopped raining now and we won't get results until 4:00 am local time, 11:00 eastern, could be a long day and night ahead. >> joining us now is niall gardner, former british foreign policy director under margaret thatcher. good to have you on the program. >> thank you very much. maria: where are you in this? talk about the implications you see under a leave or remain vote? >> my view is brexit will be good for britain and europe and good for the united states as well. i urge your viewers, the scaremongering that has been projected by the remaining camp in this referendum vote, i do see brexit being about british
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sovereignty, the right of the british people to decide their own future in europe as a number of european union, britain is not a truly sovereign nation. two third the british law, and britain cannot negotiate a free-trade agreement. the accidental result of taking control of its own laws. negotiate free trade deals, benefits great britain. the us/uk partnership is the biggest partnership in the world, the united states has a big interest in what happens in the united kingdom but i see brexit as beneficial. maria: interesting take because
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of the pushback. what do you say to those who say they have to renegotiate trade deals, they have to have all new regulation. and take money out from the uk and continental europe. >> i -- great britain is the fifth-largest economy and for some years has been the most successful major economy, with britain outside of the european union. especially scaremongering over the euro issue about whether to join the civil currency and at that time the world bank, international leaders warning britain, the single currency, isolate the city of london with decline and capital flowing into
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london from outside the euro zone, and you are going to see a similar effect in the coming years. in the euro zone and european union and great political uncertainty across the e.u. tremendous challenges in the e.u. a safe haven for european and global capital and the city of london, the shackles of e.u. financial regulation, would prosper. maria: interesting. dagen: i want to raise this issue, i will quote from the wall street journal editorial page. being part of the e.u. has it gotten in the way of serious reform in britain? you could have cut your corporate tax rate, could have followed deregulation ideas and
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free-market ideas from tori michael groves. not being part of the e.u. will change the mindset in the nation? >> i am glad you mentioned one of the leaders of the brexit campaign. if you look at the leadership of the brexit fight they are overwhelmingly free-market tears in favor of deregulation, many in favor of cutting britain's corporate tax rate. great britain outside the e.u. will be far more competitive. the european union has a suffocating affect, strangling the british economy with a huge amount of overregulation. the european union warships big government, overregulation. the reason president obama is such a supporter of the european
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union because the e.u. shares with president obama big government high tax interventionist mindset and britain outside the e.u. will be a more unregulated economy. it will be a free market based economy and significantly advanced. >> i disagree on this. i think britain should leave. the question you talked about the lack of sovereignty also just a fundamentally anti-democratic institution. the e.u. has four presidents, none of them elected. you have this parliament at the e.u. but to initiate legislation that comes from unelected bureaucrats who make those calls and britain, we have to say you
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have made progress cutting the corporate tax rate. >> absolutely right. i think a fundamental democratic deficits in the european union, unelected bureaucrats and european commission across the e.u.. there are five e.u. presidents, 99% of the british people could not name more than one or two. that is the current state of the european union. >> you get out of the e.u. under this scenario, people vote to leave, ridley is saying with the internet and the wto bringing down trade barriers, it is not that big a benefit to be in the e.u. versus what it used to be. does that make sense to you? >> britain is far better off outside the e.u. in terms of negotiating free-trade deals and
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there is significant momentum on capitol hill for a us uk free-trade deal, ted cruz, paul ryan talked about it and in contrast what president obama said to the british people the uk would be the front of the queue for a free-trade deal with the united states. president obama will only be around another few months. brexit will have tremendous impact to advancing economic freedom, economic liberty on both sides of the atlantic and that can only be a good thing. maria: let me get mike murphy in here. why are market so nervous about an exit? you can see a rally, nice global rally because of the expectation they will remain. >> the impact on the markets when you look at it this morning, global markets telling you britain is going to stay in the e.u..
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if people vote and the vote comes in close similar to what happened in the us and the 2000 election, can you see this under any scenario being a contested election where there is a pushback on who the actual winner is? >> that is a very good question and the polling in today's referendum is neck in neck. some event on the brexit side, very tight poll. don't know if there could be a recount if it is extremely close. that remains to be seen but one thing for sure. if britain votes to leave the european union it is likely david cameron would either have to step down or be replaced in a leadership contest in the conservative party. the prime minister has a great
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deal resting on it. maria: thanks for joining us this morning. we will be watching developments. we have an all-star guest lineup, former minister of economics ongoing merkel, former us ambassador to the united nations john bolton and achieve advisor to david cameron. you don't want to miss it as we navigate this amazing vote going on in the uk right now. still to come on the program the showdown in the house of representatives, democrats vowing to continue their gun-control sit in as republicans try to restore order. we bring you the latest from capitol hill. a sign of optimism in wall street, trillio above expectations. what that says about the technology market and the ipo, back in a minute.
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>> house democrats continue their overnight sit in for gun-control, 170 lawmakers led by congressman john lewis occupied the house floor 11:30 yesterday morning to force republicans to agree to a vote on gun-control blues paul ryan
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struggled to restore order. >> let us vote! we came here to do our job, we came here to work. >> the business of the house can be conducted in a fashion that represents every sector. on the dignity and decorum of this institution to which we all belong. maria: congressman dennis kucinich, fox news contributor and professor at coventry university. elizabeth kucinich, thank you for joining us. what is your reaction to that? it is extraordinary to watch the aggressiveness. >> we are at a critical moment in american history where these mass shootings require a response from the united states congress. unfortunately congress has not
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acted. people on the flowline but there is no fly list get weapons, that is a problem. >> i would agree. i am pleased to see in the house and senate there has been action on the floor. maria: in the middle of this historic election donald trump ramped up attacks on hillary clinton, the presumptive republican nominee, everything from her foreign-policy to her economic proposals. listen to this and get your reactions to it. >> hillary clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft. she ran the state department like her own personal hedge fund, doing favors for oppressive regimes and many others and many others in exchange for cash. maria: your take away? >> you got to be careful in this campaign because it is getting quite personal. i for one have not agreed with
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secretary clinton's foreign-policy, but there is a line being crossed here that mister trump should not cross. maria: when you look at what is happening in the us and compare it to europe, so many similarities. we should point out, mrs. kucinich, dennis's wife, weighing in on the british vote. >> i am a british voter, very helpful the -- britain will remain in the e.u.. maria: why are -- >> there will be a general divide in the uk, emotionally as a people suffer the effects of
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the second world war, and carrying that. international community, there is a lot of sentiment in the uk pushed in a different direction. >> james freeman at the wall street journal. wonder if you see a problem with the bureaucracy the size of the e.u. the drag this creates, and britain being part of it. i am slow growth in recent years. >> we have to take a long-term view of how the international community has come together. when economic block is a way to look at it but a community and nations. when we look at the united states as a collective of individual states in the way the
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e.u. is something similar. countries can play independently within that system and we have to see countries working together, how we are and effective economic block. with the questions on regulations and looking at the way as a european continent we move forward, britain is good to be at the table and one of my favorite comedians many years ago did a little skit which, joking about the mentality of the british people, the e.u. is in a car and there is britain as a nation standing at the traffic light watching the windshield and we need to make sure we are at the table and can drive an agenda. cameron and others putting pressure on to say let's be
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there at the table and see how we can negotiate. maria: great analysis. thanks for weighing in. appreciate your time this morning, see you soon. we have a big lineup continuing to weigh in on this vote, we will be right back on "mornings with maria". if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for dly use is appved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache.
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maria: one body has been found in the search for missing florida family. cheryl casone he has more. cheryl: rescuers recovering one body as they search for a missing family off the florida coast according to the coast guard. a father and his three children vanished from sarasota sunday. the coast guard did not say whether the body was male or female, a father, two teenage sons, one teenage girl, the body has been transferred to local authority for identification and the family has been notified. the florida fish and wildlife
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conservation commission euthanized the alligator that attacked and drowned ln. graves, the parents of the 2-year-old created a memorial foundation to honor their son's memory. they issued a statement saying losing lane has broken our hearts in the worst possible way. there is no way to mend our hearts but we can do good work in his honor. finally in business news, communications platform company trillio increasing its rates to $150 million, 10 million shares at $15 each, shares expect to trade on the stock exchange under ticker symbol tw l0. texting into their apps. >> in the face of horrible ipo market.
