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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 7, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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major conversation in this country, put it all on the table. and it could start with the white house. i want to thank you for watching. we had some great guys ready to go but don't worry, to me sullivan is in for lou dobbs and he's going to take it from here. thanks for watching. >> and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs and house republicans tonight calling for another fbi investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. this time they want to know whether mrs. clinton lied under oath when she testified that she didn't send or receive classified information over her private e-mail server. house oversight committee chairman jason said, well, he seemed stunned to learn that the fbi did not take into consideration hillary's statements speaking to congress when investigating her handling of e-mails. >> did hillary clinton lie? to the fbi? we have no basis to conclude
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she lied to the fbi. >> did she lie to the public? >> that's a question -- i can speak of what she said to the fbi. >> did she -- did hillary clinton lie under oath? >> not to the fbi. not in a case we were working. >> did the fbi investigate her statements under oath on this topic? >> not to my knowledge. i don't think there's been a referral from congress. >> do you need a referral from congress to investigate her statements under oath? >> sure do. >> you'll have one. you'll have one in the next few hours. >> kind of an interesting moment there. comey was on the hill to defend his recommendation not to prosecute hillary clinton for improperly handling classified information throughout nearly five hours of testimony, jim comey reiterated that no prosecutor would bring charges against clinton. but comey also admitted that many of clinton's claims about her e-mail scandal were false.
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>> secretary clinton said she used just one device. was that true? >> she used multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state. >> secretary clinton said all work related e-mails would return to the state department. was that true? >> no. we found work related e-mails, thousands that were not returned. >> well, we're going to have a full report on the hearing. and i'll take you -- the political fallout with house oversight committee member congressman mark meadows. also radio talk show host laura ingram. still a lot to discuss tonight, including a big day for donald trump who spent the day patching things up with former rivals. the presumptive republican nominee met separately with house and senate republicans and apparently he made a lot of progress uniting the party. former rival ted cruz told reporters he had a positive and productive meeting with donald trump. republican convention and cruz
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accepted. and house speaker paul ryan was uncharacteristickistically removes in phrasing trump today. >> i think we had a great meeting with our presumptive nominee. i think our members enjoyed it. this was the first time just about every one of our members had the chance to meet and engage with donald trump. so i thought it was great that he came. i'm glad he accepted our invitation. and we had a very good exchange on just lots of ideas and lots of policy issues, so i thought it was a very good meeting, and it's very clear he is working on putting together a strong general election campaign. >> some of our favorite politicals are here. the washington times charlie hurt and radio talk show host ebony williams and mike gallagher. breaking news. the state department is reopening, that's what paul ryan was talking about, an internal investigation of possible miss handling of classified information by hillary clinton and top aids. spokesman john says the e-mails probe restarting now that the justice department is not pursuing a criminal
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prosecution. state department suspended his review in april to avoid interfering with the fbi's inquiry. and as for the fbi director, he's on the hill defending his decision not to prosecute clinton as republicans built the case that clinton repeatedly lied to the public. fox news corresponded catherine herridge has our report. >> house republicans told fbi director james comey today that they believe hillary clinton lied under oath during her 2015 testimony of her e-mail practices and they're formally requesting that the fbi director investigate. >> lying under oath is a crime, is it not? >> yes. that's considered perjury; right? >> it's a felony. i forget the fact -- potentially years in prison. >> the nearly five hour emergency hearing before the house government oversight committee divided along political lines. >> all right. seems to a lot of us that the average joe, the average american -- if they had done what you laid
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out in your statement that they would be in handcuffs. >> some republicans who were phrasing just days ago for your independence, for your integrity, and your honesty instantly turned against you. >> pressed by republicans, the fbi director who appeared willingly discredited clinton's public claims. >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified material to any on my e-mail. there is no classified material. is that true? >> there was classified material e-mailed. >> while clarifying his decision tuesday not to recommend criminal charges, the director did say his agents would face efficient similar actions. >> and that person miss handling the most sensitive information that this government can collect is not fair, it's not fair to punish someone who did that? >> not on these facts. it would be fair that person worked for me, it would be fair to have a robust disciplinary proceeding, it's not fair to prosecute the person on these facts. >> described the hearing as bias and full to the brim with political attacks. >> republicans have turned on
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you with a vengeance. your accusations are completely off base. utterly offense. >> comey came back to the same positions. >> certainly she should have known not to send classified information. as i said, that's the definition of negligent. i think she was extremely careless, i think she was negligent. that, i could establish. what we can't establish is she acted with the necessary criminal intent. >> and even though his boss met with bill clinton a week earlier, comey said there was no influence. >> look me in the eye and listen to what i'm about to say. i did not coordinate that with anyone. >> a former covert cia officer turned emotional over what it would take to violate the law. >> what does it take for someone to misuse classified information and get in trouble for it? >> that's just not fair. that would be treating somebody differently because their celebrity status. >> at times there seems to be exacerbation for director's answers.
