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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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the world riding to the rescue in a white hat are long gone. gentlemen, thank you very much, appreciate it. all right, guys, thank you at home for watching, and remember, donald trump has an event in new hampshire but he's going to speak before the event. we want to make sure you see that. also, here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. two major stories we're following this hour. a trump town hall set to begin shortly in new hampshire, and hurricane matthew taking aim at florida's atlantic coastline. we start with the threat of hurricane matthew tonight. two million people from florida to south carolina have been ordered to evacuate as the now category 4 hurricane tears across the bahamas and has begun lashing southern florida. 140-mile-an-hour winds and a storm surge about 15 feet above normal. florida's governor today
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warning people, quote, this storm will kill you. the last major hurricane to hit florida, wilma, 11 years ago. we'll have live reports from a number of our reporters on matthew's path, the threat that now faces the nation's entire southeast coast. and in politics, donald trump is in sand down, new hampshire, for a special town hall event. it is a bit of a prep for what would be an extraordinary debate sunday, we're sure. invitation-only event conducted in a question and answer town hall format, very similar to the upcoming presidential debate between trump and clinton sunday night. we'll bring you the town hall in full during our special two hour broadcast tonight, and i'll talk with trump campaign chairman kellyanne conway in moments about what donald trump is doing to prepare for the critical debate this sunday in
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st. louis. our top story tonight, three days from the second presidential debate, donald trump now saying he will not comment on bill clinton's record of infidelity during the debate. he told the "new york post" -- the trump campaign still riding high following bipartisan consensus that governor mike pence won against senator tim kaine in the vice presidential debate. pence offering trump this advice. >> i'd encourage donald trump to do what he did in the first debate. that is be himself. speak from his mind and heart and i know he's going to do that. he'll be ready for this coming sunday night. lou: ready are in coming sunday night, but first tonight's town hall meeting, and our first guest tonight says the debate's town hall format is a sweet spot for donald trump. joining us trump campaign
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manager kellyanne conway. kellyanne, great to have you with us. >> hi, lou. lou: this is an interesting place, send down, new hampshire, within two points, obviously, donald trump and hillary clinton. so there's a little something to play for in the state as well. what does trump have to do tonight? practice or does he have to do something impressive, and is that the plan? >> donald trump tonight has to do what he does every night. he's out with voters every single day of the week. just came back from a huge western state swing, arizona, nevada, colorado, overflow record crowds. he draws the largest crowds for somebody who doesn't sing or play an instrument at the venues i've ever seen, and up in new hampshire he wanted an opportunity to engage with people. take questions from the audience, but this is not new for him. you've seen him on fox news channel, your sister station.
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lou: i know, i thought it was fox, i was sure. >> in the town hall formats, he engages with the audience. it's natural for him. he loves being with him. they're like oxygen for him, it's a wonderful format on sunday night for both he and mrs. clinton to come out from behind the podiums and actually engage with people one on one. lou: i don't think anyone would suggest that donald trump will have any problem doing that. what they have suggested is donald trump was poorly prepared for the first debate. whatever direction he takes in that debate, his preparation level would have to be better, and what will be his strategy, if can you convey it to us, and what difference will there be between the first and second debate for donald trump and his supporters? >> i won't reveal private conversations or strategies. i will tell you he's excited for sunday, he knows that the issues set favors him. when he can talk about jobs,