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>> you just got over done for the side of no ipos coming. a lot of other companies like trillio are ready to get an exit for early investors to test the market. whether this comes out at 15 and opens 16, 17 or 14 i don't think is the big debate, liquidated to help companies continue to grow. this is the first of many ipos. maria: the last valued at $1 billion, even a slightly higher valuation, i say slightly, a very good sign for the company. the biggest customers like uber, to communicate with your drivers. they have major -- >> open table. maria: is it more a reflection of an ipo market and broader market that is improving. is a reflection of the crowd business? >> it is early to say it is a
6:28 am
trend but being a vendor to uber gives investors a lot of confidence, a company spending a lot of money, fights in china and elsewhere. maria: decision time for the united kingdom, with the crucial british vote means for you and your money, using a smart phone at night could make you go temporarily blind, the latest on the scary warning when we come back.
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tree into thursday morning. welcome back. i maria bartiromo. it is thursday, june 23rd. demeanor latest to question today for millions of rights. the holes or open is the u.k. votes in this historic european union referendum. breaking and the various outcomes. investors need to be prepared for. markets rallying this morning. chaos in washington d.c. to report it democrats the jini rocket fitted over gun control as republicans reached your order. dozens of republican business sectors so close to hard behind hillary clinton. the two presumptive nominees.
6:32 am
>> her campaign slogan is time with her. you know that my responses to that? i'm with you, the american people. >> maybe we shouldn't expect better from some of his most famous words are you're fired. i do have a jobs program and as president i will make sure you hear you're hired. maria: using a smartphone and i could make you go temporarily blind. do you get lonely at the airport? there is a map for that. new controversial application. in f a big global market rally this morning is the break head to the polls. u.s. futures price to hire open futures price too high rope with the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 traded 1% in the premarket.
6:33 am
in asia, mixed performances there. nikkei average in japan better than 1% did your stocks rally this morning. investors cautiously optimistic. up 1.5% right now. right now carrying over to the u.s. and the global markets react positively. mike murphy, what's behind the rally? >> a lot has to do with the feeling they are going to stay in. that is why you see the panic is rallied in the european markets rallying. very important. the s&p 500 at its all-time high right now. with all this negativity, but all this back-and-forth fighting, we separate near our all-time highs. it's a massive rally covering the rally to the upside. hundred% -- 172 points higher. >> part of why people expect to devote to remain in the betting
6:34 am
markets. >> which are in the season as the polls are. >> it's based on money. the live site has as many or more. so there may be some volatility. you may want to leave. dagen: a record amount of money in british history. this is what you see in major sporting event. $150 million for nietzsche the pound conversion on this one so. incredible. maria: pulls her up in the u.k. as britain is voting in the rest of your prices for the impact of today's vote. with the latest anticipation about if they were to leave,
6:35 am
where they go and test berlin benefit is europe will likely take much of the resources businesses out of london. >> in fact, companies talk about the fact you have to relocate businesses into continental europe. frankfurt could possibly gain its financial 100,000 jobs and lost according to the experts if the u.k. decides to leave the e.u. let me show you a picture. the daily mirror here in berlin. there is an expression in german. everything is okay. you would think by this case, your case in the u.k. that all is okay. german leaders come, e.u. leaders are very nervous and angela merkel in her office behind me is meeting with the austrian chance to and will be meeting with trade union leaders
6:36 am
later today. but this is really about is the citizens that the e.u. we met an 18-year-old from wilson lives in berlin. he put it in it and here's what he had to say. >> a lot of people in the u.k. don't want to be an e.u. i think it's a great day. they should be stronger and all that you do people want their independence at the end of the day. what that means for the economy, what that means for business, who knows. reporter: when you look at this picture in the paper, your case in the united kingdom, are made of an old joke which is tell someone you loved them this day at an german to them into believing it. people will tell you they are calm, but there is nervousness in the air. maria: you've got a lot of laughs i'm not one. say it in german so they believe it. thank you or not adam shapiro.
6:37 am
right in berlin this morning. let's get to the chief economic correspondent "the wall street journal" talking about it could impact your money. the >> does anyone dare know how to say i love you in german. maria: no, we don't. >> i don't know it's there. dagen: i don't know. maria: what does that mean? dagen: one, two, three. >> we've been talking to a number of people over the last couple days about the industries impacted with financial services given the regulatory changes afoot as well as manufacturers who may pick up and leave and go to continental europe. have you seen it? what are the factors most
6:38 am
impacted at the latest? >> it's obviously extremely important and what i'm focused on right now. you'd have an immediate financial fallout american to reach all the way back home here in the united states. and that could affect american manufacturers. but the u.k. leaves you could expect a stronger dollar. we listed the dollar strengthened and that hurts american manufacturers in the past. i'm also looking closely at the yen if the pound and euro begin. this is the global effects and importance of this though. that puts upward pressure in the amateur japanese manufacturers. >> i just wanted to get your take because i think we are better off if great britain were to leave but i don't think that's going to happen. i think they are going to stay. is less about what happens to great britain as a whole and more about the fallout throughout the entirety you
6:39 am
whether they decide to stay or leave? >> or spillovers over the world. the stronger dollars from the stronger yen affects the u.s. and japan. it certainly affects the europe and the whole project political integration. it creates a sense of uncertainty which could affect that in the u.k. a lot of the economic studies done around the vote that the u.k. economy and set anywhere from 10% smaller in the next 15 years if they vote to leave. certainly a very big fallout. no matter what inside the u.k. if they vote to leave, but they scare me do? he's trying to rally the country. >> if you look at the history, obviously the city of london became this great financial center because there was an open
6:40 am
that they make as they did environment. it seems to me if you get out of the e.u., that manages to increase for britain. obviously london has taken plenty of business from new york regardless has been in the e.u. not in the e.u. is it possible the city thrives even more? to me it seems like a huge level of regulation. that's an advantage, not a disadvantage. >> the two arguments are leaving our regulation and immigration. a lot of people in the u.k. and elsewhere in europe are fed up with wrestles in its intrusiveness into industry. the challenge for the u.k. is they've got to reread all kinds of trade agreements. not only with the e.u., but other countries through which it can affect trade agreements that the e.u. does. it becomes a very complicated process if they want to get that independent you're talking about.
6:41 am
the becomes a complicated process. maria: satellite. now pardon just had the u.k. will be first in q. in terms of a new deal with the u.s. the u.s. will want a new trade deal with the u.k. so they'll do it again. >> these trade deals that are really long time to work out. what comes of that? i want to point out you all were talking about betting markets before. the reason i think financial markets are still focused right now is that people, when you put a pat on any kind of outcome, you are putting skin in the game. the polls as one person saying i'm for this around for that. when you put skin in the game come to you the game, you the game come to you so sure elements of conviction and the conviction showing up right now pretty strongly is that the u.k.
6:42 am
is going to stay. the last number of the better shows 24%, 25%. there are people who have conviction that the u.k. is going to stay and that is what's showing up in the betting market and that is why investors are responding the way they are. >> touché. isn't that big money or the smart money? >> that's what james has been talking about. thanks for weighing in. a real global rally ahead of this historic vote. we will check in soon. job hilsenrath from the charnel. pores of fans gather for the championship parade. it is a whole new take on online dating. we will tell you about the brand-new app that helps you find the lonely singles while waiting for your flight at the airport. we will be right back.
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maria: about combat. a big global rally underway. features as investors anticipate that the braves will stay in europe. that seems to be setting the tone. the anticipation for markets expected big rally. a couple stocks to keep an eye on this morning. tesla shares are lower than face the strength elsewhere in the free market. investors continued to question $2.8 billion proposed for solar city. several analysts downgraded 10% yesterday on that deal. twitter needs washed with
6:47 am
selling ads for its nfl coverage. this site seeking to sell $50 million in ad packages which range from 2 million to 8 million per advertiser. or to purchase the right to stream to an assault thursday night games for $10 million in april. madison square garden after the entertainment giant announced its new york knicks. in trade the chicago bulls at better than 5% year to date. on alert for flash flooding. cheryl casone with that story another headlines. cheryl: good morning, maria. forecasters say the mid-atlantic part of the country could take it with flash floods and severe thunderstorm warning today. the areas could be in for another dose today. some of the strongest storms could bring damaging wind just inhale. part of the same weather system effect yesterday. tornadoes are touching down in
6:48 am
parts of the midwest yesterday. can using your smartphone cause momentary blindness? a 22-year-old woman and a good bashing is going blind in one ad. her vision of brain scans showed nothing was wrong. that happened to another woman gets his ambition of one eye for 20 minutes or so. british doctors said patients were looking at the johnson had one eye covered. researchers call a transient smartphone lightness. that is a real thing. cleveland finally got the celebration they so desperately wanted. the city's first championship parade back in 1948. cleveland still had a crowd with more than a million basketball fans showed up. traffic so bad near the parade route of flights were delayed because crews could make it again. congratulations to the cavaliers, nba champs. finally, maria, ever feel lonely
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in the airport? want to make a new friend? there is an acrobat. butterfly gives travelers awaited me that in the airport heading for the same destination. and to your flight details and then you can send a nack messages to other people on your flight. you share a cab, whatever else. maria: that is funny. dagen: it is a hookup at. because dirty airplanes are so romantic. >> and the guy with six kids is going to bother you the whole flight. maria: congratulations on your sixth baby, mike murphy. wow, six kids. your wife is a superstar. >> yeah, she's great. dagen: people are sick of seeing your kids that is the now have
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>> how about 85,000. >> about 120. >> the middle east to retake. >> 105. >> sorry. see you next time. and ukraine. >> 95.
