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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 6, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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you. stuart: is your mom there? >> she has evacuated twice before, she left this morning for orlando. stuart: all right no alarmism, no hype, this is real, cat 4, neil it yours. neil: thank you very much. we're looking at financial fallout from this. as we watch hurricane matthew, concern is how bad it gets to be. insurance stocks in particular among those hit in idea they are paying for a lot of damages, this is typical, we're not playing this crassly, family, but even if you are not in path of storm impact is real, and airline delays, those related stocks show they have been selling off, on anticipation they have to eat a lot of related costs.
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remember we have this system, that will affect travel, anywhere, even well outside of this zone. those are financial matters. to my next guest, this more life and death, miami-dade county mayor, carlos jimenez on the phone with us, what are you telling your residents? >> they need to be repair prepared, we started this days ago, it has been remarkably accurate the forecast of the national hurricane center, they stated some days ago wielwe'd get tropical storm force wind, they don't feel we'll have problem with storm surge. we're prepared for the worst, and hoping for the best, we think that tropical storm force the winds will be what we get, that will last about 12 hours, then we're praying for people on northern neighbors in northern part of central and northern parts of
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the state, where it appears, they are in the bullseye for a major, mayor category 4 storm. neil: there is, no evacuation in the miami area? >> no, because. evacuations here are based on storm surge, because of the direction and fact that storm will not be a direct hit here, we're not expecting a major storm surge to hit miami area. our building codes issue we have experienced hurricanes in the past, we have very good building codes issue we ask people to stay in their home unless there a storm surge issue. if we have a storm surge there are evacuation zones. depending on the strength and direction. this storm is strong is not slated to hit us directly, we don't anticipate much flooding
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or storm surge in miami-dade county. that is why we don't have a mandatory evacuation, we have asked people in mobile homes to evacuate voluntarily, those structures are least safe here in miami-dade. neil: a lot of people have been e-mailing me from the area, the area where they are calling for evacuations issue they are stuck in traffic, they are afraid when they run out of gas, there will be no gas at gas stations, i understand this north of you, what do people do? >> one first thing we tell people here in miami-dade is fill up your gas tank. as soon as we feel that we're under any kind of threat from a storm, we a fill up your gas tank, and a lot of people have generators, make sure those tanks too. and fill up your gas tank, number one is have three days supply of food, supply of water, and then fill up your gas tank, that way, if you are under an evacuation order you
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can get out. hopefully they made arrangements for that further north. i would heed the governor's warning this a very powerful storm. i am seeing it strengthen in front of my eyes, i can tell when the eye starts to shrink, and eye wall getting well defined much you have a powerful storm. i was here for hurricane andrew, i have seen this kind of storm, i have seen the damage it can do. in those areas, where they are prone to a big storm surge, those people on the coast, need to get out issue get out of the way, storm surge, it is not wind that is the killer, the killer is storm surge. if you are threaten by storm surge get out, go further inland and seek shelter. neil: mayor wise words thank you very much, good luck for
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yourself and your community. >> thank you very much, and thank you very much, may god bless y'all. neil: thank you, gary is north, but still in the same state, he is in orlando, we normally talk about business-related issues. in your neck of the woods you are in path of at least a lot of rain, what do you hear on your end? >> we're in seminole county, we hearing we'll get historic wind gifts here in this county, as it comes somewhat inland. we're prepared. i have to tell you, governor scott has done a fabulous job, they have been on tv all day talking people away from being stupid, and we see traffic hire, on i-4 from east to west to tampa, people are taking heed. neil: we talk about east to west, florida itself, thinking of that thin boot. is it much better to the west
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of you? you drive a couple hours west. will it shield you from this? from the real hurricane force category 4 force winds but you are still getting hit, right. >> all of florida will get it but father west you are the better at-this-point. unless the hurricane decides to anymore west right now. that is what everyone is saying. neil: where are people going, those who are driving? we're looking at, showing a lot of traffic, cars stopped. presumably on florida turnpike or 95. to all points north. and i am thinking about those folks that have been running into gas stations that are out of gas. what happens, where do they go? >> as i trove here -- drove here every gas station that had gas had a ton of cars, if you go in kayak, and tampa hotels, they're all sold out,
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people from coming in beach, orlando getting soldout and west of orlando like lakeland. neil: what are the resorts doing? this is home of universal and disney world, and seaworld. what are they doing, do you know? >> we heard in last half hour they are shutting down tonight, and tomorrow. and be ready for -- my office in downtown orlando. most of those building are getting shut town tonight, i am see a lot of companies shutting their offices early in day so people can get home, take care of families and shut things down. get to safer territory. neil: you have been in that neck of the woods for a while. there is a entire generation of floridians who have not, it has been 11 years since a serious storm hit that state. do they appreciate the magnitude of this? when they hear from guys like you and others and go
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governor and mayor of miami do, they pay attention? >> they better. you know charlie is eighth biggest storm in history, i believe andrew was number 4. and let me be clear, there was 30 billion dollars of damage, 63 thousand to 80 thousand businesses affected, 200,000 people left homeless, 60,000 houses were destroyed. as i said, wind gusts look to be stronger, you better pay heed, and rick into the on tv -- rick scott is on tv, governor saying, this will kill you, he is using those words, if you do not pay attention, take safety first, don't worry about anything element if you lose a hughe house or other things, it is is not your life. i see i-4 there is a building up of cars right now getting out of dodge. neil: gary, you are a good person, you are not here to talk about money but life and death stuff, thank you very
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much, gary. >> thank you. neil: no less than governor of florida had to say on this issue. >> if you are reluctant to evacuate think of all people that storm has already killed. you and your family could be among these numbers if you don't take this seriously, if you need to evacuate and have you not, evacuate, this storm will kill you. >> all right, that is blunt, this storm will kill you, they are preparing for worse, and hoping for better. but you are been indicating, better part does not look better, does it? >> no we're talking about in in in cases a storm that east coast of florida has perhaps never seen before. and we have not had a may why are hurricane, a category 3 or higher hit u.s. anywhere in a decade. people saying what about sandy? sandy was a cat 1.
