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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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@cb payne. you want to hear lou dobbs, he is next. lou: good evening. 12 days until the election. an election that has republican nominee declares is rigged. there is no question about that, just about the degree, donald trump has been sounding the alarm for months, now evidence he is right, is mounting. republican nominee today tweeted -- a lot of call ins about vote flipping at voting booths in texas, people are not happy, big lines. what is going on? a fair question. what is going on in texas? what has been discovered in
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north texas? there is a largest number of claims of voter fraud. and important questions, so far, unanswered. indiana, a state wide investigation of electoral fraud under way, state police found evidence of fraud in virginia fbi investigating reports that dead people have registered to vote. on this broadcast we suspect they had some help in doing so . more allegations of fraud in missouri, texas, oklahoma and colorado. we'll take up some of those concerns with some of the best political analysts here tonight. media research center, rich noise is joining us as well, his group put out a study finding all mainstream liberal media coverage of donald trump
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has not only been negative, but down right hostile. a lot to talk about here, including latest wikileaks, leaks. more evidence of play to pay, and bribery. corruption within the campaign itself, krupped by it appears, the candid herself. a 12 page memo where he brags about making former president bill clinton filthy rich, generating $100 million of personal income for him. donald trump today campaigning in ohio. iblasting the stench of corruption. >> just today we read about clinton confidant, bragging he funneled tens of millions of dollars to bill clinton, through the foundation, donation, paid speeches and consulting contracts. mr. band called the arrangement unorthodox.
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the rest of us call it out right corrupt. lou: that one of three rallies that donald trump is holding in the state of ohio today. our top story, wikileaks, releasing a bombshell e-mail today. clinton campaign, struggling to deal with bill clinton's sex scandals, and e-mail from january of this year. laying out some of the key questions that while hillary might have to face, including, will you apoll jiedz t apologize to the women who were wrongly smeared by your husband and his allies, and how is what bill clinton ddifferent from what bill cosby did? and latest e-mail reveal shock and anger over hillary clinton
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a decision to use a private e-mail server for official government business. she helps run the clinton campaign transition team e-mailed clinton campaign chairman podesta in summer of 2015. >> to we actually know who told hillary she could use a private e-mail. and has that person been drawn and quartered. the whole thing is bleeping insane. also spelling out damaging e-mails from former clinton intimate doug band who laid out how bill clinton lined his pocket by stirring donors for clinton foundation to hire him for speeches and consulting, corruption throughout the entire clinton cartel. as to the size of moneys involved, 2011 memo reveals, yielded over $30 million for him personally with $66 million paid out later. that is a lot of speaking.
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joining me now, to talk about massive clinton cartel corruption, and cronyism exposed in these latest e-mails, dropped by wikileaks, versus trump's call to drain the swamp. we're joined by attorney ebony william, republican campaign strategy tony saeg, both fox news contributors. this is getting worse by the day. any claim against wikileaks, fact is they are doing a job that national liberal media refuses to do revealing corruption and scale and dimension of that. >> i know they are not your favorite publication but even new york times today had to lead with this, that is how obvious that has become. she can't run from this. this is something many people have suspected.
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i have been saying for a long time, i believe a lot of things about hillary clinton, not that she is stupid. i believe she knew that risk involvement she decided this -- that financial benefit was more beneficial to her. we see steps to avoid it you but she refused. lou: if not for wikileaks, tony, we would not know the scale, the scope of this abjec breach of public trust and corruption. >> isn't it incredible our own fbi cannot get access to this information yet some hacker overseas can. this goes to bottom line, that clinton foundation has been a family corrupt -- fundamentally krupped by the idea they could have profited off hillary clinton's possession as secretary of state.
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you look at what doug band said in a testy exchange with chelsea clinton, said that bill clinton had about 500 conflict of interest violations that could have been very damaging should they have come out. guess what? they just did. what is mainstream media going to do? it is so unavoidable that even publication like "new york times" has to cover it somewhat. >> "new york times," every other liberal left wing publication this country that has endorsed her, based on what we see here now. should withdraw chosen dors am and do it -- endorsement and they should do it immediately or they are every bit as corrupt as she is. that entire clinton cartel. the smell is permiating the nation now. >> it makes me think
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at-this-point her supporters or backers assume that is just part of doing business, that corruption and back-door dealings, or they believe that is a conspiracy. it harder and harder for these people to believe that now, and now more and more mounting evidence, even submitted by friendly, if we will, sources. >> the reality is they believe they will win. >> it is no longer about them, we know what they are. they identified themselves as most corrupt couple in america pool ticks -- politic. >> two weeks ago, abc came out with document that show bill clinton's friends were treated with favoritism by state department for contract related to haitian earthquake relief. and we learned last week hillary clinton orchestrated a $12 million fee to speak in morocco with the king of
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morocco, a regime in 2011 she said was corrupt and violating human rights. comments he made in 2005, how iis it ta media, does not do the same. they riding this one out. >> you make a good point. talk about two instances of public face and a private face. lou: and the reality is, there is no question about whether the new york time or washington post or jeff bezos who owns it, and has not got the integrity to stand up and say his publication that he drove in this attack mode throughout this campaign has been wrong, wrong, and wrong. he owes an apology to the american people, and all, all of his readers, this is appalling. on every level. >> tony a, ebony thank you. >> thank you.
