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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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general motors turned it around, they sold 2.2 million cars in china to turn it around. tough have great relations with china. [closing bell rings] liz: you think donald trump can trade his trade stance, would like him to. peter kernen, former goldman sachs partner. s&p 500 on pace for the 8th straight loss? there is the closing bell. david and melissa pick it up here on. david: looks looks like that's where we're going liz. major averages ending in the red for the 8th straight day. making it the longest losing streak for the s&p 500 since the financial crisis. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here what else we have for you this hour. as you know, five days before election day november surprises keep on coming. fbi and clinton foundation is just the latest wrinkle. how will this play out as the race for the white house gets tighter.
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both hillary clinton and donald trump taking their pitches to the tarheel state this hour as the latest polls show a dead-heat in north carolina. it is open enrollment for obamacare. arizona voters getting slammed with a huge jump in premiums. we're on the ground in phoenix. david: back to these markets. losses accelerating for the dow this afternoon. pfizer, intel and apple among the biggest drags. phil flynn, price futures group, watcher of gold and oil and lori rothman on the floor of new york stock exchange. lori you have to go way back to fine a losing streak like this. >> the timing is curious, david. eight years since the s&p 500 lost 8 consecutive trading days. height of the financial crisis in october of 2008. that says a whole lot. today the broad market index will close down .4 of 1%. we're selling into the polls. latest polls say presidential election is dead heat. that has a lot to do with the markets so unsettled.
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vix is climbing fear index. up another three points today. while zap, nasdaq down eight days, the vix has climbed the last eight consecutive days. that is the trend. fear after marketplace of a trump presidency. no way else to interpret that. s&p 500 index here are names, cs industries, down 8 1/2%. chemical company. wynn resorts down 5%. specific weakness in china. first solar down almost 15%. solar panel prices themselves are coming down on oversupplies. once again the problem there is weakness demand in china. quickly we have after the bell earnings. starbucks and cbs. starbucks shares were down, cbs up 1%. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you so much. oil keeps on falling ending at six-week low. back below $45 a barrel. phil, i mean, this is really quite a story. how far do you think it is going to go? >> you know, i don't think too much farther.
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let me tell you something, opec is not pleased with us right now. a lot of reason why oil prices come down this week is big build in oil inventory. the fact opec fell apart last week and didn't cut a deal. opec put out a statement, wait a second, guys. you have this all wrong. they're deeply optimistic about the possibility that they're going to get a deal done in november. they also shieded a lot of energy industry analysts, how dare you doubt us that we'll get a deal done and we'll be surprised but the market still doesn't believe them. they're still stunned by the big build of inventory. everybody is like, where did all the oil come from? it probably came because they misreported big draws last couple weeks and did catch-up. >> i bet you that is the case. how many traders showed up after last night's big cubs win. be honest? >> be honest. there was a cub fan usually here at 6:30 in the morning every day.
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he was here at crack of noon. after years of futility. i don't think that is that bad. i will give him a pass this week. melissa: there you go. very fair. >> if it happens again next 100 years he in trouble. david: crack of noon. i have to use that sometime. subpoena 500 falling to major milestone finishing down for the eighth consecutive day. marking longest losing streak since the financial crisis. here with reaction, another chicagoan, scott martin, sitting pretty, sitting in home town of winners of world series, fox news bent consider -- contributor. list peek. financial times. liz, to you, the slide in the dow began on friday the fbi announces reopening investigation into hillary and email mess. is there a connection or is it just that the market had reached a tipping point?
