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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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an investigation for political reasons and call me does not have the reputation you would hear from agents that work on this case. lou: alex we were hearing the same stuff about. if they trieto do anything to bring political influence. explain something to me then come he creates out of whole cloth an expression called extremely careless. it seems like a very nice contrivance to avoid criminal gross negligence. >> i have to agree with you on that because the term negligent come he could be negligent but it's not criminal. if you get in a car accident you are not going to get arrested. most standards for dui and espionage if you are careless people say you are negligent. so what is extreme carelessness if it's not gross negligence? it's a term picked a guess to avoid a phrase that would otherwise require criminal prosecution. i don't know what it is but that's why he should stand and
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answer questions from the press. it's an important enough investigation for that. lou: i'm going to does for your judgment on that. i couldn't agree with you more. judge alex farrer good to have you. the continuing our coverage of the latest developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. and what may well be regarded by historians as a very dark day in american history. a month-long fbi investigation has concluded that clinton sent or received last abide information on their private e-mail server that she served as secretary of state. she and her staff were cole extremely careless as i was just talking about what the judge in the handling of sensitive and highly classified information and her e-mail, the fbi said, might have been hacked by actors but they did not produce any evidence of that possibility. yet none of them according to the fbi director is enough to bring charges against her.
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>> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the hayling of classified information or judgment is that no prosecutor would take such a case. lou: ami said the fbi investigation found 110 e-mails sent or received containing classified information despite clinton's previous denials saying she never exchanged e-mails that was marked classified. seven of those e-mail chains were classified as top-secret or special access program level. >> there is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have known the unclassified system was no place for that conversation. lou: with that lifted hillary clinton today appeared with president obama to add a campaign event in charlotte north carolina where she made no
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mention whatsoever of the fbi investigation or its exoneration of her. but in a written statement her campaign spokesman said this quote we are pleased that the career officials handling this case have determined that no further action by the department is appropriate. as the secretary said it was a mistake to use your personal e-mail and she would not do it again. we are glad that this matter is now resolved. later donald trump campaign released a statement and it. in part quote the obama administration anointed successor has had an indictment removed from her path and will now be able to glide to the democratic nomination as we move towards november. the question now becomes what is hillary hiding? my guest in the second hour per coverage includes cohost of -- kimberly dull foil lee carter
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republican strategist tony syed and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations senior fellow john bolton and also "fox news" contributor and back with me former pentagon official "fox news" national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. thank you both and let's begin with this. the fbi director today said in part that he was unable and the entire resources of the federal government specifically the ei to determine whether or not hillary clinton's private e-mail server had been hacked i bad actors including nationstates as well as terrorists and cyber hacks. what do you think ambassador? >> well he also said that given the sophistication of some of these foreign actors they would expect to find out whether an attempted hacking had taken place so i don't think that was
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necessarily part of the decision but i think what we saw today was an act of cowardice by fbi director comey. i think his speech this morning was schizophrenic. the first half of it laid out the elements of the offense of the gross negligence in the handling of classified information that justified the indictment and the second half he took it all back. i think he was acting at the prosecutor. i think he feared he rebuffed. there are a lot of considerations that go into it. i think this is a bad day for the protection of american classified information. lou: you from either major jet quickly let's go to rowing north carolina where donald trump is speaking right now about hillary clinton and the fbi directors statement today. >> said the a.g. met with the president before the announcement. how about that? met with president bill clinton.
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how about that deal, right? he is waiting around. oh look the a.g. has come. let me go say hello. 39 minutes, i'm going to talk about the grandkids. i have got to. i hear they are beautiful. i've got two. now i have eight grandchildren and i will tell you i can talk about them and i can say isn't she beautiful? i love the kid i loved it but after a minute i can't go much longer. i want to get to business for you. i want to get to business but he didn't talk about it. he talked about the grandkids and i would say that would take anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute. seriously, am i right? how long can you talk? mr. attorney general i have the most beautiful grandchildren you have ever seen. let me show you a picture. let me show you another picture.
