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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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burns. thank you for being with us. tomorrow night trump campaign manager kellyanne conway joins us.hahahahahahahahahahahave to it, sir. want to say officer steve owen, 53, dead, rest in peace. lou: good evening, everybody, two major stories that we're following tonight. pence-kaine vice presidential debate last night. who won? is there a truly detectible bias in media preference at work in these debates? what is the voter impact of it all? tonight we'll be taking all of that up here. the trump-pence ticket and the threat of hurricane matthew in principal focus tonight. first, politics. governor mike pence riding high today after even much of the mainstream liberal media acknowledged he did very well in last night's vice presidential debate. pence was calm, he was composed
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and he was effective. kaine, on the other hand, came off as aggressive and downright rude at times as he interrupted pence, interrupted it seemed constantly. some trump supporters saying the debate demonstrates the likely reason hillary clinton and tim kaine don't get together very often. that is kaine's hard to take, obnoxious demeanor. the last time they were together, by the way, back on labor day. governor pence modest after what many declared his big win with the debate with kaine. here he is at a rally in virginia this morning. >> some people think i won -- [cheers] >> i'll leave that to others. what i can tell you, from where i sat, donald trump won the debate. >> [cheers] >> donald trump's vision to make america great again won
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the debate! [cheers] >> as for donald trump, tonight he's campaigning in the battleground state of nevada. he has three appearances there today, and right now he's holding a rally in reno. we'll bring you any developments from that event here tonight. among my guests, trump economic adviser peter navarro. former u.n. ambassador john bolton. we'll have a full report on hurricane matthew. tonight, hundreds of thousands of people in southeast florida to charleston, south carolina have now begun evacuating as the storm, now a category 3 hurricaneains strength and is tracking along and toward the east coast. florida officials say residents have fewer than 24 hours to prepare for what they say will be significant rains, high surf and coastal surges and high winds. we'll have the latest for you on this worsening storm.
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the reports coming up in this hour. our top story tonight -- donald trump taking his campaign to suburban las vegas today. his first appearance since last night's vice presidential debate in which his running mate governor mike pence steam rolled tim kaine. including the "new york times," the "washington post" forced to admit that pence won the debate. trump said the debate gave americans a firsthand look at his excellent judgment. >> mike pence did an incredible job, and i'm getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called choice, that was my first hire, as we would say in las vegas. [cheers] and i'll tell you he's a good one. he was phenomenal. he was cool, he was smart. just take a look at him. he was meant to be doing what he's doing and we are very,
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very proud of governor mike pence. lou: and as for senator tim kaine, he was criticized for being rude, overcaffeinated and debate moderator elaine quijano's neutrality called into question. quijano throwing tough questions, mostly at pence, allowing kaine to interrupt at will throughout the debate. pence was not rattled. here are some of the evening's highlights. >> we trust hillary clinton as president and commander in chief, but the thought of donald trump as commander in chief scares us to death. >> look, he's not a polished politician like and you hillary clinton. >> if you want to have a society where people are respected and respect laws, you can't have somebody at the top who demeans every group he talks about. >> if donald trump said all the things he said you said he said and the way you said he said them, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton leveled when she said half of our supporters
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were a basket of deplorables. >> donald trump can't start a twitter war with miss universe without shooting himself in the foot. >> hillary clinton would turn over the 33,000 e-mails -- >> republican fbi director did an investigation and concluded. >> all right, we are moving on now. >> 250,000 people, 100,000 of them children -- governor. >> that is absolutely false. >> and you know that. >> there's a reason why people question the trustworthiness of hillary clinton. that's because they're paying attention. >> the second presidential debate to take place this sunday in st. louis. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. i'll be there with coverage beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. the other story of the day, the onset of hurricane matthew. evacuations are under way in florida and south carolina as the category 3 storm is taking aim at the east coast. forecasters warning now that matthew could make landfall
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within the next 24-36 hours potentially as a category 4 hurricane. fox news correspondent phil keating in deerfield beach, florida, where residents are preparing for the worst. he has our report. >> reporter: hurricane matthew is big, it's strong, and powerfully barreling through the bahamas as it chugs towards florida. the current storm track projects the cat 3 major hurricane may strengthen back up to a category 4 when the eye approaches the eastern coast of florida. on the space coast, mandatory evacuations began at 3:00, impacting brevard county and cocoa beach, cape canaveral and merritt island. >> you can always rebuild, repair property, you cannot restore a life. >> reporter: the president is urging everyone on the entire u.s. east coast to take this storm very seriously.