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>> i think it's a good question because in fact the polls began to shift several days before the friday announcement by james comey. there was momentum going into friday and his announcement was sort of an accelerant. i don't think it is totally comey-related. it may be partly because of that. we have other uncertainties thrown into the mix. oil prices again, there is big steady build in inventory. every time opec tries to draw some grand bargain absolutely never works and that has been true for decades and today don't forget the "brexit" progress was thrown into disarray by a judge in england. david: it was. although the markets were only down 28 today. scott, continuous slide. it is not like anybody, anybody's panicking or anything but nobody's buying. >> no, you're right, david. i'll tell you what is interesting though. lori rothman brought this up with regard to the vix how it was higher than couple weeks ago
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but it has stayed elevated. it has been climbing last several days as the market slowed selling pressure. i agree with you, right, not everybody is indiscrimminantly selling but a lot of protection you get via puts is very expensive right now. i think liz is right, polling numbers are coming out scaring the market, maybe not so much the economic data. melissa: last night's game 7 of the world series was the most watched baseball game in 25 years and second highest rated event this year outside of the super bowl but this comes as buffalo wild wings is feeling the burn this nfl season and it is not from the hot sauce. the restaurant chain and one of many that says they're experiencing a drop in sales due to 24% drop in nfl viewership. hmmm. papa john's, league's official pizza sponsor is seeing falling sales compared to last year. you know, liz, i have a really hard time when they try to blame falling food sales or wing sales on viewership or tv or whatever. people are still eating.
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they're not trying to be healthier as a result of anything that is going on in the nfl. i'm very doubtful of these things. >> it's a question at at the margin, right? people sit on couch and watch tv and eat wings. who knew. they're doing less of that. there is no he question that viewership -- melissa: still eating and watching something else. i guess that is my point. i don't believe they're not sitting on the couch watching tv maybe they're not watching nfl. does that mean if you watch pbs you're going to eat asparagus? >> clearly. melissa: what's the deal? >> kale. that. melissa: that makes more sense. >> realistically people's habits do change. maybe not all about annoyance with nfl players or upset about various things going on in the nfl. may be people watching these games sometimes on mobile devices. remember twitter streamed an nfl game for the first time. melissa: you can't hold your phone and eat a wing. david: yes you can. yes you can.
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melissa: hang on. we have to go to breaking news. stay put. media giant cbs out with third quarter results. lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange with more on this we were just talking tv, lori. >> yes we were. we'll talk more tv. looks good for cbs. straightforward earnings reports. they're not giving a whole lot of detail. seeing this ceo and chairman les moonves says cbs knocked cover off the ball and profits rose across everyone of our operating assessments t was beat top and bottom line for cbs. better than 11 1/2% increase if eps from the same quarter last year on revenue of 3.43 billion. just beating on the revenue by a couple there. third quarter ad revenue though was down. entertainment revenue was up. in terms of the after-hours reaction in the share price it's up nicely about 2 and three quarters of 1%. back to you. melissa: thank you for that. david: starbucks reporting
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fourth quarter results. ashley webster joining us live from the newsroom. after-hours they like numbers, ash. >> they do. earnings per share on that side coming in at 56 cents on adjusted basis. estimate was 55 cents. revenue coming in at 5.71 billion. the estimate was for 5.68. just beating on earnings and revenue. global same-store sales coming in 4%. that is not really great. the estimate was 4.9%. u.s. same-store sales coming in 4% up. back back in the last quarter they said they were looking for 5%. so that is a miss. if you remember in the last quarter they blamed political uncertainty for some slack same-store sales in the u.s. not sure what they're going to say this time around. but overall, certainly a beat on the big numbers but, we are up some 6%. we're still up close to 5%, guys but i think some of these same-store sales numbers are not
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as strong as they would like. david: would think political uncertainty maybe more people want starbucks? melissa: or maybe they can't handle the jitters. david: ashley, thank you very much. they are coming and soon, iranian military leader says he is sending elite fighters and spies to infiltrate the u.s. and europe. investor john bolton -- ambassador john bolton on whether our enemies are becoming more belligerent than ever. melissa: arizona the poster child what is going wrong with obamacare as open enrollment begins. one man is preparing himself and his family for a big price spike. i want to hear how he is voting. david: we're all preparing for that. new details into the investigation into the clinton foundation can. new emails found on anthony weiner's laptop. what key fbi sources are now telling fox news. the very latest developments you only hear on fox and fox business. >> the clinton investigation, clinton foundation investigation
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pay-to-play scandal sending new shockwaves through the race. just days before the election the fbi probe of the foundation is taking apparently high priority in the agency. catherine herridge, fox chief washington intelligence correspondent is live in d.c. catherine? reporter: thank you, david. there is new evidence that the fbi investigation of clinton foundation is not dead. they are quietly working the fountain case out of four offices, arkansas, southern california, washington, d.c., and new york city. multiple sources say the justice department is tapping the brakes on progress by blocking access to investigative tools such as grand juries. as part of its ongoing investigation fox news was the first to report in january that the fbi email probe expanded to look whether the intersection of clinton foundation work and state department business under secretary of state johnrsecretae hillary clinton may have violated public records laws. hillary clinton repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.