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what do you think? lou: interrupted with the pictures of the grandchildren. donald trump is making a very good point 39 minutes of talking about the grandchildren not entirely plausible. >> it's not only that one meeting that the secretary has, that president clinton had with secretary about secretary clinton so the president had a meeting with the eternal -- attorney general day one in day to the story comes out that secretary clinton if she is elected president is going to keep the attorney general in that office and in day three comes out with this explanation that he is laid out the indictment and by the way we are not going to prosecute. lou: is there any way reasonable person to use comey zone standard instead of a reasonable prosecutor, any reasonable person chosen at random on the street would listen to this
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nonsense and look at the timeline a construct anything other than a possible, plausible rigged results results? what do you think, john? >> no i don't think comey is corrupt. i think he's cowardly. i think -- lou: via the way i that's a form of corruption. to have a person who is innervated and acquiesces, cowardice. it's the same as buying or actions of someone with money or rewards. i find that just as repulsive than any corruption. >> let's. >> let's look at the reason. he was rebuffed on the petraeus investigation. some say humiliated by eric holder because he thought he had a case against petraeus and holder made him bargain it down to a misdemeanor. i think like the shining at the highest hurdle coming to student have an inning to risk the rebuffed.
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again i think the mistake was the fbi -- lou: . >> i'm not justifying it lou. i'm just telling you what i think would come a's mind because i don't think you can make a case that he is corrupt. i've not saying evil would have tried. i don't put it past the clinton's one minute but i don't think that's a mistake that comey made. i think he made a decision based on fear and they think we should hear now from other fbi agents. if they think that he punted on this one, i think we can expect to hear it. lou: you really do? kady, we haven't heard from an fbi agent. there is a missa administration and oath of silence it's called. >> let me tell you lou i have worked with these fbi guys and i've worked with them when i served at the state department
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on a number of counterintelligence matters and ice does the fbi agents regularly in the kit course of their work. these guys are tough and their two things you need to know about them. they hate criminals and they love the united states and if they thought that they were being intimidated or somebody was trying to intimidate for political reasons they would put a lid on it. i think this case has had so few weeks because i think they believe -- i believe many of these guys in the ei today think that they been betrayed by their director. lou: that's an interesting phone phone -- conclusion. kady i thought john was taking a summer also turns out he's an agreement on the issue of the director. if he has betrayed the government, i mean just basic decency here i don't know where you turn.
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i would like kaytee to answer. stephanie taken the oath of office you raise your right hand and you say you are going to defend the constitution of the united states. do you think the attorney general has defended the constitution? i don't think they have and they have betrayed their oath of office and i think they have betrayed the country. lou: john, let's be clear i know more than a few folks who have served in the fpl -- fbi and let's not turn this into indictment of the men and women who make up the fbi. we are talking about the leadership of the institution and i don't know how many frankly in the fbi would be aware the agents themselves of the whole piece which would lead to the results that obviously we have all come to. that is the this man on his face has tortured the reason and
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tortured the facts with to come up up with in a the contrived assessment of extreme carelessness? are you kidding me? who is he? >> its gross negligence there's no doubt about it. this is not over yet. if hillary clinton said she left the state department is still receiving classified briefings that should stop. her security clearance if it still exists should be pulled and she should not receive any classified briefings until she gets sworn in as president if the american people decide that. number two every one of her aides should be judged by the state department whether their security clearances should be pulled and like all the other low-level people who get caught up in security violations they should never get employment again in the position requires access to classified information republicans in congress should insist on that right now. lou: you know republicans in congress have been insisted on
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anything john says that took control of vote the house and the senate. and today paul ryan finally fell in line with donald trump and criticize the fbi director on these very charges. at least he has had the sense to do that. let's see how much sense the leadership of both the house and the senate demonstrates in the ensuing days because what we are watching here is not only a betrayal on the part of the leadership as we have all agreed here, but the fact is there's no accountability. there is no response and there is no reaction and the american people have got to be got sick at that. ambassador thanks so much for being with us and k.t. thanks for being with us. up next fbi director james comey said no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against hillary clinton. we'll ask a former prosecutor about that, none other than kimberly guilfoyle. she joins us here next. stay with us.
