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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  October 29, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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to watch the fbi will reverse itself like this and create what has been an extraordinary explosion in a presidential campaign in the country, your thoughts as an attorney about what's going on? >> i would be very nervous if i were representing hillary and if i were involved in illegal team up to this point last three years. i'd be very nervous. the fbi is reversing itself basically saying we are going to reinvestigate. when did they do that? this is serious. this is and just we are going to review, they have reviewed and they have seen things and now they are going to really look into it deeply. >> lou people intuitively know that the big deal. there has been a lot of conversation last 12 hours about the fact that how big the impact will be in the electorate. this was a complicated issue in the summer and there have been things about the corruption with the server, with the foundation and other aspects of clinton inc. but no one understood all the steps along the way.
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this is a big deal the fact that in the summer you had only basically saying we looked into this, we didn't think there was enough to pursue charges even though she was sloppy. now he is reopening the investigation and that is for her. lou: counselor, the issue here is to talk about all that she has done even back on july 5 as he is exculpating her saying we are not going to move forward even though he is talked about six times that she lied. misrepresenting yourself in terms of her use of her e-mail server. laying out the foundation to move ahead and now here we are with 11 days remaining before the election. the only time i can remember something like this happening from memory is the special prosecutor in 1992 on a friday before the election coming out with a report charging
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effectively weinberger. it was an amazing thing which destroyed many argue george h.w. bush's momentum. >> i think there was no choice here. there were too many people involved at this point who sought e-mails, who sought destruction of the server, destruction by bleach by a company she contracted. it's becoming ridiculous. let's just have a grand jury. let's not have anyone decide to have a grand jury in the democratic process. let's move it forward. lou: a grand jury would have been the right thing. >> the casey point out with the special prosecutor in the iran-contra he was an active liberal. he was someone with a political agenda. in this case comey to us has been sold by a lot of people including the democrats are the last six months as this angelic figure who is beyond reproach.
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lou: by the way they don't take such forecast. >> other than you but i will have to ask this question. you have another important number to think about. five people including cheryl mills who is representing hillary clinton have been immunity and pled the fifth. it's no crime at all that was committed? clearly the deeper we get into this and i don't know how quickly it's going to happen, i think it's going to be beyond repairable for her. lou: the idea that john podesta or campaign manager and in des moines were she was campaigning today in iowa tonight calling for immediate release of whatever the evidence is, is that just smoke or do they mean it? a prosecutor is going to react to that, right? >> who would say those things? we want to see everything. they don't have the call quite
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frankly. are they trying to take control of this because they are not in control at this point. the fbi will decide what to release, when it's released and how its release. that's their call and it was a bad call in july. let's see how the call comes out this time. lou: i don't mean to be in any way skeptical or cynical about their motives but it could have been there was an insincere protest of spin. >> what are they left with? they have no other choice but to create the impression that there's nothing there by way of a smoking gun until that is proven as evidence but by the way mike pence has said several things. let's see this, this is going to be impactful in this election. lou: no offense to governor pence but i would rather hear the republican position from a nominee donald trump than the governor. sort of a strange thing and that
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maybe their strategy but nonetheless that should be by donald trump. >> i think mr. trump went to manchester he made the statement. that's almost beyond debate. lou: it is beyond debate. this is her committing the crime and not trying to cover it up. we will probably find elements of a cover-up. lou: think about this. we can be attaching some hypothetical to a cover-up which she destroyed 33,000 e-mails. and by the way while under subpoena. we talked about speculatively, i cover-up. we do know one thing it's now an investigation by the fbi into wrongdoing. we appreciate it. rebecca great to have you with us, thanks for being with us. chief national correspondent ed henry has been covering this
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news development and all of the developments out of the fbi today. good evening add and what can you tell us tonight? >> brand new in the last couple of moments we are hearing the fbi director james comey put out a memo to fbi employee saying all hands on deck because they have basically reopened the investigation of hillary clinton you will remember back in july he suggested that there were potential violations of the law and there was evidence suggesting hillary clinton did in fact mishandled classified information but decided not to bring charges. the fbi source tells me they are focused on thousands of e-mails sent and received by huma abedin clinton's top aide. several law enforcement agencies who are questioning how thorough the original litigation could have been they didn't findthouss in the first place. remember lou she was one of several clinton aides brought in by the fbi. she was questioned thoroughly we
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thought at the time and we were told then that they had to turn over some documents. why these e-mails existed somewhere else and the fbi is just learning about them now through the anthony weiner investigation, separate investigation be found e-mails and devices that he had and he and his wife are separated but when you talk about the fairness of the fbi investigation think back to the fact that several ways including cheryl mills received immunity from the fbi. that raised a lot of eyebrows at the time especially because we learned after cheryl mills a close friend and advisor was given immunity, from prosecution her laptop was destroyed and apparently part of the immunity was she got immunity in exchange for turning over her laptop. there were a lot of lawmakers fired up on capitol hill saying why don't you just subpoena them?
