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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 31, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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already start shifting places. charles: a heck of a tangled web over there, thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: at home we appreciate when you watch, now lou dobbs. lou: good evening, 8 days until the election, and fbi is on the hunt for potentially classified e-mails that may be relevant to hill he's illegal use of a private e-mail server, agency now gearing up to sift through estimated 650,000 e-mails, discovered on a laptop use by top clinton aide huma abedin, and her estranged husband, former congressman anthony weiner. the ibm fbi's bombshell announcement friday as upended the race for white house, and catapulted trump in critical
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battleground states, that polling with trump with a factional lead in florida, andn. trump . mounting a blue constituent invasion, he is campaigning in new mexico, he was there yesterday, in michigan today, he will be in wisconsin tomorrow, and speaking in grand rapids, michigan today, trump said that fbi director james comey did the right thing, despite the criticism and pile on by now very anxious democrats. >> i have to give the fbi credit, that is so bad what originally happened, it took guts for director comb to make the move he made, in light of the kind of opposition he had, it took a loot of guts, i really disagreed with him, i tell you what, when he did he bright back his reputation. he brought it back.
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he has to hang tough, there is a lot of people out there want him to do the wrong thing, when he did was the right thing. lou: amongny guest, david bossey, donald trump's deputy campaign manager. and also congressman ron desantos, and peter navarro. >> we have a lot to talk about including new wikileaks, showing that donna brazile may leaked two debatey cans to hillary clinton. why did hillary clinton let her do that. >> revelation cost brazile in a big way. >> our top story, tonight, white house rejecting harry reid, hillary clinton and attacks from other flip glopping democrats, displaced
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now with james comey, saying that president obama still believes comey is a man of integrity. >> all -- i'll in either defend or criticize what growth or comey has decided. to communicate to the public there this investigation, president believes this director comey is a man of integrity, and principle and good character. lou: with that, justice department, has just september a letter to congress assuring lawmakers it will dedicate all necessary resources to review the new clip clin e-mails from 650,000 of them, they belong to clinton aide, huma abdeep, and they have been loaded on to a special queu computer program. a source closed to anthony
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weiner's legal team, tells brett baier it seems that the laptop, cop painting those e-mails of used to back up his estrange wife's smartphone contact in the process, the computer backed up all of the e-mails as well. >> breaking news, new report that fbi is conducting, a preliminary inquirey into donald trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, at issue are his business ties to russia with reports in august that manafort was a key player in a nut mull i million -- multimillion dollar business. joining us tonight, to circumstance's what has been an amazing 72 hours. deputy campaign manager for
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donald trump david bossey. >> thank you, lou. >> start with sudden announcement by harry reid, that there were problems that paul manafort, was the person he was preferred to for donald trump, what is going on. >> you, this is just harry reid playing politics, he a drones of barack obama's and hillary clinton's, it has zero to do with donald trump, nothing. or our campaign. you know mr. trump, severed ties with paul manafort months ago, these are question for mr. manafort in did the ties have anything to do with party? we have no -- knowledge of any of these -- of this investigation or mr. manafort's activities. acti. >> let's talk about polls then. since friday, major revision
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in the numbers, georgia, nevada, north carolina. florida. i mean these numbers have tightened. when is your sense from your internal polling, is it figure to get tighter. >> they are showing the same thing, hillary clinton is wiening and donald trump is on the rise, hillary clinton on defense playing safe in her safe area. donald trump as you said, we're going to win florida, north carolina. ohio, and iowa. that our pact to victory, as made, donald trump is campaigning in traditionaly blue state, state that republican have very rarely have competed it. it is extraordinary to see
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mr. trump, this is really -- >> donald trump is bringing his message of hope, growth and opportunity, jobs, job issue his number one issue is bring jobses to american people, that is where blue color average voter in michigan, wisconsin, nevada, new mexico are hearing they are funds out by tens of nows to hear his rally. we're going to election day, on offense,. lou: do you suppose, rights now, that we'll fine bev the election what is in the 650,000 e-mails. i know kellyanne conway has called for that. >> my background, a little bit different as an investigator, hillary clinton a asked for
