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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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he won the trump rally continuing. the second day in a row. historically after election is usually close down. investors are buying it big time. it's a rocket ship ride. >> we have history in the making on wall street. they had been made everywhere else. the dow jones industrial. it's an out 18,000. in the oval office. let's go to peter barnes. the president-elect made the rounds in washington today.
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it was intended to be a short introductory one. here's what they said afterwards. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is it travis ensure a transition. it was a great honor been with you. as trump went to capitol hill to meet with the republican leadership. they have a good chance in a decent chance of passing in some cases with democratic support or even a lot of democratic support. there is tax reform and tax relief with big tax cuts. including a one-time 10% tax.
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they are estimated to be to a half trillion dollars. they could help mister trump find his trillion dollar plan for infrastructure investment. of course republicans want to repeal and replace obama care. big league jobs. peter barnes thank you very much. they are to show it to you once more. [indiscernible] there you have it. and here we have the panel to
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discuss. let me start with you. another reason why a lot of non- believers are jumping on the bandwagon. trump has sounded reasonable. it sounded reasonably welcoming. they were personally fine. have she have that the markets also looking at what trump wants to do. the world is coming to an end.
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there is nothing negative about about the idea of cutting taxes and rolling back regulations and getting rid of obama care. there can unclutter and try to grow the economy hillary clinton uses the g word. talking talk about raising taxes on corporations. it was totally anti- growth. charles: it was the kind of message that got them in that white house. i think another thing here the coal was already rocketing. there were certain niches in the market that might have anticipated this. the senate and the house. i think this is a booster rocket in this economy and on main street because i think
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you could fill something in the air and this country. even the people that didn't vote for trump. there was also a note question that is clearly on track. very often people run against washington. when it gets there it becomes a hot tub. trump has to remain on focus. if he talks about the elimination of obama care and talks about real economic growth in the kind that you've mentioned. i think he will be very successful president. it remains to be seen whether in fact he can keep both the house and the senate in line. and i think there are a lot of republicans who would be very much opposed to the agenda. on that note i think barack obama i think they squandered when he was president nancy
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pelosi one of hers. on barack obama. when obama care passes it does not pass with a single republican vote. he owns that. that is a signature domestic policy. he never heeded their advice does this make it even easier for donald trump to get to his agenda. i would say so. i believe that they came in here with a mandate. they kept both houses of congress. this isn't something that's been done in a long while. he needs to come in and strike some great balances with house leadership. there is a lot of policy agendas that overlap. like cutting corporate business taxes investing in infrastructure and getting rid
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of obama care. overtime pay and whatnot. that will spur the economy and create jobs in the something in a quite wrinkly i think can reach across the aisle. it is pretty easy to do. some is a little bit more difficult. how do you see it playing out. i think it's very important for the congressman in the house in the senate to get on board. i hope we do not see any big schism in the house. i think he really said the right thing. one of the things that they want as they want action. they want to believe that things can get done. there is a big pile up of undone deals --dash bills an effort i think you are right. the fact that we have all three the white house and the
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senate and congress all lined up to get this done i think that's very cheering to everybody. for a long time i guess we started to buy into the notion that mainstream likes gridlock. it was more of a pilot. we do want to see governments get something done. they are very eager to see action. the administrative state. i was a has to change. i think this government is prepared to do that. when i talk about 19,000 dow. very soon. it is a remarkable development that occurred in america. it's not something that you felt before. we move 1400 moved 1400 points from the 2:00 a.m. here talking to more sessions.
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stop being so conservative. kelly we saw the photo ops i thought it was fantastic. listening to them complement each other barack obama is saying that donald trump is that he was a very good man. i really think that resonates so much i'm really happy. it sounds corny i was moved and i was proud. is that first step. charles: i just want to share with the audience this is the welcoming home. the conquering hero he was so important to this ticket. he brought a lot of things to this ticket. if you and unitech were his effort to become president of the united states this was the first big one. the selection of mike pence to be his running mate. has performed in the debate was amazing setting the tone for donald trump for a plan
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for him to follow. ultimately he did follow that. and of course he's getting the grant walk him home. i agree with you hundred percent with mike pence. he was stellar in that debate. he could actually build these bridges with the house and with the senate and show donald trump the way that washington works. he is a good evangelical man. they really tipped it over in his favor because of that. i think i'm excited for the future. i think president barack obama the meeting today was wonderful. he only tweeted once today. were all moving in the right direction. we are watching mike pence move towards reporters. there is a chance he might
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be. if he does we certainly will take a listen in. are we getting ahead of our cell. are we getting a little bit of our skis right now. to be pretty elated he approaches. we just want to listen to the crowd. charles: they pick some great music as well. he is sauntering up towards a microphone. the microphone. shaking a lot of hands. by the way i think mike pence deserves a rousing homecoming. he has been a terrific on the campaign trail.
