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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 26, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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your forecast. and whether or not it can perform at that level. it is a great challenge. >> it is going to be huge, lou. lou: i like that, bru i'm glad you're the one to talk about this. it's an important issue, appreciate your time. >> you bet, charles. >> good evening, everybody, 13 days to go until the election, and brand new, fox news polls out tonight showed donald trump closing the gap with hillary clinton. and doing so in impressive fashion. the fox news poll conducted from saturday the 22nd through yesterday, the 25th, shows that clinton's lead continues to erode. clinton now ahead of trump by three points in a four-way race. 44-41. three points, the margin of error, 2 1/2 points. last week, clinton's lead was 6 points. before that up by 7.
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and in a head to head matchup now, clinton leads by 5 points. donald trump today spent the day campaigning in the battle ground state of north carolina, where he stressed, he is the candidate of change. >> our opponent represents the rigged system and the failed thinking of yesterday. she's been doing this for 30 years and for 30 years it's only gotten worse. american politics is caught in a time loop. we keep electing the same people over and over and over. >> well, trump is holding another rally, this hour, in kingston, north carolina, we'll be bringing that to you live when trump takes the stage there. among my guests tonight, former house speaker newt gingrich with whom i'll be talking about these improving poll numbers and what the next 13 days are likely to bring. also with us tonight, former reagan white house political
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director, ed rollins, a member of the republican national rules committee. randy evans. we'll be talking about whether some recalcitrant republicans come home. what the rnc is doing to their first presidential election in 12 years, that is to win it. and the attorney general of arkansas and trump surrogate leslie rutledge on the culture of corruption in d.c. and the clinton cartel's and whether this has been rigged. the new fox news polls details trump's impressive momentum. 68% of those backing trump back him strongly, compared to 61%. and independents now favor trump over clinton by 13 points. 41-28. that's up from trump's 7 point advantage of just last week. and more good news for trump, concerning the state of florida
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and its 29 electoral votes. a bloomberg poll has trump up by two points in the crucial battle ground state. trump has trailed his democratic opponent in the real clear average of polls there since before the first debate back on september 26th. and trump closing the gap in new hampshire, where clinton's 9 point lead has moved down to only 4 points, according to the latest monmouth survey. my first guess tonight is one of this country's most astute political observers, a politician himself, social critic, historian, best selling authorment in fact, he's written a new book that's been published entitled "treason", joining us now former speaker of the house, 2012 candidate. i i think it's fair to say you're one of trump's passionality advocates. >> you're right about the poll
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numbers, they're moving into the right direction and i think, frankly, they understate his strength. >> really? >> so i think there's a real likelihood that in terms of of actual votes he's probably ahead now. >> ahead and as we see these poll numbers closing, nationally, we're also seeing them close, importantly, in these battle ground states. in pennsylvania, what do you make of that state where according to some of the most recent polling, he's only 3 points where he was behind 9 points, behind clinton just days ago? >> well, look, i think the general pattern of the news has all been to hillary's disadvantage. i think having somebody like bob woodward, "the washington post" investigative editor say on chris wallace that her system was just corrupt, that's woodward's term, jars a lot of people. and the obamacare crisis. and you don't list minnesota as
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a battle ground state. there's a poll, 43-trump 41 and i called a friend and said what's going on. she said the rise in obamacare premiums is so massive in minnesota, that the governor's even thinking about a special session of legislature to try to figure out some way to help people. she said her personal insurance just for herself not for her husband was going to go up $2400 next year. that gets people's attention and all of a sudden they think do i want hillary clinton and more of this i can't afford? and that's, i think, one of the things. the october surprise may turn out to be the obamacare premiums and deductibles. >> which are, obamacare is imploding on any level, whether it be the rising premiums or all of the sudden talk about effectively bailing it out with government, federal government subsidies. such subsidies, newt, in my opinion, would be nothing less than a bailout by the federal government with taxpayer money?