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>> did hillary clinton do anything wrong. >> what do you mean by wrong? >> i think it's self-evident. >> the director confirmed three and a half hour fbi interview saturday was not under oath and that her e-mail system was less secure than a free public account. >> are you implying in that statement that the private e-mail servers of secretary clintons were perhaps less secure than a gmail account? >> yes. >> as fox first reported some of the e-mails were marked classified. comey remained steadfast that the evidence did not merit criminal charges and the public will soon have its say. >> the next president of the united states, the exact same thing on the day he or she is sworn into office, there would be no criminal charges -- >> not for the fbi to answer. we should aspire to be apolitical. >> the fbi director said none of clinton's aides would face criminal charges. asked about the on going investigations into the clinton foundation, the fbi director would not comment. tom. >> kathryn, thank you in dc.
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joining me now laura ingram manager in chief and host of the one of the nation's most popular radio programs. she's also a fox news contributor, laura, thank you fop joining us. what was your assessment of james comey's testimony today? >> i wasn't all that surprised by anything he said. he -- in a statement the nonindictment indictment the other day, he essentially said hillary clinton lied, and he repeated that today. and he repeated his same, you know, claptrap of about how you need a -- a specific intent to violate these various statutes, which is just untrue. you do not need the type of intent that is apparently reaching for in order to pursue reasonable prosecution against hillary clinton. there's a false statements act, which is 18usc1001 and clearly violated that because she went before congress and lied today as we heard on
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multiple occasions whether it was the number of devices she had or turned over all the work-related documents, classified information, so on multiple occasions, after she testified before congress during her testimony, she told untrues. she had to know that she didn't use just one e-mail. she had to know that. now, why she was concealing it? you know, maybe we'll never know the full story. but we do know now that hillary clinton cannot be trusted with sensitive government information. and she says trump have those judgment to be commander-in-chief? i don't know, tom, what foreign government or low level intel officer would ever trust any communication to hillary clinton after this? why would anyone trust any -- even a personal communication? i wouldn't trust her as far as i could throw her. >> i don't know how she's going to be able to use that irresponsible comment against donald trump. because, again, this is -- this is a silver lining around that cloud, though, laura because on one hand if she was
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indicted, the democrats would all be saying, oh, it's a republican witch hunt and republican and everting but day after day with all of these accusations what a bad character she is. >> i don't know how that ultimately plays out. i think the most people it's summertime, probably hearing bits and pieces of all of this, maybe not putting it all together. but we do know this. for a woman who's been in washington and public life for decades, for her to claim in any way, shape, or form that she didn't know that this was all not kosher to do, that in and of itself is disquantifying for the presidency. if you're that stupid, which we know she is not, you shouldn't be president. and if that you did knowingly, which i can't imagine any reasonable person wouldn't think she knew what she was saying and doing was not right, which is why one of her
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staffers told another staffer don't ever talk to her again about the private server. remember that came out a few months ago. either option is bad. either option is disquantifying for the presidency in my view. >> what did you make of the question to james comey about have you looked into the clinton foundation? he says i can't discuss that. what did you make of his nonanswer? >> the fbi not to talk about on going investigations. i don't know how much to read into that. may or may not be looking into the clinton foundation. i always clinton foundation. e-mail intrigue anyway. but we don't know. but we do know that a lot of big donors for the clinton foundation end up having close relationships or business dealings before the u.s. government as well. >> no question. >> we know that for a fact like the russian uranium deal where they got 20% of uranium interest in the united states
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after having donated to the clinton foundation. some of the top 20 people. we know that already. was there any e-mails regarding any clinton foundation matter among those 33,000 that were destroyed? >> we won't know. >> no. exactly. >> laura, always good to see you. thank you very much. right back so stay with us. >> donald trump today meeting with 200 republicans in congress. a big show of unity ahead of the republican national convention, the trump train's moving forward but the donald says there's still one pest to get rid of. >> i don't like those mosquitoes. i never did. okay. speaking of mosquitoes. hello, hillary, how are you doing? will party unity squash the obama administration's hope for a third term with clinton? ebony williams and mike gallagher join me here next. and this champion hand glider's acrobatic fight is about to take a turn for the worst. and fast.
