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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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what is your buy liz here? >> i like several stocks. alibaba. china mobile. sherwin-williams. [closing bell rings] liz: we'll put them on claim. sherwin-williams, great cleveland company. thank you. there is closing bell. melissa, connell mcshane pick it up here after the bell. >> thank you very much, liz. stocks climbing into the close. dow, zap, nasdaq, all ending upside. i'm connell mcshane in for david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. here is what we have coming up this hour. may come down to this, the fight for florida. donald trump making his case to the sunshine state. a crucial state on his path to the presidency. early voting is underway. we'll take you there live. details on new bombshell report involving a big donation from
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clinton ally to the wife of fbi agent who helped oversee the investigation into clinton's server. thousands of soldiers paid bonuses to go fight for our country. now many of those same men and women are being ordered to pay that money back dow is higher. we have phil flynn of price futures, fox business contributor out there in chicago. we'll check in with phil in a moment. lori roth on floor of new york stock exchange. a little i guess we still call it merger monday, right, lori? >> merger monday, deal-flow friday, whatever you want to call it was a busy one. dow is up 77 on deals.
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let me highlight a couple of biggies we came to work hearing about. two airlines suppliers, rockwell collins paying $2 per share for be aerospace, a company that designs airline interiors. rockwell collins will assume $1.9 billion in debt. in a whole another industry, discount online brokerage industry, you have td ameritrade buying privately held scottrade. this is valued at $4 billion. it will cost 4,000 existing jobs. td ameritrade shares down 4 1/3%. shift in business, declining trading volume, shifts in technology, leading to consolidation in this industry. >> >> >> talk about t-mobile on earnings. thanks to promotions, shares hit a lifetime high in the session. gain of nine 1/2 hers. back to you guys. melissa: lori, thank you very
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much. phil oil dropping to one week low. iraq says it will not play along with opec. that is new. what now. >> i think they're posturing. did you hear the iraqi oil minister said we don't have to raise production because we've been fighting wars since the 1980s, and we're sill fighting with isis. i don't think that will fly with opec pipeline runs into cushing, oklahoma is down. there was a leak. two pipelines down. oil didn't care, gold was down today initially being higher as the dollar continued to strong. strong manufacturing data. saw manufacturing output at highest level since 2015. dollar loved it. gold didn't. back to you. >> phil, thank you. connell: so much to talk about
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with at&t and time warner cable, time warner merger. it was passed unanimous by both company's boards however the politics are fascinating. we don't know what will happen next. here is what donald trump has been saying. listen. >> as a example of power structure i'm fighting at&t is buying time warner and thus cnn, a deal we will not approve in my administration pause it is too much concentration of power in the hands of too few. connell: okay. so trump is against this. number of democrats are as well, or at least expressed skepticism. morgan ortega, maverick pack national co-chair. jason rotman, lido advisors. this strange bedfellows of bernie sanders and democrats aligning with donald trump. >> if you're paying attention to
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politics this should not be a surprise. whether on republican side with donald trump or bernie sanders, elizabeth wing of democratic party, there is this populist anti-big corporation, anthony big media movement going on throughout the country. would i have been more surprised if donald trump came out today in support of this deal but what i think is more interesting when you look what at&t is doing. they're not doing a horizontal merger where they take out a competitor. they're looking at vertical mergers, they're looking ways consumers media and consume television. for me this deal makes a lot of sense for at&t. we've seen in the past few years with the obama administration they came down heavy on biotech and health mergers. i think this, any merger of this side, whether it is republican or democrat administration is going to face a lot of headwinds. connell: to that point, jason, morgan is making, do you look at trump opposition to this, yeah, there is financial argument or economic argument can be made or
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hey, it plays into big media deal and this guy is not a fan of media, what do you think of that? >> i think trump has been burned by media so more of latter. my point if two people want to get married, two corporations want to get married what is the big deal? it has nothing to do with the antitrust, to other commentator's point. it is verse call, not horizontal situation. waitwait and see approach it shd go through and we'll see if it works. melissa: meanwhile elizabeth warren joining hillary clinton on campaign trail. many in wall street are becoming more fearful of growing influence warren may have on clinton's dealings with the financial industry. listen. giant banks brought down our economy. well, we believe in tough rules real accountability. if a ceo breaks the law they ought to go to jail just like anyone else!
