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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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gary johnson have much wants to be included in the debates alongside hillary clinton and donald trump. it's unclear whether he will be able to be there. "making money" starts right now. charles: hillary clinton goes on the defense about the relationship between the clinton foundation and the state department. but people are calling for the foundation to be shut down. donald trump courting the hispanic vote by allegedly softening his position on immigration. so will this effort result in hispanic votes more in november?
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joining me now, adam goodman, you are one of my favorite gop strategists. a lot of twists and turns in key states like nevada and he's doing well with the hispanic vote. the reaction has been amazing coming from secretary clinton. reaction from someone who launched a fire sale of american freedoms and assets is calling this racism. she says if we want to secure our borders, you are a race it. if you want to tighten immigration and visa programs you are a xenophobic. right now donald trump is scoring points by appealing to
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an american public that is thirsty for someone to lead and protect the interests of this country. charles: do you think the whole thing alt-right, one is call be the other a bigot. do it help either candidate? >> it's not going to help any candidate. but hillary clinton started this debate. this is one of the things the left tries to do in every single presidential race. hillary clinton needs to take a memory lane down her path. margaret sanger continues to target minorities with abortion. i'm not sure secretary clinton wants to play this game. charles: margaret sanger is the founder of planned parenthood, and i have lo lost counts of how
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many abortions they have been involved in, it could be in the 50 millions. what do you make -- this has been an interesting week it seems like hillary clinton not only went to the race card because it's what the democrats typically go to, but it was a way for her to change the narrative, if you will. even the mainstream media was pounding her good on this clinton foundation. >> i agree with you. i think the clinton campaign mimicked by much of the mainstream media are using these issues as a disfraction from what voters are telling us is a substantial part of this campaign, job security and immigration. when the kids are back in school i anticipate the meaty issues in this campaign will be more in the forefront, and i don't think
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hillary clinton wants her policies on job creation and economic policy to be contrasted with mr. trump's. they are very stark. bold, business savvy mr. trump has articulated in his economic policies and the energy policies, that he wants to boldly take advantage of america's energy opportunities as an ignition switch to job creation, to real dynamic growth and national security. charles: you are running against chuck schumer. a lot of people say new york will never go gop, in fact some gop strategists are wondering why he's putting as much work into the state as he is. but in this state the issue of race rings paramount. what do you make of this particular fight between the two candidates? >> it's between hillary clinton
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her whole appeal is she carries hot sauce in her purse and she mimics a southern across send the when she is in southern black churches. that's pathetic. that's her outreach. donald trump is talking about what some of us in the republican and conservative movement have been wanting to talk about for so long. jack kemp was working on it. but it's picking it up in a new way. donald trump is reaching out. this year isn't about democrat against republican. that's why i think new york is in play. those traditional political boundaries are being broken. charles: what was that? >> he has to show up in the community just like other republican candidates. you can't just give a speech. his speech is great as far as the rhetoric. but you have got to go to those community and extend the hands.
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i'm not seeing that from the party or the candidate. charles: to that point, i think he should go to the baptist church or abysinnian in harlem. but how much time do you want to spend on this? i think the economy, and terrorism, i think that's donald trump's wheel house. the gdp number was reef advised for the last quarter lower. 1.1%. that would be in my commercials. i never ran a political campaign. if you believe this one of those years where people are fed up by both parties, the outsider with the business experience should be banging that away. >> i'll give you have the tag line on that commercial you just started to write. here is your tag line. hillary clinton is the system. donald trump is running to fix it. trump for america.
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you put anything -- charles: we have some squeeze it down for the bumper sticker but i get where you are coming from. kathleen, down in texas you guys have big trucks so you can fit that in right now. >> i will predict we'll experience what it means to have dynamic vigorous economic growth that lifts all boats. the shale revolution. >> you have got to have the plan. >> i think donald trump's energy plan and economic plan really kinds of lays it out. i might add two things. that to me are at the heart of his plan, he's committing himself to two things the last six presidents committed themselves to and they all failed. one is energy independence. the second is to restore a vigorous manufacturing industries in this country that are competitive on a global basis.