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>> well, sure, and it's endless. once you go down this road and you become a british or canadian model of government-run bureaucracies, your health care gets worse, your innovation gets slower and the fact is, you can't afford it so you begin to cheat everybody and in the long run, you end up where medicaid is today and in many state medicaid's a very inadequate form of health coverage. >> and i don't think the arj american wants to lose their employer-based model for something like that. >> and turning to one of the most unique aspects of the campaign. that's the presence for wikileaks with the 19th tranche of e-mails today revealing extraordinary detail about the inner corruption of the clinton campaign, the clinton cartel, the clinton foundation, it is breath taking. have you ever seen the like? >> no, nobody has. we have never in american history had the depth of
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corruption that we're seeing and frankly, you'll notice that john podesta, the leader of the clinton campaign, was having dinners with justice department officials while they were investigating hillary. the fact is that the stench of corruption now has infected the fbi, comey is the first corrupt director we've seen in the sense he clearly, a lie, he clearly was, i assume, pressured by the attorney general who had a skroet meeting with bill clinton on an airplane the week they were going to interview his wife. you couldn't write a novel. treason is a novel. i couldn't write a novel that had all of these different pieces that would be believable. people would say, no, it can't possibly be this sick. but the truth is, we're learning it is this sick and that's why i believe in the end hillary loses. i don't believe the american people is going to send somebody to the white house who
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ought to be indicted and facing severe personalities for what she's been doing. >> drawing on your experience as speaker in leadership, as a historian, we also have another name now in the fbi thanks to the extraordinary reporting of the wall street journal and that is andrew mccabe, the number two man, deputy director of the fbi whose wife was selected by the clinton's longest ally in politics, of course, and that is governor mccauliffe who selected her to run for the virginia senate, backed her with half a million dollars, as then mccabe himself is being promoted within the fbi and has some oversight responsibility, if not direct management over, the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. this is, as you say, this is the stuff of fiction, but we're living it. >> there's no question-- first of all, his wife has
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every right to run for office, she's an independent person, there's no question that mccabe should have then recused himself from anything involving the clintons because the obvious appearance of corruption, and again, if you're in law enforcement, you have to both worry about the reality of corruption and the appearance of corruption. >> especially if you're in the fbi. >> and that's my whole point. we're watching the decay of one of the great law enforcement agency and it's because of this whole pattern, this cancer of corruption, which has been spreading in the obama administration and would now be accelerated by the two clintons if they got to the white house. >> this corruption, donald trump talks about a rigged election and system. is it your sense, we're seeing problems in virginia, we're seeing problems amongst other places in texas, is it your sense that we're going to have enough oversight of this election to assure the american
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people the integrity of our electoral system? >> i don't know. i mean, the reports from texas are bizarre. i've soon at least a dozen reports today of machines malfunctioning, of people voting straight republican and as they start to leave, the machine shifts back to straight democrat and in some counties they're talking about giving up the machines completely and going back to paper ballots. there are things going on out there that are weird. i think that you have to be aware that in places like kansas city and st. louis, and philadelphia, there are long traditions of stealing votes on a grand scale. there are people who vote 24 years after they died almost like ought to be sites for, these are miracles that these people keep showing back up so it's all corruption. i think it's fair to say that there's a real problem in america of vote theft. a good friend of mine in north carolina, the only way that trump could lose north carolina
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is by vote theft in the big cities and i think we have to take this very seriously. >> newt gingrich. good to have you with us as always. >> good to be with you. >> appreciate it. we're awaiting a trump rally in kingston, north carolina, and we're coming back with much, much more with us tonight. donald trump says he will clean up the corrupt clinton cartel and drain the washington swamp. >> if we win on november 8th, we are going to washington d.c. and we are going to do what? drain the swamp. >> ed rollins and randy evans join me here next. we'll examine the rapidly improving polls for trump and trump is now moving closer to winning key battle ground states, ahead in both florida and ohio. he's leading among independents and building momentum. we take up trump's rise in the polls, plus a lot more coming
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you don't know me. but you will. ♪ so it begins [ male announcer ] rated "m" for "mature." >> donald trump tonight campaigning in the battle ground state of north carolina, that is what they call, what, trump force one, just arriving, pulling up there to the entry