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a combination of a cot 1, and nor'easter, it was major to a lot of folks, in terms of categories, 3 or higher we have not had one since wilma in 2005 this storm we can't mess with, 140 mile per hurt sustained winds, 160 makes it a category 4. what makes this different, it is going to travel 200 miles or three0 300 miles as a hurricane, major hurricane. with strongest core offshore or onshore, that is the hard part we'll deal with, a mayor hurricane for maybe 60 hours along east coast of florida. here is a forecast model, worse of of weather going down hill now in south florida. getting to evening and overnight hours, into tomorrow, watching this really carefully there is port st.
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lucy, dealing with a category 4 storm, maybe offshore that is the core of the strongest wind. those hurricane force winds stretch about 20 miles from the center, tropical force, 1 60 miles away from the storm, that is why there are tropical watches for west coast of florida. and north florida, and georgia, that could deal with may year hurricane, then in to -- major hurricane, then the carolinas, and some weird loop thing that might threaten coast again, but i just want to focus on forecast now. for the next couple of days, as we're expecting a category 4 storm, 145 mile per hour sustained winds. landfall is not important, the fact that we have a category 4 storm so close to land with those 1 40 mile per hour wins scraping the -- winds scrapings coastline that the story, the winds and storm
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surge 6 to 9 feet in some case, we could see threat for tornado. and 1 then flooding threats that could be 8 to 12 inches of heavy rain fall, then a we're situation dwrie weird situation with forecast models. a looping future tahas to do with upper level steering conditions. what is steering this storm is a trophy then high pressure it could push it down again. make a loop, but, i just want to focus on fact that, we have a major hurricane that could scraping coastline of florida for 60 hours to georgia, and the carolinas, the warnings are dire, but reason we're doing that because, people need to listen to the local officials and evacuate. it is -- you are urged to do so. neil: if it doesn't directly
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hit but it scrapes land. then it could continue to be strong, get stronger? >> a good point. i am glad you brought that up. if the center of the storm stays over water, that is its fuel source. if it stays overland, this loses its fuel source, and typically started to weaken. but if most of center stays offshore, and have you that very warm gulfstream that is why the storm would maintain its strength, both computer models are in good agreement we're going to have a destructive or perhaps catastrophic storm affecting east coast of florida georgia, care -- carolinas until sunday. neil: thank you very much. >> this is not a red or blue issue or a money issue this life and death. it is rare. when a governor of the state says up to 2 million people,
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get your hineys out of wherever they are and move, move fast, they are doing so in florida. more might have to follow. more after this. you both have a
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neil: all right we'll keep you updated on points around florida, east coast. this is miami it has not hit. but miami-dade mayor told us, they can see it, and feel it right now, he made a comment about the eye of storm tightening, a preview of coming attracts with a category 4 storm, winds 140 miles an hour or better. maybe just skirting the coast will. the winds are still there,
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this could maintain that strength and that speed. so, again we're not ignoring this we'll keep on top of it. and look at financial fallout for this, for a lot of you, this could affect up to a third of the population of the nation if it goes up entire east coast,y should remind you, if you fly you will feel it flights will be delayed and airports will be reshuffling schedules across the country. it does hit you. in the meantime, taking a look at politics, you see this? >> mike pence did an incredible job. and i'm getting a lot of credit because that really my first so-called choice that was my first higher as we say in las vegas. he a good one, he was phenomenal, cool, smart. neil: all right, donald trump taking a bow for his running mate who i guess did a better
12:19 pm
job than he did, but that was left out. a lot of news organization established that governor pence did in fact get better of senator kaine on this, prove is everything. -- perspective is everything, and senator kaine's people reminds coast that mentioning tax skit weighing -- situation of donald trump, he did his job. possible, what do you make of that. senator kaine has a good sense of humor about these, my wife interrupts too. what do they know? one thing i thought was interesting is this take you don't have to win debating points to win voter points. i don't know if that always applies or machine is losing to say, he won. but what do you make? >> i think a little bit of spin, pence did win the debate.
12:20 pm
did kaine not watch that center live skit, they mocked trump for interrupting, and kaine did it a lot. it is g good to note, this trump to hillary, that my pick did better than yours. and as you alluded to pence did better than trump, and trump has to do big sunday night. neil: there was talk on team trump angry with the reports that pence did not defend him more. i was there, i witnessed him defending him quite a bit, and pivoting brilliantly, maybe something trump could and should try to do in his next debate. >> yes, i think that trump has to be more presidential, town hall format, it will be aing whicchallenge for hillary clinton and i think somewhat for donald trump. neil: who benefits with that debate?
12:21 pm
>> a tough one, i can see trump accelerating with that, but hillary does not do well with smaller groups, but her people say in smaller groups of 20 and 30 she does better, i think it is a wild card, if this is a dray sunday night, that would be a hillary clinton win, trump is starting to slip in battle ground states he needs a decent size win. neil: we're getting separate reports that hillary clinton and her campaign, a lot of ads on weather channel during this matthew coverage. clever, i guess, what do you think? >> it is clever. this could be october surprise we saw this with sandy in 2012. i think that both campaigns have to think, what do we do? do we go down to florida, after the storm? do we make a large donation to the red cross? you have to be proactively thinking about this, then, hillary has to watch out not stepping on president obama's toes here.
12:22 pm
when storms hit in october, of a presidential elect year they are political, and fast. neil: all right, thank you very much whatever ads by the way she was planning she has pulled, maybe she heard wh what you said, she is not runginrunning them on the weather channel, i had nothing to do with it, i don't know. there you are. neil: we'll have more, do you think that fema is up to the task for this storm 78 w. we center fema director and charlie rangel here. and what federal government's role might be in a clean up, a fix up and a fema up, after thi this.
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ neil: we're keeping an eye on matthew. it not just folks in the affect area looking at this, charlie rangel, u.s.
12:26 pm
congressman, democrat of fine state of new york. he is looking issue federal government has a role here. as well, no doubt, is fema ready? is the federal government ready to do what it has to do? >> federal government has a role to play. just pass that oyou bit your life it does. there are certain things that local and state government capacitcan't do. but with sandy, i could not believe people were so opposed on republican side to obama, we had to fight them on the floor. the morality, people dying did not come up. neil: this was the package, were they not arguing at the time not all was exclusively for sandy relief. >> they never came up with an alternative.