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we'll show you the heart-stopping moment next. stay with us. a lot more coming up after these messages. we'll be right back
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. tom: donald trump today meeting with republicans on capitol hill, including more than 200 house republicans who
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say the presumptive nominee called for party unity. >> what you saw today was donald trump the next president of the united states supercharged the republican conference. >> i can tell you this is a breath of fresh air that i saw here today. this is a businessman who brings the outside to the inner beltway. and this is exactly what we need. >> i think if you had a real sense of unity there today, i think it was a very positive meeting and coming out of this today going into the convention, we've got a wave moving forward. >> is something wrong with my hearing? did i hear that right? what's going on here now, joining me radio talk show host ebony williams and gallagher, ebony, did you hear what i heard? >> i think you heard what i heard, tom. there's nothing to discuss from the other side to sound like the best bonding agent in the world. >> love is in the air. >> love is in the air because
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my hate for you is so much stronger than my -- you know, policy disagreements if you will with -- tom: this was a love fest today. we're close to the convention. i guess it's not a surprise, though, that they would come home, tom? >> pragmatism is finally perhaps settling in. i had the chance to interview chairman rhinoceros before this meeting, not only was he ecstatic but he was alsoeningy for those saying -- tom: dump trump. >> he says we're going to win with or without him. and it was a pretty spirited exchange on the part of the rnc chairman who said you know what? leave or get out of the way. >> barbara cork rin, shark tank, real estate lady in new york, she said she and donald trump came up in real estate together, and she's really smart and good, she
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says she's never met a better salesman than donald trump, and it sounds like that's what he was doing today. selling the -- himself. >> well, he needs barbara on the stump him quite frankly. seriously because she would be very helpful with him and women. yeah, he says he's the king of the deal making process. this is his opportunity because this is very akin to what he would have to be doing if indeed he makes it to the white house and has to cross that out and sell legislation and policy and all of this type of camaraderie. >> you do hear this a lot that there's a public persona and a private side that is engaged and smart and funny and really well put together. so i mean -- tom: we've heard that for years, though. >> they said about they're not that one-on-one engage, she's got a sense of humor, all of this stuff from the outside looking in, i know i don't see. but that's what they say and her has i've met her. she is very, very -- she's one of those like her husband, you're the only one in the room. tom: well, look, they used to talk about actor bob doll got
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killed by bill clinton in '96. they said where -- bob doll, he came out, he was cracking jokes, being funny, and where was that guy during the campaign? >> they also said that during al gore, this is the guy who should have won this thing fair and square. so it's amazing how a lot of these candidates have the dual personas. >> this is a guy who may be a little bit boisterous, but he's our guy. we have to support him. tom: there's nothing more grammatically different than -- >> yeah, authentic. that's what hillary will have to see if she can make ground here that she didn't in 2008. that likability thing, that authenticity thing, that is not to be taken lightly. >> the hearing today with james comey, who did it fire up? because the democrats are probably saying, oh, those evil republicans. republicans are looking going this is good stuff. which base is fired up by this? >> i've argued all week that this has been a political home
7:21 pm
run for trump. i mean frankly if she had gotten charged and maybe had to step down, and you've got joe biden comes in with none of the badge she has, that could have been a tougher mountain. trump goose capitalize on this and pound away at this from now until november. >> i agree. i think the republicans shouldn't look at the fact that she wasn't criminally indicted. they should look at all the gifts james comey did give. a basket full of nice one liners. tom: i almost feel like he's kind of going, hey, pay attention to what i'm saying. >> yeah. like, hello she's really, really careless. she's awful. >> i don't know also ages, fbi director declaring presidential candidate was extremely careless with classified material. >> and she is not acting as a reasonable person, let alone a reasonable person who was secretary of state. that's gold. that really is. tom: ebony williams and mike gallagher. >> thanks, tom. tom: two gold right there. >> thank you. tom: thank you, both. well, be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question is do you believe