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melissa: jason, she doesn't want to just break up the big banks, she wants to send everybody to jail. how do you think wall street feels about her influence over hillary clinton? >> with halloween coming up wall street looks at her as the grim reaper. thank you. elizabeth warren is, excuse me, clinton is campaigning with elizabeth warren. wall street can't really like that. that is going on today right now. if hillary does get elected i don't really think it will be a friendlier environment over the next four years for wall street. melissa: but, at same time, morgan, no one says one thing does another more than hillary clinton what we learned in wikileaks emails. >> exactly. melissa: this is one, it is pretty bad. talking about hillary clinton and wall street. i'm not interested in pointing fingers. these are excerpts from her goldman sachs speech. i'm not interested in pointing fingers. dodd-frank was just because people needed to do something for political reasons. this is what she will tell
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people on wall street. >> well, wall street has made their bet with hillary clinton. not, the campaign donations that wall street and major head funds given to hillary clinton, first donald trump are not even comparable. i think they're hedging their bets. they are scared of warren. but the bigger problem that infuriates me whenever i hear senator warren attacking american industry the way in which she is, no even talk about government responsibility or culpability. there is no talk about fannie and freddie. we've probably gone at this ad nauseum over the past eight years. i think this is dangerous precedent we're heading down, if the white house and senate go into democrat hands, average american working for any bank in the country will be demonized and that is not the way american business works and thrives and succeeds. melissa: that's right. wall street banks are betting they paid hillary clinton and she is bought and paid for good to her word. >> yes, they are. melissa: thank you so much. visa out with fourth quarter results. let's go to lori rothman at exchange. what are the numbers.
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>> great to see you. earnings per share adjusted 78 cents per share. much better than 73 cents per share estimate. that is better than 17.5% increase on this time last year. revenue, also stronger than expected, 4.2billion dollars, versus $4.23 estimate. annual growth expectations 16 to 18%. shares of visa in the extended session are building on gains. visa was up 1% in the regular session, up .6 of 1%. not a huge move. it has been busy week for earnings for visa. chief executive resigning, boosted its dividend and new bitcoin style network. if you consider overall climate for financial startup technology companies like venmo, visa has serious competition facing it. back to you. melissa: lori, thank thank you y much. connell: broaden out the
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discussion on earnings, what lori was talking about earnings, goldman sachs with comments becoming more pessimistic than they were about corporate earnings in general. they have cut forecast for this year, next year, 2018, citing a stagnant economy. comes before huge names are set to report their earnings this week, apple, amazon, alphabet. morgan and jason are with us. jason, your thoughts on corporate earnings in general, not just on what lori is talk about with visa that looks okay? >> i agree with goldman's prognostication. here is what i'm looking back at big picture standpoint. higher rates are coming. the u.s. dollar is strengthening. more regulation is likely coming with a hillary administration. those are three, like, monster big picture thematic concepts that are not so much bullish for the market. so i don't believe we're going
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to see go-go, qe, bull market six-year runs like we have since the crash. connell: fair enough. we'll leave it there. morgan, jason, good stuff. thanks so both you guys. melissa: big government mistake costing our heroes dearly. soldiers on the hook for thousands of dollars. we'll speak with one army sergeant about the big cost to her and her family. connell: hillary clinton has been pushing for equal pay for women throughout her campaign so why are women paid less than men at the clinton foundation? we'll have that with congresswoman marcia blackburn. she will weigh in on it. melissa: donald trump taking the fight to florida. we'll look at trump's path to victory with just 15 days to go until the election. >> florida is key to his path to 270 electoral votes. it's essential and it's a tight race down there. that would be the end of donald trump if he doesn't win florida. what powers the digital world. communication.