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lou: if there was any doubt hillary clinton is working off a script written by the obama administration this next video will put any doubt you have to rest. watch this. clinton today speaking in north carolina at the podium with the seal of the president of the
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united states before her. the president handing over his podium to hillary clinton on the very same day he gave her the use of air force one. joining us now cohost of the five author of the national bestseller making the case former prosecutor kimberly guilfoyle. it's great to have you here. >> my goodness what a spectacular sight and not in a good way lou. when you look at it the audacity of it, she's there like check the box. i am your new potus. lou: and i'm watching this picture and i'm thinking of optics and i'm thinking this is a woman is supposed to be so independent peer she's bringing her husband and she's bringing in the president of the united states. she's turning over the economy to her husband. it's one thing after the other. she seems not independent. she doesn't seem strong so what are the optics here? >> now we have a banana republic
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in the united states because the justice system.turn out today. i work the majority of my life as a prosecutor fighting for justice and making sure that justice is blind and all are treated the same instead what you saw here, they're a different path, different roads and the road that the clintons is no matter how many criminal acts are alleged how bad the fact pattern is the road only leads to exoneration and that's the problem here. he laid out the case today, comey did. he made the case of over 14 minutes and everyone was seeking the recommendation -- lou: i think he was playing with everybody because he made the case that the only logical conclusion was therefore we are bringing charges against a former secretary and instead a pregnant pause and there will be no recommendation of charges. >> where'd you go from there? i can only think and hope that the investigation is not over because the clinton global
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foundation. pay-to-play public corruption. that still someone -- something that no one's been able to answer. there were two different paths but i think what he did was regarding the e-mail you can only hope the other one remains active and the statutes of limitations is going to run on that by the time she is present or trump is president so the case can still be revived. lou: you are prosecutor. what do you make of comey saying that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case given the facts as he presented them today. would you? >> this is crazy because in fact he's the judge. he decides that he made a final determination. he didn't even allow faretta lynch to look at the evidence. he talked about transparency but made the recommendation but they don't eyes publicize it. they thought it was important to do so in this case. he took it off of her shoulders
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off of the debacle with bill clinton and loretta lynch. lou: he is not going to tell his boss the way things are, she will tell him so who has the power to tell him? only one other person and that's a president. see it that's absolutely right about the way it's difficult to schedule the president or there a lot of logistics with the secret service and setting the area and making sure it's appropriate for security reasons so right then he is flying her on air force one with the presidential seal with her at the podium. if you ever thought the fix was in -- lou: how choreographed is this? leiweke -- week ago today where the lynch and former president clinton meeting on the government aircraft for 39 minutes. how correa graft is this that there would be an interview on a 4th of july weekend and no cameras present for her entrance into the justice department. i mean it goes on and on letting
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it be known that she will want loretta lynch to stay attorney general. >> by her husband too. how much more of a fix is in. right away you saw trump sent out to tweets talking about it and tonight in his speech in raleigh north carolina making a big play saying bernie is right about trade and write about essentially the system being raped and hillary is incompetent to be commander of chief. the transgressions that were laid out by director comey are also vision to pull any security clearance for her. rudy giuliani today said not only would this be a case for him to prosecute and in when he was astonished that it didn't go forward and comey used to work for giuliani. he said he would never get approved for background clearance with all the trends questions here. lou: kimberly guilfoyle great to have you here. up next "the new york times" reporting hillary clinton is
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hopefully keeping loretta lynch as attorney general. just hoping she went to november and now what happens as clinton has a favor to return house judiciary member ron desantis joins us next. stay with us.
