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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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parked in the parking lot. . what's worse, his team did end up winning the game. >> it is worth it in the end. the cape cod league, a wonderful baseball league, you don't park in the parking lot there. he made a mistake. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> this wasn't such nefarious deal. >> we do not pay ransom. we did not here and won't in the future. >> in basic english you are saying you wouldn't give them the 400 million in cash until the prisoners were released, correct? >> that's correct. deirdre: $400 million payment to iran was made at the same time that american hostages were released. now there's a new report that the u.s. paid a $1.3 billion in interest to iran. this is "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. the money settles a dispute from the 1970s when the u.s.-backed shah government
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needed military equipment. this recent payment came a little part from the treasury department and allowed president obama to bypass direct congressional approval to make a settlement. fox business washington correspondent blake burman is with me now. blake, what are your sources in d.c. telling you? >> the u.s. government acknowledging for the first time this afternoon, it's completed a $1.7 billion payment to iran. this is the outstanding claim the u.s. says it owed iran. the first $400 million payment, iran's principal was delivered in cash flown overnight in unmarked plane as prisoners were exchanged earlier this summer. the president has insisted that was not a ransom payment, rather returning iran, long disputed but rightfully owed money. we know the remaining 1.3 billion. interest accrued over decades made in 13 separate payments, two days after that initial cash drop. 13 payments each totaled
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$99,999,999.99. the white house and state department are not saying why the 13 payments fell to that number or how the money was delivered. here is the press secretary josh earnest from earlier this afternoon. >> no, it's not odd. it's my understanding this is essentially the way the funds are administered out of that account, but this is the payment from the judgment fund to iran for the $1.3 billion in interest. >> reporter: the administration, deirdre, contended that the initial $400 million was delivered in cash because there are not banking ties with iran. deirdre: there are ways to work it out. i'm taking it at your word. that is a fact, and blake burman, thank you very much. numerous outstanding questions about the nature of the $1.3 billion worth of payment. as blake said not known if the 1.3 billion were in hard cash,
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what blake told you is true, the amounts were broken up in small payments of just under $100 million each along with a final payment of $10 million. for his thoughts former governor mike huckabee is with me. great to see you, governor. do you know of a reason why the treasury department kept the individual transactions under $100 milliony. why they were broken down like that? >> there's obviously some attempt to try to obscure reporting, whether it's to congress or on the daily record, i don't know. it just doesn't make sense, but the one thing that is very clear is that this stinks, this whole thing stinks worse than 49th street after a two-week garbage strike in new york on a hot august day. deirdre: that's very mean, for, sometimes we have those conditions here. i take that very much to brain and to note.
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we know that this $400 million payment was in cash, which already there's a lot of people who find that odd. but we don't know if this 1.3 made it through a more regular banking system because there is a way to go through different mechanisms, but aside from the stench, does one form indicate a broader concern to you than another meaning traditional banking mechanism versus cash? >> not really, i think the absurdity is we paid 1.3 billion for a $400 million supposed payment that was obligated, and that was the interest over that period of time. i mean, that's like lone sharking, and look, it ought to rankle every american that we paid this to the iranian government under the ayatollahs that financed hamas, hezbollah, kidnapped and killed americans. they were responsible for the
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funding of a lot of the military action that has caused a lot of american soldiers to be wounded and dead. why are we giving them any money? not just how much and what the interest rates are, it's that we should have shut off any obligations whatsoever to the iranians once the ayatollahs took power, kidnapped americans, held hostage for a solid year and then have been funding terrorism, the world's largest funder of terrorism over the last 35 years. this is an outrage, and i don't understand what the obama administration thinks that it owes the iranians, other than it owes to us some obligation to make sure they don't ever have nuclear capacity that they're just crazy enough to use. deirdre: governor, backing up exactly the point you just made. fox is confirming right this minute, four iranian boats came within 300 yards of a u.s. navy destroyer that was in the strait of hormuz.