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hillary clinton should face felony perjury charges? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs and follow lou on twitter, he's on everything. everywhere. facebook, instagram, lou dobbs tonight is the link, links to everything. you can just go to well, this is a daredevil's worst fear. watch as this world champion hang glider suffers a near fatal accident while whipping through the air at top speed above a lake in norway, the hang glider suddenly bubbling, uh-oh, and he immediately begins a free fall through the air. he suffered only minor injuries. up next confirming hillary clinton lied to the american people about her e-mails. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails either sent nor received, was that true? >> that's not true. there were a small number of portion markings on i think
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. tom: fbi director james comey facing scathing criticism today over his recommendation not to prosecute hillary clinton. texas congressman will herd, a former undercover officer with the cia, he focused on the top secret e-mails. >> so the former secretary of state, one of the president's most important advisors on foreign policy and national security had a server in her basement that had information that was collected from our most sensitive assets, and it was not protected by anyone and that's not a crime? that's outrageous. . tom: well, joining us now washington times columnist fox news contributor charlie herd
7:28 pm
and, charlie, there's -- where do you weigh in on this? because on one hand people were going, you know, maybe it was better that she wasn't indicted because james comey is, you know, giving a filet job here. but how do you weigh in on what you would have liked to have seen? >> i've got it tell you, tom, politically speaking this could not have played out better for donald trump and republicans. because -- and i think director comey probably makes his -- the best argument that he made today is that, look, essentially this is -- we're going to put this up to the voters. we're in the middle of an election, this is the nominee of a major party. we're going to put this up to voters, and he's kicking it out to them. and then he goes on to say that, yes, she was reckless with her e-mails, she had no regard for classified -- the classifications. she was -- she clearly lied under oath to congress. he goes through all of that but says the reason they couldn't -- that he decided that they shouldn't bring charges is basically because
7:29 pm
she was so incompetent, she was so clueless about how to handle secret -- handle the nation's secrets and how to deal with e-mail that you couldn't prove that she even knew what she was doing. tom: yeah. >> that's pretty damning if you ask me. but for him to air it out like this, and he will many more times between now and the election, i think is very, very good for republicans. tom: i get this -- i get maybe a strategy to trying to keep this out there and make hay out of it while you can. but at the same time, can the republicans overplay this? because we've got next tuesday loretta lynch is going to be testifying before one of the judiciary committees, i don't know senator house. one of them. and then you've got jason coming out saying, oh, we're going to have another investigation then too. we're going to file a complaint about her testimony before the committee. can they overplay this? >> i think, tom, i think it is always a problem especially with these particular republicans. they have a pretty good record of kind of snatching defeat
7:30 pm
from the jaws of victory. but that said, it looks like the state department is now opened up a new investigation. tom: yeah, what is that? that's -- >> that's basically the other option that director comey laid out for republicans or laid out for the oversight committee today saying, look, we're not going to pursue criminal charges but if somebody had been this reckless and this sloppy in the fbi, for example, we would launch an internal investigation and go after them. and that's basically what theatg now. they're doing an internal investigation into hillary clinton and her top aides about how they handled or miss handled all of this classified information. so what we could be looking at tom is an situation where hillary clinton could be elected president and the highest position she's held in the government, that department could strip her of her clearances.
