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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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charles: more investors hopped on the rally train. the a & p500 is at a record high. i have got some guidance to update your portfolio to make some money. the head of the house law enforcement caucus joins us. the anti-trump campaign is still not over. they are still at it. first dallas police chief david brown highlighting the overwhelming responsibilities
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police face nationwide. >> we are asking cops to do too much in this country. they are asking to us do so much. every societal failure we put it off on the cop's fault. not enough mental help, let the cops hand it. not enough drug interdeck funding. let's give it to the cops. charles: a gunman opened fire in a county courthouse in st. joseph, michigan killing two court bailiffs and injuring a deputy sheriff. the shooter was killed by police. events like this contributing to an intense atmosphere we are feeling after the dallas shootings. dallas police chief david brown is feeling it in the aftermath of the shooting that took the lives of five of his officers. >> to be quite honest, the
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mennization it takes -- the memorization process on a daily basis is overwhelming. this along with the normal things that happen in the city is difficult. charles: here now to discuss, pete hegseth and steve rogers. he says he's running on fumes. it feels like the country is running on fumes. not just what happened, but what's going to happen now. >> they are still running a police department. chief brown has been a voice of clarity. this one guy wanted to kill -- white cops. black lives matter was a motivating factor. he was challenged today, he was asked if he would use that bomb again?
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and he said yes, to save the lives of my officers. charles: pete said it was back lives matter that sparked this guy to kill people where other people say it was the death of two black people shown on video earlier in the week. we know he was sick and evil, no one does that without that depraved kind of mind. but we have a country torn apart with different opinions on the same topics. >> it's torn apart because of a lot of rhetoric coming out of the mouths of politicians. for the governor of minnesota to come out and immediately say this was a racial incident was wrong. there has been some healing, there is some light. chief brown is a great, great leader. he's beginning to help bring us together. but that wonderful mom who got before the cameras in her tears and utter hurt this morning. she praised the dallas police department for saving her life
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and the life of her children. charles: it was one of the many touching moments that has come out of this horrific tragedy. >> ever since he was a little boy he said he wanted to become a police officer and he said he was going to do it. and he was a good cop. he was honest. i don't want this to happen to anybody else. going through what we are going through right now. now we are minus one. charles: that was officer zamarripa's mom. he was an iraqi vet and committed to the law enforcement community. i want to go to you, kevin. david brown has he merged as a calming voice. he also understands the different side, another element to this, that the police don't have the answers. steve mentioned politicians.
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it's got to be healed one way or the other. >> what the world is looking for in these community is leadership. we are seeing it in atlanta with our democrat mayor where they are speaking truth. they are not discounting some of the objections and frustrations within the black comment and at the same time they are defending police officers saying we have got to restore order. that's what we need, leadership that looks at this in an honest way and intelligent way and speaks truth to the american people instead of using this to further divide us. >> the question is whether the president will do that tomorrow. he has missed moment after moment. governor dayton in minnesota threw grease on the fire stoking racial flames. have an honest approach that stands beside law enforcement.
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the minute you throw cops under the bus -- >> police are the first level of government people come in contact with. but god bless our police officers nationwide. under the most extraordinary conditions they are working. we need a leader in this country to stand by our police officers and be truthful and transparent. charles: chief brown talks about the mental health issues and the economics of our country. we talk about grown men having to sell loose cigarettes or bootleg dvds. president obama should be focused on maybe if i had a better economy and a nation moving in the right direction. but the divisiveness doesn't even start and stop when it comes to this kind of stuff. it goes on and on almost he single topic defined by the divide and conquer.
