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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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if you can't see the show, dvr it. we have a big weekend with the debates. one of the guys that's going to carry you through it is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. hurricane matthew battering northeast florida and georgia tonight, driving rains, high winds, a ferocious storm surge, as it barrels up the atlantic coastline. the hurricane staying just far enough offshore to spare central florida, a direct hit. but the focus now on potentially serious flooding in jacksonville, florida, georgia and the carolinas. matthew weakened slightly overnight but it is still a category 2 hurricane, maximum winds of 110 miles an hour. we will have the very latest
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for you on where matthew is headed next and the devastation that it is leaving in its wake. we also have encouraging news for donald trump, two days before he's set to face hillary clinton in the second presidential debate that sunday evening in st. louis, missouri, the race moving in trump's favor. trump is only behind two points. clinton leading 44-42 in a four-way race, she was up by three points last week, and there are damaging revelations tonight that could cause mrs. clinton to take an even bigger hit in the polls. wikileaks tonight releasing more than 2,000 e-mails allegedly from clinton campaign chair john podesta. among the most harmful to the clintons. one in which clinton admits
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that you need to have a private and public position on policy. clinton in a 2013 speech said this -- to take that up and other damaging e-mails and speeches, among my guests tonight, the "weekly standard"'s fred barnes, leading conservative niger innis and fox news media analyst howie kurtz joining us tonight. we begin with top story, 32 days until the election, and promising news in the polls for donald trump. new "fox news poll" shows in a head-to-head matchup hillary clinton leads trump by four points. 48-44 points but that four-point advantage is smaller
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than last week's five-point advantage, and trump also holding a four-point lead among independents, 39-35. however, that's down from what had been a 12-point advantage. on the issues, voters say trump would do a better job on terrorism, on the economy, on managing tax dollars and destroying the islamic state, and it turns out that hillary clinton received a big boost in her efforts to contain her e-mail scandal. newly disclosed e-mails show top obama administration officials coordinated closely with clinton staffers to stop fallout from revelations about her private e-mail server. in one of those e-mails, white house communications director jennifer palmieri asked state department spokeswoman jen psaki for secretary of state john kerry to help avoid the,
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quote, swirl of crap questions from the media about the clinton scandal. and in another e-mail, a top state department official tells mrs. clinton's attorney that contrary to media reports, a state department official did not tell congress that clinton was wrong to use a private e-mail account. the previously unreported e-mails obtained by the republican national committee as part of a freedom of information act lawsuit seeking records of mrs. clinton's time in the office of secretary of state. turning now to the threat of hurricane matthew, and we'll be returning, as you might guess to the politics of the day, rapidly. today florida governor rick scott warned residents of his state, quote, this is not over. there are still 24-48 hours left of hurricane matthew.
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it has so far killed more than 800 people in haiti. 3 people have been killed in this country in the last 24 hours. fox news correspondent garrett tenney is tonight in jacksonville, florida. there, a half million people ordered to evacuate. he has our report. >> reporter: hurricane matthew is continuing northward on slow path of destruction battering florida's coastline after devastating the caribbean and killing nearly 300 people in haiti. hurricane winds of more than 100 miles per hour tore through neighborhoods in daytona beach. ripping roofs off of businesses and homes and knock out power to more than a million people. real damage is coming from the record amount of water that inundated many areas that have rarely seen flooding. in towns along the shore such as cocoa beach and st. augustine saw the worst of it with entire sections flooded
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by the surge waters. despite the devastation, officials say as of right now, there have been at least two storm related fatalities. they are emphatic in warning this storm is far from over. the worst is still yet to come for parts of northeastern florida along with the coast of georgia and south carolina. this morning president obama warned folks there to be ready. >> this is still a really dangerous hurricane that the potential for storm surge, flooding, loss of life and severe property damage continues to exist, and people continue to need to follow the instructions of their local officials. >> reporter: with at least a couple more hours of the storm to go, we are already seeing significant flooding not far from here in jacksonville beach, where the first three blocks of that town from the beach are now completely flooded. lou? lou: thank you very much, garrett tenney reporting.