7:31 pm
and that is -- i think that could be incredibly damning. now, i'm not holding out hope that state department is going to move fast on those or do anything like that at this point. but my goodness what a precedent to set. for somebody running for president. tom: pretty close. i mean four months to election day. i know it's summertime but we're getting close enough where people are going to remember. this is going to be fresh in their minds. charlie, i've got to run but always good to see you. thank you so much. >> you bet. tom: well, we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. fbi director james comey avoiding the tough questions today defending his actions and hillary clinton's before the house oversight committee. >> so you're saying this former secretary of state is not sophisticated enough to understand a classified marking? >> i think it's possible, possible that she didn't understand what a c meant. tom: congressman mark meadows grilling the fbi boss today. he'll join us next. and this speed writer is
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. tom: well, fbi director james comey questioning whether hillary clinton was sophisticated enough to understand and identify classified markings on e-mails. >> this question about sophistication came up earlier. whether she was actually sophisticated enough to
7:36 pm
understand what a c in parens means. >> so you're saying this former secretary of state is not sophisticated enough to understand a classified marking? >> no. that's not what i -- >> that's a huge statement. >> that's not what i'm saying. you asked me did i assume somebody would know. probably before this investigation i would have, i'm not so sure of that answer any longer. tom: any next guest comey in that exchange congressman serves in the house oversight and foreign affairs committee. and i've go on to commend you, congressman, you almost look like you wanted to laugh, but you held it in. you didn't look like you really appreciated the fact that she really -- anybody with that many years in washington d.c. didn't know about it. >> well, it's not a laughing matter is the american people will tell you, tom and really what we saw today is that the evidence that is out there is hard for even those who want to believe -- to believe that she told the truth.
7:37 pm
and to suggest that she's not sophisticated enough to understand what even freshman members of congress understand. it is real troubling. it's a bridge too far. tom: well, i think a lot of people are right there with you. but i'm curious about this state department opening up this investigation again because i don't know how much further you can run this. i know the chairman said he was going to put a request in for the fbi to look into whether she lied before congress. that's one option. but the state department reopening investigation. what is that? what can happen from that? will go to has been it really gets to part of the issue with the state department. i applaud them for doing it. it shows that they need to get their house in order as if really relates to complying with federal law. there's a federal law that says that you must preserve those records. that we know she didn't. in fact, in testimony later this afternoon we heard from
7:38 pm
the id who said that they hadn't been printing out copies of the e-mail as she should and so for them to not investigate and to really make good procedural changes would be to ignore this whole debacle we've had and really allow it to happen again. and i think that's what most of us want is to make sure not only national security wasn't there but that it doesn't happen again. tom: does an ig really have teeth? can they get there things done? because you have secretary john kerry who probably isn't going to be very enthused about doing anything that would hurt hillary. >> well, obviously not and certainly sometimes politics plays a role there. but the igs with the power of the oversciaticas subpoena power behind it, i can tell you i work with a number of our inspector generals, and i'm -- we're there to help them not only do an independent review, but also if they're getting obstructed that we're there to come in. so i talked with both the igs
7:39 pm
that testified today. i believe that they will get full cooperation with the state department and if not, we'll make sure that they illuminate the situation a little bit more. . tom: and that brings up the referral that, in fact, did she lie before congress? the wheels of washington move so slow. is that something that can actually go somewhere, do something prior to september? >> well, i think it can and whether it's prior to november or after november, i think the american people deserved honest answers, and they've been waiting almost a year and one of the interesting things in testimony today showed that she gave sworn testimony and that is not in -- is not consistent with what we heard from director comey today. so there is some gap there that must be explored and that's why chairman is going to issue that referral and so we see hopefully in the coming
7:40 pm