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demanded james comb to release things she knows he can't release. he request not. lou: she could? >> but that not the issue. lou: it is. >> no, she says, james comey should release, tell american people everything. it would jeopardize whatever kind of criminal case they would be bringing against her. lou: i am going to repeat it. >> >> she knows what in there. but, knows that she doesn't have to worry about it coming out. if -- we've been talking about this for years. >> is that all. >> letgation strategy to get e-mails out of the staipt department, if they diskornled
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everything they. >> in his, blown up on, there is another little matt they're migh matter they might have evoided. setting up for e-mail private server if official. that might have been also helpful to their cause. >> i would think so. lou: david, quite a week for you. it will be a i have a feeling it is getting more interesting. >> happy to have you follows for us. >> thank you. charles: border patrol agents say, the obama administration is not sharing data with us, not fully truthful about what shaping in our country. those agents is a that flood of illegal immigrants across southern border with mexico is now quote, a crisis, situation. a new report, from breitbart said that immigration and
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custom enforcement has no room to house the arriving in the sunk. so many illegal immigrants are being release into communities, there no room to hold them, in the communities they are free to disappear, one said that public safety is in jeopardy, main street is complicit with obama administration, in covering up the crisis because it is an election year. charles: i find that difficult to believe, we're coming right back, stay with us. >> which clinton cartel, playing the victim after the fbi and wikileaks expose more corruption. >> hillary is not the victim, the american people are the victims. >> congressman ron desantos from house oversight committee
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built for business. lou: wikileaks to release 24th tranche of documents that would bridge total to 39,000 e-mails, among most shocking of though the delivered, new ifevidence that donna brazile, gave hillary a debate question, in advance of the bate. this despite her claims and denial. she writes to clinton communication director palmieri the night before the debate. one of the questions, directed to hrc tomorrow from a woman with a rash, her family has lead poison, she will ask, what if anything will hillary do as president to bullpe help the people of flint.
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cnn release a statement saying they are uncomfortable with this, and brazile tenders her resignation o october 14. >> and in february of last year. campaign was quote dealing with brushfires from clinton foundation, adding it might be time to cut off new foreign contributions, 8 days later, bill clinton a top aide wrote toion podesta, said this, foreign government donors all the money is in. that included that $12 million fox news first reported that clinton raised from the the king of morocco, and e-mails concerning a "saturday night live" sketch, that lampoon donors on center for american progress, liberal think tank
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founded and headed by, john podesta. podesta writes, we should figure out a way to push back, after all video evidence of the skit disappeared from the web. joining me now, congressman ron desantos of florida. great to have you with us. >> good evening. lou: we start with this, in which interim chair of dnclooks like she will get fired because, or maybe she get a bonus, for giving hillary clinton two at least that we know of, two questions in advance of the debate. she and cnn separated. this close relationship, between entertainment whether it is "saturday night live" or
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cnn your reaction. >> i think she probably did what democrat party wanted, with thumb on scale against bernie sanders whole time, they were trying to give hillary a coronation. and so she will probably be lauded this media, collaboration on help hillary win primary, cnn le, can her go, that is just because it was made public, had it not been made public, they know what is going on behind the scenes they have people who work arm and arm with the clintons jur. lou: are you saying she got caught? >> had wikileaks not done this they would not have done this. they are subject to public ridicule now, it of out in the open. that is what most of us suspect goes on. lou: what does -- so cynical. congressman, what how would you you think if david -- donald trump had accepted
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questions in advance of a debate? what would you think of him? >> well, first of all, you can't even contemplate that would happen, that you would have a mainstream media organization feeding anything to aid any republican candidate. so, it is just, i can't fathom that would happen, whereas i'm not surprised that hillary got questions fed to her. >> i'm comfortable his integrity would demand he rebuke the person that offered it as well as deny it. what do you think of hillary clinton for accepting it, and what do american people think of her for accepting it. just accepting that democrats are a bunch of liars, cheats and thieves, that time really should be over. >> i think that american people have a chance to run to that judgment, but i think that hillary, accepts that her
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team accepting that with no questions, cheating in a debate, basically that is par for the course, any time that clinton can take a shortcut to beneficial them sells, they have been doing it for years. lou: idea that wikileaks, because of your role, your service to the country, i think it since rifting that right now, wikileaks, is has honored american public's right to know, where nearly every major left wing liberal news organization, in the country has tried to deny. we have got facebook, twitter, snapchat, buzzfeed, all refusing to permit trending on reopening of the fbi investigation in to hillary clinton. what do you say to those companies, what do you say to the those companies, not necessarily part of, but, in a certainly performing sensorship against the