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but some congressional leaders suggest the continuing stream of revelations, pardon me, goes to the heart of her fitness and character to serve as commander-in-chief. >> she exposed it to our enemies. and now, steve, our adversaries have this very sensitive information. not only jeopardizes her and national security at home, but the men and women serving overseas. this is a, this is in my opinion, quite frankly it's treason. reporter: despite previous reporting, the computers were destroyed, but what we're learning that the devices belonging to clinton's personal attorney cheryl mills and her aide heather samuelson were not destroyed as any part of any immunity deal with the justice department in the email case. both lawyers are central to the investigation because they were the ones who decided which emails were government work and then they deleted the rest, but what is significant here that those computers are in evidence and still available to the clinton foundation investigators
4:17 pm
if they think there is relevant information, david. david: catherine, i know it is political season but the word treason is not thrown around a lot. powerful people know its meaning. that is pretty strong stuff. catherine, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. david: melissa. melissa: here is fried tease sew, former federal prosecutor. -- fred tecce. >> thanks for having me. melissa: we've seen pattern what looks likes pay for play on the outside. you have emails from wikileaks which show who was involved, whether it is the king of morocco. you have the prince in egypt. you have potentially cooperating witnesses like huma abedin, anyone else who is in trouble along the way. we have their own internal audit of the foundation, the 2014 non-profit lawyer for the year what she found when she interviewed people that they expect ad quid pro quo for the donations. my question to you is what is missing? what is this case lacking? >> the only thing it is lacking the political will and quite
4:18 pm
frankly the lack of judgment by the justice department to bring an indictment. this is absolutely unbelievable to me, melissa. the fact i hear stories now that fbi agents had two surreptitiously recorded conversations with two people who indicated information about pay-to-play. they went to the prosecutors and prosecutors said that is hearsay. that is the biggest bunch of balon any i ever heard in my entire life. if i was federal prosecutor -- melissa: this is where we get hung up every time when we have the conversation. somebody says that is hearsay. we have no smoking gun. you they, and that is kind of where this seems to stall out. in your presupposition it is lack of political will. is there anything else? i mean is there no smoking gun? is there -- >> no. melissa: anything more than could be found? >> i going to tell you right now i guarranty you there is a thousand smoking guns, okay? you know impanel grand jury. issue grand jury subpoenas. grab these computers. this is political corruption case.
4:19 pm
you don't need a smoking gun. what you need to do when you're a prosecutor, build a wall, brick by brick, mortgage tar by mortar. each little piece of evidence is another brick in the wall. quite frankly these are cinderblocks. it boggles my mind, some of this evidence that i hear i think is compelling, compelling, smoking gun is not element of a crime. i hear compelling evidence of criminal wrongdoing. i see by evidence of people to destroy computers, destroy emails. evidence of consciousness of guilt. i find that there are 650,000 emails these people didn't know were destroyed. go ahead. melissa: if you have the number two guy as we've seen in the emails at the fbi tipping off john podesta saying hey, listen they're coming for this, this is what is happening right now, and you have bill clinton going on the plane of one of the lead law enforcement, head of the department of justice who is supposed to be pursuing this, do we have any hope of this ever being sorted out? there are people out there who are, look at this, kind of lose
4:20 pm
hope and it is kind of heart-breaking that our system seems to be corrupt from top to bottom. you don't want to believe that. >> it is heartbreaking. unfortunately i can tell you right now if hillary clinton gets elected there is absolutely no hope of any of these crimes ever being investigated or prosecuted. she will never let that happen. no justice department, no attorney general who gets appointed by mrs. clinton will turn around and conduct an investigation. unless congress tries to do it. you see what happens when that happens. we get gridlock and people yell and scream about politics. the justice department was supposed to be above politics and unfortunately it is not any longer. these people, they are political hatchet jobs. when i hear that the number two person in the justice department alerted john poe desstarks you heard someone talk about treason earlier? federal criminal prosecution level that is treason, okay? that is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. it is inappropriate. quite frankly it is unlawful, it
4:21 pm
is obstruction of justice in my opinion and it needs to stop. melissa: fred, we appreciate your passion. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. david: we need a little good news. comes from starbucks shares are higher after-hours but up 4%. but it had been up six 1/2% after the company posted third quarter earnings. ashley, what is going on there? >> better earnings than expected, david. revenue in the most recent quarter up 16%. so that was impressive too but also the company is announcing it is hiking its dividend by 25% to 25 cents a share, that giving help to the stock. by the way they opened 690 new stores, if you didn't think there were enough last quarter. that brings a total of 25,000 in 75 countries. no excuse for not finding one if you need a cup of coffee at starbucks. david: ashley, thank you very vy much. we're all going to be drinking more starbucks. melissa: yeah, election night. no sleep until tuesday. we're in the homestretch and polls are tightening in key states.