12:27 pm
>> when they say you exaggerate and you come up with an alternate, there answer was no deal. neil: but the others had nothing to do with sandy. >> but they never said cut it back. they never said this is what we're willing to do. but with lose leud louisiana floods today, they wanted for flood. neil: i know what you are saying. >> you bet your life. that is when federal government is there for. neil: what do you do, help me with process, you know a category 4 storm is coming. what funds or emergency positions are taken? ahead of time? >> we have to find out right now how much funds fema has, to see whether or not they could wait until we get back. i don't know if you know it,
12:28 pm
it is embarrassing to say, but the congress has been out since e end of october, we're not scheduled to go back until after the election, it would seem to me, if those funds are not able to protect the pile that arpeople that are there that congress has to come back in a special session. neil: are there and plans for that? >> it depends, you know just like you get -- with zika, they took money from one source use it for another hoping we'd get together and agree on final amount necessary to protect the people in the area. these are things that politics should have no plan. neil: both sides do it, of course. >> listen, we guilty of a lot of things. but i don't recall in even thinking about a national disaster you found democrats, being in charge and we're not
12:29 pm
going to pay for it you can get your list out of things that we've done that i'm not proud of. but not one would involve a national disaster. neil: all right, i have to check in. >> check it? neil: fine. you are just -- wha when are you leaving? i want a sense. with fema and budget. one thing to prepare for a hurricane, but if this could be a record-disaster one. let's hope they are wrong. is fema budgeted on a crisis by crise, keep up with it basis? >> yes, because there is snow way to project what could happen. but there is normally resources that are avail b available for each crisis, you go back, if it turns out you underestimated it, there is
12:30 pm
snow -- is no permanent funding. but we still have disasters like we're working on with louisiana, and flood there. we could transfer and funds that could not be used to next month to take care of the florida problem, then they would do that until we get back, make no mistake about it if louisiana cost, turns out to be more than congress thought it would be, we have to go back. whether we like it or not we have to agree. we're talking about the ultimate human life. >> that. so, this was not nasty, i did not mention you were voting for trump, which is weird. >> where was trump born. neil: where were you born. >> where of he born? neil: you are too much. >> born in new york city, gives you more self esteem
12:31 pm
than you need to negot-- negotiate with the rest of the word. neil: good seeing, great gift, charlie rangel, he is keeping an eye on the storm, we're talking to fema director, and many others about it, and financial fallout from it. i hasten to add for those who say they are over hyping this. this is a life and dat death issue when it gets to a category 4. you should pay attention, even if you don't care about them, you are interest in just yourself, it your tax dollars, and for those who just want to fly or travel anywhere, even in california, you could be look at delays in our elaborate system we call air travel today, what is happening there is displaying your flight out there we'll have more.
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neil: keeping an eye on what could be a major storm about it hit u.s. doctor rick snap-on what to ex -- nab, thank you. what do you expect? >> we lost him, but we didn't lose adam shapiro in daytona beach. add am that is in the path.
12:36 pm
what are they doing there? reporter: i want to give you an idea, producers wanted to see what was going on at a gas station, they are closed. this is up and down south riverside road here in daytona beach. there is one gas station we know of that is back on the island, daytona beach, we're going to head there to gas up. we're trying to get gas, to give you an idea, super markets closing at 2 p.m., and inland at 4 p.m. running out of propane, batteries, and ice. but they have water. you were talking about potential devastation, this is a category 4 storm it is expected to begin hitting this area after 5:00 p.m. first real rain bands and wind bands from hurricane. it is 2:00 a.m. when they are expecting it be worse. hurricane andrew 19. >> i92 was a category 5.
12:37 pm
>> charlie 16 billion worth of damage, this area of florida has not seen a category 4 storm in over 20 years, south florida, has stricter codes than here. a police officer said that none of the buildings here have been tested by a category 4 storm. this area here they call space coast, they are nervous about will buildings hold up to the winds. neil: you know, you think about that, in last 11 years, last time a hurricane hit florida, there has been a lot of building done since then. right a great deal of building there are more people, 20 million people now live in the state of florida. what is it 9 million are under a hurricane warning here in the state. and we're seeing people, when we were on the beach, there
12:38 pm
were people walking on the beach. you don't want to mess with a category 4. neil: they are the ones that havyou have to rescue, and put the pressurers in danger, stay safe my friend. we'll have more on this, latest read from fema administrator, stick around. this man creates software, used by this bank,
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they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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>> stocks start down 100 right now down just 18. s&p 500 moved in positive territory up one point. and nasdaq still in the red after having third highest close on record yesterday, dragging down the dow, america express and walmart and unitedhealth. they are coming under pressure, walmart gave a tempered outlook. but says will focus on e-commerce. >> turning to hurricane matthew, we hope everyone stays safe, we're watching thin related, including airlines and travel, hilton down, hundreds of airlines are canceled. theme parks, disney has not reported for example seaworld is closed tomorrow. schools are closed, hospital are closed. you can see seaworld to the down side right now.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
. neil: i wonder if you are on twitter, do you tweet about how poorly twitter is doing? busted on concern. that enthusiasm might not be there, charlie gasparino ha is happening? >> i believe this is a conjured up story by cnbc to say, right now, twitter is for sale, when i will tell you for
12:43 pm
past year, i know they have been reported it out, twitter has been shopping itself with not many good buyers. you know, given that could fa twitter does not make money, its revenues are going down, it has a lot of issues with the business model. every time machin someone goes up to it think about buying at current price they back off, cnbc went nuts saying there was a bidding war. we know there is no bidding war, maybe one possible firm that still right now interested in i it. who knows if they go for it. if they do go for it, in your report, the ceo, to investors say, we're not committing to anything. neil: is that why that stock
12:44 pm
is up. >> yes, we said there would be a investor revolt on sales force if he buys the stock, these reports start the coming out about sales force's interest. you know this -- their shares went down there was more concern nation. if you are a investor out
12:45 pm
neil: can they not surpriv survive on their own? >> i think they can, some thins that dorsey says be he wants to did at it alone, he will not settle on a take on there. i tell you, i said this last year, same thing, sandberg came to facebook.