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that's awaiting him. he's at the jet center in kinston, north carolina. we'll be going to the rally. looks like a pretty good turnout. he has a pretty good turnout and then all i hear for hours, you can't judge anything by turnout. well, i think maybe you can. wikileaks released its 19th tranche or batch, if you prefer, of clinton e-mails, bringing the total now to 33,000 of them. those e-mails show clinton staffers, campaign staffers and everyone else, associated with the clintons, struggling to respond to clinton's reasoning for having used a private e-mail server. they simply can't do it. clinton aide felipe admitting to john podesta, there is just no good answer. he couldn't be more right. and in another e-mail, podesta
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even questioned clinton's sanity, discussing whether or not clinton should concede to obama back in june of 2008. clinton aide wrote, she's not conceding tonight and not anytime soon either. podesta replies, the quote, former smart, latter psychotic. and there's a preview of the collapse, of course, of obamacare. the campaign, our government, the white house have known this thing was going to blow up in the faces of barack obama and the entire democratic party on capitol hill. liberal columnist brent beddowski told podesta last summer, the subsidies were not create today subsidize huge premium increases once by the court. this is a taxpayer bailout. let's see if any in the obama
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administration have the guts to say that. >> clinton doesn't want to be in the position of defending obamacare during huge premium increas increases. guess where she is tonight? just in that position. a newt gingrich presidential campaign in 2012, former reagan white house political director, great american pac strategist ed rollins. let's start with the polls and last night here, ed rollins said that he thought the polls were more like 2 to 3% and that's exactly what the fox news polls reveal. that's where we are right now. >> i've always believed the fox poll, not because i'm on fox, the way-- the. lou: although that's a perfectly good reason. >> i've looked at a lot of polls over the year and when the poll matches my gut, i don't believe it and when it doesn't i take another poll. there are so many polls, fox
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does something very important, it asks for, in a vote as a republican for congress or a democrat for congress and you really get a very fair measurement and the partisan vote is very, very important and as you see the number is going up. republicans more and more republicans are voting for trump and that's closing the gap along with independents. lou: ed is saying, randy, not only very good news for donald trump, but we're looking at a stronger position for both congress and senatorial candidates for the republicans. i think probably some folks over at trump tower says this demonstrates donald trump's coat tails. >> well, definitely, and helping out in key states that we help in, like north carolina and nevada, he could be the difference especially in north carolina as we start to see his strength show through. what's really happening out there, though, lou, reality is setting in. the reality of the obamacare increases in premiums, the
11:20 pm
reality of the corruption by wikileaks. the reality of the deficits. the reality of open hemispheric borders, all of a sudden, the attention from this access hollywood tape starts to pale in comparison whenever mothers and fathers open bills for their health care premium and see it go up 22, 25, 28%, that's what's starting to happen is reality is settling in. lou: let's be clear, too. these people knew what they were doing. nancy pelosi, harry reid, president obama knew precisely what they were doing in 2009 and who this crushing force would fall upon and that is millions of americans who are watching premiums already higher, but now moving on average, they admit, 25% so the number, the real number come the first of the year, may be something like 50% higher premiums. this is working against hillary clinton, as randy said, this cesspool of corruption that's washington d.c. donald trump is the only
11:21 pm
antidote. >> equally as important to young people who don't see any benefit to getting to this plan. they pay an enormous fee and rather go buy a new car or beer or something like that and that's always part of the premise, all of these young people are going to join and that's absurd. the critical thing here, he ought to be talking about three things. lou: he being trump? here we go now. >> we've got a very short period of time and closing the gap. i'm going to fix the economy, i'm going to fix d.c., i'm going to fix the immigration problems, i'm going to fix the health care programs and get rid of the corruption in this city and she won't do that and that's the message. that's all he has to do those four things in the next couple of weeks here ap he'll close it up. lou: what seems to be resonating right now in addition to those things, randy, is the rigged system and what we're watching right now is a system it's really unclear what role the rnc is going to play. driving of course, the senatal
11:22 pm