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american people. >> look they have their thumb thumb on the scale for a candidate, if you want to be partisan with the platforms, you should be honest with the public, they advertise themselves as being this open source, open field, everyone can haveb voice heard. lou: we know better than that now. >> absolutely. and so, it is not just, the e-mails it is also, the clinton foundation stuff, that has been, spiked as much as possible by the mainstream press, "wall street journal" article finally monday morning, final showed this are multiple probes going on, within the fbi, vis-a-vis the clinton foundation, that is a very explosive story, and yet you don't hear a lot of mainstream outlet focusing on that. lou: congressman ron desantos good to talk with you. >> thank you. lou: breaking news, fox news reporting, that billionaire sheldon adelson has just committed a stunning $25
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million to a super pac controlled by rickett family in chicago, hitting hillary clinton with corruption ads, latest move shows big money republicans who doubted trump initially are now betting big after revelations that fbi, and wikileaks, have turned up. ricketts, spent millions trying to stop trump initially, now, the rick its, and adelsons are backing trump to help him win this election. should we end early voting? so citizens have as much knowledge as candidates as possible, reasoning i am asking is some 22 million americans, have already voted in this country. whose bright idea was that? we take that up here, and we'll talk about how to stop it all. cast your vote on twitter on
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lou dobbs, and follow he on facebook. >> on wall street stocks move lower. dow down 19, s&p down a fraction, and nasdaq down one. volume on big board almost 4 billion shares, for the month, dow down 1%, and s&p and nasdaq lost 2%, 3 consecutive months of decline. >> a 3-decade long holiday tradition, falling victim to business of modern media, beginning next month, amazing, butter ball turkey hot line will no longer answer phoned in questions from consumer, butter ball will take text-messages from the home cooks who are looking for tips on the turkey. >> listen to my report 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next, donald trump is doing what was once unthinkable. thanking a few democrats. >> thank you huma, thank you.
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and i never thought we would say thank you to anthony weiner. never. thank you anthony, i never liked you, anthony. i never liked you, but thank you very much. >> i'll have a few thoughts on how democrats responded to the fbi's reopening that investigation of hillary clinton. that is next in my commentary, more straight ahead, stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts on those who are not thrilled that f.b.i. has decide to take the path to redemption to gather up the miniscule and the monumental in the clinton cartel.
7:29 pm
its matriarch while not the target may well be revealed as the ultimate perpetrator who takes down all around her, devastates those who supported her, believed in her and were willingly conned all the while. like the democrats clanging the alarm bell whieng and whaling at the injustice of it all. many of those democrats months oh go were praising, not protesting comey and his good judgment and wisdom. >> let me say this about direct you're comey first. -- about director comey. this always greats man. we are privileged in our great country to have him. >> i want to prayed you for the independent investigation. >> i greatly appreciate the work the f.b.i. and the department of just distid, and they hand it
7:30 pm
very professionally. >> the f.b.i. under the direction of a wonderful and tough career public servant jim comey is somebody with the highest standards integrity. lou: now many of those democrats are trying to blame jim comey. instead of hillary clinton for creating this political pot boiler and this potential crisis. >> why in the world the f.b.i. would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing. >> we are asking the f.b.i. director, you violated these two protocols. you owe the public full information. >> director comey made a mistake. we all make mistakes, but this is a grave mistake. lou: hillary clinton wasn't winking and grinning at the irony. all she and her long-time aide need do is simply tell us all
7:31 pm
what's on that laptop. what's really in those emails. but they haven't, and they won't. the senate minority leader harry reid accusing comey of a double standard, blasting his actions aiding they may violate the law. hillary clinton is responsible for this farce that is quickly flying towards tragedy. she is the one who insisted doing state business on her season secure private server. who knowingly break the law. who lied by the all. when she could have turn i'd it all over to the state depth, season stead chose to destroy evidence. hillary clinton chose to break the law, to risk national security and eve -- and even an.
7:32 pm
she has broke stall trust with the american public and the clinton cartel will soon sink into the darkest corners of our lives. donald trump is right, it's time to drain the swamp. and harry reid will be slithering back home. tennessee williams said the only thing worse than a liar is a liar who is also a hypocrite. there are a lot of them in that swamp, aren't there? we are coming right back. trump says he's 100% confident he will procure an historic victory on november 8.
