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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  July 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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we'll watch it so you don't have to, and we'll get back to you with another live show on the democratic convention at this time next week. see you then. >> those opposed shall say no. john: the anti-trumps tried stop it, but they failed. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination. >> i think he can make america great again. john: republicans say trump will make america safe again. >> we'll take the fight to the enemy, because it's here. >> are we crazy? john: i hope not. >> all we have is hope. john: we are live in new york from the republic can national
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convention with real people. not professional blowhards. that's our show tonight. the republicans officially picked trump. so tonight we look at good, band ugly of donald trump and this week's republican convention. the biggest theme of the convention and last night's speech was donald trump will keep us safe. >> what i did for new york donald trump will do for america. [cheers and applause] >> we'll lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and peace. john: will donald trump lead our country back to safety, prosperity, peace? time to go to our panel, a republican, democrat and libertarian. matt welch, republican conservative talk show host tammy bruce, democrat leftist
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talk show host chris hahn. i don't like the word liberal. we libertarians are liberal. >> i'm a liberal progressive. john: watching last night, the world is really dangerous. the post * said trump paints an ominous picture. >> i knew he was a reality show, but i didn't know the show was "fear factor." only i donald trump can say with no experience governing, no experience in the military, no experience america needs to move us forward. john: we are not that much danger, we don't need to scare everybody. >> for several years people have been pretending everything was fine. look what deal we are dealing with this evening in germany. we have an economy that for the
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highest number of americans are out of work and off the work rolls. i think when it comes to security and safety issues, the difference is mr. trump respects us enough to tell us the truth. we aren't a bunch of snow flakes. we can handle the truth. john: what is the truth? are we in big danger? >> we have terrorism and crime issues, we don't have a federal government that's admitting it. we are constantly told something that's an abrogation of the truth. al qaeda is on the run. isis is a jv team. americans want the truth for a change. >> the truth as donald trump put it web said we are not going to like you. he said we are living in a more dangerous time than i have seen in my life. i would point out he's from new york. i heard a rumor that new york city in the 1970s --
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john: how is this the most dangerous time? >> there was something like 2,000 murders at its high point. thanks to rudy giuliani things have plem thed the last 20 years. what he's doing, he shichtd his campaign. he talked about these issues before. but that speech -- he talked about mike pence for 50 words. but the real important thing is i'm going to keep you safe. john: this is the party of reagan, reagan was a sunny optimist. i didn't believe everything he said, but he gave you hope. john: islamic terrorism is up, that's a real fear. >> it's a real fear here and in orlando and western europe. the question is, how is he talking about it.
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he's using words like we are going to defeat isis. >> every democrat and every republican said -- you are going to have to -- tammy is a trump supporter. >> people feel less safe because you have an attack at fort hood and it's workplace violence. san bernardino they don't know quite what to call it. orlando was just a hate crime. people feel less safe and feel perhaps the right decisions aren't being made when we are not admitting what the problem is. we are safer if we call it what it is. you have the wife of omar mateen. she is gone. we don't even know where she is. we had a grand jury look at indicting her on 49 counts of murder because of her alleged assistance of him. we don't know where she is and they won't tell us. this masking of our situation that the american people --
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>> call it islamic terrorism and everything will go away. that doesn't make any sense to me. >> that temperature not what we said. at least we cannot pretends that it's something else. >> granting that you should not pretends it's something else. over and over in his speech, donald trump and people introduction him said beginning in january 2017, we'll be safe. setting up a completely unrealistic expectation. john: lots of speakers argued america should get tougher on the war on isis. here is navy seal marcus luttrell. >> step up and take the fight to the enemy, because it's here. john: and talking to people in times square i learned that's a powerful theme. >> he's show other countries we can't be pushed around.
