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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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please joining you. thanks for being with us tonight, good night from new york charles: corporal caldwell, thank you very much for your service and coming on tonight. >> thank you. charles: here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. it's now two weeks until the election that will decide who emerges from this roughe toughest, dirtiest, nastiest campaign in american history as our president elect. this is also arguably the most important of modern presidential elections because the paths the democratic and republican nominees would choose are so divergent. trump v. clinton, a profound choice for an electorate already reeling from economic stagnation, institutional dysfunction and pervasive government and political
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corruption of staggering dimensions. this contest is between globalism and americanism, collectiveim versus individualism, capitalism versus socialism, nationalism versus united nations world governance. it is a battle, not always recognizeda such by the republicans but a battle nonetheless for america. the idea and the soul of america and all that is represented. not only to americans, but to the world, and to their credit, trump and clinton are fighting hard to win the presidency and the power that office confers. days ago, the left-wing media, the clinton cartel and campaign were hotty and sure of victory. as of tonight, there is change in the air. new early voting data suggests the race for the white house is much, much closer than the left, the elite, the media would have had you believe.
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reports on early voting. some indication since last friday that the republican nominee is now doing well. better than expected among early voters in the battleground states of ohio, iowa, george and florida. in florida, for example, republicans have a 30,000-vote advantage among people who have already voted by may. trump and his campaign know florida with 29 electoral votes is crucial, and today he held five, that's right, five campaign events across the state of florida. speaking in sanford, trump said this selection a referendum on corruption. >> the criminal conduct of hillary clinton threatens the foundations of democracy. i mean that. i want everyone in washington to hear and to heed the words i'm about to say. if we win on november 8th, we
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are going to washington, d.c., and we together are going to drain the swamp! >> and a swamp it has become. more evidence tonight that president obama can't overcome his pension for prevarication. mr. obama knew about and then lied about hillary clinton's personal e-mail server. wikileaks today released what many consider a smoking gun on the matter. e-mails from march 2015 show clinton's team struggling to respond after president obama told cbs news that he found out about the server at, quote, the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. that development led trusted clinton aide cheryl mills to write to john podesta, the campaign chairman and say this --
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so was president obama complicit in clinton's private use of e-mail server for official state department business? we examine that very issue tonight. and among my guest the author of "clinton cash" peter schweizer and with us tonight, former white house reagan political adviser, ed rollins and steve cortes. and our top story, new wikileaks e-mails revealing a clinton campaign in turmoil after the news accounts of her private e-mail server and the way in which she had used it. hillary clinton's closest allies shocked when news of her private e-mail use first broke in march of last year. neara tanden, co-chair of clinton's transition team complained in an exchange with john podesta -- podesta agreed that their
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refusal to do so was, quote, unbelievable. tanden then replied -- the e-mail scandal leading to nasty finger-pointing. jen palmieri going at it after rains suggested palmieri may be leaking information. palmieri was furious and furiously wrote to podesta -- podesta replied to palmieri -- podesta referring to rains. e-mails showing serious concerns about clinton foundation, an e-mail written by robby mook titled foundation
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vulnerability points, it lists two pages of problems, including donations and candidate participation. money from foreign governments. domestic or foreign individual donors with vetting issues. travel on corporate or donated planes, especially lavish, high-end hotels for events, and remember that list went on for two pages. my first guest tonight says the latest e-mails clearly expose the clinton cartel's deep ties to corruption, to bribery, a lengthy history of pay-to-play scandal. he's detailed how the obama justice department may be trying to sway the election. extorting fines from major commercial banks that are used to fund leftist groups that are pushing the democratic vote. joining me tonight, peter schweizer, president of the government accountability institute, executive producer of "clinton cash" film which is based on his best-selling book
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of the very same name. great to have you with us, peter. >> thank you, lou. lou: start with the turnout issue and the idea that an already, and the public knows this justice department has been compromised, politicized, to the point that it is frankly a cesspool of corruption. but the idea that they're going after commercial banks and using that money, then to move into the pockets of leftist activist nonprofits, that's extraordinary. >> yeah, it is. it's another example unfortunately, lou, how the department of justice, which is supposed to uphold justice, has been twisted and distorted into resembling something completely different. in this case, you have a legitimate function of the department of justice to go after financial institutions, if they've committed crimes and, of course, that's always the question. and seek some kindf restitution, and that restitution is supposed to come in the form of fines or paying