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>> when there are a lot of tough issues to be confronted like families and community without fathers and economic opportunity. inner city schools failing generation after generation, mostly in urban community. why do we have to -- >> they empower. >> you know who becomes the mother and daughter to those broken homes? that's why it's important to get cops back in comment policing. they know the who, what, when, where of each neighborhood. these cops become the moms and the dads and they do a great job. >> i see this when we dig deeper inside, the historic elements to it. current event elements to it. and i see the economics of it as well. when a nation feels hopeless. that's when you get the finger pointing and the powder keg the chief of police of philadelphia
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described. a lot of this is built on the backs of people feeling disenfranchised without a way out of these opportunities. unfortunately the president's prescription for this has been more government instead of more jobs. we need more jobs and more opportunity to bring people up and level the playing field. when that happens, that's when you start to see reconciliation take place. charles: you worked the beat, you know the police very well. who is going to come to their rescue? the general public? these politicians have been -- they have their own agendas. maybe i have become cynical. but i don't think many of them care. >> the american people will come to the rescue, and they will come to the rescue by embracing the police officers in their community. they will draw out of office these career establishment politicians. charles: i hear that all the
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time. congress has an 8% rating. >> times have changed and we'll see something happen in november. >> we are seeing it right now. chief brown, mayors, commissioners, governors. a void needs to be filled. the president is not doing. they are stepping in and doing it. it's those leaders speaking truth. they have to be calling for patience. whether it's "hands up, don't shoot," but, hey he said he was going for his license. we throw people under the bus right away. we need lead tore say step back and take a breath. we need the facts here. charles: it's one thing for social media to jump on these things and speculate. but what do you make of the politicians who speculate on what went down and push their agenda without trying to resolve the problems? >> it's disgusting, it's disappointing, and that's why
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there is a failure of leadership and a general distrust of washington, d.c. you are seeing leadership come from local police chiefs, mayors and governors who get it. and you look up at washington, d.c. and say they are not doing anything to fix it. you hear the same old lines out of barack obama. that's where people are frustrated and that's why donald trump and the likes have emerged. people are saying we are tired of what we are seeing, we want something different. charles: a critical, important day. it was a record day on wall street. can investors expect this bull market to continue? a lot of winners next. get ready for the rio olympic games
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charles: the s & p 500 are breaking out. at the end of the day nobody is going to pay for your mortgage or that dream vacation. the stock market rally is the second longest in history. but it spent more than a year digesting these gains. while there have been moosive outflows from individuals and institutions, key support points always held. utility, they have been the ultimate safe haven. the xlu up 21% year to date. part of the move has been a way
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of of consolidation. consumer staples up 20% for the year. soup and cereal rocking because we eat more much them when the fed lower interest rates. whether it's the fed or years of scepticism, so many folks tell me it's okay if you are missing the rally. but they admit they have to be fixed right for retirement or economic freedom they hope to enjoy one day. i don't play the stock market. i believe in investing in great american companies. but the nature of investing has changed a lot. i'm loathe not to own great stocks when they get cheap. alcoa is beating on the top and
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i have given you a lot that have been on fire. there are more out there, thor industries. a huge breakout today. this is a name i would chase. protests all over the country this weekend. we'll start to see a change in police tactics as a result. but how will protesting change? stay with us. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company.
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charles: right now there are some peaceful protests going on in chicago after a weekends of protests in louisiana and minnesota. in baton rouge one officer was injured.
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in st. paul, 100 he rests. 21 officers were injured after protesters tried to block an interstate. a nurse approached by police there sweeping through the internet. a lot of all the violence we have seen in light of the shootings in dallas. many say there will be changes in the tactics of how police handle such large protests and how regular citizens protest without being left with hate groups. thank you for joining us. i now it's a hectic and challenging time for your committee. how do you see things changing as we move ahead? >> i'm also a career law enforcement officer. i spent 10 years in seattle
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before i came to congress. s.w.a.t. commander and hostage negotiator. after columbine we saw tactics change to active shooter. i was in the middle of wto riots in 1989 and we have seen tactics begin to change as police officers determined that one of the ways to control a crowd is to divide and conquer. we have seen that happen the last few years. i think the important point to make here today is what's causing these flare-ups and riots and protests in the first place. that's where we need to direct our attention. charles: what's causing them? a lot of times they feel spontaneous, but with the advent of social media i'm sure there is some planning as well. >> i think that's one of the problems. we live in this high-tech age and communication is so easily
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disseminated to thousands of people in an instant that you can gather up large groups immediately and all of a sudden the police are confronted with a large angry crowd. part of the problem here is while i think the main issue is, there is no longer trust that exists between the police and community. in some smaller community you might find that trust. but as we go across the country and watch these protests. that trust has begun to deteriorate and disappear in most community. we have to work to bring that trust back. police cannot protect their community alone. it has to be a partnership. charles: how do you get over the so-called ferguson effect? how has that harmed the work of police officers and the community themselves? >> well, i think there are a lot of steps we can take, and we'll be working on that, and have
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been working on that for the last year and a half or so. we have got to speed this process up. what happened is i think that as a result of ferguson, there are less and less people interested in a police profession, less and less applications so that means less qualified people applying for the job. and i think there is some issue with police departments not having the high standards in place and the very intense screening process you have might go through, for example, emotional and psychological tests that may indicate this person is not fit to carry a gun and badge. the other issue is cops are out there every day. and i no, i did this. i have been stabbed, i have been shot at. but you go back to work. you are there to protect your community. people know and understand that in their gut.