and congressional candidates the degree to which they can help donald trump is ambiguous and it's also-- it appears now to be critically important to the success down ticket of the republican party. do you agree? >> yeah, i totally agree. i'll tell you this, reince priebus had a call with us on the republican national committee, a thorough briefing. the rnc is doing its part. the ground operation is enormous. the ability to get absentee and early votes where we want them is working out extremely well. we're going to see it pay huge dividends in florida and pay huge dividends in ohio and new hampshire and in iowa. these are all states that we are well ahead of where we were four years ago and we're getting further ahead of where we were four years ago. we've already surpassed where we were in many of those states already and we still have two weeks ago. i think that ground operation is going to pay dividends, but the big difference for donald trump, you're not going to see
11:23 pm
a lot-- >> for donald trump? >> for donald trump, absolutely for donald trump. we started with donald trump and we finished the call with donald trump. because we understood fully and completely, he's our nominee,'s going to be the next president. i'm telling you right now, lou, donald trump is going to win this election and going to make pollsters look silly. lou: randy evans, ed rollins, sweet words in the evening air. >> from the nation from georgia. lou: thanks for being with us, ed rollins, thank you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight and the question is, do you believe these tightening polls are signals of rising momentum for donald trump? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. we'd like to hear from you, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs and following me on instagram. the dow closed mix, the nasdaq down 33 points, volume on the big board still moderate
11:24 pm
trading, but healthy. 3.7 billion shares traded. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next year, we're awaiting a trump rally in north carolina. he's about to deplane. the crowd there estimated around 3,000. and earlier he was touting his performance in the battle ground states. >> we're going to win florida, too, and we're going to w win ohio and iowa. and the media is getting worried over here. lou: that left wing mainstream media just one of several forces working against trump and his aspirations. that is the subject of my commentary coming up here next. please stay with us.
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>> i want to share with you,
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if i may, a few thoughts now on a fellow who doesn't mind a good fight when he's fighting for the good of the country and his fellow americans. donald trump is now in the fight of his life. arrayed against him are the elite of both parties and the national media are doing their worst to take him down. against trump and all who support him are extremely powerful forces, such as nearly every federal employee. a new analysis shows federal employees from 14 agencies have donated 2 million dollars on presidential in this cycle. 95% going to hillary clinton, 95%. the left wing concentration is stronger at the justice department. there, 97% of donations from justice department employees
11:30 pm
went to the democratic nominee. so, the agency investigating the democratic nominee, investigating the clinton e-mail server scandal was decided in all, but completely in support of clinton. the entire federal government on the basis of their campaign donations, are working against donald trump and it's even worse than that. university and college faculty and staff at the top ten universities are even more ardent in their support of the former secretary of state, almost every dollar donated went entirely to hillary clinton. 99% of those donations going to her. and trump, as says the media, as almost everyone now knows and long slammed the left wing media, it's worse than most of us imagined. it turns out 96% of the donations from journalists have gone to mrs. clinton. 96%.
11:31 pm
and how does that influence the work product of the liberal media? well, here is a for instance. as we reported to you last night, 91% of coverage on the evening news broadcast has been negative to donald trump. networks over the past 12 weeks have also spent 440 minutes covering trump controversy, versus 185 minutes on the clinton scandals. and despite all of the forces arrayed against him, working against him and you and me and against the national interests and certainly the values of fair play and honesty, you know, american values, donald trump has reached this point, 13 days from the election, locked in a virtual dead heat, a close battle indeed for the presidency, the battle against hillary clinton. her advantage of support from those working in the government, academia and media
11:32 pm
haven't been enough to crush trump and his campaign nor his supporters and the candidacy of clinton who is besieged by the consequences of her corruption and lus for power. the momentum appears to have moved now to trump's side in the final 13 days of the historic campaign look to be an exciting race, one for the history books. and our quotation of the evening on the long campaign, the long fight. this one from mahatma gandhi who you might think about the long road traveled from june 16th of last year when donald trump threw his hat in the ring, as they say. first, they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win. up next, we'll take you to the trump rally in north carolina. it's just about to begin. it has begun. we're coming right back. we'll go straight to north carolina. . >>
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blast clinton efforts to save face even as it spirals into full fledged disaster. >> it's the stupidity of our politicians who rammed this monster down our throats and hillary clinton wants to keep it. it's going to get worse, worse, worse. >> the arkansas attorney general joins me next. and this driver is preparing to zoom past a world record at an unbelievable speed. we'll bring you the exhilarating video of this amazing one of a kind high speed stunt up next. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship.