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why were you using kid gloves on cheryl mills and maybe now we are learning they used kid gloves on huma abedin and the separate investigation found out there are thousands more e-mails. lou: are there more clinton e-mails out there? >> this is a big question tonight lou. lou: contemporaneously as you report these developments tonight contemporaneously, there is the fbi investigation of governor terry mcauliffe from virginia the closest ally if you will and friend of the clintons both hillary and bill going on and then his relationship to the deputy director of the fbi and the resulting questions about the massive conflicts of interest that result. >> terry mcauliffe you are absolutely right, virginia governor longtime fund-raiser for the clintons and help with their foundation. he is all in and if hillary clinton is elected president he will be one of her closest
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advisers. his term as governor is coming up in about a year and all of a sudden $600,000 is raised and generated by terry mcauliffe into the coffers of the fbi official spells as she is running for local office in virginia. lou: can i interrupt there? it goes one step beyond and that is governor mcauliffe and actually recruited her to run for the virginia state senate in that race but she lost. >> look, think back to other original fbi investigations. what about the fact that former president bill clinton was on an airplane with the attorney general loretta lynch at the height of this investigation and they were bringing it to a close what about the fact that president obama had multiple interviews including fox's chris wallace. i don't think there was a national security problem here. he is the boss.
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he is loretta lynch is lost and he was saying there is no -- all of that suggest there was political interference in now the democrats are screaming and yelling about this being political interference 11 days before the election. there's a lot that happened before this. lou: and some of the squealing is surely the squealing of those who thought they had gotten away with it and it may turn out that their confidence was misplaced. >> one other quick point at the news conference he yes a while ago with hillary went on the trail in iowa saying i want all the facts. let's challenge the fbi director. put out all the information. hillary clinton has put out the information. wikileaks just yesterday had a memo in her e-mail showing the campaign manager and john podesta the campaign chairman "the new york times" dirt road in march of 2015 were e-mailing each other. the two top officials in her
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campaign for in the dark about how big the e-mail scandal was from the beginning and now she is saying put out all the information in the facts. that's pretty rich. lou: that is pretty rich particularly since they have know what lies in those dark and uninvestigated course of their lives and careers. as we look at what is happening here it is really remarkable to think that this investigation has been reopened 11 days before the election. we know that it's not going -- i shouldn't say with we know but we strongly expect there's no way to move to resolution in 11 days. judging its impact politically and you'll been covering the campaigns of these folks for some time, what is your best judgment? >> it still and uphill climb for donald trump because when you look at the map and the math as you know he still has some states where he is behind right
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now. it looks like he's been up in ohio and florida is looking better for him but without flipping pennsylvania he asked around a table north carolina, nevada, new hampshire and get into the 270s to win but here's my bottom line. this may have stopped the momentum that hillary clinton had coming out of the last few days in the allegations in the axis hollywood tape. all of that puts donald trump on defense was starting to come back before this and all of a sudden if the stunts are momentum he has a real shot for the first time in a long time. lou: ed henry thank you so much. up next just the way it who runs a good part of the trump campaign advisor, counselor and strategist for republicans all. they both join me next. trump will be taking the stage shortly in cedar rapids iowa. there we are. the numbers not revealed by that
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shot so we are going to get wider on that shot. a lot more straight ahead as we prepare to go to donald trump with his rally in cedar rapids. he had that day of what one might call providential fortune. a lot more straight ahead. a lot more straight ahead. stay with us. [ corvo ] delilah won't go with a fight.