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immigration, trade, defeating radical islamic terrorism, repealing and replacing the disaster that is known as obamacare. president clinton, his wife is running for president, i would think in part on obamacare said, quote, it's the craziest think he's ever seen. we know a dynamic, compelling speaker and the issues set are how we win this. converting that to a debate performance is a little bit of a different prospect in that donald trump in the first debate was trying to answer the questions as they were asked of him. mrs. clinton many times is trying to unload the zingers she had rehearsed and practiceed. i think if donald trump takes the opportunity to answer the question asked but to make sure that he shows the contrast between he and hillary clinton on any number of issues. i can't think of brighter, bolder contrasts between two political party candidates really in a number of years. lou: the potential certainly
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exists in bright colored outline. it's how you fill it in, and in the man that voters have responded to is direct. he's straightforward, he has been a, if you will, a force of nature bringing change as his principal offering, a vision for the future. we saw him get away from that in the first debate and he started responding to these questions that were being thrown at him. he needs to rise above that, doesn't he? >> yes, and make sure that his message is the one that's heard through the post-debate noise or the silence, however the case may be, and if he feels he's treated unfairly or an issue is beside the point, according to everybody's polling, he may just say so, and to make sure that hillary clinton is held to account for her record, lou, fairly unremarkable record in the united states senate and a very spotty failing record as secretary of state. she's the one who wants to
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continue with more of the same. she does not represent the 70% of americans who want to move this country in a new and different direction. she is a typical politician. she wreaks of washington insiderism and corruption and he's a successful businessman on the outside. so that contrast illustrated in full display in a debate setting or anywhere really benefits him. i think that's why mrs. clinton tried to make this campaign about donald trump and not about her. if it's about her, frankly she loses, and i read a couple reports, she's practicing being warm and accessible. wow. if i read one more report hillary clinton is finding her voice, practicing being a people person. after 30 years, if you're not a people person and not seen as warm and accessible, you know, that's not going to change before sunday night. >> the strange thing here and it goes back to the democratic convention. you would have thought the
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clintons were the change agents in a status quo that has frankly not exactly carried the honor of the country for 30 years. this is a woman, people talk about being historic, the first woman leading a ticket, but also the second clinton to do so, and she's seeking to be the third term of barack obama. i mean the numbers start, as you look at it, they really come crashing down on her. if she wants to play numbers games, i would think mr. trump might eagerly oblige. as the change agent in this race, do you think that gives him a remarkable advantage? >> it certainly does. i think this election continues to, lou, what it's always been about. change versus more of the same. past versus future. washington insider versus washington disrupter, successful businessman versus typical politician, and people will see that. on the issues they could not be
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more different on. immigration, donald trump made that a signature issue from the beginning. build the wall, have mexico pay for it. stop the influx of illegal immigrants until we can figure out who lives among us, what's going on? stop making it difficult for american workers who are looking for jobs and well-paying jobs, bring the manufacturing jobs back to the united states, you know, mike pence, his running mate has done a great job with manufacturing jobs in indiana. lou: governor pence appears the opportunity for a reset in the campaign at this critical juncture, and whether or not that opportunity is seized, we'll learn beginning tonight. kellyanne, always good to have you here to give us insight. >> thank you, lou. lou: kellyanne conway, thank you so much. up next, awaiting trump's town hall meeting in new hampshire. sandown, new hampshire, this is a town of about 6,000 people. do we have a picture of this
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meeting hall for this town hall meeting? we have there the warm-ups. do we have the exterior of the -- we do not? i was told we did. there will be an -- we're going to have a debrief after this. we're also following of course, the threat hurricane matthew. president obama moments ago declaring a state of emergency for south carolina. we'll have a full report for you on the threat and what we can expect in the coming hours as the category 4 hurricane begins moving up the southeastern coastline of this country. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary.