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the victims who are somehow victimized by the banks. problem is that the money has been diverted more than $650 million during the obama administration has been diverted and has gone to left-wing progressive groups that are designed for voter activism and get-out-the-vote efforts among quote, unquote progressive voters. it's a complete distortion what the department of justice should be doing and further example it's about politics and not about law and order. lou: they've become an intermediary between law enforcement and distribution, ideological redistribution, and when you say left-wing, you mean way left-wing in the case of some of these nonprofits. >> yeah, one group that got millions of dollars is asian-americans for equality. you know, sounds like a great organization, right? the problem is when you look at this group based in new york, it has the same office and
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phone number of the communist workers party, which i didn't know it was around still. to make matters worse, the head of this organization is a north korean sympathizer, said wonderful things about the hermit kingdom in korea. this is the group getting money, it's outrageous. lou: this is going on without reaction from the banks, their saying it's the price of business it's become for them i suppose in their view? >> that's right, lou, they get a special deal. here's the other shocking thing. if you are a bank and say you are fined $70 million because you have committed offenses or crimes, the department of justice under obama will give you a 7 to 1 discount. if you owe $70 million, if you give 10 million to a progressive group, they will wipe the $70 million clean. they have a financial incentive to not say anything and go along with the scam.
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lou: it's not only corrupt, it is both bizarre and become a bazaar, a market of inic -- iniguity that goes from the president to the top? >> i think the clintons know about this, the obamas been this. this is not a pure get-out-the-vote effort, remember when the chain chick-fil-a did voter registration in the state of florida. they were denounced and criticized because they were allowing anybody to kind of come up and vote and register. this voter registration and voter turnout is targeted to progressive communities which basically means democratic voters. lou: incredible. and peter, i'm going to ask the logical conclusion to this.
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has there been any law enforcement effort, any attempt on the part of anyone, an agency, an individual, or organization to intercede and to stop this? >> well, you know, congress held hearings. i hope with the new report, anybody can get it at i hope with the new report and new information that maybe congress will look into this. it demands criminal investigation. lou: i believe they're back the week after the election, though, peter? >> exactly right. and this has been going on for a long time, and it's going to continue to go on until somebody that has the authority and the purse strings. look, the department of justice doing it. the senate judiciary committee. they can pull the purse strings and say this stops or we're not going to fund you. lou: would you say trump is right as he said today, this election is all about whether or not we stop the corruption in our capitol city? >> corruption is widespread and the enormous frustration of
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trump supporters but bernie sanders supporters on the left is precisely this problem, if they believe that the political class in washington, d.c. can about feathering their own nest, perpetuating their own power and don't care about the rest of the country. that is the core issue. election right now. lou: peter schweizer, always good to talk with you, always illuminating. thank you so much, peter. coming right back with much more, stay with us. trump says under his presidency, he'll fix the disaster that is obamacare. >> my plan also includes repealing and replacing obamacare. a disaster. it's over for obamacare. lou: we'll take up trump's push to repair another obama failure. ed rollins joins us next. and early voting numbers show trump building momentum in key battleground states. this historic election, much
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closer than the left-wing media and the clinton cartel could ever have imagined. we'll talk about the important numbers and a lot more coming
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. lou: the possibility of rampant voter fraud in this coming
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presidential election is a rising concern. a new prri poll cited in the "washington post" today shows this. only 43% of the american public has a great deal of confidence that their vote will be counted accurately. roughly 4 in 10 have some confidence, and close to 1 in 5 have little confidence. valid concerns in texas today, events there bearing it out. early voters this week claiming their voting machine registered a straight republican selection but marked it as hillary clinton choice for president. the state of texas is already the focus of a massive vote by mail fraud investigation. this will only add to their labors. and in indiana, state police announced their voter fraud investigation has found instances of existing voting records being changed and new voter registrations for people
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and addresses that simply do not exist. in florida, some election officials voicing concerns about double voting by seasonal residents in florida worrying that some may vote early in their home state and head to florida to cast another ballot on election day. a week ago president obama tried to ridicule donald trump. obama saying rigged elections are a myth and told trump to, quote, stop whining, but as these things often turn listen to then-senator obama in 2008 asking a question whether he could reassure voters that the election would not be rigged or stolen. >> i come from chicago. so i want to be honest, it's not as if it's just republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past. sometimes democrats have, too. whenever people are in power,
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they have this tendency to try to, you know tilt things in their direction. lou: and look who's in power now? joining me former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, great america pac strategist, ed rollins. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: remarkable to hear the president speak so forthrightly about anything! [laughter]. >> in chicago, he knew it on chicago politics many, many times and first election to the state senate, he disqualified his mentor because she didn't have sufficient registrants and everybody got thrown off the ballot but him. lou: that's one way to get there, and get there is the point of it all. getting there this time, it looks like these polls are beginning to close, ed. i want to get a sense. obviously there are irregularities, hearing about voting machines, irregularities in early voting.