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fox news meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the fox weather center, he has the latest where matthew is heading. good evening, rick? >> reporter: good evening. halfway through the trek of southeast florida. mostly done with it. starting to see offshore winds. that is good news. the storm pulling to the north which means away from florida, but because of the way the coastline moves here, it's going to move close and maybe right between savannah and charleston during the overnight hours tonight and tomorrow, midmorning. winds are still at 110. it's a little weaker. we thought that would happen. that is right on the verge of a category 3 hurricane, and the pressure still remaining really low. that tells us there's a lot of energy with the storm and in the last couple images, you see an eye building across the center of the storm. we have a long ways to go. hurricane warnings in effect north of daytona beach to the
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north carolina, georgia, south carolina, georgia all have this to come. storm surge tonight, areas south of savannah likely to be worse and this coastline is susceptible to storm surge, we think there will be a lot of damage here. we have a lot of rain we're going to have. you can see the heavy yellow, consistent rain following from around jacksonville up through most of the coastal areas of south carolina. as it moves towards the north we'll watch tornado concerns and also going to watch potentially that eye get closer towards the coast. we have flood watches and advisories in effect. everywhere you see the green extends towards virginia beach, virginia, watch the rain make its way that far north as well. it's a coastal or low country event, farther to the west and the rainfall tollings will be significantly less, but we are watching a big swath here, going to be 7-10" of rain and isolated spots will see 15" of rain.
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eastern areas of north carolina saw record breaking flooding within the last couple of weeks. the grounds really saturated. all of the rivers and tributaries are full, if we get another 10" of rain, that's going to cause big problems. this is the track of this, lou. we continue to see it hug the coast. might make landfall somewhere here around the charleston area and moves off towards the south and weakens. so still a long ways to go. we're probably not done with this until sunday midday. lou: all right, let's hope the damage is minimal. we've gotten a bit of a break as it stayed offshore, right? >> a bit. the tightest of the winds in such a small area, and most of that stayed 20 miles offshore, which spared us from a lot of the wind damage and maybe some of the surge as well. there's damage across areas of florida, and i think we will see more significant damage especially from the storm surge flooding that we're going to
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see across the carolinas. and the inland flooding as well that we're going to watch in the carolinas is very significant and very dangerous time. we have to make sure we make people understand the threat that comes from that. lou: rick, thank you so much. we appreciate it, rick reichmuth, i'll be turning to him for further advisories as the storm progresses. rick, thank you very much. >> sure. lou: more on our top story -- new e-mails released by wikileaks tonight, potentially very damaging for hillary clinton, some of the early e-mails we managed on this friday document dump from wikileaks, that we're going to severely damaging to hillary clinton. the e-mails come from the document dump of more than 2,000 e-mails of clinton campaign chair john podesta. these e-mails show clinton in a very cozy relationship at the very least with wall street and considerable evidence of her saying one thing in private and
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another in public. we know politicians sometimes do that. i have to tell you personally in my career, i have never seen such an explicit statement by any politician at any level. let alone someone in one of the most powerful positions in our government, secretary of state, saying that she had a public and then a private position. the e-mails also show excerpts of clinton's paid speeches to wall street, to goldman sachs, and other financial firms. something a point of contention during this year democratic primary. clinton refusing to release any of the transcripts. her refusal is no longer operative. forces have stepped in, in the form of wikileaks and taken care of part of that issue. a lot more on her e-mails, on the document dump, on her private and public positions coming up here tonight. and politico's website tonight, look at this.