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there it is. this is how buying a used car should be. this is truecar. ♪ . lou: we want to update you on hurricane matthew. it's been upgraded as of this morning to a category 4 storm, after tearing through the caribbean. the focus is now florida where more than 12 million people are under hurricane watches or warnings. fox news correspondent steve harrigan is in sebastian inlet, florida, with our report. >> reporter: time is running out for more than 1.5 million floridians under orders to evacuate as hurricane matthew roars towards the coast. those most at risk are on the barrier islands along florida's eastern shore. so with possessions, pets, flashlights, bottled water and
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food for three days, they are on the move, seeking higher ground and shelter in the face of the most powerful storm to hit florida in a decade. >> we have the house boarded up. all the supplies. we're thinking of last minute things, anything that would help out. >> reporter: not everyone has the means to escape the storm. >> i have no car, filed for disability and trapped, just boarded up the best i could and did what i could to get by. >> reporter: already more than 100 people have been killed in matthew's path, most in haiti where many coastal residents live in simple shacks of wood and tarpelins. wind speeds of greater than 130 miles an hour would be catastrophic. a glancing blow or close passage of the eye wall could cause major structural damage to homes, roads, trees and
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knock out power for weeks. a storm surge could put houses under water. florida has two million new residents since the last major storm hit. to them, governor rick scott's message has been stark, this storm can kill, and at the very minimum, owner of the east coast will lose power. >> if you're in a evacuation zone, get out. time's running out. leave, no excuses. the roads are open. you should get out. evacuate. evacuate. evacuate. >> reporter: scott is asking for help from the federal government. he says florida will need food, water and tarps in the days ahead. the state opened more than 100 shelters and mobilized more than 2,000 national guard members. travel out of state gets more difficult every hour with reports of gas stations running low on fuel. thousands of flights through florida have been canceled and ft. lauderdale international airport has been shut down. there are two million new residents here in florida who
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have never been through a storm like this. the last one was wilma in 2005. just to give you perspective, that storm cost $25 billion in damages and claimed more than 60 lives. lou, back to you. lou: steve, thank you very much. steve harrigan just south of melbourne, florida there, on as you can see, a coastline where the surf is building and building quickly. our other major story tonight, the race for the white house. three days before the next presidential debate, showdown, and hillary clinton nowhere to be seen. she's gone into seclusion or hiding, depending on your view to prepare for the upcoming debate from the prying eyes of the public and the press. donald trump took the opposite approach taking part in a town hall event this evening as if we told you in sandown, new hampshire, and holding a rally with speaker paul ryan in wisconsin saturday. he's taking off tomorrow to
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prepare. trump and ryan will be campaigning together for the first time this election season, something that many people didn't think would be possible. joining me republican campaign strategist, fox news contributor tony sayegh and eboni williams. good to have you with us. talking with kellyanne conway, his campaign manager at the top of the broadcast. she seems enthused about the format which is not only for tonight, but the town hall meeting format for sunday night as well at washington university in st. louis. >> she has good reason to be. i said this on "outnumbered," the town hall meeting is fitting -- lou: wait a minute, did you tell "outnumbered" first? >> it wasn't exclusive "outnumbered." i'm sharing now. 's gerous. it's good for trump. he is a people person, it's funny because people criticize him for bombastic nature, but
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for better or worse, it feels real and genuine and authentic, he feeds off the energy of the people in that room. this would be good for him sunday. >> the untold story about donald trump and people alerted me to this from new hampshire watching him campaign in the state early in the primary process is he's an excellent retail politician, he's a people person, as a kid from brooklyn, he's your typical outer borough kid, he knows how to talk straight, look you square in the eye. no question in terms of formthe asun stay a much better place than with lester holt or mainstream media journalist firing questions. lou: to that end, howie carr, iconic radio broadcaster talk show host will be the moderator tonight. in terms of the debates, we're going lester holt to elaine quijano, the list is not --
7:20 pm
>> anderson cooper. lou: and radditz, martha radditz, how do you prepare fair moderator that says the hell with you? >> i thought about that today. they've got to know in the trump campaign they've got to be fully prepared for anything and nothing from anderson cooper, right? to go their way. lou: or martha radditz, apparently over who gets to take up the long knives first. >> yeah, because they've got to be prepared for that, i think they didn't know what to expect with elaine. lou: really? >> i think not. lou: cbs news? lester holt? are you kidding me? >> trump came out and said he felt lester was a fair guy. >> and he revised that opinion after realizing what actually happened that evening. [laughter] . >> the point is with anderson you know what to expect, maybe can you prepare better. >> you know what people might want to realize, lou, the town hall forums have the most