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lou: we're awaiting that trump rally in geneva, ohio, we're coming right back with much more. we have a lot to cover tonight. wikileaks, latest from campaign trail. and much, much more. stay with us. >> trump promises to destroy the radical islamist threat that clinton and obama created. >> we will stop isis and we will stop them fast. lou: ambassador john bolton joining me next. and follow the dirty, dirty money. the 20th wikileaks dump exposes clinton cartel's my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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lou: donald trump today hitting hillary clinton over her criticism of russian president vladimir putin. >> she speaks so badly of putin could nuclear country. she speak so badly. i say, she uses it to try to get votes. i said to myself, you know how do you speak so badly of somebody, how are they going to get along. wouldn't it be great if we got along with russia and other countries? we together went after isis
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and knock the hell out of them? lou: it is remarkable. that donald trump is making a reasonable, rational, sophisticated appeal to better spirits and nature of american office holders, lawmakers, policymakers. and being ridiculed from the left for so doing. to show how you far mainstream, left wing media has gone, consider this, over 30 years ago, margaret thatcher said these words, i like mr. gorbachev. we can do business together. that is the leader the of the soviet union, in which we have been in a cold war since world war ii. she was a visionary, our media is, attacks donald trump rather than listening to what
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the man is saying, extraordinary the time we live in. former u.s. ambassador to united nations, american enter brycen institute ambassador john bolton joins us. i have to say. the ignorance, and hostility of the left wing, media in this country is now overwhelming. and obvious to even the most relunctant observer of national politics, don't you agree? >> i don't think there has been an election that i recall where the bias of the so-called mainstream press has been more evident. we could pick a lot of subjects, you have picked what she said about vladimir putin. it should be perfectly obvious that what she is trying to too is cover-up the consequences of her 4 years as secretary of state. and the continuation of obama administration now for almost another 4, which has followed
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the same policy, these were the people who said you know russian relations issue u.s. relations are so bad after the evil george w. bush administration we'll press the reset button, they gave concession after concession to putin, and now look at where we are. lou: the point being, there is unreal politics at work here now. this administration is run by a gaggle of fools in national security. the result have been disastrous. not only for us, but for europe, much of the world, and the direction that we're headed. will be continuing on that path should hillary clinton by some stroke of a bad fortune become president. it madness will continue. >> yeah. look this is why i think it is clear that from the kremlin's own logic, they would prefer
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to have hillary clinton as president. putin has seen her in action. he has met with her over the 4 year period she was secretary of state. he knows her world view, which is family the same as -- family th fundamentally the same as obama, she is weak, and bureaucratic, indecisive, why not have obama's third term? that is what hillary is campaigning on. if i were vladimir putin i would say bring it on. lou: also, what has been brought by the obama administration without a single foreign policy success to its credit, in 8 years, almost 8, the fbi has now been fully corrupted, justice department, fully corrupted in their leadership. my god, can we fix this? as we look at donations from justice department, the state department, in this campaign, that are flowing, i'm talking about 98, 99% of those
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donations from those employees in the obama administration. i mean, somebody is going to have to clean this sewer up in washington, d.c. or more accurately, as donald trump says drain the damn swamp. >> look speaking as an alumni of department of justifies reagan years, someone ha that worked with fbi then and during the time i was at state department, and happy to cooperate with the fbi. in their ongoing endeavors today, this so-called investigation, of hillary's e-mail scandal and absence of an investigation, of the clinton -- jim: no, it is not absent, investigator did their job, they had a recommendation by all accounts that we have heard from those who want to remain anonymous, but action agents, they all wanted to bring a prosecution against her.