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>> i want to make sure that everybody is paying attention to your local officials. >> reporter: voluntary evacuations are also happening up and down the state. the hurricane warning applies to broward county on the south up to jacksonville. many gas stations have already run out of fuel. closing shop and sending drivers to sit in long lines at the crowded fuel stations which remain open. florida residents stocking up on water and food supplies while utility companies preposition extra crews, anticipating their will be power outages. tuesday matthew slammed into haiti and cuba as a category 4, dropping close to 40 inches of rain and killing a dozen people. many others still remain missing. florida governor rick scott is urging anyone who plans to evacuate to do so now before the highways clog with traffic. he has activated and deployed 500 national guardsmen and women.
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>> everyone in our state must prepare now for a direct hit. we have less than 24 hours left to prepare, evacuate and shelter. >> reporter: the u.s. navy announcing tonight 200 u.s. troops are now on their way to haiti to help deliver aid. fema has already prepositioned crews in georgia, florida and the carolinas who are ready, willing and able to deliver ice, food and water wherever the emergency supplies are needed. and many gas stations around central florida, this is the scene. baggedup fuel pumps and underground fuel tanks that have run out of fuel after a long day of long line of cars and trucks fueling up in case they need to evacuate. lou? lou: phil, thank you very much. phil keating reporting. fox news meteorologist rick reichmuth is at the weather center in new york. good evening, rick, and what can we expect? >> reporter: conditions in florida are certainly getting worse, and we will certainly
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see impacts in florida. what they are still remains to be seen because the storm is getting close to it and run parallel to it instead of making landfall like we traditionally think of in a storm. this is where we're looking at now in the case of the bahamas. last few images on the satellite look better organized and the latest flight reconnaissance did show the pressure dropping. we're likely see that strengthening happen and we think it will get back to a category 4 storm. we have hurricane watches in effect in the coast of georgia, northern parts of florida and we have hurricane warnings in effect anywhere you see the red from the north miami up towards daytona beach and includes interior sections including orlando. we expect to see hurricane-force winds inland in orlando, the population of the i4 corridor has to watch this. this has the potential to move
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overnight tonight and hug the coastline of florida. maybe making landfall, staying offshore, we'll see the eye wall right here along the coast of a category 3, category 4 storm. that would cause incredible damage across the eastern shore here of florida. model guidance still you see not complete agreement on the exact path it takes. that is important to florida. but the general motion of this is very clear that we're going to see this moving to the north and cutting across areas into georgia and the carolinas before we see it maybe, maybe even make a little loop back towards florida. talk about that in a second. category 4 storm here by thursday afternoon. tomorrow we're going to see the tropical storm-force winds in south florida. officially we have a friday, 2:00 a.m., overnight tomorrow night, a storm right here off the coast of florida hugging the coast. likely making the landfall around cape canaveral, category 4 storm, something like we
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haven't seen in a very long time. and lou, take a look at this. all of our guidance we thought to the north, probably not going to happen. it is going to get nudged and stick around for the southeast coast. lou? lou: powerful storm. what has it been? something like 11 years since we have seen this happen? >> since we've seen a major hurricane hit florida, 11 years, the population has grown a lot. there's a lot of people this is their first experience of a storm like this. lou: rick, thank you very much. we'll get a further sense where the storm is headed. rick reichmuth, thank you so much. turning to politics. the clinton cartel strikes again. a new report says president obama's justice department has given an arm's dealer a free pass in an effort to avoid, it is claimed, exposing damaging information about hillary clinton in advance of the election. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is in washington and has our report.
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good evening, catherine? >> thank you, lou, based on e-mails and court documents, first reviewed and broadcast by fox news over a year ago, arms dealer makes a compelling case, the obama administration authorized a covert weapons program in 2011. since the u.s. could not sell directly to libyan opposition, he was the middle man but got sidelined and the operation spun out of control arming america's enemies. >> this would come under secretary clinton's watch. >> reporter: as part of the work-around, the u.s. would supply conventional weapons to another u.s. ally, qatar. >> 60 millimeter mortar with optics. 120 millimeter mortar. all conventional-type weapons. if you want to limit exposure to the u.s. government, outsource it to allies. >> reporter: he insists he never shipped weapons to qatar and others stole the zero footprint idea.