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melissa: donald trump holding a rally in florida just moments ago. the gop presidential nominee battling for the key swing state as new polling continues to show him trailing democratic rival hillary clinton. adam shapiro is standing by in st. augustine, florida, with the latest. what is the mood like down there? reporter: well the people who just poured out of the amphitheater here in st. augustine say don't believe the polls. they're energized. they're enthusiastic for mr. trump. he rallied his base, his core to get to the polls. early voting began today in florida although people have been mailing in their ballots as well before today. i will get to the numbers in just a second. listen to why donald trump really strikes a chord with his supporters. they believe they're port of historic movement. here is how mr. trump kind of
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sums it up. >> the fact that the washington establishment has tried so hard to stop our campaign is only more proof that our campaign represents the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime, and it's true. [cheering] reporter: i mentioned that, you know, this is the first day of early voting in florida but people have been mailing in their ballots, absentee ballots and for quite some time. according to official 503,000 republicans returned ballot the, 483,000 democrats have returned ballots. i spoke to bill smell, the people that don't get mr. trump, they don't get his supporters, they don't understand them. here is how he explained them to me. >> we're ordinary people. i grew up on a farm. she grew up on a farm. we know what it is like to be down and out you know.
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we're not educated. i went to high school, that is as far as i went. went into the service. did my stint in vietnam. i'm all in for, he is up for the military. i want the military to be back. reporter: and, you should know that mr. snell's wife, brenda, when we interviewed her, she never voted before and now voting for first time. you guess i had it. she is voting for mr. trump. melissa? melissa: adam shapiro there you go. we'll see fit is enough. connell. connell: we're getting closer to the election. donald trump's possible electoral paths are have been for some time quite challenging. his campaign manager however said today he still does have a path to the needed 270 electoral votes. karl rove does not see it happening. watch. >> he would have to not only win two states where he is either only slightly ahead or behind by four but he would have to pick up states where he is behind by at or above the national average. i don't see it happening. connell: with that, let me bring
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boris epshteyn into the conversation. he is trump campaign, senior advisor. >> good to see you. connell: i want to go through what kellyanne conway sent out in memo essentially was, what we've been wait forge in a while. we do a lot of speculation. what is the trump path to victory? she went through six states, okay? broaden out the shot here, say right up front, boris, you will not like this. this is done partially on purpose but not on top of our head. we call it way fox sees with election team, states leaning blue, solid blue and corresponding states on red side of things. you guys see it differently, right? go through if you can, a place where we have made a mistake on this map? where is the state people don't expect you to win you think you actually are winning right now. >> you have ohio going for democrat. we believe -- connell: have it toss up. that is fine. you have got to win there. >> we'll win state of ohio. and i about the way, the screen has bit far.
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is that north carolina i'm seeing? connell: north carolina toss-up. >> we're going to inwith the state of north carolina. connell: that is one of the states kellyanne talked about. >> a lot of military voters, folks part of that donald trump coalition. a lot of independents trending our way. let's go west s that nevada i see? connell: nevada, yeah, is leaning blue. that is what our data is showing us. >> very confident in the state of nevada as well. connell: take it red. for sake of argument. has hillary clinton under 300 from where we started. that is state you think you're ahead in. polling shows otherwise. average of polling in state like in evidence, donald trump is down four point, state like florida. >> florida, 100% is going for mr. trump. florida is state he won by a huge margin in the primary. only up in the polling by a couple of points. outperformed his polling there. connell: iowa we gave you by the way. that is leaning red already. that is lore colored in.
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want to ask you a couple of intriguing on list, and trump campaign path to victory. first one i mention is maine. we haven't talked about that. while you're talking i will flip over maine. we definitely have it leaning blue. hillary clinton up five points in the average. tell me maine, why you like it? >> specifically look at main second, second district, maine second district where we're effectively tied. a lot of those voters in maine are folks hurt by clinton-obama economy. economy has seen 700,000 jobs be lost in nafta. the economy which would lose millions more jobs to tpp which we know hillary clinton supports. i see you flipping florida. connell: coloring it. you need to win florida, we both know that. that is part of your strategy that you need to win florida. doing it while you were talking so people see the map. how it works out from what we data wise, what you have now. hillary clinton is below 270, right? >> right. connell: donald trump is not there yet. this will take me a minute.
