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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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thank you for watching. next is a lou dobbs show. lou: good evening everybody. at least nine people have been killed following what please describe as a possible terrorist attack and a popular shopping mall in munich. police are investigating whether one of the dead is the shooter. authorities at this point do not know the motive of the shooter nor do they know if there is more than one shooter. we will be bringing you the latest details. to have an impact on the politics.
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they had been expected earlier to announce the choice for vice president this afternoon. that did not happen because of the attacks. donald trump decided to delay his planned announcement. after what was eventful and successful. trumpet took a victory lap in cleveland. he may have around his political career. i don't want his endorsement. i have such great friends. ted stay home relax and enjoy yourself. among our guest here tonight. an incredible weekend in cleveland.
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here are a few of the highlights. adoption of the resolution. all those opposed say no. the resolution is agreed to. [applause]. my parents impressed on me the value that you work hard for what you want in life. that your worth is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. there is just america. what happened to.
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to be able to throw donald trump tonight with 89 delicates. -- delegates. the selfish awful judgment. stand and speak in vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation. vote for the candidate to can't be bought. it is the path that is right, and just intro. on november 8 i know we will elect donald trump to be the 45h president of the united
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states of america. i couldn't be could not be more proud tonight to present to you and to all of america my father in our next president donald j trump i except your nomination we will make america strong again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. and good night.
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investigator reporter sarah westwood. jason riley. the fox news contributor. thank you all for being here. he couldn't resist a few parting shots he seems relaxed. this is the first step towards what's going to be a battle royal. it is going to be one of the toughest campaign in presidential history. absolutely, i think donald trump did everything he needed to do at the convention. he stated closely to the message into town that he's have the home tight -- hold time. the discussion was defined in different terms. no longer talking about what might have been. we are now focused on the general election in it framed
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the argument you can choose donald trump or you can let hillary clinton be the president in the case against hillary clinton was laid out in different terms. do you agree the convention i have to say being there was one of the most energetic conventions that i have seen. he did what he's been doing and i agree with sarah his thinking has been working so far. i think they're also an opportunity to pivot. you put it behind you. you bring the party together. as you said in your intro he couldn't resist today making another news cycle about ted cruz and i think that is a problem. i think he didn't accomplish
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what he needed to do in terms of bringing the party together. to move forward on the same footing. i think that is going to be a problem. again, on the ground in cleveland i will type that leaving the convention last night previous cruise -- ted cruz supporters in some cases texas which has a sizable ted cruz delegation there is a change in attitude. and there were conversions and they even had posters. but the two big stories out of this convention were mister trump's speech. that's not what you want out of the convention.
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i will say this inexplicable i will say this. there is only one story out of this convention which is donald trump's speech. no one will vote on his wife's speech or the feud between ted cruz and trump. the last think donald trump should have done today is take a shot at ted cruz. he should have moved on. the race is now framed. you had two views of america. i thought it was an excellent speech. exactly right. while done. those who have been talking for some time about whether they want substance or detail donald trump took them on quite a journey for an hour and 16 minutes he was pretty subsidence in detail. and what is interesting again
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i can attest to the home audience. we want to congratulate the colleagues. then on any broadcast network in the country. i just want to say congratulations. what do you make of the speech and do not agree. he was more clear on the immigration issue that i think he has been in a long time. the democrats would love to paint donald trump as a racist because he takes the tougher stance on immigration. he clarified in a very strong way that his focus is on criminal is on criminal --dash criminal immigrants. to legal immigrants who should have been deported and weren't worked because of that negligence. it is that kind of clear articulation to avoid the
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possibility they could misinterpret them in today they are citing against the republican nominee that is part of the larger law and order message that he pushed. i think it could be very effective. we've have the tragic police shootings. there had and an increase in homicides a significant increase . the danger is over playing the hand here. it is not 1960. we don't had armed students taking over campuses. you can't say that. it also plays another level. hillary clinton in the e-mail scandal plays into this law and order theme i believe. that dressing down by the fbi
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the clinton foundation taking those monies. let me be very clear and i think it's not as a democrat or an independent or republican but as an american we say here today with another horrific terrorist attack the president of the united states is absent. he sending regrets. where is the united states. where is donald trump and secretary clinton at the president. this goes beyond the clinton foundation. i guess you are to our security as a nation unless we come together and had candidates in the leader who directly take this on and yes weapons and trips. troops. we are feeling as a nation. i applaud you and that stand. i do want to offer an addendum and the republican party
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speaking for both donald trump and himself as course -- of course. expressing his sympathies and concerns in condolences to the german people. that is a highlight of the convention. i think he gave the best speech at the convention. i liked those others. there were some wonderful speakers. thank you so much. i am an american who stands for freedom and liberty stay with us terror and germany. gunmen opened fire in a munich shopping mall.