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trump caught on tape making crude, sexually aggressive comments about women. you can't find the wikileaks document dump. i wonder why. we'll have the answers for you. we'll talk with our media guru howie kurtz. we're coming right back. much more on an incredible evening of news developments. stay with us. trump is loud and clear, he says the obama-clinton cartel will stop at nothing to drive illegal immigrants to vote in november. >> letting people pour into the country so they can go and vote. it's a disgrace. lou: fred barnes joins me next. and trump takes off debate prep to campaign with paul ryan. how about that? that, the upcoming debate and my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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. lou: hillary clinton in seclusion and has been, and will be again for the next two days, preparing for sunday's second presidential debate, seclusion may not be the correct word now. donald trump on the other hand back on the campaign trail. saturday he'll be in wisconsin with his special guest, house speaker paul ryan, who's decided it's time to make his
11:17 pm
first campaign appearance in support of the republican presidential nominee. it will take place at annual fall festival in a small city in ryan's district, elcorn, wisconsin, all of that within the first district which the speaker represents as congressman. joining me executive editor of the weekly standard, fox news contributor, fred barnes. fred, great to see you. we have an extraordinary development occurring as we're talking. wikileaks has done a friday document dump revealing her -- some of her comments to wall street firms that she was paid monstrous sums of money at which to speak, also revealing e-mails, john podesta, the chair of her campaign, they are riveting stuff. she said, as we reported, clinton said that the blame placed on the united states banking system for the crisis could have been avoided in
11:18 pm
terms of both misunderstanding and politicizing what happened. that was one of the reasons i started traveling. she goes onto say, she is reaching out to her brothers and sisters of global finance on wall street and giving them a bear hug if there ever was one. i mean, this is deadly stuff for her, is it not? >> it is, and i suspect that's what she did in the speeches she gave on wall street a few weeks ago, the ones she won't we lease the transcripts of, and it's here she is nominally running against wall street, against the big financial houses, and, of course, in one of these wikileaks e-mails, she says that, well, she has her public position and then her private position. that's not unusual for politicians, but it is unusual for people running for president and having that known publicly that they have two positions. lou: would you agree with me that, i said my years, decades
11:19 pm
of covering politics, i've never seen any politician, no matter how amateurish or powerful and adept, acknowledge a public and private position on issues, let alone do it before an audience. >> well, no, i've never heard anybody do that. i think she did not expect it to become public knowledge the way it is now. but it certainly had the truth, the mark of truth this is the way she operates. lou: let me read this quote for everybody, and forgive me if we haven't had time to put this up in graphic form, but here's what she says. if everybody is watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, people get a little nervous. to say the least. so you need, so you need both a public and a private position. i will guarantee you we're going to hear that quotation throughout this weekend.
11:20 pm
we're going to hear it numerous times during the presidential debate at washington university sunday night. that is the most -- effectively acknowledging everything she says could potentially be the absolute inverse of what she means. >> well, i'll be interested in hearing how she explains it, no doubt she'll have an explanation, i'd like to hear it. i hope i can keep a straight face. lou: this one, i don't think a clinton could. it is of that sort. it is truly remarkable. and as we look at what wikileaks has done, i don't think you're ever going to hear given that julian assange and wikileaks have dropped the documents on a friday against her, i don't think you're ever going to hear anybody make jokes about or kid about as she said she was, if she did indeed
11:21 pm
say it, that is droning julian assange. >> it rings true. of course, she said it. and it's not surprising at all that that's the way she operates. many politicians do. i never heard one say that, and then have it become public knowledge. no doubt it will be brought up, if it's not brought up by the moderator then donald trump certainly ought to bring it up himself. it's a worthy issue. lou: we've got a lot to cover, fred, i want to conclude this moment with you with a clinton e-mail scandal which the white house communications director jennifer palmieri e-mailed the state department spokesperson jen psaki to discuss how john kerry could avoid the quote, unquote swirl of crap questions from the media about clinton's private e-mail server and also
11:22 pm
assurances that no one, no one in the clinton administration said she was wrong to acknowledge that she was wrong to have a private e-mail server. this is more damning evidence of collusion between this, the obama white house and hillary clinton and all of her scandals. >> this is an issue, lou, that is not going to go away, we're going to get more e-mails from the state department. it's going to be around through november 8. it will be an issue in the final two debates between donald trump and hillary clinton. we're going to hear a lot about it. and i think all of the people in the media trying to be nice to hillary clinton and think it's their duty to defeat donald trump. they're not going to be able to hide this issue. they have to come to grips with it in the media. lou: you know, coming to grips with it. i have the sense, and confess, i thought we'd be there with the weight of the scandals and the misconduct of the secretary.