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what's in your wallet? >> as i said, donald trump tonight campaigning in the battle ground state of north carolina, according to the real clear politics, clinton leads by two points there. trump is at the keniston jet center and bill clinton was just there yesterday. and let's listen in. >> with crimes and i mean crimes, like hillary clinton has gotten away with. hillary bleeps and-- bleached and deleted 33,000 e-mails after getting a subpoena. she got a subpoena from the
11:38 pm
united states congress. she said, whoa, we have a problem. she deleted and bleached-- nobody bleaches -- sophisticated people said we've never heard of it. do you know why? because it's such an expensive process. so she deleted and bleached 33,000 e-mails. she lied to congress under oath. she lied to the fbi. she made 13 phones disappear, some with a hammer. who here has made your phone disappear by hammering the hell out of it? oh. we've got two. anybody else? i want to know. sir, what business are you in? wait until you find out the business he's in. and remember, with the fbi, she couldn't remember 39 times. oh, that means 39 lies, right?
11:39 pm
she doesn't remember 39 times. she can remember other things, but not this. the clinton crew gave more than $675,000 to the wife of the deputy fbi director overseeing the investigation into hillary's illegal server. >> we're going to turn right now and bring in now leslie rutledge the attorney general of arkansas, donald trump surrogate. leslie rutledge, it sounds like-- good evening. lou: it sounds like trump wants to prosecute that case right now. your thoughts on the level of corruption on the part of the clinton campaign, the clinton cartel, and what has been revealed by wikileaks? >> well, certainly, and being from arkansas and holding the same office that bill clinton
11:40 pm
started when the clintons began their careers of corruption. we know firsthand how corrupt the clintons are and wikileaks has shown us in depth how corrupt hillary clinton is and how corrupt her administration will be. so that's why americans do not trust hillary clinton. it's because of her actions and that's why we see donald trump gaining in the polls every day, that as you said earlier, that this race is a dead heat. even though they've tried to beat him over the head just as he talked about in that rally, someone beating their phone down. against all of these odds, americans are a lot smarter than the mainstream media makes them seem and see ow corrupt he her administration is. when you have the money getting money to the wife of the person in charge of the department
11:41 pm
responsible for the investigation and met with bill clinton in the midst of this, it's astonishing. >> as an attorney, a prosecutor, attorney general of the state. how does it make you feel to see the fbi the upper most level, this conflicted, this absolutely acting in disregard of law and requirements not to have even the appearance of a conflict of interest, and does it raise a question whether or not we should revisit this and whether or not the fbi itself should reconsider its decision to go-- to recommend prosecution of hillary clinton? >> well, certainly, when you have instances and facts that we have now and now know that you have the individual whose wife benefitted directly from clinton's friends and supporters and individual who
11:42 pm
supported-- rather, who ran secretary clinton's 2008 campaign, giving those astronomical amounts of money and for the individual not to say, to avoid the appearance of impropriety, i will not be the one conducting and leading this investigation. just to avoid that appearance alone should have been the standard, much less anything was done as a result of that influence. lou: and remarkably, but not shockingly, the white house, mr. obama, has not even raised the issue or sought to explain it to the american people, all of the obvious conflicts of interest, the appearance of conflicts of interest, and the absolutely poor judgment exercised by the leadership of that agency. the agents there must just be in shock with what they're doing to live with. leslie rutledge, attorney general, appreciate you being with us and come back soon if you would. >> thank you, lou.
