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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> happy saturday. this is a special weekend addition of after the bow. here is what we have coming up for you this hour. >> just three days ago and the candidates are making the most of it. fighting for every vote. new poll numbers come in. the clinton foundation is now admitting that she broke her code of ethics. details on that in a new batch of wikileaks coming in. president obama does an interview. but it's what he didn't say that is getting all the attention.
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we can apply it for you. david: we have you covered at this this hour. life reports on the ground. the key states in this election. go first to north carolina. donald trump has just finished his second rally. he is live in wilmington. he really needs at this. is he closing the gap. >> here from north carolina. it now has a donald trump up fractionally. .8% is the polling average. he has certainly made a move here in north carolina in the last couple of weeks. he did wrap up an event here in wilmington. the southeast part of the state. he started his day in florida came here north carolina has a massive military presence as you know. donald trump has talked about how he wants to expand the military and that was part of his comments here in wilmington earlier today. >> we will also repeal the
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obama clinton defense and rebuild our badly depleted military. we have great people. we've great, great to people. north carolina will be at the very center of this effort. with them saying flying to the air force base. we will have the newest in the best that the old stuff. >> there is a little bit of a surprise here. you could say here in north carolina. we found out about an hour before trump landed that his wife would be joining him here. this is pretty much new to the campaign. and part of her message introducing her husband was that she believes that her husband can turn around the economy. >> why should you vote for donald. they need a president to keep them safe.
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we need a president who will break up the corruption and collusion in our government. the voting totals here in north carolina show the democrats had summitted about 300,000 more ballots than republicans. and they make the case because romney won by about 90,000 or so votes. there are exactly where they want to be here in north carolina. just a few days before election day. trump started on the east coast. he's now headed way west. he lent his night here in colorado. >> think you so much. on the other side of the aisle larry clinton hitting the battleground state of florida earlier today and tonight she is making her way to pennsylvania.
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very busy. before mother nature cut off her remarks a little bit short. >> you are a hardy bunch to stand out here in the rain. i don't think i need to tell you all of the rug thinks about donald trump. but here is what i want you to remember i would be the president for everybody.
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watch this. >> we have young girls here and their mothers are encouraging them to be independent women. and hillary is a perfect example of that.n will be here.
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secretary clinton comes back and they will be joined on the evening before the election by president and mrs. obama. >> it was obviously lovely where you are. smart thinking. david: with three days ago the polls are remaining very close. hillary clinton is a leading donald trump 45-43 which is still within the margin of error in a two-way race. let's bring in today's panel. a democratic strategist. a fundraiser in creighton stint tate. first you clearly the polls are moving in trump's
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direction but is there enough time for him to make it? it's all good to come down to voter turnout. turnout is kind of hard to predict. and right now among hillary's own supporters only 43% say that they are very enthusiastic to vote for her. and this a lack of enthusiasm could be due to the fact that voters don't trust her. trump leads hillary by eight points when it comes to trustworthiness. and 60% of voters think that hillary is corrupt and that she engaged in pay to pay politics. all of these factors could really lead to voters who don't necessarily support trump they don't trust her. in the reopening of that case kind of confirmed the fears about their only candidate. own candidate. last night they came out with a pole and we broke it down in
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a lot of different areas. one of the things that is not in trump's favor is independent votes. he used to have a 13-point lead among independents. that's come down to an eight-point lead. >> i think a lot of people are seeing the fact that trump has always been a movement. i'm not really sure if he represents the gop as much as he does a movement and every movement has a swell. i think you are seeing an adjustment i think trump has not really been there candidate. he needs a double-digit lead. as you look closer you might find some of these people that are not on board go ahead and want to see their u.s. senator keep their seat. the turnout is a big problem
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for hillary clinton. there is no question that she is got to get turnout. what is happening in regards to turnout. are they helping her and possibly getting people to turnout. cement she's had incredible turnout. it would be virtually impossible for trump to make that up on election day. it's the enthusiasm. he have the incredible turnout for president obama. she hasn't have it. >> in places like that. she has exceeded what obama had. this is new to me. there is actually an increase better than what president obama did. >> let's think of the groups that hillary is counted counting on to turn out black voters.