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lou: let's take a look at hillary clinton's long list of assertions that are e-mails along with the today collapse under the ice cream he buried among those hillary claims she did not e-mail any classified material she said. that the fbi says there were at least 113 classified e-mails. quote and i never received or sent any material marked classified. the fact fbi director comey said today e-mails were marked classified. clinton said she handed over all the e-mails to the fbi. the fbi, thousands of e-mails
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were not handed over. in fact fewer than half for handed over to the clinton, i thought it would be easier to use just one device. fbi director, she used numerous mobile d clinton no evidence of server breach. fbi director, possible actors gained access. joining us congressman ron desantis. he's a member of the house foreign affairs committee as well as the judiciary and oversight committees. congressman is great to see you. let's start with your reaction to the fbi director's conclusion that there is now a new element in the lexicon something called extremely careless as opposed to criminal gross negligence. your thoughts? >> it's baffling because he outlined how she met all the elements of the app which is the gross negligence standard and he called at extreme carelessness but to me that's even worse than
11:29 pm
gross negligence so you have this thing where he's laying out the facts of any said even the facts are met all the elements are met no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. it's truly baffling because we know prosecutors have brought cases and achieve convictions on evidence far more flimsy than this. >> you have been the special prosecutor for some time. what are your thoughts now about that and what is appropriate now? >> i think you is the right thing to do long ago. i don't know at this point with the election coming up whether we'd be able to get it off the ground even if it was allowed but if you look at how the whole thing is played out you have loretta lynch relationship with the clintons from long ago president obama has said multiple times hillary did nothing wrong. judging the case. president obama endorses hillary for president and he was flying to north carolina with her on
11:30 pm
air force one when we didn't supposedly know was going to happen with the investigation so all this just stinks to high heaven. a special prosecutor was the right thing to do. i wish they could still do it but i'm not holding my breath. that let me asking you something is a former military officer. if you or were any military officer had done what she did, but -- but classified material in the clear what would have happened to you? >> you would lose your job. you absolutely would lose your security clearance and never be able to serve in intelligence or sensitive position again and you very likely would face a court-martial. here's the thing comey said she didn't intend to harm the united states. her initial intent was to protect itself herself from foia and congressional oversight so she was so interested in doing that she sets up the server knowing that it could expose this sensitive information and yet she chose to protect her own interest over the nations interest.
11:31 pm
anyone in the military who made that decision would pay serious consequences. lou: congressman ron desantis always ron desantis always good to have you with us. thanks. up next fbi director comey not bringing criminal charges despite finding evidence she was extremely careless. >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. lou: it sounds kind of benign, does not? extremely careless. former prosecutor rebecca rose woodland lyn i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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but one day brian gets snapshot from progressive. now brian has a rate based on his driving, not theirs. get snapshot and see just how much your good driving could save you. the hymn donald trump in raleigh north carolina. they are mocking president obama and hillary clinton on taxpayer dollars. >> why is she campaigning with the plane of the united states and why is he allowed to come down, get on that very, very, very expensive plain? he talks about the carbon footprint, okay? he wants to solve the carbon footprint but he gets on an old boeing 747. lou: joining us now to the best attorneys in the business "fox
11:36 pm
news" with legal analyst and former prosecutor defense attorney rebecca rosewood lynn. great to have you both with us. let's start with call me saying a reasonable prosecutor would bring the case, fire at will. >> i am a third generation federal prosecutor and this really bugs me because my father , my grandfather and i, are you kidding? we would bring this to a grand jury and that's what the fbi agent the federal fbi agent director comey should have done. what he should have done is said i'm not going to say you should charge or you won't. he said i would bring it to you better prosecutor. lou: that would have absolved him of any political.
11:37 pm
>> here's what he said no reasonable prosecutor would do such a case. i talked to my dad i can talk to my grandfather and that's what he would have done, bring it to a grand jury and here's why. he said extremely careless and he said no gross negligence. lou: he made that a whole cloth. it's gross criminal negligence. >> you bring it to a grand jury because that's the way you do it. lou: unless you are -- a jury of peers to make the decision not the fbi director. lou: the only reason he would miss because you want to maintain control whether there are charges or not. can you think of another recent? >> the problem is loretta lynch. >> many people were saying before this it's obvious there's a grand jury and battle here because they are bringing in people. apparently they were not. >> the problem is loretta lynch was painted into a box here. because of that infamous plane
11:38 pm
thing where she had to say now i will do whatever the fbi director said. lou: justice department took that back. they actually said she would be involved in the decision. i mean there is so much ball flying here that it's hard to deal with. >> wait a minute, that's her job to be involved in the decision. that's her job. it's not the up your director's job to prosecute. it's his job to assemble. lou: he just told his boss how it's going to be. >> when i was a prosecutor the fbi agent, any agent would come into me, bring me the facts and here's what i would do. i was the boss. they probably the facts and here's what i would do. accept or decline. that was my job and they would oh my gosh except arctic line. that's my job bring it forward or not.