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we settled the score that was supposed to clear old debts, and people saying this is the thanks that we get for cleaning the slate? >> they've no respect for us, no respect for the rule of law, they have no respect for life. these are murderers and thugs and practiced this kind of barbarian behavior since they took power. they murdered their own people. remember the green movement in 2009 when they were taking 22-year-old women killing them in the streets and the blood running down the sidewalks. this is not a government we should feel obligation to give money to. zero. in fact, we should have said like charlton heston with the gun, you'll get the gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. what we should have said is you'll get that money when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers but there is one heck of a gunfight buffer get that close. it's an insult to the rule of law and human decency.
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deirdre: governor, thank you for your thoughts. >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: with more on domestic matters and the presidential race, new revelations depict a pay to play organization, the clinton foundation, a report by the associated press shows that more than half of the people outside of the u.s. government gave a lot of money to the clinton foundation and got to meetings with secretary of state hillary clinton. donald trump slamming clinton for third world corruption through that foundation. >> if our secretary of state can be bought or bribed or sold. it is a disgrace. this is a threat to the foundation of democracy. a threat. this is what happens in third-world countries. it's the failed conditions of people, and this is why they flee to america, and they come
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here and they get no better. deirdre: the "new york post" published this cover today, the headline reads -- look at this headline from usa today -- author of "clinton cash" peter schweizer disagrees. peter, welcome back. always glad to talk to you. what do you make of the distinction between access and favors? it seems like a very gray territory. >> it is a gray territory, sometimes access is the favor. you get a meeting, you get to voice a concern. you get information from the secretary of state or somebody else, but also there are numerous examples where favorable actions followed and to me it's a little ridiculous for people to be so literal that there has to be an e-mail that says we did this favor in return for this money. that's not how political corruption cases are handled in
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the united states. you've got a former governor in alabama who is in jail, in that particular case, $100,000 that didn't go him, it went to a political initiative and he was later charged and convicted on corruption charges. you have senator menendez in new jersey. in the case of the clintons, have you money going into their pocket in the form of speaking fees, contributions going to the clinton foundation. have you favorable actions. this is crying out for investigation by somebody with subpoena power. deirdre: i feel like clarity is key, and i'm with you that sometimes the sfafr exactly that access that is entirely the point. but i want to get your reaction on, this hillary clinton's camp is seeking a correction of ap tweet that promoted the story on clinton meetings saying -- they apparently considered it but officially decided to let it stand.
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seems egregious to knowingly allow a falsehood to remain posted under ap's banner. the issue here is that the ap is agnostic, it has always gone for that middle line, the middle of the road. do you think that's why the clinton campaign is reacting so strongly? >> i think so, but look, this is their pattern, and this is the problem. let's be very blunt. same thing with the e-mail case. they have consistently lied about every single aspect when it comes to the clinton foundation and pay to play. hillary clinton said just last month to chris wallace there was no connection between the clinton foundation and the state department. she signed a memorandum of understanding with president obama saying there would be no connection between the clinton foundation and the state department, and yet what does she do? she puts huma abedin, top aide, on the payroll of the state department and the clinton foundation. so to me, you know, i don't know why we keep giving credibility to the clinton
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foundation or the clinton campaign because they've consistently lied. that's why we need an audit. we need an investigation, and we need to stop accepting explanations that they give that oftentimes end up being factually wrong. deirdre: let me ask but the press, there was something they read this morning that said this race isn't so much clinton versus trump, it is trump versus the media, and on that note, the ap's investigative report did not appear anywhere, reference or otherwise, in today's 46 page print edition of the "new york times." does this move media bias now is. >> you know, i don't know, i don't know what the decision make was on that. i worked with reporters for the "new york times" on issues related to the clinton foundation, they were always fair to me. looks, there's no question as the race is getting closer to election day, you're having publications that are going to avoid certain topics and certain issues, but i think in general, news outlets get more