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we will do it. >> you are not offering 95 on the car. after you told me spent $30,000 under a motorcycle. maria: does a clip from the show hard-core pawn. pawnshops themselves as the help of local and sometimes national economy. the next guest noted in the latest punch upside influx of heavy duty construction equipment ahead of the massive economic downturn in housing bubble bursts back in 2007. joining me is the star, less gold. you think what is happening in the real economy is manifesting in the punjab? >> we can say six months in advance how the economy is going. one-liners for people bringing in merchandise at one minus the people picking up rich and nice. when the line of people in the store that are bringing this stuff and it long to the door, the economy is getting bad. maria: what we see right now --
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it marks the mac is 50/50. i see economic up turn. retail is for you can always get a better deal at the pawn shop. the industry has been stable. it hasn't gone up or down. we've seen last month coming in than three years ago. maria: when you see the activity of potshots, what is the big seller? what do most people want to buy? >> the big seller for us as jewelry. you can go to wal-mart, sam's club, all the big box doors. you go to the pawn shop and people still want to take money. maria: at today's date after intense of economic weakness. >> what about mullah nails? there is an influx of age customers. some of them still need money. we will be around for 3000 more because we had the cash that people need.
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sometimes people can't make ends meet. maria: can need at the price you want with that kind of demand. we do about a thousand blogs a day. they come back and get it back. then they turn it on you. maria: 100 people. how many people come back. >> all of them i would need in the salespeople. we returned 80% and 90% upon their merchandise come back for a short-term lender. you will not go to a bank. you will have to stop your car on monday tk caster the week. maria: so i guess one of the more impactful things in the economy for you is when it's tough to get a mortgage, when it's tough to get loads.
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maria: welcome back to thursday morning. it is thursday, june 23rd. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast of the world is watching the u.k. this morning.
7:00 am
prints are headed to the polls on whether the u.k. should leave the european union could prime minister david cameron voted with his wife, symantec will discuss impact of local markets coming out. chaos erupts in the house as democrat stage of raucous event over gun control is. house speaker paul ryan tries to restore order. >> to chair wants to make an announcement regarding the koran in the house chamber. members will differ on matters and policy and seek to express those differences. but the chair would hope -- maria: dozens will endorse hillary clinton later today over donald trump and clinton and trump both want to have a war of words. >> hillary clinton, as you know, most people know, she is a world-class liar. look at her pathetic e-mail servers david.
7:01 am
>> i know donald hates this when anyone points out how hollow his sales pitch really is. and i guess my speech yesterday must have gotten under his skin because right away he lashed out on twitter with outlandish lies and conspiracy theories and he did the same in his speech today. maria: hillary clinton's i.t. specialists is pleading the fifth more than 125 times during a closed deposition of her e-mails and server. details on that coming up. a candidate for a catch of the year. dodgers first raised in a drink at all his teams up with chase utley for a crazy circus catch. the passage where he up with she does, burger king restaurants have it their way with their new she does. when the snack attack coming up.
7:02 am
big market rally this morning. futures pointed to a higher open for the dow, nasdaq up 1%. we see a huge rally at the same to be cautiously out the mistake i had this british boat. the dax index in the cac in paris and germany up to and a quarter% and more than 2% risk actively. the nikkei average in japan, strongest at the major indices up on% in japan. joining me this morning, rl and tranfive, -- dagen mcdowell. really good conversation on this boat. it is a tight race. >> if it goes to his leave, i can imagine all of these business leaders who are saying don't leave part going to immediately turn around, go to brussels and lobby for a trade deal with the u.k.
7:03 am
businesses in europe want to trade it they said they want to sell and buy in the u.k. >> americans in particular have a reaction to fear mongering. we went through this in 2008 with the world is going to come to an end and all the talk about that, which the bailout gave rise to a tea party in this country. right now to talk about this is going to be at lehman brothers event. people go okay, let's take a deep breath. maria: both of these markets this morning as we see the expert nation that maybe they will say. markets are at 2%. >> this election set this up for the november election here. very passionate, close election. the fact that the markets have it sold us into this gives the opportunity to rally. >> the uncertainty should normally hit the market to the
7:04 am
downside in a house in the market holds dear. >> i want to see people engaged on top of the issue. also engages what is happening in britain. i was on the train yesterday in the over my shoulder and there's a picture of margaret thatcher. i went okay. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. trump campaign national cochairman sam clovis is joining us. steve hill will play. the ceo of c. k. e. restaurants member of the leadership team. do stay with us. big show ahead. the polls are open in the u.k. millions of voters set to cast their ballots in the historic e.u. referendum to determine whether they will live in the european union. ashley webster is live in london with the very latest.
7:05 am
>> good morning to you. the polls opened five hours now. still open for another 10 hours i guess they are a third of the way through the day. today gives point about your bob graham, she is absolutely right. we spend on both sides of the issue in the united kingdom. people are getting fed up with it. each side had their own spin on it to the question is how many people will turn out and vote today. as you mentioned earlier, we saw david cameron show up at his polling station in westminster right now. david cameron and his wife samantha voting here earlier today never said a word to the media. lots of people shouting. strip rules about who can campaign. it goes to the media as well. they can acknowledge that it's not new but that's about it. i want to show you some of the headlines in the newspapers
7:06 am
today. this began with the times five days. this is a giant map of europe taken from space and made 10 under the day of reckoning. that is pretty straightforward. the "financial times" has a headline that says tension mounting in city ahead of the historic vote on e.u. membership. the membership. bloglines already forming in foreign exchange dealerships in banks conduct in games to basically stress test their system just in case the vote to geou but the more partisan newspaper, the daily mail strongly wanted the u.k. out of the e.u. basically stating there has been whining going on about, trade with germany that performing borders and deportation of jobless e.u. migrant. you have it there. and the daily telegraph, another newspaper with a picture of big
7:07 am
band with the time has come. boris johnson, one of the league campaigners if you like since june 23rd here in the u.k. could become known as independence day. we have to find out. we won't know for sure. probably officially sometime early tomorrow morning for clock, 5:00 a.m. we should get an idea of what the vote is going. of these the trend at the individual polling places: results. long day, monday should be interesting. maria: ashley, thank you good will come back soon. ashley webster life. going to bring in kitty's berg joining us from munich this morning. good to have you on the show. >> hello. there's dark clouds over europe at the moment. maria: at the farmer minister under merkel.
7:08 am
we want you to weigh in in terms of what the impact would be if in fact the word of days. >> if britain were to leave there would be an economic disaster and a political disaster for the european union. having said that, i am also slightly up domestic today but we still have to be cautious. we would have further disintegration in europe. others would probably follow. there is a huge nervousness in the netherlands, france, finland, denmark, even in germany. so if the u.k. would leave, i see europe on the verge of collapse. maria: are just talking about this at the nile gardiner. the truth is that a word of it
7:09 am
they would have more independence. they would be first in the? to do new deals. everybody would want to do free trade arrangements with the u.k. so it was a good decision not to join the euro cur written cap this british pound. maybe this is a good decision as well. >> is probably coming from the u.k. would he contagious. europe and the e.u. entices the last couple years. london stepping out of the european union was strength in the other part. so therefore, they are also trying to build up a picture which will never evolve. that is a problem also for the u.k. the u.k. has to feel that with this further fragmented, with a further week or europe, it cannot be no interest.