7:21 pm
impact of any of the three traditional debates. '92, bill clinton, george h.w. in richmond, and bush was caught looking at his watch, detached, feeling their pain. in 2012, this was the debate which candy crowley clearly overreached and gave the benghazi issue to president obama versus mitt romney. so a lot can happen here, i think trump is on a lot of solid ground because he gets his energy as kellyanne suggested from being and talking directly to people. lou: what do you think of this, i think the mistake, if there's a mistake he has made, it is not saying that's a stupid question, and let me tell you what the right question is and this is the way we're going to handle it, because when he was putting up with lester hold, for example, i mean that was painful to watch. he was trying be mannered and constrained and quote, unquote presidential when he needed to be trumpian and explain, demonstrate clearly how he's going lead because what holt
7:22 pm
was doing was a left-wing massacre. >> you can't leave it up to the moderators to bring up the problems with the other candidate. that is something he did as well. i think that donald trump has to go in whether the moderator brings it up or not. he has to talk about the clinton foundation. the e-mail scandal. he has to talk about what the fbi did say about the judgment. he's got to do that. lou: i do think the issue here is how well prepared he will be, and i don't think he has -- i think he's used up his easy pass, i think everything counts now and he better be on his game if he's going win this game. >> clear donald trump likes to prepare in plain sight. he's doing the campaign and town hall forum. we are hearing he is going to huddle with the devicers and put in that time and prep this week. hillary clinton only deals with insiders and in between will throw in a fund-raiser, i don't
7:23 pm
think that's the best way to prepare for a format of a town hall with the american people. lou: that's process, what matters is what is delivered in front of the cameras with the microphones come sunday night and tonight in sandown, new hampshire, a two point gap between the two. how important do you think this is tonight? >> i think this is a good idea for donald trump. i think this is where he's most comfortable certainly. this will get him in mojo. he's definitely off his game in the first debate. that was obvious to most of us watching. this is opportunity to reset, to be comfortable and get his swag back so to speak. >> in volleyball, you have the bump, set, spike, pence gave him the ball back into play. tonight is the setup for sunday but has to spike the ball sunday, lou. he knows that. i believe he has the fundamental capacity to do that. they believe, if you look at polling, on the issues that matter most -- economy, jobs, immigration, trade -- they have
7:24 pm
the high ground. they're on the side of the people. that's an argument he has to make forcefully. >> get off the defense stand. he allowed hillary clinton to put him on the box and totally be -- he's got to. lou: he puts himself on the defensive when you have a candidate who has been -- she's a certified liar, certified by the director of the fbi. she's immersed in scandal. she has a disastrous record in public policy. >> pathological liars are nimble, lou. you saw that that evening, but i do have to tell you, i agree totally in the regard that hillary clinton will be as prepared as she is for all of these things. he has to be ready. lou: we're ready. thank you, both. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question is --
7:25 pm
. up next, donald trump is set to take the stage shortly in sandown, new hampshire. the plane has set down, he is ready to move to the town hall. by the way it is described as a small, intimate setting. to tell you how small and how intimate, about 150 people in the audience. the town hall event set to start any moment. we'll bring it to you live. stay with us as we return. we go to sandown, new hampshire.
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. lou: we're back, and with us, tony sayegh and eboni williams, we're going to be analyzing some really interesting features of this contest in just a moment. we're also waiting for donald trump to appear at his town hall meeting that is, if you will, a precursor, if not a rehearsal, for the sunday night presidential debate with hillary clinton. but first i want to turn to fox
7:30 pm
news meteorologist rick reichmuth. we're going to stay with -- we're told now that trump is very close to us. 140-mile-an-hour winds in south florida. look, eboni start with you, this is a race where we're not seeing trump spend money. this is not the $3 billion race we're told that would materialize, and yet he is like this in the battleground states with the woman who is outspinning him 8-1. >> for me, that is encouraging as somebody who doesn't like to see the american system be owned by just big corporate money. this to me, whether you like donald trump or don't like donald trump this is encouraging. this goes to show the people matter. the will of the people still matter. lou: matters to donald trump. >> still matters and certainly in this race. look at jeb bush -- she's spending a fortune. look at jeb bush.
