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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i was just looking up on the web here. $20,000 that's how much out-of-state tuition is. i don't know if i would pay that much. have a wonderful weekend everybody. thank you. risk and reward starts right now. >> she is a dangerous liar and you saw that with the fbi director where he came out and said she lied, all the other things he's done and then on sunday she said you never said that that was donald trump responding to hillary clinton doubling down on the disputed claim that the fbi found her e-mail remarks truthful. this is a risk and reward. hillary clinton took questions
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from the media earlier today the last time she have and the special press conference with 244 days ago. the republican national committee released the following statement on hillary clinton's remarks. despite her call for the press to hold candidates accountable there's no doubt she is desperate to avoid a taste of her own medicine. by yet again falsely claiming that what he said at his press conference is consistent with what she told the american people about her reckless mishandling of classified information. she is once again proving herself incapable of telling the truth to the nation. jennifer crippen has more on the latest for hillary clinton. she follows a clinton campaign for us. is she responding in this back-and-forth yet again? >> it has been eight months in one day since hillary clinton has held a press conference. today she took questions from members of the national association of black and hispanic journalists. one of the first questions she received was to explain what
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she meant in the interview with fox news sunday when she was said that the fbi director has said she was truthful and talking about her e-mail server here is what she said today. >> james comey said my answers in my interview were truthful that's the bottom line here. what i told the fbi which he said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited and for that i will try to clarify because i think chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. >> this is what he told congressman connors and gary under oath. there was nothing marked classified on their e-mail was that true. there were a small number of portion markings on three of the documents.
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clinton went on to explain why she continues to say that she never sent classified information. >> a classified document has a big headache on the top. it makes very clear what the classification is. and in questioning director comey made the point that the three e-mails out of the 30,000 did not have the appropriate markings. it was therefore reasonable to conclude anyone including myself would have not suspected that they were classified. adam, we faxed checked most of what she said and most of it checked out but the one key point that was misleading she talks about the three e-mails that had that classification those were not in the 30,000 e-mails that she handed over
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to the state department. back to you. reporting for us on the hillary clinton what seems to be this hole is dug deeper. let's go to the political power panel. laurent let me start with you. it sounds like a lie this sounds like she's digging herself a deeper hole you hear the fbi director quite clearly save note she's not telling the truth. this is such a black hole. i think it's no question that is so complicated. just a black and white and we want to make it. if indeed the e-mails were not marked clearly as classified
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it is legitimate. the problem is unfortunately i'm someone who supports her i think this is kind of a complicated set of answers. and if she said this if she had lied to the fbi they would've have her arm perjury. they have not prosecuted her for that. >> let me take that on. he was extremely clear he would not comment on whether or not listen to what hillary clinton had to say about the ability to be trusted. let me start by saying every time you have done a job in trying to stir up as much concern as possible. >> caleb i want to go to you on this.
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it sounds like hillary clinton is throwing you a softball which republicans will be able to hit rate ray out of the ballpark. you take a look at all of the scandals hillary clinton has been involved in you are talking about travel. hillary clinton is the gatekeeper of political scandals in time and time again there is a lie scandal. this is something we have come to expect with hillary clinton in charge and a second change as president. that's why she thinks she can get away with it. let's bring up the issue that president obama said yesterday. to protect classified information listen to what he
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said yesterday. >> they were told these are classified briefings if they want to be president yet to start acting like it and that means being able to receive the briefings and not spread them around. >> ron, i want to go with you on this. did he mean to say that to hillary clinton he wasn't helping her case at all? >> it hurts clinton more. he has already been negative towards donald trump. how many times can she change her story. she has changed every element of every story she have told about this. we would be here all hour. it's affecting her politically.
