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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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thanks, guys. charles: the numbers are great, we appreciate all the input you give us. catch us every night at 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, dvr the show. i'll tweet something later about the market. tom sullivan is in for lou dobbs. keep it here on fox business. >> good evening, everybody. i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. attorney general loretta lynch moments ago making it official saying the case is closed against hillary clinton. lynch says she accepts fbi director james comey's recommendation that no charges be brought against mrs. clinton over her use of a personal e-mail system while she was secretary of state. that development comes as a growing number of republicans are calling for clinton to lose her security clearances for being, as jim comey puts it, extremely careless with classified information. donald trump, in a phone interview saying hillary showed
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horrible judgment and should be punished for it. >> i think that she certainly is not trustworthy. she lies. to give her information that's so vital to the country. how can you possibly do it? her aides are under tremendous suspicion right now, and they're, like her, you look at what's going on with her aides and who the people are that are representing her, i don't see how you could give her confidential and very important information. she's not a trustworthy person. >> there have you it. i'll take that up with our favorite political commentators, former reagan white house political director ed rollins, and matt schlapp and town hall's guy benson. a lot to discuss, including donald trump holding a rally right now in cincinnati. trump blasted the obama administration for seemingly protecting hillary. >> i've always heard that once an e-mail gets out, it's always
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out. you can really never wipe it out. i don't think anybody's looked too hard. when you wipe out 30,000 e-mails, 33,000 actually. between 30 and 33, pick your choice, what else? when you wipe out 30,000 e-mails, 30,000. i've always heard that if you are in litigation and everything else, there is no way of really expunging those e-mails. they're always with you. there are probably a couple of supergeniuses in this room that know exactly how to wipe out 30,000 e-mails. i don't think they looked too hard. does that make sense to anyone? >> that was moments ago. we'll get on rally live. stick around. our top story, fbi director james comey taking heat for criticizing hillary clinton's careless behavior but declining to press charges. that decision earned comey a date with the house oversight
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committee, tomorrow, and he will certainly face questions about how he could read a laundry list of improprieties and let hillary clinton off the hook? fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has our report. >> i would really like to know the difference between carelessness and negligence? because the director frequently referred to intent. that's not in the statute. >> reporter: that's one of the questions the republican chairman of the house government oversight committee will put to fbi director james comey tomorrow about hillary clinton's e-mails and use of a private server. >> i think that goes to the intent, and i want to ask the director, what was the intent? >> reporter: the house and senate judiciary committees want the fbi director to explain how the investigator's findings back up his decision not to recommend criminal charges? in this letter congressman goodlatte asks comey where the investigation is closed?
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senator grassley said the report should be released about the judgment and decision-making of all the senior officials involved. democrats said get over it. >> time to move on. republican attempts to continue political hit job are just that. >> reporter: the nation's spy chief should step in. >> i think the dni clapper should deny hillary clinton access to information during the campaign given to how she so recklessly handled classified information. >> reporter: most employees guilty of similar behavior would be punished. >> those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions, that's not what we're deciding now. >> reporter: by example, a reservist pled guilty to unauthorized removal of classified information and lost security clearance. a bronze star recipient lyle white took home classified documents and received a suspended fine and sentence.
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former cia director john deutch took home classified information and faced misdemeanor charges because like hillary clinton no intent was found. >> to say there is no precedent is no different than saying there is no different to prosecute her. if no one has been charged because of e-mail security issues and e-mail security has only come into the fore in the last few years, should not have been an obstacle in this particular case. >> reporter: the attorney generals loretta lynch was scheduled to testify next week. lynch's meeting last week with bill clinton, hillary clinton's interview saturday and director comey's public announcement three days later, the same day clinton campaigned with the president. tom? >> great information. thank you, catherine herridge. speculation running rampant over who donald trump will choose to be his running mate? trump reportedly gave senator joni ernst of iowa a primetime speaking slot at the republican
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convention and trump appearing at the cincinnati campaign rally with newt gingrich. carl cameron is traveling with trump and has our report. >> reporter: donald trump returns to battleground ohio tonight and former house speaker newt gingrich who's being vetted as a potential running mate will share the stage and spotted with trump in new york this afternoon. >> newt is neut. great guy. tough and smart and fantastic guy. >> reporter: trump had bob corker on stage in north carolina, afterwards, corker said he was not interested in being his running mate and made withdrawal from consideration public. >> as you know bob was with me yesterday and told me everything he would like to do, and bob is a terrific guy, it's an honor. >> reporter: trump continues to consider joni ernst, expressed interest in remaining as a senator.