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but we have got to get people back together and see how police really do their job. get them into police academies. get community policing back. community has to be involved and reingauged with their police departments. charles: it's a lot of work. i appreciate someone with your resume being involved at the highest level. thank you very much. we appreciate it. coming up we'll talk more on how to protect the police. i have got my panel, they are ready to go next.
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>> be parts of the solution. serve your community. don't and part of problem. we are hiring. charles: that was the police chief in dallas encouraging protesters. if you want to joint police department instead of rioting in the streets. we talked about tactics. how does it change protesting from here on out. let me start with you, pete. there was a great interview with
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the congressman. it's something everyone is grappling with. the nature of policing is change and the nature of how we voice our discontent. >> we are seeing examples of protests that are peaceful and constructive. in dallas that's what it appeared to be until violence broke out from one individual. you couldn't block intersections and break the law. charles: if you see something on tv that bothers you and you want to have your voice heard and it's usurped by the black lives matter knuckleheads. you talked about this over the weekend on twitter. >> i think they made a serious tactical error by giving a voice to violence.
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even if they have legitimate concerns, that's a big mistake they are making. charles: the pendulum has already swung significantly against black lives matter. who are they? where is their headquarters? >> it's been a disparate organization. you can't blame the dallas black lives matter on the short. but in minneapolis. bricks dropped on heads, fireworks, bottles, that's not a peaceful protest. you have got to confront that. charles: your company knits together the ability for police to communicate in so many different ways. you know what they are dealing with better than anyone else. how do you see this going? how do they change their tactics in a world of cameras always
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being on them and trained on them? >> you will see two things. you will see law enforcement agencies taking a more practical response to some of these demonstrations. we had hundreds of people sitting on the highway which posed a danger to the public and themselves and law enforcement moved in quickly to attempt to interdict and stop that. law enforcement agencies need better communications systems. in dallas you had hundreds of officers trying to talk on the same radio band where only one person can speak at a time. so they had 12 officers who were down and need immediate assistance and you have hundreds of officers trying to communicate. we need top connect our law enforcement officers with better communications. charles: the mother who was injured in dallas shielding her
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family, she spoke today. she really praised the police. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry that they lost their lives. but i'm thankful -- i'm thankful. charles: she talked about. the police put their lives on the line every single day for us. i can't believe it's gotten this far. you wonder how it's propelled to this point and how do we reel it back in. >> $22,000 to black lives matter from the seiu union. charles: i would like to know who is in charge of that organization and how to put pressure on them specifically so they don't usurp the news for their own agenda.
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>> and they are able to say that's not really us because we don't have an organization. they are having it both ways and they are lighting up twit erwin seasotwit --twitter with incendy comments. charles: like in minnesota, you have to pick them up, arrest them and get them out of the way. >> the governor is stoking the flames. charles: the police in cleveland will have their hands full. the republican convention is coming to town. we are going to shift gears and talk politics. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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charles: as we gear up for next weekend republican convention, the never trump campaign still hopes to prevent him from clinching the nomination. the rules committee will meet to decide on how delegates are required to vote or not vote. van, what is going on with the gop? will the never trump guys ever quit? >> i don't think so. some of these folks are just struggling and trying to remain relevant. but the republican party is not their club. we have millions of people who have come into the republican party, and that's why donald trump is the nominee. it will be an exciting week and
6:38 pm
a real exciting week next week. charles: we were told throughout the primary process that republican party was a club. and that ultimately it was the establishment who should carry the banner. is this now donald trump's party? >> charles, i think cleveland will end up being remembered for the time when platforms and politics were confronted by pugnaciousness and purpose in the form of donald trump and those who believe in him. results reflect five months of balloting. and for us to say the naysayers may invoke a conscience clause which would release delegates from being obligated by the very vote in the states they represent, i think if that were to happen, it would lead to the
6:39 pm
political equivalent of a nuclear winter for this party and i think we would never recover. i think this is a convention where donald trump will be controlling the show. it's a show everyone wants to watch. charles: a lot of old school republicans are saying the party will enter a nuclear winter. even if he were to win this time around. there would be long lasting damage to the whole big tent thing. >> they will either have donald trump or a nuclear winter without donald trump. the problem is with this never trump movement, there is no clear white knight to take the nomination away. charles: if mitt romney is so offended, why doesn't he step up? >> we are seeing people who were never trump before getting on the bandwagon. they don't have a savior to look to.