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>> they were going run it with their people. when the equipment landed in libya, half went one way, and half went the other way. the half that went the other way is the half that ended up in syria. >> reporter: lou, it's important to know that the publicly released clinton e-mails that were sent and received on her private server back up the arms dealers' account. in early april 2011, mark turri exanged e-mails with chris stevens who would later be killed in the benghazi attack. the following day, this heavily redacted e-mail released to the benghazi select committee shows secretary clinton was interested in arming the rebels using contractors and reads in part, fyi, the idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered. with the trial looming next month, the justice department filed a notion drop the
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criminal charges citing several factors including recent discovery rulings by the court. this means the justice department and the white house will avoid litigation that shines a light on efforts during the height of the arab spring as well as the e-mails, lou. lou: so the implication is that discovery that would be employed by the defense in this case could be unsettling to the political well-being of former secretary clinton, is that correct? >> well, i would encourage viewers to go online and read our story at we have a lot of the original documents attached. we asked the justice department this afternoon why it abandoned this case after five years of litigation and millions of dollars in legal fees and they pointed us back to that court filing that said there were a number of factors, including the evidence being publicly aired in a federal court, lou. lou: that's a remarkable
11:15 pm
acknowledgment on their part, and we will join catherine in recommending that you go to >> if you don't mind me doing that. lou: i'm sorry? >> i hope you don't mind me doing that. i worked on this with pam brown, a long labor of love. lou: this story is so important, your work and pamela's work and as always exemplary. >> thank you for acknowledging it, you're welcome. lou: catherine herridge. the danger that men and women in law enforcement face every day in lancaster, california. a city north of los angeles. a los angeles county sheriff's department officer was shot and killed today. officials say just a short time ago, the 53-year-old sergeant steve owen died at the hospital. owen was responding to a burglary call in a residential neighborhood. the shooting triggered a massive search for the gunman who shot him and murdered him. s.w.a.t. officers joined dozens of sheriff's department
11:16 pm
deputies and eventually caught and arrested the suspect, so far this year, there have been 98 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. there have been over 2600 murders. much of the increase driven by rising crime in chicago, in particular. more than 500 of those murders taking place in the city of chicago. we're coming right back with much more on law and order and law enforcement. stay with us. the clinton campaign trying to explain to defend the disastrous iranian nuclear deal. >> she worked a tough negotiation with nation said around the world to eliminate the iranian nuclear weapons program -- >> you didn't stop the nuclear weapons program. >> yes, we did. event israeli military said we stopped it. >> guaranteed iran will be a nuclear power. lou: ambassador john bolton joins me here next.
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and mike pence makes the case for donald trump, despite more than 70 disruptions by tim the than 70 disruptions by tim the
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. lou: joining us tonight, former
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u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow, john bolton, also fox news contributor. ambassador, great to have you with us. there is something so purrile that is this administration cutting off talks with syria, this is the guy the president who said he would talk with anybody at any time but apparently the only guy who has about 10,000 warheads is not on his list. what in the devil is he doing? >> yeah, the state department, this is called sending a strong signal. lou: oh, lord. >> that is followed by sending a stiff note. you know, it shows just how weak and feckless the administration policy is, and it's been wrong for five straight years because neither
11:22 pm
obama nor hillary clinton nor john kerry understand either the situation they were dealing with in the arms struggle inside syria, nor the russian and iranian interest at stake. they were wrong from the get-go on what the russians would agree to, and the russians have maneuvered the united states into the weaker position into syria and iraq theater, and have advanced russian interests in ways it haven't been -- haven't had in the middle east for 50 years. lou: ambassador, you make, you make the obama administration seem so -- i don't know, capable, when you said they've been maneuvered. it looks like they fell upon themselves and clumsily arrived at a position that was untenable. that is without any credibility whatsoever on any issue. you name it, in foreign policy whatsoever, but most specifically the middle east and north africa? >> yeah, well, look, syria was
11:23 pm
certainly the graveyard of whatever credibility obama and his team had when we came to the famous red line comment about syria and chemical weapons. lou: how long ago was that? that was five years ago, wasn't it? >> almost. they had destroyed it before. that i think it's a problem the next president is going to inherit or in hillary clinton's case make even worse, because the damage that's been done to america can't be fully calculated and our allies, while we're at it. lou: we're going to try to keep up with the damage as we see it and try to assess it. in one of those areas, of course, libya and syria and now comes the word that mark turri, an arms dealer threatened to reveal much about hillary clinton and her role and the dispatch of arms during the period in which benghazi, the
11:24 pm
benghazi terrorist attacks occurred and that she was behind, in some measure, the shipment of arms unauthorized, a famous work-around, that's the lexicon for avoiding the rules and doing all sorts of iran-contra-like things. >> i think it's a stunning maneuver to end the prosecution, one job of the next attorney general is to investigate the prior administration under loretta lynch and eric holder. i mean this is the kind of politicization of the justice department. >> i got to ask you a question. this is a republican senate, it is a republican-led congress. where the hell is the oversight from those committees and why don't they know the answers? >> yeah, i think, look, i've been the victim of democratic committee oversight for many
11:25 pm
years and it's a very effective tactic, and i think the congress should have been using it more if we don't get the white house but we hold the house and the senate. they'll have plenty to do. lou: i have to be honest with you. occasionally, both of these parties, i weigh them, balance them carefully. they both scare the hell out of me. ambassador bolton, thank you very much. >> thank you, lou. lou: two left-wing moderators, do you believe the anti-trump bias of the mainstream media in these debates is somewhat apparent to everybody? cast your vote on twitter. we'd like to hear from you. follow me on twitter -- up next, two big political gifts for donald trump. a terrible debate for tim kaine. a great debate for governor pence, and something happened with bill clinton.