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tell me, there are three states, new hampshire, colorado and pennsylvania. >> exactly. connell: tell me about the states. i will take them out of the running. this might help us out. >> pennsylvania state where we're up in early voting. a state which has not gone for republican since 1988, but state which is perfect for mr. trump. connell: so if you had to pick one of those three for time, you're saying pennsylvania? >> i like pennsylvania. i like new hampshire a lot. we obviously did great in new hampshire in the primaries. colorado state hurt by illegal immigration. all those three states are well within the trump campaign reach. connell: there is the campaign side of things. get donald trump 289 to 90 if you win pennsylvania. new hampshire is he down eight, colorado, seven, in average. >> average over 20 days. more recent polling we're either tied or down by a couple points. we could win without pennsylvania picking up colorado and new hampshire. connell: useful exercise though. i think we went through it. >> absolutely. connell: good to see you boris,
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thank you very much. melissa. melissa: what do superglue, nba, barbie dolls and diet soda have to do with one another? here's a hint, it involves the chicago cubs. plus more red flags popping up as information is coming out about the relationship between a key clinton ally and the fbi. hear what has voters outraged there. >> how did we learn about this? we learned about this from the tip, a tip from several fbi agents who were part of the team that investigated mrs. clinton, who believe that their work was destroyed by management in the fbi. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment.
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or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
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>> it's unbelievable how hillary clinton got away with the email lie, the email scam, the email corruption, but now, at least we have a pretty good idea.
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melissa: donald trump responding to the new twist in the investigation into hillary clinton's private server. campaign finance records revealing a super-pac tied to long-time clinton ally virginia governor terry mcauliffe, you heard about him five million times, he gave nearly $500,000 to the senate campaign of jill mccabe. she is the wife of a fbi official who would later oversee the investigation. this is according to "the wall street journal." here is gregg jarrett, fox news anchor and former defense attorney. so break it down for us. i mean basically this is money coming from a couple of different places to fund this woman's campaign. >> right. melissa: her name is dr. jill mccabe. what is her connection? >> her husband in the end was the principal of the fbi overseeing whether hillary clinton would be prosecuted criminally. here who his wife receiving
4:27 pm
enormous amount of money from one of the closest friends to hillary clinton over the years. there is not only appearance of impropriety but there is a real legitimate conflict of interest. it is astonishing to me that the director of the fbi allowed him to preside, his name is andrew mccabe, over the hillary clinton investigation and make recommendations to comey, the director of the fbi whether or not she should be prosecuted. melissa: is it possible he didn't know? >> impossible. melissa: didn't know about the donations? >> i'm possible. melissa: really? >> he is direct tore of the fbi. mccabe is the number two guys. ethics advisors at fbi sat this guy down, said during your wife's campaign there is conflict of interest, and you can't preside over any public corruption cases. melissa: wow. >> hillary clinton is public corruption case. what does he do? he waits until his wife's campaign is ended, then he begins to oversee the fate of hillary clinton.
4:28 pm
how is he and his wife any less beholden to clinton's close friend who gave him a lot of money before or after? melissa: this was in the end, all told they spent millions of dollars on this failed campaign for state senate. >> right. melissa: it was all money that poured in from, directed by terry mcauliffe. can you make the connection between him and hillary clinton? >> look, for anybody who thinks the fix was in at the fbi, to save hillary clinton and prevent her from being criminally prosecuted, this is evidence, pretty strong evidence that yeah, the fix was probably in. it's just a such a glaring conflict of interest. lawyers and law enforcement have a bound duty to avoid a conflict of interest in even the appearance of impropriety. this isn't just the appearance. this looks like a real conflict of interest. melissa: absolutely. gregg jarrett, thank you for breaking it down for us. connell. connell: latest, melissa on