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john: will trump make america safe again? >> i think he would absolutely. >> i don't feel unsafe, we are good. >> i feel safe enough. there is only so much you can do. >> i feel safe enough at the moment. but step up and get them is the point you were making. that will be first day. >> it sets up an unrealistic expectation of what the federal government can do.government dot have that's troops. the f.b.i. has half the number of manpower as the border patrol, and he's going to be busy doubling the border patrol. so we won't have the federal government solving local crime issues. >> that's a local government issue as well. john: all presidential candidates say i'm going to fix everything. >> he's speaking in terms of a
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latin american be from the 1980s. he's investing in himself -- >> this is good. i think the american people, people watching this program need to hear this kind of argument. the fact of the matter is this is a situation where the president can make some differences and the signals they say what the police departments can do, whether it's about sanctuary cities or admitting we have terrorism on the streets, that we can't just let people go, that you have got the president in a bully pulpit that it can inform the f.b.i., local police departments, our military about what's appropriate and what isn't appropriate. and they are looking back at the impact reagan inaugural day actually had. we saw that screen. that president reagan, the moment that everybody thought he was a loose cannon. the world shift even psychologically on that day. the's an important message to be
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sent. >> don't you have to have the experience to make these things happen? to make these recommendations? he's talking off the cuff. he changes his mind and changes direction almost every single day. he changed his mind at the convention. how can you trust anything he says when he has no experience and record to back it up. >> this isn't just him. he has a team around him. governor pence will have a big impact. but a lot of people say that he needs to listen to more people and everybody -- all politicians need more advice and be more flexible. this is a man who gets advice, sees the dynamic that's happening and is willing to make adjustments when he needs to. that's called leadership and listening to people. john: what about the killing of police officers. like it's a horrible epidemic.
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he said the number has been raised 50%. >> when he was talking about law and order at that moment over the wires came another police officer targeted in chicago. john: look at the statistics. yes it's horrible when it happens. it's way, way down. scaring people unnecessarily. >> this is not an issue when comparing it during some other year. >> it's too much more than it should be. one police officer assassinated is one too many. they shouldn't have to be occurring but they are because of the environment -- >> i don't think anybody thinks this is an a environment bach or hillary clinton created. reasonable people will not think that hillary clinton want to see police shot. there was a lot of talk about blue lives matter. i 100% support the police.
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but when police do things that may not be within the law, they need to be held accountable. >> the social continues, what's happening in the street is different than it has been for self years. we'll see with the democratic convention, the police officers associations are upset about who's being invited. what the conversation will be. john: i got upset listening to him and the other speeches because they said we should all cringe in fear because we are under assault. >> the attacks on our police and the terrorism of our cities threatens our very way of life. decades of progress made in bringing down crime are now being reverse by this administration's rollback of criminal enforcement. john: there just isn't evidence for that. >> he's making a clear stake
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that there has been some movement, bipartisan movement from the grassroots up, not even led by the president, of criminal justice reform because we ended up with since knickon, create -- with nixon creating the incarceration of 2 million people. and shredding a lot of basic civil liberties to the point where cops can take your stuff without you having committed a crime and prove it from it. all kind of crazy things happened under the rubric of getting tough on crime. the politics of division on both side. particularly on the rudy giuliani side which trump is adopting as his primary theme in his campaign is to stop that progress in it tracks. >> the release of drug criminals and drug dealers released from prison and as community watch crime statistics increase, they
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see a trend happening that's not good. they see the nature of what's happening in their community and they see this as the framework. john: coming up. listening to the media. you think your only choice for president is donald trump or hillary clinton. >> donald or hillary? >> do i have to? >> the lesser of two evils. john: what about a third party? the libertarians? >> if the right person came to the table now they could steal the show. john: there is a third party, the libertarians, i was shocked most people i interviewed have no clue about the third party or about gary johnson. >> i don't know who it is. i never heard of gary johnson. john: we are trying to fix that.
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we'll debate the libertarians and third parties. donald trump says he will be a jobs creator. the theme the second tonight of the convention was make america work again. >> how is he going to do that? ♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> on the economy i'll outline reforms to ad millions of new jobs and trillions in new wealth. john: tuesday the convention theme was trump will make america work again. unlike most politicians, he actually built things. >> who better to implement common sense business approach to this country? who better to apply practical solutions to the practical decision making of an administration that has bred a $19 trillion debt. john: that much debt is a problem. itsondes like eric trump and his father get it. we are drowning in debt and regulation. that's killing our economy. except trump even though he talked about the reform i will
5:19 am
outline tonight, he barry mentioned any. he hasn't offered to cut spending. and he want to spend more on the military. so, tammy, this is a republican? what's he going to do about the debt except increase it? >> i think he has a great tax plan. when we saw this with george w. bush and george h.w. bush, lower taxes means more revenue. the more regulations you get off of business, the more people are paying taxes. we know it has. also when you are dealing with regulations, businesses that can expand -- john: he didn't name any regulations.