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those goals are no longer pipe dreams. >> donald trump wasn't an innocents by stand i are. he was giving to both parties as a businessman. he contributed to both sides. charles: some people are saying you have bent establishment. isn't he trying to say i'm stepping back sort of like the rationale when kennedy was established as the first chairman of the sec. an insider who understood the game put in charge to monitor and make it more fair. >> donald trump understands. he was involved as a businessman. he knows what's wrong with that system. anybody in business has to give to both sides. you have to pay for access. not to get chuck schumer on your bad side. he sics the irs on his enemies.
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he's here to smash that rigged pay to play system. >> you said when you become elected will you be taking favors? because that's crony capitalism. >> that's exactly right. i'm in it for the same reason trump is in it, is to smash that system. i will never ask for a favor and i will never receive a favor and they won't. charles: adam, let's get back to the strategy. this has been a week where we talked about race relations and donald trump has gone on the offensive in a way that's many republicans have hoped for or wanted. how do you see it playing out from here? next week is the last week before it gets according to you experts down and dirty and real.
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>> we have the three political super bowls coming up, i think that's what you are referring to. what donald trump has to do now every day, every week from now until the end of the campaign is put on the plate not the persona and personality that he has a lot of. but the purpose and the reason he's in this race which is to fix the system. there are 1,000 things he can reference that get people shaking their heads saying you are right. the worse that can happen for us is at the end of this star campaign we end up in a place where the system wins. that's where he's got to go, he's got a lot of time to do that, and the debates will be hot, hot, hot in terms of that issue alone. charles: one school is taking a stand on defending free speech. we'll take a look at how colleges are dealing with social issues and safe spaces. ♪
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charles: one calendar institution taking a stand for free speech. the university of chicago telling incoming freshmen that the school will not allow safe spaces or support trigger warnings or cancel speeches because a speaker is controversial. this is a serious issue. this. this is something you are passionate about.
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do you think maybe the pendulum is starting to swing with respect to these college campuses that caused and rejected the essence of why they exist? >> the university is one bright light but i don't know that that constitutes a pendulum swing. a useful site for people who want to understand this i shall crew is . it shows how you get power from being a victim. charles: considering how massive -- it feels like a movement to provide safe spaces for bruised feeling and finger points at progressives.
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>> i think we have discussions about victimization and other issues. but one of the fundamental rights we have in this country is freedom of expression and freedom of speech. we have a tenure system so academics can take positions that are broadly unpopular. some of the work i have done, i have written about a book that pioneered the notion you bring in people from both side of the political spectrum and you let them talk. charles: how did we get here? how did this mushroom into the issue is it at this point? it seems like almost overnight speakers were being kicked out of college campuses and events were canceled. the university of missouri has gone through pure hell, they lost student and stature. >> academic administrations have
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never been known for having spines of steel. you have a whole sensitivity culture where nobody want to be the bad guy who says, no, if it's difficult for you, maybe that's actually a good thing. they positioned it wrong. kid are coming into college thinking they ought to have as you heard on the yale video. this is supposed to be like home and supposed to be safe. you are supposed to have trigger warning. the whole purpose of a university is to be an unsafe space intellectually where you get uncomfortable about ideas so you already more things. the challenge is it's a culture of emotional rather than critical thinking. it's one of hyper sensitivity and demonization and shutting down speech rather than having a discussion and learning from people. we are doing a huge disservice
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to kid by enabling this mentality. charles: if that's the case i want your opinion on a course that's a little bit different. sunni binghamton is a class to teach kid how to have a conversation with uneducated white people who may have bigoted opinions and how to tolerate them and bring them -- sort of rope them in. >> maybe you are right, the way i saw this was a way into having difficult conversations about race and inequality, things we find hard to talk about. the name is tongue-in-cheek. you can't say you are objecting to the name and saying there should not be safe spaces. but they are trying to say you might not like it, but maybe you will learn something.
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>> i will disagree. the objection to the name is not saying they can't say it it's not trying to deny resident advisers from talking other resident advisers. it's pushing back on penalty of division. if you saw the story in the paper online, the first picture they had was a white guy with a rifle in front of. >> trump sign which had nothing to do with the story. but it was this race baiting. it's a large part of why trump is doing so well. charles: when you put a name out there you expect that to come along with it. we have a bittersweet story. 4-year-old jackson sherlin's dad, he died in the line of duty two weeks ago. his squad made sure the little boy got a loved filled sendoff to his fairs day of school.