12:46 pm
facebook did certain things to prove it has a business model, they did, they did mobile apps. and things that nature. they expanded their revenue stream. it is a profit able company now, twitter has to do something like, that they are starting they have deal with nfl, as we reported yesterday, still nascent. and somewhat in confusion. think about this when we go on twitter, most people i deal with are people without rational conversations. people that just haters, there is a huge degree. you have everybody from neo-nazis to far left socialists, you have a lot of porn, not that i have anything against porn. that probably on the low, that is good thing. but does disney want to be saddled with that? facebook, is a different exper
12:47 pm
union, a better user experience, more of a friend, and not a screaming match. that say problem he has, hard to differentiate. neil: and other stuff like linked in. >> no, i hate linked in. neil: people are say, hey do you know so and so, leave me alone. >> i know there was a thing called stock twit that was out for a while, it was mini micro, it focused a segmented rich population. and you thought that would make it. i don't know if they are doing that great. neil: everyone we know tweets,? >> they tweet, but can you sell it? listen mark of sales force gives same argument that is why he is somewhat interested. but i don't know if he is really going to bid it on. other thing to plop down 20 billion. neil: while i have you, i think we're showing what in
12:48 pm
pacpath of monster storm, i think that is atlantis in the bahamas, have you been there? >> i have, a gave a speech there, it is more kids-oriented, that is why you like it with water slides and stuff. then there is the cove. neil: you have to wear a bathing suit. >> i'm not going there. neil: this is a monster, a lot of people say you are obsessing over this. >> you know, no, remember what happened to sandy, it had an real economic impact. you know it along the northeast corridor. whole area there. neil: sure. >> we report these things not because we just want to drumr, n impact on lives, that is paramount, and also the economy. if this is as bad as we think it could be, it will have an impact on the economy. neil: usually damaging in the
12:49 pm
beginning but afterwards productive. >> people rebuild, but don't want to have to rebuild your house that is a pain. neil: a lot of people could be looking at, that charlie thank you very much. i think you kept the number of people you offended to a manageable number. >> to neo-nazis, i did not, fippe offend anything that downloads porn, why would i do that. neil: all right you would not. >> we have governor rick scott and an update, after this.
12:50 pm
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aarp medicare supplement plan could go long™ for you. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ neil: all right, thi this, it is amazing that hurricane matthew has not hit the coast, it could be by tonight.
12:53 pm
but i want to look at fallout from this, 635 total delays, went into or out of u.s. over 1200 cancellations. airline stocks, they are mixed on the news, they were down earlier. sometimes they have to eat a lot of cost of cancel flied flights and rebooking other flights. we'll keep an eye on this for you. life and death matters much more than stock the, whether they are green or down arrows, but i pass that along. saying that impact is far and wide. all right, meanwhile talk about fallout from something, remember when donald trump went after ford for this commitment to make a lot of the small vehicles in mexico, trump said, you know what? you do that, and when i'm
12:54 pm
president and i'm slapping a big old tax on you, 45%, you name it because what you are doing is un-american, what have you discovered? >> now it involves bill ford himself, not a mark cuban-donald trump feud yet, but there has been significant back and forth, bill ford is the executive chairman of the company, the point is that trump has been exaggerating being critical of ford talking about moving plants from detroit to mexico. first a trump flash back. >> you saw ford motor company, they are making all their small cars, they will be made in mexico, they are negotiating deals to take companies out of our country, and move them to mexico. reporter: according to bill ford, he and trump had a meet they met one-on-one a few months okay, they talked about this, he made his case, and it
12:55 pm
went well, and called trump a good listener, say that trump knows facts, saying ford would be more patriotic. >> i would like to think that ford is everything that should be celebrate by what is right with the country, that is what is so frustrating, infurating about this i feel we not only invested heavily in this country and adding a not of new jobs -- a lot of new jobs in this country, i think he and others should look at us, and say, that is how do you business, you payback your loans, and you hire people, and you invest. reporter: it is true that ford is moving production of small cars from michigan to mexico in 2018, ford they continue to make they will build their truck products here, in u.s., and any suggestion that trump sometimes -- on campaign trail. ford moving everything to mexico that is not true, that
12:56 pm
is exaggerate. neil: keep in find, if you put a tariff on the vehicle, government does not pay that, that is the purchaser of the vehicle. >> true. we'll see how this comes up with debate monday night. >> thank you very much. >> all right we have much more, florida needs to brace for hurricane matthew. it now sets its sights on florida. so much so that florida governor said, you roughly 2 million people in its path, get out, move north. and fast. they would love to, but the traffic is stuck, going nowhere. after this.
12:57 pm
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neil: well, here is how bad this approaching hurricane is going to be. disney is closing its theme parks, all of them 5:00 p.m. eastern time today. walt disney world will be opening today. the beginning of the broadcast from sea world and universal. the theme parks with a host of others i highly recommend the titanic museum, but i digress. i don't know if that's going to be open or close. virtually all overly and no shutting down ahead of this. lori rall spin on what is being said by all of this. >> hi there, neil feared the insurance companies especially the robert t. casual insurers based in florida seen significant declines yet again today. have a look with those names. one of them on your screen, hci
1:01 pm
group down about 15%. 5.6% on the week. 150,000 homeowner policies as of june 30th. imperial capital says there's a very real chance they will insure the billions of dollars because of hurricane matthews. with interesting here, this industry had a pretty good. leading up to now jpmorgan they are benefiting from a manageable and they are expected to be the first quarter but a whole new ballgame with matthew approaching. not just the casualty sector but the auto insurers, too. you've got progressive and berkshire hathaway owns geico with a ton of policies in florida. you can see the shares down as well. certainly a wall street impact. talk to you.
1:02 pm
neil: thank you. very good overview. nasty storms this year and this looks certainly nasty. what a lucky not? >> is to be the strongest storm around the space coast. we think it could go as far south as jupiter and hugged the coast. the positive side if you want to call it that is as it is hugging the coast, it will be weakening today. if it is up sure remains strong, take your poison because of it up sure you are still getting blasted by category four or five hurricane. more this could deepen over the next 12 to 18 hours coming to the coast and become a category five hurricane. the pressure is falling rapidly to put it in anger when it hit miami had a bear richard pressure of 920 millibars. this is down to 939 now and the warm water almost perfect conditions once it's away from the bahamas means it could be as strong as a category five.