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. lou: donald trump, there he is, in reno, nevada. this is his third event, a rally in reno. he's made three appearances today, he is not backing off. he is going tout work hillary clinton by a wide margin, that plays at the polls, we'll find out. according to real clear politics average, clinton leads trump by less than a point in the battleground state of nevada. he's at the reno sparks convention center, and he's talking about getting folks out to vote. he wants all of the thousands of people to get out and vote, and he has taken to saying this everywhere he goes, vote, vote, vote, even if you're on your deathbed. let's listen in. >> d.c. versus health and thus declaring there's not an
11:31 pm
individual right to keep and bear arms. you know, your second amendment is under siege, i would hope you vote for us and remember the supreme court judges. one vote and wave good-bye to so much of what you need and gotten used to and what's a real part of our country. we are going to conserve your land and your natural resources for hunters, anglers and all who enjoy the outdoors like my sons. [cheers] fixing our trade deals will be the foundation of our economic revival. my economic agenda can be summed up, and i think you know what it is, right? what is my economic -- jobs! jobs! i don't have to say it. it's jobbed. our economic agenda in this
11:32 pm
room is jobs. we're tired of seeing our jobs disappear, our companies leave, they go to mexico, they go to other places. not going to happen anymore, folks. china, japan and europe are printing huge sums of money, the devaluation of currencies is staggering as to what it represents for our country, our citizens, our businesses -- >> donald trump talking about his economic policy and that means america first, making america great again, and we're going to be talking about the economy with trump's economic adviser peter navarro. he joins us here right after these messages about restoring prosperity for all americans. stay with us. stay with us. we're comi
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. lou: another obamacare lie. can you believe there are still obamacare lies about which we know nothing? this lie exposed as california tries to become the first state to give obamacare to illegal immigrants. california officials requesting a waiver in order to allow just a mere 400,000 illegal immigrants to buy health care insurance. the plans would not be subsidized if approved by the administration. let me repeat that. no, i won't, because they're lying. the president in 2009 claimed obamacare would not apply to illegal immigrants, you may remember that.