11:39 pm
>> is there any other explanation for the use of this extremely careless other than to deny the conclusion of assessing all of the evidence that it was criminal gross negligence? he created a fiction. >> he actually created a double negative. here it is but we are not going to prosecute because the statute is so clear. >> again it's not clear. it's not for the fbi to decide. it's up to the prosecutor to decide. >> there are investigators. >> let's go to special agents and let's make that clear. >> they are doing their job. >> they're doing their job. the director, the prosecutor and the justice department have all the information that he had on
11:40 pm
who was ordering him to put on that performance today which he didn't take questions. he laid out a case and then said said --. >> is politically charged. lou: it's politically corrupt absolutely corrupt. >> it's inappropriate for him to draw conclusion. lou: wired being so gentle with your fellow attorney? >> it's appropriate. lou: i don't politicize guys. >> what about the special prosecutor? >> it's too late. it's over. lou: the american people are alternately going to be the ones who decide what she is guilty of and to what degree she should be held accountable and if they want to continue a political dynasty that's one issue. the second part is they want to continue with this kind of corruption in the justice department and i'm not using that term and anyway will i take it back. this is corruption at the highest level in our government and there is no way in the world
11:41 pm
that could be anything but. right, counselor? >> i'm not saying director comey is corrupt. i cannot go that far. i can't say that because he looked at the law. lou: he came up with extremely careless. he came up at the evidence. >> but what is -- it was not his place to do that. overstepped his boundaries. he should have given it to the prosecutor and said here's what it is. lou: a may not be corrupt, he may just be --. >> whatever people want to thank him and not think the facts are clear. she made statements that are absolute lies. lou: which he catalogs. >> he catalogued them very clearly so whatever he said the facts are the facts. she had e-mails that came in on a personal server. she knew very well they were classified.
11:42 pm
there's no question. they weren't tagged properly. she knows what the subject matter is. lou: and now so that the american people. >> lis wiehl and rebecca rose woodland thank you both. up next the fbi director announces no charges. just hours before she appears with president obama on the campaign trail, wow. do you think they were coordinating -- coordinating things? do you think there is corruption involve? lis wiehl doesn't but hillary seems confident about it all. >> i will repeat what i said, that is not going to happen. there's no basis for that i'm looking forward to this being wrapped up as soon as possible. lou: she really is quite a prognosticator. i will take that up with former reagan white house director ed rollins. we will see pete agrees with lis
11:43 pm
wiehl or rebecca rose woodland.
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lou: donald trump is sending clear signals about who he is considering as a running mate. from campaigning in north carolina with tennessee senator bob corker at the chairman of the senate or in relations
11:47 pm
committee over the july 4 holiday weekend. trump met with two other possible choices indiana governor mike pence and senator johnny ernst of iowa. tomorrow trump will be campaigning with are you ready, newt gingrich and ohio. joining me now former reagan white house political director's "fox news" could jupiter add rollins. give me a signal as to who he is going to choose. >> absolute now. i'm not an insider and i'm not sure he knows at this point in time. i think what he is doing is two weeks ago people thought it was either christie or newt. i think he has broadened it to a few other people but it's a comfort thing for him who he is most comfortable with. lou: let's get to this comey debacle today. is it rick? >> as i said to you earlier i was white house personnel and
11:48 pm
the judicial panel and i saw a lot of fbi fbi documents at most but didn't get to see. the fbi never makes her conditions together information to present to you on personnel or prosecutions or anything else. historically they would gather information and give it to the attorney general or her staff to basically make the judgment. i found it interesting that he basically said we are not recommending any action even though there is certainly a question here. we don't think any prosecutor -- rudy giuliani and a lot of other people. the key thing for trump at this point in time is he has to make the case himself. he is to has to basically say all right she wasn't charged with a crime but do you really want a president who is extremely careless about the most sacred documents, allowed our enemies in other countries to basically have total access to them? that is a judgment call. lou: the american people are going to have a judgment now. should comey have given
11:49 pm
ammunition to trump to effectively campaign and give the american people the jury in this one enough evidence to make a decision? >> as a guy who's run campaigns i'm using his word and i could drive from the facts and i could talk about the 30-year history with the clinton size getting away with everything into a certain extent that's a judgment call. should she stepping up to a bigger ricin and is at the kind of person we want sitting in the oval office? lou: why would president obama stepping up on his podium with the seal of the president of the united states flying in air force one? and she is trailing along behind him. she doesn't look like a strong independent woman. >> i have i said and i saw begin today, he is a great campaigner. he's a lousy president but he
11:50 pm
said great campaigner. today he is out there. i think the key thing here is is trump going to take this issue along with jobs and terrorism and drive her character. lou: that is the question we will find out soon in the polls keep tightening. do you expect that to continue? >> i think it's going to be very close race for the think you will come to one or two points. lou: ed rollins who knows more than just about anybody. >> which means i know nothing. lou: aunties modesty. up next paul ryan following donald trump's lead, finally. ryan blasting the fbi decision on hillary clinton after donald trump leads the way. is the speaker falling in line?