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cautious on running stories for the fear that somehow it's going to affect the election. so i think they make those decisions, i applaud the ap for doing this story. fantastic research and indicates what we know, which is if you want to get meetings with hillary clinton while she's secretary of state, you've got to pay in. that's basically how it works. deirdre: peter, let me ask you this, veteran democratic operative james carville fought back against donald trump's call to close down the clinton foundation. so i'm going to ask the producers to find that clip. this is carville essentially responding to the idea that the clinton foundation should be shut down. here's james carville. >> the clinton foundation was, a, taking no money for the clintons, raising money from rich people and giving it to poor people. and all of a sudden, the press has decided that we're going to go after this and shut it down,
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you know what? your probably going to be successful and there are going to be people that die because of this. deirdre: peter, what is your opinion? because there are numerous people who say the foundation actually does do good work, but if it is funded improperly, does it matter? >> well, i mean, james carville is wrong on three points. first of all, his claim the clintons don't take money, they take money, they get it indirectly. bill clinton wrote a book called giving a few years ago, all about the clinton foundation. he pocketed the million dollar advance for that book. to his second point, you know, that somehow people are going to die. that's just absolutely absurd. the clinton foundation does some good work, but it's in this situation because of the decisions they made, nobody put them in this situation, they decided to turn this into kind of a pay to play circumstance.
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so james carville is wrong. and to his third point that the clinton foundation takes money from rich people and gives it to poor people. look how they spend the money. they take money from rich people and give it to highly paid consultants. that's who gets the bulk of the money from the clinton foundation. deirdre: peter thank you as always. peter schweizer with me now. next guest is calling out hillary clinton for not visiting louisiana flood victims but instead holding a $33,000 per plate fund-raiser with pop star justin timberlake. karl rove is with me next.
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. deirdre: donald trump holding a rally in florida. hillary clinton's most recent rally was a week ago and she
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has not held an official presser in nearly nine months. critics found out she has had time to hold $33,000 per plate dinners, fund-raisers with celebrities such as justin timberlake and jessica biel. former senior adviser to president george w. bush karl rove is with me now. good to see you. >> good to see you. deirdre: the number of fund-raising events each candidate held since the end of the primary season is here. we're going to pull them up on screen so everybody follows. since the end of the primary season, hillary clinton held 90, trump 34. what does the bigger democratic money war chest mean for november? >> what it means is that so far the clinton campaign has either run or reserved time for about $150 million worth of television advertising, and the super pac supporting her, priorities usa, run a reserved
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$43 million in time. roughly $200 million in advertising virtually all of it in the battleground states. donald trump by comparison last friday placed his first buy which totals $40 million. a 40 to one discrepancy between the amount of television run in battleground states on behalf of clinton versus run on behalf donald trump. by comparison, more negative ads about marco rubio than about hillary clinton. deirdre: karl, as far as strategy, does it matter? donald trump works well with the media and makes himself available to the media. he engages directly as someone in his campaign would say either for better or worse on twitter, and hillary clinton is a much more managed candidate. do you agree with that? >> well, i agree with that, but that doesn't deal with the question of what's the impact of $200 million worth of unanswered television, and the answer to that is, if you have $200 million worth of
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advertising in battleground states, that is probably a reason why states in colorado are considered out of play in virginia out of play and pennsylvania, which is absolutely critical to trump's chances for the presidency, he now trails in virtually every poll by 10-12 points because he gets to be one place at one time and dominates the local media when he's there. gets some national coverage but every day persistently since may, she has been present on the television sets and the battleground states with programming with ads directed towards target audiences, and it's had an effect. think about it, the national poll shows the race is three, four, five points. in the battleground states, if the race is four, five points, the national race is four, five points, ohio should be closer than two or three points. i think it's had an impact, no doubt about it you.