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not trump's number two on the ticket. others considered are chris christie, mike pence and senator jeff sessions. he wants an experienced politician. >> i like the generals, i like the concept of the generals, thinking about two of them under consideration. we were looking to go motor political route. >> reporter: the presumed republican nominee praised toppled iraqi dictator saddam hussein's brutality. >> but you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan rejected trump's praise of the dead iraqi dictator. >> he was one of the 20th century's evil people. he was up there, committed mass genocide using chemical weapons. >> reporter: with the fbi refusing to recommend charges against clinton, trump and the right have a rallying cry that the legal system is rigged. he slammed clinton for a
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newspaper report suggesting that clinton might keep loretta lynch if she's elected president. >> how can you say that? it's a bribe! >> reporter: trump and the republican party have raised more than 50 million dollars since the last week of may and june, more than any other similar period to date. still not as much as the clinton campaign which raised in june almost 70 million dollars. we won't know for sure until disclosure forms are made public after the 15th of this month. >> donald trump is holding a rally in cincinnati. he's at the convention center. let's listen in for a while. >> speech was yesterday. that's how bad. you know, if it were bad, folks, these guys, they don't care about polls, they don't care about one thing. they only care about ratings, ratings! so i made a speech last night that some of the folks gave an a to. some gave an a+ to.
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when i saw cbs this morning, said, he had a chance to really go after hillary clinton. oh, what i did to her. but you know after a while, we have to talk about other things. okay. here's the story. we're going to make america great again. [cheers] we're going to make america great. we're going to take our country back, for everybody, not for us, not for this room. not for this room, not for the overflow room. not for the people outside. we're going to take our country back for everyone. take it back for african-american youth who have a 59% unemployment rate. by the way. take it back for african-american youth who have a 59% unemployment rate and have no chance. they have no chance in our society. you know who i just spoke to? big don king. big don king.
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i said, don, i'd love you to speak at convention because you know what? you beat the system. and he's a friend of mine. big don. greatest boxing promoter of all-time. in fact, somebody said, and mike tyson endorsed me, as you know, and don king endorsed me. you know what he did? he owns a newspaper. he endorsed donald trump for president and bernie sanders for vice president. how do you like that? bernie sanders for vice president. i said that's a new one. big don king. [chanting] >> wow. i like that, too. we like newt. and i tell you why. [cheers and applause] newt has been my friend for a
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long time, and i'm not saying anything, and i'm not telling even newt anything but i can tell you, in one form or another, newt gingrich is going to be involved with our government. that i can tell you. okay? [cheers] he's going to be involved. he's smart. he's tough. he gets it and he says i'm the biggest thing he's seen in the history of politics. [cheers] newt's going to be involved if i get approval from his wife. that may be tough, but that's okay. and, you know, i have somebody else very special here. i have wonderful children, and you know, i'm lucky they are smart, they were born smart, god was good, and they went to great schools and they did well, and they're in business and they do well and they feel so strongly about what i'm doing. they don't even like it in
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terms of doing it themselves. they love what they're doing, and my one boy is here. eric trump. eric. [cheers] and i'm very proud of eric. >> we're listening to donald trump and just making news there by saying newt is going to be involved somehow with them. so he's not giving away his veep pick yet but newt will be involved. little news from the rally in cincinnati. we'll keep monitoring that for and you bring you new developments that coom come along. we'll be right back with much more, stay with us. >> donald trump has had enough of the clinton's corruption all at expense of the working men and women in this country. >> and we've got hillary clinton who's weak, who's ineffective. she'll never be able to do the job. the last thing we need is an obama clinton in the white house.