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donald trump's hugely successful . >> in my father's company there are more female than male executives they are paid equally for the work that we do and when a woman as a mother she is supported not -- shut out.
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munich germany on lock down tonight. an attack left ten people dead. the shooter we say we don't know if there were more shooters they are searching for as many as three suspects in the shooting that took place near the olympic shopping mall. authorities say they are treating this as a system suspected terrorist attack. we can take but type that means because they haven't at this point come up with a suspect or a person that is in anyway and interest of the suspected terrorist attack
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with ten people dead. it comes just days after an afghan refugee attacked people with an ax. joining me now fox news national security analyst i have to say this sounds like the german government is completely inept. they have the chief of staff same we can't guarantee absolute security. what kind of nonsense are they spewing over there? >> here is why. take a step back. we are becoming numb to those. it's not just those it is throughout the region. they are not becoming numb to it though. and if you look at what this is 25 years of three things, open borders, multiculturalism and gunning the intelligence and security services. as you just said the said the government cannot protect
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their own people. >> they can't connect to their own people. if they can't perform what they described as the basic duty and he is right and not then what kind of government is it. what are the german people putting up with and why are they putting up with it because she's responsible for creating and destabilizing one of the most advanced nations on the planet. >> she claims to the open borders and what started out as refugees is now a migration invasion. it started out as keep your own communities. it has now become whole pockets of these countries. not just germany but the others. they have their own school in their own courts and cultures. they are not mixing with the broader culture. it gets worse and worse. the equivalent of france in the homeland security director he said he is worried about
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france being on the verge of civil war there should be some linkage one would think the open borders that the european union members insist upon. they seem to be corrugated nothing and certainly their internal mechanisms between france and belgium and germany. it seems to be absolutely absent. their people are reacting to it. their populations are seen we are going to get those groups. we are going to go to the far right extremist. it could be a war against everybody against everybody. not just individual incidents here. you would have a more organized area. as you say it goes on and is
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accelerating the frequency of these attacks. and without any recording corrugated response on the part of the west and donald trump is talking about what to do about it. your thoughts on his speech last night. as it pertains to terrorism. he said what everybody's thinking. and everybody is afraid to say if we don't had control of our borders we haven't assimilated and we have a law enforcement issue. a national security issue and it's only getting worse. and political correctness is getting people killed. as a result we are seen seeing more and more incidents like this. we went last night the sheriff standing up when he walked out on that stage.
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thank you very much for being with us. have a great weekend. do you believe donald trump will get a big bump in the polls after his successful convention? cast your vote on twitter. links to everything. the republican party now led by donald trump. nt doesn't seem too worried about those who aren't yet on the trump train. there aren't many but a few. >> the parties just come together. the few people that aren't there it's okay. if you understand i ran iran as an outsider. i don't want anybody. lou: that is the subject of my comm
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lou: a few thoughts on what turned out to be an historic week. the republican party delivered the longest acceptance speech in decades it was wildly applauded throughout by the delegates there. and trump followed up his big performance by thanking his staff and volunteers for an incredible four days. >> this was probably one of the most peaceful and beautiful, one of the most love-filled conventions in the history of conventions. when they talk about unity, i want to tell you, that was unity.
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lou: by the way i want to thank the people of cleveland. it was a terrific four days. i believe the wildly successful week for the trump campaign sets a perfect tone for what is to come. the expected very tough battle between trump and clinton. it brought the demise of the never trump camp. the trump children all making a pitch for their father showing a softer side of their nominee. the doubt more introduced him and like all members of the trump family, the republican nominee himself delivered a
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speech roundly assembled -- roundly applauded by the assembled delegates. he promised to defeat hillary clinton on november 8. in true trump fashion, the republican nominee delighted in one more jab at his detractors on his way out of cleveland. >> no matter how much you like or dislike, whether you are the governor ohio, whether you are a senator from texas, or any off ther ooffther -- or any of the r people i beat so easily and so badly. you have no choice. you have got to go for trump. lou: there are people who say he shouldn't have done that. folks, that's the republican nominee and that's who he is. and he says that's just what we need.
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the nominee historically gets a bump in the polls after his convention, and trump has been rising in the polls despite being outspent 15-1 by hillary clinton and her supporters. it looks like the clinton campaign has every reason to be worried heading into next week's national convention in philadelphia where it will be live beginning monday broadcasting at our usual tim time:00 p.m. eastern. our quotation of the evening. we chose one from donald trump. the new nominee of the republican party, who said ebb has their detractors, some people say arrogance or whatever they may say. i only have one thing in mind. and that's doing a great job for the country. and we are coming right back. stay with us. donald trump made history with his republican national convention. now the battle to defeat hillary clinton begins.