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the majority of young people they think that she should be in prison. if she can't convince the majority that she can be trusted than who else can. even in states like georgia which haven't voted democrat in decades are showing the hillary clinton is showing dramatic double digits in those points. we are seeing some significant nearly double-digit leads. the idea that young people and i cannot support her between someone that does nothing but disparage minorities. including the families of fallen military is not even close contact. >> that's why they are voting
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third party. and so if those numbers hold up weave a poll showing that we have that. right now those third-party candidates are performing very well. >> i'm going to give you the last word because lauren brought up something that i think might be troubling to the trumpet campaign. even this far out from the election in georgia of all places can be good for the republicans. the truth is donald trump is facing an uphill battle and it's surprising that remarks on the video cause concern for the american people because they look at a person like hillary clinton and they do seek a storied history of lying to the american people
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of abusing her position of power to try to benefit financially of abusing those positions. in and donald trump finds himself in a position were not a lot of americans are looking at him. he is talking time and time again on the campaign trail about the negatives of political correctness. when he speaks he needs to be correct. he needs to know what he's talking about. if he could develop the trust of the american people he will when their vote. right now people are torn. on that note we have to say thank you for joining us. the united states created 255,000 jobs in july versus 180,000 jobs which the experts expected but more than 94 million americans are not in the labor force. they dropped out and remain dropped out as of last month. we more on the breakdown of what it means. >> we went to a place that a lot of people have just given up looking for jobs. just one block here.
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but maybe see you could buy some storefront tea. they are with gates and some of them are just bombed out. take a look at the labor participation rate because as you point out a lot of people just out of the workforce in places like erie is a large chunk of people people that have actually given up looking for jobs and just don't feel like there is anything out there. we created this graphic. the police streaming by. look at it by president. we are at the lowest participation rate in the labor force since before the carter administration back in the mid- 70s. it peeked just after or just before 911 and the bush presidency and has been declining ever since. there was a tenth of a percentage point tick up in this month's numbers but still
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a lot of people out of work and they have given up. i leave you with a picture of the american state bank no windows, no money no jobs. i used to drive through their. it was always very sad. donald trump preparing for major economic speech. but will he added some details to his plan trumpet is picking on the advisor. and president obama responded to donald trump's charge that november that the election will be rigged. >> if he's up ten or 15 points on election day and hands up losing then maybe he can raise some questions. if a denture were to be
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>> we will lay out the vision of the growth economic plan that will focus on not just lowering taxes but also cutting the regulation and unleashing america's energy capabilities. focusing on things that will help the middle class be able to afford their lifestyle and try to get wages with real growth. it's a plan that touches all economic spheres of our economy all demographics and we think it's can a contract very nicely with clinton's hidden tax increase plan. see mac donald trump said to lay out his vision for the economy on monday. a plan that my next guest mister trump develop. we welcome you here to risk and reward. thank you for joining me.
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they laid out a basic overview. can you explain to us how this differs from hillary clinton's plan and we should point out she didn't hide what she said she will raise classes -- taxes on the middle class. donald trump is going to deliver the biggest tax cuts since ronald reagan. that is a big amount given how much americans have lost an in income over the last ten years. he will cut the business tax rate to about 15% that will bring a lot of jobs back to the united states. every tax on the board she wants to raise. she must to raise the tax on wealthy people who tend to own a small businesses. think about this. a 50% tax rate under hillary
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clinton 15% tax rate under mister trump you don't have to be a genius to say which is can be better for jobs. he released the full list of economic advisers a group you are a part of. i just wanted to bring up to people who jumped out at me because the panel seems to lay open mister trump to attacks from the democrats. an awful experience with chrysler. and then john paulson with the advocates deal i will get into the particulars of that but i can see the attack ads coming how do you respond to that. i'm not in the speak to these gentlemen i don't really know them personally. i will simply say they are successful in their business but who is going to be more beholden to wall street.