11:20 pm
how close is this race, in your judgment? >> in my judgment, i think the real clear politics has around five point. i think it's around two or three points differential. the critical thing is national polls don't matter as much as the state polls and the key states that we have to win meaning trump has to win are within a couple points and with the margin of error and what have you in a poll, i just would argue this is going down to the wire, and two weeks to go, if he stays consistent on message the next two weeks and doesn't get off on the side bar stuff, could this be a very competitive race. lou: he seems, and these things are difficult to certainly quantify -- but he seems to have the momentum right now. five stops. one thing he's not going to be is outworked by hillary clinton or anybody else for that snaert. >> he's working very, very hard and no presence of her. lou: where is she, by the way?
11:21 pm
>> out talking to the beautiful people raising money, i guess. if you said to me he's going to be as badly outspent as he has been. the two to one negative commercials against him, and he's within the margin of error, i would say you're crazy. the vaunted organization may not be so vaunted in the end. she can't put in the distance things happen decide it back around a little bit. but this is still a very excesstive race. lou: and the corruption that is exposed daily by wikileaks about the clinton cartel, the clinton campaign, how can this -- at some point, stlnt a cumulative wait? >> i do, i think what people are understanding. they didn't understand benghazi and the things that were complicated. they understand the clinton foundation. they do understand when the saudis and the moroccans and what have you give enormous sums of money and why, and what the clinton foundation turned
11:22 pm
out to be was her campaign set up, two, three, four years ago with charitable work along the way. the more that comes out, the better it is for trump. lou: the battleground states particularly, ohio, iowa, georgia, florida. give us your sense of the battleground states and where it stands right now? >> he has to win florida. georgia has been ours for a while. go up the coast and win north carolina. if he doesn't win those three, he's in trouble. ohio is the end of the day, but those -- we'll know early whether this is a doable race or not. lou: your sense how he's doing in those states right now? >> i think florida is a dead even race, and georgia is one that surprises me we're a couple points behind. it's our turf, we should win that, north carolina we won last time. i think we won it again. lou: that sounds very good for the trump campaign. >> if he stays right on the message for the next two weeks. lou: thank you very much.
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i've got to stay on message. my producers tell me it's time to take a break. ed rollins, thank you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote on twitter, we'd like to hear from you. follow me on twitter -- "like" me even if you don't "like" me, that's the way to wrap up that. on wall street, stocks down after a string of disappointing earnings reports. the dow fell 54, the s&p lost 8. the nasdaq down 26. volume picking up to 3.7 billion shares. apple stock dropping 2% after the technology giant posted third consecutive decline in quarterly revenue and profits. and a federal judge approved one of the largest consumer settlements in history.