11:37 pm
again, they were lying. joining me trump economic adviser professor of business at uc irvine, peter navarro. great to see. >> you good to see you. lou: that debate, they didn't get real deep into economic policy but did skirt the subject and got there, i think. >> i thought that was one of the turning points that we've seen over the course of this history of this campaign because finally all the cards got laid out on the table. what we know now is that the trump-pence ticket is going to push hard and win on economics and national security. that is clear. hillary clinton has no defense against that, and because she has no defense against it, clinton-kaine are going to do this rabid dog kind of hit on donald trump over and over and over again, and that's going to balance it out. lou: i didn't think either candidates' economic plan dealt
11:38 pm
strongly enough with the, of the balance of trade and the balance of capital flows that are required for sophisticated economies like europe, asia and -- >> why is it that you and i can have the discussion in 30 seconds and they can't do it in two hours? lou: i don't know, you're advising them and i'm not. you help me out here. real issue is what are we going to do with the $20 trillion or 19 accurately that donald trump talk about. what are we going to do about the government, people don't understand the dimension of the scale and the scope and the massive behemoth institution that no one could manage. why aren't people talking about the real deal, peter? >> the question that we're not getting from the moderators, right? what are we going to do? let's try this. we've got a budget deficit,
11:39 pm
debt that's gone from $10 trillion. lou: just about double. >> just about double, right? so how are we going to deal with that? the trump economic plan is all about doubling the growth rate, and if we double the growth rate, how are they going to do it is pretty clear. tax cuts, regulatory reform, unleashing the sector and trade. lou: just one problem with it. we saw under the bush administration in the first part of the 2000's extraordinary tax cuts that resulted in the most anemic job creation that we had seen in the post world war ii era. i have a problem with just that as a mantra. i need to understand what else is -- >> okay, let's do this, okay? because my read of that is that we got up to 2002, that was the first year that china joined the world trade organization and began dumping all sorts of goods. lou: first full year of the
11:40 pm
bush tax cuts. >> two things went wrong with four of the cylinders in growth engines, we stopped investing on american sale and start sending our dollars to beijing and to other places. lou: and shoring, outsourcing. >> structural problem. lou: destroying middle class. >> started running massive trade deficits. those two structural things draw down the gross domestic product, lou. lou: yep. >> so can you have all the tax cuts in the world and regulatory reform and if you only do, that nothing happens, go ahead you. >> would not believe that peter and i are actually in agreement on economics, but the fact of the matter is we got to get deeper and got to get straighter and have to have policies that work, and i have to tell you, i give donald trump all the credit in the world for at least getting a presidential campaign and debate focused on real issues,
11:41 pm
and with that, i have to say we'll pick it up here next time. >> we got real detailed plans, lou. i'll lay them out here on the table. lou: okay, but there are no mirrors or anything. >> a north korean town lower than you. lou: maybe it has more to do with your size than the chair. >> oh! badda bing. lou: just like in north korea! donald trump takes a knock on hillary clinton. always good talking to you, peter navarro. here we go. >> hillary clinton is the ringleader of a criminal enterprise and the only way to deliver justice is to mail in your ballots. go out there, get them done. november 8th, get in. lou: you know, i was talking with peter navarro about his debate strategy. we're talking about his next appearance on the "lou dobbs tonight" broadcast. but next here, the debate, who
11:42 pm
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. lou: hillary clinton has gone radio silent. she's apparently gone back into hiding. she has no public event scheduled until sunday's debate. the last time she was seen in public with running mate senator tim kaine was a joint rally held on labor day 31 days ago. they haven't even been in each other's presence, we're told there's been one phone call. i'm not sure i believe it. donald trump continues his campaign swing through the western states of las vegas, reno, henderson out of the site of las vegas later this week, he is preparing, we're told for the debate this time. i can insert. that joining me now, former prosecutor and burger singerman partner k.d. fang and republican fox news contributor
11:47 pm
tony sayegh, i can't say you're a counselor of a different sort. >> don't get the same billable rates, though. >> i'm going to let and you she figure that out. last night, a big deal for the candidate and for obviously governor pence. is it enough to pivot the campaign. is this a reset for the trump candidacy? >> we're looking at the numbers, lou. i'm not sure if pence was able to carry the day, per se. i will tell you this. i'm disappointed there is only one, maybe the next time they were to do this, put a shock collar around kaine and every time he kept interrupting pence. pence did a spectacular job. i think he unfortunately highlighted the personality differences in terms of the way each candidate carries themselves. trump is a dynamic guy, dynamic speaker but pence's composure stood out and i think it was in
11:48 pm
stark contrast to what we see from donald trump. lou: what do you think of, that tony? >> no doubt, you had governor pence deliver as good a debate performance as anyone could have expected from him. i think it has changed the conversation by the way, lou, in the immediate days now leading up to the next debate. lou: the level of being a reset. >> certainly a change of conversation which is important. we'll see if it impacts the polling numbers in the next few days, but the reality is he outmaneuvered. outclassed and outperformed tim kaine in a way that was so impactful, it was difficult not only for those on the left to acknowledge. if you look at cnn-orc poll. lou: i never do. >> to share the news from democratic friends. kaine's point went up 43% and a democratic leading poll said he underperformed. that speaks to the bad night he had.
11:49 pm
lou: couple of things, katie, before i turn to you, a couple of little benchmarks. one is, this was the least watched vice presidential candidate debate since 2000. the numbers disappointing a bit. secondly, the benchmark rises a little bit in that we've got a narrow contest, a spread between trump and clinton. the thing that's striking is 70% of the country thinks she's dishonest, 70% wants a change in direction, yet the president has a 50% approval rating and she is leading trump in nearly in every contest by the narrowest of margins at most. how do you rationalize it and what do you do about it, katie? >> i'm going to cite the united states constitution, the 25th amendment. it's there. the vice president steps in under death, resignation or removal of the president. people need to understand.