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>> what you have done is in the history books. it doesn't matter. unless we beat hillary clinton. lou: pastor robert jeffress joins me next. we'll show you the
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lou: a critical part of trump's speech last night focused on religious freedom and the evangelical community that helped get him nominated. >> i would like to thank the evangelical and religious community because i'll tell you what, it's important that they have -- the support they have given me, and i'm not sure i totally deserve it -- has been so amazing and has had up a big reason for me being here tonight, true. so true. lou: joining us, dr. robert jeffress, pastor at first baptist church in dallas. one of the most influential evangelical churches in the country. pastor, does he deserve all that support? >> i think he does, lou.
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i think last night proved why. the test of a good acceptance speech is whether people at the end of the speech can picture the candidate sitting in the oval office. i think after last night people could not only picture trump sitting in the oval office. they were clamoring for him to sit in the oval office. i heard media pundits say he was too dash and ominous in his speech. he was simply connecting with the feeling of americans. lou: who said it cause dark -- it was dark. i saw the headlines from left wing news outlets. all i saw was his view of the state of the union and straight talk about the challenges and threats pea face. >> he was saying, i'm your voice. 73% % of americans believe this country is headed in the wrong direction.
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for most americans this is not morning in america, it's countdown to the apocalypse. and people believe he's the only leader to reverse the downward spiral of this nation. lou: a large number of the left wing come 8ors see it as an apocalyptic goal because they know it's threatening everything they have been pushing for decade which has led to the democratic leadership of most of the 50 states in this country. the creation of jobs. what do they want? a rose-colored candy rock mountain of just absolutely ignoring all the problems and just looking forward to the next
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load of manure that will be delivered by a politician? >> unfortunately what they want is what a lot of the republican establishment wants. that's the status quo. that's responsible for the mess we are in. lou: mess is a very dark word. >> we have a leader who is willing to change that. his name is donald trump. it's a hopeful mess and. help is on the way. the calvary is coming and we ought to be encouraged trump is doing as well as he is. 75% of viewers were positive about the speech. cnn was apoplectic, they couldn't understand that because they were so disconnected with the american public.
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lou: i'm so glad you brought that up. thanks for being with us. roll the video, pretty please. watch as this skydiver jumps out of a plane into what was fir a sunny sky quickly turning dark and stormy, flashes of lightning, the daredevil leaping from two miles above central florida into a treacherous thunder cloud. look at that. the big cell rounding in. the skydiver surrounded by streaks of lightning. this is not a good idea. it makes for wonderful video. he called it an incredible and unique experience. in this instance i hope unique
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means one time and that was it. up next, it's not just about making america great again. it's also about making america one again. >> he recognizes real knowledge and skill when he finds it. he's color blind and gender neutral. >> every american has a unique identity. i'm proud to be gay, i'm proud to be a republican. but most all, i am proud to be an american. lou: joining us tonight, trump's diversity coordinator, stay with us. we are coming right back. hey gary, what'd you got here? this bad boy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go!
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lou: there were a lot of great speakers at the rnc, but none outdid pastor mark burns. burns told delegates donald trump will not be pandering to one single race. >> under donald trump and under a donald trump administration,
10:45 am
all lives matter! and that means black lives, white lives, hispanic lives, asian lives, * christian lives, muslim lives. shout with me, all lives -- >> matter! lou: being in the room, in the arena with him was a joy. he lit it up in every possible meaning of the word. bruce were let's start with mark burns. what did you think of the reverend? >> electrifying. i'm still trying to catch my voice. i'm running on pure adrenaline.
10:46 am
i haven't slept yet. i came right off the plane and came right in here to talk to you. tell us, if you will, what you are doing as a coordinator, a diversity coordinator. it looks like we have lots of diversity in this country. what is trump doing differently. >> he's resurrecting a vote and a voice for people who didn't have a chance. if you go to the, to come after a person like this was just, you know different wasn't right. what we did last year is michael cohen who is executive vice
10:47 am
president for donald trump, and dr. scott, and all us, we got together and said let's put all these beautiful nationalities and ethnic groups across the nation who support trump. lou: you are doing outreach. how are minority community responding? is donald trump going to actually go into our inner cities and talk with african-american youth? is he going to -- where is he going to go, where are you going, and what is going to be the result? >> you know what? he's actually been having a lot of meetings over the past several years with a lot of pastors. one thing about mr. trump that i really admire. he understands the value of our faith-based community in terms of the community. and i think, you know, we have had a lot of tremendous meetings. i was in one particular where
10:48 am
there was over 100 african-american pass towards. most of those pastors voted for barack obama. and they were look for answers. lou: i don't think anybody will be surprised to hear that. most of the polling, 95% of african-americans in this country right now are supporting hillary clinton. 1% donald trump. but he's promising one america. >> that's right. lou: how is that going to translate to new votes for the republican nominee? >> well, one of the big things is that justice reform, the 1994 crime bill that was so cat trough next african-american community. the largest incarceration rate in the history of the united states, with a man with a vision who knows how to create jobs and bring hope for these community, it's just huge. it's huge.