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charles: tens are escalating with iran after a series of upper actions in the persian gulf. it forced u.s. ships to fire warning shots after an american destroyer was harassed in the
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strait of hormuz. >> it's unclear what their intentions were or their aims might have been. but the behavior we have seen is not acceptable. primarily because this is already a volatile region of the world. and in a compressed space like the strait of hormuz, it only increases the risk associated with possible miscalculations. charles: here to discuss is captain chuck nash. a guy like that. this guy is going to get beat up and have his lunch taken every single time. we have pipsqueak ships buzzing a naval destroyer. >> the iranians have been doing this for quite some time.
6:25 pm
it's just now become more belligerent. they have those speed boats all along the iranian coast and they come out a they call them swarm attacks. they may be a lot of little pipsqueak. if they get within 200 yards, they are in range of rocket propelled grenades. flashing horns and lights don't work, you have got to pull be a couple rounds in the water. a fleet commander told us when we were in the mediterranean in the mid 80s dealing with the libyans. if one of you guys shoots down one of them, it will cause an international incident. if you allow one of them to shoot down one of you, you will plunge our nation into war. charles: we saw with turkey, they downed a russian fighter jet.
6:26 pm
they took this bad boy down. here we have ships obviously taking this provocative action. i think americans are like would be okay if we sank one of those things. >> we have seen this administration go past the red line and haven't seen them willing to stand up in any scenario because they are so hoping to keep this deal in place. this is a power play for the strait of hormuz. this is one of the most vital shipping lanes, this is quite important to the region. charles: and the world. >> iran is putting the flag down saying the strait of hormuz is ours. when you come through here we'll harass you. the boats are controlled by the intelligence services of iran. this isn't the classic iran navy. these are the hardliners. they control the intel forces of the iranian government.
6:27 pm
these are the hardliners saying we are going to do what we want to do to you. that's the message they are send together broader middle east. so that begs the question would should happen. if i were running this administration, i would say to the secretary of state or secretary of defense, you need to call your counterparts in iran and say knock it off or there will be consequences. this administration has shown they are not willing to do it because they want to keep this iran deal no matter what. the worst case he tear know is we have another syrian red line. so we can't call the secretary of defense in iran and say don't do this unless we are willing to back it up. charles: what is ultimately going to happen. it's gone the progressively worse and it's on full display for the world to see. >> well, charles, rules of engagement are normally at the secret level. and we won't know at what range
6:28 pm
our guys will open fire. but if the iranians miscalculate and blow it and don't have their ducks in a row and close inside that range either intentionally or accidentally, they will come under fire. at that point everybody will step back and go, what are we doing here because if they do that we can't just pump a couple rounds out there and do it. the last time the iranian navy came out belligerently, it was called preying mantis and we sank about half their navy. this calculus will change a lot once they get their nukes. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. charles: with more allegations about the clinton foundation and the state department. hillary clinton took to the airways to talk about it. >> neither my husband nor i or my daughter have ever taken a
6:33 pm
penny of salary from the foundation. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by outside soarlss. protect our interests abroad. i believe my aides also acted appropriately. charles: hillary clinton said there will be no more revelations about her emails. but benghazi documents are among the 15,000 emails. even liberal publications are calling for the clinton foundation to be shut down. why are they hang on to this so hard? it seems like a no-brainer. try your best to wash your hands of it. walk away. ask bill gates or someone to take it over. >> this is essentially an admission of gift guilt. only way for hillary to actually really clear this up is for her
6:34 pm
to give the money back to the places she got it regarding the clinton foundation. even when she says she'll shut it down. nobody should be confused by this. she is keeping one arm of it open called the clinton access arm. that arm of the clinton foundation is going to take it same money. this is the most corrupt fern to ever run for president and we know it now. the question is do the democrats care. charles: people are don wondering what do they do? what have they accomplished considering the millions that have gone in there. >> they have done a lot around the world to help with hunger. charles: can you give me a monetary equivalent of what a lot is? >> they help with infectious diseases in the research areas with issues affecting child mortality.