4:22 pm
we're breaking down places where donald trump is closing the gap. that that is coming up. >> we're on the cusp something so amazing, historic change. a transfer of power from a failed political establishment. we're going to return that you power to you, the american people. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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david: news from starbucks and cbs but no so with gopro. the shares were halted in after-hours trading this as the company report ad wider-than-expected loss. revenue coming in below expectations as well. gopro cut its full-year forecast. that's not good. it did say it sees double-digit year-over-year double-digit revenue growth in 2017 but that might be just a pipe-dream. america, you vote in five days. both candidates hitting the campaign trail in the key battleground state of north carolina. president obama hitting strum
4:26 pm
for hillary clinton in miami, florida. melania trump took the stage in berwyn, pennsylvania. blake burman in see see with the latest on that. reporter: david, just about everybody on the campaign trail. there was a first believe it or not. melania was stumping by herself on behalf of her husband. she describes her husband as someone knows how to bring about change. she said he would give a fair shake. >> donald trump will make america fair. he will make america safe. he will make america prosperous. he will make america proud. reporter: hillary clinton just wrapped up her first stop of the day in north carolina. she tried to portray her opponent asomeone who is just too unsteady. listen here. >> this is someone who at another rally yesterday actually said out loud to himself, stay on point, donald, stay on point.
4:27 pm
campaign probably put that in the teleprompter. stay on point, donald. stay on point. reporter: fox news electoral scorecard shows upgraded map in four states for trump. take a look at this. one of them is new hampshire, moving from lean democratic now to a toss-up, and two polls out of that state are part of the reason, potentially why. let us show you those. one is from the "boston globe" and suffolk university. it has trump and clinton tied now at 42 apiece. while a poll from wbur has trump up one point, 40-39. david, melissa, leave you this out of the state of new hampshire. 17 consecutive polls at one point had hillary clinton leading. the last three, had trump up, trump up and tied. potentially a big change happening there. david: october surprise it is lasting and lasting. as blake just mentioned the race is continuing to tighten. "new york times/cbs" poll
4:28 pm
showing hillary clinton leading donald trump 45-42. trump is within the margin of error. here to react steve moore, trump economic advisor. fox news contributor. we have julie rough ke, daily caller capital reporter and. we had to change our own electoral map. certain states were leaning republican, now are republican and it is all going in trump's favor. how much longer does this continue? >> i think it is going to continue as long as hillary clinton keeps having scandals come out. wikileaks said they will keep leaking emails until election day. and the fbi said to release more state department emails. and who knows what is going to be in that. she will need a major trump scandal within the next few days to pull ahead. david: you think she has one? >> i think it would have already leaked if she had anything on him. david: interesting. >> i think after that tape was released, it did major damage to
4:29 pm
him. we're days ahead of the election. early voting in full swing. i think if there, if there was something it would be out by now. david: steve moore, the question how donald trump takes advantage of this. definitely going in his favor right now. i talked to some investment people leaning reluctant trump supporters. they're getting to be more supportive now, partly because of dislike of hillary clinton. but partly because of you. a lot of investment people say he has a good economic team. we don't like what he is doing on trade. we don't know if he would push the wrong button with some point. steve moore is there. wilbur ross and other economic -- do you ever worry that once, if he becomes president, once he becomes president, he kind of gets rid of you twice or do you think he will follow through on these economic plans people seem to like? >> he will toss us out. no, look, he will do two or three things right out of the gate. we are going to do that tax cut. i think we get that, done, david, first 100 days.