11:23 pm
i really believed that we had hit that tipping point, that point at which just the simple weight of all of the charges against her and her scandals would disqualify her. do you believe that we have now perhaps reached that critical mass of just misconduct and disgusting characterizations and expressions on her part whether to wall street or to colleagues in the administration or in her campaign. >> you know, lou, i think it takes one more thing, and that is a strong performance, citing the e-mails among other things by donald trump in the second debate. you know others have come back after having a poor first debate and done well in the second debate. ronald reagan did. barack obama did. george w. bush did. and that's what donald trump has to do.
11:24 pm
he's not out of shooting range of hillary clinton in polls. i'm not threatening her now, when i call it shooting range. in other words, he's close enough that a strong -- lou: that in itself is remarkable. that in itself is remarkable that she is -- the question she asked that's been mocked by just about everybody but certainly the trump campaign, you know, those who can't believe she isn't 50 points ahead, she'll be very lucky seems to me, with the weight of this evidence against her and incriminating her, to be within five points of him very soon. fred barnes, thank you very much. >> trump has to realize, if it's not raised by the moderator, he has to raise these things himself. lou: they have to keep a weathered eye on the two moderators sunday. we'll talk with you further throughout the broadcast. up next, much more on the unfolding document dump that implicates hillary clinton in all of the worst ways that a
11:25 pm
politician could. two positions, really, public and private? we continue in just one moment.
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lou: we are back with ed barns and we are going through 2,000 emails that have been released, dumped by wikileaks. jennifer, good to have you with us. as we look through some of these 2,000 emails, political speeches, some from john a john padesta. this is one of the most damning.
11:30 pm
i'm quoting her. quote even fit may not be 100% true, this speech to the goldman sachs alternative investments symposium in 2013, fun it may not be 100 per very true, if the perception is that somehow the game is rigged, that should be a problem for all of us. she goes on to talk about the importance of a public and private policy position that in all of my days of covering politicians of every stripe, i have never heard anyone acknowledge what we all suspect of course, but never acknowledge it and advance it as a position on the part of the politician. your thoughts? reporter: well, lou, i think what's extraordinary about the release of these emails on the eve of the u.s. election by julian assange and wikileaks
11:31 pm
which just today the intelligence community pointed out and said they finally can say with reasonable certainty that they can link to the russian government attempts to team up wh wikileaks and guccifer 2.0 and leaked these emails from hack into the dnc and other political parties. that link in and of itself and the timing of the julian assange release has many on the clinton campaign very concerned. what is notable about some of the wikileaks i have had a chance to read includ includinge you just read is it includes those speeches hillary clinton did not want to release that she gave to goldman action and wall street banks. they were embarrassing because it was not something a presidential candidate would want to broadcast to the public at large.
11:32 pm
this is 2,000 of her campaign chair and john podesta's emails. there are comments about what they think of certain members of the emails. planted questions in the audience to deal with uncomfortable issues,ed the clinton foundation and how to handle the media with respect to its relationship to nuclear energy and mining interests. lou: i will better time i can get my hands on that this will make up a good part of the debate sunday night in st. louis, smowr between clinton and trump. thank you very much. media an slils howie kurtz will be joining us next to assess the implications, the public strategy and of course the private. the two should never meet.
11:33 pm
they have in these releases from wikileaks about hillary clinton. wikileaks about hillary clinton. stay with us.
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lou: joining me now by phone, host of ""media buzz"" on the fox news channel. howie kurtz. i know you are looking at this as fast as things have swimming into us all. hillary clinton is in big, big trouble. >> you are talking about the
11:37 pm
latest email? lou: yes. >> donald trump also has a problem with his talking about billy bush in 2005. howie, i'm stunned you would even see an he give lentsy, an 11-year-old tape with hillary clinton announcing she has public and private positions. these are some of the most incriminating and explosive revelations that i have ever seen in my career of covering politics. >> hillary clinton has had a problem all along being too close to wall street. she all he has had problems with the state department. but the reason i say to you donald trump has an issue. he put out a statement saying if anyone was offended.
11:38 pm
anyone was offended. he apologizes. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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lou: the obama administration has secretly delayed deportation of more than 56,000 illegal immigrants from central america.