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>> said it had an impact, are you sincerely concerned about his chances in november because you just referenced key swing states? >> look, i put this in my monday posting. i think this discrepancy, 40-1 is critical. somebody has to get in. he has to, in my opinion, advocate for him, and others need to get into draw her negatives back up. what's happened since the first ballot. if the real clear politics average, she's gained 2.4% in the ballot. he's gained 1.7, so her lead has widened by 7/10 of 1%. that's not a lot. it's gone back and forth, not a straight line. we're roughly in the same place than we were slightly better for her. if you look inside the numbers, her favorables have improved dramatically and unfavorables have declined and that presages
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the future of the ballot. consistent application of $200 million worth of advertising that is having an impact on his standing versus hers. deirdre: it is a money war. let me ask you about this, speak of money spent, the campaign for clinton releases a tv ad blasting trump for outsourcing his clothing line. here it is. >> this factory has been here since 1883. we have over 60 people here, making shirts labeled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china. deirdre: karl, this is exactly what you're talking about and hillary clinton today had a $50,000 per ticket fund-raiser hosted by apple ceo tim cook whom donald trump has accused of being the ultimate exporter or the ultimate person who is making phones overseas, apple iphone, fox conbased in china,
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trump and others for allowing deplorable working conditions if they are overseas. suicide nets are installed. people can see them on our screens. two deaths as recently as last week. so even if hillary clinton is being hypocritical, to your point she's the one running the ads. so will donald trump respond in like? >> well, i hope he does. look, here's the deal. think about this, this is the second ad on this topic. she began running an ad on august 3rd that had donald trump on the letterman show where letterman confronted him about shirts and ties made in china. we'll have a one-day story about the fact that she's being hosted by tim cook of apple where apple has outsourced a great deal of the manufacturing of iphones and other devices to factories in china. they design them here in the u.s. but build them over there, that will be a one-day story.
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but we're nowon the 24th of august. we've had 1 days of advertising and again, concentrated in the battleground states, if you live in texas or california and new york, you don't see this. if you live in florida or ohio or pennsylvania or nevada or north carolina, you're seeing the ads and they've been up for 21 days, hitting them exactly on this. so we're going to talk about hillary having a hypocritical -- look, she's in favor of trade, she believes in trade, but that's going to get drowned out by the fact she's got 21 days worth of advertising with weeks more to come and he gets to make the argument one time in one speech and that's it. deirdre: thank you as always for your insight. >> you bet. deirdre: donald trump is adjusting stamp on immigration, my political power panel is with me next.
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. .
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>> there certainly can be a softening. we're not looking to hurt people. we have freight people in this country. we have great, great people in this country but we're going to follow the laws of this country. people don't realize, what people don't realize, we have very, very strong laws. deirdre: donald trump says he is open to softening his stance on immigration. with me my political power panel. republican strategist, janet caldwell, former george h.w. bush campaign director mark serrano and democratic strategist, jessica tarlov. critics say donald trump is going back on his word. mark, i want your opinion on this, can candidate's views evolve, seems like no matter who the person is a sign of wisdom and thoughtfulness? >> more importantly, it is sign
5:29 pm
of humanity. donald trump is humane man. he wants to do the right things for americans, put americans first. all the news stories, primary focus off supposed softening of his stance on people here in america. it didn't focus on first priority, build the wall and his second priority, which is deport millions of mexicans who have committed crimes, violent crimes in the united states. illegal aliens. those are his primary priorities. and look, he had people on stage last night at fox news town hall who have suffered the consequences of obama's deportation policies where he is not deported these brutes, who have murdered people like kate steinle in san francisco. so, yes, candidate can evolve. donald trump, humanity came through in that comment. but i wouldn't expect a dramatic change. he wants to enforce american laws first and foremost but that is what we saw come through last night, was his humanity. deirdre: as a strategist, what is your opinion?