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and further more, unam -- unanimously they wanted her e-mail eliminate. >> to resign to find ways to are tech them as whistle-blowers. lou: that has not worked out well. john we know what we have -- >> it has not so far. lou: we can smell this stench all the way to other coast. >> that is why if we had -- lou: have to be able to say,. >> this is a stain on fbi. lou: how do you elect someone who has her record who has is connected to clinton cartel's corruption in every instance almost every instance. in the wikileaks releases. look at "wall street journal"
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reporting, you go through the whole list. >> and you know we see a story occasionally they are not covering it between now and the election. lou: that was -- it was a i guess i was beseechings american people to wake up, and act accordingly that is make sure we do not prolong to perpetuity this level of corruption or this country is lost. >> i think it going to get worse, if this is what they were aim to do if they serve at state department, imagine fields of opportunity open 1 they get to the white house. lou: ambassador john bolton.
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we're going to have to say thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: john bolton, vote in our poll, you are outraged that the national liberal media refuses to report on what is clearlies systemic corruption of the clinton cartel? cast your s vote on twitter. and follow me on twitter. >> on wall street today, stocks finished low edow down 30, s&p down 6, nasdaq foal therfell 34. volume on the big board picking up. amazon shares falling in after-hours trading after weaker than expected earnings and a bis appointed outlook for this holiday shopping season. >> up next a shocking look at how bill clinton amassed his fortune after leaving the
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white house, it is not a pretty sight. >> former president cashing in from many of the same donors who gave to the clinton foundation, the clinton a pay to play scandal. the subject of my commentary
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lou: a few thoughts on overwhelming evidence, the weight of evidence that against the clinton, their collusion with obama state department, obama justice department, politicize fbi, white house itself and swirling corruption that putting huge sums of money in to hands of the clinton, the podesta e-mails from wikileaks reveals significant pay to play. at clinton foundation, throughout clinton cartel, latest example a 12-page memo from doug band, a bill clinton
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aide laying out his unorthodox role in pushing foundation donors to move their money over to bill clinton, to hire him for outrageous sums of money, speeches, consulting, whatever. insidious because of hillary's role as secretary of state in midst of most of those transgregs and conflict, last week a several e-mail from band to podesta, reveal former president, received many expensive gifts from clinton global initiative sponsors. as for hillary clinton, wikileaks revealed she arranged $12 million donation from the moroccan government to clinton global initiative, in exchange for a meeting. that is a pricey meeting. i wonder what else that meeting was to be about. wikileak revealed that podesta in march last year accused former clinton foundation,
11:29 pm
braverman, of telling a reporter to quote, follow the money, follow the real scandal, braverman had just resigned a few months earlier. more than half meetings that hillary clinton took with people outside the obama government while secretary of state where with clinton foundation donor, pay to play, pay to might, pay for whatever else they got. clinton also met with representatives of at least 16 foreign governments. those governments donated up to $170 million, don't forget, raj fernando, despite he had no relevant experience what so ever for post other than his work to raze money for clinton campaign, and as donor to the clinton foundation.
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and obviously corrupt transaction that clinton foundation received, tens of millions of dollars from visitors that uranium firm, tens of millions. they were seeking government approval for a deal with russia, uranium. the result of that transaction was a trend transfer of 20% of american uranium reserves to the russians, clinton cartel still has not, not daned to answer inquiries about th the uranium one deal, with just 12 days to election, left wing media will not demand answers at this late date on part of the obama administration or the clinton cartel or the democratic presidential nominee.
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they all smell to high heaven. and were she voted to office, that stench would fill our white house, a horrible thought to contemplate. a quotation of the evening, this is honor i short supply in our nation's capital. andrew jackson said this of honor -- every good citizen makes his country's honor his own. and cherishes it not only as appreciatous but as sak sacred. he is willing to risk his life. as we approach election day. the question is, do we have enough good citizens to return our government to the people? we'll ponder that. meanwhile, a few words from our sponsors, we'll be right
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back with much, much more. >> trump is climbing in the polls, surprising clinton cartel and left wing media. >> media is going wild, they say, you know, this guy is winning. in florida, he is winning. in north carolina, he is winning. in ohio, he is winning. plan. >> media research director rich noise will join my next to talk about trump's rise in the polls. and the antidemocratic attacks of the left wing media against donald trump. >> what happens when you combine a construction crane, wakeboarding and a crazed adrenaline junky? the stunt in the video up next.