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wikileaks document dumb. what a aide really thought about hillary's wall street speeches. punishing our nation's heroes. a government mistake costing thousands of veterans straight ahead. >> ground combat is the worst experience a human being can have. the idea of going after troops who in good faith received a financial bonus 10 years ago, then served in combat, some of whom were wounded is simply nuts. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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melissa: wikileaks dropping yet another batch of emails from hillary clinton's campaign chair, sparking fresh concern for the democratic nominee. our own blake burman is live in d.c. with the latest. what did we learn today, blake? reporter: melissa, the wikileaks document dump behind closed-doors coziness between hillary clinton and wall street bankers. latest batch shows worry one top advisor had with the very connection. email chain with aides this past year, advisor mandy grunwald writes in the content of some goldman sachs speeches the following, quote, it is pretty bad. she is critical to some extent what led to the crash but the more memorable stuff is totally a accommodationist. grunwald ends the email chain writing to clinton aides that the material should be reviewed. a separate email goes to show courtship of former ubs
4:34 pm
executive robert wolf, outside advisor it president obama and appears on our air as clinton supporter. writing to clinton in september of last year, campaign chair john podesta urged clinton to call wolf to lock in his support. podesta writing to clinton the following, most importantly, biden is courting him hard, speaking of wolf. he told biden is with you. biden pushed him to reconsider if he gets in or at least stay open to that possibility. now i emailed a little while ago with robert wolf. he told me is not sure if that email put forward by wikileaks is real or not. he also told me, melissa, he certainly glad he is decided to support clinton a year ago. melissa: financeer. blake, thank you very much for that. bring in today's panel. brad blakeman, former senior staffer to president george w. bush. jessica tarlov strategist fanned schoen consult senior, i
4:35 pm
apologize, so blown away. connell: i thought i joined the panel. i would have been all over it, arguing with jessica or something like that. >> let's do it. connell: it is interesting, brad or jessica. blake went through issues, brad, maybe i start with you on this, goldman sachs idea if you're cozying up in another year to wall street banks, maybe not great on democratic side of election but certainly better some years than this, right? >> no doubt. if you want to know about hillary clinton economic policies, don't go to the website, go to wikileaks, that is where the truth is told. look at cozy relationship she had with wall street. she claims to be adversary, that is not true. look at amount of money she has taken and her unwillingness to release her speeches. that pretty much tells the story. it is accurate because they could prove it wasn't by just producing emails. connell: another thing out
4:36 pm
there, telling a story, blake alluded to this when he emailed robert wolf to ask him what went on in the emails, apparently first answer mr. wolf i don't know if the emails are true. i want to go back to "fox news sunday," chris wallace this is very interesting exchange he had with clinton campaign manager robby mook about that subject. first watch. >> the trump tax returns were stolen as well when they were mailed to the "new york times." you guys didn't object to that. in fact you jumped all over it. >> we don't know where the tax returns come from. >> clearly stolen. >> we don't know. >> do you think, i mean do you think trump had given them? >> i don't know. i don't know how they got to the "new york times." connell: so this idea, jessica that, hey, you know, i don't know if emails are true, they were stolen, hacked into by russians the premise of chris's question is fair, isn't it, one side? >> i thought it was a fair question. but we do know vladmir putin didn't send in donald trump's tax returns. it was probably marla maples, right?
4:37 pm
at least that is good theory to go with. connell: well -- >> line of question is completely fair. connell: shouldn't they have a better answer with clinton campaign, with, you know, nobody should have ever seen it? >> what is the better answer there. there are weird spelling things go on with the emails. i don't think john podesta writes never do well or ne'r-do-well or spells naval navel. connell: at end day there is nothing in this. >> no, i'm not. sorry my voice is horrendous. i sound like a man. i think it is interesting to read about this. to have goldman sachs speeches. i think she should have released them during the campaign. the primary. i don't think there is anything that terrible there. i think that the fact that bernie sanders people have consolidated around her means they understand this might be how she was in these speeches but it that doesn't mean how she is going to govern. connell: fair enough. brad, final word. brad and i are both offended.
4:38 pm
i don't want to speak for him. >> i am offended. what is wrong sounding like a man. >> not just like my look i'm going for the man thing. connell: anything damning, brad, before we wrap it up, really daming? >> when republicans released documents or democrats release documents that are stolen, somehow what is good for one isn't good for the other. by the way, any stolen document should be suspect. that's true, but provide the evidence then to show that in fact it is incorrect or not reliable? >> i think there are enough intelligence community members and organizations saying there is reason to be suspicious. i would also say that while we should talk about, we have under, close to two weeks left to the election and there are bigger issues out there to the american public. you can see that in the polls, what matters to them. more concerned about donald trump's sexual assault allegations than rigged election thing. connell: i have to wrap it up. sorry to cut you off. feel better. >> thank you. connell: brad, thank you.