5:30 pm
>> i think this was very strategic and scientific move, if you will. he mentioned that we're not enforcing the current laws on the books. currently there are over 300 dis, counties, and states which have these, quote, unquote, sanctuary cities and these folks don't allow for the federal agents to come in and capture either the folks that came here illegally. deirdre: that is a great point. plenty of people who have been personally hurt by the laws. they say, you know what the best thing would be? if we follow the laws that are already in the place. i'm glad you said that i didn't mean to cut you off. >> yes. there was 10,000 foles that are illegal aliens that have committed crimes in thighs, quote, unquote sanctuary cities. those folks are still committing other crimes. they're actually recruiting other people to commit more crimes. if donald trump does as he is saying which i said is strategic move, that is scientific move, also, if he is implementing laws as they should be we'll figure out at end of the day what the outcome is andwhat new laws
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need to be put on the books. i think it's a great move by donald trump. deirdre: jessica, what is your opinion from the political side? hillary clinton has to match donald trump. donald trump come out and said i'm the law and order candidate. >> right. deirdre: what does she need to do to make people feel secure in the same way a lot of people seem to feel when he speaks about these issues? >> i think that she needs to do what she has already begun to do, to acknowledge we do have a problem. that there is a terror threat. that we have huge problems between the african-american community and police force right now. to talk about those issues, more openly than president obama has in the past. sanctuary cities. and also to acknowledge all the people on the national security can community and police community backing hillary clinton over donald trump. former nypd commissioner bill bratton will speak to that. a number of other figures will come out for her. to the point we're discussing, immigration stance, donald trump
5:32 pm
has working someone who can read a poll in kellyanne conway. 56% of americans favor pathway to citizenship including half of republicans. massive deportation would appeal to the primary base but wouldn't give him a general election. i think his plan is still fuzzy. 40% of the illegal immigrants are visa overstays or not hardened criminals or people that preyed on and kate steinle's was terrible thing. he waffled. they were good people. he called them all criminals and rapists back in the day. >> no, no. that is totally misleading. >> we'll continue the conversation. >> that is totally misleading. deirdre: mark, hold that thought. gianno, jessica back with me in a bit. we want to bring you up-to-date, at least one reported dead, 25 wounded in what is being called a coordinated attack on an american university in
5:33 pm
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00551025 east, heading, at 16 knots. four iranian kushwpb, bearing 277 zero relative at 300 yards. deirdre: breaking news. fox confirming four iranian revolutionary guard vessels harassed guided missile destroyer uss nintz. this video is coming in now. they are calling it a high speed intercept. this is after revelations after second $1.3 billion payment to iran on top of the 400 million-dollar payment to iran at the same time that american hostages were released. with me now, former florida congressman lieutenant colonel allen west. so, colonel, thanks as always for the time. i want to ask you about this u.s. naval ship being buzzed at very close range in the strait of hormuz, something like 400 yards, if i'm reading all
5:38 pm
breaking news coming in correctly. what do you make of this after we just cleared the slate with these payments? >> well, one of the things you have to understand, good to be with you, deirdre, it is quite pavlovian. when you rewarded bad behavior, you will get more bad behavior. we rewarded the bad behavior as you talked talked about with $400 million on top of the 1 billion. iran is backed by vladmir putin and russia. we know 33 times a u.s. naval warship was buzzed by a russian aircraft in international waters in the baltic sea. exact same thing is happening now on the surface. now iranian revolutionaries guards corpse, being army and navy is designated terrorist group. this is terrorist action taken against our naval vessel i was operating i presume in open international waters but we don't have the respect. we don't have the regard.