11:42 pm
the bombshell reported by the "new york times" and donald trump today in a meeting with border agents said federal officials have instructed border patrol agents not to deport illegal immigrants so they can remain in this country and vote in november. joining me now, niger innes. chairman of tea party forward. great to see you again and great to have you with us tonight. the claim that the obama administration is doing this for voting purposes to affect the outcome, i mean, it's con in the wit --it's consonant with everyg else we are hearing. >> i consider it an acts of treason to not even foarlts law. if the administration in anyway, shape or form is doing this for
11:43 pm
political purposes, that heightens the degree of treason being committed by the administration. by a president of the united states who swore to uphold the laws and execute the laws of the united states and the constitution. it's frightening. lou: i cannot think of any area of law enforcement in which he has performed his constitutional duties. the entire homeland security department's leadership is frankly rancid with corruption and inaction in the interest of the american people. our borderer security, the sovereignty of the nation. would you agree? >> i tell you. it is not an accident that the border patrol unions i think for the first time or certainly rare time, one of the few times, but i believe it was the first time in history actually endorsed a presidential candidate and rallied behind donald trump.
11:44 pm
i had the opportunity to look at the transcript of some of the discussion that was had today, when trump sat with many of them, and these folks were really complaining and in pain to the degree to which the administration and the higher ups within the department that oversees this department and their ability to enforce the law. how their hands have been tide and they have been handcuffed from doing their job it is to do, which is even foarlts laws of the youths america. >> tino people in the border patrol council, immigration and customs enforcement, which by the way, this is the first time immigration and customs enforcement has supported a presidential candidate anne in a luncheon. both of these groups are responsible for law and order in
11:45 pm
preserving the sovereignty of the nation and for enforcing our immigration laws. we have heard so little discussion here in the waning days of this campaign broadly because frankly, hillary clinton promises amnesty and 100 days of having taken office if she were to be elected. this is krungs. this is compounded with her insistence on the 550% increase in the number of refugees into this country which we know because the director of the f.b.i. said that we can't vet them. this is the same f.b.i. director who certified hillary clinton is a liar. times he did so before congress yet she is still apparently a viable candidate in the mind of many. it's stunning stuff, don't you think? >> it does look like the twilight zone if you look at
11:46 pm
this election and the fact that a major candidate for one of our country's oldest -- our country's oldest political party the democrat party could be the standard-bearer and president of the united states when most of the american people believe the charges that director comey laid out were -- was more than enough information and more than enough evidence for an indictment for this individual. but, nevertheless, i think the american people are casting judgment. in spite of whatever missteps donald trump made as a first-time candidate, in spite of the missteps he has made. he is within range. a fox poll came out that shows him within a couple points of hillary clinton. this is after the whole kerfuffle with him and miss universe, after the second half of the debate performance.
11:47 pm
lou: i have to say this. it was manufactured. it was manufactured by the hillary clinton campaign in coordination and orchestration with the national left wing media in this country. and by the way, was it a mistake on his part? absolutely. but make no doubt about it. it was perpetuated -- by the way, shame on him. this debate this weekend, he's campaigning for the first time with paul ryan in the first district in wisconsin. he will be in his second debate. and his town hall meeting on thursday evening, i thought he was terrific, it looks like he is now ready to prepare, he's ready to take her on in a serious way. as the candidate of the people. but the other thing i can't get over is people don't look at one thing. she need this job desperately to
11:48 pm
protect the clinton cartel and all of the corruption that flows from it. and he is taking a cut in pay. he's a man sacrificing a life of great comfort and luxury to serve the american people. and not enough people in this country are focusing on that reality. do you think? >> i think that was very well put. i think you are exactly right. to just add even more to what you just said, i think the clinton foundation and their crony allies around the world that have invested in the clinton machine and clinton foundation. that this election is worth not millions, it's quort billions of dollars. and that is a dramatic contrast to what in trump is putting on the line. he's spending his own money, and quite frankly, by putting his name and just letting it all out
11:49 pm
there for the public to see, you can actually legitimately argue he's risking millions of dollars of his own name and own brand versus the clintons who clearly are protecting millions if not billions of dollars for themselves and their cronies around the world. lou: untold numbers of secrets. it's great too have you with us. on wall street today stocks closed lower on the jobs report. the dow fell 28 points. the s & p down. the nasdaq down 14. the stocks napped a three-week winning streak. a remind tore listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. donald trump says he will not use bill clinton's affairs to attack hillary clinton. >> i felt that it wanted to keep it on as high a level as possible.