1:03 pm
this entire area. this is a devastating storm around jupiter all the way up to daytona beach even if it backs off it is still a cap five hurricane -- excuse me, one of the top five hurricane once it gets to the area around cape canaveral and daytona beach. they don't get by huge storms like this. you folks in that area, mount dora, cocoa beach in places like that. you go through florida hurricanes that you've never been through the core of a major hurricane. >> we are getting lives in haiti. it is now about to pass over the bahamas. a lot of folks vacation destination. so many other big names there. people are just suddenly start, what you tell them? >> first of all, it's already by nasa on the northeast tip of the
1:04 pm
island and i've been a contract with people. it's been very bad hair. very very unusual hurricane they are. the full strength hurricane from the southeast back just to the west of mass a very rare track. it's by the bahamas as far as tv goes. hazel killed over a thousand people a similar track. the warnings on this storm may have saved lives with this storm is supposed to hazel. getting back to this storm here, i don't know what to tell people. i said yesterday on your show that you heed the governor is mean and you get out. this has nothing to monkey around with. the problem is we've had so many weak storms. so many storms with the exception of sandy. this one is strengthening coming to the coast. remember charlie in 2004 at a strength they need the coast
1:05 pm
this is a much larger powerful storm double impact more people. as far as damage estimates, this could go over $10 billion. i'm not an expert at predicting that appeared keep in mind, even though it is weaker at georgia and south carolina, it is still a damaging hurricane before it turns out the scene. they look back but it will be much weaker because hurricanes leave a shadow and they are literally taking energy out of the atmosphere of the water if it does try to come around again you won't find it nearly as strong. it still could be a haunting reminder of what this actually was. dream to joseph, thank you very much. florida attorney general pam bondi on how florida is dealing with this right now. attorney general, i heard the governor talk about 2 million people flee to get out. then he unseated his eyes. many have been e-mailing me
1:06 pm
saying they see these long line and traffic not moving. they fear they are going to run out of gas and get indications from some gas stations that are out of gas. would you tell people? >> nail, they've got to get out. if they can't get out, get to a shelter. people are concerned about their pets but you've got to be concerned about your own life. there are plenty of shelter issues open. people, you have got to get to shelters. storm surges are going to be taller than we are. it is very important. leave. if you can't get on the interstates, right now our interstates are moving. but we encourage people to do is go from the east coast to the west coast. so the number one priority now is safety. get out, get the supplies you need your board your house up. if you can't, leave. the number one thing is your safety and mess. sadly price gouging.
1:07 pm
neil: what is it about a 2.5, two hour drive to get to the other side of florida. not as if you're out of danger in your knot is in extreme danger. >> i spoke to someone right now on the road halfway there. the cars are moving right now. if you get to the west coast, we think you're going to be safe and as the governor said if you live on the west coast call your friends, call your families. offer them places to stay. i can tell you if you are a hotel and you are increasing your prices, we are going after you. you cannot increase your prices in the state of emergency. so get ready because we are coming for you. we have been monitoring this all last night's all during the, all day today. we are continuing to do so when it sickening. if you're raising your prices to profit from people out of their homes they need a place to day. neil: you know, we are also
1:08 pm
getting reports that this thing isn't a direct hit but could be even worse for the strong category four when just after coast and it is slow moving and just kind of hangs around. what do you tell people that in that event who then want to get back home that they are going to be gone for a while. >> that it's important to in the aftermath. people have to be very careful in the aftermath. we know we are going to have probably millions of people without power. our power companies will do a great job to get the power back on. when you have winds of 150 to 125 miles an hour, just look at it now. look of the palm trees are blowing to the side already. it is going to be devastating. this is a catastrophic hurricane. before now and our local news just that it could very well be a five when it hits our west coast. even if it took some dramatic
1:09 pm
change and didn't head, still going to experience the hurricane a fax and the incredible wins. from what we are seeing, the majority of our citizens listen to the governor. they listen to the emergence the operations center. they're leaving town. right now is the time to leave. don't wait until tonight. we are close to schools. we have a state of emergency. get out, be safe. i've seen some pretty bad things going on. i've seen businesses who are increasing, quadrupling the price of a bottle of water. you cannot do that in my state when a state of emergency is declared. i have investigators all over the state right now and we are encouraging folks, please call in. i'll are price gouging hotline. 18669 no-space-on. right now we have well over -- 1500 complaints that we are categorizing.
1:10 pm
we are finding patterns of conduct. if you are hotel you can increase your prices. if you were a steel company, you cannot increase the price of field during a state of the period we have investigators everywhere. my medicaid fraud unit, they are going out right now and helping them pack. they are headed to the east coast now. we have a huge senior population and a lot of our seniors are as.and als, nursing home. some of them just live in high-rise apartments. even a four-story building at the high-rise to someone who needs to take an elevator. when that is probably will be out there making sure they are safe as well. neil: good for you. pam bondi ,-com,-com ma florida attorney general. thank you very much. you heard floridians and the governor as well. it is serious. it is so serious that it's
1:11 pm
affecting politics as well. president obama had to cancel a hillary clinton appears a couple days ago that was planned for florida. a lot of things have been put off that hillary clinton no less than the weather channel but upon hearing of the fallout from the storm and how bad it could be, she just moments ago pulled that ad. chris bedford on what to make of all of this in the political fallout from all of this. this sort of keeps everything frozen in place. >> it does. what you would think on its head might benefit hillary clinton. donald trump sues a few point behind in florida and the airwaves will be taken up by people preparing. people worried about price gouging and having to flee their homes and get away. that's going to up a lot of air time that he really means. advertising and the weather channel for the biggest -- they
1:12 pm
could cause a backlash against any candidate is correct in time for this dire. >> we don't know. florida officials are trying to get ready the best way they know how. as certainly as you know it's been a great deal of building since florida was last dealing with this stuff particularly along the coast. a lot of the building you wonder whether it's a decoder can do with these kinds of ways. i guess we'll find out. if not, they get to even be messier. >> yeah, people don't remember a storm. the global warming and they will keep on increasing. the 4000 days since the storm of category three or higher head. we have been seeing interviews with reporters talking to kids who've never seen one of these
1:13 pm
things in their lives and whether or not they are not preparing properly, whether anyone is ready and taking it so seriously as they should both cause a lot of trouble for folks. >> i was reading in one of the papers online that because it's been so blunt, a lot of people even though flood insurance is required along the coast for mortgages and the like, if you're even slightly inland you could be the judge if your mortgage holder is not pushing it on you, you're allowed not to have it because it can be expensive. a lot of people don't have this. all of a sudden they are going to be wondering, hey, what the heck. >> you can bet this is going to be a billion-dollar storm in damages. that's what some of our energy guys are predicting and they will be updating the storm the whole time as well. the billion dollars in damages you might end up with a situation like you had in indiana where folks are out of luck. we have a state underwater having serious issues in apple,
1:14 pm
down to washington d.c. and fema and everyone else to get their act together and help them out. neil: thinks for one with all this news. he mentioned an interesting point about what people expect from the government in harms way and they need help. we were visiting with congressman randall. the pot is empty. not a lot of money there. we've got this massive debt. leave it to an international organization to say we might be i am asked -- imf'd. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me...