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lou: 11 days until the presidential election the fbi dropping a bombshell today reopening the investigation to the clinton e-mail scandal. joining me now to assess the impact on the politics and the prospects for these nominees. trump campaign chief operating officer jeff dewitt, former political director of george w. bush chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp both joining us tonight. good to have you with us. just let me start with you. your candidate has been very constrained and reserved i thought in the face of what looks substantively to the great news for the campaign. your reaction on the strategy going forward? >> will lou first forward? >> while lou first of all thanks for having me on thanks for having me on and i will tell you i just let a group of very strong trump supporter's and they are so energized, the room is electric right now and how
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they feel about what is happening today. you know it validates everything that mr. trump has been saying. hillary clinton is not fit to run profits. they're there is 17,440 e-mails that she wouldn't turn over. these are things that don't happen if you are not breaking the law. thanks to wikileaks we see that she basically ran a pay-for play scheme at taxpayers expense while she was secretary of state. i do not understand how she is even allowed to run profits but now it's up to voters to send her home and not put her in the white house. lou: and matt, your reaction to this? james comey reversing himself what we thought was a settled matter. donald trump certainly has not. he has been hitting and hitting hard the corruption of the clinton cartel as we have
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described it on this broadcast for some time. what do you make of that? >> i think the fbi's reputation has taken serious hits and james comey has watched this happen. there was a wikileaks this week they came out that said that high-ranking fbi agents, his wife ran for the state senate of virginia and the clintons and turn the call of the governor virginia got $500,000 from her campaign. i think james comey for that week in my guess is his head exploded. he realized the very foundation of the reputation of the fbi that is at stake and for him to do this with 11 days left lou i would say one thing i know to be true. there's something very serious in the information that they uncovered roughly wouldn't do something that would risk looking so political. lou: we are talking, when you talk about the fbi deputy director andrew i cabe, his wife
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dr. joe mccabe selected by governor terry mccall if of virginia to run for the state senate and moving a half million dollars into her campaign coffers and later his path doing so. this is ugly stuff and the substance of whatever has been discovered here. jeff i know you don't have a lot of insight or knowledge nor do any one of us into what the fbi has discovered what it's going nod us until we all figured out. what do you judge the impact of the? and/or stand you have got to be careful here and not get too carried away but give us your best sense of what the impact is on your strategy going forward. >> lou here's the amazing thing. the e-mails that have come out so far have been horrifying. that's the only word you can use, horrifying and the insights
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that we have into hillary land as she calls the world she lives in and get one of those e-mails the wikileaks e-mails were bad enough for the fbi to open the investigation. what we can very much guess is whatever they did find has to be atrocious to be that much worse than the information authority out there for them to reopen the investigation. i found it interesting that hillary's basic response was telling her supporters, go vote right now. i'm hoping the fbi does the right thing and shows us why did is they have. i think it's very disqualifying for the bee the president. >> just the one thing i would want to introduce here is once investigation has opened up to matter how narrow they say it is at the beginning it always spreads and they have to follow the information. they are going to investigate certain e-mails it's going to
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lead to the other e-mails. why did she create at home server because she was doing all kinds of crazy wheeling and dealing with the foundation to get themselves rich and now they are in trouble all over again. lou: this investigation is likely now given all the we have learned with the result of all the devices of huma abedin heard number two advisor arguably number one advisor, and her estranged husband of former congressman anthony weiner, his device plus two others we don't know to whom does the long but adding to that all we have learned from the wikileaks and now what we are seeing is the result of wikileaks. these e-mails for the corruption. whether it's illegal, it is corruption. i will leave leave it to the las and the prosecutors to decide what is illegal but it is a
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corrupt enterprise, i cartel that reaches from tamayo to the foundation to the clinton global initiative to the secretary of state's office and to all of these people who make up the clinton organization, the clinton cartel. as i have said here it is a cesspool that is now before the american people in a candid nor does. in the day's developments just they can't ignore those people who are going to vote who may be glancing at this campaign on the part of both candidates. they have to focus on them now because they see what's at stake >> this is the soul of our country and we cannot elect somebody that is so corrupt into the highest office model in the land but really the world. this should be the absolute reason why anybody on the fence needs to go out and vote donald trump and do it right now. lou: matt you get the last word.