weekend renewed interest in making sure that sworn testimony that she did not mislead congress. tom: real quickly, you represent north carolina and the president and hillary were there tuesday, tuesday night donald trump was there. obviously north carolina's an important state. what's the read from what you hear on the ground in north carolina? >> well, in north carolina, you know, 200 miles away there, tom, what you saw was one saying the government is the problem, the other saying the government is a solution. all americans believe that washington d.c. is broken. there's only one candidate that's willing to do that. donald trump is that particular person for the state of north carolina. i believe he will carry the stake. >> all right. let's -- hurry up it will be here before you know it. congressman mark meadows, thank you so much for joining us this evening. >> thank you. tom: you bet. well, be sure to vote in the poll tonight. do you -- the question do you believe hillary clinton should
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face felony perjury charges? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs and an adrenaline junky's dream watch as this speed retired flies nearly 12,000 feet in the air rocky cliffs and snoke mountains of the french alps. a relatively new extreme sport combining skiing and paragliding and the paraglide comes in handy when you're trying to avoid an avalanche when it's taking you down the hill at more than 80 miles an hour. right in front of that. right there. less than two weeks to go now before the start of the republican national convention, but we're getting a clearer picture of what donald trump has planned for the big event. rich lowery, adriana cohen take that up next. ♪
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7:46 pm
>> what else did you discuss during the meeting? >> there was no discussion of any endorsement. he asked me if i would speak at the convention, and i said i would be very glad to do so tom: ted cruz said his convention speech will focus on the importance of getting back to the constitution and president obama's failed economic policies. also among those to speak, another big name wisconsin governor scott walker and tennessee congresswoman marsha black. well, joining us now rich lowery, editor of the national review and fox news contributor. and from boston, talk radio host also boston harold columnist. we start with you. are the republicans coming home? >> well, it's a little bit like an awkward marriage where everyone wants to keep it together for the sake of the kids, at least until november. so you have cruz who's happy of course to speak at the convention. he loves that high profile platform. but going out of his way at the same time saying he's not endorsing the republican nominee.
7:47 pm
so that just goes to that awkwardness that's still there. tom: yeah, adriana, if you look back at conventions, he we were kind of going over trying to do our history off the top of my head, there's a lot of convention speakers that use that as a platform to launch future campaigns down the road. i could think of bill clinton, i could think of barack obama, i could go way back to kennedy -- >> and ronald reagan. tom: that's right. and so is ted cruz makes sense for him to be a major speaker? >> i think it's fantastic. it shows that donald trump is succeeding and using the party. i mean if he can make peace with ted cruz after bruising primary, there's hope for the entire gop. so i say to ted cruz welcome aberd. i think it's wonderful he's going to be speaking. there's still a possibility tell me that maybe trump will surprise the gop at the convention and announce maybe a ted cruz vp slot. i know people think that's off
7:48 pm
the table because he has not yet endorsed him but what if ted cruz endorsed him that night and there were big surprises? then there's also scott walker. how do we know scott walker won't be a vp? i think a lot of people, including myself can't wait to watch the convention and see what unfolds. but donald trump today met with 200 gop lawmakers. it went phenomenallily well. and so the party is really coming together, which is very hopeful for the future. >> you know people in new york, maybe the man personally but a lot of people say he is kind of like bill clinton. he's a charmer. he's a good salesman. is that what's starting to show up the private donald trump that we haven't seen on the podium? >> i don't think so. i think it's more the party -- the elected officials of the party are in a really awkward position, and they realize they need to support the nominee or at least make a show of supporting the nominee, or it risks being a debacle in november, and i always thought these folks
7:49 pm
would scurry on a trump ship. and then if it seems as though he's thinking in september, then we would be talking about them all skurg right back off. tom: so are you saying that the talk of a rebellion yon, revolt, the never trump crowd, they're going to behave before the convention? we're only two weeks away. >> no. i think there would be some attempt to unbind the delegates. but it's very unlikely to succeed. for that scenario to work out, trump would have to be in complete free fall in the polls, instead he's gotten a little closer. you have to have all of these elected officials denouncing and running away from him, instead they're making a kind of peace. so he will be the republican nominee. there's no doubt about it. tom: i'd aide rihanna, i've been asking the guests tonight, the question about this hearing on the e-mail, is it -- who's face is going to be fired at more? because the republicans are all fired up. i know that. are the democrats going to get fired up over this?