5:20 am
>> barack obama was based on hope and change. and we don't like what happened there. you need to be in the white house a little bit. i don't blame any presidential candidate who doesn't know because you have to be there in terms of the specifics. >> he's running -- the main are the main drivers of the debt. he's not proposing to cut anything. he says we'll get rid of waste, fraud and abuse. it's an old line that doesn't necessarily work. when it comes to cutting spending, he's not interested tonight as an intellectual topic. >> i'm all for reforming the system as long as you don't put people out on the streets. he says he will replace
5:21 am
obamacare with something better. john: do you like it that he has had a real job as a businessman? and not a career politician? >> if you are hiring someone to run your business, you would never hire someone to be the ceo of that business who never worked in that business before. the business argument is a fake one. it's a red herring and not something we should believe in america, especially given the amount of failure and government bailouts. >> we have one area of agreement here that upsets me about trump's economic plan. he want to start an insane trade war. people at convention cheered trump on. china and mexico continued to steal our jobs. >> they are take our jobs. >> of all the amazing things that happened at the republican convention this week.
5:22 am
it's to see the convention -- the party move to a position that the party that was once in favor of international trade. john: because they saw it made us prosperous. >> they are sheering the opposite. he want to start trade wars. and he called free trade agreements rape. holy cow. >> i'm a pro-trade. john: tammy, does it bother you? >> we need trade that's free and balanced. trump's point is we have been security. and i think we have been. you can have a managed dynamic where you expect something else from your partner so it's not so imbalanced. we have jobs here, there is a lot of people out there, we can
5:23 am
sit up here in this fabulous dynamic. >> trade create more jobs. you don't like trump, then i have problems. he's not likely to be president. sorry, trump fans. maybe you are excited by his speeches. but according to the most reliable guy, not the polls, but the smart money, people who bet pass of right now. hillary is a 9% favorite to win the president -- is a 69% favorite to win the presidency. these odds will updiet every five minutes. it's unusual for trump to be so far behind given when pu -- puns say it's the economy. usually when people are pessimistic about the economy, the incumbent party suffers.
5:24 am
>> his policies have ripped through the heartland creating a cycle of pessimism and disgust. john: that was senator shelly moore of west virginia. disgust, yet trump is way behind. >> i think the economy has been unsatisfying for the last 15 years, no matter how you slice it, and remains so. long term labor forward participation is really bad. there are sectors in west virginia where you have coal wiped out by a mix of regulations and also shifting to natural gas. but there are pockets where things feel a lot worse and pottologies of a lot of bad things happening. john: it should help trump, but so far it hasn't. coming up, the bert alternative. how about a third party?
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>> all those in favor say aye. john: up until he got the nomination there was a push to stop the never trump movement. here is the moment they failed. they tried to block the parties resolution. all those opposed no. in the opinion of the charity ayes have it and the resolution agreed to. >> so donald trump payment nominee but lots of republicans won't support him. this week the runner up for the nomination refused to endorse trump. >> vote four conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket how trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution.
5:30 am
john: many republicans won't endorse trump. the former president bushes. former candidates john kasich, john mccain, mitt romney, all these prominent republicans avoided trump's coronation convention. nebraska senator ben sasse aloud his spokesman to say sasse will not attends the convention and will instead take his kids to watch a dumpster fire. >> this is what's great about the primary season. you learn about all these people and you adapt. if you are an adult, you behave like one. there is a winner. he beat 17 people. there is a reason they lost. they behave like children. when you learn about people's character not only when they win, but when they do lose and
5:31 am
you have to get back up. i don't think anybody noticed ben sasse wasn't there and no one else was. >> they have principles they feel this man does not embody. and they feel he is dangerous not only for their party, but for the country. so they sat it out. respect the principles of these people and the fact that they don't feel donald trump has any. >> there is an interesting divide. the never trumpers, the bill kristol from the weekly standard. those people mostly sat it out. ones who stayed and fought and made a difference and caused a ruckus were two people who were prominent constitutional conservatives. this is a much more libertarian version. ted cruz did the big je -- the g
5:32 am
jujitsu. >> cuccinelli is a social conservative. john: given that so many people don't like trump or hillary. i'm disappointed they don't even doarts third party guy i like. but most of the people i like most people haven't heard of it. >> at this time that's a wasted vote. trump or clinton? >> neither. john: you won't vote? >> the independent guy, i don't like him. >> i never heard of gary johnson. >> most people don't know what the libertarians really stands for. john: how can they not know? >> they are not watching stossel every day of the week. gary johnson pomed at 13% in a
5:33 am
cnn poll last week. he's getting more media attention. four years ago he wasn't getting polled at all. >> third party candidates always poll well in july and august, but in september they fall off the map. >> trump is doing well and you guys say 13% is good enough. john: the best and worst moments from the republican convention. the good, the bad and the ugly. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients...