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>> this is a very serious thing lou and nobody wants to see the highest office in the land go to somebody who is as corrupt as hillary clinton clearly appears to be. it's a sobering moment for our country that she has come so close. what we have learned in the last 24 hours is what we knew at the beginning of this process, that she is corrupt. clinton inc. has been nothing but line their pockets while hillary served in public office. i think it could change the selection. we have a barn burner barnburner and every voters went to matter. lou: jeff dewit in matt schlapp thank you. coming up will show you three tweets from none other than the king of tweets donald trump. they go back three years and you were going to be amazed, i promise you at the insight and oppressions of the republican nominee when it comes to the issue of huma abedin and
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congressman anthony weiner, the former congressman. stay tuned for that and also charlie hurd, ed rol leave hunter join us. thank you and we are waiting as the crowd is in cedar rapids iowa anxiously awaiting indeed donald trump to take the podium that you see which is right now unattended. that's going to change very quickly. we are coming right out.
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lou: i was just mentioning to you and to matt schlapp that donald trump tweeted something extraordinary. they go back three years. back in september of 2013, get ready for this because you are going to be astonished. september of 2013, he said this. amman should dump the sicko. he's a calamity that is bringing them down with him.
1:30 am
a year ago in august a little over a year ago in august of last year he tweeted this. they came out that huma abedin knows all about hillary's private illegal e-mails. her pr husband anthony weiner will tell the world. can you believe this? i'm not very here. this tweak later that same month , huma abedin he tweeted a the top aide to hillary clinton and the wife of her sleazebag anthony weiner, anthony weiner was a major security risk and collector of intel. i am joined now by former white house director great american tax strategist "fox news" contributor ed rollins in matt schlapp because he's very curious about all of this. matt, can you think of a more
1:31 am
prescient example than what donald trump demonstrated in those three tweets? >> look, he has political clairvoyance. we have seen it for a couple of years. it is also true lou that the more things change, the more they are the same. what we knew about huma abedin and carlos danger sleazy husband and hillary clinton is what we know today which they will lyme, they will cheat, they will steal and they will hide evidence. they would to anything for power because when when they get power they get rich and it's pretty simple when you look at it. lou: when you say it simple i don't know of anybody else when you say things -- the more things change they stay the same , he saw this three years ago. >> he understated the charges against him. this is a guy who nancy pelosi
1:32 am
asked to leave the congress. he didn't want to leave. he had all the sleazy behavior that was actually criminal behavior and for her to step in and ask a liberal democrat from new york to step aside so the idea that huma abedin who is a very smart woman would not share her computer with him, i am sure this was the vehicle were he did all of his illegal stuff. lou: are you talking about texting with minors and that sort of thing? >> his body parts into a certain extent it's not even decent for family television that at the end of the day the bad guy. lou: donald trump nailed it, sleazy, he described him as sleazebag anthony weiner. >> i think he was too kind to anthony but that's irrelevant. at the irrelevant. at the end of the day i think this is another cover-up to say that was his computer.