7:31 pm
lou: you're hopeful for the future. >> you are masterful, lou dobbs, completely masterful. [ laughter ] >> like to have a little fun here. tony, he is not spending very much, he hasn't raised very much. it isn't out of the largesse of his heart and the role of finance in politics. >> he's had a terrific fund-raising spree in september. raised $18 million in the days after the last debate. i don't think this portends for the future. i agree with eboni it's not all bought and paid for because donald trump not only gets the media -- lou: tony is talking up his book -- [laughter]. lou: political strategy, he wants to lure more money. >> i'm very discouraged by the roi equation here. donald trump not only gets the coverage, he gets the people watching the coverage. and the second piece is he's
7:32 pm
created a campaign which we haven't seen. the elites versus the people. that's why you can't put this campaign and the voters in the boxes that we traditionally put them in. lou: evangelicals supporting donald trump by a wide, wide margin. will they show up. will they move voters to the polls november 8th? >> that's enthusiasm question, lou. from the people i've talked to in studio and session and green room, they very much supported him. is the issue not just being supportive but proactive turning out the polls in a way that's going to make a difference for him. >> here's what should scare the hillary clinton campaign. 40% of the american people have not voted in most recent presidential elections. a lot of people do respond to his message. that's where you have the potential of the wave elections in the upper midwest states where he's competing strongly. lou: tony sayegh and eboni williams.
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we're waiting donald trump to start the town hall meeting in new hampshire. there it is. we're going there after this break. stay with us. uys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. . lou: fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is relentless, he's been on the campaign trail forever. he must seem to you these days. outside the town hall meeting in sandown, new hampshire, good evening, carl. and is the excitement building? >> reporter: absolutely, in
7:37 pm
fact donald trump just arrived a moment ago, chris christie in the room, and donald trump will take the town hall-style debate stage in a matter of moments. you're right, tomorrow is our 20th anniversary at fox news, that makes 20+ years of chasing candidates and 2 1/2 on the donald trump case. so trump is doing this town hall-style meeting. little different than the normal new hampshire town hall in that in the granite state first-in-the-nation primary politics demands it be open to the public and no-holds-barred. no preplanned questions. folks can say and do whatever they want. and this is a little more controlled than that. in addition -- and usually no moderators, just the candidate and the peeps. in this particular case, a moderator, howie carr, noted conservative talk show host from boston, not new hampshire, and there are plenty of those up there. unlike the impromptu nature of the town hall in the past, the
7:38 pm
questions have been submitted in advance on 3 x 5 cards and howie carr gets to pick which ones he wants answered and call on the folks to ask the questions. these are invited supporters as opposed to public audience. 155 people in sandown town hall, expected to go about an hour. mr. carr is expected to ask about 20 questions in that hour. lou: carl? i'm sorry to interrupt you. >> reporter: here comes donald trump. we'll let him get to work. lou: thank you, and congratulations on 20 years of superb reporting. donald trump has now moved to the stage and he's going to make comments, we're told, on the hurricane to begin. >> like the presidential debate, the commission where they gave us a bum mic. some commission that is. let me tell you. so i want to thank everybody. this is great. you know new hampshire. we won new hampshire in the
7:39 pm
primaries, big league. far exceeding bigger than thought. now we're hearing we're tied, and up by two and tied in another. this is great to be with you. remember whenever we won, like to talk about polls. if we're doing badly, i don't know about polls. no, it's true. when we do badly, i don't know about polls, right? [laughter] when we're doing well, i know about polls. i used to drive -- chris christie, our friend where, is governor christie? [applause] he was a tough competitor, he said you used to drive me crazy when you talked about the polls. why did you talk about the polls? i was number one. if we were number two, we won't be talking. new hampshire is where we had our first victory. you remember that, right? and we went onto lots of other places.
7:40 pm
lots of other places and we had tremendous support from so many of our friends and tremendous compliments, tom brady and coach belichick and so many people, we have great relationships with and great relationships up here. these just came out, rasmussen, national poll, trump 43, clinton 41. [cheers] los angeles times national great poll, supposedly, because i'm later. trump 46, national, clinton 42. [cheers] upi national, trump 49, clinton 47. reuters ips so, south carolina, trump 49, clinton 44. that is another great -- i tell you the results in south carolina during the primary were amazing. it was fantastic. great people.
7:41 pm
colorado, trump 45, clinton 43. i just left. that was a good one. [cheers] and wisconsin where, i'm going tomorrow. wisconsin they have trump at 42 and clinton at 42, and that's okay, because i was about 15 points behind three or four weeks ago, right? i think. so that's one. anybody can check them. you can check them. now here's one that's a biggie. upi came out a little while ago. virginia. i love virginia, tremendous property, lot of employees. i think all my employees are voting, i tell you. virginia trump 50, clinton 45. woo! [cheers] upi, upi, that's a big one. the media going crazy, they don't know what's up. they can't believe this. they're not happy, i want to tell you.