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>> we'll take up trump's new line of attack with kristen soeltis anderson and matt schlapp here next. and this predator will show you how gills go beyond the water. we'll show you what happens next. we're coming right back. after these quick messages. e
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. tom: donald trump dramatically stepping up fund-raising efforts, the presumptive republican nominee announcing he raised a total of 51 million dollars along with the rnc since the end of may. that marks a sharp increase since he first kicked off his efforts. good for him. trump trails hillary clinton, clinton and the dnc, boy, they raised nearly 70 million dollars just last month. joining me washington examiner columnist and author of the selfie vote, kristen soltis anderson and chairman of the conservative union matt schlapp. did you hear him talking in cincinnati, kristen, about don king? maybe don king will be his vice presidential pick, wouldn't be that crazy? >> you know, donald trump is surely going to put on a very interesting show in cleveland. it's going to be unpredictable, going to be wild, going to be nothing like any political
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convention we've seen. the conventional wisdom is this could be good, probably draw a lot of eyeballs. part of the speech we've been watching rather than focusing on hillary clinton and about an hour ago, the justice department said they're not going to charge her. that ought to be something he's talking about, that and testing out vp choices. he's sidetracked. talking about the star of david tweet again. he needs to get back to talking about specific issues and vetting through the names, making the potential vp's more confident he can be a candidate that can win. tom: he brought up the fact he heard the "today" show was talking about the fact he should have been tougher on hillary clinton. when i saw the first part of this cincinnati speech, matt he was going after it. he was going point by point by point down the fbi talk points, if you will. he did hear he should do that. he did it tonight.
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>> that's right, if he picks don king, they're going to be the hair pair. and i think that i do disagree with kristen. i think republican conventions over the last couple of cycles are almost unwatchable. they are vanilla. they're void of anything interesting, and if donald trump adds some passion and some interest and there's more like realtime things erupting on the floor. i'm all for it. and i think donald trump is hitting home the fact that hillary clinton is as corrupt a politician as we've seen in our modern politics and what happened over the last couple days stinks, it smells, disgraceful, and i think he has to prosecute that case to win. i think if he prosecutes that case well with political rhetoric, he can win this race. tom: the question, kristen, is -- can the republicans overplay their hand? they have the director of the
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fbi, james comey. next tuesday, the attorney general loretta lynch is before the committee. are they going to keep this out in front of the people? it's july, people aren't paying that much attention, but is this the tactic they this follow? >> this ties into a much broader native about the problems that hillary clinton has and why she's unfit to be president of the united states. one it's the fact that it shows people who are wealthy elites in the political class in america can behave seemingly however they want and be above the law, rather than just having to focus on one specific story or consistently talk about benghazi or the e-mail scandal, this feeds into a broader narrative that hillary clinton and the clintons for decades have been considered, they are above the law somehow. so i'm going to disagree with matt. yes, the first five or ten minutes of the speech have been focused on the toing.
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twice as long going after chuck todd, i wish he was spending 60 or more minutes talking about how in america, people who are elite and at the top of the system aren't held to the same standard and he as president would want to change that. tom: we'll hear a lot more from him soon. not only tonight but the convention is coming quickly. matt schlapp and kristen soltis anderson, thank you for joining us. >> thanks. >> you bet. vote in tonight's poll -- you can cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs, and reminder to follow lou -- links to everything found at, there's all the addresses to get ahold of lou. a group of young fishermen
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. tom: fox news correspondent jennifer griffin reporting that the sanders campaign is in talks for a possible endorsement of hillary clinton as early as next tuesday. they're supposed to meet in new hampshire. trump last night sympathized with sanders following fbi
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director james comey's decision not to recommend charges against clinton. >> who's the most angry about this? i think the one with the most to lose is bernie sanders. because honestly, he was waiting for the fbi primary, and guess what? he just lost today the fbi primary. bernie sanders talked about bad, bad judgment but he's not happy tonight, folks, it looks like it's over for bernie. you know what? i have a feeling they're going to have a lot of people marching on philadelphia. let's see what happens. tom: joining me former white house political director, great america pac strategist and fox news contributor, ed rollins, donald is being friendly about bernie sanders. >> get some of the votes, one out of four, one out of five are coming across, most of them go back home. they're democrats. >> i know you follow them, you're the republican side of
7:28 pm
the aisle, but one out of four will come over, that's important, but what happens to the three out of four? where do they go? do they stay home or vote for hillary? >> most of them come back into the party. she's got to make inroads into the community. she's got to pay attention to them. tom: she was talking about free college today. she's adopting more of his -- >> more of his ideology. democrats are going to do anything to beat trump as bernie sanders said and republicans do just about anything to beat hillary. polarized, in essence. tom: next tuesday, they're going to have the hearings in washington. are the republicans overplaying their hand? you give people rope and let them hang themselves. that's the old saying goes, or just trying to keep the drum beatingo people know all about it. >> people know all about it as it is now. yesterday should have been the end phase and beginning of a substantial campaign.