7:10 am
>> james freeman with "the wall street journal." a big knock on the e.u. is that bureaucracy has gotten out of control. you don't see facebook, google created in europe. what is the value to e.u. is adding here? >> the e.u. has been rather significant trouble over the last couple of years. it's not been true that the e.u. grows stronger. it is actually the opposite. guess we have technocrats in brussels. we have not very much when it comes to facing european realities. european realities rv exists. it's the weak shape of the eurozone. we've always lived up to that
7:11 am
dream which never accessed at. all the way up to 28 it actually is the opposite. one thing that could happen in the wake-up call. dagen: to that point, if the e.u. and the european government is so broken, today need something like this and make change. >> they needed the debate we've seen so far although they didn't like the style, tonality and dirt we've seen in the u.k. but the only good news out of the whole thing is that it could regard in how it turns out. it could release what many call the necessary weight of calls to get a grip of sclerotic treaties to one sclerotic and two shins
7:12 am
and also a system. it is a chance of course. if we have a remaining call for the following night now that they would just keep muddling through. maria: let me ask you before you go real quick. do you think that you has been a failure? >> e. would have been stronger if it started with the political union. we did it the other way around. unfortunately a very weak system. maria: okay, so it hasn't worked the way you want it to work. you're stopping short of saying it's a failure. good to have you on the program. that's very much. we'll see you soon. maria: still to come, pleading the fifth 125 times at the latest on the e-mail scandal ester i.t. specialist refuses to
7:13 am
testify. the latest is chaos erupts on capitol hill with democrats rallied to continue their gun control protests. more on "mornings with maria:.
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: democratic lawmakers continue to occupy the house or in washington this morning. democrats fighting to pass new gun control measures in the wake of the year they know not shooting. peter burns has more.
7:16 am
>> good morning, maria. the house democratic leader nancy pelosi is in the wild of the house talking about demand for gun control legislation. they have been there all night after night of chaos in the house. dozens of democrats taking the floor around noon yesterday to demand a vote on gun control measures. congressman john lewis of georgia and alabama kravitz and a sit in as republicans tried to hold votes and debate on another measure, and democrats chanted no bill, no break. we shall overcome swapping out a few lines for we shall pass a bill. the speaker tried to bring the house toward her. >> could share would hope that the business of the house would be to do in that represent on the dignity and decorum of this institution to which we all belong. >> replicants calling it a
7:17 am
publicity stunt that includes $1.1 billion to help fight the spread of the zika virus. no word yet on when no break, even though the house has adjourned for its fourth of july recess. >> thank you said mike murphy, your thoughts on that. >> on the one above for anybody. you don't do this and not pull boardroom. they can last for the country to act like i would let my children act like that. what the actions were completely embarrassing. we shut people down there. you and i can differ on our opinion, but as to adults, especially elected officials, we should come together, voiced our differences are the people we serve. dagen: is political theater. louis parmet was shouting saying this is not islamic terrorism.
7:18 am
radical islamic terrorism. we will see these two parties divide the issue of why the violence happened in orlando. take her picture with the democrats in the house and senate. every opportunity to pass this and now they're trying to basically throw this in the face of republicans. it wasn't a priority for them. now it's a priority because they are using it as a political weapon. >> and control is usually a political loser. thus the less bill clinton learned in the 1990s. i'll be surprised if they can say that countering islamic state is about gun control and drive back to victory. i think it is a huge miscalculation. maria: paul ryan calls a day publicity stunt. they wanted a lot of noise and jamaica pr message. the
7:19 am
>> to mike's point, it's maybe time to call it a publicity stunt because this is the duly elected speaker of the house of representatives. they are shouting him down. obviously every institution has rules and they are violating them. beyond that, this is democracy in their interrupt and not. maria: i like your analogy to the apple boardroom and the ge boardroom. they are doing up at the shareholders in getting things done. another former clinton aide pleading the fifth. then, an historic day in britain. we keep you updated as the country boasts whether or not they will stay in the european union. we will be right back. your insurance company
7:20 am
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maria: welcome back. hillary clinton winning support. cheryl casone on that story and have ants right now. cheryl: good morning, maria. "the wall street journal" says would it be business executives including longtime republican blender is clinton's bid for the white house today. executives include jim's a colony at at&t, dan &-ampersand of general motors and nextel communication. donald trump and hillary clinton were attacking each other on the campaign trail yesterday. take a listen. >> i have decided and visited cities and towns across america, all across america and seen the devastation caused by the trade
7:24 am
policies of bill and hillary clinton. >> maybe we shouldn't expect better from someone who's most famous words are you're fired. well, here is what i want you to know. i do have a jobs are grand and as president, i'm going to make sure that you hear, you're hired. transfer it's only june, everybody. judicial watch, hillary clinton's i.t. specialist invoked the fifth within 125 times during the 90 minute closed-door deposition. a source told he was working off an index card and read the same statement every time. he was a central figure in the setup and management of clinton's personal e-mail server used exclusively for business while she was secretary of state. let's stay on this because newly released in the shed new light on hillary clinton females there for in general. e-mails received under court
7:25 am
order by the conservative advocacy group judicial watch show the sta department staffers tried or weeks in december to deal with a serious problem with clinton's home e-mail server. "the associated press" reviewed the e-mails and show that staff disable software on their systems that would've blocked phishing e-mails that could deliver obviously dangerous viruses. all of this in response to delivery e-mail sent from clinton's private server. while the devil is in the details of the story, certainly it is my light on what is happening behind the scenes at hillary clinton. maria: thank you. keeping an eye on futures this morning looking at a pretty good rally for global markets headed into his condo pin. investors cautiously optimistic as voters head to the polls today. we will navigate this week from our back. assume that their kids, but your wallet doesn't. the cost of raising a child in the u.s. may shock you. major price tags coming up. back in a moment.
7:26 am
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7:29 am
of brits the polls now open as u.k. votes, in this historic european union referendum dozen of bess leaders throw support behind hillary clinton over donald trump including the ceos of netflix, the presumptive nominees slammed one another yesterday how much does it cost to raise a child, until the age of 18? >> today? a lot more than you think as prices have climbed we will tell you the figure coming up it will be a candidate for catch of the year dodgers first baseman aid drian gonzalez teams up with second baseman chase utley for a crazy catch, chitos having it their way more at any snack attack congress up global markets though one of the top stories of the day, they are bracing, for the brits headed to pols we are looking at a global market rally right now, first take a look at u.s. futures indicating a higher opening to dow jones industrial average the nasdaq s&p 5 hahn, all off you do
7:30 am
will open up 1650 points you will starting in europe with where stocks rallying strongly investors, seeming optimistic that britain will vote to stay, s&p 5 hahn up 1 1/4 percent cac quarante in paris dax in, in germany best levels of the morning nonetheless triple digit moves markets mixed nikkei average strongest of the major up 1% in japan how would a brich exit from eu impact united states joining us former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john boltson ambassador bolton good to see you, sir. >> glad to be with you. maria: impacts on united states, how do you see it? >> well, i think it would be a positive for the united states, primarily from the security point of view but i think from economic point of view, i think, for britain to breakaway, from the european union you had a former german
7:31 am
mince every economics on took words out of my mouth defending eas y.u., sclerotic undemocratic a free britain would be big plus i think the opposite what barack obama said putting britain back of the queue i think u.s. should stand beside their best ally in europe immediate free trade agreement do whatever else we could to help them to me more important issue is on the security side i have never seen they referendum as primarily about economics i think about self-government and sovereignty, security of the west, and here the european union is less than sumch its part i think an independent britain would be entirely for the good. maria: really important point, that if we were to see the vote go that way, the britain would leave what should u.s. do immediately go
7:32 am