6:40 pm
there is no plan b. then if you unbind the delegates you have got to look at the rules in every state. delegates are chosen differently in every state. some delegates are chosen because they back a particular candidate. that's counterintuitive. charles: we learned a lot about the rules of the system, hence why now a lot of the people understand it's quote-unquote rigged. you are talking superdelegates on the democratic side and the ability to vote your conscience on after the first round of balloting. maybe the delegates will be able to vote their conscience in the first round of voting. >> donald trump has the uncanny ability to be really smart and make his opponents look like idiots.
6:41 pm
they are rolling out mitt romney, the edsel of american politic. this is donald trump's show, it will be a great show to watch. i hope there are lots of surprises to come. but for them to think they have any traction with the public is wrong. 84% of the public wants the establishment out of both parties. charles: the vp pick is coming soon. who are you leaning toward? who do you think has the inside? >> there is a piece that just came out on fox news where we took at the leading contenders on donald trump's short list. donald trump is winning with independents. he's winning the independents. he needs a running-mate who can bring the republican base home. if he can get anywhere near to what hillary clinton is enjoying with democrats among republicans he can win this thing and be the
6:42 pm
45th president of the united states. i think mike pence resonates with evangelicals and we need a strong evangelical turnout. there are five solid choices he's looking at right now. charles: shelby who do you think is leading. >> if you look at the betting markets it's mike pence. but with brexit it didn't turn out so well. mike pence is the optically stronger ted cruz. he brings the support but he hasn't had the fights with donald trump that ted cruz has had. charles: the republican national convention start next week. we'll be there on the convention floor as donald trump seeks to clinch the nomination.
6:43 pm
it start monday on fox business. donald trump on the campaign trail promising to help our nation's vets who are in a lot of trouble. we'll look at some of these big promises next. v
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>> veterans should be guaranteed the right to choose their doctor and clinic. we should also do more to help our veterans find jobs. they fought hard to protect us. they will come first in a trump administration. charles: donald trump rolled out his veterans policy during a rally in virginia. this as ash carter made a
6:47 pm
surprise visit to baghdad promising to send 450 more u.s. troops into iraq. we are potentially adding more to their ranks. pete, this one hell of an arena that's getting a lot of publicity and promises, but things haven't gotten better. >> they haven't. but trump gave a fantastic speech. he wants to clean house. you have got a toxic bureaucracy. trump says fire folks who are not getting it done. give a veteran a real choice. hold people accountable. politicians always like to talk about the va. trump has made it front and center. charles: the argument is firing people on the apprentice is easier than going to governor,
6:48 pm
career-long bureaucrats who find a way to hide in the weeds. it's a hell of a system. >> every politician promises to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse. how many can actually do it? it's not that easy. charles: what would be the low-hanging fruit? let's say you go in as president trump. >> the va accountability act. it passed the house, it's in the senate. mcconnell won't move it because president obama said he will veto it. charles: they won't push it because they are afraid of obama? that's the publicity you want. you want it on the front page of every newspaper in the country. >> that was one of his big points. he had a 10-point plan to reform the va.
6:49 pm
he wants to ask congress to give him the authority to fire anyone who toss wrong. and give bonuses to people who do well. the problem is how much will it cost? one of his advisers says he may not have all the details until his first 100 days. charles: it's hard to have all the details unless you are the president. but it will be more expensive. there is a lot of promises. i think the voucher thing, if we don't have the doctors, let's get them to civilian hospitals. it won't be cheap but it should be a priority. >> veterans want the choice to see a private provider. you turn it away from a bureaucracy and turn it into a healthcare provider. that will save costs in is a way to do it. the devil is in the details but it can be done.