5:39 pm
we continue to appease, compromise and acquiesce to islamic regime of iran and they will continue to take these type of actions. deirdre: colonel, what would you do, because you have a statesman's background, you have a military background, what is the right response? because it seems like we need to send one. maybe not a public one but what is the right response? >> well the response has to be public, because if you recall, it was not long ago iranian revolutionary guard corps navy had our sailors at gunpoint. deirdre: it was propaganda video. >> what is the response from the state department? we thanked iranians for taking care of our sailors. you keep enticing type of behavior with weakness that you're showing. ronald reagan took action against iran and their navy, and he sunk one of their ships. unfortunately in that part of the world that is the only type of response that people understand, because, more words,
5:40 pm
especially words that as you just kind of hinted at, done behind the scenes is seen as weakness. to confront this type of blatant evil and disrespect. deirdre: colonel, i'm sorry, will you repeat that last phrase, i'msorry. i had audio difficulty. >> no. what i said you have to be able to confront this type of blatant evil and disrespect because if you have these backdoor communications, that is seen as weakness. once again, why don't we pull this iranian nuclear agreement if these are the type of actions and behaviors we're going to continue to see from this country? deirdre: well that seems like it would put a lot more forces and complications but it does seem as you mentioned, president reagan making a clear decision and sending a signal that something does have to be done. i want to shift gears, if you don't mind, more americans were targeted at american university in afghanistan in the capitol, kabul.
5:41 pm
explosions and gunshots heard near the southern gates of campus. one person confirmed dead, at least 25 injured. no group claimed responsibility for the attack. police say there was just one attacker. you have said in the past you're worried about a theme here. what is changing now that was not true a few months ago? >> well, the theme without a doubt is, you know, president obama declared the combat operations were over in afghanistan. well obviously there is a contingent of individuals that did not get that memo. this has been really horrific couple weeks in afghanistan when you consider the fact you had two professors taken from the american university in kabul. one of them being american. on tuesday we lost an american soldier down in helmand province, another wounded because of improvised explosive device. we have attack against american university here. this is clear signal this is educational institution for
5:42 pm
young afghans who want better educational opportunity this was target of islamist forces, be it, taliban, isis, whomever. we have to realize this is an enemy resurging. as a matter of fact, isis controls, i mean the taliban controls more territory in afghanistan than since we first ousted them in 2001. deirdre: lieutenant colonel allen west, thank you as always for the time. >> thank you. appreciate it, deirdre. deirdre: liberal media first to question donald trump's donations to veterans. now "the washington post" is investigating to see how much he has actually given to louisiana flood victims. my next guest more than hillary clinton who has yet to visit, we're back in a minute. >> i think the liberal media and i've been dealing with you a long time, get your head out of your butt, focus on the real issues.
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deirdre: donald trump was questioned intensely about his donations to veterans. now "the washington post" is investigating how much he has given to louisiana flood victims. as promised my political power panel is back. janet caldwell, mark serrano, jessica tarlov. the article questions whether donald trump will follow through with a promised donation of $100,000 to help flood victims. do you feel like there is bias here where nobody is asking the same from hillary clinton? >> absolutely bias. hillary clinton didn't even show up. donald trump was only leader to show up. president obama stayed on vacation. media is completely biased against the trump campaign. 49% of americans see media, mostly is biased. i give you another example how
5:47 pm
the media is actually biased there was story based on washington tiles, they put together a story, california ku klux klan said they donated $20,000 to the hillary clinton campaign. and have we seen that covered in the mainstream media? they said, quote, hillary is our choice for the ku klux klan of california. but you won't see anything about that. but if it was donald trump it would be story from today until election day. something has to change and it has to change quickly. deirdre: let me ask you this. we had pastor of greenwell springs baptist church, tony perkins, with me yesterday. he issued a statement, i have been told the church should receive the donation on friday. i'm grateful to donald trump. he visited louisiana. he helped turn the attention of the nation to a devastated region that faces a very long road to recovery. so donald trump visited louisiana less than a week ago. jessica, on this point, there are a lot of people saying why isn't hillary going? i know she said she doesn't want to be in the way. >> right. deirdre: she wants to go when
5:48 pm