7:42 pm
this is not the way it's supposed to be happening. [cheers and applause] the american people, right? this is not what they had in mind. the crooked media with the crooked hillary. [laughter] new hampshire 48, 48, what's wrong? what's going on here. new hampshire 48, 48? i don't like that. that doesn't sound like my friends. we're going to win new hampshire. we're going to win new hampshire. [cheers and applause] these all just came out a little while ago. arizona, 52, clinton 42. wow. up by 10. here's a good one. north carolina upi, north carolina trump 50, clinton 46. [applause] >> whoa, whoa! look at this one. state of pennsylvania, where i went to school, went to college.
7:43 pm
pennsylvania, trump 50. clinton 46. [applause] and here's another good one great state, i love the people of georgia. trump 52. clinton 43. wow. send it back to the press so they can examine it. [applause] >> i just want to thank you very much. it's really amazing and i want to thank chris for being here and all of my friends. steve i see over here and all of the friends that i have. it's been incredible, and, you know, i wanted to be here because we have lots of energy and we love the people, and we love the people, in particular, because it was my first state, it meant so much for me. >> love you! >> thank you, i love the same way. i used to come up and we used to have meetings with people and they kept talking about heroin, heroin, heroin, i tell the story all over new hampshire. it's so beautiful like the trees and the lakes and valleys
7:44 pm
and roads, and you take about heroin and it doesn't work, but it's a tremendous problem here and it's a tremendous problem all over the country and we're going to close up that border, build a wall. you know we got the i.c.e. endorsement just yesterday. i.c.e. great people. [applause] and we got the border patrol endorsement and the border patrol agents endorsed us, 16,500. and sheriff joe endorsed us. [applause] >> tough. sheriff joe is tough and good. but getting the i.c.e. yesterday was a tremendous thing for us. so i want to make a quick remark and we'll start with howie, and i know it's very hot in here and we want to keep this small, and by the way, they were saying this is practice for sunday. this has nothing to do with sunday. we're just here because we just wanted to be here, and, you know, hillary, frankly, they talk about debate prep. that's not debate prep. she's resting. she's resting. [laughter]
7:45 pm
and i want to be with the american people. i want to be with the people from new hampshire, and she wants to rest. [applause] debate prep. tonight, we'll discuss many issues of great importance to new hampshire. and few states in america have been hurt worse by the trade policies of my opponent, and you know that. nafta has been a disaster, signed by her husband, and you've lost nearly one in three jobs. think of that. one in three jobs since nafta and china made deals. we made deals with china, world trade organization. what a disaster that was, supported by hillary clinton, but the nafta deal signed by her husband, though he did a great thing. two days ago when he was willing to say how bad obamacare was. that was crazy. that was pretty good. [applause]
7:46 pm
the open border policies and i just wrote this out because it's important. the open border policies of hillary clinton including catch and release, another terrible practice, have allowed a massive influx of drugs into new hampshire and frankly into states all over our country. almost every state. and it's really fueled the tremendous heroin and drug crisis that we have. we're going to close up those borders, folks, believe me. i promise that to you, in new hampshire, more than anything else, and i talk about it, no matter where i go and i mentioned this state. because it was really the first glimpse i got how serious a problem we have. they're poisoning our youth, they're poisoning more than our youth. they're poisoning everybody but poisoning our youth. it's tough enough out there. our youth doesn't have a chance with what's happening and not going to let it happen anymore, and we're going to let the people that are so badly addicted. we're going to help them.