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she has gotten tense if not hundreds of millions of dollars of donations from wall street and donald trump a small fraction of that. who do you trust to represent the interests of the american people. hillary who is funded by them or donald trump who has been self financed. i believe the polls right now show that they trust mister trump. hillary really has a pretty awful plan. she wants to raise taxes she wants more of the shovel ready projects. i just want to thank that they are neck and buy into that. even though it hasn't worked for the last seven years. a major players which in the gop had felt that he has made some mistakes in the convention but according to our latest poll 50% of voters trust him on the economy only 45% trust hillary clinton so
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is monday the day that she can -- he can turn these polls around. >> it's a big day for him. he has have a bad week and he has to turn it around i think this will be a really important speech. i think people watching it's in detroit at the economic club. he is going to lay out a plan on regulation on taxes on energy and the other thing that he didn't mention there is going to be a lot about how we are going to replace obama care. more and more every single new report on the obama care for the last six months has been people dropping out of the program people facing higher premiums there is no good news with respect to obama care. we appreciate you being here on risk and reward.
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adam: he insisted yesterday that the $400 million to iran was not ransom for american hostages but my next guest said it's a win for adrian in the loss for the united states. >> we did not pay ransom. precisely because if we did then we would start encouraging americans to be targeted. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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volunteer for meals on wheels by donating your lunch break at >> it wasn't a secret we announce them this wasn't some nefarious deal. we were completely open with everybody about it and it's interesting -- it's interesting how this became a story again. point number two we do not pay ransom for hostages. >> that was president obama spending seven minutes yesterday dodging questions on whether the united states paid i ran $45 million to free for
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american hostages. ralph peters joins me now. it's good to see you and thank you for joining us. it looks like it was ransom. was it ransom? >> yes. the president is line. the obama administration has this attitude towards the truth. if it's convenient to lie you like and you stick to your life. obviously it was ransom. in the test are manifested. first of all if it's all about above board why would you do in the dead of night with an unmarked cargo plane. it's just kind of too cute. the bottom line is this if we
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have not paid the $400 million the hostages would not had gone free therefore it was ransom therefore we had established the price of an american captive taken prisoner hostage you had $100 million. the president started his response saying that this is no secret. they say get the walk beef. this was a secret or they would have talked about this. >> absolutely. there has been so much been dishonest in this whole deal. they had been seen the negotiation were really separate negotiating teams. but they all reported to secretary carey and he could not had done this deal without president obama's personal
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approval. he can't call up and say drop $400 million on the iranians tonight. it doesn't work like that. the team did not want the hostages looming over the nuclear deal said that it would soil the deal he wanted to clean the state. as part of this nobel prize peaceloving legacy. the bill payer is the american people. one of the four. he seems to indicate that they were waiting for another plane to arrive before the iranians would allow the plane listen to what he said. >> they told us you're gonna be there for 20 minutes but it took like hours and hours when i asked them you don't let us go everyone was ready to leave
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the country they said were waiting for another plane and if that plane doesn't come we don't let you go. >> it sounds like ransom to me. it was obviously the same cargo plane. the lies are preposterous. they strain all over. you have to remember that we've seen through history that if you tell a big lie and stick to it and don't back down it works out to be fair you and i both know that all presidential administrations at least do some fibbing here and there the consistency of the dishonesty in this case has been without precedent. adam: thank you very much for joining us from washington. here is the president dismissing the payment that was given in cash.
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>> the reason that we have to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not had a relationship with iran we can send them a check. we could not wire the money. >> so the terrorism analyst he joins us now it's good to have you here i wanted to ask you the president. that we don't have to have the banking relationship is illegal for us to transfer u.s. dollars still doesn't address the fact that the 400 million-dollar payment was never made public it was kind of hidden through that grantor greater that we are sending money. >> point number one if that's the case how do we release previous funds in order to apply the deal. i think someone from congress
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should start asking the questions, it's because the regime wants cash. they were caught that is the administration because the information was released but basically they have told the administration during the discussions and we learned from arab sources that they don't want to link the hostages to the deal. they wanted to be a separate deal. >> may be then be in a state sponsored terrorism. it's the reason the money was given in ch. i'm trying to follow this here because i don't think that the united states would ever want that money being used to sponsored terrorism but how can it not be. this is iran were talking about. we are worried about the hundreds of millions of dollars i will be worried about the hundred $50 billion which as soon as the agreement was reached i'm now going to be selling the most advanced anti- missiles that they head
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over the past nine months to improve their long range. what happens with that fragment of money it was caught but what about the other money. of course we see other contracts happening around the world. adam: you are going to join us once again after that break. but as we head into commercial look at this thousands of people joining an anti- olympic protest in rio before the games actually kick off tonight. if anything breaks there we will bring it to you immediately. mixed news for job seekers. we will dig deeper into those numbers. >> i obviously have a strong opinion about the two candidates who are running.