7:50 pm
>> well, you know, i think this actually, you know, clearly hurts hillary clinton. i mean the fbi director has confirmed that she's lied. hillary clinton told us last march at the press conference at the un that she did not send or sea any classified information on her rogue server. that has proven to be a total lie. also lied about she only had one server now found out we had multiple servers, the lies are long and deep. however, i was watching the hearing today and there's only very big question that the committee missed, which they should have asked director comey, i wrote today in the boston harold, which is did hillary clinton text classified information while secretary state? there are has been a similar focus on her e-mail, which we know she e-mails classified information but what about her text? we know she was glued to her blackberry. did she text classified information? there could be a major
7:51 pm
treasure trove of information there that is very material to this investigation and it's worth looking into. so i would hope that congressman jason kasich and the others will ask that question in the future. tom: send him a text. tell him to ask the question. i've got to run. adriana cohen, rich thank you very much. >> thank you. tom: lying before congress? >> lying under oath is a crime, is it not? >> yes. >> and what's the penalty on that? that's considered perjury; right? >> perjury. it's a felony. i forget the exact -- it's potentially years in prison. tom: mark and sarah westwood, they weigh in. next you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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taupe * in our online poll last night said hillary clinton should have her security clearance revoked. joining me now, investigative reporter for the "washington examiner," sarah westwood. and mark simone. and what do you make -- let's start with you about the kumbaya meeting, republicans had nothing but wonderful things to say about donald trump.
7:56 pm
we are just a few weeks away from the convention. if these republican lawmakers don't fall in line behind donald trump before the convention were they are not likely to afterwards. it's important for donald trump to take advantage of what could be a low point in hillary clinton's campaign by exploiting her weaknesses by showing voters they have a strong alternative, and they are not hopeless if they don't want to vote for hillary clinton. we are four months away, but four months is a long time in the world of politics. >> a long-time friends of donald trump's. there is a lot of huffing and puffing outside. but when the door closes. he's pragmatic. he's a great listener, he's a great salesman. at the end of the meeting he has everybody on his side.
7:57 pm
and he always wins in the end. check the record. tom: for all of you who do know him, you hear that story consistently about him. one of the previous guests said this was also hillary clinton in person, very cordial and nice. >> she is cordial and nice but it's a fake cordial and nice. that's not real. that's a salesman doing that. nobody acts like that in real life. tom: sarah, what about ted cruz? he sounded like he didn't say anything about how wonderful donald trump was, but he said they had a nice meeting and he's pleased to take an invitation from donald trump to speak.
7:58 pm
>> if anyone has reason to be withholding support from donald trump, it's ted cruz. but ted cruz is starting to warm up to donald trump and it sends a signal to the remaining republican holdouts that perhaps it's time to put their personal reservations aside for the good of the party. this is the type of thing that we would expect to see from clinton administration and republicans see more than ever a stark contrast between their choices and perhaps donald trump won't start to look so bad. taupe * i think done -- tom: i think donald trump is a smart politician. four years goes by pretty quick. >> ted cruz took pretty hard shots at donald trump. very often the big keynote speaker at the convention can be the candidate next election.
7:59 pm
tom: donald trump has been saying things about bernie sanders. he has been saying how sanders has been so right and we agree on this point and that point. obviously he's trying to get sanders' supporters to come over to him. will it work? >> there are a number of polls that show by surprising margins bernie sanders supporters are unwilling to move over into hillary clinton's column. the potential ferng ar earning e arperjury investigation. >> the guy who will attract sanders voters who think the system is rigs, that's donald trump.
8:00 pm
tom: that's it for us tonight. have yourself a good rest of your thursday. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: thank you, lou, and thank you for being part of tonight's show. on the watch tonight is f.b.i. director james comey marching with his head hung low before the house committee. although his guilty feet have no rhythm, seething republicans still want to know why, why james. >> we don't want to put people in jail unless we prove they knew they were doing something they shouldn't do. kennedy: maybe. obviously that line of logic didn't fit well


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