6:35 pm
but trust has always been a big issue in this campaign not just with secretary clinton and also with donald trump. what bothers me more than is, we are 73 days away from this election. all of these conversations take us away from important issues in this campaign. i'm struck by the fact that as we get closer and closer to this election at a time when we should be talking about more substantive issues. education is an issue people have failed to talk about. we are talking about emails, the foundation, donald trump's tax returns. what i think real people want to hear about is what these candidates will do to help their everyday lives. i think that's something that's missing. charles: before you can get to those other things, it's how much do you believe these plans will be implemented. this clinton foundation story won't go away. you have "usa today," washington
6:36 pm
most, liberal outlets scratching their heads saying what's going on, what are they hiding and what they have they accomplished. >> one of the biggest issues here is trust and also abuse of power. there is no reason why the clintons had to do the things they did. but they have a mania inside them that makes them push the envelope over and over again. let's assume they don't have the clinton foundation. the clintons would still be multi millionaires. they had to do things that blurred the lines. one of the reasons i think we don't have those emails and a server was set up at their house in a secret location is they didn't want to us see the emails. hopefully to day we'll all know the truth. charles: the super duper cleaner they used, who knows.
6:37 pm
you think the foundation has done good work. >> it has. we are talking about aids, and pharmas. charles: the millions that poured in there, has an equal amount of aids help has come out of there. i read their site, they want to help young girls and women but they take money from regimes that are horrible to young girls and women. >> it's about $2 billion in the foundation. the money is not passed through like the trump foundation is. it's money put into programming. you can see the clintons haven't benefited from it because they have 20 years of tax returns out there. you can see she hasn't taken
6:38 pm
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>> janet yellen took a victory lap in her statement about the economy. with the u.s. economy nearing the federal reserve's statutory goals of maximum employment -- the rest you can figure out. yellen also made the pitch for keeping those new tools they developed to combat the new recession. we are talk about $2 trillion. we know that means special and secret plans for those big banks. that line of reasoning explains why the market sold off. yellen spoke the words a little bit later. the same words that were seen
6:43 pm
manageable on paper became toxic and scary. the market probably wasn't happy with a tepid update. the latest from the university of michigan saw the headline number dip to it lowest level since 016. consumer confidence continues to drip lower for current conditions but slightly higher than a year ago. investors are grappling with all this fed guessing in a seesaw session. the dow 237 points up and down all day long. look for more gyrations as more traders go on vacation. if you want the clark th of -- f you want the market and economy. i'm work on a special report on who is going to win in november and what stocks you should own.
6:44 pm*willbepublishedman will be published monday. >> we approach september as we talk more and more about an upcoming fed rate hike. one thing we are telling our client is we don't have to be scared of a rate hike. >> it's 8:00 p.m. on fox business. speak of janet yellen earlier today. what exactly is she saying at the annual conference in jackson hole, wyoming? you didn't read your car insurance policy.
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charles: janet yellen taking center stage in wyoming. but she didn't give any hint as to when the fed might raise interest rates. some people are thinking the next meeting september 21 is in play. joining me now. john, you were at the speech. did it go as expected? >> don't be so jealous. your guys here have been working from 4:00 in the morning. so you shouldn't be too jealous. charles: did this go as expected? i thought her comment were extraordinarily glowing.
6:49 pm
i was shocked the market was higher when they released her comment. >> she was pretty positive on consumer spending and positive on the job market. but she said business investment was softer than she would like. i think there was a little on the one hand and the other in her comment. i think what struck the market was amplified by fed officials. the case has strengthened since early in the year to raise rates. that's why the market is looking toward a move as the early as september. >> on the business investment side, fed officials have come out and said there is not much you can do with respect to monetary policy. this seems to be a fiscal issue particularly with corporate america. and a lot of question marks. so why would that be important with respect to the fed's position.
6:50 pm
>> right now they are depending on consumers and consumer spending to carry this economy. a more durable recovery would be one where businesses are investing worker productivity is increasing. so they are not seeing a lot of of the underpinnings they would like of a strong recovery and it's one of the think that gives them trepidation, maybe they are going to raise interest rates another time. but pushing rates up three, four, five more times, they have a lot of anxiety about that. the the understood pinnings of this economy don't look very strong. charles: when she started out she talked about the near maximum employment. i did an informal poll on twitter and asked if you agree the economy is on the mend, disagree. it's just barely making it. only 2% of the people thought
6:51 pm
the economy was on the mend. there is a mismatch between the fed and their dashboard and main street america, you think? >> i think there certainly are a lot of people out there who don't feel like this is a full recovery, a full expansion and economy totally on demand. your poll is maybe an example of that. what the fed is looking at is much more aggregated data. unemployment numbers. michigan confidence polls. retail sales and consumer spending. it's because of the kind of trepidation and anxiety you see in your poll, that's the kind of thing that's gotten them cautious about proceeding. we can see them move rates in september but we'll wait and see for a long time after that. charles: we'll get into it, but perhaps after the election
6:52 pm
rather than before. the race is getting tight terrace november gets closer. the libertarian town hall airs tonight. john stossel is here with all the de ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. always has to be who sat your desk? phone now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is.