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it's look at millennial voters. they turned out in record numbers for obama in 2008 in 2012. they saw obama as the hope and change candidate. hillary is the opposite of those things. they see her as an inauthentic bureaucratic robot who just represents more of the same. and three force of the supporters think that she received this nomination unfairly. >> when it comes to math according to the abc washington post paul you have to have a 30-point flip. that is actually real statistics that's not wishful thinking. know what we only had one chance. you have a second chance coming up.
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until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. melissa: breaking his vice president joe biden speaking in bristol pennsylvania. hillary clinton dealing with more wikileaks fallout. our own ashley webster live in life in the newsroom at the very latest on this. >> every day we get another release of these e-mails. today we got another 2500 a lot of it so-so. just kind of a general campaign step. but a few interesting things.
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this one again featuring john harwood. it has been revealed that he have more than just a journalist border and you bordering you can say on developing a strategy. the assertion that the campaign was not as broad as it bill clinton's. yes bill clinton of arkansas and the southern states. but once his campaign was really more expensive. an interesting e-mail a lot of reaction to the use of the term black guy.
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she is the communications director. talking to john podesta. this is about the continuing controversy around the foundation. there was a suggestion there aren't any great answers. and in many case not her place to answer them. again the clinton foundation coming up as it seems to many times in these e-mails. that's hard step. >> the 1 million-dollar gift from cutter. that is accepted a $1 million donation from the qatari government. here now former democratic governor of mexico. he is also a former presidential candidate. thank you so much for joining us.
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the campaign is confirming that they did accept this million dollars donation at the same time she had signed an agreement saying that she would ask the state department when ever there was a foreign government giving a large amount of money like this. this seems like a sticky situation. >> i'm not an expert on the clinton foundation. as i understand it there is a reporting requirement if there is significant increase in the contribution. i don't think that was the case. the clinton foundation has in a lot of good work. it did not go towards any kinds of payment.
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>> and the terms of the way that they report. they show cumulative totals and for them they listed them as having been between one and 500 times. it would have to be an increase. if it was a million dollars. to say that it was a huge increase. and they didn't say that. i don't think that is a defense in this case. >> i think possibly they probably should have just deal with the concerns. the reality is qatar as a friend of the united states. the contribution goes to healthcare not to any of those concerns. africa and asia and african-american. and what were looking at here.
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>> i think the point of concern as if you look at the tax documents only a tiny fraction goes on to charitable deeds. but even still you're looking at foreign governments giving money to their foundation when hillary clinton is operating and secretary of state their own internal audit by the 2014 nonprofit lawyer of the year is said she spoke with donors who felt like it was a quid pro quo agreement. or the guy they call shake mold from egypt. he felt like money was coerced out of him. it's not a donation necessarily for good works is what were seeking in all of these different situations and why there is internal concern within the foundation about paper plate allegations and how they would defend them when evidence is so
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insurmountable. evidence is so insurmountable. the evidence is very thin. what you're talking about here is not quid pro quo. if you can prove something was given and returned then you have a hat. you have a separate foundation you have requirements for the secretary of state that she imposed basically saying that if there's any a donation to the state department that it be reported that there be scrutiny and what you are seeing here is perhaps an oversight by the foundation and is the million dollars can influence foreign policy of health care. i think it to be very specific about what quote pro which i don't see. >> the fbi and the american people well have an opportunity to decide. governor, thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. >> i guess a million bucks
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ain't what it used to be. under that logic it was a lot more than that. both candidates are making big promises on the economy but recent losing streaks for the market are pointing towards a when for donald trump if you believe the technical analysis. we will explain later this hour. did our president just alert illegal immigrants that if they break the law by voting they won't be reported to border security. they are sounding off on that.