7:29 pm
trump has the obligation to make his case against hillary. there is evidence she didn't take care of the national security stuff. he's going to win portraying himself as a stronger leader, fix the economy and stand up to terrorism. those are the two things the country cares about. tom: they're still both very unpopular. how do you break your candidate out from that big unpopular vote? >> you may not because particularly with the campaigns today, nothing but negative advertising. between now and november 7th, you're going to see millions and millions spent on tearing each other apart. what i think i'm going to do with the pac i'm involved with, talk about positive things trump can do with the country and the direction the country needs to go, and i think those will have impact. tom: talking about the money, she's been raising a lot of money for a long time. she has more. >> she has more.
7:30 pm
the democrats have built on the obama team, which is a very strong team. on our side, the bush team foreverf the ultimate for the last 25 years was the money machine. romney inherited a lot of that. bush in this one. for trump to get some of that money, on a better start fund-raising with direct mail and the internet stuff, but to get the big donors in, he's going to solicit them and that's a challenge. tom: you talked about the democrats coming home, are the republican donors going to come home? >> most of them tell me they're going to vote for him. they were told early on, i'm a rich guy, i can afford my own thing. now i think he realizes how much it's going to cost and fulfill his campaign. some reluctantly have come around, some may not have come around. he will have sufficient money, he's starting on a path. we'll have enough money to m his case. he's made his case effectively
7:31 pm
as we sit watching him make an hour of speeches. can he continue do that, if fox lets him do that, fine. if not, you got respond to the commercials she will have from one end of the country the other. tom: always good information, ed rollins, good to see you. >> bye-bye. tom: we're coming back with much, much more. stay with us. donald trump campaigning with newt gingrich in cincinnati, who will join trump on stage at the convention in two weeks? >> folks, we're going to start winning again. we're going to win so much because we're going to make america great again. tom: trump says he has ten people on his short list for a running mate. we'll discuss that and a lot more with guy benson and kristen tate here next. and the signs for this driver indicate a very bad day is on the way. we'll show you what happens next in this series of unfortunate events. lot more straight ahead. we'll be right back.
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7:36 pm
>> she also used numerous mobile devices to send and to read e-mail on that personal domain. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. >> 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information. >> there were no security breaches. >> we do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom secretary clinton was in regular contact from her personal account. tom: joining me now, political editor and fox news contributor guy benson, joined by conservative columnist and author of government gone wild, kristen tate. start with you, guy, that was a pretty effective ad and i was glad to see they were ready to go. that was the criticism that maybe where was the trump campaign with that kind of ad?
7:37 pm
>> let a thousand ads bloom from that statement, from director comey because hillary clinton has been flat-out lying to the american people, to congress, to the media, for the better part of a year and a half at this point. every single assertion that she has made about her e-mail scheme has now been just once and for all dismantled by the fbi, and putting her assertions juxtaposed against his who's an impartial actor, stating facts, i think is very, very effective and underscores how deeply, deeply dishonest she has been throughout this process, on an issue that matters beyond just her own personal honesty and pertains to our national security. tom: it kind of solidifies the reputation she has anyway, but kristen, i've been asking some of the guests about the fact whether or not the republicans might overplay their hand with having all the hearings, but at
7:38 pm
the same time, there's a lot of people i talk to today that said maybe it's good that she wasn't indicted because the court of public opinion is absolutely slashing her tonight. >> oh, absolutely. look, everyone knows she blatantly lied, she couldn't care about the law, could care less about national security and voters are starting to wake up to that. republicans and democrats know who they're voting for, this selection going to come down to independents and bernie supporters. my friends are millennials, most are or were rabid bernie supporters. they were starting to warm up to hillary clinton, but yesterday really proved that the system is rigged and my friends who were starting to warm up to hillary clinton are really angry. they realize bernie never had a chance, they realize hillary will say and do anything to get elected and it's become clear that she's just part of the elite, and she's above the law, and will never get trouble for this.