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>> in 8 days we are going to win the great state of michigan and wire going to win back the white house 100%. this courageous adrenaline junky on a mission to find the most breathtaking view possible. we'll have the incredittible video for you next. plus his heart-stopping stunts. we are coming right back. stay with us. the pursuit of healthier.
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lou: 8 days to election day. 22 million people have already cast ballots. that's a relatively -- about 10% of the pop leagues voting early. now it's 31%. think about that. 31% of those voting were unaware of what transpired friday in the reopening of the investigation into hillary clinton. this is by the way one of thethr seen. i had no idea it had risen to this level. some 50 million americans could have cast their votes before election day. think of that. 50 million. the clinton campaign along with president obama have making a hard push for clinton supporters to hurry up and take advantage of early voting amidst the break
7:38 pm
f.b.i. investigation. however, at least four states will allow to you change an early or absentee vote. those states are, minnesota, michigan, minnesota, mitch grab, pennsylvania and wisconsin. joining me now to help make sense of all going on. former ray gawn white house political director ed rollins. washington times. online opinion editor. monica crowley. it's great to have you both here. this charge coming from harry reid. i know he is a vi lerks west coast, venald i know's a -- i know he's a vile, venal nasty piece of business.
7:39 pm
>> the hatch act was put in place for people who are presidential appointees, what have you, they can't actively play politics. it has nothing to do with doing your job. comey is doing this job. if you are a presidential apoints toee you are -- if you are a presidential appointee you are exempt. lou: i don't want to get too deep in the woods here. his staff says he was back into the charge that there is a preliminary inquiry into paul manafort and others associated with the trump campaign doing business with russia. what is this? >> it's called dirty tricks in
7:40 pm
the waning days of a presidential campaign. every four years you get the mudslinging back and forth. what the left is trying to do, trying to neutralize what's going on with the f.b.i. lou: let's get to those 22 million ballots. this is crazy. >> as a person who runs campaigns, i hate this process. you used to have the last two weeks. it's note election day anymore. you can have 130 million people vote. lou: i smell the left wing of the democratic party. why do you republicans play patsy to these guys all the time? >> i think they ought to make it
7:41 pm
more difficult to vote, not easier. identification and what have you. i feel strongly by the's a great right we have and great privilege. you should have as little challenge as possible to go to election day unless you are ill. lou: mexico you have a voting card from the elections bureau. a national card required when you cast a vote. here in this country the left wing condescending left say they aren't smart enough or can't afford to get a picture taken even when 8 says they will shall shall be shall be -- even when the state says they will pay for it. >> i understand absentee voting when you are out of town on election day. but everybody in the country who
7:42 pm
chooses to vote and exercises his right should be engaged with all the same information. now you have had 22 million people who voted without the information that we all now have. lou: we have just gotten word from drudge report that the "los angeles times" is saying that it will perhaps that the f.b.i. will perhaps in the next few days give us an early preliminary assessment as we understand it of the emails they have just received a warrant to examine and they are doing so i assume right now. that's encouraging news and we'll have greater information than we do right now. >> we have 650,000 emails reported on this anthony weiner laptop. they can't all be weiner porn, as far as we know. but maybe they can. so what the f.b.i. is doing,
7:43 pm
they are doing a meta data analysis if anything classified hits they are likely to report we found interesting material on this laptop. lou >> weiner has no authority to get anything that comes from hillary or the president. >> or huma. lou: the story is she was backing up her contacts over all these years, unbeknownst to her it was sucking up all the emails from which it was deriving those personal contacts it's a crazy tory. >> but she was doing it on her husband's laptop. lou: i don't know whose it is.