11:50 pm
let's see what happens. i think we are all better off if we can do that. it is about issues, it's about policies. lou: mike slater and morgan or takas join me. and speaker of the house paul ryan, stay with us. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked you, is sunday's debate a make or break for donald trump's campaign? 65% of you say no, it's not. but 35% say yes, it is. so it will be an interesting weekend without any question. joining me now from san diego, radio host mike slater. and manufacture rick pack national co-chair morgan ortegas. let's start with paul ryan who has been a reluctant, if you will, supporter if you can put that in quotes, of donald trump. campaigning with donald trump this weekend saturday in
11:55 pm
wisconsin. morgan, what do you make of it, peace at last. >> it's a great move for donald trump to get paul ryan. as we are going in the polls, they are incredibly tight. he needs every republican vote. the part of the party that supports paul religion while they think that's not incredibly big. lou: wisconsin -- >> for the trump campaign it has to be about the electorate saying people are consolidating behind him. lou report symbol i am is important. we -- the symbolism is important. >> if all else holds from 2012, obama versus mitt romney and trump flips the rust belt states, ohio, mitch grab and wisconsin, then he will win the election. in the debate sunday he's going
11:56 pm
to just talk to undecided voters in the rust belt. that's the most important audience for him. lou: there is some slippage in the fox poll among independents it surprised me he had slipped a bit with them, still the greatest beneficiary of independents. but obviously slipping and he has to restore that if he's going to win. the debate itself morgan. what do you expect him to do? is he going to come out? he's coming out in front of millions of people again. but he's coming out in front of two left wing moderators you could imagine in martha raddatz and anderson cooper. is he going to put up with it or will we see a different style as he interacts with them. >> it's not an unbiased format with the two of them. but he does have an opportunity because the audience is asking
11:57 pm
questions. he has an opportunity to rehumannity. he has a opportunity to show what he would do with the hurricane. i think it's a good opportunity for him to show a softer side of donald trump. lou: we have seen the lester hold thing, the elaine quijano thing and it's ugly to watch and the american people are very much aware of the joke now. mike, what do you think? >> almost everyone hates the media, not you, of course, mr. dobbs. everyone loves you. lou: not everyone. all the wise people do. >> any time truck many attack the media, he gains points among everyone, including independents. he is a very charismatic person. when i met him in person "other people as well. you instantly are attracted to him.
11:58 pm
he has charisma. he can show that in a town hall debate more so than what happened two weeks ago. lou: he has an advantage. he's the only one who sought the job of president who had to sacrifice in order to do so. a life of wealth and luxury and comfort which he put aside for a year and a half to do this. he's the only one taking a cut in pay. hillary clinton is looking for more money and more opportunity to do pay-for-play, it seems. and more clients for the clinton foundation. what do you make of it, morgan? >> the clinton foundation hasn't been talked about by the moderators. it would be a good thing for him to punch back and use it's one of the biggest scandals and it hasn't been brought up at all.
11:59 pm
i don't think it moderators will ask about it. lou: i don't think they will, either, the little darlings. >> we have a great tradition of reluctant leaders. that's a great talking points for trump. i don't need to do this, but i feel so strongly my ideas can help the american people it's endearing and can so some charisma. lou: it's so much to shear we, us, and their. i think that alone should get him millions of votes. mike slaughter, morgan ortegas, thank you for being with us. i know we can all have a good time this weekend as we watch this debate unfold. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. please join us sunday evening
12:00 am
for our special coverage of the second presidential debate. it begins 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll be live from st. louis, missouri, washington university. good night from new york. [♪] >> announcer: this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from fox business head quarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week," the show of record for long-term investing. i'm anthony scaramucci.


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