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1:17 pm
available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. neil: when disaster strikes that this is acted to in florida and elsewhere the government is
1:18 pm
always there. we'll talk to the fema administrator shortly. not that we have a lot of money putting it quite crassly. we have almost $20 trillion in debt and now globally where it is the whole world is no pun intended underwater. $152 trillion in debt. if that keeps up we can all go down. let's go to market watcher democratic strategists and kathy lynn taylor. we begin with you on this debt ratio and limits what we can do to handle disasters. >> it absolutely does. what is so concerned about what is going on right now is not only did that in this country which president barack obama has added more than any other president to her situation but also the debt over all around the world. it not how much debt is alarming
1:19 pm
is the rate at which the debt is growing. countries like china and hong kong whose debt is growing so quickly. our debt in america is almost at an all-time high. it hasn't been this high since world war ii. but america's credit card back in her wallet. we have money for states to do things like jobs and corporations to build new jobs and that becomes a real problem for americans for every person here. >> i know you are not a fan of his necessarily, but this is a ticking timebomb in that was not an ideal situation with rate so low but a slight uptick could pulverize the markets. whoever gets in next january would the facing a big goblins. >> absolutely. i definitely think it is something we need to be taken into account.
1:20 pm
that's what i was about to say. the tone of the debate right now is actually about who's going to increase is the least amount. it's not even about reducing it to where we are at this point in time. for example, donald trump's plan is increasing it. for all of his talk and all the concern which we just brought up from my colleague there, i agree. those are major concerns which is why donald trump's plan which has to go into the record high of 105%. neil: hillary clinton doesn't address it either. >> it brings it to 85%. neil: the bottom line the debt is under both plans. the question is what are we going to do about it. you know that you can't continue this. people in florida were getting used to 11 years about hurricanes. it is coming now. when is our financial hurricane coming? >> probably right around the corner.
1:21 pm
the way they have to pay that debt whether it goes up or down and i don't think they will go based on the plan. they will hunt for the money to pay it back. i'm not talking about the united states. i'm talking about the international monetary fund. they are going to start taxation or cutting down benefit. a lot of the debt we are promised paychecks when they retire. the whole financial system eventually has to implode on itself which will basically vote on the global economy which we have not seen it 50 to 80 years. interest rates are at zero right now because we are predict what's coming. what will happen as interest rates will go up as the economy start to wind down further into negative gdp territory and that is what is dangerous. neil: that's where you don't have a lot of wiggle room. dear interest rates now
1:22 pm
essentially. and a slight uptick on it at this massive denmark is better priced for perfection. i wanted thank you. speaking of the breaking news, more on the storm right now. category for right now is not changing its path one iota. we are also going to have the fema administrator here bracing for the worst, hoping for the best. as you can see their whiskers the coast and that is worse than just hitting plan to write to because that means matthew hangs around a lot. after this. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands,
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call now to request your free decision guide.
1:25 pm
(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. . . siriusxm. road happy. neil: be looking live right now at palm beach, florida. right again in the direct line of impact from hurricane matthew expected to hit later tonight. of course the governor already declared a state of emergency that will affect upwards of two million residents who he urged
1:26 pm
to get out of their homes, get on the road and just make sure they are not in the path of this storm. we keep eye on that. you think of governor's headaches. can you imagine administrator of fema, craig fugate? he will join us. i imagine neither had much sleep. residents in its path not much sleep. we'll talk to the fema boss about what florida and other affected areas could be in for. this is very big. this could impact the sunday's debate. susan, by then it will have hit. by then how much it hit. a lot of people could still be without power. play this out. the hit on rate something one thing, but, the fact that this probably comes up as an issue another, huh? >> well, it all depends what the storm does, how catastrophically it impacts the coast, and
1:27 pm
inland. you know, minimum there are, as you say going to be probably widespread power outages, at very least. so you're going to have people aren't even going to be able to watch the debate, that is best-case scenario. move further toward tougher situation and you have casualties. you have flooding. you have state of emergency that continues in florida. you have it dominating the news cycle. you have a lot of people tuning in to perhaps watching the television coverage of whatever is going on in florida, not tuning in to the debate. finally as you say, there will be discussion of this, at the debate and at the town hall meeting, although, again, it depends on impact of the storm. they can talk about in terms of responding to disasters and how to help florida. these are sort of, 101 questions how you would handle something. both candidates will have to be ready to answer that. the person who has advantage in would be hillary clinton because
1:28 pm
she is already, she has been senator, she has been secretary of state. she has worked for presidential administration. trump would have to be ready to sound as though he is capable of handling a disaster. neil: he went down to louisiana in mid of that, post the storms there. you have to step back and wonder, this really is something that only a president can deal with at highest level. we'll talk to the fema administrator. he has to deal with this head lon. we al know how impressions are made, rightly or wrongly. people look back to how one president handled a disaster in the case of sandy with president obama. president bush with the new orleans hurricane whether the flyover was advisable in retrospect. people cast things in their own political prism. i'm not here to do that. how much of a role the president play and how he reacts to this
1:29 pm
election year battle? >> well, neil, think back to hurricane sandy. that was a storm i believe actually played a role in the outcome of that election. i think a lot of people think that to some degree. talk about what happened. the president landed in new jersey and governor chris christie gave him what everybody perceived to be a big hug on the tarmac. that was a critical moment in that election. it was a critical moment i think hurt mitt romney. and you know, i doubt rick scott's going to be hugging president obama in florida. can you imagine that kind of scenario unfolding. but you're right, neil, to try to factor how this could play with the president in florida. normally, it all depends on what the storm looks like. the president is not likely going to want to show up to become part of the problem, which is one reason why presidents stay away from immediate disasters. what you need to protect the president -- neil: why president bush stayed away from new orleans at the
1:30 pm
time, he was told, we would love to have you not just now. >> no one talks about that. they blame him basically for it. neil: yeah. >> it is going to be a big factor. neil: thank you very, very much. good seeing you again, susan. >> thank you, neil. neil: we only put it out there, politicians will have a field day with this one. that is a moot point as costly fallout from all of this to residents directly affected. the guy dealing with the latter, a huge headache, will be coming up next, fema administrator. all of this could be a big issue on his plate for the next few days if not longer. speaking of which the fallout politically is still there as well. we're just getting news on saturday house speaker paul ryan will be campaigning with donald trump in wisconsin. so it gets stranger and stranger. after this.