7:44 pm
but i know not' the f.b.i.'s and i feel better about that. roll the video. a warning to those with a fear of heights like me. watch as this stunt man sprints across the edge of a towering skyscraper in dubai. he effortlessly leaps from one ledge to the next and runs along the evening of the building. dubai attracts as you might note by watching this broadcast over time a lot of thrill seekers from across the globe. when i talk with my producer, i always ask, do we have any video from dubai, and very frequently the answer is, you betcha. up next, donald trump says the country would face a constitutional crisis if hillary was elected president. >> her election would mire our
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government and country in a constitutional crisis that we cannot afford. folks, we have to get back to work. we have to get back to work. lou: when is the last time you heard somebody say that. we have got to get back to work. trump economics advisor here next to talk about the trump plan. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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lou: joining me, trump's economics advisor, economics professor at u.c. irvine. the people of michigan he's saying peel make this the focal point and the envy of the world when it comes to manufacturing and job creation. how long will it take to do that? >> they have a great head start in grand raped, michigan. they have cutting-edge 21st kenturey manufacturing. donald trump wants to cut good trade deals so they are playing on a level playing field. and cut corporate taxes so companies are more inclined to invest in michigan and mexico.
7:50 pm
trump gets in there, off he goes. tax cuts. down with regulations, unleash the energy sector, get our trade deficit down. i think we are at 3 1/2 to 4% growth by the end of 2017. it's all going to happen. >> people have seen this market do pretty well. that's the reason it's appealing to so many people. >> we have had 15 years of median household income not going up. donald trump will create 25 million jobs. >> 4 million people out of work in this country. i think people are already
7:51 pm
buying it. you know what i love? i love the fact that he heard about at&t want to go buy time western an said no. when is the last time i heard a president say no like that. there is a point in which business has to be within a lane that is business. it cannot be taking over the entire economy. >> he's got to bryant media and beltway swamp. people have a choice here on two parameters. if they want change the, donald trump if they want job it's donald trump. if you want globalism you go to hillary clinton. we have seen that movie before. the thing about hillary clinton, you go back to 1993, every trade deal we have done wrong, it's her. it's hillary and bill. you can't make that up. lou: i wouldn't expect you to.
7:52 pm
>> you know that. you have been watching it. lou: these folks not, too because they have been paying attention for these 30 years. donald trump says hillary clinton is responsible for the biggest scandal since watergate. kt mcfarland agrees entirely and she joins us next. stay with us, you will want to hear what she is saying. . but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? i'oh hey! i'm just0 pkeeping the seat warm.
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lou: in an online poll we asked, are you hopeful the clinton cartel will be brought to justice? there is an expression of opt mismg in the country. 91% said yes you are. i join the majority. joining knee, former pentagon official, kt mcfarland. great to have you here. mosul, at the outskirts of mosul the iraqis seem to be doing well along with the shiia reinforcements and' u.s. troops. >> we have kreetded the middle east. and -- we have ceded the middle east. lou: why are we there then? >> we shouldn't be.
7:57 pm
whatever israel needs to survive, we need to figure out how to figure out howe to keep the -- how to keep the terrorists there and not come through the u.s. post entry. lou: the dems are furious over comey reopening the investigation. why would we wantiter of these candidates not to be -- why would we want either of these candidates not to be fully investigated? >> the rank and file were in open insurrection against comey's decision. and what he found now he had to do. it's like watergate all over again. nixon had tapes. if he had destroyed the tapes of his office meeting he would have
7:58 pm
ridden out the scandal. hillary was on the nixon watergate investigation committeen she learned the lesson to destroy the evidence. lou: i think the problem is she committed saddam -- committed an crime. we are getting very lucky. we have had people make serious judgments. but, my god, we learn that bill clinton was being because of his relationship with monica lewinsky, we learned that he was being blackmailed effectively by netanyahu. we learned there are all sort of vulnerabilities here. we do not know who they are if
7:59 pm
we don't thoroughly vet niece people. >> sunlight is the best disinfectant. this will eventually come out. lou: your outlook now as a result of the reopening? you think we'll see the justice department which tried to block comey's reopening? do you think you will see them take seriously their responsibility of the snags security and even 40s laws on classified information and its handling? >> i think the justice department can't shut them down. with the f.b.i. having gone public, it's too big now, they can't shut them down. lou: thank you for joining us. wilbur ross, and tom fitton on the hundreds of emails they were
8:00 pm
able to get the state department to release just today. we thank you for joining us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: who would have thought entire u.s. presidential election would come down to anthony weiner. could f.b.i. director james comey face prosecution himself? harry reid thinks it comes down to the hatch act. should libertarians follow gary johnson to the polls or pull the lever for donald trump. grab a map. it gets spooky. this one hell of an october surprise. the internal conflict within the


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