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>> illegal aliens voting and the election with no consequences. he is asked if an document it immigrants should be scared to vote. listen carefully to the question and his answer. >> many of the millenials andnse they contribute to this country. are fearful of voting. so if i vote will immigration know where i live will they come for my family and deport us. >> not true. and the reason is for some off
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first of all when you vote you are a citizen yourself and there is not a situation where the voting rules are some how transferred over and people start investigating. the sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential. >> when you are a citizen you vote and as an answer to the question about undocumented aliens who are here. when i heard this i said what did he say. the moment she said undocumented citizens are afraid of voting he should've said you can't vote if you are an undocumented citizen. for someone who says their constitutional law professor that was a really odd remark. they cannot vote in our elections. they cannot contribute money to our candidates. voting in the electoral process the ability that
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americans have to change their own government is what has differentiated us from most of the rest of the world the don't have that opportunity if you're not born here you gotta earn it through several steps. a lot of those head been diminished. it is as simple as that. why did he say that. it was a missed opportunity for him. and i think this is one of the reasons why some independents are looking at what is happening with this election and they are voting for donald trump. we are government of, by and for the people. our constitution begins we the people. and these are individuals that are trying to come in to the
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country not through the front door but through the back door. they want all the rights of citizenship and even the right to vote. this is something that has been part of the political argument. we welcome all who come legally. and go through that process. as you know well as an immigrant and she have to work very hard to become a citizen. when she became a citizen she was so proud of the right to vote that's what really distinguished this citizenship from certainly the place she came from. but there was a process. there was a lot of effort that went into it. when you look at all of the undocumented aliens who are coming here and flooding the border of the past year thinking this may be the last chance to get in for a while
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you wonder if there's a connection between what president obama said and this flood of new immigrants. >> remember in 2012 when the president did the executive order that established the dhaka programs and we started seeing all of the running over the border. and they would use that executive order. they would printing out and print out and take it into these villages. and they would utilize that to take money from these parents that wanted to get there children into the country. and now what you hear that they're doing if you want to get in the country you better come now. it is horrific that they are using this but they're always looking for a way to make a buck. john podesta had an e-mail in which he talks about some of this. the one thing i had thought of in that space is that if you show up on election day with a drivers license, with a picture that you are a citizen
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that you have a right to vote in federal election. it appears that they have thought about this. >> they're trying to get as many people as a possibly can and as my our local election administrators have been spending so much time cleaning up these elections they are deceased they have moved out of the area. and they are no longer eligible to vote. they're going after fox news again. >> if i watched fox news i wouldn't vote for me either. have a breakthrough that is a big challenge. >> how may times has he talked
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about donald trump's thin skin and taking criticism it's kind of interesting. we have some breaking news for you. vice president joe biden speaking to a crowd in bristol pennsylvania. this is just moments ago. middle class people middle-class values. there used to be a bargain in america. it used to be if you worked hard and you contributed to the well-being. that bargain has been broken. if trump has its way in a crash that. they don't believe anything about that. it's all about trickle down. do they expect us to have a
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national amnesia. we have seen the rich and the poor grow further apart. it has fallen by the numbers. it has gotten worse under president obama. who is he campaigning for. it makes it very difficult. the don't think i have done well by them. losing control of the crowd president obama struggling to convince hillary clinton supporters to listen to him. this was at his own rally. to listen to him. this was at his own rally. it shows that they are tied in key swing states. that's all coming up next.
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let's go to all higher now. it's one of the critical battleground states. this year's no exception. the voters in the state making a big effort there. with republican absentee eyelet surging 14%. the democratic absentee votes are down 4%. what does it all mean. this election the selection is approaching three days away. >> here in a democratic county is cleveland back there behind me and if you look here are the tea leaves. in democratic counties like this one the number of early voting down 44,000 fewer early voters this year than four years ago. franklin county 11,000 fewer. that is akron.
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hamilton county. if you total it all up. in the gop counties axle early voting is up 35,000 votes and in democratic counties it's is down 702000 votes. if they vote for democrats that's about a hundred thousand votes and it was mitt romney losing ohio by about hundred 66,000 votes. this is why people are enthusiastic care about donald trump and his performance on election day in ohio. we talked to the gop chairman. here's what he told us. >> there is enthusiasm behind this nominee. they are non- traditional not traditional republicans. they came to the party they don't need me or anyone.