7:47 pm
[applause] so i'm going to bring your jobs back, our jobs are leaving like you never saw before, record levels. i'm going to stop the drugs from coming in. i'm going to create school choice and we're going to get rid of common core, which is a disaster. [applause] and we're going to create something very special for every disadvantaged child in this country of which we have far too many. we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] which bill admitted this week is a crazy system! can you believe that? [laughter] hey, at least he's honest. boy, has h can you imagine? can you imagine that? has he suffered. [laughter] but he said it's a crazy system
7:48 pm
that doesn't make sense and doesn't work and where people end up with premiums doubled and coverage cut in half. i couldn't have said it better myself. i've been saying it for two years, longer. >> he's on the campaign. >> i'm going to put him on the campaign. do you think anybody's called him and said let's retract? he did a minor retrack, but can you see he wasn't happy about it. remember jonathan gruber? remember the name? i don't forget. jonathan gruber, the architect of the bill admitted it was sold on lies. he thought he was talking to his friends, his friend turned out not to be a good friend, his friend had a little cell phone, the cell phones are brutal, just like e-mails are brutal unless you want to delete them all. [laughter] unless you delete about 33,000. but jonathan gruber, the architect of obamacare admitted it was sold on lies and talked
7:49 pm
about the stupidity of the american voter, right? remember that, the stupidity of the american voter. the only stupidity is that the politicians who ignored the american people and forced this thing, absolutely forced it down their throat and hillary clinton wants to double down, she wants to make it even worse. that's ultimately what's going to happen. and me, you've seen what we're going to do. you're going to have much, much better health care at a much lower price and people are going to be very happy, extremely happy, and we're going to take care of those that are disadvantaged that can't afford to do what others can afford to do, but you're going to be spending and take care of them better than they're taken care of now, but you're going to have health care that works. you're going to have health care where companies compete to get your business, and they'll come up with plans that you haven't seen or thought about right now. it will be a beautiful thing to
7:50 pm
see, and i'm sure we'll be talking about it on sunday night during the debate because there's no way we'll lose this issue. it's a disaster. obamacare is a disaster. [applause] we're going to create a more honest government. our government is a disaster. how about the $1.7 billion in cash that was given to iran. cash. tomorrow was 400 million? turned out to be 1.7 billion in cash. that's more than you could put in the room. probably hundreds, different currencies from different nationalities. maybe they didn't want american dollars. they said anybody so stupid to make a deal like, this we don't want their money. can you imagine this? these people never saw anything like it, and by the way, that's not going to fight terror, they got plenty of money, that's going on into the swiss bank accounts, just in case you had any questions. we gave it to them, and boy, did we give it to them.
7:51 pm
i want to let you know that we are going to be a country that's going to be run properly, and i'm going to be -- by the time this finishes, i'll be in for tremendous amounts of money, tremendous amounts of money they fund myself, we also have a lot of wonderful people in terms of small donations and that's coming in fantastically, and we have some people that feel very good about our country under proper leadership but we're spending a lot of money and doing it ourselves, we're going to be very proud of our country, when people ask for certain favors that are bad for the country but good for them, i don't have to take their phone call. i don't need them. i don't have to take their phone call. [applause] before we go int anyfurther, i want to send our hearts are with all the people and prayers to the millions in the path of what's now known as hurricane
7:52 pm
matthew. it looks like it's a big one and a bad one, it looks like. hopefully it takes that right turn but it looks like it's going in the opposite direction. not good. one of the strongest storms to hit in many decades and our neighbors in florida, georgia and the carolinas are in a direct path, it seems. southeast florida is taking the brunt, we have a lot of friends in florida. a lot of buildings, a lot of investments in florida. lot of great employees in florida. southeast florida is taking the brunt of the storm. to all of my friends in florida, please know we are praying for you, and everyone in the path, you got to take care of yourself, you've got to get out of the area, you've got to listen. you have a great governor. governor scott. and you got to listen. because it could be a really, really bad one. so it's going to be a rough couple of days and maybe beyond that. we'll see what the path ultimately is.