1:31 pm
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neil: all right. quick update right now as you look at scene. live shots from palm beach, florida, in that zone that will be targeted by hurricane matthew, barreling with category 4 storm winds in excess of 140 miles per hour. already upwards of two million residents in that affected local have been urged to leave the state. many are. a lot are stuck on 95 or florida's turnpike trying to get out. but they're not moving very quickly. depends on road you take. other option move from east to west. as you can see from florida, about 2 1/2 hour drive widest
1:35 pm
point from east to west. impact would be less but still severe. latest read from fema administrator craig fugate how they're preparing. great to have you. what is the latest on your front? >> again the track is not good news for anybody but we've been planning for major impacts in florida, georgia, south carolina, north carolina. early in the week we were actually looking as far as north as mid a atlantic. looks like right now the first up will be florida. southeast georgia potentially will have a lot of impacts particularly brunswick, savannah region. south carolina. not so sure about north carolina, but our plan ready to support all four states from significant impacts from the hurricane. neil: you have to factor in models and trajectories can and often do change. few days ago it was tropical storm and morphed into this monster and you dealt with that many times. how do you prepare for something skirts the florida coast and
1:36 pm
hits it with severe wind, moves up, doesn't dot counterclockwise thing and continues moving up as some models show as potential? then you have a much broader swath of folks in its direct path, right? >> that is what we've been looking at. right now we're basically using i-95 corridor, all that population, primary focused on east side of the i-95 corridor but looking how far inland hurricane force wind may go. neil: this is dumb question of my part, if you're moving from east to west in florida, there isn't a lot of room to go, maybe 2 1/2 hours to the other side, are you that significantly much better off or what? >> no, really just need to go tens of miles. we've had people evacuate back with hurricane charley hit from tampa, they drove all the way to orlando. had worst damages in orlando than they did in tampa. so we primary focus on evacuating from storm surge. for many people again, we're working with our partners, again
1:37 pm
governor scott and his team with local officials, they opened up shelters in the counties along the coast. so we tell people you need to go tens of miles. if you choose to go further, leave early, as you point out. traffic is heavy. but there is still time to evacuate to higher ground. neil: follow you, another stupid question, by the way, director, administrator, we're getting word the president has gone ahead to sign the emergency declaration that the florida governor requested. so first on that, what does that do? when the president signs off on emergency declaration, what does that do? >> well, we got that. we're also working on the request from the other states. it just form lieses what we've been -- formalizes what we've been doing last two days. we are starting to move resources before the states ask. this would be formal document that allows us to turn resources over to the states but it has
1:38 pm
not impeded us from moving stuff now, working with the states, i told them, i got off a call with all four state directors, if you think you need it, if you're not sure, just ask, we'll move it. this will actually codify that. it will provide the ability for us to now turn that over to the states for their use in responding to impending disaster. neil: i was thinking before you were coming here, all of people unfamiliar with severe hurricane, actually last 11 years in florida, any hurricane at all, been that long since one hit. i imagine good many people didn't get flood insurance if they weren't directly on the water might regret that and looking to fema to help them out if everything hits the fan. what are fema's obligation at that point? >> we focus on uninsured losses. this is what we saw in louisiana. first up is insurance. what your insurance didn't cover. it is not only going to be flood. along the gulf coast,
1:39 pm
particularly in florida, a lot of people have very high hurricane deductibles. not only will be flood but people underinsured for wind damage. we will focus with our partners at sba on either loans or if they qualify, grants. we are anticipating there could be a lot of people for next couple days may need assistance rebuilding their homes. neil: to put it mildly. what are the obligations, a lot of insurance related stocks, craig, are getting .ed today the idea it will be very expensive storm. is there a backstop if they don't have the money or some of the smaller players actually go out of business? >> well, that is one of the things that florida learned after hurricane andrew. neil: right. >> florida does have a catastrophic hurricane fund, something i as homeowner pay extra on my premiums after hurricanes to help provide that level of funding to these large payouts. florida also has citizens which is their state insurer of last resort for wind pools. these unfortunately were results
1:40 pm
of what we saw in andrew and it will be playing out again as we face this storm. neil: this storm is personal for you as well. you are a floridian. your family is there. how is everyone doing? >> well they were evacuating early this morning and last night. we're getting everybody up to inland so they're away from the coast. i just told them, look, i don't have time to discuss this with you. you need to evacuate. i'm busy. i'm not going to be able to come look for you after the storm. all the kids have gone to safety. so i can focus on rest of floridians, georgians, everybody else in the part of the storm. neil: scary stuff. craig fugate, fema administrator. he will be a very busy gentleman. oil is up essentially 1% today. we've essentially doubled over the past couple months. you will feel that at the pump very, very soon. a lot of people heralding the news as a sign economy is doing fine globally, but you wouldn't like the reasons for this. just accept the fact it is over
1:41 pm
$50 a barrel and could be headed even higher after this. you both have a perfect driving record.
1:42 pm
until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. reporter: i'm connell mcshane in the newsroom. we received word from florida that disney, disney is closing down all the properties 5:00 p.m. today. they will stay closed for the day tomorrow as well. this is all of them. theme parks, water parks, disney springs. also included among this would
1:43 pm
be espn wild world of sports, that whole complex. this happened before. it has been a while. back in '04 which was very busy year, they closed down for charley, francis and jeanne and wilma briefly after that. news of the hour, disney is shutting down all of its properties in the orlando area, doing so this evening 5:00 p.m. they will remain closed all day tomorrow. special events, halloween party, magic kingdom, all that is obviously is off as well. "cavuto: coast to coast" continues in a moment.
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
>> i don't know whether you know it, and it is embarrassing for me to say it, but the congress has been out since the end of october and we're not scheduled to go back until after the election. it would seem to me, if those funds are not able to effectively protect the people that are there, that the congress has to come back in a special session. neil: all right. what charlie wrangle was telling us earlier on the show, if fema runs out of dough or shortage of dough and this thing is really bad, federal lawmakers should step in and decide what to do and fast. former mccain regional press secretary on that. what do you think of that?