4:30 pm
it is not too different from the house plan. that is the big business tax cut so necessary. obamacare, which, that was actually -- david: by the way you mentioned steve, the first 100 days. this is critical. as we remember ronald reagan, when he took over in 1980, it was about a year-and-a-half, he went through a bad recession, partially because delayed the tax cuts for about a year-and-a-half. it wasn't until they kicked in that the economy kicked up. >> well-put. he didn't sign that tax cut until august of 1981. it didn't take take effect until 1982. we want to get it done within the first 100 days to make it retroactive to the start of the year so you get real juice out of the economy. david: i got to let steve murphy in we're short on time. >> obamacare is is anoer one. we'll repeal it. david: we're hearing a lot about that. but steve murphy, i know a lot of hillary supporters in manhattan as well. a lot of them are investment people and they too are reluctant about hillary for very different reasons.
4:31 pm
and their big question, will she govern like bill, which case they would be happy or will she govern like bernie? which one is it going to be? >> she is absolutely determined not to add a penny to the deficit. i believe she is strongly fiscal conservative. let's be realistic. david: hold on. >> i want, there is a lot of pressure. david: more like bill clinton than like bernie sanders, correct? >> i, i think she is going to do like both of them. david: you can't do both, steve. >> yes you can. david: no you can't balance budget and do what bernie sanders wants to do. >> she is not going to have $17 trillion in new spending like bernie sanders. that is absolutely accurate. david: the bottom line is, julie, if she even came near what bernie sanders wants to, after all he is socialist, he wants to change our entire economic system from free market to socialism, there is no way a budget would be balanced. we would go into debt even further than we are? >> i mean notion she will not
4:32 pm
add anything to the debt is ridiculous. obviously she will pander to big banks because they're donating to her and clinton foundation. clearly she is pandering to wall street and -- david: yeah. >> i can't believe that she would even make the claim she isn't going to add anything to the deficit. david: steve moore, a lot of smart people on wall street still voting for her. >> yeah they are. look where the money is coming from. the other point i want to make quickly. david: quickly. >> funding tax on top 1%. could take every penny from the 1% will not pay for spending she wants to do. david: thank you very much, guys. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: mainstream media biased. donald trump slamming traditional networks on being one-sided. shocking new numbers that he might be right. plus the unaffordable care act, you how rate hikes are hitting everyday americans.
4:33 pm
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david: arizona residents getting slammed by obamacare premiums as problems in the state highlight the program's inefficiencies with some arizona residents set to see their expenses rise by over 100%. jeff flock is standing by in
4:37 pm
scottsdale. not a bad place to be unless you have to buy insurance there. go ahead, jeff. reporter: maricopa county, sheriff joe's territory. and yes, obamacare is a huge issue in arizona, david. look at numbers on voters and how they feel about obamacare in this state. it is so important because some of donald trump's other issues they don't agree with him, but on this one they do big-time. 53-40% arizona voters want to getrid of obamacare. compare and contrast that to other issues donald trump pushed like deportation of illegal immigrants. people don't want that to happen among arizona voters. the wall, how about the wall? by even larger margin, the voters in arizona say they don't want him to build that wall. so the whole issue exchanges and obamacare is a huge one. tell you why it is such a huge one here. look at map of the counties in arizona. all of the counties but one have just one option left. that is after just two years
4:38 pm
ago, they were between six and eight options in obamacare. there is literally no options this year. one option, no choice to be made, and as you point out, premiums sky-high too. this week people are signing up. so perhaps good timing for donald trump. only problem is, a lot of people are not affected by obamacare. another poll got down here, most people think their health care really hasn't changed very much because most people get it at work. we'll see how it plays out. melissa: but prices are gone way up. david: you hit it. the key is if there is no competition nothing to stop prices from going up. jeff flock, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here is john munson one of thousands of arizona residents impacted by hike. you were listening to that came before you. you are a state at epicenter of so many different issues, border, economy, health care. tell me first about the health care issue for you. your health care insurance company, humana pulled out of