1:33 am
it was her computer with information, the clinton foundation e-mails. lou: what do. lou: what do you think, matt? >> i think it's so ironic that huma abedin and hillary clinton have the scoundrel husband. they have put donald trump over the coals for four weeks and as we get to the last week, the last 11 days of this campaign what we really find out if this is a campaign about character but it's not about donald trump's character. it's about the clinton's character in the character people who are the senior advisers in the way they act. the american voter needs to wake up and watch this. lou: ed rollins was pointing out how the clinton cartel operates, talking about henao, the interconnections with the white house, with the secretary of state in this case, mrs. clinton
1:34 am
, the clinton foundation and foreign governments in my god. the only thing new today really is that the fbi has decided to reopen its investigation. the public through wikileaks has seen what an awful cesspool the clinton cartel is. that the clinton foundation was set up for their foundation for five years ago and she said in her words 90% of the money went to charity. her tax form, 6% went to charity and more went for jet airplanes and fancy hotels, 30 some odd million dollars in salaries. i think it was outrageous. lou: matt your thoughts politically and where trump's candidacy is headed now? >> i don't think we should be listening to these people who go
1:35 am
on the shows. ed rollins one is camping. i ran a campaign where we won our national campaigns. they are unsure whether this will happen. listen to me, it's going to have an effect on the polls. this race is tightening. this just makes it happen more quickly and this race is a barnburner. you will see shifts in the polls. donald trump has an absolute chance to win this race and i think people are getting excited over the prospects of shutting down clinton inc.. lou: your thoughts? >> i was fortunate enough to run ronald reagan's campaign who won 49 states. there was voter fraud on the minnesota side but that's okay. at the end of the day iran christie whitman's campaign and she was 21 points behind with three weeks to go and beat him by 25,000 votes. you can come from behind at my sense is for five points can be
1:36 am
made up and this is an issue that can make it up. lou: the one thing that's different is campaign than most of the presidential experiences you are describing in new jersey and that is an absolute wall of aggression on the part of the national left-wing media that is not only completed with a left-wing candidate if you will but is absolutely attacking aggressively the reply -- republican nominee and relentlessly so and without question bombarding him as no candidate in political history has been hit by the national media. >> for the next 11 days this is the story. they don't write about the story this they are totally responsible. the story is so big. it will be the endgame of this campaign. lou: do you agree, matt?
1:37 am
>> i agree with ed and you know why they are so hostile to donald trump and you know why these republicans who haven't jumped on board do you know why they are so possible -- hostile to donald trump? is not afraid to take them on and the more they attack him i think the stronger makes trump. lou: it's interesting you said that because listening to some of his remarks today and i'm going to explore what you just said, listening to him today he seemed to reaffirm every pledge, every promise, every proposal that he has made in this entire campaign going back to june 16 of last year. he seemed stronger today than ever before. >> i think he feels good about his chances. she has to be worried about what's in there. lou: matt, now you get the last word. >> i don't know who to pick up those devices but i would want nothing to do with that.
1:38 am
lou: match flatts thank you very much ed rollins. stay with us. coming up next to donald trump as i said we are waiting podium right there. he will take the stage early to give new remarks on today's bombshell developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal and the reopening of the fbi investigation into it. we are told trump is delayed but we will be taking you to the rally momentarily. stay with us. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000. and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 2016 cla. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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lou: joining me now is staff writer "fox news" contributor charlie heard. good to have you with this partner is most lengthy, lee connor great to see you and ed rollins who has been with us for a few minutes and we appreciate it. let me start with you.