10:49 am
lou: is he going to go to the inner cities and meeting with people? >> yes, face to face. lou: we are out of time. >> i love it, i'm pumped up from the rally. lou: i hope that voice of yours recovers soon. bruce lavell. german police are just now reporting that today's shooting in munich is believed to have been committed by one, one man. the short is believed to have killed himself and acted alone. 9 people now, 9 people are believed we have had varying numbers, as high as 12 and always few as 6. the number coming out of germany, in the munich shooting is 9. we'll keep you up to date. on wall street today, stocks closing higher.
10:50 am
the dow jones industrials are 54 points. the s & p closing at a new record high. vol on the big board. 3 billion shares. the dow and s & f posting fractional gains. that was enough to move to more than a month of weekly gains. and the nasdaq up 1.5. listen to my reports coast to coast. up next, ivanka trump last night pitching her father as champion for women. >> as president my father will change the labor laws that were put in place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the workforce. and he will focus on making quality child carol affordable and accessible for all. lou: conservative activist ned ryan and adriana cohen take that up with me next.
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lou: i wanted to take a look at a great moment last night during trump's acceptance speech. if you didn't see it, it's worth watching. >> obama made the decision to put hillary clinton in charge of america's foreign policy.
10:55 am
let's defeat her in november. lou: as the crowd was chanting "lock her up" i thought it was interesting the nominee said let's defeat her in november. joining me, founder and ceo of american majority, former speech writer for george w. bush, and adriana cohen. your reaction to that. i thought it was a nice moment where he pushed aside some of the chance and said simply, let's defeat hillary clinton. adriana, what did you make of it?
10:56 am
>> i think that was the perfect response by donald trump. it took away the fraternity atmosphere of "lock her up." instead he the adult in the room and said, "let's defeat her." there is nothing that she touched that wasn't an enormous failure. look at the russian reset that failed. the middle east is more dangerous now than ever. >> i think we got the list. we are going to hear a lot more of it, i'm sure. ned, your reaction to that moment. >> trump has shown throughout the campaign season by running against people that had a lot more political experience. he has shown good instincts during this campaign. realizing, no, no, let's defeat her in november. so overall i thought his speech was very good and solid.
10:57 am
he laid out some themes i think he should stick to and continue to repeat that message of law and order and of defeating isis and reaching out to inner city community. if he can stick to that mess and. this will resonate. american i am is our credo now. if he can stick to this and be disciplined from now to november, i think his chances are better of winning. lou: americanism versus global i am. the word are almost -- you can see people saying americanism? we can talk about america first? we can talk about putting our own interests against some sort of trade organization based in geneva or brussels? i mean, it's so refreshing to hear people say something like that, particularly the nominee of the republican party. your thoughts?
10:58 am
>> i agree with you, lou, 100%. when did being patriotic become a bad thing? it's refreshing to hear a candidate who can tap into our love of country. american i am is a good thing. we want to put america first. it's time. we have 94 million american out of work. help americans struggling achieve the american dream. that's what donald trump wants to do. lou: some on the left, left liberal national media journalists are calling trump -- you knew it had to happen, because he want fair trade web's being called an isolationist. because he want to make sense, he's being called a nativist because he want rules enforced for immigration and want our immigration policy to be a
10:59 am
projection of our national interests. >> as i'm listening to trump, let's have a common sense approach to immigration, see we should secure our borders. let's take a look at some of these trade deals and how we are actually treating the american people. that's what he did very well during the campaign season. the american people are deeply frustrated with the ruling class, people in d.c. putting them selves first instead of the american people. yet the american people are funding the government. if he can stick to this mess and, i think he will appeal to the base and the blue collar workers. he will appeal to other independents. it's a good mess and and it's tapping into where the american people are right now. lou: thanks for being with us. a reminder to join us here monday. we head to philadelphia to cover the democratic national convention.
11:00 am
we'll be bringing you the fairest, most balanced connell. it begins 7:00 p.m. eastern as it does every day on this broadcast, monday through friday. [ dynamic music plays ] [ dynamic music continues ] [ dynamic music continues ] [ dynamic music continues ]


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