and support the brits? now presumptive republican nominee donald trump came on the program yesterday i asked him about this, listen to what he said, about today's vote it is very much in step with what you are saying. >> i will be over tle as decisions continualing i mean i would -- i don't think everybody should listen to me i haven't really focused on it very much my inclination to get out go it alone it is a mess there is such a mess over when i look at what is happened with the -- as an example, the migration, when you look at the things that are going on over there, my inclination would be go it alone go back to where you came from a, because that us my feeling. now, with that being said,, i want people to do what they want to do somebody asked me what would you do i said i would probably vote to get out. maria: so ambassador you said it would be good for security. why? why? because you think u.k. would immediately do more strengtheningch borders is that why good for security. >> well i am thinking more in terms of nato, you know many political leaders, in the european union have always
7:33 am
seen eu as fundamentally a political project. and they believe, that creating a european superstate would create pol from -- separate from united states i think undercuts nato diminution of western strength around the world i think a britain that extricated its from swamp of e.u. decision making would help strengthen nato one other thing people need to consider the business community, talks about the uncertainty of brexit there is a boatload of certainty staying in eu, if britain leaves european european you see today not only lose second biggest economy one sixth totally eu economy there will be a series of demands foreign referenda in plenty of european crunches eu will be fundamentally different in the future i think will be better
7:34 am
for the west as well. >> ambassador it is great britain decided to stay do you see an outcome where there is a lot of reform in the eu, forces to change things they do stay but eu kind of figures it out or -- goes down a better path for long-term growth within the eu? >> it is possible, but very unlikely, i think actually, if the brits vote to leave today, on friday morning, many european leaders will be on their knees begging england britain not to go if you want to redew eu, make reform far better if you have leverage threatening to pull out entirely i think across the eu, you know somebody is going to say who made the mistake of loeth the peasants vote in britain, this is also a been an alien enterprise i think all across europe country after country middle a classes blue calar workers say if they
7:35 am
can do it in britain let's have a shot here that is what people are worded about this is a theology about the eu they see it threatened by this british vote. >> a. dagen: ambassador what about argument "the wall street journal" editorial page stands on members of the editorial board u.s. would somehow be better off if britain stayed in eu because they would be part and directly financial regulation. in promoting freer trade among that bloc of nations. >> well if norman former chancellor of exchequer did former tabulation britain differed from most european union nations the record of british success they are 0 and 72. and i have talked to members of parliament here think that under states how basis it is. it is a myth to think britain
7:36 am
acts to influence eu, this is a -- a super state under construction, largely german super state reflects the dominant economy, and that is why i think many other kinds, seeing the brits escape this very may not be sinking ship but it is a very listing ship want to try to do if same why this vote is so important. it is not just about britain really, it is about the entire european union notion of super national govern anz most people in united states do not cotton to -- >> who -- if e.u. levers the e.u. you say -- are there countries that are more poised than others, to really get -- feel the impact? >> well, i think the if you look at the balance of trade, it favors continental europe the a headed of the business confederation said yesterday
7:37 am
if brits vote -- i'm sorry business will insist terms of trade remain the same until they can negotiate an orderly separation, because, british -- british imports from germany are such an important element of german business i think the notion that many who oppose british exit have suddenly a wall will spring up in english channel commerce will stop that all the effects will be negative don't appreciate how interliefshgd linked it is i think the odds that trade investment will remain essentially unaffected over the longer term. >> ambassador james freeman here i like your idea bringing the british into nafta free trade agreement we probably have to talk president trump into that he is not immediately amenable the other
7:38 am
scenario the vote to leave talking more may be boris johnson takes over in u.k., can you what is your kind of best-case scenario on that, too bad what kind of a deal britain can cut what kind of he reform they can drive in the e.u. if they initially vote to leave? >> well, i think this is the point of
7:39 am
back in a minute. ♪ ♪ .
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maria: welcome back the cost of raising a child in the united states, continues to go higher, cheryl casone with the latest on that story now the hltz right now cheryl. cheryl: higher and higher, maria. >> this is something, according to data from the agricultural department from 2013 this is the year they looked at the cost for a mil income two parent family to raise a child born three years ago from birth to 18 in future, 245,000 a dollars, service for kids especially health care, the cost of that is all gone up, of course, the cost child care education, have greatly increased, all th. >> chase utley failed to grab the foul balance for the
7:44 am
dodgers that adrian gonzalez stayed close behind nabbed it got the out, the nationals went up on dodgers in 8th, but with the man on base, yasiel came through past center field taylor acrowded the score 4-3 win for the dodgers -- texting me we are awake can't believe it, so much fun to watch, your probably going to love this or going to turn your stomach kind of the wrong way, i am liking this o burger king go together have cheetos flavored breading cheese topping of a cheeto result of partnership with frito-lay, burger king says mac n' cheetos going to be sold weeks, 2.49 for a five pack of these, if you are
7:45 am
wondering i did 310 calories the problem is how many would you eat i would eat four, question for the panel how many would you eat james, dagen. >> i was doing research on the phone, in commercial break as show we kept teasing think they look kind of delicious, and being a vegetarian guess what, they are vegetarian cheese in them but vegetarian so i am all in. >> you are all in? >> on my -- i am all out i wouldn't go near them talking about the -- >> [laughter] >> talking the costg children health care costs if you are feeding these to kids health care costs will go higher they will have health issues stay away. >> not 800 -- >> innovations out of silicon valley making fracturing being he revolution look what they are doing with cheetos only
7:46 am
scratched the surface could be euro cheeto -- >> you can call anybody in the southland they can talk about deep-fried mac and cheese deep-fried pickles we fry everything on planet earth southerners britons where we meet overfried food. >> may be burger thing can bring it to -- >> fund raising european markets huge rally brits head to polls f1100, the latest out britain when we come right back. ♪
7:47 am
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♪ maria: welcome back, donald trump and hillary clinton in a war of words, attacking each other's policies listen. >> the hillary clinton he foreign policy has cost america thousands of lives trillions and trillions of dollars, and unleashed isis across the world, no secretary of state has been more wrong more often more places than hillary clinton. >> if the evidence were there to support this ideology i would have to acknowledge that but we have seen the results. twice now, in the past 30 years, a republican president
7:51 am
us have a caused an economic mess. >> this as dozens of republican birs leaders to endorse hillary clinton for president today instead of don droevenlth continued uneasy toward the presumptive nominee joining is sam good to see a you thanks for joining us. >> thank you, maria great to be with you. >> how do you turn that ince sentiment around they trust her more than trump, as it relates to business and the economy. >> well, are i think they trust her for big business, because i think they trust the government that will allow concentration of industry with diminishes the competition i think trust a government that picks winners and losers allows them to have sweet deals on trade issues the tax p
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
not talk that much about, and there is some talk that he is -- he is going to rewrite it, is this the tax plan to going with into the fall? and why isn't he talking about it more? >> well, i think because we are frankly inside the campaign we have a lot of -- bright people on this a lot of people you know, as matter of fact working on this it is a great question, we have not come to a conclusion on all of
7:57 am
the issues all it is is off the edges of the original tax plan we have the centerpiece has to be corporate tax reform, we think that is absolutely essentially, to bring back capital of the united states allow is to -- to bring back millions of jobs, and trillions in capital then work on personal income tax side make this fitting for middle class i think a great tax plan pro growth tremendous pro growth our target 4% growth 10 years at least i think we can get there. maria: our audience wants to hear good to see you, sir thanks so much. >> thanks a lot i am in sunny atlanta. >> joy we will be right back. uhadn't we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation,
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maria: good thursday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday, june 23, your top stories right now 8:00 on the east coast world watching unfortunatelik this morning, as the brits head to the poll in historic referendum, whether u.k. should stay or leave the european union live on the ground from london berlin to take about impact on u.s., and global markets, coming up. chaos in washington, d.c., meanwhile, house democrats taking a sit-in over gun control republicans trying to restore order. >> -- >> in talking about -- >> this, radical islam --
8:01 am
>>. maria: meanwhile, dozens of boes ladders say they will subordinative hillary clinton over donald trump, for president including the ceos of tumblr note flicks two slammed one another yesterday. >> hillary clinton, may be the most corrupt person every to seek presidency of the united states. >> donald trump offers, no real solution, for the economic challenges we face. he just -- continues to spout reckless ideas, that will run up our debt and cause another economic crash. i am here today to offer an alternative. maria: also do you prefer the flu with no spray vaccine or shot experts say the flu mist vaccine does not work after all the latest on new recommendations coming up game