7:53 pm
we've seen the damage throughout the caribbean and cuba, the bahamas, haiti, in fact they say in haiti almost 270 people, thing around 270 people have already been killed by this terrible storm. so to the folks in haiti and all over, we're going to be helping you, we'll be with you, and we send our best wishes and prayers. we have a tremendous problem they think is brewing right now as we speak here. we'll know about four or five hours. i just spoke to rick scott and governor christie just spoke to rick scott and it looks like four or five hours away, so we'll know. but whatever happens, we're with everybody because it looks like it's going to be a very bad one, maybe the worst in a long period of time. okay, with that, howie carr has been amazing, he's been very -- i don't know if he's
7:54 pm
allowed to support, sounds like he supports me a lot. [laughter] i'm not sure he's allowed to. [applause] i'm not sure he's allowed to, but i think probably, but he's certainly been amazing and he's a very talented guy and a terrific guy with a terrific family. when we came up, people said let's get howie. have you questions? >> i do, and i have a clock down on the floor that says two minutes. >> okay. >> do you want me to call you when it goes over two minutes? >> i'll tell you what, if i'm doing well, don't call me. [laughter] if i'm answering the question poorly, please call me immediately. you could go in 30 seconds you could do, it sflrt. >> all right. okay. the first question, some of these have the names and if i have the name, i'll ask the person to stand up. this is matthew in bedford new
7:55 pm
hampshire, matthew. >> where is matthew? >> he says after the first debate, the media and even some within the party suggested that you should have gone after hillary more. did you hold back and do you plan on criticizing her more this weekend? >> yeah, dihold back. it is appropriate to say what i was thinking i would say. i think for good reason. i think for good reason. >> how does your microphone work? >> this microphone works great. we had a guy oscillating my mic.
7:56 pm
i said, boy, the mic is so great. you saw it, everybody in the room saw it. so we had a problem. the head of the debate said it was a serious problem after the debate. an hour and a half. he said now that the debate is over i'm going backstage to find out what was wrong. i said oh, great. but i felt that it wanted to keep it on as high a level as possible. let's see what happens. it is about issues, it is about policies. [applause] >> you kept it at a minute 20. what do you see as the biggest foreign policy failures of the last 15 years? >> do we have 24 hours to talk about that? we have had failured at every
7:57 pm
level. i think the iran deal is the worst. i was with bibi netanyahu. over a we are idea of time it leads to within 10 years they will end up with nuclear weapons and they have like a path. on top of it we gave them back $150 billion. we obviously paid ransom for our hostages, obviously, obama said this had nothing to do. why did they delay until all this money came in. but most importantly it's a bad deal. i happen to think nuclear is just about the biggist problem we have in the world today. obama thinks it's global warming. i think it's nuclear. it's devastating. there will never be a winner with nuclear.
7:58 pm
i think deals are fine. they have to be good deals. he just agreed, agreed, they want something, he would say no, then he would agree. there is one example of a horrible thing. we should have never gone into iraq. but of equal importance or most equal importance is the way we got out. obama took us out with hillary clinton created an incredible vacuum. isis was formed. a lot of different problems happened. and totally destabilized. the surge, whether you were in favor of going in or not, the surge really did work. then all of a sudden, boom. we announced, we are leaving here, we are leaving then. attack mosul. we are going to attack mosul. why do they say that. a lot of the bad hombres are in
7:59 pm
mosul. but they are not there anymore because they say they are going to attack, let's go somewhere else. isn't there an element of surprise. remember when we were young and studying history and they would talk about the great generals and the great attacks, they talked about the element of surprise. wouldn't it nice if we attacked first and talked about our great victory later? [applause] seriously, it's almost like they are wasting their time attacking mosul. everyone we want is going to be gone. it will be all civilians and there will be tremendous death and carnage. but the leaders, they will say get the hell out of here. we are being run by people that are incompetent. i will tell you that. [applause] >> charlene, is she here? >> charlene.
8:00 pm
how are you? >> charlene says, mr. trump, i'm an 8th generation american of hispanic descent. i live in california, you have my vote. she talks about the sanctuary cities are increasing drugs and crime. she says what would you say to convince hispanics who are deceived by barack obama, hillary clinton and the biased media to vote for you. >> first of all thank you very much. i appreciate it. i was listen the other day. there was a gentleman who owned a big radio station mostly all hispanic callers. he said you don't understand, the people calling in love trump. they are all for trump. he said i was even surprised. but now i'm for trump also. this is happening more and more. i just got back from las vegas where we gave a tremendous -- had a tremendous crowd of people.


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