1:46 pm
>> i think congress has the responsibility to step in if it becomes as dire as we think might. i know we're in middle of election season. a lot of congresswoman and men are up for re-election. this could become very serious. may have to come back in the special session to support the president on this one. neil: if dollar figures get out of hand or don't have a sense it is going to the cause itself, i was raising with the congressman, that brought up sandy example. a lot of republican misgivings at the time were well-placed, they got browbeaten by no less than chris christie at the time, that $60 billion figures did not include or did include non-hurricane items reroofing smithsonian museum they wanted out of there. how sure are we that some unscrupulous politicians can't seize on this as a gravy train?
1:47 pm
>> they could. they could seize on this. i'm not a specialist in these areas, but again this is, i think, you are talking earlier, neil, about the, our, debt where we are and cost this could incur. neil: right. >> not even having money to cover this. they will have to take a careful eye what is being spent. talking about this as possibly being category 5. they will have to roll up their sleeves to work in bipartisan manner. it is very important to do that when you have natural disasters on the line. neil: i agree with that. i want to switch gears a little bit talking about who to blame if something happens, but whoopi goldberg of all things, after dust-up bill clinton bemoaning how the affordable care act turned out, not so affordable. he dialed that back in speech next day, when i meant to say, we all know the drill. whoopi goldberg was blaming insurance companies for a lot of problems. i want you to react to this.
1:48 pm
>> if we were to hold a conversation with all of the folks whose insurance went up not because it needed to go up, the premiums, they didn't need to go up, because they went up because people were pissed this program went through. neil: i don't know where to begin with that one. if you obligate insurance companies, i'm not a great fan by the way, i have had some dealings with them, but if you're going to ask them to cover all the preexisting conditions, more kids and all, which is fine, and you don't think that is going to jack up premiums then you're clueless. having said that, that seems to be the new pivot here. to blame the insurance companies, certainly not the white house, certainly not those who came up with the affordable care act? >> you can't blame insurers. it is just ludicrous to me. the president put the affordable care act into place on march 23rd, 2010. since that time, depending on what report you're reading there have been 20 million, to 25 more people, coverage included
1:49 pm
25 million more people. the common sense here tells you, if you're insurer and mandated to cover that many more people as group of insurers, you're insuring people for basic care. neil: right. >> insuring people with grave illnesses, preexisting conditions and possibly head into natural disaster like this, the scenarios, cost of the insurers will rise astronomically. it is just a fact. neil: they warned about it. we did when we come up with this. i was in a condo at this time in washington when cooking this up. if you think you will not pay more for privilege. a lot of people like to make sure uninsured are insured and covered for preexisting conditions and keep kids on policy for a lot older, but if you don't think it will not affect your premium you're out of your mind. >> i don't know if you read the piece in "wall street journal" yesterday. neil: yes, indeed. >> insurance commissioner said we're tanking. basically blue blue cross, blue
1:50 pm
shield left three major markets, nashville, knoxville, memphis. they're saying repercussion of that and other insurers leaving the state because they were collapsing an under the system, 60% of those covered now by the affordable care act out of insurance. they will be dealing with having to reenter the market -- neil: start from scratch. >> with less competition. neil: antithesis what they thought. you're right. sarah, thank you very, very much. i threw a lot at you today. you handle it beautiful as always. >> thank you. neil: former mccain regional press secretary. we're getting updates in florida about power outages already. 7,000 in the miami-dade area alone. you can bet millions more in the next 24 hours.
1:51 pm
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>> i can tell you if you're a hotel and you're increasing your prices we are going after you. you can not increase your prices in the state of emergency. so get ready because we're coming for you. neil: all right. that was florida's attorney general pam bondi saying if anyone is jacking up their prices or really gouging folks in the middle of this crisis, hotel operators, we hear anecdotal reports, doubling or tripling room rates, five times prices for bottled water, the state will come down as ton of bricks free marketeer, libertarian, kennedy, what do you think of that. >> you want to get your family to safety, can afford a little more, you want to exercise that consumer vote. neil: i don't know what god you pray to. >> i pray to the one who created wealth of nations.
1:55 pm
that book was published 224 years ago today. neil: i raid the bible. the bible tells me those people are screwing little guy in a storm. you say what? >> i think there are compassionate hotellers out there and they will open their arms to needy flock. neil: where do you put the limit? if someone is tripling a room rate. >> yeah. neil: quintupling bryce of water, these are stories we have? >> you know i put that onus on you and press. if there are bad people doing bad things. we saw that with epipens. most effective tool is shining a little sun sunlight. neil: not the government shining punishment? >> no, heavy-handed coercion is bit much and distracting ultimately from keeping people safe. neil: what if it avoids them doing it in the first place? just the threat pam bondi and troops will come down on you? >> is that how you want to run your state?
1:56 pm
seems horrible way to make complete authoritarian. doesn't make people safer. neil: you're indifferent to overpricing and as opposed to her stopping it. >> i have the faith majority of people who own hotels especially those that have reputations they want to protect will not gouge people in the middle of crisis. neil: hypothetically, the bates motel and they're doing it? see what i'm saying? small guys -- >> not everyone will emerge from the bates motel. everyone there will be comfortable and series of cots and testimony pure peaic mattresses. neil: your consistency is scary. >> like putting no lumps. neil: look at the time. kennedy i don't know where to go with that. just to tell you we'll get very latest from governor rick scott after this. talk to her. oh, yeah
1:57 pm
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neil: depending what cards you're looking at six hours to seven hours away from landfall. president obama signing an emergency to ration for florida to give its funds to states way immediately. that is something governor rick scott has asked for. he's now got and we are awaiting word from him. so much going on. and this next hour to take a direct, trish regan. >> we have a lot going on and we will stay with hurricane coverage. thank you. hurricane matthews barely towards florida. it is right now in the bahamas heading straight for florida. 1.5 million people told to evacuate out of florida. people bracing for what could be the most powerful storm to hit the state in decades. minutes ago, the president signed an emergency declaration for the state that enables the state to get some much-needed funding ahmad have to do with the aftermath. you are looking at live pictures right now from florida. in just a few


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