4:39 pm
the state, right? >> yeah. it is real tough. 2016 i had high deductible through humana. paid $900 a month which seems pretty expensive. you know i would love to have the policy for 2017 but humana along with other companies have pulled out. i'm kind of caught in a situation where i'm a higher earner, so i'm not eligible for a subsidy because i know a lot of people say you get the subsidy. melissa: right. >> i'm a sole proprietor, business owner and so i do have a few additional options but i do need to get an individual policy that is obamacare compliant, and what i'm finding is there is limited options and i'm anticipating a lot higher premiums. melissa: here it is taking so much time away from you running your business and hiring people an doing things productive to help the economy. instead you're trying to deal with losing your insurance policy again an trying to deal
4:40 pm
with how you're going to manage that in addition to your workers. given all of that, what is your biggest issue going into the campaign. we're talking about scandals, this and that, what do you care about as a voter? >> as a voter, i care about continued economic development. i've got a financial background. i'm a financial advisor. i get a little nervous about deficit spending by our government. and unfortunately i don't see either one of the two-party candidates doing anything about the escalating debt. so i'm a little nervous we'll get a little close to the tipping point. here in arizona i think economic development is very important. we're still, we're still coming out of the 2008 real estate crash. building permits are up. i'm talking to homebuilders that say, look, we're able to, we're able to build more and more houses. building permits are up. interesting though, actually in
4:41 pm
the construction housing we've got labor shortage right now. melissa: wow. >> so there is challenges there. melissa: let me ask you, given all of those things, i know, i hear you're voting for gary johnson. that is who you're interested in? is that right? >> i am, yeah. melissa: even that he doesn't have a clear path to become president, do you worry that by voting for him it seems like donald trump is closer to you on your issues, if you care about, you're right, they're both awful on spending need to cut back on that. >> yeah. melissa: i dare say that hillary clinton is going to make the health care problem worse. she wants more obamacare which has hastened this problem. if i looked through your slate of issues do you worry by voting for gary johnson you're helping her? >> you know, i don't think so. and to be honest with you, melissa, i don't care for either one of the two major candidates. melissa: yeah. >> either hillary or donald. and, i thought about that as far as you know, or the people said,
4:42 pm
that is a wasted vote. i just think about, you know 20 years from now, when my grandkids are looking back at the 2016 election and they're going to say, grandpa, who did you vote for in 2016 election? i would be embarrassed to say either hillary or donald trump. melissa: either of candidates. >> with gary johnson, he has been acting a little wacky lately, aleppo moment. i don't, i don't believe the current two-party system is serving the american people properly. melissa: fair point. >> when i look, when i look at the libertarian platform versus the republican platform, versus the democratic platform i think libertarian plat resonates more with my values. melissa: i hear. >> you i'm voting more the platform, not necessarily mr. johnson. melissa: we wish we had more time.
4:43 pm
thanks for spending time with us. david: new numbers support donald trump's talk about rigged media. snapshot yesterday, no coverage in major media for all wikileaks stuff. little to none on donna brazile fallout either. saw a little more on clinton fbi investigation but not as much given to negative trump stories on abc and cbs. that is why you have to tune it in right here on fox for all the details. we will cover all that stuff. melissa: trump continues pushing for crucial battleground states. will he be able to turn any blue states red? i have asthma...
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breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at melissa: battle for michigan on. "real clear politics" show donald trump gaping ground on hillary clinton. she still has a solid lead though. in the latest free press poll clinton leads trump by seven points in the wolverine state.