7:39 pm
tom: the other thing, guy, is the timing and the coordination of all of this. amazing where bill clinton was on the plane with loretta lynch and over the weekend, saturday, 3 1/2-hour interview. then off to charlotte, they go on air force one together. giving a speech with the presidential seal in front of her, and now going to meet with bernie on tuesday, apparently. she's playing like she's got the homecourt advantage. >> well, whether or not you want to believe that the fix was in from the beginning, directed from on high. i'm not sure i buy that. i think comey has more integrity than that. it doesn't take a weird whacko spear theorists and say hold owhat's going on here? that meeting between lynch and bill clinton was completely indefensible, and then you have that is the attorney general of the united states, then the fbi
7:40 pm
director a few days later announces after ten minutes, which sounded like a devastating indictment, and saying that by the way, we're not going to recommend a prosecution, and just hours after that, the president of the united states, the boss of loretta lynch is campaigning with the woman who got off the hook for what other people were prosecuted for. the other thing, by the way, they didn't prove intent. well, a, that's not how the law is written. you don't have to prove intent for gross negligence, that's point one. point two is in what way can we not prove intent here? this was not an unintentionally set up e-mail system. she intentionally went about the process from the beginning to circumvent the official processes. the general report came in and said she didn't have permission to do so and that was misconduct. there was intent here, clearly. tom: pretty incredible. kristen with the last word
7:41 pm
because the optics are she's going to have all of this team around her that's going to make her look very good. worried? >> this is a great opportunity for the gop to take a stand. they should be moving forward with impeachment proceedings against loretta lynch, but probably won't. the gop has become a paper tiger. this is too little too late from the gop, but trump has proven that he is the only true fighter in the republican party, he's got to call hillary out for the e-mail scandals, call out fbi, call out loretta lynch, i think he can scoop up the independent voters and bernie sanders supporters in the wake of all this. tom: guy and kristen, very good to see you. >> thank you. tom: be sure to vote in tonight's poll, the question is -- . roll the video, watch as one man crashes into a stop
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sign only to have the sign promptly exact revenge. sign, oh, man, tried to dislodge from beneath the car, snaps up, hits him between the legs. ouch! i got to take a break. up next, fbi director james comey and attorney general loretta lynch put credibility into question. both will testify before congress as the american people demand accountability. we take up the highly politicized justice department with former d.o.j. official christian adams, coming up next.
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. tom: donald trump just wrapping it up in cincinnati, and the big news, he said newt gingrich would be in his administration. also, donald trump touting that the 51 million dollars raised since the end of may is a much bigger number than previous month, and he hit hillary clinton point by point on her e-mail scandal. lot of people worried was he going to do that? he did it. donald trump earlier today railing against the fbi's, quote, rigged decision concerning hillary clinton. he spoke today on the real story. >> the system is totally rigged and she should have been treated very harshly, like general petraeus, and many
7:47 pm
more, not just general petraeus, he was treated very tough. general petraeus did nothing compared to her. you look at what she did and what they did and she was so much worse the abuser of the system. tom: joining me christian adams, former u.s. department of justice attorney who served under both presidents bush and obama and the author of injustice, exposing the racial agenda of the obama justice department. i'm so glad you're on the program tonight. i would love for you to clear up -- you explain the law in english, which i like about you. this intent, and james comey says we couldn't prove intent, and yet i've been told by judge napolitano and others saying intent doesn't matter, if you mishandle the secret document, doesn't matter whether you meant to or not. which is it? >> it's gross negligence, some ways that's a whole different ball game of trying to prove negligence, gross negligence.