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a nearly $15 billion agreement to settle volkswagen's diesel car emissions scandal, nearly half a million volkswagen owners have the choice of either selling back their cars or havinthem repaired. a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, donald trump pledging to drain the swamp in washington. the clinton corruption runs deep, and a new scandal emerged on just about each passing day. i'll have a few thoughts what needs to be done to clean up our capitol city. stay with us. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here,
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. lou: a few thoughts now about hillary clinton and the troublesome ides of march, especially march of last year, for a number of reasons, that month has proved to be pivotal over her use of a private server to conduct official
11:29 pm
state department business, communicating by e-mail over the server. the "new york times" broke the story of the use of the server in march of last year. march 2nd. the latest batch of e-mails revealed by wikileaks reveals hillary's team as scrambling and in turmoil in the days right after the times broke the story of her use of the private server. it was then that president obama said this -- >> mr. president, when did you first learn that hillary clinton used e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> the same time everybody else learned it, through news reports. lou: everybody else didn't believe the president when he said that, and clinton's top aide cheryl mills certainly knew better. it was she who told podesta, quote, we need to clean this up. noting the president has e-mails from hillary that do
11:30 pm
not say, quote, previous wikileaks revelations have shown the campaign days earlier conspiring to hold back e-mails between scomplnt president obama despite a congressional subpoena. podesta cited executive privilege, of course march was the month when the firm managing her server platte river networks deleted her archives using bleachbit despite that subpoena. it was also in march that clinton ally, governor terry mcauliffe approached the wife of an fbi official to encourage her to run for the virginia state senate. mcauliffe's pac donated nearly half a billion dollars to dr. jill mccabe's campaign, and andrew mccabe was promoted to deputy director of the fbi, and involved in the clinton e-mail investigation. as i have always said, there are no coincidences when it comes to the clintons, and
11:31 pm
these latest revelationses show how far their corruption extends within our government and washington, d.c. now the quotation of the evening on corruption. this one from martin scorcese who said -- are they ever? we're coming right back. the new york professor by the way, predicted donald trumpsa the winner of this presidential election months ago right here. well, he's back, and he's staying firm in his prediction. we'll be talking with him and he will explain exactly why. stay with us. trump is confident he will win the key battleground state of florida. >> the lines at the voting booths are record. we're going to win the state of florida. we're going to win back the white house!
11:32 pm
>> the race to 270 heating up. the polls closer than ever before. guy benson and katrina kampens to talk about the critical homestretch to november 8th. this thrill-seeker is off for an amazing high-flying adventure. adventure. we'll show you the amazing
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lou: 14 days of -- till election day and the polls show trump and clinton in a virtual dead heat. the latest ibd tracking poll, clinton up one, leading trump 42-41. clinton and trump neck-and-neck in the "new york times" usc poll. clinton leading by one point, 45-44. the polls remain tied despite a media research study that shows over the past 12 weeks, media coverage of trump has been 91% negative. let me repeat for just about three months, media coverage, 91% negative. networks also spent 440 minutes covering trump controversies. nearly 2 1/2 times the 185 minutes spent covering clinton controversies. joining me now to sort it all out, trump surrogate, former "the apprentice" contestant katrina campes.ontributing editor, guy benson. katrina with, that onslaught
11:37 pm
against him, he's not doing bad in a virtual tie? >> absolutely. having known him over a decade, he is a fighter and does not like to lose. this ignites his passion to be able to help the american people get their country back. lou: guy, i know you've had, you've been reserved about mr. trump's candidacy, but you have to be impressed that that barrage spending two, three times as much on negative ads, i mean, it's remarkable where he is? >> yeah, the onslaught has been very intense. the media is uniquely biased against trump. they're always biased against a republican, they really hate donald trump. lou: they fear him. >> the pivot was they were accommodating during the primary. once he got the nomination, it was a pile-on. when you talk about polling, three clusters of polls we're looking at nationally. the dead heat polls that you rehearsed at the beginning of the segment.