8:02 am
of thrones we will tell you how much plus the hit hbo series has a lot at stake if u.k. votes to leave eu, we will bring that story among all the stories coming up global markets arally u.s. futures pointing to liar open the dow nasdaq s&p 5 hahn all up 1% right now premarket started in europe stocks rallying investors seeming cautiously optimisticly optimistic ahead of britain vote. we are looking at markets, assuming, this is an anticipation of a stay vote in britain, cac quarante in paris up almost 2% dax in germany almost 2% up as well asia markets mixed nikkei average strongest of the major necessity closing up over 1% joining me this hour breaking it down our own dagen mcdowell james freeman "the wall street journal" assistant editorial page editor mike murphy rosecliff capital ceo. dagen: i love being here i learn things. maria: so many greet guests
8:03 am
coming up interesting to see difference, from nile gardiner to kt in terms of where they sit on this vote. >> -- especially, interesting with hard to find one can make case eu is working. >> great point. >> global impact anyone thinks this doesn't affect us in u.s. is missing the point this has massive globally impacts. >> i always tell people tell me something i don't know. >> i get that every day, here we are. >> again this morning, former chief advisories to prime minister david cameron with us, stay with us for that, cke restaurant ceo will join us on minimum wage? , the host dana on the blaze tv authorize of fly over nation dana with us you can't run a country been to according to dana she is coming up polls openly in u.k. millions of voters have been casting their ballots, in
8:04 am
the historic eu referendum, to a determine whether britain will leave or remain in the european union fox business will have ai business live coverage throughout,ashley webster in london ashley to you first the latest out of the british capital. >> good morning to you six hours into voting now those polls opening at 7:00 a.m. this morning, they will be open for another nine hours, closing 10 pm, tonight this is only the third national referendum ever in the history of the united kingdom the campaigning over at times it was extremely heated, now it is up to the voters, each one of those voters getting one of these of these polling cards over 46 million of them, question is how many people will turn out. we know that david cameron his wife certainly cast their vote earlier that i we were here when he came to the polling station, here in westminster, he arrived in a car with quickly got into the voting
8:05 am
station no cameras allowed in there, put down his vote and came out, smiled just a little wave to a mass of media, he made no comment even though people were shouting at him asking which way did he vote being sarcastic, of course, and he got back in his car just whisked away the merits of staying in eu begins those who believe u.k. should have control of its sovereign rights that is the basic issue here, of course, it has a big impact on the financial world, we talked to many people this week, here is just a sampling of what they had to say take a lan. >> in or out. >> out. >> in sorry, oh you changed your mind kwlieblg. >> in. >> why? >> because, i -- feel we need to be part of -- a group of people if out on own i think this theory that great britain
8:06 am
is are you biwe need to be part globally stay with that community. >> in or out. >> in. >> anything else gets i think is weak control -- ourselves, everything else, health immigration, everything else, that -- should all confirm with this. -- >> they come down to those undecided voters how many actually vote but we won't know until the very early hours of tomorrow morning, maria back to you. maria: ashley thanks so much we will be watchinged a a.m. shapiro in in berlin? in joyner cautious we have come to the brandenburg gate garth point for people from european union especially u.k. john worth we spoke with him case we were talking about all of the people from u.k. the citizens, who live outside united kingdom what this possible brexit could mean for
8:07 am
them here is what he told us in particular regarding the hundreds of thousands of pensioners. >> they draw he go pensions in pound sterling if britain were to leave eu estimated pound sterling would lose 30% value that is 30% of pensioners value gone in instant, there is also the issue for ferngs also plenty of other brits aboard about health care, because we have entitlement to health care, for free, anywhere else in the rest of the european union thanks to european health insurance card what would happen to those brits abrotherhood would they have that same health care entitlement? >> maria he will be holding a referendum party tonight not only for politicians but citizens. u.k., as they hope to find out what the outcome of this vote will be. back to you. maria: all right, thank you. we will check back, joining us right now is the former david cameron senior advisor steve
8:08 am
hilton. >> great to be with you. >> we know immigration has been at the root of this debate, you said we must leave eu to control immigration. >> i think i immigration is a really good example of that the fundamental question on the ballot today here really, who runs this country, who is in control. is it the parliament that people here elect that you can see behind me the government that i used to work in, or actually, is it the unelected bureaucracy in bringsels i reason i a tech firm in ka i understand in america how angry people are with federal government, and washington but at least, the president is elected, congress is elected. in europe people who inpatieiti poef regulation on all xunz are not elected by anybody, and that is why this really is a question of democracy who
8:09 am
actually controls and runs a country the people of that kin, or some amorphous system of bureaucracy and regulation non can control. >> a sim debate in america, what was it stooefr theve you s turned things for you you were obviously a partner advisor to david cameron close to him you turned on that want britain to leave the eu what moved the needle for you -- >> actually the experience working in government, i found that when we were elected, we had a program that we were trying to implement, and prepared for that, what we hadn't prepared for what those the amount of regulation, and legislation, that was continualing at us from eu. one point it was over half of the action that british government were taking were actually driven by eu, they would think that we in british government didn't actually agree with. but we had to concede in order
8:10 am
to win other arguments in brussels it made the job of governing a country the elected government, kind of impossible, and i thought that was fundamentally undemocratic, you now all my life in politics and in business i have wanted to decentralize power put power in people's hands this is part of that to me eu represents sal what i always to the against undemocratically unconditionally centralization of power david cameron on the other side of that we are good friends worked together a long time it is not easy for me to be on the other side from him but i think in the end this is a really big question bigger than any one general election is going to have impact here for generations i think an impact around the wider world will send a signal the centralization of power that you can see going on ever whereof, people had enough of it they want to take back control, they want people power, and that is why i think this is in the end more important, than any political loyalty or even personal
8:11 am
loyalty it is about principal what you really believe in. >> mike murphy we run a venture fund -- with your company -- one of your statements kind of the mission of crown pack is to politics is broken, and you are going to elect technology is going to fix it. could you expand on that for us. >> i think the yaefd way to explain that in a context of the american political system where i mainly spend my time now if you think about the way that the big donors unions as well captured leave of power putting money into race they know will deliver outcomes they want, they have bought the outcomes they have actually bought political system means that people feel rightly that they don't have a say that their vote matters less. than influence of the big donors insiders what we can do with technology one example is
8:12 am
crowd funding, where candidates can raise money, online, without depending on the parking machines that means if you are on left you don't need o money nightmare big union on right you continue need money from big business you can raise money from everyone, that rally transforms politics it makes candidates able to say what they think, and do the right thing instead of what donors want. >> i assume it wasn't a kons density you decided to locate your company in the united states, silicon valley in particular. can you tell us about the business environment there, versus what you find in the eu? >> one of the really big you distinctio differences in california regulation around employment one great thing about california an important part of life in silicon valley a strong engine of economic growth and innovation is the way that employment relationships are really flexible that you can move
8:13 am
quickly you don't have accounts try to you employer make you take a year of gardening leave before you move on, real, flexibility there, in eu, it is completely the opposite, it is very difficult to -- to move around, it where employer burdened with onerous regulations the conditions in which people you can hire them ask them to leave makes a whole process running a business much more flow optic one of the reasons eu a sinking ship economically it is probably one of the most performing areas in europe, the burden of regulation, i think is one of the real reasons for that, of course,, that is another example, of why i think it is important for the u.k. to leave the e.u., so that its economy can become more like what we see in california. >> interesting stuff eu, thank you, steve hilton great to have you on program we will be watching thanks so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> coming up chaos on could
8:14 am
capitol hill the democrats continue sit-in over gun legislation then a ray of for a king game of thrones acts can expect if they survive. we'll be right back.