11:43 pm
lou: and please roll the video. one daredevil seeing a need for speed. down an airport runway. that's in finland, doing this on two weeks at 116 miles per hour. the 41-year-old stunt driver set a record for the longest side wheelie for a car and realized a dream 15 years in the making. and up next, trump warning that hillary clinton's plans for syria could lead to world war iii. general jack keane is here to stole the throne, witch,
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>> just a quick update now. the united kingdom set to deploy 800 troops along with tanks, drones, had he had-- headed to the border with russia, part of a nato plan eventually to position 4,000 troops in poeland, latvia and lithuania, amid growing russian provocations. joining me now is general jack keane, a retired four-star
11:48 pm
general and vice chair of the united states army and xharm for the institute for the study of war and fox news analyst. i'm getting through all of those laudets and titles in reasonably good form. >> kid from new york city. >> great to have you here. this deployment, all of the sabre rattling on the part of the russians and the talk of nuclear war suddenly emanating from various quarters in the world. how concerned are you? and how are we positioned to be rational and at the same time responsive to any threat? >> a great question. on the one hand, putin is a master of psychological warfare. and he has huge problems at home. you know. he loves to maintain a crisis atmosphere at home. that's why he did four days of civil defense training with 40 million people in russia, absolutely unheard of since the
11:49 pm
days of the cold war. the other thing is that okay paying, also, is listen, he's dealing with the weakest european in american leadership we've had since the world war. lou: isn't that stunning to think of. the leadership in europe is just pathetic and the leadership of this country is so weak and feeble and unaccomplisheded after two terms in office. >> if we had the strong leadership that we used to have and i mean democrat and republican, exercising american leadership in a global way in the world. if we had that kind of leadership. then we would have at least a degree of deterrents, well deterrents require really capabilities and the attempt to use them. we have capabilities, but they're not in europe and we don't have intent and that's what putin knows. that's what makes him is it taking advantage of this. >> this russian ship that's
11:50 pm
transiting the mediterranean on the way to syria to engage. and you're looking at pictures. these taken just off the pose of portugal. the purpose and the likely, the likely result of deploying this kind of fire power into that? two things are having. one aircraft carrier, we're going to see it. his military powers are not-- he's using this and i believe's he going to take down aleppo with additional aircraft ap and destroy this once and for all. they have been at this for a year now and not able to take the major city that the syrian force has and now they're determined to do it. lou: speaking of major city, in mosul we heard there was light
11:51 pm
resistance, effectively, over a week ago when the iraqis began their assault. the beginning of this year week, we mary it's heavy resistance on the part of the islamic state and in the outlying area and suburbs. what are we to make of this? >> that's predicted. we're getting closer to mosul and they come out with suicide bombs, and they're aggressive and we don't know if they're going to fight to the last man man in the city itself. what they have done going, sluja and eye rainy, call some forces and see if that happens. >> and i look at the considers of the wall, how hard we fought
11:52 pm
to free them. extraordinary. the history is still being written. general, good to see you as always. >> good seeing you, lou. lou: appreciate it. up next. donald trump today richard a new deal to african-american voters. donald trump's director of diversity is here. stay with us, we'll be right at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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>> turn to anticipation. of african-americans voting for donald trump. >> like i said, i think it will be largest in history of any republican candidate. i really mean that. a lot of black voters are not going to come out vocaly and say it.
11:58 pm
one thing that donald trump brings to the tape table. he keeps it real. school choice in itself is civil rightary, that will be a champion in black communities. >> when he started talking about the issues that face hispanics, african-americans, then a republican candidate saying he is reaching out to those constituent he has done that, last time we saw a republican with something in order of 25% of 1960. that was richard nixon. give us a sense of how large do you think we'll be in percentage terms? >> well up in close to 20. i say that realistically. you remember, you knows
11:59 pm
national university of coalition for trump, that is who i represent, founded by michael cohen, largest diverse group in history of g.o.p. in history of united states it surrounded donald trump's -- it is under donald trump's name. like my grandmother said, everyone can't be lying. the black vote in general, no one is talking, everyone is quiet. for me in the south you can imagine some tweets i go through. but majority of americans say, he keep its real. that is what they realize. the ability he knows how to create jobs and have a proven track record versus a candidate, never had a job or anything, that was broken 2000. ended up having multimillions of dollars based on getting money for people. lou: bruce, great to have you with us, we're less than two weeks about finding out about
12:00 am
your forecast. and whether or not it can perform at that level. it is a great challenge. >> it is going to be huge, lou. lou: i like tha you. >> thank you. lou: tomorrow night, please be with us as well. kennedy: new "fox news poll" shows this election is getting crazier by the day, chris wallace will tell us what to expects, hillary clinton fires up pandering machine. this time trying to salsa dance her way to the hearts of latinos. halloween is is a round the corner. the dean at one college promises to arrest anyone whose costume is not littl ballistically correct -- politically correct, who decides that? >> we come down to three issues.


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