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a supporter of donald trump i think you did a great job. here he is. take a listen. [applause]. >> hello indiana. it is wonderful to be back home again. thank you all for coming out. as a special joy to be introduced tonight by the government -- the governor elect the state of indiana. with so many neighbors and friends to give us a warm welcome home. especially grateful to be joined by one of the great public servants in my lifetime in the state of indiana. would you join us in thanking
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them for a lifetime of service. also grateful to be joined with the thank you mister speaker. thank you for honoring us tonight. and to all who are gathered here today we are deeply humbled and moved by this warm hoosier homecoming. in my life i had been blessed in some ways blessed to represent my hometown in our nations capital. blessed to have the opportunity to serve as governor of the greatest state into the greatest nation on earth. but i am deeply humbled to
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stand among my neighbors and friends with my family and my side to know that it will be my great honor to take the lifetime of experience to serve as the vice president of the united states of america and i want to thank you all. i'm just here to say thanks and here to give it lots lots of hugs. first and foremost i want to thank the love of my life the girl i met at the very same church where we voted on tuesday. who has been at my side for 31 years been at my side over the course of this campaign over the last four months and she is going to be an extraordinary second lady of the united states of america. we are so grateful to our children. our son michael joseph who couldn't be here today serving
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in the marine corps are wonderful daughter audrey was overseas but i want to give a special thanks to our first daughter our middle child who intact across the entire country with her mom and dad i said she is babysitting her parents while they ran for vice president of the united states. we could not be more proud of charlotte. and i want to think my parents my dad who i have a feeling is looking down from glory and very surprised i want to thank my mom her energy hers love of this country as the daughter of immigrants whose passion
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for service and passion for our family continues to enemy all of my life. mom, thank you. [applause]. and back here the welcoming committee at the bottom of the stairs we just love you. we thank you so much for being there and carrying us with your love into your prayers. i want to thank my father-in-law we consider him part of the pensive family whether he wants that label or not. i want to thank all of the people who support and kindness and his example has raised us up make no mistake about it the example of the people of indiana the example of the state of indiana and leadership.
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us to this position and i promise you every day we will work our hearts out to make indiana proud. i just had a few things to ask of each of you. number when i ask you to support our president-elect donald trump. as he prepares to assume that duties of the highest office in the land. support senator todd young. as he partners with us to make america great again. i also ask you to support the strong leadership is taking india to record employment to be the fiscal envy of the country by supporting them.
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in the general assembly and supporting senator long. our responsibilities will broaden but i will be looking on fondly. as we will continue to set the pace for the country. and lastly, i would ask each one of you to pray for us. pray for us that we might serve with integrity of heart with a grace and with a common sense that is synonymous with the name hoosier. and i also ask you to pray for our country and pray that we might find our way forward as a nation that we might renew the american dream that we
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might create new opportunities to improve the lives of the people of this nation and in that way to heal the divisions in our country and move forward to a more prosperous future. and move forward with firm reliance. as one nation under god. individual with liberty and justice for all. so let me say on behalf of my family and my kids and my mom our whole extended family and so to say thank you everything i am in everything i will ever be i owe to god and my parents my family and the good people in the great state of indiana.