11:50 pm
lou: that is pretty dire. are you always this sunny, katie? i mean, my god! >> doesn't she have massive health problems kept in secrecy. something may happen. and let's talk about the fact, i get it, the immunity deals, everything that's immunized her from prosecution by the d.o.j., maybe something comes to light eventually, who knows? kaine was accused by pence of being a loyal soldier. i would have liked to have seen pence be more of a loyal soldier himself. it's an interesting interjection of dialogue as to how can we disconnect somebody like hillary clinton from president obama? can that happen for her? probably will not happen. lou: let me go to the point here, that is have we ever seen a presidential candidate lose an election when his vice presidential candidate has won the debate? >> sure, probably have in recent memory. lou: i hit you blind with that.
11:51 pm
>> i'm going through the rolodex, lou. i'm a pretty bright guy, but that was a lot to ask for! [laughter]. lou: well, the answer is not as far as we know. katie phang and tony sayegh, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, lou. lou: on wall street, stocks are up as crude oil surged to $50 a barrel. we're back, baby! the dow rising 113 points, the nasdaq up 26. volume picking up as well. 3.8 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, last night's debate may have been filled with yelling and interruptions, but senator kaine was respectful when governor pence talked about his faith. >> my christian faith became real for me when i made a personal decision for christ when i was a freshman in college. and i tried to live that out however imperfectly every day of my life since. lou: we're joined next by
11:52 pm
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11:56 pm
policy failures? 68% of you said no, he is not. that was facetious humor. pastor mark burns, pastor, it's great to have you back with us. what did you make of the debate last night? >> you know, first of all, kudos to governor pence. he did an amazing job. i was so proud of him rooting him on, celebrating his answers. calm, cool and collect. and precise. he was almost like an assassin who was pinpointing his answers directly. and allowing tim, you know, tim kaine to look foolish in his attempt to be the pit bull hillary clinton selected to -- instead of being a team player like governor pence is, tim kaine is the pit bull of the quote-unquote bully to try to
11:57 pm
bully his way, and he made himself look foolish which is why governor pence won the debate. lou: i thought he was more an ankle biter. he was chewing on that 70 times as he interrupted. i have never seen the likes of it. i think this may be i pivot point for you the trump candidates i. trump -- candidacy. i don't think we'll know until sunday. donald trump is doing his preparation to do combat for the people who have their hopes invested in him. if he does the dance, it could well be over sunday night. do you agree? >> well, you know, i think mr. trump is going to come in both arms swinging. again, governor pence did a great job in talking about
11:58 pm
policies, and you were right, tim kaine was more like an ankle biter while barking. and horrible for the biased media for that aloud to happen over and over again. mr. trump is come together debate, he's ready, he's strong, and i think he will put it away for the second debate. he won the first one. governor pence won this. and pell win the second debate, and again i think it's getting closer to the debate. lou: when we look at what the justice department has just done. they tried to bankrupt him, trying to suppress whatever information he has about arms deals and which as secretary of state she was involved in benghazi and libya for the purpose of supporting the rebels in syria, i mean, we have
11:59 pm
cumulative weight of scandals and nefarious behavior and public office and outright pay-for-play scandals and public corruption with the clinton foundation. and we are watching this as a tight race when there should nobody question in my judgment whatsoever. what do you have think? >> it's disgusting. and it's preposterous to see the level of corruption at the highest level. i'm not a conspiracy theory type of person so i don't follow the little white rabbit down the hole. but i react to facts. to see how the clinton foundation found a way to receive money illegally while she was secretary of state and continue to do that pay-for-play. lou: and governor pence did a terrific job of encapsulating that in the clinton foundation
12:00 am
as you do, always, pass for mark burns. thank you for being with us. tomorrow night trump campaign manager kellyanne conway joins us. good night from new york. kennedy: all eyes on st. louis as donald trump and hillary clinton look to capitalize on last night's vp debate. five days to go until the trump-clinton sequel. who's got the edge? the libertarian ticket is down but not out. so why is bill weld changing his campaign strategy? one of the world's biggest interest in the giants has been letting the feds read all your emails. the judge is here to explain. it was the battle of the b squad as the wanna-veeps squared off.


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