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>> just 73 days away from the general election and this race is beginning to tighten up our very own john stossel hosted a libertarian town hall continued to gain support. let's take a sneak peek. >> and the questioner said trump's going to keep me safe by building a wall. >> a wall's about the craziest thing i've ever heard in my entire life. [applause] >> why? people are upset that people are crossing the border, some of them are committing crimes. >> well, statistically they're committing less crime than u.s. citizens, and they're not
6:56 pm
taking jobs that u.s. citizens want. we should make it easy as possible for somebody that wants to come into this country and work to be able to get a work visa and a work visa should entail a background check and a social security card that taxes get paid. >> you'll be able to watch the full town hall tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern time. in the meantime the man himself john stossel is here to tell us what we can expect. that was an unusual -- well, listen, i guess the libertarian answer. but in an environment are both parties are trying to be as tough as possible in the face of all of this likelihood immigration, that's a pretty interesting take. >> well, it's a sensible take. wee not going to kick these people out. this wish for somebody who's tough bortz me. i don't want to be led by donald trump or hillary clinton. i want the government to do what it's supposed to do according to the constitution. punish people who cheat and steal and then stay out of our lives. >> well, i guess somebody
6:57 pm
would say the first rule of keeping us safe means we should stop illegal behavior, including coming into the country illegally. >> and how is that working out? every president has promised to do that, no one has succeeded. what these two republican exgovernors who won twice in democratic states a good lord are saying let's be practical. let people in legally who want to work, and then it will be easier to focus on the bad guys. charles: so, john, do you find it interesting a juxtaposition in a year where there's a major longing for the outsider. even though they are politicians, they feel like outsiders. including gary johnson. but also the other side of the aisle the established candidates right now there's a weird coexistence right there that you would think they would be able to take advantage of but doesn't seem to resonate with them. >> right. most people don't
6:58 pm
eason know who johnson is in the poll 61%. we took his picture, big blow up out on the street. who? who is that? libertarian. what's that? people don't know what it means. so that makes it tough. if they get in the debate, a lot of people watch that first debate, that would make a difference and people can judge for themselves. >> well, johnson is going up. every time i see a poll, he is really starting to get -- and maybe it too little too late. we've got it on the screen at 10%. you know, it's going to be tough. >> also this 15% number it's not a set in stone thing that the debate commission that decides that isn't some bi -- nonpolitical unbias group. it's a company run by democrats and republicans. they have a vested interest in keeping outsiders out. charles: i find it interesting when i look at polls, i look at the same poll with all four candidates. it looks like johnson is taking more from hillary clinton than donald trump.
6:59 pm
how do you explain that? >> slightly more. he's on the left with hillary on many issues, but he doesn't want to bomb as many countries. so he takes some people from hillary or just some people who don't like that hillary is a crook. there's now a new website called balanced where if you feel i'm throwing away my vote, i vote for johnson and trump wins, i'll feel terrible, well, they're going to match you with a -- if you're a trump supporter, they'll match you with a hillary supporter in that state, and you can both vote for johnson and you'll cancel each other out. charles: and you might even be able to go out on a date together. real quick before i let you go. the libertarian. do you find most people are libertarian and don't know it or have a lot of libertarian tenancies and don't realize it? >> it just means socially liberal, economically conservative. that's it. most americans. charles: yeah, i think so. all right. john, can't wait. that's tonight 9:00 p.m.
7:00 pm
the libertarian town hall gary johnson is going to be a great one. he has a great guest and of course we all know john. has been a carrying the banner libertarian for a long time. >> a lonely barrier. charles: a lonely >> good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton already mired in her e-mail and clin tin foundation scandals today plunged her campaign into the dregs of racial politics. facing rising media attention on the clinton cartel and her growing play for pay throughout her campaign and the clinton foundation. she is trying to deflect by calling donald trump and his millions of supporters racist. listen to her pathetic, ugly invective and indecency. >> from the start donald trump has built


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