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and so let me just say to each one of you i hope you will always know that wherever my duties take me as vice president of the united states of america every morning that i wake up my heart will always be where the moonlight is fair along the wabash and from the fields come the breath of new born hey the candle lights well always be gleaming through the sycamores. thank you indiana. god bless you. you can work our hearts out to make you proud. charles: that was beautiful and touching. the former governor of indiana
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mike pence which is a touching the turn of the conquering. he said thank you sometimes anything to and he thanked god and his family over and over. editor in chief of the hill. anthony, i tell you he just seems like such an amazing down-to-earth real person. he was sort of a counter to donald trump that the way that they need. is he really as great as he seems. >> what you see is what you get. he has a way about him that is appealing to semi different people. this is why they like each other. mister trump what you see is what you get. there is a commonality there. and they genuinely like each other. mister trump is constantly
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saying this is one of the best decisions that he's done a lot of the stuff that goes on in the transition is going to be off the template. donald trump doesn't listen to anyone. i get the sense that he does take the council, and criticism otherwise from governor pentz. there is a ring of people that had had mister trump's trust he is good have to work super hard to expand that ring of people. you see him get his speech. i really believe that.
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particularly the transition. how do you see it perhaps playing out. he is can have total control of congress with paul ryan being the speaker. when you have those levels of power you can get a lot done and also when you look at the 2018 election there are a lot of senate democrats who are up from red estates. they might be able to pick off. i covered him when he was a house member. i think he could play a pivotal role in getting legislation through. to. >> that is another job for him. another thing i would add. there were a couple of rough moments.
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people were setting their hair on fire and running in different directions that the voice of calm. that is a symbol of loyalty. >> he have a soul searching me a moment after i think when he emerged from that they double down on donald trump. it was a queue for everyone else to do that. mister trump would give him credit for. and this is get to be a guy that were to look at it for a five years and say think that he is part of this government. i appreciate it. here is the question. can he appoint anyone from the establishment. i have it on twitter. i want you to take my pole. i you okay with that. we will discuss it next.
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>> we had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump it was wide ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house. charles: president obama welcoming president-elect trump to the oval office as part of transition of power. the big question is, i'm interested what you guys think about this. if donald trump appoints someone whose loyalties have not been with him. an never-trumper, would you feel betrayed. tim, let me start with you. i don't want the talk about the scuttle butt. who might get this, who might not get this. donald trump has a difficult challenge here in the sense he
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ran against these guys. so how much of them could be his inner circle. >> i think more important than the personalities, will be the policies. repealing obamacare will matter more than the individual he appoints. if he says he will end corporate cronyism, we are going to clear it out and drain the swamp, that's a great place to start. i think it's the policies he pursues that are key. charles: some people think the swamp are those establishment types. a lot of people consider congress has an 8% approval rating. they consider the main cause in the swamps. the guys and gals who have been there for 30 years and have become millionaires. >> there are some who took on the trump candidacy and they will not welcome in the trump
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white house. trump is a very loyal person. we see that in the way he has reacted to people who wanted to join his campaign. there are many strange things about this election. he does not have hundreds of people at his door who he has worked with in government and who are ready for these jobs. if you want to accomplish something, you will have to have seasoned veterans who are used to working on the hill and getting policy done. this is a knee fight in terms of poll -- this is a neophyte in terms of politics. he has mike pence on the hill, including ryan. he needs some seasoned people to get these things done. >> i couldn't agree more. he is principled on the issues,
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really every issue that matters on the economic front. but he's also someone who has had the courage over the years to do the right thing. on a personal level he treats people with respect and humility. charles: i tweeted would you be upset if never trump people were part of the white house. >> one of the things that hillary clinton did was he had to have 50% women in various jobs. that drives me crazy. let's go for the people who can get the job done. >> this is a big moment for the republican party. if they nibble around the edges, i think of trump's tax cuts. it's a great start. charles: it's being built into things like the stock market.
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next, fears of the battle pitting silicon valley versus trump hurt silicon valley stocks. some say california is a newen country. next. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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charles: a thrill seeker. no love lost between donald trump and silicon valley. but the animosity reached a new level. major power broke flers california working to get the
6:36 pm
names most populace and wealthy state to secede from the nation. it's being spearheaded by a venture capitalist. he has dron drawn up a 25-page document that details the plan for the secession that will create the world's 6th largest economy. it crushed some tech names. part of the tech sell-off was part of the rotation. but the fact is, the former creates paper wealth while the latter, the hot stocks the last couple days are an industry that creates the hard hat jobs that reflect what america lodged for for a long time. this is a battle over different job skills.