11:38 pm
there are outliers at the other end. hillary up 11. lou: put names on them. "washington post," abc news, they're some of the -- of all of the nasty bias, those news organizations represented in immense dimension. >> sure, and the middle cluster where our "fox news poll" has it five, six points. you can pick your poll cluster. the hillary people say she's up double digits. the trump people say it's a tie, and the "fox news poll" shows mid single digits. >> and talking with ed rollins who's gone through a few of the presidential campaigns, he thinks it's about 2%, maybe 3% between them with. two weeks to go with momentum. i want to get to the wikileaks issue. if we did not have wikileaks, and i want to explore this a bit. if we didn't have wikileaks, we
11:39 pm
would not know so much about the profinity of this campaign and the people who are running it. it looks like they are the principal news organization honoring the public's right to know? >> thank god for them, we've been able to see the corruption and how deep it is. and obama knew about the e-mail server all along, he toll the american people he found out about it when we did. you are beginning to see the corruption and how deep it goes which trump said from the beginning. >> from the beginning, and wikileaks, and i love the response of the clinton campaign. you know, yes, all this happened, but really, the russians stole all of this truth and shouldn't be sharing it with you. truth has an owner, apparently? >> they're trying make the argument. if the roles are reversed, republicans are doing the same thing. oh, putin is trying to influence the election. that doesn't make the revelation any less news worthy.
11:40 pm
the news media had no problem. they had no problem reporting on wikileaks when it was damaging to national security. no one had a problem with that leaked tax document from donald trump that went all over the place. they were fine with that. but this, we ought not talk about this. lou: and the point being that right now this terribly biased national left-wing news media of ours is not honoring the public's right to know. they're not honoring their traditional role as the fourth estate, that is watch dogs, objective and independent of the political currents of the nation. they are now full-on actors aligned with the candidate, as you put it, as never, ever before. >> i would say this one point, lou, you put up the graphic of the number of minute spent covering the controversies. i think donald trump earned a lot of the coverage but the fact it was so imbalanced and so heavy in his direction.
11:41 pm
hillary clinton scandals involved national security and endangering national security and u.s. foreign policy. that is serious stuff and no explanation for that degree of imbalance other than bias. lou: exactly. guy benson, good to have you here. katrina campins, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote on twitter, we'd like to see what you think. please roll the video now and watch as this daredevil, whoa, flies dangerously close as i think is an apt way of describing it to the canyon walls in france. nearly grazes the rocks during his nail biting high-speed flight, just to top off his amazing journey, he does these multiple twists and turns
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. lou: next guest maintains that a trump victory is almost certain. almost? well, 87% certain to be exact. his election predictor has been right for nearly two decades. joining us is helmut norpoth, a political science professor in stony brook university in new york. it's been about seven months, you were here in march when you first said, based on your analysis and predictors that
11:47 pm
donald trump would win. he hasn't even got the nomination at that point? >> right. lou: how do you feel today? because there have been so many ebbs and peaks and valleys. how do you feel about it? >> it's true. if i looked at the polls i would say this is crazy, to make a prediction he has 87% chance of winning. all the polls are the other way around. like 538 essentially hillary clinton has a chance of 87%. lou: correct. >> but my prediction on my analysis doesn't live by the polls, so it can die by the polls, it is not poll driven, it's based on american elections, the pattern that you see and one big thing is a swing at the pendulum that happens roughly after two terms. so there's clearly -- lou: the so-called change or wave election? >> exactly. lou: a change election. >> a change election, because obama did not do as well in
11:48 pm
re-election that he did in the first place. that builds up -- that is an early indicator that change is coming. lou: yeah, he had a much, much smaller turnout for 2012 than 2008. and you think it will be even less for clinton? >> absolutely. it shows the trajectory of the vote is pointing downward from a democratic peak in 2008. so 12 was a setback -- he still won but it was much less impressive, and so i think 2016. lou: but even despite the turnout in 2012, you predicted him to win? >> yes, yes, i predicted him to win but with a much smaller margin than before. lou: so turnout this time will be significantly lower? >> for the democrats. lou: have you got a -- the republicans have a significantly higher turnout? >> well, they had high turnout
11:49 pm
in the primaries and i think obama brought a number of voting groups into the electorate that will not turn out as well this time. african-americans, young people, and we all know that there's a certain deficit in hillary's appeal to young people, and so that will not be in play the way it was in the last two elections. >> you want to give us the spread in the election? we got you on the record for who's going to win it? you want to give us a margin? . >> a margin, five points. lou: whoa! that's big. professor, always good to talk with you. >> thank you very much. lou: professor helmut norpoth. watch this video, the chinese daredevil launch himself through the air. look at this. he's completing the dizzying 29 back flips in one minute. that's a water propelled jet pack. the adrenaline junkie beating guinness world record by two
11:50 pm
complete 360 degree rotations or as we used to call them somersaults. donald trump says he will succeed where democrats failed and the professor is with him. >> i say to the african-american community and to the hispanic community. what the hell do you have to lose? i will fix it. we will make them good. we'll make them safe. we'll bring back jobs. lou: steve cortes, a member of trump's national hispanic advi this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship.