8:15 am
8:16 am
. maria: welcome back, one body found in a search for missing florida family, cheryl casone with details now cheryl. cheryl: maria that search continues we should say this morning rescuers recovered one
8:17 am
body as they search for a missing family off florida coast all of this according to report from coast guard a father and his three teenager children from sarasota vanished sunday coast guard did not say whether body was male or female he was we teenage daughter two teenage sons said body transferred to authorities for identification. that family has been noticed. >> weather no california give a firefighters help near los angeles yesterday severe whaest let up firefighters made progress against two huge fires looking at this week, lapping in mountains 20 miles east of los angeles, evacuations lifted, so far, all homes have been saved tlorp close calls, at the height of all of this residents 850 homes told to leave, as of this morning, about 500 folks have been allowed to return home. >> businesses this morning requests again astrazeneca
8:18 am
version did not make the grade penal expert said did not protect children against flu recommended doctors stop giving to patients health officials recommend the flu shot traditional instead, astrazeneca spokesperson saying the company evaluatings the committee recommendation. >> believe it or not, you are going to like this the "game of thrones" tv show according to foreign policy magazine hbo show could lose big money if britain leaves eu because hbo gets subsidies from european fund for shooting "game of thrones." a. in ireland. and i want to stay in hollywood quick hollywood reporter says huge stars of the "game of thrones" peter -- harrington get half a million per episode. for seasons 7 and 8 i heard people crying i don't watch i
8:19 am
shared it was insane the cast highest paid, i got to say, jim parsons, kelly, each make a million per episode, it is a great show. >> cheryl thank you as we break we are keeping eye on futures this morning we got a global rally under way headed for strong open, on wall street investors are cautiously optimistic voters in britain lead to polls no futures over u.s. we had a reversal of champion in the u.s. lowing opening for dow jones industrial average despite agonizes we're seeing in europe we check markets when we come right back chaos on capital hill house floor gun legislation sit-in about to enter 21st hour extraordinary pm back in a minute. ♪ ♪ sweet caroline
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with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. . maria: welcome back going do show markets this morning, we showed you the close from yesterday. want to show you accurate market activity right now, we are looking at he globally rally in stocks investors awaiting outcome of the british european european union vote, money 2% major averages there u.s. futures indicate dow jones industrial average open up 160 points strong rally under way democratic you lawmakers are continuing to occupy the house floor in warrashington to pass gun control measures in wake
8:24 am
of loorpdz mass shooting he peter banners in washington with to story. >> good morning that is right house democratic sit-in is going into its 21st hour just about, 8 or 9 minds from now democrats demanding a vote on gun control legislation presence there sit-in chaos in the house overnight, dozens of democrats taking to floor, around noon yesterday to demand a vote on gun control administrators congressman louis of georgia, civil rights led examine democrats in sit-in republicans tried to holed debate on another measure dmaths chanted no bill no break saying we shall overcouncilman at one point swapping out a few lines with we shall pass a bill the speaker trying to bring order to the house. >> chair would hope the business of the house to be conducted in a fashion that represents that respects positively, on the dignity,
8:25 am
and the decor um of these institution to when we all blow inning. >> republicans called sit-in in a publicity stunt brought up past legislation over a billion dollars to help fight spread of the zika virus democrats discontinue protest have not told when you say they are going to quit the house gavelled out of session for 4th of july recess. maria: they left for recess already peter barnes with later watching sit-in in washington also markets ahead of the brexit vote, mike murphy why are markets really rallying do you think. >> i think, the couple of things, one of them is definitely because we are getting some uncertainty off the table the fact going to the vote, helps the markets, i think the vote is going to be that they end up staying i think the market wants that i think that will be best for the market not necessarily for the u.k. but best to the markets in general. also, this morning, you see interestingly a lot of upgraded in the market micron
8:26 am
in chip sector two up grades home depot getting upgraded although one of the best performs out there also a big ipo continualing from tech sector you haven't seen a lot of talk about lack of ipos, worst since 2008 today composure to go see that end think put all these together, in the fact that technically the markets are sit under all-time highs an opportunity for when this news is out of the way of the brexit vote you are going to have covering of hedges you are going to have buyers into the market rally. >> let me ask you this if they leave does this big rally today, turn into a big sell-off tomorrow? >> yes. yeah. dagen: the positive reaction market is related to -- >> because of the betting markets to indicate i think, it would be -- with you use the word volatility people can't gus when direction turn would almost surely sell off
8:27 am
one thing i want to point out quickly political futureist dade cameron hinges on britain remaining in eu on almost one hundred percent chance of him being out of a vote if britain votes to leave. >> less than nine hours rage for brits to vote whether or not to stay in a e.u. we are bringing all updates as they come in, we are live in berlin don't miss special coverage tonight as they come in 7:00 pm with lou dobbs tonight, and all threw the night as we bring the very latest, out of europe, and u.k. back in a moment. honey, we do? we need to talk.
8:28 am
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maria: welcome back this thursday morning. i maria bartiromo. it is thursday, june 23rd. 8:30 a.m. on the east coast is should they stay or should they go pigmented brick headed to the polls to decide about whether they want the u.k. to remain her lip and the european union. dozens of business leaders throw their support behind hillary clinton in the u.s. over donald trump later today. the ceo of tumbler and netflix. >> donald trump says i am playing the woman card. will you know what i say? i'm in for a child childcare
8:31 am
comic equal pay, deal me in. >> hillary's clinton message is old and tired. her message is that things can change. my message is that things have to change. maria: the latest on the race for the white house coming out it bed bath and beyond after a rough order highlighting the struggles that the retail sector resentment. details on earnings data. the historic referendum seems that dan has most people believing that the u.k. will stay and that is creating stock price is good in the u.s. the dow industrial open up about 165 points. the dow, nasdaq up 1% all started in european stocks rally in there as investors seemed cautiously optimistic. the ft 100 among the one and a
8:32 am
quarter%. cacm harrison dax and germany of one and three quarters% off their best levels of the session. nonetheless strong performances. in asia, markets for mitch. closing up over 1%. donald trump with the judgment as both of the presumptive presidential nominee is ran by frederick and continue pushes for the white house. >> the other candidate has spent their entire life making money for special-interest cheese made money of money for them and she's been taking plenty of money out for herself. she rented apartment like like a run personal hedge fund doing favors for regimes and many others and really many, many others in exchange for cash. >> a love wall street take big risks with unregulated financial
8:33 am
activities. they skew our tax code towards the wealthy. they fail to enforce our trade rules. they undermine workers rights. they have forgotten that we are all in this together and we are at our best when we recognize that. maria: my next guest is on the trumpet tree leadership team. the parent company of hardee's and carl's junior's. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you, marina. -- maria. maria: i want to hear why you support him and what is it about his plans to create jobs that you think will work versus what we heard from hillary clinton yesterday when she typed about infrastructure, minimum wage, health care. >> let's start with taxpayers which is a big driver of economic growth. donald trump is a progrowth supply-side tax plan.
8:34 am
the nonpartisan tax foundation found that his plan would generate 11% gdp growth over 10 years. they found that her tax plan, which is a wealth distribution plan, not a growth plan would cost gdp to decline 1% over 10 years. he's got a better plan with respect to growth in taxes. secondly, a better plan on energy to put people out of business. as to take energy resources and reduce the amount we produce. it is hugely important for economic road going forward. obviously in the coal mining industry in particular, hillary clinton's plans that haven't not first impact. every plan hillary comes up with to grow the economy in some way or another involves the government. they are releasing businesses
8:35 am
and donald trump understands that we can have genuine growth, not this melee you get when you're trying get when you try and depend on the government for growth. >> really well said. >> a couple questions. wondering that kind of case you are making for supply-side progrowth tax reform, are we going to your donald trump making more of that case selling his plan and also is it going to be raising more money in something you talk about with mr. trump. is that the focus reasoning some good news on that front in terms of the rnc vehicle. is that going to be a focus? >> is going to raise our money and you can see what the numbers that came out that they painted a far different picture. particularly after the convention you can utilize the
8:36 am
team their funding more progressively. you'll see the balance come with the spending by each side. there'll be an increased emphasis on spending and an increased emphasis fundraising. as far as mr. trump defending his economic policies, you'll absolutely see that. he's been a very successful businessman. he's got to defend that record. he's not ashamed of the record which is a real positive. he needs to get out and talk about his economic plan. art laffer, all big supporters of his tax plan. those are very smart guys at the great history in this area. dagen: been behind some of the most hot, salacious, notable television ads in modern history, how critical is it for donald trump with this money he's raising to get out there and ran at? do you see different trumps if you will?
8:37 am
>> if you ask me not about any other candidate, during that last time i played. i would say absolutely he needs to get out there. donald trump completely turned upside down the model with respect to how you run for office in the primaries. i don't know whether he needs it. could you imagine the kind of social media attention if you combine that with sufficient fundraising to get him on air with traditional traditional advertising as well would be incredibly strong. i don't know how anybody stand up to that. i'd like to see them get the money and run ads that get attention. whether he needs it or not, he's been an amazing candidate. >> one thing with donald trump campaign as he goes out and talks about i might find this myself, i might use my own money, do you think that could work against sin and turn some would read donors often saying he doesn't need a money. i'm going to hold onto it.
8:38 am
the criticism is from people on the democrat side saying he's using his own money. he's not able to raise money for people. if he was raising money from people from large donors they be criticizing them for that. i think self funding for donald trump to the extent he can do it plays into buddies than telling the public, which is i'm not answerable to anybody other than you. i'm answerable to the american people. this election is about you. it's about making america great again. it's not about people that will contribute money to my campaign. it's about the american people. >> why do you think that these business leaders today will endorse hillary clinton? >> i think there's a feeling among business leaders that she's got a good chance of winning the election. often times people look at behind the person they think is going to win. you have some people trying to place their bets right now.