1:43 am
let's talk about the political dimensions of what has happened today. we have heard a number of people try to suggest there's no impact and there may not be an impact in polling. two folks who run campaigns none other than ed ron sin schlapp saying this is definitely going. >> we have seen the pole swinging back and forth over time. we have a lot of undecideds though. people are going to start making different decisions than they would have otherwise. i also think this is a big deal. her untrustworthy numbers are so high. lou: they stay at 70%. >> her poll numbers haven't changed. she's been at the same number for a long time and we are seeing now that my guess is she is going to lose some support. there's no way she can keep that and she loses support he is
1:44 am
nearing the polls and the think it is not within a two-point race it will be after this weekend. lou: charlie your thoughts here. this reopening has stunned everybody. apparently everyone was caught flat-footed, utterly surprised by the reopening by director james comey of this investigation which we all thought that mistakenly shut down the investigation rather than track them and prosecution. your thoughts? >> one of the questions i have is they went and collected this apparently anthony's computer which had backups of huma abedin's e-mails. my goodness wide didn't they get the computer in the first investigation? why didn't they. that apartment and if they were doing a thorough investigation and had they been investigating anybody else other than the clintons and her right hand person they absolutely would
1:45 am
have done that. i thought -- found it really curious that this device that contained all the e-mails happened and e-mails happened to bend one that they should have looked at to begin with. lou: donald trump's taken the podium at this moment with as usual a very warm welcome in the battleground state of iowa in cedar rapids. here he is. >> i want to say the great dan gable and kathy his beautiful wife. they are here someplace for their support. the greatest wrestler may be ever. pretty good and i will tell you what, he loves iowa and so do i. thank yous dan. where is dan? thank you, dan. thank you kathy. so nice, thank you. i love you too. [applause]
1:46 am
i love you two. as you have heard, earlier today the fbi after discovering new e-mails is reopening their investigation into hillary clinton. [applause] [chanting] the investigation is the biggest political scandal since watergate and it's everybody's hope that justice at last can be delivered. [applause] and a very brief remarks tonight, hillary clinton tried
1:47 am
to politicize this investigation by attacking and falsely accusing the fbi director of only sending the letter to republicans, another clinton lyme. as it turns out the letter was sent to both republicans and democratic leaders in congress. the fbi would never have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious criminal offense. [applause] as you know, i have had plenty of words about the fbi lately but i give them great credit for having the courage to write this horrible wrong. justice will prevail. [applause]
1:48 am
prior to today's events i was going to start off the speech by talking about how great we have been doing in the polls. [applause] we have been running an issue-based campaign focused on change, accountability and of course repealing and replacing obamacare. [applause] we are campaigning all over the country with a plan to bring back our jobs and provide safety for our families. in recent days, remington polls, which is highly respected, showed us surging four points ahead in ohio. [applause] going three points ahead in north carolina. [applause] we are up according to
1:49 am
bloomberg, at least two points in florida. [applause] and by the way, the people standing in lines in florida and so many other places are unbelievable. early voting states and a lot of them have red hats, they have white hats, they have pins, they have shirts that happened to save make america great again. [applause] and for the most part, these are people that are voting for trump would they have the whole deal and plenty of buttons they -- we have their vote but the lines of an incredible all over the country. thank you. we have pulled ahead nationally in numerous polls and this was all before the recent disaster for her but justice for the country.
1:50 am
we had gaps but we are really moving and i just wanted to say that because i don't know what's going to happen now. by the way, speaking of iowa and speaking of the polls, "the des moines register", not my favorite paper, has asked up four points in iowa. [applause] 11 days, we are going to win the state of iowa and we are going to win back the white house. [applause] early voting is underway, so make sure you get out and vote. it's a movement like nobody has ever seen before in this country you must get out and vote. we will take back the white house. we are going to bring common sense to government. we are going to bring honesty to government. get out and vote.