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lebron james obviously a very popular in cleveland in ohio. will be with hillary clinton. she is the only one who really speaks for the people that are like him they got to a better place. they've a huge following all over cleveland. >> hillary clinton meeting with the voters early today. but perhaps they should be there. they turn out to the polls. they showed the candidates inexact tie. our panel is a back.
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i promise that we would start with you. one thing that we learned. and these are just all over the place. i don't think anybody has any clear picture of what's going on . and has them even. they are at a deadlock at 39. they are tied now. what do you think is really going on. you are right. i think this is gonna be an advantage for donald trump. the donald trump supporter is a passionate supporter and a lot of people say will the democrats and republicans with people that are so a passionate to get out. i think it's been a little bit lackluster. you said it's all about get
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out the vote ground game. they really had this figured out are you seen evidence that that is working and that this is not true. nevada and other places in ohio is a very good example of where that's not happening. they've done a better job looks like they will trend towards him trump on election day. in places that matter to them like florida. around philly. they had modeled their voters. they had identified exactly who those voters are either do what they can to get them to the polls. something that money cannot buy. it's something that they really should have started. >> it takes money to do that.
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on the flipside of that. sorry that takes donald trump and is not great. but they have almost a hate for hillary clinton. and i hear from these people of course. but who knows how many of them. totally possible. that will all come into play. it definitely shows the momentum is with the drum. they could not win that. they have made it a more blue state over recent years. it has caused an exodus from the island to the main land. mainland. more specifically to florida. in florida votes overwhelmingly democrat so
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that right there could help hillary when florida. obama won a florida in 2012 by just about 100,000 votes. if i was trump that's where i would be focused right now. i wish we have more time. >> the senate race in wisconsin is heating up and ron johnson is trailing. by just one point. the most recent poll from marquette university. making it truly is not connect sme our. fox news is you have a lot of the big guns. as you mentioned they went from trailing to now being and neck. they could very well be down to wisconsin.
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it was really a remarkable scene where you have the republican or conservative power block in wisconsin a one term senator. it paints itself as anti- establishment. >> i in the outsider. you don't really get much more of an outsider than myself. my background is in accounting. a minute shaped things up in washington dc. now democratic opponents paints johnson as a typical republican. he says that they will just ultimately cozy up to the big generations. you have no chance. zero chance of getting a
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boat. they will never vote. and the billionaires. they are spending money on johnson's behalf. you have the big republican machine that got governor scott walker through the recall and reelection. they had knocked on some 1.6 million doors on johnson's behalf. this is definitely one to watch. >> thank you very much. the best candidate for the economy in the markets are pointing to a donald trump when.
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>> the latest fox news apologist released yesterday showing donald trump extending his lead over hillary clinton over which candidate would be best or the economy. this comes as the market seems to be pricing in the possibility of the trumpet victory with stocks having at their worst stretch since 1980. peter marie c joins me now. it's good to see you. i must say even though the economy is the most important issue for voters we have during 2012 mitt mitch romney beating out president obama. romney lost the election. could it be that even though it's very important that it might not be a winning issue, the election time. >> there were other issues such as the statements about hispanics sending them all home. they do both handicap these candidates. i think some of those things
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have been reflected in the polls. but the market is down for a reason. it has been building in a hillary clinton victory. we had had a lousy economy for the last eight years. i'm so amused by mister biden trying to blame the last eight years on george of george bush. >> every times they point to a criticism about the economy whatever happens to be. has been in power. they have everything for the first two years of the obama presidency. the little character would be mr. biden. everything is down. they are much worse off than they were. their circumstances had diminished the met dramatically. melissa: -- david: it's been down for nine days. it's a very bad losing streak. but the markets we should mention even when ronald reagan was elected the first
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year and half of his presidency the s&p 500 went down as well. it went down significantly because there was so much distortion in the market. we also now have a lot of distortions in the market as well. even if donald trump was more pro-business than hillary a lot of people say might also be a downward movement in the markets because they're so much distortion in the markets right now? cynic i think initially if trump is elected the markets will go down. simply because there is panic and fear about change that they don't fully grasp but longer term let's face it hillary clinton wants to raise taxes. and do all of the things that incumbent growth. make it even more expensive from young people to buy health care. reform healthcare and so forth.