7:48 pm
can be harder in some ways and easier than others. you can be sure they put up lots of evidence they weren't grossly negligence, and you can be sure they show they weren't gross grossly negligent. obviously, people disagree with me. tom: no reasonable prosecutor, there's a lot of reasonable prosecutors, that go yes, i would. if you think about it, you deal with the court of law, but we're talking about the court of public opinion now, and were you surprised by director comey coming out and saying i'm not charging her, but let me tell you all the terrible stuff that she did. and a lot of attorneys that are pro-hillary lawyers say that was out of line, do you agree? >> they might have a point in a perverse way. not normally how things work between the fbi and the justice department. normally the recommendations are private. normally they don't take place a couple of days after a
7:49 pm
questionable tarmac summit between president clinton and the attorney general. you know, this has become a political justice department. they bring flimsy cases against people like virginia governor bob mcdonnell. they don't care if it might not ultimately succeed and don't prosecute people like lois lerner for irs abuses or hillary. politics trumps law when it comes to the justice department. tom: the attorney general is supposed to be separate but the attorney general serves at the pleasure of the president. on the president's cabinet, how can you separate the politics from the department of justice? >> well, ultimately you can't, but there are certain standards you should abide by, and this attorney general, this justice department has been punished repeatedly by federal judges. in new orleans, in texas, and frankly been ordered to undergo ethics training because of the
7:50 pm
gross misconduct by lawyers up and down the chain of command at the d.o.j. by attorneys over the last few years. and you have them stopping questions from being asked by the fbi during the interviews. they were in league with hillary's lawyers to prevent certain lines of questioning. clearly, the d.o.j. process cannot be trusted, and perhaps the fbi raised the white flag and said we're not going to fight this fight. tom: i think back to the court of public opinion, the public has the feeling that they don't trust the d.o.j., they don't trust government. that's the problem, it's completely ruining trust in the government. christian adams, great to get your take on things, thank you for joining us. >> no problem. tom: you bet. stocks closed higher, the dow gang 78 points. the s&p up 11. nasdaq up 36 points, and the volume, 3.9 billion shares traded on the big board.
7:51 pm
reminder listen to lou's financial report three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, matt damon made a fortune playing trained assassin jason bourne and demanding american gun owners have guns confiscated, yes, by the government. >> you guys did it here in one fell swoop, and i wish that could happen in my country. we cannot talk about it sensibly. we just can't. it gets -- people get so emotional that even when you make a suggestion about keeping people -- not selling ak-47's to people on terror watch lists, that's like a non-starter. tom: can you imagine being confiscated? emotional about confiscated guns. we take up hollywood's hypocrisy with andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky next. 're cov"
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tom: 92% of you say the obama administration is the most corrupt in american history. joining me now, co-host of red eye, andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky. this matt damon piece about i'm against guns. he was in australia talking
7:56 pm
about the fact that they had a gun canadian fist case law in the 90s. the problem is the way i read it, it did not change the number of deaths or murders. but he wants guns confiscated. >> it's strange to me because he was there promoting the latest of the jason bourne films. in all of the movie posters except this one, a gun is there in every poster. it's being advertised as a film with guns in it. so it doesn't seem very -- i don't know, in line with this thinking. >> those are highly trained government operatives. so it's okay for them to have guns. i think that's what's going on here. there is hollywood hypocrisy. it's not because hollywood makes
7:57 pm
movies with a lot of guns in them. but hollywood makes movies where they make guns look sexy. when you are doing that, i don't think you have any right to go out there and tell people guns are bad because you make them look cool. >> you can say i'm not going to do any guns. it's a point where you can all the movies you wanted. >> movies with a lot of guns pay a lot of money. tom: dolly parton is in the news. she said she thought a woman would do a good job as president. she says i try not to get political. but if i do, i could run myself and i have got the hair for it,
7:58 pm
and they could always use more boobs in the race. >> good for her. she said i'm not endorsing hillary. a lot of celebrities have been. i think you immediately alienate those fans of yours who disagree. and she doesn't want to do that. tom: isn't that why she walked back her statement and clarified she wasn't endorsing hillary? i'm guessing a country music singer might have a substantial fan base that is not a fan of hillary. tom: nashville i think is probably more conservative. the cub scouts -- >> i was not a cub scout. >> i wish when i was a cub scout that the hooters club was around. there is a hooters club in
7:59 pm
denver that sponsored a cub scout event. >> it's a restaurant. it's a myself place to dine. it's the most delicious questioncasequesadilla i have ha restaurant. >> my favorite part of the story is parents were outrained. moms might have been outraged, but dads were not outraged. reporter: the problem with children's events when there is little league baseball. the kids always have a good time if it weren't for the pesky parent. >> these kids have i'm sure seen a lot worse on social media and tv. depend on your point of view, andy.
8:00 pm
tom: thank you both have much. that's it for us. thanks for joining us. congressman mark meadows is among our guests tomorrow night. in the meantime good night from new york. thanks for joining us. kennedy: happy hump day. are you struggling with insomnia or a feeling of apathy. you are not sick, you are depressed. as f.b.i. director james comey dismantled hillary clinton's defense of her private server, she still gets to keep her head. it was nice for a moment to think


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