6:37 pm
silicon valley saying they must finds talent from outside of this country. i think it will be a serious battle. here to discuss is anthony scaramucci. lance, you know the scene, they are serious, aren't they? >> they are serious about the concern. they were concerned when trump was running. they didn't throw him any support. i think they were completely caught off guard by him winning. charles: there is a bunch of them that created a entity to lobby for farm workers. unskilled park work. >> we want the free flow that kind of intelligence coming in and going out. and we do not have -- we don't have enough in america, enough engineering and programming expertise. that's one of the reasons you
6:38 pm
want to focus on stem education. the big question they have and i continue to have about the upcoming trump administration is ways their cyber policy? it poils down to a single word. cyber security. that was it. at this moment he has nothing else. but i honestly believe that what needs to happen now is someone on the silicon valley side needs to reach out. charles: we saw tweets from mark zuckerberg and mark bezos. anthony: this more conciliation that will happen and more togetherness as a country. and we have a more robust plan than cyber security. but the one proper whrement trump campaign is we are thinly staffed. secretary clinton had 8 times the people and six times the money. constitutionally you can't
6:39 pm
succeed. it's not happening. charles: some people tell kneel, viewers have told me and i have gone across the country, they think silicon valley is full of it. they want to bring in the farm workers because they work for less money and become indentured servants, and there are americans that can fill these jobs. officially there is a million jobs looking. this is an uprising by the heartland. anthony: silicon valley needs to attract talents from all over the world. that's one of the greatest aspects of the united states. but what they would be better off doing is cleaning up the city of san francisco. you are stepping over homeless people, it smells terrible. why don't you folk news your backyard. >> that's a local government issue. you are not going to turn to
6:40 pm
facebook and say solve that. charles: these guys have jienltd headquarters that look like space ships and they bus their workers there. they are hypocrites. behave got to come back and finish this discussion. make sure you watch anthony's show. he's the co-coast of "wall street week" every friday night on fox business at 8:30 p.m. friday he interviews the former budget director. path to retiret may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor
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this is truecar. charles: the dow jones industrial average closing at another all-time high. the bonds market, it's getting a message to bond yeemeds surging. also it underscores the notion that economic activity on the cusp of a major uptick. just about every industry is discovering ways business will improve on the trump administration. that will make this action really great. retailer did well. after the bell we saw a couple of them you have on earning. i want to talk about my nafta thesis. truckers, that's wants what you want to watch. they are look like winners. heartland express earnings
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charles: the dow jones industrial average broke out and it's a har bin jeff things to come. i think there is another element to the move, the possibility president-elect donald trump might get the key players in a north american free trade agreement to brink. canada's prime minister justin
6:49 pm
trudeau said he might be willing to renegotiate. and mexico's president nieto said he would meet with trump before the inauguration. last year we allowed mexican truck drivers to drive beyond the border to their final destination instead what they have been doing since 1994, handing them off to american drivers. president obama allowed mexico to squeeze $2 billion in tariffs. american trucker stocks are on fire right now. the dow jones u.s. trucking index hit 576 march 20 when we allowed the mexican truck ishes in and dropped like a rock in less than a year. i'm predicting like the dipper, donald trump may have a news announcement that blows everyone away. nafta renegotiated before he
6:50 pm
even takes office. kelly, do i sound nuts? >> no. you don't sound nuts. i think that sounds like a good stock investment and your viewers should take heed. the fact of the matter is the united states is a world super power. we are the number one world economic super power and have some leverage. donald trump knows that. that's common sense to thage american. the fact of the matter canada and mexico said they are willing to come to the table to renegotiate this, the terms of nafta should be taken as a sign of encouragement to he day americans. canada wants something in return. they are look at the lumber market, the soft lumber market. it's about 1.3% of their gdp and we would like to us renegotiate that. that's been a decade long battle between the u.s. and canada. they want something, maybe we want something. donald trump is a negotiator, outsider, a businessman and
6:51 pm