1:51 am
thank you. [applause] so much is at stake in this election. when we win in november, we are going to have honest government once again. hillary clinton destroyed 33,000 e-mails, destroyed 13 iphones iphones, two boxes of e-mail evidence went missing. maybe now they will be able to find it. she put her office up for sale, large corporations donors and foreign powers. the same special interests are now spending millions on her campaign in an effort to keep their corrupt grip on power. and i have to tell you, i was in florida a couple of days ago and they say it's 50-1 ads. 50-1 all of that wall street money going to help crooked
1:52 am
hillary and we are leading. how are you leading when it's 50-1? [applause] and boy am i spending a lot of my money. dan gable would say you shouldn't be spending that much mr. trump. but he knows about winning more than anybody and i will tell you what, we are going to win. we are going to win. and we are going to return power to the people. you know i was on the other side and i understand the other side probably as well as anybody but i love our country, i really love our country and i saw what was happening and i had to do this. on june 16 of last year when i announced coming down the escalator with melania, i announced, i want to tell you it was one of the great honors of my life because we are going to
1:53 am
start winning again. our country is going to start being smart again. we are not going to let our jobs disappear. we are going to be a smart country once again. the smart country. [applause] we have as a movement, like they have never seen before a once-in-a-lifetime chance to clean up washington, to bring fairness and growth back to our economy and to stop wasting trillions and trillions of dollars in the misguided wars and adventures overseas and we never win. we never win. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. [applause] it has just been announced that
1:54 am
americans are going to experience another massive double-digit high. and by the way they were announced by the white house and they said 25% which is terrible but the real number is double that. the real number is much more than that. as an example the great state of arizona will have a 116% increase. even bill clinton at admitted obamacare is quote the craziest thing in the world where people wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. in minnesota where premiums increased will probably be more than 60%, the democratic governor said the affordable care act is no longer affordable, horrible. it never worked. i said it before and they approved it.
1:55 am
remember? hominy times to president obama say you can have your doctor you can keep your plan and you can keep your doctor over and over, 28 times. and a lot of people including democrats voted for him because they believed him but it was a lie. jonathan gruber reviews architect of obamacare, remember that name from a year and half ago? remember that name? people forget that i don't forget. admitted it was all a fraud. he said it was passed because of the stupidity of the american voter. do you remember that guy? but the only stupidity was that the official who ran this through over the injections of the american voter, this is what happened. it did a tremendous disservice to our country. lou: donald trump wrapping up as we wrap up here, it carrying his
1:56 am
case against obamacare which is dominating now the lives of so many millions of americans because premiums rising on average 25%. mostly that's inserted then donald trump reacting to the reopening of the investigation of the clinton e-mail scandal's today. i talked -- he has just been so constrained on the issue direct and forthright saying justice will be delivered. charlie hurt your reaction? >> i think what we have seen over the past year is donald trump gets on these j.a.g.s where he is focused on the issues and he can go for about 10, 11 and 12 days and then he goes off on some tangent. if he can focus for 11 days and continue giving speeches just like the one he's getting right now talking about obamacare and talking about hillary clinton i
1:57 am
think he has a very very good chance at closing the gap and taking the lead here. lou: not only as charlie said is he being presidential, he looks presidential. there is a different look. seems to me to be a balancing of the way pcs in the shoulders. >> i think we are seeing him this week with a 25 increase in obamacare. he has had one thing after the other and today you can see that he feels the right thing. he said i've been hard on the fbi but i believe they are doing the right thing. as long as he is confident and not feeling attacked he does
1:58 am
very well. and if we see this for the next 11 days we could have a different -- lou: they have been improving for donald trump. he definitely has momentum, does he not? he needs to stay on this measured tone. people have to basically see what the clintons are all about and he doesn't need to yell on screen. i have to be careful because they are going to counter and they are going to drop a bomb on him. he has to stay on this message. lou: you are talking about yelling and screaming, no one yells at the level of hillary clinton. donald trump's never approached her level in this thing yelling and screaming.
1:59 am
charlie charlie, next week tied up, do you agree? >> absolutely. this is the best opportunity he has had in the entire race. lou: lee? as we begin to wrap up. >> i think they will seem ahead. if he's able to keep this up and people are able to keep this up there so many doubts about hillary clinton. this is going to cause her numbers to drop in his numbers will continue to increase. lou: you agree that independents will be determinant in this race and you test independents all the time dial tests. >> i have been fascinated by the independents. i think this is a movement. without more than a man. about the movement and the anti-establishment. >> equal import and you will see a rattled hillary clinton and her campaign this week because
2:00 am
she thought she was on her way to victory. lou: charlie hurt lee carter in ed rollins thank you for being with us tonight. we appreciate your insight and perspectives. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. when hillary wears white it's a symbol appeared about one melania trump where is it, it's a scary symbol of white supremacy. hollywood celebrities don't like trump either.


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