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>> of course the elections will not be raked. what does that mean? the federal government doesn't run the election process if mister trump is suggesting that there is a conspiracy theory that is being propagated across the country that's ridiculous that the
5:36 pm
make any sense. he comment. adam: he claimed that the thought was ridiculous. he tweeted president obama should ask the dnc about how they rigged the election against bernie so who is right with their opinion on this. ron i'm to start with you because i'm in a play devils advocate here. the president is accurate. the majority of states have republican governors and i can remember i covered the 2004 election. people said that election because he have the electronic voting machines in ohio that was raked. if to be careful with that kind of accusation. i don't think that's what he meant. that's not what that dnc did
5:37 pm
with hillary -- and burning. hillary clinton is getting a ton of money from wall street i think that works for bernie sanders. if she kept playing that. he's not saying the government itself is going to rake anything certainly president obama from the oval office in the white house itself is being political and they will release things politically that benefit hillary clinton. but that's mostly what different statements. >> he does bring up a valid point. they were trained to change decades of loss and allow felons to vote and we just seen this where hillary clinton throughout multiple efforts which have been consistently shown to actually exclude minorities it's
5:38 pm
unfortunate i think the whole discussion about rigged or not rigged the fact that this is a it discourages people to participate. this is the irony of him bringing this up. when we have low voter turnout in this country that actually supports the status quo. it is a real disservice to our democracy when we start to question this. is not a national issue the state-by-state su and as you said the morgan -- them majority of states are not ruled by the federal government. adam: the trump intervention that is said to be happening is that real and do you think it's needed? is an intervention needed. i don't even know where it comes from but we do know republicans are upset with
5:39 pm
mister trump. he does need to step up and he doesn't does need to start asking more presidential. there is no doubt about that in this previous segment was a pure example of that. you might as will be setting yourself up for failure. i don't know white that's coming into the discussion at a time like this. they are facing so many difficult issues that it needs to overcome you're talking we are talking about the potential of a rigged election. the dnc had their problems but the fact that the trump campaign is focusing on issues like that of the family that lost their son is an american soldier these are not issues that the presidential candidate should be focusing on postconvention heading into november. he is to show leadership. >> thank you very much for joining us. it appears to be an honor
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killing but it's also happening here in the united states. we have more on this when we come back. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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a british woman was strangled in what and what appears to have been an honor killing. this comes after a social media start was killed by her brother. police in pakistan and other countries have been criticized for not dealing with the issue of honor killings. they are back. i covered a story back in 1999 that police said that was an honor killing. the two men were found not guilty but this thing is not unheard of in the united states or is it? >> we have many cases some of which were dramatic honor killing is a negative
5:44 pm
tradition that goes centuries ago it is still being practiced in large parts of south asia. it all depends on the local government. they are afraid of the backlash if they do fight it. when we talk about foreign countries into pakistan. it was on the barney show this morning talking about the law when it comes to these killings take a listen to what he have to say. how many of the killers are brought to justice. >> the system goes out after all of them. the law provides for that. that is a statement that has
5:45 pm
to be made in front of the american audience. i was just meeting this week with a former minister of pakistan. when several conversations he is in charge of one of the properties. it's a one if you engage then you will be clashing for the fundamentalists. that's for the game becomes very political. each providence will play its own game. how we use our influence when we believe that they should be treated equally. that's what they had experienced. unless you demand that you get women treated as second class citizens. i agree with you. if do that aspect here. number two it's not just about
5:46 pm
the practice it is about the education. the reality on the ground is different. what we can help with is basically telling them if we want to help then you have to make sure that this is addressed in high school with an army of teachers. we appreciate you being here this evening. adam: the job report sounds good but the labor report changes that. your car got rear-ended
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(hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. adam: the major averages hit record highs on the job data.