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john: "lock her up." republicans chanting that was the worst part of the convention according to trump supporter tammy bruce. that's the worst moment in the convention. why didn't you like the chant? >> i think it was cathartic for the audience. it's like an unindicted criminal. but i think that kinds of is a lowering of the nature of wait is we can do. and trump exposed this when they started in his speech he wait and said, let's defeat her in november. so he translated that emotional reaction to an actual action we can actually do, that was fabulous. john: ben your worst? >> friens priebus echoing the same line donald trump said. john: i think we have this one up here. >> donald trump wants to bring
5:39 am
jobs back from overseas and hold companies who want to send them abroad accountable. he's finally going to stop illegal immigration and make sure our government puts american citizens first. [cheers and applause] john: the head of the republican party. >> that is a crowd cheering the head of the republican party of allegedly of international business and individual freedom cheering a president going to punish companies for moving their factories. that is astonishing. john: chris, you said your worst moment was the speech by patricia smith whose son was killed in benghazi. >> for all of this loss, for all of this grief, for all of the cynicism, the tragedy in benghazi has brought upon america, i blame hillary clinton. john: she was being exploited in her pain. there is a special place in hell
5:40 am
for the person to decided to put her on that stage. she wasn't there for some mission that she was trying to fight out for her son. she was put there for political purpose and clearly still a grieving mother. i felt for that woman. i didn't agree what she was saying about secretary clinton. but i felt her pain and it was sad for me and it should be sad for anybody who watched it. >> you don't think she had a role in deciding to do it as a grown woman. >> she has been on a lot of networks. and i think she has been exploited. john: let's do the best moments from the convention. tammy, you chose this clip. >> my opponent asks her supporters to recite a three-word loyalty pledge. it reads "i'm with her." i choose to recite a different pledge.
5:41 am
my pledge reads will be "i'm with you, the american people." [cheers and applause] i am your voice. john: tammy? >> that highlights what that campaign is about. a woman who is a narcissist. the fact that she is a woman is why you should vote for her versus a man who is going to represent the american people. john: who is not a narcissist. >> the founders wanted men with ambition to run for this office. he recognizes he's representing people. hillary is doing it because she is entitled to it. that signifies what she is doing there. >> ted cruz's people should vote their conscience and vote for people up and count ticket that believe in the constitution. it's a completely unobjectionable sentence. if donald trump and his
5:42 am
apparatus would have chosen to respond to that withstanding ovation, it would have been a reformation of donald trump. cruz knew they were going to organize booing around him. it made a moment when people were booing someone who said vote your conscience. >> it was a slogan for the never trump people. john: chris you said you liked ivanka trump's speech most. i assume you like it because she sounded like a democrat in a portion of it. >> as president my father will change the labor laws and he will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all. >> she reminded me of a young hillary clinton. it's fantastic. clearly, ivanka trump and donald trump have some liberal leanings. it was nice to see that on display. politically i thought it was a
5:43 am
brilliant speech. i think her whole image is politically brilliant. everybody talks about the son. i think she would have a future in politic but she'll run as a democrat. john: government daycare. that rift on equal pay and quality daycare. my best was how many republicans skipped the convention. and senator rand paul did something useful. dr. paul is an ophthalmologist who used the week to restore vision to people who are legally blind. isn't it great when politicians do something else? >> they should do something else more of the time. >> that's what the founders wanted. they weren't supposed to be there all the time. they were supposed to be citizen lawmakers. maybe we have to go back to
5:44 am
that. >> you can get quality childcare without the government paying for it, do it. this is not about necessarily liberal i am. you can hector for it and move it forward. you can have those things and still be conservative. have much so. john: i candidate on social media for your best and worse moment. >> we interviewed a few people who said we wish it wasn't in
5:45 am
the platform. john: tammy, matt, chris. next we are joined by one of the youngest people at the convention. he said there are myths about republicans. >> we are told frequently the republican party is a party old, rich, white men. john: i saw the delegates. but that's what it looked mike to me. but my next guest says i'm wrong about that. thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish.