4:47 pm
we have the michigan's gop chair. she joins me now. is this a real possibility in your mind? >> absolutely. we've seen the momentum and enthusiasm, has been on our side from the very beginning. donald trump has been talking about issues that michiganners care about. fair trade, jobs the economy. he has been here many, many times. many more times than hillary clinton. and i is fighting for every michigan vote. we're seeing that momentum shift towards him. melissa: it would have to be quite a shift. michigan has not gone republican since 1988. this seems like one of those ones it would be very tough to say the least? >> it's a tough shift but we've seen it. we've seen donald trump create a coalition in our state that we haven't seen since ronald reagan. he is bringing union voters over. he is bringing independents. those late voters are swinging his way right now. he is committing to michigan. he is saying to you, i'm not just coming for your vote. i will fight for you when i get into the white house. i think there is authenticity
4:48 pm
issue with hillary clinton. michiganers feel like she is coming here. she wants our vote and then we'll never see her again. melissa: there is that but what are the main issues that folks on the ground are talking about. of course we get all caught up in the scandals and wikileaks and all kinds of things and people in local places. they're focused on their bills and health care and they're worried about loftier things with the deficit. we heard that in the last block. what are the main things your voters are focused on. >> michigan it is always jobs an economy. six years ago we were topping out 15% unemployment. it is republican governor and republican policies turned us around. we are at 4.%. we remember what that is like. jobs, economy, obamacare. latest news about premiums going up that is rest naysing with every michiganner. fair trade. how donald trump will look to make trade deals that benefit michigan worker and american worker. >> thank you.
4:49 pm
appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. melissa: david. david: threatening our national security. how the obama's administration ransom payment to iran might be helping the islamic republic elite fighters to infiltrate the united states. this is important stuff. ambassador john bolton is here to weigh in coming next. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
iran becoming more belligerent than it was before the iran deal? >> well i think their behavior in the over a year now, almost a year-and-a-half since the deal was signed shows that not only are they not modifying their behavior to become more part of the civilized international community, which was a real predicate in president obama's arguments for the deal. i do think their behavior is getting worse. seizing american hostages. getting others released for cash payments. supplying missiles to the houthi rebels in yemen to fire at american ships. now this latest provocation. not like this isn't something iranians tried to do before. they aspire to be a world power. their pursuit of nuclear weapons is part of that. not limited to the region. they continue to march while we're paying them money. david: but they're actually saying it is because of the money that we're paying them, money freed up as a result of
4:54 pm
the iran deal, that is allowing them to expand to do things like send spice. here is one of the revolutionary guard corps coordinator. i assume the men i surrendered and negotiating with us. now all our problems are being solved and our country is becoming stronger on all fronts. sounds like they're bragging what they got from the deal? >> absolutely it is true. money is fungible obviously but estimates are unfrozen assets are between 100 and $150 billion. that's real money anywhere in the world. and i think this effort by iran, let's not forget, they are just as radical in their ideology as isis is. it is shia versus sunni. but these are people who in one of the first acts when they took power in iran after overthrowing the shah was to take americans hostage from our embassy. david: sure. >> their hatred for america goes right back to the start.
4:55 pm
david: you know one of the first acts of this president was facing a sort of a crisis in iran where people were coming out demonstrating for democracy of all things on the streets of iran. president barack obama decided to pull back, not put his full weight behind those democracy demonstrators. the commander-in-chief is supposed to support our friends and be feared by our enemies. seems like they got that backwards? >> yeah. and continuing. look, part of the ramifications of this deal is not just that it puts iran on an essentially unimpeded course towards deliverable nuclear weapons, it provided unmeasureable political legitimacy. iran is still on our list of state sponsors of terrorism. for good reason. they're the largest financier of terrorism in the world. we cut this deal with them. we gave them access to american and european bismarckket. we provided them with a a prop
4:56 pm
today win they're still exploiting. all this strengthened the regime, not weakened it. david: they're not afraid of us, that's for sure. and our friends israeli are afraid what iran will do. ambassador bolton thanks for coming? >> thank you. melissa: a new product will keep your kitchen cleaner than hillary clinton's email server. ♪
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4:59 pm
>> did you wipe the server, what with a cloth or something. melissa: the company responsible for file delusion software used by hillary clinton's team to delete her e-mails, is introducing the, what, cloth or something?
5:00 pm
david: the microfiber cloths, they sell for 3 bucks, plus 2 dollars for ships, so 5 dollars will get it to you. on back order. melissa: you can't get it. david: here is "risk & reward." liz: sources close to the matter of fbi tell fox news there is not one, but two fbi investigations into the clinton clintons. on the heels of another round of wikileaks e-mails. this is "risk & reward." we are awaiting donald trump at a rally in concord, north carolina. mr. trump will likely have more to say on the clinton investigations. we have an all-star guest lineup. details we'll follow.


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