11:51 pm
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i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. lou: donald trump north carolina moments again slamming reports that hillary clinton is open to keeping loretta lynch as attorney general. >> and if she wins she is going to consider extending the attorney general. i'm not knocking the attorney
11:55 pm
general. what i'm saying is how can you say that? it's a bribe. lou: joining us now political communications strategist lee carter republican campaign strategist "fox news" contributor tony saeb. i thought that was customarily he was forthright and said it's a bribe. what else could it be, lee? >> i don't know. when you are talking to voters or people this has been a really bad not even just one day but a bad five days for hillary clinton. there's one thing after the other and the only conclusion people can draw something is awry. best-case scenario is bad judgment. worse case something really bad is going on. lou: loretta lynch and her husband showing up a week ago today and then you have got her saying come on i think you'd make a great attorney general and five administration oh yes and let's be sure we interview hillary clinton on the 4th of
11:56 pm
july week and that just happened to be happenstance and on tuesday be sure we have everything schedule so the president hillary clinton can campaign together in north carolina. >> hillary is so gleeful about her testimony to the fbi which by the way was not their headquarters on pennsylvania avenue. it was in the confines of her private home. with no lawyer present on a holiday weekend. reality is all the circumstances from the loretta lynch bill clinton meeting chance encounter the tarmac. lou: let's not forget she's also an attorney attorney. see a correct and among attorneys there's a partial called the appearance of impropriety which has been violated for five times in this matter but today -- lou: is sort of a week of --. >> it was shocking to me because to see barack obama the present of united states walking down air force one steps with hillary clinton the democratic nominee
11:57 pm
on a day that could or should have gone in a way that they weren't already aware of says to me that this whole thing doesn't pass the smell test when you think about it and as much as comey stresses independence clearly there was some coordination on some level with the attorney general potentially than the president. lou: eniko coordination makes it a rigged deal. >> absolutely and hillary clinton should fire anybody that was working on this but the fact that she is coming off air force one at the very same time that comey is making this announcement the optics alone were horrifying it made it seem like she was completely in the pocket see that that's exactly the way she wanted to play it. this is a raw display of power and you can call it corruption. i can call it corruption. they are making a very big statement to the american people. they are saying this is ours and we are keeping it and they are talking about 1600 pennsylvania avenue to the leverage to powered washington d.c. and the republicans are acting like
11:58 pm
tic-tac-toe. it is for all of the power in this country. >> what they are underestimating us as much as comey did make a recommendation for criminal indictment his words indicted her today in a sweeping way. i do think donald trump all focusing clearly on the issues of the economy and terrorism we know the american people cared most about still can use this issue effectively to show that somebody who uses an unprotected system to transact the national security business of the united states, state secrets of united states. lou: trump will have a field day with this but at the same time and you can hear the pain in his voice. i mean he is offended by what he is witnessed in washington d.c. and i think by the way and that he is aligned with the american people. >> absolutely.
11:59 pm
the clinton clause, this is crazy. lou: let me ask you this paul ryan coming out like little boy lost he decided, how did he put it it defies explanation what comey said. finally following in line with donald trump. >> guess who is going to help donald trump the most? republicans who so far been reluctant to rally to his cause and although recent polling donald trump is in the 70s with the republicans anise to get in the high 80s if not the low 90s. this is a clarion call for sure. another raw clinton deal. lou: if paul ryan doesn't stand up what particular part of hell should be reserved in republican circles because they mean enough is enough. >> in republican who does not do their duty to keep this person hillary clinton who is completely lacks judgment and the credibility to be president
12:00 am
not only fails their party that fails their country. let's go lee carter thank you very much and tony sayegh thank you to both of you. we thank you for being with us. hand washing done by health cares in the hospital? >> no. i saw patients killed by medication. >> medical mistakes are at frightening levels. >> medical errors represent the third leading cause of death. >> it can happen to anyone. >> i pick up the phone, and you know, it is that your mom is not breathing. >> i am thinking to myself. i am supposed to it take my


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