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lou: in an on-line poll we asked you last night. do you believe we'll ever uncover the full extent of the clinton corruption. 84% of you doubt we will. joining me now steve cortez. we're getting word that there are illegal immigrants in virginia, pennsylvania, arizona, that are going door-to-door, mobilized to drive the vote. what do you make of this? >> ca isn't that nonsense. i am glad you mentioned corruption. a lot of immigrants, like my father, they came to this
11:55 pm
country to get away from corruption. and get away from socialism, unfortunately, america is lurching that way a li lou: more than a little bit. >> we need to revolt against that. and you talk about illegal immigrantses. i have taken a lot of grief from social media and personally for being a fan of donald trump. i am often called an uncle tom in spanish, tio thomas, so what, there nothing more racist this assume that everyone in an ethnic group has to think the same way. this is incredibly prejudicial on its face. there is nothing more to preis upous that illegals can pop the line -- presuppose that
11:56 pm
illegal immigrants can hop the line. lou: one thing that has come up in past week, issue of who is going to be watching over the polls. one great ironies, talk about from mexico, they are leaving a country, where it is a requirement you have a photo i.d. to vote. coming to a country where they asking to vote without residency or citizenship. it is extraordinary. how well or poorly the donald trump do with hispanics and african-americans? >> just to your point about identification, as a minority, i find it offensive to say it is required.
11:57 pm
you are saying i am not capable of having an i.d.? lou: you just defined liberalism, the practice here. to get through a mindless position, one that would give equity and equality to all who are required to do it. to your point. >> right. as long as we're subserveient to the state, right, in my mind opposite of real freedom. to get to your point, trump? my honest opinion, i think we're slight underdogs right now, i am not a poll expert, we're ahead in some credible polls, down double digits in some reasonably credible polls, my guess is we're right in this. i would encourage, i think
11:58 pm
that democrats, to some degree this is football season, they are dancing in the end zone, they think they have won this. i almost want to say, fine, please think that have you it won. we have two weeks to go, if we talk about obamacare, and empowerment and school choice, and what we -- lou: obamacare is dead. you are talking about one surviving insurer, about 25% higher premiums on average. in many states, 50 to 75% increasing in premium, that is a outrageous. >> lou -- the definition of failure of central plans, only benefits the central planners, it harms everyone else, which is the rest of us. lou: conclude with our caught look with how fully hispanics will support donald trump, african americans support donald trump. >> i hope and believe that people of color are going to out perform expectations in
11:59 pm
regards to donald trump. i think these has spoken to these communities from his heart and head, and said we care about you. we will never take you for granted the way that democrats have, and we have policies like school choice, that will empower your communities to succeed, because have you not been succeeding in large en masse. i think that message will resonate, i think we'll be surprised in a lot of ways in two weeks, including voters of color. lou: steve cortez, thank you, good to talk with. >> thank you, lou. lou: time for a few of your comments. >> trump calls it like it is. >> jim tweeting, america needs a man like trump to stand up to isis. that is it for us, former house speaker newt gingrich among my guests tomorrow,
12:00 am
please joining you. thanks for being with us tonight, good night from new york kennedy: tonight that crashing sound you hear, yeah that obamacare, imploding under its own weight, new report on skyrocketing premiums and imin dwindling choices. and libertarian ticket now sinking in the polls, what does the johnson campaign need to stay above the magic 5%? a new candidate? are the russians gearing up for a nuclear war. some of putin a latest news are raising eyebrows, all right, jump in the bunker. >> it will all be over in two weeks.


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