4:39 pm
>> thank you. connell: we'll see if the clinton campaign changes answers after chris's questions. melissa: wikileaks emails reveal possible gender gap at the clinton foundation. men make $67,000. women make $64,000. congresswoman mash blackburn from tennessee joins me. more women than men. they managed pay the men more. as hillary clinton out on campaign trail sayings, you know you shouldn't get a discount if you hire a woman. she is the one who is doing it? >> you're exactly right. this is part of her narrative. is that, oh, you need us to come in and to make certain, to force employers to pay you separately with the stroke of a pen has never solved these situations. women should be and ought to be paid on merit. that is what we would like to see corporations and small businesses do.
4:40 pm
but, when you are out there holding yourself up as the be all, the end all gender pay -- melissa: in her own organization. >> that's right. melissa: this was highlighted to her. we saw this week, came from two campaign manager robby mook who we saw. i wanted to flag something that came out of our research of pay equity at foundation. there are huge discrepancies. wouldn't surprise me if they went here next. here they are acknowledging ahead of time they're out there once again saying something to the public, doing something totally different for themselves, but it seems like no changes were made even though they were doing the very thing she claimed as president she will help women get equal pay. even in her tiny staff at foundation she is not willing to do it there, much less make it happen for the whole country? >> go back and look what she did in the senate. there again, there was pay inequity. there at the foundation. it is in the campaign. but she said, in one of her
4:41 pm
speeches, that you have to have both a public and private position on every issue. so she is a doing one thing and saying another. melissa: yeah. >> she has a private position and a public position when it comes to gender pay. and part of this, you know, this is part of the problem. people that say oh, you know, we want to make certain that we deal with gender pay, but melissa, it comes around and what do they do? nothing. melissa: what is it you could actually do about the issue? she is proven not willing to change it there? what can be done? >> best thing can be done is to have companies that going to pay women equitiably and pay on merit. if they do the job, they are paid for that job. and, to pay accordingly. of course i have always enjoyed working on commission because the commission rate was set and i always felt like if i worked harder, i could earn more money. melissa: why do you think these emails are not getting more traction?
4:42 pm
>> it is just baffling, to me. the media, the mainstream media does not put much attention on it. then they say, oh, this is just sausage-making. well, let me tell you something. to think that we should have an eu style to government for western hemisphere and open borders and open trade, that is not sausage-making. that is someone's goal. melissa: yeah. >> to want to push to single payer health system, that is not sausage-making. to have a staff that worries about your habitual lying, that is also abnormal. that is not sausage-making. >> we'll see what happens. thank you so much for joining us. congresswoman blackburn, we appreciate it. connell? connell: next topic, u.s. public pensions in jeopardy. the race for the white house affecting money that you were promised. what does that mean for you and your wallet next.
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connell: no matter who wins in the race for the white house, you might be on the losing end. money managers bracing now for volatile market after the election,ky would be bad news for state-run pension programs. already many cases millions of dollars in debt. fox news correspondent william la jeunesse in l.a. today has details. william? reporter: remember back in the late '90s pension managers thought they would get seven to 9% returns forever, connell. they gave into demand from unions for bigger benefits. then the bubble burst. first in 2000 and now 2008. they have jet to recover. public getting less, paying more. city and state pensions are 6 trillion short, setting aside 35 cents for every dollar of pensions promised according to a new report. wisconsin is the only state with
4:47 pm
more than 50% funding. the worst? include illinois where 60% of the state workers retired in their 50s. connecticut, pensions average 40 grand a year, yet most state employees contribute less than 2% of their salaries are to the pension compared to 6% in north carolina. >> it literally is a system says, give us really rich benefits today, that appear to be free and if it does blow up in our faces, it won't blow up for 20 to 30 years. poll push shuns really don't care -- politicians don't really care that much about 20, 30 years from now. reporter: they care now and they are only seven fully-funded public pension plans in the u.s. one is the working class city of fresno. how did they do it? well the city council, one was conservative. two, employees were not greedy. >> the unions have been amenable
4:48 pm
to keeping things reasonable and since they kept it reasonable we're fully funded plus. >> we have a stake in this, right? if we want to have a pension at the end of our career we have to have a responsible pension system. reporter: so once a city agrees to pay its pension, it is considered ironclad although appeals court recently in california said that is not necessarily true. given how many system, connell, are underwater right now with up to 30% of their budget going to retired employees, not current ones, everyone is watching that right now. back to you. connell: important story for our audience following their money. melissa. melissa: punishing our heroes. why the government is forcing members of the military to repay thousands of dollars to the pentagon. >> now that realize some mistakes were made 10 years ago we'll punish individual soldier and individual troop and say you give that money back? it is maddening.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
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melissa: betrayed for their service. the pentagon is demanding thousands of california national guard veterans pay back their enlistment bonuses a decade after risking their lives on the front lines. susan hailey is one of the thousands of solders being asked to pay back the money. the former army master sergeant joins me right now. thanks for coming on the show. tell people a little bit about your story. about 10 years ago you were given $15,000 as bonus incentive in order to go back to put your life on the line again. what happened after that? >> well, in 2012 they came and told me that i had been given more than $15,000, and by a mistake made by master sergeant jaffe and several others. so therefore i had to pay it back. i had to pay it back now. melissa: did you still have the money? what happened to your family as a result? >> no.