that's why people elected him. charles: donald trump uses the carrot and a stick or the carrot and soft lumber. but mexico, president obama was outplayed. first he allowed mexico to put $2 billion in tariffs on us. then we'll let american drivers come into mexico. if you go into mexico, roads are bad, everything is a nightmare. to me this will be a huge coup. look at the trucking stocks. they have been on fire. the market senses something. >> donald trump had agreat instinct for the forgotten american. ause of these trade deals. it's one of the reasons yes was elected president of the united states. there is no question these deals will be renegotiated. and there no question the trucking industry is the great buy at moment. if you are looking at the future of america you are saying we are
6:52 pm
going to be creating jobs that were lost. we'll say to those people who gave up, you know something, hope is restored. donald trump will do everything in his power to renegotiate these deals. this is horse trading. charles: i remember when this happened, i was shocked by the news, but i never say the anywhere. certainly not on the from the page of the "new york times." when people came home and said the job is gone, people felt it. >> my dad is a milk hauler. he was a trucker. so this is something that middle america definitely felt. and it reverberated with them. it looks like it's low-hanging fruit for donald trump to reverse course and serve some benefits to people in middle america. and like canada is willing to come to the table, too. donald trump never said he was against free trade. he said he with renegotiate these deals on behalf of
6:53 pm
americans and that's what we see him doing already before he's even in office. charles: this will be absolute i amazing. here is a question. to pardon or'to pardon. rudy giuliani has an opinion on it. we are talking about hillary clinton, president obama and maybe president-elect trump in prosecution of his opponent. we'll be right back.
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6:56 pm
>> i don't think president obama should pardon her. president obama should leave it to the system we all believe in to determine is she innocent or guilty. charles: rudy giuliani urging president obama not to pardon hillary clinton before he leaves office. judy, a lot of legalisms here. people are saying he can't pardon somebody who hasn't been charged with a crime. is that true?
6:57 pm
>> no that's not true. way back when president ford pardoned president nixon after he resigned rather than be impeached, i think it can be done, but it's such an extraordinary thing for rudy giuliani to say right now when hillary clinton has not been charged with a crime, there are many people who think she should be. she hasn't been charged. it's unlikely she'll be charged. charles: a brand-new attorney general that may not be true. >> you have james comey, the head of the f.b.i. saying this investigation into her emails is closed. charles: he laid out enough of a case that date and attorney general may have a different interpretation on that. donald trump promised voters he would prosecute her. maybe he said it in an emotional moment during a debate, perhaps
6:58 pm
on the campaign trail, too. but we have seen donald trump start the last 48 hours with an amazing presidential tone and such a conciliatory tone. will this wreck that if he pursued this. >> my understanding is we still don't know ways happening necessarily with the clinton foundation. and if the f.b.i. is continuing to pursue that investigation. i think if the f.b.i. then did recommend an indictment, that's a completely different story. but there are two answers here. one which would be the right thing if for instance that happened, you would have to do that. but there is also the political ramifications a president trump has to think about. the republicans signaling they want to look at hillary clinton and continue the investigation on capitol hill. it's the manner in which they would conduct those investigations to try to insure future secretaries of state and future administration and future cabinet officials don't follow
6:59 pm
the same course that hillary clinton does, then that's okay. they need to be a little bit smart politically about how this plays out. charles: how about the argument that says no one punishes their political opponent. the american public would like to see. >> it depends on what happens with the clinton foundation. see how that plays out. if for some shocking reason the f.b.i. didn't bring an indictment, that is quite literally following the law and doing your job, what were supposed to do. >> what we know from the reports -- the news reports may be wrong, we'll see. but so far they have said this investigation as a foundation isn't going anywhere and justice department wants inpersuaded enough by the evidence the f.b.i. dug up after a year investigation. >> i think people will be saying
7:00 pm
on the private server alone a different attorney general might have had a different interpretation of the statutes. ladies, thank you so much. it's great having you here. here is lou dobbs. he's next. >> good evening. the trump here well under way. 70 days until the president-elect is sworn in. mr. trump spending much of this day in the nation's capital meeting with president obama and congressional leaders. the day began with a variation on pomp and circumstance at the airport. trump's aircraft receiving a water salute. it's a gesture typically reserved for air force one, world leaders and officials. it was also


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