8:39 am
i think they are betting on the wrong horse, but everybody should get to choose this. >> one of the proposals is higher minimum wage. using the impact of that on the ground floor. >> wasting the impact that raise minimum wage. it is inevitably and invariably negative. the san francisco fed came out in december and is a really fast passing of conservative economic thought. they came out with an analysis that went through all of the different surveys and analyses done on minimum wage increases and they said that a minimum wage increase hurts the least qualified workers. it hurts the workers is supposed to help. you see that everywhere that it happens. you see a decline in jobs for people that really need entry-level jobs to get on the ladder of opportunity. it's a big mistake. maria: good to speak with you. so much.
8:40 am
andy puzder join an essay appeared chaos erupts on capitol hill democrats vowing to continue to control protests. we will have latest as they sit in continues. a serious downgrade with the city till yesterday. wall street is hitting the brakes on their luck or car market. keep it right here.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
trendy welcome back. 45 minutes away from the opening bell. a big rally trading this morning. a handful of stocks on the move pictures of tesla down again widening the losses in the free market as investors react to the company's bid for solar city yesterday. organ stanley downgraded the stock over $2.8 billion offer would divert focus on worse than already strained finances. more than 10% yesterday down again this morning. she morning. shares of bed bath and beyond down 3% in the free market right now after posting a surprise decline in sales in the first
8:44 am
quarter. the home products company fined 10% as it struggles to focus on trade and cope with competition. turning to the chaos on capitol hill. going into his 21st hour right now as democrats continue to occupy the house floor. joining us right now, stuart varney. good to see you. take it away. >> disgraceful. my personal opinion on this is disgraceful. i woke up this morning to the side of house democrats lounging around the floor seen in their game while paul wright was trying to conduct business in their interrupting that. what's going on is a form of demonstration. an attempt to divert attention away from the terror threat and make it all about gun control. in the poster than the world, democrats want to say it is all about gun control. it is not. my opinion it is not.
8:45 am
it is about terror. meanwhile, the attorney general says one month another. love one another. maria: unbelievable. reporter: i heard that. it is unbelievable. it's a disgrace this is going on on the floor of house of representatives. a few minutes from now, louis olmert will be with us at the guy who shot him vigorously it's about terror. it's about islamic terror. maria: i'm glad your having him on. you live in the boardrooms of some public companies like apple and ge. you don't see the board directors acting like children when they don't get their way. >> absolutely. i see it exactly as you do. it's embarrassing the way people are acting. what i would like to be able to figure out is how we can hold these people accountable. if all you're bringing to me
8:46 am
when i'm elected as yelling and screaming and sitting on the floor problem you need someone else is going to rep said the people better. >> many people on the house floor come from very, very safe seats. nancy pelosi comes from it over a left-wing artist at the bay area. there's no way each she could lose an election. some of the other democrats who are demonstrated on the floor may be in a little more tenuous position. i don't know they are, but they're up for reelection this november. the color is. the function will be allowed to pass judgment on this kind of antics. i welcome that judgment. the tablet out there. but are we going to say? or were we going to throw out? dagen: i want to know this from you. when you say love each other, hug it out as a solution to terrorism, and the implication is that liberal left talking
8:47 am
point that america somehow brings this hatred and terror on to us. but we somehow are asking for it. the most repugnant thought on the planet. maria: you are so right. so often people who believe in capitalism and free markets and individual liberty tried to shame us as if somehow or other we are a good embrace this and we are well for guns and violence. this is a disgrace to put those kinds of labels on ordinary americans who simply want their freedoms and rights protect it. that's what we want. and yet we are shamed into singing we are not really for trial. not really for conservatives or the nra. i don't think we should be shamed any longer. this is a remarkable election year. i'm not a bigot. i'm not a racist. i demand my rights under the constitution to which i just swore allegiance.
8:48 am
maria: seen similar things play out in britain right now. that's what it's all about. >> the boat over there is in fact a precursor to the vote over here because the issues are the same. immigration, sovereignty and what the devil are the elites doing to us? maria: good to see if you will you in 10 minutes it starts every day at 9:00 a.m. eastern. stuart will be part of our special coverage tonight. a result of the referendum vote in the u.k. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. can this program in its stay with us. let's check market this morning. a really big global rally underway. features in the u.s. indicate a higher opening. dow industrial upon under 50 points. nasdaq s&p 500 in the green. the british pound hitting a 2016 high with the outcome of this british european bow. much more in the impact of global markets and your money next.
8:49 am
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ maria: welcome back to my next guest is concerned america is splitting into two nations. not the haves and have-nots, bicoastal flyover. she fears her leaders do not understand the first thing about how most of the country thinks and lives. jeni right now is radio talkshow host and host a gain on the blaze tv. also the author of the new book flyover nation. you cannot run a country you've never been to. good to see you. thanks for having me. maria: congratulations on the boat. i want to talk about bio for nation. explain how you see the appalling. sure the president's remark a
8:53 am
few years ago. he was in san francisco. he was talking to a room full of wealthy democratic donors and he was asked a collation about how you are going to bring people in middle america around to your agenda come to your platform. he's talking about flyover nation residents. he said they just cling to their guns and cling to their religion. when i first heard that, i realized for the first time that is not just some little playful stereotype if you been facetious here this is really how a lot of people on the cows come at people in the beltway, this is really how they view flyover nation's bid they think they're a bunch of hillbillies and they fire off their guns and raised their bible when they do it. it is not bad at all. a lot of values that have appeared you and i were talking about how so many men and women in the military come from flyover nation. i like to think of it as a sign of america. that's what makes america great and i wish they could export similar values to the coast.
8:54 am
maria: which is why you have this upset with the establishment because people just feel like they don't unders and what's important should to the broad populace. >> exactly. people are mad at democrats because they are used to being in and having democrats increase taxes and spend a lot of money on things like studying shrimp on treadmills for crying out loud. when republicans joined them, they are not used to that. they think is the vehicle getting my conservative beliefs to washington d.c. one of the reasons donald trump is the nominee is because flyover nation said we been doing it your way for how many election cycles and where has it gotten us? they want a sledgehammer to go to washington d.c. dream to most people are sick and tired of being told. don't think this way, don't say this. i'm going to read something from your book come as something that
8:55 am
struck us on economic equality. >> i have been there most of these pinkies out cocktail drinking apple teeny fans selfishly entertained grandiose plans of economic equality without realizing the negative impact their plants would have on the very people they pride themselves on helping and that's the true affair. full disclosure i've never had an apple teeny, but it's the only time i've ever seen them served as an outlay. maria: that's what we just heard. you want to raise the minimum wage, but you are actually hurting the lowest earners. you are hurting him anywhere people. >> i was raised by single mother. she came from an ozarks and just had a high school degree. we purchased the goods and use the services affordable. we went and shopped at wal-mart. when you talk about increasing minimum wage to an artificial
8:56 am
$15 an hour, it sounds like a great deal ,-com,-com ma but it hurts people like how i was when i was younger who really depend on service is. trade tuesday book is flyover nation. we appreciate you joining us. after this short break. stay with us. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e350 for $499 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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8:59 am
outrage in the house this week. democratic congressman convicted of fraud, money laundering, racketeering. to draw corruption charges. he wants to stay in the house several more months before you please. maria: unbelievable. they are there fighting, kicking and screaming because they're not getting their ways. >> republicans don't agree. maria: mark murphy. >> the matter which way it does come a or leave, i hope it brings about positive change that we can get some global growth for the market. >> if they say, this is the beginning of the rally. >> either way, hopefully we can just get to work. >> we want value, congratulations. my sixth child was born june 15th. congratulations.
9:00 am
your wife is a super one of you dagen: to that point i grew up to china to dedicated families families who ran their own small business. we thought about god and family and country of angle day. this has been ignored in this country of the last 30 years. maria: there is the upset and what's going on every single day. stay with us for special coverage. mike murphy, dagen mcdowell, good to see you. let's get to stuart varney right away. >> maria, please give my best wishes to you beyond the birth of his sixth child care it is that right? by the way, you're the only person who could match me child for child. congratulations. thanks a much indeed. the book is in britain said the money is on this campaign. investors love it. stop straight out. good morning, one.


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