6:50 pm
charles: we heard if you bring in a private sector person, that will be the answer. is it the person who you bring in or is it knocking down the walls of breweriate i no matter who is in charge. >> it's not just should we pry extra tights it or should we not. services provided by the va would cost 20% more. drugs 70% more. >> i don't buy that for a second. va healthcare is more expensive than private healthcare. how many vets are actually using it. >> they cook the books to make the looks like they always need more money. they are always $5 million away from utopia. we do it through medicare. there are ways to do that. why not with vets? >> it's very smart politically
6:51 pm
no matter what the cost breakdown. charles: i group on army bases. and i remember the care being so amazing. over the years it's been shocking to see the waiting and dying of people who keep us safe. pete, thanks for the book. shelby we appreciate it. the president will have an didn't tomorrow. i think it will be the most important speech of his entire presidency. but will he rise to the occasion? we'll discuss it next. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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>> i firmly believe that america is not as divided as some have suggested. americans of all races and all backgrounds are rightly outraged
6:55 pm
by the inexcusable attacks on police. charles: over the weekend the president suggested that the nation is not as divided as it seems that he cut his european trip short and will attend a memorial service for the city's fallen officers in what can only be described as a -- attempt to heal a broken nation. tomorrow could be the persons most important moment as the nations leaders of the question is will he deliver in what we expect? joining me to discuss, leslie let me start with you. a lot of people are initially upset the very first time president obama had to talk about the balance he interjected the argument really frustrate a whole lot of people and not just republicans thinking he has put away the political agenda. >> oh yes and i don't think he will and he shouldn't have a political agenda. this is about comforting victims families and victims. this is about speaking of healing, speaking of unity but
6:56 pm
in other president has said before when it has been a terrorist that they find out was muslim or in this case it was an african-american who said that he wanted to kill white people specifically police and especially add you know charles uart african-american like a president we cannot have the mindset that when one person who is black wants to to kill old white police that everybody who is black walking to a a must-read as that feeling. i think it's important that we talk about that unity and quite frankly that melting pot and the division is not the norm but we see it when terrible instances like this take place. charles: at the same time michael or people believe when it comes to radical islam that by not occasionally saying hey what the exact trouble missy is make it were so in this case i would think that most americans don't think that this guy represents all black people but by the same token he doesn't represent the guns in america either an president obama miss
6:57 pm
that amazing opportunity and the tone for tomorrow hopefully, pro-unity? can even sway anyone anymore? >> first i pick it was wise and thank you charles for having me on that president bush will also be there, that there will be representation on both sides of the aisle that he avoids any wedge issues. this is a national day of mourning. our interests are all aligned. people want to be protective and want to be safe whether they are officers wearing blue or pedestrians or what other color. this is a banquet of the greatest opportunities our president will have in one of the last opportunities we can show us our dark days of the civil rights movement are behind us and we have a lot more -- charles: almost seven and a half years in my mind to agree fighting the wrongs of yesteryear when i felt he should been more focused on the future. i felt like he was the one bringing up the past as present more than it really was and i think he put himself in opera position.
6:58 pm
>> these awkward challenges the strife we see on american streets are new challenges and we have to face them well and the president in the days of social media and instant television, their mistakes in their gut reactions be they instinctive or genuine are being watched by the entirety of the world. i think this president will step up and i think our nation needs healing and frankly we have to put this behind us because they're a lot more important troubles and challenges that we have. charles: a lot has been made about donald trump and the knee-jerk reactions on twitter or whatever. he was complimentary of the weekend when it was president obama who seem to go back to the same playbook and his frustration was clear but again it didn't feel like he was as frustrated with situation as the policy in this case guns. >> getting back to what you said charles i believe this is the most important speech of president obama's presidency and
6:59 pm
he can begin by reaching out to the dallas police chief david brown and giving the speech of the american people need. we are hurt right now we need a president who can unite our people. we don't need a political speech we don't need to hear about and control, we don't need a political lecture. we need a president reminded people that we have a government to keep people safe and the only thing separating us now from anarchy is that thin blue line and we have something called the rule of law in america and we have got to respect and uphold the rule of law. if he can talk like that to the american people tomorrow he can begin to go a long way to help bring this country together. >> i don't think the president's words are going to solve this problem and i think it's naïve and realistic to think that he should. charles: he can send us in the right direction. >> i think he proved it with new town when he started singing amazing grace and so i think he
7:00 pm
has done that before he can do it again. charles: we will leave it there. thank you all very much. thank you for watching every night at 6:00 p.m.. if you can't see the show you don't want to miss -- here's the man himself, lou dobbs. lou: good evening everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump today trying to reassure an anxious electorate in the wake of the horrific violence against his country's law enforcement officers. trump telling his supporters in virginia beach that unlike president obama or hillary clinton he will strongly defend those who defend us. >> i am the law and order candidate. [applause] hillary clinton on the other hand is weak, ineffective and as proven by her recent e-mai


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