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it rose seasonally adjusted to 55,000. is it enough to boost the economy. i want to bring in the wealth managing partner michael lee. let me start with you. you saw what happened today with the markets it would have a heart dr. saying heart attack. up down, up down. can we sustain it. i don't think the valuation is stretched. you take a step back particularly the consumer the data is just flying off the chart. everything to do with the consumer. it's just jumping off the page. in the last gdp number consumer spending up 4%. really strong consumer. the risk in the equity markets
5:51 pm
may be a short-term selloff. do i sense you shaking your had or would you agree. not quite on the same page. if i look at that ratio is about 20% above the average after a year and a half of the earnings falling. right now we are looking to the next quarter and that looks to be another contraction. and then estimates are on the fourth quarter that we have to hockey stick up. we are not sure why. about 20% is auto sales. we already see those. i uld have to agree with that. i will just take that back if you look at next year. it puts us at 60 and 60 and a
5:52 pm
quarter multiple. with a long-term average for the s&p 500 is between a 14 and 15. we are by no means of the imagination stretched. if you peel back a lot of the data may be you see a pullback here and there if you're and if you're at the way at the top i don't see any data. both of you take a listen to this. they told the host of wall street about the impacts on the market. take a listen to this one. with hillary you know you're going to get one to 2% growth as far as the eye can see. at least you have a chance on taxes and regulation. >> i am with him on trump
5:53 pm
looking to cut taxes. the one economy that's doing great. we have the low torque corporate tax rate. not saying yes but on the anti- globalization another the protectionism we don't want to be importing all of this cheap stuff from the rest of the world half of what we import is actually goes into our manufacturing process that we would make our exports and products more expensive which that's can hurt us. it's a little bit of a mixed bag there. with the trump there is more upside and i have to say it has more to do with the makeup of congress. there's no chance that they will take over. the onshore and of the $2 trillion in the regulatory environment for the corporations right now. it will be better with both
5:54 pm
candidates. i think a chance for real upside just comes there. i have to ask you because i get very concerned and i'm conservative when it comes to investing when you brought up the expense of stocks right now we still have to get to what michael just said you have to get to that area we are four months out. what do i do right now in the short term? >> i think the bonds can actually be pretty safe. germans tenure is still below a zero ours is between 1.4 and 1.6 percent. i think we still have some things to look at. it's contracting. thank you very much for joining us. we will have more right after this. works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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brighter denture every day. >>
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for consumers looking for a job, they are hiring. reporter: people won't give up jobs to find that other job. >> i think we'll see consumers, employees have more bargaining power. now i think they will be under pressure to offer decent wages, give raises to people to attract or retain, keep workers. you might also see more consumers continuing to shop. if you look at the wage growth, wages are up. so maybe we are turning a corner. if you combine that are low gas
5:59 pm
prices. the national and is $2.13. so save at the pump. reporter: it gives the federal reserve the opportunity to raise interest rates. >> they are saying it might be in september or december. i think the likelihood of september depends on how the data look going forward. but i think more inclined to see the fed raising those rates toward the end of the year. for consumers they should be paying down their debt, maybe locking in a mort gaining rate. the credit card would be the most important thing. when the fed raises rate, credit card rate go up almost simultaneously. reporter: somewhere x we are out of time. "making money" with charles
6:00 pm
payne is coming up next. 255,000 jobs was far greater than what the expert expected. something like 180,000. but the participation rate remains at a four-decade low. charles: hillary clinton decide to take a few questions from the media at a gathering of black and hispanics. trump announcing his new economic advisory council. he's catching flack for an all-male team. speaking of the economy we had a huge jobs number today. the july report was big. and i told you that would happen


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