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lou: donald trump today called out mainstream left wing media for poisoning the minds of some voters. >> record-setting bad treatment what i'm getting, it is a pile on, i go to the rallies, they are starting to hate the media, they see a lot of it is a big lie. you poison the mind. of the american voters, they really do it is unfair. lou: unfair it is, a new study by media research some found 91% of donald trump's media
11:37 pm
coverage has been negative, even hostile, joining me now, to discuss study and more, rich noise. good to have you here. this is like we've never seen before. i don't know if you have done a historical comparison. but i have never seen these ratios of between two candidates so wide -- one sided. >> i've been doing this since 1988, it is not just negative ratio to trump has, he get about 4 times more eentertainments that hillary clinton -- statements, he is the topic of most of the nightly news discussion, to calculate the spin ratio we strip away trump talking about hillary clinton or himself, hillary talking about trump or
11:38 pm
herself, we just report. this is spin that newscasts are presents, it is 91% negative on trump, he is getting more coverage from hillary clinton, most are about his controversy not hers. inspit-- in spite of how controversy they are. lou: national media chosen, to ignore most of all of the allegations of bill clinton, even though wikileaks document reveal that campaign was most concerned high would be juxtapose against bill cosby for his allegations against him. but bill clinton a case there has been ajudication, there has been proof, there has been the reality of what has happened, and those women have come forward, and famously, we were 4 of them at a debate ignored by lift wing media.
11:39 pm
>> yeah. we is -- number one topic for this fall campaign, we looked at from convention, to third debate, 102 minutes of air time was donald trump and women, 7 minutes o -- discussion of bill clinton and his past, most of how unfair it was for donald trump to bring it up. lou: looking at scandal revealed. what we've seen, from wikileaks revealed to american public is enough for these newspapers, editorial boards, their publishers to withdraw their endorsement of a campaign that is so obviously corrupt. so, inpuned by fact. and reality, that it is it disgusting. the smell that surrounds this whole public corruption case against the clintons, the clinton cartel, the clinton campaign, the clinton foundation. it is unprecedented.
11:40 pm
>> -- look this is a democratic nominee this year was under criminal investigation by fbi in the year she ran, that is not' top story, you would think that would belo be -- prohibitive. a small frack of what trump got for women, 20 minutes on clinton foundation, pay to play, two minutes on benghazi, they are sca are -- scandals that go to heart whether she can funfunction as president they are pushed to the back of the line. >> two largest newspapers, this is washington post, and "new york times," have honors. jeff bezos, himself is committed to destroying the candidacy of donald trump. carlos slim, largest single shareholder now in "new york
11:41 pm
times." both organizations, driven anti-trump, anti-- and most unantidemocratic fashion if i could put it that. what in the world should american people do in response? do you see a wake up here in an alarm? or more apathy and indifference? >> every cycle it grows the number of people who do not trust the press, press have proven themselves not to be honest brokers. >> i don't like that construction. because, i don't see deceit, i did seption -- deception on the part of anyone but left wing media, this is extraordinary, their candidates held up in judgment by public opinion and voters on november 8. >> right, and voters i think
11:42 pm
are losing trust, if they are -- in this press. i think owners you talk about they could not do that if they did not have rank-and-file journalists who believed that that world view as well. lou: i'm not the last thing i would question is whether there is a shared world view. it is globalist and left wing on those publications, most of national media. rich we have gone way over. you make me do that. thank you. >> thank you. lou: federal jury and portland oregon, get ready, justice lives in america. that jury has just found bundy and 6 codefendant not guilty, on all counts, charged with 1 spi-- conspiracy for taking over a western wildlife building in eastern oregon for
11:43 pm
protests. it is critical to the nation's future. it is resulted in imprison am of two ranchers convicted, unjustly, unfairly, and un-american. because they set control fires on federal land. they had leased. what is happening is, justice prevails, thank youin thank you, oregon, you are out raineoutraged that national liberal medea refuses to report to the systemic corruption of the clinton cartel. we would like to hear from you, on this cast your vote, and we would like to hear from you on november 8, roll the video, 3 adrenaline junkies. wow.