4:53 pm
i'm paying it back. took money out of my paycheck still in the military. now that i'm retired they're asking me to pay $650 a month, a quarter of our income. melissa: how hard has that been on your family? how hard is that? >> excruciating painful and stressful. there is a lot of anxiety. we can't buy nice birthday presents or our kids or do fun things like educational activities for the kid because we can't afford it. melissa: you come from a family i understand, that is it your husband was also in the service, and you have other family members as well? tell us about that you have given so much to the country in terms of service. >> yes, ma'am. when i enlisted, when i went to kosovo in 2003 i had already been in the army for about eight years. i went to kosovo, and three days after i got married. then i got back and informed later -- four months later my
4:54 pm
husband went to afghanistan. he got back and went back again and again. my son joined military. he went to iraq and went to afghanistan. of. that is where he was injured. there has been a tremendous amount of personal burden on our family. this is breaking my heart to have to see my family suffer because of this debt. melissa: you have given so much to this country in terms of service. we thank you for your service. i can hear in your voice how frustrated and upset you are. how does all this make you feel about, all of the sacrifices that you have made? >> like it was kind of, like they turned their backs on me. and thank you for your time and all those years away from their family and separate multiple separations but hey, our, the money is more important to us, and it is not, even though it is not your fault, that these mistakes were made, you still have to pay the money back. and i even asked for a reduction in payments and they eventual loud that.
4:55 pm
melissa: susan, what would you like to see happen now? >> i would like for them to stop. or at least, california should shoulder some of the blame instead of putting it all on the backs of soldiers. they have taken no responsibility. they want money back and taken no responsibility for their mistakes this is happening to so many other soldiers. breaks my heart to see anyone have to suffer like this. melissa: i know. absolutely, susan. i'm so sorry thank you so much for your service and family service. this isn't fair. thanks for coming on show and sharing your story so people can see faces of families this is happening to. thank you. >> i appreciate that. thank you very much for your time. melissa: yeah. connell: great interview. melissa: thanks. connell: we'll take a lighter turn here thank goodness and talk a little bit about baseball win of a lifetime in the making. why fans are digging deep into
4:56 pm
their pockets for this year's world series. that is next. ♪ did you know there's a way to save up to 95% on your prescriptions? introducing blink health. blink has negotiated some of the lowest prices so you can get your same medication, at your same pharmacy, for a lower price. just go to, pay for your prescription, and pick up at your regular pharmacy. blink is accepted at nearly every pharmacy nationwide. go to and get $10
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melissa: chicago man fans have been waiting over 7 years. facing off against the cleveland indians, who have not won a world series in 68 years. >> the fans will not find relief it was the game prices, this is average. but this is chicago. melissa: look at list of things that did not exist the last time that cubs won the pennant. >> joe madden. >> and velcro.
5:00 pm
>> diet soda. >> microwaves. >> this is a horrible list. mr. potato head did not even exist. that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> >> another e-mail drop from wikileaks, we're two weeks ahead of u.s. presidential election, now there is over 30,000 e-mails, welcome to "risk & reward," i am elizabeth mcdonald in for deirdre bolton. new e-mail showing top clinton add mysel antoine demoitie visor -- advisor mills was worried. bill clinton was using charity for his open aprils.


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