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john: one thin i noticed this week watching the convention is most people there were white and old. >> we are told frequently that the republican party is a party of old, rich, white men. john: we sure are and i could see that watching the convention. if this young man took the podium and said -- >> who is the party of youth and diversity. we are the party of youth and diversity. not the democrats. john: what? here is charlie kirk to defend that idea. he runs a group called turning
5:50 am
point, come posed of thousands of young people who believe in free markets. >> i hear frequently amongst young people that the republican party is the party of rich old white men. the facts show something completely different. the republican party, we enjoyed the youngest speaker of the house since 1989. the first indian american to run in bobby jindal. the only u.s. senator under 40 in senator tom cotton and 9 gop senators under the age of 50. contrast that with the democrats. nancy pelosi who is 76. bernie sanders who is nearly triple my and i. hillary clinton is pushing 70. they are the party older, richer more white people. the gop represents a more diverse party. john: the candidates, you are right. the delegates? >> to be a delegate is a very i
5:51 am
would say strenuous process. it takes a lot of involvement. i tried to be a delegate in illinois and it wasn't easy. there are stories about the delegates being old, rich people. delegates go to people who have been around the longest. john: it's great you are getting young people involved. you say they are not republicans or libertarians. you say you are for free markets. >> if you label me, you negate me. our organization is constitutionalists, libertarians, republicans. i'm a constitutionalist and we are fighting against the government. we are fighting against the left-wing organizers. john: i love the signs his groups members held up at the convention. here on nbc your people managed who told up a sign that says "socialism sucks" and i love
5:52 am
capitalism. some of your other signs. you are entitled to nothing. the best social program is a job. if your neighbor paid for it, then it's not free. how did the delegates react? >> the delegates favably. msnbc got upset after the third day. but this is a mess and resonating with young people. we are arguing to get government out of your life. we believe in free markets and free people. if you are leftist, you are being a conformist. your friends are liberal. your professors are liberal. your friends are liberal. when you are young you want to be free. and that's what our mess and is talking about with younger voters.
5:53 am
down* coming up, will donald make america great? >> america was never great in the first place. the only time it was great is when the indians had it. john: how about when we won world war ii. >> it still ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea. an inspiration. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures. had 12 years of setbacks and breakthroughs, 4,423 sleepless nights, and countless trips back to the drawing board. at first they were told no, well... maybe, and finally: yes. then it was 36 clinical trials, 8,500 patient volunteers,
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john: at this week's republican convention a lot of people
5:57 am
expressed what sounded like love for a politician. >> donald trump wants to be president for all of us. john: that's scott baio. he grew up to be a trump supporter. he describes his candidate this way. >> a man doing this from the goodness of his heart and genuinely wants to help. john: really? trump is running for president because of the goodness of his heart? i would like to believe it, but i don't believe it about any politician. they run for fame and glory because they long to run other people's lives. trump? i'm not sure why he's running. i don't think it's love. why do you think trump wants to be president? >> i think all he cares about is himself and making money. >> i think somebody is paying him to do this.
5:58 am
>> because he wants power and he is a narcissist. john: i fear she is right. lots of politicians are narcissists who want power over others. that's why i was happy to watch this convention from new york. just fast forward to the speeches, read what their proposals are. then i don't have to spend time with the power-mad political class. i don't get why so many people love trump. when i asked trump supporters why do you support him. most answers were no clearer than these. >> trump or clinton. >> trump. because i'm a republican. >> why? >> because i'm a republican. >> what does it mean today? that you are against free trade and against immigration in does
5:59 am
republican mean you are a conservative? i thought conservative meant conservative values, not vulgar behavior bragging about how great you are and insulting people. but at the convention there was almost no talk about trump's crude comments. it was all about him making america safe and great. it's not clear exactly how he will do that. he rarely says exactly what he's going to do. but somehow he's going to make america great. why are you wearing a trump t-shirt? >> i think he will make america great again. john: you think he will make america great again? >> i do. john: i'm glad conventions are finally over. oh, no, they are not over. the democratting convention is next week. the politician worship will continue. in fact it will get worse there.
6:00 am
we'll watch it so you don't have to, and we'll get back to you with another live show on the democratic convention at this time next week. see you then. thank you for watching. next is a lou dobbs show. lou: good evening everybody. at least nine people have been killed following what please describe as a possible terrorist attack and a popular shopping mall in munich. police are investigating whether one of the dead is the shooter. authorities at this point do not know the motive of the shooter nor do they know if there is more than one shooter. we will be bringing you the latest details. to have an impact on the politics.


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