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a ship container. athletes, wakeboarding while pulled by a crane off the coast of croatia, doing flips and tricks. they wanted to do something crazy. and new. they absolutely realize their dreams. shipping containers. up next, donald trump, said that hillary clinton presidency could be bought and paid for. >> information came out today just a while ago. that more devastating than anything you have seen so far. hillary clinton puts the office of secretary of state up for sale, if she got the chance she would put the oval office up for stale also. lou: doug mechanical way --
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lou: more clinton cartel corruption, wikileaksi
11:49 pm
economy posing -- exposing a memimemo. raising more questions of pay to play within clinton foundation. fox news correspondent doug has our report. >> doug band is at center of web of fundraising for profit activities of clin hel clinton foundation or what he calls in his memo, bill clinton inc. >> he was the architect they fully leverages their contact so bill clinton who was outside of government while his wife was secretary of state could change as much money as he could. >> representing some largest company in world. if those companies wanted access to clinton's band held the key. >> he not have much money to his name, it was just he and doug band together, this
11:50 pm
two-man team that was off on their own in early years after the white house. doug band really built him into this global brand. reporter: brand's frie price for access has become a political hot potato. >> mr. band called the arrangement unorthodox, the rest of us call it out right corrupt. reporter: even daughters chelsea took note after an audit raised red flags, e-mailing hillary, my father was told examples of doug, pushing for, receiving free maybe, and hustling business at cgi, sparking a feud between she and band. >> he was recent full of her asserting that role, he saw her as he called, a quote
11:51 pm
spoiled brat. reporter: top clinton ea aide shirl mills, e-mail ban, a month later, band confided to podesta and mills, as they say the apple does not fall far, a kiss on the cheek while sticking a knife in back and front. doug band did not respond to our inquiries if comment. and 10io -- teneo said they did not believe any financial benefit. lou. lou: thank you. >> up next donald trump said he is tired of same corrupt politicians running our nation's capital. >> when we win. all right? we're going to washington, d.c. and we're going to drain the swamp.
11:52 pm
lou: drain the swamp, has a ridge to it, chris plant, mike gallag this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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11:55 pm our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. lou: all right we have breaking news, if we can roll video, laguardia airport, where governor mike pence's plane has rust rolled off the -- just rolled off the runway, there are no injuries, rolled
11:56 pm
from the tarmac on to the grass. but as you see a lot of emergency vehicles there. as you would expect any time a plane goes off the runway. again, no one injured. we understand that governor pence went to the back of aircraft to make sure that there were no injuries even, among the press. and we're pleased to tell you again, the plane -- well, it did roll off the runway, there are no injuries, we'll have the latest for you soon as we receive further details. this just happened. >> our on-line poll we want to bring you wan you up-to-date? we asked you. >> do you think they are momentum for donald trump? 87% said yes. >> joining us chris plant, and mike gallagher.
11:57 pm
it would be interesting if we inverted those names in title of the show. i'm kidding. all about the brands, chris, this town in which you live and work. is so corrupt. it is so -- >> it is. lou: appalling. i mean can you smell it in the air these days? >> pretty much. honestly. i was thinking about it as a drove in, i kid you not, we have never lived -- i have been here almost 30 years, i have never seen this town as corrupt or close as it is now. honestly the obama administration and the clinton, department of justice corrupted, fbi corrupted. and irs corrupted and media corrupted, now clintons looking to get back in white house. i wonder if they move back in, do they bring furniture back they stole last time they left?
11:58 pm
now we have the clintons, if they were only republicans, "new york times" would declare them to be most corrupt politicians in american history yeah, they woul. lou: they woulds right, they would could right now if they had guts to do so. >> this is why draining the swamp is so perfect, trump comes along with a perfect imagery to cut right to the chase. the stench of corruption we see every day, all that wikileak stuff, it like a fire hose, there is so much coming at us, almost that american people cannot comprehend how bad clinton corruption is. >> i can't even imagine why anyone in this country, given all that we know from wikileaks, and some terrific reporting that has been done, princprincipally by "wall
11:59 pm
street journal." i don't know why anyone would think about voting for two of the most corrupt politicians. >> we have come to accept it, it is the new normal. barack obama is star of stage and screen, he does comedy on late night tv, and hillary clinton goes on univision and says here favorite food is mexican food, and she goes on the radio and says her favorite food is hot sauce, everyone knows they are lying. >> let's hope and pray they get it by november 8. lou: all right. thank you mike and chris. >> thank you. lou: that is it for us, thank you for being with us, tomorrow night, fred barnes, and tammy bruce, among our guest, joining you, thank you for being with us, good night from new york.
12:00 am
kennedy: tonight's new clinton foundation scandal threatening to derail hillary's campaign, a leaked memo showing how bill clinton used charity to line his own pocket. >> which candidate do you trust most to take care of u.s. economy? new numbers suggestion either one could face a tough road after election day. >> libertarians on cusp of helping to makeover a country, this time it involves pirate, grab an eye patch, time for me to shiver your timbers. >> all right, bill clinton is business. and business is good.


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