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they are good for corporate profits. but they're also good for working people. can we better off in four years thank you very much. they reportedly taking the mic at the club last night. she played a big part in the leaking of the access hollywood tape. then he went on to praise trump for his resilience in the aftermath of this scandal. of course he is in town right now because he's hosting saturday night live next week. do you remember when they showed that they to pull the clip off-line. it wasn't flattering to the clinton. to think that they let it slip
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through. he made a lot of arguments. he said he is a terminator anyone ever would've been devastated after that. it's a very funny routine. >> is a look to gain support he can't seem to control the clock crowd. todd is here to weigh in on what happened. you want to see this. todd is here to weigh in on what happened. you want to see this.
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>> and then there was a flight for florida. both candidates are there campaigning today. adam shapiro is in tampa. have things shifted on the ground there. >> it depends on which part of florida you are in but overall in the state which in the north in parts of the senate are heavily. this tight race has gotten much tighter and on the ground you see that but especially you see that in the candidates really coming back here over
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and over again in just the last week. let's start with donald trump. he was here in tampa today he's gonna come back. his to be in sarasota on monday. she was here last week. she was trying to rally the democratic strongholds. she was in the southern part of the state. take a look at the real clear politics average of polls. hillary clinton only has a point of a lead over donald trump. she once have a much larger lead. it showed a donald trump was in the lead. adam, thank you very much. >> hold up. everybody sit down and be quiet for a second. everybody sit down and be quiet for a second.
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>> zero my. that was uncomfortable. he could barely control the crowd yesterday at a hillary clinton rally in north carolina. a trump support it was been was being booed by the crowd. todd stearns the fox news radio host. i'm not sure i would've handled it better myself. but zero my. he reminded me of president obama a mister belding building from say but about. he thought he had control but he have no control at all. that was a situation there. where the president president just cannot control that crowd. you do have to give the president some credit though defending the supporter. he was not only shouting down but escorted out of the building by 45 security personnel. i think this demonstrates a very deep concern in the
4:56 pm
clinton campaign that hillary is just not resonating with african-american democrats and that's one of the reasons why president obama is out there campaigning. >> i don't know that one goes to the other. this incident was uncomfortable and he was defending someone that was out there. he couldn't get control of the crowd and he looked angry in the end he made a joke and then said everybody has the right to speak let's not shout him down. he did well with it. i think part of the point of what you're saying is the idea that they are sending someone like president obama to try to encourage african-american supporters to get behind hillary clinton in the number so far has not been very strong on that front. >> if you look at today's front cover of the new york times there is a giant photograph of hillary clinton with jay-z and beyoncé. what happened last night in
4:57 pm
ohio with jay-z and those around going at it and using all sorts of filthy language and dropping f bombs and the n-word it's the beyond the pale for a candidate who is out there defending women to head men on the stage state that are verbally assaulting women with their first the language. >> she also had beyoncé who is all about female power and that sort of thing. it would be interesting to see if bringing out these superstars in both black and white communities if this translates to hillary clinton if they said they loved going to the concert i don't know if they leave the concert and they go vote for hillary is a great point. consider what donald trump said and i can't verify his numbers. he said he had 27,000 people at his rally.
4:58 pm
this question is where they coming out to see hillary clinton or those artists. todd, thank you. we are going to do the same thing tomorrow same place same time. stay tuned for complete election coverage.
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>> this race is on! we are all tied up here in the state of florida. we're leading in national polls. we're coming wheel to wheel out of the fourth turn and chase to the checkered flag. >> have you seen the polls is this they're like rocket ships, like rocket ships. >> i am so energized after this concert and i got to say, didn't you love the pants suits? >> i love reading these wikileaks. >> what did you say? >> huma, i got rid of them. they're gone. bad news, i think they went on the cloud. you know the cloud? never disappears off the cloud.


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