she is going to be helpful. >> she doesn't want to get her hands dirty. deirdre: maybe you should speed it up? >> i understand the argument. you make argument shes who been hosting a lot of profile fund-raisers in los angeles that would be hard to cancel. >> mark, i threw it it there for you. >> money comes first. money comes first. >> hillary clinton was not on top of this. i commended donald trump on your program for going. said president obama should have gone sooner. he was obviously in contact with dhs and fema, with the governor and he went when they said it was appropriate. to the point about questioning donald trump on his donations he did take a long time with the veterans donations because everybody was hounding him, not just from the "washington post." it is interesting to me gave to this church. tony perkins is the head of, when the governor of louisiana asked him to give to a relief fund and he decided to give to this. we know tony perkins is donald trump supporter. i think any money you give you should be commended for. he delivered supplies, a truckload of them. i think that is great but
5:49 pm
donald trump exists in a space, created an environment in which we question everything. we don't have his tax returns. delays and delays until he is put on -- >> he didn't create that environment. >> you know they don't cover it all. >> he creates that environment. deirdre, here is the real story, okay? we all know about liberal media bias but let's not confuse "the washington post" with journalism. >> are you kidding? >> "washington post" is $250 million super-pac for hillary clinton in 2016. jeff bezos put his money into "the washington post." he has turned it against donald trump. he has two dozen staffers whose job it is to destroy donald trump. he has staffers there reporting on hillary clinton and why she is wonderful. look at front page of the wash upon post today. look at their website. >> really covered clinton foundation. covered in clinton foundation ap. >> press story about the clinton foundation is nowhere to be found on front page of "the washington post" or their website. it is about donald trump and goon he just hired. it is about trump and contribution down in louisiana.
5:50 pm
and how it is questionable. every single story about the politics in 2016 is attacking donald trump. that is just democrat party aprat children machine, propaganda machine. it's a super-pac. it is not journalism. it is far left bias. not confuse it -- >> jessica, can you be honest say the media is biased against donald trump? >>ee, yeah i can be honest with that. what i will fight back there aren't journalists at "washington post," people fact-checking for election has primarily come from "the washington post." done it with hillary clinton too. clinton foundation stories are litter down there. "new york times." what about ap story on the foundation which incorrectly reported how many meetings she had. said she had 154 meetings. >> "the washington post" ignored that story. "the washington post" ignored that story. deirdre: listen, i love it. spirited. what we're looking for, but you all come back. mark, jessica.
5:51 pm
>> thanks, deirdre. deirdre: florida elementary school is under fire after sending this permission slip home with students inviting kids to opt out of saying the pledge of allegiance. the uncle who fought back is with me after this. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water.
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deirdre: a florida elementary school lets kids decide whether to pledge allegiance to the flag every morning. with me now, he is a person who posted that. you are outraged. why do you think the school would give students the option to opt out?
5:55 pm
>> i have no idea. it's ridiculous. i think this is a great example of progressive politics continuing to destroy our education system. did you reach out to the school? is there some practical point we are missing? who my sister-in-law sent me the waiver. the first line says pledge of allegiance request. it does not say waiver or opt out. it came across to me as sort of a permission slip. i said this has gotten to on the internet. i don't normally do a lot of political posts. but this i knew needed to be in social media.
5:56 pm
i think somebody mix interpreted the law -- misinterpreted to the law that passed in florida. the new statute that the schools in florida have to notify the parents that they have the right to opt their children out of the pledge of allegiance. not make a full page mailout to bring it to the their attention and require the parent to sign it and send it back to the school to confirm that they received it. deirdre: the school came out with a response and said they made the decision to remove the form and revise the booklet. we are glad you took a stand. thank you. with this grade of protection...
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deirdre: fox news confirming
6:00 pm
four iranian revolutionary guard vessels harasses a u.s. navy destroyer. charles: hillary clinton releasing her surrogates to address her pay for play scandal. we have big developments on that. one person not taking time away from the campaign trail is donald trump in until. >> hispanics are tired of being used by these phoney politicians. part of that better future means securing our border to protect the jobs of all the people living here today. that includes


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